6 hours ago

This is insanity Via IG @LMAO

2.4k reactions 1750 comments
Aisleen Tuico for some reason this reminds me of the shit that we did in gr 10 annoying everyone in band Maria Bolotina
Varun Ramaswamy Hariharan Bharathwaj 😂😂😂😂 this is much worse than the way I used to ruin deformed to form a star, nostalgia N all..
Austin Pell Nikita Ius if we ever see s movie together I'll do this
Ferley Witwer Maria hat sich Keyvan nicht früher so angehört als er geheult hat😂😂
Dominique Smith I busted out laughing before it even got to the good part. 😂😂😂 Shame on me
Queen Latifah
1 hour ago

Please support my friend Michael Eric Dyson new book #TearsWeCannotStop, an important guide to our racial confusion, and a gift to those wondering where to go in 2017 and beyond! Order his book today! smarturl.it/dysonamz

Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America
Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America

"Elegantly written, Tears We Cannot Stop is powerful in several areas: moving personal recollections; profound cultural analysis; and guidance for moral redemption. A work to relish." ―Toni Morrison"Here’s a sermon that’s as fierce as it is lucid. It shook me up, but in a goo...

418 reactions 20 comments
Ronnie Reed yeah we need prayer's amen
Robin Williams Hi Dana/👑 Latifah great support
Jennifer Rosales 💖💖💖
Michael Eric Dyson Thank you for the support Queen Latifah. Much appreciated!
John Cena
Yesterday 12:24

Get a First Look at "The True Story of the WWE Royal Rumble," only on WWE Network. http://wwe.com/wwenetwork/cena

12.6k reactions 149 comments
Luann Bjork Oh wooow. Shocking! 😏 😘
Marco Brümmer My favourite Match in WWE Year
Grewal Saab John my open challange
Maureen Large Get him cena
Arpit Kaushish winnnnnn
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

Now we need 49 other states, and then Congress, to do the same thing.

8.1k reactions 761 comments
Neil Osborn A nanny state, or sugar daddy complex, degenerate liberal trash looking for someone to bail them out. It's a shame so many women would murder the only person that would ever love these miserable women unconditionally. And having taxpayer dollars footing ...
Bruce Dilley I think we should have a choice as to whether to fund their poor choice of getting pregnant, or not. Why are these people allowed to make the choices for us while screaming foul over a poor choice they made?
Dorothy White The sign held in the picture states free abortions on demand. Is this a movie channel? Seriously take precautions protect yourself so it never has to get to this!
Jeff Webb Im not a fan of abortion as a means resolving stupidity. However, there are times that it's acceptable. There are times it's necessary. The broad brush approach is harsh. I'm a conservative that doesn't like PP. But don't take it out on young scared ...
Rosemary Duke That is great. But I wonder what is going to happen when these innocent women go to back street rooms to have an abortion...you know like in the olden days? And they die ! That's why they have the clinics....
George Lopez
2 hour ago

Inspiring #MLK

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Omar Martinez The time is here
Radford Johnson chavezs big brother...
Abe Dankiest ...
Phillip Robinson Awesomeness 💯
Cathy Lennon AMEN
Dwyane Wade
4 hours ago

LET’S BRING IT BACK!! #Brotherhood #AllStarThrowback #NBAVote Dwyane Wade

30.6k reactions 1232 comments
Mike Oliveira #NBAVote Dwyane Wade
Kirk Wilson No1 wants to watch you all shootin 3s the whole time and playing zero defense
Cheryle Hawkins Yes indeed! I was just thinking about my boys! Go sons!
Enrico Incarnati 7-6 is 1. Wade is number 3, Warriors Blew a 3-1 lead, got the 3-1 lead joke comment out of the way.
Santiago Cerinza HBD Dwyane have a great day and hope one day to see you back in the heat jersey
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

I think he saw it as the opposite, but I think he's wrong.

