Bob Marley
20:41 05/18/2017

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Exodus - Vinyl (Gold)

The place for exclusive & rare merch, music & more from Bob Marley.

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Cath Pitcher
And me love the music
Mario Rosales
Nancy Zuñiga, pa la coleccion...
Taoufik Bouaziz
Movement of Jah people
Richard Claveau
je l ai
Ugo Mezzanino
Bei ricordi
Navin Nix
Forever Gold..
Saifur Rahman Palash
love ya
Sandy Desmond
One love
Mateus Santana
Marley Forever 💗💗💗
James Hedding
My favorite. Love Marley.
Otavio Monteiro Pereira
Eu quero
Saffron Jade Thurkettle
Janell Ferguson
Love it!!!!!
Allwin Peter Dessa
I have one of them.......
Mikhail Jay Tardaguela

Other newsfeed from Bob Marley

On 19 September 1980, Bob began a historic 2-night run at The Garden playing alongside The Commodores! Here we see concert photos + backstage shots of Bob w/Dionne Warwick, Mick Jagger and others.... #todayinbobslife

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Roxi Palace alors là, j'adoooore !!!!!
Ahmed Marouf ❤️
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Yona Kadlo very cool
Victor Da Mota Bob one love man

From today in 1980, Bob performs a few songs acoustic and is interviewed by Earl Chin of Rockers TV at the Essex Hotel in NYC ahead of his 2-night run at The Garden! #todayinbobslife

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Sharon Ogbonnaya Could listen to bob Marley for ever ❤️
David A Armitage The last song he wrote and played on stage. He was so weak he had to sit on a stool. I'm a grown adult with many trips to Jamaica under my belt since I was 20 years old. This song will forever be in my heart.
Marvin Bronfield A real revolutionary to the people and for the people
Paul Roberts He left us way way too early. Peace and love Bob.
Kizzy Straightforward Evans Yessss Talk Rasta! You negative people need to leave If you can't Raspect The Legendary Bob Marley💞💗💖

We're back with another LIVE episode of #IRememberWhen with Neville Garrick! Tune in for special unreleased Bob content, amazing stories and more!

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Jeanfranco Andres Ajalcriña Jorge Pinkman xd
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Sonia Anjos JAH!🇯🇲️😘.
Maria Green No sounds
Margaret Whittaker Is what happen to you hot sp

New live episode of #IRememberWhen with Neville Garrick in 10 minutes!

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Abdelmallid Yedo Salu2 desde España
Leonardo Fabio Reyes siii
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Cheikh Gaye Exudus confronteixon
Riaz Ahmed Baadsha it's my cover photo

From today on the 1980 Uprising tour, Bob lays low at the Essex Hotel in Manhattan before an interview with Earl Chin of Rockers TV as he gears up for a historic 2-night run at The Garden! #todayinbobslife . Tune in later today for a live stream of the interview and acoustic session with Earl Chin (details to follow).

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Cheikh Gaye Thé legend from my heart
Inengite Samuel It a man live on
Felecia Jude Harriette WE LOVE BOB MARLEY!! REAL, REAL, REAL ONE!! 🙌☝❤✌💚👌✊💙
Georgina Ann Lambert Jah love
Laura Marley Matthias Fischer schau da moi den hübschen Mann an😌☝️

"I am happy inside, all - all of the time." 😁 #SatisfyMySoul . 🎨 by Jay Pritchard Portraits #bobmarleyart

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Victor Da Mota Cool man
עטרה ברנע בבון מצוי
Douglas Adriano Gabriel Jesus?
Dante Ruben Grados Alor Sus canciones son muy profundas sobre Jamaica
Guilherme Lima Taís olha a legenda ❤️

From today in 1980, Bob Marley is interviewed by legendary NYC radio DJ Frankie Crocker at the WBLS radio station, promoting his two upcoming shows at The Garden with The Commodores during the Uprising tour! #todayinbobslife

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İlker Bozkurt Lowzar 01 (Çeçence düğünü) #gücüksustyle #lowzar #lezginka #şeşen #kafkas
بحبك - B7bk هل تؤمن بـ الحب من علي لفيس بوك ؟✋😍 ♥ اتمنى ان تدخلوا صفحتي وتشوفوا آالبوستات الي بكتبها 💚 ♥ لو عجبتك اعمل (لايـــك)  للصفحه 💯✌️
Mohamed Sohaib Yàkoùùb Khem
Jonas Monh Feh bob,c'est bob!
Aba Ababa adaboy

Ziggy Marley's #WeAreThePeople Tour ( and Damian Marley's #StonyHill ( are both in the Top 5 on this week's Billboard reggae albums chart! BLESS UP the fans 🙌🏾 🎧😊📈 #marleyfamily #LEGACY

