Paulo Coelho
17:36 06/23/2017

Free books online (full edition) You have to install ePub app

13.6k reactions 437 comments
Mina Delli muchas gracias esto es una gran noticia, pero el Alquimista y Brida son los mejores .
Kelahloko Mashiloane Kutollo Mashiloane please download these books for me. I'm having issues downloading. Please little 😘😘😘😘
Nancy Carolina Garcia Mirá Yamila Pelinski , se que te gusta Paulito . Por si te faltó leer alguno ;) No se si están en español :P
Mayra Martinez Luz Sesmas another great author if you decide to keep reading 📖 😆
Jamila Ismail Thank you. U have unveiled the prices less treasure
Paulo Coelho
04:48 06/21/2017

Happy week and remember If you must say yes, say it with joy. If you must say no, say it without fear.

53.8k reactions 327 comments
Malú Caballero Michael Reed I need to give you one of his books:)He always has something inspiring to say :)
Arthur King Not if you are between the hammer and the anvil but it is good to learn how to say No
Trish Davis Thanks for that. It's nice to wake up and read something good. Now to work!
Fatima Amari Why should we say no with fear ??? We should say no with conviction and with no regrets .Doesn't it ???
Paulo Coelho
16:00 06/18/2017

My top 9 travel tips

My top 9 travel tips
My top 9 travel tips

I realised very early on that, for me, travelling was the best way of learning. I still have a pilgrim soul, and I thought that I would use this blog to pass on some of the lessons I have learned, in the hope that they might prove useful to other pilgrims like me. 1. Avoid…

3.1k reactions 96 comments
Meral Eissa Ahmed Tarek #8 de leina hahahhahahaha
Thomas C. Reeve Great advice!
Maya Leon Muy cierto, gracias por estos buenos consejos
Ana Olga Sanclemente Por favor en ESPAÑOL!
Thomas C Babu Very good advice , sharing the post
Paulo Coelho
03:12 06/16/2017

At any given moment of your life, you have the power to say: "No, this is not how the story is going to end"

7.9k reactions 571 comments
Priyalakshmi Gogoi We might make mistakes on the pages of our lives. But the pen is always in our hands. Sometimes we might not get opportunity to rewrite but we can definitely create new pages,new chapters and end them the way we want to with our strong will and desire ...
Phoenix Sky I thank you, Dr Paulo Coelho of all my heart for your wonderful efforts in providing moral support and useful advice to me and everyone who needs it in this wonderful world .. I wish you a long life beautiful full of joy and happiness.🌿 God bless you. 💓👐
Rohini Singh Anshul Agarwal Kajal Singh Summi Sümmì Sïñgh this for u keep rocking girl....sometimes u cn replace story with ur love stories n life story too :* :D
Jeanette Lødøen What a precious gift it is to be aware of that power and use it to create the new ending to your story. Thank you, Paulo Coelho <3
Gabriel Urbano ¡Claroooo!. (Ahora, que la vida se conmueva y cambie tu historia personal de vida porque tu has demandado ese cambio ya es otra cosa muy diferente)
Paulo Coelho
14:24 06/13/2017

If it's not gonna matter in 5 months don't be upset for more than 5 minutes

28.1k reactions 354 comments
Guela Vida Mucha felicidades Don Paulo ,... por su aporte con sus obras a la educación en Chile,.... gracias y felicidades
Gehan Abdelsalam Dear Paulo it takes forever to accept a son death it hurts
Atul Pokharel But Sir, most people are upset for hours for something that's not gonna matter in 5 days !!
Krunal Meghani Gagandeep Singh ...reason why is my all time favourite author...
Prince Sapkota Pramila Kc you should remember this and remind me when needed to.
Paulo Coelho
01:36 06/11/2017

Life takes us by surprise and orders us to move toward the unknown even when we don't want to or when we think we don't need to

