Ashton Kutcher
14:02 07/16/2017

This should be the show's new opener.

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Alexandra Felty
Michael Annis
Marie Lord
I like these two! Chips was funny and good, like I thought.
Danya Wang
Anika Prakash us if we were rich
Amy Wild
Richard James Miller you have to watch this it's brilliant! 😂
Kelli Lukert
Anna Christine Stein you will either love this or hate it no in betwrrn
Sariah Crank
Keith O'Rourke another reason why they're my fav
Andrea Lainfiesta
Andres Pullin jajajja relationship goals les do this hijo
Asry Mazariegos
Jocelyne Escobedo you have to watch it dude it's tooooo funny!!😂😂😂😂
Michelle Maria Cunning
Betsy Nolan! OMG can't wait to start watching when we're both back!!
Adrian Vitello Greene
I wish these two had a tv show!! I'd watch the heck out of it.
Katina Banks
Jessica Harper 😂 I know you love this couple and this show
Kelly Burke
Rachael is this what u sent me
Sammie Louise Murdoch
Chaz Mayhew 😂 I love that they've just done this in their spare time!
Polly Frey
They are so cool and cute! I've never watched GoT But the video makes me want to start watching! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Crystal Sanborn Reviea
Sharilyn Sinden thought you'd like this before your show premiers

Other newsfeed from Ashton Kutcher

I hope this helps create a lasting change.

Mark Wahlberg And Agency Donate $2 Million In Michelle Williams
Mark Wahlberg And Agency Donate $2 Million In Michelle Williams' Name To Time's Up Fund

He earned $1.5 million for a film re-shoot. She got $1,000.

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Estelle Bader Keep on as is and you might actually have me shelling out attention in the near future as well. 😓
Mary-Ann Gionet-Mongrain Omfg Anthony Talon-Jacques lit ça... malade ! Dégueu des producteurs de donner si peu à l'actrice
Anthony Strozewski Cool but he shouldn't have been guilted into doing this
Anton Emanuele Bubolz Would he have still donated on his own if nobody made a fuss about it?

"I look forward to seeing him work and study and become something in the future."

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Jose Rea Jr LOSER
Travis Ballstadt That’s more Christian than most Christians I’ve met. Just sayin.
Steven Meadows Those same muslims in that church were calling for his death... good at least one out of the radicals were peaceful..
Estelle Bader Have considered this exact topic somewhat. 😏
Rozina Phalange This made me smile🙏🏻☺️

Absolutely amazing.

Jeff Bezos Donates $33 Million To Fund Scholarships For DACA Recipients
Jeff Bezos Donates $33 Million To Fund Scholarships For DACA Recipients

The amount will cover college tuition for 1,000 Dreamers.

3.1k reactions 150 comments
Udy Alan I think people dislike the fact that his parents were Immigrants, and were able to bring up a billianare, who now has the power to disburss funds to any program he chose. Dreamers are more American than the citizenz born in this land. ..Why? Because ...
Shellee Van Hove I would be interested in know the criteria for getting the scholorships. Is it the first 1000; the poorest; the ones that have graduated from school; those that do not have a criminal history... maybe depends on criminal charges; those not ...
Patrick Allen So many better uses. Start with feeding people??! Besides this is the equivalent of someone who makes $70k a year and donating $33. Not that impressive considering the liberal agenda of socialism. If it works so well, then why can’t you wealthy folks, ...
Alex Asher This is the direct result of free market enterprise and successful business ownership in America and an example of what it produces. It's why people flock from every corner of the earth to come here. Opportinity to do well and influence the communities ...
Sherri Loureiro Ya what about citizens like us whose kids need help going to college. I certainly can’t afford to send my boys to college and my 18 yr old has a 99.6 average and president of his class. What he’s doing isn’t amazing to me and my kids and I were born ...

"None of us get to choose where we are born and the United States willingness to embrace immigrants is what makes it one of the greatest nations in the world."

People From Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa Proudly Represent Their Nationality After President
People From Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa Proudly Represent Their Nationality After President's Racist Remarks

"I'm a future doctor. I'm a medical student [...] I'm from a #ShitHole country."

