12 hours ago

Let's hope we hear from Nick Diaz on this! UFC

VIDEO | Dana White hangs with Snoop Dogg, talks 24-hour marijuana rule on GGN News preview |
VIDEO | Dana White hangs with Snoop Dogg, talks 24-hour marijuana rule on GGN News preview |

Imagine hanging out with Snoop Dogg and UFC President Dana White and just talking shop for a bit. What kind of topics of conversation would you bring up?

76 reactions 5 comments
Dylan Harrison Jordan Struthers Ross Allan
Jack Spear Fuck poop dog who cares
Mark Raymond "lets hope we hear from nick diaz on this"???? Dont start no shit and there wont be any. Sounds like high school kids are writing for
Sam Hanson Idk what's worse, bj penns record in the last 5 years or the click bate news team that tries to keep his name relevant
Enrique Iglesias
1 hour ago

Berlin!!!! See you next week!

13.8k reactions 322 comments
Carolina Mijnders Mirko Mij nächste Woche schon 😍😍🎉🎉
Ilda Fernandes Que seja um espetáculo apresentado com muito profissionalismo.Beijinhos 🍀
Martalu Gil Forero Mi amor Eres mi idolo mi Angel Mi Extrella Mi Enrique el hombre k mas amoooo en todo el mundo. feliz Martes Amor demi vida.Muakkkkkk
Jimenez Han hi.i wish i could come to berlin..i wish your next concert is here in phil...your fans waiting you here in philippines.god bless you..luv u..
Aurerrie Levelianty Wow ... Wow ... Wow ... Amazing ... Enrique Iglesias best is The Best 🎶🌟🔝 ... Wow 💪💪💪🏆 ... Yes 💪❤
Allen Iverson
Yesterday 13:36

Timeline Photos

3.8k reactions 48 comments
Isiah Taylor 2 legends
Antrez Manuel I drew a blank???
Norman Butler The best pg and the best sg in one picture
Nani Nani MyTwo al. Time favorite players❤️❤️❤️. Love them❤️❤️❤️
12 hours ago

Will we see Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight this year? UFC

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor's manager says bout with Floyd Mayweather 'definitely heading in the right direction' |

Fans of Conor McGregor are all anxiously waiting for some sort of official announcement regarding his next bout. Whether it is in the UFC or stepping...

54 reactions 19 comments
Michael Gilbride FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alfredo Bozzetta Zzzzzz No
Willie Wilson Just FUCKING do it already
Dean Watson no
Stoo Zaraki defend your belt(s)? yeahnah?
Allen Iverson
Yesterday 13:36

Timeline Photos

8.4k reactions 158 comments
Shameeka Williams Sure was!!!
Laurie Lashomb TRUTH!
Jim Penner Oh yeah, like Ray Lewis?
Pedja Filipovic AI was of course a killer, but that's not the same as the winner
12 hours ago

Another UFC veteran heads to Bellator

Former UFC title challenger Valérie Létourneau is officially a Bellator fighter |
Former UFC title challenger Valérie Létourneau is officially a Bellator fighter |

Former UFC strawweight title challenger Valérie Létourneau is officially the latest in a long list of free agents to sign with Bellator MMA.

53 reactions 3 comments
Mounir Overeem Good for her
Wainui Kupa You already posted this.
Glen Bertagnoli Ummm... She's lost 3 fights in a row and has a record of 8-6.
Sasha Banks
8 hours ago

Clearly, Alexa Bliss is NOT too legit to QUIT.

8.5k reactions 167 comments
Jeffrey Jackson Clearly not ready for are so much better than that suicide squad reject...... Where's the boss's need to be the best...
Tina Binti Zulkfli i hate alexa bliss and i love sasha banks and beyley very love.. sasha gift me time for meet you..
TabethDee Godzongere Sasha Banks ...the champion ....kkkk Bliss z a non recognised wrestler...
Kathy McCarthy Sasha is the Boss, Alexa ran away....Sasha blissed her off!!
Allen Iverson
Yesterday 13:36

Throwback to Iverson's legendary crossover on Michael Jordan

4.1k reactions 93 comments
Michael G. Weist Sr. Dats y he is "The Answer"
James Brown Went right every time
Vontrel Jones Keith David?!
Noi Bynens Joeri haal die uit bij volgende game
Kim Travis #TheAnswer #AI #Legend
12 hours ago

Things did not go as planned for Kenny Florian in Abu Dhabi

VIDEO | Kenny Florian gets put to sleep in grappling match |
VIDEO | Kenny Florian gets put to sleep in grappling match |

Kenny Florian recently competed in the Abu Dhabi World Pro tournament, where he was put to sleep by MMA veteran Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro.

