Bob Marley
15:00 04/20/2017

Announcing the upcoming release of '#EXODUS40: The Movement Continues', out June 2 worldwide! . Learn more 📰👉🏾 bit.

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Bob Marley

Bob Marley's cover photo

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David Vanson
Kirill Dyagilev
cool story
Tom Kani
Elli Kimata
Francis Appiah Cann
Movement of Jah people .
เดอะฝิ่น ไม้
to bye you !!
Isaac Kay Norman
Just love tis all around
Anthony Gayle Oram
Peace and love
Bruno Mendes Kwanza
Grandes êxitos
Bruno Mendes Kwanza
Escutei, gostei, amei i recomendaria a apreciarem a música do rei
Alain Lesceux
J'aime la.musique bob.Trop bien
Loredana Cesciutti
Grazie di essere esistito!
Jansen Billy Miranda Viloria
Alexander Divina Felipe Soliven Jr. Kram Ynohtna TaubagKram Ynohtna Taubag Nednemodxodus kano kayung.👌#naykombienen
Carrie E. Green
One of my favs!!
Sergio De Freitas Costa
O melhor.

Other newsfeed from Bob Marley

Hear the difference from the moment you drop the needle. #premiumsound . Thanks to our #ProjectMarley reforestation program, each purchase from The House of Marley helps plant one tree 🌲 #materialsmatter — Products shown: Stir It Up Turntable, from The House of Marley.

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Gabriella Crespo Nyqvist Daniel Pettersson
Azza Abd ElMoneim Mayada Farahat
Tim Williams Michael Murrell
Afie Greven Derk Wiebrants
Aminu Akim Otoaye Nice one

"Bob Marley and Peter McIntosh's guitars are beautiful and vibrant yet so simple, that it's hard to believe sitting there (eyes closed) that they were actually making that music. It was as if I was being lifted and carried along by the music and I couldn't get that tune out of my head even when I went home." – Chris Gayle (Let It Rock, 1973)

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Louis Smuggler Ocampo Stir it Up.
Marilena Bonomi Unico per sempre
Jelani Wu Tang Who ah d writers of this post?
Gaby Imperial Jungla de concreto excelente cancion!!!!!
Cee Era The performance that made me fall in love with Bob

New Skip Marley tune #Refugee out today! . 🎧🎶

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Sheri Lyons Bronson Lyons
Lynn Colbeck Jamie Lee Arnold xx
Etubi Okutachi ì
Clevroy Thomas Up
Cyril Braumuller Schitterend............

“Now, WE say we will fight WITH the youth, let the youth come together. So, you have all these other forces who a-try to get them fight, because if them come together, then them will know themselves." #bobmarleyquotes

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Joe Benson marley a legend nd a man of love. True love Marley
Rózsa Csordás 😍😍🌹😍😍
João Gabriel Só Branco no bagulho kkk
Heike Nortmann not all youth standing for a peaceful world

Wishing a blessed #Earthstrong to Stephanie Marley today! #marleyfamily

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Anita Johnson Happy 🎂
Penny Spicer Much love here for them all
Masindy Chimuga #bless
Theressa B.C Happy Birthday
Nannette Gleason Happy birthday Stephan Marley 🎂

"Even as the green herb, have I given you all things." Genesis 9:3 . Check out the latest from Marley Natural... #marleynaturalstudio

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Angel Ruiz Haile Salutes.. #RobertNesta
Jonathan Lee In the beginning god created the heaven and the earth 🌏 genesis 1:1
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Christine Arnold He looks so attractive in this photo...
Temple Opurum Legend Marley

Blessed Independence Day, Gabon! #AfricaUnite

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Uwe Lehsten 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Maery Lechar Pasbou Happy independence day #AfricaUnite
Chace Kenner Dumb
Rās Témū Sīlásìyâñ's Blak pepil raighat

Ziggy Marley and fans at Boomtown Fair join together in song #loveismyreligion #ziggymarley #legacy

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Leo Staňak Whats the name of that song?
صقر الصحراء بوب
Brendan Beaven Jocelyn Hawkins Finnian James your both in this
Richard Parker Yes sir was

Rohan Marley​ has just released a new cookbook of unique, coffee-infused recipes! #marleycoffeecookbook . 🥘☕️📒

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Islam Unlu Babylone in marley family
Carl Shirey Made a coffee brisket and it turned out great
Osvaldo Martinez Oliva idolo
Sandy Cuffy 👍👏☕
Susanne Strauch Eric Strauch We definetly need it!

