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Miss Mimi approved ✅

Details on the New Mariah Carey TV Drama
Details on the New Mariah Carey TV Drama

We’ve got info on the new show loosely based on Mariah’s life.

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Meagan Tanner Marisa Sedlak
The Rachel Maddow Show
10 hours ago

There's never been a situation quite like this one: Senate Republicans are poised to start voting tomorrow on a far-right health care gambit. But even now, no one knows for sure what they'll be voting on. http://on.msnbc.com/2gXS4RK

GOP senators still unsure which health care bill they hope to pass
GOP senators still unsure which health care bill they hope to pass

This isn't how legislating in the United States is supposed to work on any issue, but it's especially indefensible when dealing with life-or-death policymaking.

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Mark Nelson According to Gandi, Western Civilization lacks spirituality and our awareness of interconnectedness with one another. It has given priority to economic and technological development over human and community development. (Pg 88 Grace Boggs - The Next ...
Susan Madden Goodell Trump brings "victims" of Obamacare to the WH today. If any of the Republican plans are passed, get ready for the trumpcare victims in the next year or so. All because you gotta get that W. Shame on you all.
Tobie Rosen Vote No on Ryan/McConnell/Trumpcare.. If they do vote to push it thru, & they take away medicaid, cut medicare,do not cover maternity benefits, do not cover pre-existing conditions, then we, the people should insist that Congress be forced to use the ...
Barbara Rhodes Addison Not knowing which bill? The vote SHOULD go down resoundingly for who in their right mind would vote for such an important bill representing 1/6 of our economy without knowing what is in it??!!!!!!! I want to see a list of Senators who vote yes after ...
Beverly Diem Fasig They own the results totally on anything they would pass. That means they will own the ire of the people once it is discovered how far worse if they will be!
Kendra Wilkinson
Yesterday 10:00

Such an amazing surprise!

Mom Sells Stillborn’s Crib At Yard Sale. 1 Week Later, The Buyer Returns It Looking So Different
Mom Sells Stillborn’s Crib At Yard Sale. 1 Week Later, The Buyer Returns It Looking So Different

Valerie Watts was devastated when she gave birth to a stillborn boy. It’s something no expecting mother should have to go through. As time passed, the Cokato, Minnesota, woman eventually decided…

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Ryan Sheckler
4 hours ago

‪Solid Monday shred crew! 👍🏻👌🏻👊🏻 Sheckler Foundation

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Matthew FloHawke Hawkins Thanks for having the Adaptive Skate Kollective crew!!!
Rafael Caique Só gente boa
Yanina Martina Fantini Hermoso equipo y familia!!! Love
Colly Newfield Ryan The crew
Mike Vick
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Still one my favorite commercials I ever been a part of Nike Football Nike

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Jamal Anderson Devonish #7 this one was my favorite. I guess because it had not just you but a bunch of guys I liked. https://youtu.be/8s9NXUKmWQ0
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Mike Rocchio Nick Rocchio remember this one? Vick to TO
Russell Russell Let's Play A Round Of Golf B4 Summer Out. Bring Your + 1.
Nicholas Stanley Mike Vick = Play Maker
Stone Cold Steve Austin
8 hours ago

Let's do this right now, Mr. McMahon!

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Pushpinder Singh Best austin
Hollythug Kone Thedon Hell yeah!,,,,, time to raise hell,,,
Vivi Cruz Austin always love you guys Pat Patterson's Hey Hey Hey Na Na Na Na
Michael B. Principe Sure why not!?
Noel Karol Let do ths....just bring it...
Alessandra Ambrosio
Yesterday 09:54

Inhale the future, exhale the past.

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Paul Louiseize So true my super sexy lady.
Rajendran Cp What a look
Kenneth Taylor Gorgeous
Gary Hildebrand Extremely beautiful.
Mike Vick
1 hour ago


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Marcus Levene Simmons Ainge lol sit down
Philip Rossi Whole pistons team in the 80s
Keith Silvers Lebron does it all the time lol
Garrick Wiley Looks like the hoop is about 8 to 9 feet high!
Michael Williams No trust fund for you! 😂 😆😭😩
Mike "The Situation"
10 hours ago

Meet George, the world's tallest dog standing at 7 foot 3 inch tall and weighing 245 pounds.

George 'The Giant' Great Dane is the world's tallest dog, thinks he is just a tiny lap dog

Meet George, the world's tallest dog standing at 7 foot 3 inch tall and weighing 245 pounds.

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Marissa Elizalde Chri Stine
Sydney Michelle Pilloud Samantha Carr horse dog
Keelin Delaney Daniel Woodburn we need the organic stuff
Matthew Boots Georgey
Juanita Fellos Wtf
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We love you Kesha ❤️

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Joe Jaeger Derek Burks
Jesús Arellano Torres Jareny Almaraz
Ashley Shepherd I absolutely love Kesha...but I saw her show in Indiana on Saturday. The show was supposed to start at 8, but she didn't even come on until 930. She didn't even acknowledge or apologize for being late...super rude and inconsiderate. On top of that, she ...
The Rachel Maddow Show
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Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) thinks it's "repugnant" that "some female senators from the Northeast" aren't voting to take Americans' health care away. Let's start with his idea that Alaska is in "the Northeast." http://on.msnbc.com/2v0SEUS

House Republican has unfortunate words for
House Republican has unfortunate words for 'some female senators'

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) thinks it's "repugnant" that "some female senators from the Northeast" aren't voting to take Americans' health care away.

