Paulo Coelho
15:24 02/24/2017

Sunset #DailyWalk

24.8k reactions 299 comments
Morgana Ba Me agrada pero para ke comentar si ni toman encuenta nunca los amo y uds ami??solo kieren likes ke pena
Aydan Ismayilova
Ana Moron mirando la foto de.lejos pareces vos Raul Escobar y Edith Orellano jajajaja..ybes paulo.coelo jajajaaj
Suraj Neupane I am a big fan of you..Esp the inspired me a lot..take care...have a nice time..we want to read more of your creation ...
Ana Clevia Dos Santos Je habite à Veyrier - Tournettes sempre vejo vocês!! Beijos
Paulo Coelho
15:24 02/24/2017

Discipline and freedom are not mutually exclusive, but mutually dependent because without discipline we would sink into chaos

22.5k reactions 182 comments
Vera Ilina Да, конечно....С утра зарядка, обязательные прогулки и т.д.
Carlos Balsa Is chaos a bad thing? Chaos is an order that isn't known yet.
Abhijit Gadhave Freedom allows you follow your heart... Dicipline made you more promising person... 🌷 🌷 🌷
Vigilante CTavares there has to be a line somewhere...i love freedom, but i have boundaries and in many ways possible protect them...
Daniel Larsen Very good timed quote considered the current political movements in the world
Paulo Coelho
15:24 02/24/2017

30 SEC READ: Between faith and prayer

Between faith and prayer

By Paulo Coelho 'Is there anything more important than prayer?' a disciple asked his teacher. The teacher told the disciple to go to a nearby tree and cut off a branch. The disciple obeyed. 'Is the tree still alive?' asked the teacher. 'As alive as it was before.' 'Then go over there and slice throu...

9.5k reactions 148 comments
Meirivam Costa Paulo: estou triste. Perdemos pela terceira vez na justiça lá em BH hoje. Estamos sem pagamento há 10 meses. Que país é esse? Meu Deus!
Meirivam Costa Ore por nós. Que Deus faça-nos justiça. E só isso que lhe peço.
Vladimir Romero Florez Saludos mi querido paulo,tus reflexiones son maravillosas.
Martha Aguirre No se pq no tengo internet si se supone q en mi plas con telcel siempre debo tener
Nacera Bellili Bassiouny So simple and yet solo deep and true....sometimes we need to reconsider the basics of our convictions ....
Paulo Coelho
15:24 02/24/2017

Eu e meu irmão gêmeo e amigo , Peter Gabriel

94.7k reactions 1290 comments
Laura Fonseca You've been both a big inspiration in my life in a different way! Still dance your songs Peter Gabriel! 😍 Paulo Coelho agradeco a coragem que me deste para seguir em frente sem medo! God bless you all 💝🌟☀
Lev Bobylev Peter Gabriel ! My Angel, My Soulmate, The Voice in my Heart, The Tears of Happiness in my eyes ! Thank you Paulo Coelho , God Bless you All!
Jenny Swiger Ride the bike around the stage! Love you both! have no idea how many lives both of you have touched. I love this picture. Peter..your music and Paolo...your writings. <3
Jon Alva Murphy Coincidental, because I played "Red Rain" this afternoon, and I thought to myself, "I never hear on Peter Gabriel anymore."
Yamila Dominguez Guao! Un parecido asombroso! Y él también es escritor? Siempre soñé con tener una hermana gemela e intercambiarnos papeles de vez en cuando... qué divertido! Es un buen tema para un libro... Gracias por compartir!! ♥
Paulo Coelho
15:24 02/24/2017

Better to be crazy and happy than normal and bitter. - Paulo Coelho, Veronika decides to die

