Ashton Kutcher
14:02 07/16/2017

This should be the show's new opener.

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Alexandra Felty
Michael Annis
Marie Lord
I like these two! Chips was funny and good, like I thought.
Danya Wang
Anika Prakash us if we were rich
Amy Wild
Richard James Miller you have to watch this it's brilliant! 😂
Kelli Lukert
Anna Christine Stein you will either love this or hate it no in betwrrn
Sariah Crank
Keith O'Rourke another reason why they're my fav
Andrea Lainfiesta
Andres Pullin jajajja relationship goals les do this hijo
Asry Mazariegos
Jocelyne Escobedo you have to watch it dude it's tooooo funny!!😂😂😂😂
Michelle Maria Cunning
Betsy Nolan! OMG can't wait to start watching when we're both back!!
Adrian Vitello Greene
I wish these two had a tv show!! I'd watch the heck out of it.
Katina Banks
Jessica Harper 😂 I know you love this couple and this show
Kelly Burke
Rachael is this what u sent me
Sammie Louise Murdoch
Chaz Mayhew 😂 I love that they've just done this in their spare time!
Polly Frey
They are so cool and cute! I've never watched GoT But the video makes me want to start watching! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Crystal Sanborn Reviea
Sharilyn Sinden thought you'd like this before your show premiers

Other newsfeed from Ashton Kutcher

I need to learn her moves.

Pink Turns Carpool Karaoke With James Corden Upside Down — Literally
Pink Turns Carpool Karaoke With James Corden Upside Down — Literally

I think sometimes I sound better upside down.

269 reactions 28 comments
Janine Quandt Caroline Vujanov
Alain Desbiens Adeline
Kimberly Parkhill Gillespie Jackie Day
Narelle Lehmann Natalie Dobinson Kylie Parker
Meg Smith Rick Roc

What kind of leaders are we creating?

1.3k reactions 127 comments
Theresa Spangler One of my fave movie scenes of all time. Holds up, that's for sure.
Jan Murowski Love this movie!! And the message behind it!
Alexis Bante Appropriate at all levels. Integrity and Character.
Alfred Rule Lying, cheating n laziness creates unintegrity, untruthfulness and disrespect no honor
Leslie Matos OMG, one of my favorite movies, " Scent of a Woman "

Kindness is always the right choice.

1.5k reactions 38 comments
Steve Cote Judge not Yee......................
Jordan Smith Acceptance too.
Katrin Cihan Be kind to people in general
Melissa Ann Garrett-Bowling Amen!!!
Stephen Speelman Always!!!!!

Would you take her advice?

Victoria Beckham Offered Up Fashion Advice To Strangers For $2
Victoria Beckham Offered Up Fashion Advice To Strangers For $2

[Wear] something that makes you feel super confident and comfortable and something that you feel really, really good in.

213 reactions 49 comments
Donna Conway Here's some advice.... smile!
Holly Zeches Kurasz Is she a tennis player?
Nancy Henry Pickle Weasel
Wendy Porter What advice 🤣🤣
Nancy Henry She a mean looking 🐀

I'm blown away, Chloe.

524 reactions 20 comments
Sofía Camille Carola Matta Rodríguez
Nana Runfola Rosalie 💕💕💕
حيدر موسى حسين ورده
Dar Jensen Piper She was great!
Carroll Cole She is wonderful

You kind of deserved this, Jimmy.

1.3k reactions 26 comments
Laura Leitner Luke Bashaw
Gry Anita Hausager Siv Lene Hausager
Jess O'Donoghue Jia O'Donoghue
Leen Elayyan Amin Soufrakis
Rhiannon Moller Lucy Hendry

Always try to find the laughter.

Too Many Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Too Many Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Your sense of humor has tons of health benefits — and that's no joke.

171 reactions 12 comments
Audrey WYx Ania Amaouche
Kristeen Belle ~Kevin Schoemperlen~
Cinthya Raquel Armoa Colman creo que todo el mundo tiene una razón para sonreir,,
Gabriella Mangano Caro Ashton ci provo ma non sempre è possibile 😰😰😰😰
Darius Bowie Amen

Love is love.

