Bob Marley
20:41 05/18/2017

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Exodus - Vinyl (Gold)

Exodus - Vinyl (Gold)

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Cath Pitcher
And me love the music
Mario Rosales
Nancy Zuñiga, pa la coleccion...
Taoufik Bouaziz
Movement of Jah people
Richard Claveau
je l ai
Ugo Mezzanino
Bei ricordi
Navin Nix
Forever Gold..
Saifur Rahman Palash
love ya
Sandy Desmond
One love
Mateus Santana
Marley Forever 💗💗💗
James Hedding
My favorite. Love Marley.
Otavio Monteiro Pereira
Eu quero
Saffron Jade Thurkettle
Janell Ferguson
Love it!!!!!
Allwin Peter Dessa
I have one of them.......
Mikhail Jay Tardaguela

Other newsfeed from Bob Marley

From this weekend in 1978, Bob and band are joined in a special guest appearance by founding Wailers member Peter Tosh during a show at the Starlite Bowl Amphitheater in Burbank, CA from the Kaya tour! #todayinbobslife

14.5k reactions 75 comments
Michael Dahan Awesome looking pictures!!
Carrie Mijnhijmer Nice BOB ✌✌😍
Sonja Dumst One love
Brian Guerrero Rasta!
Marco Gruzza No commenti parla da sols

From this week in 1975, Bob is interviewed during a press conference in London surrounding the Lyceum Theatre shows during the Natty Dread tour! #todayinbobslife

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Kolo Yeo Nice
Clevroy Thomas Up
Ccoonnss Ccoonnzzii Yeahhh
Aggo Rajabu Regendery
Luis Valderrama JHON felisidades

"I don’t think anyone was untouched by the Wailers. Marley’s voice was painful, but proud as he sang about the world he comes from." – Peter Cowan, Oakland Tribune

19.3k reactions 94 comments
Keith E Gynx Jackson Jr. Very true
Georgina Ann Lambert Jah bless
Adamu Haruna Oga nice one
Hendra Setyawan Jaya Mang bob
Easter Mulez I miss you everyday #BOB..solders of all time

Today we celebrate the 125th #EARTHSTRONG of the King of kings, Lord of lords, Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, RASTAFARI! Forever in our hearts and minds. 🙏🏾👑🦁🇪🇹

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Steve Tanner look at the hands... illuminarti, freemason, egypt, pyramid, all seeing eye of lucifer !
Milton C. Taylor Jr. When one of life's guides take you on a roller coaster ride, always remember that you can permanently get off by tearing it down; because psychologically, you will always be attached to the thrills of the adrenaline. -Prince Michael
Vincent Cobham I don't understand why there is so much conflict all of us are living right now and should just be happy for life not fighting over what we think we all have to find our way no one control our destiny but us with the decisions we make in life I love all ...
Ruby Hepi Didn't Bob Marley return to his Christian roots and denounce Selassie as the Christ returned? Furthermore wasn't Haile Selassie himself made a derelict and could be found in the slums because of the overthrow of his government? This would not be the ...

How well do you know Bob Marley's music? Take this quiz and share your results in the comments below!

Can You Name That Bob Marley Song?
Can You Name That Bob Marley Song?

Think you're a Bob Marley expert? Take this short, fun quiz to find out how well you know the lyrics to his most iconic songs!

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Vinnie Chamroe 4/5
David Nana Chisanga Redemption song
Trieva Carey 5/5
Nia Harris Wait in vain by Bob Marley
Maria Petrar Soul Rebel

Wishing a most Blessed #Earthstrong today to Bob's mother Cedella! LOVE 💚💛❤️

8.9k reactions 137 comments
Shatia Hill Happy 🎂 birthday mother Earthstong...Jah Bless💖💖💖🙏👼
Laurel Panchuk Happy Birthday!
Josh Newland She must be proud to have a legend for a child
Tyler Little Jah Live...Jah Bless
Olorunphemy Hajulor Blessed are u momma Cedella

