Christina Milian
21:42 06/24/2017

My goal this Summer is to get out, meditate, and enjoy more of nature and the beauty all around at least 3-5 times a week. I always make sure to have a Premier Protein shake ready for me, because getting my protein in is key! 🙌🏽 Plus, it doesn't hurt that it's delicious! What's your summer goal? #ad #PremierGoal #TheDayIsYours

2.5k reactions 139 comments
Turnin Pagess So fresh🌊🌊👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Andreas Zechmeister Christina happy Summer weekend 🙏🙏❤️🙏🙏
Pj Chelus The beauty of God reflected in nature.
Wanda Ramos This is a beautiful pleased were is that
Kevin Menfee You're so beautiful you're so pretty and you are so so sexy
5 hours ago

Flashback. More at

82.3k reactions 1079 comments
Gretchen Gretchen Anak Nicole Petallo Malaque napaka stunning ng kuha ko dito !☝😍😂👍
Micah JohnSson oczywiście , niema jak Flashback bo flashback jest najwarzniejszy.hah
Tony Fawcett As a red head I am offended by the cultural appropriation.
Adesoji Adeojodu Magazinboa Spot light of red hair nice shot. RiRi she is my number 1 female artist, she's damn good.
Alex Kulakov Asia Shultz deadass thought this was you lmfaooo
Christina Milian
21:42 06/24/2017

These pretty little things. 🌴 Nicole Williams & Melissa Molinaro. Wearing on #NationalPinkDay.

9.9k reactions 240 comments
Lashaw Kelly Beautiful
Edward Brown III Beauties
Woody Bralley Sexy women.
Craig William's Beautiful. Women
Ashorena Enwia Her skirtttt!!!!!!! 😩😍 Dilara Maria
Tony Dize
16:18 06/24/2017

Disfruta lo nuevo #Masqueayerremix arcangel De La Ghetto Rkm y Ken- y

Más Que Ayer (Remix) [feat. RKM & Ken-Y] - Single by Arcángel & De La Ghetto
Más Que Ayer (Remix) [feat. RKM & Ken-Y] - Single by Arcángel & De La Ghetto

Preview, download or stream Más Que Ayer (Remix) [feat. RKM & Ken-Y] - Single by Arcángel & De La Ghetto

133 reactions 0 comments
Tony Dize
16:18 06/24/2017

Más Que Ayer (Remix) [feat. RKM & Ken-Y] - Single by Arcángel & De La Ghetto

Más Que Ayer (Remix) [feat. RKM & Ken-Y] - Single by Arcángel on Apple Music
Más Que Ayer (Remix) [feat. RKM & Ken-Y] - Single by Arcángel on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album Más Que Ayer (Remix) [feat. RKM & Ken-Y] - Single, including "Más Que Ayer (Remix) [feat. RKM & Ken-Y]". Buy the...

315 reactions 1 comments
Emma Victoria Great Song
Tony Dize
16:18 06/24/2017

Disfruta lo nuevo #Masqueayerremix arcangel De La Ghetto Rkm y Ken- y

Más Que Ayer (Remix) [feat. RKM & Ken-Y] - Single by Arcángel & De La Ghetto
Más Que Ayer (Remix) [feat. RKM & Ken-Y] - Single by Arcángel & De La Ghetto

Preview, download or stream Más Que Ayer (Remix) [feat. RKM & Ken-Y] - Single by Arcángel & De La Ghetto

295 reactions 0 comments
Tony Dize
16:18 06/24/2017

Tony Dize

371 reactions 7 comments
Henry Escobedo falta el nene del platino #Cruzito para q sea un super remix
Daniel Ds Brytíâgô wsa bullita es piolaaa
Veró Kastillo Sin embargo yo no puedo dejar de extrañartee.. 🎼🎤🎼🎺🎶🎵💄
Lizandro Daniel Esta página la maneja el equipo de Pina Records, no Tony.
Tony Dize
16:18 06/24/2017

Tony Dize's cover photo

218 reactions 6 comments
Maria De Jesus Hernandez Es buenísimo tema
Balam Gamboa buen tema <3
Dïïcëlö Jävïï Buen Tema, Es Una Sorpresa. No Me Esperaba El Remix.
Chayanne Nuñez Jerez Y k hay de ti tony
Tony Dize
16:18 06/24/2017

Se une nuevamente el Duo Romantico mas Importante. Comienzan con el Remix de Mas Que ayer escúchalo aquí

568 reactions 11 comments
Marcelo Cereceda Juraba que estaba Tony 😒
Christian Palacios Risco Q vuelva Tony Dize a pina tmbn 😍😍
Nesty HP Fue un golpe bajo de parte de tony
Katerusa Arias Me encanta....
Josee Surco Otra nota con toni dize jaja
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 06:12

Everyone should fear The Lunatic Fringe!

