John Cena
Yesterday 12:24

Get a First Look at "The True Story of the WWE Royal Rumble," only on WWE Network.

12.6k reactions 149 comments
Luann Bjork Oh wooow. Shocking! 😏 😘
Marco Brümmer My favourite Match in WWE Year
Grewal Saab John my open challange
Maureen Large Get him cena
Arpit Kaushish winnnnnn
Dwyane Wade
4 hours ago

LET’S BRING IT BACK!! #Brotherhood #AllStarThrowback #NBAVote Dwyane Wade

30.6k reactions 1232 comments
Mike Oliveira #NBAVote Dwyane Wade
Kirk Wilson No1 wants to watch you all shootin 3s the whole time and playing zero defense
Cheryle Hawkins Yes indeed! I was just thinking about my boys! Go sons!
Enrico Incarnati 7-6 is 1. Wade is number 3, Warriors Blew a 3-1 lead, got the 3-1 lead joke comment out of the way.
Santiago Cerinza HBD Dwyane have a great day and hope one day to see you back in the heat jersey
01:06 01/17/2017

Will Ronda Rousey accept Floyd Mayweather's offer? UFC

Floyd Mayweather offers to help train Ronda Rousey |
Floyd Mayweather offers to help train Ronda Rousey |

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather holds a polished 49-0 undefeated boxing record and has recently been a hot topic amongst MMA fans with the talk of a...

150 reactions 86 comments
Ziltoid Ell Impeeriial So Floyd is trying to beat up a girl? Nothing new here people xD
David Pillay She trained with the Diaz brothers before, didn't she? If the can't help her mma boxing no one can
Jon Ellingson Jesus Christ I'm so sick of seeing this guy, aren't you retired floyd? Be gone!
Joshua Welch You'd be stupid not to.
Mark Hyun it was Mayweather senior who made the offer, get your story straight!
01:06 01/17/2017

Mike Goldberg just can't get enough! UFC

PHOTO | Mike Goldberg spotted in the crowd at UFC Fight Night 103 |
PHOTO | Mike Goldberg spotted in the crowd at UFC Fight Night 103 |

Mike Goldberg was in attendance for UFC Fight Night 103 on Sunday night but it wasn’t cageside commentating for the fights. With having his last UFC...

329 reactions 41 comments
Alison Boadicea I know I saw u Mike 😘
Thomas Carabajal Steven Larkin See I told you I saw him
Trevor Harris They fired him for a guy to work the desk....
John Dalton Tyler Robasciotti That is so sad hahahahaha
Chris Maloley Can't be legit. Lmao.
Hines Ward
23:42 01/16/2017

Know you've always got a reason to smile.

510 reactions 62 comments
Karen Alexander Wilkins Love this man!!
Melissa Good I had to smile when I saw yours 🤗
Lori Farr Hellooooo handsome 😉
Carolyn Stevenson Love that smile! Love HinesWard !!
Rose De Leon Steward Miss that smile on the field!!
Larry Fitzgerald
03:12 01/17/2017

In a year of increased violence and upheaval, heed the words of the great Dr. King "the means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek".

4.3k reactions 68 comments
Kathy Warren Maddux Great share Larry. THANK YOU
Mary Shaffer Beautiful!! Thank you.
Kathy Knebel Tinkelman Amen, Mr. Fitzgerald.
Candace L Allshouse Agree...Right on Dr King and Larry...Thank you.
Chris Gordon Yes and never give up the fight lol get it Larry lol much love
Usain Bolt
12 hours ago

51.8k reactions 451 comments
Matthew Drfc Whitehead Hey bolt looking good for the new season and I hope preparation and training is going ok good luck for London you are a man I look up to because I'm athlete myself I'm proud to be an athlete all because of you
Thomas Britt Usain do you fancy a race?? We could do 60m 100m and the keepie up challenge?? You choose the time and place friend!
Kuba Bronek Broniszewski Marta Okine teraz będziesz lajkowała wszystkie posty Bolta? xdd
Shihab Doha History shouldn't replace ur name with another Bolt :)
Wezi Cesar Bota Pinalo Keni 'Pj' i can see that Lukas Nkhuwa has resumed training after his holiday in lusaka
01:06 01/17/2017

Floyd Mayweather sure knows how to rattle the cage! Conor McGregor Dana White

Floyd Mayweather questions why Dana White is being paid more than Conor McGregor |
Floyd Mayweather questions why Dana White is being paid more than Conor McGregor |

The promotional battle between UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather also interestingly involves UFC's Dana White...

