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7 hours ago

The Prince of Wales today visited King's College Hospital to meet paramedics, support staff and those injured in the Westminster terrorist incident.

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Ellen Maxwell Well done Prince Charles. I imagine we shall see more and more of him picking up these duties. It's hard to be stepping into his parent's shoes at an age when most of us would like to be slowing down. All the more reason For the Cambridges to get ...
Verity Stott-Camm Visiting soon enough to show support and respect, whilst allowing the hospital staff to have done their work to get the victims on the road to recovery. Similar to how his Mum did with Aberfan, when that happened. (I know, not a terrorist action, but ...
Rosemary Shaw Nice to see Prince Charles being the careing human being he is. SO PEOPLE WITH NEGATIVE THOUGHTS JUST KEEP THEM TO YOUR SELVES.
Lyn Miller Thank you Sir for the visit - am sure those at the hospital apprecciated your visit. Great respect to you, you are a a very caring human being.
Shrikrishna Lele Prince is very sensitive to this act of terrorist which is why he visited to Hospital and made enquiry about injured.We love you prince for the love of yours to society and human being in general. God bless you dear.
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7 hours ago

At a reception today The Duke of Edinburgh met widows and relatives of those who fought in the St Nazaire Raid 75 years ago during the Second World War. The Duke has been Patron of the St Nazaire Society since 1980. Among those that The Duke met at today's reception was Alice Arnold, whose father took part in the St Nazaire Raid. Alice, speaking about her father's role in the Raid, also said: "I think it's incredibly important to remember what people fought for, and now 75 years on, we have very few World War II veterans left."

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Gary McKenzie Love the guy that's employed to torture arrogance around Him.
Jane Farrell I could not agree more, so easy to forget how brave they were. Never was so much owed so few by so many
Elaine Walker Smith Give me the American words any day They were the only ones to help Australia.
Audrey Faust yes it is very important to remember our brave Soldiers and that they fought and died for all
Mary White Respect for the Veterans of WW2, true heroes. May God bless the families. ⚘
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7 hours ago

The Duchess of Cambridge was at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists yesterday with Heads Together, to launch a new series of films designed by the charity best beginnings to raise awareness of maternal mental health challenges and start new conversations about the wellbeing of parents and their children. The Duchess said: "Two in ten women will suffer mental health issues that can occur during pregnancy and in the year after birth, often clouding their moments of joy with a real sense of darkness and isolation. Many of these women also suffer in silence, overwhelmed by negative feelings, but also afraid to admit to the struggles they are facing due to the fear or shame of what others might think if they “aren’t coping”. Some of this fear is about the pressure to be a perfect parent; pretending we're all coping perfectly and loving every minute of it. It's right to talk about motherhood as a wonderful thing, but we also need to talk about its stresses and strains. It’s ok not to find it easy. Asking for help should not be seen as a sign of weakness.” Read the full speech here ->

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Αγγέλικα Αντζυ Κ. excellent personality i admire her all these years i wish her to be lucky in the rest of her life .congrats for her speech. congrats to william who made the best choise marrying this woman.
Trina Kachoo It's important that dialogue on all mental illnesses start to take place. Mental illness is NOT a moral failure, laziness, lack of character, lack of faith, being "difficult," make one dangerous to society, or shameful. It is a normal response to ...
Adriana Petroni Fernandes Eu também tive depressão pós parto :( é horrível e quando não se tem ajuda, piora mais ainda o quadro da depressão. Parabéns Duquesa de Cambridge por sua grande ajuda.
Jo Marquet Hardest job ever! Most rewarding job ever and no other job could bring you more joy, but certainly the hardest. And it doesn't come with an instruction manual or recipe card.
Ellen McMicking This is great -- I know a woman whose mother ended her life in an insane asylum for what we now recognise as post-partum depression! More communication, more understanding, more kindness! Well done, Your Royal Highness!
The Royal Family
02:42 03/24/2017