30.6k reactions 246 comments
Balchand Parmar Lunatic power
Helen Elizabeth Forbes Hes a looney n gr8 wrestler x lol
Unicah Pollyh Bjjss LOVE You Lunatic❤
Martin Hansov Martin Ivanov The good, The bad and The Ambrose :D
Jessica Sanchez The Lunatic Fringe 💪💪💪💪
Kenza Fourati
02:24 06/25/2017

Back on set! Welcome to Dumbo #nyandcompany! And Happy Birthday @michaelthomaslollo! Pic by @mariansellphoto

100 reactions 2 comments
عاطف خليفة 👍💞
Mohamed Helaoui الحب 💗💗💗
Christina Milian
21:42 06/24/2017

So much fun being on #DailyPop yesterday! Love the E! News fam!

12.5k reactions 407 comments
Michelle Dennis yea u looking lovely. ...u go girl. ...out an clean. ..💛💛💛💙💙💙
Lashaw Kelly Hit me up boo
Mark Adams Saw it today where I am we get it 24 hrs later!
Travis Carnell YOU'RE ONE OF A KIND ❤
11:24 06/23/2017

Navy who's turning up to #WILDTHOUGHTS? Download NOW -->

29.8k reactions 3938 comments
Ell Bee Kay Kay yoo I'm lying if this hasn't been me this week n my kids jus rolling eyes 😂😂
Molly Magin Bridget Toy we need to make a video like this so rih will post it 😂😂😂
Mona Umrao Althea you gotta see this!! Made me laugh so much!! She's soooooo cool, love it!! 😂 #wildthoughts
Abi Ogunde-Arikawe Cringe...she can't make up her mind which move she wants to focus on...😂😂
Brian Murray When you LITERALLY feel like wtf did I just watch. 😑
11:24 06/23/2017

ANTI World Tour dancer x #WILDTHOUGHTS Download -->

14.2k reactions 190 comments
Lucy Sousa Cláudia Santos quero essa música 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Luis Eduardo Bezerra Chris Moraes divulgação pesadíssima
Chasmine Knight They were amazing. . Can't wait till your next tour.
Ahmed Hasan Rihanna call me mow
Rafał Dratwa Love You Robyn ♡
Vice Ganda
01:48 06/24/2017

Laughtrip 'to! HAHAHAHAH

29.4k reactions 566 comments
Lavz Jojit Nung nakalive kau sa haus ni regine kinanta nyo 2 tawang tawa na ako haha tapos dinala mo pa sa showtime super kwela ka vice
Lila Marie Lacanaria Liporada Hahaha! Yung reaction ni Kurba. Nganga sa nganga .. Hahaha ! Kyooot nyoooo talaga 😍💕
Acap Ouano Nam RA Trending online business using laptop or mobile phone. BILLS PAYMENT or BAYAD CENTER-negosyo na legit pwedeng itransact worldwide na gamit lng ang cellphone mo??? Yung pwede mong bayaran ang bills mo sa meralco, maynilad, SSS, philhealth, pldt, ...
Mary Ann Ferrer Soqueso Pag si vice pinapanood ko talaga parang katapusan na ng mundo ko hahaha na uubusan ako ng hangin kakatawa😂😂😂😂
Ryan-vic Navos Yamba buti nlng mabilis tumayo c dumbo dahil kung hindi naku kawawa ang table hahahahaha
Christina Milian
08:54 06/22/2017

SMIZE it's #nationalselfieday 🤳🏾

10.4k reactions 428 comments
Travis Carnell YOU'RE MY CUTIE PIE 😘
Tehrah Creasey Christina beautiful pic big fan😀!!!
André Thornton Oh HELL YEAH!!!!! I just fell in love with you again
Woody Bralley Sexy baby.
Mike Mehlhorn 💃😘👍👌👏👋
Dean Ambrose
17:24 06/22/2017

Not afraid of NO MAN!

32.1k reactions 255 comments
Abia Ramza but you fear lesnar
Kathy Maggie Dean Ambrose... sexiest man alive ❤️
Deep Rai 💪💪com on #dean💪💪
Josephine Koninsky No he doesn't fear brock
Sanele Ntokozo You must kick that little ass coward 'The Miz' Sanele frm South Africa big fan of urz
Vice Ganda
13:00 06/21/2017

776 reactions 12 comments
Anne Marie Dizon Takebe nakakatuwa c vice.see u in japan!
Aeris Lei Arcega 😍😍😍
Misty Anne Gonzales Esquilona .hai vice😍😍😍
Kim Galang Idol po kita ate vice ang galing nyo po mag patawa
Rosel Valeriano Grabi tawa ko sa inyo vice
Vice Ganda
13:00 06/21/2017

819 reactions 27 comments
Renzy Perez Yumi Perez
Erika Caballes Ferrer John Rowell Silang Sainz grl watch dis!!! Hahahah
Elizabeth Mahinay hahaha.napanuod ko to knina.tawa ako ng tawa.ang saya tlga.
Rustine Antonio Plata Laptrip to HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
11:24 06/23/2017

Timeline Photos

6.2k reactions 123 comments
Robosh Curly Like :)
Jorge Caballero Wow
Marlina De Aragon Dave is da man!!
Deecy Kay Day Dee Plz check the group "rihanna true fans"
Aldair Villa :)
Dean Ambrose
17:24 06/22/2017

When will you learn, The Miz?

