Allen Iverson
08:01 01/11/2017

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JC Campbell
I used to love those finger rolls on tha 🏀 through tha legs 👌🏿
Holy Tony
I just realized the person he crossed would go on to be the head coach for the Cavs
Osi Alvn
That's it, the guy that got crossed, got stepped over is now a great coach!! ALL IN baby
Kyle Lackey
Ai doing this and shoes ain't strapped and looks untied Lol
Beleck Thomas
I remember that cross shit tyron lu fall down for me that's the most amazing cross in the NBA all the times
Manuel Rosa
School is always in session when Ai hits the court. The Answer to the GOAT.🏀
Tino Polelei
ce mouv, il a fait le tour du monde, d'ailleurs, les sixers ont gagnés ce gamme chez les lakers !!! grâce à cet artiste d'Iverson
Jean Carlos Ferreira Suero
ya era hombre muerto tyron mirale el pie Gerald A. Quintin
Matthew Bronson
Lue has become a fine coach, but this reminds me of seeing a Rolex and a knockoff side by side...
Clay Arnold
Easier said than done he clearly didnt look at the waist
War Jones
Iverson shot the ball and stepped over him . He broke that boy that game!
Joseph Pedraza
damn iversons cornrows were too clean.. of course hes gna cross you like a thug..
Chris Moua
Emen Chhay. We were just talking about this and it popped on my feed.
Victor Saunier
Marceau un moment douloureux pour ton équipe face à mon poulain ( je rappel qu'après il a marché dessus ^^ )
Alexis Coelho
Erwan on sait tout les 2 se qui c'est passer après sa mdrrrrrrrrrrrr

Other newsfeed from Allen Iverson

Iverson vs. Morgan State

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Fede Sandoval Facuu Sandoval
Terrell McGhee Jeff McGhee
Jeremiah Ervin Ai da best
Nikel Stilwonderfull Wow
RAlfh Lagahit Wow

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Daniel Mesa 🐐 goat
Djibril Kouyaté Love Iverson
Iver Arnold Hicarte "heart over height!"
Samraj Gurung The answer 🏀🏀🏀🏀
Rod Selgas Sevilla Idol woooww A.I

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Gabriel Boisvert-Bonin Tommy Plamondon the 10's se font peter par tout l'monde ....
Tyler Ingley Eliot Percella Eric Encinas who ya got?! I have to go with 2000s. Kobe in his prime was unstoppable with Shaq + Duncan and Lebron at 3/4 spot...not to mention...PRACTICE running it all 😂
Mathew Brading hard to not choose 90's 2 greatest scorers an amazing passer PG Barkley in his prime was great and could help against Shaw and between Hakeem n MJ theres the 8 of the 90s rings right there. im not sure 80's or 00's could topple although the decade ...
David Sieradzki 90's. Although I certainly wouldn't count out a team with Bird, Dr. J., Magic and Isiah. Not enough basketballs for the 2000s and 2010s teams to go around and not enough competitive fire for the likes of LeBron and Durant (aka K-Puss).
Domonìc Hill As much as I hate to say it...I have the 2000s winning because of duncan being the extra big man...I don't see anyone matching up w him and Shaq, maybe one of them but not both at the same time

Iverson's 44 point game against Seattle

2.7k reactions 43 comments
Tarsem Singh You r amazing
Scott Nelson Sick wid it d : !
Lejean Davis I love u A.I.
Razo Armenta Mauro Aarón Sólo es recuerdo
Casey Byrd My boo 😍

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12.3k reactions 4116 comments
T.j. Bombo Lkm Prod c'est bien en novembre ton annif bro ? Lol
Khalil Teg Abda Ugz Seyf Quodes bellehi chouf. CHOUF!!!!!!!!! CHTHEBNI NAAML ANA TAWA bch ndakhlhelk lfekra lmokhek? rabi yehdik.
Jake Quinn Thomas Thompson hell yeah I would have set a record this season and gotten MVP and ditched that traitor bitch named KD
James Murphy July, same in real life actually (July 25th). And hell yeah Allen Iverson! Pound for pound the best player ever and I saw him play at my first NBA game I attended, so fun watching him play.
Olivier Faure-Allara Karel Allara t'as manqué tes 2 premières saisons :/ Wesberto Daleze Innocent c'est chaud pour toi et pour moi 😎

