Ben Stiller
16:45 09/12/2017

LAST chance to come play dodgeball with me and my squad… or below-Average Joe’s… use code BALLSDEEP for 100 extra entries from me... with love.

It’s for a good cause, so hit the link in the bio or go to NOW. See you soon!

LAST chance to come play dodgeball with me and my squad… or below-Average Joe’s… use code BALLSDEEP for 100 extra entries from me... with love. It’s for a good cause, so hit the link in the bio or go to NOW. See you soon!

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Douglas Banks
Linda Aurora
Divino este hombre lo adoro
Michele Vacca
Ciao 👋
Davide Rizzo
Il sogno della mia vita Pietro Valenti
Lizandra Quiroga Sierra
Si supieras como me haces reir.😆😅😅😅
Abraham Zeleke
Ben i like you very very very much
Maricruz Dominguez Lara
te amo mi ben stiller
Mark De Faye Feist
Agatheblues Buetod
Mark Lynch
Oh i wish i could
Jordan Rose
Lookin tired there, tuggernuts
Carrie Anna Mason
We already enter the contest
Dmitri Kalnitski
Vilar Cunningham haha, it totally works...
Quentin Cree
5 dollars a Person comment of 2008 or 2009 now a days would make me rich. People who would help me out for title God's Son. Business today.
Paul Ervin Lester
I'm entered!!! Hope to be ducking and dodging !!!

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Dan Robinson Keith Guppy name looks familiar

LAST chance to come play dodgeball with me and my squad… or below-Average Joe’s… use code BALLSDEEP for 100 extra entries from me... with love. It’s for a good cause, so hit the link in the bio or go to NOW. See you soon!

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Douglas Banks 🙂🙂
Linda Aurora Divino este hombre lo adoro
Michele Vacca Ciao 👋
Davide Rizzo Il sogno della mia vita Pietro Valenti
Lizandra Quiroga Sierra Si supieras como me haces reir.😆😅😅😅

I am so excited to have YOU come join me and my friends for a fun game of dodgeball! All of YOUR support is going to fund initiatives to give children worldwide a fair chance at an education. Flights and hotel are on me! Enter HERE: And I’ll see you soon!

1.9k reactions 289 comments
Terri Ramirez Awesome job with fundraising for education!! Nothing is more important than a child's education!! You rock Ben Stiller!!
Tanya Eggins Love you Ben. 😍 And everything you do for children in need. 👏
Kari Harrison Omg I would LOVE to throw a red rubber ball at you be soooo fun !!!
Bee Ray does the money go to kids who cant read good and want to learn to do other things good too?
Shannon Pitcher-Boyea Hey Ben- how about a kids movie making workshop in Malone? Please! Our kids want to create and learn from the best, you!

The 37th Annual National Veterans Wheelchair Games kicks off tonight. Let's support our veterans and rock! #NVWG

932 reactions 28 comments
Jeanne Umurerwa Kalisa Sina Rekeraho
Francesca Tartaglia ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Roland Mabon Taye Hayes told you they be hooping
Dana Reid mon chouchou!!!! Bravo Ben Stiller
Nathalie Lebeau BRAVO BEN!!!!!

Team "Everyman" can have you and your rap tunes, Miranda. Write a musical about that! #purplecobras Donate now!

114 reactions 5 comments
Christina Ortega Wolkenfeld 🙌🏻
Gaby Villar ❤️❤️❤️
Youssef Naddam Maaan ❤
Ofelia Nicholson Awww!

Spare me Serena Williams. Anyway, we're pretty tight-knit here in the tribe, but there's always room for one more squaw… if you decide to come to your senses and pick TEAM GLOBO.

551 reactions 39 comments
Vic Setyono Jessy Mariska lol gori**a
Emilio Escarzaga Juan Carlos Marquez jajajajaja buuurn
Domenico Caputo kiatton
Axl Kotzca Have you seen tropical thunder??? He's great!
Emma Noey Sad, so so sad. Was bad before and worse now.

