Carmelo Anthony
18:12 10/11/2017

At The Center of YOUR Being, You Have The Answer. You Know Who You Are And You Know What You Want!!!

At The Center of YOUR Being, You Have The Answer. You Know Who You Are And You Know What You Want!!!

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Jillian Carr
Yes!!!!! Love this caption 👌👑💯💕 and love you melo. #teammelo 💯
Dominique Kelly
I just posted this pic from last night I’m around Madd luv LOYALTY
Ricky Thomas
Love you MELO. Once a KNICK always a KNICK. Miss you already Homeboy.
Luis Reyes
Good look in okc melo,wish we coulda won in NY. #KNICKSTAPE
Eva Twarog
when somebody's talking trash but you're so MELLOW you don't give a damn
Gary Knight
Big loss for the Knicks but stay Melo and I will watch from the UK the Thunder results with interest GOD LUCK and thanks #7
Jorge Harissa
That Hoodie Melo things goes way too far hahah
Bill Shannon
You forgot to capitalize the 'o' in 'of'... smh. Thanks for making my nice Knicks jersey worthless by the way. YOU SUCK!
Chad Coert
Sam Currie 82-0, MVP, finals MVP, defensive player of the year, scoring champ, assist leader, rebound leader, block leader, steals leader
Tee Hardy
yo how come Jordan Brand killed your signature shoes? aint you mad about that? we wanna see the new #HoodieMelo's drop.
Jean Green
UPSTATE NY LOVES YOU, 'MELO! (The Knicks' Owners/Management can take a hike. We're with you all the way wherever you play!)
Jay Macaluso
Killer 7 still in the house !!! Different street same house. Hope u kill it to shove it rite up the Knicks dumb asses
Diogenes Nunez
Karman Saini Look at the pain in this mans eyes. Cant you relate to it or are you as heartless as Sora towards the end of KH1
Floyd E Wilson Jr
All the BS behind u Melo, embrace the moment & cherish the opportunity to complete the ultimate goal Of a championship Fly high ☮❤💡🤘
Tamela Thompson
Hate to see you go but you got to do what's best at this point. No hard feelings ...push for that ring but we won't be light weights. Be prepared

Other newsfeed from Carmelo Anthony

We need to focus on tragedies that don't always get the attention they deserve. #PuertoRico #HurricaneMaria YouCaring

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ForeverWriting Lena I donated to Puerto Rico!
Tito Gomez You da man Melo!!!
Edwin Torres 🙏🇵🇷✊
Carla Gaines Amen
Danny Giambra #StayMe7oBro

At The Center of YOUR Being, You Have The Answer. You Know Who You Are And You Know What You Want!!! #STAYME7O

10.5k reactions 303 comments
Jillian Carr Yes!!!!! Love this caption 👌👑💯💕 and love you melo. #teammelo 💯
Dominique Kelly I just posted this pic from last night I’m around Madd luv LOYALTY
Ricky Thomas Love you MELO. Once a KNICK always a KNICK. Miss you already Homeboy.
Luis Reyes Good look in okc melo,wish we coulda won in NY. #KNICKSTAPE
Eva Twarog when somebody's talking trash but you're so MELLOW you don't give a damn

I'm working with Feed the Children to make sure all those affected by #HurricaneMaria in #PuertoRico get the food & supplies they need. #FeedTheChildren #StayMe7o

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Eduardo Dejesus 💯
Iris Enid Torres Thank you my son!! ❤❤❤😥😥
Iris Enid Torres Gracias!! 💎💎💎💎💎💎
Ike Love Melo the Don
Jamil Flores Ur the best

Much love to Earl Lloyd for paving the way for me to play in this league. #TheFirstToDoIt in theatres February 2018 #StayMe7o

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Bernie Sotto Babon Paul JS
Charlie Hime Glenn Jardeleza
Anis Nisou Yanis All thé love
Kyris Freeman Yes sir
Diane DiSerio Omerza Without a doubt. Much respect Me7o

Help me aid the relief efforts of Hurricane Maria by donating to my YouCaring page. Puerto Rico needs our help. #StayMe7o

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Juaneka Roberts Puerto rico
Tony Phan David Galvan
Jaymeer Rashod Abigail González
James Kaaya God bless you Melo Carmelo Anthony
Marqueshia Smith blessing....

