Ashton Kutcher
14:02 07/16/2017

This should be the show's new opener.

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Alexandra Felty
Michael Annis
Marie Lord
I like these two! Chips was funny and good, like I thought.
Danya Wang
Anika Prakash us if we were rich
Amy Wild
Richard James Miller you have to watch this it's brilliant! 😂
Kelli Lukert
Anna Christine Stein you will either love this or hate it no in betwrrn
Sariah Crank
Keith O'Rourke another reason why they're my fav
Andrea Lainfiesta
Andres Pullin jajajja relationship goals les do this hijo
Asry Mazariegos
Jocelyne Escobedo you have to watch it dude it's tooooo funny!!😂😂😂😂
Michelle Maria Cunning
Betsy Nolan! OMG can't wait to start watching when we're both back!!
Adrian Vitello Greene
I wish these two had a tv show!! I'd watch the heck out of it.
Katina Banks
Jessica Harper 😂 I know you love this couple and this show
Kelly Burke
Rachael is this what u sent me
Sammie Louise Murdoch
Chaz Mayhew 😂 I love that they've just done this in their spare time!
Polly Frey
They are so cool and cute! I've never watched GoT But the video makes me want to start watching! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Crystal Sanborn Reviea
Sharilyn Sinden thought you'd like this before your show premiers

Other newsfeed from Ashton Kutcher

Everyone benefits from a little more empathy.

Journalist's Viral Post Calls Attention To An Underappreciated Industry — And Its Workers

"I don't know how they do it. It's backbreaking work. They make very little money. And in my opinion get very little recognition."

352 reactions 30 comments
Vanessa Pacheco Ilnaz
Kristen Ipsen Frank Somerville KTVU
Aline Ulstra Make $450 more income taking instant paid surveys ⟾ #QuickSurveyIncome
Jane Harman The dark side...
Joann Dichoso Thank you for your article

We can disagree with each other without attacking each other.

681 reactions 24 comments
Whatyou Talkinbout All religions should be ridiculed.
Marlee Hollett Julie Robbins
Nicole Powers We most certainly can.
Tina Ismajli Flaka
Patty Mazuca That's right

We can change this.

For 2 Weeks, He Signed His Emails With A Female Colleague
For 2 Weeks, He Signed His Emails With A Female Colleague's Name. He Was Shocked At The Responses.

The editor described it as "hell." For women, it's a daily struggle.

3.9k reactions 161 comments
Peggy Griffith Can we? Will we? Do you honestly believe it will change? I don't. I believe men will continue to choose to act like it's not real and that women will continue to bury it away in order of self preservation. "Boys will be boys.", It's hard for men to take ...
Ann Anderson So glad to see this and can't believe even in these modern times once again it is difficult for women always that it also depends on the company and the hire of management if there is respect from the top down it will go through all the way to clients ...
Tara May This is so true. I've experienced similar condescension in a professional situation. Jerks do it because they get away with it, and weak men are afraid to challenge the jerks.
Marie Latimer I work in the automotive industry. Quite often, I am giving a reccomendation to a customer and they ask to speak to a "real expert"(man) who then tells them exactly what I just said. -_-
Catherine Malone Tech support specialist here, this does happen to me in my career. Usually it's pissed off older guys or IT personnel calling in for their clients. I've even been specifically asked within 2 minutes on a call to be transferred to a male tech. It sucks ...

I'm blown away, Angelica.

2.6k reactions 69 comments
Monica Squeri Incredibly talented to say the least !! 😍
Gilda Barbara Bassas So cute I just loved her
Raechel Reiter Love this Beautiful Baby.....she is AMAZING!
Sören Pohlen She is the best .........Respect for what she live for🎼🎤✨👏
Sarah Gahm North Chipotle

Enjoy your honeymoon!

2.7k reactions 102 comments
Becky Perdew Isn't he incredible?!? He never fails to amaze me. ❤️
Laura Opitz I love Garth. One in a million.
Sharry Skinner So awesome!! Love Garth and Trisha!!💕💜
Patricia Guillen I just love Garth
Dave C Wilson Garth Brooks has always been a class act. Not surprised

What do your weeknight dinners look like?

11 Portraits That Reveal The Various Ways We Eat Our Weeknight Dinner
11 Portraits That Reveal The Various Ways We Eat Our Weeknight Dinner

“I wanted to capture habits ... shaped by the weeknight time crunch."

326 reactions 38 comments
Michelle Green No phones & we sit at the kitchen table no matter what.
Brenda Quinn Depressing photos. No one looks too happy
Isra Montiel Normal,in a dinning room table wtih no TV and we talk about old experiences or funny moments
Kelli Dilsaver We eat in front of tv most nights. Gotta love family traditions!
Karen Nieman I grew up sitting at the dinner table.....still do with my family!

