Armin van Buuren
10:48 07/16/2017

Ultra Europe 🇭🇷🙏

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Ultra Europe 🇭🇷🙏

8.2k reactions 55 comments


J Daniel Santiago
T H E K I N G !
Raj De Maria
Hello trance legend glad to see u after a long time....
Armin Genesis
Le mejor de lo mejor gracias por este show #ARMIN_VAN_BUUREN
Ayoub Eddari
The best
Alvir Ana
Eluu Ottonelli
Amazing!! @Armin van Bureen
Cristian Juarez
Agradesido of averte known in Asot 700 .. total idol..
Claudia River Medlody Oswald
😍😍😍😍😍 Armin forever
Erzsebet Csernati
Azhar Ali
Armin 😍😍😘😘💗💗
Mara Peña
Babe 💜
Anthony Breant
Marie, sinon il y avait ici en Croatie aussi :D
Gabriela Perica Vučko
Χρυσούλα Χειροπούλου
Armiiiin ❤❤❤❤
Sonja Mulder
What a set 😍🎶🔈😎🙌🏼🤗

Other newsfeed from Armin van Buuren

We <3 trance!!! Taking over this playlist 🔥

4.7k reactions 123 comments
Giovanni Antonella Di Palma j love trance is my life
Mariana Stoiculescu Trance is life!!!!
Armind Tunes Here's my Trance top 1000
Sherif Essawi In out love , Armin is my favorite best DJ ever
Achraf Errachidi Don’t trust who don’t listen to trance music..keep it in mind 👌

I want to be in that moment!! Who's with me?

5.8k reactions 215 comments
Alina Illusion Be in the moment...I Live for that Energy ❤️❤️❤️
L̳u̳i̳s̳ G̶ër̶a̶r̶d̶o̶ Hi, Armin van Buuren, I'm with you, I hope you come back soon to Mexico, we love you! 🙋🙌😋
Richard Campos Please give us this on sat . DrEamState is days from here
Charmaine De Klerk I want to be in that moment always!!! 😊🙌❤❤ Have an AMAZING week Armin!
Rosa Ninfa Vargas Gonzalez IM WITH YOU MY SIMPHONY OF LIFE💖✌:)

Out this Friday.. Here are your A State Of Trance future favorites including 'I Need You' thank you guys!!!

5.5k reactions 117 comments
Diego E. Avila Rivas Back to the roots :(
Samrry Garcia Danny Rivas llevame a unoooo! 😲😭
Israel Garrido Marisol, mira amor 😍
Gustavo Landgraf Lari Schiave, a música que eu não paro de ouvir 🙈🚀✈️
Sachi Aikiyō You're welcome! Armin❤🙌🙏

Last night... Be In The Moment in Liverpool!!

4.5k reactions 84 comments
Lukasz Czarnolewski I was in this moment....😎🔊🌡🔥◽☝✌👍❤💙💚💛💜
Jason Chien Is there any Taiwan show in recent years? ^^
Eva Dasheva Thank you Armin van Buuren for that amazing MOMENT 💜💜💜
Marion Marquardt Ich liebe seine Musik und bekomme nicht genug davon. Gott sei Dank gibt es Kopfhörer. 😍🤗👍👍
Ben John Wwwwooooo sunny days sass ❤️💙👊

With the boys from NWYR! Happy to welcome them to ASOT Utrecht!

1.0k reactions 73 comments
Charmaine De Klerk Awesome pic!! Enjoy your weekend Armin! 😎🙌❤❤
ĐỗLương TrườngVũ W&W not NWYR 😁
Neshan Govender Our president's 🅾f trance 😎😎🙏👱
Hugo Victoriano Armin van buuren-vs-W&W👌😎😍
Satu Tikkanen & World best DJ's 😊 🎶

Packed with twenty highlights from my A State Of Trance radio show! Enjoy our new Top 20!

3.3k reactions 71 comments
Andrzej Paweł Łukasz Świętochowski We are coming Armin. Be ready 😂😁
Liz Zimmerman Very Good !!
Esvin Calel Calderón 👏👏👏
Angie Klein You are the best✌
Tere AmarillaSanchez 😍😍

The new A State Of Trance 850 anthem: Be In The Moment!

7.8k reactions 250 comments
Danny Raphaelov Armin doesn’t make music no more he just preforms
Danny Raphaelov Where is that trance you use to make
Grace Her Sol Que todo te salga muy bien como siempre dios te bendiga Armin van Buuren
Dean Campbell Decky Hughes Ben Nicky loves this beat
Anoop Singh I live for that energy's perfect successor

A State Of Trance is now live for episode 840!!

