The Royal Family
05:48 01/17/2017

The Duchess of Cornwall returns in animated form for the launch of this year’s BBC Radio 2 #500Words writing competition! #500Words is an annual creative writing competition which asks children aged 13 and under, up and down the country, to put pen to paper to compose an original work of fiction using no more than 500 words. For the second year running, The Duchess will help decide competition winners in her role as an Honorary Judge. The winning entries will be read out by famous faces at the Tower of London.

500 Words 2017 story competition launches, 500 Words - BBC Radio 2
500 Words 2017 story competition launches, 500 Words - BBC Radio 2

Honorary Judge HRH The Duchess of Cornwall appears as Fairy Godmother in unique animation

2.6k reactions 195 comments
Laura Bell She looks a little too good. Let's face it she is not a handsome woman.
Jane Ashley Oh lord... stop trying to take the spotlight away from princess Diana's 20th anniversary.
Monika Halovska Borrowed legend home dont know winning is empty or zero
James Joe Hutt What's this another attempt by some PR firm to make her except-able, it wont work , just give her a broom to ride on , she should be able to do that part well .
Julie Bailey Carolyn Deane - dont know if this would be any good for Grace or her friends?
The Royal Family
17:00 01/14/2017

The Princess Royal visited the UK Parliament to meet Speakers and Deputies of Commonwealth Parliaments. The Committee of the Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers' of the Commonwealth (CSPOC) brings together the Speakers and Presiding Officers of the national parliaments of the independent sovereign states of the Commonwealth. Its aims are to maintain, foster, and encourage impartiality and fairness on the part of Speakers and Presiding Officers of Parliaments; Promote knowledge and understanding of parliamentary democracy in its various forms; and develop parliamentary institutions.

6.5k reactions 128 comments
Carol Fielding Princess Anne does so much good and spreads so much good will. Thank you.
Angela Maia Angela Maia You need to stop putting posts begging for gifts or money on Face book. Members of the Royal Family do not read these comments, think about it.
Andrea Kacsmarikova interesting, also important. GAME WISE .... :-((((( ever non existing me ... as a mother as well (potential as such)
Pat Startek The Princess Royal is on of the most hardworking royals. Her schedule is jam-packed! Well done!
Audrey Rose She is a very intelligent lady - she is a down to earth, no nonsense Princess - she works quietly and efficiently behind the scenes - she has never courted publicity - she is now a grandma and obviously enjoys her grandchildren.
The Royal Family
17:00 01/14/2017

Yesterday The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited a Child Bereavement UK Centre in Stratford, as the London Centre marks its one year anniversary. Their Royal Highnesses attended one of the charity’s Family Support Group sessions where children, their parents, and carers can meet other families to explore themes of memories, feelings, support networks and resilience. These sessions can help to decrease their sense of being alone and feeling ‘different’ when someone important in their lives has died. Read the full story of the visit 👉 Earlier in the day The Duchess visited the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families' Early Years Parenting Unit (EYPU) to learn more about their work with families who have children under five years old. Read about The Duchess's visit 👉

19.6k reactions 171 comments
Sylvia Ingle I personally would find that very harrowing..but a very laudable charity and children need help in identifying their bereavement pain..
Eloris Lori Williamspresley Wow, what a cake. How are ya'll?The children are so adorable. And ya'lls are just darling. They are getting so big. Happy 2017.
Astrid Griffin Such a wonderful couple. The world is a better place with them in it!!!
Maureen Holmes Great pics it's such a sad subject and then Duke knows first hand how this effects a.child lovely to see the children's faces
Brenda Benninger Was so sad when his mother died when he and his brother were so young. But, know he can reach out to others who are in the position he was in and help them through it.
The Royal Family
04:12 01/12/2017

The Duke of Cambridge, Patron of Centrepoint, the leading youth homelessness charity for 16-25 year-olds, visited one of their hostels in London today. On his visit to the hostel, The Duke of Cambridge observed some of the Centrepoint sessions designed for young people, and took the opportunity to hear about the personal experiences of those attending the programme. Read the full story 👉