Plan your next vacation now!

Top 10 Airbnbs in the US
Top 10 Airbnbs in the US

Feel as comfortable as you might at home in one of the best Airbnbs in the US.

270 reactions 17 comments
Julia Emmelanie Tia Kaztenie
Abreeanah Magdaleno Stop Clickbait
Meagan Goodfellow Jesse Goodfellow
Jennifer Frepane Sandy Parr
Tabatha Chan Erica Chan

She proves her point very well.

Transgender Woman Takes Selfie With Texas Governor To Get An Important Point Across
Transgender Woman Takes Selfie With Texas Governor To Get An Important Point Across

"Transgender people have faced harassment just for being who they are."

2.4k reactions 64 comments
Amanda Nicole Traci ßunter I see two men
Ma Sabz Don't care bout who's who in bath, just be sure to flush and wipe if ya drip!!!
Harrison Lewis He proved that he could fake being a woman. Dude drop your pants and see who you fool?? Ashton as one of your biggest fans, I am disappointed with this post.
Vikram Aditya That Selfies are a trend that actually exist in the real world and this isn't just a bad dream?
Melanie Baker She looks like Kate Walsh from The Practice and Grey's Anatomy.

Appreciate the messy side of parenting, too.

13 Photos That Capture The Side Of Parenting We Sometimes Don
13 Photos That Capture The Side Of Parenting We Sometimes Don't See

Images of uncensored everyday life can be so powerful.

6.7k reactions 74 comments
Eartha Kitt Weston Beautiful
Lexine Anguiano Sapphire Carozza good read
Pam Guy Nice. #6 so true.
DeLicia M. Brown We don't need to see it cuz we living it!!
Ann Boyle Liebler A beautiful mess❤️Mom

More diverse voices should have been involved in the process from the beginning.

362 reactions 24 comments
Viênn Tùngg That is definitely the very best
Maria Hassler Would you please run for office, Aston Kutcher?
Travis Vann The idiots and Obamacare
Ty Billy Broady You can read it after you pass it
Gabriel Forrest Diverse, but not corrupt.

Watch this when you need a little extra inspiration.

69.4k reactions 1980 comments
Michelle Delorme Reste à appliquer ça au quotidien maintenant... Parce que si elle, avec un look pareil, se fait traiter de grosse toutoune, faut juste imaginer le calvaire que vivent les autres... It's the job of a lifetime to love oneself...
Rae Laura Laureano This is great women need to praise themselves we do alot of work trying to be that skinny girl but guess what men we are so done with that! You don't love us for who we are then off with ya!! Beautiful speech!!
Nancy Major Very inspirational society is focused to much on women being thin Not all women have that luck the older we get the harder it is to lose weight or be thin thank you to This wonderful woman for this inspiration hope it helps a lot of women struggling ...
Dedra Masters On my journey, as I learned these things, at first I thought, what a shame someone didn't tell me these things when I was young! I'm convinced if someone had I wouldn't have had the struggle that I had with my weight! And I told myself, what a shame ...
Edith Selymesi Fantastic speech. It's a shame this world became all about what you look like and not value people for whom they are. For their authentic selves. For decades it's been brain washed into society. It would be a better world if it wasn't mainly focused ...

I respect an independent press.

2.6k reactions 95 comments
Jenny Lynn Johnson She won't last either once SNL gets back from Hiatus,lol
Tracy Creason we, the people are entitled to know what is going on so why would our President not want us informed LIVE on daily press briefings????
Ty Billy Broady You respect an independent press, but not the wishes of your government or the White House? You're the definition of hypocrite.
Steven Wade Parker The attack on the press is a calculated attack on Americans. The attack on Americans is coming from the White House, under direction of Putin. It's right out of the dictators playbook.
Brian R. Slack If you "like an independent press", then you must also be alarmed about their extreme Democrat partisanship and favoritism.

There is no one way to define a "family.”

Her Daughter
Her Daughter's 'Bonus Mom' Is Showing Us Just What Co-Parenting Is All About

"The more people that love your child or children, the better."

1.4k reactions 27 comments
Yolanda L Villatoro Jose Villatoro
Rachel Sittarich Cory Upmann
Yolanda L Villatoro Stella Loera
Mimi Choo Simon Webster ❤️
Lindsey Michelle Meg Ann <3

I'd expect nothing less from Deadpool.

4.1k reactions 47 comments
Jenny Tacmo Mercado Super sweet.
Claire Cummings What a wonderful guy
Michael Border Class act dude right there
Gentiane Cochez Yeah he's awesome... best humour ever
Lydie Mergey Fantastic!! He's a good man!!

This is true community policing.

