Chris Paul
00:28 03/20/2017

Stats vs Cleveland Cavaliers
Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Stats vs Cleveland Cavaliers
Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Kylian Abiassi
Adam Baril-Veillette
Kylian Abiassi
Adam Baril-Veillette
Tristan Calabrese
Thomas Balios
Elias Mykonos
Παναγιώτης Γκιόκας Άγγελος Τζάρος you trash😂😂
Emmanuelz Glo
No no no. Esai TheGod
Devonta Jones
Michael Ho
Mr. 0 turnovers
Marcin Gonera
Mateusz ja na koszykowce XXDDDDD zabojcze liczby
Thomas Niemeier
Very strong!
Prabash Paul
Bc he play on Thursday night so Blake Griffin and DJ rest on Thursday that why
Hegel Palma
omg cp3 very bad game for you
Kennard Stone Stone
Leave the Clippers please!
Duane Mino
Jordan JC Coonan our boy went off against the cavs
Barry Thao
Chris Paul is done
Amago Let Lit
Triple single

Other newsfeed from Chris Paul

Never not working.

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Tường Vân Yêu cậu nhiều lắm luôn á
Alex Basco Before and after
Raphi Pak Die neuen Nike Sachen sind mega
Raul Celaya Bruh y yo bro so fat tho
Amadou Juwara Bro please! All that millions!


4.0k reactions 28 comments
Eman Glo My son Esai TheGod
周宇昊 Your my love
Erle Murphy My boi CP3!
Talec Jones CP3!!!
Shikai Hao love cp3 4ever!

"He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord" Jada, 6 years down and I still feel like the luckiest man in the world to call you MY WIFE!!!! #HadToGetThatLentOffForHer #ItsGoodForHandStrength #GoodGame👋🏾

5.2k reactions 71 comments
Yvonne Newburn Still luv Cp3! Almost makes me want to convert; almost!!!👊🏽
Kaluma Ni Redick kitiw kaau ka oi😂
Cathi Futrell-Thomas Yesss Jada and Chris
Bassett E Che'von Congratulations!!
Leshonda R Boyd #loveit!!! #CP3 #BLACKLOVE

‪Continue to support those impacted by the Hurricane!! Visit‬

2.0k reactions 18 comments
洪晓波 祝福
Jeffrey Holbert love
Nico Suave Ollie 🙏🏼
Kay Smith That's great
Zheng Wei Lin 火箭加油 休士頓加油

Great day of service in Houston today. Thank you to all the volunteers helping out the community!! #HoustonStrong 🤘🏾

1.2k reactions 19 comments
Justin JustWon I go on TV. Decisions in this country have been corrupt and promoted by television.
Damon Walker And you can't tell me to be quiet
Mohd Alif Aiman wtf damon
Beverly Marshall Great job
Damon Walker All three of you not going to get that close to me and if that one sets me on fire he's going to be arrested I told the department that he's making threats so you could tell him in a white car White Honda Accord tenant when else so

Pass me the ball James Harden!!! #Madden18

1.1k reactions 24 comments
David Alhaji Issa James Tony Muks
Luis Kämpfert Dominik Rothacker
Justin Singh John Christopher Antonio
廖證喬 廖證翔
Ben Hammond Aaron Gunstone

Follow along tomorrow as we come together to #RethinkHighSchool! Watch EIF Presents: XQ Super School Live 8/7C on ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC. #XQLIVE

164 reactions 2 comments
XQ America We can't wait for tomorrow night! See you soon!
Damon Walker We are not going out you don't belong me and I don't belong to you I'm only going one person and that's not none of use because it's not going to happen leave the PCH people alone cuz they know that you scam in them and it's true you don't talk to him ...

Houston strong 🤘🏾

2.3k reactions 34 comments
Bak Patrik Kiss Balázs
Cam Wilkerson Chanelle Wilkerson
Jannik Dorsch Ivona 🙂
Rico Suave II Christian Candelario Mohamed Diallo she got a cp3 jersey before harden😂
Justin Capers Im Wood. Darren W. Woods, ExxonMobil Houston Campus

My heart and prayers are with you Texas!

3.9k reactions 35 comments
Lisa Renee Tisdel 🙏🏽
Tonya Jones 🙏🏿
Cheryl Ross-Brown Amen
Carlos Santioso Pray for serra leoa!
Torres Javier :(

‪HBD to the bearded one! 🤘🏾‬

10.0k reactions 55 comments
Antonette Lacey-Wilbert HBD Harden!!🏀
Tato Zubigaray Que buena foto,que magia! Feliz cumpleaños harden
Jessica Glasgow Happy birthday.... my birthday too! 🎁🎉🎈🎂
Tonja Kennedy hbd james harden i think

‪#tbt LeBron James wayyyyyyyy back!‬

3.1k reactions 41 comments
Tom Hambach Philipp Emmrich young 'Bron ;)
Fabio Mastrototaro <3
Arian Zizou Klajdi Cela
Kirk Walker Garland Moore
Luke Medson Paul Eliseo Frazer Bray


2.7k reactions 56 comments
Donira Shaw The 3 L crew. LMFAO😂😂😂
Jacob Turner 2 amazing players, 1 amazing rapper.
Elian De La Cruz LaFamilia
Gottaloveme Johnson Cp3😍😍😍😍
Deonte Lang The L Crew

‪Workout ✔️ #InYaBag‬

5.6k reactions 106 comments
Oochie Wally Woods Father n son goals right here, even if you cant dunk.
Coleman Chestnut Baby CP3 got his alley accuracy up 😳😆😂👌🏼
Warren Laroche William Simard Gabriel Cote esti que c frais
Nam-soo Mike Jo Why is lavar ball back there?
Anthony Henderson Que MiddletonJames Lodman Jr.

