02:30 08/12/2017

They call him "The American Psycho" for a reason.
Stephan Bonnar

VIDEO | Stephan Bonnar head kicks and mauls a

VIDEO | Stephan Bonnar head kicks and mauls a 'fan' that stepped over the line in the ring |

UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar is far from living the retired life. The UFC veteran that is one piece of the recipe that paired with Forrest Griffin...

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Maurice Rua
Remember his bad acting on the ortiz build up fight lol
Monty Glover
Bonnar, Franklin was the best fight I ever saw. Unbelievable.
Jeffrey Thomas
So why was he on the mic talking to said "fan".....scripted
Marc Jorgensen
And if you think that was real, your living in your parents basement at 40
Russell Florian
Can someone post this with a different video player? Twitter videos are annoying af.
Sean Patric
What kind of reporting is this, anybody who's ever seen a real fight knows this is fake. Get fucked
Kevie Dignan
Why is bonner in pro wrestling anyways what about his bellator contract?
Tim Scott
That was fake. They were doing some wrestling promotional shit. Lol
Robert DePrato
This is wrasslin and the kick and subsequent pounce were insultingly fake. Why are legitimate mma news outlets even sharing this?
Jonathan Pellot
I wonder if the disco inferno taught him that high kick?? Some of you will get it, some won't lol
Matthew Hahn
I hope he is making money and having fun because he just SOLD THE FUCK OUT!
Thomas Leonard
Hey...As we say in the South... Don't write a check your mouth can't back up
Simone McWilliams
Isaac Bennett 😂😂😂
David Thennes
If it was real why only hit him in the body? when the head/face was wide open
David Velez
Thats what they call a plant in professional

Other newsfeed from BJ PENN

Come for the vicious knee highlight, stay for the video of the full fight from ACB 67.

Listen to the Sound of this Brutally Perfect Knee From ACB 67 |
Listen to the Sound of this Brutally Perfect Knee From ACB 67 |

If you’ve ever ventured out of the UFC comfort zone to watch Absolute Championship Berkut, then you already know that most of their events produce highlight reels or at the very least crazy moments that will make you yell at your laptop. If you aren’t familiar with ACB, then now is the perfect time,...

75 reactions 5 comments
Brett Mccant Tommy Klym 💀
Jesse Garcia Richard Garcia
Mono Sanchez Guzman Diego Antunez
Robby Brashier Never seen it land like that
Greg Rivers Brutal knee. Had to watch it 3-4 times to appreciate the timing

Wow! "Sugar" Shane Mosley just destroyed Conor McGregor with this statement.

Shane Mosley uses Mayweather Sr. to throw shade at Conor McGregor |
Shane Mosley uses Mayweather Sr. to throw shade at Conor McGregor |

Former three weight division boxing world champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley doesn’t believe that current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has a snowballs chance in hell of defeating Floyd Mayweather on August 26 in Las Vegas. Mosley believes that a better fight to make would be having “Mystic Mac...

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Jon Faerber If McGregor wants to impress anyone he should try defending his belts in the ufc instead of running his mouth and making excuses not to do so. Dana is clearly his bitch and both should lose their job. Turning into a 3 ring WWE shit show that I wouldn't ...
Benny Fowler Some of the Conor fans and haters need to grow up. The girls drama table in middle school wasn't even this bad. Oh and love or hate him when you open your mouth about him his stock goes up.
Chad Law Mosley's just bitter that he will be embarrassed if Conor wins, just like all the other pro boxers 😂. Floyd Sr. Was getting beat up by Charlie Z 😂. Did anyone see the lazy slow jab Sr. Threw at mcgregor press conference? Are you kiddin me 😂. He would ...
Les Vetor Well, you guys might get suprised with McGregor in this fight. But if it came down with MMA rules or even kickboxing there would be no competition. Mayweather would get destroyed. Honestly, he should go beat the shit out of Paulie for talking that shit. ...
Scott Woodard It's sad Mcgregor has to call out Mayweather for a pay day. UFC pay your top fighters more. There's no way Mcgregor wins this fight only in the pocketbooks. Mayweather is the best at what he does call him a boring fighter but he's 49-0 and pound for ...

Whoa! Francis N'Gannou calls out Alistair Overeem to replace Junior dos Santos Cigano at UFC 215!

