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In celebration of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Platinum Wedding Anniversary, take a look at some of the special moments they have shared together over the last 70 years. Find out more about The Queen and The Duke's wedding:

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Cleo Correa The Queen could be made a book for us about these relationships. She has many things to teach us and for the new generation. A fantastic example! Happy Anniversary!!!
Sandra Stevens-Miller High energy to meet the challenge of being partners in marriage and leadership for 70 years. Regardless of tabloid muck, photos speak louder than words. Our Scottish families always admired their example of decorum under the most stressful of ...
Wei Wei Ning Congratulation to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on your Platinum Wedding Anniversary!🍷What an amazing milestone to reach together! May God continue to bless you both and keep you & your longevity in his care for many more years to come. Happy 70th ...
Carol Reed Congratulations to you our Queen and Prince Philip 70 years is a long time and we have loved you both all the way God bless you x
Yvette Velez Jones Awe, Happy Anniversary! One of my absolute favorite pictures of them is one where the Prince Philip is dressed as a guard and the Queen is giggling at him as if she rounded the corner and suddenly realized he was trying to hide 😆
The Royal Family
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To celebrate the 70th Wedding Anniversary of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, this new photograph has been released worldwide. British photographer Matt Holyoak of Camera Press, took the images in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle earlier this month. In this release, The Queen and His Royal Highness are photographed against a platinum-textured back drop. The marriage of the then Princess Elizabeth to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten took place at Westminster Abbey on 20th November 1947. Find out about The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh's wedding day here:

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Joe Dobisz They look like two people that still, after all these years, adore each other, Phillip Also looks like your stereotypical grandad in this, love it!
Celina Rosowska .Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth and Price Philip on their platinum wedding anniversary ♥ Best wishes !!! :)
Norma Maisner your Majesty and Prince Philip, I would like to wish you both a wonderful 70th Anniversary, You have both been a joy in my life always constant and happy, I was only 2 years old when you were married in 1947, but we are all so luck to have you both ...
Jane Morris Lovely photo of our Queen and Prince Philip. He has been the Queens rock from the start. There might have been some rocky times during 70 years of marriage, but their love for each other saw them through it. God Bless you both and congratulations.
Kahu Kimo I have never seen such a bad photo of Her Majesty! The amount of hair in relation to her face is disproportionate. Because her hair is now so light-colored that background was an absolute worst choice. What a disservice to such a wonderful and ...
The Royal Family
19:36 11/19/2017

The Prince of Wales is visiting Antigua & Barbuda, The British Virgin Islands and Dominica this weekend where he will meet organisations, charities and members of the local communities who are all working together following the Hurricanes which struck the region earlier this year. “As you recover and move forward, you can be sure, Ladies and Gentlemen, that you are not alone. The plight of those who have been through such terrifying devastation and are still enduring such dreadful privation is close to the heart of Her Majesty The Queen and, indeed, to my own.” - HRH The Prince of Wales

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Angela Mosimann Such a shame Charles is not like either of his parents in character.
Terry Stanley Important to keep in touch with help and advice on proper hurricane rebuilding practices... 😉 😀 😎
Robbin Stratton-Upson When and where did The Prince of Wales visit BVI?
Collette C. Kilbourne Long life to our Future King!
Catherine Broughton wonderful. A very knowledgeable man, respect ++
The Royal Family
19:36 11/19/2017

To mark the 70th Wedding Anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, new photographic portraits have been released worldwide. The Queen and His Royal Highness will celebrate their Wedding Anniverary on Monday, 20th November 2017. The portraits, by British photographer Matt Holyoak of Camera Press, were taken in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle in early November. In this first release, The Queen and His Royal Highness are framed by Thomas Gainsborough's 1781 portraits of George III and Queen Charlotte, who were married for 57 years. The marriage of the then Princess Elizabeth to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten took place at Westminster Abbey on 20th November 1947. Find out about The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh's wedding day here:

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Mohamad Tawam Congratulations to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip on your 70th wedding anniversary. Wishing you both more happy years and may God bless you.
Marilyn Dorward Congratulations for your 70th Anniversary.Wishing you Health and Happiness and hope you reign over us for a long time. You are loved and admired by so many.x
Jenny Dunn Many congratulations to Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh and what an excellent portrait. I hope i will have a chance to see it hanging somewhere maybe at Windsor Castle?
Marlene Gabriel Heartiest congratulations to her Majesty,the Queen and to HRH on this most auspicious and wonderful occasion.
Janice Kerr Congratulations to you both on your 70th Wedding Anniversary. Wishing you more happy healthy years together.
The Royal Family
19:36 11/19/2017