Her Majesty The Queen has sent a message to the Acting Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service following yesterday's events. "Following the shocking events in Westminster, Prince Philip and I are sorry that we will not be able to open the New Scotland Yard building as planned today, for very understandable reasons. I look forward to visiting at a later date. My thoughts, prayers, and deepest sympathy are with all those who have been affected by yesterday's awful violence. I know I speak for everyone in expressing my enduring thanks and admiration for the members of the Metropolitan Police Service and all who work so selflessly to help and protect others. ELIZABETH R." Read the message here:

Message to Acting Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service Craig Mackey

Following the shocking events in Westminster, Prince Philip and I are sorry that we will not be able to open the New Scotland Yard building as planned today, for very understandable reasons. I look forward to visiting at a later date. My thoughts, prayers, and deepest sympathy are with…

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Constance E Mitchell Praying for u. Yr govt has caused this by their ultra leftist policies that have caused them to turn a blind eye on the migrant crisis that has wrecked havoc in the safety of the UK and the rest of Europe. I feel fr the prople. Praying God's ...
Sharon Robinson Deepest sympathy to all concerned. When these type of events happen, they happen to us all. We grieve together with London today.
Rita Rowlands From a Canadian girl who visited England last year and spent New Year's Eve in London, Just loved the city & the people and am so sad that this had to happen in such a fabulous place. My thoughts & Prayers go out to the families, friends and the ...
Carole Wasserman Sincerest condolences from the US. Better to keep Her Majesty safe than sorry. Thoughts and prayers are with you all in London and all of England. <3
Graham Coates Gibson Once again we are in debt to our wonderful emergency services. A sad and pointless loss of life. We should all say a silent thank you, and send our deepest sympathies to everyone affected by this mindless violent atrocity.
The Royal Family
02:42 03/24/2017

Timeline Photos

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Daim Qaim Dastageer VNice
Valerie Bobincheck This would make an interesting book, as well.
Marie Lord Beautiful place.
Julie Sobchack What a lovely addition to a beautiful place!
Colleen Fenn Kathryn McGrath we were there the wrong time.
The Royal Family
13:54 03/21/2017

The Princess Royal has been to Portsmouth this week to name the Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier jetty. The new "Princess Royal Jetty" will be home to the Royal Navy’s 65,000-tonne Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers. HRH met some of the workers involved in the jetty’s construction over the last two years, as well as Royal Navy bomb disposal experts. The Princess Royal also unveiled a plaque at Portsmouth Naval Base to officially name the vast berth.

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Mary C Legg not everybody gets a whole class of aircraft carriers named after them-definitely a bit bigger than a royal barge
Carole Goode Princess Anne is a very hardworking woman she doesn't get the recognition she deserves fantastic Lady xx
Josephine Worrell What a very hardworkinglady. Pitty her fatso brother doesnt have the same dedication
Anchorette Parvin-blackstone Really thought that it was named princess royal JELLY
Jerome Arthur Thibodeau I sailed on The Oriole during my service at Esquimalt..., Katimavik 80-81 Huron Red..., outstanding program, that followed me for life.
The Royal Family
13:54 03/21/2017

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have visited Paris for two days of official engagements. Their Royal Highnesses were met by French President François Hollande, visited veterans at Les Invalides, young people from the British Council programmes in France and saw the Impressionists Gallery at the Musée d'Orsay. They also attended a reception at the British Embassy where The Duke gave a speech at an event celebrating the UK and French relationship. Find out more about the #RoyalTourParis and read The Duke's speech here.

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Veronica Edmonds Paris is my favourite city. I just love walking around there.
Cynthia Ann Maslin Sure do wish that America could have such role models...
Aquiles Duarte de Souza Beautiful, cultured and elegant. What better ambassadors could His Majesty and the UK have? God Bless His Majesty and the Royal Family and the UK.
Lydia D. Arapan Lovers 💙❤in Paris
Froilanda Avila Peru needs your help English brothers, nature is not drowning, with floods ... help us !! please
The Royal Family
01:06 03/19/2017