4.4k reactions 88 comments
Nacer Khennache Well done
علاءمحمدزكي قاسم عندما كنت شاب يوجد من اراد الانتقام من ..وبها دمرنى واصبحات شاب منحرف
علاءمحمدزكي قاسم وعندها كان على استعدات تمام ان يتعاون معى ..لكنى كنت انظر له على انه منحرف وسوف يشدنى مرة اخرى الى الانحرف
علاءمحمدزكي قاسم وبدات عاداته مرة اخرى فى الانتقام ..فعل كل شيئ من اجل ان نكون متساويا
علاءمحمدزكي قاسم وبعد انحرافى اتهمنى ان انا منحرف وانا الذى اصنع هذا ..وهذا الكلام كان لا يرضنى وعزمت ان اكون غير هذا الشخص
The Royal Family
13:48 01/04/2017

🎥 Royal Collection Trust is responsible for the care of the Royal Collection and manages the public opening of the official residences of The Queen. Find out more about the Trust's exhibitions at The Queen's Gallery in London and Edinburgh in 2017...

3.9k reactions 263 comments
Lauren 'Haan' DeRuischer Sarah Hall, think we can make Europe happen this year?! 😍
Semhar Berhe Wonderful.
Elif Mutlu It's Amazing I don't know.... just Beautiful Amazing
Masuma Siddique Wow....
Maria João Peres Afonso Pinheiro vamos a Londres no verão para ir ver o palácio!
The Royal Family
13:48 01/04/2017

The Queen has sent a message of condolence to the President of Turkey, following the attack in Istanbul on New Year's Day. Read the full message here →

The Queen's message of condolence to the President of Turkey

Her Majesty The Queen has sent a message of condolence to the President of Turkey, following the attack in Istanbul on New Year's Day.

4.6k reactions 75 comments
Heidi Stinton Yes so sad yet again more inocent poeple die.god bless them amen and god bless our graciouse queen for her warm heart of humanity.xx
Frances M Curley So sad condolences to the Turkish people and there families
Doreen Pelletier What a horrible way to begin the new year, just after celebrating 2017!
Ivee Ke Pray for Istanbul 😞 Long Live The Queen 👑
Tony Perring Politicians can all learn from Her Majesty about cold diplomacy :)
The Royal Family
01:00 01/02/2017

Watch as The Queen congratulates and sends warm wishes to the people of Canada in the 150th anniversary year of Confederation. This pre-recorded message is delivered in English and French. Read the full text in English here: And the full message in French is here:

42.4k reactions 2379 comments
Ken Nickerson How blessed we are to have such a remarkable Queen of Canada. Long may she live and reign over Canada and the Commonwealth.
Leo McAllister Get well soon! For those who want a Republic... who would want President Tony Blair? Ugh!
Guy Bordeleau Your majesty, as a former and still member of the Scout movement, we offer to you our best wishes for 2017. Here in Trois-Rivières, we will celebrate this year the 100th anniversary of the creation of the first Scout unit whose creation was signed on ...
Scott Mataya Whether or not you like being a Constitutional Monarchy or not. (I do like it btw), she;s in her 90s and still does a full day's work. And she truly believes what she says. In the age of Twitter and the 30 second news bite, she's quite unique and ...
Allan Sneller Superb Ma'am. Several folk forget that you are also Queen of all Canada which is a bilingual nation. Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary of British Dominion on 1st July 2017.
The Royal Family
01:00 01/02/2017

📷 From celebrating The Queen's 90th Birthday, to celebrating 60 years of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award to Royal Tours around the Commonwealth, take a look at the Royal Year in photos. Want to see more of our highlights from 2016? Watch the full film here → See you in 2017!

23.9k reactions 359 comments
Barbara Lensing How is the Queen's health? Did she recover from her heavy cold? I hope so.
Princess Ursula Sun Happiest New Year with Love, Prosperity and Good Health Queen Elizabeth, Your Majesty, and Prince Philips His Royal Highness! Happiest New Year with Love, Prosperity and Good Health to Royal Highness of all Prince Charles and Duchess of Camilla, Prince ...
Elizabeth Rhys I just read a few minutes ago that the Queen is still not feeling well and may miss church tomorrow. I wish her well from America. Being sick is no fun, especially at 90. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Audrey Forbes Thank you to the Queen and her family for continuing to work hard and support of all of us.
Carolyn Tester the pictue of Her Majesty and her daughter and the ones withher grandchildren are my favorite,she just beams
The Royal Family
23:24 12/27/2016

Watch The Queen's Christmas Broadcast 2016 "I often draw strength from meeting ordinary people doing extraordinary things: volunteers, carers, community organisers and good neighbours; unsung heroes whose quiet dedication makes them special. They are an inspiration to those who know them" - The Queen. Her Majesty reflects on 'Inspiration' in her annual Christmas broadcast to the Nation and Commonwealth, from Olympic and Paralympic athletes to unsung heroes in the community.

