Brie Bella
23:00 03/19/2017

Perfect Spring maternity outfit!

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Perfect Spring maternity outfit!

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Daniel Placencia
Happy for you and Daniel is it going to be a little Bella or⤴⤴ take care of yourselves🌴🌴🌴🌴🍉
Simone Coccia Colaiuta
Janie Sanchez
U look beautiful then ever its a blessing to finally have the child you have been wanting for a very long time
Marisa Long-Blank
You look beautiful. But i do not miss being rough for me.
Conney William Joa
HAPPY to see you become a mom, Brie Bella...after a wonderful career in WWF/ wishes & good luck as a mother...
Holly Marie Manore
Awwwwwwwwwww you are so cute pregnant so happy for you both you are going to be awesome parents
Maribel Swanson-Jablonski
Beautiful picture Brie ........ She getting big beening pregnant like that ........ On Total Divies she gets pregnant ......
Chris Flynn
I noticed one leg is more light then the other but still a beautiful mom to be
Rita Kennedy Justice
Brie you look so beautiful! So happy for you and Bryan. You two are gonna be wonderful parents.
Jetza Palacios
Brie you lock beautiful and fenomenal i love you somuch and congratulations for your baby girl WWE Brie Bella
Unique Mich
Love you guys so much congrats again and all the best with your family you go Bre and Daniel love you so much must!
Jeffrey Lukitsh
Wow look great that baby should be ready to pop out! Hope it is healthy baby and beautiful
Carol Broyles
Love wwe congestions don't for get to show pictures y'all are so awesome
Ursula Kelly
You look very beautiful so when is the your baby coming
Jael Isma'il-Muhammed
Why does the pavement blocks look weird and her hands look extremely huge to her legs and body

Other newsfeed from Brie Bella

SO done with this lightning round business!

1.5k reactions 24 comments
Ashley Alexandria Aragon Jackie Aragon
Vera Hicks Brie Bella
Bazigar Krish Bekar
Prasanta Nanda the right way is _ some person know it

Daniel Bryan wasn't the man for this job!

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Jawad Khan <3 Brie Bella ❌ ADD ME CLOS ❌ <3 ——————————————————————————————————————————————— 🍁 ✔✔ ✔✔ 🍁
Raj Vir ❌ ρσωєяєđ ву RajVir ❌ ——————————————————————————————————————————————— 🍁 ADD CLOSE MERI JAN 🍁 Bot site ==> ✔✔ ✔✔ 🍁
Shahsawar Khan ❌ ρσωєяєđ ву Shahsawar Khan ❌ ——————————————————————————————————————————————— 🍁 ADD CLOSE MERI JAN 🍁 Bot site ==> ✔✔ ✔✔ 🍁
Rafael Daniel brie wonderful woman
Adnan Jamil 😭 🌞😥 🍃 вoт🐷 powered👲 вy🐴 Adnan💋 Jamil ❤ CHAUDHRYS BOTTER ❤ AMEE ❤ SALLU ❤ ZAINU ❤ ONFIR3-AMEE.TK ❤

Learn the secret recipe behind Daniel Bryan's favorite meal!

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Teresa Kohlsdorf White Might have to add some red pepper flakes.
Manny Boss
Jhon Raphaël SLT
Jamil Lovely Boy Shaikh big fan
Alex Moreno m

I've had more fun shooting pregnant!! There's something so special about embracing your pregnancy ✨

41.6k reactions 427 comments
Helen M Picca I love all your YouTube updates please keep them coming I try to everyday. I enjoy watching you Bryan and Nikki.
Nasser A Darwish Ahmed Really you look absolutely pretty and I think you deliver the beautiful child
Mar Ferll Lara Que bonita te ves saludos desde Bolivia ... Un bebe es él mejor regalo que dios nos puedo dar felicidades
Pierre Wagner I bet in labour she is gonna turn heel and be like " No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
Julie Sadd Will u b letting Nikki and Jon babysit for u or will they b the last people u will ring

Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful baby shower!

3.7k reactions 110 comments
Elizabeth Cummins Wow! I am so happy for u Brie. Idk how u did it w/out crying. I would've &I have cried.
Patricia Balboa Wishing you a lifetime of precious moments with your baby birdie,May God bless you and your family
Raelyn Bunch Brie your so beautiful with your pregnant belly!!!! I can't wait to see little Birdie!!!!
Catrina Marie Rada Congrats... Beautiful Birdie Jo you have the best parents who love you so much and Nikki awesome
Karien Koekemoer Hope everything is going to be awesome just like the baby shower but i believe it will be

Pregnancy has some crazy side effects!

