Ashton Kutcher
14:02 04/20/2017

Great pictures, guys!


Couple's Awkward Engagement Photos Are Making Us A Little Uncomfortable In The Best Way

Inspired by Kate McKinnon and Zach Galifianakis in "Masterminds."

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Alexandra Smith
Asha Stipanicev these are actually real good 😂
Katie DeRosia
Lol...Megan Dunlap, this reminds me of you lol
Jasmin Meadows
Megan Christine Gammell Haha you guys still need to do these haha
Elohims Child
I was thinking the same thing about masterminds movie. Reminds me of that movie
Emily Lum
Erica Burleson we could always do something like this! 😂😂😭
Krista Martinez
Kiera Umphlett you and Jason Umphlett are totally funny enough to pull something like this. Please do someday!
Mona Eller
These two are bound to have a long and happy marriage. A couple who laugh together and can find humor in all things have a strong bond. Congrats!
Bailey Hedge
Samantha Eaton they're copying masterminds and I'd be down
Angie Berrojo
Neva Exum Hutchinson anniversary photo shoot next year pls
Banessa Mejia Gonzalez
Zack Fernandez! Lmao! How about we get inspiration from this couple! Lmao 😂
Liz Addison
I would have had photos like this but couldn't be bothered. Too busy playing on the swings and skipping along the beach.
Tashia Carpenter
Anna Steele, I remember you posting this is your cousin? Welp now Ashton Kutcher is sharing. No biggie 😳
Grisell Martinez
Adriana Muñoz jajajajaja estas estan peor que la pose esa que te dije
Katelin Young
Alexis Andersen whenever you get engaged this needs to happen 😂
Tessa Andersen
Ashley Rogers y'all should do something cute like this hahah

Other newsfeed from Ashton Kutcher

I'd watch this act in Las Vegas.

4 reactions 18 comments
Kaitlyn Phillips Eduardo Granados
Anna Elise Kurt Kazil
Kath Pge Doug Page
Anna Hill He was fantastic!
Robyn Smith I'm going to Las Vegas from here in Canada in November! 😉

Now, there's no excuse not to cook.

IKEA's New Recipe Series Is Like Paint-By-Numbers, But For Cooking

The page is made of parchment paper so you can literally cook the recipe.

252 reactions 84 comments
Kelly Alexander Thompson I need a cook while I'm healing up!!!
Elena Winters Crazy!
Megan Willden Jen O'Harra, Do they really have these?
William Baker Lol,lol,lol
Gemma Geggie Craig this is for you 😉

These pictures are beautiful, Hannah.

1.1k reactions 46 comments
Vikki Moskowitz 😭
Deb Jensen These pictures are stunning
Nancy Nguyen So beautiful, god loves her
Vanessa Huizinga Lovely
Mar Yam :'(

These girls are going to make the world a better place.

1.3k reactions 46 comments
Leonie Porter Sounds great
Suzanne M. Engleman Very inspiring! Next project?
Sarah Schmidt Love this so much!
Jeff Tebelak And that is why adults can learn a lot from kids. Great news.
Rita Kueneman Awesome!!

I hope her resource helps women who need it.

This Teen Set Out On A Mission To Map Every Abortion Clinic In The U.S.
This Teen Set Out On A Mission To Map Every Abortion Clinic In The U.S.

"I felt like it was time to tackle something that could make a larger impact on women nationwide."

840 reactions 76 comments
Eilleen Titi Truong I would think she was older if they didn't tell me she's a teenager 😳
Chelsea Trimble Meanwhile in Australia the Northern Territory (in its entirety) has two.
Sheryl Gerlach I pray that this does not back fire and provides useful information to women who really need help
Susie Weisbrod Nagy There are so many other wonderful things this young woman could've done than locating where to go to kill your baby. So sad.
Marcela G de Goemaere Wow help in what? get rid of a baby? Education is the main priority here, sexual education not get rid of an unborn child who doesn´t have the fault of anything.

What a beautiful gift.

674 reactions 15 comments
Williams Ari Carmela Muniz Salinas
Andrea Carvalho Faris Brenda Davis Beeler
Жанна Жусупова Iwontreadyourbooks
Жанна Жусупова Todayallbooksoldernewtimenewbooksouvenirmeonebookiunderstandyouall
Amy Maw Tami Cleaveland Maw you should do this for McKi!

The country needs more parks like this.

5.2k reactions 101 comments
Jeff Wiley Ashton Kutcher your rich why dont you just build another one..
Paloma España Realmente esto es maravilloso , esto parques son necesarios para crear un mundo mejor, wonderful ! 🌸🌸
Kristin E. Ward-Hall I would plan a field trip and take my students there! Yay!!
Tabb Edwards That moment when Ashton shares an article that has your daughters photo!!!
Colleen Minton Burns It looks amazing. We are hoping to take our son there this summer!

