Chris Paul
00:28 03/20/2017

Stats vs Cleveland Cavaliers
Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Stats vs Cleveland Cavaliers
Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

2.3k reactions 36 comments


Kylian Abiassi
Adam Baril-Veillette
Kylian Abiassi
Adam Baril-Veillette
Tristan Calabrese
Thomas Balios
Elias Mykonos
Παναγιώτης Γκιόκας Άγγελος Τζάρος you trash😂😂
Emmanuelz Glo
No no no. Esai TheGod
Devonta Jones
Michael Ho
Mr. 0 turnovers
Marcin Gonera
Mateusz ja na koszykowce XXDDDDD zabojcze liczby
Thomas Niemeier
Very strong!
Prabash Paul
Bc he play on Thursday night so Blake Griffin and DJ rest on Thursday that why
Hegel Palma
omg cp3 very bad game for you
Kennard Stone Stone
Leave the Clippers please!
Duane Mino
Jordan JC Coonan our boy went off against the cavs
Barry Thao
Chris Paul is done
Amago Let Lit
Triple single

Other newsfeed from Chris Paul

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY to my first born!!!! Nobody keeps me on my toes as much as he does and I couldn't imagine life and knowing what love is without him! #MyMan

4.2k reactions 87 comments
Brenda Nowotka Happy birthday Lil Chris!
Patty Estudillo Happy birthday to your boy!! Felicidades!!
Irene Torres Happy Birthday to your son!
RO Lovecraft Happy birthday! Please stay!
Stephen D'Alesio Happy birthday

Here's to a GREAT season TY!!! #Year10 #NC #WNBA ✊🏾

2.0k reactions 13 comments
Giacomo D'Angelo Alex Pirco
吴统欣 保罗,下赛季去哪
Mehmet Fenotip Come to sas we need true pg like you
Dunechii Carter What shoes are those ?
Dunechii Carter What shoes are those?

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there!! There's no love greater and you guys should be celebrated daily!

2.5k reactions 23 comments
Rennji Naito こどもの髪型ファンキーやな( ̄▽ ̄)
Coleman Chestnut HMD! To momma Paul ☺️💌🌺🌸💐🌹
Emin Tural You mom very lucky paul
張晉銘 Go Spurs please.
Terence Mason What good Cp3

‪NCCU School of Law x NC A&T #Graduates #ProudCousin ‬

3.6k reactions 28 comments
Jacqueline Fenstermaker Jesse Fowler
Lisa Pqt Moni Tee
Francisco Ramos I need help on this one, Hugs are exceptional
Jamil Crosson Chris Paul !!
Sheila Hunter Congratulations

Excited for the Inaugural CP3 Memorial Day Classic hosted by MADE Hoops, May 26-28!! 14U/15U/16U. Register: ! #CP3MDC

6 reactions 2 comments
Damon Walker Don't worry you're coming with me when I win then leave your comment don't tell nobody
Ryan Stassart Hey Chris great season. Good luck to you in free agency I hope you find the perfect fit for you and your family.

Don't miss us tonight on #DearMamaVH1 - 10/9c on VH1!!

1.9k reactions 21 comments
Smith Tony nice picture!
Judy Ford Very nice family picture. It's a keeper.💐🌴
Felipe Menezes <3 CP3 POINT-GOD!
Zuhdi Salem Nice pic!!!

Magical ✊🏾#32

4.3k reactions 81 comments
Bassett E Che'von Happy 32!!
Tonya Jones Happy Birthday my fav Pt Guard enjoy and Blessings 🎂🎂🎂
Dominic Long I see it...gotta make it happen big bro. (Insider) #BLESS #FBD
Gilbert Branch Happy belated birthday my fellow Taurus nation
Gigi Freeman Happy Birthday CP3!!!

Chris Paul's cover photo

3.8k reactions 67 comments
Dondovdorj Margad You're my hero #CP3
郑豪 帅帅炮
Mitchell Smith Alex Jose suit represents free agent?
Cj Caparas All I can see is a living, breathing L.
Iz Summerlin Come to San Antonio CP!

Timeline Photos

6.4k reactions 62 comments
Trint Jacobson Jazz got it
Aaron Bawoo An 이깁시다 🏀 지고 빡친 모습 더이상 보기 싫..
Dion Willis Strive#for#greatness#cp3#
Lectér Gabriel goodluck master..your my one and only fav pg in the league
Irene Torres You can go it !

Stats vs Sacramento Kings Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

2.0k reactions 12 comments
Anton Sambolek Ivan Miskovic Zvjerka
Ted Hsu Why CP dislike Curry?
Nathan Matson 1
Samuel Caushllari How many turnovers?
Aaron Hudson Dishing out a bunch of dimes.

Shoutout to my wife Jada, the volunteers and all the sponsors that made our Foundation's 6th Annual Prom Dress Giveaway a success! #BeAQueen #ChrisPaulFamilyFoundation

380 reactions 5 comments
Sharon Easley Glory to God. Blessings to you Paul family
Sylvia Gonzalez Many blessing birthday wishes to ur beautiful wife🎂🍰
Judy Ford Great idea . In this day and age all young ladies regardless of their situation need all the help and support they can get. Have a great time ladies.
Premila Jatan Making these young ladies beautiful by providing them with the pretty dresses, so wonderful. God bless your wife. Absolutely great idea, without the help many of these young ladies would not have participated in one of the most important event of ...