171.3k reactions 1690 comments
Christy ML People who think the right and the wrong, without an ideological paradigm in their head. Happiness begins when you accept life as it is and that we cohabit in diversity.
Ishwor Thapa Better to make your bucket list and start exploring adventures of life. So that when world 🌎 comes to an end, you can happily say at least I did what made me happy.
NA Prasad Dahal Great....I'd rather be absolutely crazy than boring...really true our crazy moment is make happy our life....and bring to us smile to change our life love it yours book...
Jaba Chakraborti Right now. Craziest and Happiest leads their life free from Complex.....they feel joy...Bitterness loses it's goodness....NORMALS are always EXPLOITED in their LIFE...
Lola Mata Yes!!! You may not be understood, but is all worth it!! Don't be like the rest!! Be yourself! Be crazy!! Take risks!! Being normal is boring!!
Paulo Coelho
02:36 02/22/2017

“Never be ashamed,’ he said. ‘Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.’ ‘How will I know which is which?’ ‘By the taste. You can only know a good wine if you have first tasted a bad one.” ― Paulo Coelho, Brida

30.5k reactions 895 comments
Ko Jo All we need to do is to embrace what or who our heart tells us to with open arms and gentle spirit without a doubt. But remember, your good intentions aren't a guarantee for his or her good intentions. In the end, you loved deeply and whatever comes ...
Odilia Maria Temos que experimentar de todos os vinhos, de tudo que a vida nos oferece, e beber o que melhor nos covem, viver os momentos intensamente sempre. "Brida" um dos melhores livros que ja li, verdadeiro livro de cabeceira.
Aashiq Mohammad Bhat Comparison destroy lives. Someone you love doesnt like you because he or she compares you with others. You don't like someone but they love you wholeheartedly, comparison here too plays its role. why do we always compare when we are out for something. ...
Hermann Adolfo Gomez Navas Un ejemplo mas de porque no hay que seguir apoyando o mejor alcahueteando la nefasta dictadura de un mequetrefe como Castro2 y su banda. Señor Trump ayude a que el pueblo Cubano sea libre... estamos cansados de ver los arrebatos de los cretinos ...
Irene Bartolata Domingo It also represents how we choose friends. We will be able to determine which taste better when you already tasted the bad one. Joan Krisna
Paulo Coelho
02:36 02/22/2017

Don't get stressed What is really important always finds a way of revealing itself

125.6k reactions 894 comments
Wassila Benz I hope so, sometimes we get so lost that the next door it's not clear at all. Thanks for your kind words, we are so greatfull
Hannelore Keller I need to live danger gives me the reason for thr kick to live intressting but never i know can feeling better but dosent matter😜 hahaha crazy is find by me
Annie Zomaya Oh, Paulo. How I wish I could live like you. Maybe I could but that's just another stressful thought road I'm afraid to venture down.
Jozef Dubois Anxiety attacks can generate so-called panic attacks. They originate from morbid anguishes assuming an imminent character. It is mainly irrational sensations that make the person who is the victim believe that the madness is near. We can not reveal ...
Ana Cristine Garay Garay Puxa !!! Frase perfeita. Muitos problemas no meu emprego, retirada de direitos dos trabalhadores. Estou estressada. legal a frase,
Paulo Coelho
13:48 02/19/2017

The best moments of our lives don't need explanations #DailyWalk

84.3k reactions 805 comments
Zyan Jack , time is passing, the more our time passing the more death coming sir, it is my request, after a good walk, go and seat near a tree. take some rest and then think: what is the purpose of our life, who made us. if there is really god then if we ...
Punya Tage Now I see why your books are great !!! Your writtings reflect your beautiful surrounding which is so pure and so natural...Just love them all !!!
Maria Uze SR P COELHO Por supuesto, a quien le interesaría. Por su sonrisa, el sitio donde se encuentra, no cabe ninguna duda que así fue. Ademas uno lo dice, cuando a tenido una noche por demás traviesa, y muy recompensatoria. Se debe sentir, que el mundo le ...
Iulia Udrea Da... dincolo de cuvinte, fara cuvinte...Superb peisajul... ca si in tinuturile mele natale , cu lumina precum intr-o pictura de Rembrand ...Cata fericire ca existati, ca va pot vedea, Magul nostru drag !
Júnia Do Vale .Mas se precisarem a gente dá... rsrs //// Porque não manda me desbloquear no Twitter?Nem parece que é parceiro de Raulzito me bloqueando.Nem faço tanta bagunça...Gita.,
Paulo Coelho
13:48 02/19/2017