17.1k reactions 5623 comments
Karen Mirando Except one was from West Virginia, one from Alaska, and one from Maine. And at least three MEN opposed the bill. That man needs a Geography class -and maybe a Biology class. 😉
Charles Friedline So, we continue to inexplicably judge women politicians based upon their appearance. That has to stop, clearly. In the meantime, can we judge men the same way? (Speaking of repugnant.)
Mayr Malool Who elected this asshole!?? And wouldn't you love to smack the shit right outta them all!? Including -and especially -this Neanderthal ! I'll bet if you did challenge him to a duel he'd wet himself in fear! Fuckin Idiot!
AK Lynne Ha, if he was ever stupid enough to challenge Lisa Murkowski of (Southeastern) Alaska to a dual with guns, he might as well give up and run away with his fat tail between his legs.
Harrison Fowlkes He might want to rethink his views on the ACA considering unless he does something about his own personal health he's going to need it. The man obviously has high blood pressure, is overweight, could be a borderline diabetic, and needs to eat healthier.
Bill Maher
Yesterday 08:24

GOP congressman blames health care struggles on ‘repugnant’ Republican ‘female senators’

GOP congressman blames health care struggles on ‘repugnant’ Republican ‘female senators’
GOP congressman blames health care struggles on ‘repugnant’ Republican ‘female senators’

Rep. Blake Farenthold suggested he’d like to resolve things with a gunfight.

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Jacob Potashnik Will you just look at the face, that G-d, in his infinite wisdom has given to this sad, vulgar, mindless idiot sack of shit? Fart-and-hold? Hold-your-farts? Bloated smart-mouthed, know-it-all - Hey! Eight years of "leftist" judges? They are American ...
Ken Bone I know nothing about that chubby congressman, and I sure don't know why you'd promote Maher and his racially-charged rhetoric. Liberal humor... very very strange.
Donald Steele This fat sack of shit should look in the mirror if he wants to see what repugnant looks like.
Pat Huester if anybody is repugnant congressman it most assuredly is you and your antiquated views. is that how Texans think, settle everything with a gun. speaks volumes doesn't it. perhaps the ladies care enough about people to not throw 23 MILLION PEOPLE OFF ...
Nancy Milewski This fat pig is exactly the reason why healthcare costs are so high! He must have at minimum 3 pre existing conditions , definitely diabetes! Text book unhealthy obese American!
Anne V
12 hours ago

Timeline Photos

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Karl Zitterkopf Super Sexy Picture Anne V.
Michael Laderoute Gorgeous
Karl Zitterkopf Hottie!
Karl Zitterkopf Nice.
Rajendran Cp Lovely look
Nikki Bella
7 hours ago

Is Daniel Bryan the newest Total Divas cast member?!

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Chit Thu Lay hi nikki and brie
Mark Downs Daniel Bryan will always be the dazzler
Jordan Nichols Haaaa.......? .......
Miyan Ali Khan Nikk I love you
Vinay Kumar Nc I like it bella
Kendra Wilkinson
Yesterday 10:00

What a special proposal!

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Amanda Barrett Carmen Dyas 😂😆👍
Dana Gomez Yupp...smone should of told her to wear yellow..😱
Sonali Pravia Adriennmdr
Flo Esquivel Lindsey Remington
Katie Patrick Jonathan Clark and Abigail Caskey are Facebook FAMOUS!!
Pamela Anderson
20:48 07/24/2017

Villes et états anticorrida - Alliance Anti-corrida https://t.co/hEvJrioU9M

Villes et états anticorrida - Alliance Anti-corrida
Villes et états anticorrida - Alliance Anti-corrida

L'Alliance Anti-corrida a le soutien de nombreuses célébrités. L'Alliance Anti-corrida agit contre la torture et la mort données en spectacle. De nombreux résultats à notre actif.

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Adriana Lima
Yesterday 09:36


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Felipe Zica Maravilhosa😍😍
Felipe Zica Top😍😍
Hasan Yanık You are right.you have a beatiful body but not soul..
Mauro AndradeWenk * A.L. < 3 ...! *
Mert Karadağ Yenge yenge YENGE
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She got it from her mama 💁

Blue Ivy Hits The Smoothest Milly Rock You
Blue Ivy Hits The Smoothest Milly Rock You'll Ever See (VIDEO)

Blue Ivy Carter is a natural at performing. It's in her DNA!

