Cesc Fàbregas
11:26 12/06/2017

Un grande Filipe Luis!

Un grande Filipe Luis!

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Ashish Gajinkar
Harsh Jadhav
Fabregas Cheung
Jerry Lau Terry Law Best player
Lida Eto
Lida Eto
Fabian Andres Dominguez
Idrissa Diallo
Massimiliano Sasso
a great as roma!
Appell Mw Mhd
Ajayi Olajide Alex
Magic hat cesc fagbregas
Denis Paramonov
Don`t acheing, Cesc, you and guys, you are will winning and no time`s yet own key matches in Champions League and in any other tournament and will borrowing first place in your group !))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Cesc, you playing is fine !)))))))))))))))))) Filipe Luis is our old kind friend and presently goods guy !))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Yet more pressure, swiftness, persistance and accuracy to you and players of Chelsea in own matches !)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Luck to Chelsea in match with West Ham and in other games !))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Chelsea straight !))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Danilo Giovannetti
Oh nooooo Chelsea passed as 2nd in Champions League ahahahahhaha greetings from Rome!
Weduku Joseph Craud
UEFA Champions League 10:45pm Liverpool vs Spartak Moscow 10:45pm Maribor vs Sevilla 10:45pm Feyenoord vs SSC Napoli 10:45pm Shakhtar Donetsk vs Manchester City 10:45pm FC Porto vs Monaco 10:45pm RasenBallsport Leipzig vs Besiktas 10:45pm Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund 10:45pm Tottenham Hotspur vs APOEL Nicosia
Eliezer Geofrey
mourinho just destroyed everything at chelsea,#fellipe luis & cesc,two beasts
Mubarak Replay
Fabregas I love u soo much Man ...you are the most intelligent footballer in the premier league...you would be a great coach in future ❤️

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Un grande Filipe Luis!

7.0k reactions 14 comments
Ashish Gajinkar Harsh Jadhav
Fabregas Cheung Jerry Lau Terry Law Best player
Lida Eto Cooool
Lida Eto Cava
Fabian Andres Dominguez grandes

‪Chaaampioooons niiight!! ⚽️ #CHEATL ‬ ‪Who will be watching?? 👀‬ ‪- CFS Team‬

7.3k reactions 112 comments
Jermain Carl Maart Most deff be watching all the way from South Africa
Azayo Junior Actually a good night may it have a giant results for the blues.
Nkanyis M Tha I will be watching you number 4
Jeppe Staniok Christiansen I Will be watching happy greetings from Denmark

Nutmeg 👀☺️

7.0k reactions 37 comments
Xav Zazinho And Pedro like that 😁
Touboulayefa Obuda Boss
حسين رياض عبدالجبار 💓😍
Hedi Faqe Hola
Josep Maria Nou-Cents A veure quin dia et veig pel Nou-Cents de Mataró

#NBA2K18 Finals: Holding vs. Courtois

367 reactions 13 comments
Ahmed M. Ghalib Abdelrahman Arafa
Guilherme Wundervald Arthur Schmidt
Marko Vrtaric Ivan Pejaković
Shady Azoury Ray Mouawad
이상엽 서권 박경호 잘한다..

Good game. Onto the next one. 👍🏻

8.5k reactions 51 comments
Eden Iwuchukwu Fabripass
Aung Khant Moe Good night, Sweet dream, my hero.
Touboulayefa Obuda Great game
Elad Gindi My man
Panji Petra Paelle espanolla!!!

Pleasure working with @ChrisMD for Soccer Manager Arena. See how we got on in our head to head challenges > http://socm.io/1qf

1.8k reactions 9 comments
Andre Lourenço Tbb Ivan Andrade
Ismail Hunter Benmimoun <3
Souleymane Barry Mn pro u est le joueur ke j'aim dns ma vie
Brievious Mtombeni Fabrepass
Waiyan Sat Waiyan 👌

What an amazing game! Well played Timothy Fosu-Mensah! #NBA2K18

1.7k reactions 28 comments
Mohammed Jamal عااااش العراق
Tô Trọng Hiếu Anh Trương Trần Thế
Faraz Tauqeer Azfär Tauqeer
Marlon Montoya Vargas Steven Arce Vargas
Shravan Panchapakesan Prakash Menon

20 goals in the CL 20 goals for @chelseafc DMJLCL ❤️

9.6k reactions 86 comments
Sovanna Lyvanda I love you Cesc❤️❤️
Wesley Cristiano Sou fã, meu ídolo, Minha INSPIRAÇÃO♥
Charles Felix Narh The champ
Christian Raphael You beauutiful.. Yum yum
Orlando Pabon Rivera Nice!!!

