Christina Milian
19:30 02/25/2017

Check me out on messenger.. press send message on my profile. Or go to

6.1k reactions 311 comments
Jason Holley Sexiest woman alive right there. CM
Nazir Aleem Peace Goddess
Tony Brown Those dimples drive me crazy
José Oliveira de Moura I LOVE YOU TOO
Evelyne Ngoumela Love you Christina Milian 😎😘👌
Christina Milian
19:30 02/25/2017


34.7k reactions 629 comments
Jeje Estellah Rabezanahary Lol .ts enao rery nteny anzan fa za rer ts mahita hihi ... Mlai beuuu lou eee manja kely :-)
Renard Burton Beautiful woman in those jeans looking good looking sexy . is there anymore room in those jeans.
Joanne McMillan Such a beautiful young lady. But we all can do without the bottom half of this outfit.
Antoine Green Ya I seen her and look back at the poetry the ass I mean...
Rick Roberts Those pants, or whatever they are,, I like sexy but that's ridiculous.. Lol
Christina Milian
19:30 02/25/2017

Me all Festival Season... 😍 @violetMadison @mychalbella 💫

1.3k reactions 29 comments
Markus Ziegler Sabine Ugwu
Jodie Kane Megan Bunyan
Charlie Favreau Molly Chenail Frédérique Favreau
Lopez Viry Cesar Delatorre Monique Norell Mia lol
Sisco Gutierrez Felicia Sandoval Logan be like
Christina Milian
19:30 02/25/2017

Breathe and Stop.. 🍒 #tgif

6.2k reactions 204 comments
Ray Rosa Oh my lord. Bless u. 😍
Art Kasak Oh boy
Luke Rosewell Damn girl your sexy like anything xxx
Emmett Jeffreys Super sexy
Timothy Russell 🔥🔥🔥💥💥🔥
Bruno Gagliasso
07:06 02/25/2017

Estamos juntos nação rubro-negra! 👊🏻⚡ #vaipracimadelesmengo #orthopride

178 reactions 4 comments
Johny Santos É isso ai
Ana Kelly Santos 🏅Sempre unidos...Haja o que houver, venha o que vinher ⚽
Lidiane Dos Santos Veríssimo Bruno gagliasso gosto mto do seu trabalho e gostaria de saber se vc vai voltar a fazer a mini série dupla identidade ameiiii demaissss @brunogagliasso amo!!
Matthew Morrison
09:18 02/25/2017

Flashing back to a magical time on Broadway with my Finding Neverland crew. This number was always such a fun one to perform each night.

503 reactions 27 comments
Eleni Tritsiniotis Anthony Theodore 😍😍😍
Carol Fiori Guilherme Gila, Lucas Morassi
Emily DeHope ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shannon Byrne So amazing!
Tarra Jo Cushing Saw it twice on Broadway and I looooved it!!
Christina Milian
19:30 02/25/2017

Love this snap with Liz Morris at the Hope Gala. IrvingMorris Foundation

6.1k reactions 60 comments
Allan Kizzi Hmm, u look like mane
Guerrero Alex Beautiful both chickas
Jason R Louie You'll always be gorgeous
Tremaine Moore Very sleek Milian👀
Melvin Street beautiful
Tony Dize
14:06 02/25/2017

#OtraCosa #DaddyYankee #NattiNatasha

1.1k reactions 2 comments
Marcos Daniel Holaa, Soy Marcos Daniel, soy un artista nuevo y busco la oportunidad de darme a conocer... Los invito a pasar por mi FACEBOOK y disfrutar de mi nuevo estreno, los espero con mucho gusto. Me ayudarías muchísimo si le das "Me gusta" a este comentario ...
Antonio Sosa Santiago Hermano si te quieres dar a conoser tienes que mejorar mucho,tu tecnica no tiene destresa no sientes lo que cantas y parese cono si estuvieras cansado,letras sin animo..Echale ganas Marcos...
Bruno Gagliasso
07:06 02/25/2017

Minha gata e minha amiga amada Preta Gil no vídeo novo do GIOH. Está no ar no canal do YouTube. Tá demais!

