Ashton Kutcher
20:02 05/18/2017

It's time to empower a new generation of activists.

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Paul Adamo
To hell with Her, Sanders is the future. Killery is a soulless sell out corporate pos.
Daibhí Schearpe
Doesn't there come a point where someone think to themselves that maybe they should get out of politics? I think her time has come, actually it should have come decades ago.
Andy Man
I agree it's time to empower a new generation. However Hillary should not and is not anywhere near the person who leads the push. She needs to accept her time in politics has ended, and very quietly disappear.
Joel Grogg
Ashton Kutcher I live in Oklahoma and where I live. People don't vote and they never get involved. I moved here after a serious life event. Nobody cares. This is definitely a 2% state.
Wren Lily
Bernie had one of the worst records in Congress. The only thing he was number 1 at was missing roll call votes. Also he wasn't a democrat. Please tell me why the Democratic Party was supposed to back him?
Stan Hill
Hillary Clinton is old news. She's just looking to cash in on anti-American, anti-Trump neanderthals. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.
Shelly K Ramsay-Zamarripa
Wow. I may have to unfollow you. She needs to go "onward to jail." Sincerely, Seth Rich.
Daniel Gibson
Dear god, just go away you corrupt hag! The only positive is she'll continue to embarrass the left so I guess there's that.
Renee Lynn Garnett
She is affiliated with pedophiles! You know, the very cause you are loyal and true to? Wtf is wrong with you??? Sheesh... WHAT DO YOU REALLY STAND FOR???
Karen Rose
Honestly, I expected to see the majority of comments pro Hillary. Beyond thrilled to know how many of us have become enlightened!! ✊️✊️✊️ Hillary is the problem, definitely not the answer.
Damian T Stewart
Ashton you're a very mislead individual Hilary worse then Trump but now Bernie Sanders would have been better of all three tho to be truly honest I would love Bill Gates to run and win he would be able to help this country very much and run it correctly
Barbara Krull
I want her to go back to the woods and stay there. Forever. She is toxic to the Democratic Party, which needs to distance itself from the Clintons and all their baggage and get a fresh start with new people that are trustworthy. The Resistance is not only against Trump, it's against the Clintons and Business as Usual in Politics.
Kyle Chapman
Typical Hilary -_- People talked about Trump copying Bane's speech, but Hilary seems more like Bane to me -_- Waits in the shadows and lets other people do her dirty work first before she goes in take down wounded prey -_- Where are all these smart folks with their comic comparisons now? Bet none of them saw THIS and thought of any villain similarities -_-
Janet McCartan
So peeps you see what your hate got you. Keep it up. The best is yet to come. His winning is your losses and in the end you & he are all Losers. She shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as that Loser.
Jason Rathbun
Totally lost all respect for you if you think she is a positive face of the new resistance...... You "wealthy" really do stick together....

Other newsfeed from Ashton Kutcher

Can you imagine performing with such a legend?

Harry Styles And Stevie Nicks Surprise Fans With Chilling Duet Of
Harry Styles And Stevie Nicks Surprise Fans With Chilling Duet Of 'Landslide'

They also performed “Two Ghosts,” and “Leather and Lace" together.

5.4k reactions 262 comments
Arne Haenen Harry Styles finally in the RIGHT direction.
Tom Beeckman Lander Junius
Alicia David I think Harry will be a legend too. That kid has got it. I don't like 1D but he is talented.
Heidi Ables Harry styles is underrated. He has a great voice.
Birdi Davis Awful rendition. Sorry Harry. Stick to what you are good at. You were off key

All kinds of girls should be celebrated.

3.5k reactions 43 comments
Kayla Rogers Tanner Harmon here you go babe
Jess Travis Alexis Costanza I really like this
Anil Erra A copy of Hollywood
Melissa Gale McGrath For shizzle...
Ashley D'Ambrosio i love you Ashton :)

What a great way to start prom night.

6.6k reactions 135 comments
Catherine Caruso Nate Bc 😍 that man is pure
Hannah Waghorn Roe *sighs*
Anthony Chavez Who?
Evan Toner I don't think they know what photobombed actually is but ok.
Cindy Reid-Earl I miss having a cool president! Kudos Justin Trudeau

Would you have this conversation with your parents?