3.8k reactions 104 comments
Amy Tudor-Aull Watch your blood pressure Brie!! Have it checked. I had my daughter at 35 weeks bc of high blood pressure.
Sheena Cleveland I sure don't miss that. All I could do is elevate to relief that swelling. So worth it though :)
Jennifer Moreno I feel you on the side effects,still having nausea in my 3rd trimester
Tina Carrigan I feel for u I had swollen feet when I was prago it's not fun
Peace Thompson It's a normal thing brie,but it doesn't happen to everyone,it always happen before giving birth,it shows that ur baby is due to be delivery I bid you!


4.4k reactions 27 comments
Prince Saeed Ahmed Magsi
Fadail Rezzaq Rachel Rezzaq
Zeynep Şen ı love brie bella
Patrick Gerhardt Cool
Sandy Lin Can't wait to see baby bella! ')

Nursery preparation is hard work!

3.9k reactions 86 comments
Pauline Lizzio Mitelli I love that color you chose for the walls! The nursery looks wonderful! Take some time to rest!
Courtney Parcus I'm so happy for you Brie I wish I can send you something for the baby
Val Barkley Love!!! It's so precious. You may want to raise the decor on the wall above the changing table. She'll be pulling it down in no time. 😊😉
Maurissa Millett Love it can't wait to see what the room will look like when it's done!!
Hollyann Maples Don't forget to buy some diapers I know that you're really tired but you look so beautiful 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Birdie has officially started eavesdropping on us!

4.3k reactions 47 comments
Rohinja Frank Oh, poor BJ!
Stephanie Elaine Godbey She will be here anytime
Sheryl Robinson i thought she was farther along
Barbara Zimmerman Almost time🤗hugs and kisses
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli you are the best brie

Needed some hints from Daniel Bryan on this one...

1.8k reactions 22 comments
Keshav Saxena Plz watch
Rosa Kihash plz contact me
Rosa Kihash plz kal me
Maruf Ahmad NICE
Akaj Boos Hai

Perfect Spring maternity outfit!

52.9k reactions 629 comments
Daniel Placencia Happy for you and Daniel is it going to be a little Bella or⤴⤴ take care of yourselves🌴🌴🌴🌴🍉
Simone Coccia Colaiuta Happy
Janie Sanchez U look beautiful then ever its a blessing to finally have the child you have been wanting for a very long time
Marisa Long-Blank You look beautiful. But i do not miss being rough for me.
Conney William Joa HAPPY to see you become a mom, Brie Bella...after a wonderful career in WWF/ wishes & good luck as a mother...

NOTHING compares to witnessing this...

23.6k reactions 71 comments
Brenda Griffith Love u Brie and Bryan.... Brie ur so awesome, Team Bella!
Jennifer Flores Love you brie bella
Mike Rossman The only good Bella
Nikki Sandoval Love the bella twins
Shashank Panchal Hi nikki i love your style or wrestling Reply me plz one time only

Fire up the oven... Chef Brie is back!

2.8k reactions 26 comments
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Hammad Riaz Rajput :o Brie Bella :o Great 🍄 Add Close •» Brie Bella <3 Like Comment back <3 :o <3 Ibrahimbot.Tk <3 :o
Nuha Korita Hi hwo are u
Fouzia Jallouli Al Furke Love u so much brie
Darko Rakic Mmmmm very delicious

Speaking Spanish on YouTube? Si!

3.9k reactions 74 comments
Raul Seco Jorquera Falta que lo.domine bien brie te doy un 10 en español
Bibi Montes Nuno So cute! 👍🏼 👏🏼 good job
Aracely Jayoso great job lady
India Aguirre Saldaña Muy bien! You can do it!
Jorge Mendez I love your Spanish girl keep on doing a good job 👏🏽 🌹❤️

Our little girl is almost here!

