The Royal Family
17:42 07/23/2017

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall completed a three-day tour of Devon and Cornwall this week. TRH celebrated local food and drink, met local residents, and visited communities across the region. On Day Three, there was a festive atmosphere as The Duchess joined volunteers and staff from her Patronages for a party! 🎈The staff and their families had been invited to celebrate The Duchess's Birthday.

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Ginie Walters well I have British ancestors and I still thin charles and the rotty are dicks
Judy Gruber She's perfect for Charles!
Katie Groom Balloch Never been sure as to why people dislike the Duchess. She has always seemed like a good representative- always so classy; helps those in need.
Ruth Nguyen-Seltzer None of the royal visits are ever covered fully by any terrestrial tv channel. Disgraceful. Maybe the royals should create their own tv channel.
Lisa Catacosinos It has taken me many years to wish good things for the Prince and Camilla. It wasn't her fault that things happened the way they did. Had Charles done the right thing in the first place and not married Diana, things would be very different of course. ...
The Royal Family
17:42 07/23/2017

The Duke and Duchess are delighted to share a new official portrait of Prince George to mark His Royal Highness's fourth birthday tomorrow.🎈 The Duke and Duchess are very pleased to share this lovely picture as they celebrate Prince George's fourth birthday, and would like to thank everyone for all of the kind messages they have received. The photograph was taken at Kensington Palace at the end of June by Chris Jackson, Getty Images Royal Photographer.

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Beverley Bond Just another 4 year old child, why do we need a portrait, who cares! Would rather of seen a video clip of Charlotte throwing her 'hissy fit' at the airfield!
Ian Muggleton Happy 4th Birthday beautiful little fella Prince George for tomorrow mine today 35 the same as you're Daddy HRH the Duke of Cambridge hope you have a wonderful day little man 🎁🎂🎈🎉🎊🎇
Sharon Smith Why can't people just enjoy this lovely photo instead of dishing out nasty comments you really know nothing about! Wind your necks in and mind your own business!
Patricia Wilkinson Wow people can't even wish a child Happy Birthday without running their mouths and trying to stir up trouble,, shame on you, I am sure a four year old child understands your hateful coments,. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE.
Jeffrey Philip Green I love the way that you can see the Will, the Kate and the Diana in his face. And of course, the George :) The world sees you; as much an obvious curse, but an unadulterated blessing as that may be. Happy birthday, little dude. May all your dreams ...
The Royal Family
17:42 07/23/2017

Do widzenia and Auf Wiedersehen! 🇵🇱🇩🇪 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, depart from Hamburg after their five-day tour of Poland and Germany. Before leaving, Their Royal Highnesses toured the Airbus training facilities and assembly line, which included exploring an EC145 Helicopter – the same type The Duke flies in his role as an Air Ambulance Pilot. Thank you for a wonderful week and to everyone who made it so special. Read the full story →

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Barbara Atwood Beautiful children. The Queen genes are strong in these two! You can see the royalty in the legs on those babes. No bruises, no bumps, no scabs! 😂
Tina Brailey Such a teasured family. I absolutely love the royals. Diana was my idol and it was so sad that she left this world on the morning of my 21st birthday.
Marié James It's so nice to see Princess Charlotte dressed as a little girl instead of a mini adult as so many little girls are dressed these days.
Omerine Honda Enjoy wonderful days be blessed Prince George and princess charlotte have lovely summer holiday and all family royal God bless you ❤️❤️❤️
Helga Spandel 🍃🌸 Vielen Dank für den wunderschönen Besuch! Welch eine Wohltat, in diesen schweren Zeiten, wo es jeden Tag so viel schreckliche Nachrichten aus aller Welt gibt! Alles Liebe und Gute für Familie Cambridge! 🌸🍃
The Royal Family
04:54 07/21/2017

Day four of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's tour has taken them to Heidelberg, Germany. Today's events included pretzel making in Heidelberg market, and coxing a boat race along the River Neckar. Read the full story →

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Zo Last Bretzl making!
Carol Fielding Great ambassadors.
Sarah Lanchbury Eleanor Moss Christopher Shelton HEIDELBERG
Catherine Barnes great image for the royals... brilliant f amley ...
Toufeeque Ahmed Siyal VNice
The Royal Family
04:54 07/21/2017

