Bob Marley
20:41 05/18/2017

Our limited edition #Exodus40 gold vinyl collectors' piece is going fast! Only 500 were made in total worldwide, so be sure and claim yours today....

Exodus - Vinyl (Gold)

Exodus - Vinyl (Gold)

The place for exclusive & rare merch, music & more from Bob Marley.

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Cath Pitcher
And me love the music
Mario Rosales
Nancy Zuñiga, pa la coleccion...
Taoufik Bouaziz
Movement of Jah people
Richard Claveau
je l ai
Ugo Mezzanino
Bei ricordi
Navin Nix
Forever Gold..
Saifur Rahman Palash
love ya
Sandy Desmond
One love
Mateus Santana
Marley Forever 💗💗💗
James Hedding
My favorite. Love Marley.
Otavio Monteiro Pereira
Eu quero
Saffron Jade Thurkettle
Janell Ferguson
Love it!!!!!
Allwin Peter Dessa
I have one of them.......
Mikhail Jay Tardaguela

Other newsfeed from Bob Marley

SPECIAL EARLY RELEASE! . The 2018 Bob Marley x Sector 9 Skateboards #OneLove long board is available now at

4.5k reactions 143 comments
Jar Hiram Barrera Hernandez Meritxell Barrera hey... quiero una !!!
Andrew Champion Glen Warton
Arcy Monjardin Iggy Acevedo
Lisa Henare Soly George these r da coolest 😜
Hannah O Sullivan 💙

VERY few people have answered all 12 questions right so far... can you?

Only a True Bob Marley Fan Can Pass This Trivia Quiz
Only a True Bob Marley Fan Can Pass This Trivia Quiz

When Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981, the world lost one of the most prolific and passionate musicians and activists of all time. While his fans have memorized his most iconic songs, many don’t know much about the man behind the legend. Can you pass this tough Marley trivia quiz? Put on your favorit...

2.1k reactions 37 comments
Curt Granstrom I wonder what clickbait Bob would post?
Wim van Dijk 11 kids???? 12 kids!!!!
Thomas John Schwartz 420/12 aced it!
Ehis Ikhine Got 10.
Allan Usayi Nyc nem

"Marley embraced humanity and joined the struggle for a non-racial society free of exploitation." – Horace Campbell, Staunch Magazine, 1981 _______ 📷 The aboriginal Māori people welcome Bob with a traditional powhiri ceremony upon his arrival in New Zealand, 1979.

17.4k reactions 140 comments
Richard Gallacher :)
Vincenzo Grammatico one Love Bob Rastaman So Great Song Yeah 👑🦁🙏✌️❤️💚💛
Mark October Get it right we are Maori!!!!!!
Matt Cullen Bob looks so at ease.
Miguel Daisy Lopez Showing one love around the world

NEW 360º virtual reality video of Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley and others rehearsing "Get Up Stand Up" for the recent #Exodus40 Live show!

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Christian Mazzei Chris Fechtner🙋🏻‍♂️
Pascal Thierry Jahhhh
Fayza Nouri Amel Ki....tiens un ptit 360°
Ngoma Samb Yes One Love Man
Rasta Miro big up big bro...............onelove time

Bob always giving back....

Bob Marley Lied About Who Wrote ‘No Woman, No Cry’ for the Most Touching Reason
Bob Marley Lied About Who Wrote ‘No Woman, No Cry’ for the Most Touching Reason

Although true fans can probably sing many of Marley’s songs verbatim, most probably don’t know the surprising story behind one of his biggest hits.

920 reactions 13 comments
Ebrima Cole Do you mean that's a LIE?!! Then it's a Gooooood Lie
Lass Koton La légende vivante king of reggae
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Bay Hi Hi Bob Marley my name is Sushil Bora aapko hum bahut pyar karta hai isliye ki aap bhi Ganja Pite Hai Hum Nahi Ganja Pite hai abhi kanjari kanjari my name is donkey delivery my title Bori my name is Sushil Bori hello Bob Marley hi Bob Marley Andheri my ...
Tommy Haynes The Live at Lycum album this is on is one of my favorite albums

"Ya can't live by strenuous rules other people make." #marleynatural Marley Natural ______ 📷 by Kim Gottlieb-Walker for High Times 1976.

20.3k reactions 661 comments
Raihan Habib <3
Werner Marcel Pinas Roots
Pebbles Parker "Go the rescue I am "
Francesca Pistilli Grande Bob !!!!
Jami Kimble VanCamp So much truth to a lot of what he has said (love)

Wind down the day with this audio live stream from Bob's show on Nov 15, 1979 at the Northrup Auditorium in Minneapolis, MN! #todayinbobslife . Give thanks to our friends at Bob Marley Concerts for the recording!