Francis Ngannou Calls Out Overeem for UFC 215 |
Francis Ngannou Calls Out Overeem for UFC 215 |

There were two new beasts rising up in the UFC’s heavyweight division and everyone wanted them to fight. That was, until Derrick Lewis lost to Mark Hunt and Francis Ngannou eradicated Andrei Arlovski in under two minutes. Such is the nature of the combat game, one of them is moving on while the othe...

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Clint W Cody Winser you Sweatin bullets I bet
Glen Patten Conor Patten you ya fancy ?
Toby Priestley Chris Morris.. What was we sayin earlier aha
Scott Robert FNG vs Ubereem would have been a good fight, but Overeem? Nah!
James Springer Good fight. Overeem probably wont take it.

Mark "Super Samoan" Hunt is pissed and claims 'filthy dog coward' Fabricio Werdum declined to fight him twice.

Mark Hunt Trashes
Mark Hunt Trashes 'Chicken Sh-t' Fabricio Werdum |

Mark Hunt only has three modes: chill, no chill, and absolute destruction. Luckily, his last opponent Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis, didn’t pop for any drugs. Before that, his last four opponents in a row have been fighters who violated the UFC’s anti-doping policies, so it’s easy to understand wh...

210 reactions 44 comments
Jared Wolf Love hunt lol
Nic Nic Draw Mark hunt cant get over being beat by brock end off
Bart Smith Yeah, he's afraid to knock you out again Mark. Because... you're older and slower and dumber now... ?
Edson Machado More like Mark hunt would eat the chicken shit cause he will literally eat anything that fat fucking twat
Dee Scott Mark Hunt pissed about something??! Really?? That doesn't seem like him smh

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva fires back at the "jealous and untalented people" who don't want to see him fight Rico Verhoeven.

Bigfoot Silva fires back at his critics |
Bigfoot Silva fires back at his critics |

Yesterday morning it was annnounced that former UFC heavyweight title challenger Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva would be returning to action on October 14 in Gangzhou, China. That news alone had fans and analysts worried. After all, “Bigfoot” has suffered seven knockout losses over the course of the last f...

102 reactions 37 comments
Mehraj Shaikh This will be a guaranteed first round knockout.
Steve Carter He needs to retire yesterday. He's taken too many beatings
Alex Natividad Tim Hague about to have some company
Anthony Loman It's gonna be like watching a guy hit the heavy bag
Zaid Chaarani This is his end . He is fucked ....

Dashon 'FlyBoy' Johnson embraces Conor McGregor in the midst of racial tensions and urges people to unite.

Sparring Partner Dashon Johnson Posts a Touching Message for Conor McGregor |
Sparring Partner Dashon Johnson Posts a Touching Message for Conor McGregor |

Most of Conor McGregor’s camp for Floyd Mayweather has been surrounded by controversy. Between the infamous Paul Malignaggi footage, as well as other boxers coming out of the woodwork to insult McGregor, all Conor needed was multiple racist allegations from Mayweather. Meanwhile, the rest of the wor...

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Dwight C. Toves Fagbags in SBG! not surprised
Gabe Free This is thee most awkward looking hug I Have ever seen
Jonathan Irving Ayala Good for them. They hugged.
Van Warman Fuck of prick get some respect
Van Warman Now that's respect two class acts 👍

Junior dos Santos Cigano's management confirms the substance he tested positive for and speaks out on his behalf.

Junior Dos Santos
Junior Dos Santos' Management Releases a Statement on His Potential Doping Violation |

It was bound to happen. Too long has gone between a major UFC fighter getting flagged for a potential doping violation, so Junior dos Santos had to break the cycle. That was a poor choice of words, considering what dos Santos popped for was a substance called hydrochlorothiazide, which is a diuretic...

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Anthony Mehlhaff Boner pills?
Roberto Pagan i believe Junior, sorry but i do
Ricardo Saeki Stop the BS it came from the drugstore
Gotti Gaming Big shocker that a brazilian fighter failed for roids.....Lmfao All brazilian fighters are on roids.
Osama Manan with further research, the masking agent he is talking about will have something to do with use of roids bcuz chlomiphene is also a sort of masking agent..

