Céline Dion
01:01 01/12/2018

Céline Dion's cover photo

Céline Dion

Céline Dion's cover photo

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Julita Havana
Hello miss celine Dion! You are my favorite singer international hope you read my messege you do not know how much i love you because of your great singer and your songs is very nice and beautiful thats why i admired you and i love you thank you for coming soon here in philippines you have so many fans here specially me..and your a beautiful also..my favorite song is because you love me,...and i love you,...goodluck and take care..bye!!!
Vincent Gavroche
Vous voir sur scène est véritablement quelque chose et des moments inoubliables...amusez vous bien Celine lors de cette tournée asiatique 😘💖😘♥️😘💙😘💜😘💚😘🧡
SuperTina Aguilera Samora Portal
My worldest favourite Female singer #canadian queen 😘😘😚😚😚😚
Margaret Knowles
Love you and I pray I can hear you sing at another concert...you are fantastic!!!
Raharisoa Maminiaina Julie
Your are the best. You have many fans who love you very much in Madagascar. I wish i could enjoy your live show once in my lifetime!
Richard Hatch
Celine, is one my fav singers! Hey from Florida 😎
Sebastián Eduardo
Me encantan tus canciones Celine y me han dado fuerzas para seguir adelante en muchas oportunidades 😊 Dios quiera que hagas un tour para Argentina!!!
Rommel Latorre Lesano
We can’t wait you here in Manila Philippines. We love 💕 you so much!
Francisco Alejandro Rabía Hernández
I'm waiting for you, please come to México 🇲🇽
Lhianne Mae Castrences
I here you will be here in Philippines to have your concert. I and my whole family badly love your songs God knows that. I am very very much excited to see you here but I think I WON't BE ABLE to watch this upcoming event because of its cost but we'll be contented to know and see you o TV if that day came. Hope you enjoy Philippines and for the sure success of your concert. 😍😍😘😘
Agu Ormachea Pedraza
Come to Argentina please. 🇦🇷 You're the best!!!!!
Aye Thida
I wish I could enjoy your live show once in my lifetime.
Juan Bermudez
Céline Dion - #TeamCéline Please Bring Your Tour to South America - We Love you so much - We Need You - #CelineToSouthAmerica #BuenosAires #RioDeJaneiro #Santiago #Lima #Bogota #SaoPaulo #Mexico
Roz Uchechi
I wish I can attend your life show where you will perform "All by myself" or any other of your songs. I seriously love you and your songs #No1fan
Samson Odeh
Well well Even the people that lived in Sithole luv you I know you can never come to African Sithole according to Trump

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À la douce mémoire de René Angélil ... Il sera toujours avec nous 16 janvier 1942 - 14 janvier 2016 *** In Loving Memory of René Angélil … Always with us January 16, 1942 - January 14, 2016

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Tina Merkouris Rene was such a class act. Always spoke to and treated everyone around him like an equal. I will never forget all the dinners we arranged at the Bell Centre with their families. It was always an honor to watch the love between he and Celine.
Mary Simon Marshall Time passes so fast but memories stay in the heart forever. There'll always be a void. You have your boys and you will have the strength through them. Rene will always be with you he is all around you. Prayers and thoughts are with you all 💐 xx
Liz Bergquist Remember he will be Always Beside you every step you take. In the little things you do daily that remind you of him. Cherish all your memories of Rene together as A family & Remember that He Always knew you were Strong Enough! Have A Beautiful Blessed ...
La Carol Always take care of yourself. René will continue to live in your heart and that of your children. On this very painful day, remember that he only wanted the best for you. Enjoy your family as much as you can, take time for them and for yourself. I love ...
Cynthia McGlothlin Thank you for sharing your memory of your beloved husbands death anniversary. I share mine every year on his death anniversary on 2-20-94. People think differently because I do. But, one thing, he was not their husband, their love of their life. ...

Je suis sincèrement désolée d’annuler un autre concert ce soir, en plus des deux représentations de la semaine dernière. Prendre la décision d’annuler un spectacle est extrêmement difficile, sachant en plus que tant de gens se déplacent et viennent de loin pour me voir à Las Vegas. Sachez que cette décision n’est pas prise à la légère. Quand je ne vais pas bien, je fais toujours tout ce qui est en mon pouvoir pour monter sur scène. J’ai eu beaucoup de mal à terminer le spectacle d’hier et j’y ai passé mes dernières énergies. Mon médecin m’a donc ordonné le repos pour ce soir. Vous êtes mes plus grands supporteurs et je suis dévastée de vous décevoir. J’espère que vous pourrez me pardonner. Céline xx…