424 reactions 119 comments
Lamar Langston Floyd is telling the truth Conor is getting raped just like paceman
Omar Ruiz-Cabañas Has to feel bad when somebody that "used to carry his bags around" is now earning more money than you without having to bust his face...
Mathieu Latulippe isnt that what we all ask ourselves after a long day at work?
Charlie Catalano Because Dana has spent 20 years building the stage for Conner. He travels the world promoting every UFC card, ppv, fight night and tuf
Jae Sun Reading the comments in this thread makes me understand the: Workers/Slave mindset vs Owner/Boss/Entrepreneur. Connor could promote himself and still make more PVP buys without the help of Dana White, just like MayWeather has. White is a leech on ...
Jo Wilfried Tsonga
04:42 01/17/2017

Quelques photos de mon premier tour ! Australian Open #TsongaTeam #MyGame (©C.Dubreuil)

907 reactions 21 comments
Luis Coutinho Allez Jo 💪👏👍
Paul-Adrien Viala J'adore le tennis et aussi nos stars françaises mais je suis aussi déçu de voir que tous nos grands joueurs, à part Lucas Pouille, habitent en Suisse. C'est une honte avec l'argent que vous gagnez !!! Baptsite Anujan Clara
Jean Claude Gabbero Allez Jo cette année est la bonne
Christiane Cazeneuve C'est vrai tu es à fond cette année tu le mérite tu es tellement naturel Continue
Maguy Lebastard Allée Jo beaucoup de mental pense au grand bonheur qui t'attend
Jo Wilfried Tsonga
04:42 01/17/2017

Are you in ? 🎾 Babolat #PlayToBeWild

173 reactions 4 comments
Sue Radcliffe Allez jo....!!!!
Lauren Kate Ciminera Oui
Jan Bremen Come on tsonga Win the Australien open!💪🖒
Hicham Sibad GO JO
01:06 01/17/2017

BJ PENN released his first statement since losing to Yair Pantera Rodriguez at UFC Fight Night 103.

BJ Penn releases quick statement, congratulates Yair Rodriguez |
BJ Penn releases quick statement, congratulates Yair Rodriguez |

It was not the outcome that BJ Penn and his loyal fans were looking for on Sunday at UFC Fight Night 103 in Phoenix, Arizona. The UFC Hall of Fame legend ended up losing to rising UFC star Yair Rodriguez in the main event of the evening in the second round as referee “Big” John...

563 reactions 76 comments
Randy F. Granger bj is one of the nicest people i know. we have lived by him for 17 years. you are a legend. keep it up.
Trent Aadland All BJ needed to do was last 2.5 rounds for my parlay payday.. Shouldn't have listened when he said bet on me
Ryan Darling more fight! You still can fight anyone. I believe in a true OG. Hilo 👌
William Güell BJ didnt look healthy at that weight.. WAR BJ!!!!!!! It was fun brotha, always a fan
David Tolson Much respect to BJ but he had no business being in there last night.
Jeff Gordon
02:30 01/17/2017

Very cool! My kids are going to love building this!

447 reactions 12 comments
Jennifer Eniola Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships, I need a man I can trust, starting up with friend and see where it lead .. Breakedup some years back, ...
Brian Jacobs James Castro
Norman White COOL!!
Frankie Banks Cool
Nathan Midgley Cars 3 will be better
Hines Ward
23:42 01/16/2017

Today on the Hines Ward Show: We talk golf, RGIII to the Browns, Kaepernick to the Broncos, and what Hines would do if he were the NFL commissioner. We then dig into how to find your passion to avoid a midlife crisis, and which QB would he replace Big Ben with.

016: If Hines Were NFL Commissioner... - The Hines Ward Show
016: If Hines Were NFL Commissioner... - The Hines Ward Show

Listen to this episode (0:52:34) Download Listen in a New Window iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Leave a Review

27 reactions 7 comments
Benjamin Sweitzer Love you 86
Kathy Blowers Lamoreau Isn't this a rerun?
Ticara Carter Love you
Dennis Ropon Hines
Justin Roth Go dawgs
01:06 01/17/2017

Amanda Nunes Leoa explains why she's asking for a shot at the featherweight belt.