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are visiting Paris for two days of official engagements. Today their Royal Highnesses visited the Élysée Palace for the start of the tour where they were welcomed to Paris by French President François Hollande. Then they visited the British Embassy where The Duke delivered a speech at a special event celebrating the UK and French relationship. "Before I came here, Her Majesty The Queen reminded me of how much she has enjoyed her many visits to France," His Royal Highness said. "It is a feeling that Catherine and I entirely share, and look forward to this and many more visits in the years to come." Afterwards they met young French leaders at a reception and this evening attended a dinner cooked by Embassy chefs. #RoyalVisitParis

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Marie Dugelay Agathe Dalmas juste pour te signaler que demain je vais au match avec Kate et William <3
Janet Ramage Just a shame they can't go out and enjoy Paris like other young couples - they have a job to do and they do it well.
Shoram Zackary Propagandist fascist machinery of the English commonwealth. How typical. They colonized, tax, kill and rape the whole world then show stupid people beautiful concentration cap pictures to counter their atrocities!!?? Hell no.
David Lady May these royals help lead Britain to a better future, and overcome the internal divisiveness and meanness of the Brexit movement.
Daniel James Alletson I can't remember what prince it was I would love to thankyou you in person or by letter but I'm affair I can't I would like to thank you alot for setting princes trust ever since I completed this course my communication has been a lot better I have ...
The Royal Family
01:06 03/19/2017

Today Prince Harry led a panel discussion at the Veterans' Mental Health Conference at The King's Centre for Military Health Research in London. During the discussion, three former members of the UK and US Armed Forces talked about their experiences managing their mental health problems. Prince Harry attended as part of the #HeadsTogether campaign to tackle the stigma around mental health. Watch a live stream of the discussion, which took place this morning and join in the conversation using #HeadsTogether.

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Clare Thorp These are amazing, strong people with a powerful advocate and it is so good this is finally becoming an open conversation. Thank you. All of you.
JamesandCaro Shaw Thank you Prince Harry for being a wonderful and caring human being!
Mark Perry Well said harry. U are a great guy, thank you, from all of us who suffer, whether military or not. Stopping the stigma, and sharing, is so important. So thank you ur Highness. Mark.
Neil Down Prince Harry does more for people in a day than the gutter press will ever do in a lifetime..
Bernadette Anne Weber McIntosh Wow great job. It's all about caring for each other. This is what the world needs the most right now. What a great example you are making Prince Harry.
The Royal Family
01:06 03/19/2017

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh and The Duke of Kent, has reopened the National Army Museum following its three year redevelopment. The Museum has been transformed into five new thematic galleries – Soldier, Army, Battle, Society and Insight, which provides a space to explore and discuss the British Army and its relevance to society. Included in the new display is Her Majesty's own uniform from when she held the honorary commission of Brigadier in the Women's Royal Army Corps (WRAC) 1949-1953. The Museum was founded by a Royal Charter in 1960 and retains its Royal connection with The Duke of Kent acting as its Patron. Read the full story here →

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Emma Wood Lovely to see some nice comments about them for a change! Working at 90 years old and 95 years old ... uttermost respect for our Royals. I think they are amazing.
Maureen Wicklum The epitome of an extraordinary life.The Queen has an incredible sence of duty & expects her people to do the same. Remarkable hard working lady .
Kveta Kaplan She is an amazing woman, I hope she is around for at least another 10 years. Without doubt, Her Majesty should be and is the best Monarch ever. There you go all your feminazi, she does not hop around with a fake little pink hat protesting against ...
Susan Wilgar Rob Brightman somewhere else for you and dad to visit
Auntie Inezzy Cottman Much- Respect 4, the queen, when all around her was a, war-torned u.k. in w.w. 2, I, think, she nvr, abanded ship she was a keeper stand planted, nvr gave-up, an a, adorning woman, with such tight-skin at 91, she is blessed, &, those outfit's just ...
The Royal Family
12:18 03/16/2017

Prince Harry visited Epping Forest today to mark its dedication to The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy, as part of Commonwealth Week. During his visit His Royal Highness learnt how Epping Forest, London's largest open space, is being preserved and maintained. He was introduced to Longhorn cow Lucky who grazes across the forest using satellite collars and fenceless technology. Local school children showed Prince Harry the conservation activities they do to help protect the forest. Beside an Oak Tree planted by Queen Victoria in 1882, Prince Harry planted a new tree to celebrate Epping's contribution to the QCC. Launched in 2015 the QCC aims to create a network of indigenous forests that will involve all 52 Commonwealth Countries.