176 reactions 12 comments
Jay Ilsley Stephen
Lucas Lago Shaolin crack
Adam Arcand Went to sleep like a man
Nicholas Baum Alex Baum kflow gettin tapped
Alberto Camacho #novauniao
12 hours ago

Another fighter gets fined for jumping up on the cage in celebration...

Bellator's Patricio "Pitbull" Freire gets fined for climbing cage: "We aren't allowed celebrate anymore?" |

Bellator featherweight champ Patricio "Pitbull" Freire has become the latest fighter to be fined for scaling the cage in a victory celebration.

46 reactions 7 comments
Christine Joe Soriano Fucking retarded!
Wendy Gary Dunn Must be a liberal not want to hurt any ones feelings
Nancy Hesser Getting to be like football with all the fines ...find away to make money off fighters
Matt Upton These athletic commisions are starting to get really really stupid, and are probably ran by out of shape whimps.
James Massey That's a ridiculous rule. I can understand going over the cage, but on top of it??? Stupid.
Brock Lesnar
Yesterday 10:06

Good taste, Bloomberg...

4.5k reactions 166 comments
Shoaib Ahmed Chachar The best is powerfull
Alex Shelton Druggo
James Hupp-Massia R.I.P Brock
Manash Eduardo Saikia Love you Lesnar
Vicky Sharma Proud of you #BeastBrock Lesnar......
Fabricio Werdum
10 hours ago

O segredo de um grande sucesso está no trabalho de uma grande equipe. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Marque seus amigos e sua equipe (parceiros)

399 reactions 13 comments
Gary Condit Natalia Lozano P
BJJ Lifestyle I am posting this on my wall
Tonnii Nuñez Matarrita Campeon ✌✌
Elias Santos Osss
Marlou Durante My CHAMP
Irina Shayk
04:06 04/25/2017

Thank u to my @lorealmakeup family for the amazing flowers and presents! 😍🌸 love u💛💛

525 reactions 64 comments
Olga Łukasiak Good luck LEA and IRI! Love Youuuu!!
Sergio Tarazona Lopez 😃👍👍
Ali Salem No Ronaldo No Family
Djivo Ghirrao Graag gedaan hoor, zo ben ik
ვიტო ვასაძე Khato ნახე შენ რომ მიყიდე 💁🏼
Barbie Blank
05:00 04/25/2017

15 High School Photos Of Celebrities That Shows We Were All Ugly Ducklings At One Point

15 High School Photos Of Celebrities That Shows We Were All Ugly Ducklings At One Point
15 High School Photos Of Celebrities That Shows We Were All Ugly Ducklings At One Point

We’ve all heard the saying by now: ‘watch who you make fun of in high school’ because that person can turn out to be a stunner. Despite the shallowness and materialism that is associated with that saying, it certainly does ring true. Not only because puberty can do wonders to one’s acne-filled face…

46 reactions 4 comments
John Chin Stop it! Jennifer Lawrence was not ugly 😍
Ashiq Farzan Jake Cammisa we are still ugly man
Robert Horn I can't believe that Barbie was anything else than pretty
Jason Saldivar She wasn't ugly tho and not every high school teen is bad looking. Immature yes, but not ugly.
12 hours ago

John "Magician" Dodson says he offered to step in against Tony "El Cucuy" Ferguson at UFC 209!

John Dodson says he offered to fight Tony Ferguson at UFC 209 |
John Dodson says he offered to fight Tony Ferguson at UFC 209 |

Bantamweight contender John Dodson claims to offered to fight lightweight contender Tony Ferguson when Khabib Nurmagomedov pulled out with an injury.

89 reactions 13 comments
Paora Tehuki-Weeds Darryl Mckay 😂😂
Sarah Chong Daniel Erni LOL, just LOL
Su Lee Papa monkey vs Baby monkey
Tyler Tirrell I believe it
Charlie Gotti Ugly boring ass nigga
Mike "The Situation"
07:00 04/25/2017

Dolphins are the coolest.

10 reactions 1 comments
Saqib Honey 🐘 Bot😚 Powered☁ By😔 Saqib🌷 Honey 🏨 See My Bot Speed 😽 Mike "The Situation" ♥ c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r ♥ 🏢 Tuesday : 25 - April - 2017 🏨 Like Back♥ Mike "The Situation" 🏥 Comment Late 48 detik :) 🏪 Auto Comment By Saqib Honey 🏯 🔎 Auto-Run....
Barbie Blank
05:00 04/25/2017

This Is What The Shape Of Your Lips Says About Your Personality

This Is What The Shape Of Your Lips Says About Your Personality
This Is What The Shape Of Your Lips Says About Your Personality

Our faces can say a lot about who we are, from our age to our general health. But did you know that certain features can tell you things about your personality? Face reading expert and author of “The Wisdom of Your Face,” Jean Haner, believes that everyone was born with their features for a reason a...