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Kathleen Gushue No apologies are necessary Celine. You are human just like the rest of us, we get sick sometimes. You need to listen to your body and your doctors. Take care of yourself first. Your fans will understand, always. I've been lucky enough to see you ...
Dyanna Uhlott Denari We want you to be able to continue sharing your music with us, so take this time off to HEAL! If you push too hard and hurt your vocal folds, it will take longer to bounce back. I'm proud you have such a wonderful work ethic, but we understand you ...
Michael Andriano-Esq You had to cancel your show last year when I was coming to see you and like me, all your fans totally understand! Protect that great voice of yours and get well!❤️
Guylaine Richer Tout le monde peut être malade, nous ne sommes pas des machines et toi non plus alors oui certainement il y aura des gens qui sont déçus mais pour toi c’est mieux ainsi soignes toi bien!
Loyz Carpentier Céline, quand les gens ne vont pas bien, ils appellent leur employeur et ne se présentent simplement pas. C'est triste pour les gens qui viennent te voir, c'est une malchance. Mais, tu es un être humain qui a le droit d'être malade. Les spectateurs ...

**TONIGHT'S SHOW CANCELLED** We regret to inform you that tonight’s performance (Saturday, January 13) of Céline at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace has been cancelled. Céline is suffering from congestion and throat irritation due to a cold. Céline is expected to resume performances at The Colosseum as scheduled on Tuesday, January 16. Céline, Caesars Palace, and AEG Presents apologize for any inconvenience this causes ticket holders. Ticket holders for the cancelled performance should be aware of the following: TICKET REFUNDS Credit Cards – Orders purchased with a credit card for the cancelled performance will be refunded to the credit card used for purchase. Cash - Those who purchased tickets with cash may present tickets at the original point of sale for a refund. - Team Céline

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Carmen Di Staulo Celiine take the time to rest and enjoy life take a little break its not like you are missing money your health is the most important thing you have that money does not buy. Enjoy your kids and take more time for yourself this is my advice for you. Stop ...
Tiffany Evors We have tickets for Wednesday, January 17, really hoping she’s better by then ... but as someone that just got over bronchitis, I totally understand being sick like this and how it affects you! I sing as well, and my voice has been trash the last couple ...
Judy Irish I really hope she is allowed to rest and recover because her shows and schedule takes alot of energy and especially with her beautiful strong voice. There is a flu epidemic out there and we don't want Celine to be struck down by that nasty virus as ...
Coty Johnson Man I hate this brought my mother. We flew in this morning from Georgia. Have had tickets for months and months spent lots of money to be here. I feel so bad she is so sick! Our hearts are devastated.
Sara James Celine should take a week or more if she need it but not to organize a concert, leave people pay for it and deleted the show the last day. I love Céline and I don't blame her.. She is a human not a machin. But she really should do it because we don't ...

Céline Dion's cover photo

8.4k reactions 379 comments
Julita Havana Hello miss celine Dion! You are my favorite singer international hope you read my messege you do not know how much i love you because of your great singer and your songs is very nice and beautiful thats why i admired you and i love you thank you for ...
Vincent Gavroche Vous voir sur scène est véritablement quelque chose et des moments inoubliables...amusez vous bien Celine lors de cette tournée asiatique 😘💖😘♥️😘💙😘💜😘💚😘🧡
SuperTina Aguilera Samora Portal My worldest favourite Female singer #canadian queen 😘😘😚😚😚😚
Margaret Knowles Love you and I pray I can hear you sing at another concert...you are fantastic!!!
Raharisoa Maminiaina Julie Your are the best. You have many fans who love you very much in Madagascar. I wish i could enjoy your live show once in my lifetime!

New year, new tour! I am thrilled to announce I’ll be touring the Asia-Pacific region this summer and I can't wait to perform for you. I’ll be back in Tokyo and Macao after 10 years, and I will also have the pleasure to visit for the first time ever Singapore, Jakarta, Taipei, Manila and Bangkok! I hope to see you there to celebrate this tour with me! - Céline :) 👉 http://www.celinedion.com/tour *** Nouvelle année, nouvelle tournée! C’est avec grand plaisir que je vous annonce ma tournée en Asie-Pacifique cet été. Je serai de retour à Tokyo et Macao après 10 ans et j’aurai aussi la chance de visiter pour la toute première fois Singapour, Jakarta, Taipei, Manille et Bangkok. J’espère vous retrouver et célébrer cette belle tournée avec vous! – Céline :) 👉 http://www.celinedion.com/tour

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Heidi Knights Hoepfner Beautiful singer and performer! You are the reason I learned the french language! I love all your french songs and didn't even know what they meant. So I learned this beautiful language...thank you! Someday I hope to see you live....
Beatrice Silia Je suis contente pour tes fans de l autre côté de la planète...nous avons déjà eu l énorme chance de te voir deux été de suite en Europe ce fût deux été merveilleux et mémorable .....j aspire ton futur retour en Europe qui sait peut-être l année ...
Flávio Oliveira I get so happy to know that you’re going on a big world tour, I know how much you love it. I am very happy for those who can see you in their hometown, but at the same time I get very sad and (once again) disappointed that you have not mentioned Brasil ...
Abraham Manurung Whoa finally us your Indonesian fans will get to see you live on stage!🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 I guarantee you that your concert here in Jakarta will be overflowing with your devoted fans... Looking forward to meeting you here in Jakarta. All the best for you Celine. 🤗
Brylle Petilla Oh my God!!! At last shes coming to the Philippines!!! 😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️ a one day concert is not enough for her in Manila.. it should he a three day concert!!’