Yesterday The Duke of Cambridge unveiled the national Action Plan on the Prevention of Cyberbullying. Created by The Royal Foundation's Taskforce, the plan is designed to kick-start a new approach to support young people navigate the internet. His Royal Highness said: 'Obviously me being a Dad, I want to make sure that my children and all the future children are protected.' Over the past 18 months, the Taskforce has met regularly to kick-start a new approach to support young people who are experiencing bullying online. More details of the Stop Speak Support at:

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Skai Ferinaye Indeed. Keep up the Good Work!
Andrea Kacsmarikova If only the so much more in my game ....a lot lot more but ever mine
Will G Tankersley The Equation Equation Through Christ! In Christ! As Christ! By faith: Through grace! Equated Living glory of divine equality!
Kurt Harvell Even though I'm an American, I have such respect and admiration for Prince William
Terry Gunter Long live the queen....
The Royal Family
06:48 11/17/2017

Her Majesty The Queen has visited Hull to mark its year as the United Kingdom's City of Culture. The Queen travelled by train and arrived at Hull Railway Station this morning, where Her Majesty met members of the public and City of Culture volunteers. Hull has been named as the UK City of Culture for 2017 and a series of cultural and creative events have taken place over the past year to celebrate the accolade. The Queen then visited wind turbine blade factory, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy to see the blade production line, meet operatives & watch a demo of their work. The factory produces wind turbine blades for the company's offshore turbines. Finally The Queen went to the University of Hull to open the Allam Medical Building & take a tour of the facility. Her Majesty met nursing care students & tutors, observed a training session on robotic mannequin patients before visiting an operating theatre. Finally Her Majesty met representatives of the perinatal and mental health care team, before unveiling a plaque. Find out more about the visit here:

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Chris Zubler Who would ever believe that this wonderful woman is 91. Works really hard and always looks fabulous. Dread the day when she is no longer our monarch. One in a million++++😍😍
Tom Thanaphongsakorn What wonderful pictures of Her Majesty with her population. The Queen looks wonderful in blue and her smile is so warm and caring. We love the Royal Family.
Jocelyn Ball The Queen is an amazingly wonderful person in every thing that she does . At the age of 91as beautiful and gracious as she's always been. God bless her for ever. Love from Irene, Pretoria.
Satnam Singh Dhilwan To. The Queen of the grate Britain 🇬🇧 I regret that time when 1928 then the Simon commission come in India 🇮🇳 that time the whole brahamin community to defies the Simon commission ...
Margaret Taylor Absolutely lovely and great that at the age of 91 she is still able to carry out some duties like this, I think she really enjoyed meeting people this way. What a woman and what a wonderful monarch eh?
The Royal Family
06:48 11/17/2017

Tomorrow The Duke of Cambridge will unveil the national Action Plan created by The Royal Foundation's Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying. Ahead of the launch, His Royal Highness invited campaigners Lucy Alexander and Chloe Hine to Kensington Palace to hear more about how cyberbullying has affected their lives. Last year, Lucy wrote movingly about the loss of her son, Felix, who took his own life after experiencing cyberbullying. The Duke read Lucy's story and asked her to be one of the parents to help inform the Taskforce's work. Chloe was a member of the Taskforce Youth Panel, after she was attacked online at the age of 13 and attempted to take her own life. Watch The Duke share his motivation to tackle cyberbullying with Lucy and Chloe here:

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國立 由美子 This must be one example of significant and important roles of the Royal Family in England, I think.
Kim Button Wow, very powerful and moving story. Bianca this is like what I mentioned the other day- so hard to combat really
Vytautas Rastenis Modern society becomes a cyber society and human flaws and diseases are pumped into cyberspace. Sensitive and weak in spirit people are most susceptible to such cybercrimes. Young people need to learn to develop their different abilities such as study, ...
Michelle Eshelman Thank you Mossison Jones...Just friend me..I have alot of good people here.No bullying on my site they just a well behaved group.
Lynette Macmillan a great cause this. What other people do can be highly criminal taking a life. Courts need to do more to protect youngsters and adults. MY OPINIONS.
The Royal Family
18:00 11/14/2017

The Duchess of Cambridge today visited Hornsey Road Children's Centre in London. Her Royal Highness saw some of the valuable family and parental support services which are delivered at the Centre, some of which are run by the charity Family Action, of which The Queen is Patron. During the visit, The Duchess saw the facilities which support local parents and young children, and learnt more about Family Action's perinatal mental health support services which operate nationwide. Her Royal Highness also heard some of the personal experiences from parents who have benefited from the charity's support.

