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The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition was founded in 1883 and is the world’s oldest international schools’ writing contest. Last year, 13,500 entries were received from nearly every Commonwealth country, from the UK all the way to Tristan de Cunha (5,592 miles away)! Thousands of young writers from across the Commonwealth have already submitted their stories for this year’s competition, and there is just one week left to take part. The Duchess of Cornwall, on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, has held Awards Ceremonies at Buckingham Palace for competition winners annually since 2014. Read more about the competition and find out how to enter → Read a past winning story →

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Marlowe Wall she reminds me of another dog that broke up a marriage.
Shirley Alice-Mister Can't stand Camilla.
Neville Condron "Dr Congo-man" by Miss Inessa Rajah is a worthy winner of this competition. Have you read it yet? Go on, the link is up there, it is only three pages, so it won't take long. The Duchess of Cornwall is the ideal member of the Royal Family to ...
Terje Egholm Find Peggy Ann Childers on Facebook,her real name is Margaret Anne Windsor she is the only dather of King Edward VIII & Queen Claudia O'Keeffe of England
Monika Halovska Sorry is the cat eye reason to enter there .m is 1 to 1 moduled abc
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Watch The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, Patrons of Heads Together, support #TeamHeadsTogether runners in the 2017 London Marathon. The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry are thrilled that so many runners have chosen to wear #TeamHeadsTogether headbands today. Regardless of the great causes they are running for, thousands of people have put on a headband to make this the Mental Health Marathon. Read the full story here → Find out more about Heads Together →

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Noni-Susan Adamski My late father used to work at mental hospital in Canada and some of them have mental illness always come to our home foe chat
Louise Randall Well done to everyone running in support of and to raise funds for mental health! And thank you to our amazing young Royals for doing such amazing work in raising the profile of mental health and the stigma attached to it!! Great work all!
Sara Woods All good stuff to be sure but why is there so much mental anguish in people in the first place? Is the breakdown of family? Faith? Consumerism can't buy happiness? What is it?
Lily Azura Bristow This is one of the most amazing charities it has such a special place in my heart. Please don't suffer In silence as I think many of us do. Heads together well done to the royals, and everybody running today 🏃 x
Eileen Slattery i just love this.... happy Brotherhood and Kathrine.... they are all so loving and friends you can tell. Lets hope Harry finds a great gal and has a specal friend to love and Cherish like William. He is such a cracking them
The Royal Family
12:24 04/23/2017

And they're off! The 2017 London Marathon Men's Elite and 'Mass' race is officially started by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry! Their Royal Highnesses, as Patrons of Heads Together, London Marathon charity of the year, will spend the day supporting #TeamHeadsTogether. Before the race, TRH met Heads Together runners to wish them the best of luck for the day. Heads Together aims to raise awareness, tackle stigma and create a national conversation around mental health. Each of the 39,000 marathon runners have been given a Heads Together headband, to help make the 2017 marathon the 'Mental Health Marathon'. Find out more →

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Geoff Martin Well done runners.Its great the young Royals are getting envolved.Because of folks like them as the put the Great in Britain.
Margerita Cosgrove I am in awe of this young royals this would never have happened years ago and to open up about Thier problems is an inspiration to all who suffer with mental illness
Deborah Mills Well done harry William and Kate people really look up to you, you are kind caring people. I am so proud of you , the warmth you give to the ordinary people is huge. Your mother was a truly beautiful lady who was determined that you cared, bless you I ...
Linda Fox i hope we can have HEADS TOGETHER RUNS IN CANADA .will contact your office for more information am willing to help bring this organization to Canada .
Angela Gillmore These pictures speak louder than words to me the love and support that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and also prince Harry give is amazing it's so good to have these brilliant Royals who talk and think and go through just what we have been through ...
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12:24 04/23/2017

