The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

The Queen presented honours to well-deserving people across the community at today's Investiture at Buckingham Palace. Today's recipients included Christine Wicks, a Brownie leader for 40 years, who has supported more than 800 girls in her work with the Girl Guides. Other recipients included Colin King, honoured by The Queen for his work supporting 700 football coaches from a BAME background across the nation, and Susan Smith, honoured for her work raising awareness and money for research into brain tumours. Take a look at our gallery to see some of today's recipients...

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LizAnne Cumberlege So nice to see Sue Farmington being honoured for marvellous work on Brain tumours such a devastating disease, and so much Research needed.
Helen McCrow Abi Hames did you know this ... Susan smith honoured for raising awareness and money for research into brain tumours .
Nicola Stokes Once upon a time you had to do something special to be awarded and now it seems all you have to do is appear in something. Shame those celebs who get it when the real hard workers that don't
Abby Hall Here you go Lara and Victoria, only 39 to go!
Kathryn Mattison Gomez Lovely seeing this, but still stinging from Her Majesty's headlong rush to invite that loathsome human being (if that's what he is) Donald Trump to a state dinner. So so sad and disappointing and must confess my "Royalist meter" went down quite a few ...
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

It's too wet to woo for this Tawny Owl, spotted in the gardens at Buckingham Palace...

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Frances Hawkins Love the pun :-)
Jenny Dunn Fantastic pic!
Vítor Hotts Larissa Valadares vou te marcar em toda e qualquer coruja que aparecer 😘
Gair Fulton The wise Owl My best to all
James Vertigan Didn't even realise we had owls in London!
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

Take a moment to watch Prince Harry's important message about how vital it is to take the time to speak to your friends, family and co-workers about mental health. Prince Harry met runners and Heads Together supporters from across the North East yesterday, who are working to make 2017's London Marathon the mental health marathon.

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Paul Scott At last one of the Royal Family who shows compassion and is down to earth with his genuine feelings. He takes after his Mother God much too good to be connected with the rest of the so called Royals.
Karen Bradshaw Absolutely fantastic speech covering a topic that hasn't ever really been truly spoken about. Really articulate and heartfelt speech. Talking helps. You need to talk to realise there is help out there xx
Anne Parker This is so inspiring and reassuring. Callum Parker if you can watch and listen to this, (it's about 6 minutes long) it's such a good speech from Harry. Love Mum. XXX
Kay Scorgie What a gorgeous young man who I'm sure his mother would have been so proud of. Well done for talking so openly about this subject I hope it encourages people to talk about their feelings.
Rochelle Barnes As a person who currently has anxiety from a work injury, I really appreciate the positive spotlight the prince is putting on mental health. I'm sure his mother would be so proud of how articulate and giving he has become! Thank you, Prince Harry!
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

Today The Duchess of Cambridge visited two Action for Children projects supporting vulnerable families in Wales, her first engagements with the charity since becoming its Patron in December 2016, following on from Her Majesty The Queen. The Duchess first visited Torfaen to see MIST, a child and adolescent mental health project which works specifically with children who are living in care with foster families or birth families. Her Royal Highness then visited the Caerphilly Family Intervention Team (FIT) to learn about their work with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, problems with family relationships and those who have or who are likely to self-harm. Read more →

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Kate Dally Maxine Reilly this is why we didn't see her in Morrisons xx
Anne Marie Anderson I suppose we should congratulate her on wearing tights under her extremely short skirt. What an accomplishment
Cooty An Zoe Rees Ailsa Longbottom....yes there was royalty in town today 😃
RJ Tucker I like this it goes to show that no matter how big you are whether that is Royal or not you can still have a heart and care for people who are less fortunate than you. I only wish someone would teach Donald Trump that.
Stephanie Bowns I wonder what she does with all those flowers ? ( serious question ) x
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