Mad I missed Laundry day. Kiyan w/ the Spin Cycle!!! #STAYME7O

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Stephanie Juju Jackelyn told you his son was at Truman!!
Steven Martinez David Mascarenas Another one comin up
Kev Pie Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!🔥🔥🔥
Teammelo Musicgroup woo gotum
Jason Yuen Sweet spin move!

Much love to the New York Cosmos and Puerto Rico Football Club... game day ticket proceeds on 10/1 will be donated to my #PuertoRico YouCaring relief fund to support the efforts in Puerto Rico. Tickets: #StayMe7o

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Daisy Jones . Please Help my friend to fight her cancer
Jaymeer Rashod Kassandra
MichaelAngelo Cabe Veneracion may the lord bless us all .
Joshua Echevarria Just donated 50 love You Melo
Ahlay Arroyo Are you gunna be there

My island of Puerto Rico is without power, but NOT powerless. I'm teaming up with my #CarmeloAnthonyFoundation to aid the relief efforts... #StayMe7o

9.4k reactions 109 comments
Nowell Thuro Salgueiro Been in the public eye over a decade all of a sudden you finally repping PR smfh
Malo Lopez Make it happen bro god will bless u
Eyeris Nelson I pray my mom is ok ....I haven't heard from her...thanks for your help
Mikey Weaver Good Job , that's making a difference.👏👏👏
Keyla Colón Please make sure that the donations don't go to the government. Thank you for all your help Carmelo.

Talking ball & style with Gotham Magazine... Check the Fall issue cover story out now #StayMe7o

5.9k reactions 113 comments
Waldo Salt Happy you got a team that might actually have a shot this year first ballot hall a fame player thanks for all the great years you gave us on the Knicks
Alex Swopez-Lopez He looks like he should be a character from the HBO show thr deuce 💯
Ahmari Mcelroy He looks like he's about to sing Stay by Sam Smith.
Kay Rellz This that High-school- Freshmen year Melo
Doris Mccoy Looking Handsome Melo!!!😎✌ Enjoy O.K.C. keep Shining :-) 😎

The road to recovery for #PuertoRico won't be easy, but I'll be there every step of the way. Visit my YouCaring page to help aid the relief efforts. #StayMe7o

3.1k reactions 38 comments
Ivy Wirkes thank you
Jhonny Sanchez Mi compadre melo
Toppix12fix Bravos Carmelo
Alexis J. Rosa Rivera Thanks for the support! OKC!
Samuel Mella Duro melo

Dear NEW YORK, From the day I first met you, I knew we were meant to be together. It was love at first sight. From a very young age you taught me something that I will never forget- how to survive within the belly of the beast. I must admit it was scary, frightening at times. But, not fully aware of my purpose, I was being molded and prepared for the rest of my life without even knowing. My first nine years went by so fast. By the time I really was starting to understand, it was time for me to move on and start another chapter in my life. That chapter was called BALTIMORE. Instantly, I’d fallen in love again. (Hence the saying LOVE HAS NO BARRIERS). I guess I was all too familiar with the Belly of the Beast. I learned how to survive, I learned the sense of community, I learned about responsibility, as well as becoming a P.O.M.E (Product Of My Environment). You catch my drift. Then I had to depart again to go on this long journey where my ART OF WAR skills would be tested. Lots of good times and lots of bad times. Losing myself at times, questioning myself in the midst of finding KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, and UNDERSTANDING. Several years, months, days, hours, seconds went by and I found myself having an opportunity to get back with my first love. (Its called CIPHER in my lessons). It was a sense of rebirth. I came to NYC to B (Be) Born again. The sense of something extraordinary happening left me with a lot of sleepless nights dreaming of possibilities. The one thing I kept telling myself was ‘Make my mark in NYC and I’d be a made man’. New York equipped me to make it in any other place in the world. It taught me how to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable. Saying Goodbye is the hardest thing to do. I never thought I would, especially to you. No one will ever take your place. It’s hard to find someone like you, so know you will always be missed. You helped me laugh. You dried my tears. Because of you, I have no fears. You came into my life and I was blessed. It’s time to raise my hand and say goodbye. It’s not the end, because like I’ve always said, NYC ‘til the end. I’ve known you for years now, and I must say they’ve been the best years I’ve ever had. You helped me become the person I am today. I just want you to know YOU will always be in my heart. No matter what happens, I will always LOVE YOU. Although this goodbye is just temporary, this is the hardest goodbye for me to say. I wipe the tears off my cheek and smile at the same time because I know that we will meet again someday. “I’ve had my shining moments, upon this life darkened stage.” And in my BOOK of WONDERMENTS, you will never be just another page. Your bright lights will travel with me far past when all the other lights go out. “The years pass. The times change. The only thing that survives and transcends this inevitable process, that shines brighter with each new era is the record of a GREAT human spirit that has endured struggle and remained true to its deepest convictions to the very end.” I had to ask myself, toward what goal or achievement am I striving in life? I know life can be full of contradictions. It can be unfair, unforgiving, too. I cannot afford to dismiss it and turn my back to the world. I was given a choice to sink or swim. I’m choosing to swim. ‘Til the very end. No matter how much the seas around me may rage.” THANK YOU ThisIsMe7o Thank you to All My Fans who supported me through Thick and Thin. And those who continued to support The Knicks regardless of the outcome. Thank You to Jim Dolan and the Knicks organization and all the hardworking people that don’t get the credit they deserve. And most importantly, Thank you to the City of New York for allowing me to represent OUR city. 7eace be with you