Kids Tell Their Parents How They Lost Their Virginity, And It
Kids Tell Their Parents How They Lost Their Virginity, And It's Exactly As Awkward As You'd Imagine

"Do you think it lasted a long time in your head or in actuality?"

1.2k reactions 110 comments
Paloma España Mi madre nunca me preguntó nada de esa tema , y a mi nunca se me hubiera ocurrido contárselo .
Jan Crews Golden Yes, I talked openly to both my children. I think it helped.
Marie Sparby My mother already shared that with me at my Bachelorette party, that was disturbing
Chanel Sanchez I told my kids. We laughed. Not the best place. Hahahahha
Reanin Whippie My father would tell the story of impregnating my mother every winter solstice!

Her words are what the world needs right now.

1.9k reactions 102 comments
Penni Gates ashton wants us all to open our borders and our homes He needs to stop his political bs and go back to being a dumb actor
Dan Benefiel Until her Country stops opening up her Country to people that have no intention of assimilating to Brittish Culture, her words are of no value
Lisa Deveney Words are all she's got, what the UK needs is rid if this vile cretin
Henrique Guimarães I think the world needs to extinguish radical islam more than somebody's words. Way more.
Colleen Knuckles Kossow No,The words the world needs to hear right now is:No matter what we are at war with Muslim extremists.We will annihilate you no matter where you live. Terrorism will no longer exist!!!

This is the spirit that will prevail.

As People Rushed Away From Manchester Arena, The City
As People Rushed Away From Manchester Arena, The City's Cabbies Drove Towards It

They weren’t the only heroes in the aftermath of last night's deadly attack.

924 reactions 16 comments
Yvonne Lambert heroes all xx
ايمي العلي I can't understand :(
Michelle York Some were
Cassie Hunlede Heroes come in many forms :)

Can you figure it out?

This Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Is Confusing Everyone
This Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Is Confusing Everyone

Wheel of Fortune, otherwise known as “America’s Game," recently featured a puzzle that has the internet scratching its collective noggin.

692 reactions 432 comments
Melanie Giannetto Back at work... not too hard to figure out!
Bonnie-Erin Reiley Page Back at work 👀
Cal Car Back to work
Chewy Tao Duck at work
Elizabeth Jane Leija dick it dork,,,, hahahaha everyone picked back to work it wasn't funny enough for me lol

They shouldn't be criticized for peacefully protesting.

Notre Dame Professor Comments On Graduates Who Protested Mike Pence
Notre Dame Professor Comments On Graduates Who Protested Mike Pence's Commencement Speech

"They chose to make a visible yet peaceful statement opposing him."

2.0k reactions 221 comments
Brian Thomas What would the response have been had graduate walked out on Obama or Biden? These students would have been crucified by the media and the left as racist bigots. Yeah these, who walked out on Vice President Pence, should be critiqued.
Ruben Garcia That professor needs to be terminated! Because of his liberal view he has cause those student to never use there degree! While the professor has a job they should suffer for their impertinence of teach student to destroy their lives! Term the Professor!
Pat Cleary peaceful protest or disrespectful? For those older than you we think disrespect. Peaceful protest could be shown by not attending at all.
Leslie LaCourse I do not like Pence at all for many reasons. But I would suck it up and listen to what he has to say and NOT clap. I have endured a long winded nut at my son's graduation. I listened and then drifted off ,as it went on and on . I disagreed with the ...
Robert Sharp They have the right to protest; Congress can't prohibit it. However, this doesn't mean that a private institution such as a university has to allow it. The right to protest does not imply the right to protest without consequence from anyone else.

People have an amazing capacity to come together in crisis.

6.3k reactions 57 comments
Tom Downey why dont kelso go there and donate all his money to help ?
Vicki Dickens Their are angels among us!🙏🏻😇❤️💜
Madelyn Carter What a wonderful woman. To all who helped - Thank you.
Dawn Viveash False story!!
Wendy Ashdown This story has been deemed as fake news ; updates on local news

We could use more creative solutions like this.

A Refugee
A Refugee's Creative Solution To Algeria's Housing Crisis Will Impress Any Soda Drinker

"I am very happy that I have benefited from this initiative."