23.3k reactions 271 comments
Juan Luis Sandoval Nieto Wow! Que buena reflexión! Tenemos que movernos hacia adelante sin importar que este allí. Tenemos que salir de nuestra zona de comodidad para poder tener las cosas especiales y nuevas de la vida!
Maria Baj The journey into unknown started a while ago been through agony n rejection but suddenly realised that it was the push into the real experience now I m excited n calm n wait for each n every momoent bringing me closer to my reality
The Law of Attraction _ What we think we become. Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You're wrong, stop denying ...
Cynthia Casimiro Las cosas suceden ajenas a nuestra voluntad...sin importar cual sea tarde o temprano se convierten en enseñanzas provechosas para cada uno o para "alguien" que nos rodea. Lo "malo", lo triste, lo bueno o alegre es la autoridad futura que nos habilita ...
Sharad Diwan Absolutely right... Uncertanity is an unavoidable part of life... Sometimes it leads us to sadness and sometimes it gives us unexpected happiness...
Paulo Coelho
01:36 06/11/2017

“So, I must be taken as I have been made. The success is not mine, the failure is not mine, but the two together make me.” ― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

30.6k reactions 362 comments
Leslie Ann Norrie I've had a few verbal fights over the past few days, though I feel they were necessary xxx
Samia Morsy I love the colours of the walls behind you! Very inspirational!
Derek Solo sweet. i love the far east brother. get on that eel it is so good.
Travis Miller You have rather large feet for being such a short man. You know what they say about guys with big feet.... ;)
Dana Badry in what world i could be spending day with great writer like you and hear from the mind that take us with simple words to other worlds outthere <3
Paulo Coelho
12:18 06/08/2017

The magic forest #DailyWalk

9.6k reactions 150 comments
Georgette Brumar Draga domnule Coelho padurile ne tin in viata.din ce in ce mai greu dar ne tin inca si da sunt cu adevarat fermecate.Sa avet zile bune si frumoase !!!!!
Vishnu Ravi I try to lay off my negative stuff there.. Old trees will decompose it
Yamila Dominguez Me encanta el detalle de la bolsa! La foto está sencillamente espectacular! Gracias por compartir! Bendiciones! 😘
Blanca Padilla Stevens I have one of those at home 💛💛🙏🏼 it really is magical
Carmen Crocetti Los misterios de la Naturaleza son encantadores. A disfrutarlo Señor Paulo.
Paulo Coelho
23:30 06/05/2017


9.7k reactions 206 comments
Ritu Dilip Mondal Nice one👌
Faizan Ijaz Master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried
Poonam Kaur Something little for both of us to ponder Harpreet Kaur😊
Dina Vogel Success begins when stepping on the first step upwards☺
Maja Spiroska Thank you sir <3 :) Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts
Paulo Coelho
23:30 06/05/2017

Happy week and remember asking God to help you to see all the choices you have ahead, so you can alter the direction of your life

26.0k reactions 389 comments
Ingeborg Strassner Schade, daß die Zitate nicht mehr in DEUTSCH übersetzt werden !!
Irma Perez G Una muy importante reflexión! Feliz inicio de semana Paolo! Dios lo Bendiga 😀
Pamela Ndegwa That's right living according to God's plan ..changing towards Gods ways!!! Love it!
Ahsen Yalvac i have no intention to aşk anyone about anything. and i still need your advice sır.
DM Chic Yahweh! We say yes to Yeshua. Direction. Guide us in truth, might and power *
Paulo Coelho
23:30 06/05/2017

Thank you for the great reviews ! (ENGL, PORT, ESPA) The Supreme Gift -

The Supreme Gift
The Supreme Gift

"I thought that I had already thought about everything you could think about Love when Henry Drummond's sermon fell into my hands. My life changed a lot from the moment I read the words in this book and tried to put his teaching into practice." Paulo Coelho"If I speak i...

