Pamela Anderson
Yesterday 03:24

Fashion doesn't need to kill animals: British designer MacDonald #ThankYou

Fashion doesn
Fashion doesn't need to kill animals: British designer MacDonald

British fashion designer Julien MacDonald has apologized for using fur in his past collections - raising a hot topic that returned to rock London Fashion Week.

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Johnny Reynolds Apology not accepted, blood already on his hands.
Bill Maher
3 hours ago

Former White House Ethics Lawyer is done with the lavish lifes...

26.2k reactions 1486 comments
Lori Chodkowski Whitecar America first, right? I am still waiting, I think they mean lining their own pockets first at the taxpayer's expense...
Ric Winthrop Trump set the table for ethics below the basement level. Trump is stealing from the American taxpayers on a daily basis, so all of his millionaire appointees follow suit.
Arturo Hernandez Let’s call this the 1%er Welfare. Glad to see that the working class who voted him in are staying quiet. I would be enraged to see this crap and he got my vote. Lucky, I give nothing to this Administration except my tax dollars. Which I gladly pay.
David Eubank Ha Ha, I worked for the Federal Government for several decades...we were not aloud to accept any gifts except the sometimes offer of a coffee...most notably the rule of thumb was nothing with a value of more than $10.dollars...I worked in disaster ...
Paul Haase For all those republicans who say "He's got all the money he needs. He is doing this job for free" please understand that these people never have enough money. The more they have the more they want and it is at your expense.
Donald J. Trump
Yesterday 21:12

Honored to meet with President Abbas from the Palestinian Authority & his delegation, who have been working hard with everybody involved toward peace.

11.6k reactions 1695 comments
Debie Grooms Pray for Wisdom Mr. President! Protect Israel! Do not give any part of Israel to Palestine! The Bible is clear on this matter. Tread lightly when dealing with this man and his country
Bob Hinton I am so happy you are sitting in office but something needs to be done about California Now! and the 9th circuit court.... California is trying to dictate what the whole country has to do...
Angelena Schaffer-Nardolillo Yah we just dont whine as much as the haters Trump is doing his job and actually working now that is a big change for the good!!! . AHH want some cheese with your wine Hillary?
Rahul Yadav Global terrorist 'Haafiz saeed' can be the next pm of pakistan. then Hafeez saeed and kim jong will blast America together.. stop helping pakistan they are not doing any action on terrorist.. help india we want to kill all terrorist.
Kelly Kevin Shamblin Wisdom says DO NOT try and divide the Land of Israel. God gave that Land to the Jewish people and He will bring wrath on anyone that tries to divide it. Bibi's a great leader and the US should protect that precious bond that we have with them.
Foo Fighters
Yesterday 19:12

The Late Late Show with James Corden #CarpoolKaraoke TONIGHT - 12:37/11:37c on CBS! 🤘

18.6k reactions 4120 comments
Krystal Atkin I can tell you why I don’t like him, I’m fed up of being told what I should & shouldn’t think about certain issues by a dude who has more money than sense.
Erin Ben Flaker I am literally seeing this and a clip of Dave Grohl as the devil in Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny at the same time thanks to that new follow you playback. What a morning.
Mandy Scott Why haven't I paid attention to these guys I by passed them stuck in my 80s world they are fantastic.Its never too late. That guy Dave ha personality & looks plus.
Rachael McClafferty I don't mind Cordon.. he can be irritating but he's not the worst person. Can't wait to watch this. Will have to wait till tomorrow though.
Kate Armstrong Lisa Laura & Chroebe I've just watched the full carpool karaoke on TV. Worth finding the video when it's released in Australia. Loved it!
Bob Saget
2 hour ago

Thanks to Jeff Franklin for hiring me. 30 years later, Danny Tanner is still the angel on my left shoulder.

Inside the Secrets, Scandals and Legacy of ‘Full House’ From Creator Jeff Franklin (EXCLUSIVE)
Inside the Secrets, Scandals and Legacy of ‘Full House’ From Creator Jeff Franklin (EXCLUSIVE)

September 22, 1987. Thirty years ago. Ronald Reagan was president, and “Full House” debuted on ABC’s worst night at 8 p.m. Friday, considered to be not a time slot, but rather a “…

4.4k reactions 56 comments
Nina Sunderland Why does almost everyone look miserable in this picture
Juan Briseño They forgot to mention uncle Jesse fried chicken obession
Danika Rose Montagnon Just started watching season 1 again!! Love it
Gareth Ridings I own almost every season and watch re reruns on Nickelodeon.
Jamal Souraya Full House has always been my favorite TV show since 1988 when I was a kid
Paris Hilton
Yesterday 23:06

‪Making my favorite golden glitter cupcakes. ✨🎂✨ #ChefParis 👩🏼‍🍳‬

5.4k reactions 745 comments
Hayan Eskandar Moqdad Badranعبالي اعمل متل هدول تبع بحبك باريس وانا من الفانز تبعك 😂😂😂😂
Fabio Valentino Buscetto Nathaniel Dalgaard how i felt baking cupcakes
Julio Cruz Mancillas Gabriela Martinez mi pregunta es: por que todo brilla inclusive sus ptos cupqeiks alv?
Denisa Ajazi Somebody can tell me what is the name of this program that makes shine every light ?please!
Connor L. Lewis Antonio me serving looks while making food thats also serving looks
Adam Lambert
4 hours ago

Sailing #Ibiza !

