Ashton Kutcher
20:02 05/18/2017

It's time to empower a new generation of activists.

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Paul Adamo
To hell with Her, Sanders is the future. Killery is a soulless sell out corporate pos.
Daibhí Schearpe
Doesn't there come a point where someone think to themselves that maybe they should get out of politics? I think her time has come, actually it should have come decades ago.
Andy Man
I agree it's time to empower a new generation. However Hillary should not and is not anywhere near the person who leads the push. She needs to accept her time in politics has ended, and very quietly disappear.
Joel Grogg
Ashton Kutcher I live in Oklahoma and where I live. People don't vote and they never get involved. I moved here after a serious life event. Nobody cares. This is definitely a 2% state.
Wren Lily
Bernie had one of the worst records in Congress. The only thing he was number 1 at was missing roll call votes. Also he wasn't a democrat. Please tell me why the Democratic Party was supposed to back him?
Stan Hill
Hillary Clinton is old news. She's just looking to cash in on anti-American, anti-Trump neanderthals. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.
Shelly K Ramsay-Zamarripa
Wow. I may have to unfollow you. She needs to go "onward to jail." Sincerely, Seth Rich.
Daniel Gibson
Dear god, just go away you corrupt hag! The only positive is she'll continue to embarrass the left so I guess there's that.
Renee Lynn Garnett
She is affiliated with pedophiles! You know, the very cause you are loyal and true to? Wtf is wrong with you??? Sheesh... WHAT DO YOU REALLY STAND FOR???
Karen Rose
Honestly, I expected to see the majority of comments pro Hillary. Beyond thrilled to know how many of us have become enlightened!! ✊️✊️✊️ Hillary is the problem, definitely not the answer.
Damian T Stewart
Ashton you're a very mislead individual Hilary worse then Trump but now Bernie Sanders would have been better of all three tho to be truly honest I would love Bill Gates to run and win he would be able to help this country very much and run it correctly
Barbara Krull
I want her to go back to the woods and stay there. Forever. She is toxic to the Democratic Party, which needs to distance itself from the Clintons and all their baggage and get a fresh start with new people that are trustworthy. The Resistance is not only against Trump, it's against the Clintons and Business as Usual in Politics.
Kyle Chapman
Typical Hilary -_- People talked about Trump copying Bane's speech, but Hilary seems more like Bane to me -_- Waits in the shadows and lets other people do her dirty work first before she goes in take down wounded prey -_- Where are all these smart folks with their comic comparisons now? Bet none of them saw THIS and thought of any villain similarities -_-
Janet McCartan
So peeps you see what your hate got you. Keep it up. The best is yet to come. His winning is your losses and in the end you & he are all Losers. She shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as that Loser.
Jason Rathbun
Totally lost all respect for you if you think she is a positive face of the new resistance...... You "wealthy" really do stick together....

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Continue to be inspired by the work of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. These stories should be the headlines we share

170 reactions 9 comments
Michael L. Wallace Jr.
Melissa Reed Austin Ariel Gwendolyn Zimmerman
Wilber Quintero nice
Shawna Conner Oops, “your”
Michael L. Wallace Jr. The creation of Marijuana Prohibition deprived our bodies important Endocannabinoid Systems of necessary Cannabinoids. Which threw our bodies Homeostasis Out of Whack & created many illnesses. Now after many Generations of Cannabinoid Deficient parents ...

Audiences should see themselves reflected onscreen.

1.1k reactions 105 comments
Rob Thomas If you actually look on his Instagram the post has been deleted.
Wendy Sellers Awww bless your heart, you wretched wench.
Valerie Carey Why is there any kissing on the Disney channel at all? I thought that channel was for children.
Ruben Contreras I'm done with this page
Guy Lowry Who gives a ship? It’s entertainment, and out of your control. Move along, nothing to see here.

They really are heroes.

The California Shooting Could Have Been Worse If Not For Teachers
The California Shooting Could Have Been Worse If Not For Teachers' Quick Thinking

“As tragic and as bad as it is, could have been so much worse.”

500 reactions 18 comments
Tara Sheridan Laura Hensley ALICE.
Sharon Borgesano I totally agree 100%
Vinh Dang You can be a hero too.
Estelle Lauzon It’s never going to end 😔
Jazz'em why didn't this trend.....

They have some pretty good advice.