13 reactions 1 comments
Wilfrid Malandain Jolie photo
Mike "The Situation"
07:00 04/25/2017


117 reactions 28 comments
Courtney Sawyer Elli Brown Del Rosario
Saqib Honey 👲 Bot🐩 Powered💓 By💛 Saqib💔 Honey 🏨 See My Bot Speed 😽 Mike "The Situation" ♥ c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r ♥ 🏢 Tuesday : 25 - April - 2017 🏨 Like Back♥ Mike "The Situation" 🏥 Comment Late 15 detik :) 🏪 Auto Comment By Saqib Honey 🏯 🔎 Auto-Run....
James Mateik Andy
Brynn Ford Megan Kennedy
Doriann Cardiasmenos 😍😘
Mike "The Situation"
07:00 04/25/2017


1.5k reactions 224 comments
Haylei Nicole How can we watch these again
Haylei Nicole Where can we watch these
Deniz Bolt 😂😂
Kyra Ireland Caitlin Toms me giving relationship advice 😂
Kaleigh Gray Lmfao
Mike "The Situation"
07:00 04/25/2017


1.5k reactions 108 comments
Jillian Mabius Martin I remember Jersdays. Lol!
Karolay Da Cruz Hermoso mike te seguí desde la primera temporada saludos desde Honduras
Giussep Rodriguez We miss you
Märï Cörtes XD Acapulco shore y geordie shore no se comparan con ustedes ! Los extrañamos
Lora Heck YEA BUDDY!!!
Mike "The Situation"
07:00 04/25/2017

Breakfast pizza 🇮🇹

120 reactions 12 comments
Carol Montes Yaniry Perez
Saqib Honey 🐫 ✔️ ✔️
Saqib Honey 💏 ✔️ ✔️
Wil Chee Gross
Sabrina Mae Savage Looks yummy
Bill Maher
03:06 04/25/2017

Bill Maher Has a Prediction on Whether Trump Will Be Impeached

3.0k reactions 554 comments
Dave Holgate What an egotistical idiot we now have as president and the latest poll shows that 97% of his supporters would vote for him again... A new poll says the majority of Americans support Obamacare. It's truly sad that the vast majority of Americans who vote ...
Karen Golden He doesn't need to be impeached. Pence, the cabinet and congress need to admit he is mentally unfit for office and invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution! That's why he's given Jared and Ivanka so much responsibility. They are protecting him ...
Joe Wolsing He will not. This guy is such a mistake that 63 million people completely would loos e their face. So they will do everything to keep him in place. The Republicans are the first to be afraid of that. And we should not forget that there is the group of ...
Jayson Wyborn As a Canadian Trump has divided sanity into a pie chart. Unfortunately for you as American's he has the smallest piece of that pie. Now trade war over milk and softwood. It will only cost you more to build houses. We have Californians power in hand. ...
Neil McCabe Democrats do not want to impeach Trump. He will self destruct and ruin the GOP for a generation if left to his idiocy. Pence would be much harder to deal with. He is a conservative christian ideologue but not insane politically and sociologically. Think ...
Barbie Blank
05:00 04/25/2017

Take This Test To See If You're In The 135 IQ Club

Take This Test To See If You
Take This Test To See If You're In The 135 IQ Club

IQ stands for intelligence quotient and is a measure of what psychologists call our fluid and crystallized intelligence. An IQ test is essentially a method used to measure your reasoning and problem-solving skills. There are many kinds of IQ tests but most generally focus on your memory and the spee...

25 reactions 1 comments
Ed Rokose Why does this site insist on stretching out all of there articles over multiple pages when one will do? Clickbait Trash.
The Rachel Maddow Show
07:36 04/25/2017

An interesting follow-up to a story we covered a couple of weeks ago: Remember when the Department of Homeland Security was so bothered by a parody/commentary Twitter account that they tried to force Twitter to reveal the account holder's identity? And then they quickly withdrew the demand when Twitter and the ACLU counter-sued? (See below.) It turns out that wasn't the end of the story. Now the DHS inspector general has decided to start his own investigation into whether the Department has abused its authority. (Via WaPo:

