Ashton Kutcher
14:02 04/20/2017

Great pictures, guys!


Couple's Awkward Engagement Photos Are Making Us A Little Uncomfortable In The Best Way

Inspired by Kate McKinnon and Zach Galifianakis in "Masterminds."

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Alexandra Smith
Asha Stipanicev these are actually real good 😂
Katie DeRosia
Lol...Megan Dunlap, this reminds me of you lol
Jasmin Meadows
Megan Christine Gammell Haha you guys still need to do these haha
Elohims Child
I was thinking the same thing about masterminds movie. Reminds me of that movie
Emily Lum
Erica Burleson we could always do something like this! 😂😂😭
Krista Martinez
Kiera Umphlett you and Jason Umphlett are totally funny enough to pull something like this. Please do someday!
Mona Eller
These two are bound to have a long and happy marriage. A couple who laugh together and can find humor in all things have a strong bond. Congrats!
Bailey Hedge
Samantha Eaton they're copying masterminds and I'd be down
Angie Berrojo
Neva Exum Hutchinson anniversary photo shoot next year pls
Banessa Mejia Gonzalez
Zack Fernandez! Lmao! How about we get inspiration from this couple! Lmao 😂
Liz Addison
I would have had photos like this but couldn't be bothered. Too busy playing on the swings and skipping along the beach.
Tashia Carpenter
Anna Steele, I remember you posting this is your cousin? Welp now Ashton Kutcher is sharing. No biggie 😳
Grisell Martinez
Adriana Muñoz jajajajaja estas estan peor que la pose esa que te dije
Katelin Young
Alexis Andersen whenever you get engaged this needs to happen 😂
Tessa Andersen
Ashley Rogers y'all should do something cute like this hahah

Other newsfeed from Ashton Kutcher

"It is time that we defeated white supremacy as a country united against the hate it represents”

What White Supremacists Don
What White Supremacists Don't Want You To Know

They're creating a din so that you never find out.

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Colleen Knuckles Kossow Ashton,Why didn't you call out hate when the BLM was trashing Ferguson and Baltimore?When they were crying out kill white people ?When they cried out for white cops to be killed ?Then they did and are still doing it!!Where's the out cry denouncing ...
Kathy Lewis-Aucreman you can hate what they stand for,, but it is their right to believe as they choice.. even IF the majority of humans disagree.. in time they will be gone,, until them.. let them gather,, and ignore them.. if you ignore them.. they will go away.. their ...
Chaim Paddaman There are ultra right wing nutters, but the far left wing nutters such as ANTIFA are equally as vile, it is wrong to stereotype all that voted for Trump as white supremacist. The far left thugs are financed by George Soros who admitted his long life ...
Sherri Hammer It's just not the Klu Klux Klan or white supremacist is all hate groups that include your black lives matter Black Panther antifa is the worst one of all right now they promote violence over violence they go to places that are people are trying to do a ...
Daniel Joseph Beagen There should be no place in our society for hate and/or discrimination to exist. White supremacists, Nazis, fascists are all demons and parasites of America's soul. Flush them out, name them, and shame them.

She is the future our country needs.

5.3k reactions 92 comments
Courtney Chiappelli Donna Cambron
Sigrid Elise Fossan Astrid Marie Fossan
Yasmin Khalil Mara Khalil habla como vos pero en ingles
Kaitlin Paul Sofia Pereira watched this and thought of you.
Rachel Grace Brady Marianne LaChance This is the girl I was telling you about.

I wonder if he understands the irony here.

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Faye Drover Time we stopped blaming political parties for the existence of these POS people. If the background on the driver of the "death car" is any example of where these people come from then it's time we started putting the blame on those responsible. They ...
Leon Leszczynski A few people join the military for the skills land knowledge they can share with members of the hate groups to which they belong and will return. Back in the mid 70's we had one such trainee that attempted to do something similar. Once he was identified ...
Bill Chisholm People are stupid, even people who have served in the military. People can be hateful, we have seen tons of examples before the election and after, hatred is everywhere. This hatred is not caused by President Trump, but because the campaign for ...
Joshua Michael King He's just typical lol the fact that he's racist just fits. The airborne stuff also goes with it cause men in the military or Navy or up up an away all band together as ignorant fucktards lol like a frat house with guns. Make him White American and ...
Timothy Mendenhall We still.buying Japanese cars aren't we?

The internet never ceases to amaze me.

42 Interconnected Facts about the Internet
42 Interconnected Facts about the Internet

The origins of the internet date back to the 1960s and its original purpose was to build communication via computer networks. Since then it has evolved into its own universe complete with locations, celebrities, and even gods. Here are 42 interconnected facts about the internet. 42. Tapped In China…

828 reactions 19 comments
Ruth Carr Lauren Kathryn
Karo Eric Mitchell Olivier
Dulvin Ibraliu Armand
Mishka Gaylord Austin Stefka
Lydia Madison Donnalynn Murray Dolan this is right up your alley

What do you think of their collaboration?