Brilha, brilha! | GIOH
Brilha, brilha! | GIOH

No novo vídeo do quadro “Na cama com Gio Ewbank”, nossa musa entrevista ninguém menos que Preta Gil. A cantora conta tudo sobre a sua carreira e trajetória na música, comenta sobre algumas polêmicas que já envolveram seu nome e ainda responde algumas perguntinhas dos internautas. Está imperdível! An...

715 reactions 11 comments
Sandra Araújo LINDAS😘
Thyrelene Paiva Amo o canal GIOH 😍😍😍😍
Emilia Kruger QUE vida FANTÁSTICA !!!!!!!!!!
Pâmela Ávila De Quadros Borges Eu amo assistir o Gioh, estou ligada no canal.
Aleidiana Reis Silva Lopes Lindas
Christina Milian
19:30 02/25/2017

Good Morning my loves. 💫💫

6.2k reactions 75 comments
Pat Soulouque She s amazingly beautiful Christ.
Tersoo Bendega Growing.
Wilson S. Mwesigwa It's good evening the other side of the planet. 😊
Kevinividivici Louis ADORABLE PICT.... : ) EXCELLENT...
Shiela Denise Scott 2 cute!
Vice Ganda
23:36 02/24/2017


122 reactions 2 comments
Edna Nazareta Nice vice beautiful smile.
Lettie Broqueza Manoy Froilan of Cam.Sur ---oragon ka tlaga ---all the best hope manalo ka sa TNT sa showtime 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 04:00

Never count the Lunatic Fringe out!

14.7k reactions 100 comments
Chaudhary Vilas Kumar dean you are the greatest you are my favourite
Linda Bubu what a beautiful smile <3 senpaiiio
Deam Ambrose Nice pic
Diane Trepanier Dean your a diamond in the rough . Lol love you ,
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 04:00

All the chaos in this match... LOVED it!

24.2k reactions 131 comments
Manav Awasthi Ambrose will defend his IC Title WWE Wrestlemania 33
Linda Bubu awwww senpaiii <3
Silke Schläger I love you Dean
Karen Swanson It's always a good time when Deano's around!
Ronald Donald can't miz copy a leaf from dean coz he's so lunatic as his name match was fabulous
Tony Dize
14:06 02/25/2017

Escucha en Spotify #MASQUEAYER lo nuevo de Arcángel y De La Ghetto

97 reactions 3 comments
Bryant Mayers Lo que tu digas mi amor <3
Valdito Rosario Piña puerco usando las redes de tony para promocionar LECHONASO.
Evans Hernández Oye papi te as perdido de las redes te extraño mucho amor 😱😍😘💏💋💋💋
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 04:00

The Lunatic Fringe was UNLEASHED!

32.1k reactions 170 comments
Chawan Bahd Dean Ambrose I want to meet you
Chawan Bahd Dean Ambrose I Like You
Grace Ayebazibwe Ur always mi best Dean I love u lots
Silke Schläger I love you Dean
Kathy Maggie Dean Ambrose...sexiest man alive ❤
Christina Milian
19:30 02/25/2017

Tag your bestie... Karrueche Tran

10.6k reactions 175 comments
Douglas Andersen want me to wup bobby
Sylvester Porter Hi karrueche
Michelet Shelot Jules I love u Christi
Sławomir Grodzki Nice :-)
Christina Milian
19:30 02/25/2017

Spinning in Park City. DJ life with DJ Ruckus.