80.7k reactions 3787 comments
Anne Mann Thank you Queen Elizabeth, for your steadfastness in your standard of life, and your Christian beliefs, your goodness and kind ways to mankind. You are a wonderful example. Your speech always inspires me to be a better person.
Karen Sinclair I recently watched a program on Her Majesty. I was inspired by the contributions she has made and things she has done when her title gave her the opportunity to not. A truly wonderful example for all people. Merry Christmas to the entire Royal family.
Charles Lee What a remarkable women,she can never fail to hopefully inspire people,Grace and quite dedication, I wish her and Phillip a speedy recovery,God bless you mam
Morten Winther It's also way more interesting with ordinary people doing extraordinary things, than these- self claimed, extraordinary people doing ordinary things😀 May 2017 be the year were reality-TV is bought to the end😉
Jean Loyd Have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS 🎄🎄🎄🎄sweet lady . I too am 90 and have followed your life along with growing up in Texas USA . I even had your paper dolls when you were young . You are truly beautiful inside and out. God bless you!
The Royal Family
23:24 12/27/2016

A very Merry Christmas to all! This morning members of the Royal Family attended the Christmas Service at Sandringham Church. Don't forget you can watch The Queen's Annual Christmas Message #QueensSpeech here on our facebook page at 3pm GMT.

37.9k reactions 625 comments
Jayne Smith Shame the Queen had to miss this but great seeing the other members of the family especially Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall.
Jagdish Chopra Merry xmas to the Queen Duke & their family's God bless them with lots of love❤️ joy& happinesswith good health from Chopra family
Faye King Can't understand why someone would be so mean to our royal family. Petty and bitter, sad way to feel any time of year but more so at Christmas.
Robert Harding Lovely pictures, but so sorry that Her Majesty the Queen could not be present. Trust that sha was offered Holy Communion at home. God Bless the Queen.
Mary R Kelly Lovely photos, Merry Christmas to Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh and all the Royal Family. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous and happy New Year!
The Royal Family
10:36 12/25/2016

Want to watch The Queen's Christmas speech? Visit @The Royal Family Facebook page at 3pm GMT tomorrow to watch The Queen reflect on 2016 and what Christmas means to her in her 64th annual Christmas Broadcast. The first Christmas Broadcast was delivered by George V in 1932. Since then The Queen's Christmas speech has evolved into an important part of Christmas Day for many people around the world. Find out more about the history of the Christmas Broadcast:

17.6k reactions 468 comments
Ken Nickerson Merry Christmas Your Majesty and family. God bless Canada's Queen❤️
Dave Se Born and Raised in Hong Kong. Merry Christmas and happy new year to the Queen.
Jesse Miller-Riley We never miss it. Christmas isn't Christmas without the Queen's Message. ❤️
Maria Victoria Restrepo Thanks. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!. God bless you and yours and all people in the world. A respectful and fraternal hug. *
Clay Nichols I hope that despite the illnesses of The Queen and Prince Philip, and also at Zara's tragic news, that The Royal Family still may find some comfort this holiday season knowing they are thought of and very loved.
The Royal Family
10:36 12/25/2016

This week The Duke of Rothesay, as The Prince of Wales is known when in Scotland, made a surprise appearance at The Dumfries House Christmas Tea Dance, hosted for guests from sheltered housing and care homes.