The Princess Royal and Sir Tim Laurence, Vice-Chairman of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, attended a Service of Remembrance to commemorate 100 years since the loss of the SS Mendi during the First World War. The sinking of the SS Mendi is one of the worst maritime disasters in British Waters. Find out more →

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Gair Fulton Respect
Jaan Adam أنا بنت الليدي ديانا في البيت الابيض اسمي عند العرب إقبال علي قائد محمد ورقم هاتفي 967733301298 وانا بنت الليدي ديانا في البيت الابيض ديانا كانت رمز ديني لدى خاخامات العهد القديم لذلك قام رئيس اللوبي الصهيوني بأخذ عينات من كل مشاهير العالم وزرع النظفة ...
Jérôme Michalski CADAVRES 3265 2365 VIEW 5263
Heather Nugen Heatwole Another Royal who works her socks off - respect 😊
Sandra Pisu-Jocic Ich sterbe , Danke verseucht vom Arzt. Vollblut wollen Sie es nicht haben.
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

The Duke of Edinburgh visits Vantage Power, who are working to cut emissions and increase efficiency in city buses. Vantage Power's scheme aims to reduce emissions by up to 90 percent and cut fuel consumption in buses by up to 40 percent. Read the full story here →

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Carla LeBlanc It is absolutely nothing shy of AMAZING, that HRH is still out "working" at his age! He is awesome!!! ❤❤👏👏
Kathie Crawford Hook Good to see HRH out and about. He must be feeling well.
Kerrie Goldspring What a trooper! For just turning up, that's what dedication and caring does
Andrew Buxton Done more to help and promote British engineering than only one ones ever ....
Rihab Sayegh He is able enough to carry out works , this is God's grace , he lived comfortably , no tire , royal , well done !
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

The Queen has sent a message on the sixth anniversary of the Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand, which has been marked by the dedication of the new Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial... "As you gather today to dedicate the new Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial, there will be difficult and painful memories, but also memories of many heroic and selfless acts, of the caring and creative nature of the Christchurch people, and of the help that came so readily from emergency and rescue personnel. I hope that the new memorial will provide a place to remember, to grieve for what is lost, and to give thanks for what remains. I am sure it will be a particularly special place for the families of those who lost their lives, and for those who were seriously injured in the earthquakes. They will be joined by many others, from New Zealand and around the world, who wish to pause and reflect on that difficult time. I hope that this national memorial is a place of solace and reflection for all who visit."

A message from The Queen on the sixth anniversary of the Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand
A message from The Queen on the sixth anniversary of the Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand

The Queen has sent a message on the sixth anniversary of the Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand, which is being marked by the dedication of the new Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial.

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Kay Raymond Christchurch- a magnificent city
Alice Lorraine Goode What a special message fro Her Highness. It would have meant a lot to the people of Christchurch.
Wai Rachel Bradley Beautifully said, thank you so very much for your love & care, always. 💔💛
Diane Radford Could she sent a message to the NHS to stop it being privatised too X
Helen Delaney Thinking of you Lynne Cooper and Elaine Fenton and our families. x
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

Prince Harry has visited the North East of England today, joining a Heads Together training session in the centre of Newcastle as part of their ongoing campaign to get the nation talking about mental health. Prince Harry's visit began in Gateshead, where His Royal Highness learned how Walking With The Wounded is working with the local council and police on projects to support ex-servicemen, with a focus on providing specialist support for mental health, including those who come into contact with the criminal justice system. The Prince then headed to the Quayside to join Steve Cram, Jonathan Edwards and some of the Team Heads Together runners from across the North East and Scotland as they take part in a special training day, before visiting Virgin Money Head Quarters to meet staff who have been raising funds and awareness about mental health. Read the full story and watch Prince Harry's speech at during today's Charity Day at Virgin Money here →