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Deborah Osborne Glad to see Catherine is out and about again. Hope she's feeling better. Great photos!
Kam Tim Yuen Good morning The Royal family.
Alicia Daas The British are lucky to claim her as theirs. She seems so wonderful.
Deborah Kerr Such a classy graceful lady. She seems like she really cares about her role & the people she serves. 🌹🙏🏻
Susan Lopez Moore She really is quite lovely,isnt she
The Royal Family
18:00 11/14/2017

Happy birthday to HRH The Prince of Wales, who marks his 69th birthday today. In July 1969 The Queen invested HRH as The Prince of Wales at a ceremony at Caernarfon Castle in Wales. Did you know The Prince is Patron or President of over 400 charities and is the longest serving Prince of Wales in history?

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Anne Schramm Purdue He may not have honorable to Diana during their marriage but he went to Paris to bring her back and insisted she have a royal funeral.
Veronica Cassidy Morawski Happy Birthday! I never forget your special day because you were born exactly three months after me. Cheers!
Jean Latchford Love some of the great work he does for the young adults to help with job training and placement. He is a mentor to so very many young and they look up to him with the pride he puts into their lives.
Seantrevor Scott HAPPY BIRTHDAYS, SIR. The longest serving Prince of Wales was, from memory, 'Bertie', the eldest son of Queen Victoria, who later became King Edward VII. He was born in 1841, became King in 1901, and died in 1910.
Kath Cross I don’t even bother reading the comments now , everyone is entitled to their opinions, I got mine but I rather keep them to myself. Wish more people would if they got nothing nice to say .
The Royal Family
18:00 11/14/2017

The Royal Family's cover photo

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Andrea Thomas A beautiful site to see #proudtobebritish.
Anne Evans Wonderful site 😄😄👍
Tracy Appleby We were there lol loved it xx
Shazza Nefertiti I'm so proud of our monarchy. I look forward to many more fab historical events like this. <3
Miguel Angel Ibarz Serraclara Esto si es un Pais de verdad !
The Royal Family
18:00 11/14/2017

The Royal Family

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Christine Baardman I am not a royalist but a christian.I admire the queen for her commitment to her marraige vows and country.The most important what I admire is her faith in Christ and regular attend off church service.Yes she has all the material wealth but she need ...
Jean Savino Lovely and gracious lady!!! England can be proud of their Queen!!! I remember her serving in the army and fixing engines on the Army vehicles!!! A winner from the start!!!
Pat Ratliff The Queen is stunningly beautiful.. like to know her skin care products because she is radiant and her age is just a number.
Bakr Alash ‫لأول مرة يعجز الدفاع المدني السوري عن إعطاء حصيلة الشهداء والجرحى! "لا حصيلة لشهداء #حلب المحاصرة اليوم الاثنين ‬ ‫جثث الشهداء تملأ الشوارع وتحت أنقاض الأبنية المدمرة، والقصف مازال مستمراً!‬" For the first time, the Syrian Civil Defense (aka White ...
Beryl Sherwood What a Beautiful photograph of our Amazing Wonderful Queen! she has such a lovely smile, I believe Princess Charlotte looks like her Great Grandmother.
The Royal Family
18:00 11/14/2017

The nation fell silent today as The Queen and Members of the Royal Family joined The Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London. Watch here: This year, at Her Majesty's request, a wreath was laid on her behalf by The Prince of Wales. HM joined The Duke of Edinburgh, and other Members of The Royal Family, to view the Ceremony from the balcony of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office building: The Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry and several other Members of The Royal Family also laid wreaths at the Cenotaph. The National Service of Remembrance is held every year to ensure that no-one who has suffered or died in war is forgotten.

