Yesterday 00:24

The Fenty X Puma Cleated Creeper is back in new colors... Oct. 19th!!

14.3k reactions 442 comments
Rachana Scott These are dope I wish LQ was home for me to bothering him about these
Daniela Cobos Wey, todavia no tengo los primero y y sacaste como 30 colecciones despues de esa No me hagas esto ploiiix😭😭😭
Adrian Sblendorio Alexandra Nogueira ils vont chaque fois rajouter une couche, zahma la semelle c est un gateau
Kevin Ross This looks almost like the shoes I wore in prison. Get the Fuck outta here.
Вадим Николаевич Рианна обнищала стала рекламировать обувь? Если бы не Эминем Тебя Рианна не кто не слушал бы. Людям ненравится скучное нудное дерьмо.
Dean Ambrose
06:24 10/17/2017

WWE Raw: Tag Team Championship Match

3.6k reactions 42 comments
Irfan Qureshi I hope thy beat shemus and sezaro
Razan Ali الله يلعنو سبزارو الحيوان
Mujtaba Ch Sheild will be destroyed at TLC
Prashant Sinha Ambastha Best & better
Julieta Mejia-Pedroza the shield will win
Dean Ambrose
06:24 10/17/2017

WWE Raw: The Shield Is Ready to Dominate

11.5k reactions 167 comments
Teddy Skiddo Vicker Nice to meet you in unit, I love Roman reigns
Dusty S. Jostlin Minus the new ring, arena effects, and Seth without the blonde hair I thought it was an old promo.
Joseph James The shield is back better then ever ooh yeah they are back wwe watch out there back
Simo Tan Jawi Empire Welcome back the shield
Va Eagle Coming back stronger than ever...
Dean Ambrose
06:24 10/17/2017

Relive the destructive history of The Shield

13.1k reactions 152 comments
Dusan Vukicevic Wow The Shield is Back for more Distrucktion!
Rick Warney I believe in the shield could kick anyone ass
Ricky Bailey Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I do Believe in the Shield are back in Stay, for ever more.
Michael Micky Cairns Yes the shield is back.... #thehoundsofjustice #believethat
Rachel Eldridge You boys are unstoppable and awesome
Dean Ambrose
06:24 10/17/2017

Championship gold and in The Shield... some things never change.

10.2k reactions 133 comments
Jacob Trujillo I no.you all will tack then 5 out at tlc I no haw to
Aïshalze De Amor Titush Mwaaaah Dean..... Too happy wen my eyez discovered the return of the sheild
Kärmà Tshelthrim Yõêzêr Well come back sheild u 3 brother la.
Bishal Das So the shield ready for the next challange
Ali Dinaly Your orlire man so make sure no any can ctopit the shiled
Yesterday 00:24

Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter. FentyBeauty

19.2k reactions 299 comments
Etus Njenga How does one eat this one?
Rolexis Love colors! Let's grab lunch Ri Ri!
Charlotte Franklin no where in the uk shops sell this brand :'(
Yaya Penpicha just think when i buy for 1 week after i didn't touch it again
Meenakshi Darden Ishani what are we waiting for, CHRIISSSSTMAS?
Dean Ambrose
06:24 10/17/2017

Brothers for life.

45.2k reactions 383 comments
Yash Ghosh Anik #AmbReigns is the best tag team patner in the world #believe_that
ZeeShʌŋ Im so glad there back together💖💖❤❤
Lizzy Simeon This is touching and amazing AmbroReigns for life
Namugerwa Joan Gift Dnt end up luv Enzo and..or Owens and..
Christina Milian
21:54 10/16/2017

Adelaide came out to PLAY! Thank you guys for making it an unforgettable night w/me! @rnbfridayslive #show4 #dipitlow #internationallove

3.8k reactions 152 comments
James Griggs You should let me love 😘⚘
George Culliford Your still Special to me
Solo DA Don #Goddess
Esteban Vidales Wow very hot and beautiful lady
Christ Alain Abelenguet Beautiful!
Vice Ganda
02:00 10/16/2017


