Catherine Zeta-Jones
15:50 09/12/2017

With my ˋwing girl'. Liv and I, take to the sky.

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Arturo Valdovinos
Sweet Catherine Zeta -Jones.!!!
Paul Boucolon
Alexandros Shiakallis
a couple of has beens
Walter Barnes
Luiz Alberto Vianna Rimes
Linda demais maravilhosa
Bill Kenedy
Lovely 😊
Iliya Raschev
Jay Krish Janardhan Pillai
your laughter and your smile are like the sun after a rainy day..have a nice day sweetie. yes its cath
Calum Gray
Shouldn't you be fastened into your seats? Dangerous ladies. 🤔
Katherine Riebe
Funny. Good way to relieve stress from flying 35,000 + feet above Earth.ha!
Lucas J Teter
CZJ, how come I didn't get an invite?
Jose Dubon
Hello greetings happy day princess 😉😍😗😙🌷🌻🌹🌺🌼🌸💓💝💘
Malik Jafer
Beautiful lady and beautiful stayle I love you so much
Vezio Vivanet
Uauuu i host You in my villa near at Torino city or in my reserve_villa near at Sanremo city
D Mark Price
hope your flight is safe. hate those huge bumps! i would kiss the ground when i land lol

Other newsfeed from Catherine Zeta-Jones

Sending love to all the nominees at the Emmy awards tonight. To my wonderful family of 'FEUD: Bette and Joan' I love you all so much. #Emmys

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Javier Gutiérrez Can you remenber wifi and phone radiations with you ?
Dupree Thigpen Awesome
Adel Cosic Jesi ti ponaporna. Gora si od Van Dama
Pam A Logan Loved getting to be a part of it! 🎬😎
Magpie Robbin Riyum

😏 #SelfieSaturday

4.7k reactions 195 comments
Lucas J Teter Absolutely spectacular looking, CZJ
Malik Jafer Beautiful lady and beautiful stayle I love you
Jennifer Galloway I see you have your seat belt on good role model (joke get it role model )lol
Pedro Isaias Castillo Lopez shee is my lady forever and ever.......
Anthony Joseph Giuffrida Beautiful Catherine god bless you and Michael

Michael Kors you continue to amaze me! Carys and I loved every second. ❤️ #NYFW #AllAccessKors

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Catherine J Fusco GogeousNESS like her MoM Great Famiglia DNA >.re Koors Class !!Unique FINE DESIGNER >>>Catherine you have >CLASS >& DIGNITY ! & TASTE
Laura Azevedo Both looking great !!
Maria Braga Lindas mãe e filha
Arturo Valdovinos Great great. Ladies.!!!
Jillian Thibodeau Bellissima !!

Pink Roses. 🌹

404 reactions 42 comments
Fernande Hamond 🌹🌹🌹😙
Paul Eduardo Takury Nava La reina de las flores
Kim James Beautiful roses xxx
Maycem Gamoudi 😍😍 gorgeous
Kathi Murillo So pretty!!

Two weeks till the launch on QVC! I can’t wait to share with you all what I’ve been working so hard on. Casa Zeta-Jones

2.8k reactions 94 comments
Joe Shepherd cool. :)
June Loos I cannot describe in words how excited I am! Can't wait..! ♥️
Dante Bong Espejo Jr. No sacrifice no success...
Johnni Lee Scott Love YOU Catherine Zeta
Dariusz Aleksander Rygulski Non ci credo ! ............. Tu non lavori ! ..................Buggiarda ! ............. Io lavoro ............ ! Saluti mi il Tuo " Bello " marito ! ..................... Non e vero !😰😰

So excited to share the first look as my character, Griselda Blanco, in my upcoming movie, Cocaine Godmother on Lifetime. An incredible story of her notorious life. People

Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Barely Recognizable as a Drug Kingpin in Cocaine Godmother
Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Barely Recognizable as a Drug Kingpin in Cocaine Godmother

The 47-year-old actress sports a number of different looks for the TV movie, including a retro blond wig and bandanas over her locks

1.9k reactions 60 comments
Joseph Y Ladion Malinao you nkow all my life sacrefice for my country i hate drugs founder" and now your called Cocaine Godmother"""what happen"""its better for you in galaxy stars"""your on the list dont hesitate if someone come in your goodhouse"""its better cocaine free in ...
Isaac Belot Looking forward to that Catherina :D !!!
Laure Lefebvre oh not a role script I would pick for u🙁
Gee Rock You have been gone too long, so look forward to it albeit, she was not a great lady? haha
Razakate Resob You are still beautiful as a Drug kingpin

Off to the Michael Kors runway show. With Carys!! So excited.