3.0k reactions 59 comments
Martha Murillo Casal Por favor cuál es el titulo en Español?
Darwin Mendoza Gaby Sandoval para el quinto mes 😘😘
Naina Khan I like you youe book ;)
Ana Melo Qual o titulo em Portugues e Frances por favor.
Rima Pita Perfecto ya pronto ire por mi copia gracias señor por sus hermosos libros
Paulo Coelho
10:42 06/03/2017

Life is strange: people who know the least about you always have the most to say, suggest and criticize

60.9k reactions 621 comments
Meredith Mynrose People who know the least about you, secretly admiring your courage, strengths and unique self, wants to pump up their status by associating themselves to you through false credit and fake criticisms. Just flip it all to positive and turn it back into ...
Ibrahim Hagras Life is not as strange as those who give themselves the right to judge, criticize and to tell you what to do despite their far less knowing who we are!. They are strange!. Life is innocent!.
Christina Diaz Abella Absolutely. What I ignore is how the people take pleasure on it? Boh. Personaly I think one has not to take it so serious. If some people act like this... it speaks by itself.
Chris Tiane also means that we should not prematurely criticize others, make suggestions, to people we know so little about... <3 :-) thank you for the wise words, Paulo Coelho.
Rossy Gómez X lo mismo que no te conocen bien, se forman un criterio a su manera de igual manera juzgan a la ligera, xq desconocen cuanto ha costado mantenerse en donde estas, asi que mas bien ignoran...ignorancia., gracias Paulo x tu publicacion, que tengan una ...
Paulo Coelho
21:54 05/31/2017

Alchemist #1 ! World Economic Forum (Davos) 10 books that inspired the world's top start-up investors

3.8k reactions 166 comments
Abdool Mohungoo Happiness and success are in all of us. We need to know how to find them out.
Tha Chin Sui Hluan Tial The Alchemist Cauk nih a tei dih ko hna hih!! 😊
Debs Briggs Loved The Alchemist but thought The Zahir was even better.
Sandip Luhar WHEN I READ IT, IT'S NOT I'M READING IT. That time there is no "I". Only the boy....
Laurent Virion Would it be because the contractor never reaches his destination ? His pilgrimage is perpetual
Paulo Coelho
21:54 05/31/2017

Let's pray 2 minutes every day! Never saying: "Lord, I have a problem ALWAYS saying: "problem, I have a Lord"

73.0k reactions 708 comments
Terry Constantino the truth is...i am not afraid when im having a prpblem a lot of Struggles came in to my life Ups and down but i always set my mind and my heart to god....god always make me strong.....and i put my hands up to him......
Mijan Etru Problem, I have a Lord who loves me Who is willing to shower me with graces of patience to endure you and wisdom to solve you.
Isabel Guillen Aguilar Me encanta. Porque siempre nos ahogamos y despues recordamos que hay un Dios que todo lo puede y que es misericordioso, que si nos conviene nos lo resuelve de alguna manera.
Patricia Guzman Gordillo Excellent, God is bigger then any problem! 🙏🏼 Have a Wonderful Week🙅🏻🙋🏻😊 Excelente, Dios es más grande que cualquier problema 🙏🏼
Natalia Salazar Oh mi Dios te amo por sobre todas las cosas te doy gracias por haberme creado hecho cristiano y conservado hasta te pido perdón por todas mis faltas cometidas hasta hoy de todo corazón e ilumíname en mi vida para a ser tu santa voluntad también ilumina ...
Paulo Coelho
09:06 05/29/2017

Happy week and remember: Haters don't hate you. they hate themselves, because you're a reflection of what they wish to be

58.9k reactions 823 comments
Arunava Sanyal Happy week to you also,Paolo! God bless you for your good work done to humanity by way of divine perception & messages spread through your books. Unfortunately , haters will always exist in this world as no preacher or well wisher could change their ...
Soumyaa A Girish Don't agree with this ...hate is subjective ...for various reasons #intherealworld need not be selfhate
Wassila Benz Happy weekend to you too. Unfortunately haters will always exist in this world, and I'm convinced that each one of us is destined to encounter at least one during his life on earth I think it's God, testing our faith, patience and wisdom. That the way ...
Mahak Akram I guess hate is also a natural phenomena same as like let them hate u n let yourself even hate others...outburst of emotions is very necessary as well....😋😋😋
Anh Nguyen Haters don't make you weaker . They make you stronger. Let's them hate you , give them your love. Life is too short to put up their craps. Love people who love you. Ignore people who hate you. Live your life. ☘️
Paulo Coelho
09:06 05/29/2017

Never give up. When your heart becomes tired, just walk with your legs - but move on.

