Bob Marley
20:41 05/18/2017

Our limited edition #Exodus40 gold vinyl collectors' piece is going fast! Only 500 were made in total worldwide, so be sure and claim yours today....

Exodus - Vinyl (Gold)

Exodus - Vinyl (Gold)

The place for exclusive & rare merch, music & more from Bob Marley.

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Cath Pitcher
And me love the music
Mario Rosales
Nancy Zuñiga, pa la coleccion...
Taoufik Bouaziz
Movement of Jah people
Richard Claveau
je l ai
Ugo Mezzanino
Bei ricordi
Navin Nix
Forever Gold..
Saifur Rahman Palash
love ya
Sandy Desmond
One love
Mateus Santana
Marley Forever 💗💗💗
James Hedding
My favorite. Love Marley.
Otavio Monteiro Pereira
Eu quero
Saffron Jade Thurkettle
Janell Ferguson
Love it!!!!!
Allwin Peter Dessa
I have one of them.......
Mikhail Jay Tardaguela

Other newsfeed from Bob Marley

"Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality." #WakeUpAndLive . 🎨 by Mithrin Design

7.2k reactions 98 comments
Yakerz Hebres heart
Lisa Drake Adrian Pearce this is what you should funk your van up with....yeah mon!!
Seniapuye Ekineh Yeah man, is all about reality... .
Wouter van der Jagt Nairobi style... Nice
Georgina Ann Lambert Jah bless

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." – Martin Luther King Jr #MLKday #GetUpStandUp

16.2k reactions 123 comments
David Cooper Words that are all the more relevant in today's Britain.
Francis Awuor True
Javier Swasey Blessed love.
John Jairo Cardozo Torres Yo tuve un sueño
Karina Kronholm Naveed Hussain Choudhary Arain

Check out this rare interview of Bob talking about technology and using the "fruits of Babylon" to build Tuff Gong International! #bobmarley #tuffgong #houseofmarley #ces2018 The House of Marley

1.7k reactions 31 comments
Jim Yeazel Imagine what he could have attained if he just put the weed down and used his sober brain !!! Wow !😌
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Mania Younes In the end bob marley was born in1945 not 1940 please correct that
Andrea Timossi Kley Fortunato
Issaf Ismael

"Just like a bright and sunny day. Oh, we're gonna have things our way!" #NattyDread

16.4k reactions 160 comments
Marouene Hnia Eh! Children get your culture And don't stay there and gesture Or the battle will be hotter And you won't get no supper #NattyDread💜💜
Sakhile Zee You can't keep a good man down this are Peter Tosh words am trying to say they can't keep his music down.
Justin Finney He had tight sweat pants before it was cool
Sadda Adda you N I....
Ian Todd Them belly full.

"Revelation reveals the truth!" #Revolution

8.1k reactions 247 comments
Ricky Dunn Gary Cannell
Anthony Venezia Powerful.
Dan Hess Marcello Martinez
Russel Warner The Legend Lives
Paul Ande Tim Manning

"It's not all that glitters is gold; half the story has never been told." #GetUpStandUp

11.7k reactions 121 comments
Akın Serkan Super
Forlemu Fon Rise Bob rise let u legendary live forever. Let he who the cap fits wear it.
Julius Marley Cure Bob marley still lives on 🇯🇲👑
Chouchene la Tunisienne My Love <3
Moctar Ballo The lion

"You think it's the end, but it's just the beginning." #wantmore #bobmarleylyrics . 🎨 #bobmarleyart by Dan Wilson

8.7k reactions 66 comments
Julio Rodriguez Algo bien ese dibujó
Onemalawi Banda now you got,what you do you want mooooooree
James Nichols Rachel Nagel
Devesh Kumar WE Dìdn't Start THE Fiar....
Peter Bijlsma Chantal Toussaint

Check out this awesome fan-made music video for the "Punky Reggae Party" remix by DJ Z Trip & Lee "Scratch" Perry from #LegendRemixed!

1.8k reactions 24 comments
Hisham Africa Fadul Ahmed Mukhtar Mohmed Marley
Ousmane Sawadogo boob le plu rasta du monde.
Sonia Anjos O homem de jah 🌞🌈
Dimas D'back DJenggoeterz Pecinta reggae
Descoux James l'ame n'est plus là

"Music carry you to other dimensions that many people don’t understand.” #bobmarleyquotes

19.8k reactions 153 comments
Gilberto Almeida I agree!!!!!
George Emmanuel Bob's misic to me is more than music, it is an earthforce, a natural mystic blowing through the air...
Sayfol Derradji I loved
Ras Jeffrey Bancobezah Music is life!Music heals,music teach dem many lessons.Its fi real.
Christine Mendez Love him xxx

