Ana Ivanovic
18:37 11/13/2017

Dinner date with my hubby Bastian Schweinsteiger P.S. I’m in love with my AQUAZZURA boots! 😍

Dinner date with my hubby Bastian Schweinsteiger P.S. I’m in love with my AQUAZZURA boots! 😍

16.4k reactions 254 comments


Tammy Walker-O'Neil
I need these boots in my life Ana Ivanovic <3
Don Morehouse
With or without the boots, you are my tennis girl
Ricardo Conceiçao
The singers won Tô tennis players Ana. Yes they won. I know you understand.
Patrick Runge
bastian batting like bradman Chris Runge
Colin Wright
you should be a model ana x
Michael Voeltl
Anna 😊😊😊Looks stunning💥💥💣💣Love Your Overknees❤❤😍😍😍 Your Hubi is the Lucky Guy🤣🤣🤣Mia San Mia😂😂😂
Robert Bannon
I see that lol.. you are so lovely. Be well
Fernando Bautista
Kelsey Dezan
you look so beautiful miss you out on tour
Christina Plopenio
You always look pretty and yeah the boots as well looks great on you.
Sisto Ferri
Post Scrittum is latinum...Great to see you always 😍 wonderful boots yeah 😉💎☝
Saul Flores Angulo
Wwwooowww....prettty woman whith boots....!!!!! 😍
Slavomir Obradovic
Thanks Lady Ana.very cool super nice lady
Mihaila Svetlana Popovich Green
I am in love you, dete! Lepoto nasa! I am in love with your Hubby, too! You are a wonderful couple!
Vanessa Spirit
I don't watch tennis anymore :( :(

Other newsfeed from Ana Ivanovic

Traveling light was never my thing 😊

9.1k reactions 153 comments
John Deb Aguero Happy travel .. wonderfull smile
Milica Vulovic Kraljica
Jasminka Trifunovic Sretno nase lepotice
Károly Lengyel very beauty...:)
Conte Antonio Gray Kitchen sink and a spa bathroom in there somewhere ?? 😂

Happy ☀️😎

8.2k reactions 136 comments
Slavomir Obradovic Dobro Vece Lepotice Ana ❤️
Alexander Stalikov Beautiful Foto. Where is it?
Nada Volas 😍😘🍸
Umesh Jiddimani My beautiful princess........
木村 太郎 You looks Very Happy! I Love U!

Almost the weekend ☀️

7.2k reactions 96 comments
Antonio Fiorenza Campionissimaaaaa
Thiarly Torquato Linda S2
Ahmad Fauzi Enjoy the weekend !.
Iliya Raschev 💐💟💐💟💐
Milena V Jovicic Princeza!

Just another sunny day on the golf course with my hubby Bastian Schweinsteiger

10.5k reactions 135 comments
Milena V Jovicic Princeza!
Andriano Pahara Halo from LomboK (y)
William Swearse Gorgeous
Mujesira Turkovic Ihr seid mehr als süß ❤️
Maria Raith Uzivajte Duso zajedno !!!❤️

Loving this healthy breakfast 😊☀️

14.2k reactions 237 comments
Avelino Tirol The morning is as beautiful as you,!
Herta Zoitl It's good for your baby or babies? All the best.
Muralidharan Jagadish I am strict vegetarian. Are you too a vegetarian?
Marianne Bouwman You look amazing and so happy ... beaitiful pic ...
Ristan Radovič Ich wünsche seine Tage mit einem kleinen kaufe trinken Grüße aus Deutschland

Always on to the next adventure 🚕

8.2k reactions 145 comments
Stefan Andov Sanjao sam te pre par noci upoznali smo se u neki bar pored mora...
Jovanka Schlosser moja princesina
Cao Ajd Cao Uzivaj u zivotu, ti to zasluzujes i to mnogo.
Gianfranco Battaglia Translate.... Sempre alle prossime avventure...... Sempre alle prossime sfide...... tu sei pronta...are you ready.. Vai incontro al tuo destino.... ............Ana Ivanovic.........
Fodor Victor That's until the baby comes

‪Srećan Božić i badnje veče. MIR BOŽIJI‬

5.6k reactions 177 comments
Dragan Štipula :) Sretno Badnje veče :)
Neda Cihoric Sretna Badnja veće i sutra Božić Ana
Ruzica Suta Ana Sretna Badnja Veče i Boźić Mir Boźiji 👼💖
Berthon Powell Looks nice
Dejan Jagodic Mmmmmm......