Check out this performance of "Forever Loving Jah" by Nonpalidece in Buenos Aires. #bobmarleycovers

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Phellipe Werneck Degenaro
Joseph Hurtado Lizarraga No pasa nada....horriblelavercion
Clevroy Thomas Up
Osvaldo Martinez Oliva muy bueno
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend

This week (July 18-23) in 1973, Bob & The Wailers close out the Catch A Fire Tour with a 6-show run at Max's Kansas City nightclub in New York City, opening up for "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen, and by all accounts, stealing the show. #todayinbobslife

8.3k reactions 62 comments
Peter Liston Tuffgong
Joy Jon Love you
Monique Vet J'ecoute souvent certaines chansons de Bruce
John Cipriani I'd put reggae as top billing, but that's only me.
Dennoh Lavista bob marley

"I'm a capturer, that's what they say. Soul adventurer, night and day." #SoulRebel

29.6k reactions 130 comments
Joao Motta 💓
Andrew Brathwaite Capturer. Soul adventurer.
Andrew Brathwaite Run for cover, rebels taking over.
Emma Soboreo masterr
Patrick Wesh Natural mystic blowing through the air Jah bless us

Ziggy Marley's live stream starts in 5! #onelovesession

11.5k reactions 101 comments
Patty Covey Loving this .... loving Ragae
Valdirene Souza Adorooooo❤❤❤
Marni Peterson Long Power to the people!
Elly Campbell Thank you so much!
Cynthia Hubble Keegan Saw him in Cleveland about 4 or 5 years ago. Amazing.

In celebration of our #OneLove ice cream partnership with Ben & Jerry's, Ziggy Marley is live streaming his show TONIGHT on their FB page! . Tune in around 9p ET to catch the action.

11.3k reactions 62 comments
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Gibou Senghore ,YES, ONE LOVE.
Marqus Lemmons Get it Brotha! 👍🏿
Frederic Bayle "Babylon system is the vampire" Bob Marley
Leon Walker Rasta nuh eat ice cream fyah!!!

“Reggae is the music that everyone is trying to find.” #bobmarleyquotes

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Taureau Rebelle Il me semble que Bob avait BMW Bob Marley et Waillers
Cheikh Waly Ndao Y e a h
Nava Nathan It's not just the music , the message Bob delivered.
Jason Karimi YEAH I
افريقي سوادني Bob marley king of the music

Wishing a Blessed #Earthstrong to the "Jr. Gong", brother Damian Marley! . Be sure to check out his new album #StonyHill, out today:

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Charle Le Rassta Bamba respect pour toi
Wilfred Mngeni Jah guard and bless you with many more years come
Wellington Cooper
Clara Van Deusen Blessed bday mi Irie bredreN one love🇬🇳🇯🇲
Ifeanyichukwu Jones Joseph Blessed Earthstrong, Damian

“His faith he translates into music. A music about a world where the devil won’t smile and the children won’t cry.” – Michel Billot (Music Pulse Mag, 1980)

12.2k reactions 81 comments
Tinku Robles Such a legend Respect u!!
Christin Christel Schober-Hässler Ein traum
Nargo Temple Respect to you bob.
Yajaira Esther Gutierrez Rojano Hay mii bog marlys m encantaaa tu musicaaa nojodaa
Niarfe Añodnagra Yes... 😎😎😎

"Herb is the next herb that people gon' use. It's like how people use tomatoes, them use parsley, them use all sorts of herbs. Well this herb is for the healing of the nation." Marley Natural #marleynatural

10.9k reactions 156 comments
Aaron Stell Ask Bob how well the cannabis helped his Cancer
Markus Sinisalo Genesis 1:29
Lisa Yiannaki Truth 💚
Ajay Savant Love you Bob till the end...