**TONIGHT'S SHOW CANCELLED** We regret to inform you that tonight’s performance (Tuesday, January 9) of "Céline" at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace has been cancelled. Céline is recovering from inflammation of the throat and her doctor has instructed her to take one more day of rest in order to fully recover. Céline is expected to resume performances at The Colosseum as scheduled on Friday, January 12. Céline, Caesars Palace and AEG Presents apologize for any inconvenience this causes ticket holders. Ticket holders for the cancelled performance should be aware of the following: TICKET REFUNDS Credit Cards – Orders purchased with a credit card for the cancelled performance will be refunded to the credit card used for purchase. Cash - Those who purchased tickets with cash may present tickets at the original point of sale for a refund. - Team Céline

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Stephanie H Jourdan I feel like these shows should be cancelled the morning of the event and no later in instances like this. Since Celine is sick and has been since late last week today’s show should’ve been canceled yesterday. There’s no need for Celine to have to stress ...
Pauline Panter Laing To Those who have a go at her STOP no one can help being poorly i was over xmas and new year she human not a robot not her fault the show has been cancelled no one can help being poorly cel💖ne your health is everything take it easy and rest well your ...
Linda Kleinhans Frank Katte I️ don’t think Celine meant to get sick. Just buy tickets at the last minute next time. Please don’t blame her. When she comes to your town make a night of it. Vegas has much entertainment to pick from. I️ would ever blame Celine for the problem. I️ saw ...
Aaron Carter Saw her last week! She was amazing! I had another ticket booked which was the cancelled show, I accept that and plan to re visit later in the year if she schedules more shows. There is more to Vegas than Celine
Jeanie Carr Man some people just don't get it NO matter what singers actresses actors etc. GET SICK . would it be good for you to hear them Why of course however She is LEGIT sick honestly I watched the new years gig like I always do and low and behold SHE sounded ...

Je suis attristée d’apprendre le décès de France Gall. Elle nous manquera beaucoup. J’offre mes plus sincères condoléances à sa famille et ses proches. - Céline xx... I’m very sad to hear about France Gall's passing. She will be dearly missed by many. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. - Céline xx…

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Michaël Visconte MERCI Céline vous serez présente ce soir sur france 2 au côtés de France Gall pour la chanson Ziggy, en hommage à notre France gall on n'y crois pas quelle soit décédée, elle rejoint sa fille pauline et michel berger au pays des doux anges et ça c'est ...
Himawan Iwan Selamat malam, saya penggemarmu dari indonesia, i love yuo
Catherine Francoise france gall et michel berger ensenble pour autre vie a partager
Laurence Coutier-grasset Nous, nous joignons à toi, Céline dans cette période bien triste où nous perdons nos artistes français qui ont marqué des générations. Ils vont tous nous manquer énormément. Ils doivent bien s'amuser là -haut, tous réunis et en paix ! Prends soin de ...
Melissa Caramiel Pyron Oui nous avons perdus une nouvelle fois une artiste de talent. C'est décès d'artistes permet de rappeler à chaque instant que personne est éternel malheureusement...Merci à Céline Dion pour ses quelques mots. Ce n'étais pas une artiste de ma génération ...

**TONIGHT'S SHOW CANCELLED** We regret to inform you that tonight’s performance (Saturday, January 6) of "Céline" at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace has been cancelled. Céline is not feeling well and is on doctor’s orders to take tonight to rest. Céline is expected to resume performances at The Colosseum as scheduled on Tuesday, January 9. Céline, Caesars Palace and AEG Presents apologize for any inconvenience this causes ticket holders. Ticket holders for the cancelled performance should be aware of the following: TICKET REFUNDS Credit Cards – Orders purchased with a credit card for the cancelled performance will be refunded to the credit card used for purchase. Cash - Those who purchased tickets with cash may present tickets at the original point of sale for a refund. - Team Céline

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Marianne Gonin J'espère vraiment de tout mon coeur, que tu vas très vite aller mieux ma chanteuse préférée; que j'aime beaucoup et tes chansons aussi.
Jane Shaw Feel sorry for those that were going to see her..Have been lucky enough to see her 3 times in Vegas the last time being the same night that Renee died and she gave her all then even though it must have been hard for her so she must be really sick to ...
Andrew Crawford That's why I refuse to book a trip to Las Vegas to see her, Celine cancelled a concert in Belfast years ago, it's a regular occurence. Her management shouldn't let her organise concerts so far in advance if she's not fit to do them. PERIOD.
Brian McGillian Thank you Celine, I needed inspiration on how to call off work on Monday. This will serve as a great template and if they don’t like it I’ll tell them that’s the way it is.
Margot Kimmel There should be a compensation hotline for people who have forked out a lot of money to go to the shows then to find its cancelled.Some have to save long and hard and and are getting over illnesses or its a trip of a life time, a dream come true to be ...