Nate Diaz goes on a profanity-laced rant against boxers insulting Conor McGregor. Tells Paul Malignaggi to shut his mouth.

Nate Diaz Defends McGregor Against Boxing
Nate Diaz Defends McGregor Against Boxing's 'One-Dimensional' Clowns |

As soon as Nate Diaz was announced to fight Conor McGregor back at UFC 196, we all knew it was going to be something special. It was the first time McGregor’s trash talk would bounce off of someone. There wouldn’t be any getting in Diaz’s head, he would only shrug, curse and go on a...

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Stevan Prager Boxers aren't real warriors anymore. They do glorified sparring. Haven't been real boxing for years. And if Floyd can't ko him being so superior it shows how limited that skill set is.
Danny Santos Nate Diaz fucken real fuckin Love him and his brother there from the streets and hang it out there much respect for a real dude
Mark Simmons Nate and Nick are my two favorite fighters ever! I love their attitudes and the fact that they can kick ass. I think Nate would beat Mcneverdefend in a boxing match! They box with Andre Ward! He even said they hold their own and more! They get fucked by ...
Keith McEvoy Boxers all over the world are admitting that what they do is not fighting. They keep coming out with the same rhetoric... "boxing is a science"... Its glorified full contact hand sparring and its tippy tappy point scoring bullshit nowadays
Luke Jones Nate is 100% correct. I have always been a big fan of both Boxing and MMA, but I find myself more and more getting sick of boxing solely due to the shear arrogance of both boxers and fans regarding them seein boxing as being superior to all, training ...

Dana White has a message for the boxing world!

Dana White warns the boxing community "Now you
Dana White warns the boxing community "Now you're going to meet Conor McGregor" |

We are just over a week away from what could be the biggest fight in combat sports history. That’s right, current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor will look to defy the odds when he makes his professional boxing debut against undefeated legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather on August 26 live from T...

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Derek Smith Whatever you gotta keep telling yourself Dana lol your man crush is going to get beat down by a 40 year old! Deal with it lol but can't knock him for trying to sell tickets I guess
Henry Williams Harold Velasco Lies! Dana knows McGreggor is gonna loose. Hes just in it for the money. But he has to pretend that he feels like McGreggor is really going to win. The things people will do for money. 😊
Todd Bader Dana or Diana what ever this doosh bag is talking why don't he get his fatass in the ring and fight mayweather and watch his mfering ass get knocked out. Fun how dana is nut hugging mcgregor so much he probably sucks his dick every night
Vince Aquilino Ok let's see what he has to say in about 8 days... FOH we seen his stand up game wit Nate, he got no business, nor does he deserve to be in there...
Justin Faulconer So Floyd says on Kimmel he is promising a blockbuster and rush forward the whole time. Would like to see it happen but the realist in me is saying 'yeah right.' When Conor pours it on he'll do what he always do and glide away like boxing's Machida. ...


VIDEO | Dennis Bermudez gets tasered and it sounds horribly painful |
VIDEO | Dennis Bermudez gets tasered and it sounds horribly painful |

Dennis Bermudez is always up to something crazy. Whether it’s breaking world records or breaking opponents in the Octagon, “The Menace” always finds something to do that’s not quite the norm. Here, we take a look at Bermudez seeing what it’s like to get tasered right in the back. Seeing as the UFC f...

108 reactions 5 comments
Frank Woods He knew what he was doin he put it right on his spine
Ritchie Elgar The guy kept tazin him im pretty sure after he yells holy fuck hes good lmao
Daniel Ely Hey bjpenn site. I've got an iPhone and I can't read any of your articles because you have stupid fucking ads that pop up over the whole page and the button to close the ads doesn't work. Pretty piss poor planning

Floyd Mayweather Sr. will takes things to court if he needs to.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. says he will file a lawsuit if Conor McGregor fights dirty |
Floyd Mayweather Sr. says he will file a lawsuit if Conor McGregor fights dirty |

Paulie Malignaggi said that Conor McGregor fights dirty and still has to learn about the difference between inside fighting used in boxing and in MMA.

