Allen Iverson
07:01 01/11/2017

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Michael Jay Redbeard
This 3 just wouldn't work... has 2 of the 3 biggest ball hogs of all time
Mark Anthony Rivas
I believe it. You've got explosiveness, leadership, and tenacity with those 3.
Kyle Peter
Front court. Obviously iverson didn't say this; he wouldn't say something so obviously wrong
Xavier O'Leary
Rachel Dickson message me on fb, the post has nothing to do with it lol
Kobe Garcia
What if the back court is kwayme brown and brian schalabrine
Chanston Kemp
Yep.Ai breaking ankles & is gonna ball,Mj gonna do what does of course I would put pippen or Bird at SF leborn at PF bc he will pass,play defense & dominate when he needs to & Shaq at Center....enough who gonna beat that line up
Kolton Hays
Mj gets point cuz he be defense. Ai shooting gaurd so he get steals. Shaq on the big man down low and thats a perfect game. 82-0
Will Lane Jr.
No they wouldn't cuz u can't just plug n anybody.. Not 2 mention, who's ya sixth man? Who's ya bench players & even more important, who's the Head Coach? A lot of shit goes into it!!
Victor Robbins Jr.
Yes because literally all of them in their prime was literally ungardable.
Marc Santos
They will win against anyone 1v1 and will force a double team. anyone of this 3 left open is lethal. all they need is a team who can shoot wide open jumpshot (literally anyone from NBA can shoot right?) oh! and dont forget, they are strong offensively. and monsters in defense.
Robert Williams
A.I. Would be a willing passer. People forget A.I. Had vision. He just didn't trust or really respect the guys he played with scoring. Give that team a shooter not even a all-star. Just a good shooter korver , Ryan anderson, Channing fyre, dale ellis,Kerr, Novak, Bonner , Old J.Kidd,Shane battier, Troy Murphy
Danny Fry
Yeah because that is there guys who no one could guard. All of them could score 25 regularly and make the rest of the team get open shots
Mark Townes
Naw, sorry AI..wouldnt have happened. Shaq was KNOWN for taking games off and at least while he was a Laker..didnt have the best work ethic...Maybe if you went with Hakeem ??? Hmmm
Vlad Limir
Hhhmm... Win... Yes... 82-0... Against kids. And i'm not talking about the mathematical possibility. It is possible, yes. However, it is highly unlikely. Love A.I. but this is too much. Never been done for a reason.
Andre Kropp
Devon Ames, Jordan Babou, Caleb Cabes Olson. This is true talk. LeBron can't do that. Steph Curry couldent do that, Steph Curry won't even do that with k.d.

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Rod Murray Only way Kobe could hold you.
Damien Morton Respect
Darrell J. Yazzie Got that jersey, still reppin
Dominique Ramdhanie I still have that jersey

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Carlos Alberto Junior nenhum dos dois foi ou é um grande marcador, mas os dois são monstros pra quebrar marcações impecáveis, então... mesmo Iverson sendo muito mais jogador que Curry, e eu sou fã de Curry, ia ser um embate complicado, mas Iverson tirava Curry de letra! :v
Renato Magalhães Iverson. All the way. Curry is a good shooter and the creates at lot of opportunities. But he lacks swagger. Iverson was a gangsta on the court. He had no fear. Remember what he did to Tyron Lue? That step over... OMG.
Christopher Punzalan 😂😂😂 Allen Iverson absolutely, he is unguardable, no one can stop AI one on one, you need a double team, and he is also has an acrobatic ability the way he finished at the rim, his body is so strong he's also a football player.
Adam Urbanczyk Whoever would get the ball first. Neither one had good defense and both are magicians with the handles and would score on the other every possession..
Christopher Tan Iverson without a doubt, my opinion is Curry is the face of new school NBA and couldnt handle the roughness Iverson would bring at him....

Michael Jordan on Iverson's crossover on him

1.6k reactions 41 comments
Justin Michael Venteroso D'onte Henderson
Dwil Malimban Too Lit Azodnem Macky Mendoza
Malik Edwards Suraj Bug Ramdeo
Eddy Herrera Isaiah NateKohl Rightler 3|23
Louella Matthews Amaury😁

Incredible comeback

The Most Incredible And Inspiring Race Comeback Ever
The Most Incredible And Inspiring Race Comeback Ever

Phil Healy is a 21-year-old relay runner who made a memorable relay finish that went completely viral for her performance at the Irish University Athletics Association Championships in Dublin.

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Remember this?

Watch As 19-Year-Old Mike Tyson Destroys Sammy Scaff In This 1985 Match
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Considered one of the best heavyweights of all time, Mike Tyson had one of the most prominent career launches of any non-Olympic fighter. ‘Iron Mike’ took boxing knockout techniques to a whole new level and holds the record as the youngest boxer to win the WBC, WBA, and IBF heavyweight titles at onl...