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Lorraine Pitt Love and protect our Forrest from hunters and builders .Well done Harry for your interest .
Melanie Smith Well, that's kinda curious. Second time in 2 days I've heard of Epping Forest. Must mean I need to go there.
Josie Sheehan Prince Harry should have got the kids to do a "Daggy' Dad Dance in support of William x
Margaret Martin Very very well worth doing, we must preserve our trees and forests.
Suzanne Strang Uittenbogaard So nice that the children are involved, Prince Harry. I am sure they will remember this day.
The Royal Family
12:18 03/16/2017

The Prince of Wales and Prince Harry presented medals at Buckingham Palace today to the 2nd Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles following their return from Afghanistan in December. After marching to Buckingham Palace, 154 Gurkhas filled the Ballroom to be awarded with either the Afghanistan Operational Service Medal or the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal. Following the ceremony The Prince of Wales and Prince Harry hosted a reception where they were able to meet many Gurkhas and their families. The Royal Family has a strong connection to the Gurkhas and 2017 marks The Prince of Wales's fortieth Anniversary as Colonel-in-chief of the Royal Gurkha Rifles. During his tour of Afghanistan in 2007-8 Prince Harry served with 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles, memorably observing: "when you know you're with the Gurkhas, there's no safer place to be." Read the full story here →

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Karl Singh Congrats to all . But what about the SIKHS regiments who lost a total of ( circa 1.8m) for the British during WW1 & WW2. Mass graves of the British Indian Army in Flanders Belgium
Jean Hughes My father served along side of a gurkha regiment also in burma...he always said he would not have got home if it werent for them...he had so much respect for them..
Tam Gareth Williams I really don't think anyone has a bad word say about them Ian Mcseveney
Pera Miller My brother was commissioned into the 5th/2nd, held the rank of Major at the early age of 23 and spent years in India and Burma. What fine men the Gurkhas were and still are
John Henry Painter I have had the good luck to have worked with the gurka regiments from transport and logistics. Engineers to Rgr over what was a 12 year career from 1996 to 2009 and i can say it is and was one of my best times as they work hard play hard and no how to ...
The Royal Family
23:30 03/13/2017

Today The Queen marked Commonwealth Day by launching The Queen's Baton Relay for the XXI Commonwealth Games and attending the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey. The Forecourt of Buckingham Palace was decorated with 70 Commonwealth flags to celebrate the start of The Queen's Baton Relay. The Baton will travel through all 52 Commonwealth countries for 388 days covering 230,000 kilometres. It will arrive in time for Opening Ceremony of the XXI Commonwealth Games on 4th April 2018 which is being hosted by the Gold Coast in Australia. In the afternoon The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry, The Duke of York and The Earl of Wessex all attended the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. The Service is the largest annual inter-faith gathering in the United Kingdom which embraces the diversity of the 2.5 billion Commonwealth residents. Each year the Commonwealth adopts a theme upon which the Commonwealth Service is based. The 2017 theme is 'A Peace-Building Commonwealth', which was echoed in The Queen's annual Commonwealth speech released today. Read The Queen's Commonwealth Day message here →

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Elaine Tanner I loved commonwealth day, I'm sure we had a day off school.
Annette Callinan The Queen is amazing woman! She is 90 years of age and still doing much, if not all, of her regular tasks!! The only thing that, apparently, she isn't doing is long flights thatwh
June Mackenzie And then that creature in Holyrood announces that she will ask for another referendum her power and popularity has waned big time but Our Majesty has the hearts of her people in Scotland
Wendy Francis The Queen's baton relay seems like fun. I hope everyone who joins in this is well supported and each and everyone enjoys the experience.
Thelma M. Jones She wasn't born a Queen but she's captured my heart. Good wishes to everyone participating in the Games, you are all Princes and Princesses.
The Royal Family
10:42 03/11/2017