100-Year-Olds On How To Love What You Do
100-Year-Olds On How To Love What You Do

Take risks, for starters.

191 reactions 11 comments
Shinedra Collins Ben
Johanna Rivera Julie Arriana Rivera
Richard Alfaro Thank you! Be blessed
Sugey Amaya Understand each other.. 100% loyalty to one another.
Barbara Luke Make do with what you have - great words.

You just have to laugh sometimes.

Parents Humorously Respond To Their Son
Parents Humorously Respond To Their Son's Drawing On The Wall By Framing It

Other parents are now sharing their own children's works of art drawn in all the wrong places.

1.6k reactions 80 comments
Kate Clark Jen Louis....a possible solution 🤔
Honor Harrison Awesome!!!
Sandra Esparza Erica Ford. This is hilarious
Gabriela Ortiz Rodriguez Nick Belmonte quien será el del buen humor con nuestros hijos? Tú o yo? 😂
Desire Parrish Jp Goski i don't think I would even be mad if I ever saw this lol

Music is a great way to fight hate.

898 reactions 35 comments
Heather Ashley If your god is homophobic, you need a new god.
Mekael El Ali Ntsika Sindane
Tanya Washington Esh Carter
Nico Obando Pawi Maxwell
Ross Brackenbury Jaz Lewars

Keep those less fortunate in mind during the holidays.

2.4k reactions 66 comments
Jenny Gordon As a teacher, I always have extras onhand for kids.
Sean-reid Hays If your size is bigger than your age maybe you should skip snack time like the rest of your class
Bruce Burnside I had a little girl tell me her dream was to someday go to a mall and then have a McDonalds Happy meal. I wanted to scoop her away from her drug afflicted parents and run, in need of a kidnapping law loophole.
Brenda Maine So sad but there are many more children in need all around the world it makes me tear up every time.
Beverly Keeton Wood Oh, how sad that in this great country children have to add snacks for school to their Christmas list. I'm in tears.

Everyone deserves to live authentically.

A Transgender Soldier Had Gender Confirmation Surgery, And The Pentagon Paid For It
A Transgender Soldier Had Gender Confirmation Surgery, And The Pentagon Paid For It

Supplemental Health Care Program will cover this surgery in accordance with Department's interim guidance on transgender Service members.

1.4k reactions 152 comments
Aiden Fury Templar What I'm wondering is, how many trans men and women will now join, just to be able to have this done?
Victoria Evans Just a thought for everyone hating THEIR taxes paying for this..... you do realise the soldier in question PAYS TAXES TOO. So its effectively THEIR MONEY paying for it 😁 From a former UK military wife, who spent 20 years being bitched at about ...
Fendi Blanco And women have tummy tucks, breast surgeries. Men have vasectomies, circumcisions. Teeth straightened, whitened, braces, etc. They fight for our country. Unless you want their job....shut up.
Sara Pooley This is stupid. It's not medically necessary. It's BS and its elective. Should not have been paid for by the military. Period.
Rui Pedro Almeida I was born poor, I lived like a poor, but deep inside I always felt I was rich... I was doing thing with poor people, but I didn't feel good with myself. I was living a lie. So I decided to tell everyone that I am rich inside and I need help to turn ...

This is a great cause.

6.2k reactions 88 comments
Sherry Hutton Parker The policy change has been put on hold. Keep up.
Bobby Hawkins Ellen the idiot,and her o bummer award for nothing,she a person I'm going to listen too ,NOT
Wendy Smetak Hansen That's awesome Ellen! That's why the world loves you! <3 You're a true humanitarian!
Jo-ann Mathews Thank Thank thank you so so so much I love them to with all my heart this broke me 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕
Arosha Wettewa I'm all up for animal safety and conservation. But hoping the situation would not be politicised.

There is no excuse for unwanted touching.

6.5k reactions 91 comments
Tina Morden much respect to Drake I have been to concerts where that has happened you are not sure where its coming from but u can feel it after the first couple times u know its not an accident but u don"t want to make a scene
Joanna Shelton Good for him!! No one should put there hands on anyone man or woman!!!😅
Joshua Keller I have seen a bunch of rock artist do this at their shows.
Ryan Blake 💯💯#Drake u a Real one!! Stay up bro bro 👊 #salute
Sharron Strickland Class act. Supporting women by speaking out, taking action. Heads up men.