About last night

7.3k reactions 138 comments
Antwan Maksoud ياربي دخيلك مأحلاكي❤❤❤
Milena V Jovicic Princeza!
Kevin Faulkner You were great, as you usually are 💘✌😎
Shah Rukh Muddin My Favorite Tennis Player
Mahbubur Rahman Mahbub Smile smile & smile... happy to see you dear.


11.1k reactions 195 comments
Konstantin Gogo Nišlić Najlepša u Srba👌👊❤😎
Mahbubur Rahman Mahbub Born for you so much
Jordan Gueorgiev Zdravo Lepa Ana!😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brooks Perkins Beautiful tennis player!!!
Djurdjija Djokovic Nasa lepa draga Ana 🍀🌞⭐️👍🏻

Sunny way to start the New Year ☀️

17.8k reactions 246 comments
Andrea Cristiane Pereira Fan
Nada Volas 😍👏😘🍸💖
Svetlana Boricic Stunning!Beautiful!Adorable!
Jagadish K Govindaraju Looking beautiful. Ana love u. Wish u happy new year 2018.
Arun Kumar Enjoy every thing. This year. Looking pretty good. Really like you. M yor global warming fan. Ma'am happy New Year.

‪May next year be filled with happiness, laughter, love, health... We are so excited about the New Year and new beginnings Bastian Schweinsteiger ❤️👫👼🏼‬

12.4k reactions 252 comments
Imelda Caroline Happy new year ana and your couple
Mirjana Saric You deserve all that happiness you have
Florian Keller Happy new year from us Nina Keller and Florian Keller!!! Serbian german marriages are the best 😘😘😘😊😊😊😂😂😂
Sima Pudla The best couple ever!!!Happy New Year!!!
Ayina Dy All the best for you and family

Reunited finally ❤️

11.5k reactions 150 comments
Mirjana Saric Predivni brat i sestra srecna nova godina i vasim roditeljima i bastijanu
Luis Dufeu Happy new year....Ana Congratulations Great...
Heiste Emlu Berchtold Is this your brother?
Dragana Milanovic Nasa draga Ana mi ti zelimo sve najlepse u novoj godini ! Pozdrav sa Bezaniske kose.😉
Miguel Gomes Sousa Happy New Year beautiful


12.6k reactions 304 comments
Francesco Garue Definitely on the “list” Silvia
Vinod Chandrashekar If I get a chance to marry once more it will be you☺
Srecko Ilijasevic Happy New year and Merry orthodox Christmas to you.
بانا سباهي Heba Adel Sara Ahmed بحس كل صورها صادقة و حقيقية .. ثقة بالنفس و تجدد حدا متقبل حالو

Smoothie time 😊

18.6k reactions 280 comments
Roy Mariano beautiful..i like her better in tennis outfit tho...😜
Neil Pechart I gotta unfollow. Most shallow, vapid account in my news feed.
Margareta Collier Hi Ana; I hope you are well and enjoying life! We all miss you!!
Vipin Bihari Lakshakar धन्य सती पावन मति तोरी। रघुपति चरन प्रीति नहिं थोरी।। सुनहु परम पुनीत इतिहासा। जो सुनि सकल लोक भ्रम नासा॥
Jaymo Mutheki Waiting for the new family member. Super Ana and Mighty Bastian.