5.3k reactions 79 comments
Cade Ballarbare P.T.P.A. thank u.. Eloading business sa halagang 290 for sim activation may free 100 loadwallet m Ksma pwd n mkpgload SA lhat Ng netwrk... 💯% legit.. pm me f ur interested...
Lady Anne DelPilar Ching I need advertising agent and encoders, Na gusto kumita habang nasa bahay lang🏠. Encoder 50 to 100 kada oras at Advertising Agent na kaya kitain ang 300 and Up kada araw using your Cellphone 📲 & Facebook? Registered under SEC po ito sa pinas. Worldwide ...
Orquijo Parao hi ate vice ang ganda nang show mo sana mgkita tyo mtagal kona gusto kita mkita idol na idol sana mbsa moto gdblss ate vice ingt lagi.
Anitsuj Arjona Oalle Hi vice ikaw talaga nagpapasaya sakin sna mkita ng personal at sana mabasa mo to
Nhor Shana Akhiya hi,Vice I Love You So Much & More Much
Dean Ambrose
06:24 10/17/2017

Don't anger a Hound of Justice.

32.7k reactions 290 comments
Jolene TheQueen Weller ~Show them ALL how it's done! Take no prisoners. SHOW NO MERCY!
Jill Watson Seth is the best guy of the shield of all time then roman region's
Kenneth R Holland My grandson so wants too meet this guy
Abdul Kahar Molla MY Favourite Dean Love U bro... My name is AmBrose(AB) #AB the Lunatic fringe
Philip Egi Egerer "Mhh, Seth has drunk the last coffee again!" :-) You rock Dean! <3
Yesterday 00:24

Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick. FentyBeauty.

23.4k reactions 400 comments
Kim Cowan Jna Brogan have you purchased any of these ?
David Bryan Leite Betchinho if u love Rihanna as me like this post
Itzú Gurrola We need the galaxy collection in Sephora Mexico too! 🙂
Nathaniel Baker Okay to park looks so beautiful very appealing tothe eye
Lauri Sheldon Blackman Love you Rihana .God bless you always.
Vice Ganda
02:00 10/16/2017

Christmas 2017. #TheRevengerSquad

3.1k reactions 68 comments
Leah Sapinoso Alonte Petmalu lodi im so excited na sana mag december na 😊😍
Rechell Dumolong Siray Petmalu lodi😘😍 manunuod talaga ako yan meme😘
Michelle Sulit Tupaz Ganda!exited na ako hayabayabayu! LODI!!😍😘
Monisa Tomambiling Lampo Aabangan ko talaga yn xcited ganda ang movie na to....
Vice Ganda
02:00 10/16/2017

Ito ang mga dapat abangan mamayang gabi sa Gandang Gabi Vice! Pagkatapos ng I Can See Your Voice #GGVKagigilSiAga

5.8k reactions 87 comments
Gimmni Palma Hahaha..manonod n AQ lgi nitu ng GGV...
Amellia Rose Parada I love you ate vice
Kheaine Balon Sana lagi sya sa ggv...
Jacky Cirera Ask Lang po SPG po yan kahit Bata ang guest? Curious here.
Arlene Dela Torre Real Wafu ni morniiing!!!!😨😱😂😂
Christina Milian
21:54 10/16/2017

From the front to the back let's go.. hear this! 😜Woooo! #happyvibes RNB Fridays Live

6.3k reactions 180 comments
David Swartz saw the video earlier and you wearing these skimpy tight white spandex shorts.. nice Va JJ btw
Dustin Keaton Im gonna go there twice the fun.
Dexstar Lamar Girl you so bad i could 😛 you if you let me lol so so beautiful😘
Anis Afkir 35 yo you're kidding me mate. Leon Kojo Appiah
Pam Challis Can't wait for next weekend
Dean Ambrose
06:24 10/17/2017

Some wild times at WWE Saskatoon!

17.8k reactions 127 comments
Jessica Ballew Love Ya Dean i watch just for you and roman reigns both of you are my favorites.
Kacee Michelle Roberts Can’t stand Rollins he’s a pansy mooching off Ambrose and Reigns
Carrie Colson Dean you are the man in your unique way. I watch wrestling just to see what Is next. Don't ever change.
11:36 10/15/2017

Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette. FentyBeauty.