2.5k reactions 18 comments
Adama Ouedraogo Christian Milan go go go.. it's your birthday Milan
Detia Rachmadhanii AZzahra Watch_Get_Out#_Full_Movies
Bigsocrate Matondo beautitul girl!!!!!
Melvin Doesburg Nice
Jordan Hodge #goodnight
Christina Milian
19:30 02/25/2017

I'll be missing you.. #TurksandCaicos

15.3k reactions 417 comments
Glen Pitt Who are you miss want to know
Glen Pitt Wish it could be much more simpler
Shaquille Powell I want you to miss me even when you're on the road I want you to call me whenever you get bored I want you to visit my soul when it's times you can't reach me I want you and I want you to want me plus you can come to my crib anytime sooner or later ...
Godson Castro Estas pretty. Pero te Mira's como una de las mama de mi hijos. No se puede por otras rasones...Que no entiendo
Rania Ozil Samar Mohammad is this u? Forget about the boobs part
Christina Milian
19:30 02/25/2017

I've been dreaming of you..

11.0k reactions 547 comments
Phorphet Morrison I wish it were true (me) beautiful angel. Luv you later baby girl...
Michael Miller Of me?! It must be a nightmare. It will be okay dear. Back to sleep.
Joshua Burks Dreams is an conception of the mind which can cost you everything. But fyi my love dont cost a thing.
LeQuincey Jovan Perkins I guess been dreaming about each other for a long time. I'm awake, been waiting on you still. :P <3
Darryl A. Williams That movie you were in she had to be too and a day after church the reverend don't see us this way I need you
Vice Ganda
23:36 02/24/2017


196 reactions 9 comments
Samantha Gilua Mgpatuloy.klng mgpasayA.vice
Angelica DeDios Ang gandah tlag ni at vic
Bonghanoy Tejoc EL Iloveyou kim
LeiJourney Hertz buntis na si karil
Maria Michelle Pariz Nakamura Ganda ni kim
Christina Milian
06:42 02/23/2017

Came across these two gems... my life is complete 🍀

429 reactions 47 comments
Norman Foster I won't some friend lol
Joseph Daniel 😋😋. May I have please
Johnson Que ‼️Any Active Credit Unions NAMED MACU🏔🇱🇷SunCoast🌅🏦, Vystar🌟🏦 , Huntington ✳️🏦, PenFed🏦 , Allegacy🏦 , American First 🇺🇸🏦, ESFCU 🏦‼️MAKE $2,500 - 7k IN 24 HOURS TRUSTWORTHY PEOPLE ONLY ‼️ DM ME.
Kartik Lal Christina Milian ....Those two are my favorite
Eche Moses u know how to fix itself besties he is got hi wave transmitting networking. so hack his saver
Bruno Gagliasso
07:06 02/25/2017

Meryl sabe das coisas ⚡

3.7k reactions 59 comments
Corina Dick Estamos precisando de uma Meryl.
Pilar Iglesias A escolha na vida é tudo! Vamos pensar!
Ricardo Oliveira Bruno Gagliasso além de lindo é extremamente inteligente ❤❤❤
Vera Gutierrez Idiot
Claudia De Albuquerque Magalhães Ela é foda!!! Amo!!! ❤
Christina Milian
06:42 02/23/2017

Caught in the act.. 😳 🌺

2.0k reactions 86 comments
Darryl A. Williams Are you hiding from what!!!
Melvin Street beautiful
Adama Ouedraogo Are you hiding from what!!!!
Keith Hockaday Hey 💖💖🍪
Arnulfo Chavez Presiosaaaaaa
Christina Milian
06:42 02/23/2017

Best friend magic 🙌 Karrueche Tran I love her... ❤️

8.5k reactions 147 comments
Mla Sam Listening online to MLA - I See Them (Coming) Track- Single track previews.
Sławomir Grodzki Pretty
Sergio Fiordiriso Bellissime
Cleve McVane Jr. Sweet.
Chanel Cmg Ok chris is going to be after you
Christina Milian
06:42 02/23/2017

LOL at this video hahahaha yaasss! @_cornell__ I spy a Pretty On Fleek Tee 👀😍

359 reactions 91 comments
Nicole Muteji Sylvester Olsen 😂😩
Primo Cee MamaKyrah IsSex oh way more then that
Chris Johnson Dania Gomez 😂😂😂😂
Ondrae Brooks Tenita Bradley
Donna Huicochea Alejandro Cardozo Jr. Please & Thank you!! 😁😂😍😘
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