523 reactions 9 comments
Haley Bannister Daijon Quamane Bannister
Stevin Oudshoorn Itai Bichler 😉
Andreas Kuhnert ☺ ☺
Ilya Paolucci Awesome.
Anthony Chavez Smart

How has your favorite show inspired you?

198 reactions 13 comments
Erika Mae Carabeo Wincent Crabeo
Mercedes Jimenez Janelle Castillo watch this
Rubn Julian Me pierde muy denso moldez falsos avisar a bil !
Fernanda Carrillo Sanchez A ser mejor persona cada día de mi vida
Paloma España He visto el video en YouTube es muy emocionante una gran sorpresa !

My thoughts are with everyone affected by the attack.

3.6k reactions 73 comments
Tony Alba She should respond by condemning radical Islamist terrorism
Edgar Gonzalez She was gone before anything happened. She knew or someone tipped her off.
Christine Walters It's called Survivors guilt and it can cause deep depression. Understandable.
Kim Taylor Dopko Ariana Grande is definitely not to blame for this. The Radical Islamic terrorists are!
Gary Spearfish Ashy .. my thoughts are with you and your thoughts about thinking about thoughts and thots.

Listen to the activists on the ground.

Saudi Activists Respond To Ivanka Trump
Saudi Activists Respond To Ivanka Trump's Female Empowerment Meeting

The event during the Trump administration’s first trip abroad was met with questions by activists.

345 reactions 35 comments
Mary Joy Maybe she can begin by supporting planned Parenthood at home!
Melissa Gale McGrath Thanks for the reminder dude...
Edwin Mj She be telling em stories of how she can drive a car!
Shane Walton Stick to your poor acting mate,
Raymond FitzGerald Turn Bill Clinton lose on them.

It's hard to believe it's been that long since Titanic's premiere.

2.2k reactions 105 comments
Brittany Ianucilli Literal goosebumps. This was my childhood
Chantelle Hubbard She is awesome.. I would love to see her in Vegas ❤️
Marcus Knight Perfect vocal performance!
Stephanie Vizzi She is just first class. ❤️ love her
Tina Wickmann Hauberg Camilla L. Moth En lidt bedre version her ❤️

Friends stick together, and inspire each other.

27 Years Ago, 3 Young Men Made A Pact. Today, Their Story Continues To Inspire.
27 Years Ago, 3 Young Men Made A Pact. Today, Their Story Continues To Inspire.

"The pact doesn't end. We're going to be friends for life."

405 reactions 16 comments
Meg Delaney Natasha Robinson
Sierra Bloyd Cooper Bloyd
Vienna Sufka i've read their book, so inspiring!!
Cinthya Raquel Armoa Colman Si y se apoyan y por sobre todo se tienen lealtad
Paula Moss Leonard Hi Ashton 😘

This isn't a political issue. It's a human one.

Ivanka Trump Has Taken Her First Major Step To Joining The Fight Against Human Trafficking
Ivanka Trump Has Taken Her First Major Step To Joining The Fight Against Human Trafficking

"It never ceases to take my breath away the stories that I hear from victims and survivors."

3.0k reactions 114 comments
Jolanta Zera-Young Definitely so much should be done, no matter of your political views all influential people should get on the case
Massiel Garcia Any and all attention given to this matter is important, for the sake of all children.
David Flanagan I'm afraid this is naked political posturing. That said, good will come from the publicity she attracts, hopefully.
Debra Fahey Why can't she fight for Women's right to health care in America????? Also
Thea Noone I sincerely hope that this is more than just another shallow, empty symbolic gesture from a woman who is so entirely out of touch with reality and the cruelty of the world outside of the gilded gaudy perversion of wealth in Trump tower.

Congratulations Samuel!

1.4k reactions 25 comments
Bailey Cunningham Valeria Alfaro
Dwight Jason Bain 43 days until wifes surgerys PLZ READ & RT Im AUTISTIC RAISING FUNDS my wife's BRCA CANCER MASTECTOMY & RECOVERY
Tyler Lonergan Diana Budion Garrett Caroff
Kim Steele Pamela Steele Morag Loftus Ben Dryden Jamie Dryden Aileen Dryden
Barbara Li Bring tears to my eyes. Bravo 👏

Did you watch their final episode?