Watch as Prince Harry reads at the Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial service which has been held in London's Horse Guards Parade. It was attended by many members of the Royal Family yesterday and is a dedication to military and civilian personnel who served over the past 25 years. His Royal Highness read from the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 at the service which was followed by an unveiling of the memorial in Victoria Embankment Gardens by The Queen and a reception for around 2,000 military and civilian personnel, their families and the charities which support them. Prince Harry has undertaken two tours of Afghanistan in 2007 and 2012.

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Satish Kumar Thakur Sad! I as a war veteran, physically to emotionally wounded, ex-army officer, have heartfelt condolences for our whole global fraternity. I wish to work for global peace, harmony & prosperity, in a no-leaning non-military way; & look & pray for ...
Abdul Hadi IF God Wills, I think that the human beings should think about the space race. If God Wills, human beings should create many more new kingdoms, governments, parliaments, businesses, banks, world banks, universe banks, multiverse banks, companies, ...
Mark Drewell RESPECT your Royal Highness, Thank you for you service
Jane Luis I salute You Respectable Prince Harry and to Your Family The Royal Family
Michelle Patricia Lynn Steve Swift - you miss the point entirely if you don't understand the importance of Authority of The King James Bible. And as a Royal Prince I expect Harry to know better!
The Royal Family
10:42 03/11/2017

Yesterday Her Majesty The Queen, along with many members of The Royal Family, attended a service at Horse Guards Parade, dedicated to those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, military or civilian, and those who supported them at home. Prince Harry, who served in Afghanistan in 2007 and 2012, carried out a reading at the service and military bands provided music. After the service The Queen unveiled the new Iraq and Afghanistan war memorial at Victoria Embankment Gardens. The new memorial was designed by sculptor Paul Day and three sides have been smoothly carved with the fourth side left jagged to represent the rough terrain of Iraq and Afghanistan. Following the unveiling a reception was held at Horse Guards Parade for around 2,000 military personnel and their guests attended by The Duke of York, The Count and Countess of Wessex, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, The Princess Royal and The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, most of whom have visited Iraq or Afghanistan. During the event the members of The Royal Family had the opportunity to meet servicemen and women and their families.

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Lorelei M. Bach Wonderful to see so many members of the Royal Family join Her Majesty for this event.
Thom Chicfarmers I dont know why you left these african leaders to opress civillians, they buy guns to torture people, better act immediately
Chris Zubler Thank you so much for not including any photos of Mr Blair. That would have been an insult to all concerned.
Khalid Hassan 1875 سيطرت الحكومة البريطانية على الهند ووضعتها تحت الاحتلال المباشر، وقضت على شركة الهند الشرقية البريطانية، مما أدى إلى اتساع حدود الهند بحيث اشتملت على ما يعرف الآن بباكستان وبنغلاديش وميانمار وسريلانكا. 1947 انتهاء الاحتلال البريطاني وتقسيم شبه ...
เพ็ญศักดิ์ สว่างเนตร ขอถวายพระพร สมเด็จพระราชินีอลิซฯ ทรงเขียนถึงเจ้าชายแฮรี่ นักรบบ่อย คงทรงห วังไวฟ์มาก ที่เมืองไทยหม่อมฉันพบผู้แทนพระองค์หนึ่งครั้ง แถวถนนข้าวสาร รู้สึกดีใจที่คนอังกฤษให้ความสำคัญหม่อมฉัน มีบางเรื่องอยากจะคำแนะนำจาก สนว.อังกฤษ มาที่ ทูตใหม่ประจำ ...
The Royal Family
20:18 03/03/2017

