Pau Gasol
5 hours ago

Me quedo. 😉

11.2k reactions 148 comments
Pedro Caballero Eres un cachondo, Pau 🏀 😂
Benjamin Castellano Miss seeing you in that Purple and Gold!!
Szmidt Kuba Great news !
Luis Javier Montero Contento? Xdxdxd Kevin Contreras
Coromoto Suarez coromoto suarez: felicidades por su renovación. Nos alegramos un montón y más allá. De verdad, de todo corazón. ¡suerte! y buen día.
Ryan Sheckler
4 hours ago

‪Solid Monday shred crew! 👍🏻👌🏻👊🏻 Sheckler Foundation

1.0k reactions 11 comments
Matthew FloHawke Hawkins Thanks for having the Adaptive Skate Kollective crew!!!
Rafael Caique Só gente boa
Yanina Martina Fantini Hermoso equipo y familia!!! Love
Colly Newfield Ryan The crew
Mike Vick
2 hour ago

Still one my favorite commercials I ever been a part of Nike Football Nike

94 reactions 10 comments
Jamal Anderson Devonish #7 this one was my favorite. I guess because it had not just you but a bunch of guys I liked.
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Mike Rocchio Nick Rocchio remember this one? Vick to TO
Russell Russell Let's Play A Round Of Golf B4 Summer Out. Bring Your + 1.
Nicholas Stanley Mike Vick = Play Maker
Stone Cold Steve Austin
8 hours ago

Let's do this right now, Mr. McMahon!

5.1k reactions 66 comments
Pushpinder Singh Best austin
Hollythug Kone Thedon Hell yeah!,,,,, time to raise hell,,,
Vivi Cruz Austin always love you guys Pat Patterson's Hey Hey Hey Na Na Na Na
Michael B. Principe Sure why not!?
Noel Karol Let do ths....just bring it...
Conor McGregor
5 hours ago

We are excited to announce that McGregor Sports and Entertainment and Universal Pictures have teamed up to bring you "The Notorious" Coming soon, to a theatre near you!

87.3k reactions 5575 comments
James Bibby Jake Hazeldene 💯 we gotta go see this when it comes out!
Patrick Gorecki I really like this guy .... but really it is getting on my nerve when he is making a God of himself!!!! Shape up man and some fuqing modesty here pls
Rebecca Wright Michelle Kirwan next cinema date to watch our cousin? 😂😂
Nolan Pena Haters coming out like crazy for this one. Why are people so negative towards another's success? This guy came from nothing basically. Now he's building an empire and we should be inspired. I know I am.
Rosario Monachino Liam Dixon Luke Stanyard might have to audition for the lead role
Mike Vick
2 hour ago


371 reactions 74 comments
Marcus Levene Simmons Ainge lol sit down
Philip Rossi Whole pistons team in the 80s
Keith Silvers Lebron does it all the time lol
Garrick Wiley Looks like the hoop is about 8 to 9 feet high!
Michael Williams No trust fund for you! 😂 😆😭😩
Juan Mata
9 hours ago

Had a great time last week talking #football4good with Jürgen Griesbeck, Mike Geddes and Sebastian Buck. Thanks UCLA Anderson School of Management for hosting! ⚽️🌍🤝

"Football is a tool to change the life of millions of people" - Juan Mata
"Football is a tool to change the life of millions of people" - Juan Mata

Juan Mata participated in an event entitled "Football: mass force for social change". The Asturian, global ambassador of streetfootballworld, shared his ideas at the UCLA Anderson School of Management before a select audience.

2.1k reactions 8 comments
Pham Son 👏
Patricia Shorrocks Goodall My little mata so cute xx
Sirikorn Chansuwan #mufc
Timmy Olabode you're my idol @ #JuanMata8 . i wish i was good at playing or even a ballboy but i always aspire to be like you. taking notes from you
Georges St-Pierre
5 hours ago

After all those years working with coach Pat Beauchamp, I truly admire his patience with me!!!