4.1k reactions 81 comments
Mary Samaan I was love you before I watched this video it's a shame
Marizabel Otero Love is love between a man and a woman . Adam and Eve only.
Kerry McKenzie Now we just have to rely on the government to actually pass it 🤞
David Johnson Remember what happened to Sodom and Gamora.
Linda Whitledge No that is wrong in Gods laws

My thoughts are with Jimmy and his family.

Taylor Swift Performs
Taylor Swift Performs 'On A Complete Whim' To Honor Jimmy Fallon's Late Mother

You squeeze my hand three times in the back of the taxi.

5.6k reactions 63 comments
Miranda Jo Kylie Mills did you see this?
Pamela Smith So sorry, Jimmy!
Maria Luiza Lopes Otavio choreeeiii
Annie Alberga ❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Valenzuela 😢

Are you surprised by these results?

208 reactions 47 comments
Coleen Gasta Tippman Don’t watch any!
MC Pearson Proud to not watch any!
Stephen Birch Alex Welsh undercover boss should be all of them
Lewis J Neal ashton were the ranch got too it takes to long for seasons to come out
Erik Johnson At least the UP is on this map but my goodness that is a horrible representation of it!

Welcome back, Taylor.

752 reactions 14 comments
Sydney Phelps Burris Carina Maurer-Batjer
Angela Kaufmann-Müller Evelyn
Andreea Bordianu Jessica Martini watch it here ^
Dana Requejo Vidal Rebeca Requejo the queen is back🔝
Susan Harman Bass ❤️

What a great example for Landon.

2.9k reactions 49 comments
Mary Carmen Wow!! such a blessing!!❤️💯
Kim Carney-Hawley Beautiful.
Sheila Thwaites Wow ! One special family!!❤️
Catherine Beal Leaky eyeballs...
Jeanette Nymoen Lucky lucky boy!

Bullying is never acceptable.

2.0k reactions 70 comments
Jill Stevens McGeoch It’s interesting the bullies never remember harming anyone and the victims can never forget.
RoxAnne Grannon Pretty sad also when kids see our president bully others. Not a good role model. 😓
Jennifer LaCombe Pence Be careful of the toes you step on today...they may be connected to the a$$ you kiss tomorrow😁
Kristy Clover Side note, young Winona looks just like Will.
Cynthia Waldron Glad she had the last word. I was never bullied, thank heavens. No one should be. #be responsible parents!

Sometimes you just don't have time for traffic.

5.2k reactions 330 comments
Claire DuBois Schneider Jd Jeremy look at bron bron on the subway
Taylor Keionna Kinnison Desiree Hapner imagine walking through nyc and seeing the entire cavs team pass u
Sylvia van Lijssel Dirk kun je je voorstellen dat de Cavs tegen komt in de NY Subway! 😱
Clotilde Andronikos Sv En (and it is your favorite actor who posted it)
Ekrem Efe Mcmoordy Carter stell vor du lebst in New York bist im Zug und Triffst Le Bron haha

I think they make great twins.

5.8k reactions 97 comments
Britta Waterfilter Angela Grady - we could be the adult version of those two! 😂👍
Ranjini Escalante Donna Guerrero look how sweet these two are!!! They are twins just like us!!! They share the same soul!!!!😍😍😍
Allison Danielle Melissa Weber we have the same soul💕💕💕💕
Jamie L. Wassegijig April Van this takes me back to when we had a whole conversation about this 😂
Ashley Engel I love it. Proof once again that racism isn't born, it's taught.

Everyone's life is valuable.

11.5k reactions 664 comments
Carmina Stefi When my second child was born they told he has down syndrom,y cried 3days...(still not pass through the idea) after one week when the tests were done we knew that she does not have down was a mistake.i was thinking what will i do with my ...
Carrie Wagner Clough Yeah right. Tell your wife who donates money to planned parenthood so the valuable lives you mention can be killed. That is pretty two-faced even for Hollywood. 💩
Rachael Daugherty-Kiley Your speech was amazing sir! You should be really proud of yourself. This hit hard with me, especially with the three points and the talk of Alzheimer's. My aunt was like you, the light of my life and my angle up in heaven now. She died because she ...
Michael Merino any person who would rather kill a baby with down syndrome instead of taking the time to love them and raise them and give them a chance is an inhuman monster
Anne McGregor Yes INDEED...My spiritual teacher confirmed that souls born with Downs incarnated with more love to share with us all.💖 and they are a gift to the human race...just as he spoke his truth..we should see the beauty/love he brings to the world.. Truly a ...