2.0k reactions 175 comments
Chandler White He had 8 years to do this and waits till 6 days before he leaves to do it. Whatever. It will be overturned like every other thing he has done.
Donna L Berdeau Cain So why doesn't he turn the Muslims away like this too?
Francis Motta The right needs to go easy on this guy. He's the very reason why they will hold power in Washington for the foreseeable future...
Lorri Thomas Obama stopped Cuban refugees because they are almost 100% conservatives. He stopped the inflow. He lets the Mexicans come over the southern border because they are mostly Democrats
Nancy Uhrich That is so true...the Cubans are very respectful people and hard working and they are so appreciative to live here and be free. Illegals are a different story...criminal behavior...violent...thieves... rapist...entitled.
01:06 01/17/2017

Will Ronda Rousey accept Floyd Mayweather's offer? UFC

Floyd Mayweather offers to help train Ronda Rousey | BJPenn.com
Floyd Mayweather offers to help train Ronda Rousey | BJPenn.com

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather holds a polished 49-0 undefeated boxing record and has recently been a hot topic amongst MMA fans with the talk of a...

150 reactions 86 comments
Ziltoid Ell Impeeriial So Floyd is trying to beat up a girl? Nothing new here people xD
David Pillay She trained with the Diaz brothers before, didn't she? If the can't help her mma boxing no one can
Jon Ellingson Jesus Christ I'm so sick of seeing this guy, aren't you retired floyd? Be gone!
Joshua Welch You'd be stupid not to.
Mark Hyun it was Mayweather senior who made the offer, get your story straight!
Ron Paul
Yesterday 06:12

I think the thing that I admire the most about Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is that he preached non-violent civil disobedience. Most people will not talk about Rev. King's anti-war views, and it may have been one of the reasons that he was assassinated. In honor of Rev. King's birthday, I'd like to share some heroic quotes of his against the American military empire:

6.5k reactions 118 comments
Rose Magdziak Absolutely right, then & now. Rest well, Dr, King. You did your best.
Matt Hommel And sadly...this is as true today as it ever was.
Mikey Evans that quote is as true today as it was when Dr King spoke it.
Douglas Ives The FBI killed him because he was a Commie. Johnson was afraid he would become America's Ho Chi Min. Listen up folks, since 1913 ALL Presidents BAD!!!
Kellen William Seer Defense corporations hate hate hate peaceful protestors. Let's send them love! And remind them schools need school supplies not bombed, whatever county they are in.
9 hours ago

Timeline Photos

259 reactions 14 comments
Randy Diiaz 💪💪colombia-barranquilla Presente
CM KP tyga
Jal James break fast
Da Silva Jose Joao Quero ser o melhor do reper Gaym o que eu faço Tyga
The Law of Attraction/ LOA the most beautiful people you'll ever meet aren't always the ones who catch your eyes first. No, the most beautiful are the ones that can never be figured out. The one you could talk with for many hours and still have a million things to ask. The people ...
6 hours ago

Celebrate life more. @ryanhadji

14.6k reactions 43 comments
Brandy Lynch 2nd
Amadou Bouare cool?
Tipain Mareva l love
Malherbe Louisjean Cool
Han Yan 羅佑春
Ivete Sangalo
6 hours ago

Fervura! Ao som do @harmoniadosamba 👊🏻

29.2k reactions 694 comments
Raiane Paoli Um dia eu fico craque assim .. Tiago Vieira Alves olha isso 😱😱😱
Deyvidi Correa Depois das aulas de boxe Ivete nunca mais precisou dizer quem é essa aiii papai ???
Milena Neves Ai Taís Ferreira se vc treinar com meu tio Inacio Nascimento vai ficar igual a Ivete, rsrs...
Lidyane Peixoto Olha isso Jozemar Gil Moraes.... Como eu curto fazer treino assim
Janaina Bagatini Samuel Monstrão Oliveira vou fikr rapidinha assim quando voltar a treinar. Só que não kkkk
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

This is what's called a good start. Now pass it and send it to the president. OK. Not now. After Friday at noon. :)

10.3k reactions 655 comments
Melanie Young Russell How about stop paying the UN permanently? We pay more than the 22% of money. The USA pays for most of all military actions that group demands. Then the UN tries to force Americans to do what they say, even though that is illegal in the US. They are ...
Edward Tushar Are we not behind on payments anyways to the tune of over 2 billion?? I think the UN has a place in our world but they sometimes (like any government) overstep their bounds.
Natalie Guthrie Yeah I mean the 2 world wars were really great for our country. We need to kill off more of our men and have some harbors bombed, down with unity!!!!
Rose Dilauro Walsh It's about time ! Now they can move to another Country. They were a do nothing anyway, I never heard them do a thing about all the termoil and the terriostskillings and the beheading of our Americans , they are useless , good riddance !
Marsha Fandl About time Cruz woke up and changed his attitude and jump in to help. Now - he has our attention...and possibly bit of renewed respect for him from America.
Khloé Kardashian
10 hours ago

Hero! I can’t even handle the cuteness!