10.5k reactions 6785 comments
Adriana Manoiu Thanks to you for this superb evening, Armin and Ruben!! Make a great show at Liverpool! Good night everybody! 🙌👏💕🅰️💕🙏💙💛❤️
Sofia Balasi 🇬🇷️🇬🇷️ Good evening to all from Athens, Greece 🇬🇷️🇬🇷️
Jared M. Bly I admire a trance fiend. I love how a person can get high in flight with the love that trance perpetuates
Blake LeRay Beltz Bw Jackson I didn’t know AVB did a live set every week! Awesome!! Are you going to see Above & Beyond next year in Dallas?
Carlitos Lope Hero, legend, and such a great ambassador for trance but most of all what a man with a beautiful heart & character 😉🙏 Armin ..! 👌👽

Cabbing with Jamie Oliver & Free Hugs in America! Enjoy a new vlog!

3.5k reactions 115 comments
Pisarev Vladimir Thank you very mach Armin van buuren my Trance idol :)
Joke Kooystra Leafs ut Fryslân ! Wij hawwe sneon yn de Harmonie te ljouwert Harmony of Dance indoor festival . Kom ek es del !! Lit dy ferrasse !!
Christie Buchanan Wellmon Thank so much for coming to Charlotte Armin! You rocked our world!
Eyra Zainol Heyyyy do u really will come to malaysia this december???

Feeling the moment 🙌

3.6k reactions 237 comments
GiftyAshley Van Buuren Wow I love this music From DJ ARMIN VAN BUUREN I love you 🙌❤
Niek van der Wal Ik vindt het wel mooi bilden en een toffe man maar het is niet echt mijn muziek smaak
Tyson Dale Schmauder Hey Armin when are you coming to canada so I can take you fishin?
Alex Pellerin Zachari Bournival Antoine Filion Commence à avoir hâte de le voir pour la première fois monsieur Buuren, épouvantable!
Alex Sanchez The king of trance Music


3.5k reactions 83 comments
Rotari Raluca Good morning, good music still!:)
Useruser Useruser lets do it.mixed head of the mariah carey later finish🤔
Guillermo Damian Grz What is the name of the track in the video?? Please...
Angga Restu Ahbi Your songs make my day feel better ,, Armin Van Buuren ❤👌👍
Zion Hai One of Armin's most underrated tracks. I love it.

💪 😎

7.9k reactions 342 comments
John Del Castillo 2 of the most iconic Trance djs! One pretty much started it all and the other currently make us dance with the best current trance sounds.... Both LEGENDS !
José WA HS Berlin Two legends! Two great exponents! A solonamor for the trance! Greetings from Mexico where we already expect an ASOT full of energy and friendship. Thank you Armin for all your support to this homeland that loves 😇😍😎👊🌟🔥
Cristian Andrei Armin you are the best DJ of all those who exist You send energy and emotions to the crowd and we are waiting for you again in Romania
Timothy Roberts I missed my photo opportunity last Friday in charlotte hoping to get an autograph to get tattooed. I'm still beating myself up for not just getting a pic with my favorite celebrity. Loved the show and I guess it was worth the shot
Adriana Abramovici 👍

Ohhh sunny days..

9.9k reactions 341 comments
Patry Martínez Salvador Si o siii algún día lograré ver algún espectáculo de los suyos en directo!!!! Lo tengo clarisimooo 😍❤❤❤
Rob GrBl Hier moeten we echt een keer heen Rowan Groot Bluemink.
Sayan Mukherjee Well good news for me is my exams will be finished till 15 Dec ...see you in Kolkata Armin...
Selene Garcia Guzman Anel Toledo Tengo que verlo de nuevo y tu conmigo!!!
James Robson Joe Allen this is one of the classics to listen for on Saturday!!!!!!!! ' soooooooooexcciiiiiitedwheeeeeeeee

About last weekend.. Hi there! How's your Sunday?

4.1k reactions 142 comments
Deborah Ridolfo Nice... Mr. Hipster!!
Hugo Victoriano Hello!! Armin van buuren👌😍🎧
Christine Gagne Painting a paddle😊❤
Ryan Stidham Is it December 30th yet
Víctor França windy days - new single

Really loved to be back at EDC Orlando! 🔥

29.0k reactions 613 comments
Antoinette Ann Shen Maggie Viva this stage is sickkk
Henry Lin Khin Htoo broski this looks epic 😱
Benedict Tong Elaine Ong 😱😱😱 we have to go an EDC one day
Eileen Chng Thank you Armin for playing in edc Orlando got my tickets when I saw your name in the line up Took my boyfriend to see you for the first time now he is in love with trance ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Masaki Takahashi Someday I will be glad to meet you in Japan‼️

What is your ultimate Trance Anthem?