Had great fun chatting with Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen on New Year's Eve. Wishing everyone a wonderful 2018, filled with laughter, joy and the best of health....and peace throughout the world. ❤️✌🏻❤️ – Céline xx… 📸 : Cashman

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Annie Saulnier Bonne année à tes enfants et à toi Céline ainsi, qu'à toute ta famille. Beaucoup de santé, du bonheur et que tu puisses réaliser tes plus beaux rêves. Je t'embrasse xxx amicalement
Martine Lardin Céline, je te souhaite une très bonne et heureuse année 2018 ainsi qu'à tes enfants et ta famille. Bonheur, joie et santé. Et comme tu le dis si bien, un meilleur monde et la Paix pour tous les pays. Continue à nous faire rêver avec ta magnifique ...
Melissa Fabrini Céline Dion sei da sempre la passione nostra e ancora canti a 50 anni ma solo se..Martina Stoessel ti porta con la musica a Buenos Aires nell' Eldorado Big Theatre a fare THE EVOLUTION ON TOUR LIVE in casa di Violetta..ti rendi conto? grazie a lei il ...
Brigitte Guerrin Merci Céline bonne et heureuse année a tes enfants et ta famille et oui que la paix règne dans le monde gros bisous je t adore
Murphy Ngoy Wa Kabuya Céline Dion je suis un africain et un congolais, peut tu me dire pourquoi je rêve de toi ? Je veux juste te dire que si tu étais la mort moi j'accepte de devenir un cadavre pour que je te touche même une fois

Check in with me live on stage tonight in Las Vegas when I join Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen on CNN. New Year’s Eve Live on CNN starts at 8pm ET. Happy New Year!! 🎉 – Céline xx… #CNNNYE ✨💫 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ 💫✨ 📸 : Denise Truscello

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Deborah Ace I love your haircut, Celine ! That looks beautiful on you:)
Brenda Soroka Can't wait, sitting up in the mezzanine.
Jeroen Boeijinga wish i could watch dont have the channel hope it wil come online as well no time have to work just like you honey and you know this well
Lucy Arnone I dont have cable anymore so I'll be watching Steve Harvey to see Celines feed from her show...next best thing from being in Vegas..Happy New Year, Celine!!
Krystal Krystal then we turn dis world into a 'one world', i b d president n u b d vice. with that we b d greatest couples!...

Céline's back on stage tonight at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace! Are you ready to dance with us? 💃💃 - Team Céline 📸 : Denise Truscello

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Lara-Jane Bell Tor Cameron get your dancing shoes on
Howard Stringham Happy New Year to you and the boys! Please keep inspiring us !
Tam Kai Vo I'll be there tonight!!!!
Linda Godin Tonight is the night we've been waiting for!! 😍
Maki Yaoita I came for support from Japan! I will watch a show today, tomorrow, and January 2. it's the best.

Spend the last day of the year with Céline! Watch her performance on #NYEonFox! - Team Céline 🎉🎉 📸 Denise Truscello

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Marie Lydia Fanjahelimalala C'est une excellente idée de terminer l'année en beauté en compagnie de notre Céline adorée, rien que d'entendre sa voix en Or me donne de la joie. Elle est la meilleure et adorable. <3 <3
Marlene Pellerin I will be there Celine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!
Cleopas Marororo Chipfunde Definitely will be there
Julie Allwood Celine you look very happy at your concert and cool and singing one of you favourite songs.
Esther Koch Celine you rock momma !! Merry Christmas to you and your family. _O💚💜💙🌹🌹🎸🎵🎼

Guess who was with Céline in the studio last night?! Check it out on her Instagram! ;) - Team Céline 📸 Denise Truscello

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Vincent Gavroche Waouuuuuw,qu’elle belle photo 😍😍 vraiment,vraiment hâte d’entendre votre nouvel album Celine,ça va être un grand et beau moment comme à chaque fois 💜💙
Michał Matejczuk I am looking for ,,Would I know" in hQ :)
Rayhan Akbar Granny still u r the best
Christopher Boulard Bon enregistrement céline. Tu vas nous faire un super album. Tu vas nous surprendre j en doute pas c est toi la meilleur. Hate de le decouvrir☺☺☺
Adetayo Adewoyin I need a relationship a god fearing woman. a loving caring n romantic also good on bed. should hit me up?peace