11.3k reactions 2666 comments
Felicite Ross Love Bob Marley Spirit which come through his music.
Ray Meekins 🇯🇲bob united the world 🌎 with his wonderful message and music 🎶 one love❤️💛💚💙💜🖤 look how many different countries are watching this 👏🏾, I love and miss the great reggae legend but he left his wonderful music and family to keep the torch burning
Jiaan Eeris And until that day The African Continent Will not know peace We Africans will fight We find it necessary And we know we shall win As we are confident In the victory Of good over evil
Werner Marcel Pinas For ever love for bob marley /the wailers
Michele Torres Way ahead of times and his music still relevant today...every word

We should all come together and create music and love. Soon come! #staytuned #RaymondWeil #rwbobmarley

541 reactions 6 comments
Edward Steele Nahhh, I'll pass on this.
Ιωάννα Ευγενίου I've got a Bob Marley poster on my wall with this quote on it!
Jeff Thomas Yeah nothing says music and love more than...a Marley watch?!?!? GTFOH.
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Osvaldo Martinez Oliva genial

“The time is right for unity.” #bobmarleyquotes

9.4k reactions 77 comments
Misheny Lion Look Teach your children black,brown n white so when they grow up them love n unite..!!
Jose Maria Correia Jmc Pai Grande
Ashkan Khalkhaly Andreas Rocksteady du som är Sveriges gudfader när det gäller reggae musik,vem är han bredvid ?
Everson Harrison One love one heart
Georgina Ann Lambert Jah bless

WIN yours! The House of Marley is giving away 5 #LiberateBT portable speakers at . Enter now, winners announced 11/20. #houseofmarley

96 reactions 54 comments
Xavier Ramsey Ricardo Castellanos
Pascal Paternot From Belgium - married in 1995 - Sandals Montego Bay - Irie Jamaica
Elmer Andelo Malagan I want that
David Reed Is that made... Of... Wood?
Pat Devine first of all, what they offer ain't nearly as pretty as the FaceBook picture second, they want all your stats honestly?

"Make way for the positive day!" #PositiveVibration . 🎨 #bobmarleyart by Rodrigo Soares

4.7k reactions 79 comments
Devesh Kumar Great
Enaughe Benedicta If u get down n u quarrel every day u saying prayer to d devil i say why not love one another on d way make it much easier, just a little bit easier say u just can't live d negative way if u know what i mean, make way for d positive day........
Eduardo Santana JAMAICA PARA O MUNDO!!
Magda Spiegel wow , amazing :)
Karin Küster freedom off this world

"Punky Reggae Party" #BobMarley having fun in a night club, Philadelphia 1979 #Survival #repost @memoriesofjahpeople #MemoriesOfJahPeople

5.1k reactions 39 comments
Mohammed Osama I love this
William Jones Dont let nobody seize you from dancing
Oscar Severiano Galleguillos Mateo All night,is allright!
Mystic Foli Ton Bon début de semaine à toutes et tous!!! Peace! New vidéo … … … #bamako
Omar Ceesay New wave

Bob Marley & The Wailers perform LIVE at the Uptown Theater in Chicago on November 13, 1979! #todayinbobslife

20.3k reactions 3240 comments
Kers Boss Pick it up. Jah jah love protect us. Positive vibrations Yeah. Positive. Max respect to A.K.A ROBERT NESTA MARLEY. WADADA. KERSLEY BIG BO$$.
Jason Boyd If you were alive today Bob Marley the stage would be all outside all over the world
Dominic Zona Josh O'Neil tell the children the truth
Kelly King Briggs I would give anything to have seen him perform live
Rita Champion Whos smokin a spliff listening to the king of reggae👑👑💖💖

In today's #FullSetSunday, we present to you this extremely rare recording of Bob's acoustic session with the Sons of Jah in London, from 1977! #EXODUS40

8.1k reactions 55 comments
Patrizia Scuderi Love
Brenda Magubbwi Legend!
Mohamed Abd Algeum One love ♥BoB#
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!

Watch the Jazz Jamaica All Stars pay tribute to 'Natty Dread' with this #bobmarleycover of "Lively Up Yourself"!

2.9k reactions 36 comments
Raman Bob Hi ra Bob
Patrizia Scuderi Love
Jada Holmes Jyra Holmes
Cedric Bongartz Markus Wllrff
Jota Pimenta Gina Bos muito boa onda 😉

New track from Skip Marley, "Cruel World", out everywhere today!

Seeb x Skip Marley - Cruel World
Seeb x Skip Marley - Cruel World

Preview, download or stream Cruel World by Seeb

701 reactions 4 comments
Princess Oye weldone. PEACE.
Philippe Gendreau Un vrai dieu 😇
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!

Sending blessings to our brothers and sisters in Angola on their Independence Day today! #AfricaUnite

3.3k reactions 77 comments
Jalo J'rii Happy Independence Day. Angola 🇦🇴
Carrington O'neill Borja Happy independence day Angola 🇦🇴
Gonçalves Luyenga Tony viva angola
Omar Ceesay Happy anniversary
Dale Black Call Angola. Big up unu self

From today in 1979, NME profiles Bob's run at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY in an attempt to reach black audiences in America. #todayinbobslife

5.3k reactions 26 comments
Chuchin Drago sin duda el hacia Poesia con la musica...lo que el regueton o la banda no hacen, tanto Bob Marley y Keane hacen algo muy especial de la musica sin duda
Kyan Nakel Roh ce beau gosse !
Carlos Alonso Gonzalez Rivera El mas grande del planeta!!!!!!
Maury Diaz Ldu Bob Marley VIVE!
Chris Cerullo Another poor victim, murdered by the ILLUMNATI - aka "New World Order"...! R.I.P. Because there is none in this World.....!