14.8k reactions 552 comments
Cheryl Galloway Marion Frew was laughing when Mary gave prince Charles a cuddle 😂😂😂
Julie Madronio-Williams He's emulating the charisma of Diana. Before - we've never seen a Royal hugging or handshaking with ordinary people. Diana started it.
Ethel Hipkins I do believe Prince Charles has found inner peace and happiness, for years he went through a very unhappy time, first the divorce from. Diana then the terrible tragedy of her accident. I am so pleased to see him hugging these old people, he wasn't ...
David Mills I've always admired Prince Charles. He is a genuine kind man. The kindness he shows in this video is not spin, it's true and heartfelt. 👍
Karen Howard Bravo Prince Charles!! Love your family not only do you all have a heart for Great Britain but the world. Praying for your family. God bless and Merry Christmas.
The Royal Family
21:48 12/22/2016

The Prince of Wales presented Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme this morning. Listen to HRH's message here:

3.4k reactions 126 comments
Princess Ursula Sun Hello Prince Charles, Wish you a best Merry Christmas and best Happy Holiday Season.
Pete Thompson Oh yeah looks really wholesome.. black hoods... Daggers in the nights?
Linda Kenley How are HRH and Prince Philip? I'm in the US. I've heard they have ill health with heavy colds. Merry Christmas to all!
Marylyn Donaldson If I looked like you I would not even go near a mirror, you look a even bigger plonker.
Mitzi Martinez Que aportan al mundo las monarquias? NADA. es vergonso que en pleno siglo 21 existan, todos estos sanganos Que solo le sacan a su pueblo
The Royal Family
09:00 12/20/2016

It was bauble and gingerbread decorating at the ready as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry attended a charity Christmas party. The annual party was hosted by Heads Together, which is part of Their Royal Highnesses Royal Foundation charity, and youth support charity The Mix, to celebrate the volunteers and counsellors who support people through tough times in their lives. Full story here -

8.7k reactions 140 comments
Apple Jane Allawan Merry christmas for the Royal Highness ..Godblessed! More power!
Stacie Gonda He's so focused on decorating his house!
Hector Linx I forbid any hurts & harm befalling you. Indemify you and family from anything against you.
Hector Linx Harry, come pick my sis up from here for christmas. Then head for Sweden to see Karl before sending her back here.
Janie Brindley Trying to keep up with Donna McCarthy Bellinger gingerbread house building skills xxx
The Royal Family
20:12 12/17/2016

First look: As a year of 90th birthday celebrations draw to a close, we would like to share this special photo of The Prince and The Queen, taken earlier this year at Windsor Castle. Read more about #Queenat90 here:

2.8k reactions 3226 comments
Natalie Donaldson Miller I thought since Charles married a divorced woman that he couldn't be king. Isn't that why Edward 8th stepped down because of his marriage to Wallis Simpson? Granting his brother king which passed and succeeded by Elizabeth.
John Sandilands I look forward to the day Australia becomes a republic and we no longer have a foreigner as our head of state and their profile appearing on our money.
Chris Conway I don't like it, Prince Charles looks like a waiter, and the lights all wrong, also the Queen is too low, a very bad composition!!
Judith Mitchell The Queen does not look like she is enjoying this, surely the photographer could have got a smile from her........what a shame..... Prince Charles looks rather Bond 007!!!!! :-)
Marion Koessner Well, methinks, my beloved Queen looks here a little sour-faced...normally on photos she always uses to smile openly...but, perhaps, this is only my perspective...
The Royal Family
20:12 12/17/2016

The Duchess of Cornwall has attended The Sovereign Parade on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen. The Parade is held at the end of each term and marks the passing out of Officer Cadets who have completed the Commissioning Course. Find out more here:

5.2k reactions 136 comments
Carlos Morales Long live the Queen!
Janette Stanborough People can we please leave the past in the past and the bigotry concerning H.R.H. Camilla... she does a great job on behalf of the Queen and govt... who have every confidence in her. We as a public are still writhing over past details to simply be nasty ...
Liliane Gibert Très difficile à admettre.
Jane Phillips Wonder what she said to get that cheeky smile?
Margaret Smith Pity you are unable to spell Bonnie Leheup Rose Hall. Woryrying, what on earth is that all about. Worrying, surely!!! It is time Her Majesty took a back seat and allowed The Princess of Wales to help out ( that is really her proper title whether some ...
The Royal Family
20:12 12/17/2016

Happy 100th Birthday to the Cub Scouts - The Scout Association! 🎂 The Duchess of Cambridge attended a special Cub Scout Pack meeting last night with Cubs from the Kings Lynn District to celebrate 100 years of Cubs. Her Royal Highness joined the Pack as they took part in games and activities themed around looking after yourself and others physically and emotionally. They then joined together to renew their Cub Scout promise and celebrate the Cub's 100th anniversary with the lighting of 100 candles and a rendition of happy birthday! Cub Scouting was co-founded by Robert Baden-Powell and Vera Barclay on the 16th December 1916. Find out more about Cub Scouting here →