Happy 12th Birthday, Studio at the Palms!!....Love it here...especially making beautiful music with my friend Stephan Moccio and this cast of mischievous characters! - Céline 🎤🎧🎼🎶 📸Denise Truscello

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Francesca Romana Mammarella Happy birthday Celine ...have a good healthy, happy family and more inspiring songs to make ...
Adama Baba Yara Hbd to you. Long life health joy... Lot of good things to you. You are the only one that i love...
Jeroen Boeijinga cant wait making me very curious hard working girl i am proud of you very proud
Oreste Ragni Very beautiful looking so beautiful, beautiful sweetness fantastic Celine hi
Calleen Fuhriman Jenson Love to you Celine! You are the queen of song!

« C'est une belle histoire d'amour et de rédemption. Du bien qui l'emporte sur le mal. » - Céline Juste à temps pour les Fêtes! Laissez-vous porter par la magie du film La Belle et la Bête, maintenant disponible en Blu-ray et en Digital HD. 🥀 🥀 🥀 « It's a beautiful story about love and redemption. About good winning over evil. » - Céline Right on time for Christmas! Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Beauty and the Beast, now available on Blu-ray and Digital HD.

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Sylvie Dumas Je ne l’ai pas vu encore !!!!! Amélie Allard faut l écouter durant les fêtes !!!!!!
Sara Alhadad You're amazing Celine😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘. Your voice can take us to a wonderful world full of peace and love
Meriem Rahmani Wonderfull song ....i love you so Much dear Céline 😍😗😗
Marin Daniel Catalin bonjour Céline ,on trouve où votre blue ray ou digital HD ? dans quel magasin ?j'ai la collection au complet de Céline
Natalie Bonham Routh Beautiful song, beautiful message, beautiful voice. Thank you Celine for bringing the message of love through your music❤️

Je suis très triste d'apprendre le décès de Johnny Hallyday. Il était un géant du show-business ... une véritable légende! J’ai une pensée pour sa famille, ses proches et ses millions de fans qui l'adorent. Il nous manquera beaucoup, mais ne sera jamais oublié. - Céline xx... I'm very sad to hear the news that Johnny Hallyday just passed away. He was a giant in show business...a true icon! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, his loved ones, and to the millions of fans who adored him for many decades. He will be sadly missed, but never forgotten. - Céline xx… Photo: Gérard Schachmes

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Linda Paturol C'est vraiment très douloureux de ne plus le savoir près de nous. Il est totalement impossible de l'oublier. Il seras dans nos cœurs à jamais et je suis persuadé que les nouvelles générations l'aimeront aussi malgré son absence.
Roseline HG Mon coeur est triste pour Johnny mais mon amie Nathalie qui chantais que du Céline à merveille deux émotions fortes une belle photo des deux meilleurs voix partie tout deux en quelques jours de différences novembre mortel pour tous
Edna Hamelin Martin Pour nous au Québec cest un grand homme avec un tallent extras ordinaire un géant de la chançon que nous perdont !! Je suit tres triste !! Je t,aime Johnny Hollyday❤️😘😢
Clément Lgrg Souvenir de novembre 2012, l'enregistrement de l'ampex pour France 2 du duo réunissant Céline et Johnny. Un moment unique et un grand bonheur d'y être pour les applaudir !
Joana Cardoso Na década de 60 , eu morava numa pequena cidade do interior de S. Paulo/ Brasil , quando ouvi i Johnny pela primeira vez . Ele marcou tanto a minha geração , que eu descobri que existia Paris ( rs), e me apaixonei pela França aonde ja estive mais de ...

Finally had a chance to catch Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil last night, and was able to say hi and congratulate cast and crew backstage, including our friend and Artistic Director, Sandi Croft, who danced with me for 5 years during 'A New Day'. Great show, lots a fun! - Céline xx... #Zumanity #CirqueDuSoleil

18.0k reactions 320 comments
Mohamed Wahid I love you so much .you are the queen of sensation
Mitrea Andrea Wonderful are you and the magic of people who work at Cirque du soleil...bravo
Maria Neff My husband and I saw zumanity in our honeymoon. Sexy and fun!
Maarten Schriks Great people! Cirque du soleil and Celine are incredible amazing!
Louise Houde Lelou La plus belle, la plus naturelle est Céline! Sont tous beaux mais Céline, la vraie de vraie!