1.4k reactions 122 comments
Gina Kim This gets more and more farcical. LOL is this the spinoff show from the Apprentice?
Scott Neuman Let's Change it. Lawsuit being filed Friday. Wish you'd do a story on it. How to Fix Congress, w; the ratified Congressional Apportionment Amendment. Stops Gerrymandering, allows candidates to run without spending millions of your dollars and offers ...
Pam Hercules What about not telling the public that Trump is a Traitor who is working with Russia to take over our Country? Comey thought that Hillary's emails were more dangerous than Treason? Comey did wrong and swayed the election, seems like he was working with ...
Mike Pignatello More lies and deception. I can't believe these dopes that I actually believe you Rachel. You would've thought they would've learned with your Trump income tax debacle but no, they are actually that dumb!
Tony Lucas United and Pepsi think they've got brand problems. I'm telling you, the Democrats have a much greater branding problem right now than even United Airlines. Because at least United is still flying. And Pepsi is still pouring.
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
07:42 04/25/2017

It could be coming as soon as this week 👀

Is Haim Dropping a New Album?
Is Haim Dropping a New Album?

New music from Haim arrives Thursday.

35 reactions 5 comments
Leah Gravois Jordan Poche'
Peggy Ngo April Coogan
Jenna Marie Smith Shannon Jesse Smith
Danielle Gohr Jared Gohr 😃
Felipe Delima Who?
Herman Cain
6 hours ago

All he can do now is give speeches. Wait. That's all he ever did anyway.

Breaking: Obama
Breaking: Obama's Back

Beginning of a series of events...

1.6k reactions 283 comments
Christopher Blane He got the job you wanted Hermie...not once...but TWICE!!!! See if you had kept your hands to yourself....Oh know the ending.
Joyce Miller Butler Obama the great propagandist....did nothing for 8 years....and he continues to do nothing....and we the people should be ashamed that he was voted into office twice....why because he could make a good speech, smile a lot....and do nothing bad ...
Martendelon Amore NO Wrong. All he is doing is preparing the biggest march, demonstration ever , What ever people doing is now all those marching are coming from him. He will Destroy USA with help of Fake, Dishonest News Medais and all illegals, criminals . radical ...
Fred Craig Another apology tour...this time for his job performance and being almost 100% responsible for both Dems and Reps. That voted for the Trump presidency!
Jim Cramer Actually, Herman, to be more precise, Obama never gave speeches - he gave lectures. That was because giving lectures dovetailed perfectly with his unparalleled narcissism, arrogance and jumbo-sized sense of self-importance.
12 hours ago

“Me going up against the world with Australia behind me and the Australian flag with me, it’s my dream." - Robert Whittaker MMA UFC

Robert Whittaker: I
Robert Whittaker: I'm after that belt - If Bisping gives it to his neighbor, I'll fight his neighbor |

There is a new name that was recently established as one of the threats to the UFC middleweight title. Robert Whittaker’s second round TKO over Jacare...

895 reactions 42 comments
Steven Semerikov It's a great fight
Taipari Waaka Dope
Daniel Nukutawhiti Ruka Is he proud of his maoriness at all?????
Jeremy Walsh dont forget your roots my friend .. New Zealand born kiwi power
Chance Dowdy Kaelin Lee the comments 😂
Ryan Sheckler
Yesterday 13:30

My 2nd Pro Model with etnies. Do you think we should bring these back? In the meantime, spring color ways for my Marana's are pretty epic!

1.6k reactions 69 comments
Cole R Pease Send me a pair
Levi Esparza Absolutely you should
Monica Thea Marquez Yes!!
Ben Heiberg Yes being em back!!
Mike "The Situation"
07:00 04/25/2017

This guy is hilarious.

Pregnant Woman Goes To Court For Illegal Turn, But Judge Interrupts When He Notices Her Belly
Pregnant Woman Goes To Court For Illegal Turn, But Judge Interrupts When He Notices Her Belly

Judge Caprio is known for his fair verdicts and interest in the people who show up to his courtroom. He sees them as people who make mistakes, and is willing to bend some rules when he deems it…

61 reactions 4 comments
Becky Bars He is a awsome judge.
Saqib Honey 😲 ✔️ ✔️
Joss Cosme I've seen this judge in other videos before he's a good man :)
Edward Mendoza Haha you have to be pregnant if you get a ticket babe Jessica Meza
Barbie Blank
05:00 04/25/2017

Watch How This Machine Takes Down Giant Logs

Watch How This Machine Takes Down Giant Logs
Watch How This Machine Takes Down Giant Logs

Machines and technology are what separates humans from animals. It’s yet to be determined by history if it’s for better or worse. The fact of the matter is that technology has made our lives so much easier. From lugging and dragging stones to the use of horses and then wheels. From going to a librar...

25 reactions 0 comments
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