31.5k reactions 396 comments
Alice Lorraine Goode I used to be Akela once when I worked in the country. It was a lot of fun and the boys wor
Amy Sessions How interesting, the British allow girls in their Boy Scout program. I would have thought that they would join the Girl Scouts.
Alexandra Munro That's great. Didn't know they had Cub Scouts there. We thought it was just an American organization.
Helen Stevens She looks as if she is having a wonderful time. No posing, no forcing, just a natural fun-lover.
Thisara Perera Happy 100th Birthday to the Cub Scouts - The Scout Association! I was sub scouts
The Royal Family
18:36 12/12/2016

The Prince of Wales has sent a message of condolence to Pope Tawadros II following the explosion at St Peter’s Coptic Orthodox Church in Cairo yesterday. In December 2013, His Royal Highness visited the Coptic Orthodox Church Centre in Stevenage.

2.0k reactions 86 comments
Wendy Coker Turville Amen Tysm Prince Charles Peace umong Men in Jesus Name Amen
Kathleen Cadogan Thank You for your Sincere Condolences.
Banu Thiagarajah Stop all violence towards places of worship regardless of religion !!
Tina Schulmayr Kaufman Its deplorable what is happening around the world.
Miriam Amir Menkarius Thank you your Royal Highness
The Royal Family
18:36 12/12/2016

📺 Tune in to ITV at 9pm tonight to watch... 'When Phillip met Prince Philip: 60 Years of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – a celebration of the DofE' The programme celebrates The Duke of Edinburgh's Award which has helped to transform the lives of millions of young people in the UK and across the globe since it was founded 60 years ago: DofE Gold Award holders The Duchess of Cambridge and The Earl of Wessex, Bronze Award holder Paralympic Medallist Hannah Cockroft and many more share their experiences of the #DofE in tonight's programme. The Countess of Wessex also talks about her Diamond #DofE Bike Ride Challenge which raised almost £300,000 for the #DofE Charity earlier this year. #WeAreDofE

4.8k reactions 175 comments
Stephanie Tanzberger We, in Germany, love his funny comments 😊🙏🏼 Thank you for your human being and your humor
Shannon Beadle Megan.....FYI in case you're interested in watching! X
Chukwu Nwachukwu 99.9% suffering in Nigeria this royal criminal family are responsible.
Catherine Cummings Its a great things that the U.K. has the Royal Family to sponsor such things and keep them out of partisan politics.
Megan Hughes Rebecca Hughes this would be really really good to watch......just sayin' 😱
The Royal Family
18:36 12/12/2016

7 countries 🌎 15 days 📅 It's been an incredible fortnight for Prince Harry's Caribbean visit, on behalf of The Queen! From marking Independence Anniversaries, to unveiling dedications to The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy, to reaching millions around the world with Rihanna on World Aids Day, take a look at some of the highlights of Prince Harry's visit to the Caribbean...

7.3k reactions 236 comments
Sheila Purvey Brilliant lovely Prince Harry made us feel proud!
Nelda Buckingham Well done on a great job, how lucky we are as a country to have someone like you working so hard. Thank you
Jackie Dorrell Well done Prince Harry - you are a Royal star - very proud of you.
Anne Marie Anderson And let's not forget Canada! Prince Harry is amazing and he needs a PR team that doesn't make him look bad.
Patricia Lundy Henderson What an incredible job HRH Prince Harry did he is so awesome
The Royal Family
05:48 12/10/2016

The Queen and the Royal Family welcome the world's Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Embassy staff from the diplomatic community to Buckingham Palace at the annual Diplomatic Reception. Find out more about the many events that take place at Buckingham Palace each year:

75.1k reactions 2054 comments
Caireen Bourlot If Prince Phillip had any more medals he'd need a special extension piece to pin them to.
Marjorie Wallace Love Catherine's dress. Eerie how camilla looks more like mummsy by the year. The shoulders even droop forward the same way.
Andrew Sean Rae People forced to used foodbanks. These scroungers look as if they are really struggling. Who pays for this opulence? How many homeless Vetrans could this have housed?
Janet Konkle Good Afternoon Queen Mother of our universe. You are looking quite well this afternoon. God Bless Our Queen Mother and Merry Christmas!
Becky Middleton Does anyone know why Camila (as I spit out her name) is wearing a wedding dress and sash? I know she's copying the Queens haircut but the outfit too is a bit much. Kate and William look as always stunning. They are our "great" future.
The Royal Family
05:48 12/10/2016