8.7k reactions 345 comments
Khantarat Reeselinh Pratum OMG! I just saw your post Adam Lambert I'm glad you sharing your good time with Fans on Facebook. I'm soooooo happy for you right now. Take your time and get some rest before starting a tour with Queen again. Cheers from Bangkok!
Tammy Nolan Have a drink or two for me.
Lynda Collette Webber Beautiful part of the world
Wendy Jo McCoin Loving the goofball side of you!! Have fun, be safe!!
Emily M. Dong Good for you to take some time off, and it is my birthday and can you comment it for me, please?!
Pamela Anderson
Yesterday 03:24

Good Morning Britain

217 reactions 24 comments
Tina Kline My sweet friens If you can vote again today is would help me. It's a cutoff day! ♥️😘🙏🏼🙌🏼 Have a great night. Ty sooo. Much.
Soph Mitchell Heba Ross
Louise Lewis
El Camino Marcus Suarez ❤️
Steven Sissenstein Hi
Breaking Benjamin
5 hours ago

Our VIP Packages for our upcoming Unplugged tour are *ON SALE NOW!* Hang out during soundcheck, hit up our exclusive Westone Music Products listening party and be some of the FIRST to hear new BB music! You don't want to miss this!

849 reactions 60 comments
Ninett Vendi I don't see any florida dates
Philip Faust Melissa, " New"
Justin Nielsen Dam no OKC or Dallas dates!
Patricia A Salazar I got mine and am so excited for San Antonio!
Roy Sisson Lindsey George
Vinny Guadagnino
Yesterday 01:06

wow wtffff

R. Kelly Cult Victim Shares Chilling Details of Captivity on
R. Kelly Cult Victim Shares Chilling Details of Captivity on 'The Real'

The 24-year-old married mom of three isn't just spreading rumors; she's got legal documents to back up her story.

74 reactions 16 comments
Sistah Maotwe Lerato Mahema
Michelle Stolarski Joanie Doberenz
Sierra Rose Swisher Stacy Dodson
Terri Biggs Tanya and Charlotte
Stassi Ray Brittney Ramirez
Armin van Buuren
10 hours ago

Get your phones out and let's connect via Messenger! 👋

3.4k reactions 38 comments
Olga Sergeyeva Ok
Jesus Omar Lopez Sanchez me encanta
Tudor Seremi You're my kind of god!
Amara Silva 🤗❤
Jeans Louise Lamarche 😉
Alessandra Ambrosio
1 hour ago

927 reactions 24 comments
Matthew Meeler
Russell Handley Ok ! ! Pretty Lady ! !
Merlín Ali Mevarak Ali Okey hermosa
Kiril Kalaijiev believe
Shawn Ballinger thank you angel..
Donald J. Trump
Yesterday 21:12

It was a great honor to be with King Abdullah II of Jordan and his delegation this morning. We had a GREAT bilateral meeting!🇺🇸🇯🇴

21.7k reactions 1444 comments
Maryanne Young Why can we go back to health insurance the way it was before Obama care!!! It was good insurance and really didn't cost that much!!!!!! Poor people had assistant to help them. Pre existing conditions just cost a little more what was the problem!!! Obama ...
Karen Eakin I'll never forget how angry King Abdullah was when ISIS burned a Jordanian pilot alive in a cage!
William N Bill Crossman Hey , Trolls, pray tell just one thing President Trump has done that has harmed you? Now search your souls and list all the things the Obama Regime did that not only harmed you but also the world and America. We all shall await your replies. Of ...
Kathleen O'Regan The American people greatly respect and honor the King of Jordan, a good man and friend to the US, a great humanitarian as well. God's blessings on you and your nation, King Abdullah.
Billy McNeely Lets all work together and keep one other safe. God bless president trump and the usa.
Uniq Beauties
Yesterday 02:30

The Faroe Islands, Denmark

724 reactions 11 comments
Steven Whiting Daren Brown 😎
George Frangieh Rita
Muhammad Karaali Amr Hilmy رأس شيطان اللي عندهم اخضر Hassan Abogresha Karam Mostafa
Nicolás Madrid Ana María Méndez vamos a vivir ahí jaja <3
Yoshi W Han Could i live there? 😚
Donald J. Trump
Yesterday 21:12

After allowing North Korea to research and build Nukes while Secretary of State (Bill C also), Crooked Hillary now criticizes.