4.8k reactions 292 comments
Calum Gray I could play this wonderful 12 seconds on a loop for an hour . 😍
Jackie Hahn You had me at Zorro!..., I've enjoyed all your movies and your blog! Thanks so much 💓
Teodoro Romero Tenorio hola Cath, un vídeo muy simpático , saludos a Carys. Que tal los estudios de secundaria? Seguro que tendra buenas notas!😉😉
Jeremy Morehead I don't know what to say, I want to meet you. Stay up playa
Jean-paul Thomas Bonjour de France ! Hello to you a little wink of eyes of frane ! 😉😘

Call us! 1 (800)258-6000. We're waiting to speak with you! Or text GIVE to 80077. Donate for a great cause! #HandInHand ❤️

1.5k reactions 43 comments
Joy Wallace God bless you!
Melania Rontino God bless
Dontenvill Theo Amazing Cool...<3
Alejandro Manzur Burgos Es una isla hay que esperar
Anourak Soumpholphakdy beautiful Catherine ^^b

Honored to be taking part in this amazing cause. Join me in supporting #HandInHand, a live benefit airing tonight from 8-9pm EST to help raise money for Hurricane relief.

HAND IN HAND: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief Telethon
HAND IN HAND: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief Telethon

Live from Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville on September 12th 2017 at 8PM EST.

223 reactions 11 comments
Jarvis C Lehmann
Antonio Oliva You are a generous testimonial.
Mozam Mir Ali Great cause!
Jay Gilmore Respect Catherine xx
Catherine Zeta-Jones Italian Fanclub you have a heart of gold and I'm proud of you! ❤️

With my ˋwing girl'. Liv and I, take to the sky.

1.1k reactions 54 comments
Arturo Valdovinos Sweet Catherine Zeta -Jones.!!!
Alexandros Shiakallis a couple of has beens
Walter Barnes 😍lol
Luiz Alberto Vianna Rimes Linda demais maravilhosa

Every day for sixteen years Lady Liberty salutes the heavens in remembrance of all those we lost on 9/11. I do too. #neverforget

974 reactions 33 comments
Cindy Jones Nice one Catherine. Hope u are well.
Mohammad Majali مياو
Franco Cannella Yes we all should !!!🙏
Gabriel Hackett God bless them all
Arturo Valdovinos #neverforget.!!!

Elizabeth Taylor wearing vintage Pucci. Two of my favorite things. #MuseMonday

705 reactions 33 comments
Sahbane Abderrahim the Moroccan caftan
Maha Ab Its a morrocan dress
Jarvis C Lehmann Woooow!
Chihane Noussair It's a traditional moroccan look
Raymond Escalera WOW, Very beautiful ❤❤

😘 #SelfieSaturday

4.7k reactions 145 comments
Mark Holland Oh wow, so beautiful
Joe Rodriguez Beautiful as always 😉😉😍😍
Nuri Bayrakcı Love u sweety...
Katerina K. Hristovska селфиво во сабота секогаш ти е најубаво :*
Ivan Atanasov Kiss you......🌹🍀😉

Art. The classic white shirt. Wear one or hang one on the wall. #StyleByZeta

412 reactions 23 comments
Bob Doran ??????????
Antonio Oliva No comment!
Gabriel Hackett kOOL
Magpie Robbin . . .
Hester Sweetwood Love it.

Headed to a Casa Zeta-Jones meeting. Preparing for the QVC launch on September 28th! Will be here before you know it. ❤️

1.7k reactions 126 comments
Rachel Gale can't wait
Gisant Gee I like you in zoro movie, it's great.......❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jewel Shannon I wish I could get my products on QVC
Andy Garcia ----------------------------------- America On Market ****************** Domain Name - For Sale ---------------------------- www.americaonmarket .com www.aom3 .com *************************** 2 Domains For Sale ********************************** Email: ...
Mel De La Torre How does NO ONE recognize you and not ask you for a hug! Lol

A dashing Kirk with the gorgeous Sophia Loren. #MuseMonday

2.0k reactions 75 comments
Doug Wickham Absolute Legends. I grew up seeing them.😋
Sean Magill Looking at her goodies
Régis Adnot Two great impire of movies 👍
Salvo Galvagno La nostra Sophia Loren!!!!
George Hartunian What happened to his son Mike was he adopted? Lol jk jk

Sleeping in Casa Zeta-Jones! #SelfieSaturday

4.8k reactions 180 comments
Abdelrahman Taha How should i say this ? i'll just say it , am i missing something here ?
Chris N Klitou Just what One may Wish breakfast in Bed , surrounded by 100% Casa cotton and soft Feathers ..
Ana Johnson Can't wait to see the collection.
Jane Finn How dare you look so damn good in the morning(before coffee)?
Karen Daly Halloran You're so lucky Catherine.......when I wake up I have no eyebrows. 😒. Luv u

Hate being late but I am right now!