TRUTH ✊🏾 #15

3.4k reactions 12 comments
Justin Capers @ChrisPaul Stadium Quality? Music Producer: Justin Just Capers, BA, Telecom, Info Studies & Media, MSU, 05. Super Star Status produced by Just Won
Zhuojun Wu Clippers💪
Juan David Diaz 🌹🌹🔥💯
Ted Hsu CP is so cute
Coleman Chestnut The final lap #TheTruth 💯🔥👌🏼

Stats vs Houston Rockets Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

2.9k reactions 8 comments
Nathan Staub Goat
유재진 주진목 still best
Ricky Pia Did you get taken off at 3 quarter time to be ready for the finals
Kalii Paul Slaughter the rockets

‪MY ACE!!! #NationalSiblingDay‬

3.2k reactions 9 comments
Wïłl Śąłväjè Dang No Cliff Paul
Matt Andre Cherreguine omg chris paul
Randy Garcia Jr. Omg? I just saw the likes earlier is 17 & others! Now got higher?😂😱
Dominic Long #FBD
Esmael Sherka Where........Where is Cliff

Stats vs San Antonio Spurs Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

2.2k reactions 13 comments
Malcolm Brogdon Cy Àlmighty 🤔🤔
Seb Young Well done 👍🏼
Yang Ning Best pure point guard in the league
Ted Hsu Not good enough
Chester Yson #FireDocRivers

Stats vs Dallas Mavericks Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

3.7k reactions 7 comments
Michael Santos Ball up 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇
Zachary Bertrand Good game
Edy Velasquez G.O.A.T
Ben Spencer This team looks playoff ready!
Calvin Liong pointGOD

Had a BLAST playing Human Backboard Basketball with James Corden and Steve Nash on The Late Late Show with James Corden yesterday!!

1.7k reactions 31 comments
Imelda Pabalan-Llamosa Bryan Llamosa
Din Nissan Tomer Werber
Wang Jun-Jie 洪閑裕
Michael Soffner Markus Soffner
Angela Panaligan Ivan Panaligan

CONGRATS Theo Pinson!!! #CP3Family

1.8k reactions 7 comments
Simo El Hili شارك ورد مقرب 😊 🎵
劉以諾 That is why he play😂
Sharon Clarke Great game, great win. Happy NC came back this year & won.
Chris Beatty Greensboro
Jakub Radacki so big sean played in north carolina?

Stats vs LA Lakers Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

4.3k reactions 18 comments
Anderson Alfonseca Alfonseca Raul Ruiiz
The Illuminati JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHER HOOD TODAY AND LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPY LIFE. WELCOME TO THE GREAT TEMPLE OF RICHES AND FAME. Are you a businessman or woman, politician, musical, student,footballer,fashion designer,Pastors,Model,upcoming artist,Rapper,...
Sam PokeYou It's 12ast and 4 reb… typo bro.... Lee Wei Hean Blake Griffin Deandre Jordan J.J. Redick
Zaenze Setia
Keith Triplett Claude Church lol I told u he still gt buckets

Happy 21st to the closest thing to a lil sister I've ever watch you grow into the beautiful smart, black woman you are has been one of the joys of my life! I love you more than you'll ever know!!!!

1.4k reactions 35 comments
Anthony Sikuku Simiyu Rich in love
Iskinita Aviary She P 3
Abhay Siby yeah!!!
Denetria Latrice Murray Happy Birthday
Ayush Khanal oh jeez

Stats vs Phoenix Suns Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

4.4k reactions 23 comments
Anderson Alfonseca Alfonseca Raul Ruiiz
Chris Hage Amar Jilani
Elias Mykonos Κωνσταντινος Αναστασίνης good job,no trash😂😂
Denis Telalovic Cp3 on fire.
林均融 cp3

Stats vs Washington Wizards Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

3.6k reactions 25 comments
Chris Hage Amar Jilani
Matt Antetokk point god..hands down!
Simo El Hili شارك ورد مقرب 😊 💓 💓
Chris Chen perfect
Cherif Bessaifi Cool

Check out what DJ Khaled, Jon Batiste, State Farm and I did down in #NOLA #NeighborhoodSessions. Show was 🔥🔥🔥

388 reactions 14 comments
Jay Crews 🔥🔥
Nate Corleone Thompson
Twomikez Bsmooth
Kmg La Fakts
Chayce Wynter Corey Fischer

Stats vs Sacramento Kings Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

1.8k reactions 12 comments
Otgonbayr Bathuleg Best assister 💪
Zachary Bertrand He sucks now
Sharon Clarke Dumb coaching cost your guys the game.
Kevin Chirng Fire Doc
Asim Hawkins L

Stats vs Utah Jazz Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

2.6k reactions 20 comments
Matt Tinker
Bradley Roy Coombe-Star Jay Coombe
Ramell Owens Used to get 25 points a game and 10 assists
Marvin Pulumbarit No its CP3 IX
Özcan Ayer very poor statistic. i want better. i can do it this.


5.1k reactions 10 comments
Falan Farr 😍😍😍
Ya Wang 多投点3分球,你比库里还准
Anthony Sikuku Simiyu You're mah inspiration CHRIS
Pars Arian "Everybody hates Chris"
Ojas Desai Can someone explain to me what this pic means?

Our girls need our protection and love. Let's stay vigilant and keep our kids safe. #StayWoke

482 reactions 7 comments
Zxnz Aro love you style
Sharon Clarke Thanks Chris. Well said.
Shirley Ann Webster White Thanks
Dane Dumalagan Nice bro
Shyanne Murphy Thank you Chris! We ❤️ you Always!! 🌟🙌🏽

Stats vs LA Lakers Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

3.6k reactions 11 comments
Alex Wesley Cameron Scrimgeour
Elias Mykonos Κωνσταντινος Αναστασίνης no trash😂😂😂😂😂
Donna Cameron WHAT'S GOOD? BIG UP.
Andre Hu Plz need more assist from u to be fantasy champ👻
Matthew Batiste Now that's the CP3 I know
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