George Lopez
2 hour ago

Inspiring #MLK

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Omar Martinez The time is here
Radford Johnson chavezs big brother...
Abe Dankiest ...
Phillip Robinson Awesomeness 💯
Cathy Lennon AMEN
George Lopez
2 hour ago

Hero !!

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Regina Thomas Thanks firefighters
Tammy Kuhne Orale!
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Rudy Guzman Where are these stories coming from, "National Enquirer"
Donna Cavender You are not impressive...and NO ONE needs you at the inauguration of President Trump. It's people like you that think you are "all that"... enjoy your life in AMERICA.
George Lopez
2 hour ago

This happened ( photo shoot ) #getdownwiththegetdown

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Orlando R. Samaniego #negron
Kris Butler Charley murrphy talky skinny now
Jerrod Blevins Trump just had a heart attack
Cathy Lennon LOVE your lifestyle 😎
Erick Marroquin Why does Charlie look like a lollipop
George Lopez
2 hour ago

Be sure to get some good seats to see The Comedy Get Down at the PNC Arena Get your tickets:

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Juan Santana Roc Garcia
Mike Craft Fuck George Lopez
Denise Santiago Luis Santiago
Ashley Watts Can't wait 😂
Nevaeha Brown oh ya
George Lopez
2 hour ago


3-year-old boy celebrates his adoption. His priceless reaction is going viral
3-year-old boy celebrates his adoption. His priceless reaction is going viral

Now this, is the face of pure victory. Three-year-old, Michael Brown, celebrates his adoption in this heartwarming and adorable photo of triumph. After his adoption was finalized in Phoenix, Arizona in late December 2016, little Michael Brown is excited to start the new year off with his new family....

1.1k reactions 9 comments
Logan Swanson Mae CaliQueen Wardlaw awe
Brizbani Zarate-Melo Mylo Bernard
Luis Bencomo Erika Quintana
Rosalie DeLuna Amen
Petey Pablo Happy for him
George Lopez
2 hour ago

Timeline Photos

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David Arredondo That's funny. I took my niece to this park I use to go to when I was little so she could slide on the rocket slide but it was gone. It's funny cuz I was kinda bummed. I was like " man that slide was the shit. I use to feel scared whenever I climbed it ...
Kristine Heller Oh Man, you guys had Rocket slides way awesome. We had the metal ones only that when the summer came your fried going down on. Then those octagon wooden merry go rounds, we used to lay on the top parts cause it had a piece of rail your feet could go ...
Ariel Erica Aguilar FRESNO CA, CALWA PARK! still have one standing except The bottom hole is Welded Shut after ah lil boy feel from it & died Yrs ago.... But it still stands so crazy never knew Other places had A rocket also ....
Chrystal Johnson McAllister Amanda Lawson I was born and lived in Chilli til I was ten I remember going down that slide on my belly backwards messed my knees up pretty good lol
Fernie Fierro El Paso Texas I remember my sister always taking me two Cowboys Park playing on the Rocket Slide but we had so much more we had monkey bars shaped like Saturn a giant spider a merry-go-round a seesaw rockback ponies and can't forget the swings
George Lopez
2 hour ago

Let me introduce you to my stand in #hoffa we go back to my first show #georgelopez ( great guy. But don't be touching @lopezontvland @bigcitric #marsupial @maronziovance @hayleyhuntley #itsaniphone7plusputo #introduceyourself

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Neftali Herrera Orale
Frabk Quintero That was good. Puro chingon!
Beverly J. Singleton Do It Babe💝💝⚡
Denise Lanzer-Lerma Haha!
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
George Lopez
2 hour ago

Late night snack? by Adamson Barbecue

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Angel Contreras Stephanie Persichitti The reason why I never be thin lol
Myrna Gutierrez Jaime Gutierrez my mouth just watered a million times!!
Gabriel Lucero Can some one let me know what type of ribs the last one was???it was huge but looked really good
Esme Verdugo Maritxa Jimenez they got that young childish gambino playing in the bck lol
Robert Gordanier Carllie Jo Briscoe. Then after that movie you just agreed to we can get these.
George Lopez
2 hour ago

Taco road trip ??

Your Guide to Finding the Best Tacos Anywhere in America
Your Guide to Finding the Best Tacos Anywhere in America

Get ready to take a cross country road trip. Here is a list of the best Taco joints in every single state.