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Justin Capers
Justin Capers Keith "One Time" Thurman ???
Eric Dwayne McCain Kavelle DeVaughn Gordon
Charles Whiteford Addison Keeley
Kenneth Roberson women who look for drama needs to be deported

Smiles all around

Watch As John Cena Hides And Pranks People In This Hilarious Video
Watch As John Cena Hides And Pranks People In This Hilarious Video

Cricket Wireless provided fans of WWE superstar John Cena with one big surprise when they held auditions to become ambassadors for his new store. Having no idea Cena was about to burst into the room, these fan reactions are absolutely priceless.

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Joye Long're the Greatest Valler to ever play with soooo much Heart and Passion

Any wrestling fans out there?

The 8 Most Impressive Trash-Talkers in WWE History
The 8 Most Impressive Trash-Talkers in WWE History

Athletes playing in a competitive sport are sometimes willing to do anything to be number 1. However, in addition to their competitive training, there are other things they can do to give themselves a bit of an edge. They can:

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Robert Hamby You mean most impressive at regurgitating a script?
Omar Fernández Pichardo What about HHH?
John Bradley Vint gruntin and groanin, eh ?Jimmy peed his puusy when she was put in the cage
Eduardo VM jajajaj having austin back of the rock.............come on just cus rock was the marketing generating character of wwe doesnt mean he was the best guy behind the mic. He was good dont get me wrong, but he aint not even the top 3

The first purchase

How Shaq Says He Spent $1 Million In Just One Day
How Shaq Says He Spent $1 Million In Just One Day

Drake said it best, ‘Started from the bottom, now we’re here.’ When you live your entire life struggling to make ends meet, it’s a pretty big deal when you suddenly have a ton of extra pocket money come into your life. Most people wouldn’t know what to do with it. For former basketball star, Shaquil...

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The Illuminati JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHER HOOD TODAY AND LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPY LIFE. WELCOME TO THE GREAT TEMPLE OF RICHES AND FAME. Are you a businessman or woman, politician, musical, student,footballer,f­ashion designer,Pastors,Mod­el,upcoming artist,...
Ticky Day You the best to ever play the game!
William Weaver that money should of been a down payment on those toes shaq
Joel Gonzalez Fix your feet Shaquille!! 1 million on that big toe!!@
Joel Samuel Drake didn't say shit he didn't start from the bottom!! Worst opening line ever!!

Who can relate?

16 Jokes You Will Definitely Understand If You Are Single
16 Jokes You Will Definitely Understand If You Are Single

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Timeline Photos

9.5k reactions 47 comments
William Weaver NBA Baller's moment
Michel Jr N'guessan The dangerous Iverson......forever 3
張勝智 都強強的
Jamed Williams Allen Iverson crossover micheal jordan
Oscartl Figueroatl Eduardo Nájera, el mejor. >:v/

Timeline Photos

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Carl Gabriel Calpe Culvera Zaza Pachulia is the only player so far who can do ankle breaker while on defense.
Axel Hennuyer Kevin Zin Vivien Meyer Zaza il brise pas que des chevilles 😄
Sidnei Martins Janilto Junior quando eu digo que zaza e foda eu me refiro a isso , quebra tornozelos fi kkkk
Gabriel Caiano Bruce Bowen is the best when you talk bout breaking ankles
張晏碩 Jerry YU賴佑乙熊國峰林惟琮hahaha da last one in the pic, lmao!!!

18 year-old Iverson vs. 17 year-old Kevin Garnett

3.4k reactions 42 comments
John D'Ambrosio John Szpiech
Jhonatan De La Vara Cirerol Jorge Galvez Acosta
Philip Kyle Laws Bill Finn
Roots Wuan Alex Rodriguez
Twally Twanyon Tooty Gang


Grandma Sends Text To Wrong Person, Becomes
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We’ve all received a call or a text from a wrong number at some point in our lives. But how many of us can say we’ve found meaningful friends thanks to one of those mistakes? Jen Deaderick is one of those people. On the morning of May 17, 2017, Deaderick was having a day like any other. Then, she ch...

62 reactions 1 comments
Joyce K. Williams Lol smh that's cute

Who can relate?

16 Photos That Show What Life With Dogs Is Really Like
16 Photos That Show What Life With Dogs Is Really Like

Most people can agree that dogs are amazing. They are truly a gift to mankind and they are so pure and full of love that often times we don’t even

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Akeem Rashad Adams Trish Garza
Alaindale Aguilar Marga Silva

They're doing their best

15 Dads Just Trying To Do Their Best
15 Dads Just Trying To Do Their Best

Dads are one of a kind. They protect you, love you and yes, sometimes embarrass you with their ridiculous dad jokes.

50 reactions 0 comments

Not for the faint of heart

Top 10 Worst UFC Injuries Ever
Top 10 Worst UFC Injuries Ever

In a full-contact combat sport like mixed martial arts, injuries are to be expected and the UFC has definitely seen its fair share of grisly bouts. Things can get ugly fast in the Octagon and sometimes even the most seasoned UFC fans can end up cringing.

50 reactions 1 comments
Joyce K. Williams I won't watch then

Left hanging

10 NBA Players Who Brutally Left Someone Hanging
10 NBA Players Who Brutally Left Someone Hanging

Steph Curry isn’t the only NBA superstar to have missed a high-five opportunity. The two-time reigning MVP recently got caught being left hanging when he reached out to shake NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s hand as he was presenting him with his second consecutive MVP award.