BLACK FRIDAY Want to add a little bit more Céline in your life? Let’s celebrate #BlackFriday together! Shop in the Boutique today and enjoy up to 30% sale: http://bit.ly/2zWcYc2 - Team Céline 🙌🎉

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Huguette Poulin je lé b c écouté
Sara Iordache I love you Celine!
Line Lykke Aller Yes please!!
Pam Donnelly I'm there!!
Sandra Sane La commende est fait 👍😄

**SPECTACLE DE CE SOIR ANNULÉ** Nous avons le regret de vous informer que le spectacle "Céline" de ce soir (mercredi 22 novembre) au The Colosseum at Caesars Palace a été annulé. Céline se remet de spasmes douloureux au bas du dos, et a reçu l'ordre du médecin de se reposer. Céline devrait reprendre ses représentations au Colosseum, comme prévu le vendredi 24 novembre. Céline, Caesars Palace et AEG Presents offrent leurs sincères excuses aux détenteurs de billets pour les désagréments occasionnés par la situation. - Team Céline

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Annette Trujillo I remember second to the last time I seen Celine. It was 50/50 chance she was going to perform. I was praying so hard. And crying too. But she performed and was well enough.
Madge Huntingdon Hope you feel better soon Lovley lady. Northing worse than back pain. Happy thankgiveing to you and the boys. 💗💙💙💙xxxx.
Shannon Straughn Aww, so sorry to the fans :( She would be the only reason I would go to Vegas and would be heartbroken. But, even though she is in phenomenal shape, she is almost 50!! I've been down with a bad back for the last 10 days. Getting off the couch was ...
Linda Bentzel Back spasms are very painful. Take the take to relax and I am sure that you feel just as disappointed as your fans do. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a Happy Thanksgiving. Much love to you and your family.
Kent Vogel Celine, take hot shallow baths in the tub for twenty minutes. @ inches if depth of hot water, as hot as you can stand,. Be careful to not burn yourself. No higher than 109 degrees F. I have mega hit songs for sale already registered in the Library Of ...

I'm deeply saddened by the recent passing of genius designer Azzedine Alaïa. An incredible creator and truly one-of-a-kind. My prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends, and all those who loved him. - Céline xx…

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Analiza Ponsal Condolence to his family....
الحسناوى شمس لن تغيب Rip and condolences to his family
Marie Thérese Amoros t inquietes t en a tellement des couturiers tu ne manqueras pas de fringues apres rip a azzedine alaia
Linda Lee Andrews Sorry to hear about your loss..God Bless you Celine... I'm a big fan of your... I love you very much & your boys too..💜!!
Marie Lydia Fanjahelimalala Céline a un coeur. grand, et compatissant , un coeur sans frontière , elle ne met pas des différences entre les humains. Un très beau geste de paix et d'unité. Bravo. Sincères condoléances à sa famille et que son âme repose en paix.

Aujourd’hui, nous célébrons les 20 ans de «Let’s Talk About Love», un des albums de Céline ayant connu le plus de succès. 15 titres pour lesquels Céline a eu de merveilleuses collaborations avec les plus grandes voix de ce monde. On y retrouve entre autres le hit planétaire «My Heart Will Go On», la chanson thème du film Titanic. La chanson a reçu l’Oscar pour la meilleure chanson originale ainsi que deux Grammys pour la chanson et l’enregistrement de l’année. Ce titre a atteint la première place des classements mondiaux et est devenu le plus grand succès de la carrière de Céline. Avec «Let’s Talk About Love», Céline a réussi à surpasser la notoriété et les ventes de son album précédent, ce qui a fait d’elle la chanteuse la plus populaire de la planète. À ce jour, «Let’s Talk About Love» est l’un des albums les plus vendus au monde. Et vous, quelle est votre chanson préférée de cet album? - Team Céline 🎉🎈

40.8k reactions 1297 comments
Leonardo Forestieri Ok. Where is the anniversary edition? A vinyl? Bonus tracks? Where is the DVD of the non-French legs of the tour? So many things must be in Sony/Celine's management vaults to be released to celebrate the anniversary! Ok, to answer the question, in my ...
Deborah Brewbaker So hard to choose a favorite! This was my second Céline album. The Reason and Us are two of my favorites from this album. Can’t believe it’s been 20 years!
Edward Radley I grew listen "To love you more", "Miles to go", "My heart will go on" and "Let's talk about love" every time until I learned the lyrics. Actually, this was a gift from my mother when I was 5, and I started to improve my english
David Lesage The best album, and her voice was on the peek of perfection! Each song is special and means something to me! But I remember signing over ‘My Heart Will Go On’ all day long and my mom was yelling at me ‘close your bedroom door!’ Lolllll ❤️
Ewelina Kowalska I remember being 16 when i got the album as a present. I used the little booklet and sang along with Celine. At that time my english was not really good so I thought that is a good way to learn. I still know all lyrics by heart. Every song has something ...