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Kelly Ann I love Prince Harry! Just love both of the Princes. They are good young men.
Kevin Tai OMG!! Ellen Clifton Matthew Chan The prince was in Newcastle today!!!!
Carol Cummings Thank you for bringing attention to mental health problems and the terrible stigma attached to it. Thank you for sharing hope and health healing for all.
Grace Maro Please Your Royal Highness Prince Harry make sure that you have Chelsy Davy in-person with you from now onwards as you did in February 2 2012. She's not my bounty or something I need to make my life livable. Send her my love from me and Hungary and Ake ...
Chiara Messori That's why I support him. You need to nave courage to talk about mental health. It'someting that regard myself. We nave to be strong and fight for mental health.
The Royal Family
17:06 02/21/2017

Today The Queen presented Her Majesty’s Gold Medal for Poetry for the year 2016 to Gillian Allnutt. The Gold Medal for Poetry was instituted by King George V in 1933 at the suggestion of the then Poet Laureate, John Masefield. The Medal is awarded for excellence in poetry, on the basis either of a body of work over several years, or for an outstanding poetry collection issued during the year of the award. Find out more about Gillian's work and about the Gold Medal for Poetry on our website →

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Carol Neary Love the Queens dress, it is a bit different to some of the plain ones she has worn lately. Makes her look more homely.
Cathy Hurt Henson God Bless you Queen Elizabeth.....I don't believe I've ever seen you in a floral dress are as lovely as ever! <3
Kath Hindson What an amazing lady our queen is
Diane Turner So proud of our beautiful Queen. What an amazing woman she is and always looks so stylish.
Bev Murray Rupe McCall would be a very deserving recipient of this award too.
The Royal Family
17:06 02/21/2017

The Duke of Gloucester has spent a day in Herefordshire, visiting the local market, meeting members of community organisations, such as Army Cadets, Community Action Ledbury and the Royal British Legion and touring local businesses. The Duke is pictured here visiting Salters Hill - a centre which has been supporting adults with disabilities in the area for over 35 years. Want to find out more about The Duke of Gloucester's visit? Click here:

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Patricia Gilson loved his father....his mother, not quite so much!
Corinne Cowper What a great, full of joy photograph.
Colin Mulligan Doing a good job , well done .
Carol Fielding Kudos
Francesca Uy Hello Her Majesty, im sally from the philippines im suffering breast cancer im seeking for financial help pls help me to continue my medication i want live longer my medical assistance is not enough to provide my needs food shelter and medicine i dont ...
The Royal Family
04:18 02/19/2017

Claire Cashmore MBE Stephanie Millward MBE Ellie Robinson MBE Susannah Rodgers MBE Hannah Russell MBE Alice Tai MBE A special day for ParalympicsGB swimming as The Prince of Wales presented six Paralympic swimmers with their MBEs, at Buckingham Palace - congratulations! At today's Investiture, The Prince of Wales honoured people from across the community, including charity volunteers, foster carers, artists and medics. Find out more about Investitures here →

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Mark Gunner Hanson Wow no wheelchair !!! Nice to see IM cheats prosper
Sarunas Malinauskas David Beckham ?
Nikki Morrison Well done ladies. You all look gorgeous and I especially love the Docs!
Elizabeth Garcia Georgina Neal thought you'd like this
Steven E. Wanderscheid Forgive me for being ignorant. What does an abbreviation of MBE stand?
The Royal Family
15:30 02/16/2017

The Queen held audiences today with Yashvardhan Kumar Sinha, the High Commissioner for India, and with Derick Ally, the High Commissioner for the Seychelles. Both High Commissioners presented their Letters of Commission, as part of a traditional ceremony carried out by newly-appointed Ambassadors or High Commissioners when they visit London. Throughout the year, The Queen holds many Audiences, which allow her to maintain close ties with officials from the UK, the Commonwealth, and across the world. Find out more →