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The culture has no boundaries!

5.9k reactions 144 comments
Stephen Jude Noah Post Malone and Iverson. Bhavya Mandanna.
Liam Rhys Hitchin Will the real iverson please stand up Brandon Lewis-Wilson
Kaj Bennett James Made it
Tiara Davis Who that
Javier Perez This nigga look like napoleon dynamites brother

Timeline Photos

7.2k reactions 56 comments
Kayla Shade Broke them ankles. ❤
Asaido Robert Murray Phalah Jordan think A.I lookin like a snack
Cléber Cruz My Idols ⛹🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Regina Rice Love the pic
Shannon Struble " Here, Michael. I got a present for ya! "

Timeline Photos

4.5k reactions 28 comments
Rashed Holloman Cameron Tyler
Zana Monay Wms Robbie Rushing
Abner García Hector Berdiel
Mehmet Paşaoğlu AgAin Beşiktaş....
Johnnie Howard 💯💯💯💯

Crazy shot after the whistle!

4.2k reactions 107 comments
Hong Jin-young #GOAT
Conrad Rollan Catch that one motherfucker
溫雲強 What a shot!!!!!!!!
Ismaël Sylva Thibo Ndj ptdr Iverson « essaye de bloqué ça Dwight Howard »
Amit Khurana Your favourite would be mine one day my master !

Next level petty

16 People Who Took Petty To The Next Level
16 People Who Took Petty To The Next Level

Sometimes, life offers up situations that can be a little bit trying. Whether it be getting into an argument with someone,

6 reactions 1 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!

Could come in handy

How To Teach Yourself To Stop Worrying So Much
How To Teach Yourself To Stop Worrying So Much

There are several ways that you can train your brain to stop worrying about different issues. Worrying is not healthy to an individual’s overall well-being or mental health because it can have many negative effects. Worrying is bad for individuals because it focuses on things that are uncertain and…

42 reactions 7 comments
Shantay Mcquilla Thanks appreciated
Eugene Emmanuel Hankins Thank you .
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Mushugana DeLa Rukkus TRUSS IN GOD....
Tamin Mohammad Music will calm the soul Brother

These'll take you back

16 Awesome Photos From History That Will make You Nostalgic
16 Awesome Photos From History That Will make You Nostalgic Every once in a while, it’s nice to look back at old family albums and remember the happy simpler times. Looking at baby pictures or pictures of your old room really bring back memories of a time with no smartphones or iPads. The photos you’re about to see really remind us of what’s im...

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Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!

Do you?

Signs That You Might Have An Intimidating Personality
Signs That You Might Have An Intimidating Personality

IQ has long been thought of as an indicator of intelligence and how well someone will do in life. But new research has identified that EI, our emotional intelligence, is just as important as IQ. This is because one’s social aptitudes and strengths play a huge role in how we navigate the world. Someo...

59 reactions 4 comments
Matt Ball You certainly don't Lucas Baldock
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Brian Williams Yes I do!
Rosemary Masi I love you Allen

You gotta do what you gotta do

16 Funny Inventions That Were Made From A Tight Budget
16 Funny Inventions That Were Made From A Tight Budget

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can certainly buy fancier items. If you’re into fancy things such as jacuzzis and BBQs but don’t have the funds, fear not! There are still some pretty interesting methods you can use to achieve all of these luxuries. People have been inventing some pretty cool che...

42 reactions 1 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!


Kobe Bryant Pulls Off Amazing Hidden Camera Prank When He Appeared On ‘Ellen’
Kobe Bryant Pulls Off Amazing Hidden Camera Prank When He Appeared On ‘Ellen’

One really funny segment that Ellen does on her show is when she puts hidden cameras somewhere, and a celebrity will prank an unsuspecting person. This time the prankster was Kobe Bryant.

91 reactions 1 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!

Timeline Photos

3.8k reactions 37 comments
Alex Lo Choi Fu Just block him
Donyale Moore Look @ that giant ova u and u still merked his ass loved it.
A.J. De Azevedo III look whos in the back not even playing 😂😂😂
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
FRank CLay Shaq a big fellow AI hakakaka

Timeline Photos

5.8k reactions 31 comments
Rainer Ching John Mark
Smitty Ball Javar A. Williams
Ido Raz Tariyel Abbasov
Zach Palmer Adam Michael
Jordan Hinnant Douglas Posley

Iverson's top 25 assists

2.9k reactions 48 comments
Samuel Mould Adam James James Van Der Schyff Sukhmeet Singhota Josh Gregory bruh... #11 iggy thinking he is Vincent carter
Kishan Rathod Got to see this Mohammed Aslam Ashish Reddy
Mark Gordon daaaaaaaaaaaaam!!
Luca Caffrey D'Angelo Simone Massa Paolo Messina la passava ogni tanto ahahaha
Ahmet Ceran Koray Küçükgılavuz zaten toplamda 25 asist yapmıştır
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