15:51 09/12/2017

My lipstick of the day! Revlon #superlustrous “Chocolicious" Perfect color for fall! #ad

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Timeline Photos

My lipstick of the day! Revlon #superlustrous “Chocolicious" Perfect color for fall! #ad

5.6k reactions 89 comments


Donna Mulkin
Very pretty on you sweetie.
Roberto Lucania
Adolfo Turri
Jimmy Pedersen
cool picture of you:-)
Roy Ramzi
Wowow hot
Milenko Babic
O My Heart !
Candee McDonnell
Looks good on you
Jerrod Green
Yasmin Dias Peterson
Alan vc virou batom da Cici 🤣🤣🤣
Chelsea Lourie
Hope you had a nice time at Lambeau on Sunday... saw you on the Club level, 4th floor 👌
Vincent Rocancourt
Marika McWhorter
One of my favorite colors Ciara!
Marissa Igiehon
Skilynn a pretty brown you've been looking for.
Katie Renay Hillard
Drop that album Cici, and yea pretty shade but seriously...drop that album. U got us on our toes!!!
Vinni Wade Kashyap
I thought indian only selling crap, lol proud of that

Other newsfeed from Ciara

I Can Dance Wit My Hoola Hoop... Until It Gets Real 🤣 #HappyVibes

6.6k reactions 152 comments
Christina Miah Love your laugh 😆
Kimberly Ann Sosa Lol always happy!!
Lucinda Amara Aww Ciara you look so happy 😀😘
Janice Hermine Have seriously considered this exact topic honestly, but failed to reach just about any results. 🙄
Ebony Daniels We need a time of death for Ciara's toes 😂😂😂

What's your favorite performance on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve so far? Who are you excited to see? I'm getting so excited to countdown to midnight! #RockinEve #Hello2018

2.4k reactions 47 comments
Julian Bin Ali Go Girl
Anele Didee Nqweniso Musk down
Shan Shann Happy Happy New Years CiCi Love ❤️
Beatrice Johnson Great job
Jamesnatus Madu Ciara Nice Outfit #HappyNewYear

‪The party is just getting started from Hollywood! Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve is starting so make sure you come hang out with us. 8/7c on ABC! #RockinEve #Hello2018‬

10.0k reactions 133 comments
Izaac Paulus Sopacua Merry Christmas n Happy New year 2018 🎉🎉🎉 peace on watt n Godbless U n family ...
Yahya Sid Ahmed Hi ciara (wenibik: i love you) you are amazing girl in the world good luck
Meiisha Fraser Happy New Year's ciara to you and your family watching you on tv my number one fav celebrity 😍😊
Patti Spradlin Tipton Beautiful sure enjoyed your portion of the countdown. 💕
Assane Seye Une journée longue vie que cette année soit une année de réussite de bonheur de prospérité d'amour et beaucoup de choses longue vie à toi

My Proudest Moment Of 2017.. Signing My Record Deal With @WBR While Being 6months Pregnant! I Felt So Empowered 💪🏽 Tune into New Years Rocking Eve Tomorrow! Let’s Ring In 2018 Together! 8/7c on ABC. #RockinEve

1.1k reactions 32 comments
Jay van Weelden Joost
Valerie Vallyn Bataille bless Ciara
Brittany Gray West ❤️
Milenko Babic Ich liebe dich
محمد بشير Wmkgadtg.djtgjtln

Day 26. Love Magazine

882 reactions 35 comments
Tanysha Hall Lol ciara
Damonte Lancaster #ride it
Damonte Lancaster #my love
Damonte Lancaster Lol u must that was kik
Jose Rivera delicious

Me and My Girls Having Impromptu #Christmas Fun After Our Show! Hope Everyone Had A Great Christmas #JingleBellRock With Us #Dance ❤️

6.7k reactions 164 comments
Sherrell Armstrong Go girl go Mrs Wilson the 12 love you go hawks
Tiffany A Vick Sure! Well join u for new years! How fun. Thanks c! Happy happy new year beautiful!
Evita McClendon This was cool, but was I the only one waiting for someone to fall into the pool? Toni Smith-Taylor 👀
Shannon McHenry I love 💕 Ciara! You got to get back in the game I miss you!
Ikram El An Melissa Revell we should have danced this Jingle Bells version when I was in Ldn!!! 😂

Meet Is In The Alley, Santa 🎅💃🏽

6.4k reactions 194 comments
Tremechelle Bradford Was that really look like a look a like to me....but if that was her.....Go CeCe
Janice Hermine Keep it up and you might actually get me shelling out attention in the long term as well. 🌶😏
Brenda Gonzales Perez Ciara, love and Embrace you Haters, they keep you motivated. I love you and I love that video❤️
Tina Woods Humphrey You go Ciara Doing it like ONLY you can !!! Be blessed Ciara

1 Week Away! Soooo Excited To Ring In The New Year With You All on ABC! Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve Let’s Go! 💃🏽

1.7k reactions 35 comments
Jorge Manuel Martins '
Aleksi Kämäri Marry cristmas 🎄
Ko Li I love you
Jeff Murphy COOL
Lavera Lacy O yayyerrrr

Timeline Photos

16.3k reactions 227 comments
Joe Van Langenberg She's very pretty!!
Dolly Maxfield I love the outfit, you are looking great and fit to go, I love you ciara.......
Ivan van Faassen Lovely Christmas Days & 2018 with Family and Dear friends
Cherilyn Hannen Ciara is pretty huh????????!!!!!!!!!!....also pretty dress huh?????!!!!!!
Willie Lee Ciara this is Willie wife please stop sending him friend requests I'm texting you off his phone I would appreciate it.