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Alice Lorraine Goode I do hope Trump doesn't get to the UK. He is such a drop kick and should never be in the position to embarrass her Majesty.
Lekima Tuvakinatabua The Pride...the humility...the dignity of Duty and Devotion....God bless the Queen....despite all changing icons of the World..its good to see her being a constant throughout...
Alice Lorraine Goode What a majestic figure the Qeen is in her red outfit. She looks very relaxed and happy. I think she has a lot of grace and respects all cultures.
Sharon Secrest I sincerely hope she never has to hold an audience for the High Buffoon of the US. If it happens, I hope she wears her gloves. Just sayin....
José Medeiros Araújo I am the Messiah of God on Earth in a town created as my Vatican to serve me and give me your obedience, more here I'm not respected and neither honored, because politicians have seized the positions of Governments and act as Gods before the nation and ...
The Royal Family
15:30 02/16/2017

Take a look at our photos of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh at the new National Cyber Security Centre in Victoria, London, which Her Majesty officially opened today. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is the UK's authority on cyber security. As part of GCHQ, it works to make the UK the safest place to live and work online by reducing cyber security risk. The Queen and The Duke explored the history of GCHQ, and were shown items such as a Second World War Royal Household telephone directory and secret cyphers used by her father, King George VI. Her Majesty and His Royal Highness also met Cerys, aged 12, who applied for the CyberFirst girls competition via an encrypted email, which had to first be decoded by GCHQ.

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Rolie Sylvester I am the last word -- on everything. You, #irreconcilable #enemy, can't stop me. Give me what's rightfully mine, my #inheritance, my #money and #freedom.
Geraldine McElroy Very beautiful lady. Love that colour on her, also her pinky colour. Queenie is very intelligent. She probably understood all that stuff.
Brenda Berkshire Our Queen looks amazing love the colour of her outfit and the duke looks very well ;such a wonderful couple xx
Lou Sharman What a lovely smile from a lovely lady. Oh - how lucky we are to have her as Head of State.
Serena Ayre What a beautiful photograph. Doesn't the Queen look well and happy.
The Royal Family
02:42 02/14/2017

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall received a wonderful welcome to Hull this week as Their Royal Highnesses arrived for a visit! The Prince and The Duchess were given a taste of what the city has in store as it begins its year as the UK City of Culture 2017. #Hull2017

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Susan Cerra Linkhorn Charles must be running out of things to do while he is waiting to become king....
Jayne Britton Nope can't stand her
Alison Gavoka Johnstone Her sons would never allow her to have the title of Princess of Whales.
Debbie Horrell can anyone tell me how I could get some pictures of the Royal Family for my scrapbook,,I collect photos,since I retired its my hobby thank you message me
Peter Chisholm bloody awful couple.
The Royal Family
13:54 02/11/2017

Royal Air Force Squadron Leader Mark Discombe was a volunteer pilot with a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in his first display season flying a Hurricane at a flypast at Cadwell Park. As he was conducting the flypast he encountered fluctuating oil pressure and a stream of oil onto windscreen of the aircraft. He called off the flypast, declared an emergency and gained altitude so as to divert to a RAF Airfield 25 miles away. The other aircraft pilot in the flypast circled the Hurricane and informed Discombe that the underside of the aircraft was covered in oil and he could expect engine failure at any stage. As Discombe arrived at the RAF airfield he had no forward vision and as he prepared to land the engine failed, but managed to land the aircraft safely. Today Sqn Ldr Discombe received the Air Force Cross for his actions from The Prince of Wales at an Investiture at Buckingham Palace.

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Paul Ashton Outstanding bravery and control , a lesser pilot may have bailed out and let the aircraft be destroyed. Well done Sir .
Eddie Ember Had his fellow pilots had x ray goggles they would have seen not only the oil streaks under his aircraft but also the brown ones in his overalls, well done for landing safely anyway
Judy Roberts It would have been lovely to hear the actual conversation between Prince Charles and Sqn Leader Driscombe. The Prince appeared very interested in what Sqn Leader Driscombe had to say! Congratulations on receiving the Air Force Cross! Great job!
Alan Walsh A fine piece of flying to protect one of our treasured memorials.
Neil Smith Congrats Mark Discombe great story for the boys in a few years time!!
The Royal Family
01:00 02/09/2017