Welcome Maher. We’re glad you’re here. Beautiful story: #WithRefugees

218 reactions 16 comments
Nikolle Janer George Nikholas Aponte Resto 👆🏼APLÍCATELO!!
Ahmed Yahia Ahla Mé Her
Arwa Dawman God bliss u Ben!
Karen McGill What a fantastic young man
Marisa Vivian Saenz Valiente Genial !!


76 reactions 12 comments
Holly Yoder Aldahan Yes.
Kyle Adams come here LEGALLY and it's all good.
Waitforit Attila aaand unsub! :D
Ket Evan The world is going to get more refugees soon if power like putin won't be stopped #wakeup !!!
Brad Cook Says the millionaire who hasnt worked a day in her life

It's clear Dwayne The Rock Johnson has been hitting the "supplements" way too hard. But while his mind is foggy, his allegiance to #PurpleCobras is crystal.

2.0k reactions 114 comments
Harry Thu Both of you guys should make a movie together.
Heather Head Clark So freaking awesome
Bee Barrientos That's awesome 😂😂
Jennifer Benton Hilarious!
Deanna Cilmi Walz Love this.


10.7k reactions 304 comments
Christopher Stewart Hoins Purple Cobras, Purple Cobras, oh, looking for an agent to get represented again, Purple Cobras.
Danielle Tanaka Branden Tanaka that picture in the back looks familiar lol
Warren Skaggs Benny lil Ben. Can i call you that? I dont care listen lil ben after i play it will be called rockball.
Dusty Silver So are they totally teasing a sequel? Because thats what this is doing for me. I hope they do one.
Curtis Oliver Gabrielle Ziomek taking the bull by the horns haha good old white


4.9k reactions 479 comments
Peter Steele Chuck norris dont like swearing
Francesco Clozza Damiano Leva "Grazie, Chuck Norris" 😂
Sinead Taylor Please do a dodgeball 2
Anthony Vella Rizwan Bawani Hahahahah !! Chuck Norris
Jeremy Sander

¿Que pasa Rafa Nadal? You think you’re a bad hombre like myself? Stop pussyfooting around with your small balls and come play with Dodgeballs. JOIN ME on TEAM GLOBO GYM or face my wrath on TEAM AVERAGE JOE’S. It’s up to you. PICK A SIDE NOW:

1.7k reactions 113 comments
Giuseppe Giannone We want Dodgeball 2!!!
Henry J. Winchester I want a sequel
Ed Zaleski Que pasta, lobster?
Raymond Zeself WhiteGoodman you re the best
Dorina Ohme Rafa is genial 💖

Katy Perry behold! I challenge you to join team GLOBO GYM and be my on-court killer queen. AVERAGE JOE'S WILL KISS THE RING, best believe it. Nicki Minaj nobody can touch this, NOBODY!! PICK A SIDE HERE:

2.0k reactions 100 comments
Caz Green I am so Globo gym ! 😂😂
Francesco Pasculli AVARAGE JOE'S!!!! :)
Roberto Gangia Bongini Me'Shell is the greatest player EVER! MVP! MVP! MVP!
Peter O'Connor I love White Goodman! He's hilarious
Denzel Wineera-Lütau #Globogym

Justin Bieber, stop pretending to play soccer and basketball. I know you. You know you. And I know you know that I know you have a better purpose in life – DODGEBALL on team GLOBO GYM. OR join those losers on Average Joe’s and take MY BALLS to YOUR FACE. Choice is yours. ENTER NOW and pick a side:

2.9k reactions 202 comments
Steven Koenig i would trow a ball right at bieber's face
Mark Fernando Nam LMFAO!
Robert Llewelyn Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and.....Dodge.
Jody Anderson Be wary of Bieber Rash there fella!
Dawne Hart Strehl Comments are great, but also, give, give, give!