31.3k reactions 260 comments
Oma Deda Love Dean
Delia Boodoosingh Dean your the best just love you .
Peggy Alderson the miz is Frake pussy
Sam Smith He will learn one day when it's too late not to mess with the Lunatic Fringe, you're the best Dean
টেকনাফের শান্ত ছেলে শহিদ Pretty funny, but i Bolieve it's no surprise that this 2 morons joined the. Miz, he is the "perfect" leader for them, without backbone and guts. paranoid piece of sh't that he is. hope and wish he fucks up completely with his brain bleached barby.~ ...
Christina Milian
08:54 06/22/2017

Life is but a Dream 🦄✨ #EDClv ☄️

6.2k reactions 211 comments
Reginald Alston Damn!!! You are dream....
Adrian Latalladi Hola preciosa
Elick Dinero Cordero Wow U look Sexy..😘🌹🇵🇷
Keith Jones Holla!
Carlos Alberto Vieira Queiroz Linda
Vice Ganda
13:00 06/21/2017

Yung feel na feel ko lang. Pak! #ShakeSpraySpread #BeloBBBodyCream

8.6k reactions 143 comments
Vicky Tumbaga Ka lurke ka Vice
Jessica Roxas Cesa Wow legs! Legs legs legs mo ay nkkasilaw!
Raisa Alacam Nindot ta ug legs nimo vice oi..
Mercedes Reynon Love your legs Sister!!! Iba kang talaga!!!
Steve Wolf Nagiistain ba to sa damit?
22:36 06/20/2017

Who's got #WILDTHOUGHTS on rihpeat? Download -->

74.7k reactions 1474 comments
Fabio Alessandro Chiodo Alanna Cigagna a you kinda song!! The beat in the background sounds like an old song maybe Beyoncé can't figure it out
Laura Thoma Ninni Nguyen she's literally the only person on this planet who can slay blue eyeshadow
Amy Linda Love it. Love it.. and when i heard the Santana sound on the guitar I was like what!!!!! Loved it.. #rihannanavy
Matheus Muniz Dona do meu cu
L'von LaTroy 😍All about Rihanna!👌🏾👐🏾👐🏾👐🏾Should be RIHANNA ft Bryson Tiller and DJ Khaled
Christina Milian
08:54 06/22/2017

Back again!! Diving in the pool

2.6k reactions 884 comments
Tyrone Chastine Hi
Chris Mrrapking Ronck with u in the swimming pooolll. so cute are u both. big kisses 😍😘😍😘
Renee Charest Hello beautiful girls. So amazing to see you all live. Kiss those babies for me.❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋
Nelida Rivera Hi
Ingrid Debetancourt Hi
Christina Milian
08:54 06/22/2017

Getting ready to watch Superhuman tonight

3.5k reactions 1867 comments
Bruce Wafer Hi Liz,Bye Liz,& You Have An Beautiful Child & Christina What Are You Doing well Gotta Go Now"#33!Smile
Tony To How are u doing
Rachel Eytchison U should call me. My daughter would love to see u
Quinn Townsend You know I still have that open invitation for you my friend if you decide to come up this way and want to hang out have a bless evening and stay sweet
Sandra Morris Hey pretty girl voilet. Ur mom rock. Luv u guys. Hi leven. It good to see u growing up so fast.
Tony Dize
03:30 06/22/2017

Se acerca al numero 1 desde Puerto Rico, the one and only Daddy Yankee

Check out this link
Check out this link

The most streamed Latin artist Daddy Yankee invades Europe! #TamoEnVivo

159 reactions 4 comments
Carly Style Escuchen #ROSE Lo nuevo no dudes en darle play a este tema! Aquí el link ...
Cristofer Nava Jacuinde Pina, deja a Tony y su cuenta
Nicolas Bogaren Es tremendo salame que se vuelva a DIOS Y se deje de pabadas y hacer perder a la juventud
Christina Milian
08:54 06/22/2017

Energizer bunny checking in! Tonight's a new episode of Superhuman! Get ready?

5.5k reactions 2158 comments
Awambe Joysline U are so beautiful
Robert Yeckley My superpowers are evil. I don't think you'd like them :p
Quentin Holloway Ima watch the show tonight I never seen it wasup tho you ready to spend some time with me
Juanita EdiBlessing Jones My superhuman strength is being a woman! 😂 juggling a business while writing a 2nd book literally while typing this, while cooking 🍳, all at the same
Christina Milian
20:06 06/19/2017

The fierce look you give when you realize #SuperHuman is back on tonight! @SuperHumanFox on @FoxTV.

41 reactions 16 comments
Tuane Santana ❤❤❤❤
Raheemaa Ml Hiiiii
ياس البدري رؤؤؤؤؤؤؤؤؤؤؤؤعات
Melvin Doesburg Lovely
Maxwell Mbavarire MY WIFE
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