Vice Ganda
6 hours ago

Panoorin kung paano nga ba napangiti ni Ryan "Boy Violet" Aruta ang Unkabogable Star! #IkawAngSunshineKo #ABSCBNSummerStationID2017 #ViceGanda #ItsShowtime #GandangGabiVice Also watch:

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Exylein Mina Sophia haha
Shienna Mae Bautista Matias Camille Mondares Mago ung asawa mo boy
Ane Wor Nelia B Atillo 😂😂😂😂😂
Darren Albuera Alig Angela Morales Nacu sali ka sa kanila 😂😂😂
Kristine Abegail Casuga Bhest Leah Lyn
Vice Ganda
6 hours ago

Sinong sunshine mo? Isa ba si Vice Ganda sa mga nakapagpapangiti sa 'yo? #IkawAngSunshineKo #ABSCBNSummerStationID2017 #ViceGanda #ItsShowtime #GandangGabiVice Also watch:

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Niño Esplana Aroy #PTPA - Sino po gustong maging DEALER ng tatlong NETWORK pero can't afford dahil sa napakalaking CAPITAL? -- GOOD NEWS dahil meron po akong offer sa inyo na pwede nyong ma-avail at masimulan.. Dahil kay LOADCENTRAL hindi lang SMART pwede mong ...
Cary Napiñas hai
Jason Marquez Kadireh ambaho mo tignan dai. Chiki na kyawti pa hahhaha
Khe-n Tarucan gan da ate vice
Vice Ganda
6 hours ago

ABANGAN. #UnkabogableStar #ViceGanda #MagazinePhotoshoot

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Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. "Life is like Facebook. People will LIKE your problems & comment, but no one will solve them because everyone is busy updating theirs."
Jamesica Quines Ganda parin ng idol ko....... weloveyou ate vice....
Keesh Erza OMG may bagong magazine na naman akong mabibili. 😍😍😍
Humpy Dumpty 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴 ganda mo teh
Dean Ambrose
23:18 04/27/2017

Man, this was hilarious!

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Victor Manuel Mesa Molero Hello Dean Ambrose how are you I am (Esteve) I hope you are well Dean Ambrose ok and as goes to all Dean Ambrose this to all very well Dean Ambrose ok and now I want to what can to be very well Dean Ambrose ok and how are you your Dean Ambrose these to ...
Chong Calvin Back when dean ambrose is lunatic fridge and nowadays dean ambrose is lame fridge
Anuj Deswal Hit like if u want to Shield made again....
Christina Andersen Soo funny 😀😀 I am soo sad not to see you at the event in Denmark. You are My absolute favorit 😂😂
Kristin Hill I love this side of Dean Ambrose! Funny and so damn naughty!
Yesterday 17:18

He want that cake cake cake. Out now from #FENTYXPUMA Spring Collection:

22.4k reactions 648 comments
Jamie North Reminds of the heel from white chicks when he steps out of the limo
Princess Liban Najoum Zulthano way inoo thy arooskaga aduu 😂😂😂 hadi oo yabi wayo cake 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gabrielle Otis This reminds me.of Golf Wang when they showed of their shoes with cum on them. As an ad
Boy Vijlbrief Emma weet niet waarom maar moest gelijk aan je denken zal ik een paar voor je bestellen? voor graduation
Juliette Franzetti Laurène Pti Boubou Note pour plus tard : ne jamais faire de gâteau pour Rihanna
Christina Milian
14:48 04/27/2017

Keep this Between Me & You.. 😈

5.7k reactions 321 comments
Muhammad Hisham GREAT <3 <3 ;)
Kemar Anthony Bonitto Lol u sexy i got to say baby
John Wade I will
Kizzy Dixon I rest my case Andrew Jones 💁🏽
Noel Sánchez Omg wow
Yesterday 17:18

Paper Magazine 🗽

71.9k reactions 1424 comments
Maddalena Ianuario Nn sa più cm spenderli sti soldi...troppi soldi vanno in testa e kest e nat ca perz a cap 😕
James Wood It's so annoying that Paper magazine isn't available in The UK 😡
Rahsaan Wright Love Rihanna to death hope this pic ain't the body double
Jelly Blaze Paper magazine always has the best photos!! I love it 😍😍
Efua Omonzane The only person that can pull off a crazy hairstyle and still slay. #fire #slayqueen
Christina Milian
14:48 04/27/2017

Satin Phenom

2.0k reactions 63 comments
Salys Henderson My g
Norman Smith Gorgeous!!!
Joyce K. Williams ✌♎♎♎♎✌
Steve Thompson Hot
Muhammad Hisham GREAT <3 <3 ;)
Christina Milian
14:48 04/27/2017

Venus Rising

2.5k reactions 83 comments
Blackie Norton (:
Ibrahim Saim Sexy
Jimmy James 👀
Mike Corleone Villarreal Very attractive
Blake Coston Gorgeous
Matthew Morrison
04:36 04/27/2017

