Catherine Zeta-Jones
15:50 09/12/2017

With my ˋwing girl'. Liv and I, take to the sky.

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Arturo Valdovinos
Sweet Catherine Zeta -Jones.!!!
Paul Boucolon
Alexandros Shiakallis
a couple of has beens
Walter Barnes
Luiz Alberto Vianna Rimes
Linda demais maravilhosa
Bill Kenedy
Lovely 😊
Iliya Raschev
Jay Krish Janardhan Pillai
your laughter and your smile are like the sun after a rainy day..have a nice day sweetie. yes its cath
Calum Gray
Shouldn't you be fastened into your seats? Dangerous ladies. 🤔
Katherine Riebe
Funny. Good way to relieve stress from flying 35,000 + feet above Earth.ha!
Lucas J Teter
CZJ, how come I didn't get an invite?
Jose Dubon
Hello greetings happy day princess 😉😍😗😙🌷🌻🌹🌺🌼🌸💓💝💘
Malik Jafer
Beautiful lady and beautiful stayle I love you so much
Vezio Vivanet
Uauuu i host You in my villa near at Torino city or in my reserve_villa near at Sanremo city
D Mark Price
hope your flight is safe. hate those huge bumps! i would kiss the ground when i land lol

Other newsfeed from Catherine Zeta-Jones

In the wings.

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Mari Addari Sempre una bravissima attrice
Nishant Neopani 👌
Mohammed Fihakhir good morning💗
Arturo Valdovinos Bella,bella.!!!
Edwin Flores Que bella

Dearest one and all. Again, thank you all so much for a truly memorable evening at the theater. I still have goose bumps! The welcome I received from you all made me feel like I was home again, I will never forget this night, ever. My love to you, until I see you again, Catherine.

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Utoy Sura ⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🇹🇳️🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓☪️☪️☪️☪️😀😀😀😀🙂🙂🙂🙂🖲️🖲️🖲️🖲️⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH GOD knows I REALLY LOVE YOU **** ******** *****😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳
June Loos ❤️❤️❤️
Bill Kenedy ❤️
Roberto Olympic 💋🎬📽🎥
Veysel Saylik baby😁😀🤣😄😆😎😎😎

Two of my favorite things in one picture. My daddy and my traditional British afternoon tea!!!! Scones, jam, Cornish clotted cream. Just weighing up who comes first! Sorry Daddy😂😘😘😂then I will go and weigh myself😂😂

2.8k reactions 112 comments
Hester Sweetwood Never heard of clotted cream, bet it's really good.
Tommy Kunu Beautiful picture of you and your dad
Joy Debbie Bryant cuppa with home made welsh cakes yummmm my fav enjoy your day with your family xx
Sian Jones Hutson The first thing I eat when I go home.
Jeanine Magnozzi I love that clotted cream, buy in King Kullen

Quick car selfie 😘 #SelfieSaturday

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Kenny Ray #🌏👑* 💋💋💋* ZetA* WiNk 15+++🌹🍦* LaDy DoUGLaS* 🍍💙MuAhh 😍
Chimere Singleton 🙏😍😍🌺🌸🌹💗💓💗✝️
Arturo Valdovinos Beautiful anywhere and always be.!!!
Alan Gregory Very beautiful lady love the picture
Antonio Oliva Even quick you're always intriiguing.

17 years ago today, I said ‘I do’ to my best friend and father of our two and a half month old son. Thought it could never get better than that day, but it did. Happy anniversary darling, Michael. With you, in my life, and Dylan and Carys, every day could be a twelve hour fantastic party at the Plaza in New York. Love you. #love #lovestrong

8.6k reactions 289 comments
CinDee Paladino So VERY HAPPY for you both. Happy Anniversary, here’s to many more wonderful years together. 🥂🌹
Twinkle Suhasini Marak Wishing you both a very happy anniversary...
Hih Arianna Romanov Oh how beautiful!!! Happy Anniversary!!! God bless!
Doina Zegers Happy Anniversary , Catherine and Michael! Blessing to you both!
Gemma Ruby Hernandez Happy Anniversary! Today is my grandparents anniversary too.

Here it is! The official trailer for my upcoming movie, Cocaine Godmother on Lifetime. Such a thrill playing Griselda Blanco. I can't wait for you all to see it on January 20!

‘Cocaine Godmother’: Lifetime Lines Up Trailer & Premiere Date For Catherine Zeta-Jones Telefilm; 2 Other Pics Dated
‘Cocaine Godmother’: Lifetime Lines Up Trailer & Premiere Date For Catherine Zeta-Jones Telefilm; 2 Other Pics Dated

Cocaine Godmother, the Lifetime pic starring Catherine Zeta-Jones as the drug queenpin Griselda Blanco, has scored a January 20 premiere date. The cable net also dispensed the first trailer for the…

1.5k reactions 104 comments
Alexander Correa Amazing story, greetings from Colombia
Danyy Lopes Apesar de a história do filme não ser inspiradora ,creio que o mérito ficará pelo seu talento e sempre brilhante atuação!
Madeline Haynes This looks really good Catherine.
Sandra Dubuc Always beautiful ! and such a good actress !! i can't wait to see that movie !!! je vous ADORE Catherine !!
Billy Francis That was one bad ass senora!