"Herb for my wine..." #FinishTheLyrics

Can You Finish the Lyrics to These Bob Marley Songs? Take this quiz to find out!
Can You Finish the Lyrics to These Bob Marley Songs? Take this quiz to find out!

How well do you know the lyrics to these iconic Bob Marley's songs? Take this quiz to find out!

11.0k reactions 137 comments
Glynne Betts I got 9/10
Toby Allred Take the Exodus one next6 out of 10 again
Deena Nalls Keniston I missed one, really I knew the answer
Jim Vernon 10 out of 10
Taylor Brown Honey for my strong drink

Ziggy Marley is live streaming his concert this FRIDAY from Higher Ground in Burlington, VT! Be sure and tune in at around 9p ET. #OneLoveSession Ben & Jerry's

9.0k reactions 72 comments
Jah Jamai One heart forever 💖💛💚
Mariaan Botes love that
Ajay Savant Cool..
Guy McClary Arthur's theme
افريقي سوداني افريقي سوداني King of the music

"Oh let your love come shining in, into our lives again." #TurnYourLightsDownLow

21.6k reactions 129 comments
FatmaGül Bereket We never forget you Bob . ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️
Ãmiir Dë Liebe woooow love your voice sounds
Jacinta Mumba I love this song. Bob the legend
Sumesh Mj Yes yours
Kristie Judd I luv u BOB

Bob's legendary two-night run at the Lyceum Theatre in London continues today during the 1975 Natty Dread tour! It was on this night that the iconic live version of "No Woman No Cry" was recorded. #todayinbobslife . 📷s by Dennis Morris, Adrian Boot, Kate Simon & others.

13.3k reactions 76 comments
Bary Santoso Bob marley legend
Horacio Zimba Zayn No woman no cry, para sempre. Legend.
Monika Sanyang One Love 💗
Kathy Levasseur One of my favorite songs!
Joana Ntuli One love

Wishing a blessed #Earthstrong today to a real revolutionary, brother Nelson Mandela. ✊🏾 "The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." #MandelaDay #MADIBA

12.8k reactions 187 comments
Faye Moussa Être libre n'est pas seulement se débarrasser de ses chaînes mais c'est vivre de façon respect et renforce la liberté des autres
Martin Meining Es ist traurig das es nicht mehr solche Staatsführer wie Mandela gibt . Mit Menschen wie ihn an der Regierung würde es Afrika endlich voran gehen .
Log Base Grand Fondateur de l'Afrique qui n'a pas eu le temps de bien travailler.
Cody Desjarlais Kyle Louis god damn is obama getting old

"Today they say that we are free, only to be chained in poverty..." #SlaveDriver

10.8k reactions 73 comments
Siriki Konate Rid natty Ride
Francis Crossi emancipate yourself from mental slavery???
Nelso Bruno Timeless song!!! Bless your winsdom Bob!!!
Baks Sonko With machine they make money.

"God never made no difference between black, white, blue, pink or green. People is people, y’know. That’s the message we try to spread.” #bobmarleyquotes . 🎨 by Cajú Artsffiti via #bobmarleyart

12.8k reactions 141 comments
Jacinta Mumba Very true,every body is human and we breath the same air. Jah bless
Tim Szabo Blue pink and green people. I need what he was smoking
Tyler Campbell Bob I love u my nigga but you lieing when it comes too this
Denise Lloyd God knows the intentions of the heart.....Love..Peace..Justice
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Crafted from recycled & sustainably harvested materials, The House of Marley brings new freedom to your music with its #SmileJamaica Wireless earbuds! . Find out more at

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Mustapha Laouir Nour Laouir
Andrew Enriquez $300 one day
Mariana Corado Danny Velasquez
Amrita-Vani Mohammed Sakshi Jain next pair
Eduardo Gomes Como comprar em Portugal ?

The U.K. leg of the #NattyDread tour begins today in 1975 with a now-legendary 2 show run at the Lyceum Theatre in #London! #todayinbobslife . It from these concerts (mainly today's) that the Live! album was created and released later that year. 🎧 . 📷s by Dennis Morris & others.

