Ashton Kutcher
14:02 04/20/2017

Great pictures, guys!


Couple's Awkward Engagement Photos Are Making Us A Little Uncomfortable In The Best Way

Inspired by Kate McKinnon and Zach Galifianakis in "Masterminds."

1.4k reactions 177 comments


Alexandra Smith
Asha Stipanicev these are actually real good 😂
Katie DeRosia
Lol...Megan Dunlap, this reminds me of you lol
Jasmin Meadows
Megan Christine Gammell Haha you guys still need to do these haha
Elohims Child
I was thinking the same thing about masterminds movie. Reminds me of that movie
Emily Lum
Erica Burleson we could always do something like this! 😂😂😭
Krista Martinez
Kiera Umphlett you and Jason Umphlett are totally funny enough to pull something like this. Please do someday!
Mona Eller
These two are bound to have a long and happy marriage. A couple who laugh together and can find humor in all things have a strong bond. Congrats!
Bailey Hedge
Samantha Eaton they're copying masterminds and I'd be down
Angie Berrojo
Neva Exum Hutchinson anniversary photo shoot next year pls
Banessa Mejia Gonzalez
Zack Fernandez! Lmao! How about we get inspiration from this couple! Lmao 😂
Liz Addison
I would have had photos like this but couldn't be bothered. Too busy playing on the swings and skipping along the beach.
Tashia Carpenter
Anna Steele, I remember you posting this is your cousin? Welp now Ashton Kutcher is sharing. No biggie 😳
Grisell Martinez
Adriana Muñoz jajajajaja estas estan peor que la pose esa que te dije
Katelin Young
Alexis Andersen whenever you get engaged this needs to happen 😂
Tessa Andersen
Ashley Rogers y'all should do something cute like this hahah

Other newsfeed from Ashton Kutcher

Really listen to these stories.

1.2k reactions 31 comments
Robin Wojcik
Shani Francis Mervyn James
Marlo Galarza Me 2
Nene Stephanie inspiring warriors
Lisa Johnson Brave lovely ladies

She was definitely a highlight of the show.

3.4k reactions 86 comments
Holli Bryant Hey voice is so flawless. She's real.
Bettina Gonzalez Thank you!
Brenda Cushman She is the best!
Melissa Newman So much talent! ❤️
Rene Gia Here’s our anthem.

How are you celebrating Halloween?

11 Parents Who Clearly Had Too Much Fun Dressing Up Their Baby For Halloween
11 Parents Who Clearly Had Too Much Fun Dressing Up Their Baby For Halloween

These cutie's costumes are so boo-tiful, they're almost scary.

1.2k reactions 114 comments
Nana Ellie I am not :)
Michelle Cable So cute
Becky Stefanik Dressing up
Katie Howick Umm...eating too much candy! How else!
Karam Fuad Mohammad Dweedar <3 VipFB. Vn <3

He got there eventually.

605 reactions 8 comments
Melanie Sowards Whitney Hoagland 😂😂😂
Ashley Malakovski Krystina Solitar this would've happened
Kelli McLeod I guess James Harris isn't alone in his confusion 😜 Ashley Holladay
Tammi Mancuso He needed a jar of Prego pasta sauce 😂😂😂✌️
Ashley Sorensen Lol sometimes it takes a while to get there, right Karen Albert?😉

This is a beautiful moment.

The Moment An 11-Year-Old Was Told She
The Moment An 11-Year-Old Was Told She's Being Adopted Was Caught On Camera

"This is pure testament that in a world full of turmoil and strife, there is still light and joy to be found in little everyday moments."

4.7k reactions 73 comments
Carol Roelofsz So very awesome
Eliana Crema Beautiful.
Gabe Schuler Beautiful...
Laura Lynn K I’m not crying. You’re crying.
Roger Rainwater We need to do better.

Everyone should watch this.

5.7k reactions 124 comments
Melinda Davis Good way to put things in perspective
Charisma Haight This is a message about the reality of humanity, not only race. Thank you for sharing though.
Julie Bauer Well... a father in the home isn't always an advantage.
Carolyn Marriner They really forgot to add the 'If you're a male, take two steps forward' and if you're straight take two steps forward
Prosper Theroux I would not give my power away to someone telling me I was different than other people and try to convince me I should feel bitter about it ! I would get a life on terms ... not his !

"At the point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear”

11.0k reactions 323 comments
Tiziana Geijsbregts Glenn Verelst deze is voor jou ! The fears we don't face become our limits👌💪
Susannah Johnson Josh Elwood throwback to that time we jumped out of a plane
Teri Barbee Took the words right out of my mouth. This was my experience. EVERYONE should try this at least once!
Valmira Xharavina Melisa Blakaj valla ti si kingji ki flejt spo di a une kom pas me shku a ti
Kathleen Bradley Christian Arienza 😂 I should listen to Will

Shout out to hard-working moms everywhere.