"I am pleased that Prince Harry is able to present a new Colour to the Royal Air Force Regiment in this, your 75th Anniversary year, on my behalf as your Air Commodore in Chief." - The Queen Prince Harry today presented the RAF Regiment with a new Colour at RAF Honington, and delivered a message on behalf of The Queen. A Colour is a regimental flag which was traditionally carried into battle, and today they represent a regiment's honour and its devotion to duty. Following the ceremony His Royal Highness met a number of service personnel and their families, before officially opening the new Station Medical Centre. Read The Queen's Message:

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Akampan Joshi ,The British Monarchy.Its not me.His stride,His words are simple but with meaning.He is ...-!!~~,.!!.
MA Champoux Harry looks so handsome in his uniform. Can't wait to see him walk down the aisle.
Emma Bradford Love Harry he's my favourite of all the royals and definitely the most down to earth xx
Camila Salvá Andréa Faria olha que lindo <3
Jeannine Labehaut En souvenir de ma tante qui épousa un Anglais après la guerre et qui passa sa vie en Angleterre et qui aimait beaucoup la famille royale et pour toute ma famille anglaise , je continue à suivre la vie des membres de la famille royale !!!
The Royal Family
04:54 07/21/2017

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have visited Berlin as part of their five-day tour of Poland and Germany. Their Royal Highnesses were officially welcomed by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, before visiting the iconic Brandenburg Gate. Today's events also included a visit to the Holocaust Memorial, where The Duke and Duchess met survivors of the Holocaust, before walking through the field of stelae – 2711 concrete blocks that represent the enormity of the Holocaust. Day three of the tour finished with a Queen's Birthday Garden Party, where The Duke delivered a speech and a message from The Queen. Read the full speech:

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Denise Howard What a welcome did our Duke and Duchess have!!! Proud to be British. xx
Betty Bay Lovely, they do a Wonderful job representing England to Europe! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Karolina Suska The Duchess - wherever she goes, she always looks stunning.
Leonie Barnard-brown Wonderful ambassadors for Great Britain and the Royal Family.
Richard Beeston Please keep the European charm offensive going - we need all the friends and influence so we can get through Brexit.
The Royal Family
16:06 07/18/2017

Day Two of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's visit to Poland saw them visit Stutthoff Concentration Camp before being greeted by huge crowds in Gdansk. Follow the visit at:

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Nancy Chiles Farnsworth Thank you Duke and Dutchess for taking time to reflect and remember those lost in Poland at the stutthoff concentration camp !
Bozena Helena Zwolinska Dear Cambridge Family! The Moon That Shines Bright In Dark , That Twinkling Of Stars And Pleasant Spark, As I Wish You Have A Lovely Night, With Peace In Your Heart And Peace At Sight, A Very Peaceful Good Night Do Sleep Tight!
Diane Humphries Poland is a very beautiful place and its fully of history. Well worth a visit !!!!
Judy Gruber Kate and William looking great and what great representatives for the UK!
Susan Reback Miles very touching and respectful (unlike our US toddler-in-chief)
The Royal Family
16:06 07/18/2017

Earlier today, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Poland to a warm welcome at the start of their two-day visit. Follow the visit on the Royal Family's website at:

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Irene Maggs I is it me or is Charlotte always seems to be dressed the style dress and cardigan . George was never carried so much has Charlotte. He is such a lovely little boy . I loved his hand in his pocket all fed up. It always frightens me Kate walking down ...
Dana Ess 45: Watch the way other world leaders greet each other. Notice how neither is sexually harassing the other's wife. Notice how neither is engaging the other in an egomaniacal arm yanking handshake.
Gerry Moloney Prince George is a lovely little boy and i hope that he has a lovely birthday this coming Saturday.It is so nice to see Prince George and his little sister xx
Sheila Newman Harris If people are anti monarchy, they are not going to like anythng to do with our Royal Family, so cant imagine why they would look at this site. They both are good ambassadors for our nation.
Kerry Foster It always amazes me that it can appear to be quite a chilly day and yet poor Charlotte never has a cardigan on. George has his shirt sleeves rolled down and William and Kate have long sleeves. Poor little mite must be freezing.
The Royal Family
16:06 07/18/2017

Thank you for all the birthday wishes for HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. To mark the occasion, we are releasing a second photo, taken in the garden of Clarence House.

