David Villa Sánchez
16:24 09/20/2017

RESISTE PUERTO RICO!!! Todo mi apoyo para mis amigos boricuas en este día tan difícil.

3.2k reactions 60 comments
Abdulkader Ghanam ☸⊱⚘جُوريِـٍة <3 VipFB. Vn <3
Abdulkader Ghanam ❗❕⏫يسعد قلبك⏫❕❗ <3 VipFB. Vn <3
Nikolaj Ingwersen Hansen You still blow dude
Jorge Gravinni Jr. Vamos borique hermosa 💪🙏👏
Lahcen Ayachi We love you David
Randy Orton
Yesterday 17:54

Only the strongest survive at WWE No Mercy.

33.7k reactions 274 comments
Keith C. Oesterreich Ah yes. The time when PPVs had their own special stage setup -.-
Rene Correa Sure Chris Jericho beat Austin and Rock in the same night but did he become a 2 time WWE champion in the same night?? #TheAgeofOrton
Rex Akash Rusev is a cower,Randy you will beat you again easily,,
Alonzo Perkins I'll say the number # 1 out of the top 10
Luis Suarez
14:12 09/20/2017


21.6k reactions 369 comments
Luis Vidals Muchas Gracias Luisito por mostrar tu lado humano con mi gente! Eres grande!!
Leonardo de Rakib A very dangerous earthquake hunts on mexico as many people died and some injured.
Elif Demircan My sis is in there .But We are all with you guys ,Stay strong🇲🇽🙏🏻🇲🇽
Eduardo Ostraujov Fuerza mexicanos! Desde Uruguay!!!
Eric Fastrez Oremos por mexico ¡Oh Virgen Inmaculada, Madre del verdadero Dios y Madre de la Iglesia! Tú, que desde este lugar manifiestas tu clemencia y tu compasión a todos los que solicitan tu amparo AMÉN
Rey Mysterio
17:00 09/20/2017

Mis Oraciones para toda mi gente Mexicana 🇲🇽 por lo que están Pasando!! Que Dios los Proteja y llene de Fortaleza! #Animo 🙏🏽

8.2k reactions 119 comments
Milagros Santos Pérez Saludos Rey. Mysterio..😢 Es vdd Oremos inos x los otros .esperemos em Dios saldremos de esta!!
Jose Pablo Cespedes Vargas Mucha fortaleza hermanos mexicanos, que no están solos, toda Latinoamérica está con Uds dando apoyo en este momento tan duro
Carlos Melissa Gutierrez Ahora si por Mexico pero el sabado puro triple G. Pinche sell out.
Alejandro Beaumont Rey!!! las mejores de las energias para nuestros hermanos mexicanos!!! esperemos todo mejore!
Jerry Woo Saludos, mi ídolo! Espero que Dios bendiga a toda la gente mexicana. Ánimo, México! Viva la raza!
David Villa Sánchez
16:24 09/20/2017

Great night at the #NYCFCHouse celebrating City in the Community. Andrea Pirlo New York City FC

City in the Community
City in the Community

Happy to help CITC in its goal to bring soccer to every underserved school and community in NYC.

1.3k reactions 16 comments
Alfredo Garcia Dos grandes guaje
Nadeen Thaer Obaid Nadeen Nice
Carolina Cortes Grisales Excelente fotasa que bien guaje😉
Gemma Menendez Muslera Vaya dos cracks!!!
ايبرة بلو 😍😍😍👍🏻❤️
Randy Orton
Yesterday 17:54

WWE SmackDown LIVE: Randy Orton Battles Aiden English

18.7k reactions 61 comments
Abhik Manna Randy please reply me ... I am big fan of you. Plz plz plz plz plz
Raj Maheyy R K O outta no where 🙌🙌🙌
Lisa Wise Not today
Surya Suryam Hamsani Rishika Randy
Surya Suryam Hamsani Rishika Ilove you randy
Roger Federer
16:42 09/20/2017

Probably not a good idea to leave your keys in the Truck! 🔑 🚚 #Laver Cup

15.8k reactions 268 comments
Jason Lee Michael Bell something you would do t
Ashish Dixit Roger you are the best that ever was and ever will be
Harry Triantafyllidis Even his driving is smooth....This guy is perfect in everything he does.
Sunita Sigtia Hahaha. .never let the champ know your weakness. .hehehe
Roberto Gonzalez Blanco Roger, you are really a master!!!!!
Rafa Nadal
16:30 09/20/2017

Terribles noticias de Mexico. Todo mi apoyo a los afectados y a los familiares de las víctimas.