Unimportant things must fall apart, then there will be room for important things to happen

81.5k reactions 430 comments
Yuzeth Sanchez Las cosas sin importancia deben desmoronarse, Entonces habrá espacio para cosas importantes que sucedan..!
Md Jaman Ahmad We should keep beyond the negative things from our heart&mind.Space should be provided for positive things & thus our life will be meaningful with happiness and joy.
Bhargav Paria Only if leaving unimportant things behind was that easy...
Nithish G Madhav Hoping for a change like that in my life. But it's not simple as we think. Unimportant things feel important to us at times. It's difficult.
Jamil El Be mature to make difference between unimportant things and important things is the way how can light our mind in the darkness when we lost our road.
Paulo Coelho
13:48 02/19/2017

The 200 Most Influential Authors Automatic algorithm based on social media influence, Klout scores, various metrics from Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram. This list gets updated once a year.

The 200 Most Influential Authors Leaderboard
The 200 Most Influential Authors Leaderboard

Find out who's who in Top Authors. Discover the social media influencers among us. Each week The Top Authors Power 200 recognises the most inspiring social media accounts so you can follow them, join the community and learn more. We use Klout scores to rank influencers. Klout takes into account soci...

11.3k reactions 288 comments
Awais Rehman What about others who dnt use social media.. picture is incomplete yet
Satya Pal Singal Good to see 5 Indians in the list- particularly Anupam Kher and Shashi Tharoor.
Marisela Hernandez-Contreras You would still be fabulous even if you would not be on that list. Your work speaks for itself❤
Mosquida Fred Just one book from each author.My life will be complete. anyone willing to fulfill someone's dream? May the Good Lord bless us all.
Singh Nitesh Lyf iz a race and race iz a lyf,wthout race u r just an empty breifcase. Dis iz n advertsng wld,so go on....@PauloCoelhe
Paulo Coelho
01:00 02/17/2017

‪Forgive but do not forget, or you will be hurt again.‬ ‪Forgiving changes the perspectives. ‬ ‪Forgetting loses the lesson.‬

103.4k reactions 1098 comments
Sol Barbosa O Senhor Deus já perdoou todos os nossos pecados e erros! Ele os jogou no Mar do Esquecimento e Ele não lembra mais! Que perdoa, esquece!
Harverd David Licona Guevara Hay un pequeño vacío entre perdonar y no olvidar, que se convierte en miedo y rencor, a veces muy difícil de superar y otras pocas de verdadero aprendizaje.
Minta Keyes Or, as the minister who gave a recent sermon on resilience said "Just because you reconcile doesn't mean you have to ask the person over for tea."
Yogendra Nathani Fake people come easily in life but true people can't come easily in life, fake people can't digest your success n happiness, and true ppl stick with you in good n bad times
Suzanne Chambers Being hurt comes with being human. We will always be hurt again...that is part of the lives human experience if open and vulnerable which also allows love and compassion.
Paulo Coelho
01:00 02/17/2017

ᕼᕮᔕᕼᗩᗰ👤 on Twitter

1.4k reactions 59 comments
Boysad Mdas looking good
Kool Kartik Sandiego and Fatima.
Rex Abhin beautiful.....
Colette Bordat tres joyeuse saint valentin une amie de france
Vincent Rondel Vous êtes fort monsieur 🤘
Paulo Coelho
12:12 02/14/2017