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Evelyn Skinner It is a nice picture however I have trouble liking and forgiving her for all the unhappiness she caused Dianna and the boys
Judith Wells I like her. None of us will ever know the truth about all this taradiddle. We're here now, not in a hundred years. Enjoy yourselves and let the Royal Family do the same.
Dawn Chafer I agree the match is better but he married Diana purely for her to give him children, she was young and in love . They were both seeing each other up to and after the wedding, Diana was used and then lost her life tragically 😢
Aquiles Duarte de Souza A lovely lady. Elegant, cultured, discreet, noble in every way. It does not expose itself unnecessarily, it does not seek fame. It is the ideal partner of a great Priory, heir to the Throne of a great Nation. Congratulations and best wishes to Your ...
Wendy Dean Susak She will not ever be excepted by the people. Sad but very true, due to everything that has happened. Princess Diana will always be the peoples Princess. ♡
The Royal Family
16:06 07/18/2017

To mark HRH The Duchess of Cornwall's 70th Birthday, we are releasing this new portrait, taken by Mario Testino. The image was taken in the Morning Room in Clarence House.

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Samantha Phillips I loved Diana but he always loved her. They love each other and William and Harry have accepted her so good for them. She deserves a royal title now.
Kate Greenhalgh I don't know one person who has lived a normal life, who hasn't made a mistake, do you? Charles and Diana both married the wrong person, they were unsuitable from day one, and how many other marriages have been the same? Unfortunately there are many ...
Joy Armstrong Sorry but can not ever wish her anything good after what she was doing the whole time Prince Charles was married to Diana. 😡😡😡
Rosemary Hall He should have been allowed to marry her in the first place, and maybe Princess Diana would still be alive. 😢😢
Sue Cash They look so right together. I am glad they have both found their happiness at last ❤️
The Royal Family
03:18 07/16/2017

From Llantrisant to Wrexham, The Prince of Wales has been meeting communities and visiting organisations across Wales this week. #HRHinWales As part of his annual summer visit to Wales, His Royal Highness began the week unveiling a new stained glass window in Llandovery which had been designed by local people on the theme of Welsh legends. Other engagements included touring The Regimental Museum of The Royal Welsh, presenting awards to business owners at the PRIME Cymru’s annual ceremony and taking to the cockpit of a Hawk II aircraft at RAF Valley.

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Yasuko Miyamoto 指輪をしてください。
Yasuko Miyamoto ヘンリー王子、ウィリアムの話でもしに、ザラの所に遊びにいって。恋のキューピッドやって。靖子
Roger Gotardi Let #CharlieGard Live! Let his parents Love! Let the World Hope! / Lasu #CharlieGard vivi! Lasu liajn gepatrojn ami! Lasu la mondon esperi!
Jennifer Berti #saveCharlieGard
Yolanda Allen Awesome
The Royal Family
03:18 07/16/2017

Today The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh said goodbye to The King and Queen of Spain after this week's State Visit. King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia started their visit with a welcome at Horse Guards Parade - showing British Pageantry at its best. The visit also included a State Banquet involving three generations of The Royal Family. Watch the highlights ↓

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Blanca Sanjur Philbin I think Prince Charles & The Duchess will be fantastic. I'm worried about the newer generation after hearing some stuff that Prince Harry said. Hopefully with time & maturity Prince William will not radicalize the Monarchy.
Sandra Josling Nobody else does it all so well. So proud to be British and God Save The Queen. Charles will do it pretty well too ,he has been raised to do the job so of course he will manage as the Queen did when she came to the throne.
Igor Ahmedov Emily Millis William had to accompany Theresa May 🤢
Carol Brimacombe Marz I see if you are royalty you get to hold the Queen's hand and kiss her on the cheek. I'm guessing they didn't spend a lot of time reminiscing on when the two countries were fierce political enemies. 😄
Jody Smiley three things i never noticed... king of spain is TALL, queen of england is SHORT and she carries that black handbag at all times.. lol.. gotta love her.
The Royal Family
03:18 07/16/2017