Amanda Nunes on why she wants to fight for a second belt: Conor McGregor did it |
Amanda Nunes on why she wants to fight for a second belt: Conor McGregor did it |

Earlier this month, Amanda Nunes made headlines by calling for a shot at the winner of Holly Holm and Germaine De Randamie's featherweight title fight.

117 reactions 56 comments
Matt Capper Yeah but your gammon and nobody really cares about ya 😴
David Toscano Wants to follow instead of be a leader
Mike Vanleeuwen Earn it...
Shea El And Dana white will take it away
Tommy Clydesdale As long as she's going UP a weight class like Connor did
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
Yesterday 13:42

Hoje a minha sobrinha linda está de aniversário!! Muita saúde e felicidade pra ti!! O tio te ama demais, Betinha!! #família #amor

19.0k reactions 379 comments
Faical Elfellah Happy birthday to uncle is the best football player ever
Elido Araujo Betinha e a cara Tiozão. Parabéns pra você tudo de bom na sua vida 👏👏👏
Evanilda Da Rosa Santos parabéns linda muito sucesso que Deus te ilumine e abençoe que tenha muito luz em seus caminhos feliz aniversário
Andres Rios Feliz cumpleaños a tu sobrina y saludos para El Genio del Fútbol. Desde el Perú
Gabriel Fagundes Parabéns Betinha rooooonaldinho gaúuuuuucho e o nome dessa fera vc lembra
Robert Griffin III
03:36 01/17/2017

Thank you MLK Jr. Let's be great and keep working towards the dream 🙏🏾

719 reactions 19 comments
Brandon Cohea Come play Warriors vs Cavaliers with me on FireFan
Dennis MacDonald TYVM my qb u great man as was MLK
Doug Clark Bob Griffin u suck
Karen Guarnieri Very true brain
Deborah Woodyard Amen !!
Ray Lewis
22:24 01/16/2017


1.2k reactions 47 comments
Kali Chaz 💪🏽👏🏽🏈
James Tyler Amen
Miro Godfrey AMEN
Morakane Rateele Amen,,to that.,.
Afran Love 👍
Serge Ibaka
23:48 01/16/2017

#mlk #mlkday #anythingispossible #toutestpossible #todoesposible

733 reactions 13 comments
Raphael Abel Lol modelSerge Ibaka
Sam Scot Wooow
Ving's Prezeau avec classe man euh!!
Rich Da No money no possibilité
Gage Presnell Serge got them yeezys on
Harrison Barnes
04:48 01/17/2017

Thank you Martin Luther King Jr. for all your hard work and the example you've been to all of us. Although your vision hasn't been completely fulfilled, your message has inspired hope in us to keep the fight going. ✊🏾 #ReclaimMLK

1.1k reactions 12 comments
Jearzy Ganade #NBAVote Jordan Clarkson
Marbie Moral Hernal Harrison Barnes #NBAVote
Cjayecarl Cariño Harrison Barnes #NBAVote
EIram JoAna Abalo So true
Alyzsa Van Til God bless you man.
Rodrigo [Minotauro] Nogueira
23:00 01/16/2017

Beijo, irmão!!! Brothers kiss!! #irmao #brother

419 reactions 14 comments
Andy Contreras Chris Con
Ricardo Rodrigues Rodrigues Irmão unido é muito bom eu queria ter um irmão a sim
Nany Miranda Lindos
Noemi Ferreira Amo esses caras.
RaíSa Ramos Maravilhosos! 💗 #Minotaurogirls
01:06 01/17/2017

Jason Parillo gives his thoughts following UFC Fight Night 103. BJ PENN Yair Pantera Rodriguez

VIDEO | Coach Jason Parillo gives post-fight reaction to BJ Penn vs. Yair Rodriguez |
VIDEO | Coach Jason Parillo gives post-fight reaction to BJ Penn vs. Yair Rodriguez |

BJ Penn and Jason Parillo have a long history with one another and have gone through it all, both winning and losing championship title fights in the UFC...