Coming in to land in London. I always get that warm and comfy feeling. Good old Blighty!

1.1k reactions 58 comments
Cameron Hopkins Great photo catherine!
Karla Standen It’s freezing ❄️❄️❄️❄️
Margaret R. Nicholls Safe journey home, xxx
Alex Billy Lol! Rather clear for London!
Margaret Olivieri Chaplynski have fun

Loving the butterfly print in my guest house. #StyleByZeta

883 reactions 91 comments
Michelle Louise Hadfield Love the giant fluffy bean bag/pouffe..... from a fellow swansea Girl ❤️ xx
Robin Creason Mcdonald Love the blue butterfly picture!
Charlie Batz table lamp is blocking the view
D Mark Price very nice! Looks pretty cozy there, I think I would be enjoying it! haha
Cameron Hopkins Wow a great guest house catherine.a great chandelier!

I'm *LIVE* on QVC! Join me for the next hour because I have some NEW gorgeous pieces from my Casa Zeta-Jones collection just for the holidays! Shop my collection, here >

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Mark Scott HI Catherine Awesome job Awesome show I liked this page
Ali Guerre Ooh, thank you for the link! I'm shopping!
Michael Williams Good afternoon. I hope you're having a pleasant day
David Upton I once met you, love your work
Jack Lewis You have beautiful toes and feet and body on matter

Almost time for QVC!

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Yulia Bober 😘😘😘
Grozea Ion 😍
Tonino O'Crokko Ciao bella signora 😉
TZ Cristian Good Morning
Nick Nitti 😎

476 reactions 32 comments
Elizabeth Hilling Love, love, love!!
Antonio Oliva It's rather early.
Hoonie Mrecedes Wow!
Raymond Escalera Beautiful like U
June Loos This looks so cozy! I love it. 😍

Excited to be back on QVC tomorrow! Be sure to tune in at 2pm ET. I’ll be launching some gorgeous pieces from my Casa Zeta-Jones collection just for the holidays!

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Silvande José de Santana Senhora Zeta, esse teu cabelo é algo muito especial.
Robert Schmidt Just Perfect.....
Shumookh F Dahham اني هم مثلج متحمس وجه وكفه
John Alway You have luxurious hair!
Anthony Finelli beautiful pic, Charming Actress

The lovely Brigitte Bardot. Stunning. #MuseMonday

1.5k reactions 48 comments
Ricardo Jose Pryor Moreno great ;)
Mir Shamseddin Payami Huge difference
Pauline Ges Une talentueuse actrice tout comme vous !!
Margaret Ryan So beautiful.
Gode Gilles 💋 quel beauté

😉 #SelfieSaturday

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Natalia Solakian Hey Cat!!! Lovin' the hair!!! 🏳😍😘😁😅😆
Rachel Gale lovely photo
Antonio Oliva l wonder why you are always surronded by light.
Brian Williams Blessings to you Catherine look so beautiful.
Jungle Mustang Love the soft back ground, nice picture, hope you and husband have a nice weekend

Last night was an amazing and memorable night, where I was honored with the Anne Douglas Award at the Vision of Legacy Gala. So lovely to be with our family for such an important evening on behalf of the Los Angeles Mission! #lamission

1.8k reactions 165 comments
Patricia Burns Congratulations!!! Well-deserved! And, you look positively stunning in that royal blue dress!! 😍
D Mark Price Congrats! Kirk looks amazing, not sure how he does it! lol cheers!
Madelyn Etkind Catherine . You are so multitalented - you deserve it ! Mazel Tov !
Leandro Léo The most beautiful of all women that ever existed.
Karen Fox That blue is your color‼️

I guess I like nail polish…a lot! #Love

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Daniele Protano #YloveCATARINAok
June Loos I love it, too! It’s just beautiful! ✨
Adys Maria Me too catherine !!!!!
Ioana Virtosu Me too !I have a lot !
Cameron Hopkins We all have are vices lol!

Seems like yesterday we did this holiday card shoot. Check out Carys waiting for her nose to be powdered!😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

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Isabella Giua 💖🌸 A D O R A B L E!!! 🌸💖
Lilly Wilson Love this so much 😚
Helen Bell Beutifull xx
Paul Yung All the best!
Renai Chamoun Lovely photo


3.5k reactions 98 comments
Marie Spencer Michael enthralled with you
Mexhid Beqir Luzha Well you may lick my art 👍
Andreia Sousa Martins Querida Catherine, qual o seu segredo de beleza? <3
Ankica Avdic Atemberaubende Bild, Ausgezeichnete Paar!! Zwei Engel, Seid Ihr!! 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

Timeless pair. Fred and Ginger. #MuseMonday

815 reactions 31 comments
Paul Asr Mason <3
Margaret Olivieri Chaplynski Love them too <3 Catherine Zeta-Jones pure class
Abolfazl Abdoli وای که چقد دوست دارم زندگی منی تو
Paul Asr Mason :)
Alex Billy Yes.