Learn from his example.

People Are Praising This Imam Who Shielded The London Attack Suspect From Bystanders
People Are Praising This Imam Who Shielded The London Attack Suspect From Bystanders

"The extraordinary decency and courage of this act has brought me to tears this morning."

256 reactions 14 comments
Marty West And here is Ashton once again praising Islam.
Annarita Vincenti peace and love from assisi italy
Linnea Arvidsson Ask this Imam where he stands on gay rights and if he allows women to worship alongside men and if he allows his wife to go out with her mates on friday evenings.
GQ Al Thank u Ashton Kutcher ❤️🙏🏼
Justin Knapp Nah, they should've killed him. He's as bad as the ones doing it for Isis.

What would your answers be?

444 reactions 18 comments
Taylor Cullen Dan Riches
Tilly Dunn Caleb Bensemann
Teea Flygare Patrick Flygare
Kimberly Sebald Proctor Jason Sebald
Megan Jansen Jessica Anderson

His honor and bravery is a lesson for the country and the world.

10.3k reactions 168 comments
Lorin Van Greunen There was a little boy aswell! i wander if he was saved aswell?????
Deepa Thakker-Kutmutia Unsung heroes for sure -thanks sharing and helping to restore faith in humanity
Alicia Belkheir Il y avait un petit garçon a côté d elle pourquoi n'a t'il pas été sauvé ?
Tabitha Yutzy Please keep that little girl in your Prayers. She is the only survivor out of her family and currently not speaking.
Jolanta Barkauskaitė Ehst about other people those who where suffering ? They also where moving...

Transparency is vital to democracy.

Told Not To Record Briefings, White House Reporters Are Getting Creative
Told Not To Record Briefings, White House Reporters Are Getting Creative

CNN reporter Jim Acosta says the White House is "stonewalling" the press, but the press is pushing back.

998 reactions 35 comments
Karrie Russell So is real news....
Teresa Bentley Power to the press....
Maureen Lord Wilson Pushing back??......From the back
Jeff Rue Pretty sure audio was allowed....
Danielle Schiller Couldn't agree more. Thank you Ashton for all that you do.

So this is what happens when you don't have photo approval. Good to meet you Liam.

6.7k reactions 121 comments
Elizabeth Godinez Psh you still look great! Haha
Jared Salard he looking old
Jaqueline Souza Wickboldt Lindos! 😍
Matt Schlabach Someone was ready...
Paula Anderson It's good to be humbled once in awhile 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Appreciate the diversity of this map.

Mapped: The largest religions in the US
Mapped: The largest religions in the US

You can put your faith in this map.

873 reactions 69 comments
Runita L. Jones This will scare fundamental Christians. Islam is the biggest non Christian religion.
Madeline Row Religion sucks, doesn't matter which one it is. I believe in God and all but fk religion.
Seth Mccollum The country needs to split into two as the blue and yellow indicate. We need a divorce, the fighting will never stop🤔
Aaron Linde How the hell is Montana's top non-Christian religion Buddhism when there isn't even a temple in the entire state?
Michael Felsburg Love you neighbor like yourself.....don't do to others things you wouldn't want done to you....the rest is noise

How do you stay organized?

Why Are People So Obsessed With Bullet Journaling?
Why Are People So Obsessed With Bullet Journaling?

"Overall, my bullet journal practice provides me with clarity, gratitude, patience, strength, and direction."

492 reactions 86 comments
Denise Guerriero How do I stay organized? I don't🙌🏻
Stacey Belz Cooper Kara Rosenkranz Have you heard of this?
Nevan Schatz By Watching The Ranch
Casey Fisk Definitely interesting.
Cheryl Dwyer Wow way to involved!

"My advice to anybody is don't feel bad who you are. You were born that way.”

They Fired Him From The Family-Run Business For Being Gay, But He Started Over Stronger Than Ever
They Fired Him From The Family-Run Business For Being Gay, But He Started Over Stronger Than Ever

"I’m trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life ... Life is about experiencing new things, and maybe it's time to do that."

1.3k reactions 22 comments
Bôn Master This really is incredible
Alycristhi-yuley Patrick Hermosas palabras
Gilda Barbara Bassas Exactly
Imca Vdb Being gay doesn't change a person's character!
Jay Jensen We are family.Enough said

What a special moment for the family.

Delivery Room Photos Capture The Exact Moment A Mom Learns She
Delivery Room Photos Capture The Exact Moment A Mom Learns She's Actually Had A Boy

A boy hadn't been born to her mom's side in more than 50 years.