100.2k reactions 597 comments
Aj Narkana Thing is after a while you realise you have started walking behind someone else and you just didnt know when that started
Hassan Abu Jassar All you need is to believe in yourself if you believe in yourself you can do everything ♡
Robin Khan and when the legs are unable to move ?? brains are unstable to work and you are totally confused about everything that you don't even know your specific direction then ??
Akhter Javed And if we are tired from continuous walk and have no hope to uplift aims of life then what we should do? I read your books and favorite one is The Alchemist.
Ed J Sortini You are such a inspiration to us. We are going to miss your beautiful smile and oops almost forgot the most important thing that you in that smoking 🔥 hot red dress.!!!!!!
Paulo Coelho
09:06 05/29/2017

May peace prevail, may mutual understanding become a reality, may we get rid of prejudices, and to my Muslim friends - may you have a blessed Ramadan

30.9k reactions 725 comments
Jack Birch Whatever the day, whatever the religion, following or belief it is a great sadness if when anyone sends love and best wishes literally to all man and woman kind some choose to isolate themselves from this because they interpret that their system of ...
Ana Maria All religions are love.i hope one day we all will feel this and be together as sis and bro
Scott Kocwin Alex, in the Catholic religion so is confession an obligatory part of being be a Catholic, so please don't judge Muslims because of your misguided bias belief ....I think you will find most religions have an obligatory part for their followers to ...
Anny Barragan Siempre. Que me preguntan cuál es mi libro favorito: el alquimista. No se por que siento que sabes mucho más de lo que "vemos" y en cada libro es como una sola letra del crucigrama de la vida. 18 años después sigue siendo mi libro favorito. Y tú el ...
Dé Lamoré Doo Gracias amigo Paulo ! ❤️Gracias todos ❤️ Et que ce mois de jeûne nous permette de nous élever haut dans les cieux Afin d'approcher l'Amour et le caresser de nos doigts . Amine
Paulo Coelho
09:06 05/29/2017

PRAY, but have patience to wait your prayers to be answered. LOVE, and don't worry if people think you are crazy. TRUST, but don't be naive. DREAM, and learn how to overcome any fear of failure

88.7k reactions 516 comments
Ani Mania ∞❤️ Thank you for so much input for my soul, my heart, my life. Its a blessing to read your works.
Khalat Abdulkarim If you love ❤ someone and she doesn't care, as if you are in the airport and waiting for the ship!!!
Lourdes Camacho Hernandez Gracias a mis 51 años tus libros me enseñaron mucho no le temo a la vida no le temo a la muerte
Edison de Lima But ... If none of those Happens. .. Smile. Smile. To the sun To the flowers To God One day... You will really Smile. .. EDL
Antima Dey 😊😊😊😊😊 "Smile always....😊 Why? Because it makes you attractive. It changes your mood. It relieves stress. And it helps you stay positive."😊
Paulo Coelho
20:18 05/26/2017

Pray with your eyes wide open, so you can see how people treat each other. Pray with your mouth open, so you can denounce injustices. Pray with your soul, pray your arms, pray with your feet. Pray every time you give or receive love. Prayer is not a sign of weakeness, but of strenght. Prayer is not for old ladies, but for young and adults alike. Prayer is not a about repeating words others thought you, but discovering new sentences you already know, but are hidden in your heart. Prayer is what we need now.