😘 #SelfieSaturday

3.3k reactions 112 comments
Arturo Valdovinos I love do you say hello to me.can you?
Walter Barnes 💏
Robert Schmidt Katherine are you using filters...
Joe Rodriguez Beautiful 😊😉
Rodolfo Antonio Suarez Hermosa

A magical night being honored with The Dance Award, by dear friends Rob Marshall and John DeLuca, at the Actors Fund/CTFD Awards Jubilee. The Actors Fund/Career Transitions for Dancers provides vital services for the dance community including health services, career counseling, financial aid and so much more! Thank you for making me a part of such a special evening! #ctfd

661 reactions 75 comments
Natalie Tesařová Sluší vám to moc
Iliya Raschev 🌹💟😍💟🌹
Scott Coleman Looking great guys!!! !God bless #Godspeed.U2
Ankica Avdic Wowwww, Beautiful Couple!! 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀

A recent best find. #StyleByZeta

528 reactions 38 comments
Jarvis C Lehmann Well, ok. Elaborated.
Goretti Arruda Beautiful
Calvin Gums So who plays the Butler
Lucia Barnes Love it!
Arturo Valdovinos SO EXQUISITE!! #StyleByZeta.!!!

Standing strong with all New Yorkers today. When a senseless act, once again, tries to knock our strength, democracy and love for others, we stand tall. Today, we hold the torch high for all those lost and touched by yesterday’s events. #lovewins

1.1k reactions 48 comments
Katherine Riebe Beautiful comments. So true!
Viorel Apostol Bună dimineața înger frumos
Katsuichi Takiyazu Amén Catherine...fuerza América contra esos hijos de P...!!
Dewey Bugson Stay strong. God bless(ed) America.
Arturo Valdovinos God bless us toó.!!!

Tap Tuesday 😂

623 reactions 119 comments
Rita Frances Brilliant 👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Josè M. Bruno Bella.
Mohamd Moneim Enjoyed Watched !! Happy Tuesday It's Very Stunning . Very Nice
Shumookh F Dahham اني راضي عليج للاخير
Amond Karaitiana Will this be used in Entrapment 2 ;)

Ship shape.

6.5k reactions 191 comments
Shelley Smith I had to do a double take... looking more like his dad...👍🏻great
Paul Davies Cracking photo but you need to like people's post's more .
Vicky De Croes Nice pic taken, and you and michael are still going strong. Very nice 😍
Paulo Roberto Sant'Ana More than bad, hein! rsrs...Congratulations ! Mais que ruim, hein ! rsrs...Parabéns !
Jason T. Vasil Beautiful Couple 😉 Both are fantastic Actor's 😅😃😂😁

Suzy Parker. Classically gorgeous. #MuseMonday

934 reactions 31 comments
Osvaldo Valente Vavá Hi
Gianluca Pacifici 8
Jarvis C Lehmann Whoooooa!
Ricardo Jose Pryor Moreno beautyfull wommen ;)
Petra Haider I hate fur !!!! It makes people ugly 😝

Enjoying a lazy morning in Casa Zeta-Jones. #SelfieSaturday

1.8k reactions 68 comments
Viorel Apostol Bună seara suflețel drag mie
Dontenvill Theo ...An Beauty Roses :)
Hadjira Touahria Gorgeous 😍
Florin Cezar Spelba Bona serata..
Gottlieb Florian Von Eck Right-oh ! We all ned a lazy afternoon ! Get rested ! :D

Good morning! Start your day shopping with me on QVC! I’m LIVE now to share the new gorgeous items in my home décor collection, Casa Zeta-Jones! Begin your holiday shopping early, with these beautifully-packaged items, here! >

679 reactions 148 comments
Carmen Mallia Good afternoon from MALTA
Kathy Mahon Hello from West of Ireland :-)
Alejandro Cuevas Hello from Santiago de Chile. With a lot of love!
TZ Cristian Good morning madame ☺🌷
Antonis Keramidarns Hi Zeta

I’m so excited to be back at QVC! Join me LIVE now as I introduce many new beautiful items from my home décor collection, Casa Zeta-Jones! Shop along with me, here! >

780 reactions 165 comments
Christie Lynn Acuña AMAZING sheets! On my bed now and love them!!!!
Paulafrankie Cheah Catherine will you do jewelry’s design?
Nicole Luongo I have her ashes of roses comforter set. It's beautiful!
Arturo Valdovinos Increíble, amazing you are ;and you're home decor collection, Casa Zeta Jones!!!

Join me LIVE now on QVC2! I’m back with many new items from my home décor collection, Casa Zeta-Jones! Shop the whole line, here! >

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Simiy Barbaru Hey baby one million i want from you you are to old hahahahaha
Robert Rhoda Deakin Got a lovely picture of you with my daughter in Dumbarton
Ziggy Jeelani changed my sheets after a month today
Scott Beaufort-dysart Hi Catherine.. Could you please give a Birthday wish.. Same age of you,however you look more amazing than me..😃Scott xx
Phoebe Rosenfeld You're talented in so many ways
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