864 reactions 138 comments
Loretta Roundtree Juanita Greenbergs in Charleston south Carolina...
Joel Barajas-Cueva Tacos El Gordo always makes me feel better.
Leroy Heard Taco Loco in Somerville, Mass pinché vatos
Alfredo Samaniego Bien gueyes is a lot of good taquerias in dallas
Steve Chittka U ain't got San Francisco or San Diego on here SMFH
07:36 01/16/2017

Timeline Photos

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Alejandra Corrales Te los devo(los tamales)😯😉
Pony Lopez Jajajajajaja y si
Luis Aguirre Ser precoz😂
Del Ángel Guzmán Y hacer el amor!!! No es mi caso pero he escuchado por ahí
Anna Salazar La pasensia!
George Lopez
2 hour ago

Timeline Photos

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Sam Ciriaco Douglas Mendoza me cause I'm excited to see you on Friday but I still have to work that day too🙃
Julio César Sánchez Román And then you remember that tomorrow is MLK day and THERE IS NO WORK!!! ✊✊✊
Daniel Gomez Myriam MoralesCruz exactly how we feel every Monday baby. Lol
Olivia Nicole Shuff Zach Bailey every time I get off the phone with you at night 😂. Goodnight sweetheart 💕
Flav Ortiz LMAO!! This was me last night!!! 😂😂😂 StaStacie Revillar Racho
Kevin Hart
Yesterday 16:30

Just saying what up!!!

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Shane De La Cruz Saw y'all at the gym the other morning. Getting your strength training in. Good job. Didn't want to interrupt your workout like everyone else was. Respect...
Linda O'Doherty Love you keeping it real! Keep doing what you do. You've got huge fans up here in Canada. Come back and see us soon!
Krystle Stanley Watching central intelligence for like the 100th time haha
Aundrea Davis Hey Mr.hart love you and all the work that u do u r hilarious h-town luv u
Margaret Cho
08:30 01/16/2017


7.3k reactions 441 comments
Nathan Blackburn If only it was one of the weird "cheddar" crackers that are bright orange!
William Houston Thanks Margaret... he IS a racist fucking cracker. I think it's funny.
The Law of Attraction - What we think we become. The most beautiful people you'll ever meet aren't always the ones who catch your eyes first. No, the most beautiful are the ones that can never be figured out. The one you could talk with for many hours and still have a million things to ask. The people ...
Michael Cislo Should of used a orange cheese cracker Lol don't trust people with fake tans!!!!!
Jyna Johnson Margaret Cho, you rock. Ignore the trolls. They eventually go back under the bridge, especially when it's feeding time.
Marco Luque
07:30 01/16/2017

Que tu-dôôô! Minha estreia no palco do #AltasHoras foi #mara! O que acharam? Quero ler todos os coments! :) #Eloy #ExEmo

Altas Horas | Eloy faz um resumo do que rolou no programa | Globo Play
Altas Horas | Eloy faz um resumo do que rolou no programa | Globo Play

Nada escapa da visão atenta do personagem de Marco Luque

4.2k reactions 613 comments
Alecxandra Barbosa Gostei, mas achei a voz muito fina e ficou muito baixa, difícil de ouvir. Acho que o personagem precisa de um bordão. No mais, você arrasa.
Maura Amorim Talento define, quando vc falou que o menino saiu do filme Crepúsculo, foi demais e a roupa do Diogo Nogueira apertadinha, uiii.
Mih Toma Nunk gostei mto no CQC , acho q sei talento maior eh montando personagens , dou mta risadas em tdooos , Nw comhecia esse personagem Eloy raxeii mas se vc mudasse a voz axo q fikaria esse personagem mais top!( minha humilde opinião , de uma admiradora do ...
Lilika Vaz Moreira Vc e maravilhoso adoro seu trabalho deus te abençoe muito sucesso ea hora que der manda um abraço pro meu garoto Enzo Gabriel Vaz Moreira de itapetininga bjss sucesso deus te abençoe. .
Viviane Gamalho É um prazer acompanhar seus trabalhos e ver o amor e doação pra tudo que faz.Sempre encantando, que belíssimo ator você é, o humor estava precisando desse resgate.Sensacional!!!!Ah!!!Amo o Serginho dê um abraço nele por mim.
Rob Riggle
22:42 01/15/2017

Get some CRAZY!!! #Rigglespicks

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Jay EL William Dust
Joel Pedro Brian Goetz
Thomas Partch Jason
Huey Vodka CRAZY!!!! #pleasethinkresponsibly
Brad Martin U got him down to a T
Kevin Hart
Yesterday 16:30

If a compass gives you direction, then my watch is my compass. And my legs are my wings. #AreWeRunningToday?