Please take a moment to watch this new film featuring The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry that has been released as part of the Heads Together campaign's #OkToSay series. The film captures a conversation between Their Royal Highnesses that occurred at Kensington Palace as they looked ahead to this weekend's London Marathon and reflected on the growth of the campaign over the last year. The conversation covers a range of topics including the emotional changes new parents go through, bereavement, the stresses of modern childhood, and dealing with trauma in the workplace. The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry are incredibly grateful to everyone who has shared their stories in recent weeks. And having asked others to start conversations on mental health with their friends and families, they wanted to show that they are taking part as well. They hope the film shows how positive a conversation on mental health can be. #HeadsTogether

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Michelle Foulis Thank you for highlighting such a hard topic for people to talk about and also get help for ie my husband who I still can't get to seek help so I try my best to talk to him
Joyce Friend So lovely to listen to the future generation of our royalty speak out their personal feelings, it will help the young generation of our country
Liza Lockyer Marsh I'm am so proud to be British with he royals, you are doing something amazing for the nation and mental health, my to children have problem and
Philip Sutherland Very brave. "Someone has to take the lead. Someone has to force the conversation." (Prince William).
Hannah Jane These 3 are amazing. A modern, relevant royal family who care about actually making a difference for people.
The Royal Family
12:24 04/23/2017

Happy Birthday Her Majesty! Today is The Queen's 91st birthday. Born in London on 21 April 1926, Queen Elizabeth II has ruled for longer than any other Monarch in British history, becoming a much loved and respected figure around the world. Her Majesty continues to carry out a full programme of engagements, from visits to charities and schools, to hosting visiting Heads of State, to leading the nation in Remembrance and celebratory events. The Queen's official birthday celebrations are held in June. This year, The Trooping of the Colour falls on 17 June 2017. Find out more here:

Trooping the Colour
Trooping the Colour

Over 1400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians come together each June in a great display of military precision, horsemanship and fanfare to mark The Queen's official birthday. The streets are lined with crowds waving flags as the parade moves from Buckingham Palace and down The Mall to H...

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Sheryl Levene Pappas Happy birthday, your Majesty! My parents were both English, most of my family still lives there, and I've always loved to visit London, and British history. May you enjoy good health, and be surrounded by loving family and friends. God save the Queen!
Carole Sprackling Warren And my mum was outside her grandparents house the day she was born,while waiting for news, a nurse came to the window holding the baby princess,so she was one of the people to see our Queen.x
Madelynn Kiernan-Cooper The Monarchy is An outdated and antiquated class based separation of people. Look at your money and look at hers and tell me SHE serves you! No place for the monarchy and their golden carriage while people starve in the U.K.! Utterly disgusting that the ...
Peggy Minah Blessed birthday your Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 of the relm. You have been through much in your life yet you have held your head high and move on with grace and what I admire you for saying that it is your faith that has been strengthened and the word ...
Nadine M Banwell If my husband were alive he would wish Queen Elizabeth a most Happy Birthday! May God Bless her! He is undoubtedly waving the Union Jack 🇬🇧 for her in Heaven!
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23:36 04/20/2017

Official investitures have been held today, presided over by The Duke of Cambridge. His Royal Highness awarded the Polar Medal to Joanna Worsley – the wife of the late Antarctica explorer Lieutenant Colonel Henry Worsley. Henry raised over £100,000 for the Endeavour Fund but died on a solo Antarctic crossing in 2016. The #EndeavourFund was founded in 2012, as part of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry's Royal Foundation. The fund supports recovery of wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women. Also at the investiture today, from the world of sport, Jessica Ennis received her Damehood for services to athletics. And several Paralympians also received honours – including Lee Pearson, Sophie Christiansen and Jody Cundy. Mark Rylance received his Knighthood for services to drama and Victoria Beckham received an #OBE for services to the fashion industry. Julie Love received an #MBE for setting up Scottish charity "DAYNA" to support families where loved ones have died abroad. Find our more about the behind the scenes of an investitures here -