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Dawn Scorah Be proud to be British , respect of all on this sobering occasion , to those who lost their lives to give us freedom . May we never forget them . GOD BLESS THEM ALL ! God bless HRH and all she stands and represents
Jaroslav Jarný Great respect to all Royal Family , especially to prince Philip NSDAP relatives that died in WW2 fighting against communists plague in Europe. Thank you for your fight for humanity and defeating Stalin.
Sue Manning The Queen, Prince Phillip, William, Harry represent our country so well. We are lucky to have a Monarchy.
Cindy Larkin Not really trying to be nit picky but it looks like William is slumping when compared to how his father and brother are standing at attention next to him.
Christine Godfrey This young man is his own person, why should he not have a beard. Wish people would let him lead his own life.
The Royal Family
05:12 11/12/2017

Tonight, The Queen accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh and other Members of The Royal Family, attended the Festival of Remembrance: The festival, hosted by The Royal British Legion at the Royal Albert Hall, remembers all victims of war and those that made the ultimate sacrifice. You can watch the festival on BBC One at 9pm GMT. Further details here:

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Audrey Bennion I like the fact Prince Philip wears an ordinary poppy like all the servicemen and women. None of your fancy silk or crystal poppies for him.Respect !
David Pole Is Jeremy Corbyn there.? I preferred the older style service when we saw all the Legions flags paraded in and we didnt have so many singers. It should be a service of proper remembrance a time for us to show our gratituce for those that served our ...
Thelma M. Jones At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we shall remember them. Grandad O'Shea, Granddad Simons, Great uncle Herbert Simons. Blood of my blood, bone of my bone.....
Barbara Maddock Did anyone see Corbin there, I didn’t spot him when they showed members of the government, I might be wrong - but doubt it!! 😠
Melva Bidart Su Majestad La Reina Elizabeth II, 91 anios- Su Alteza Real el Prince Philip, Duque de Edinburgh - 96 anios, aun cumplienso con su trabajao, el amor a su pueblo recordando a quiens diero su vida en las guerras.Dios los Bendiga y los Cuide por muchos ...
The Royal Family
05:12 11/12/2017

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have finished their Autumn Tour with a two-Day visit in India. Their Royal Highnesses visited an Elephant Parade (with 101 sculptures!) for the Elephant Family charity to raise awareness of the Asian elephant. They also attended a celebration of the UK-Indian Year of Culture. On the first day, TRH met the Prime Minister of India, and the following day visited India Gate to lay a wreath, and visited local schools and businesses. To end the visit, The Prince gave a speech at the High Commissioner’s Residence: “It gives me the greatest pleasure to join you all today in celebrating this uniquely, diverse and dynamic country, at the heart of the Commonwealth”.

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Anay Bueno Siqueira Is there a name for the kind of outfit the duchess is wearing in these pictures? My mum loves that kind of suit and I'd love to know the name so that I can look for one for her. Cheers.
Susan Millar Leave them alone they are happy and love eachothere and there family. The boys love their mum and dad whatever happened let it go
Sandy Roberts Happiness and well wishes to The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall..Charles and Camilla..."yesterday is history~tomorrow is a mystery~ today is the present ..a gift" ..Be Blessed together
Vishu Sharma I was wondering when would TRH will be back in India since the engagements they had near. It is always a serious pleasure to see the future sovereign visit my birth country and increasing ties as the future Head of Commonwealth.
Kristin DiCioccio Though Dianna was one of a kind, I am glad they are old and happy in life and such a cute pair together.
The Royal Family
16:24 11/09/2017

Her Majesty The Queen and Sir David Attenborough are to appear together in a documentary to be screened in 2018. The ITN Productions documentary follows the progress of The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) - an initiative to create a global network of protected forests. The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy initiative aims to create a network of national forest parks that span the 52 countries of the Commonwealth. To find out more about the Queen's Canopy which represents a lasting celebration of the Queen’s leadership of, and service to, the Commonwealth go to #queenscommonwealthcanopy

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Australian Butterfly Conservation What a fantastic initiative and legacy! So many wooded areas are in need of such protection from increasing rapid human development.
Andreas Albrecht Had I not loved her since I can walk I would have fallen in love with right here and there. Bless you Your Majesty.
Maureen Rooney Sir David is a great Explorer, who has show the World things and places,and Animals that we would not have known about ,love his Documentaries
Vishu Sharma And Her Majesty’s comment about her mortality was such a great read. She has not lost her charm and wit with age and she’s also doing the bit of the Duke of Edinburgh in this little chat with Sir David.
Margaret Wilson I love David Attenborough, he's a legend and brought so much good clean information and entertainment to us all.
The Royal Family
16:24 11/09/2017

The Duchess of Cambridge gives a speech at the Place2Be School Leaders Forum 2017