2.0k reactions 84 comments
Hernandez Jesus cool story
Atene Tony Shaundeen Atene
MiMi Millan Nancheska Torres lmao
Nadia Jeffrey
Melanie Garcia Kevin Hart I love you so much ... But you look a mess here lol ... Why did you put that ugly looking old man beard on ... Lol
George Lopez
2 hour ago

Wow... true love

Mom pushes kids outside their burning home. Then locks herself inside to save them
Mom pushes kids outside their burning home. Then locks herself inside to save them

When a passerby stumbled upon the scene of a burning house in Newman Lake, Washington, he found two children, who had barely escape the devastating fire, standing outside the door. Inside the small home engulfed with flames, laid their unconscious mother and sister. According to WLTX News, on Octobe...

6.3k reactions 105 comments
George Vargas A mother's love is a mother's love no matter happens always there for us.
Celeste Brown Not to negate the fact that this is a lovely sacrifice but--Ummm . . why lock yourself inside? What am I missing??
Liz Rios What the why would she luck herself ????? To save them ???? como ta eso?????
Joe Padilla Wtf safe but can't jump. Suicide her easy way out fuck that week ass mom
Joseph Stephens Prayers of healing and strength and comfort and peace in God's holy name
George Lopez
2 hour ago

How to wake you up ?? Credit: Esther the Wonder Pig

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Sara Rashid Kelvin RB that time I passed out but woke up when you brought food 😂😂😂
Pepe Muro Garza Mira Carnal..... Me acorde de ti y tu ex los domingos viendo Netflix. Jjjjjjjjj jjjjjjjjj. Gerald Davison
Fatima Bugayong This is you Natalia when I wake you up early in the mornings with that Bakers square pie!! 😆🤣
Alyssa Schwartz Tori Shaw it's that huge pig I showed you the other day 😂❤
Omar Godoy Erica Valencia Jessica Turchen if u think I'm dead just do this to me with a taco
Margaret Cho
08:30 01/16/2017

Nothing gayer than this...probably. Thanks This Show is So Gay!

1/12/17 - Margaret Cho & Ryan Jay | this show is so gay
1/12/17 - Margaret Cho & Ryan Jay | this show is so gay

There is nothing quite like the opportunity to chat with heroes and people who make you smile. Well, oh how we have that for you this week!

65 reactions 7 comments
Farivar Freever Eftekhari Gay ... acronym ... good ass yank
Jim Mckinnon why?
Mary Matthews U SEXY BITCH
Mimi Bowyer I am learning Margarat ..praying out my anger....Feeling gay and gaye
James Swift Love this
07:36 01/16/2017

Timeline Photos

17.5k reactions 97 comments
Sarahii Santana Cato Santana esto haga usted 😂😂😂
Fantasma Hernandez Tolentino Putisima madres sera pendejo el carro o el candado
Hormiga Corpus Aarón González Juan Corpus
Fabiola Flores jaa
Victor Compean 😂😂
George Lopez
2 hour ago


9.7k reactions 456 comments
Miriam Lopez Dago Rodriguez jajaja 😂 yo aveces! AVECES eeeee
Savannah Brannen Sarah Stratton the night we tripped
Alejandra Ogaldez Winchell Mira pues Ana Cristina VR yo en este momento
Keith Latimer Kyle Ocasio I feel like this is us after work.
Paula Moreno Hey Guys! A great and easy way to make money from home! set your own hours and You decide how hard you work! All you need is a bank account and access to internet! LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE
07:36 01/16/2017

Timeline Photos

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Miguel Garcia Lol!
Micke Murphy Chinga tu madre
Carlos Sandoval Pinchi Jenny porque no se la llevo. .. neta....
Johanu Jhou Duran Ahora si me la jalaste feo polo
Carlos Jonatthan Garcia Diaz Te la mamaste jajajaja😂😂
07:36 01/16/2017

Timeline Photos

11.0k reactions 6753 comments
Carlos Adrian Camarillo Sarmiento Gordo Armani 😂😂
JoseLuis Acevedo Caarlos Acevedoo eso ocupas tú wey 😂😂😂😂😂✊️✊️✊️✊️
Giovanni Molano Farid Barrios
Alex Wesker Redfield Esteban Hernandez Saw 😂😂😂😂
Edgar Medina Javier Carrasco tu puñetero
George Lopez
2 hour ago

Be careful out there !!

Unbelievable Death Statistics Prove You Can Die In Really Weird Ways
Unbelievable Death Statistics Prove You Can Die In Really Weird Ways

If you thought that by looking both ways before crossing a road or driving safely you were making sure you'd stay safe and unharmed, think again. These incredibly bizarre death statistics prove that you can die in really weird ways even if you're constantly looking over your shoulder!