From launching #TimetoTalk Day with the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust and a London Marathon training day, through to launching Children's Mental Health Week with Place2Be, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have a had a great few days talking #MentalHealth with their Heads Together Partners. Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories on how talking about Mental Health can change lives! Find out more about Their Royal Highnesses' Foundation here →

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Robert Nimmich Isaiah 26:3 " ... You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You. ..."
Rose Eade Great and wonderful young Royal, working for an excellent cause.
Samantha Osborne The future of the Royal Family right there, love these 3 👏🏼👏🏼
Geoff Martin Its is so very wonderful just how the young Royals are helping out.Total respect from Canada.
Lorrie Marie Kobold Prince Harry would make such a great king.
The Royal Family
01:00 02/09/2017

"The suicide rate among young men in this country is an appalling stain on our society. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 40 in this country. Not cancer, not knife crime, not road deaths – suicide. If one of these other issues took so many young lives, there would be a national outcry. But there has only ever been silence. And this has to stop. This silence is killing good people." – The Duke of Cambridge, speaking at the Guild of Health Writers 'Anxiety Epidemic' conference last night. The event was an opportunity for Their Royal Highnesses to engage with members of the Guild of Health Writers working in print, online and broadcast media on Heads Together and its ambition to create millions of conversations on mental health in 2017.

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Louise Nicholls Yes suicide is at a high. Mental Illness is at a high. But the budget of Mental Health Trusts are constantly being cut by this government. Less nurses in our hospitals and communities, consultants being pulled here and there instead of being able to ...
Janis van Tonder I've been saying this for years. We need a public, respected figure like Prince William to visit us here in SA to bring this very real problem out into the open, considering the recent appalling treatment of mentally ill people. We have to stop treating ...
Kathryn Jackson I'm sure depression/mental health for those who suffer takes much more care, compassion & expertise than being told to -- 'get a grip'. 5 Star Gold Award on behalf of those in need has to go to William -- Duke of Prince William-Duke Of Cambridge.
Lucy Pittaway This is actually a game changer to Mental Health. Having such personalities from the younger generation of the Royal family, 'normalising' mental health, will surely reach out to a social class who have 'hidden' mental health issues, that they've been ...
Joe Johnson If the family courts recognised that they have hugely contributed to men's suicide then that would be a start ! As a victim of domestic abuse, I was further abused by the courts in classing the my ex as the main parent . . . I'm then left fighting for ...
The Royal Family
01:00 02/09/2017

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined Place2Be's Big Assembly yesterday, as part of the Heads Together campaign to start millions of conversations on mental health in 2017. The Big Assembly, on the theme of kindness, was one of many being held at primary schools across the UK to mark Children's Mental Health Week. Their Royal Highnesses met staff and pupils at the Assembly, and presented the first Place2Be 'Kindness Cup' to Nadia Dhicis, for showing exceptional kindness in her community. Read The Duchess of Cambridge's speech here →

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Veronica Blackmore We're so lucky to have our Royal family - heartfelt speech by Kate indeed! ❤
Carol Fielding Thank you. It's time mental illness came out of the darkness into the light. Kudos.
Julie Kelly what great people..England should be proud..princess Diana would be so very proud~
Will G Tankersley Shivery 1st Knight of the Duchesses of Cambridge: Your Royal Highness: Through Christ! In Christ! As Christ! By faith! Through grace; Equated! Living glory of divine equality! The living reality of the divine beauty of God! Walking the face of the ...
Sharlene Ayres I was in hospital years ago.I met training doctor.called Caroline spencer palmer .who then befriended me..all these years ago..she was like a mum to me.she cut ties for 10text messages about things on ward years ago.Caroline kept away from me.the ...
The Royal Family
12:12 02/06/2017