'I, personally, have always been in awe of the sea. As someone who has been fortunate to experience scuba diving, something I love doing, and seeing the incredible marine life, I have come to care deeply about life under our waters and the conservation of our oceans.' Last night, The Duchess made a speech at the unveiling of the new Hintze Hall at Natural History Museum, London, speaking for publicly for the first time about her interest in marine conservation. The Duchess, who is Patron of the museum, was greeted by Director Sir Michael Dixon and Sir David Attenborough to celebrate the new installation of a blue whale skeleton, named Hope. Hintz Hall opens to the public today. Find out more about Hope here:

7.6k reactions 101 comments
Sharon Wesley Have been enjoying Sir David's narration of "The Blue Planet" on PBS. Utterly fascinating.
Colin Debourg Show them a bandwagon and they are sure to jump on it.
Bozena Helena Zwolinska Ocean Take me out to the ocean Take me out to the sea Show me the foamy waves rolling there As I breathe in the salty air ! Let me look look look at the ocean See the sea and explore For it's fun to dive from the top To the ocean floor
Satish Kumar Thakur Great. Curing marine life globally may make worlds over 60% healthier in environment 2 living beings? many hurdles for @ll ? global truce for same may be ........? supply is feeble than demand, yet, efforts pays so must go on most innovatively ...
Dianne Babcock Here,s a great idea---read and enjoy the posts and the pictures, BUT don't comment !!!Too bad the site couldn't be set up that way.
The Royal Family
03:18 07/16/2017

This evening Prince Harry attended the world premiere of Christopher Nolan's new film Dunkirk – based on the evacuation of Dunkirk in World War II. Ahead of the premiere, HRH spent time meeting Dunkirk veterans who shared their experiences of serving in World War II. One of these veterans was 97 year-old George, who alongside two veterans from more recent conflicts, shared his story on the lasting impact of the war on his mental health. George has never really spoken about his experience in Dunkirk before this film. Watch him share his story: Earlier in the day, The Prince accompanied The King and Queen of Spain on a tour around Westminster Abbey, the first time HRH has carried out an engagement in a State Visit. 📷PA

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Mary Anne Davidson Mark and I had the pleasure of seeing many of the boats which took part in the evacuation on a river trip we took on the Thames to Hampton Court and back. It was an amazing experience.
Jean Grice What a wonderful example he is to the Royals. He has experienced conflict in Afghanistan and relates to those who still serve and have served. Diana gave both William and Harry so much love and understanding of ordinary people and they are continuing ...
Autumn Renee Prince Harry is so engaged with people, young and old. I don't think he would've chosen this life, but he really does seem to enjoy connecting with people. I think if he could have his privacy and get to do this, he'd be truly happy. He's just a gem.
Terry Murphy My Dad was one of the last off the beach and suffered a head injury there. He could never talk about it. He spoke about being in North Africa with Monty and landing on Gold beach D Day but never Dunkirk.
Stephanie Davies My mom had a first cousin a medic, along with the town doctor were among the last to leave the beach at Dunkirk. The doctor said they needed to leave but her cousin said no man should die alone so only left at the very last!
The Royal Family
14:30 07/13/2017

Today, The Queen opened the new headquarters of the Metropolitan Police at New Scotland Yard. Her Majesty toured the new building and met police officers doing a wide variety of police work, from dog handling, to forensics to counter-terrorism. The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh also spoke to some of the first responders at the recent Westminster and Southwark attacks.

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Ruth Powell Jennifer Simpson we missed this today must have been after we had walked past
Edna Arnold HM certainly got the colour perfect looks amazing as always we are so lucky to have these two great people in our country.
José Medeiros Araújo If the former President Lula stays attacking the judiciary system he's going to end up in prison because the sentence was a gift for him, it's time he retired because he's in the wrong group for political activity with marginal counseling of ...
Carrie Shredge Gedge She drove past my bus today on the way to work. Set me up for the day almost stood up and curtsied but she had gone!
José Medeiros Araújo I went to the lottery at the end of the day and almost got hit by a car in a balloon, the guy just threw himself over my bicycle to knock me down, I didn't counted with the furious sympathizers of the ruler over my pressure, and they're throwing cars ...
The Royal Family
14:30 07/13/2017

Today, King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain began their State Visit to the United Kingdom with events which showed British pageantry at its best. The official arrival ceremony on Horse Guards Parade was followed by a procession down The Mall to Buckingham Palace, and the evening saw a spectacular State Banquet at Buckingham Palace. There were more intimate moments too, when The King and Queen and their hosts viewed items showing the historic links between their two families, and there was a tea at Clarence House for the Royal couple, hosted by The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.