Happy to be in the last 16. Time to recover for a big game on Saturday. #nonstop ⚽️

11.2k reactions 112 comments
Mamoon Yousuf Our maestro 💙
Redeemer Keneth Don't worry we will win and u will two gaols
Junior Mashamba Thank you very much cesc fabregas and the whole team..u mac us proud. Happy 2 be In e lst 16
Edwise Eduh Wahuku Congra Fab with all blues players

3 p 110

6.8k reactions 103 comments
Robert Muuo Fabregas is a genius, how did you see Marcos??? Hehe,,, love you guys, making us proud #Chelseadiehards.
Yeboah Vanistelrooy Infact I'm proud of you guy's, for win against West Brom Albion
Surface Samuel D pass maestro d last one left of his kind...... Long live Chelsea, long live fabrepass
Mithun Chandran Pass master🙏🏻..I would like to become a pass machine 😁..
Umar Fabregas Kibs Nice bro blessings allover

Vote 🗳 for my friend Victor Moses who’s been nominated for the #BBCAfricanFootballerOfTheYear 🔝👍🏻

BBC African Footballer of the Year 2017: Voting now open
BBC African Footballer of the Year 2017: Voting now open

Voting for the BBC African Footballer of the Year 2017 has opened. Find out more about the five shortlisted players and cast your vote now.

6.3k reactions 283 comments
Adebayo Oluwabanji as for me i choose victor moses
Lamirou Oumarou Arouna Victor Moses will be winner because he is the champions of English premier League. 👏 👏 👏
Otabor Hero Uyiosa I'm finding it difficult to vote... Victor Moses is the best.
Basheer Abubakar Victor moses will Be the Winner
Peace Rocky Victor Moses all the way

Tomorrow is... Game day!! 🔝 Chelsea Football Club vs Manchester United 🔥 Who's going?? 🙋 🙋‍♂️ #PremierLeague - CFS Team

14.3k reactions 239 comments
Janisar Akhter Dafuqq why they r behaving like that
Ranyy Ciirl with all my Luv & respect to th special1 <3. Bst of luck to th bst midfielder #C4F <3 <3 <3 <3.
Asi de Chelsea You should be bench tomorrow!
Hamis Fazir Kakairee Cesc where are thd those killer passes you used to make

Roma vs Chelsea (Champions league - Group stage)

1.8k reactions 26 comments
Godfrey Precedence Phiri I don't see Cesc at Chelsea next season
Ukpabi Somto hey man !!! your game today wasn't really bad .. anyway , am here to remind you of your word "NEVER GIVE UP"
Tooñiitoo Riivaas 3-0 jajajajajajaja #halamadrid
Dauz Hazard Can u please find another clubs. We dont need u anymore. U are too slow. Dont have a killer passing anymore . U give a wrong pass then u cant get the ball. Please go
Miles Felix Please leave chelsea now,you have done enough harm than good already.

Avui feu 50 anys de casats. Quin llarg camÍ. Gràcies per ser els millors avis del món! Us estimem! 🙏🏻🎉❤️ #NocesdOr

4.5k reactions 33 comments
Scarye Lamar Assist machine
Touboulayefa Obuda Wow
Lancé Fabregas Camara Cesc
Brhane Fsuh 4
Magda Garrucho Felicitats

Black 🔛 Black ❤️

11.8k reactions 148 comments
Bika Boo I SEE ASS +++++
Ashwin V Ranganathan Ozil's better
Afihene Antwi Jr. Fabregas is magic...he wears his magic hat🎶🎶🎶
Youngin Gabu My skin is black Have u listened story of Oj
Eric Nathaniel This is why you don't have any strength

I’ll never give up 💪. Thanks for my #1of1 Beats by Dre Antoine Griezmann show us what you got!

16.7k reactions 78 comments
Ofcóurséitx Zamâni Máëyõrkún Elli #Fàb4
Lutchie Ibas Maray Love it more..
Raghav Rajesh Magician 💙🌈
Michael Chimezie #Cesc Fàbregas I love your passes...
Dean Van Castel all time king of assists n football master

Chelsea VS Roma (Champions League - Groups stage)

2.5k reactions 26 comments
Samula Tonny We are one people
Sandra Twyman Come on CHELSEA XXX
Katarzyna Wolak Chelsea <3
Joan Bennett Chelsea FC be intelligent , motivated, and truely focused tonight and then we won't have any problems !!!!
Kingsley N Uwakwe Hope you guys win today And no more shitty performance

Training for tomorrow. W Alvaro Morata & Antonio Rüdiger 💪🏻🔝

15.1k reactions 78 comments
Ryan Deans Gotsta get me one of those warmups
Mamadou Bhoye Diallo Good lock
Tienny Kharis Nnah All the best Cesc.
Ayub Mugo do us proud pliz.Lav u guys
Anderson Muñoz Que banda Chelsea FC 😍❤

My legend ⭐️

10.0k reactions 74 comments
Kenny Chelsian Githumbi our legend cesc love u forever pass master!!!
Kizzy RuntØwñ Loved
Barack Johnathany Good child
Nanda Thu Rein Lynn Cute bae
Blanca Monroy Bello ...