2.9k reactions 140 comments
Eric Schwarz 450 - Sebastian Brandt Silver Bath - Plastic Boy As The Rush Comes - Motorcycle Tears - Headstrong
Tomislav Tomic Delerium - Silence (Tiësto Remix)
Micaela Martinez Tuvan. Orbion. 💜💜💜
Kas Van Dor This one!! ReOrder & RAM Official - Opus Dei ❤️❤️
Partha S Mishra Whtever #Armin_van_Burren plays is ma anthem..

Enjoy a new episode of A State Of Trance!

10.4k reactions 6413 comments
Oprea Alina There's no words that can explaon what feeling I have when i 've listen "Be in the moment....great!!!!!
Oprea Alina My little girl(she's four years old) just fall asleap listening to your music.Great ASOT!!!Wonderful
Christopher Milton Njobhera Hi Van. Here in Tanzania am enjoying the music you playing right now. Thanks. Wishing you to come over there one day.
Sabrina Mohammedi Thanks to the biggest dj of the world thanks to all trance lovers see you next week with a new episode of asot
Nick Kim Jr. If I want some quality progressive house, I will find kaaze.and now, if I want some good progressive trance, I will check Roman Messer!!!!!!

Back to the nature!

4.7k reactions 220 comments
Tom Rönnberg You should visit Finland and experience the similar beautiful nature! 🇫🇮 you’re always the number one dj😍
Malin Nilsson Love your vlog❤️and was so Happy to see that you Were in Sweden. Hope you enjoyd the stay😃and cooking of course
Ciprian Vana Nice! Good to see you are having fun in the nature and also good and healthy food. Have fun! Enjoy :-)
Huszar Claudia So great to see another side of you Armin, nothing compares with good food and good friends, except the family. Greetings from #Cluj #Romania.
Shepherd Lee Been a huge fan since 76. Loving these vlogs!! Cold weather, warm food, beautiful view, such a perfect combination. The food looks amazing!


7.2k reactions 153 comments
Anna Knapper-keizer Ook zo mooi nummer Toppie zal het delen Armin
Andreaa Anzueto Love u Armin 😍♥️🌈🔥
Rotari Raluca Armin song love you 😘
Juan Pablo What a good topic .....
John Oliveira Armin van Buuren & Portugal Amazing

Good morning time for coffee!! 👍

1.5k reactions 227 comments
Maria Tony Good afternoon from Romania....kiss kiss
Olivia Catherine And here is evening coffee time! ☕ #WeAreCoffeeLovers
Edyta Orłowska I love coffee drink and your great music 😉💋 Nice day to you Armin 💋
Brooke Bookman Heeeey coffee! Need it to get through my classes & finals! You're sexy & cute! 😍 Loooove youuu! 💋
Kyle Grisillo Armin van Buuren does that Contain that Secret Dutch milk you spoke about on 5fm in south Africa yesterday 🇿🇦 😂

I've selected 20 A State Of Trance tunes for you! Now available as pre-order:

7.4k reactions 249 comments
Mariana Asteguieta 😍love u, king.
Iza Bella Ben Rubinstein wish u were at SAMF again? 😜
Farise Kareem WOOOOW so happy people ,thank you armin great party .🌹☝️👍❤️❤️💖💖💝💝
Rostislav Komárek A♣️10♣️ no vypadá to že to cenu nemá pro lidi takže je čím dál víc jasnější takže říkám *sbohem: = mám klid na duši v boží
Zechariah Cesani Kyle TynanThatss your boy again!!!!

What's your Tune Of The Year? 😀

5.9k reactions 440 comments
Oprea Alina I finnaly voted.But it was hard:how can you choose one piece, when every single song you made is..oau !!! 1.Sunny Days 2.My Symphony 3.Awakening 4.I live for that energy 5.This light between us.And then i listened "Communication"....I was speechless!It ...
Sabine Kofferschläger I can not decide which Tune Of The Year is the best for me every track you played in live gigs you played in the big world or play in your awesome radio show it is pure pleasure for me to hear your tracks You play are always Tune Of The Year for me.You ...
Hecktor Valencia The Space Brothers - Shine (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)
Saša Sunajko I need you (Standerwick edit) and Sunny Days (Dance edit). 🎼
Alejandro Romo Majestad -Not The End .who will find me #ASOT836 Armin Van Buuren

Had such a relaxing and fun weekend with my friends! Sweden, you're beautiful.