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James Spirovski Jaydan Oliver im sorry bro but Ai and Jordan would fuck them up
Anthony Semaan Mismatch in size and height I would unfortunately say Lebron and westbrook Although clearly the quality is clearly on jordan and iverson's side but having a mismatch would harm them badly
Feeno Goin Hard I can tell that everybody on here saying " Russ & Lb " clearly only watched today's basketball & never seen mj or Ai play... y'all dumb asf 😭 mj & Ai smoking they ass like a blunt 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️💨💨💨💨
Phillip Snoddy Well iverson and westbrook...both ball hogs, and lebron's advantage would be "strength buckets" in the paint. Jordan was a Dpoy, while Lebron is overrated, especially on defense. KD murdured him in game 1. Iverson and jordan spent most of their careers ...
Charles Clark All 4 of these players would drop dead before they let the other team win. This game is definitely ending with a tided up score and all 4 going to the hospital in a ambulance but still talking shit 🆘⚠️📞🚧🚒🚑🥇🏅🏆🏀🍿🍺 get my popcorn 🍿 and soda 🍹this is going ...

Iverson on his mutual respect with Kobe Bryant

1.3k reactions 12 comments
Cody Edwards Michael Hirka
Sid Bhatia Sai Narendran
Easton Fornari Justin LS Bunch
Marlo DaBoss 💯
Baqué Plashette 💯💯💯

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33.5k reactions 665 comments
James Kuhn I want that as a poster. Being born in 1977 they were who I looked up to on the court. Anyone know how I can blow this up or where to get it?
Kyle Surles Just saying look at how the all-stars are spread out through different teams. You don't see it like this anymore. They all want to play together. Smh
Elias Rodriguez Oh wow they're retired ..... of course they're retired who gives a shit the youngest person in this pic is 48
Phillip Beckman Shareef started with number 3 for the grizzles. He played with Big Country. Both high picks but the team couldn't win at all.
Ode Enanreh Shareef-Abdur Rahim.. one of the most underrated superstar due to his team never had success... unfortunately for him he always plays for a weak team but that guy can play...

Some great Iverson moments!

2.3k reactions 10 comments
Chris Buddy McGrady Jaliel Duncan
Jeremy Smith Eddie Thomas
Valeria Langston Sheem Ahmad
Carlos Cotto Victor Mejorado goat
Jamil Porter Tobias Lion Porter

This video showcases what martial arts were like back in the day.

Watch Bruce Lee Destroy This Guy In His Only
Watch Bruce Lee Destroy This Guy In His Only 'Real' Fight Ever Caught On Video

Bruce Lee is easily regarded as one of the history’s most formidable fighters. From his status as a movie star to his recorded feats of a 2-inch punch, bli

201 reactions 8 comments
Ken Cross Vicel Waters
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Omar Jackson The one and only Bruce Lee the Legend
Oualid HD Video unavailable 😏
Isaiah Alvarez Bruce Lee is G.O.A.T

Bull Bullard managed to make completing the notorious obstacle course look like a casual walk in the park.

Harlem Globetrotter Casually Destroys
Harlem Globetrotter Casually Destroys 'American Ninja Warrior' Course

The difficult obstacle course sees many hopefuls fail to hit the buzzer, but exhibition basketball player Bull Bullard managed to make it look easy.

42 reactions 2 comments
Kevin Ienco Florian Gazquez
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!

Will you be watching?

This Is How Much The Pay Per View Will Cost For The McGregor vs Mayweather Fight
This Is How Much The Pay Per View Will Cost For The McGregor vs Mayweather Fight

It’s no secret that the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is going to be a pretty big one. There’s been a lot happening around the two figh

290 reactions 169 comments
Junior Rodriguez And waste my money to watch a boring fight just like the mayweather and pacquiao fight
Wayne Bateman Got burned on the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight... Pacquiao was in the ring, but he didn't show up for the fight. Done with PPV
Shalom Adormeo It's all about money in the sports world these days.
Anthony Monterosso Mayweather is going to run around ring and the three judges are going to give him the decision. He can't fight and he is going to turn a boxing match in a track meeting.
Juan Soffner Nope I will not be watching jus the highlights after fight is done, not gonna waste money on them.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

In a basketball game, nothing solidifies a slam dunk like completely obliterating the backboard into a million pieces.