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Heather Pope Harriett Pope
António Carvalhido SERÁ que teu amor que eu nao sabia esta cheio de maldade seres lindo como as estrelalas que nao tem culpa que nao gostas de Jesus CRISTO nascido em Nazaré Advinho António Carvalhido
Alex Shatalov She looks tired!
Asif Iqbal 🌹
Mfundo Ntwana
The Royal Family
03:36 11/07/2017

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have been visiting beautiful Malaysia over the past two days - Their Royal Highnesses’ first visit to the country. The welcome for TRH has been fantastic, especially from the students of the University of Nottingham campus in Malaysia! The Prince received big cheers as he arrived to help launch the Commonwealth Youth Summit, which consists of around 180 delegates from across the Commonwealth. Organised by the Commonwealth Youth Council, it is the officially recognised voice of 1.2 billion young people. The Prince also visited the Islamic Arts Museum, where HRH said he was “delighted to be in Malaysia for the first time.” The Duchess meanwhile met students at the International School Parkcity. In the evening, Their Royal Highnesses attended a Gala Dinner to celebrate 60 years of UK-Malaysia diplomatic ties. Follow #RoyalVisitMY for updates throughout the visit.

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Victoria Berry Camilla you look fabulous. With our future King Prince Charles.
Heather Green What a fabulous welcome for HRH The Prince of Wakes and The Duchess of Cornwall, I expected they were over whelmed and Hugh What a wonderful welcome was guvern to this much loved and popular members of kjr Royal family,TRHS must have been extremely ...
Susan Martin Yep, they always head for warmer climes when winter starts in the UK.
Nancy Hobson I read 'What Islam Gave Us'. About mathematics and other developments the world of Islam has given the Weat
Cody Willett He will make a GREAT king when the time comes.
The Royal Family
14:48 11/04/2017

The Countess of Wessex has opened the Countess Gytha Primary School in Somerset which was relocated after suffering six floods since 2000. Her Royal Highness met children at the school & planted a tree in memory of the former Headmistress, Mrs English, who died before the site was completed. HRH then visited the Balsam centre in Wincanton, a community centre that supports the health and wellbeing of people living in the area. The Countess dropped into a support group at the centre, for mums with multiple births, and met some of the volunteers who help to run it. Find out more about the Countess of Wessex's work here >

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Linda Tuppen Edward and Sophie don't get enough press coverage. They're lovely.
Anne Taylor such a lovely lady we don't see enough of her
Chris Jones My heavens how lucky are The Firm to have Sophie on board
Marsha Deivert Bradley She is a definite asset to the Royal Family and is so comfortable with the little ones.
Andrea Kacsmarikova Bombarding will continue... at least she does not seem to steal my game as so many even in that familty keep doing... instead of healping me years ago ... they keep abusing,"inspiring" - stealing, exploiting ... ignoring .... playing ... etc... even ...
The Royal Family
02:00 11/02/2017

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have spent their third day in stunning Singapore. Day Two began with an official welcome to Singapore at the Presidential Palace. Their Royal Highnesses then attended a memorial event at the Cenotaph, where The Prince laid a wreath and met veterans from the Commonwealth. The afternoon took The Prince into the rainforest at the MacRitchie Reservoir Park, where he spoke to conservationists and rangers about biodiversity and the park's initiatives. He also visited the Harmony Centre, meeting with religious leaders to discuss interfaith relations in Singapore. Day Three took TRH to the colourful and bustling Tiong Bahru market, where they were greeted by a Lion Dance performance! The Duchess then visited the Tiong Bahru community centre, and spoke to older members of the community who were taking part in arts and crafts, and learning about healthy eating. Their Royal Highnesses spent the afternoon in the National Orchid Garden. Orchid naming is a special way that Singapore honours important visitors, and an orchid was named after TRH: Dendrobium Duke Duchess of Cornwall. See more from the tour on the website at

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Jeanette Loftie-Eaton van Zyl I have great empathy for this couple because the only mistake they made was loving one another. The monarchy is to blame that Charles was forced into a marriage approved by the monarchy. Another The man who should have been king story.. Certainly not ...
Felicity Oakes Beautiful couple,💜💜wonderful photos, Singapore is lovely🌸
Audrey Rose They make a great team, they are happy together - this hatred levelled against them is bigotry at its worse - Charles will make a compassionate and a people's King and Camilla will be there to support him, not upstage him. Live and let live, keep your ...
Robert Mackinnon Singapore is truly one most beautiful spots on this planet. Some of their laws may seem over the top, but they seem to be working.
Susan Eite Lovely pictures of our future king and queen
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