30.0k reactions 447 comments
Gladys J Volk The most beautiful song Elvis ever sang was "Let Us Pray Together" from Change Of Habbit :) Pray for one and all for we are all created in God image, we are All his children :)
Lorenzo Jardine Carmela In Psalm 142, David was trapped in a cave, praying for deliverance from his powerful enemies. Although our situations may be far different, we can learn from him as we pray for help against the destructive forces we face in life. We can learn that God ...
Praveen I request all Christian to pray for Christian to b TRUE Christian - cos we are not TRUE after knowing the Holy words f OUR Maker.
Ma Rosalinda Paz Thank you for your beautiful message. :) I really admire you a lot! ^_^ I love your works and I hope, someday I get a chance to see you personally.
Shene Cabañero This is what we really need at this crucial moment of our beloved Philippines. PLEASE PRAY FOR US to have inner peace within oneself so that it echoes the the whole humanity😇😇😇
Paulo Coelho
07:30 05/24/2017

Life is strange: some people will hurt you then act like you hurt them...

50.3k reactions 1936 comments
Saurabh Upadhyay Hi Mr. Paulo Coelho, getting hurt is certainly based on our certain expectations. And there are ways, methods, and kriyas..... One may be absolutely immune from the viscous cycle if expecting from others... Though the process is slow but permanent..... ...
Aarzoo Malhotra Life isn't strange. It's not a causal mechanism. or a black hole that you can blame for people wronging you. The people who inflict blame on you are strange, and should be avoided.
Pilar Marquez Same here, I asked my Doctor one time, why do so many bad things happen within your family or relatives circle, and his answer was, it's because there are good and bad people, and bad things happen to good people,...
Anna Elkind They hurt you because they are already hurting inside and need to see someone else hurt. The whole world needs to be healed.
Chen Mine It hurt to have hurt by someone so special yet u get blamed by their actions...plans and everything was just part of the memory,so now i have to deal with it without sad reality
Paulo Coelho
07:30 05/24/2017

“ Stop thinking all the time that you're bothering the person next to you. If people don't like it, they can complain. And if they don't have the courage to complain, that's their problem” ― Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to Die

67.6k reactions 640 comments
Mohnd Zaher لاحظت فيرونيكا ان كثيرا ممن تعرفهم يتحدثون عن آلام الأخرين وكأنهم مهتمين بالفعل... لكن الحقيقة انهم يتمتعون بآلام ومعاناة الاخرين.... لان ذلك يجعلهم يؤمنون أنهم سعداء... وأن الحياة كريمة للغاية معهم.. انها تكره هذا النوع من الاشخاص...
Giovanna Paola Mirella Lipparoni Ooh I do remember this saying very well ....the saying in the book (makes perfect sense')...'Veronica decides to die' this story ....🕊⚘👱😊
Hlektra Papadopoulou So I have misophonia and this really dumb guy decided to come to class open a large smelly hot sandwich adn start chewing like a horse, EVERYONE was really annoyed and disgusted and could not attend the class properly, people even said maybe he should ...
Joseph Mwandu Please i need a copy of Alchemist here in Tanzania because i have travelled a lot searching the book but i did not me with this Paulo.
Susan Heringer I speak to everyone I meet. Once in a great while someone asks me to stop talking, but usually I meet a new friend or another traveler who is happy & calmed to hear a kind conversation. If I can't turn a conversation to positive right away, then I ask ...
Paulo Coelho
18:42 05/21/2017

Happy week and remember: Walk firmly, without being afraid of stumbling. But pay attention to every step: your movements are being watched by your enemies Love without limits or fear but keep your sword in a place place where everybody can see

14.2k reactions 410 comments
Shirley Malatji My motto of the week : walking firmly without being afraid of stumbling ....💑💪💜
Aleuda Schmidlin-Toscano Feliz semana e lembre-se: Amor sem limites e medo Mas mantenha sua espada em um lugar onde todos possam ver
Carla Valentine I like what you said here Paulo Coelho! "Love without limits or fear but keep your sword in a place where everybody can see".
Vishnu Pratap Singh Chauhan Sir, if one keeps the sword in a place where everyone can see, how can one love without fear?
Ahsan Ali Your only quotation i remember is the only one i can always remind. No other quote of any other author i can recall.. Even i wrote that in my exams too.
Paulo Coelho
18:42 05/21/2017

Only insecure people try to put us down. Those who criticized my dreams encouraged me to fight for them (Below: best selling novels of all time)