To celebrate Valentine's Day, the moment that Santiago meets Fatima in "The Alchemist" : "Finally, a young woman approached who was not dressed in black. She had a vessel on her shoulder, and her head was covered by a veil, but her face was uncovered. The boy approached her to ask about the alchemist. At that moment, it seemed to him that time stood still, and the Soul of the World surged within him. When he looked into her dark eyes, and saw that her lips were poised between a laugh and silence, he learned the most important part of the language that all the world spoke — the language that everyone on earth was capable of understanding in their heart. It was love. Something older than humanity, more ancient than the desert. Something that exerted the same force whenever two pairs of eyes met, as had theirs here at the well. She smiled, and that was certainly an omen — the omen he had been awaiting, without even knowing he was, for all his life. The omen he had sought to find with his sheep and in his books, in the crystals and in the silence of the desert. It was the pure Language of the World. It required no explanation, just as the universe needs none as it travels through endless time. What the boy felt at that moment was that he was in the presence of the only woman in his life, and that, with no need for words, she recognized the same thing. He was more certain of it than of anything in the world. He had been told by his parents and grandparents that he must fall in love and really know a person before becoming committed. But maybe people who felt that way had never learned the universal language. Because, when you know that language, it's easy to understand that someone in the world awaits you, whether it's in the middle of the desert or in some great city. And when two such people encounter each other, and their eyes meet, the past and the future become unimportant. There is only that moment, and the incredible certainty that everything under the sun has been written by one hand only. It is the hand that evokes love, and creates a twin soul for every person in the world. Without such love, one's dreams would have no meaning. "Maktub" , thought the boy.

27.5k reactions 1408 comments
Carlos Oleynik Coty Já li quase todos. "O alquimista" foi um dos melhores, prefiro "as valquirias" Um melhor que o outro, parabéns Paulo Coelho.
Leslie Ann Norrie This book really inspired me to the point I got the Maktub tattoo on my right arm. Thank you so much Paulo Coelho for your words and my tattoo. Happy Valentines Day ❤️ xxx
Betty Lopez The book that changed my life forever. BRILLIANT! Thank you
Larry Mell Morgan I've read this passage as part of a best man's speech I gave and then had it read at my own wedding. My favorite passage from my favorite book. Thank you.
Nataly Sepulveda Y cuando dos personas se encuentran, y sus ojos se encuentran, el pasado y el futuro se vuelven irrelevantes. Sólo hay ese momento, y la increíble certeza de que todo bajo el sol ha sido escrito por una sola mano. Es la mano que evoca el amor, y crea un ...
Paulo Coelho
12:12 02/14/2017


49.2k reactions 408 comments
Elena Garcia Knapton God bless you, thank you for the inspiration you bring to the world.
Konstantina Kasiopta A couple that show us that true love exists.. always happy and loved!!
Patricia Guzman Gordillo Saludos pareja Maravillosa❤️❤️ Que disfruten de su Amor y compañía por muchos años más . 🙏🏼🙅🏻🙅🏻😘😘🌟🌟
Santosh Poonia Sir maintain ur health We want some more writings from our beloved writer !!!
Réka Korossy So lovely! It looks like it is still winter around you...
Paulo Coelho
12:12 02/14/2017

“In fairy tales, the princesses kiss the frogs, and the frogs become princes. In real life, the pricesses kiss princes, and the princes turn into frogs.” ― Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

93.5k reactions 1089 comments
Isabela Benitez Fairy tales barely exist in our minds, outside there are only stories of terror with a little shine that if we want we can make it grow and turn history into something like Peter Pan! : ,,)
Rucha Nair Love is always new. Regardless of whether we love once, twice, or a dozen of times in our life, we always face a brand new situation. Love can consign us to hell or to paradise, but it always takes us somewhere. We simply have to accept it, because it ...
Kapil Ale Magar Chinese Princess kiss the frog once on the table. Saute or deep fried... With thick gravy sauce :) wonder there's no Chinese Prince.. (Its just for joke purpose no offence my chinese friends.. )
Maria Rafonsil Grejaldo Panabo pastor work for plastic chinese amae perez illegal local corruption philippine government for assuming the blue on tawag ng tanghalan tv show abs cbn manila pilipinas! Pastor panabo work for plastic chinese amae perez happy for illegal corruption ...
Carmem Luiza Montier Na teoria é uma coisa na pratica é outra.. na teoria não se leva em conta os cansaço o mau-humor a rotina o envelhecimento as brigas.. e as magoas que ficam.. por vezes perdoamos da boca pra fora.. no fundo fica aquilo ah,se eu tivesse feito diferente.. ...
Paulo Coelho
12:12 02/14/2017