London! Shows at The Hippodrome Casino on May 16 and 17! Limited tix still available. Get yours while they last:

253 reactions 12 comments
Sarah Berchiche House Carter When paris pleasssse ??
Julie Hommell Think you it is true
Deborah DeSorbo Very nice!!!!
Anna Bella Hi Mr Shue
Wallace Mikaelson Love Morrison 😍🎊🎉
Christina Milian
14:48 04/27/2017

Rise of the Phoenix

5.1k reactions 152 comments
Dee Moore ......👌🏾
Kévin Auguste Thalie Kreyol demande lui pardon.
Chris De Costa I like it
Charles Kelley Beautiful what more can I say
Claudio Porto Hot 🔥🔥🔥⚘⚘❤❤ u hot hot hot me hot we hot lol 🎵🎶🕪
Christina Milian
14:48 04/27/2017

Je t'adore ✨ 🎨 @allari1

772 reactions 54 comments
Ibrahim Saim So sexy
Jermaine Nunnally Smiles I love you and your pretty freckles ;)
Peter Haines BEAUTIFUL picture
Kingsely Cooper 90 LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Subedi Subedi Hi
Vice Ganda
18:54 04/26/2017

Congratulations Vice Ganda! Phenomenal Star of Philippine Cinema at the 48th Box Office Entertainment Awards of the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation! Stay pretty. Stay phenomenal! #ViceGanda #TheSuperParentalGuardians

8.5k reactions 124 comments
Melanie Bello Congrats vice ganda love u
Ofel Navarro Besido congrats vice iba k talaga!!!
Mandy Adriano Ignacio Congrats vice😊😊
Ma Flordeliza Nuñal Navoa Wow! Ikw wala n iba po.God bless!😄
Jae Marie Ann Lim Iloveyouuu! Congrats😘
Christina Milian
14:48 04/27/2017

The end tho.. 😭😂 #dying #beenthere #funnyvideos #repost @tailopez @lizmilian_ @danielle_milian @cubanpuro @mamamilian

568 reactions 49 comments
Gina Rijnen Kipoyi Stephaniie Franker😂😂
Kamirah Williams Arielle Jones 😭😭😭😭😭
Aleksandra Vukic Nati Duregger 😂😂😂
Ivan Jovanovic Albert Molliqi Tamim Na
Sabrina Di Ich hab Flash 😂 FFabio Di FriscoSSofia Si
Tony Dize
09:24 04/27/2017

En Vivo Daddy Yankee

787 reactions 15 comments
Guada Torres saludame daddy soy de argentina!!
Reggaeton new Escuchen lo nuevo de los nuevos #Distinta puede ser tu favrita...
Steve HB Shelly Metselaar
Esteban Gy Amellaly Marcial
Patrizzio Ramírez Lizeth Pérez
Christina Milian
14:48 04/27/2017

Lisa "left eye" Lopes. To a great artist and someone I still look up to. She was the definition of liberation and girl power. We will forever remember you.

7.7k reactions 145 comments
Aries Dishea P A Huge T.L.C. Fan At 10 Years Of Age. 'CrazySexyCool' Is So Classic. I'm 33 Years Of Age, Now. Great, Timeless Music.
Keith Jones My home girl!
George Marchesani Rip lisa
Edward L. Jones III Rest Well Left Eye
Marty Moose Forever Beautiful...<3
Dean Ambrose
10:30 04/25/2017

Felt weird being on that list...

8.2k reactions 121 comments
Elamin Mahmoud Y2j the legend
Kevin Harris Good.
Therese Ulariolopez I love you Dean always
Caitlin Locke Vitagliano Awesome.
Njabulo Ndlela You know what happens when you ask to be removed from the list.... You know what happens.... YOU JUST MADE THE LIST AGAIN!
Dean Ambrose
10:30 04/25/2017

Don't underestimate the power of healing...

Photos: Ambrose extends the olive branch to Jericho
Photos: Ambrose extends the olive branch to Jericho

As "The Highlight Reel" becomes "Miz TV," which then morphs into "The Ambrose Asylum," The Lunatic Fringe makes amends with his former foe.

6.5k reactions 78 comments
Emma Begnaud The Ambrose asylum is a very GREAT show i like it
মহিদুর ঈসলাম ambrose asylum is great
Arshdeep Singh Attt
Feriha Yilmaz ambrose is great
Sardar USama :) PerSonaL Bot PoWeReD By ~> Sardar USama :) 🎭 VISHAL KOLI & C h 💘 β ο τ τ ε r 🎭 ||~~ 💘💘 ~~||
Tony Dize
09:24 04/27/2017

Solo un adelanto de lo que pasara el Viernes

434 reactions 2 comments
Andres Saenz Allá estaremos colega
Joselito Rivera Duro qdo cabrooooonn para lante con Dios por delante siempre oite
Christina Milian
02:00 04/25/2017

Sevyn Streeter & French Montana ✌️☮ #coachella

3.0k reactions 88 comments
Peter Haines BEAUTIFUL
Timothy Jarmon Too cute😊
Lin Dc Y Fardo So cute!!
Itanfuamhen Afekolu U look great, I love ur style.
Sheikh Tahir Cal girl?
Dean Ambrose
10:30 04/25/2017

Feeling a little unhinged in Hammond!