Watch Vanessa Bayer And Bobby Moynihan
Watch Vanessa Bayer And Bobby Moynihan's Last Sketch As 'Saturday Night Live' Cast Members

Combined, the two have spent 16 years making "SNL" audiences laugh.

367 reactions 45 comments
Theresa Elder No
Eric S. Bourne Too soon
William R Andreassen NOT VANESSA BAYER😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💖💖🌹
Paloma España No conozco la serie , nunca la he visto.
Jennifer Hayes I quit watching the show awhile ago.

Are you excited for Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Leaks Pit Luke Skywalker And Rey Against A Deadly Duo

#StarWars #TheLastJedi rumors put #LukeSkywalker and #Rey at the heart of a perilous battle, as #Episode8 teasers also reveal where #GeneralLeia will lead her troops.

1.1k reactions 49 comments
Charles Rondeau So long as its not a 3 hour Mary Sue Montage
Karla María Checo Vásquez Jose M. Checo
Ruthie Benjamin No.
Lisa B. Church Nope.
Stephen Grover Yes!!

This behavior is unacceptable.

Lawmakers Are Fighting To Classify Secretly Removing A Condom As Sexual Assault
Lawmakers Are Fighting To Classify Secretly Removing A Condom As Sexual Assault

"If a man purposefully destroys his condom without consent, that’s rape."

1.9k reactions 115 comments
Eric Michael Callagan I'm surprised that this can't be covered under the laws as currently written wouldn't it only take a prosecution and a judge to rule that this is considered sexual assault? That is what it is
Chelsea Young Ok, someone else has said it, but I also want to say this from the perspective of a victim of rape: I don't classify stealthing as rape. A form of sexual assault? Yes. Absolutely. Should it be against the law? Yes, absolutely. Is it wrong and horrible? ...
Cindy Woodworth Interesting point: Google "define sexual assault" and see what comes up. Seems as though the definition of sexual assault varies between the UK, Australia, Canada, USA....there's the first problem with this ridiculous waste of any law makers time. I'm ...
Lindsay Duncan So is purposely missing your birth control to get pregnant without his knowledge a sexual assault also? I think it should be very well thought through.
Angie Cowen Yes! This is clearly sexual assault. He would be doing something sexually to someone without their permission that could have dire consequences.

We're all in this together.

Retired Teacher Pens Powerful Response To Congressman’s Cringe-Worthy Remark
Retired Teacher Pens Powerful Response To Congressman’s Cringe-Worthy Remark

"Didn't we learn this in fifth-grade social studies?"

846 reactions 26 comments
Cynthia Kx October is fraud so is june
Bill Gebauer polititions suck--How do we get rid of them?
Nancy Gotto So bizarre.
Ajka Sehic @AshtonKutcher your articles are ad spam ridden.
Jolie Harris Fabulous answer.

Hopefully this makes you laugh a bit.

Rare Footage Gives A Hilarious Glimpse Into Hillary Clinton
Rare Footage Gives A Hilarious Glimpse Into Hillary Clinton's Debate Prep

They practiced everything — and we mean everything.

454 reactions 35 comments
Kathy Durning Patty 😂
Жанна Жусупова Iloveyouasht
Karen Savin You
Yamilet Alvarado Hallo un saludo para Aston
Glenda Stottlemyer Not funny at all!

Never forget the children who need the most help.

350 reactions 24 comments
Yasmin Jalali
Stefania Kambouri Yannis
Margi Noser Please share - IMPORTANT. Bitte teilen - WICHTIG.
Megan Maher Rich Lipari

You feel better about your own quirks now, don't you?

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon's #MyWeirdSecret Hashtag Makes Us Feel Less Bad About Our Own Quirks

"I carry a pair of binoculars in the glovebox of my car in case I see a dog that's too far away."

605 reactions 14 comments
Angelina Gottlob Hannah Stebnicki
Josie Matzke Tim Herrod
Marie-Eve Giroux Mindy Giroux Marc-André Bisson
Natalie Kelly-walton Chloe Walton
Shannon Derri B Hehe yes

This is more important than an award.