Watch The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry meet inspiring #TeamHeadsTogether runners at yesterday's London Marathon training day. #TeamsHeadsTogether runners are fundraising for the eight Heads Together Charity Partners or the campaign itself, but not just that... Our hope is to tackle stigma and change the conversation on mental health, and we look forward to making 2017 the Mental Health Marathon. Share a message of support and cheer on #TeamsHeadsTogether →

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Dan Watson Harry must know he's faster than his brother, dude kept looking back to see how slow he could run LoL. But as I was watching this clip it dawned on me, I don't think people know what mental health is. In my experience people either consider you nuts, ...
Anatoly Chulcov Congratulations your big happy family with the Jubilee of the Queen of Great Britain! I myself during 50 years was jogging, was doing gymnastics; I would not understand you? God bless your Royal Family!
Brenda Minshull hope this will make people MORE AWARE of mental health in this country so people with problems can talk about them without stygma x
Leila Tsinadze What, why Loves everyone the Royals Family... They are realy, and lovely Peoples.. All the member of Royals Family are very kind..
Jacky Walton Mental Health problems can begin with bullying at school and on computer media sites. Youngsters and young adults stuck in their rooms on computers instead of being out and about in the real world. The stress of studying which now seems to go on for ...
The Royal Family
12:12 02/06/2017

Today marks The Queen's #SapphireJubilee It has been 65 years since Her Majesty acceded to the throne. On 6 February 1952, King George VI sadly died following a prolonged illness. Princess Elizabeth immediately acceded to the throne, becoming Queen Elizabeth II and taking on all of the responsibilities which came with her new title. In the photograph, The Queen is wearing a suite of sapphire jewellery given to her by King George VI as a wedding gift in 1947. Find out more about The Queen's accession and coronation on our website:

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Vanessa Pauls-Doell Congratulations Your Majesty, I have always been proud to be a member of your commonwealth, thank you for the grace and dignity you have brought to the throne.
Joanne Dostie Murphy I admire her for her strength and dedication. She was thrown into a very complicated life and has done an outstanding job! She is a wonderful example for all women in the world. She gave up a huge part of her life to serve her country and she should be ...
Joanna Steele Congratulations Your Majesty. Our beautiful Queen. Tirelessly giving and watching over this ever changing country. It is because of ALL the things you stand for and do that we the people love you so much. Thank you ❤☺
Bernie Finn God bless Her Majesty. Long may she continue to reign! We Aussies love her.
Olivia Ritchie McKenzie Thank you from Canada ❤🇨🇦 I never realized how much of her life she had to give up filling this roll as our Queen until I recently watched the Netflix series The Crown, while I don't know how accurate the events are, it sure made me stop and think about ...
The Royal Family
23:24 02/03/2017

Dan & Rich Changing The Conversation

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Rica Bongabong I need help ,im looking for my real family please.
علاءمحمدزكي قاسم اعتقد ان يجب علي توضيح شئ مهم وبعدها ممكن نضحك كما نريد
WordCup Erukucity Motivating people to study the Holy Bible daily is what WordCup does. See details from its website:
Linda Chans Good to hear!
Aschi Novick good idea
The Royal Family
23:24 02/03/2017

Prince Harry has visited the London Ambulance Service today to help kick off this year’s #TimetoTalk Day, as part of the Heads Together mental health campaign. The annual awareness day is run by charity Time to Change and is aimed at getting the nation talking about mental health. The theme of this year’s Time to Talk Day is "conversations change lives". Prince Harry champions mental health campaign Heads Together with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, supported by the Royal Foundation. Find out more:

13.1k reactions 171 comments
Maryann Hornfeck Love what you are doing Prince Harry! ( Love from the U.S. )
Marjut Wern-Aska This campaign is so very important. Great att Royal Family takes part.
Charla Childers Is this guy a prince or a knight in shining armour?! Diana would be so proud...
Karen Griggs I'm proud of you Harry ! Mental health is as important as any other healthcare. Nice to see someone like you address it as a major issue.
Mary Sawicki his mother Diana would really be proud of his good works!
The Royal Family
23:24 02/03/2017