233 reactions 33 comments
Miguel Cortez Bj is DONE!!!! Peeps! So stop with the bullshit!
Doug Bohol Jr. Got to make $.
Michael Hamlin II BJ got killed and it was not even close
Michael Hamlin II Was a stupid fight to make in the first place
Ben Peryer Ya Know........
Hines Ward
23:42 01/16/2017

Say goodbye to shaky videos! Via Demic

101 reactions 25 comments
Tien Nguyen Vinh Nguyen
Brandon Rambali John Bokchoy Buenvenida
Gerardo Jr Escalante Castillo Ulysses Duarte
Le Dorsey Jessica
Jayce Gregory Haith Theresa Louise Arenas
Drew Brees
22:06 01/16/2017

Two pretty awesome spots on 30A... Barefoot BBQ and Frost Bites

1.2k reactions 131 comments
Kimberly King Hill Ohhh yummmm!! Two of my faves!!! Better stop at The Meltdown, too!!!
Laurie Chaplain Herrmann You definitely need to go see the Nola boy's at The Pancakery of Destin, FL for a delicious breakfast!
Kimberly Frandsen Love these places but I really love the Great Southern Cafe!
Mark Preble That's just a few minutes away from me. It's a great place to sit back and relax.
Lacey Callahan Fangue My favorite summer vacation spot! Red bar and the hub are a lot of fun!!
Serge Ibaka
23:48 01/16/2017

Congrats NBA Africa!

348 reactions 7 comments
Antony Tantouh cool
Comfort E Mercy Bestman Thanks
Brian Blott #RussellWestbrook #NBAVOTE
Dorahfalmata Moussa Ah bon c'est vrai ça
Ingrid Ferrari #NBAvote joel Embiid
Dwyane Wade
4 hours ago

"The time is always right, to do what is right." Wise words from Martin Luther King, Jr. that inspire my own efforts to shine a #SpotlightOn Chicago youth and their positive contributions in the community. Learn more about #SpotlightOn Honorees Ian and Miyari at

1.2k reactions 54 comments
Κωνσταντίνος Τσιρώνης Dwyane Wade #NBAVOTE
Κωνσταντίνος Τσιρώνης Giannis Antetokounmpo #NBAVOTE
Rosemarie Maita Padilla #NBAVote Dwyane Wade
Evangelyn Űnida Dwyanewade#nbavote
Bengbeng Jamio Dwyane Wade #NBAVote
Deron Williams
01:36 01/17/2017

Weekend Rewind: D-Will posted his second double-double in as many games to help the Dallas Mavericks to their second straight victory, 98-87 over Minnesota on Sunday.

285 reactions 6 comments
Larrianne Jordan Go Deron
Tyrone Scott That's my boy
Francisco Cornejo Retire
Jin Pang Support dwill
Aaron Thomson Dam wat happened to them biceps though
01:06 01/17/2017

Yair Pantera Rodriguez and BJ PENN shared a few words after their UFC Fight Night 103 main event fight.

Yair Rodriguez describes what he and BJ Penn said to one another after their fight |
Yair Rodriguez describes what he and BJ Penn said to one another after their fight |

The main event of UFC Fight Night 103 brought UFC Hall of Fame legend BJ Penn back into the Octagon to take on the 24-year-old rising UFC star Yair Rodriguez. It wasn’t the outcome that Penn and his fans were looking for as Rodriguez was able to pick up a second round TKO stoppage over...

1.0k reactions 64 comments
Yassir Azis Zion On Mao Ni nganu idol naku Ni bisan pilde pa sya basaha hahahahha
Mikee Palmares Padasay Its a warm up for bjpenn its natural for almost 2 to 3 yrs not fighting of course his rythm nid to go back
Anthony David Ur a legend bro i watched u growing sorry i hadda woop your ass i took u out as quickly as i could
Nebraska Jones BJ PENN you're a legend! Much respect to both of you! Yair Pantera Rodriguez
Mike Nicholson Everyone loses fights. Bj is the prodigy and a hall of famer
Usain Bolt
12 hours ago

12.6k reactions 94 comments
Clive Jones The throw looks good but the catch is incredible.
Shihab Doha Practice makes perfect.. jus go on
Bonolo Bino Sewawa Legend
Ronnie John The secret is out...Usain is going to Grid-iron !!
Joel Salomon I mean the bolt
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