25.5k reactions 716 comments
Chnur Ayub Make uapakant awana grana magar bas xot taqyan bkaytawa xanm riri achita amazonawa a7apasey ba dyar nrxakantawa 😂
Deahra Shelton I hate eyeshadow but that case Yessss
Julie Pham ugh the packaging is to die for Ashley Wu
Dana Johnson Always love u been the best but now u have to find Richelle Ryan who is now Mrs Johnson
Christina Milian
21:54 10/16/2017

Spectrum is about to drop MTV and 22 more channels! That means no more 90’s House! Call 888-250-5557 and tell Spectrum to #keepviacom

239 reactions 18 comments
Aim High Mic Picasso
Boulaye Camara Cool
Bittu Bittu Iluiluilu
Yonah Kell'e Paul Very interesting
John Schruff can I say it via sms? what is the international format of this number?I like 90's house...
Christina Milian
21:54 10/16/2017

International Love.. from A.m. to P.m. Press Play ▶️❣️#rnbfridayslive #perth #australia

6.8k reactions 189 comments
Tone Otero Garbage
Jake Portela-Nagas Heaps of people came to Aus only hearing about it in the last day or two
Ebenezer Kamasah I like you the way you stand at studios
Yunae Antoinette Christina Milian I wanna come dance with you! Wassup?!
Timothy Green I did not know you were a singer!!!
Christina Milian
09:06 10/14/2017

68 reactions 3 comments
Azhar Ali Ghy
Christina Milian
09:06 10/14/2017

Can you handle this 🔥 The RNB Fridays Live tour is in full effect 🇦🇺!

1.7k reactions 97 comments
Hakeem Lyon Super cool
Henry Smith ❤️💋⭐️🔥
Emery Plourde You are sexy Christina
Reggie Rich Looking Good Baby looking Good .
Mel Soto Get It Nena!
Dean Ambrose
17:36 10/14/2017

This is just a taste of what you're going to see at WWE TLC...

44.9k reactions 319 comments
Laureen Chirichiello I can't stand u Strowman,hope u can read! LoL!!
Deep Mehta omg !!! shield is one of the best strongest & powerful tag time that haven't seen in my life ♥♥♥♥♥
Chris Judd Shield mowed through a bunch of losers and the cool Kofi Kingston.
Moha Abdull Moha Diino Maahi 3 daan oo is helay cidna kuma aaado wlhi sxbow
Shawn Briggs Except that's not Braun lol
11:36 10/15/2017

FentyBeauty #GALAXYCollection is out of this world! Shop now at http://ri-hanna.io/fentybeauty, SEPHORA and Harvey Nichols.

18.2k reactions 410 comments
Alejandro Alarcon Can you send Hi tothePepe from baby from riverside
Panatia Gypsy All day they been playing Riri tracks 😘😍
Gil Mostro Japluma I can't remember to forget you Riri
Chelsea Nicole Walker Lori Walker I want Rihanna's makeup for Christmas 😊
Ashley Thornton I can't wait to try this collection! 😍😍😍😍
Vice Ganda
13:12 10/13/2017

Be part of the UNKABOGABLE cosmetic launch ngayong taon! Join us as we celebrate #GandaForAll with phenomenal star Vice Ganda with special guests Maymay Entrata and Kisses Delavin! Get your tickets sa Vice Cosmetics store Trinoma, Farmer's Market, Market! Market! and selected SM Department Stores: North Edsa, Fairview, Masinag and Megamall! #GandaForAll #MayWard #KissMarc

2.4k reactions 113 comments
Miranda Glorie Lyn Share q lng po ito inyo ha. Nang dahil sa kaka-fb kumita aq ng 8,200 pesos in 2. days. Pwede rin po kaung kumita tulad q.Pm me for details
Dave Rita Bordeos ate vice bibigyan morin simaymay ngpabango na galing sa affiocinado yan ate vice
Zhelay Rubiales nakakuh ako ng 3 VVIP tickets =) sipag at tyaga lang hihi
Samuel Smith ANO ANG UNITY WEALTH? Ang UNITY WEALTH ay isang affiliate marketing or online affiliate na pwdeng mag pa member sa halagang 100 pesos. Ito ay nag simula noong July 12, 2017. Ang CEO po natin ay si ANTHONY MENDOZA. So ibig sabihin ay kaka start palang po ...
Sweet-Cile Ayalen Flores Yay! The one and only bebe girl Gorgeous #MaymayEntrata #MayWard fan here. Thanks to unkabogable Vice Ganda. <3
Vice Ganda
13:12 10/13/2017

Ready na ba kayo sa bangong nagpapaganda? Gaganda ang feeling, gaganda ang dating! Available na ang Vice Ganda EDT and Colognes sa mga Aficionado stores nationwide! #ViceGandaAficionado

2.9k reactions 61 comments
Jhomer Merano Estrada Can't wait to have one soon. 😍
Peterdave Nokuchikuchi May adik
Liza Lappay Wow, taray
Yhelle Coralde Yehey! Meron nako. Thank you Hon Norman Ibe :*
Danny Flores Lumibao Idol ko yan .hihi
Vice Ganda
13:12 10/13/2017