Happy week and remember: when you are afraid to lose you normally lose

120.0k reactions 847 comments
Dida Ach if you want achieve anythink just dont be afraid... this is the mean of life... i toke this lesson after to lose my love because i was worry to lose it... Now i know that the big mistake that we make it is to be afraid...
Aleena Shah When we becom fearful of loosing something, it means we are gonna stop doing any thing new. Automatically our life becomes boring and we lose so many things bcx of being fearful.
Kim Pritchard At this point the loses are to great to not be freed from a narrow existence when the abiss awaits and that's what where here for anyway to find our bliss
Sheila Plugik I agree with you. Feliz semana a la pareja Paulo Coelho . Muito paz interior para captar as boas energias de outras dimensões. Thank you for the important post.
Perry Tagore Fear is factor to think with facts and if you don't have a bit fear than you're just throwing stuff away without proper preparation.
Paulo Coelho
12:12 02/14/2017

30 SEC reading: A saint in the wrong place >>

30 SEC reading: A saint in the wrong place

Once upon a time, there was a man who had been the soul of kindness all his life. When he died, everyone assumed that he would go straight to Heaven, for the only possible place for a good man like him was Paradise. The man wasn't particularly bothered about going to Heaven, but that was…

15.3k reactions 281 comments
Pauline Tan Wyatt Hahaha, sweet. However, Milton's Paradise Lost was serious. :-)
Lourdes Chi Sansores Señor Paulo coelho sabías palabras q alimentan la sabiduría dios lo bendiga un saludo desde Yucatán una gran admiradora su servidora
Asish Das Gupta Reassuring.Find it helpful to take a new stance to live life to the fullest.
Monica Melanson Oh Paulo, Sir.... what a fantastic short read....! Ramesh...!!? Who is this story teller?! 🙏🏼❤
Tareq Nasri Sincerely,thank you from the depths of my heart. I needed to read this. ♡
Paulo Coelho
23:24 02/11/2017

"Beware of making a woman cry" Mata Hari said. "God is counting her tears." #TheSpy

68.4k reactions 1014 comments
Thomas Stack Agreed ! ... That is unless they are tears of joy :-).. more rare than the latter implied for sure, But surely worth mentioning-counting also xoxo
Judit Carrillo Cañaveras Cierto que Dios cuenta cada una de nuestras lágrimas y las guarda en un cofre para el dia de mañana convertirlas en puras perlas ( bendiciones). Nadie maldice a quien Dios bendice!. Jesús vive!
Jung-Lim Oh Hallo, Mr. Paulo Coelho. Do you know when the paperback edition (Taschenbuch) of "Die Spionin" would appear in Germany? I am waiting for it.
Sunny Suri Once i made a sweet inncent girl cry and i still regret it..i will never ever repeat it in my whole lyf i msorry to that girl from bottom of my heart...sorry i won't happen again..🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Bakhshaliyev Galib 3 drunk guys entered a taxi. The taxi driver knew that they were drunk, so he started the engine and turned it off again. Then said, "we have reached your destination". The 1st guy gave him the money and the 2nd guy said "Thank you". The 3rd guy slapped ...
Paulo Coelho
23:24 02/11/2017

"You're going to be happy," said life, "but first I'll make you stubborn."

182.3k reactions 1741 comments
Ab Riahi Dear life, If the intuition is God's alphabet, I continu listening to the wind and talking to the stars.
Felicia Martinez Reyes Had a life changing event happen. These words mean a lot to me. "...first I'll make you strong." That's what I'm trying to be now, strong.
Barbosa Eimy I'm always strong in The storm i do not give up on anything i've taken a New flight in my life! Thanks a lot!
Sirlei Lava Na boa. Já perdi as forças de tanto lutar e me humilhar. São 50 anos de sofrimento erros acertos e no momento em q me escontro nem capacidade de sonhar não tenho mais.
Sandra Magill I needed this today. Thank you. As my eye caught my copy of the Alchemist this morning I was reminded to look for the signs that the universe is sending me right now.
Paulo Coelho
23:24 02/11/2017

One day you will wake up and there will be no more time to do the things you always wanted. DO IT NOW