From the day I first met you, I knew we were meant to be together.

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Eva Twarog thank YOU Melo, the Knicks' fans all over the world were blessed to have you on their beloved team! and to all the Melo fans from New York - let's make sure our man is voted as a West starter to All Star Game 2018 - I think he would appreciate such way ...
Tyrone TJ White McClellan Since you played at SU (which is my hometown) to NY (my home state) all the way to Denver then New York to play for the Knicks I’ve always been a fan and now to OKC where I will also be a Me7o fan. Oh and thanks for the championship you brought us ...
Dontay Brown Cant get no realer than that homie....if paul pierce didn't have the nick name the truth i swear you deserve it. ..Be easy homie..WB..
Julie Ratthe Barrett Melo, thank you for all the memories! The excitement on Easter Day 2012, is a game I will never forget! (I showed up to my family dinner about 2 hours late because of that game!) 😬 I will always be grateful for the opportunities to see you and the ...
Invencible Max Thank you Melo, I appreciate everything you've done for New York, and all the great moments you had on the court, i'll always remember the excitement and energy you brought to the Garden. <3

I’ve set up a YouCaring donation page to aid the relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Any help you can give will get directly into the hands of those who need it. I’ve been doing community work on the island for the past 10 years, but this is another level. I'm starting with an immediate $50,000 donation, that has already been matched. We need your help in this fight. Donate:

13.1k reactions 490 comments
Ricardo Solivan Thank you Carmelo. Your kindness, love and continued support is and will always be appreciated by the people of the island. You have done far more throughout the years than many politicians have in decades! ♥️🇵🇷🏀
Michael Serrano Melo my respects to you. I'm your fan. It only for this but I been following you since Syracuse . I know u want the best for our people and country . No matter where u play this year I'm your supporter . Knicks nation for now .🇵🇷🇵🇷
Dontay Brown You always tryna help. .the media dont show That tho I like what you do for our city...the whole Baltimore..But......GOOD MOVE HOMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OKC..GOOD MOVE...I know alotta people goin say I keep switching my team...but im a melo fan... omw to get ...
Catherine Edmondson Amen Melo My Nba Son Hero I helping too! my son's father God bless the dead has family there too! so it's good for all of us to help they need all the support they can get I'm praying 🙏Jesus take the wheel and saved them!😧
Santos Negron We the Puerto Rico Pro Legends will have a benefit game for donations of supplies to PR. PR youth progam will have Jr, HS & Legends.... in JHS 45 in El Barrio, NY

If you lose today, win tomorrow. In this never-ending spirit of challenge is found the heart of a victor. #ChancellorMedal #StayMe7o

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Nivla Seyer All i can say is a NICE Man, Player, Teamate, Friend and Husbund and a Father.. From your #1fansinthephilippines😎
Robert Pearson Wow peace to the God where is that at would Love to come take some flicks there to Share ?
Amy Ouderkirk Stitt Come back to SU! You still have eligibility...screw the NBA 😂
Doug Travers What up Mel? Always love in the Cuse. Meet me at the back of Watson dock, like old times. ha
Doe Columbus Awesome..Your own center...Congratulations

"People do not grow when their environment is too comfortable, when they are not challenged. It is in the midst of suffering and hardship that strength of character is formed." #STAYME7O