26.0k reactions 458 comments
Rosalina Vargas Lopez Muchísimas gracias rafael nadal por tus palabras hacia nosotros los mexicanos .hace 32 años exactamente hoy que nos temblo es una triste noticia que nos sacudió a todos los mexicanos pero somos una gran nación y vamos ha salir adelanté ...
Lala Lezcano que horror nadie puede parar los efectos adversos de la madre naturaleza. to mi apoyo que pena!!! viva Mejico!!💪💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏 fuerza vamos!!!
Sallany Peña Hdez Gracias por acordarte Rafa Nadal yo soy de Chiapas y si hay muchas cosas destruidas 😰 pero te sigo y sé que nos levantaremos como tú te admiro siempre 💕🙌🏾
Özil Zagal Ramos Gracias infinitas rafa, si estuvo horrible, aun falta mucho por ayudar en la capital. Gracias por el mensaje. Un abrazo Nadal
Ana Belem Ramírez Flores Gracias Rafa aquí en puebla donde fue el epicentro fue espantoso y aunque fue muy fuerte aquí, en la CD.MX. Fueron más los destrozos, gracias por tu gran corazón
Charlotte Flair
23:48 09/19/2017

Backstage at #SDLive ... very excited for #SecondNature available NOW!

2.1k reactions 1979 comments
Richard Alagad Hi Charlotte! Hope your dad is doing better!
Michael MacInnes Charlotte, will the book be available in the UK? 😊
Luke Stacey You have the best teeth I've ever seen
Ty Wasilk Please come to Chicago for a book signing
Barry Bricker Hello Queen. Praying for your father everyday.
Leo Messi
03:30 09/20/2017

Otro triunfo en el Camp Nou para seguir avanzando. Another win at the Camp Nou to continue our progress. - LIO

292.5k reactions 8875 comments
وليد العتابي تفضل ليو، تلك هي الكرة الـ43 التي ستصطحبها معك للبيت. 43 هاتريك في مسيرة البرغوث، والأمر يبدو عاديًا جدًا! تريدون أن تعرفوا الفرق بين ليو وكثير من اللاعبين الآخرين؟ حسنًا، أقلام الصحافة الإنجليزية كادت تجف نهاية الأسبوع الماضي مديحًا لأجويرو الذي بلغ ...
Emer Leonardo Buena leo eres el mejor.. Cárajo... Si maradona y Pelé.. Ganaron mundial ..el más siego se está dando cuenta.. Q no te ayudan en argentina.. Malos de miércoles... Sólo contra el mundo... Si te ubieses nacionalizado español.. Te juro q ya tuvieras 2 ...
Jose Manuel Sandoval Sos el puto amo MESSI Simplemente el mejor del mundo , mucha suerte pronto con Argentina , espero que tus companeros de seleccion hayan visto este partido para que miren como te tienen que devolver los balones y como marcar goles con esa calidad de ...
Nana Qhuami Qhuakyi OA If you wana escape the shadows of messi, don't change teams change sports. #forcabarca Delef is improving but at a very slow pace. He seems not to link up with the attack very well. They said paulinho was was a wasteful buy. Don't just watch ...
Jairo Zanetti Messi, Messi, siempre Messi ;). La pelota siempre al 10. Pensar de que hablaban del brasilero y es un jugadorazo. Ay, cuando entenderan en Argentina que falta uno que te acompaÑe. Creeme que la romperias con la seleccion si llevarian a alguien que ...
Andrés Iniesta
10:24 09/20/2017

Nueva victoria. Gran trabajo de todo el equipo 💪 Seguimos! Força Barça! Gerard Deulofeu #Busquets

75.2k reactions 550 comments
Juan Nuñez https://media.tenor.co/images/2acab33e443c2f6d5025436c86b36f71/tenor.gif
Yesty Paz buen partido pero vamos delofeu tienes que dar mas y aprovechar las oportunidades
David Salcedo Yepes Andresito pura magia cuando te vayas madre mía que boquete dejas en can barsa
Antoine Le Cheffire Vale deulofeu,denis,digne,gomez denle con todo aprendan de estos cracks que tinen aun con ustedes!!
Jak Dan Yo y el pueblo israelí compartimos la tristeza del pueblo de México por las muchas víctimas de un terremoto pidiendo a Dios que te preserve y te enviará una curación completa
David Villa Sánchez
16:24 09/20/2017

Todo mi apoyo y solidaridad con el pueblo de México. #FuerzaMéxico

12.9k reactions 101 comments
Ignacio Ramiréz Gracias crack #Respect
Esau GD Que Grande Eres!❤
Celii Moreno Gracias Guapo!
Patito Momy Gracias por tu solidaridad david villa
Erick Vargas Delgadö Fuerza para mi país
Harrison Barnes
23:18 09/19/2017