Today Was A Dream Come True! Singing Christmas Carols with my girl Kelly Rowland and passing out Kindles with to the RockStar Patients of Seattle Children's Why Not You Foundation #StrongAgainstCancer

10.4k reactions 140 comments
Claudia Livingston This is good for the heart. Well done Ciara!!
Joyeth Bent Nuff love to you and the kids ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️
Sharon Jonas No merry Christmas to you God bless you love you
Rebecca Solis This shows you what being married to a giving husband Mike Russell may you both be blessed in this holiday
Tomme Rathbone Ciara, you and Russell are such a blessing!!

Ava ,Pascuala, & Jayden... You all made Me and Russell Wilson Day! Keep being strong and inspiring us all! ❤️

1.1k reactions 46 comments
Vera Roye merry christmas
Sharon Jonas So nice Good luck God bless you love 🌟🌟🌟
Michael Lee Kubisky Wow Jayden that’s my sons name.. wow
Valentina GR Love you guys ❤you are the best😘👍👼👼

‘Tis The Season To Be Giving! Russell Wilson and I felt good spreading this love through the halls of Seattle Children's with @Starbucks today! ❤️

4.2k reactions 148 comments
Tikina Fearon They way they look at each other 😫💕
Tonika Williams I just love you guys..keep up the good work
Lisa Love #TrulyBlessed The bible says its better to GIVE!
Corrin Cabrera Just made my pledge, #onebigkiss. Thank you for all that you do to spread awareness for the children. #childhoodcancersucks
Liz Adamack Tracy always Giving good these two!

Let’s Get Ready To Celebrate and Bring In The New Year Together! Auld Lang Syne! @RockinEve @ABC 12/31! 💃🏽

557 reactions 11 comments
Deborah Beysthefield Nice
Richard Robert Ngwenya Ciara, nice one thanks
Nuon Tek Beautiful
Bridget Jensen Go Hawks 💚💙
Claudia Livingston Yayyyyy that's good look.

I want a little bit of LOVE, I want a little bit of PEACE, I want whole lotta JOY, & I want a whole lot to EAT! Let’s Ride! 💃🏽 ABC ATL #Christmas

5.7k reactions 146 comments
Garcia Gracie I love it your the best...
Aaron Cross So when will this be a single Ciara because I'm ready to play this out!
Janice Hermine Yeah, definitely not too poor. Have seriously considered this exact topic honestly. 🌶
Jazzy Pae Loved it she kept her dancing at the rt control gone girl I'm fina watch it again Happy Holidays to us all
Christina Armstead Go ciara go u a dancing Machine. Happy Holidays

Submit: #TeamCiara

356 reactions 60 comments
Pamela Asher I nominate myself lol!
Queen Nolwazi Loooooove u ciara
Vesela Nikolaeva Love you Cierra!
Valerie Vallyn Bataille Cierra

Tonight! Me and Girls Bring You A Jammin Christmas Performance On ABC at 9PM PST/ 9PM ET!

3.9k reactions 55 comments
Thelma Davis Mrs.wilson is a smart lady beatiful ladys
Arnaud Mombo I hope you have a nice party
Varisha Moore Awww I missed it! :(
J-Mar Vaton Tymes Can't Wait
Matthew Martinez Who are the girls?

AHH! I am sooooooo excited to announce that I will be hosting the West Coast celebration of @NYRE! It kicks off 12/31 at 8pm ET on ABC. #RockinEve Aye! 💃🏽

2.3k reactions 55 comments
Thelma Davis Go getter i like mrs.wilson style
Trini Early-Ware Will be watching!!
Mannie Luke Get 'em Cici!
Tony Ross Congratulations Ciara.
Lisa Snow Congratulations!

Happy Birthday My Sweet Husband. I Love You Russell Wilson ❤️

19.6k reactions 589 comments
Roberta Northington Girl are you in your closet 🔥damn🙂❤️😍 Happy birthday Russ Hey precious and Future💜💜
Pearl Murphy-McCray Awwwww....beautiful tribute to hard working, extremely talented Russell Wilson 🏈👑🎁🎂🎉🎊🎏🎂🎈
Ceth Sugar Ray Leonard this world would have no problems if everyone was like Russ Wilson
Antoinette Price Love you girl you are the greatest dancer and singer at all time beautiful in and out and happy birthday to Russell may God bless you both in love all your moves you go girl keep dancing lol amen!!!😇😎🤗

#HappyThanksgiving. Hubby Russell Wilson. Family. Fans. Grateful ❤️

11.0k reactions 157 comments
Joyeth Bent Happy thanks giving baby! Fan for life, love you🙏
Felicia Exx She looks amazing! Happy and glowing.
Giliard Santos Sou muito teu Fam,adimiro muito teu trabalho.parabéns e muito sucesso!!!
Stefan Ambrister It's amazing that people use to think she was a man
LaTarvis Needum We look best together,wion rollacoasta!!!