787 reactions 335 comments
Jack Presscot Sue then, but your little son gonna get bodyslammed the way Bad Chad almost put Bernard Hopkins through the fucking canvas.
Patrick Costa Shut the fuk up. Smh it's a boxing match just tell your son do what he does best and that's always getting the victory that's always running your mouth about lawsuits make you sound like a Caucasian
Emil Viceral Cool can McGregor file a lawsuit if may weather clenches more than 70% of the fight? Even better, file a lawsuit on May weather for being a pussy ass chicken shit and not fighting in the octagon.
Michael Cornish If he gets his ass beat they will sue What's new ?? Mayweather is like watching paint dry when it comes to boxing and I'm sure he will have every reason in the world why it didn't go his way
Mark Homewood Blah blah blah. I am praying McGregor knocks mayweather out cold with one punch and takes his whole entourage high horse idiots with him .And I don't even like McGregor but I loathe mayweather and his mumbling father.

As expected, some big names are heading to watch Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor settle things in the ring.

Mayweather vs McGregor fight bringing in big name celebrities |
Mayweather vs McGregor fight bringing in big name celebrities |

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is expected to be the richest fight in combat sports history. The hype of the mega-million dollar fight...

229 reactions 24 comments
Vladimir Mihajlovic Ibrahem Helweh Milos Inic
Brandon Seibold Peter Szura wtffff
Nathan James Chris Bartlett
Jonathan Augustin No shit.
Juan Pablo Wme is

Francis Ngannou is "very very angry"!

Francis Ngannou reacts to Junior dos Santos being pulled from UFC 215 |
Francis Ngannou reacts to Junior dos Santos being pulled from UFC 215 |

Not even an hour ago the UFC announced that former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos had been pulled from his scheduled UFC 215 bout with Francis Ngannou. “JDS” was flagged for a potential anti-doping violation by USADA and was subsequently removed from the September 9 event. Shortly following…

456 reactions 98 comments
Daniel Robinson-Mate Jaxon Robinson....Shit he might not get a fight now
Joshua McNicholl Damn now dos santos is gonna get an even worse beat down next time they're scheduled to fight , ngannou scares me
Dominick Caserma He will destroy overeem
Ciarany Mc Conville Conor Keegan ats the bi i was talkn about the aw day round the park lol
Dan Radcliffe Junior took the shit so he wouldn't have to face that animal. I seriously doubt anyone steps in to face him.


Junior Dos Santos flagged by USADA, removed from UFC 215 |
Junior Dos Santos flagged by USADA, removed from UFC 215 |

Former UFC heavyweight champion is out of his scheduled UFC 215 bout with surging division contender Francis Ngannou. “JDS” was flagged by USADA for a potential anti-doping violation and thus removed from the September 9 fight card. The out-of-competition drug test in question was taken by USADA on…

1.7k reactions 643 comments
Brian Meryweather Noooooo Timothy Schmon Terry Byrd Michael Bamiro
Matt Warden There goes the card lol only fight I was excited for
Wes Tate Somebody better get in contact with Francis because when he walks in on fight night he's not gonna be happy Elliott Johnson Gilbert Cavazos Darius Mongoose Hemphill Lawrence Warren
David Ari Verdugo Nganou will retire having spent a total of 4 minutes in the octagon. Between this, noone wanting to fight him and his fast kos it's ridiculous.
Javier Solis Get Hunt to replace him even tho hes already scheduled for a fight . Hunt vs Ngannou sounds good to me !

Got beef?!

Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov
Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov's manager beef on social media |

With the announcement that Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee will be fighting at UFC 216 for the UFC lightweight interim title...

115 reactions 26 comments
Jeremy Burri His manager is his dad I thought
Xander Sandokan Has Khabib injured his hands ?
Vicente Rodriguez Reepercusion Wrestle bear
Quency QC Conley If you're not fighting (walking) why are you talking?
Aaron Smith pussy muslim now has his manager fighting for him lol

The Killers have just been brought in to promote Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather with Showtime Boxing.

The Killers Are Releasing a Mayweather vs McGregor Music Video |
The Killers Are Releasing a Mayweather vs McGregor Music Video |

The world has stopped so Conor McGregor can box Floyd Mayweather. It wouldn’t be surprising if the laws of physics themselves start to disintegrate. UFC events have been put on hold until after the boxing match, fighters are being asked to submit their prediction videos to be proliferated through so...