22.8k reactions 4017 comments
Charlie Adams President Trump will never sell out America. Gee, I wonder how Iran and North Korea were suddenly able to accelerate their missile and bomb development? Hmm... https://www.wsj....
Paul Feliz You are doing great for the American well being Mr President, keep cleaning house and draining the swamp. #MAGA
Jill Owen I am totally in favor of doing a deep dive into the Clinton's policies (and results) of their approach to North Korea. Not her revisionist version but the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Leeann Davidson "Crooked Hillary" and "Rocket Man"...Mr President Donald J. Trump..u Crack me up 😂..praying for God's protection over you cuz there's so many against u right now...
Traci Williams I am praying for you! She did nothing in 30 years her criticism falls by the wayside. Your performance rights & writes history! We believe in you Donald! Keep charging you're being very powerful right now and influential don't let a mouse get in the ...
4 hours ago

Last night was historic. I was the only African American on a stage of the brightest business minds of the world. It was an honor to be amongst leaders from different countries and industries. I'm inspired and I hope it inspires my people. This truly is a historic moment to be honored with this group of individuals. Forbes 100 Greatest Living Business Minds! #BlackExcellence

6.7k reactions 492 comments
Edward Johnson Congratulations..I am a business man also and I got a lot we can do together..let talk about something great thanks
Jonas Tchangmo Je t'admire beaucoup tu es un exemple pour la jeunesse africaine Depuis que j'ai 12ans tu suis fasciné par toi et tes réalisations. Merci Mr Sean Combs
Celestino Roberto da Costa Fico feliz por ti e por todos nós. Tenho a certeza que és o caminho de um exemplo a seguir, confesso que és uma inspiração não só pra mim mas pra muitos de nós empresários. Blackexcellence🙏.
Olufisoye Kayode David Repeat ...After me I'm gonna go where I wanna go..Can't stop Won't stop #bozzz. #diddy u such a motivator.. Godbless u..Godbless me..#leggoooooo..#bawseup
Hannah Mk Good daddy now do something for your people and I promise you and guarantee you you will be remembered for ever the choice is yours A remembrance in history or remembrance for now only
Ashton Kutcher
14:18 09/20/2017

You're never too young to be an entrepreneur.

From A Single Sketch To A Full-Fledged Business, This Teen And Her Dad Are Helping People With Parkinson
From A Single Sketch To A Full-Fledged Business, This Teen And Her Dad Are Helping People With Parkinson's

"As I get older, I understand the sacrifices my family made for this project. That China trip cost more than my dad's car at the time."

68 reactions 12 comments
Elif Yagmur Diricanli Burak Cem Öztarak
Perla Alondra Rubio very cool
Skylar Angela Love!!
Sherry Justice Such a warm story.😊
Sandy Podratz Way to go Lily!!
Yesterday 18:24

Love to SpinGrey for adding "Up Down"

67 reactions 5 comments
Kyle DeAngelo Walker 📷🎥📹NEW VIDEO ALERT📢📢📢👀👀👀🔥🔥
Afran Love 👆👊
Tye Merricks Night life.
Otumudia Ejiro Praise T pain.... my man!!
Ibrahim Yillah Am for you in this would
4 hours ago

Share this with whoever needs a reminder!! 💸💸 Bad Boy Entertainment

1.9k reactions 106 comments
Polo Greenz Bring bk Mase, lil C lil Kim come up with new big remixes b4 thy age out
Zik Ukaeje Fyck yeah!!!I haven't forgotten! #DiddyisMyMentor
Lamar Helms Joe Donegan just in case you need a reminder 😂😂😂
Kareem Easton Still 1 of the hardest beats and song of all time #BadBoy #PDIDDY #THELOX #NOTORIOUSBIG #NOTORIOUSKIM
Nat Bvtler Diddy, i played as u at WWE 2K17. Since ur logo was there (Bad Boy Entertainment). And ur soundtrack was lit
Donald J. Trump
Yesterday 21:12

Big meetings today at the United Nations. So many interesting leaders. America First will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

18.2k reactions 1969 comments
Rick Olson Thank you President Donald J. Trump for your outstanding leadership and straight talk at the United Nations while representing both the United States of America and the American People.
Rafael Rodriguez He spoke like an American President should speak, proud of his country with no apologies for being what we are, not bowing to anyone like the traitor we had.
Amaechi Mecheline Onuh The UN gave megaphone to genocidal Nigeria dictator Muhammadu Buhari, any arms sold to Buhari ends up in the hands of boko haram and the end result is to kill Christians (Biafra). The people of Biafra are on protest in front of UN office against the ...
Liz Lindsey Mr President, great speech yesterday! We loved it! Thanks for standing up for the USA and our allies, especially Israel. We're behind you 100%!
Darlene Akin The greatest speech for America and Americans, was handed out to the U.N. by the PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, thank you for your consistent and brilliant work. We are MAGA. help with the swamp is coming 2018.
15:06 09/20/2017