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Patricia Milburn How much will this cost the British taxpayers super rich being entertained by billionaires
Paul Lynam Kiss my hand all you like you lofty streak of ain't getting Gibraltar...
Sunny Reinoso Montalvo The Kings of Spain are the most Vague of all Spain. They are there with the money of the town, while their people do not have work, they do not have to eat, they do not have a roof to live, etc ... they are the biggest garbage in Spain. Shame on me.
Sharon Baharmanesh Our royal family are so unique the best in the world ! The Queen is the head of our nation but Prince Philip has Been by her side through thick and thin ! They are both inspirational to us all ! The younger royals are also doing us proud ! X
Arif H Shah Syed Her majesty looks so well in photo .Amazing woman .Kate always looks fantastic ..let love this tradition long live queen .Beautiful photos.
The Royal Family
14:30 07/13/2017

Here are the highlights of a wonderful tour as The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visited Canada. From attending a community feast in Iqaluit, to meeting the Prime Minister on Canada Day and delivering a speech to thousands of Canadians, it was a very warm and colourful visit.

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Mohammad Shahidul Islam Majesty Thank You!I Also Delighted For Wonderful Tour Of The Royal Family To Visited Canada!
Valerio Corazza Let #CharlieGard Live. Let his parents Love. Let the World Hope. @GreatOrmondSt @theresa_may @RoyalFamily @10downingstreet @POTUS
Matteo Marchesi COME SE NON CI FOSSE UN DOMANI Perché potrebbe non esserci. Let #CharlieGard Live. Let his parents Love. Let the World Hope. @GreatOrmondSt @theresa_may @RoyalFamily @10downingstreet @POTUS
The Royal Family
14:30 07/13/2017

Each year, businesses around the UK receive Queen's Awards for outstanding achievement in innovation, international trade, sustainable development or promoting opportunity through social mobility. This year's winners gathered at Buckingham Palace for a reception hosted by The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh to mark their achievements. These talented entrepreneurs are now able to fly The Queen’s Award flag at their offices, and use the Queen's Award emblem. Past winners have reported benefiting from worldwide recognition, increased commercial value, greater press coverage and a boost to staff morale.

8.5k reactions 148 comments
Margaret Taylor another beautiful picture of the Queen and with her husband by her side, 91 and 96 !!!! Incredible
Catherine Harrison Love Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip! They are an inspiration for all of us.
Penny Roberts What darling people they are, still working together, still smiling. We are SO lucky.
Rica Bongabong Freedom of choice,is a self defence of the poor,and it is not punishable by the law.Constitution is useless if they dont care the human rights. I promise forgivenes ,every country has a right to join a mission on saving the world(instrument of Gods ...
Michael Turner Aren't we lucky to have two such hard working modest people presiding over our nation. God Bless you both.
The Royal Family
14:30 07/13/2017

The Duchess of Cornwall welcomed school children to Clarence House for a garden party to celebrate a literacy competition that saw 70 children's books distributed to 70 schools around the UK. The school children arrived on a special vintage bus... and the bus conductor was David Walliams! Authors Jacqueline Wilson, Charlie Higson and Malorie Blackman, and Children's Laureate Lauren Child were in attendance. See the full list of 70 books here:

8.6k reactions 221 comments
Michelle Reed You will have noticed throughout history that the wife of a King is a Queen. I will recognise her as such.
Jenny Lomas I bet it was better than Harper Beckham's party at the Palace and more fun !Camilla is so cool and fun !
Lynne David Her Literacy campaigns have been a wonderful initiative .Bravo . With her innate intelligence and love of Literature and Reading she has endeavoured to have others benefit from the same pleasures.
Karon Dallard I love camilla
Michelle Vernon I loved Diana but I also love Camilla! Very different women. It's so sad Charles couldn't have married Camilla to begin with, but then we wouldn't be enjoying watching William & Harry grow up and George and Charlotte..
The Royal Family
01:42 07/11/2017