47.6k reactions 447 comments
Samantha Samy Glover Inda true but i'm scared meke things always want to do.
Michael J. Arnold it's raining.... & windy... sometimes, have to just *hang out *
Claudio Nicola user 1: 👌🏻 I'm having a sandwich right now!!! user 2: I'm off buying a ferrari 😍 user 3: wait up, I'm on my way to kill my noisy neighbour...
Abdel Abdel Need to realize dreams from this moment. Do whatever you want because best times never come again
Nany Mc Is that a signal 🤔? ... So, I'll go to France 😂😂😂 GuerGuerrab Oumayma
Paulo Coelho
10:30 02/09/2017

I keep on thinking about a comment made by a Mexican friend: "They tried to bury us. They didn't realize we were the seeds."

77.5k reactions 754 comments
Linda Erazo Excelente comentario, muy profundo!!! Eso se lleva por centurias guardado en la memoria colectiva, se apropiaron de la tierra, exterminaron a sus verdaderos dueños o los condenaron a vivir en cárceles llamadas reservaciones, se apoderaron de lo del ...
Angela White Really, that's the worst thing we can say about race thats a minority! Let's not call out any negative conitations or jokes! Just saying... Mexicans produce like roaches & will eventually take over the world? Thats what many people would say? Seeds, ...
Mickey Nash Paul Paulo Coelho.....I hope you are not sublime politico in these statements....I am an American and I have heard all I want to hear about our state of affairs at the moment.....please tell me, you are not doing this..
Cristina Haro Ruiz Sin palabras. . . Leo y sigo todas las publicaciones, aunque nunca las comento porque creo que las palabras, explicarme, etc, no sr me dan muy bien. Pero me encanta leerte.
Sheila Carbajal De las mejores reflexiones que he leído, tan aplicable a todo lo que está sucediendo en este mundo de locos. Paulo Coelho Gracias
Paulo Coelho
10:30 02/09/2017

Be Bright. Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Brilliant. BE YOU

100.4k reactions 724 comments
Jaba Chakraborti These are abilities.....true..One bright became brilliant,...A brave became bold, makes one ..beautiful...ALL.. ...THESE MADE THEM BE....MADE....
Hermogenio Oliveira Bonita rsrs as meninas devem adorar rsrrs Paulo Globo ( rio ) nunca mais estou tentando e saiba não é facil juro que to me esforçando muito muitissimo mesmo...Fique em paz
Gameba Chimal Quieres que alguien sé te declare 1. besa tú mano(derecha) 2. Di el nombre de tú amor. 3.Cierra tú mano (derecha) 4. Di nombre de un día de la semana. 5.Di tu nombre y Abre tu mano. 6. Pega esto en otros 15 comentarios y el día en que dijiste, ...
Evija Kaktusiņka for helping me....I still do not know anything about the Goal and the End of the Road,and the meaning,point and key of all this....but only thing i know is-i am still walking ...walking on this road...and you-you help me so much !!!You are the ...
Susana Mendoza Para poder amar a otras personas , tienes q empezar x vos. Hay personas q se cansaron de luchar con una persona hostil , q nunca fue valorada, al contrario siempre fue devaluada ! Bendiciones ....
Paulo Coelho
21:42 02/06/2017

5.662 Paulo Coelho Quotes (Goodreads)

3.5k reactions 168 comments
Areli Noa Aguirre Olvera Mis respetos Señor un placer tenerlo de contacto y mayor privilegio poder conocerle.algun dia
Rossy Gómez Gracias totales!!!! Eres una persona genial, filosofo, escritos un calido saludo desde Mexico
Niloofar SH I wrote some of your quotes on my calendar and see them everyday. You are a great writer🌹🌸🌹
AleXunder Jackal Έλα απ' τη Νυμφόπετρα στο καφενείο το απόγευμα που παίζουν τάβλι οι παππούδες... να ακούσεις ακόμα καμιά 20αριά να γράψεις
Fred Marotta Oui, mais si on réunit tous les auteurs de la Terre entière, ça en fait combien? ;-)
Paulo Coelho
21:42 02/06/2017