3.0k reactions 110 comments
Gus Bisbal George, your a wonderful person. You absolutely suck as a Gymnast. Get a real coach please!
Dan Gartland Ryan Dugger you should try adding this to you daily workout routine ...
Mathieu Gouger Lâche pas Georges tu vas l'avoir :) je travaille la dessus moi si le Hand stand :)
Raj Dylan Why don't you stop bullshitting and get ready for your return that you've been talking about. #pansy
Nadia Chrétien Salut!!! Georges!!! Comment vas tu aujourd'hui? C'est très dure pour le dos ce que tu fais là... T'es bon... Un gros merci pour ton vidéo... Passe une bonne journée et bon entraînement... Bye!!! Georges!!! À la prochaine...
Nikki Bella
7 hours ago

Is Daniel Bryan the newest Total Divas cast member?!

3.9k reactions 22 comments
Chit Thu Lay hi nikki and brie
Mark Downs Daniel Bryan will always be the dazzler
Jordan Nichols Haaaa.......? .......
Miyan Ali Khan Nikk I love you
Vinay Kumar Nc I like it bella
Andy Murray
4 hours ago

Which opponent has no weakness, never misses and has never lost? #thewall 💯

8.6k reactions 343 comments
TomJen Tran Sadly andy have no practice buddy! I feel you man😢
Pierrick Iniesta Achille Robert à l us il cartonne roger et rafa avec cette entraînement
Rob Darling Simon look at this. Effortless power. Perfect strike every time.
Maureen Stewart-Jones Did that for hours many moons ago. Lots of love and best wishes Andy. XX
Alexandre Sardinha Actually it can lose, just make sure tha ball touches it and gets out of bounds
Brie Bella
5 hours ago

Total Bellas returns to E! Wednesday, Sept. 6

6.9k reactions 84 comments
Ashley Pearson Nikki & them tits though 😍
Rajesh Sharma Good night
Melissa Williams Davis Can't wait
Angi Reiman Me!!!! Love the Bella's 😊
Patina Jimenez I can't wait
Nico Rosberg
41 minutes ago

Sad to be leaving California but ready to be back with the family 👨‍👩‍👧

4.8k reactions 89 comments
Salman Ansari He is my championship
Alf Hanley Safe trip NICO,
Anneke Sanders Have a nice flight back home ....looking very handsome ....😍😀✈️
Despina Jones Safe journey Nico! Thanks for sharing.xx
Amanda Jones Safe flight home, loved seeing your journey Champ! 😊
Mike Vick
2 hour ago

gheesh ...

405 reactions 50 comments
Robert Hanna An Elizabeth Jenoise workout.
Terence Xavier Rice Lindsay
Stacey Johnson Alexander Ted Barrymore
Lauren Perry Monique Ward
Timothy Jon Alexis E Ambrogio Giambanco 😱
Daniel Bryan
8 hours ago

So much ZING!

1.7k reactions 17 comments
Anais Cristina Earn $450 more cash taking quick paid surveys ➽ #QuickIncome1
Sarah Pendergraft Can't wait I love you and your family
Rosa Borja You guys are hilarious......
Ince Jah Just love you guys
Ivan van Faassen Hahaha Cuties
Paul Pierce
5 hours ago

A little walk down memory lane 🙌

Celtics @ 7: Reliving Paul Pierce
Celtics @ 7: Reliving Paul Pierce's Finest Moments

Future Hall of Famer Paul Pierce re-joined the Celtics this week on a one-day contract to retire in Boston.

1.9k reactions 32 comments
Logan Avery John Tyler Fanning
Ronald Ram Macadat Nice one idol :)
Said Herrera Ya deje de andar de lampara con lebron pana que Ud solo tiene un anillo
Emekiel Looney Love it
Jessy La Muñeca Bella You'll always be number one for us always a Celtic
Nikki Bella
7 hours ago

Who's ready for Total Bellas Season 2?!

10.9k reactions 193 comments
Alina Stovall Ohhhh yyyyeeeaaaahhh Alyx Camp
Michelle Catherine Courtney Hampshire Ashlee Czapla
Joanie Steen No season seven
Nicole Gladue Weesemat Yay i am 😍❤
Terry Roulette My favorite Nikki
Shaquille O' Neal
6 hours ago

Passing the O'neal torch

6.3k reactions 75 comments
Christian Exner #TheBestShaqEver!!😎🤘
Kwstas Giannakopoulos he has some big shoes to fill (literally)
Matt Smith Shaq..great mann...your son is gonna be great...
Dingdong Salvador He has your blood.but would be hard to match your legacy.
Cedric Reyes Passing the BBQ sauce
Saina Nehwal
8 hours ago

Be that girl today 😀😀Kaira .....