This 4-Year-Old Has Already Read Over 1,000 Books
This 4-Year-Old Has Already Read Over 1,000 Books

If your New Year’s resolution was to “read more,” it’s a good thing because you’ve got some catching up to do. As Bustle points out, 4-year-old Daliyah Marie Arana has read over 1,000 books, and that’s a number that would put a lot of adults to shame. According to The

4.8k reactions 70 comments
Sékou Koné La future
Adelino C. Dos Santos . • Arrogante
Jess Eklund Hi Khloe, I hope you dont mind me posting this but my little man needs surgery and I desperately need help from family, friends and loving caring strangers 😁 http://www.gofundme.com/a4-masons-surgery
Jake Dunne Why not?
Viviane Kabore jolie
01:06 01/17/2017

Mike Goldberg just can't get enough! UFC

PHOTO | Mike Goldberg spotted in the crowd at UFC Fight Night 103 | BJPenn.com
PHOTO | Mike Goldberg spotted in the crowd at UFC Fight Night 103 | BJPenn.com

Mike Goldberg was in attendance for UFC Fight Night 103 on Sunday night but it wasn’t cageside commentating for the fights. With having his last UFC...

329 reactions 41 comments
Alison Boadicea I know I saw u Mike 😘
Thomas Carabajal Steven Larkin See I told you I saw him
Trevor Harris They fired him for a guy to work the desk....
John Dalton Tyler Robasciotti That is so sad hahahahaha
Chris Maloley Can't be legit. Lmao.
Hines Ward
23:42 01/16/2017

Know you've always got a reason to smile.

510 reactions 62 comments
Karen Alexander Wilkins Love this man!!
Melissa Good I had to smile when I saw yours 🤗
Lori Farr Hellooooo handsome 😉
Carolyn Stevenson Love that smile! Love HinesWard !!
Rose De Leon Steward Miss that smile on the field!!
Larry Fitzgerald
03:12 01/17/2017

In a year of increased violence and upheaval, heed the words of the great Dr. King "the means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek".

4.3k reactions 68 comments
Kathy Warren Maddux Great share Larry. THANK YOU
Mary Shaffer Beautiful!! Thank you.
Kathy Knebel Tinkelman Amen, Mr. Fitzgerald.
Candace L Allshouse Agree...Right on Dr King and Larry...Thank you.
Chris Gordon Yes and never give up the fight lol get it Larry lol much love
Ashton Kutcher
10 hours ago

Do you believe that humans are fundamentally selfish?

191 reactions 24 comments
Alyssa Agostino Anna Wilson Carmelina Iannello remember alturism!! 😂
Caitlin Emling Aria Vitale gtown psych
Cinthya Raquel Armoa Colman y si al menos un poco lo somos.. algunos en gran medida y otros en menor medida
Sharon De Jesus yes
Larry A Meeks yes and racist
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

Oh no, if you abuse your position to go after cops who were simply doing their jobs, you are not immune. Good luck.

7.6k reactions 480 comments
Patricia White These lawsuits are absolutely deserved by her gross misconduct!! She tried to ruin these officers lives to further her greedy self and deserves to be forced to pay for her arrogance and stupirity!!!!!
Jim Murray Stupid is, as stupid does. Affirmative action does not always get the best and brightest...sadly. Watching her speak in public...really sad.
Phillip Minchew All claims against her should be allowed to proceed bc even though she's a DA, she only was able to charge bc of public opinion at the time w little to no evidence. Also she abused her power if a false arrest occurred w no evidence. Furthermore, aside ...
Joe Fox I saw the video of that man begging for mercy that never came. They killed him. I am as conservative as they come but I can see abuse.
Delia Stone-House She thought she was, which is why she was so quick to jump on the HACKtivist band wagon and get her 15 minutes of fame without regard to the responsibility she had to the officers involved.
01:06 01/17/2017

Floyd Mayweather sure knows how to rattle the cage! Conor McGregor Dana White

Floyd Mayweather questions why Dana White is being paid more than Conor McGregor | BJPenn.com
Floyd Mayweather questions why Dana White is being paid more than Conor McGregor | BJPenn.com

The promotional battle between UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather also interestingly involves UFC's Dana White...