"What's up madlang people?!" subaybayan ang ABS-CBN Its Showtime 11:45am to 3:00pn para sa product launch ng AFICIONADO Vice Ganda EDT & colognes with Joel Cruz the Lord of Scents in attendance. Mapapanood live o via livestreaming at replay sa www.iwantv.com at TFC sa international viewers. Mabibili na sa mga Aficionado stores nationwide. #ViceGandaAficionado

2.0k reactions 32 comments
Romar Senador Casas please click and share her pic please https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1561004073922583&id=566907369998930&set=a.1560999527256371.1073742127.566907369998930&source=48
April Medina Bautista Isa po akong full time mommy.. Homebased job po ito at business all-in sa 600 pesos na activation fee ng ireregster mong account... Nasa bahay lang..kasama pamilya.. 14k in 10 days..check my timeline for proofs. Sino gusto matuto gawin to? -eloading ...
Catherine Patrocenio Montaniel 💁🏻Earn USDOLLARS kahit na sa Pinas ka! Planpromatrix online job made it possible for you! Kumita kahit na sa bahay ka lang o kahit Saan basta may internet connection, pwde OFW, housewives, tambay, estudyante or kahit ano ang status nang buhay mo pwde ...
Ruby Fedillaga Olmilla Efrielle Torres Alteza manuod kn jn hhahahhaa
Praveen P Anyone looking for true friendship, please add me
Christina Milian
09:06 10/14/2017

Hours ahead of you, miles away from you & I still can't get enough of you.. ❣️ @fashionnova #ootn

4.5k reactions 169 comments
Jonathan Shelton I see you bbygirl ! 😍😘💯 "Do what you do" 👍👅
Donnell Holley 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 sexy Christina
Charles Kattan Enjoy your tour.
Robert Jason Denning Marry me Christina Milian
Rusell Green Every thing is on the other side of the road mate!!! and im just playing its not to bad over there...
22:48 10/12/2017

4.4k reactions 163 comments
Claude Mboumba She's gorgeous and have a nce body to be the best woman fashion in the world ! Love you
Billy Blok Chakri Toledo Castillo she talks about how she manages people in her fashion line
David Malfione Rihanna I'm definitly falling love for you!
Mbosse Gueye nice nice nice i love you rihanna you are a legend big kiss
Vanvander Julius I love you so much Rihanna you are the best
Christina Milian
09:06 10/14/2017

Tonight is day 2 SYDNEY! RNB Fridays Live Tour!

3.8k reactions 103 comments
Rodney Sbwilliams Ok baby u lookin lovely!
Danisha Hobbs Awesome Boo
Travis Carnell YOU ARE SO DAMN FINE ❤
Mostak Ahmed Looking So Gorgeous!!
Jasper Allen Killing it gal blessings
22:48 10/12/2017

Goes down TOMORROW #Fridaythe13th! Get ready to take off for the #GALAXYCOLLECTION...

63.2k reactions 1094 comments
Jusa Bey My darling😍❤ you're só amazing😍i love you so much girl!😍
Ben Newman Gorgeous but I have to say I am used to getting the cold shoulder from you Riri Rir 👍🏻
Sammy Wammy Ok so just coz she's famous and a rich ***** there's compliments 💁 seriously Ma sha Allah she does look amazingly stunning but care to take a look at her eyes do you see happiness or sadness I'll let you answer for yourself
Darnyelle Cavalcante Rihanna me leva pra passar um final de semana na sua casa . 😍❤ MARAVILHOSA
Estefani Love I am fell in love with her.
22:48 10/12/2017

Creepers on point... The new Fenty X Puma "Pointy Creeper" is available now at http://ri-hanna.io/fentyxpumaEU and select retailers (Madison Shoes, Bloomingdales, SIX:02, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and more)!

13.4k reactions 432 comments
Véro Deronde Alexis Monette i dont see them on the site???
Dumisani Ncube She's making an move for a good reasons wild thoughts
Tammy McGill I love Rihanna but those shoes are ugly AF
Clélia Massé Caroline Berrichel Pourquoi est-ce que je suis tombée amoureuse ?
Pierrick Jalma Amemoutou Gaëlle Jalma Klévine Jalma je vous apprend rien mais je vous identifier quand même car c'est trop beau... 😍😍😍
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