8.4k reactions 134 comments
Dimpal Kumar very very good
Sanjeev Kumar Deshwal Adv Best ji
Kiran Angadi Looking like rose. Mam.
Sunny Kumar Beauty full
Singh Up Namaskar. Good morning.
Tom Daley
2 hours ago

What a weekend! I still can't believe it! I couldn't have done it without all of my amazing family, friends and of course diving family! Check out my VLOG from my time in Budapest here...

13.7k reactions 207 comments
Toni Hennell So proud of you, my adopted son. Enjoy your break. Can we have a re-run of my profile pic with your new medals please. 😉 X
Bruce Staples Tom Daley as you can see there is one hug that means way more then 😉
Mónika Jamriska 😍😍
Sam Khan Congratulations mate. You deserved it. Your hard work has paid you off. Now enjoy <3
Gill Harris Congrats Tom. It was so brilliant to watch!! You were amazing!! You have really found your mojo. So happy for you xxx
Brie Bella
5 hours ago

Sorry, Daniel Bryan... you just aren't cut out to be the next big Total Divas star!

2.8k reactions 33 comments
Maria Flores Can't wait♥️ such a sexy couple!!!! Seriously hot hot hot ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Comfort Ameyaw +,ì
Raquel Sarai So NatUraL!! Do It!!
Mary Ellen Cramer Got that right .me either
Tony Hawk
7 hours ago

When our family travels together, I don't need to do a "Home Alone" headcount when packing the car... I just count skateboards to see if anyone is missing. True story.

4.7k reactions 47 comments
Rajko Bogosavac Ae bre retardi usta vas jebem mrs da radite nesto
Justin Cottrell Where ya headed?
Eskil Bergman Hawk alone?😂
Daniel Crines You're a lucky man...
Reinaldo Cerioli Cool ! 😃
Nico Rosberg
41 minutes ago

So many amazing companies to see when you casually walk around California🚶🏼 SpaceX

3.2k reactions 37 comments
Samira Cade Bello
Brahima Traoré salut bouake
Arnaud Curé Rosberg x Space :)
Nils Ariens Also exploring some Boring stuff Nico?
Marco Poll Bist du denn auch mal rein?
Serena Williams
6 hours ago

So few surprises in life these days, that’s why I'm waiting to find out the sex of the baby. SurveyMonkey revealed your guesses!

32.4k reactions 1593 comments
Abby Tham Awesome beautiful looking and good health enjoy be happy life, Serena miss your tennis watching tourments ,come back soon on court and you will be agreat mom and good luck 🤗😊😎
Iva Biggin I had 5 and I never knew until they were born. My wife knew, but I asked her to keep it a secret, and she did. I wanted to find out at birth time.
William King I am a little confused wasn't there talk about Serena being involved with a known "white supremacist" if so this must be the "Twilight Zone" we are living. Keep in mind people 'Hitler' had a mother to. I hate to break up your happy feeling but No so ...
April Condon I did the same and loved it. I was not hoping really for any particular gender for me but strangely I want you to have a GIRL. HAHA. So silly, I know. But I do. I just want a little girl to watch and learn all of the great lessons such a phenomenal ...
Grace Wagabaza At least she is engaged there so many Top players everyone used to praise they all had babies Leave Serena alone! She does not need u to respect her.
Lucas Moura
4 hours ago

#Workhard PSG - Paris Saint-Germain

922 reactions 7 comments
Parez Vidal -lucksmora plesgo tofc bayern munchn pleeesss
Parez Vidal Lucas mora ples go to Fc bayern munchn ples
Rodrigo Neves lucas moura vc é fera joga demais
Max Perez NEYMAR ne viendra pas !!! Il demande d'autres joueurs que PSG ne pourra plus payer avec 222M
Pae Eduardo De Oxala Rodriguez Rocha Mi nombre es Pablo Eduardo Rodriguez Rocha, uruguayo,57 años, vivo en Montevideo-Uruguay.Soy Sacerdote de la Religion Africanista con 40 años de Religion.Mediante trabajos de Religion puedo lograr que Neymar acepte ir con pase a vuestro equipo.Garantido....
Andy Murray
4 hours ago