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Rosalind's ModernLife I'mma need you to came your own hoodies thank MELO
Doris Wallace-Whitty Amen so true we don't like when we go thru but the results will make us happy
Angela Diane Leininger Believe me I'm growing in my environment.
Lanfert Logan Well said Melo Word!... #StayMeo NYKF4L💯🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷🏀🏀
Mario Porcaro Emidio sta storia del cappuccio sta sfuggendo di mano

Can't Make Sense Out Of Non Sense! AS LONG AS I KNOW IM NICE, FUCK IT IM MY OWN FAN "A certain darkness is needed to see the stars." ESPN Don't be so Blatant with the disrespect #GoneToFar #LineEmUp

13.4k reactions 640 comments
Stacii Addams Melo love how I handle yourself under pressure with all the shots taking at u ur ready for the next step show them wat u made of u won championship in high school college they gotta get u players so u can just get one I know u can cause u Brooklyn born ...
Jason Drouin Except you can't wear hoodies during games. And that's the only time you're ever relevant. You left your career in Denver bruh.
Diane DiSerio Omerza Melo please turn down the noise. You, the players and fans that have brains know who and what you are. McCollum had the best idea You players should start rating writers...and I think broadcasters too. Forever my MVP. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
J.R. Roberts ESPN and CNN are the Democratic liberals bitch! We will no longer watch ESPN or CNN. Hell it is getting easier to ignore theses fools, If I am in a place of business and ESPN or CNN are on TV, I ask for them to turn it off or change the channel to ...
Gail Slatter Melo , my favorite lines in a poem is a poem by Galway Kinnell "The bud stands for all things, even for those things that don’t flower, for everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing; though sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing ...

Another Day At The Office!!! M7 Black Ops #STAYME7O

29.4k reactions 473 comments
Mathew Maseka What if this was an actual NBA team?
Wolf Sangre Negra Damm that's the mfn Squad right there James Harden Paul Anthony McGee Oladipo Ibaka god dammm 😂😂😂
Brad Collins Jared Teli I still don't reckon this squad could beat the warriors lol
De Mont Mitchell Sr Only 3 guys out of the bunch with a ring.... y'all need to work on that M7 Black Ops
Doe Columbus Looks like everyone is coming to play with you Melo


6.2k reactions 135 comments
Ledwin Rodriguez Hoodie Melo the 🐐🐐
Shaun Chamberlain Top 5 overall in the NBA 5. Paul George 4. Dwayne wade 3. Kevin Durant 2. Carmelo Anthony 1. Lebron James
Sherley Jasmin @Abc news @cnn News @presidentBarackObama owe me 2 million dollars @facebook
Corey Jenkins Stay on the Knicks and out of your closet!
Matt Harrington Leon Simpson hoodie melo on the streets now


7.4k reactions 249 comments
Devon Morris Like your hashtag says #stayme7o #nyc is your home...
Matthew Sowa Why does Melo look like he bout to ask me to bum a cigarette?
Thompson Robin Alternate "DAMN." cover lol Cryston
Michael Diederich im proud you were a Knick ... are*. hope you stay
Vladi Ven Detta "just gimme my 30 points..I dont care to win"

"You shouldn't imitate those who came before. Instead, You must discover, manifest, and share what makes You- AND ONLY YOU- exceptional" #STAYME7O

3.4k reactions 147 comments
Ruguerre Metayer In stay me 70?at all time best 😎😎😎😎😎
Derek Overton Brooklyn Stand Up!!!!!
Glenda Lee Team Mellow and Lala!
Reggie Treadway Gauchos🏀N.Y.C💪👏
Carolyn Moffett Need JESUS! Wife hurting!

"Take What's Yours" Whose City Is It? #Terminal23 #M7BlackOps #STAYME7O

864 reactions 52 comments
Carlos Butterbean Rodriguez Its your City #StayMe7o
Jerome Flex Blakely Melo king of N.Y. #Teammelo
Don White The rockets melo
Angina Richardson Melo's New York
Brian Anthony Soto U staying with the Knicks?

"When we have a clear purpose in life we can overcome anything. WITHOUT a sense of purpose, even though we may possess everything else, our lives begin a slow decline." #STAYME7o

8.3k reactions 171 comments
Adolf D. Mendoza loser ..just go cleveland..and you will experiencr NBA finals.. versus GSw ...revenge baby!
Sunny Kay Cee Naaa Melo i don't see a decline with your skills jump shots all day
Tess Vaughn I think 💭 I saw you around my block on 5th Ave near Mt. Sinia last summer
Jonathan Oliveira Alves Melo go to pelicans! Go to your happy destiny!
Michael J Ruppert Mello please remain a Knick. Don't let the losers sway your game. Your always top notch. God bless you Sir.