1.5k reactions 48 comments
Annmarie McKenna Hufford Loved it
Kessy Tiger love it
Vanessa Marie Love it!!!
Barbara L Beall- Nordin Love it.
Kristina Easiley I think it could have been better. But it was good

Tabloids are getting out of hand. It needs to stop.

One Year After Her Powerful Op-Ed, Jennifer Aniston Has Learned To
One Year After Her Powerful Op-Ed, Jennifer Aniston Has Learned To 'Tune Out' The Tabloid Scrutiny

"Why are we teaching young women this? It’s incredibly damaging."

2.1k reactions 49 comments
Chic Sthlm Gogogo Aniston! 💃👊🏻😘
Mary Bracey Is their anyone who really believes that trash
Phil Every I do the only thing I can to help. Which is never buy them.
Tammy Allen Tabloids have been out of hand along time,I'm poor and still get in the Ohio county Ky, :-)
Todd Levy I have never purchased a tabloid and never will. If people just stopped buying them, they would go out of business.

Don't just get angry, take action.

Olivia Wilde Posted A Hard-Hitting Charlottesville Statement — And It Was Written By Her Mom
Olivia Wilde Posted A Hard-Hitting Charlottesville Statement — And It Was Written By Her Mom

"'Blood and soil’ mixed with weapons is a terrible echo of the past."

1.1k reactions 27 comments
Fix America First Different results require different actions
Wwanda Halldorson Obama , Soros, Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia, ult leftists END GAME.
Angelina Momirovic there is a good reason for anybody with good reasoning
Ashley Olsen Perrot Kooowa
Daphene M Willis Don't people have better things to do then be mean

We all share this country. We're all "real" Americans.

3.0k reactions 61 comments
Joshua Smith Look, a trump rally
Jessica Rink It doesn't matter about color or religion we are all American and should be united
Jeff Cramer If we think this is a joke the joke will be knocking on your door
Paloma España Gracias por compartir, Ashton Kutcher es un gran mensaje.
Mike Collins Our enemies have never defeated us; now they gleefully watch as we destroy ourselves.

Jimmy said it best.

6.3k reactions 90 comments
Laurie Linda Sharpe I understand why people are upset about the happenings and the fallout surrounding charlottesville, but why are there not as many people upset over the Slaughtering of Native American and the horrible conditions they still live in today? Why is one ...
Wayne Johanson But remember Ashton Kutcher both sides were hate groups. In fact who is more hateful then the liberal left that you so love Ashton
Paulla Guerra Eva Toda hora nas reportagens é a mesma coisas ,o governo tem que cortar gastos e altos impostos ....Eu tenho uma solução : Só cortar esses altos salários desses merdas,chega desse exesso de políticos aqui no Brasil que deixa o país falido e não o ...
Kate Maleski He's wonderful and he has an amazing heart😘
Maria Gabriela São Miguel Why can´t you just get along together? We have done that the last century in Europe...more or less.🤔

What are your best tips?

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Kristeen Belle ~Kevin Schoemperlen~
Christine Latimer Jesse van den Berg
Vanessa Torossian Christina Kiki Guerrera Ricciardi All so true!!!
Tom Jenkins Susan Gotsch Porter Read please
Bree Stahura Matt Crowder wowzers

"Fathers set the tone in a girl's life and there's no greater bond”

Single Dad Learns To Do His Daughter
Single Dad Learns To Do His Daughter's Hair By Watching YouTube Tutorials, And Her Different Styles Are So Adorable

“Fathers set the tone in a girl’s life and there’s no greater bond."

1.3k reactions 34 comments
Faye Peñol Frigillano-Nacis Jhayden Nacis
Trisha Trixie Hunter-Merrill Lliam Bicsak
Amanda Donnelly Chris Gaskell
Kirrin Stolen Bobby Bowden
Sarah Betts Sam Edgar

Dads, how have you helped your wives?

448 reactions 30 comments
Molly Scotch Budman Brandon Budman
Maria Del Rosario Barajas Ryan Garcia
Adrianna Maslin Eric
Juliana Schmidt Gambler Sam
Narda Rodriguez Eddie Sedano

Everybody deserves to live their most authentic life.

Chelsea Manning Will Be In
Chelsea Manning Will Be In 'Vogue's' September Issue

She was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the magazine’s 125th anniversary issue.