Police Officers Made A DIY
Police Officers Made A DIY 'Blue's Clues' Shirt For Her Son With Autism, Making Them A Hero In Her Eyes

" ... I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show my appreciation for the empathy these officers had for my son."

729 reactions 12 comments
Fix America First THUG FIFE
Clotilde Afonso Earn $400 extra dollars taking quick paid surveys ➼ #SurveyIncome1
Erica Quintanilla Laura Quintanilla Gallegos Roland Gallegos
Amanda Holstege Cody Allen
Lisa Wingert Kimmie Greenfield

I love this use of Twitter.

Strangers Are Offering Their Old Wedding Gowns To Brides-To-Be After Bridal Chain
Strangers Are Offering Their Old Wedding Gowns To Brides-To-Be After Bridal Chain's Abrupt Close

"Brides lending other brides their wedding dresses because of the #AlfredAngelo catastrophe has restored my faith in humanity."

253 reactions 45 comments
Nicole Isabel Lisa Cantor Ganey
Teresa Ippoliti Chentel Busboom :)
Maria Pascoe Patricia Welch 😱
Жанна Жусупова Byethewayinotmarried
Lindsay Rachelle Rainey Christina Frank. Don't know if ur still in need

Learning water skills at an early age is so important.

3.4k reactions 1287 comments
Lizabeth Woods Bunkell Parents are disconnecting from their kids in so many different ways... HOLD YOUR CHILDREN IN THE WATER! Don't suspend them in a floatie so you can be free to drink and look at your phone.
Dorthe C. Wiseman Just about all babies attend swimming classes with a parent here in Denmark. Since we've got a lot of coastline, it's very important for us, that we all learn to swim. But we don't use anything like these... To me they look dangerous. 😊
Kendall Walton If your not comfortable using this device then don't use it. Coming here to shame those that use it based on research and doctor recommendations only make your look judgey and rude
Dylan Meek Those are way better than arm floats by far, but the company warns that even if it is safer, it is no garantee, and you as a parent should never be further away than 3 meters from your child. (Kinda the same goes for the arm floats). That ensures that ...
Fran De Lorenzo When my children were young and in the backyard pool, I used life jackets in the same manner. The idea was no matter what, they would never be face down in the water. Until they learned to swim, of course.

There are always great people in the world.

An Elderly Man
An Elderly Man's Thoughtful Animal Shelter Donation Is Going Viral

"You're never too old to give your time and donate."

415 reactions 8 comments
Allen Saunders JohnRobyn Troyer
Tara Davidson Ummm the article is about Miss America
Carole S Groulx Finding them is the challenge!! Awesome
Laura Conwell Reynolds Happened here in my home town of Tulsa, Ok!
Jordan Turnbull Andrea your two favorites: dogs and old people ❤️

Really pay attention to this map.

1.3k reactions 76 comments
Cherie Richards Sheahan Legal, fine. Illegal, NOT
Naga Ghattamaneni Would be interesting to know most common jobs held by Indian immigrants in each state. Definitely on opposite side of the spectrum.
Diana Richards This map makes no sense. Agricultural workers and janitors versus college teachers and software developers? Legal or illegal?
Jlynn Batts Who cares who does what and who works harder etc. If you want to live in the USA get legal. What's so difficult about it? I have friends that came over here from Kosovo and I've spoke with them about getting legal and it's a process but they are proud ...
Patsy Childs I really thought here in Florida it would be farm workers.

You tell them, Merriam-Webster.

647 reactions 34 comments
Valerie Mandall Haha, Adam Clarke Rikki Clarke
Steven Suarez Just more millennial appeasement.
Emilie Schouw Pehrson Sophie Pehrson
Cori Ann Schnieber Sonia Melinkoff Are you happy about a woman?
Nathan Smith 'Doctor' has no gender in English

My thoughts are with Sen. McCain.

Colleagues And Loved Ones Send Support To John McCain Following His Brain Cancer Diagnosis
Colleagues And Loved Ones Send Support To John McCain Following His Brain Cancer Diagnosis

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others took to Twitter.

3.0k reactions 74 comments
Karen Santay First time in a while that the news made me sad. If anyone can beat this, I believe he has a chance at it.
Mary Hearn Keep your faith, it kept my husband alive longer than anyone expectred
Charlotte Brinsley Mueller All the best for a recovery God bless you and your family!
Patty Mazuca Sending good thoughts, that you stay in good health and a "Thank you for your service!" I am grateful for the freedom we all share.😘🇺🇸
Jane Campbell Respect to Senate McCain, and prayers for healing and strength to him and his loved ones.

Awareness and knowledge are key.