8.9k reactions 121 comments
Christine Catoe So a show called 'Mom' gave 250,000 to a program that kills babies or prevents the conception of babies. Why not donate money to places that help moms that are struggling!
Erin Wackler The people who are angry about this are clearly the dumbest people alive
Sara Cecilia Villarreal MR. KUTCHER, Planned Parenthood is a program that kills babies, sells unborn babies parts and prevents the conception of babies. Why not donate money to places that help moms that are struggling?
Stephen Podgurski Planned parenthood costs taxpayers $500,000 per year. People should not have to pay for something they disagree with and don't believe in. People have babies, then they want the state to care of the kids, schools to raise kids, etc. Some people are also ...
Sara Sackman Yayyyy so awesome! !!! Ladies please get your paps, they save lives!!!

What's your favorite tip about raising kids?

121 reactions 85 comments
Rupinder Kaur Teach them to be good human beings and have empathy.
Barbara Lucena Amor Fabio Eiji, veja que interessante os comentarios e conselhos neste post. Vários achei bem úteis e me fizeram refletir.
Patty Hargrove Being a mother of six grown children who all love each other, my advice other than normal parenting is to love them unconditionally.🙂
Elhadji Diao Teach them to stay away from videos games and electronics. Make them visit their grandparents, take them to field trips,
Fiona Overton Love them when they're good, love them when they're bad, you never know when their precious little lives may be taken away from you. And please, never abuse them.

You might want to rethink some of those fashion choices, James…

Harry Styles And James Corden Make For The Perfect Pair In Carpool Karaoke
Harry Styles And James Corden Make For The Perfect Pair In Carpool Karaoke

They sing, they switch shirts, they reenact rom coms.

982 reactions 94 comments
Natalie Sampson Think you will like this Kathy Sampson
Diane Voykin Halt Harry is great Both of them. The jimmy fallon JT
Lana Hogan Louise this is why I was late for work! 😂😂😂
Paloma España Me encanta ,wonderful ! hahaha 😀😀😀
Gabriella Mangano Ahahahaha dai è carino 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Are you a procrastinator? If so, you might be in luck.

359 reactions 93 comments
Jon Bott I'll read this later...
Natasha Thomas Yup... that's me
Daryk Heidt Jason Swanson there you go hahaha
Janina Tamše Anja GomBacelj Pijavec sem vedla da nekaj prav delam 😎 😛
Amber Leaver Kayla Louise maybe I'm onto something

A government should represent all of its people equally.

2.5k reactions 114 comments
Camille Strate Oh. LOOK! A politician with a BRAIN! Maybe I'll move to France.
Myra Anderson Have you noticed all the women working for Trump, or are you blind ?
Joany Moravec Je pense qu'il faudrait s'en tenir à son domaine de compétence et ne pas donner son avis sur tout et n'importe quoi quand on y connaît rien. Ce président est une aberration et n'apportera rien de bon au peuple qui n'a pas un minimum de revenus. Il va ...
Dominic Buxton And France is doing exactly that with Macron! I love Macron! <3
Stan Hill Typical liberal: it's all about appearances rather than choosing the best people.

What a well-reasoned argument.

This Student Responded To A Homophobic Assignment With A 127-Page Defense Of Marriage Equality
This Student Responded To A Homophobic Assignment With A 127-Page Defense Of Marriage Equality

"God created me bisexual, and he made no mistakes, and he creates some people gay, and makes no mistakes."

4.3k reactions 118 comments
Dianne Lee Two thumbs up!!! LGBQT deserve the same right as we do. Use to blacks and whites could not marry and jewish had to marry jewish and that has all changed, so change the way it is with gay marrying gay. It's their right.
Robert Anderson God didn't create gays,he said he created all that is good, so if it is good why would he state that it's a abomination in his eyes and they won't be allowed in heaven? Because he DIDN'T CREATE GAYS
Wanda Halldorson Oh lord! Divide divide divide and divide some more..... so annoying already. I believe gay people have the right to love each other and I am happy they can marry and share legal issues..... but you can't force people to think like you....,People are ...
Danielle Kolste Cant read it because of the Samsung pop up 🙄
Emily Larrabee Yes if you don't think homosexuality should exist and is wrong you are homophobic, that's like saying black people are wrong and shouldn't exist oh wait people do it called racism. Being gay isn't a choice, you can choose to pray you can't choose who ...
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