BIG DAY! HAPPY TRANSPLANT DAY ISAAC!!! Praying For You Angel❤️ Russell Wilson Seattle Childrens

2.7k reactions 49 comments
Yolanda Howard That was so sweet ..
Gavin Peter Buss Get Well soon..🇬🇧
Kathy Goodwin Praying for you sweety
Heather Wheatley How sweet!

Timeline Photos

10.8k reactions 157 comments
Molly Jones Stunning..Outfit sexy..
Rose Ahmar Girl u rock big time sweetheart
Ayoub Amiar No no no bad choice
Jerrod Green AWW!!!
Tony Tony Them Legs!!!!!JESUS help Me!!!!!!

#AMAs Dress. #AlexandreVauthier

4.8k reactions 163 comments
Júlia Tyler Lumière Lindo vestido👗
Addison Summer Nice cece
Bridget Jensen Our First Lady!!! Go Hawks 💚💙
Lisa Thompson You back my girl. “Quit Haters” . Hush your mouth!
Jeff Murphy Very beautiful skin. Wow girl!

#BallGown For The Royal Ball. #MichaelCostello ❤️

24.9k reactions 295 comments
Mari Mari Omg y look like a Barbie so beautiful
Bothwell Chiuni The dress looks nyce,,,looking great cie cie
Manda Woods Your'e so Gorgeous babe! The right event for you because your ROYAL in my #EYES I LOVE YOU <3 :-* #MYPURPLEHEART Swan of the ball! ;-)
Shean Washington Class can’t be bought, you ether have it or you don’t. Mrs. Wilson definitely has it!
Clarisse Ceecee You look so Beautiful! Loved. ( can i have that) that will look good on me too

Yaaaaaay!! So Happy! God is so Good! Love you @AlexisOhanian & @SerenaWilliams! Yallz Murrrred! 🙌🏽🥂💍❤️

16.8k reactions 158 comments
Kisha Jackson Congrats !Nice to see those celebrating relationship bliss.It definitely is written for some ❤😁
Jackie Siebrass Congratulations you two..
Hawa Jamal Lovely plp.😙😘congs.Allah opened yr doors no one can close.enjoy Serena this is yr year
Alice Martins Obaje Fabulous couple and there baby is beautiful
Mathapelo Lizzy Mabula God is always good ya biggest fan in da whole world I wish I was in America u u

Josiah the Rockstar. Roarke the Smooth Kid & Austin the Comedian! You made me and Russell Wilson day! Seeing you all laugh and smile was everything ❤️ Seattle Children's

2.2k reactions 27 comments
Christiano Husene Ciara tu est une SALLE fille MAL EDUQUE ,SAUVAGE tu viens de quel brousse tu n'a pas d’oriel ? tu es une impoli je ne reconnais pas tes enfant devant la justice car je ne le connais même pas en plus tu est une PUTE impolie qui dois me suivre partout vas ...
Lanah Sophie Ohhhhh
Sandeep Garnaik Oooo.... Very cute..
Joe Aidel Hi🤗😀🤗😀🤗😀🌹🌸☘️💚❤️🇫🇲❤️🇫🇲🇺🇸
Jovan Moore King Geechee Click my page #for you 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

We were walking in.. and this angel was walking out! ❤️🙏🏽. I LOVE these moments.' Makes my heart smile. Russell Wilson Seattle Children's

6.1k reactions 70 comments
Tony Castle You guys are awesome
Andrea Moawad Awesome!
Vincent Purnell R&B Star and Football Star
Carol Herigstad ❤❤❤
Roe Willis We Love You all Thank You for your community service

Timeline Photos

7.7k reactions 155 comments
Deborah Beysthefield Beauty in PACKAGE, named OPTIC
Bii Sseum Alia Lili c'était l'une de tes préférées
Marie Brown Dee Gorgeous picture Ciara.
Coleman Chestnut Ok let me unwrap you 🤔😩😆👌🏼
Julien Julien Queen of beauty!!!

No Dream Is Too Big! “Thanks Pappa Russ!” 🏆

8.7k reactions 51 comments
Mariam Yvonne He is soooo cute
Tamika Riley Hello family
Tonika Williams Congratulations
Judy Kemunto Champs
Danielle Danielle That's dope Omar

Getting Glammed at the happiest place on earth! I'm wearing Revlon #InstaFilter foundation and my favorite #Exactify Eyeliner! #ad

8.1k reactions 111 comments
Climothy Hawkins Jr. Breathtakingly Gorgeous
Brayo Judah Beautiful dripping African sauce😍
Andre Terrell Beautiful
Shannon Flewellen Gorgeous
Jerrod Green AWW!!!
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