This Compilation Of The Best Backboard Breaking Slam Dunks Ever Will Blow You Away!
This Compilation Of The Best Backboard Breaking Slam Dunks Ever Will Blow You Away!

In a basketball game, nothing solidifies a slam dunk like completely obliterating the backboard into a million pieces. This video compiles some of the best backboard breaking dunks ever and proves that there’s nothing a crowd loves more!

63 reactions 6 comments
Jay Wooldridge Bradley Todd
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Tường Vân Kết bạn với mình đi nè <3
Alfred Jones Jr. Daryl dawkins and shaq.
Shantay Mcquilla Always say,this,that ,The late Great ,Chocolate thunder,DarrylDawkins,was the first person I ever seen do that,I know its many more since but,I'm just saying,

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5.9k reactions 52 comments
Bernard Westbrook #Theanswer
Marcus King Thompson Salvage
Bernard Brockington That Crossover is Crazy.
Lubak Abrantes Lupango Lupango Água limpa
Ange Raganyso The answer forever in game

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4.3k reactions 667 comments
Joel Mezera Someone get some body bags cuz mj and magic would get murdered in this Matchup Andrew Redman Zach Raisbeck Jason Nihles
謝珏 I can't predict which team will win and I think nobody could 100% sure about it but it will definitely be a grandeur and great game (not native speaker sorry for unsmooth english
Harold E. Wilson I love that Dream and Timmy matchup!! Team on top is the most unselfish; Team on bottom is stronger; This is tough to call tho! I gotta go with the top team...the bottom team probably wouldn't even want to play ball if it weren't for the top team!
Patrik Thomas Before it's all said and done, all will be in the hall of fame... but who would question ones capability to make it to the hall of fame if they're still in the league in 2017??? So, it's not a legitimate argument that the top would win just because ...
Daniel Trinidad II Hakeem would out match Duncan Magic would make LeBron run in circles and make him cry, AI vs Zeke is a good battle, but Isaiah's IQ and versatility gives him the edge, MJ would out match Kobe, and Shaq is the only advantage for the bottom team

1995 game against Villanova.

2.1k reactions 27 comments
Keagan Getka John Matkowski
Keith Behlmer Phillip Weirich
Tajee Crawford-Bickhem Michael Cantre Jr.
Damian Ace Riggs James Norsworthy
Diego Franco Lamont A Shelton

Grandma's got skills!

107 Year Old Woman Shows Off Some Impressive Basketball Skills
107 Year Old Woman Shows Off Some Impressive Basketball Skills

Virginia McLaurin is the loveable 107 year old woman who couldn’t contain her excitement when she met the Obamas. The video of her meeting the presidential couple went viral.

225 reactions 5 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Reggie Treadway Mr.Richard Overton
Sarvottam Jalsingh Nikhil Srikumar when he plays basketball at 107

Who do you think should top the list?

Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Boxers Of All Time
Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Boxers Of All Time

In the sport of boxing, there are a ton of athletes that have some pretty amazing streaks and reputations. However there are definitely some professional boxers that we would rank higher than others. In this video, viewers get to see which fighters made the cut and were put on the list of the 10 mos...

514 reactions 30 comments
Teira Kani Iron mike tyson alldaayy👏🙌
Lenoris Hulbert Jr Couldn't have been better said !
La Monf the one on the cover picture, one n only "iron tyson"
Perry Calpito ;) ;)
Jonathan Wray Mike Tyson for sure!!!

It’s never too long before a new dance phenomenon takes over the Internet and the most recent is the dab

Basketball Fan Fakes Out Girlfriend For Hug, Instead Dabs In Her Face
Basketball Fan Fakes Out Girlfriend For Hug, Instead Dabs In Her Face

It’s never too long before a new dance phenomenon takes over the Internet and the most recent is the dab. Originating from hip-hop, the dance move has risen in popularity and made its way into many viral videos.