Tragic news about all of the natural disasters...climate change has to be taken more seriously. Prayers to those affected by the earthquake in Mexico City today and the damages caused by #HurricaneMaria 🙏🏾

309 reactions 40 comments
Yudi Laurencio Gracias por tu preocupacion mi querido Harrison Barnes gracias por las oraciones.
Brian Hawn C'mon Mr Barnes you're smarter than that. A NASA study just released said climate change was not near as bad as first feared. Now who you gonna believe? Politicians with bank accounts or scientists with tools to give you the truth?
Allen E. Elmore It's responses like this that make us miss you here in the Bay Area. #2015Champion #DUBNATION
Stacy Swafford He needs to stop flying around in jets and driving lambos!!
Rob Klingensmith Stop making stupid controversial posts you know nothing about. Stick to the hardwood goofball.
Dwyane Wade
Yesterday 20:00

My personal chef Chef RLI, LLC helps me reach my peak performance with delicious meals every day. His new cookbook, #EatingWellToWin, is available for preorder on Amazon now to help reach your goals! #chefRLI http://amzn.to/2vju7JA

507 reactions 20 comments
Shonda Revette https://www.thepetitionsite.com/749/968/064/demand-rosemont-police-turn-kenneka-jenkins-case-to-the-fbi/
Yvette Chen ugh i need this Mattie Maria SimBarcelos
James Wu 韦德之道
Toppix12fix Good choice - http://toppix12fix.com/betfair-bonuses/
Tường Vân Kết bạn với em đi <3 <3
John Cena
06:54 09/20/2017

This has been an exciting 24 hours. Nikki Bella heated up the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars and TODAY her and Brie Bella bring the world #BelleRadici. Get yours today at BelleRadici.com! #DWTS

11.9k reactions 172 comments
Mohsin Khan #TheBigDog Claim Is Yard! This Sunday!!
Mohsin Khan You Gonna Looser With #RomanReigns :p :p
Islam Kazi Sorry but I'm for team Jordan fisher !!!!
Heather Chan She's still wearing red.. Why does she look like the devil in that picture lol.
Pang Yang Haven't had the chance to watch DWTS but I recorded so will watch it tonight.
Jimmie Johnson
21:36 09/19/2017

#JJForCoutura #SeikoStyle

215 reactions 39 comments
Karen Campbell Shorter Sexy = Jimmie Johnson 💛💙
Jane Rousseau Not fair!!#the48baby
Melinda Roesti Crockett Jimmie gotta stop this. Wow
Joyce Weiss Smith Wow! Sexiest man in the world!
Ellen Potter I knew you could be a male model!
Kevin Durant
Yesterday 21:42

KD and the VCs: How Kevin Durant Became a Made Man in Silicon Valley

KD and the VCs: How Kevin Durant Became a Made Man in Silicon Valley
KD and the VCs: How Kevin Durant Became a Made Man in Silicon Valley

Last year, he placed the biggest bet of his life. It paid off spectacularly. Now the Warriors star and his business partner Rich Kleiman are looking to parlay those winnings into a tech jackpot.

1.7k reactions 108 comments
Randy Walker Just another ungrateful,racist sports figure
Christopher Clair Silicon valley better hope there's not another valley with better 3 point shooting.
Brian Cartwright By increasing the amount of fact twitter accounts?
Jason Shirazi "Hey tech guys, how would someone go about turning back time and removing tweets". -notKevin Durant
Ben Lawton Of course he has the help of "powerful friends". He can't do anything by himself lol
19:36 09/19/2017

There's 50/50 chance that UFC 217 is the last time we see Michael Bisping fight in the Octagon.

Michael Bisping Contemplating Retirement After
Michael Bisping Contemplating Retirement After 'Putting a Beating' on GSP | BJPenn.com

For 11 years, Michael Bisping has Left Hook Larry-ed himself up to the tallest heights of the UFC ladder. He’s earned the UFC middleweight title, avenged two of his worst losses in the process, got a pretty cushy desk job, and even some movie gigs. At the age of 38 and the verge of what...