12.9k reactions 253 comments
Gautam Panigrahi Sourjya for the people who criticize this masterpiece
Juliana Mazariegos O Alquimista & Le Petit Prince. Thanks Paulo and Antoine forever.
Yvonne Martin Loved the Alchemist it changed my life. 👌❤️My other big favourite is "Veronica decides to die."
Muhammad Ilyas Khan Even Paulo Coelho has haters, people are insane. Believe in yourself. Spread love.
Francine Jay Ligan "When you really want something all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it"
Paulo Coelho
05:54 05/19/2017

A conversation with the author of "The Spy" (translation in several languages: upper corner of the blog page)

1.1k reactions 40 comments
Zhiyong Ou looking good
Minh Phan thanks for the share
Prasert Chu good stuff
Baburamakrishna Yarlagadda thanks for the share
Antonia M Castro Muy interesante el ariculo sobre el libro La Espia
Paulo Coelho
05:54 05/19/2017

Bestselling novels of all time

18.0k reactions 449 comments
Braulio Reynoso He leido varios libros de distintos escritores y escritoras, pero la manera de escribir de Usted Señor Coelho es impresionante. Leo mas libros de usted que de ningun otro escritor. Debe Ser por la manera en la cual usted escribe que me ha hecho ...
Mijan Etru Kudos to you Mr. Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist is going to become a classic if it is not already. Your books that I have read so far are all timeless that they will be enjoyed and appreciated even by future generations. I am grateful that I have had my ...
Rafael D'Jesus Martinez Duran Este libro me lo leí para la clase de química cuando estaba de 10mo grado. Pero nunca entendí su relación con la materia, aún si el nombre los relacione.
Eu e meu pai Meu pai amava futebol e eu gostaria muito que vocês conhecessem nossa história, que acabou há alguns meses devido ao seu falecimento mas que certamente ainda pode tocar muitas pessoas e inspirar muitos filhos, inclusive a levar seu pai ou sua mãe a ...
Katipelly Maheshreddy I didn't feel its a non fiction But still, Loved a fictional book for the first time........ And the conversation with wind is .....👌
Paulo Coelho
17:06 05/16/2017

Never let anyone tell you that you need to be positive all the time; you are not a robot.

48.6k reactions 1246 comments
Marcela Sanhueza Rodriguez Gracias , mi hija siempre me dice hay mamá todo negativo ! , y yo creo que soy más realista , como mamá veo las cosas más tranquila ,y lo que es malo es y nada que hacer . <3
Graziela Braia Gente que não consegue ajudar o outro sempre fiz isso " seja positivo e blá...blá...blá " agora, AJUDAR o outro, não ajuda...... Então, melhor ficar calado!
Isabel Ast Chun Siempre como seres humano tenemos , subi y baja , hay v2ces estas positivavamente bien , pero yay v3ces se nos presenta lo negativo por muchas razones de ka vida .
Rose Moncay Memoli It's an encouragement for me when someone says be positive all the time sounds like there s always hope inspite how bad the situation is..
Savita Kharb Berwal First quote that says it's ok to feel urself - negative or positive- u can't runaway from emotions if u r human - just don't get trapped in any...
Paulo Coelho
17:06 05/16/2017

Eu conversava com um sacerdote católico e um rapaz muçulmano durante um almoço. Quando o garçom passava com uma bandeja, todos se serviam, menos o muçulmano, que fazia o jejum anual prescrito no Alcorão. Quando o almoço terminou e as pessoas saíram, um dos convidados não deixou de alfinetar: “veja como os muçulmanos são fanáticos! Ainda bem que vocês não tem nada em comum com eles”. “Temos sim”, disse o padre. “Ele tenta servir a Deus tanto quanto eu. Apenas seguimos leis diferentes”. E concluiu: “pena que as pessoas só vejam as diferenças que as separam. Se olhassem com mais amor, enxergariam principalmente o que há de comum entre elas – e metade dos problemas do mundo seriam resolvidos”. (taken from my book "Maktub")