You have a good point, Olive.

263 reactions 23 comments
Anita Trejo-Bjork Soo Joanie Cusack!
Ashley Mcfann Justin Whitt
Hannah Bachrach Emily Agle
Alexis R. Castillo G. I'm not either
Pam Odom EXACTLY!!!

It's never too late to say "thank you."

320 reactions 18 comments
Louise Shaw Tyler James Shaw
Gel Ramirez Abbie Trajano Ashley Trajano Brian Trajano 😉
Paula A. Nippard Sarah Nippard I love you mom.
Shelly Petrie Olivia , Ryan and Zack 🤔
Saskia Alexis Campbell That's true

How will you make your community better today?

21 Simple Things You Can Do Today To Be A Better Person
21 Simple Things You Can Do Today To Be A Better Person

Always remind yourself that the person you're talking to online is a human being.

290 reactions 8 comments
Ile Hristov by buying your community a lot of beer
Carolyn Fulgham Warm them and feed them
Peter Austin Noto Hi Shark ........ NEWSFLASH ...........Tokyo, Japan The Peter Austin Noto Show is scheduled to GO LIVE on November 17, 2017 When Slazenger Chinked heard the news he said ,.. "I love Tokyo, Japan" With that ...
Melanie Philip Social Media has given too many people a platform...dishonesty, criminal activities, and social discourse.. One on one socializing, face to face conversations , getting out more and off computers is the best and only way to be a better person. Nice ...
Pam Odom I think this is a lesson for all of us to learn. social media has gotten so vicious and out of hand. I think we need to be kind to one another, more considerate, even when all of us disagree with each other, dont be cruel,

This is too good.

11.5k reactions 284 comments
David Adrian Friedman I applaud her efforts to reach her kids... it means something to them. We need more people like her.
Leah Whitaker Kelly’s that moment when Ashton Kutcher posts about your step team 😂🙌🏻
Jillian Rose Jen this is how richy will become famous someday
Miranda Snyder This is awesome. I would have loved to have had an authority figure be this involved and passionate Donella Snyder
Wendy Thomas What a fabulous connection with her students.... Fantastic

Everyone should have equal access to education.

An NFL Player Donating His Entire Salary To Scholarships Gets A Generous Surprise
An NFL Player Donating His Entire Salary To Scholarships Gets A Generous Surprise

I'm not just playing ball. I'm doing something bigger than that.

3.1k reactions 43 comments
Kathryn Hutchins What a guy
Jodi Elliott Yep and take a knee boy is on cover of GQ! Smh
Sylvia Martinez Right on player!!! 👊🏼
Maria Valderrama A lot people can learn from Chris...
Debbie Brewer Ellen The Generous rocks.

We've all been there.

Parents Are Posting Their Most Epic Fails, And It’s Hilarious
Parents Are Posting Their Most Epic Fails, And It’s Hilarious

Parenting is not an easy task, those who have done it will know that's a fact. Despite our best intentions, it can sometimes go a little awry and minor mistakes can be made, with the poor little kiddies on the receiving end.

6.7k reactions 606 comments
Jessica Jiashira O. Santiago Carla Marie Frances M. Shámari JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo!!! Ustedes también 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Camila Fuan Kari Hsu Natalia Perez me cague de risa viendo esto 🤣
Lukas Scheuschner Antje Weiß vielleicht ist euch auch soetwas schon passiert😂
Aaron Elix Tamara, these were great 😂
Mai Thi Vo Genene Taylor laughed so hard that I peed a little. No really 😂😂😂

"You've got to decide which is more important; our interesting differences or our common humanity."

Bill Clinton Reacts To How America Has Changed Since His Presidency
Bill Clinton Reacts To How America Has Changed Since His Presidency

We have to create inclusive economics, inclusive societies, and we need an inclusive culture.