Huge congrats to Jordan Spieth on his win at the The Open ! #UAfamily #TeamUA #IWILL

2.7k reactions 33 comments
Gerard Pllu John Connor
Christine Mcveigh Well done Jordan
Fiona Houston 👏👏👏👏👏
Chris Gregg Nice... you're just supportive!
Jenny Dougan My dad backed him on Wednesday at 14/1. I just watched.
Mike Vick
2 hour ago

2.0k reactions 2937 comments
Jake Just-Cheese Janak Randy Moss no doubt. These people don't understand what 6' 4" does to your top end speed and he was an insane sprinter in high school. Randy's body type was clearly focused on top end speed while the other two had more lateral movement and ability to ...
Henry Earl Johnson Bo all day.. y'all keep saying this isn't 40 yard, but y'all are forgetting Bo has distance speed as well, Bo ran the 100 in high school and college too. Bo kept accelerating even after 40 yards, long stride or not you're not going to catch him
Ronnie Reddix-Turner Bo would beat them both by at least 5 yards. Has nothing to do with stride. Bo was a different type of athlete. That's why only him and Deion played multiple sports. Bo could have qualified for the Olympics based off his College 100m times.
William Payne Bo Jackson is the fastest athlete in this group. Remember Bo did a standing back flip in water
Robin K Cason Randy moss 6'4 beats .... them all day He ran 4.28 Dion nor Bo....was not that much faster....Usain bolt body type.
Mark Henry
3 hours ago

Help Special Olympics put another athlete into the game and off the sidelines! #CelebratingChampions #WWEHero

239 reactions 6 comments
Adam Hollowell Mark you're the truth
Robin Mack A Awesome, Mark!
Deborah Camacho That's awesome! Great job. Mr. Henry, you truly are making a difference. God bless you.😀
Monjur Islam Second এর মধ্যেই Accept করেবো। ১৮ "ঘন্টা"এক্টিব "থাকি "আর এর প্রমান আমর প্রোফাইল ছবির লাইক দেখে নিন"সবসময়"লাইক "কমেন্ট "করার"চেষ্টা "করি। "চাইলে"এড "করতে " পারেন। αстίνε════★★ বন্দু ছাড়া ফেসবুক impossible.....!! কিছু ফ্রেন্ড দরকার, পাশে থাকলে পাশে ...
Mark Henry I want everyone to know that Ted Cruz was allowed the same opportunity as any child with disabilities and even though Ted Cruz did not win an event , they are all winners ....especialy Ted.....
Lance Armstrong
1 hour ago

New Forward is up with Ryan Holiday. We talk about his new book, Stoicsm, the Gawker lawsuit and Iron Maiden

543 reactions 21 comments
Mon Go
Nicole Bovy 100% Lance Armstrong 🚴‍♂️💪🏆
Frank Cassal 🤘 Iron Maiden!!!
Brad Joiner Good podcast - I ordered a book
Mel Valadez Lance, do you still have the cups they give on the podium?
Mike Vick
2 hour ago

2.6k reactions 886 comments
James LeCroy The falcons should be in the Cowboys slot. The cowboys quarterback will experience the sophomore jinx the Giants will win the NFC East and make the playoffs. The Cowboys will be sitting at home during the playoffs this year.
Daniel Reardon Obviously as a Pats fan I will always assume NE will go to the super bowl (just like every fan thinks their team will) but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Giants, or even Packers make it this year.
Gregory Matthew How r the Raiders not on this list?
Brady Krager Lmfaooo Giants and Raiders need to be up there ahead of all teams besides Pats. ESPN always has these % and they're ALWAYS way off
Jeffrey Branche Shaki Wilson. Do you see this? 6burgh baby. All the way
Lewis Hamilton
5 hours ago

#IWC #Ambassador

17.8k reactions 245 comments
Vesper XI That mohawk doesn't really match with the suit though.. lol
Michael Clark Couldn't get me a big pilot while your there
Stefano Salzano Co tutti I Miliardi neanche un barbiere decente...Francesco Taglialatela
Graham Harding See you in Singapore Lewis on Thursday as arranged, good luck before and on the evening.🏁🏁🏁
Cassandra Noriega It's 2017 IWC has to "get with it" You Need To #rockthelocks in their photo shoots
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