Can't stop smiling 😊 Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays

9.8k reactions 117 comments
Imad El Habti VienBienvenido en el norte de marueco
Khomsi Jumma Really... Amazing smile..
Mahbubur Rahman Mahbub Always want to see you smile
Jean-Paul Renette You’re very beautiful and very nice 😘
Mujesira Turkovic Der liebe Gott soll euch Beiden das Lachen für Ewigkeit schenken 😀

It's almost time to unpack my gifts in my Intimissimi silk lingerie! #intimissimixmas #intimissimi #italianlingerie #ad

25.5k reactions 467 comments
Prashant Constantine Hi beautiful had like to unrap u as a present
Cvijeta Tina Bukvic Radojcic Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr🌲🎶🍀za našeg zeta i Jelenu 🌹💙❤
Mehdi Saunier Yohan Etchebarne J'ai jamais suivi la WTA mais pour elle j'ai toujours fait une exception tu comprendras aisément pourquoi
Ruben Silva Ana WOW you're so BEAUTIFUL and SEXY!! 😍 Merry Christmas

Looking forward to Xmas weekend 🎄What are your weekend plans?

11.5k reactions 227 comments
Anthony Finelli Hello ANA, thanks for sharing, a nice pic. HAVE a MERRY XMAS.
Krystle Goodyer Merry Christmas to your family from mine in little Tassie 🎄🎁💜
Betty Serrano So lovely, I like your tennis shoes, good outfit 🌲☺️😍
Tanya Simagina We are in Nice for Christmas . Playing Christmas tennis tournament in Nice
木村 太郎 I Gonna Looking at YOU, Ana!

Snow time with my Bastian Schweinsteiger ❄️👫

15.6k reactions 179 comments
Eros Saragoni Ciao Ana, sei in Italia(Trentino alto Adige?) yes o no??? ciao baci
Kamal Abuleil Alles gute und frohe Weinachten wunsche ich euch . Aus dem Heiligen Land Nazareth ..
Anna Novak Beautiful couple,,,love you both....
Robert Stevens Plz come back and play some more after, you know what.
Smail Rahmat Samii Wishing better and best years for you

Winter wonderland ❄️☀️

3.6k reactions 81 comments
Carmelo Casado Garcia jjjajajajaja, muy bueno
Betty Serrano Lovely and fun Ana!
Keith Jacobson Miss you on the court!!
Зорица Јовановска Mihail isti cizmi imameee ☺️
Sima Pudla Snezna kraljice uzivaj!

Silk and lace makes me shine even more this #intimissimixmas. #intimissimi #italianlingerie #ad

29.3k reactions 477 comments
Ken Sayers you make it hard to breathe sometimes.
Carlos Alberto Miranda Filho Do you really exist Ana?? You cannot be real... Amazing!!!
John Bosco Nice pic Madam n Almighty God Shower Blessings too take care bye
Trevor Dawes-Tj You know your Sexy when you get 25k Likes and Haven't even shown Boob or Bum..Sexiest women alive ;-) ;-)
Marc-Olivier Leclerc Rouslan Vaillancourt la plus belle retraité de tennis omg

Children with disabilities can shine when given the opportunity to go to school and be part of their communities. We can create better conditions for their growth and development. So let’s support them together! Watch UNICEF Srbija Telethon on 16 December on #PrvaTV. Find out how you can help:

650 reactions 16 comments
Willma Willma 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤
Djordje Sladoje 👏👏👍👍👍👏👏
Ellen Ellen Enriquez Mercado ❤️❤️❤️
Natalia Mam Sh احسنت
геннадий кузнецов Анна ты супер!!!!!!!!

So much fun exploring this city 😊

4.6k reactions 172 comments
Nele Ligata Izgleda divno gdje god bilo a i ti si medena Srpkinjica..
Sasan Adam Wheres bastian ???
Cesar Augusto Bustillo Alberto Which city??
Adam Gretener And what city is it?
Emil Sima Din cronologie; Iunie Cu tine am pasit spre infinit Chiar dac-o ora fara tine am pierdut Chiar daca timpul a ramas... nedumerit , Tot crezi ca ... vremea inca n-a trecut ? Srbija

Silk INTIMISSIMI set and a fully decorated tree: now everything’s ready for #IntimissimiXmas #intimissimi #ad

5.2k reactions 74 comments
Iván Hsrc Feliz navidad nenorra
Dragica Kostic Plattner Anci!pokazi nm stomacic😊🙌😚
Slavomir Obradovic Good Night Lady Ana
Jasminka Trifunovic Lepotica
Milena V Jovicic Princeza!