424 reactions 119 comments
Lamar Langston Floyd is telling the truth Conor is getting raped just like paceman
Omar Ruiz-Cabañas Has to feel bad when somebody that "used to carry his bags around" is now earning more money than you without having to bust his face...
Mathieu Latulippe isnt that what we all ask ourselves after a long day at work?
Charlie Catalano Because Dana has spent 20 years building the stage for Conner. He travels the world promoting every UFC card, ppv, fight night and tuf
Jae Sun Reading the comments in this thread makes me understand the: Workers/Slave mindset vs Owner/Boss/Entrepreneur. Connor could promote himself and still make more PVP buys without the help of Dana White, just like MayWeather has. White is a leech on ...
Paris Hilton
1 hour ago

10.7k reactions 298 comments
Alan SB Clément F. Même Hilton kiff Küngs 😀
Lucas Christian MAIOR DJ QUE VOCÊ RESPEITA! Alex Mozart Pascoa
Cristiano Gaio Fernanda será que ela topa ser a dj da nossa party?
Noel Blatchford Y Correa My dear,Miss.P.Hilton,I saw,you sent me a friends request, but,now, when,I'm checking matters,here on this new account,all of a sudden,your. friends request just vanished.I can only therefore assume that ,you,rapidly withdrew it.On my prior accounts,...
Donald J. Trump
3 hours ago

#Repost Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram: 'Me and my dad. A few miles beneath our feet since then but still a great pic. #maga #fatherson'

176.4k reactions 7485 comments
Jennifer Nathan Wages Precious!! And I appreciate how you are reaching out to people like Steve Harvey and willing to work with those who have vehemently opposed you and your movement, to make this country a much better place! I knew you would! Just one of the MANY reasons I ...
Doris Blommer Dost 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸President Donald Trump your father and Brother are very proud of you. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (Thank You) for sharing this beautiful picture of your father❤️ Big hugs from DC
Tom Beattie Beautiful picture. Reminds me of holding my son who now has his own family with 3 beautiful daughters. I am so thrilled you won. I haven't been this hopeful for our country and the real opportunity to bring it back under the Constitution since 1980 when ...
Jasmine Wilson I am so sick of Obama and his schizophrenia fans! I am ready for my New President! Let's go back to reality! What you see is what you get. Obama Care kills people! 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
Paul Murphy Good luck Donald , i was hoping you would be elected and now wish you and your administration well..the world needs a strong and deciseful US president . In Australia we are paying the price for weak leadership but we are slowly waking up. Cheers from ...
Ashton Kutcher
10 hours ago

Would you wear one?

In The Future, These Health Trackers Will Know You’re Sick Before You Do
In The Future, These Health Trackers Will Know You’re Sick Before You Do

So you’ll know when to stock up on tissues and NyQuil.

495 reactions 29 comments
Meri Kiikka Nora Boijer
Sarah Elizabeth Shotts Cara Brewer
Emma Horňačeková Martin
Kristen Shania Sharda Doopan Brandon Sooknanan
Jacqueline Bell Jeremiah
01:06 01/17/2017

BJ PENN released his first statement since losing to Yair Pantera Rodriguez at UFC Fight Night 103.

BJ Penn releases quick statement, congratulates Yair Rodriguez | BJPenn.com
BJ Penn releases quick statement, congratulates Yair Rodriguez | BJPenn.com

It was not the outcome that BJ Penn and his loyal fans were looking for on Sunday at UFC Fight Night 103 in Phoenix, Arizona. The UFC Hall of Fame legend ended up losing to rising UFC star Yair Rodriguez in the main event of the evening in the second round as referee “Big” John...

563 reactions 76 comments
Randy F. Granger bj is one of the nicest people i know. we have lived by him for 17 years. you are a legend. keep it up.
Trent Aadland All BJ needed to do was last 2.5 rounds for my parlay payday.. Shouldn't have listened when he said bet on me
Ryan Darling Bj...one more fight! You still can fight anyone. I believe in a true OG. Hilo 👌
William Güell BJ didnt look healthy at that weight.. WAR BJ!!!!!!! It was fun brotha, always a fan
David Tolson Much respect to BJ but he had no business being in there last night.
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

But really, malcontents . . . just don't.