534 reactions 125 comments
Maggie Luttrell Key word "Authentic" it's not Rocket Science. Come on, you can do so much better than THIS! My respect for you is taking a serious nose dive.
Jewel Landers If Bruce can do it as Caitlyn this dude can do it I guess
Sarah Schmidt I've always wondered what our government is -really- up to. Because of her, I can know the truth behind our soldiers, and their intent.
Ty Billy Broady And then people dead from the leaks of this GUY deserve justice. HE should be in prison right now. You just supported a terrorist and a traitor.
Angela Black Sorry , this would play better if she didn't choose the behavior against our country. Her transformation isn't the issue . Her behavior an for that should not be celebrated.

Fight back against injustice.

708 reactions 37 comments
Todd Werboweski Don't cry over dead communists.
Ashley Olsen Perrot Jt'Mmmmm pour towaa et malitiwi miaouuu kliiiissmaou 🐢🐸🍑💖
Linda Ihde Linstad Estrella RIP Heather.
Molly Elizabeth Whillock Why do protester stand in roads?
Laurie Neider Not gonna say anything.

Recognize your power and use it.

1.4k reactions 16 comments
Lindsay Jane McCrea Theresa Gillespie
Tom Downey kelsos a dope
Kelly Meza She is such a great role model, love her!!!
Francisca Braun ¡Brava!
Lucy Comito Alpert I am looking for posts talking about your work with sex trafficking. Do you post anything about it?

We still have so much to discover.

536 reactions 28 comments
Diane Fulham Blaszka Chase Agheli
Rosie Milhem Matt Disanto
Frankie Laura Najduch Dex Dyer told ya
Laura Pastre Mary Hanula STRESSED
David Schutt Mallory Schutt Kyle Ballerini

Your work was life changing, Kayley.

Teenager With Severe Depression Thanks Hairdresser For Making Her Feel Like Herself Again
Teenager With Severe Depression Thanks Hairdresser For Making Her Feel Like Herself Again

The hairdresser worked on her hair for a total of 13 hours.

2.5k reactions 43 comments
Georgia Coffin Courtney dis u?
Marlena Sheena very cool
Heidi Damman Waw :) Good People on earth do excest, thank GOD
Cinthya Raquel Armoa Colman y vaya que cambio tan magnifico
Carla Teixeira La vida se lo devolverá de mil maneras distintas

I hope her actions encourage more women to speak out.

Why Taylor Swift Is Suing The DJ Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Her For Just $1
Why Taylor Swift Is Suing The DJ Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Her For Just $1

"She's just trying to tell people out there that you can say no when someone puts their hand on you."

5.3k reactions 83 comments
Laurie Caron Good example, happy you won! People can't go groping others like that. Keep your hands to yourself!
Yan Don Yeah...good for u Taylor...let men know women is equal to respect to women..
Shanna Guerrero Thank you Taylor for speaking up and standing your ground. I was shocked at how they tried to make it your fault! My daughter was watching and learning!
Merrily Copenhaver Simms She did amazing. So monumental for women giving a future voice for that 1 in 5
Monique Genanne You are an inspiration Taylor. Don't back down. This has got to be stopped!

Kids should see their lives reflected in their TV.

2.4k reactions 182 comments
Kati Lynn The ignorance on this post is mind blowing. You do understand that a tv show doesn't make your child gay. Just like your kid watching a hot blonde on tv doesn't make them attracted to them. Fact people are gay there is nothing wrong with it or them ...
Yumira Valeria Pérez Dominguez This is not showing any different from a Heterosexual couple, "omg what am I going to tell my kids when they ask why is there two moms?" well the same thing you would tell them if they asked about an heterosexual couple, that these two people love ...
Karen Phillips Oh boy, here come all the hater comments! 🙄
Chelsey Livingston Won't be on in my house, period. Lillie Livingston
JJ Wakeley I'd like to see programs with kids who live with their grandparents

I hope everyone learns from this.

94.3k reactions 3031 comments
Javier Ramos Jairo Alberto you were the first name to came to my mind when I saw this video
Russel Sa'ad Klassen I have a Down syndrome son and he means the world to me. He has changed my outlook towards life. He taught me not to hold grudges, because how he treats people. I wouldn't change him for the world.
Trena Towns My niece has Down syndrome,and my sister-in-law.Be in their presence makes me want to be a better's a unconditional love and acceptance that blows your mind.
Tracey Lee Gerrard This man explaining to his son did the best he could in that moment..he was not ignorant, he was not openly rude...we don't know whether he went home and sat wirh son and explained after thinking through everything...children have this knack of putting ...
Thaer Al-Shayei My son is Autistic and I have this every where I go! I really feel for you Scott Robb ❤️🙏🏾 people these days just judge as they want and explain things in a way which is right for them! But your son is a special boy who is guaranteed heaven so let ...

My thoughts are with everyone in Charlottesville.

