Ashton Kutcher
16:02 09/12/2017

I'd expect nothing less from Kristen.

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Carmen Otero
She's awesome! 🤗
Gabriella Mangano
Meravigliosa ❤️❤️
Amy Lundquist
Love her
Sally Weitman
She is very special!!!
Sara Roy
Angie Drobny Henkler
She's adorable
Scott Whitt
Love her 💓
Vicki Moritz
She is absolutely charming❤
Minnie Lynn
Anna saved Olaf's family ❤️
Eileen Lee
Hope to meet her one of these days! She is so nice and such a genuine person. Just love her.
Shana O'neal
She is just awesome. The world could use more people like her
Cari Shiltz
That's so cool that she did that. She seems like a wonderful person, I just adore her
RobYn Lee
That's awesome; however, I'm curious to know how the Twitter posts have way more than 140 characters
Robyn Shives Baker
And then performed Frozen for the kids. Talked at length with the elderly. What a great person.
Tonia Smith
I seriously could not love her any more. I find her to be a very genuine human being.

Other newsfeed from Ashton Kutcher

Kids should always be off limits.

1.2k reactions 176 comments
Ashley Bruton I get strange looks all the time when I'm out with my kids. I'm Asian and my husband is white... Our daughter looks like me, tan skin, dark hair, and almond shaped brown eyes. Yet our son has very light skin with blonde hair and slanted blue eyes lol. ...
Sandra Bensalah Children should always be off limits! I can't believe it's 2018 and people still have issues with biracial families. Sad! You are a beautiful family! However, you don't need anyone to tell you that...<3
Kristine Converse It’s no ones business who another person falls in love with. That is one of the issues this country has. Telling a complete stranger what they should do with their lives. Mind your own and let love be love. Especially when it comes to kids.... ...
Theresa Lee Beautiful family... mix families break down barriers. Because they show love can exist without color or race.
Linda Allhiser Kids should be off limits! Our grandson is mixed blond hair & white !! An we should care why!! Get a life people!!

Congrats, Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins!

971 reactions 34 comments
Paat Davidson Lauren Hill Shelby Campbell Ehlers
Bud G Halsell Victor Jacoby Billy Gist they kno de wey.
Naka Marie Thanks Laurie
Ian Georgiev What a bs
Jennifer Zehr Such an amazing couple ❤️

It isn't selfish to take care of yourself.

13 Self-Care Memes To Help You Breathe Easier
13 Self-Care Memes To Help You Breathe Easier

January is Mental Wellness Month.

267 reactions 7 comments
Renne Henry He is so cute
Chris Chipman First real lesson in life
Ryoichi Morita Is the picture for real?
Rhonda Vargas So important
Amy Marie Mother of 2 toddlers no time for myself lol it's been 5 years since we had a date night 😢

I never get tired of Ellen's games.

1.0k reactions 23 comments
Ivett Gonzalez Brit Siragusa
Courtney Rose Lexi McMillan
Saakshi Muralidhar Ashim Joshi
Blanca Rosa Amador Joe Piervincenti
Erin Kinneen Cherokee Kim

Enjoy your car, James!

1.3k reactions 36 comments
Lynn Oleski that is beutiful
Mary Smethurst Can't beat kindness
Regina Futrell A blessing!
Erica Ash Kindness ❤️
Linda Kimball So awesome 👍🇺🇸

This is a great idea.

Doctors Are Taking Sharpies To Their Scrub Caps — And It Could Save Lives
Doctors Are Taking Sharpies To Their Scrub Caps — And It Could Save Lives

“You look a little daft because not everyone is doing it.”

2.3k reactions 94 comments
Annabel Cardona Is the cap written with a Sharpie sterilized? I dont think so. Maybe I am wrong.
Danielle Cote Copying off greys anatomy this was on the very first season
Mark Baxter i think its a very good think to do they should all do it
Elissa Schirmer Erly Same should be done for isolation gowns!
ElizaBeth Clark Sarah Colkin we could do with bold clear badges PA, SHO, HO, dischrge team, surgical 👍

This sign is still relevant.