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Khalyd Khaled Lakhal
İlker Bozkurt Lowzar 01 (Çeçence düğünü) #gücüksustyle #lowzar #lezginka #şeşen #kafkas
Alessandro Pireddu 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Raster Judah RasFireLion
Raster Judah Send I nI more stories abt Raggey

"Football is a part of I and I." #bobmarleyquotes

29.4k reactions 180 comments
Jordan Crize Gonna so b good 😢
Moacir Neto Lenda!!
Nithin Ab One love
Emanuel Schneider digggeeer bob marley hatte einfach schon immer style !!!!!!!!! rip bob <3
Alieu Jatta We play football and we play music .say yes Rasta

Bob plays Brown University's Meehan Auditorium in Providence, RI on September 17th, 1980! #todayinbobslife

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John Lanciloti Spark a fatty
Osvaldo Martinez Oliva el mejor
John Deoliveira 🎵🎶🎵🎶
Ahmed Eltomi Bob bob marley ...boom music
Alan Taylor Awesume!!

Ziggy Marley's daughter Zuri is featured on Nosaj Thing's newest single, "Way We Were"! 🎧👉🏾

4.8k reactions 52 comments
Descoux James habillé comme ça il se retourne dans sa tombe
Irene Lindholm Can´t listen to it from where I am :(
Kamala Wright Ziggy had other children
David Barbara Burnett hooped underskirt!
Lindsay Lindsaye On dirait le bas du dessous dune robe de mariée krkrkrkr bizzare 😊

"Don't let them fool ya...." #CouldYouBeLoved

26.3k reactions 187 comments
Horacio Arrua pregunten ,donde esta santiago ,con lagrimas y decepcion donde esta miles de jovenes desaparecidos por goviernos fashistas or fachistas
Samantha Pellegatta ... suonata in questo istante da alcuni ragazzi sulla metrò 9 di Parigi 😁
Azar Tamusni Tariçt Say something;reggae,reggae....
Kathleen Radharani Carneiro this man....this missed.....
Siqinisile Chitimbe Could you be loved ......oh yea could u be loved

Review of Bob's show from tonight in 1980 at the JB Hynes Auditorium in Boston, MA 👉🏾

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Wyatt Zeller
İlker Bozkurt Dance
Rayhan Sumon Hi, I am a professional logo designer. If you need a creative logo for your business, please go to the link:
David Crerand ❤️💛💚

Bob plays the JB Hynes Auditorium in Boston, MA on September 16th, 1980. #TodayInBobsLife

16.3k reactions 100 comments
Mory Maldini Bob restera toujuor la mm
Moussa Balla Diallo a vous les rastas «one love»gandja man
Jonathan Green Bob Feeling JaH !
Biljana Gojkovic Bob Marley 💖❤💖
Sian Rogers My Bob xc

“Cause only a fool lean upon his own misunderstanding.” #ForeverLovingJah

12.1k reactions 91 comments
Patrick Wesh Movement of Jah people
João Gabriel Para os BR Apenas os tolos apoiam se em suas mas interpretação
Sfakiro Lahatli Hoii Jah ✊✊
Kentrick Minoh Nesta
Amal Joshi Noooo women no cry

Rohan Marley's daughter and fashion model Selah Marley releases her debut single, "Breathe"! Check it out now via W magazine. #marleyfamily #LEGACY

Exclusive: Hear the First Single From Lauryn Hill
Exclusive: Hear the First Single From Lauryn Hill's Daughter, Selah Marley

The teen model and granddaughter of Bob Marley is finally stepping out as a musician. No pressure.

3.1k reactions 48 comments
Polly Nkirote Wow
Wilfredo M Baton Jr. Hi..
Mehitabel Kolley Please keep it up
Shenku Beza preety.
Kathy Gonzalez She's gorgeous

Watch the Jerry Garcia Band's #bobmarleycover of "Stir It Up" during a show on a boat in the NYC Harbor from today in 1976!

2.4k reactions 54 comments
Heath Hensel Well........yeah ok
Craig Kirk 3<
Clevroy Thomas Up
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Kurt Gøran Andersen Travis Bean guitar?

"It take a joyful sound, to make a world go 'round." #PunkyReggaeParty . 📷 by Dennis Morris

13.5k reactions 66 comments
Jocelyne Marescaux Durot 👍😉✌️
עטרה ברנע בבון מכוער
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Jermell Harrison 💯
James Lane "It's a Punky Reggae Party!!!"

Filmed 37 years ago today, enjoy this live stream of Bob and band's final rehearsal at Criteria Studios in Miami before heading out on the U.S. leg of the 1980 Uprising tour! #todayinbobslife

20.8k reactions 4108 comments
Kelly Winell Loves me some Peter Tosh, Ziggy Stephen and Damien. And Bob's adorable grand kid who performed with Katy Perry
Carlos Reyes Maley no matter what you going thru his music made you feel is ok. Their would be a brighter tomorrow
Michael Omo Egiethua Request for War please.Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior.......
King Austin all is number one!! song dat will never go old,generation on generation will find comfort in these songs or words!!blessed be !!
Douglas Eugene Chappell Recording studios now can be tiny and still get the job done , back then they had em in bigger buildings

Music... it has the power to completely change your perspective. Check out The House of Marley's Bag of Riddim and other smile-inducing speakers at . 💁🏼 Vendelali 📷 Zach Weinberg — Products shown: Bag of Riddim - The House of Marley.