922 reactions 77 comments
Kim Egan I do embrace immigrants if the come here legally.
Lucille Aruck we are all basically immigrants. unless you and Indian
Ethan Nathaniel Lowe We are willing to embrace tons of outsidets rather than our own people yea.
Lisa Rondeau Thats great, but at what point do we say we are full and start taking care of our own?
Holly Johnston Beautiful, brave human beings ❤️

One picture can say so much.

Family Shares Photo Of Man Grieving At Granddaughter
Family Shares Photo Of Man Grieving At Granddaughter's Bedside To Show Devastating Effects Of Cancer

"The lack of research, treatment and funding for childhood cancer is absolutely appalling."

3.5k reactions 119 comments
Felicity Day This was last week! She died on Sunday! 🙁😢
Hollie Holmes Phoenix I read in People magazine that this Little girl is now flying high with the angels...R.I.H. Sweet girl
Alice Disque Awwwwe, I hope his Grand Daughter rallies, miracles do happen, I know... God's blessing's on this lil girl and her Grandfather.
Stacey Page This is the same cancer as Chad Carr (Lloyd Carr Michigan coach in the 90's) his family have been raising money since Chad passed away over a million I think #chadtough
Katherine Nugent Hey y’all if you shop at Justice and we ask for donation to a hospital, more often than not that money will go to cancer research in that hospital. (Others go to hospital supplies and the such.)

How would you react?

727 reactions 40 comments
Debbie Lee He was the only one in the bus? <>OR<> did they all get out and leave him?
Mary Bell Well, the guy bashing the windows added fuel to the fire
Estelle Bader I guess that isn’t totally terrible I wish to see far more fresh uploads, getting repeating. 🕶
Benjamin Pollart An Tony Carton regarde comment on étain un feu avec une bouteille de lait 😂😂
Orlando Resendez The rescuers are superheroes!

This is what America is all about.

White House Aide Recounts The Obama Goodbye That Made Kal Penn Tear up
White House Aide Recounts The Obama Goodbye That Made Kal Penn Tear up

"My parents could never have fathomed such an idea."

1.0k reactions 34 comments
Anna Pepper Trump is such human trash by comparison
Ivan Wesley I think the Obama gesture was terrific. I also think the Trump thing seemed like a clumsy attempt at a compliment & joke. America is a nation of immigrants, nobody denies that. It’s the idea of legal vs illegal immigration that we’re struggling with. I ...
Betsy Gates Angelico Sue Goodrich
Fernando E. Estrada That's why we love America.
Billy Joe Epperson 🤣

This is the kind of history our country should be making.

Sens. Kamala Harris And Cory Booker Just Made History
Sens. Kamala Harris And Cory Booker Just Made History

"I will continue my determined efforts for broad scale criminal justice reform."

1.5k reactions 41 comments
Tami Suleiman Great news!
Shawn Casey Congratulations
Hay Marla 👍👍
Janet N Philip presidential team
Dominique De Laet Yes! Fantastic work!

"The people of Haiti have been through more ... they fought back against more injustice than our president ever has."

Anderson Cooper Chokes Up As He Explains What He Remembers About Haiti
Anderson Cooper Chokes Up As He Explains What He Remembers About Haiti

On Thursday, it was reported President Trump called Haiti a "shithole."

1.4k reactions 117 comments
Avi Drori I've been to Haiti - a very sad SHITHOLE!
Paul Watson Its Funny How People In The Comments Keep Bringing Up The Clintons, lol. They're Entirely Irrelevant To Trump's Comments.
Steven Meadows The people of haiti were screwed by the clintons when wiki links 100% proven hitlery clinton took donation dollars from that country and dropped it into her daughters wedding. Scam artists till the end
Sheli Casteel-Potter This should read, "Tomorrow Marks 8 Years Since The Clinton's Stole $2 Billion Dollars from Haiti's Earthquake Relief Fund. "
Debbie Lee if you believe those tears were real.. Or that it is even about the Haitians...I have some ocean front property in Arizona I'de like to sell you. Stop it...Jeezus!!

You're so strong, Julia.

4.0k reactions 42 comments
Mlm Leonard ♥️Julia, be well
Angie Colley Venne Sweet sweet boys 💕
Deb Chambers Stephens That's awesome!
Macarena Soto ❤️
Cathy Gaudry Love her!