Donate $10 to support the Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition for a chance to win 2 tickets to the opening of Hamilton LA! I challenge Lucas Steele and ‪@joshgroban to sing their favorite Hamilton song! GO TO: #ham4all Lin-Manuel Miranda

536 reactions 120 comments
Sascha Alexander Kahlert rich neo lib hypocrit. give your millions your moron and dont do this bs crapp
Jakub Hanuš Would you support me aswell? I want to live in USA so that means i am also immigrant :D
Paul Minialga Support homeless americans. Support american Veterans who need more attention for medical care. Support Americans before illegal immigrants.
Karimah Muslimah Por favor subtítulos en español para que todos formemos parte de esto . Gracias !!!
Andrew Dennis Cobb Does this money go towards legal immigrants or illegal immigrants?

YOU. ME. Gettin’ real freakin’ naughty over a game of dodgeball together. On The Today Show. You ready? JOIN US: Flights and hotel included, all for a good cause!

4.5k reactions 137 comments
Nathan Deplue Lost respect when u bashed Donald Trump, liberal scum
Emily Steen Lucy Newton REAL FREAKIN NAUGHTY!!
Maia Rayner-Pratt Hera Pou 'member Heavy Weights
Adam Sykes Conor We off? 😂
Mustafa Al-Kafaji best movie in the world from mousl with love

Ben Stiller's cover photo

19.6k reactions 363 comments
Dustin Radowits Dodgeball 2!! Revenge of the Purple Cobras!! Please make it happen
Tatiana Picq Does that mean there s gonna be a Dodgeball 2? Finger crossed 😃
Trent Gooderham Had no idea but ben stillers in tneacious D in the pic of destiny
Monica Zingoni Oh!!!! I love so much this movie!!!!! 💖😍😂😂 .....And Vince is very beautiful!
Donnie Daarko I'm just shocked Ben and Christine are separating. Glad to see they've still got a decent working relationship.

Let me hit you with some knowledge. YOU can join ME and some of my friends in the most epic game of dodgeball ever. We’ll dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge and MORE. Best part? It’s all to support an incredible cause. ENTER: Flights & hotel on me!

115.5k reactions 30179 comments
Stephen Middleton Uh oh.. "best bring your bib.. things are about to get MESSY!" Also, my name is Steve if I choose to dress and play as a Pirate can I be qualified/chosen automatically?
Jessi Helphrey Am I the only one that thinks Hollywood missed a huge opportunity by not making "White Goodman" the same guy as "Tony Perkis" from "Heavy Weights"???
Aidan Doherty Donde estas la biblioteca Pedro I don't know if you've ever seen $100.000 before but I can assure you something gets lost in the translation.... Ryan Weightman
Andrew McBeth Rebekah After seeing this, a sequel to Dodgeball would be funny
Robin Kerr Ben Coverdale I just thought I'd drop by and congratulate you on your victory by disqualification today, and introduce you to the team that will be winning the Las Vegas International Dodgeball Open... my team.

Coming at you - June 14th, 2017!

455 reactions 49 comments
Jonathon Wildstar Waterboy 2. The Pros.
Ofelia Nicholson All the Best on this New Project. God Bless!
Luhanda Lopez Nose but I hope Es en Mexico de Nuevo 🙈
Andreas Kuhnert Great ☺
Dorina Ohme Wohin?!

Stay tuned, my friends.

3.4k reactions 225 comments
Michael Evans What could it be? Doesn't matter. Name it, it's gonna be awesome.
Rachel Dueck Hi Ben Stiller 💕❤️the movie something about Mary? Would luv a part 2 movie.
Hiba Ayaz I'm playing this video and my son (1.5 year old) is so excited. I should mention we just finished watching Madagascar 2.
Giorgio Brigante Postiglione Hi, i feel fine, thanks! And you? Turn back from Naples? U Like it? See you soon...Giorgio, Napoli ;-)
Max Gouchan Ben, could you make Advantage Aggasi from The Ben Stiller show a real, full length movie? Greetings from ice cold Norway

Children forced to flee their homes in South Sudan need somewhere safe to live. You can help shelter and protect refugees by supporting UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency by donating here: #WithRefugees #iShelter

531 reactions 19 comments
Yuki Sato (I`m very sorry Please forgive me↓)
Judith Hilde Wilhelmine ❤ Mr. Longboard 😊
Claudio Beluzzi DAGHEI TE ALURA
John Fredrick We could eat them