1.1k reactions 20 comments
Joseph Noel Buenaflor No Woman No Cry
Aldo Santaella mira Jack Santaella Ramirez esta de lux
Farooque Patel i like that
Manunu Maria Ndlovu Respect jah man
Robin Wiese satisfy my soul.

"They don't want to see us unite. All they want us to do, is keep on fussin' and fighting." #TopRankin

30.0k reactions 205 comments
Tommy Solem Faugli See they want to be the star. So they fighting tribal war.
Chris Martines TRUE today and ALWAYS..!!
Dennis Sabo Unfortunately, that's all many of you want to do. No respect and no effort.
Mwinyi Bakari All they wanted us to do is people killing and fighting one another,top rankin
Julia Zacarias Vibration ..... That's true they don't care about us

From this week in 1980, Island Records films an acoustic rendition of "Redemption Song" during the Uprising rehearsals at Criteria Studios in Miami, FL. #todayinbobslife . Tune in tomorrow and Thurs at 1pm PT for live streams of the final rehearsals!

13.3k reactions 111 comments
Никита Кочетов 😧
Adama Séne Song of freedom!
Pamela Powell I love this SONG. I was singing it TODAY
François Jaloux a year before his death
Daliso Elias Phiri He only played this version once..... a beautiful piece

From today in 1980, Bob plays with the Am/Jam (America & Jamaica) football team against Haiti in Miami, FL! #todayinbobslife

24.0k reactions 139 comments
Emeka Dilibe One love for all
MaryBeth Keough Asenjo 1980 doesn't seem that long ago to me. 😕
Audrie Lyn September What's up baby
Audrie Lyn September Hi Ziggy Marley
Thabo Sehata BOB MARLEY IS A KING OF REGGAE EN WHO JAH BLESS THE MAN CURSE. One love en peace jah Rastafarian.

"My music will go on forever. Maybe it's a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever." #bobmarleyquotes #bobmarleyart

18.5k reactions 167 comments
Rossy Galera Eras el mejor eres él mejor y seguirás siendo el mejor no hay nadie mejor qué tú porque tú eras único hasta siempre bob marley
Tangie Hawkson It will always
Ebisco Warikoru That's why i &i always listen to it.Raspect.
Abimbola Solomon Caption that moment when Marley is communicating with the higher forces of this earth...
Mercedes Cirillo But the goodness of jah jah I-dureth forever...

Today marks the Ethiopian New Year, 2010! It is during this time of year that the country bursts into color, with yellow Meskel flowers blossoming everywhere. #AfricaUnite

4.5k reactions 75 comments
Les Cox Happy new year
Ruther Minder JAH BLESS 🌻💖🌲JAH LOVES
Haruna Husseni One love Africa unite
Misheny Lion Look Happy another year Ethiopia there's nothing new under the sun!!
Chernet Chera Negashe one love!

"Unity is the world's key, and racial harmony. Until the white man stops calling himself white and the black man stops calling himself black, we will not see it. All the people on earth are just one family.” #bobmarleyquotes

30.4k reactions 270 comments
Peter James Gonna walk and don't look back.
Martin Ham Whe are all green..
Simon Kariuki Stepping Razor" in Jah you rest in music you live
Kathleen Childs I agree. Labeling is one thing that keeps us separated. Unite in our HUMANITY.
Diane Grace A very happy Mick in the middle!

Check out CAFUNDÓ's #bobmarleycover of "Africa Unite"!

3.0k reactions 35 comments
Jonathan Tostain Boby Lac
Matheus Dutra Júnior
WaeL MeLegy Usif Salah
Lu Parlapiano Villita Villita mira amiga ☝🏼
Kafando Philippe Seem

"They stab you in the back, and they claim that you're not looking." #WantMore

20.7k reactions 246 comments
Ajirin Olaitan Ayodele We got so much things to say right now,we got so much things to say...Tribute to Robert Nesta Marley.
Sherin Puzhakkal Bob Marley you are Always Alive in Our Hearts your LEGEND WILL NEVER DIE...
Kathy Daly True friends stab you from the front 🙏🏽
Thea Bens Now you got what you want, do you want more...
Michael Curry "Dem belly full, but dem still hungry."

"You’re young and you’re strong, rock all night long." #DanceDoTheReggae

15.5k reactions 94 comments
Georgina Ann Lambert Jah love
Roma Kebe On love bob
Benjamin Bourguignon C le [email protected]@
Betty Lott King of Reggae
Eddy Soetarto One love
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