Prince Harry visited the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine today to learn more about its vital work combatting some of the world's most pressing health issues. The main focus of the visit was a roundtable discussion, led by the charity Sentebale, of which Prince Harry is Patron. At the roundtable, His Royal Highness and School Director Professor Peter Piot welcomed global leaders in HIV/AIDS and heard from Sentebale youth advocates from Lesotho and Botswana who described the challenges facing young people affected by HIV in southern Africa, and the reasons they believe youth across the region are failing to test for HIV and access relevant follow up care and treatment. Images: © Press Association

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Bonnie W McMaster What a wonderful human being! All of the royals were raised to give back to society.
Audrey Faust you are a very good person Prince Harry, have compassion, loving and caring in helping people.
Sharon Elkins Prince Harry is a kind loving human being with a open heart to love
Joyce Young Did anyone complain because the queen was not there ? Well, the democrats here would. Some folks never heard about delegating.
Rica Bongabong Im not afraid,i have nothing to hide,everything bad happen in my life is a trap! if you dont care human right,then i dont care constitution,and what im doing is self defence! ...............I got a reason! but i have to obey God ,the will of God must ...
The Royal Family
12:54 07/08/2017

The Princess Royal has spent four days visiting China, to celebrate the strong and growing links between the UK and China. 2017 also marks the 45th Anniversary of UK-China Ambassadorial Ties. Throughout the tour HRH had the opportunity to see the work of a number of charities that she regularly supports including, Save the Children, The British Horse Society and the Whitley Fund for Nature. The visit was also a chance to strengthen UK-China relations in a variety of areas. The Princess Royal met with a number of local politicians, alongside visiting a range of universities, research centres and organisations. Find out more →

6.3k reactions 167 comments
Rica Bongabong Forgiveness must prevail, to have freedom and every country has the right to join on saving us ( freedom of choice). It must be done,Its Gods plan Our Lord Jesus Christ. Love and mercy. and Our holy mother Mama Mary.
Candy Kwok China is cheating! Hong Kong under 'one country two systems' is a disaster! UK please show your commitment among the HongKongers.
Kit Cosper An oft-overlooked member of the family for those outside the UK. An unassuming ambassador who serves without drama, she appears to be a true asset as seen from across the pond.
Denise Arthey I love The Princess Royal she is like her mother it's a pity she can't have a crack at the Queen job .......... I love the Royals And to all the haters GFY
Helen Sarchet The unsung hero of the Royal Family, quietly supporting our country and various charities without all the limelight, she should be congratulated.
The Royal Family
12:54 07/08/2017

Today The Queen carried out her last engagement during #HolyroodWeek 2017 – known as #RoyalWeek in Scotland. Over the last five days, The Queen made several visits around Scotland including a trip to the 30-metre-high horse-head sculptures known as 'The Kelpies' and to a new Highland Spring factory in Blackford. Her Majesty also welcomed over 8,000 guests to a garden party at The Palace of Holyroodhouse. Here's a closer look at the week's activities:

8.6k reactions 142 comments
Judy Cartwright Love, love Holyroodhouse!! It's such a gem and a wonderful compliment to beautiful Edinburgh Scotland.
Jennifer Bylls Gottlieb As an American, I just love to look at her hats. How they always perfectly match her outfit is brilliant!
Lynne Grindstaff It is amazing how many events Queen Elizabeth has attended since she became queen. She is still going strong!
Mona Jean Berube Always smiling when meeting new people. She is wonderful! God save the Queen!
Pat Ratliff Queen Elizabeth is so beautiful..her energy is a blessing to behold..the pics are very pretty
The Royal Family
12:54 07/08/2017

Today, The Prince of Wales, Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps (AAC) visited Salisbury Cathedral to celebrate their 60th Anniversary. Her Majesty The Queen granted the AAC a new Guidon flag in recognition of the service by their personnel. The event was attended by serving personnel, veterans and school children and involved a parade of the AAC troops, a flypast and a traditional Drumhead Service conducted by the Chaplain General of the Army.