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Andy Byers Bloody he'll it's like someone rounded up all of the most miserable people in the country and asked them to comment on this post!!!!
Angela Roche Reville What is Victoria Beckham doing there? What has she achieved? What has she contributed to society?
Yan Yee Law In der Tat war HKTVB einen Fernseher, aber ihre großen Ehrgeiz, der Wunsch, die Regierungen der Welt zu kontrollieren, damit das Geld zu verwenden, um die Terroristen zu kaufen, deren Ziel ist es, die Prostitution und den Verkauf von Drogen.
Jennifer Bate Yuk... they can't list the Paralympians but give us Victoria Beckham.... hang in there Victoria you might become a lady yet...
Khalid Hassan 1875 سيطرت الحكومة البريطانية على الهند ووضعتها تحت الاحتلال المباشر، وقضت على شركة الهند الشرقية البريطانية، مما أدى إلى اتساع حدود الهند بحيث اشتملت على ما يعرف الآن بباكستان وبنغلاديش وميانمار وسريلانكا. 1947 انتهاء الاحتلال البريطاني وتقسيم شبه ...
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10:48 04/18/2017

Watch live the World Premiere of a new Heads Together video featuring Prince William and Lady Gaga encouraging all of us to speak more openly about mental health. The pair discussed the powerful films that have been released showing people from all walks of life discussing their mental health challenges under the #Oktosay banner. Having conversations about mental health is vital to shattering the stigma that still surrounds these issues. In 2016 Lady Gaga released an open letter through her Born This Way Foundation revealing that she lives with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Duke was hugely impressed with the openness displayed in the letter and asked Lady Gaga to get involved with the Heads Together campaign.

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Brian Beard Working for the ambulance service and coming across so much mental health,this is great
Lisa Marcinkowski Byrne I would love to see this program in the USA. Our high school has been dealing with student suicide and the kids could use some support. This program sounds amazing!
Lokillo Hernandez Love you miss Lady Gaga, you are amazing songwriter and my favorite.
Paulette Wilson My daughter died 3:14:12 due to depression we are doing a walk Sept 23 would like spread awareness please come whoever that can.Travelers Rest SC.
Patricia Langford Wonderful to see people removing this illness from behind closed doors. The more people talk, the faster people will find ways to help treat and with positive results.
The Royal Family
10:48 04/18/2017

Prince Harry features as the first guest on the new 'Mad World' podcast from the Telegraph's Bryony Gordon who will run for Heads Together in next week's London Marathon. On the podcast, Prince Harry speaks candidly about his own experience with mental health and encourages everyone to do the same. Please have a listen.

Bryony Gordon
Bryony Gordon's Mad World

Bryony Gordon's Mad World is a new ten episode podcast brought to you by The Telegraph. Each week, Bryony will talk to a different guest about how their mental health has been affected by events in their own lives and find out why feeling weird is the most...

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Jane Victoria Mycock Thank you for using your influential voice to change minds about mental health stigma. Fully support being open - good for the person and good for society.
Ellen Fa I have the same surname as the royal family from my nanas we r also a Parker and coincidence we r British to buwahaha but I doubt we would be related but ya never no !
Pompom Tomtom ha ha ha henry , since when you have gone friendlier with blacks? that meghan merkle also seems to me as black , she hasnt got a straight nose, she has got thick curly hairs, and dont know about the fingers of her toes. kate middelton also hasnt got a ...
Dan Berladyn Well, I've began to listen to this one... If I may, I would like to strongly encourage you to adapt your thinking a little. For me, I am totally bottlenecked and it's causing depression and an internal wilt from a drive which was so strong before and ...
เพ็ญศักดิ์ สว่างเนตร ถ้าคิดตามword ย้อนคำกลับจะเป็น dam แปลว่า เขื่อนหรือทำนบกั้นน้ำหรือแม่พันธุ์ทางปศุสัตว์ น่าจะมีความสัมพันธ์ระหว่างการปิดกั้นกับจิตเวช royal family ลองสังเคราะห์ความสัมพันธ์ดูสิ เผื่อจะมีประโยชน์กับมวลมนุษยชาติ?
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22:00 04/15/2017