7.4k reactions 98 comments
Josie Berzoza Almost there. When you hold your bundle of joy 😹 its what pain. Its true whenyour hapoy its like it never happened.
Kathy Johnson-Cobarrubias When i was 9 months pregnant with my 1 st baby my fingers got very swollen and I could not get my wedding ring off and my finger was purple around my ring because my circulation was cut off. So i had to go to the ER and the doctor had to cut my wedding ...
Dennisse Vigil I tought it was a boy , well congrats shes gonna be beautiful
Maria Whitaker-Settles Can't wait to see. I just because a grandma yesterday (5/15/17) to a healthy baby boy 7lbs12oz 18.5in.
Syrinthia Lindsey I love watching you two. Always have been my favorite when you two were wrestling. 💖I am your​ number one fan.

Should you vote for Daniel Bryan to be #TheGreatest? #YES #YES #YES Vote Now!

679 reactions 137 comments
Kathy Yurchak Kearns Yes for Daniel Bryan
Rolla Baughman Yes I want Daniel Bryan yes yes yes
Lovely Heart Daniel Bryan for the yesss 👍👍👍
Michael Smith Daniel bryan
Benefit Godwin Yesomenia Daniel Bryan

Got this one all on my own... right, Daniel Bryan?

1.9k reactions 21 comments
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Haris Janjua #Αdd_Cℓσѕє ??#no_cнєαт ??#jυsτ_ηοω_Pay ???#Liκe_Bαcκ_Chαyє ??#Meri_TaraF_saY_doN3­_ha#Haris_Janjua: 🎭 AQIB-BOT.TK 🎭KING.BOT.TEAM👑 🔰manual,self🔰
Zandile Pretty Hy
Nagarjun Kutty Hi brie

Behind the scenes footage of my maternity photoshoot such a lovely experience, catch it on my YouTube channel, 🌼

49.8k reactions 530 comments
Martha Naledy Ncube Congratulations guys , thank u for sharing this joyful mmnt with us
Az Azeez Pls don't post photos like this This is the beautiful thing must be shared only with your Husband #Beribella
Jerry Wright Brie you look beautiful & Sexy & HOT HOT 🔥 🔥 Brie you are going to be a good mother and Daniel going to be a good father when the baby comes
Anne Jackson Such a lovely photo of u and Daniel breed what is the babys neme
Anne Jackson What is the baby's name going to be bree and daniel

So happy to share my maternity photo shoot with you all!

8.9k reactions 161 comments
Alene Langstrom Aww I love all the pictures Brie they are so cute, and Daniel and you are so adorable =)
Joanna Brock That was very beautiful congratulations ♡ lmao love how bryans got that "ummm what am i supposed to be doing?" Look on his face lolol too stinkin cute all 3 of you
Debbie Santiago Love your glow and you can see you are really enjoying pregnancy! Can't wait to see baby Bella!! Xoxo 😘
Kerri Goodell-Binkley Beautiful photos Brie can't wait to see pictures of baby bella.
Roxanne Coleman Brie you are so beautiful being pregnant really does agree with you. I think it is sweet that you are doing these photos shoots so you will have something to share with her as she gets older she will be very proud of you for doing it.

Nikki Bella and embarrassing stories go hand-in-hand...

184 reactions 63 comments
Åmît #Gajab #Super# ##Nice #Fabulous #Awesome #Great .......😱😱 #Powered_by_Ammy😘😘🎈 ♨Self @ ValobaShahin . Tk
Justin B Robert Campbell Who is this for real please answer Brie Bella please answer
Manny Boss hufffpuff
Manny Boss madepudi
Manny Boss saywat

Love this! ❤

10.1k reactions 437 comments
Tanisha Blair I love it too stunning sisters
الكرة الاوروبية بعد إذن الادمن المحترم ؛ *هل تعلم ان حارس مرمى فريق ساو باولو البرازيلي روجيريو سيني سجل 122 هدف, 109 منهم من كرات ثابتة * هل تعلم ان مايكل أوين هو أخر لاعب إنكليزي يتوج بجائزة الكرة الذهبية التي كانت تقدم من مجلة الفرانس فوتبول عام 2001. * هل تعلم ان ...
Roxanne Coleman Love the picture. Brie you look so pretty pregnant and face just glows. Being pregnant agrees with you.
Jamie Marie Cross If yall cant be nice about there names and stop judgeing the names then don't comment at all
Amanda Dyan Patricia Klotzback we are gonna take some amazing pictures one day soon 🙃

We've reached a decision... Bella Baby has been NAMED!