565 reactions 24 comments
Inca Jerias Kimberley Tsl
George Sanders Tired of these fucking posts. Fucking chinga tu madre care de verga
Monica Saenz Haha
Monica Saenz Die
Francisco G Casares O
George Lopez
2 hour ago

Sad news after 146 @ringlingbros is closing its doors 😰 But the good news is a new clown #trumpetta @realdonaldtrump has a circus that starts friday ! See the Brothers who share a brain and the women who struggles to put a coherent English sentence together 👌🏾 all under the #BigTopTrump

7.5k reactions 510 comments
Scott Queen Trump supporters didn't act like cry baby pussies when Obama won. We went on with our lives and jobs. Like everyone GROWN should do.
Crystal-Rose Lovato Trinity Lizy let's just go get trump and give him to the circus leader . Then there's no need for him in the White House we'll just go in his place cause we'll be so much better .-.
Dana Rumker Curtis Y'all need to get over it. Donald Trump IS your President. No amount of bitching is going to change that. Instead of shit talking him, why not hope that he will lead our country well? Pray that he succeeds!
Denise Jaimes Yep trump tramp cant even speak english and steals speeches from others she is the perfect tramp cant think for herself and for all the trump supporters if you think trump turned over his assets to his idiot children then you are as stupid as his tramp ...
Chris Bryant I swear I think the mentality of comedians and sjws is that of a 13 year old female or a child going through the "mine" phase.
George Lopez
15:06 01/15/2017

Look like him... si or no ???

15 Regular People Who Look EXACTLY Like Famous Celebrities
15 Regular People Who Look EXACTLY Like Famous Celebrities

I don't quite see the resemblance in all of these.

41 reactions 17 comments
Julio P Corcio Hey George where did you finally moved to? Mexico, Afghanistan?
Denise Lanzer-Lerma No
Maria Navarrete No
Marielena Garibaldi No
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Russell Brand
17:24 01/15/2017

How To Change Negative Thinking - The Trews with Russell Brand

642 reactions 126 comments
Steve Snelling As a gay man, I have to say that I absolutely love this man Russell Brand in a totally embracing and non-gay way.
Lynsey Gayton I look forward to watching all of your videos, always stay you cos you are brilliant ❤️👏🏻🙌🏻
Nestor Fabri Have you gone soft? Where did your revolution go?
Lee Moro Each time I watch this #Trews episode, I pick up something new! ✨😜😂😇🙌🙏🎉💕 Bless you Rusty, I needed to see this again!! 👍😍💕🎉📯
Jason Peter Whatevs Rusty..You only read out the comments that suit your bullshit Fabian agenda.. If you were REALLY all about self enlightenment you wouldnt be wallowing in your pomp and wealth.. Youre a fraud.. Of the worst kind.. A self important pimple.. Want ...
George Lopez
15:06 01/15/2017

Timeline Photos

3.9k reactions 2952 comments
Nate Martinez Brianna Sanderson hahaha i can see it now, i give it a year tops and youll be beinging home all kinds of animals 🙄
Steve Owens You know the deal, you can have another dog when you choose which one (wienee or Resse) you want to get rid of...
Sandra Melena Kyou Honma beware this will be me as wife and you know it!! 🙄😍
Kendra Page Me with buying stuff for the dog haha Kyle Koch
Ashley Crespin David Crespin lol baby i would probably come home with one cause i love bulldogs 😍❤
George Lopez
15:06 01/15/2017

Good morning , whatever you do today I hope it's enjoyable , I have the pleasure of flying across the country 👌🏾

725 reactions 138 comments
Michael Moore Good for you. Watch out it's not always safe up theire neither. The world is full of crazy People. A. M.
Albert Castillo ESTA LOKO!!!
Fabian Martinez Today is a wonderful day knowing Donald Trump is going to be President. =D
Leo Dante Cooking chorizo just for the smell
Eke Terao My morning is great watching George Lopez on Nick.just finish on your wedding renewal and going on the next episode.
George Lopez
15:06 01/15/2017

When you remember to try to be all #Chingon first and steer second #sas #toma #bam #boom #FSA " Fuckin stupid ass " one from my grandmothers archives #Repost @so.mexican

78 reactions 9 comments
Monica Saenz Ouch
Monica Saenz Be nice God Mr.Lopez
Bob Hickman I laughed Everytime I replayed this video Over and Over and Over
Tammy Kuhne Orale!
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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