Be grateful for the time you have with your family.

3.0k reactions 48 comments
Peggy O'Brien Lander Sorry 🙏
Marianna Sjoberg Thoughts & Prayers!
Terri Petersen So sorry.
Mollie Townsend Prayers ..sorry for your loss
Denise Winter So true!

We all have a responsibility to others. How are you using it?

26.3k reactions 265 comments
Trixie Souza She is so proud of you for this beautiful job to help people poor . In the Bible says God always the poor people will be and rich people like they will can help and y’all will see the Glory of God , because him is doing everything in us .
Erin Renee Politte-Hasty For a human who has led the life she has and worked hard for it, she still kept in mind to help fellow humans. With the history she had let us know about she herself endured some personal struggles and wasn't always that priveledged person. I can't ...
Ara Ali People are talking junk and yes what she did in her past was not the best yet we make mistakes and she learned from them. She is helping people and has helped people before. If she is new money or old money, she is willing to help. If someone reaches ...
Jordyn Sandy Thomas She is simply wonderful ,she uses her celebrity to do a lot of good ,we all have a responsibility to do good in this world and contribute any way we can ...I am a single mom ,nurse and i give to the Saint Matthew church ,Daystar and peter popoff ...
Claudine Victoria Starkman Brown Thank you for dedicating your life in recognizing the have nots. Hollywood has one unique person such as Angelina Jolie who has a heart. Hopefully more people in Hollywood follow her sincerely about helping others who are unfortunate besides just ...

How is this an acceptable homework assignment?

Asked To Name
Asked To Name 'Good Reasons For Slavery,' A Fourth-Grader Nailed His Response

Afterwards, he wrote, “I am proud to be black because we are strong and brave.”

1.2k reactions 153 comments
Tracy Oslakovic Let’s be real. Sensitivity is lacking here. To have a discussion about slavery is one thing but it was stupid to qualify the reason for it with the word “good”, quotes or not. Slavery is and was wrong/bad. There is no room to suggest or imply that it ...
Shannon Pilipetskii wtf is wrong with these schools??!! #1 problem is they perpetually teach that slavery no longer exists. OF COURSE IT DOES - IN SO MANY FORMS GLOBALLY. :'(
Kari Anapol NOT ACCEPTABLE. Terrible, thoughtless. My son, in his 8th grade literature is reading a lot about slavery, the south and racism. Not at all as bad, but felt a twinge when recently he brought home an assignment “write about the ways boys and girls are ...
Jennifer Douglas It was simply worded wrong. I can certainly understand why it upset people! In debate class etc, you have to have a "pro" and "con" side to every subject. If it was worded differently, it could have been an excellent lesson about the history and ...
Candi Sanders What an impressive young man. It takes a lot of bravery for a student to go against a teacher or any authority figure. He knew it was wrong and stood up to be heard. I imagine he has a bright future ahead of him. To those people trying to excuse the ...

Kids should always be off limits.

1.2k reactions 176 comments
Ashley Bruton I get strange looks all the time when I'm out with my kids. I'm Asian and my husband is white... Our daughter looks like me, tan skin, dark hair, and almond shaped brown eyes. Yet our son has very light skin with blonde hair and slanted blue eyes lol. ...
Sandra Bensalah Children should always be off limits! I can't believe it's 2018 and people still have issues with biracial families. Sad! You are a beautiful family! However, you don't need anyone to tell you that...<3
Kristine Converse It’s no ones business who another person falls in love with. That is one of the issues this country has. Telling a complete stranger what they should do with their lives. Mind your own and let love be love. Especially when it comes to kids.... ...
Theresa Lee Beautiful family... mix families break down barriers. Because they show love can exist without color or race.
Linda Allhiser Kids should be off limits! Our grandson is mixed blond hair & white !! An we should care why!! Get a life people!!

Congrats, Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins!

971 reactions 34 comments
Paat Davidson Lauren Hill Shelby Campbell Ehlers
Bud G Halsell Victor Jacoby Billy Gist they kno de wey.
Naka Marie Thanks Laurie
Ian Georgiev What a bs
Jennifer Zehr Such an amazing couple ❤️

It isn't selfish to take care of yourself.