The Countess of Wessex has opened a new facility in Llandudno helping seriously injured veterans learn vital life skills in her first engagement as Patron of military charity Blind Veterans UK. Built in partnership between Blind Veterans UK and Blesma, The Limbless Veterans, the new building will provide a rehabilitation environment to support essential life skills for independent living. A special thank you to Bill, 74, from County Durham, who is a regular visitor to the Blind Veterans UK centre in Llandudno. He had been a wood turner since 1959 but stopped when he lost his sight. Bill has since been trained by Blind Veterans UK staff to use a lathe again and continues to be an extremely talented Master Craftsman. He presented The Countess of Wessex with a handmade pen that he turned himself as well as three other pens for her family. Find out more about the visit here:

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Judy S. Davies So sweet, all of it! Veterans are so deserving of loving care!
Chris Jones The Countess is more royal than the others She must be a great support to Her Majesty
Susan Hanekom Brink So lovely to see the Countess of Wessex and this great deed
Maureen Davies Lovely to see more of her doing things, she looks a lovely caring person.
Heidi Stinton Well done for openning this facility in l Iandudno helping seriously injured vetrans. To be with both eyes sight is unthinkable for me as i myself have at least 1 eye sight after 1st Haemorrhg. So places like this are needed much and thank God for ...
The Royal Family
07:30 03/01/2017

Today Her Majesty The Queen formally opened the redeveloped Charterhouse in London. Did you know the Charterhouse was originally constructed in 1371, immediately adjacent to the ancient boundaries of the City of London in Clerkenwell on the site of a Black Death burial ground? The building began life as a Carthusian monastery, which flourished during the late Medieval and early Tudor period. It has since served as a private mansion, a boys' school and an almshouse, which it remains today. Formally know as Sutton’s Hospital in Charterhouse, the building is a registered charity. The Queen, joined by The Duke of Edinburgh, explored the new learning centre and museum now open to the public, and met members of the design, building and landscaping teams. 📷 Take a look at our photos from the visit...

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Kris Gask What a wonderful woman! The Queen is such a shining example of hard work and dedication to her role. To be still working hard at her age is amazing. She and Prince Phillip are a wonderful team. When I consider what their 'job' entails, I have enormous ...
Jim Burton I cannot imagine allowing a self indulgent buffoon like Donald Trump to be under the same roof as this classy Lady. Please do not meet Trump.
Kathryn Spady Johnston Even though I am from America, I have always admired the queen and her family. Since a child. One of these days would like to visit Europe. Would like to see Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and such. Love castles as well. They all are so graceful.
Winifred Fuller Her Majesty looks absolutely gorgeous, it's so heartwarming to see her and Prince Philip looking so well, they are so very special to all of us who have watched them over the years.
Shelley Platt McDonough She is just magificient!!! There is little desire in me to live in a World without her in it. She has still such grace and form....Love our Queen!!!
The Royal Family
07:30 03/01/2017

Her Majesty The Queen has this evening launched the 2017 UK-India Year of Culture with a reception at Buckingham Palace. The Year of Culture will mark the 70th anniversary of India’s Independence through a year-long programme of events and exhibitions. Tonight's reception celebrated the best of British and Indian culture and creativity. Her Majesty and other members of the Royal Family met many people from various fields of work including performing arts, fashion, food, literature and sport in order to celebrate the deep cultural ties. A projection on the front of Buckingham Palace celebrated India's national bird, the peacock, as well as performance art. Royal chefs worked with chefs from Veeraswamy, the UK's oldest Indian restaurant, to create this evening's menu. Around 5,000 delicious canapes, from Raj Puri and Soya Gujjia to Salmon Blinis and Crème Brûlée, were served. #UKIndia2017

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Robert C Lawson I really enjoy Indian foods. So different and so many varieties. Enjoy. :)
Ash Bhardwaj What delightful pictures of our Royal family , God bless you all x
Aquiles Duarte de Souza What elegance. Her Majesty always very radiant and friendly. An example of work and dedication to the UK. God Bless Royal Family and UK.
Rehab M Ismail I respected your majesty and considered the royal family my family but it seems that you didnot luke me because i was Egption muslim not indian one but i donot love the indians
Esmeralda Andrade Calderon Am going to plus 4**** Louie's Benicio Calderonsito and pajarito ly3 plus 1 Cap. Erasmo Calderon Garcia and Miss Esmeralda Andrade De Calderon plus lulu and crazy favolous Delisioso plus O haven't God bless you Forever Amen.
The Royal Family
07:30 03/01/2017

The Band of the Grenadier Guards play a selection of Indian themed music for the launch of the 2017 UK-India Year of Culture.