537 reactions 44 comments
Nelson Esquivel We need a president like him again.
Sara Ann Roberts He is a very good person.
Joanna Whicher Both are important and not mutually exclusive but in our world we live in polarity.
Jason Ruckman One thing hasn’t changed, Hillary has been able to silence his victims as he hasn’t faced any new sexual assault charges.
Chaim Paddaman Like the Lolita express with your buddy Epstein!!!

Sometimes the unexpected parts of life are the most beautiful.

How Two Adoptive Parents Found Their Perfect Match
How Two Adoptive Parents Found Their Perfect Match

I had a mental picture of how the 'match moment' would happen. And the real story was completely different.

617 reactions 6 comments
Marta Fernandez Abril Fernandez
Kristina Cadena Kutch no 3rd wife?!
Haidi Wenzin Love this story. ❤️
Hunter Burgtorf Aww, Elsie and her husband are the sweetest! I've loved following their adoption journey!
Margot Elyse Ashton, I’d really like to talk to you about adoption. It may make for a really great story.

We're all with you, Julia.

921 reactions 10 comments
Marilyn Martinez Josua Lopez 🙏🏼
Elroy Minor thanks you
Robert Wyatt Fight! You got this! ❤
Katherine Gray Sending strength & 💕💕💕
Max Fleming Love and best wishes to the best VEEP ever. 💜💜🌈🌈

What a powerful gesture of forgiveness.

37.5k reactions 1293 comments
Doro Thea One word, one action can turn the course of a humans life... Compassion and forgiveness are truly powerful, we are so much stronger and capable of so much more as soon we realize we are the creators of our reality, this man is truly an example and he ...
Yas Chaito I can't even imagine how i would felt in his position, but... GOD that father... he not only give him the gift of forgivness, but show us all how a better world could be, a better humankind, and more of, that how the people who venerates ALA is not what ...
Sharon Wright Hello and yes he forgave, because Allah lives within him. Now the young man can be at peace. We must not allow the devil in, becauae its a lier. May Allah Guide him and i love them always. Yes God just want us to believe, and trust him always. He will ...
Mendi M Polly OMG !!! Bless this men (The Father) What a huge thing to do!!!! May God reward him for it in afterlife-THATS A HUMAN WHO HAS GOT A LOVE FOR HUMANITY.... Bless his heart❤❤❤❤❤❤
Penny Lee Fleisher I'm not sure if I ever could forgive someone completley for taking my child from me.. but i would hope that i could...because holding onto that anger ,hate,resentment poisons a soul... this man is much better person than i could ever be.

We cannot ignore when others are in need.

913 reactions 8 comments
Lisa Proctor
Elroy Minor cool
April Cinelli This is horrifying
Jourdan Ford Ryan, thought you'd like to read this.
Bev Wallace-Sutherland I don't understand what is wrong with the human race? It is disturbing and disgusting how we treat one another.

Now this is how you connect with art.

1.1k reactions 27 comments
Inês Matos Fábio Nóbrega
Karla Marroquin Maribel Anchordoqui
Briana Hurley Brandin Hurley
Sofia Schpirer Anderson Rossetti Nelson Mazur
Cheryl Rushing Dawn Rose

What a beautiful symbol of resilience.

Why Sexual Assault Survivors Are Getting This Matching Tattoo
Why Sexual Assault Survivors Are Getting This Matching Tattoo

The tattoo was made for, and dedicated to, survivors.

2.2k reactions 54 comments
Haywood Helms wow
Carla Pereira Labels!!!
Robert Wyatt Me too! Love you Gaga! ❤
Steve Andrew So stupid!!!!
Mary Helen Kiss Oh please

What an amazing family.

Parents Of 5 Just Adopted Their 6 Foster Kids, Now Making Them Parents Of 11
Parents Of 5 Just Adopted Their 6 Foster Kids, Now Making Them Parents Of 11

Ellen DeGeneres had a big surprise for them all.

1.7k reactions 22 comments
Micki Dickson Agreed!
Nicholas Thompson Oh yeah more than double trouble!
Jade Cigobia Omg! What an awesome family ☺
Kris Wood Dunn Amazing family!!
Leslie Blanchard Hawkins True unconditional love
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