#Repost Buck Johnson Music ・・・ Great day to be alive riding bikes and taking in the beauty of Rio with @iamstevent #aeroverdercibabytour #RockinRio

684 reactions 56 comments
Gustavo Maciel The bigger bigger bigger biggest band!
Alejandra Quiroga Ok 👏😀
Cintia Belfort Eles estão na área!!!! Nostradamus Medeiros Diego Belfort Mello Ana Anna Clara Mello
Becky Walsh Yummmm
Gabriel Monteiro Fernanda Sena
Randy Orton
Yesterday 17:54

Only the strongest survive at WWE No Mercy.

33.7k reactions 274 comments
Keith C. Oesterreich Ah yes. The time when PPVs had their own special stage setup -.-
Rene Correa Sure Chris Jericho beat Austin and Rock in the same night but did he become a 2 time WWE champion in the same night?? #TheAgeofOrton
Rex Akash Rusev is a cower,Randy you will beat you again easily,,
Alonzo Perkins I'll say the number # 1 out of the top 10
Donald J. Trump
Yesterday 21:12

Puerto Rico being hit hard by new monster Hurricane. Be careful, our hearts are with you - will be there to help!

50.8k reactions 3676 comments
Rohn Smith Thank you from my family to yours for being a great leader that this country has so desperately needed! Loved the UN speech, we the real American people applaud you Mr. President! Pray for all those in the path of these hurricanes, be safe!
Gail Albright Prayers for Puerto Rico, and know our President is here for you, and will help just like he did for Tx. and Fla.
Jason Vandermark The Graham Cassidy bill is not repeal Mr President. You are doing a great job but keep the heat on Congress. And l love that the Liberals are passing around fake news that your going to resign and you should call them out on the fake news. We love that. ...
Lee Jeoung Su Isaiah 61장 1. The Spirit of the Lord GOD [is] upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to [them ...
Victoria Sayhi Wow, this storm is terrible. I pray for all the people in PuertoRico. I am so sorry. God bless you in this time of the storm Remember prayer is the first response not the last response. God can use you in this storm. Help your neighbors and the elderly. ...
Vinny Guadagnino
Yesterday 01:06


78 reactions 23 comments
Justin Holly Troup Angela Jean Schlenbaker
Lynzee Dzioba Mackayla Luyanda
Rosa Grant Nasty piece of 💩
Vanny Jo My hero. Make men cry. #yesallmen
Caitlyn Rouse She is a moron far from badass.
Donald J. Trump
Yesterday 21:12

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, September 20th: · Expanded meeting with King of Jordan · Expanded meeting with President of the Palestinian Authority · Working lunch with African leaders · Expanded meeting with Prime Minister of the United Kingdom · Expanded meeting with President of Egypt

15.4k reactions 1934 comments
Maribel Chavis Good morning Mr.President Donald Trump Have a beautiful day. I say,when God is for you, who can be against you??
Valerie Hinton Ziegler Mr President you did such a great job yesterday, you truely do speak for me, and many others, it was the best speach ive ever seen given to the UN. We are proud of you!!!
Tiger Junior Yesterdays speech on socialism was brilliant. Socialism does not belong in America. Not now. Not ever. Thank you!
Linda Burgess This man is working hard for us, with no pay, and getting harassed daily. He deserves our thanks and our prayers. 😍
Gord Akum That is quite a schedule for a guy that is 71. Compare that to Obama who found it more important to meet with the likes of Babs Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Redford and other Hollywood type fluff.
John Lennon
15:36 09/20/2017

Patti Smith Named 2017 John Lennon Real Love Award Honoree

Patti Smith Named 2017 John Lennon Real Love Award Honoree
Patti Smith Named 2017 John Lennon Real Love Award Honoree

Patti Smith will receive the John Lennon Real Love Award at the 37th Annual John Lennon Tribute concert.

1.6k reactions 34 comments
Ignacio Bravo Jesica Arcusin
Thomas Dutton Skylar Martin
Bryce Guyle Jackie
Jennifer Ktrck Daniel Kutrick
Christina Marie Dean Vincent Micheli
Pamela Anderson
Yesterday 03:24

Circuses in 60 Seconds Flat via PETA UK

28 reactions 4 comments
Sandra Jēgina Pam, I told you. You almost got destroyed.
Jessica Prideaux plus its great alec baldwin is speaking out ,
Jessica Prideaux so evil and heartbreaking, every image, its horrible , lets hope every animal in video is safe free or at least on the way to freedom
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