2.7k reactions 68 comments
Brianne Maloney Kelly Bardet dreams do come true 😂
Bianca Joan Katie Camara if ever. This is you
Kelly Simeonoff Jordyn Renee lol Quinn could be a boy! 😂
Ana Kany Romero Iñiguez Esteban creo que es este
Ana Domingos Costa That's awesome!! Love the look on her face! ❤️

How did you help refugees on World Refugee Day?

1.8k reactions 83 comments
Jason Herndon Send them home with 5 bucks!!!
Travis Vann I did nothing.
Chase Tate Alex jones. Enough said
Shanon Sullivan Polanco Pena Went to a local bar that donated proceeds to their organization
Frederick Zinos Brilliant! before they are refugees, they are humans.

This might be Jimmy's best prank yet.

5.2k reactions 311 comments
Vimala Vibecke Hansen This is sooooo amarican humor... I will never grasp it. What's the fun of scaring one another?
Sarah Cox Hansen My favorite "oh shut up" 😂😂
Lexi Willcocks Brad I LOVE YOU DAD 📢📢📢 pretty sure you'd be one of the ones falling in the pool
Yasmina Elkadi Mena Elkadi Atta Elkadi omg I can't! Literally crying 😂😂
Amy Walker Alexander Estuesta hahaha can you imagine if you did this to your dad?

Everyone deserves the chance to live an authentic life.

593 reactions 24 comments
Discounted Clothing 👍
Jenny Anne-Marie Brunet Lol
Βιβιαν Βιβιαν Hi Aston Please check your inbox I send you messages Thank you very much 🌸🌸
Frank Paolino Well the "Trump is anti-LGTB" fake news is clearly fake news.
Karen Eaton Always have to be noticed

What do you think of their cover?

275 reactions 40 comments
Sam Delacherois Samantha Morgan
Marlon Samson Eve Samson
Daniela Moschetto María Constanza Giustincich
Ti-Anna Peterson Stephen Peterson
Abby Dalke Emma Dalke

Her bravery should be applauded.

Courageous Mormon Girl Comes Out To Entire Congregation — Only To Be Cut Off By Church Officials
Courageous Mormon Girl Comes Out To Entire Congregation — Only To Be Cut Off By Church Officials

Twelve-year-old Savannah is speaking out after video of her testimony has gone viral.

4.2k reactions 199 comments
Becky Rees I am so sad for her. She will be ostracized as well as your family. They will try to pray the gay out of her. There are so many wonderful members of this church,but this is one thing that I completely disagree on. How much sexuality is not a sin or a ...
Courtney Russell As a member of this church, I was always taught that God loves all of His children. He loves us, despite things such as race and sexual orientation. He loves this girl. Jonathon Hanagan said it best when saying that acting on the feelings a homosexual ...
Kristina Ellingsen Seriously, everybody in this situation needs to grow up. Sure, she did go on about being gay (in a church) who cares? Shes still a child and will repeat a lot. Whats the difference between her confessing a "sin" in church (knowing that its forbidden in ...
Katelyn Williams I watched the video and it's not like they cut her off after she came out they cut her off after she kept running on about it. Her speech was long and repetitive. I think they were just like "ok you said enough go ahead and take a seat".
Jake Abhau For those that want a little context. I know this family well and have spoken to the mom about this at length. This may help put things in perspective: Savannah had been asking her parents to bear her testimony and come out since January. She worked on ...

What do you think of her approach?

Why This Mom Always Asks Permission Before Picking Up Her Son
Why This Mom Always Asks Permission Before Picking Up Her Son

"As far as I'm concerned, this is the beginning of a lifelong conversation about freedom, autonomy, and respect."

1.4k reactions 413 comments
Sonia Trevi Maldonado In my prospective, I just hug and cuddle with my 2 y/o and he comes up to me and cuddles and even makes a mmmmm sound because he loves it, however, It may be a good idea since now a days you don't know who has what intent with a child. His parents ...
Laura Ruberto I applaud her for taking the initiative to teach her child there are boundaries for physical contact. Maybe if more parents focused on that lesson, we would have fewer teens and adults who think they are entitled to cross those boundaries into sexual ...
Shonna Cooper I think this is a bit wacko tbh. I do always ask my son for kisses and don't force it if he shakes his head no or backs away. but to pick your child up? they need to be held and picked up. you'll look a bit weird if you're standing in front of your ...
Karen Pryke My son is 2.5 and I cuddle and pick him up as I see fit. However, if he resisted I'd promptly put him down and I'd never force a cuddle from him. My six year old I ask, as in "come here for a cuddle". If he wants one great. If he doesn't, that's fine ...
JoLynn Paul Plato This might be the weirdest article/conversation ever. Have you ever tried to hold a kid who does not want to be held? Close to impossible. Many kids of loving parents want some sort of physical touch. This is a non-issue, blown up to be some PC ...