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Luz Gomez Hello from South Beach, Miami, Florida. Love the royal family. Thank you for the music.
Kerrie King Good evening gentlemen, from Perth, Australia. Well played 🎵🎶🎺🎷
Jane-Marie Smith Hello everyone from all around the world we love you. From all in the UK 🇬🇧
Maruchi Golt Hello from The Rock of Gibraltar. Love marches, parades and their music. Missing all this on The Rock now that we have a depleted MOD here.
LeeAnn Miller This is disgraceful when you consider India has six innocent British lads locked up in a hole of a prison. Look up The Chennai Six
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

The Queen presented honours to well-deserving people across the community at today's Investiture at Buckingham Palace. Today's recipients included Christine Wicks, a Brownie leader for 40 years, who has supported more than 800 girls in her work with the Girl Guides. Other recipients included Colin King, honoured by The Queen for his work supporting 700 football coaches from a BAME background across the nation, and Susan Smith, honoured for her work raising awareness and money for research into brain tumours. Take a look at our gallery to see some of today's recipients...

17.9k reactions 315 comments
LizAnne Cumberlege So nice to see Sue Farmington being honoured for marvellous work on Brain tumours such a devastating disease, and so much Research needed.
Helen McCrow Abi Hames did you know this ... Susan smith honoured for raising awareness and money for research into brain tumours .
Nicola Stokes Once upon a time you had to do something special to be awarded and now it seems all you have to do is appear in something. Shame those celebs who get it when the real hard workers that don't
Abby Hall Here you go Lara and Victoria, only 39 to go!
Kathryn Mattison Gomez Lovely seeing this, but still stinging from Her Majesty's headlong rush to invite that loathsome human being (if that's what he is) Donald Trump to a state dinner. So so sad and disappointing and must confess my "Royalist meter" went down quite a few ...
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

It's too wet to woo for this Tawny Owl, spotted in the gardens at Buckingham Palace...

36.6k reactions 713 comments
Frances Hawkins Love the pun :-)
Jenny Dunn Fantastic pic!
Vítor Hotts Larissa Valadares vou te marcar em toda e qualquer coruja que aparecer 😘
Gair Fulton The wise Owl My best to all
James Vertigan Didn't even realise we had owls in London!
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

Take a moment to watch Prince Harry's important message about how vital it is to take the time to speak to your friends, family and co-workers about mental health. Prince Harry met runners and Heads Together supporters from across the North East yesterday, who are working to make 2017's London Marathon the mental health marathon.

24.4k reactions 629 comments
Paul Scott At last one of the Royal Family who shows compassion and is down to earth with his genuine feelings. He takes after his Mother God much too good to be connected with the rest of the so called Royals.
Karen Bradshaw Absolutely fantastic speech covering a topic that hasn't ever really been truly spoken about. Really articulate and heartfelt speech. Talking helps. You need to talk to realise there is help out there xx
Anne Parker This is so inspiring and reassuring. Callum Parker if you can watch and listen to this, (it's about 6 minutes long) it's such a good speech from Harry. Love Mum. XXX
Kay Scorgie What a gorgeous young man who I'm sure his mother would have been so proud of. Well done for talking so openly about this subject I hope it encourages people to talk about their feelings.
Rochelle Barnes As a person who currently has anxiety from a work injury, I really appreciate the positive spotlight the prince is putting on mental health. I'm sure his mother would be so proud of how articulate and giving he has become! Thank you, Prince Harry!
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