10.4k reactions 102 comments
Tony Bevilacqua That's the ol' titty master for you.
Janet Renee BeCraft I <3 YOU CHAMP
Valerie Anger Is this you dean or do I call you johnothin
Silke Schläger I love you Dean 💞
Mauri TD He looks like dancing
Christina Milian
02:00 04/25/2017

4 all my sneaker heads.. 😜 S/o the staff @flightclub #theyknow #youknow #wheninNYC #sneakerhead #iwantitall #ISSAsneakerTING

2.0k reactions 61 comments
Artur Kaszuba Siemanko...! Oki ! Daj kawałek... ;-) Taaa Dokładnie
Evelin Gomez Love christina
Sławomir Grodzki Hello
Brian M Taylor #BEAUTIFULasYourFEETareYouShouldNeverCoverThemButCuteShoesTho💜
John McGauley Did you pick up those ten an halfs for me? I'll text you where to mail them to a little later, alright beautiful😎
Christina Milian
02:00 04/25/2017

My inner Unicorn is revealing itself.. 🦄💅🏼😝

1.9k reactions 63 comments
Jangir Singh No like
Caroline Ned Love the nails so beautiful
Tracy Cumberland Hey
Charmaine Barnes Love it 😍😍
George Culliford Beautiful and the lines on your fingers tell a story.
Dean Ambrose
10:30 04/25/2017

Let's dance, Baron Corbin.

13.8k reactions 118 comments
Grant Jnr Kruger Dean,you still owe Jericho 15 000 dollars
Marcelo Jeans Jjjjj k Verdugo
Inaam Malik Ambrose fans add and follow me
Grace Harrison hi Dean Ambrose gud luck
Mandy Norris I was there last night
Christina Milian
02:00 04/25/2017

Coachella withdrawals with Michael Costello.

1.1k reactions 35 comments
Melvin Doesburg Nice
Aries Dishea P Goodnight, Gorgeous.
James Edward Ready to come back
Aries Dishea P I Love And Care For/About You.
Bhoopen Mitana Nice
Vice Ganda
06:06 04/24/2017

Congratulations Vice Ganda! Best Talk Show host in Platinum Stallion Media Awards 2017! Stay unkabogable! #PSMA2017

10.3k reactions 168 comments
Gladys Rogel Congratulations to you Ate #ViceGanda!!!!!!!
Raiz Mjj Congrats ms vice ganda...keep it up..
Aliana Shane Bartolano ang galing mo talaga idol.. kaya idol kita ei!!!! i love you even if you don't know me!!!
Aliehs Odrodo Gusto mo ba mag E-loading business? May maganda po akong offer.. just pm me po. Limited slots lang ito. paunahan lang.
Ella Cruz Congrats ate Vice ang galing nyo po at magaling rin kayong magpatawa at ang ganda nyo po at sana makita kita sa personal at idol ko po kayo at sana makapunta ako sa It's Showtime at sa Gandang Gabi Vice at sana maging magkaibigan tayo at sana matupad ...
Vice Ganda
06:06 04/24/2017

Vice Ganda thanks supporters for Best Talk Show host award in Platinum Stallion Media Awards 2017

3.3k reactions 34 comments
Joey Sison Congrats idol, God bless
Jeslin Magalona Arevalo
Mikee Arceo Sna mpsya m ko
Rheanne Lagos Spears ang geleng!!congrats vice
Kharisen Smeortan Congrats Madam
Vice Ganda
06:06 04/24/2017

Ito ang mga dapat abangan mamaya sa Gandang Gabi Vice pagkatapos ng I Can Do That! #YFSFKidsOnGGV

8.9k reactions 38 comments
Gary Abel G Guanzon 💥HIRING💥 #HomeBase_Encoder ✔Can earn .90-2$ per hour (720php in 8 hours a day) ✔Can type upto 30 Words per minute. ✔Unlimited BONUS ✔Daily payout (Encash) ✔E-loading Business ✔Advertising Agent Note: Lifetime WORK & BUSINESS ↘Incentives👇 ❌ Free ...
Meara Jeanne Salazar I LOVE YOU ATE VICE
Justine del Rosarlo Hahahahahahaha ang ganda
Lita Laurente go kids!
Jeslin Magalona Arevalo
Christina Milian
02:00 04/25/2017

#FuckIt 😜 . . . @taodowntown s/o @andrewgoldberg for the good time and all this CAKE tonight! #igotasweettooth #mine

4.8k reactions 119 comments
Napoleon Crimley III Cute couple alert!
Mental Mel Is his hand around your waist lol 😂
Tia Lowe Cake, cake, cake!🎂
Jessica McCray Finally. Happy for you
Krissy Krisette Okay I see you girl he look fine as hell .. he got a brother lmfao
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