"Until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all, without regard to race..." #War . #DidYouKnow: The lyrics from "War" are originally from a speech made by HIM Haile Selassie I before the United Nations General Assembly in 1963.

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Baba Kaumi Shettima Until that day, the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship and rule of international morality,. War war.
Juan Manuel Morales Perea Por eso eres mi Dios.i te yevate en mi piel toda la vida En mi corazón ya sabes k tambien
Ben Vickers Until the color of a mans face is of no more significance than the color of his eyes
Julita Osiecka A kiedy bedzie ten pokuj na ziemi?Tego chyba nikt nie wie.
Ajirin Olaitan Ayodele @Patrick ikechukwu-Thanks for the full "blast" of the "war" album, it bring sweet memories of a great legend-Bob Marley.

uDiscover gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of #Uprising!

Bob Marley: Uprising - The Real Story Behind The Album
Bob Marley: Uprising - The Real Story Behind The Album

Uprising was the last album Bob Marley released in his lifetime. The day it reached the shops, Marley and the Wailers opened for Fleetwood Mac in Munich.

11.4k reactions 113 comments
Roberto Conti-Vecchi Great reading. Thx
Joseph Navas 👍
Angela Dougan Masterpiece 😎
R Arthur Anderson Babylon g'wan fall
Casas Andrés Pimper's paradise ♡

"My feet is my only carriage, so I've got to push on through." #NoWomanNoCry 🎨 #bobmarleyart by ULTAMiCiTi

17.6k reactions 166 comments
Michael Möller Nice so cool
Derick Damian Malichi king marley
Jeff Hess We need you more than ever.
Estadilla Mel Vin everythngs gonna be all right, yeah!
Robin Rettig Cattanio One of my favorites

Wishing a very happy Independence Day today our brothers and sisters in the Republic of the Congo! #AfricaUnite

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Dolphine Pudi Masina Africa unite
Zoorba Sousa Viva a indecência africana viva a africa
Jahson Lumumba Khakhah Blessed
Wellive Bukasa Bonne fete a vous mes freres et soeurs de l'autre rive Africa unite
Marilena Bonomi Grande bob

Published today in 1977, The Los Angeles Times reviews Bob's run at the Rainbow Theatre to close out the Exodus tour. #todayinbobslife #Exodus40

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Joe Musicien For Your Love Bob :)
Hoàng Quốc Trịnh - Trịnh ĐZ Đã Chấm Bài <3
Mariano Pucheta A guante. El megor
Nazry Salleh The wailers
Stephen Morris Page 2?

"Every man got a right to decide his own destiny." #Zimbabwe

24.3k reactions 179 comments
Okolosi Ejyfae One love...
Angkol George Yah! Brotha you're right, you're right ☝🏼
Hery Coy Jah blees
Taoufik Bouaziz What we need is love
Antoine Williams Lola Sofia Williams

Watch Angélique Kidjo along with the Kuumba Choir Singers perform a powerful rendition of "Redemption Song" during her PBS special, 'Spirit Rising'. #bobmarleycover

6.6k reactions 108 comments
Eloy Muñoz García Genial
Dawn Forster Wonderful ❤️
Catrin Toulouse Was ist eigentlich mit heide und Willie los ?
Sheila A. August Songs of freedom!
Susanne Walker Such prophetic song

Sending Love to the people of the Central African Republic on their Independence Day today! #AfricaUnite

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Masto Abu Sakty happy indepence day C A R..god bleess u
Ssekkoba Latiif very intelligent
Anthon MKin Happy Indepence Day
Jisca Kegba Merci ya Bob

As part of our #ProjectMarley reforestation efforts with One Tree Planted, each #BuffaloSoldier BT headphone purchase from The House of Marley helps plant one tree 🌲 Join the movement @

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Elliot Allchin This is some real fucked up shit
Thomas Adams I hope it's not real wood they are using then lol
Mirella Marchionna Waw...
Juan Marquez Mendoza Babylon
Thomas Pakull house of marley everyday!!!! =)

Bob makes his first cover of Rolling Stone Magazine today in 1976! #todayinbobslife . Read the full article:

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Mrlecturer Joe Oh raster man
Mercedes Cirillo will be forever loving.. bob!
Lyndie Roth Have it!!!
Isaac Champagnard I lovve
Bien Youssouf Guebre Yeah mon!!!!!!!