Céline Dion's cover photo

18.9k reactions 324 comments
Laura Elliott You look like Elsa when she sings Let It Go.
Maria Fernanda Silva Montes Maravilhosa, perfeita, com uma voz inconfundível. Uma mulher com mita sensibilidade.
Webster Sanford When you call for me it took my breath away
Valérie Lafleche On aimerais avoir un dvd de spectacle pourquoi pas de réponse et pas eu de dvd fais très longtemps ???
Jeremiah Grady RRR! The greatest singer of this age! No one makes hits like the Canadian goddess! RRR!

Céline has announced 26 new shows for her Las Vegas residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, scheduled from March 27th to April 18th and from May 22nd to June 9th, 2018. Stay tuned, tickets go on sale Friday November 17th. 👉 http://www.celinedion.com/tour - Team Céline 📸 Denise Truscello

49.5k reactions 1531 comments
Lorna V Stewart It's nice to dream dreams don't come true she's a lovely lady and I love her music I continue listening on CDs I hope your everybody goes enjoy themselves god bless xx
John Main Hopefully another European tour. Leeds 2nd August was amazing. Be great to see you back again in Leeds. 😉
Angeem Mohammed You are my favorite, You are the best 😍😍She’s beautiful and an incredible voice . her dress amazing 👍👍 but always love her 🎶
Johanne La Panthère Bonjour Céline, le 24 nov. prochain j'aurais 52 ans. Je serais présente avec mon mari Marc-Olivier Lavoie à ton spectacle pour célébrer mes 52 ans. Je m'avais toujours promis d'aller te voir à Las Vegas. L'année dernière quand nous sommes allés tu ...
Federico Veronese I have to tell you a secret: my dream is to do the makeup on Celine Dion. To me she represents elegance and noble beauty. Besides the fact that she sings beautifully!

Last night, Céline and DJ Steve Aoki performed live together at OMNIA Nightclub in support of the Las Vegas shooting’s victims. - Team Céline #VegasStrong #HakkasanGroup #BenefitConcert 📸 Denise Truscello

17.0k reactions 299 comments
陳天昀 Wow, Pretty awesome on The Stage by Celine Dion! I Love your extremely Song from Voice.
Manoel Jason Soares Além de ser uma das maiores cantoras do mundo, é de um coração humanitário inigualável, I Love you Celine Dion
Melanie Deneault OMG !!!! Je crois que tu as un vrai désordre mental cher ami hahahah .... Acause des gens comme toi que ton peuples passe pour du vrai n'importe quoi.... Institut Pinel à mtl serai ta place je crois .... Pardonnez lui seigneur , car il ne sait ce qu'il ...
Josette Christiaens Tu est formidable comme toujours ! Merci pour les familles que tu soutient merci ! 😁
Dana Covert You go girl. I'm proud of you for doing this.

Five years ago, Céline released the album “Sans attendre”! Happy Sunday! - Team Céline 🎶☀

16.8k reactions 250 comments
Acacia Willey One of my fave albums!! 💖 Love Celle qui m'a tout appris et Je n'ai pas besoin d'amour!
Giacomo Amato Sei la migliore cantante in tutto il mondo Céline Dion sono un fan da molti anni sul mio pc ho tanta musica The-Power-Of-Love-Live <3 <3 .
Kia Thao We all love Celine Dion she is my favourite singer of all time and she have a beautiful loving voice love her and her beautiful songs of all time.
Jackie Jones My idol would love see her beautiful 💋❤ xxx
Logan Benvenuti L'un de ses meilleurs albums en français! <3 Encore bravo, Céline! Et merci pour ce beau "miracle" musical que tu nous offres depuis plus de 35 ans... Ta voix unique 😘 on t'aime 😍

« Merci à tous ceux qui ont contribué aux succès de cette campagne pour Sainte-Justine, c’est une cause qui m’est très chère. Pour toutes ces personnes extraordinaires qui travaillent à Sainte-Justine, je vous remercie du fond du cœur pour votre générosité et votre dévouement. Merci d’être là pour l’amour des enfants. » - Céline xx… 🙏🏽<3 Depuis 2002, Céline et son défunt mari, René Angélil sont marraine et parrain de Sainte-Justine, un établissement de santé qui se consacre entièrement aux enfants, aux adolescents et aux mères. Le CHU Sainte-Justine est le plus important hôpital universitaire mère-enfant au Canada. - TC "Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this campaign for CHU Sainte-Justine, it is a cause that is dear to my heart. To all the beautiful people who work at Sainte-Justine I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your tender care and dedication, all for the love of the children." - Céline xx... 🙏🏽<3 Since 2002, Céline and her late husband, René Angélil, are godmother and godfather of Sainte-Justine, a health care establishement exclusively dedicated to children, adolescents and mothers. CHU Sainte-Justine is the largest mother-child university hospital in Canada. - TC