13 Self-Care Memes To Help You Breathe Easier
13 Self-Care Memes To Help You Breathe Easier

January is Mental Wellness Month.

267 reactions 7 comments
Renne Henry He is so cute
Chris Chipman First real lesson in life
Ryoichi Morita Is the picture for real?
Rhonda Vargas So important
Amy Marie Mother of 2 toddlers no time for myself lol it's been 5 years since we had a date night 😢

I never get tired of Ellen's games.

1.0k reactions 23 comments
Ivett Gonzalez Brit Siragusa
Courtney Rose Lexi McMillan
Saakshi Muralidhar Ashim Joshi
Blanca Rosa Amador Joe Piervincenti
Erin Kinneen Cherokee Kim

Enjoy your car, James!

1.3k reactions 36 comments
Lynn Oleski that is beutiful
Mary Smethurst Can't beat kindness
Regina Futrell A blessing!
Erica Ash Kindness ❤️
Linda Kimball So awesome 👍🇺🇸

This is a great idea.

Doctors Are Taking Sharpies To Their Scrub Caps — And It Could Save Lives
Doctors Are Taking Sharpies To Their Scrub Caps — And It Could Save Lives

“You look a little daft because not everyone is doing it.”

2.3k reactions 94 comments
Annabel Cardona Is the cap written with a Sharpie sterilized? I dont think so. Maybe I am wrong.
Danielle Cote Copying off greys anatomy this was on the very first season
Mark Baxter i think its a very good think to do they should all do it
Elissa Schirmer Erly Same should be done for isolation gowns!
ElizaBeth Clark Sarah Colkin we could do with bold clear badges PA, SHO, HO, dischrge team, surgical 👍

This sign is still relevant.

This Incisive Sign Raises An Important Point About Guns On College Campuses
This Incisive Sign Raises An Important Point About Guns On College Campuses

Should you have the right to bear arms while studying?

415 reactions 41 comments
Annie Wicks Nuts! Glad I live in Oz!
Kate Wong Thank God I'm Canadian 😣
Estelle Bader This is certainly great, comedic gold actually. Haven’t jeered this hard for a long time. 🕶
Arianne Pennino Some say guns make them feel safer. Especially women I know.
Katarina Pfeiffer Ich wünschte mir , das es auf den ganzer Welt keine einzige Waffe geben würde.LEIDER !!!!!!!!!!

This is why Thorn is such an important organization.

Teen Girls Feel Bombarded By Sexting Requests. Here
Teen Girls Feel Bombarded By Sexting Requests. Here's How To Fight Back.

“Preparing for that starts before the moment in time that they’re asked to send it."

296 reactions 18 comments
Scott Mathena Tell me about it
Adriane Grosch Blocking them all
Angela Robinson Nothing has changed.
Gabriella Mangano Grazie Ashton per quello che fai ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Barbara Rush Griffith Thank you Ashton. Great article.

Dads are pretty wise, if I do say so myself.

13 People Share The Wisdom They
13 People Share The Wisdom They've Learned From Their Dad

"There's always something more to discover."

173 reactions 17 comments
Michelle Amézaga Carlos Romero
Jeanette Wedsworth What dad?
Autumn Zank Your wife is rolling her eyes... haha.
Elizabeth Campos ZILCH, NADA
Eden Shuck I know ur a great Dad 😍😍

This is the best video.

Man Surprises Brother With Kidney Donation After Finding Out They
Man Surprises Brother With Kidney Donation After Finding Out They're A Perfect Match

"Not only was it the right thing to do, but the only thing to do."

3.9k reactions 66 comments
Millz Mark Matthew If you needed one I’d donate my kidney to you. 😂
Jean Ham Hope all goes well with the transplant what a awesome gift and a awesome way to tell him
Sharon Heilemann Too late. I didn’t read your comment before the video ! You ruined my makeup !!!
Colleen Opaski Awesome, brotherly love
Carolyn Tozer This is so sweet! Best of luck to you both in your surgeries!

I hope to see positive change for Zimbabwe.

