On Air with Ryan Seacrest
Yesterday 14:54

This gross-looking optical illusion is actually quite tasty

This Gross-Looking Optical Illusion Is Actually Quite Tasty | On Air with Ryan Seacrest
This Gross-Looking Optical Illusion Is Actually Quite Tasty | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

It seems like someone suffered a shocking injury but look again and you'll see it's nothing like that.

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Michael Phelps
11 hours ago

What a great night celebrating the year in swimming at #goldengoggles!! Congrats to the next generation and looking forward to seeing what comes next!!

10.7k reactions 215 comments
Pam Munizzi Congratulations! You guys look awesome! Booms is going to be a great big brother!
Barbara Malloy-Kralik So happy for your family!
Florin Kindris Congratulations Michael!Wonderful couple!!
Julio C Castillo Hurra 😎👍another dude,right? Congrats Mr & Mrs.Phelps
Annarosa Restifo Olivera Congratulations! You are full of love. God bless you.
Seth Rollins
7 hours ago

WWE Raw: Dean Ambrose battles Sheamus

3.8k reactions 30 comments
Mahmud Hasan M
Bhura Singh WWE RAW LlVE the shield Seth rollins Dean Ambrose
Manuela Scheidl Ambrollins is the best Team in the World
K E More Wow
Killua Jen Crazy little thing called love
Seth Rollins
7 hours ago

WWE Raw: Roman Reigns challenges The Miz

1.7k reactions 23 comments
Souad Daous woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow i love u guys
Tulasi Rao I now Roman will win the IC tittle
Nînå Mårłįŋă The miz is nothing
Naomi Iloko It's a good idea
Maria Six Oh Miz ..😂😂😂
Jimmy & Jey Uso
8 hours ago

The WHOLE Tag Team Division just entered of The Uso Penitentiary.

3.8k reactions 28 comments
Jason Hunt Now keep them
Ishara Gamage Elaa
Mansur Billy Yusuf USOS
Arthur Arceneaux Usssssssssoooooossss
Bill Maher
Yesterday 10:18

9.6k reactions 774 comments
Peter Stricker I’ve worked alongside French engineers in France and I wouldn’t say their work environment lacked stress. It was just like here. But they did get their month off in August. As for the meals, the liver steak in the cafeteria was about 16 ounces, took me ...
Martha Broad Yah, most americans wouldn't do it. Haven't we all seen people litter frequently here in the USA? Forget the latest digital app. We need some smart little gen Z kid to invent a plastic that self-destructs in a short period of time. I wonder if the ...
Latercha McKnight First of all I have been in France and all their portions sizes are not that small. They can eat. They walk everywhere
Judi Spiro Weislo My son works 8-10 hr days, and then sometimes has to bring work home to do more all weekend/during the week. For no extra pay. I don't think that is right, that's taking advantage. Problem is, his boss is an old friend, so it makes it more awkward.
Jim Yeary I'm an ex-pat living in Germany. I'm happy here, many would not be. I think there are always places that do some things better and it should possible that governments learn from one another and initiate changes that would benefit the lives of their ...
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
Yesterday 14:54

Watch the official first trailer for "A Wrinkle In Time"

The First
The First 'A Wrinkle In Time' Trailer Is Here! | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

See Oprah, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling in the first look

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Amy Nall Keith I wanna see this for sure!
Heidi Montag
Yesterday 14:18

35 days until Christmas!!!!🤶🏻🎅❄️☃️🎄🎁

89 reactions 6 comments
Corey Alexander Amaral Matthew James
John Micheal Caheny Whoop Whoop 😁
Alicia M Holland ❤️🎀👦🏼👵🏻🎅🏻
NJ Whale And 25 days to my birthday woot woot Double present tym 💏😬
Melissa Philp And the 1st christmas with ur son .how exciting
Mike "The Situation"
Yesterday 14:12

Was she happy when she found out?

71 reactions 5 comments
Linda Stramaglia Yeah right
Ruth Louzon Mike your killing me with this junk
Tyra Banks
Yesterday 11:24

The boss is BACK. Don’t miss #ANTM’s return to the runway in 2018 on VH1 💋

14.5k reactions 1766 comments
Julie Tron Tyra is fab!!! She shows that being a real woman with curves will always be hot!!! 🔥🔥....girl power to her!!
Alysha Lynne I just hope that tyra stays and rita goes. I love having Ashley Graham reppin all the plus size hotties out there!
Isabel Loontiens Ain’t nobody missed her with that highlight. Who did her make up? Someone did her dirtyyy. Looking ashy af. Kayla Michele
Carla Xavier Santos Can people from other countrys try to participate? Maybe not 😐 i dont know. Im from Portugal so i think its should be impossible.
Ariã Reynolds Wait say what I finished 22 cycles I'm ready for another one . Nobody can replace you when it comes to the original ANTM .
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
Yesterday 14:54

968 reactions 279 comments
Mávita Cuauhtémoc Leticia HAHAHAHAHA
Margaux Lacroix Marie Favier la commande d hier
Gean Fernandes Eliza Bez eu comprando no Aliexpress
Claudia Denning Denise lol cute!!! 😍
Karlos Sabal Han UD look so chic!
Sean Kingston
02:42 11/21/2017