If you know someone who needs help, please reach out.

1.1k reactions 87 comments
Steven Potts Also if you party with friends make sure they aren't dicks.
Tasha Guffey Davis Justin Buie isn’t this the one you posted about ?
Kelly Gholson I’ve literally never heard of this guy
Bautista Castillo many young people needing help..feeling so different..and in fact they are not alone.
Fran Sutherland His greedy manager saw it coming but never helped - the manager wanted the money - jerk , a- hole - piece of crap

This seems like a good father-son bonding activity

185 reactions 10 comments
Sabura Shireen Asif Sid
Lacy Childers nice
Sheila Haver God speed!
Rickey Lindsey Wishing
Chris Evans Good luck and be safe !!!

You never know what will change your life.

Student Signs Major Modeling Contact After Homecoming Photo Goes Viral
Student Signs Major Modeling Contact After Homecoming Photo Goes Viral

“At first, I honestly thought someone made a meme of me or something.”

8.7k reactions 179 comments
Marie Rowe Omg Aj Duot and Bujono Staros ... she looks like Apuk!!!!
Reign Colleen Gorgeous! Laughing all the way to the bank $$$
Hadeer AL K Ah still waiting for it to happen
Vincent Pennix Ashton Kutcher didn’t you also get discovered after your picture was published in the newspaper?
Makayla Michon Larissa O'Dell you know you've made it when Ashton Kutcher posts about you

Differences don't make you weird, they make you special.

How I Reacted When My Adopted Son Said,
How I Reacted When My Adopted Son Said, 'Mommy, My Hair Is Weird And I’m Brown'

I’ve talked about skin color to him many times before, but this is the first time he’d ever brought it up.

1.3k reactions 36 comments
حيدر موسى حسين ورده
Antonia Goldberg That Crazy!
Katja Retsuhcs So true
Gabriella Mangano E tu sei speciale Ashton 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lauri Wallin He's perfect.

I'll keep this in mind.

438 reactions 51 comments
Ceazar Ranario Joe Paolo Angelo Selorio Joemar Dormido Mel Dormido
Sandy Lower Jason Lower
Maike Mengert Frank Mengert! Lesen
Claire O'Donnell Justin O'Donnell
MorgAnn Melby Steve Melby

This is a great message.

Why You Shouldn
Why You Shouldn't Force Your Child To Hug — Even During The Holidays

The lessons girls learn when they’re young about setting physical boundaries, and expecting them to be respected, last a lifetime.

1.4k reactions 73 comments
Bree Hogue This is so freaking dumb. People are gonna seriously mess their children up.
Desirée Boom You shouldn't force anyone to hug. Not everyone's a hugger!
Michelle Ireland Courtney Rudolph we were just talking about this
Melissa Crew Lima Isabel Lima Jardin, this is why I never made him hug me. 😕
Meybol Geramita I understand the concept, but what a sad state of affair...!

I need to learn her moves.

Pink Turns Carpool Karaoke With James Corden Upside Down — Literally
Pink Turns Carpool Karaoke With James Corden Upside Down — Literally

I think sometimes I sound better upside down.

269 reactions 28 comments
Janine Quandt Caroline Vujanov
Alain Desbiens Adeline
Kimberly Parkhill Gillespie Jackie Day
Narelle Lehmann Natalie Dobinson Kylie Parker
Meg Smith Rick Roc

What kind of leaders are we creating?

1.3k reactions 127 comments
Theresa Spangler One of my fave movie scenes of all time. Holds up, that's for sure.
Jan Murowski Love this movie!! And the message behind it!
Alexis Bante Appropriate at all levels. Integrity and Character.
Alfred Rule Lying, cheating n laziness creates unintegrity, untruthfulness and disrespect no honor
Leslie Matos OMG, one of my favorite movies, " Scent of a Woman "

Kindness is always the right choice.

1.5k reactions 38 comments
Steve Cote Judge not Yee......................
Jordan Smith Acceptance too.
Katrin Cihan Be kind to people in general
Melissa Ann Garrett-Bowling Amen!!!
Stephen Speelman Always!!!!!

Would you take her advice?

Victoria Beckham Offered Up Fashion Advice To Strangers For $2
Victoria Beckham Offered Up Fashion Advice To Strangers For $2

[Wear] something that makes you feel super confident and comfortable and something that you feel really, really good in.