"The Wolf 🐺 On The Hill Is Not As Hungry As The Wolf 🐺 Climbing The Hill" #STAYME7O

12.8k reactions 388 comments
KaDarie Miller Reese Johnson im hoodie melo
Ashu Delle Curti Stefano Porta ma sul prossimo nba2k ci sarà anche questa versione?
Hector Diaz The Wolf who chooses $100,000,000 to play on a average team is not as hungry as the Wolf who takes a pay-cut to play on a contender!!
Justin Almenas Capo Ʊ Carattini I swear on everything this man be reading Ifa scriptures mo......
Joseph GosoHard Frazier Nate Frazier Melo coming this year


4.2k reactions 84 comments
Zachary Werner Join the rockets
Howard Wilmot He is the man you haters
Marvin Lewis #1 MELO
Ricky Plew This is a good look!
Terrence Djmoney Johnson Get your wife before someone else does

Pt.4 M7 Academy Basketball BLACK OPS Session #STAYME7O

3.7k reactions 70 comments
Armando Polanco 🙌🏾Doing🤑Good🏦Nigga🦍🏀👀My💎NBA💎💎💎💎💎💎 #️⃣7️⃣Cuz🤓Blood🛩Trump😜🤓Can👿Phone🐜🐍🐀🐁
Michael Koton Why's it called black ops?
Yasin A Omar #stayme07
Aurélien Sevin Ca joue pas trop mal dans cette petite salle de quartier
Chip Smith Dumbest trade ever Knicks can make trading melo

PT.3 M7 Academy Basketball BLACK OPS Session #STAYME7O

606 reactions 26 comments
Zale Fall Diopmet Diop
Kenny Benestad Simon Amoni
Devin Robinson Andrew Jewell Derek Cooper
Yinon Levizada Elad Hakimian
Alvaro Ontiveros Lizarraga Alex Ontiveros

PT.2 M7 Academy Basketball BLACK OPS Session #STAYME7O

864 reactions 32 comments
Thomas Eckstine Christopher Ewing
Yinon Levizada Elad Hakimian
Faizan Munshi Neeket Patell BLACK OPS
Jeffrey Ervin Jaquan Williams that's sick!!
Rakeia Sorey Ace Boogie

"Positive Energy Always Create Elevation" M7 Academy Basketball BLACK OPS Session PT.1 Sky #STAYME7O PT.2 Coming soon

8.9k reactions 318 comments
Daniel James Cruickshank Federico Paternostro Edward Yù Cruickshank ma non si potrebbe pagare per assistere a queste partitelle tra amigos????
Doriyan Da Cunha Lenz Pierrick ah ouais ca n'avait pas l'air de blaguer quand même
Frederik Flint Jonas Brandt Salamon er det her virkelig KD, LBJ og Melo der spiller pickups?
Dato Sharanovi Misha Dundua რა ხალხი ვარჯიშობს ერთად , ჰა : ))
Thomas Leung Brian Drake

To strive even higher, to do even better—the creative process is a desperate struggle to go beyond what we were yesterday. It is a battle against resting on our laurels, against the fear of losing what we have. It is an adventure into unknown territory. #STAYME7O

4.0k reactions 130 comments
Brian DeLuisa-Anderson Come to Portland, Melo!! #RipCity
Rasimas Gadirov Just accept the trade and move on!!!!
Adrian Morales Unknown territory? Like, a championship ring?
Barbara Dixon-Falkner Hey my play son Melo, we are with you where ever, but when know your love New York #StayMe7o
Santos Rivera Melo is Elite player, top 5, can take anyone and score, sweet jumper and smooth, needs two or another. super star

New 2-pack options now live on Max comfort where it counts #Frigo #iwearfrigo #nationalunderwearday #ad

120 reactions 10 comments
Yeni Reynoso Heyheyyyyy
Justin Joesph hacked
Angina Richardson Yup Have A Happy
Francesco Buonaiuto Melo Cleveland is waiting for you👌👌👌😂
Leo Carrión Melo we win todigth! We never stop believing! PRFC all the waaaayyy!!!
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