22.7k reactions 392 comments
Randa Saliba Assaf And the other half would be solved if the religious persons representing faith groups would get away from fanatism, this cancer degrading God's message of Love.
Nh Hn a muslim woman I would like to thank you for your opinion on our religion.I have have not read "Maktub" yet but I will..By the way, Maktub means a letter (probably from arabik).in my language it is letter r message.
EM Tiff People seem to think muslims fasting during the month of ramdhan that we muslims can't be around food, this is not the case if so then many restaurants and cafes etc would have been closed during the day. As a muslim we obviously follow a prescribed set ...
Cheryl Campbell This is similar to my writing, which can be found on my fb page.There were: Germans, Americans, Mexican-Americans, Australians, Canadians, South Africans, British, and probably many more, but we all got along, the differences going unnoticed, the ...
Judith Loza Naaaaaaaaa!!!!! No creemos lo mismo. -----El Islam asegura que Jesús fue solo un profeta – no el Hijo de Dios (los musulmanes creen que solo Alá es Dios, y ¿cómo podría Él tener un Hijo?). En vez de ello, el Islam afirma que Jesús, aunque nacido de una ...
Paulo Coelho
04:18 05/14/2017

"besides being the best-selling and most read Brazilian novel of all time, it is also the third best selling novel in the history of Western civilization"

29 years of
29 years of 'The Alchemist', the best-selling (and read) Brazilian novel of all time – Hiperliteratura

LEIA ESTE ARTIGO também em português. The appearance of The Alchemist The alchemist, a great success of the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, completes 29 years at the beginning of June. Today, the column Hiperliteratura begins the publication of several articles that will honor the anniversary of

54.2k reactions 1295 comments
Silvia Hernandez Cruz Se lo regale hace años a un gran amigo, siempre ha dicho que ha sido el mejor regalo q ha recibido en toda su vida, claro yo también tengo el mío y lo he leído infinidad de veces.
Trish Law It's one of the best things in the world. Just like you. 💕 What a gift you are. Your work has changed so many lives. Including mine. Thank you
Alexandra Saenz Hermoso libro, parece que aún sin ir al desierto ya lo conozco y quede con el anhelo sublime de encontrar mi tesoro, a sabiendas que cuando una quiere algo el universo conspira para lograrlo!
Michael Alejandro Venegas Venegas Explora su libro magníficamente la genuina esencial del existir siempre fortaleciendo el sentir apegado a la enigmática capacidad de sincronizar sutilmente el misterioso vivir
Melissa Czerniawski This book opened my eyes to divine communication (manifestation!) It helped me remember how to ask for the things I want and communicate my true desires to the great universe. It allowed me to connect to the world around me, and even more to myself. ...
Paulo Coelho
15:30 05/11/2017

“When we meet someone and fall in love, we have a sense that the whole universe is on our side. And yet if something goes wrong, there is nothing left! How is it possible for the beauty that was there only minutes before to vanish so quickly? Life moves very fast. It rushes from heaven to hell in a matter of seconds.” ― Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes

66.0k reactions 828 comments
Imtila Jamir Cos nothing lasts forever, some shorter than others, but we never regret to have drank that good glass of wine or to spent a beautiful day in a beautiful tiny remote village or to have been touched by a heartfelt song likewise Im proud to have loved ...
Hans Peter Salzer But: The universe is all the time around us, is bearing us, is guiding us, keeps us alive ... so our feelings are the matter of distinction ... to recognize this in hard times maybe can help us (just like a lot of Paulo's quotes can help us!) to see, ...
Saurabh Upadhyay I think being extremely in love and exactly reverse when sth goes wrong is the disharmony of our own self. For an example, person cannot take right decision when he us extremely happy or that sad. We in India, interpret the solution of this through ...
Rajesh Pandey It's absolutely true that life rushes from heaven to hell in a matter of secondf. But its oppesite is also true. A heart who knows only love cant stay longer in hell bcz the whole universe begins to conspire in helping it cure and come out of hell.
Natalia Rod Love....there is no such a thing. Two people met and they get attracted to each other. They starting to have a realisionships which eventually became a burden and than they split or keep making each other miserable for the family sake. Our hormones ...
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