255 reactions 39 comments
Alex Olivera Erik Gavilanes
Paul Mercado Richie Coronado
Thomas Henry Kathy Henry
Justin Callender Tim Donovan
Rolando Franco Rocio Franco

Listen to our newest writer Justin Golightly (Secret Moves) get stoned and talk about the absurdity of Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. (His opinions are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of BJ PENN)

Listen to This Weed Fueled Podcast on Mayweather vs McGregor |
Listen to This Weed Fueled Podcast on Mayweather vs McGregor |

It’s 2017 and there are no rocket packs or super powered tubes that shoot us to work like in Futurama, but there sure is weed everywhere. There’s a pot show about everything you can think of: Court cases, a cooking show that only makes edibles, even a show where people get high and watch professiona...

39 reactions 5 comments
Paris Charles-Merrill These guys want to take on the winner🥊
Brian Frala I am hoping for a double KO
Jacob Carley This is dumb as fuck
Alfredo Alisandro Lara your writers are all douchebags who hang on mcgregors ball sack. the last thing we need is one of those homos to get high and hang on mcgregors balls even more

Valentina Shevchenko talked to us about her must-win fight against Amanda Nunes and a possible move to flyweight.

Valentina Shevchenko: The Only Way is Victory Against Amanda Nunes |
Valentina Shevchenko: The Only Way is Victory Against Amanda Nunes |

After coming off the wrong side of a decision to UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes at UFC 196, a decision she tried to correct at UFC 213. Unfortunately, Nunes had to withdraw due to a severe and chronic sinusitis. Shevchenko didn’t accept that excuse, wasting no time telling our own Chris Tayl...

128 reactions 12 comments
Steve Vesely Gotta weather the storm !!!
Vicente Rodriguez Reepercusion Valentina's a great fighter
Danny Barker Just kick Nunez in the cock
Joel Colon I hope Valentina wins!!
Nathan Broux Nunes shortly realised she was fighting she-khabib and realised that her pulling out is the number one bullshit

Volkan Oezdemir has no time, but he's willing to wait on Daniel Cormier.

Volkan Oezdemir Wants to Fight Daniel Cormier When He Returns |
Volkan Oezdemir Wants to Fight Daniel Cormier When He Returns |

The hit list was impressive as it was quick: Ovince Saint Preux, Misha Cirkunov, then Jimi Manuwa at UFC 214. Volkan Oezdemir came out of absolutely nowhere and devastated the shallow light heavyweight division. Rocketing to top three, it’s hard to believe that Oezdemir has such a short list of oppo...

522 reactions 40 comments
Matt Westlake Lol he would ko Gus and dc
Frankie George The only man that can beat Cormier now is Jon Jones
Bobby Dubois By gahhh it's rumble with a steel chair
Deon Johnson I like this guy
Matt Gerding DC would derail this hype train

Artem "The Russian Hammer" Lobov is back!

The Russian Hammer Artem Lobov Returns to the Octagon October 21st |
The Russian Hammer Artem Lobov Returns to the Octagon October 21st |

It wasn’t too long ago that Artem “The Russian Hammer” Lobov fought Cub Swanson in a Fight of the Night. While the hammer couldn’t drive the nail to one of the top featherweights on the planet, he did put on a scrappy and entertaining fight. While a ton of fans and even media tried to...

408 reactions 136 comments
Almaz Kar Lol poor Lobov. Everyone hate the guy... even Russians. They jokingly call him Legendary fighter.
Jermaine Sweeney Gurmant Singh i actually rate artem cause he stands and bangs and the meme😭
Curtis Corporon They should change his nickname to The Anvil. Dude takes a beating.
Wonnie Lockridge Artem is not suppose to be there. No one gets a second chance based off of a recommendation on TUF! He got his ass whipped decisively.
Cody Sakuma Yesssssss as much as Artem is shit, Fili is the biggest tool in the UFC

In unexpected news of the day, Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva will kickbox with Rico Verhoeven for GLORY Kickboxing.

Bigfoot Silva Will Fight Rico Verhoeven at GLORY 46 |
Bigfoot Silva Will Fight Rico Verhoeven at GLORY 46 |

We live in a world where Conor McGregor is about to fight the very best boxer around right now, for no other reason than McGregor can pull in an absolute truckload of cold, hard cash. With that in mind, there shouldn’t be too much that could surprise any of us involved in the combat sports...