Terror will never win.

330 reactions 31 comments
Nguyễn Minh Tuấn Một Nhành Mai
Akos Nagy Terror comes only from the government.
Nik Pattillo More leftist arm-flailing
Kay Zum Felde How can some people be so full of hate?
Gabriella Mangano Non vincerà mai ma condiziona la vita di molti 😰😰😰😰😰

Listen to them.

The World
The World's Religious Leaders Just Joined Together To Make An Incredibly Important Request

"Personal contact is believed to counter misperceptions, prejudices and distrust."

3.3k reactions 48 comments
Jane Murray Lovett Love this!
Randy Carlton Great idea. Check from me.
Jared Fraley What a load of bull!
Denise Flotte Love this! Thank you for sharing!
Jason Ranger Um arnt these leaders of groups that have murderd and torture people all thru history !? And we are suppose to listen to then ? Screw that it took had hundreds of year to take away there power in the first place

Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands.

Woman Rearranges NASA Shirts In Target And Stirs Debate On Kid
Woman Rearranges NASA Shirts In Target And Stirs Debate On Kid's Clothing

Are retail workers just going to pay for this?

9.1k reactions 203 comments
Maura Volante A better pr move would be to get the staff on board with the promise of taking a picture and then moving the things back. They probably don't like the exclusion either but they still have to maintain the store as directed so don't make their lives ...
Jenny Stirling Did she also put some sparkly "girl" t-shirts in the boys section? Many boys also like pink, glitter and sparkles. Buy what you want to buy who cares what section it's in.
Deborah Jones When my daughter was a pre-schooler I bought her quite a few (plain coloured) t-shirts from the boys' section at Target because they were the only summer shirts available that covered a sensible amount of skin so I wouldn't have to apply litres of ...
Kristyn Marie Costales This lady is dumb bc they havw nasa tshirts and tanks in the girl section as well as the junior section at target I know I tried them on... I just Read the article she's still teaching bc my nasa was behind mickey mouse... Like really?!
Chelsea Gast I practically live at target so I know that there are NASA shirts in the women's sections. While I appreciate the overall message, sometimes one must open their eyes first.

She made this little girl's day.

7.1k reactions 77 comments
CM B Berry A young Wilkie Collins fan.
Michelle Richard Simply sweetness...
Crystal Carroll McDow Beautiful moment
Moon Fisher That is everything
Amanda Eaton Omg she is so adorable! Look at her smile Dave Moore

Her creativity is unparalleled.

753 reactions 23 comments
Amy Lynch Pariia Rabbanifard
Paula Zelaya Belu Grosso
Michaela Lynn Brewer Emmaly Ellis
Merry Austerberry Gracie Silver
Maria Cornet Breanne Reigh

You did a great job, Jacee!

2.3k reactions 45 comments
Deniese Graves This is so precious!
Kevin Rajk Alison Rajk you have done nothing for me.
Megan Turtle Sauer Beautiful!! She obviously is very moved by it.
Ilunabruce Pyncket Zo jong nog
Zena O'hara Awwwww luv this 👏🏼😃

Finland's program seems like a good model to follow.

11.8k reactions 307 comments
Sabina Lucarelli Unbelievable! In Italy we have endless waiting list for private and expensive kindergardens where you have to enroll your baby in the same moment you find out you are pregnant....I dont want to go ahead
Lauri Vee ROFL welcome to the country of worst processed food imaginable, served in schools as well, and yes it can be seen from ppl. No organic or raw foods are sold here. Add the worst economy and many other completely unique bonuses to that and there we have ...
Johanna J Wilson The small town Espanola, NM I grew up in gave out free lunch in the parks to kids during summer when I was a kid. It is one of the poorest places in the country so cost is not the issue.
Claudia Reina They do this because they believe in a system that brings equality to all people. So they all get the same chances in life. They believe if a children cant be fed up properly that kid is likely to fall behind. So they support their students finantially ...
Tuulikki Katila Such BS! They prepare the food in big central kitchens and at schools they only warm it up. The food is products. And the summercamps are history! Yes they lie about everything in Finland too!

Miley doesn't miss a beat.

5.1k reactions 215 comments
Aileen Böhm Ariane können wir das bitte auch mal machen?
Tanya Ann Armitage Hahahaha, Daniel.
Dayna Nicole Cherissa Lynch this made me think of you
Christine Lim Andrew Kim I think you would appreciate this LOL
Inga van Lunen Emma Lourdes I'm gonna purchase your baby
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