Melkam Gena Ethiopia! 🇪🇹

7.5k reactions 108 comments
Nahom Hareg ሕፃን ተወልዶልናል ወንድ ልጅም ተሠጥቶናል አለቅነትም በጫቃው ላይ ይሆናል ስሙም ድንቅ መካር ሐያል አምላክ የሰላም አለቃ የዘላለም አባት ተብሎ ይጠራል ፤ መልካም በአል
Kasish Thé Bot Man Thanks ziggy
Miroljub Todorovic Christ is born.. Merry Christmas Ethiopian Brothers n Sistas.. Greetings from Serbia
Роланд Іванчо Христос рождається!
El Khoury Paul Meserethe tolossa

"Everyday the bucket a-go a well—one day the bottom a-go drop out." #IShotTheSheriff

5.4k reactions 101 comments
Даниэль Опоку "If I'm guilty I'll pay..........
Jiampierre Capuano Aranda Alaraco
Abdelkareem Daoud Babiker All around in my home town they a trying to track me down
Abdelkareem Daoud Babiker If I'm guilty I well pay
Ras Akutam Phvmx If am guilty, I'll pay

On this day in 1980, Bob finishes a 2-night run in Gabon, his first shows in Africa, at the invitation of royal family. #todayinbobslife #AfricaUnite . Learn more about this historic event 👉🏾

2.3k reactions 29 comments
Bryan Alexander Fan 1 q todo es pocible con guu
SåBa Moha Love rasta man bob marley
Usumani Jah Live Royal family? Gabon is a republic, la République Gabonaise. There is no King ruling this country. Mister Bongo was the preident for more than 40 years and Bob was 'good friends' with his daughter ('I have no friends in high society'?). Now mister ...
Joao Franco Guntenaar Gabon?
Ramses van Veldhuisen 💚💛❤️

Bob Marley's #Legend album has now been on the Billboard Top 200 album charts over 500 times! #thelegacycontinues

Billboard 200 Chart Moves: Bob Marley
Billboard 200 Chart Moves: Bob Marley's 'Legend' Hits 500th Week on Chart

On the latest Billboard 200 albums chart (dated Dec. 30), Luke Bryan’s What Makes You Country bows at No. 1, securing the country star his fourth chart-topper. The album earned 108,000 equivalent album units in the week ending Dec. 14, according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 99,000 were in tradit...

4.7k reactions 41 comments
Fileen Bar Yooseef the love man
Arthur Peter Tait Wow! That must be some kind of record?
Thelma Magnuson That Crazy!
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Taureau Rebelle Bob Marley numéro un dans mon coeur ❤ et ma musique de tout les jours musique qui fait du bien au coeur et à l'âme, j'aime Bob Marley pour son authenticité son âme belle et son coeur bon et c'est pour ça que sa musique donne autant d'émotions et de ...

“Reggae music is a feeling, but reggae music is not the first time that feeling come to the earth. That feeling is always there with the people, black and white." #bobmarleyquotes _______ 📷 by Adrian Boot. Bob & Denise Mills (Island Records) at 56 Hope Road, 1976.

11.2k reactions 97 comments
Mawanda Emawusheni Reggae music for the rhythm
Daniel Olivarez And Brown
Javier Swasey Rip mi i-drin. Belizean fan. Grizzle.
Даниэль Опоку Nayabinghi
Thokozani Tkz The legend Rip bob and thanks 4 astrong music,with a strong message.

Whatever journeys this year may have in store for you, remember to remain positive.... #PositiveVibration #HouseOfMarley 🎧

1.3k reactions 18 comments
Karamo Conteh Sainey marong
Jahzi Michael As long as is not Bob Marley no interest
Gandhi Redcloud Putesoy Yes I
Jill Lundberg wow
Guy Delile ce qui me plais la dedans?,l'intitulé du message

“I not a politician. Politics is money business and we in people business.” #bobmarleyquotes

18.9k reactions 156 comments
Srz Shravan Love u Bob
Taureau Rebelle Magnifique Bob 💖 💖 Rastaman d'amour ❤
Elagad Alsair Rebel forever yeah Babylon on fyah
Aman Camara Sidi Bah, Benoit Coulibaly
Ebiokobo Andriano Xcls 1love

"Won't you help to sing these songs of freedom?" #RedemptionSong . 🎨 by graffiti artist Wall Street #bobmarleyart

15.1k reactions 127 comments
José Vieira Rodrigues Icone
เดอะฝิ่น ไม้ onion :)
Marie Williams Inspiration to the world his music reigns in my heart and spirit. I don't worry about a thing because " I know everylittle thing gonna be alright".
Berk Sancaklı G8
Berk Sancaklı Gp

“Music is something that everyone follow, it’s a force.” #bobmarleyquotes #happynewyear _____ 📷 San Siro Stadium, Milan, Italy (1980)