Sunday with friends!

8.0k reactions 95 comments
Ahmad Fauzi Happy Sunday Ana...
Edwin Bensi Palma de Mallorca cathedral nice. .
Duska Radovic Adorable Palma 😍
Maria Raith Moglo bise pitati ! koje prostodusniji i naivniji ? .....
Brito Antonio Danilo Bastian Schweinsteiger se va a enojar! Jahhajajhah


3.2k reactions 134 comments
Ahmad Lababidi Suhaib Alsaddeki هي عملت زيارة لضيعه ضايعه كمان
Ana Schaak Tako si lepa🎀😍
Elena Jovicevic Prekrasna
Marcelo Azzolin Lindíssima.
Милунка Цветановић Лепотица!

#tbt Missing the warm weather ☀️

13.2k reactions 208 comments
TC Us My name is ramazan from Istanbul turkey beautiful Ana
Valerian Sagliani Prekrasna sazdaniia widna htoniz nasshixstrani esli budetjelanie soedddinitsa aomnoi budu rada. Izwinaiys do wwstreh
John Bosco So nice pic Madam n Gud night Pls do say Ur prayers before sleep ok take care bye
Emil Sima Love Cind alungi din vraja vietii Clipe ce-ti zimbesc in gind, In lumina diminetii Se vor stinge rind pe rind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Alex Darnicescu Don’t worry come to saudia here’s the best worm wetther

Ready for Christmas with my INTIMISSIMI Red Bralette and matching Kimono. #intimissimixmas #intimissimi #italianlingerie #ad

19.0k reactions 515 comments
Albert Verrier Wishing you both all the best in the world🌹💙🌹
Sebastiano Bazzano Ciao Ana sei sempre una donna bellissima e fantastica ti faccio i miei complimenti personali ti auguro una bellissima giornata principessa mia ti mando un bacio ciao
Marcos Ferrari Dos Santos Each day that passes you look more beautiful, congratulations. Princess.
Eleuterio Romero Amayo Always the most beautiful of the WTA! greetings my champion Ana Ivanovic
Robert Galevski I wounder what see looks naked

Sunday walks by the sea 🌊☀️

10.6k reactions 110 comments
Dustin Hoffmann uff, Hammer 😍
Vivien Kramer Come spend winter in South Africa 🇿🇦
Dib Guer Omar how are is shefayni
Berthon Powell Happy supermoon Sunday
Antonio Fiorenza Bellissima e bravissima campionessa

Happy Saturday! 🎉

13.7k reactions 198 comments
Emil Sima Frumoasa si consistenta ! Cind ziua se incheie cu o reusita, sarbatoresti sau consideri ca este . . . inca devreme ? !
Emil Sima Avantaj . . . Ma bucur ca nu te-ai grabit , noapte buna . . si miine poate fi o zi ... Frumoasa !
Eugene Sandow Love you so much, dear. Each pic feels like a treat! Stay warm and shiny!! :)))
Mohammad Ansari Yasir Hi Beautiful can't wait do for FIFA action love Football love soccer wow so gorgeous how much you exited about soccer season is on what new t-shirt so nice but this is Orange I don't like color Orange.
Rita de Séra Thank you wish you both a happy weekend

Back to winter weather 🌲Wishing you all a great weekend!

8.9k reactions 130 comments
Antonio Delgado Claro Ana feliz fin de semana para ti y Bastian., un abrazo a ambos desde Coahuila, México..😃😃
Quoc Anh Le Thanks Love You guys ❤️👍
Bob Louisell If there is no snow there, it isn't winter!
Roman Soto-delgadillo Thank you n you two have a beautiful weekend
Kenneth Carter Oh to be young and in love. Great pic!
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