Do not allow anxiety to control your life. Focus your mind on what is truth in the midst of uncertain times. Fear nothing and nobody, I am by your side #DailyWalk

34.9k reactions 456 comments
Shahzeb Akhter I'm going through a lifetime crisis and the only next step I can take is where I decide to die; how can you help me if you're by my side?
Monica Mendez Salazar Preciosas todas sus palabras siempre dejando excelente mensaje lo admiro y pienso ke es usted un enviado de los muchos ke Dios ha enviado gracias gracias por todo
An Backx this reminds me on the film "Being there" with Peter Sellers, who died 1 year later. The last words in the movie are, "Life is a state of mind." So no computer will ever be alive. But to the degree that we are limited by our programming, neither will ...
Aurelie Saturne Leontines Thank you for your message. I will going to do a screenshoot of your message and reading it every morning for having more courage!
Carmen Bernarda Zornoza Fernandez Buen dia sr es asi por eso he aprendido a vivir sensatamente con dominio propio para llegar donde quiero y poder realizarlo por que doña!anciedad : solo sirve para dañar y extraviar alas persomas es dañina y fugas
Paulo Coelho
21:42 02/06/2017

Happy week and remember: You are not alone - everyone is scared

88.8k reactions 967 comments
Biju Sagar Learn & Understand from scars...Y we scared greedy Human spoiling rainforests???!!..None of the Timber Mafia in My country never replanted neither ..knows the value!!!.. Pick and clear disaster is waiting on such Quran...there is a ...
John Tidswell I'm not scared. I'm going to die, whatever happens, one day... I'd appreciate another few years first though if possible I agree.
Chandrayee Chakraborty Why are your every word amazing? How can you place words so well that they feel like magic? I have been searching for such a man in my time for long! Glad to find you cos I feel you are the only person of our time who has a mind like the great ones of ...
Athina Palaiologou Thank you very much. You give us strength to curry on!! Have a nice week with happiness and luck! Good morning from Kalamata Greece.
Estella Murillo This is what is wrong!! Hate! Name Calling! Ready to attack! Cursing! We need to keep our mouths shut and not make things Worst!!! We need to stop using the same mouth we pray with to curse!!! God is Omni present! He is everywhere at the same time! WE ...
Paulo Coelho
21:42 02/06/2017

2 MIN READ: Tihe dark side

The dark side
The dark side

You may see someone who smiles all the time and does silly things but you have no idea what he is going through or what burden he carries within. People are so judgmental and you have to deal with them every single day;…

38.0k reactions 410 comments
Bellísima Bella Bella Pero cuando iban a dejar todos los dólares de cadivi, no decían nada? El venezolano tiene lo que se merece. Vivieron en abundancia y no previeron todo esto. Ahora les olemos mal en el exterior
Larita Gerrissen Face your demons, deal with them and move on! Running from your issues will only make you keep running for the rest of your life as they will continue to show up until you deal!
Svitlana Lana Dear Paulo, and How you deal with people who not only gossip, But also stab you in The Back and have higher position than you?
Victoria Acuna Thank you senor Coelho! Reading this is like seeing myself! Solitude is my self therapy! I talk to myself and most especially to God! I reflect on my life of good and bad things so as to find some time of peace and haling. This way I can find a way to ...
Yeoshua Dee I totally agree, i realized one thing in this life, which is a gift from God, no man has the power to know what exactly is going into another man's mind, he may try to discern it but he can never be sure. But only the spirit of God active in his true ...
Paulo Coelho
08:54 02/04/2017

Blessed view this morning: my wife Christina Oiticica Every day, God gives us the sun–and also one moment in which we have the ability to change everything that makes us unhappy. Every day, we try to pretend that we haven’t perceived that moment, that it doesn’t exist–that today is the same as yesterday and will be the same as tomorrow. But if people really pay attention to their everyday lives, they will discover that magic moment - a moment when all the power of the stars becomes a part of us and enables us to perform miracles.