The Princess Royal has today hosted The Not Forgotten Association's (NFA) annual Christmas tea party at St James's Palace. The Princess Royal is Patron of the association, a military charity which supports 10,000 wounded, injured or sick, service and ex-service men and women. The Association provides entertainment and recreation, such as the Christmas Tea Party at St James's Palace and the summer Garden Party, held in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. The NFA Christmas Tea Party has been held at St James's Palace since 1921 when their first Royal Patron, Princess Mary, was appointed and invited 600 wounded servicemen for afternoon tea. Find out more here -

7.2k reactions 94 comments
Andy Holdaway Steel Johnson you've been papped mate
May Graham Princess Anne works so hard ,quietly has a full diary ,takes after her Mum many people benefit from her tireless Charity work.xx
Marlene Higgins She is her mothers daughter and we should be proud of her xx
Granny Hyde Our princess Anne does lots of work with out a lot off shouting about it, one very hard working lady.
Carol Fielding The Princess Royal does so much good in a quiet way. Bravo
The Royal Family
05:48 12/10/2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Buckingham Palace... 🎄

56.9k reactions 774 comments
Lynsey Whitehead Rosalind Whitehead Liz Johnston how lovely. Wonder if the Queen does these herself?!
Simon Lock I thought she was skint, all one bar electric fires, no compromises here I see
Susan Asbury McCormack Much better than the White House decorations, I would say those trees are especially grown looking at how they all look the same size and shape.Beautiful
Marie O'Donnell Oseguera I hope to see their nativity scene. Seems there isn't one in the WH this year. Shameful of the Obamas. Last thumb in the eyes of Americans. Long live the Queen!!
Carole Gardner Wishing our Queen and her family a Happy, peaceful and healthy NewYear
The Royal Family
17:00 12/07/2016

It was a Royal day out at the #ICAPCharityDay today to help raise vital funds for over 200 charities worldwide. Prince Harry closed a number of deals in support of his charity Sentebale which helps orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa. The Countess of Wessex, as Patron of Shooting Star Chase, attended the #ICAPCharityDay to see ICAP raise contributions for their surrey-based children's hospice, St Christopher's.

1.2k reactions 78 comments
Jacqui Stockdale what about charities to help people and children in uk first?
Martin King More subjects for gates' vaccine testing? They could look under the royal sofa and find enough money laid around to end world poverty. Most charities are highly lucrative, especially those who are affiliated with pharma.
Michael Chaddock Love the smile on the Countess!!!
Holly Brigham Wonderful work! Congratulations!
Pamela Chatham Abbott Love those two Royals, so natural
The Royal Family
17:00 12/07/2016

Watch The Duke of Cambridge join business leaders and Mind to discuss tackling mental health in the workplace yesterday with Heads Together. The event, hosted by Unilever, was an opportunity for The Duke to hear from some of the country's top FTSE 100 employers about how mental health and wellbeing is currently promoted and supported within the workplace. Mental health issues are the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, costing employers nearly £26 billion each year. Around half of all long-term sick leave in the UK is due to stress, depression and anxiety and 95% of employees who call in sick with stress give a different reason. The Duke also spoke about the challenges around employee wellbeing as part of the Heads Together campaign which he is spearheading with The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry to change the conversation on mental health. Read it here:

4.3k reactions 97 comments
Hanane Miftah رسالة إلى السيدة ملكة ابريطانيا العضمى بخصوص معارضة الإصلاحات التي انخرط فيها المغرب على جميع الأصعدة في إطار المنتدى عبر الأطلسي الإقتصاد السلام على مقامكم العالي بالله سييدتي ملكة ابريطانيا العظمى نعم أكن لكم جميع الاحترام والتقدير والتوقير وأعرف ...
Susan Boyette This is such great work; such a great cause. We need this type of interest in helping the mentally ill in America.
Sally Clayton Moore Mental health is close to my heart keep up the hard work
Abu Ozzy To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all...
Alan McIntyre mental health is a battle for everyone it is great seeing posts like this
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