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall received an incredible reception last week during the nine-day official Royal tour to Romania, Italy, the Holy See and Austria. Their Royal Highnesses visited organisations and communities across Bucharest, Florence, Naples, Amatrice and Vienna, and were received by His Holiness Pope Francis in the Holy See. In Florence, The Prince was presented with the ‘Renaissance Man of the Year Award’, given to those who embody the Renaissance values of enlightened patronage and support for culture. See some highlights from the Royal visit and find out more about The Prince and Duchess's work here

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Audrey Mcilmurray They have to do something to drum up their work. Both of them will never be anywhere in life because of what they did. If Diana wasn't for him he shouldn't have married her. Camilla will never be accepted no matter what she does.
Joseph Ashford His Royal Highness makes a wonderful point, the "lost balance between the intuitive and the rational." Rationalist thought, which is always in the philosophical consideration an error, fails to apprehend the Whole by reducing thought to the ...
Rena McCarthy A wonderful piece of film I was particularly struck by theheitag dancing scene at the end of the piece, which is similar to English Circassian Circle and other old heritage dances. One day perhaps we'll give demonstrations of our old dances such as ...
Jillian Ferri Have always admired HRH The Prince of Wales. He is a man of our time, before we woke up to what we needed to do for this planet. He has the right partner now, who understands all of that and supports him. What a lovely couple. Wishing them a ...
Mary Wyles Dontwont toknow anythinkthey do cos they are lies and that is how they got where thereare today cos of the lies so dont believe what they say cos they are hypercrits andthey deserve one. Other
The Royal Family
22:00 04/15/2017

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, visited Leicester Cathedral for the annual Royal Maundy Service. Each year, The Queen gives out special Maundy Money coins to retired pensioners, from all denominations, who have been nominated in recognition of their service to the Church and to the local community. After her visit to Leicester Cathedral, The Queen has now visited every Anglican Cathedral in England for the Thursday Maundy Service. Read about Her Majesty's visit here:

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Marsha Flint The Queen always looks so beautiful! I, too, am an American and have always had the utmost respect and admiration for Her Majesty!
Penny Lord Caroline Horne - there's a photo of Auntie Joan receiving her Maundy Money from the Queen in one of these pics x
Maureen Rooney So nice to see the Queen back to her self she looks wonderful ,and the beautiful smile she has for her people
Brenda Berkshire Our Queen looks Radiant today love her colour outfit suits her x
Gail Butler Shourds She always wears the most gorgeous colors every time I think the one she is wearing is my favorite she wears something else that looks just as great
The Royal Family
09:12 04/13/2017

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are excited to share two more Heads Together films, featuring people from all walks of life talking about the life changing conversations that helped them cope with their mental health challenges. Watch Stephen Fry open up about his #MentalHealth for Heads Together, showing how talking openly helped him to heal. Find out more about the Heads Together films, commissioned by The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry →

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Dora Bates Stephen Fry talks of this in his book, " The Stephen Fry Chronicles ". Good for others to know they are not alone.
Donna Martin The difficulty is finding someone to talk with.
Brooke Benning I just adore Stephen Fry. He is one of my most favorite people.
Grace Maro L: Hi guys :) :). HRH Prince Harry dear my psychiatrist yesterday afternoon invited us to do our own and first for us presentation of our PhD in Economics work at his office Hillcrest in Washington DC :) :). I have already contacted our academic ...
Caroline Spires What a fantastic man Stephen Fry is for speaking out about his manic depression hopefully others will learn from this - well done Stephen
The Royal Family
09:12 04/13/2017

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, has visited ZSL Whipsnade Zoo to open the new Elephant Centre. During the visit The Queen, Patron of The Zoological Society London, and The Duke, both met and fed an elephant. The zoo is home to nine Asian elephants, including baby 'Elizbabeth' who was named in honour of Her Majesty's 90th birthday in 2016. The Queen and The Duke then visited and met residents from Priory View, an independent living scheme in Dunstable. Her Majesty officially opened the centre and was presented with a posy from George Baker, one of Priory View's oldest residents.