747 reactions 184 comments
Jarred Reichard Shouldn't even be sanctioned after the brutal knockout big foot has taken
Nick Sahl ugh,,, bigfoot going straight to the rico must have laughed lol, easy payday for him
Anthony Irving Rip bigfoot! At first i thought it was MMA but its fucking kickboxing!
Gary Davis Jesus bigfoot settle down!!! Gona get schooled and knocked out cold
Joshua Biederer Even if this was an MMA fight I'd still feel bad for Bigfoot. Rico is legit AF.

Chris Weidman not only thinks Conor McGregor will beat Floyd Mayweather, but that they'll fight again.

Chris Weidman Thinks We Still Have A lot More Mayweather vs. McGregor Coming |
Chris Weidman Thinks We Still Have A lot More Mayweather vs. McGregor Coming |

The former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman is in a sort of limbo right now. He broke his losing streak by beating Kelvin Gastelum and you’d think he’d be on his way back towards that title, but his path isn’t that clear. He’s keeping his eye on a rematch with Luke Rockhold, but keeping a...

416 reactions 76 comments
Aaron Jackson Mayweather is done. If there is a second fight though it better be in the octagon.
Hunter Migeot Joe Minsquero Chris wiedmans delusional imo lol
Robert Tarin He also thinks he deserves a title shot after beating a WW
Mark Medina Relax Wideman, I think Romero kneed you too hard. They obviously should have given you a longer medical suspension.🙄
James Fogg Keep your chin up chris..them knees are affecting your thinking

Richard Perez droppin dat knowledge! Nate Diaz DIAZ BROTHERS

27 reactions 4 comments
Martin Johnson if your air head journalists are going to say shit like "dat" then we are done here. bye bj.
Chase McCoy I love the Diaz boys, but all we ever hear about is their future.....
Aaron Smith I like the old man Perez, much Respect for taking Nate & Nick under his wings.. who knows how they could've ended up lol
Dave Maxfield Who cares, I'd rather watch fighters that want to fight and want to be the best

Will this affect the scoring on fight night?

Malignaggi reveals
Malignaggi reveals 'dirty' habits from sparring that could affect the outcome of Mayweather vs McGregor |

Former two-weight boxing world champion Paulie Malignaggi has been a common name seen in the media headlines recently. The reasons being Malignaggi’s...

170 reactions 54 comments
Preston Dillman He was roughing Paulie up for talking shit. The dude knows how to box.
Ken McGovern Shuddup PM.. ur a has been and no one cares what u have to say ... Your false ego is your undoing !! Now shuddup and Fuck Off,!
Andy Macc What like bullying punk motherfukers around but f****** them all around the ring slapping them in the face like a little b**** those are pretty dirty Polly Polly Polly want a cracker Polly Polly Polly got beat up by 1 boo yeah
Kevin Cox If you turn your head...its free game! You never turn your back!!! Dont run!!
Jarryd Mckenzie Who gives a shit! Anybody who has a brain knows its just a payday for McGregor.. he will never beat floyd!!!!

Will Floyd Mayweather see the same things on August 26?

Former boxing sparring partner points out Conor McGregor
Former boxing sparring partner points out Conor McGregor's discernible weaknesses |

It comes as no surprise to former IBO and IBF welterweight boxing champion Chris van Heerden that Paulie Malignaggi and Conor McGregor’s relationship ended

246 reactions 33 comments
Brendon Greenland John
Gustavo Coelho Shaun Oc
Lewis Wilson Anthony Mckenna Kenneth Tran
Gustavo Coelho Craig Sutton
Chris Tuomey Erick Joseph Lmt

Plot twist! Conor McGregor did not allow Showtime Boxing to use the footage of him sparring Paul Malignaggi.

Conor McGregor is Responsible For the Malignaggi Footage Not Being on Showtime |
Conor McGregor is Responsible For the Malignaggi Footage Not Being on Showtime |

By now, you’ve probably watched Conor Mcgregor’s Schrödinger’s knockdown on Paul Malignaggi at least a hundred times. You’ve analyzed it, dissected it, maybe even seen it in slo-mo or frame-by-frame in GIF format. Ever since Dana White “leaked” the footage, the world has gone crazy. For some, it ans...