7.5k reactions 148 comments
Almir Amcho Čobo nature & fishing reborn🎣
Mahmoud Sha'ban Armin Wow! Wish i was there with you all 💞😎😍 !!!
Andy Liu Yeah~The track "Sunny days"~
Mimmi Klinthede We love having you here in Sweden 😍😍
Lukas Andrews Glad the boat didn't sink

Throwback to 14 hours of trance madness ;) Enjoy my new vlog!

1.7k reactions 39 comments
千葉 和夫 It helps for me. Thank you !!
Peter Zv English Alittle Sorry!!
Margareth Szumlas 😍❤️👌
Marie Laure Postma 🎧🎼🎶🎶🎵🎶🎵🎵🎵🎵🎶🎵🤗🤗🤗😚
José WA HS Berlin Eres el numero #1 Armin!!! México i love you 💕

Trying to catch some fish

7.6k reactions 250 comments
Marian Bijl Op datzelfde plekje zijn wij in augustus geweest! Prachtig daar! Veel plezier in Zweden!! En succes met het vissen op forel😊
Heidi Tsukino What a beautiful place catched in an awesome pic! <3
Marat Zaynullin Рыбалка без водки - это уже не рыбалка :) Fishing without vodka is not fishing :)
Kristina Fisher Leave my relatives alone! (My friends call me Fish btw.)
Will Ratchford Is that where you caught more hair?

Throwback to our II = I set! 🔥

7.4k reactions 90 comments
Steeve Boissonneault Armin RULES.
Paulina Banhart Armin Van EDM
Ambrus Haynal You are the best dj Armin 🎧
Floriana van Noort Yeahhhhhh jullie kunnen het superrrr samen wat een geluid...👍👍👍👍💋
Izabela Santos Armin +Hardwell =Amazing and legendary set!!❤❤

Flashback Friday to The Flying Dutch 2016! 🙌

7.2k reactions 189 comments
Daniah Nofal One of my fav sets 🔥😍🎧u the best ♥️♥️
Valle Muñoz 😄🙌🙌🙌🙌
Rodica Crasi Beautiful track! I love it!👏👏🙌❤
Stefania Bravo Galán 😍❤🙌🙌🙌🔊🔊 THE BEST
Huszar Claudia ASOT 850 #CLUJ #ROMANIA please.

Spending the weekend with friends in Sweden 🇸🇪

29.7k reactions 657 comments
Ton van Gemeren What mix are you cooking here...a pinch of salt a bit of Sweden a perfect sound....ENJOY SWEDEN😎🎧🎵
เดชฉัตรพัฒน์ อธิธนภัควัฒน์ Armin van Buuren - Live at Untold Festival 2017 I like to watch it in almost every day.🇹🇭️🇹🇭️🇹🇭️
Laila Christensen Ahhh so time for some Surströmming or NOT :-) have fun and enjoy !!
Liz Krajnik Andrew Carver shall we go to Sweden to hang with our favorite guy?
Sabine Kofferschläger Wish you Armin a nice weekend in Sweden with your friends enjoy it and have fun cooking. What is there to eat.🎧🎶🌞😀🙌❤

Here is a new episode of A State Of Trance!

9.4k reactions 6361 comments
Kāmil Kas If only everyone listened to trance.. there would be peace in the world.
Farise Kareem I mist the live show ,thank you Armin for make it on Facebook and you tube so we can watch it later ,please keep state of trance for ever after 💛💛😍💝✴️☀️🌞
UCast Marek Fasty Matoušek see you in Gdansk ;)
Rotari Raluca It's still a good music but above & beyond my favourite ever !!! Take care , anyway. I'd love trance music 🎶 since I was young:) thanks to you Armin, have a lovely day ... 💕💕💕💕
Sachi Aikiyō Armin van Buuren feat. Josh CumbeeSunny Days (PureNRG Remix) loved the melody of this amazing remix! :-)

Trance Family I think you will definitely like this vlog!! Throwback to 14 hours of trance madness ;)

3.0k reactions 102 comments
Liz Zimmerman I love your vlog , Good Luck !!!
Preda Rodica You are the best!!👌👌👌😘😘😘😘
Jay Harrow What is the name of the song in the very beggining?
German van Esquivel Track name of Gabriel & Dresden please 🙏
Farise Kareem I do love this vlog .It was unforgettable 14 hours .💛🎉💥🕺
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