77 reactions 12 comments
Andrew Kachmar Faraz Mirza
Andy Scolnic Matt Janco
Jackson Perry Ben Keal
Sukrit Narula Suvam Neupane insightful commentary
Brian Park What is this AI😂😂

Good guy Shaq.

Shaq Surprises Florida Kids With Basketball Game!
Shaq Surprises Florida Kids With Basketball Game!

Police officers are known to protect the people in their area, but when they are not on the clock they are regular people just like the rest of us. Florida police officer Bobby White is known as the ‘basketball cop’. He got together with a bunch of her colleagues to organize a rematch game, but litt...

204 reactions 2 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Marko Dianezevic shaq the man

This video went from potentially impressive to incredibly embarrassing and all in slow motion

Basketball Kid Tries To Stunt, Gets Completely Owned
Basketball Kid Tries To Stunt, Gets Completely Owned

Kids are growing up in a generation now where if you do something cool, it better have been caught on video or it’s pretty much worthless. If you can’t share something with all of your friends on social media, did it ever really even happen?

61 reactions 4 comments
Tiffany Wingo Wowsier
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Benji Andrews This video went from potentially impressive to incredibly embarrassing and all in slow motion
King Persia video unavailable, not to mention this isn't iverson actually posting all this shit. he pays someone to post all this shit like he has time or cares about any of this shit that gets posted. wheres the real iverson from the 757

Good for them

Young Basketball Players Walk Off Court To Defend Bullied Cheerleader
Young Basketball Players Walk Off Court To Defend Bullied Cheerleader

People are praising three middle school basketball players for coming to the defense of a cheerleader with Down syndrome.

159 reactions 2 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!

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3.7k reactions 21 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Gnaa PG Owow
Eray Topel Reyiz seviliyosun
Christian Christian Olaer Iverson i like you
Tường Vân Kết bạn tương tác nha :*

Timeline Photos

6.9k reactions 102 comments
Alonso Escatel Jared Westbrook
Kai Zheng Richard Kuk real recognize real
Kleat Thebeast Stamps That funny because I said Westbrook remind me of you.
Michael Chinotto Sean Cotter AI knows best lol
Rod Selgas Sevilla Allen iverson hes only my idol

Daddy work

5.6k reactions 54 comments
Randhir Mann That is I am talking about. He's the man
Kevin Abrams Aww man AI can you lase it like yours tho
Jordan Abreu Great Dad 👏🏻
Jossette Pistoria That's rite daddy do that...
Tanyawalks On Is that you?

My lil man Lou Will doin it for the kids #louwillcamp

2.8k reactions 10 comments
Ariel Berroa Rodriguez EL MEJOR EL NUMERO 3
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Kevin Hung You are a great basketball player
Vanetta Green Love you AI !!!
Khalil Shareef Come out el paso chuck

Timeline Photos

8.4k reactions 24 comments
Rtine Ravel Martin Soulere
高文義 AI!
Patrick Alapini L'homme qui a fait fléchir Jordan !
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Jordon Christopher Wish I got to see you play

Timeline Photos

5.0k reactions 27 comments
Antonio Voegeli Hamza Bouatam AI
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Deejay Ben The Answerrrrrrrrr
John Ginbert Casquejo AI 👑
Jose Gregorio Caballero Moreno eres mi favorito allen iverson venezuela

Timeline Photos

11.4k reactions 88 comments
Javier Pedroza saludos desde #CdJuárez❌ y el #PasoTx
Reginald Brown They have no idea, about The Answer!
Paul Jelowyi Nicholas Jelowyi Simon Jelowyi Andre Jelowyi Chris G Anthonisz so very true!
Lewis Leonard FUCK all that it's IVERSON VS EVERYBODY💯💯💯💯💯
Ne Ne The reaction of Derek...hahaha

Commercial with Shaq and Shawn Kemp!

6.3k reactions 232 comments
Jd Bone Sebastien Rondeau ahahaha WE OUT HERE TALKIN BOUT PANTS ?!?! NOT THE GAME, PANTS !?!??! A.I la tué
Schorschi Geedorah James Dean Max En Jeb Rosenburg Dominik Höchsmann Rohat Isik we talking about Pants
Andrew Gill Alex Danny
Francesco Martinelli Filippo Ovens
Evan Kasparian Jay C Manee
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