213 reactions 49 comments
Donna Conway Here's some advice.... smile!
Holly Zeches Kurasz Is she a tennis player?
Nancy Henry Pickle Weasel
Wendy Porter What advice 🤣🤣
Nancy Henry She a mean looking 🐀

I'm blown away, Chloe.

524 reactions 20 comments
Sofía Camille Carola Matta Rodríguez
Nana Runfola Rosalie 💕💕💕
حيدر موسى حسين ورده
Dar Jensen Piper She was great!
Carroll Cole She is wonderful

You kind of deserved this, Jimmy.

1.3k reactions 26 comments
Laura Leitner Luke Bashaw
Gry Anita Hausager Siv Lene Hausager
Jess O'Donoghue Jia O'Donoghue
Leen Elayyan Amin Soufrakis
Rhiannon Moller Lucy Hendry

Always try to find the laughter.

Too Many Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Too Many Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Your sense of humor has tons of health benefits — and that's no joke.

171 reactions 12 comments
Audrey WYx Ania Amaouche
Kristeen Belle ~Kevin Schoemperlen~
Cinthya Raquel Armoa Colman creo que todo el mundo tiene una razón para sonreir,,
Gabriella Mangano Caro Ashton ci provo ma non sempre è possibile 😰😰😰😰
Darius Bowie Amen

Love is love.

4.1k reactions 81 comments
Mary Samaan I was love you before I watched this video it's a shame
Marizabel Otero Love is love between a man and a woman . Adam and Eve only.
Kerry McKenzie Now we just have to rely on the government to actually pass it 🤞
David Johnson Remember what happened to Sodom and Gamora.
Linda Whitledge No that is wrong in Gods laws

My thoughts are with Jimmy and his family.

Taylor Swift Performs
Taylor Swift Performs 'On A Complete Whim' To Honor Jimmy Fallon's Late Mother

You squeeze my hand three times in the back of the taxi.

5.6k reactions 63 comments
Miranda Jo Kylie Mills did you see this?
Pamela Smith So sorry, Jimmy!
Maria Luiza Lopes Otavio choreeeiii
Annie Alberga ❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Valenzuela 😢

Are you surprised by these results?

208 reactions 47 comments
Coleen Gasta Tippman Don’t watch any!
MC Pearson Proud to not watch any!
Stephen Birch Alex Welsh undercover boss should be all of them
Lewis J Neal ashton were the ranch got too it takes to long for seasons to come out
Erik Johnson At least the UP is on this map but my goodness that is a horrible representation of it!

Welcome back, Taylor.

752 reactions 14 comments
Sydney Phelps Burris Carina Maurer-Batjer
Angela Kaufmann-Müller Evelyn
Andreea Bordianu Jessica Martini watch it here ^
Dana Requejo Vidal Rebeca Requejo the queen is back🔝
Susan Harman Bass ❤️

What a great example for Landon.

2.9k reactions 49 comments
Mary Carmen Wow!! such a blessing!!❤️💯
Kim Carney-Hawley Beautiful.
Sheila Thwaites Wow ! One special family!!❤️
Catherine Beal Leaky eyeballs...
Jeanette Nymoen Lucky lucky boy!

Bullying is never acceptable.

2.0k reactions 70 comments
Jill Stevens McGeoch It’s interesting the bullies never remember harming anyone and the victims can never forget.
RoxAnne Grannon Pretty sad also when kids see our president bully others. Not a good role model. 😓
Jennifer LaCombe Pence Be careful of the toes you step on today...they may be connected to the a$$ you kiss tomorrow😁
Kristy Clover Side note, young Winona looks just like Will.
Cynthia Waldron Glad she had the last word. I was never bullied, thank heavens. No one should be. #be responsible parents!

Sometimes you just don't have time for traffic.

5.2k reactions 330 comments
Claire DuBois Schneider Jd Jeremy look at bron bron on the subway
Taylor Keionna Kinnison Desiree Hapner imagine walking through nyc and seeing the entire cavs team pass u
Sylvia van Lijssel Dirk kun je je voorstellen dat de Cavs tegen komt in de NY Subway! 😱
Clotilde Andronikos Sv En (and it is your favorite actor who posted it)
Ekrem Efe Mcmoordy Carter stell vor du lebst in New York bist im Zug und Triffst Le Bron haha
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