4.6k reactions 140 comments
Gemma Leanne Mason This is your best photograph by far <3
Sukei Koncz Maria Nagyon szep....
Gabriel Stefanica Oh my God, you are so beautyful.
Carol MacDonald HAVE FUN😁🌞🇨🇦
Grace Bockenstette- Wahby Run!!!! Lol❤️

I'm so proud to see that Lulu, our lovely nanny for Dylan & Carys has just launched a website for her homemade, bespoke, fabric party bags. Check them out:

783 reactions 39 comments
Heather Pratt Yay Lulu!!!!
Antonio Oliva Good Luck to Lulu.
Camilla Ghirardelli These bags are so cute! 😍
Shagir Ahmed Love you
TransAddict Rudra Parab The Little Lulu Show

A vintage maxi dress. #CZJVintage

5.8k reactions 212 comments
Walter Galindo Calderon Beautiful..😍
Sucram Reltub Sexiness
Erkut Candar Hala yıllanmıs şarap Gıbı Guzel Kadın Maşallah
Faster Oil Giuseppe Campobello Bellissimo il gioco di luce creato dal contrasto in trasperenza che da alle gambe il vestito Sempre al top

Summer brunch. #StyleByZeta

908 reactions 0 comments

Swimsuit, hat and parasol. Summer essentials. #MuseMonday

1.1k reactions 66 comments
Nate Markle Very beautiful:)
Arturo Valdovinos #MuseMonday lovely.!!!
Joy Powers One of my fave photos ever
Lucky Ionescu You are so beautyful!

😊 #SelfieSaturday

2.3k reactions 146 comments
Iman H Wood This colour looks great on you! 💓👌
Marius Sivriu Are you upset Cate??😕
Karen Wooten Very pretty🙂
Gary Willner Love you without make up! You look younger!
Mindi Nestler Such critics on here.Catherine it would be nice if you respond sometimes with just a hello

Ready for a day of meetings. Exciting things coming for #CasaZetaJones!

4.1k reactions 139 comments
Maggie Ordoñez Everything's gonna be ok,you are excellent!!!!
Sucram Reltub Sexiness
Suman Barthakur Catherine you look perfect and elegant as always :)
Zakaria Lj I Love You Catherine ;) <3
Jason Statham I love you so much

Coming to America! My very first time on a plane to the US. #TBT

3.5k reactions 88 comments
David Roberts Lyndon Jones doesn't look too happy 😂
Alyaa Algburi Wow😘
Deborah Cymru Coyle ❤️
Jennifer Galloway Cool looks like ur about 8
Caroline Cremin So like your mom!! Fab photo.

Pom poms make me happy.

4.0k reactions 182 comments
Bahattin Duran She is resplendent beauty ...💃🌺
Giurgea Daniel Hi darling big kiss for you beautiful Catherine 😙😙😙🤔🤔🤔⚘⚘⚘
Iman H Wood You look so gorgeous
Bren Horen Is that a Chinese antique bed...?? Or??
Jason Bennion As well they should.

Due to the masterful Serena Williams being out on maternity leave this year, I have auditioned and successfully won the role of her understudy/stand-in at this years US Open. Here is my audition tape 😂

390 reactions 37 comments
Katerina K. Hristovska срцка :*
Mohamd Moneim Happy Funny Day !! Excited Player Tennis Pool !!
Dino Bovis Hey twinkle toes 😀
Carol MacDonald HAVE FUN☺🌞🇨🇦
Jarvis C Lehmann Whoooooa!

From my veggie garden. #WellnessWednesday

1.4k reactions 60 comments
Anna Scorziello Bravissima👍 prodotti tipici della dieta mediterranea
Salvo Galvagno Complimenti
Doglass Costa I'm coming
Anca Pascale the prunes?
Anna Du Preez Günther WOW!! This looks so fresh and mmmm.

Art. An abstract with 'Barbie and Ken' by Ben and Yannick Jakober. #StyleByZeta

358 reactions 23 comments
Antonio Oliva No comment.
Elina Vasileva Magnífico - galería Elvani. 😉 🌺
Gabriel Redd 💋💋💋💋💋💋😊🤣
Carol MacDonald HI JUST LOVELY. HOT DAY.🌞🌞☺🇨🇦
Yasser Abd El Karim Nice

Craziness happens during eclipses. For those who don't know. The fantastic Bonnie Tyler is related to us Jones'. So she, and this song both hold a special place in our eclipsed hearts! ❤️ you Bonnie. #Eclipse2017

2.6k reactions 131 comments
Michelle Evans You can take a girl out of Wales but you can't take Wales out of a girl. It's genetic! Love it! 🤣
Mark Hawkins I'm so glad I follow you as I am so happy to see your awesomeness and genuine humbleness.💖✝️
Mandy Juana Love are looking good Cath pretty....and a nice family 😘 xxxx
Razakate Resob so much fun cate I love your it over again hehehe.
Judy E. Manisco it when your daughter has the scoolabasta ( Italian for strainer) on her head!
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