Announced today: The Duchess of Cornwall has been named as the new Royal Patron of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. During today’s visit to Battersea Old Windsor, it was announced that Her Royal Highness will take over the Patronage from Her Majesty The Queen. The Duchess has visited Battersea’s London centre before, but it was Her Royal Highness's first visit to their Old Windsor centre. During the visit, Her Royal Highness was joined by her two Jack Russell Terriers, Beth and Bluebell! Beth and Bluebell are both rescue dogs from Battersea’s London centre, with Beth being adopted in 2011 and Bluebell a year later. Read more about The Duchess’s visit:

15.6k reactions 598 comments
Maureen Archer Gracious Camilla. Another victim in that farcical Charles & Diana travesty and never once a bad or nasty word, unlike Diana who couldn't stop her mouth rolling about everyone who was to blame except herself. Her "poor little me" act did my head in.
Dyann Whatley Dube Why is she called 'her royal highness"? I thought divorcees couldn't use that title. Please explain to this unschooled American.
Lily Bancroft I loved Dianne and will never forget her and she would be so proud of her 2 sons but for goodness sake lets sleeping dogs lie !! And give Camilla a break !! I wouldnt likr Charles to be king because he is getting to old !! I think William will be a ...
Marilyn Ferguson This is a woman that has hunted with hounds and killed foxes, the Rottweiler nickname suits her and when Charlie said on tape in the telephone conversation while Diana was alive that he wished he was a Tampax so that......give me a break, they're ...
Linda Brown These are nice photo's of Carmilla congratulations to Carmilla on get this award as for thouse of you that make some of the dredfull comments on here. have a heart this could be you receiving these comments by holding grudges like you lot do ...
The Royal Family
21:48 01/29/2017

A statue of Diana, Princess of Wales will be erected in the grounds of Kensington Palace at the request of her sons, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry. The Princes have convened a committee to commission and privately raise funds for the creation of the statue. This committee will advise on the selection of the sculptor and will work with Historic Royal Palaces on the statue's installation in the public gardens at Kensington Palace. The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry said: "It has been twenty years since our mother's death and the time is right to recognise her positive impact in the UK and around the world with a permanent statue. "Our mother touched so many lives. We hope the statue will help all those who visit Kensington Palace to reflect on her life and her legacy." While the sculpting of the statue will begin soon, it is not currently possible to advise when it will be unveiled. It is hoped that this will occur before the end of 2017. Further announcements on the statue's sculptor and design will be made in due course.

105.5k reactions 3444 comments
Molly Ogden I see that it will be privately funded -- if there's some way for the public to donate I'd love to contribute. I'm American, but Princess Diana touched the whole world. She was a lady in the true sense of the word.
Gerry Dell About time to, Diane was and is a great influence on young people, our family adored Diane, two wonderful sons, it's such a shame that the money raised for a monument in Diane's memory was wasted on that stupid water feature, I hope none of the idiots ...
Kerry Eccles Fantastic news just sad it has taken so long. I spent quite a long time at Kensington Palace last year walking round and thought at the time there should be a statue of her. She did such a lot for us and the royal family her sons have done her credit ...
Pauline Sands From Shy Di to Princess Di. As in Candle in the Wind, All our words cannot express the joy you brought to us through the years. The People's Princess. Her passing was a shock to the world. Her grace beauty love and kindness will never be be ...
Christine Peacock Wonderful, so pleased, a wonderful lady I was honoured to shake hands with X the love and care she gave to her sons has truly paid off, amazing young men. Their mum will be looking down on them always. Well done William and Harry xxx
The Royal Family
21:48 01/29/2017

Fancy taking a look at the #GeorgianPapers online? Here's a handy guide in how to use the resource which is now open for members of the public, students, academics and historians alike to browse and gain a fascinating insight into the world of the Royal Family from the Georgian period. You can access the website here - enjoy