1.4k reactions 36 comments
Fiona Pain Monica Benson
Timo Brade Sarah
Fabiano Cardoso Ralph Koczwara
Tracey Foster Lisa Steenson
Boitru Tru Fayth Nomsa Takawira

I think scars tell interesting stories.

People Reclaim Their Scars As Beautiful And Share How They Got Them In Stunning Photo Series
People Reclaim Their Scars As Beautiful And Share How They Got Them In Stunning Photo Series

"Although being faced with an opportunity to remove the scar, I never would."

1.7k reactions 48 comments
Estelle Bader Have considered this exact topic honestly, but failed to reach any results. 😇
Nalesha Chan So and admire the confidence and selflove....❤
Michael Yocom Ive been saying this since i was a kid.
Avert AJ I can understand war wounds, injuries , and cuts and bruises from accidents and trying to stop a problem then hurting yourself in the process but when it comes to trying to harm yourself because of depression or anxiety or just trying to seek attention ...
April Graham Agreed, there is always a story behind a scar and each scar is unique.

I'll keep this in mind.

521 reactions 26 comments
Coleen Gasta Tippman Great show!
Kerrick Johnson Wow 😮
Glo Stivala What grace, intelligence, compassion and wit! Instead we have an ignorant, demented, corrupt racist for a president! Sad
Tiffanie Keating Love him
陈启志 it is so good.

You can address the world's issues in a positive, constructive way.

What Pope Francis Wants Everyone To Remember When They Talk About Refugees
What Pope Francis Wants Everyone To Remember When They Talk About Refugees

The Pope reminded the world of a fundamental truth concerning refugees.

459 reactions 21 comments
Diamond Barksdale Pedophiles. Pagan demon worshippers
Nyree Farrell I would be more keen to know how he perfected hiding the nazi's helping them escape prosecution, and why he shifts pedophiles from one church to another and uses the Vatican to hide them knowing full well authorities can't enter the Vatican.
Jason Edward I'll care about what the pope has to say when he can explain why sexual assaults and gang rapes are so less frequent in Poland than they are in Germany.
Claudia Gabriela Cameratti Baeza Ashton, please read about how this pope has protected and even rewarded confirmed pedophiles in Chile. Even after evidence provided of abuse he named arshobishop a preist involved in years and years of child molestation and said Chileans were a bunch of ...
Sheri En I’m not a catholic but I have So much respect for the Pope . He is not afraid to speak the truth unlike many other Christians ( claimed to be Christians) They all forget that Jesus was a refugee.

Kids know what's up.

Woman Shares The Valuable Moment Her Daughter Made Her
Woman Shares The Valuable Moment Her Daughter Made Her 'Feel Like An Ass'

"I came home this afternoon more mindful and definitely more thankful than when I left."

420 reactions 3 comments
Bonni Davidson Reality checks can sting, but we are usually better people for them.
Estelle Bader I guess this specific post isn’t totally terrible Would like to see more fresh uploads, getting stale, just a bit. 🐧
Fayemarie Anderson Carter This made me cry because of its beautiful simplicity. Next time I will ask his name.

This is how things change.

'Natalie Portman-ing' Is A Brilliant Strategy For Combatting For Sexism In STEM

The strategy was inspired by Portman's pointed comment at the 2018 Golden Globes.

1.1k reactions 28 comments
Ruth Maxwell Pedo supporter
Nesha Oneil Hutchinson Please correct the grammar in your headline
Roger Geoffrey Hello asthon
Nicki Dehlinger Oh so commendable of her ... GARBAGE! Hollywood picks and chooses their battles, complete HYPOCRITES! She should have mentioned the petition she signed along with numerous other Hollywood idiots, asking for a pardon for Roman Polanski regarding his ...
Rachel Marie Shovelton Has she removed her name from the petition fighting to pardon the child rapist Roman Polanski? No, thought not. The woman is empty and totally playing the game. #hollywoodhypocracy

What a great moment

12.6k reactions 172 comments
Julliette Julie It is so awesome to see people who get these glasses and how they respond.
Suzanne Pickard This just made a very depressing day a little happier, thank you for sharing
Kellie Smith This is awesome,if these students
Hugo Martins Hope one day we have solutions for all conditions and diseases like this.
Martha Durán I hope you get these types of students when you teach 😭 Yanira Yanes
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