Kindergarten + 3rd Grade #FirstDay #Htown

12.2k reactions 90 comments
Cesar Garcia look at all those fake smiles you will regret L.A>
Judith Ann Thomas Rotruck Great family pic! I hope the children have a great year!
Jherri Young Have a Great School Year :)
Joerell Hearns Beautiful family Chris!! God bless always brotha!!
Daniel King Good luck kids

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to this little Angel of mine 😇!!! So proud of the beautiful, fearless, black princess you are and excited to see the strong woman you become! #CamrynAlexis #DaddysGirl

1.2k reactions 46 comments
Shannon Adams Happy Birthday Enjoy
Pam Cohen Happy Birthday Camryn!!! 💞🎂🎈🎉🍭🤡
Amy Scoggins Reese Happy birthday!!
Debra Williams Happy Birthday little one. Ms. Diva
Natasha Jackson Happy Birthday, Cam! 🎁🎊🎈

JH-Town Weekend is around the corner!! Make sure you come through to check it out 🤘🏾#JHTW

445 reactions 4 comments
Yung Loo Ash Kumar
吴海 Hey Chris I'm your Chinese fan, can you see my message?
Prabash Paul Go Rockets and Go Clippers
Bmore's Lor Baller Cp3 😎😎✌

Always remember, kids are watching US and learning from US. It's our responsibility to be better role models and teach them LOVE.

3.0k reactions 20 comments
Dylan Stierle
Christoph Schwertberger Bianca Klmstn 😍
Adrian Okojie Preach
Vicky Brandt So true
Marq Ubenyi EVOL....#pbvisions #hereticchild #pff

Thanks to Spalding for this opportunity to give back to the community! #TrueBelievers

1.8k reactions 54 comments
Víctor David Maza in the chools
Jhon Carlos Garcia Ese es mi jugador favorito
John Loyd Concepcion Busano Welcome idol by Houston rockets
高宏睿 🔥
Anthony González Grandioso espero que todo vaya bien

Congrats to my brother Kevin Hart on the launch of Laugh Out Loud! True testament to hard work and dedication. Continued success and keep pushing us all to be better!

3.8k reactions 22 comments
Alfred Jones Jr. I always say my brothers need help they don't go to church they add me to their schedule.
Popo Lynnette Sherece Jefferson
Luffy Ye Long Live for Friendships
Blackie Norton WHAT?
Josiah Alan Yayyy

Happy birthday Mr President! Thank you for everything ✊🏾#44

8.1k reactions 54 comments
Michael Villegas Who's 44? Cp3?
Michael Karapetian Oh look, its two disloyal and dishonest idiots.
Kd KeepItreal 🎉Happy Birthday My President Obama!!! 🎊🙌🏽🙂
Ivan Gaime Happy birthday Barry Soetoro
Minh Nguyen Happy Birthday! Mr. President.

Never not working!! #TheDrew #BallIsLife

2.3k reactions 24 comments
Axeris Lomar Wendell Caple
Lucas Anderssen Brice Latouchent
Brendon Poulin Ahmad Marzuq
Mario Sant'Ambrogio Lorenzo Tripodi

‪#TheDrew 🙏🏾‬

8.9k reactions 24 comments
Akaash Sharma Those Jordans 🔥🔥🔥
張宸菘 高正宇
Aurelien Pola Chris I like ur Jordan
Roman Aquino Thon Sarcos bakoooood


4.3k reactions 36 comments
Antoine Allen I need a 9.5 CP 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Howard Tsai yqzh
Demond Davenport Jr. 🔥
Devante Jordon OFF
Damian Lim Emmanuel Sadomba thought this was u 😂

Can't believe it's been 10yrs since WE lost you...God knows I wish you were here with me for this roller coaster of life! Miss you and love you always Coach P 🙏🏾

3.9k reactions 11 comments
Angus Hawkins Jamie Rodgers RIP Flip Saunders
John Irby James Turner thinking of Frank today.
Tj Chile Lucero Respect CP3
Patric Lloyd Withrow Stay strong brother
Pam Badgett What a great coach and man .

Pick Up 🤘🏾📸: Cassy Athena Photography

18.1k reactions 115 comments
Faïz Westbrook Bon Saïd Muhammad-Ali mdrrr 😂😳
Clément Chevance Florian Mallet ça devrait aller cette saison non?
Parker Ainsworth Colin Ainsworth BB again making the best kinds of friends and clearly wearing their clothes
Adam Train 3 starters and a guy who can't even get 5mpg 🤔
Alexis Champoussin Yassine Gsw alors on fait quoi la 😂

FINALLLLLLLLLLY!!!! #PeachJamChamps🍑 #CP3Family

1.6k reactions 10 comments
Steven Pool Good
Aurelien Pola Yes CP3
Tường Vân Yêu cậu nhiều lắm luôn á
Brandon Boulwen Munk Htine #TEXAS ♵💯💯💯
Anthony Simiyu Makana Loving to see [email protected],wherever you're #chris I'm a great fun of yours,,bravo

What a day... H-town appreciate all the love and support!! Excited to be here and get this going 🤘🏾🚀 #RedNation

7.9k reactions 130 comments
Joao Luiz Paulielo You Will do great things in Houston Cp3... good luck!!!
Scottie Miller Not too bad, Hometown... Your FANS have to get used to it, too!! I can appreciate the "Krimson & Kream," tho!! 👌🏽♦️♦️♦️
Brandon Mack Wish you would have come back to where it all started. N.O. still got love for CP3
Roman Maciel You should of Never left, better chance to Win with The Clippers then ball hog harden
Travis Bruce Thanks for all you did with the Clippers the past several years. Good luck to you in Houston CP3
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