Today The Duchess of Cambridge visited two Action for Children projects supporting vulnerable families in Wales, her first engagements with the charity since becoming its Patron in December 2016, following on from Her Majesty The Queen. The Duchess first visited Torfaen to see MIST, a child and adolescent mental health project which works specifically with children who are living in care with foster families or birth families. Her Royal Highness then visited the Caerphilly Family Intervention Team (FIT) to learn about their work with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, problems with family relationships and those who have or who are likely to self-harm. Read more →

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Kate Dally Maxine Reilly this is why we didn't see her in Morrisons xx
Anne Marie Anderson I suppose we should congratulate her on wearing tights under her extremely short skirt. What an accomplishment
Cooty An Zoe Rees Ailsa Longbottom....yes there was royalty in town today 😃
RJ Tucker I like this it goes to show that no matter how big you are whether that is Royal or not you can still have a heart and care for people who are less fortunate than you. I only wish someone would teach Donald Trump that.
Stephanie Bowns I wonder what she does with all those flowers ? ( serious question ) x
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

The Princess Royal and Sir Tim Laurence, Vice-Chairman of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, attended a Service of Remembrance to commemorate 100 years since the loss of the SS Mendi during the First World War. The sinking of the SS Mendi is one of the worst maritime disasters in British Waters. Find out more →

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Gair Fulton Respect
Jaan Adam أنا بنت الليدي ديانا في البيت الابيض اسمي عند العرب إقبال علي قائد محمد ورقم هاتفي 967733301298 وانا بنت الليدي ديانا في البيت الابيض ديانا كانت رمز ديني لدى خاخامات العهد القديم لذلك قام رئيس اللوبي الصهيوني بأخذ عينات من كل مشاهير العالم وزرع النظفة ...
Jérôme Michalski CADAVRES 3265 2365 VIEW 5263
Heather Nugen Heatwole Another Royal who works her socks off - respect 😊
Sandra Pisu-Jocic Ich sterbe , Danke verseucht vom Arzt. Vollblut wollen Sie es nicht haben.
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

The Duke of Edinburgh visits Vantage Power, who are working to cut emissions and increase efficiency in city buses. Vantage Power's scheme aims to reduce emissions by up to 90 percent and cut fuel consumption in buses by up to 40 percent. Read the full story here →

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Carla LeBlanc It is absolutely nothing shy of AMAZING, that HRH is still out "working" at his age! He is awesome!!! ❤❤👏👏
Kathie Crawford Hook Good to see HRH out and about. He must be feeling well.
Kerrie Goldspring What a trooper! For just turning up, that's what dedication and caring does
Andrew Buxton Done more to help and promote British engineering than only one ones ever ....
Rihab Sayegh He is able enough to carry out works , this is God's grace , he lived comfortably , no tire , royal , well done !
The Royal Family
05:54 02/24/2017

The Queen has sent a message on the sixth anniversary of the Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand, which has been marked by the dedication of the new Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial... "As you gather today to dedicate the new Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial, there will be difficult and painful memories, but also memories of many heroic and selfless acts, of the caring and creative nature of the Christchurch people, and of the help that came so readily from emergency and rescue personnel. I hope that the new memorial will provide a place to remember, to grieve for what is lost, and to give thanks for what remains. I am sure it will be a particularly special place for the families of those who lost their lives, and for those who were seriously injured in the earthquakes. They will be joined by many others, from New Zealand and around the world, who wish to pause and reflect on that difficult time. I hope that this national memorial is a place of solace and reflection for all who visit."

A message from The Queen on the sixth anniversary of the Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand
A message from The Queen on the sixth anniversary of the Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand

The Queen has sent a message on the sixth anniversary of the Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand, which is being marked by the dedication of the new Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial.

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Kay Raymond Christchurch- a magnificent city
Alice Lorraine Goode What a special message fro Her Highness. It would have meant a lot to the people of Christchurch.
Wai Rachel Bradley Beautifully said, thank you so very much for your love & care, always. 💔💛
Diane Radford Could she sent a message to the NHS to stop it being privatised too X
Helen Delaney Thinking of you Lynne Cooper and Elaine Fenton and our families. x
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