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Jacky Flynn Sanjeev Mahmi, happy to pay for our Queen rather than House of Lords and MPs huge expenses.
Susan PlomerTruffa Lovely pictures. The Royals do get opportunities to see and do things many of can't and I am s leased Her Majesty is still able to do so much. God bless.
Andrea Warby Her majesty looks beautiful .love her outfit, such a wonderful Lady.
Jayanna Kelly What does the queen do with all her beautiful hats and coordinating clothes once she's worn them?
Bettye Perry I love the way the Queen handles herself and her duties. However, I cannit stand too look at her SON. The soon to be King. He destroyed Princess Di and that I will never get over.
The Royal Family
20:18 04/10/2017

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will attend this year’s London Marathon together for the first time to support runners taking part in their mental health campaign Heads Together, which is this year’s Charity of the Year for the Marathon. Prince Harry has recorded message a video message for all 39,000 Virgin Money London Marathon runners letting them know that they will be given a special Heads Together headband which they can wear on race day to be part of the national movement to end the stigma around mental health once and for all. During the week leading up to the marathon Their Royal Highnesses will attend several events in support of #TeamHeadsTogether - Heads Together wants to make this year’s marathon the ‘mental health marathon’ that gets the country talking about mental health and Their Royal Highnesses will cheer on all runners at points along the route on Marathon day!

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Joan Packer Great to see you doing this for a most important cause. So needed to bring awareness to mental health issues which bring such suffering to people and their loved ones.
Judith Jackson Storey Those young ones are marvelous, well done. We are so lucky to have them, their Mum would have been extremely proud, they are carrying on where she left off. Best of luck
Terry Brunton This generation of Royals is just fabulous in their committments on all levels with helping in so many ways and fitting in, rolling their sleeves up and charging ahead, inspiring people all over the world to do more for others in their own countries. ...
Dorothy Ann Dela Pena I hope that this will not just be in UK, I hope that this kinds will spread not just in Europe but also in Asia wherein Mental health is a taboo
Angélique Didier I wish I could do it but I live in France now so it would be impossible for me ... Those charities are so importante for me! I had 3 cancers so I'm always so happy to see the Royal Family take part of events like that. I'm suffering on a daily basics of ...
The Royal Family
20:18 04/10/2017

Today The Prince of Wales, accompanied by The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, attended the #Vimy100 anniversary commemorations. Their Royal Highnesses toured the trenches before attending a special ceremony and reception. The Battle of Vimy Ridge took place on 9 April 1917 as 4 Canadian divisions fought together as a unified fighting force for the first time. The Duke and Prince Harry lay poppies and commemorative soldiers boots in memory of those who lost their lives during WW1. The Queen also sent a special message which you can read in English here and French here

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John Morse As ever, Young men fighting old men's wars. Never Forgotten. When we visited several years ago, a large area was cordoned off as the Bomb Disposal team dealt with WW1 shells.
Tracey Neeb An heartwarming and heartbreaking day. Look who attended - What a memorial and What a tribute! An incredible group of Honourable Royalty, People/Soldiers/Actors/Dignitaries - paying tribute to Vimy Ridge, the Courage of our Soldiers, and our History.
Heidi Stinton With respect to all who lost they lifes for love of they country and fighting Evil. God Bless them all and never forgotten all they gave for love of they country and the right to live free. Amen.xx
Terry G Flint Sincerely, thank you Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, for attending this important time in history for the brave men and women of my country, Canada. God Save Our Queen.
Barbara Riddick Such a poignant memorial to visit. A must see on a visit to France. So beautifully cared for and such a fantastic tribute to all those lives lost.
The Royal Family
20:18 04/10/2017

The final country The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visited this week was beautiful Austria. Some highlights of the visit included meeting Holocaust survivors at Vienna's Jewish Museum and experiencing a traditional Austrian 'Buschenschank'. #RoyalVisitAustria