Big things on the horizon from the young lion Nico Marley 🙌🏾🏈💪🏾Washington Redskins NFL #playerofthegame Rohan Marley #lionorder

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Pieter van Dyck redskins van south park Louis Van Eyck
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Rudy R Cabrera HTTR!!
Porter Hand Oh I know

Enjoy this rare, previously unheard cut of "One Love" from the historic One Love Peace Concert in 1978! . Audio courtesy of Bob Marley Concerts

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Mohamed Maz Jah live
Blazing Ministah Epic
Andy Abeyta It's not rare, where have you been.
Dorothy Sue Magee-Childers THANKS FOR SHARING.

Published today in 1979, Bob is featured on the cover of Melody Maker Magazine! #todayinbobslife

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Stace Bey Jack Blesus
Hoàng Quốc Trịnh - Trịnh ĐZ Đã Chấm Bài <3
Alex Ander Ezequill Sanchez 4
Fito Cesaren EXANTHA A
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!

"I was finding stuff all over the place when looking through the tapes. I found some synth parts that were really funky and I was like, ‘let’s make this be a lead.’ I love that part so much, and I couldn’t believe it, because in those days it was unheard of to hear stuff like that." – Ziggy Marley on #Exodus40

Ziggy Marley On the 40th Anniversary Reissue of
Ziggy Marley On the 40th Anniversary Reissue of 'Exodus'

Exclusive: Ziggy Marley speaks about his “restatement” reissue his father, Bob Marley's, iconic album Exodus.

5.0k reactions 31 comments
Jacob Bex Torben Döring
Shelagh Linde Emily Jeremy 1977
Hoàng Quốc Trịnh - Trịnh ĐZ Đã Chấm Bài <3
Katy Edwards Yes
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!

"No matter how you treat him, man will never be satisfied." #CouldYouBeLoved

25.1k reactions 186 comments
Emy Sara Beauty inside out😘💚💛❤🙏
Nicolas Alejandro Triguero wise
Marion Marley 💕💕
Raymond Medrano ESO si es verdad mi hermano. Yunior Antonio Espinal Josè Ramòn Medrano Jose Reyes Marceline Jimenez
Assane Ndiaye Rasta is the Future

Nuff blessings to our brothers and sisters in Chad on this day of their Independence. #AfricaUnite

5.1k reactions 148 comments
Wellive Bukasa Africa unite et bonne fete a vous freres et soeurs du tchad
Desmond Egan Happy birthday Chad! Enjoy the day!
Vladimir Krsmanović Happy Independence to the people of Romania :D
Timothy Booth I guess happy Independence Day Chad Johnson?!?!
Sonali Vejpongsa 💗💛💚

On 10 August 1979, which was the International Year of the Rasta Child, Bob performed at a charity concert alongside THIRD WORLD, Burning Spear, Jacob Miller, Black Uhuru Official and others! Proceeds from the event went to fund a school and training center in Trench Town. #todayinbobslife

4.4k reactions 31 comments
Kamil Kamiński Karolina Pluta
Bro Chisomo Phiri In ame lyf a gato iregalise it,jahrastafarahi)
صقر الصحراء Bob
Lisa Fineberg ❤️❤️❤️
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!

Nourish your body, fuel your mind... Marley Natural #skincare #hemp — Products shown: Marley Natural Hemp Seed Body Salve.

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Amaury Ollivier Babylone...
Mark Colquhoun Selling Bob's soul one product at a time.
Rishabh Kumar Promote for likes
Jason Medaris Truly beautiful woman in the commercial❤
Justin Vaughn Unfollow. Please kill yourself

Airing August 10, 1975, Bob Makes his U.S. television debut today on the Manhattan Transfer show, performing "Kinky Reggae"! #todayinbobslife

7.0k reactions 53 comments
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
José Luis Hill Impresionante!!!un adelantado Bob!!!
Ricardo Amauri A lenda do reggae music influência que causa impacto au mundo.
Mary Horn Can't imagine if we'd never had bob Marley 😍

uDiscover explores the saga behind one of Bob's most iconic albums, #Survival.

Bob Marley: Survival - The Real Story Behind The Album
Bob Marley: Survival - The Real Story Behind The Album

Powerful, pointed and political, Survival was as close as Bob Marley came to producing a concept album, recorded in London and Tuff Gong studio in Kingston.

2.2k reactions 42 comments
Giancarlo Alberici la tratta degli schiavi che si ripete...
Keith E Gynx Jackson Jr. 👀💯👌
Jenny Vassell My favourite Bob album :D xx xx
John Crowe very deep album rasta far ri live the true album
Sergio Serluzpe Esse é o melhor álbum de Bob Marley!
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