9.1k reactions 42 comments
Scott Peters *...."Damion? Damion what i say?"..."no words"....*BOB MARLEY*
William Ferguson Top class album!!!
Scott Peters *...."you must find love"...*BOB MARLEY*>>>*WORLD BE FREE*
Steve Fletcher Leeds
Donnie Melvin World class legend

"Bob has changed my life for the best. He taught me we are all one people, whatever colour or race we are, in the eyes of the Almighty God. He has continuously inspired me and given me strength. I give thanks and praise for the message he shared with us through his music." – Isaac Haile Selassie of Ethiopia

24.2k reactions 201 comments
Jay Eleazar Buenaventura Its a war! Everywhere is war! Peace for marawi..peace on earth!
Caio Santos Amo Thamires Ayalla.. agora me entende kkk
Donovan Horne I NEED A HAMMA'
Calitho Robert Robert Nesta Marley ......always and will be remembered for his contribution to peace in all lands......Jah bless PAPA Bob Marley Archive
Adriano Rodriguez bob forever one love .....lejos lo mejor de las people the word

Staying in London at the end of the European leg of the Uprising tour, Bob & The Wailers meet up with British reggae/pop artist Eddy Grant and friends at a gym in Hammersmith for a football scrimmage on July 16th, 1980. #todayinbobslife

18.3k reactions 100 comments
Amanda Barker Amazing and beautiful pictures
Alonso Roblero Viva El Reggae'💕
Ras Teferi King respact for king
Siriki Konate get up stand up
Luxolo Ntsika Moyeni Two freedom fighters ✊

Turn your lights down low and relax to this beautiful cover by Natalia Doco (of Buenos Aires). #bobmarleycovers

8.3k reactions 124 comments
Anais Blanc Quelle voix!!!!!!
Jones CM Love this.
Joey Rhude Goosebumps🎶
Elias Crespin What a beautiful voice!
Gerlinde Bosgra - Vlastuin Awfull

#Repost Ziggy Marley: exodus last night in #Connecticut the audio quality isn't good but you get the picture 😉 #vibe. #exodus40 . Listen to Ziggy's 40th anniversary restatement version of the 'Exodus' album today at

3.3k reactions 62 comments
Nining Laura Belly Exodus.. ❤
Bright Samuel Anyaegbunam Jah bless them
Tob Loc Can't hear it but I can feel it!
Armando M Siciliano Excellent show lots of energy
Tony Leuck damn good

“A lot of people ask me why I come to America when I can do very well in Jamaica. My answer is that I want to spread peace and help others. We want to show that the world can get along very well without war, that humans must appreciate others as humans, not by race or religion.” #bobmarleyquotes

14.5k reactions 143 comments
Lisa Alexis Thank you
Laurette Monbrun Tes messages de paix ne s'éteindront jamais,Bob!
Sarah Calonge Go Bob!
Regina Clarke Amazing man

#FullSetFriday (audio): From today in 1978, Bob performs live at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver to kick-off the North American leg of the Kaya tour! #todayinbobslife

Bob Marley - Queen Elizabeth Theatre: 07/14/78 (AUD)
Bob Marley - Queen Elizabeth Theatre: 07/14/78 (AUD)

{Setlist:} * Positive Vibration * Them Belly Full * Concrete Jungle * Rebel Music * The Heathen * War / No More Trouble * Running Away / Crazy Baldhead * I Shot The Sheriff * No Woman, No Cry * Jammin' * Is This Love * Get Up, Stand Up * Exodus Tumbler: Google+ https://...

6.8k reactions 40 comments
Mani Arasu Rastaman will live
Aboubacar Abdulwahab Ahmed Respect !!!
Abraão Chaves O gigante do Reggae Bob Marley da Jamaica para ou Mundo
Simon Rainger God he was good.
Muhammed Garba kaya man
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