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Anne Staunton Roisin NíChraith you were in royal company today in Vienna 😀
Sharon Wesley Such lucky folks! We too admire Austria, & Lippizaners!
Denise Mertz Dickens My kids paternal Grandmother was from Austria, as was great Uncle August.
Jimmy Schofield Never been to Austria, hopefully go next season with Rangers
Peter Mantle Buschenschank? Thanks to Mr Google I now know what it is😃 But lovely pics.
The Royal Family
07:30 04/08/2017

At the request of the British Government, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have been carrying out engagements in Europe over the past nine days, visiting Romania, Italy, the Holy See and Austria. In Italy, Their Royal Highnesses visited beautiful Florence, where The Prince was awarded the ‘Renaissance Man of the Year Award’ for his support for culture. The Duchess toured the ancient site of Herculaneum, near Naples, and The Prince visited Amatrice, a town affected by earthquakes last year. In case you missed it, watch some of the highlights from the #RoyalVisitItaly.

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Frank Shaffer I think Prince Charles is an interesting man and Royal. I believe a person becomes interesting when they find God and Christ.
Red Flax who is the lady with the short hair that is following behind Prince Charles. A secretary of some kind?
Sandy Skelton Their Royal Highnesses look especially well, and happy.
Kathy Coyne I would rather have Sweet Diana..any day fk those two!
Carilyn Anne Worthen I cant see that old tramp going there ols dog face
The Royal Family
07:30 04/08/2017

The Princess Royal has been in Ghana to mark 60 years of Ghanaian independence and visit projects that aim to empower women and support female education and entrepreneurship. During her visit Her Royal Highness had audiences with Ghanaian President Mr Nana Akufo-Addo and the Astantehene, His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. Read more about the Ghanaian visit here →

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C.k. Clarkson Seems to me her Mum must be very proud of how this lady lives her life now.
Angela McKimm Ne Sheridan Dear Anne what a darling girl and works so hard bless her!!
Pat Startek Why is the Princess wearing gloves in some of the pictures?
Fiona Macfarlane The Princess Royal is an incredible Ambassador for the United Kingdom!
Judith Brierley The Princess Royal is a wonderful and very down to earth member of the Royal Family.
The Royal Family
18:42 04/05/2017

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of York, has presented a Guidon, a heraldic banner, to The Royal Lancers in a ceremony at Windsor Castle. After the presentation The Queen, the Regiment's Colonel-in-Chief, granted The Royal Lancers with the honorific suffix 'Queen Elizabeths Own' in recognition of their service to Her Majesty and to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Read more about the ceremony here →

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Michael D Cote Congratulations to the lads. Well done...Brilliant!
Anderson Andy Our boss is still head of the table and going strong.
Miriam Duckham Great carry on watching over her the rest of her days .Long live our beautiful Queen .💐💐🍾🥂👍⭐⭐️⭐⭐️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Beverley Burrows What a magnificent photo
Ian Kearns Aine Hopkins phew, looks like Liz is okay!
The Royal Family
18:42 04/05/2017

Last night Prince Harry attended a reception in the grounds of Kensington Palace to raise awaresness of the #LandMineFree2025 campaign. The event, hosted by The Halo Trust and the Mines Advisory Group, was held on International Mine Awaresness Day to generate support for the cause whic is trying to free the world of landmines. This year marks 20 years since the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty was signed and Prince Harry's mother, Diana, Princess of Wales was closely involved in the work which led to the signing of the treaty. Last night Prince Harry gave a speech about why it is so important to carry on that work.

4.0k reactions 89 comments
Joe Marinaccio This guy is so dynamite. So much like his mother, just a male version.
Lisa Handyside Imense!!!! HRH done good. ♡☆♡😆
Kath Hindson Your mum was such a wonderful lady. With such a loving and kind heart just like you
Lynne Downes This young man has become a "jewel in the crown" of British Royalty
The Royal Family
18:42 04/05/2017

The Duke of Edinburgh, Patron of the Britain-Australia Society, this afternoon received Kylie Minogue to present the Britain-Australia Society Award for 2016. The Britain-Australia Society brings together individuals with the aim of advancing the relationship between both countries through mutual interests in commerce, public service, education, entertainment, culture and sport. The Duke of Edinburgh has been Patron of the Britain-Australia Society since 1970.