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Khizer Farook Did the world conspire in helping you to marry her? 😍
Zaka Khattak Women is the best thing ever happend to this earth , #love_humanism
Deepthi Mb sometimes it is hard to find the right person for you in your life that will be with you forever in your life.... and Paulo is the luckiest man in this world, to have a beautiful wife by his side and the power of Divine over him...
Gladis Jerez Cierto lo que pasa que nos dejamos manejar por el estrés diario y no saboreamos todo esos detalles que usted menciona,feliz noche.
Maria Lucia Koeler A maturidade do amor, amizade, companheirismo e cumplicidade. Que Deus esteja sempre com vocês!!! E com nossas famílias também!!! 💜
Paulo Coelho
08:54 02/04/2017

Everyone dies. Not everyone really lives. Enjoy yourself; it's later than you think.

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Tomas Bravo Como el río que fluye. "El ser humano piensa siempre al revés. Tiene prisa por crecer, después añora su infancia perdida, pierde su salud para ganar dinero, luego pierde su dinero para recuperar la salud. Piensa tan ansiosa-mente en el futuro, que ...
Jyothish C Every time these thoughts passing through my mind. How long we are living here and anything happens at any time . But we are hurry and don't cares these things always. Actually we are mere living ; don't know for whom we are living or for what, nothing ...
Diaa Farhat We have only one life to enjoy and we face alot of problems in daily basis and get up again but unfortunatly broken after broken especially broken in our hearts and feelings that make us saturated ,careless and even hate to live Hope all of you don't ...
Tulip Crystal Sky In order to live, you only need to move on forward, because most of the time when you recall back old memories, you feel melancholic... move on, never miss the new chances, life takes from you what may hurt you and grant you what may fit you.
Mery Gonzalez Lopez " Dios lo bendiga , Don Paulo ." Lamentablemente todo en la vida tiene un final. Tenemos que disfrutar cada segundo de nuestra vida , como si fuera el último día de nuestra existencia en este Mundo , lleno de alegría , felicidad y en ocasiones de ...
Paulo Coelho
08:54 02/04/2017

Trust and start walking We are not alone in the dark Our path will unfold as we dare to go beyond our limits

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Asher Cuevas Mil bendiciones Sr. Paulo Coelho sus palabras me deleitan y animan para continuar adelante en mi existencia. Gracias x su gran sabiduria y linda foto. Un abrazo desde Colombia
Marcelo Avr Mago é fino demais conviver com estas obras de arte nas geadas que se elevam em prol da esperança nas paisagens. Creio que fonte certa para novas inspirações e culto lisonjeador a uma vida cheia de misticismo. Todo o caminho ao qual se sujeita a paz ...
Jane Aparecida Preé da Silva Feliz dia do amigo(a) pra vc e sua esposa. Caminhada e dificil mais la na frente entederemos o porque tropecamos em pedras e pisamos nos espinhos qd retirar ele vem o alivio e a recompensa da caminhada.
Yudairis Lugo Gran sabio orientas mis miedos volviendolos fuerza para así crear sueños que al pasar proesas las llevo a mis sueños más reales espero antes de partir darte la mano y agradecer a Dios tanta sabiduría así se sea es mas loco de mis sueños me mantendrá ...
Bhargav Paria As per media reports the highest paid author in the world, One of the richest persons in Switzerland... Of course you are in the "dark" ._.
Paulo Coelho
08:54 02/04/2017

Thank you Lewis Hamilton, for your kind words

There is only one… Lewis Hamilton
There is only one… Lewis Hamilton

He may have lost his number-one status last year, but with Nico Rosberg now out of the picture, the F1 world is keen to know whether anyone can stop Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton regaining his crown in 2017. In the meantime, we ask the three-time champion to focus his mind on answering a few other crucia...

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The Law Of Attraction Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance or my kindness for weakness.
Vaughn Jacobs ...well, if this idiot reads your book, then maybe I have to stop ?!
Charmaine Vd Merwe My all time favorite book too. Followed closely by Veronica decides to die. Thanks for sharing your talent <3
George Ocora About once a year as well, lots of nuggets in those pages
Keshi Mukuria Still my old time favourite. So much to learn from the book with each read.
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