Get tagging 😂

137 reactions 1345 comments
Sam Vaiphei U will go broke bh the time u get her the BMW car.. 😂😂😂
Taunie Marie Carter Jennifer West I think we found a good one here lol
Taliha Tareen Maria Noor giuuuurlfraaaaand he’s calling you😂😂
Candace Galaviz Manny Galaviz tell David to stay off fb😂😂😂 im so wrong for this
Amber Spoering Jacqui Ramirez Kaylie Clark y'all ain't single but here you go lol
Alessandra Ambrosio
Yesterday 11:48

Before the Baby2Baby Gala 💛

2.2k reactions 55 comments
Rodrygo Bressanne Linda...! 💋😍
Martinez Abe Love Alessandra😘
حسين الفيلي الفيلي Beautiful
Javier Vergara Rascon We will miss you, Ale! 😭😭😭
Jose Elias Reyes Sanchez Elegante y muy hermosa
Adriana Lima
Yesterday 11:30

That’s a wrap Shanghai! What an incredibly beautiful, interesting, and mysterious adventure. Victoria's Secret #VSFashionShow

54.1k reactions 997 comments
Alice Montemayor hi adriana oh my the queen of queens!
Thomas A Mundy The consament pro, with beauty beyond compare
Iraquitan Cavalcanti Baiana arretada de linda!! Ela é Brasil, ela é nordeste. Vá e arrase querida!!
Lia Rubio How sexy for God you are the best angel of victories secrets, unique and beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍
Lex Luther Beautiful face, but I need hips gurlll lol
The Miz
5 hours ago

I win at life.

3.0k reactions 160 comments
Muhammad Rahmam The miz is a piece of garage never like it him from the door
Lloyd Willis And he's ugly to be an actor..just dead acting
Zarah Tomassini Congratulations to the Big Dog Roman Reigns Baybeeeee
Gary Marron Man Maryse is sexy, Has long as The Miz as a women like that he will always be a A lister.
James Kellen And your new InterContinental heavyweight champion Roman Reigns
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
Yesterday 14:54

Truly a flight from hell 😱

25 reactions 3 comments
Lucy Mahmoodi Mike Davtian
Alexa Cunningham Wow a $26 dollar voucher for a 10 hour trip of listening to that? More like a FREE ROUNDTRIP is what they all deserve.. $26 dollars is pennies for them to give.
Hines Ward
1 hour ago

Great times..

1.5k reactions 63 comments
Michael Glassel When the squealers were a respectable team
Kell Dorris You are very much missed out on the field. Much love!
Susie Hine Miss miss miss you on the field with that smile
Mary Orkis My Favorite Your a Very Awesome Person? Miss That Beautiful Smiley!!!
Angelica Sells Houses Hi: Hines. There goes that trademark smile to light up every room. God Bless You!
Heidi Montag
Yesterday 14:18

Happy 9 year anniversary! It was love at first sight. I knew my life would never be the same.… https://t.co/tpvsdzdVl4

125 reactions 5 comments
Candb Mcfamily Congratulation Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt!!!
Gina Sauro Congrats
Jane Naira Eckert Congratulations
Kendra Wilkinson
Yesterday 11:54

In LOVE with our 2017 holiday card from SimplytoImpress.com! They have a ton of cute cards you can personalize. I’ve used them for years now, and the quality and care they take is always amazing. They get them to me fast, and the prices are great. So excited to send these out! #amazingcards #myfave

11.7k reactions 736 comments
Samantha Stinson Theriot Your daughter is your twin. You have a beautiful family.
Lori Britten Almeida What gorgeous babies you have!!! Beautiful family.
Any Lazarte Medina Kendra tienes una hermosa familia Dios los bendiga x siempre y envejezcan juntos tus niños son bellos millones de besos para los 4
Terese Meuse Kendra , your family is beautiful, the kids are growing so fast, wish you and yours all the best in years to come
Diana Hopson I love your card but love that you and your family have clung to each other #love interracial families that make it
Paul Pierce
8 hours ago

From NBA on ESPN Countdown: Boogie has been dominating, he's a dog, a guy I want on my team in crunch time, and he belongs in the conversation for MVP!

361 reactions 27 comments
Jack Allford Henry Scott
Adam Clement Kyle Mulcahy
Jerry Parrish Michael Palmer
Skyler Romberg Gaige O'Ryan Pattschull
Tigui Lacasse Maxime Favreau
Serena Williams
9 hours ago

We love the new community inspired mural by Chelsea Wong at the Yetunde Price Resource Center! Thank you Oath for your support to help victims of senseless violence. #whatsyouroath

1.8k reactions 64 comments
Biljana Gojkovic Serena 💖
Tammi Wells-Baker Beautiful
Jimmie D. Compton Jr. Congratulations sister!
Ekene Onuorah Amazing
Marissa Borreros Beatriz Good works Serena...
Mike "The Situation"
Yesterday 14:12

Should've swiped left!

3 reactions 2 comments
Michael N Mandy Thornton Jordan Hatanaka
Meesha Jordon Lea Beccie Gregory Daniel Gregory
Alessandra Ambrosio
Yesterday 11:48

Wake up now and dream.

6.5k reactions 164 comments
Timothy Arnwine You are the dream
Alex Batista Linda
Eghosa Ambrose Beautiful...u
Wempzy A. Windenberg Beautiful :)
Leonardo Bonilla U have been better in ur 30s than in ur 20s.... most beautiful woman in earth
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