3.5k reactions 14 comments
Alejandra Barrera Tamara Valle lol
Mai Turgeman Miri Shimshy 😍
Kas SavMan Love this Kaley Scrivens xx
Haleh Fardi Shireen El-Maissi “that’s Janet Jackson!”
Perla Alondra Rubio 3<

Every industry can have innovation.

Soon, You
Soon, You'll Be Eating Fresh Veggies — All Year Long

Fresh veggies, even in the midst of winter? Count us in.

236 reactions 11 comments
Serene Taher Jay Mauldin
Lynsey Doll 🤗
Billy Joe Epperson Asston would post anything to avoid talking about Harvey Weinstein. Where is your outrage Skippy?
Paul Hurtley I don't think so meat all the wau
Chris Parry Currently starting a vertical farm in Alberta!

You deserve to celebrate, Chrissy.

200 reactions 15 comments
Erin Franklin Tamara Simmons
Janny Jager You are an heroe! (from Holland)
Jo-An Peter Doebener 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Mary Ashleigh Woohoo ❤️❤️❤️
Terry Giannios 🤗

This seems pretty accurate.

What They Never Tell You About Enjoying Every Moment Of Your Child
What They Never Tell You About Enjoying Every Moment Of Your Child's Childhood

Of course, people told me that time with my kids would go quickly.

179 reactions 25 comments
Peter Austin Noto ♥WWW.PETERAUSTINNOTO.COM♥ With that being said ...Think SNL meets Johnny Carson ... Indiegogo ... 2014 ...$33,000 https://www.indiegogo....
Sabrina Falk Richard Falk
Elisa Solit Amber Gehrer
Melissa Kavars Hall Sophie Hall
Eduardo Uribe Miriam Uribe

It's important to take care of yourself.

535 reactions 20 comments
Briana Miller Jordan Berry
Sophia Bihn Allison Marie Nadale
Lisa Li Li Colt N Courtney Martinez
Kathryn Finley Thank you.
Mandie Parker Yes, it is.

Would you live here?

3.0k reactions 297 comments
Angel Salazar Stockton California NEEDS THIS..
Thomas Jerome Graham Build me one out of Aircrete, on stilts in Hawaii.
Ernie Jackson Hendrix Ashton Kutcher, bet your house(s) doesn’t meet this challenge.
Jimmy Amato Uses rainwater... It's already illegal most everywhere in the United States LOL!
Chris Haugh How did you get that "hardwood" exterior? Oh that's right, deforestation.

Celebrate yourself.

396 reactions 16 comments
Draconis Counseling LLC Actually, she bears a Goddess mark. For Pagans, this is a beauty mark not a mere birthmark.
Janny Jager You are beautiful (Holland)
Monica Rhodes Sarah Lovett
Farooque Patel i like that

There are all kinds of heroes.

Therapy Dogs Traveled To Las Vegas From All Across The Country
Therapy Dogs Traveled To Las Vegas From All Across The Country

"It just helps the healing process, really."

5.0k reactions 68 comments
Silvia Carpenter Man best friend
Christopher Smith What's Up Dog ? ❤️
N.J. Corden Furry paws ale hearts smile.💛💛💚💚💙💙
Kathy Neily THANK YOU!!!👏👏👏❤️️❤️️❤️️
Tia English Kim English sooooo many goldens😍

Your fans miss you, Chester.

8.5k reactions 167 comments
Heather McKay Kimberly Biss watch the whole thing. So awesome. 🤘🏻
Linda Blessing i was crying and laughing watching this yesterday
Vicki Smith Stefine Loewe thought you might like this made me laugh and cry he is definitely missed by many 😢
Ally Haw Such insensitive people on here! All I can say is WOW!!
Ashley Efraim Kshir Freddy thought you might appreciate this Indiana

I love this video.

Video Of A Nonverbal Boy With Autism Saying
Video Of A Nonverbal Boy With Autism Saying 'Mama' Wins Jimmy Fallon's 'Mama' Contest

“I was told at a very young age that I should prepare to never hear Cooper’s voice."

7.1k reactions 108 comments
Thilini Gnanatissa Jaskirat Khadija I can't bring myself to watch it, but I'm already in tears
Kay La Carr Ryan Balcom ugh. Right in the feels.
Elizabeth Kornecki Valerie Hackett its always good to start Sunday with a good cry
Tiffany Everhart Delaney Erway thanks to my man Ashton I found the video ☺️
Val Rae Salvati Bless her and all parents with so much patience, love and compassion. ❤️

If Adam approves, I approve.

1.3k reactions 14 comments
Stephanie Wignal Gifston Wignal
Meghan Dianetti Check out Gary Carpenter
Tessie Estes I approve too! Love it!
Patti O'Reilly Carpenter That was great. I approve!
Laura PS Wow 😲 that was adorable!! Perfect even ❤️❤️!! Sonia Seraficeanu Gilca Irina Calina Ale Edith Alexandra Erdos Check this one girls 😻

I'm glad to see companies stepping up to help Puerto Rico.