This Incisive Sign Raises An Important Point About Guns On College Campuses
This Incisive Sign Raises An Important Point About Guns On College Campuses

Should you have the right to bear arms while studying?

415 reactions 41 comments
Annie Wicks Nuts! Glad I live in Oz!
Kate Wong Thank God I'm Canadian 😣
Estelle Bader This is certainly great, comedic gold actually. Haven’t jeered this hard for a long time. 🕶
Arianne Pennino Some say guns make them feel safer. Especially women I know.
Katarina Pfeiffer Ich wünschte mir , das es auf den ganzer Welt keine einzige Waffe geben würde.LEIDER !!!!!!!!!!

This is why Thorn is such an important organization.

Teen Girls Feel Bombarded By Sexting Requests. Here
Teen Girls Feel Bombarded By Sexting Requests. Here's How To Fight Back.

“Preparing for that starts before the moment in time that they’re asked to send it."

296 reactions 18 comments
Scott Mathena Tell me about it
Adriane Grosch Blocking them all
Angela Robinson Nothing has changed.
Gabriella Mangano Grazie Ashton per quello che fai ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Barbara Rush Griffith Thank you Ashton. Great article.

Dads are pretty wise, if I do say so myself.

13 People Share The Wisdom They
13 People Share The Wisdom They've Learned From Their Dad

"There's always something more to discover."

173 reactions 17 comments
Michelle Amézaga Carlos Romero
Jeanette Wedsworth What dad?
Autumn Zank Your wife is rolling her eyes... haha.
Elizabeth Campos ZILCH, NADA
Eden Shuck I know ur a great Dad 😍😍

This is the best video.

Man Surprises Brother With Kidney Donation After Finding Out They
Man Surprises Brother With Kidney Donation After Finding Out They're A Perfect Match

"Not only was it the right thing to do, but the only thing to do."

3.9k reactions 66 comments
Millz Mark Matthew If you needed one I’d donate my kidney to you. 😂
Jean Ham Hope all goes well with the transplant what a awesome gift and a awesome way to tell him
Sharon Heilemann Too late. I didn’t read your comment before the video ! You ruined my makeup !!!
Colleen Opaski Awesome, brotherly love
Carolyn Tozer This is so sweet! Best of luck to you both in your surgeries!

I hope to see positive change for Zimbabwe.

1.4k reactions 36 comments
Fiona Pain Monica Benson
Timo Brade Sarah
Fabiano Cardoso Ralph Koczwara
Tracey Foster Lisa Steenson
Boitru Tru Fayth Nomsa Takawira

I think scars tell interesting stories.

People Reclaim Their Scars As Beautiful And Share How They Got Them In Stunning Photo Series
People Reclaim Their Scars As Beautiful And Share How They Got Them In Stunning Photo Series

"Although being faced with an opportunity to remove the scar, I never would."

1.7k reactions 48 comments
Estelle Bader Have considered this exact topic honestly, but failed to reach any results. 😇
Nalesha Chan So and admire the confidence and selflove....❤
Michael Yocom Ive been saying this since i was a kid.
Avert AJ I can understand war wounds, injuries , and cuts and bruises from accidents and trying to stop a problem then hurting yourself in the process but when it comes to trying to harm yourself because of depression or anxiety or just trying to seek attention ...
April Graham Agreed, there is always a story behind a scar and each scar is unique.

I'll keep this in mind.

521 reactions 26 comments
Coleen Gasta Tippman Great show!
Kerrick Johnson Wow 😮
Glo Stivala What grace, intelligence, compassion and wit! Instead we have an ignorant, demented, corrupt racist for a president! Sad
Tiffanie Keating Love him
陈启志 it is so good.

You can address the world's issues in a positive, constructive way.

What Pope Francis Wants Everyone To Remember When They Talk About Refugees
What Pope Francis Wants Everyone To Remember When They Talk About Refugees

The Pope reminded the world of a fundamental truth concerning refugees.