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Ruth Anne Kalista Burden aww our fave Kylie xx
Hannah Stirling Katie Mullen Lewis Brown so jealous Kylie got to meet him 😓😓
Jean Hurst Kudos to the Duke of Edinburgh - such a lifetime of good work.
Pam Ranberg Excellent. I am sure he liked the opportunity to stand in a room with a pretty woman. Great job Prince Phillip.
Jean-Robert Saucyer Does the Duke know who Kyle Minogue is? Just asking!
The Royal Family
18:42 04/05/2017

Timeline Photos

2.0k reactions 29 comments
Elaina Tidmore Carman Sexton Tidmore
Leoric Fernandes Almir
Michelle Williams Lisa Reid Melanie Heal
Helen Moppett Paul T. O'Leary
Krystal Graham Donna Glenn Danielle Baillie Anna Stevens girls day out?? Xx
The Royal Family
18:42 04/05/2017

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have been carrying out engagements in Italy this week as part of the Royal visit to Romania, Italy, the Holy See and Austria. Together, Their Royal Highnesses have visited organisations and communities in Florence. The Duchess has visited Naples and The Prince has been to the central Italian town of Amatrice, which was affected by earthquakes in 2016. Today The Prince and The Duchess will arrive in Rome for the #RoyalVisitHolySee. Their Royal Highnesses will be received by His Holiness Pope Francis. Catch up on the news so far from the Royal visit to Italy:

8.1k reactions 139 comments
Lesley Anne Whitaker Good photos if the Royals, they had a good trip by the look of things
Brenda Fox Can I say well done to you both. Good luck for the rest of the tour x
David Alexander OMG, the Pope will be entertaining a ruthless pair of adulterers!
Patricia Cachia What a great job they are doing, true Ambassadors. Super photographs.
Salam Bastaki Prince Charles, what a great man, wish we had few more like him in the world of politics
The Royal Family
05:54 04/03/2017

The Prince of Wales spent a final day on the #RoyalVisitRomania yesterday before travelling to Florence to begin the #RoyalVisitItaly with The Duchess of Cornwall. See some of the highlights from the three day visit to Romania, which celebrated Romanian culture and the preservation of traditional Romanian skills, heritage and architecture. Read all about the visit here:

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Xuan Thang Do Pham Hoang tu xu Wales dieu gi muon kinh yeu moi nguoi truoc khi se ung ho voi Quoc truong Aboriginal va Nu vuong Aboriginal ban dia dan tho duoc gianh dat nuoc Australia doc lap rut khoi Anh quoc chia tay dai dien toan quyen Nu hoang Anh quoc rut lui ...
Andrada Tomoni Elsa I've just realised I never got you to dance hora
Harriet Eglinton Rose Bennett Becca Reid - on the oppose side of the park!
Nicole Hall Ali Hunter Simon Hal # RoyalVisitItaly indeed.... The Hunter Halls are in town!
Veronica Grigore It is a human being. He has right to be him self, to experience really life.
The Royal Family
17:06 03/31/2017

The Prince of Wales arrived in Bucharest yesterday for the #RoyalVisitRomania. Over the past two days, The Prince has carried out engagements which include seeing examples of Romania’s traditional cultural heritage, visiting the British Embassy to hear about the work being done to combat human trafficking, and meetings with the President and Prime Minister. Tomorrow, His Royal Highness will spend a final day in Romania before The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall arrive in Florence for the #RoyalVisitItaly. Catch up on the latest news from the visit:

8.4k reactions 156 comments
Cody Willett Long Live the Prince of Wales!
Margot Prince he will make a good King someday but I hope his mother The Queen lives a long life. I Adore the royal family.
Lisa Barker Lovely images of Prince Charles here x I would like to see Prince Charles be king.
Cathy Hurt Henson All of The Royals have & do wonderful duties/things......I am happy to see Prince Charles featured.
Terry Tr The Love for Romania. All those I have met from there are 100% Great.
The Royal Family
17:06 03/31/2017

Watch Professor Green, featured in one of ten Heads Together films commissioned by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, discuss live the very first time he properly opened up about his mental health issues - he says it's a conversation that changed everything #okaytosay

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Yasuko Miyamoto チャールズ王子様パパへ、 メルケル、オランド、シラク、プーチン、クリントン、メドベージェフ等はイギリス日本ウィリアム靖子のハーフです。
Suzanne Dibble Maggie Georgopoulos
Tom Townsend Chelsea
Emma Lenander Louis x
Antonio Ricchiari Progettobonsai God save the Queen.
The Royal Family
17:06 03/31/2017

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are very excited to share some important films that they have commissioned as part of their Heads Together campaign. The ten films feature people from all walks of life, including Professor Green, Freddie Flintoff and Ruby Wax, talking about the life changing conversations that helped them cope with their mental health challenges - from anxiety, alcoholism and depression through to loneliness, trauma and bereavement. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry said: “Attitudes to mental health are at a tipping point. We hope these films show people how simple conversations can change the direction of an entire life. Please share them with your friends and families and join us in a national conversation on mental health in the weeks ahead. Watch the ten films here →

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Caroline Assheton This really helps to heal hardness of the heart.
Brett Garside Mine is terrible 😔
Ibrahim Gür Neo kraliceyi yine kiskandiniz Orda burda gelmis soyu sopu Belli olmayanları kraliyet Ailesinin gelinleri yaparsanız Olacagi budur işte Ne bicim bir Aile hicte
علاءمحمدزكي قاسم انا حدث مع هذا من اجل ان ازني.. منع عن كل شيئ يوصلني الي الزوج.. وتيسر لي كل المحرمات
علاءمحمدزكي قاسم اعتقد ان علي علاقة باقوى شخصيات العالم وطلبت فعلا منهم المساعدة.. ولكن ليس لي انا فقط العالم كله
The Royal Family
04:18 03/29/2017

The Duke of Gloucester visited the West Midlands for a series of engagements today. The Duke met staff and patients at Compton Hospice, celebrating its 35th Anniversary this year, found out more from talented students about their projects at West Midlands Construction UTC, and opened the Thomas Robinson Building at Stourbridge Registration Office. Read the full story here →

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Khalid Hassan Know your history
Hicham Kenanebi ma9adch bel7imaya mat7alch famak bzaf rah deban f sema
Tarek Hosny I want to marry what the problems I do not know
Daim Qaim Dastageer Nice
Yasuko Miyamoto チャールズ王子様パパへ、 はらいせではありましょうか? 弁護士に小泉純一郎を雇ってウィリアムとお金の話をしたいです。
The Royal Family
04:18 03/29/2017

His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh attended the Mountbatten Festival of Music 2017 live at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The The Bands of HM Royal Marines (Official) performed over three nights at the Royal Albert Hall and saw the Royal Marines showcase their incredible musicianship. The Duke attended on Saturday night and saw performances from a selection of music including from the big screen, as well as the traditional marches and overtures.

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Donna Calland Brilliant concert as always and great to be in Royal company again this year 😍 MMark GilbertsonKKimberley Jayne PhillipsSStuart ThornTTara ThornPPaul Donovanx
Pauline James Yes... to have had the opportunity to see this would have been fantastic!
Gill Marriner I sent it as a message to me and have watched it all today - it's fantastic. I gather there has been a CD made however.
Susan Snell Didn't even know it was on. Would have loved to see it. Don't suppose it was recorded was it? X
Fitzgerald Omo-Etiobio MORE GOD-LOVE TO ALL AMEN..
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