2.2k reactions 172 comments
Linda Elia Koch I just hope and pray that these malcontents don't take their lunacy to a violent level!!! He's our president get over it malcontents...we did with Obama!
John Thomas I would expect some idiots to throw something at the motorcade as it heads down Pennsylvania ave. But I also expect Security mixing in with crowd. So they may be able to Stop acts of violence before it gets out of hand.
Geminis Rules What is meant for evil will turn around for good. This will be the best inaguaration ever.
Brigid Smith What the F is wrong with people, in my life I never thought I'd see such ridiculousness...
Ramona Danni MacDougal This is just unreal! I hate democrats with everything I own- most violent Nazi fascists on the 🌎 planet...I'm embarrassed 😩 to say I was ever a liberal...UGH!
Hines Ward
23:42 01/16/2017

Today on the Hines Ward Show: We talk golf, RGIII to the Browns, Kaepernick to the Broncos, and what Hines would do if he were the NFL commissioner. We then dig into how to find your passion to avoid a midlife crisis, and which QB would he replace Big Ben with.

016: If Hines Were NFL Commissioner... - The Hines Ward Show
016: If Hines Were NFL Commissioner... - The Hines Ward Show

Listen to this episode (0:52:34) Download Listen in a New Window iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Leave a Review

27 reactions 7 comments
Benjamin Sweitzer Love you 86
Kathy Blowers Lamoreau Isn't this a rerun?
Ticara Carter Love you
Dennis Ropon Hines
Justin Roth Go dawgs
Ivete Sangalo
6 hours ago

Jô, com todo meu amor! Saúde demais❤️❤️❤️❤️ amor demais ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ vc demais❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

15.6k reactions 117 comments
Fatima Nascimento Saudades do Jo Soares! ! Felicidades! ! Parabéns! !!!
Marcos Feres E aeeeeeeeeee. Um beijo Amor.
Luan Amorim Sei que é chato mendigar seguidores, mas eu tenho um sonho que é ser um ESCRITOR para isso preciso de vocês, podem me ajudar é só me SEGUIR , assim vocês poderão ver meu trabalho, tenho fé em Deus que vou conseguir, Obrigado de coração <3
Fabi Sgap Volta logo jô.
Rose Pereira Só vc faz as coisa sempre certa por isso que eu te admiro parabens
01:06 01/17/2017

Amanda Nunes Leoa explains why she's asking for a shot at the featherweight belt.

Amanda Nunes on why she wants to fight for a second belt: Conor McGregor did it | BJPenn.com
Amanda Nunes on why she wants to fight for a second belt: Conor McGregor did it | BJPenn.com

Earlier this month, Amanda Nunes made headlines by calling for a shot at the winner of Holly Holm and Germaine De Randamie's featherweight title fight.

117 reactions 56 comments
Matt Capper Yeah but your gammon and nobody really cares about ya 😴
David Toscano Wants to follow instead of be a leader
Mike Vanleeuwen Earn it...
Shea El And Dana white will take it away
Tommy Clydesdale As long as she's going UP a weight class like Connor did
Ron Paul
Yesterday 06:12

A Tale of Two Peace Prize Winners Watch the whole show here: https://youtu.be/8rsQ2rVr6Fw

582 reactions 18 comments
Dennis Rich http://www.nytimes.com/1991/10/11/us/boston-u-panel-finds-plagiarism-by-dr-king.html
Talib Kamel Americaaaaa is to blame the govt
Terry Martin MLK wasn't bought and paid for....
Talib Kamel Ron why they kill em oh wait the white men didn't want peace
Katherine Grace Manger Thank you.
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
Yesterday 13:42

Hoje a minha sobrinha linda está de aniversário!! Muita saúde e felicidade pra ti!! O tio te ama demais, Betinha!! #família #amor

19.0k reactions 379 comments
Faical Elfellah Happy birthday to you.you uncle is the best football player ever
Elido Araujo Betinha e a cara Tiozão. Parabéns pra você tudo de bom na sua vida 👏👏👏
Evanilda Da Rosa Santos parabéns linda muito sucesso que Deus te ilumine e abençoe que tenha muito luz em seus caminhos feliz aniversário
Andres Rios Feliz cumpleaños a tu sobrina y saludos para El Genio del Fútbol. Desde el Perú
Gabriel Fagundes Parabéns Betinha rooooonaldinho gaúuuuuucho e o nome dessa fera vc lembra
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