3.2k reactions 141 comments
M Antonio Zampi Bello veraramente,che tempi
Annie Stap Jake Stap
Osvaldo Martinez Oliva genial
Carlos Villa En este recital creo que habian 90.000 personas y quedaron 20.000 afuera si sera grande marley
Alessandro Torregiani io c'ero,ci siamo fumati anche l'erba di s.siro

"Make way for the positive day!" #PositiveVibration #HappyNewYear 🎉🎊💚💛❤️

15.3k reactions 216 comments
Paulo Santos Reggae mundial África
Itz MzAquarian This right here is the portrait i want on me. I love bob. #feb6 born,i feel special 💞💝
Melk Odum Yes
Phyllis Santucha Sua Majestade York
Sam Taylor Legend!!!!!!

Listen to Wailers' art and lighting director Neville Garrick talk with BBC Radio 4 about the story behind Bob writing "Redemption Song"!

Redemption Song, Series 25, Soul Music - BBC Radio 4
Redemption Song, Series 25, Soul Music - BBC Radio 4

How Bob Marley's Redemption Song has inspired generations around the world.

3.0k reactions 27 comments
Skinny Mehdi Lara Sawyer
Elvir Redzepovic Before hate starts flooding my comment is meant for this *ocksuckers that are milking Bobs name and poetry for their own personal gain.
Debra Jackson I love Bob Marley
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
David Finnie Steve Moran

Watch Lenny Kravitz play I some music in this #bobmarleycover of "Roots Rock Reggae"!

5.1k reactions 109 comments
Spit Tka 😍
Patty Belikova Giovi Russo
Justin Mccaleb Nice cover by Lenny Kravitz
Danielle Wri Amazing!!!!❤️🇯🇲
Guus Burger Daan Burger

Whether your taking time to reflect back or look ahead this #newyears, Marley Beverage's #MarleyMate Yerba Mate is your perfect companion. @drinkmarley #drinkmarley

3.1k reactions 45 comments
Zawadi Mlasu One Luuv
Terrence Williams 👎🏾
Christopher James Jones What is it?
Matías Berretta Catu, Vero, lol
Konflick Roque Malle happy new year bob i hope to love and peace of mind ... hahahahah =) =) =)

“You have to come together by peace, you have to come together by war. That great! 'Cause we want to come together. And when we come together them see how strong we is.” #bobmarleyquotes . 📷by Sharon Donahue

9.5k reactions 100 comments
Lacy Childers blass you!
Victor Kadila This seems to be at the very beginning as I think to recognize Peter Tosh
Samuel Gene Crumpton Truly
Victor Cabero Nice pic JAH Marley 🇯🇲 = IRIE =
Lisa Wülfrath Nathalie

Jimmy Page's favorite #BobMarley album? Burnin! . What's yours?

4.9k reactions 422 comments
Kira Scullark #Exodus
Daniel Vahia Confrotation
Renison Enriquez Survival
Mauro Dallaparte Babylon By Bus ,senza nessun dubbio
Jackson Nascimento Kaya!

“Rasta have the conscience of the people.” #bobmarleyquotes _____ 📷 Bob with some Ethiopian friends in San Francisco, 1979.

10.7k reactions 145 comments
Pierre Vanier Grégoire Lucas il avait bon gout en matière de maillot ;)
Rahul Danny Chethan marley😂 ur gang macha Cheathan Chethu
Aminta Jarju Lovely
Bôbbÿ Brâvö One Love Happy Deno Kats Cedric Shema
Benjamin Bellicault FC Nantes ! 🔰

"Every man thinketh his burden is the heaviest." Marley Natural #marleynatural

21.7k reactions 248 comments
Chanda Marcus Uncle Bob my teacher!
Alexander Schumacher Jürgen Monzel
Davidmuka Davit The Best marley
Erico Lima Carls Berg...risos
Mercedes Cirillo Your runnin n youre runnin n youre runnin away but you cat run away from your self cant run away from yourself

Have you heard Stephen Marleys son Jo Mersa Marleys newest single, #PowerMoves?! Check it at #marleyfamily #LEGACY

241 reactions 17 comments
Blixon Afonso Cuinica A go
Royal Parker Roy Parker
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Dan Audette Comment tu fa pour deliter Bob Marley
Biliyam Basyal Babbal

Have you heard Stephen Marleys son Jo Mersa Marleys newest single, #PowerMoves?! Check it at #marleyfamily #LEGACY

236 reactions 17 comments
Tony Bondie take the WAS out
Tony Bondie I was first heard reg e in the early 70's my brother was in the peace corp,in Jamaica. Bob Marley is the best .
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Kinsey Davis Garbage
Andrew Brent Copyright infringement?
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