274 reactions 48 comments
Hannah Louise Read Millie Sanderson Clare Lake good job we didn't go in the end!!
Renee Schafer Horton Lauren Horton Simmons, Clare Shelley, Caitlin Wright Walker, Rachel Edwards, Sarah Bernal, Sarah Horton St Louis
Luz Alejandra Morales Pino Ainai M Pino siempre los he odiado
Cinthya Raquel Armoa Colman Si cierto las criaturas o niños son de mucho cuidar..
Taylor Earnshaw Paige well 💩

Good luck!

990 reactions 22 comments
Megan Mclaughlin Ryan McLaughlin
Cindy Garza Daniel Lopez did you see this
Nicole Marie Helay Rahimi
Жанна Жусупова Iloveyou
Lili Massri 🙌🏽

Parenting is hard enough without all of the judgement.

1.3k reactions 111 comments
Lori Stewart Gabriel I formula fed both my boys (a lawyer and a doctor). Both were rarely sick, developmentally fine and strongly bonded with me. Breast feeding did not work with the first so I never tried with the second. People just shouldn't judge others. It's small.
Kimberly Miller I have four kids (three of them are under four) hello! I've done both formula and breast. I was always so hard on myself when I had trouble nursing but it's okay people sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This time around nursing is still going ...
Maz Moore One thing to note is that breastmilk has negligable amounts of flouride in it. If you are mixing fomula with flouridated water it has been shown to dealy tooth eruption up to a year.
Paulimar Angulo When I was born, my mother was a first-time mom who wasn't producing enough milk and nobody can tell her why... the fact that she wasn't able to breastfeeding me 100% of the time was "her fault" in the eyes of everyone, so, she prefered to "take the ...
Andrea Grace Both of my children were breastfed for over a year (with blood, sweat and tears! 😂) and I am a true advocate that FED is BEST! ❤️ Cheers, Moms for all that you do to take care of your babies!

Good can come from even the worst tragedy.

1.3k reactions 36 comments
Allissa Morrow Jenni Firecracker
Carmen Elizabeth Alvarez Maria Alvarez Alex Acevedo
Vlada Petrosyan Bad
Franco Cavegol Ashton what a freeloader you are
Kalpana Karkidholi Rip

Let's add more respect to the national conversation.

Sandy Hook Mom Stands Up To Roger Stone Over WikiLeaks Conspiracy Theory
Sandy Hook Mom Stands Up To Roger Stone Over WikiLeaks Conspiracy Theory

"Be careful when you mess with the bereaved."

330 reactions 33 comments
Clotilde Afonso Come for a full year of Netflix ! ➮ #NetflixOneYear
Kelly Alexander Thompson Brenda Savage
Dillon Dub Cottrell Sandy hook wasn't real. Get over it
Chris Davies Google "ROBBIE PARKER LAUGHING"......
Kalpana Karkidholi Yeah!!??

Parents, your hard work is noticed.

Hilary Duff Reads This Poem To Cope With Missing Her Son. She Hopes It
Hilary Duff Reads This Poem To Cope With Missing Her Son. She Hopes It'll Help Other Working Parents, Too.

"Tears started falling down my face at the last four lines and still do when I read it."

851 reactions 6 comments
Brittany Clark-Washburn Ashley Clark
Clotilde Afonso Know how to get a entire year of Netflix ! ⟾ #NetflixForYear
Жанна Жусупова Iloveyouasht
Donz Wilkinson Pm you ...
Kalpana Karkidholi WO

If you have something to say, send in a response.

Read The Wise, Hilarious Responses To The White House
Read The Wise, Hilarious Responses To The White House's Voter Fraud Commission

It seems the request for voter information has united the country.

178 reactions 29 comments
Sepehr Stone Shame on you Ashton Kutcher,
Destiny Alcorn We winning NOW!
Srey Pich Hmmmm...I'm thinking.
Charles Born A solution in search of a problem.
Lucas Gonçalves Ladri

Hopefully this becomes a resource for people who need it.

1.7k reactions 182 comments
Karen Bartes If this is successful, it would be so helpful to many people. I hope and Pray that it is a good remedy.
Koro King Kay Snr Duchess Sapphire Kinski Kay May be able to cross collateralise with dementia Thinking cap on Dr DSK Kay Senior neuroscience neurological Dip tech
Sheena Pennington Hill Kylee Hill this is interesting yay for neuroscience
Brooke Cooper Our psychiatrist has a machine here in central Illinois!!
Judith van Heumen Rebecca have you heard of this?

Very smooth.

4.4k reactions 54 comments
Zenobia Nln COOL!
Merrilyn Stanger So so cool
Gloria Rezentes Delgado Love love love!
Vertise Davis Awesome proposal!! I loved this.
Cinthya Raquel Armoa Colman Que buen ritmo..
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