34 reactions 216 comments
Jake Andre Of course he's gonna retire! He's been riding the coat tails of the lucky punch on rocky and been skirting around current fighters who deserve a shot cuz he's scared! I still think GSP will kick his ass though.
Zak Nash I used to really like Michael. Now. What a fucking fake. I've always liked his fighting ethics, can't stand this bullshit with him being the champion and picking his own fight. Damn I miss Joe Silva
John Juwon Jung If his 50/50 mentality rn, that may not be enough for GSP. .. We've seen so many one foot in, one foot out fighters decline in the past.... I hope Bisping isn't the case. Dudes been around forever
Sam Sheriff Bispibgs been around for ages he's tryna get a money fight who can blame him either I doubt he's afraid of any in the UFC just tryna get payed can't blame the guy can ya
Jerry Quinn Unfortunately for him, GSP is going to take him down time after time and ride him like a broken down horse until he finally just taps out...
19:36 09/19/2017

If you could only use one word to describe why Conor is so popular, what would it be? Chael Sonnen gives his take.

VIDEO | Chael Sonnen explains why Conor McGregor appeals to the masses | BJPenn.com
VIDEO | Chael Sonnen explains why Conor McGregor appeals to the masses | BJPenn.com

There is no doubt that Conor McGregor is one of the biggest stars that the UFC has ever had. The brash Irishman just took part...

69 reactions 179 comments
Cory O'Hanlan Wise words from the American Gangster Greg Lacina
Kenny Page Because he's the big mouth asshole they wish they could be openly?
Rafael Canedo Because he is an asshole and millennials like that nowadays!
Robert Dennis He nothing but a "great white hope" for most!
Osang Ignacio Mosquito media loves him, fans loves and hate him, thats why he is selling.... confidence at its finest
Hines Ward
18:12 09/19/2017

Never Google your symptoms

0 reactions 5 comments
Melinda Mulliger Patrick Mulliger 😂
Brittany Renae Williams Amanda Raya-Barron lmao your toe "cancer" 😂😂
Sherrie Lee Thomas Hines. Can I work for you up in Pittsburgh?
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Amanda Raya-Barron Lok
19:36 09/19/2017

Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos is looking absolutely deadly in the gym

VIDEO | Watch Cris Cyborg
VIDEO | Watch Cris Cyborg's insane Muay Thai workout in Thailand | BJPenn.com

UFC women’s featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino is currently training at Phuket Top Team in beautiful Phuket, Thailand. If the video she uploaded to YouTube earlier today is any indication, she is absolutely killing it in the gym – and all of her prospective opponents should be worried. In…

76 reactions 35 comments
Pierre Pete Janet Yeso😲
Phill Spinx Andy Harvey
Colin Iley David Sheehy Dave Robofish
Don Nguyen Carlos J Aguilar damn
Aneel Gill Radeem Rahman eh where you
19:36 09/19/2017

Max "Blessed" Holloway has his eyes set on Frankie "The Answer" Edgar.

Max Holloway Believes He May Fight Frankie Edgar Before End of 2017 | BJPenn.com
Max Holloway Believes He May Fight Frankie Edgar Before End of 2017 | BJPenn.com

Over the years, Max Holloway has fought tooth and nail to prove he’s the best 145-er in the world. After losing to Conor McGregor, he’s gone on an obscene 11-fight win streak over everyone the UFC threw at him. His righteous onslaught culminated with finishing Jose Aldo at UFC 212, unifying the feat...

323 reactions 77 comments
Bazil Ehh Conor couldn't beat any version of Edgar, that's why he avoids him like the plague.
Jairo Membreno This fight would be epic
Mitchell Stephen Combden Edgar is a tough fight for max. Hopefully it goes down and we are treated to a war
Ryan Mc Cabe I think this could end up alot like the cub Swanson fight... Constant forward pressure will eliminate the reach advantage and almost nullify the kicks. On the ground Edgar is a lot to deal with.
Marcus Roach Love that fight! Edgar always brings it, and so does Holloway!!
Ray Lewis
16:54 09/19/2017

Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream that no one else can see but you.

260 reactions 40 comments
Brendon Lee Blamberg Coach Kyle Blamberg
Jonathan Harris Tehuti Hawk this deep
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
D.j. Thome 💪🏻
Shrita Ward Dam right
19:36 09/19/2017

Mackenzie Dern is headed to flyweight!

Mackenzie Dern moves up to flyweight for October scrap in LFA cage | BJPenn.com
Mackenzie Dern moves up to flyweight for October scrap in LFA cage | BJPenn.com

BJJ whiz Mackenzie Dern is now ready to take the next steps of her MMA career. According to a report from MMAJunkie.com, which was later confirmed by Dern herself on Instagram, this next step will occur at LFA 24 on October 13 inside Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. Dern’s opponent will be Mand...