459 reactions 21 comments
Diamond Barksdale Pedophiles. Pagan demon worshippers
Nyree Farrell I would be more keen to know how he perfected hiding the nazi's helping them escape prosecution, and why he shifts pedophiles from one church to another and uses the Vatican to hide them knowing full well authorities can't enter the Vatican.
Jason Edward I'll care about what the pope has to say when he can explain why sexual assaults and gang rapes are so less frequent in Poland than they are in Germany.
Claudia Gabriela Cameratti Baeza Ashton, please read about how this pope has protected and even rewarded confirmed pedophiles in Chile. Even after evidence provided of abuse he named arshobishop a preist involved in years and years of child molestation and said Chileans were a bunch of ...
Sheri En I’m not a catholic but I have So much respect for the Pope . He is not afraid to speak the truth unlike many other Christians ( claimed to be Christians) They all forget that Jesus was a refugee.

Kids know what's up.

Woman Shares The Valuable Moment Her Daughter Made Her
Woman Shares The Valuable Moment Her Daughter Made Her 'Feel Like An Ass'

"I came home this afternoon more mindful and definitely more thankful than when I left."

420 reactions 3 comments
Bonni Davidson Reality checks can sting, but we are usually better people for them.
Estelle Bader I guess this specific post isn’t totally terrible Would like to see more fresh uploads, getting stale, just a bit. 🐧
Fayemarie Anderson Carter This made me cry because of its beautiful simplicity. Next time I will ask his name.

This is how things change.

'Natalie Portman-ing' Is A Brilliant Strategy For Combatting For Sexism In STEM

The strategy was inspired by Portman's pointed comment at the 2018 Golden Globes.

1.1k reactions 28 comments
Ruth Maxwell Pedo supporter
Nesha Oneil Hutchinson Please correct the grammar in your headline
Roger Geoffrey Hello asthon
Nicki Dehlinger Oh so commendable of her ... GARBAGE! Hollywood picks and chooses their battles, complete HYPOCRITES! She should have mentioned the petition she signed along with numerous other Hollywood idiots, asking for a pardon for Roman Polanski regarding his ...
Rachel Marie Shovelton Has she removed her name from the petition fighting to pardon the child rapist Roman Polanski? No, thought not. The woman is empty and totally playing the game. #hollywoodhypocracy

What a great moment

12.6k reactions 172 comments
Julliette Julie It is so awesome to see people who get these glasses and how they respond.
Suzanne Pickard This just made a very depressing day a little happier, thank you for sharing
Kellie Smith This is awesome,if these students
Hugo Martins Hope one day we have solutions for all conditions and diseases like this.
Martha Durán I hope you get these types of students when you teach 😭 Yanira Yanes

"I think sometimes people feel shame for having a disease or condition. But they shouldn't. It's not your fault."

'The Big Sick' Star Kumail Nanjiani Opens Up About Wife's Illness In Touching Series Of Tweets

"I think sometimes people feel shame for having a disease or condition."

2.0k reactions 39 comments
Valerie Vong Jeremy M. Browderr
Carlos Acosta III Jenna
Erika Sedano Elexis Sedano
Angelica Marie Huebler Becca Land 💔
Sammi Rojas Arturo

Our first responders have done an amazing job

392 reactions 22 comments
Hilary Payne Calla Payne Hyman
Kymone Francis Shelloy Francis
Alexis Pelfrey Bill Garvey🙏🙏🙏
Jennifer Dietrich Lars Schmid Auch das noch! 🙉
Emily Vonk 😪🙏

We can make progress.

The Ozone Layer
The Ozone Layer's Recovery Underscores What Scientists Have Been Saying All Along

“It’s nice to have some positive environmental news for a change.”

450 reactions 24 comments
Samuel Jack Sam Lewis
Brianna Swarthout Jeff Swarthout
Alysia Hatheway Heather McFarland
Diane Connolly Selena Bobeena
Jessica Castilla Beth Steubing

Congratulations to all of the happy couples!

2.2k reactions 79 comments
Teresa Carvalho Seriously people are angry at this????? I’m just angry I didn’t get an invite
Rick May Queers, Sam Elliott won't be happy.
Clyde Staskunas Genuinely happy for them 😇
Dean Thomas Great photos of love and happiness . Congrats to all !
Regina Cain Kuffel Tatum Congratulations to all the couples!!

"That's the thing about life; it is fragile, precious and unpredictable and each day is a gift, not a given right.”