Thank you to the team at A League Of Their Own and James Corden for having me, it was one of the funniest shows I've ever been to! Also, thanks for letting me add a Guinness World Records to my collection! 😜

9.6k reactions 198 comments
Salvador Morales Rocio Val que miedo quiero jugar 😅😱
Jason Murphy Calum Ennis Cesc the magician
Francesca Lamantea Mattea Tosetti che cazz sta facendo sto Cesc
Ali Hassan Butt Hira Shuja pagal he ye bnda 😂
Stefan Pabst Simon Pabst, Fabio Brühwiler, Fabian Baier, Lars Tönz, Marc Bühler, Marc Genton, Philippe Pipo Wiesli, Roman Brammer, Branko Moravac, Marc Obrist, Samuel Löhrer --> sowas bruchemer au :D

6 sprints against @musonda Who do you think will win? 🤔 #unlike 😂 Thanks @leeparkertv

7.2k reactions 34 comments
Rezan Zibari Geniet even van 1 min vol ❤️❤️❤️ Paulineke Lumer Lisa Rensink Esther van der Maten
Ahmad Al Masri Xoxo
Asad Ahmadzai Hi
Felix Nnaa Musonda
Farhan Khalifa Banani How much did you pay Mussonda? lol

What a big win!! Incredible performance from all the boys. Very deserved win. Now let’s prepare for another big game on Saturday. 💪🏻🙏🏻

31.8k reactions 385 comments
Damian Peters Who also noticed that it's HAZARD that took the picture.😂
Ifeco Biggy Ogu I love you guys.. A job Weldon. Shame to Diego
Amanda Gallacher Very impressive performance! So proud of you all💙
Okezie Anthony Bebiri Anaba Great team spirit from ya all. Fab d Fabulous throw that killer pass on Saturday. Great game from you guys. You are da bomb.
Fatbardh Sahiti Unbelievable guys 👍 great performance

Atlético de Madrid vs Chelsea - Champions League: groups

2.1k reactions 42 comments
Kamal Kamal good luk cesc 😉😉
Abdalla Hassan Baliil We will win That games
Mohd Rozaidi #KTBFFH 💪👏👏
Jimmy Paul Cruz Go Chelsea. ..!
လက္ပံပင္သား ခ်မ္းခ်မ္း We well win ..#UCL

Important win today. Now to focus on wednesday in Madrid for another big game. 💪🏻

19.9k reactions 178 comments
Mohamed Mohamud Baari I am arsenal fun I steal relax your ball legend
Mohamud Osman Mohamud I Hope To Lose Against Atletico Madrid Because They Are so Strong Team
Maxamed Hassen Isaack Thanks CeC fabregas plz help my Yung boy Chelsea play #morata
Iichrake Fàbregas OMG vs ATM *-*,tht shouldnt B missed *-*!
Matic Kaenx Kipp'sluiz Good one pass master ...hope youllbe selected to start...

Great to play #NBA2K18 tonight whilst The Glove is in town! Gary Payton

6.9k reactions 29 comments
Sang Huynh Toan Van
Ademir Kičić Semir Bajrektarević
Seifeddine Ben Abdallah Ahmed Kharroubi fech ta3ml linna??
Sep Ehr Samuel Joseph McInnis man Hector needs a haircut
Nann Yit Lone Love u all cfc ♥ ♥

🚨 Another weekend, another game! 🚨 🔵⚽️#CHEAFC⚽️🔵

9.0k reactions 94 comments
Myles Chelseaholic Hazard Amufa We'll win. Get on the scoresheet
Sylvester Max Charley The King of Assist
Paul Lynch Wenger out
Zerubbabel Haruna Tubi Another trashing for arsenal
Hezekiah Nuhu Majinga Please give us an exciting weekend, I wish you guys good luck.

Great start. Now let's focus on Sunday 👌🏻

16.7k reactions 133 comments
Reginald Agu Very important pls lod the pass the rest is history
Obitalent Nwaorji Yes bro,is going to be massive game come on Sunday
Abiodun Oluwaseun Jegede I really love this guy on ball
Pedrou Rodriguez Jr. Congratulations fab do ur bxt to save Chelsea
Emmanuel Ug Hi Cesc, Do U Regret Leaving Arsenal Or Barca?

Solid game yesterday. I can't wait to be back in the Champions League. 😅

24.9k reactions 131 comments
Chisango Immanuel Garikai Great performance.I like your vision
Emmanuel Omotosho Cesc, you are always very important in every game. Well done.
Sandra Twyman You are the best. Love it when you are in the team.xxx
Eden Ranging Hazard Remember you are the player who made costa popular # juxt your passes # hope morata 'll follow up
Samula Tonny It was solid but we have good player like you

Leicester City VS Chelsea

4.1k reactions 39 comments
Ibrahim Ysani good luck
Hoàng Thái Sơn Dzũng Béo xem ko anh
Raphael Lakafia my player I count on you for this match that the win be at the rendezvous and good match has you we support you
Ahmed Yusuf Win and clean shit
Athan Iyalla Iyalla Enwere Good luck guys.

Goodnight Chelsea Football Club 📸 #StamfordBridge

26.0k reactions 79 comments
Sibusiso Sange Fabre-pass 🙌🙏
Rahandi Diaby Good night m'y friends Fans 😚
Richard Quarshie Gudnite great goal last weekend
Chris Tenobwoy Horlami Assist King
Kingsley Nwajesus Laziho Sexy player.. Muah muah
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