1.9k reactions 50 comments
Carolina Mena-Dietsch Why announce it, just do it and be done!! Announcing the removal is what created this mess!
Stephen Mak In reading the commentary over the past few hours, it's remarkable that there are people that don't understand the monumental nature of public space and statuary that occupies it. A statue in a public space is a statement of public values. The ...
Kim Taylor Dopko He did the right thing but he needs to do the same thing to other hate groups like Antifa.
Melanie Philip American History is important and should be embraced, because it clearly defines how America has evolved over generations. A politician should not make that decision because he does not speak for all Americans and neither do the Democrats. I think the ...
Michaela Lavis Your thoughts should be to all who face this oppression and hatred in each world.

Hatred has no place in this country.

17.1k reactions 385 comments
Chris Werner So where is the condemnation of AntiFA and their Brown Shirt tactics? Hatred has no place in any civilized country... and you won't fix the hatred by ignoring the hatred rolling out of both sides of extremists.
Sofia Darsania I grew up never knowing the racial problems (partly because there were no different races in my country, also it was part of the soviet union - fortunately not any more), and whatever I heard about racism - in my mind it was history, long ago solved. I ...
Ronald Alden Jerdee II "Hatred has no place in this country." Yeah, well ex presidents have no place in the news unless they have a condition.
Charles Barnes A brand of tiki torches is denouncing the use of its products by white supremacists this past weekend in Charlottesville. White nationalists marched through Charlottesville, Va. Friday night holding tiki torches ahead of a planned rally in the city the ...
Maggie Scheck Geene He spent his entire presidency fomenting the racial divide

Wow, good job!

660 reactions 25 comments
Josh Rich Melisa Comertpay
Lisbeth Guerrero Cooper Amanda Cooper
Amanda McCollough Jean-Ann McCollough us
Calise LeMontagne Jay Lafontaine us
Steph Greer Not available in Canada. :(

The only people who should be blamed are the perpetrators.

2.5k reactions 39 comments
Smita Michele Steph Miramontes Art this is awesome ❤
Marcel Warfield Arielle
Guy Shamel Tal Netanel Shavit
Justin Jamie Ellison Wow
Rohani Razak Wow

What's your best family vacation story?

676 reactions 26 comments
Andrea Carozza Stephanie Josselin
Sarah Gamache Darice Gamache
Kayla Celisse Dan Wilkins
Marie-Eve Giroux Marc-André Bisson 😂
Catherine M Cadieux Jenny Josse LOL

I love to see people working together like this.

6.7k reactions 99 comments
Lexie Keith Christine Delisle
GiVi Neoficial There're still hope in this world 🌏 ❣️
Elif Sözen Merve Kara insanlar dünyanın en iyi ve en kötü yaratıklari
Ellis Lovett Jay Lovett Brett Lovett.... I bet they were in "save the manatees club"😂😂
Ibrahim Aydın Bu sikdiklerim suriye de okadar insan ölürken bir purotesto yapmıyorlar neden mültecilere yardım etmiyorlar sırf müslüman oldukları için mi

What's on your travel bucket list?

112 reactions 329 comments
Genevieve Lucas Christine Pedro Sadig this is going to be you. And maybe a little inspiration for your next adventure
Dianna Weikel Hasson Too broke it depresses me thinking of ever traveling.
Cynthia Velazquez Baltierra Andrew S J Chung I think it's all about your personal taste and experience
Helen Chivers Steven Chivers I wouldn't mind going to these places when kids have grown up and moved out.
Sofia Ysabel I wanna go nowhere but Point Place, Wisconsin but i guess that's in another dimension

Beautiful cover, Lindsey.

1.9k reactions 99 comments
Starr Phillips Love you Lindsey!!!!
Amanda White Awesome😍
Sherry Miranda She is always a gifted performer.
Katherine Bugden Amy made me think of Jilly!
Martin Miramontes Hope Scharich do you by any chance know who that girl is?

The best way to fight a problem is to talk about it.

644 reactions 14 comments
Andreas Kuhnert Great
Gail Marie So sad so sorry for the loss of your son
Peggy Ford Bassford Admire her!!
Beth Wannemacher So proud to have Megan Barry as our Mayor!!
Carrie Smith I just posted this but it has to be approved (as a new post) It makes so much sense, and I wish everyone would watch it and share it... but even if it helps one person. Like the idea of punishment and shunning and making people feel guilty for ...

I believe in you, Hank.

When A Dog
When A Dog's Favorite Toy Was Destroyed, A Shelter Staged A Hilarious Whodunit

"Animal shelters need your help. The Hanks of the world need your help."

772 reactions 25 comments
Adryelle Villamizar Jacob Shuman
Anisha Joshi Ying Wu
Darren Randall Nathan Wright
Hanna Harper Evie Pope Jamie Zock
Jaimee Turner Damien Turner
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