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Ryan Laughlin Haley Jordan Laughlin
Anna Maegan Greco Hannah
Silvia Gonzalez Marta Castro 😱
Erin Hamilton Seijal Parsot Shweta Patel
Queenella Goddard Yvi Goddard okay chile!!
Yesterday 07:24

In honor of #NationalTequilaDay... I'm personally inviting you to experience the luxury of DeLeón Tequila!! #TheNextLevel #Ad

905 reactions 70 comments
Orozco Alexander Saluddddd-
Karen A Taliaferro-Sykes HANDLE WITH CARE...."TRUTH SERUM ". lolol
Kia C Huskey I haven't been able to find this in Alaska..
Carmen Garcia I have not had the pleasure..
Elaine Latham Congratulations. Enjoy
Andy Murray
4 hours ago

Which opponent has no weakness, never misses and has never lost? #thewall 💯

8.6k reactions 343 comments
TomJen Tran Sadly andy have no practice buddy! I feel you man😢
Pierrick Iniesta Achille Robert à l us il cartonne roger et rafa avec cette entraînement
Rob Darling Simon look at this. Effortless power. Perfect strike every time.
Maureen Stewart-Jones Did that for hours many moons ago. Lots of love and best wishes Andy. XX
Alexandre Sardinha Actually it can lose, just make sure tha ball touches it and gets out of bounds
Brie Bella
5 hours ago

Total Bellas returns to E! Wednesday, Sept. 6

6.9k reactions 84 comments
Ashley Pearson Nikki & them tits though 😍
Rajesh Sharma Good night
Melissa Williams Davis Can't wait
Angi Reiman Me!!!! Love the Bella's 😊
Patina Jimenez I can't wait
Barbie Blank
Yesterday 10:18

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West DISS Beyonce In The Worst Way!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West DISS Beyonce In The Worst Way
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West DISS Beyonce In The Worst Way

Kim Kardashian is really not trying to be Beyonce’s friend anymore, it seems. This weekend, she hung out with the one woman who is rumored to have had an affair with Jay Z, leading Bey to create he...

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Still heartbroken over the loss of Chester Bennington. All love to the Linkin Park family ❤️

2.2k reactions 21 comments
Nathaly Tigrero Alvarado Christian Martinez
Morgan Dare Brenden Joseph Adkins
Alicia Sprinkle Kaylee Ellis-Trudniak
Kristina Ostermeier Irene Di Lauro
ChrisandElisa Swiney Hope Greaves😭
Vinny Guadagnino
18:30 07/24/2017

What a crazy obsession! 😳

See the Bizarre Surgical Transformation This Man Underwent To Become a Real-Life Elf
See the Bizarre Surgical Transformation This Man Underwent To Become a Real-Life Elf

His transformation has already produced shocking results…and he’s not done yet.

6 reactions 22 comments
The Illuminati JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHER HOOD TODAY AND LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPY LIFE. WELCOME TO THE GREAT TEMPLE OF RICHES AND FAME. Are you a businessman or woman, politician, musical, student,footballer,f­ashion designer,Pastors,Mod­el,upcoming artist,...
Mayte Donato Stiles Donato
McKinlee Burkhardt Ethieria Fey
Andrea Tabacchi 🙄
Heidy Montanez Gross
The Rachel Maddow Show
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With the Russia scandal intensifying, it was unsettling to hear Donald Trump boast he has "the complete power to pardon.” When members of Trump's team contradicted each other on this, it made matters even worse. http://on.msnbc.com/2gXlqzy

Donald Trump boasts he
Donald Trump boasts he 'has the complete power to pardon'

As the Russia scandal intensifies, Donald Trump seems a little too eager to remind everyone he believes he "has the complete power to pardon."

3.7k reactions 879 comments
Sheila Pointer Richardson God help us! This man-child is out of control and need to be sent to time-our!
Matthew Botts This fake Russian Scandal is just about over hate to bust your bubble
Lauren Sturtevant He always tweets something he needs researched. He flippantly tweets and then everyone and their cousin does all his research for him. He's the laziest person alive and is never responsible for or takes ownership of anything.
Robert Purdy The rooms getting smaller. The donald knows there is something or things out there. Just waiting to be found and used. As fast and loose his behavior is now, you know details have been overlooked. Mueller is a details guy. Donald, they will find what ...
Pam McNamara Foland Donald just doesn't understand that he works for the people and no he cannot pardon himself
Mike Vick
1 hour ago

gheesh ...

405 reactions 50 comments
Robert Hanna An Elizabeth Jenoise workout.
Terence Xavier Rice Lindsay
Stacey Johnson Alexander Ted Barrymore
Lauren Perry Monique Ward
Timothy Jon Alexis E Ambrogio Giambanco 😱
Daniel Bryan
8 hours ago

So much ZING!

1.7k reactions 17 comments
Anais Cristina Earn $450 more cash taking quick paid surveys ➽ #QuickIncome1
Sarah Pendergraft Can't wait I love you and your family
Rosa Borja You guys are hilarious......
Ince Jah Just love you guys
Ivan van Faassen Hahaha Cuties
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