On this day in 1978, the #BabylonByBus live album was released! #todayinbobslife

7.0k reactions 254 comments
Hamish Orbell Nick Orbell
Peter Vrakking Perhaps a new remastered and remixed release? Although it is a great album, it still sounds strange some tracks are faded in or faded out. Still in my view the 2nd best after Exodus. 👍
Brian Skogemann my first Bob!!
Luc Slykerman is this love, j'ai toujours un exemplaire
Isabelle Bouchet le meilleur...

Are you an easy skanker, or a rude bwoy? Take the quiz and find out!

What Type of Bob Marley Fan Are You? Pick Your Favorite Bob Marley Lyrics to Find Out!
What Type of Bob Marley Fan Are You? Pick Your Favorite Bob Marley Lyrics to Find Out!

Bob Marley’s legacy will live on forever in the hearts of those who truly identified with his music. He was an artist who spoke up for what he believed in and was as much known for his activism as he was for his musical accomplishments. Although he only lived to be 36 years old, his undying message…

493 reactions 83 comments
Chronixx Williams easy bway
Dylan Simpson A one good thing about music, when it hits you you feel no pain...
Hatchet Harry Babylon system is a vampire
Akeem Grana I'd say all! From ska, to their own kind of music, reggae!
Benedita Atiemo Three little birds

Bob & The Wailers perform "I Shot The Sheriff" live at the Stardust Club in England on 1976 Rastaman Vibration tour!

11.6k reactions 147 comments
Ngoma Samb Yes one bob marley
Rosalia Raffio 😍 The King <3
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Carla João ❤❤
Andy Abeyta But he didn't shoot the deputy.

The JTV broadcast of "Redemption Song" is especially powerful....

3.0k reactions 33 comments
Joaquim Fonseca Unico
Ayman Hamad Ammar Awad roots, rock, reggae.. عجيبه مرة
Freddy Binzerte 😠😠😠😠😠 !!
Freddy Binzerte j'adore mon pote BOB mort trop jeune dommAGE !!!
Caleb J Mutua Tru dat

"Yuh rock so yuh rock so, like you never did before!" #LivelyUpYourself

16.4k reactions 110 comments
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Adriana Miceli Grande rasta....adorabile sempre
Andrew John Donaldson Did u hear that did u hear that did u hear what the woman say !
Sammi Abbane vive bob oui cet bob marley la bone cause et la bonne musique afro latino
Orlando Madureira Grande, grande Bob.

From today on the 1979 Survival tour, Bob Marley performs live at Penn Hall in Philadelphia! See the article for a review + photos of the show and the Island Records after party! #todayinbobslife

6.3k reactions 34 comments
Stphen Kindo Nishant Meraki loves u
Mfwasi Wake Adi Adi fathe nakutambua
Lacy Childers That Crazy!
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Sammi Abbane o oui

"Feel dem spirit!" #PutItOn . 🎨 by Rachel Blairy (France)

12.4k reactions 100 comments
Taureau Rebelle Toujours dans ma vie 💖.💖 Amour
Lisa Alexis Nice artwork!
Char Lepe One love one people
Ebrima Cole Roaring Lion
Byron Wolt Lord I thank you!

Have you seen the newly restored statue of Tuff Gong at the Bob Marley Museum yet? Be sure and head over to Kingston on your next trip to Jamaica and snap a pic with it! #bobmarleymuseum

8.2k reactions 272 comments
Lorraine Dewsnap Beautiful
Julie Rattanasithi Justin Beins this is where I want to go babe!!!!! Honeymoon?!?
Jim Hosey I have been there as my family in Jamaica know the Marley family
Pierrette Rouillé superbe!!! j'adore
Mauricio Mateluna Troncoso H e r m o s o

"Make love and not war! 'Cause we don't need no trouble." #NoMoreTrouble . 📷 by Kate Simon

7.8k reactions 74 comments
Georgina Ann Lambert Jah bless
Maire Mou-Fat J'adore Bob c'est le roi du reggae
Ifeanyi Olumba Until the philosophy, which holds one race superior, and another inferior, is finally and permanently, discredited, and abandoned. Everywhere is war!
Rufus Napoleon One good thing about R.NESTA MARLEY,is that all his songs from AFRI-AFRICA UNITE to ZIMBABWE are meaningful.Bob isn't the type that sings just to make wealth but he sings purposely for CONSCIOUSNESS AWARENESS.
Demet Ayral true...

Check out this Munich street performer's #bobmarleycover of "No Woman No Cry"!

6.6k reactions 80 comments
Beka Conrad John Spurio
Tess Maričić 💚 💛 ❤️
Luz Elena Anillo Osorio lindo
Gladys Bustamante mágnifico!!!!
Yasuyuki Watanabe これ これ‼️
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