One million children have fled South Sudan. Please help UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency provide urgent shelter #WithRefugees #iShelter

720 reactions 37 comments
Zul Ahmed Laghari Baloch I want to be refugee too 😫
Marisa Vivian Saenz Valiente Que bien Ben Stiller👏👍✌
Christina N David Michaels Try your neighbourhood
Shugri Salh Yes to that. Thank you for your kindness!
Andreia Paula Leite Parabéns; Ben Stiller❤

WE HAVE A PLANE AND FOOD!! ✈️ 🥖 LET’S KEEP GOING!! I NOMINATE Lewis Hamilton Emma Watson Cara Delevingne AND Alyssa Milano TO JOIN ME!! #NominatedForSomalia #LoveArmyForSomalia ➡️

18.9k reactions 764 comments
Wayne Lucas Finally some empathy in the world! Congratulations to all involved on this amazing plan. If only we can solve the Syria problems in a similar way!
Karima Shukri thank you very much for everything Ben Stiller and everyone helped ...... this is what humanity means ...i love to nominat Ian Somerhalder because i love him ❤and نمله فوشية ❤Naiomyz Ahmed ❤.
Fosiyo Muhumad Abdi Thanks you Ben stiller I appreciate. my testament is be careful if you went somalia to help poor people at same time bad people a round their God bless you
Catherine Ryczak I'm glad your doing this it charitable. I think all the celebrities should donate. Most of us are just trying to make it ! You guys each have a mil each to donate ! Good job. Now I'd go talk to the country leaders that are letting this happen and fix ...
Ghianella Lertora Egoavil Can people please get moving and help people in Peru please, people need water food and shelter in places that are unreachable through rodes! The flood is leaving people completely hopeless

WE HAVE A PLANE!! NOW WE NEED 60 TONS OF FOOD!! 💪 ➡️ #LoveArmyForSomalia

27.1k reactions 868 comments
Mikey E As great as this is why not help Americans first? Orphaned children, homeless, veterans, women shelters etc. the big problem with Americans is we want to help everyone else but ourselves first. In order for you to love someone fully you need to ...
Kyle Mcglone Here is my .2 cents worth and your probably not going to like it. I am up for any person coming to the US as long as they become legalized and aren't a burden on the economy, they get a job and work. I have always been a Ben Stiller fan, I still ...
Said Cuda I love this man more than ever. He's responsible for providing all of us with so many laughs and smiles over the years and now he's used his platform to support a cause that's as extraordinary as it is Compassionate. Beautiful stuff.
Nicole Hamon I'm all for helping others in need, and do what I can with my limited means. However, he's the rich celebrity with rich friends. Why don't they contribute the majority since they are part of the social elite that possess the majority of wealth? While ...
James Martin I always love when celebrities try to get money from everyone else to do something. With their combined wealth they could all take half of their fortunes and take care of more than half of these causes AND STILL have plenty of money to live the ...

Hey two minute video that can help. #turkishairlineshelpsomalia

12.2k reactions 472 comments
Banac Sahal Turkey has been great help to Somalia, I am sure Turkish airline would have no problem helping. Thank you Ben for getting the word out❤️
Mohamed Jamal Bashiir Qoslaye Thank you Ben as a Somali person we appreciate your contributions let's all help as a human family, after all we all bleed the same color.
Ofelia Nicholson Sending Prayers for God to send the right People to get things going for you in the right way. I believe in Prayers, and I know our Lord will make a way. Thank you Ben Stiller for all you doing to help the People. God Bless you and your sweet kind ...
Stavros Aivaliotis Why Turkish Airlines??? US has many airlines that could fly adhoc to Somalia . How about US AirForce or NATO? They can fly anywhere! Picking an airline outside US sounds more difficult plus provides unnecessary advertisement
Adam Ina Bulle Thank you Mr striller, only food and medicine for Somalia but no one should send money because we all know where the money will end # corruptleaders
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