76 reactions 3 comments
Jerry Gunderson Corey Koua Chang
Tyler Van Voorhis Maybe she'll make weight now
Joe Luna pretty...I wonder how long she will remain pretty, doing MMA
Cristiano Ronaldo
03:06 09/20/2017

It’s amazing to deal with a partner that is always achieving balance between its goals of sustainable development, social responsibility and a continuous advancement in the steel industry. Ahmed Abou Hashima Egyptian Steel #A_New_Generation_Of_Steel

55.0k reactions 943 comments
Almalake Mustafa اموت واعرف الاجانب شو بكتبو بالكومنتات الكبيرة وبكون عليهم +2000 لايك يلا يا جماعة اللغه العربية اعملو لايك مشان يعرفو احنا مسيطرين على كل حاجه😂😂😂
Konstantinos Antonopoulos Tap a like if you think that Cristiano Ronaldo will win easily the Ballon Dor 2017!!!
Taer Taha اموت واعرف الاجانب شو بكتبو بالكومنتات الكبيرة وبكون عليهم +2000 لايك يلا يا جماعة اللغه العربية اعملو لايك مشان يعرفو احنا مسيطرين على كل حاجه😂😂😂
Halmat Osman The best player in world CR7
Adham Adel Adham Adel اموت واعرف الاجانب شو بكتبو بالكومنتات الكبيرة وبكون عليهم +2000 لايك يلا يا جماعة اللغه العربية اعملو لايك مشان يعرفو احنا مسيطرين على كل حاجه😂😂
Mesut Özil
08:48 09/20/2017

Good news: I’m back training on the pitch. As you might have heard I’m suffering from a minor inflammation of my knee. Feeling better each day now and hope to be back playing very soon! 👍🏻😉 #London #COYG Arsenal

83.6k reactions 1712 comments
Abdulai Sesay Great news! I wish you the best of luck boy. You've just got to re-sign a new contract for me. I'm still waiting on you King Mesut...Let's go buddy.
Abdulsalam El Nafaty I hope and proud on you, king mesut, you will won premier league this session, please stay at my Arsenal, don't leave the club, until end of your career to be come Arsenal legend, my king, my best footballer in the world.
Mebrahtu Kahsay Did You See How Arsenal Was Playing Against Cheksea? Attacking Together And Defending Together. Please Note,Modern Football is not only about assisting and pure pass but about defending together and attacking back together. You r a pure class in ...
Prince MuhammadMudathir Adeyemi AbdulRauf It might interest you to know that Stan kroenke Arsenal led board are planning to offload you and Alexis sanchez.TBH . Arsenal cant and will never pay you that said amount you want. I always and will continue to wish you all the very best in your future ...
Saiful Islam Abdul Hamid U should have a discussion with ramsey on how u two gonna fit together since ramsey played very well against chelsea due to your absence..no offence but I love to see u both perform together on the pitch #coyg
19:36 09/19/2017

This should be a great fight

John Lineker returns at UFC Fight Night 119 on October 28 | BJPenn.com
John Lineker returns at UFC Fight Night 119 on October 28 | BJPenn.com

John Lineker, one of the UFC bantamweight division’s most exciting contenders, is now scheduled for a return to the cage. According to a report from Combate, which was subsequently confirmed by MMAFighting.com, Lineker will make his return at UFC Fight Night 119 this October 28 in Sao Paulo, Brazil....

53 reactions 4 comments
Eulojio Rodriguez Click saviors?
Magnolia Guile Vickers 🗿🗿🗿you trained this you owe
Carlos Miranda Lineker always brings it
Matthew Curle John via murder
Sheilla Castro
22:54 09/19/2017

A caminho dos #jogosescolaresdajuventude como #embaixadoradovolei!

596 reactions 23 comments
Ricardo Tosi ta gata lindaaaa de mais sheilla
Zoé Alves Elias Boa Sorte QUERIDA. Bjos
Alejandro Osmar Medina La mejor de todas..
Lima Nelson Tudo de bom pra você.
Flavia Rodrigues Gente onde ela vai estar
David Ortiz
17:06 09/19/2017

the official Big Papi Bundle!! 👌🏿 👌🏿

David Ortiz Official Website | Online Store
David Ortiz Official Website | Online Store

The only place to get official David Ortiz baseball gear. Custom shirts and exclusive offers made by David Ortiz himself, using only high quality materials.

146 reactions 5 comments
Gunnard Dabian Anouchka Maduro
Amanda Van Buren Holly O'Keefe
Rhyno Mite Kevin Hamilton you need this
Regina DiBlasio Send Me Some DAVID O🤗🌻✨
Dawn Jones Wish there was a youth bundle. Would be a perfect gift for my son.
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