7.4k reactions 148 comments
Merry Austerberry Thank You again for the round bread. You're the best😎
Kelly French Will they stay in the air for long?
Sherri Hall We need have this in Dominica as well
Laurie A Christenson so happy to read this,,, yeah google, up to the people to help, govt, wont
Silvia Carpenter Same time you get the help from humanitarian people business and from citizens ..and ignore by you government

Awareness is so important.

Lady Gaga Shares Touching Tribute To Friend Who Died Of Breast Cancer
Lady Gaga Shares Touching Tribute To Friend Who Died Of Breast Cancer

"Everyone’s cancer is different. But the more we talk and share the more we learn."

1.3k reactions 25 comments
Жанна Жусупова Iwasdreamaboutitsincewatchamericanfilmquinofprettynesse
Michael L. Wallace Jr.
Silvia Congiu Alessio Loi
Sally Taylor Oh no Becky Black
Ruth Vasquez

Great tips.

Raise your chance of landing a job before you even interview
Raise your chance of landing a job before you even interview

Here's how to create a great rapport before you walk in the door.

218 reactions 15 comments
Sofía Sjöwall-Martínez Matías Waitforit Sjöwall
Mallory Kelly Ed Newvine
Nikki Musch Crystal Musch
Mayra Alejandra Rosado Harry Nadal
Dom Vavala Attard Het Overseer

"Each [client] has different needs and reactions, so each time it's about adjusting to the client”

3.0k reactions 64 comments
Zia Pepe Good man
Carmen Pineda Go Franz!
Deborah L. DeWitte A pair of angels
Valerie Leveille Bobby, même Ashton Kutcher le partage!!
Lori Trotter This guy...❤️


Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend By Hanging His Own Painting At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend By Hanging His Own Painting At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

"I am very thankful that the guard let us finish the proposal and a little hug before intervening."

5.1k reactions 45 comments
Madeline Van Heusden Shanni dead
Reema Naman Carly Francavilla actual goals
Juana Rodriguez Andrew John Hinger this is the level
Sarah Heyer Mikayla Jost Kelly Zimmerman Heidi GempelerMarlee Freitag IT HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE
Raegan Cleary Liv Souza Madison Paloski YOU'RE CRYING


Food Bank Workers Respond On Twitter After Receiving A 35-Year-Old Can Of Soup
Food Bank Workers Respond On Twitter After Receiving A 35-Year-Old Can Of Soup

It's always best to check expiration dates prior to donating food.

365 reactions 47 comments
Laura Karma Deki You always make me laught, thank u!
Nerys Dodds Alison Taylor, we were talking about this the other day! 😁
Robin Hamilton My parents lived through the depression. They threw away nothing !..
Jody Boller White Might be worth money, that can.
Julliette Julie Wow 35 years old. I am glad they check expiration dates.

We all need to look out for each other.

4.7k reactions 47 comments
Ycenna Finnigan Thank GOD💕💕
Melodoe Marc we sure do👍
Earlene Dawson may God bless you earl. thank you
Sandra Dantaz Were those men charged?
Roseann Griffiths Well done

Which Carpool Karaoke is your favorite?

1.8k reactions 156 comments
Dijana Derlek One direction,Jennifer Lopez,Adelle and Katy Perry
Kenzie Smith They really are all amazing but Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ed Sheeran & GaGa are my fave for sure
Sóldís Lilja Benjamínsdóttir Stevie Wonder and Adele!!!
Margaret Woolery Dont know, but...Love this guy!!!!
Maria Ximena Maya Vega Adele was my favorite and one direction when they were together...

This is trolling I can get behind.

670 reactions 29 comments
Cecilie Aasnes Ida Hel
Jacqueline Rapp Dorothy Buzard
Osnat Khanger Suzanne Ebraheem
Rebecca Ni Anna Hoffmann
LeAnne Jacomin Andrea Peer

Miley has a pretty strong team so far.

This 'Voice' Singer's Gritty Fleetwood Mac Cover Had The Coaches Predicting She'll Be In The Finale

"Your vibe is so cool that it made me want to just be your friend."

913 reactions 62 comments
César Márquez Unfollowing
Sammie Denu Bill Sepic cool Fleetwood Mac cover!!
Chanda J. Albrittain Agreed!
Kayleen Mooney She sounds shocking
Hannah Travis She`s really good

Do you have any favorites yet?

388 reactions 30 comments
Jean Paul Borg Francesca Camilleri
Claiborne Wilds Patton Lindsay Anne McLendon
Lisa Cullin Kenneth Lehman
Nicole Beneke Anette Beneke
Rinda Peyper Theron Marelize Van Zyl Moolman

Speak openly and fight the stigma.

Pete Davidson Speaks Frankly — And Humorously — About His Depression On
Pete Davidson Speaks Frankly — And Humorously — About His Depression On 'SNL'

The internet applauds the honest conversation about mental health.

802 reactions 22 comments
Tori Chin Emily Dabrowski
Kyra Menai Hamilton Sophie Park and Jess Nott...
Liz Riley Bridget Hanson-Caulkins
Discounted Clothing 😍
Sonny Annaguey Huge Like!
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