3.1k reactions 79 comments
June James Dan James, might be interesting x
Murray Manera Why would I want to read some dusty old books?
Steven E. Wanderscheid Cool! When is the Georgian period? During King George III's period?
Judy Hogan Wow that's a dream come true
Rena Fennell Nisbet Awesome!
The Royal Family
09:00 01/27/2017

RELEASED TODAY: The Prince of Wales has co-authored a new #LadybirdExperts book on climate change. His Royal Highness's book was written alongside environmentalist Tony Juniper and climate scientist Emily Shuckburgh. The book explains the history, dangers and challenges of global warming and explores possible solutions to reduce its impact. Read more here:

6.3k reactions 366 comments
Janet Baldwin Well done Prince Charles. Please can you make sure Donald Trump receives a copy. He might read this & believe it if he knows HRH is involved.
Andrea Guy Thank goodness for men like Prince Charles....perhaps its time mom took her colonies back before the current admin destroys us completely
Kate Elizabeth Swire Excellent! It's so nice to see HRH The Prince of Wales doing so much for the environment and also for alternative medicine :)
Bert Bassett The climate has always been changing and has since the year dot, why to we need a book to tell us the blindingly obvious, so arrogant of man to think he has anything to do with climate change anyway...
Esther Louise Cashman Thank Goodness for our Royal Family. We are a lucky nation. Perhaps a copy should be sent across to the new President in the USA?
The Royal Family
20:12 01/24/2017

"Supporting our farmers and the industry is a priority for me in my work and I very much look forward to my role with this unique part of our country and its special agricultural show.” Last week, as she celebrated her birthday, The Countess of Wessex was honoured to be elected President of the Devon County Agricultural Association for 2017, which organises the Devon County Show. The Countess is a keen supporter of British agriculture in general, and agricultural shows in particular. Her Royal Highness is a past President of the Royal Bath and West, the Royal Cornwall and the New Forest and Hampshire Shows, and is Patron of the Association of Shows and Agricultural Organisations (ASAO), which represents agricultural shows across the country. Want to find out more about The Countess of Wessex's charities and patronages? Take a look at our website here:

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Concepcion Manuel da Silva hello your highness,,,,bless your birthday....hope u have your own page....take care...Countess Sophie....
Jenny Lomas Lovely lady ! Saw her at Cheshire Show she made everyone at ease straight away .
Beth Johns Cheers to the Countess! There are some . . . Interesting . . .comments here today.
Alice Fay DeRocquigny Belanger Happy Birthday Countess. It is wonderful that you are lending your support to all the farmers.
Shelley Platt McDonough Sophie is a good egg. She has never taken a misstep to my knowledge.
The Royal Family
18:36 01/19/2017

Farms for City Children was founded in 1976 by Michael and Clare Morpurgo to give urban children the experience of living and working on a real farm - The Princess Royal, Patron, made her fifth visit to one of their farms to celebrate their 40th Birthday 🎂 Her Royal Highness visited their farm at Nethercott House and saw the piggery, the forest school and walled gardens where children from Lipson Vale Primary School in Plymouth were undertaking their farm work under supervision of the Nethercott staff.

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Donna Benjafield Princess Anne looks exactly the same in each photo!! What is your secret? I'd love to know! Also agree with previous comments Princess Anne is very hard working but also she doesn't need constant press attention to prove herself. X
Emily Jane May I love that her highness can rock a pair of wellies and a skirt... all for a good cause. You are a fantastic role model princess royal.
Iskander Mitt what is more important for HRH: parenting education or subjects? что важнее для Её королевского Высочества: воспитание детей или воспитание подданных? <3
Nancy Chavez This is really wonderful. I'm happy to see children learn about farming. I grew up on a farm and I wouldn't trade my knowledge of those years for any amount of money.
Kim Louise We need more city farms. Working ones too. So many people would beneifit in many ways, whilst also showing how a real farm works. So many children have never been up and close ( or adults ) with animals. As a farmers daughter I think it is ...
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