413 reactions 79 comments
Fitzroy Wallace In white peoples racist mind set they support Conor just because he is white it was the same with Tyson fury smh great white hope😂
David Buhler So may weather can see his style and approach?? That would be like telling the enemy what you are doing before you do it
Chad Cleland I wouldn't want anything released a week before I fight.
Trent Lamont Hows that a plot twist? Isnt that obvious anyway why would u release a 12 round spar 2 weeks before the biggest fight of your career , 😕
Eric Jesse Why would he give up all that intel. Why act surprised?

Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal vs. Stephen Wonderboy Thompson just added to a stacked UFC 217 card at MSG!

BREAKING | Jorge Masvidal vs. Stephen Thompson Set for UFC 217 |
BREAKING | Jorge Masvidal vs. Stephen Thompson Set for UFC 217 |

It may not compare to last year’s UFC debut at Madison Square Garden, but UFC 217 is definitely stacked. According to Jorge Masvidal, after a little bit of social media trash talk, the huge event just got more violent. On his Twitter, Gamebred announced that he and “Wonderbread” Stephen Thompson w...

5.3k reactions 560 comments
Vladimir Petrov P-m Mayb Ca vas être toutes qu'une carte 😮
Jesse Thundercleese Should be fighting Woodley
Justin Butters Adam Toll Jay Culhane fucking hell
Michael Jandl Great fight, GameBred's going to bang him up for the TKO!! Distance won't matter when he's walking through the kicks. (Right?)
Jacob Medina This should be a great fight, masvidal likes to get close to his opponents and Thompson likes to keep the distance. Definitely going to have a feel out round.

Conor McGregor just came out with an app you can buy to annoy your friends and strangers with his trash talk.

Conor McGregor Just Released an App For All His Catchphrases Called MacTalk |
Conor McGregor Just Released an App For All His Catchphrases Called MacTalk |

Isn’t it annoying when you’re the biggest Conor McGregor fan on the planet and you get a text from someone that you don’t even know? Now, you can send that guy an audio clip of your favorite fighter asking, ‘who the fook’ he is. Maybe you’re a kid and your mom is hassling you to...

167 reactions 93 comments
Dean Austin Dylan Hunt Dean Wicks
Charbel Faraj Alejandro Molina 😂😂😂😂😂
Ben Ricketts James HepburnGeoff HepburnDaniel George im downloading!!! 😂😂😂
Dan Hwang David Orloff Jonah Villa T.J. Dalton Kevin Chiu Yo Seph Parham Sa Dylan Fernandez Sean Bukich Darren Ong
Randy Djqd Mcgraw Nick Castaneda he's a never ending money train.

Which MMA fighter do you think has a better chance?

Richard Perez compares Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz
Richard Perez compares Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz's chances against Floyd Mayweather |

On August 26, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor will step into the boxing ring with undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. In the buildup to this fight, many members of the combat sports community have offered insights, expectations and predictions for it. One of the latest to do so is…

270 reactions 81 comments
Justin Faulconer No disrespect to Diaz because he's a great fighter but gotta say Conor. Just something about his mindset and handling the pressure
Eoghan Hunt The Diaz brothers can beat anyone, that's why Nate's record 20-11 and Nicks is 27-9 🤔🤔🤔
Sam Willison Diaz. Connor is 85% hype anymore
Stevie Charles Well, diaz weighs 230lbs and its 6'8 so im sure he would do well against mayweather 👀
Taylor Pilley Oh wow, Richard thinks Nate would have a better chance? Damn, would've never expected that one. 😂

Valentina Shevchenko isn't buying Amanda Nunes' "Sinus excuse" for pulling out of UFC 213.

Valentina Shevchenko shares her take on why Amanda Nunes pulled out of UFC 213 |
Valentina Shevchenko shares her take on why Amanda Nunes pulled out of UFC 213 |

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko are scheduled to fight once again at UFC 215. Nunes and Shevchenko first...

213 reactions 20 comments
P-m Mayb Steve Gadoury sinusssssssss 😂😂
James D Bull It's George Lopez!
Jason Quirke If she can breath properly why fight makes sense
Alfredo Bozzetta She was getter Ng licked
Danny Barker Nunez's cocks grown back so has to go for more surgery
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