6.6k reactions 202 comments
Robert Ian Walker All thoses medals he must be a Great War hero !!!!
Karrie Grisley We were there yesterday and found out the prince was going to be there today. We stood there lol Jane Grisley Matthew Grisley Liana Grisley
Liz Bradley Good grief there are some nutters on this page!
Rocco Ubertacci Please Her Majesty save Charlie Gard !!!
Fran Derbyshire Carole Jiggins or Mark Derbyshire who ever sees our queen next could you show her please and thanks 😊💂👍xx
The Royal Family
00:06 07/06/2017

This week The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh are in Scotland attending what is known as #Holyroodweek In Scotland it is called Royal Week and these visits celebrate Scottish culture & community. The week started with a "Ceremony of the Keys" event, where The Queen was officially handed the keys to the City of Edinburgh. Then around 8,000 people attended a garden party at Holyroodhouse Palace, hosted to recognise people from all walks of life and the work they do in their communities. And today The Queen and The Duke visited the Kelpies sculpture and Stirling Castle. The Queen opened the new Queen Elizabeth II Canal whilst at the Helix project in Falkirk, as well as take a trip on a boat to see the Kelpies. Her Majesty and The Duke then attended a Thanksgiving ceremony at The Castle, to celebrate 70 years since Her Majesty was appointed as Colonel in Chief, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Find out more about Holyrood Week here -

9.4k reactions 383 comments
Cosimo Di Marco Angela Iannino Leonardo Bruno guardate!!!! Non mi ringrazierete mai abbastanza :-)
Marilena Sciarrone Intervenga a liberare Charlie da quell'Ospedale e consenta che venga accolto all'Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù ! È importante per La Sua Corona e il Buon Nome del Suo Regno !
Joan Danehy Sometimes one reads comments about how expensive the monarchy is, but every time I look at pictures of the Queen, I see nothing but comments about how lovely she is. Her people seem to love her very much.
Sarah Davidson I've been to Holyroodhouse many times. It just warms my heart to see these pictures ~ they bring back so many unforgettable memories❣️
Alessandro Grasso Please save Charlie! #charliesfight: this is exactly the kind of initiative where the unique charisma and authority of the Queen could make the difference. Showing the world that you can run a country in many codified and non-codified ways, including ...
The Royal Family
11:18 07/03/2017

There was an amazing atmosphere in Ottawa as The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall joined Canadians to help mark Canada 150. After meeting Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, TRHs travelled in the historic State Landau to Parliament Hill to join in with the celebrations.

12.8k reactions 335 comments
Ana Mello Do something for the little angel Charlie Gard. Do not allow that the doctors take away his Life! Give him a chance to have a treatment in USA. God wants to make His miracle in this Family! #Charliesfight
Jocelyn Plante Very disrespectful for Camilla for not wearing something red on Canada day. She lookd like she did not want to be here. She hardly smiled at all
Maryanne Sandt And where was the idiot Trump on our closest neighbor's great day? At home Making stupid tweets as usual? America should be so ashamed to have that fool as the representative of our country to the rest of the world.
Phyllis Wood Next time leave the wife at home, Chuck. And shame shame shame on Camilla for her book slamming Princess Diana!!! You were screwing her husband and were 'frightened ' by her late night calls. What did you expect
Jayne Belisle Camilla looked her & Charles had a fight on the way to Parliament Hill LOL
The Royal Family
11:18 07/03/2017

Happy Canada Day! #Canada150 The Queen, as the constitutional Canadian Monarch and Head of State, has a long and close relationship with Canada, and has visited 24 times during Her reign. Canada Day is celebrated annually on 1st July – 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canada and the Canadian Federation. Find out more about The Queen and Canada:

14.2k reactions 1962 comments
Osea Tamburella Her Majesty, what's happening to Charlie speaks very loudly about the failure of both the British and European institutions. I urge you as Head of the United Kingdom to support baby Charlie Gard in his fight for his own life. Your move can impact ...
Charles V Shropshire It is time to take Our Countries back, in 2030 the native Canadians of European roots will be a minority in their own Country thanks to Too liberal politics on Mass migration, We whites also have rights overseas. God save the Queen! 👑 💗 #Brexit ✔
Elizaldo Junior Your highness, please save Charlie Gard. It's terrible to know that a baby won't be allowed to live. You, as a Queen and grandmother, can help him. God save the Queen and Charlie Gard.
Luciana Penedo De Melo Teixeira Majesty, save baby Charlie please!!!! You're queen but also grandma. I hope you can do something! God Bless you and your family. Luciana from Brasil 🇧🇷
Marina Sartor Hoffer I have a great respect for the Queen! Please save baby boy Charles! Dear Queen Elisabeth, please, think to Your son Charles, when he was 10 mouths old! You also are mother and can understand the pain of Charlie's mother
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