27.0k reactions 718 comments
Gary Dawson Thank you Céline Dion for this heartfelt video. All of the Children seen on this video are healed. This is a gift from Saint Beatrice Da Silva.
Christ Dior toutes mes félicitations et beaucoup de courage dans ce défit relevé à travers le monde. Que l'éternel tout puissant t'accorde plus de grâces pour les siècles sans fins. bisous
Patricia Herrera Celine es maravillosa, tiene un gran corazón . La admiro como persona y profesional. Tuve la dicha de verla en las Vegas. Un gran abrazo desde el ultimo rincón del mundo . Chile.
Jessie Gerritsen I didn’t understand anything what you said but mega love you Celine for doing whatever you are doing! Love ❤️
Sylvie Rusk Bravo Céline Dion!Pour ton temps que tu leur donne et tu as bien raison de dire que nous sommes chanceux d'avoir des enfants en santé c'est la plus belle richesse que nous avons !!

I'm happy to be back in studio! Let's get to work! - Céline xx... 🎙🎶 📸 Denise Truscello

39.7k reactions 1235 comments
Emmanuelle N'Guessan Ardhuin Oh ma Céline comme je t'adore j'aimerais tellement te rencontrer te toucher mais ça paraît tellement impossible mais peut être qu'un jour j'espère en tout cas bisous et hâte d'écouter ton nouvel album
Ranus Chong Constantine Without you none of this would be possible, you give my life new meaning, you are my source of strength and inspiration, my reason to be, I love you with all my heart and my soul, more and more each day.
Emilie Garnier Super nouvelle Céline j'espère que tu viendrais en France l'an prochain pour nous présenter le nouveau disque en anglais .on n'a trop hâte de te revoir en France tu nous manques beaucoup. Je t'aime fort mon idole
Marie-Pierre Dubois Céline... Nous avons tous hâte que ce nouvel album sorte, donne nous du rêve, de l'amour, de l'évasion...que l'on occulte un peu toutes ces horreurs dans le monde. Nous t'aimons et serons toujours là pour te soutenir.... courage Céline et beaucoup de ...
Simo Paulamäki Much love to you and your music has reached the far corners of earth and brough joy for many many people.. it is good to see you back in the studio... many kisses from me

Happy Halloween! - Team Céline 😱🎃 📸 Denise Truscello

46.0k reactions 729 comments
Loris Mahinetai Amaru Dear Céline Funny :) Happy Halloween to you Céline and the 3 kids They are happy Happy kids happy Wife :") People needs To be happy and to be Loved Life has be To be continued It's good that you respect the party of the kids They love it and they ...
Malu Austin Lol Happy Halloween Celine, RC, Nelson and Eddy! 👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻
Crystal Ryan Happy Halloween 🎃 Beautiful Gorgeous Stunning Fabulous Wonderful Caring Loving Gifted in every way and you sing like an Angel 👼 Céline Dion wishing you and your twin boys Nelson and Eddy and your son Renee Happy Halloween and Happy Holidays Your my Hero
Camellia Andreeva Happy Halloween Nelson & Eddy & Celine!!! I ADORE YOU SO MUCH!!! CAMELLIA ANDREEVA GENIUS OF THE WORLD
Denise Valdez All of you look "SIMPLY SCARY" Happy Halloween...

Déjà 7 ans, je n’arrive pas à le croire… Comme le temps passe vite! Bonne fête, mes amours! Je suis tellement fière de mes 3 garçons! – Maman xx… 📸 Denise Truscello #denisetruscello

76.2k reactions 2092 comments
Emilie Nicolas Magnifique partage Céline tes garçons sont magnifique et oui sa pousse tellement vite ces bambins. Je suis maman de 4 enfants et chaque jours mes bouchons changent. Joyeux anniversaire les garçons bisous. Love Céline😚😍😘😗
Trish Nalesnik DeMatto *Happy Birthday Eddy and Nelson. Celine, Being a mom is the best job in the world to three boys (just like me). I love how you enjoy capturing all the precious moments of the boys growing up and sharing the pictures. I think we are going to have a new ...
Charlene Jackson Such an awesome picture😊. You and your music are fabulous!! Happy birthday to both you handsome young men. That picture reminds me of my son and I when he was little. Enjoy as many seconds as you can with them, they grow so fast. Continued ...
Elizabeth Collins You are blessed to have your kids now. I'm a widow and I've been alone now for 16 yrs., so yes, Time does fly by quickly! Still have dreams about my late husband, always on my mind still even after all of this time! Keep on loving, laughing, and living!
Phil Bungenaar Hello celine, happy birthday to Eddy and Nelson, my grandson is also 7 yrs old in November, they grow so fast. We came to your show in Las Vegas April 21.we got married the day before we have been together 43yrs lol.i have been a fan of yours for years ...
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