7.1k reactions 261 comments
Christina Debney Unusual name but love it she is going to be so loved by you guys can't wait to see pics of your family love you both you guys are amazing
Kathy Brunner Love the name! Congratulations, you two are great parents.
Missy Haines Tomey It's their child let them name it whatever!!! You don't hear the name Bertha/Birdie very unique!!
Greg Joe Very dumb name.
Amanda Alycia I love the name Birdie Jo!!!!! Sweet name. If kids make fun of her lets be serious her daddy is Daniel Bryan and her uncle is John Cena. Tell the haters to come for her 😂

Felt better than ever behind the scenes of this Fit Pregnancy photoshoot!

3.5k reactions 38 comments
Faisal Jan 📞 💙 .o0×X×0o.[Chαυδhrψs🎼 βοττεr].o0×X×0o.💔 |😠| CHBOTTER-2017.TK |😠| •]•»[ Chαudhrч Junαíd ♡ Aвdul Sαвσσr ♡ ]«•[• (¯´•._.•[ fυ¢к уσυ нαтєяχ ]•._.•´¯)
Heather Jayy Daniel Vasquez lol oh nikki
Trời Xanh Nắng Nhẹ Phượng Cầu Hoàng Brie looks so pretty
Iftikhar Ahmad Bb
Iftikhar Ahmad Brilbellase6x

I've been blessed to have such inspiring women in my life. I've had women teach me strength, independence, finding my inner voice, never giving up, class and just about everything that's made me the women I am today. I hope I'm one of those women to you, Bella Army! Let's unite, empower and uplift one another. That's what real girl power is!! #SeeHer ✨🙌🏽❤

36.5k reactions 255 comments
Kyle Wayson In my opinion u are the greatest of all time
Nicole Bella Nierra Brie I Wish Your Gonna ComeBack so Fast After your Pregnancy stage😢 Im Miss So Much And Your BRIEMODE Style😢😘😍💕
Tia Nicole Kostkowski The Bella Army misses you Brie!
Trinidad Joe Brie i miss you and Can't wait Your Baby bella Love u Both
Zachary Amanti 🌷🌺 for a miss Brie Bella

Sorry, Winston... no dryer for you!

3.1k reactions 79 comments
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli nice
Jared Weber He was thinkin about it......
Kathy Colace Laurinaitis Win win
Chioma Angela Nice one
Adam Terrazas I ALSO HAVE 2 DOGS=)!!!

Last flight before Bella Baby arrives!

3.1k reactions 41 comments
Lynn Hedges Have a good time over there from Lynne hedges
Ukawuike Uzochi Sandra Congrats brie bella
Desmond Castro Safe travels ! God speed, Brie.
Fay Harris Bless you Brie... Have a good day...
Jeri Keller Be safe

Non-alcoholic wine saves the day!

2.9k reactions 33 comments
Anaomi San Pule mi primos el sobrino de mi papa me regaña ando borracha con mi tios hermanos de mi mama
Cristina France B
Thuỳ Linh 😘
Vera Hicks You egood
Patrick Kessler Best wishes from germany to the complete family👍

Till next time Napa....

51.2k reactions 377 comments
Billys Mini Farm Goats You guys need to come visit the famous Billys Mini Farm Goats and their babies next time your in sonoma county
Maria Colon I so love this picture you both look beautiful god bless you always
Christian Guelord It will be happening, this's my promise we need to move forward Brie.
Tammy Matthews You look so beautiful 😍 Brie and you can have red wine glass 🍸 while yur pregnant ,l had two my whole time . Good luck
David Minetree You and Daniel will make you beautiful mom and dad and parents can't wait to the baby arrives

Hello Tahoe!!! ❄️

6.0k reactions 197 comments
Angelique Stepien Elvis Haerter une de tes préféré mdr 😘
Kari Hagedorn Beautiful
Julian Harjo Brie Bella you're extremely beautiful
Jeremy Hester Very nice
Elisha Rulli Captured a stunning moment 💜

Last road trip before Baby Bella comes!

2.6k reactions 29 comments
Darius Calancea 😍😍😍😍😍
Quarter Ace You should be asleep. Pls let that baby rest a lil
Jon Paul happy vaca
Raúl Olivas :D #bellas
Ratan Lal You are awesome
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