27-Year-Old With Cancer Pens Powerful Letter Before Passing Away, Reminding Us To Really Live Life
27-Year-Old With Cancer Pens Powerful Letter Before Passing Away, Reminding Us To Really Live Life

"Tell your loved ones you love them every time you get the chance, and love them with everything you have."

1.7k reactions 51 comments
Torrey Spencer Thank you!
Debbie Graves So true x
Michelle DeLuca You are so right!!!!!!!!
Michael Honeycutt Good post sir!
Patricia Trickle Truly amazing and poignant...

The people affected by these policies aren't statistics. They're young Americans.

405 reactions 67 comments
Kimberly Mann If they aren't legal they aren't American citizens.
George Humberto Lee No DACA. Come to America legally like my mother did. Back you go if you're illegal
Daibhí Schearpe If your parents sneak you into Disneyland and security kicks you out, is it the fault of Disneyland?
Andy Van Nort Dont you want to make daca a LEGAL LAW?? Not some erasable executive order? Wouldn't you rather them be legal citizens? With nothing to fear because they are citizens with full rights and opportunities? Or would you rather keep their fate some mystery
Amy Rademaker Given Democrats better start working with the Republicans to fix this problem that they have allowed to get out of control for the past 4 decades!

Compassion is the best way to handle hate.

2.3k reactions 57 comments
Richard Valles And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what Jesus would do! Well done Sarah!
Jennifer Seskey Never cared for her. Now I respect her.
Jennifer Mckernon I love this so much. Pain wears a mask. Its ugly. But it only asks for love. ❤
Rebecca Howard I see forgiveness in her in this piece....and then I see the negative comments here... pffffttt
Andree Hall This link led to an Amazon pop-up...

So don't worry about cleaning up.

1.7k reactions 788 comments
Briana Peach Casey Labbe... I’m just a productive genius when I do things!!
Ane de la Brena Maikel there’s a reason for everything 😂
Ellie Cleverley Rob I'm the New Einstein then
Samy Fiorino No me preguntes xq me hizo acordar mucho a Maru contandome sobre su escritorio y la superpoblacion de post its por todos lados 😂
Kym Moncur There’s hope for me and my kids! We are all geniuses!

I'd always bet on the 11-year-old.

1.3k reactions 31 comments
C.j. Angel Jackson Hile
Christina Telegadas Skillas Ces Ar
Anna Bird Grant
Matt Downing Kylee Downing
Vanessa Lemus Abel Lemus

Would you let someone have this kind of a look into your life?

224 reactions 19 comments
Lynn Frank It would be hysterical.... I have restless leg syndrome
Amanda Iverson Interesting....
Cari Shiltz Um creepy
Linda Mroz Bauer Bert No
Maranda Reddoch Very interesting.

This is a great way to handle a bad situation.

After Refrigerator Malfunction, Trader Joe’s Donates 35,000 Pounds Of Food To Homeless Shelter
After Refrigerator Malfunction, Trader Joe’s Donates 35,000 Pounds Of Food To Homeless Shelter

"Every opportunity we have to uplift somebody's dignity through food, we aim to do it."

3.6k reactions 54 comments
Kayla Miller Nate Miller They used my article!! :)
Raquel Gomez Awesome!
Shanna Mosher Capelli My hometown ❤️
Caryl Villa Love TJ’s!
Dacruz Patricia Sonia Cruz les biscuits au chocolat😛

We need to invest in our children's mental health.

3.7k reactions 81 comments
Stacey Diekman-Durham Love her, she is so classy and her work is so bad the US doesn’t have someone like her
Brooke Ashley Lambert I love her but man just push your bangs out of your face!
Lizzie Clark An someone get her hair out of her eyes??
Neesha Ali She is a beautiful person and she is so right
Brandess Sorrels Little kids need to be allowed to hug their teachers, and they need many teachers. There needs to be an allowance for bond

No one is safe from Ellen.

637 reactions 19 comments
Michael R. Smith Yaneka Rose Smith
Tammi Wells Samantha Wells Michael Wells
Candace Hughes Lol
Alixandra Annette van DerZon Hysterical!!!
Nancy Rodriguez Not ture
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