Yesterday 14:42

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Mario Germany Germany 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Khon Ali Yess
Jasper Sardius TRUE MAN
Jorge Mateo But how
Heaven Kîng Idgaf
Ivete Sangalo
10 hours ago


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Joane Lima Parabéns minha querida tudo de bom muita saúde e paz
Lucia Leal Leal Lindos!
Wesley Bevenuto Sangalo IS Coisas lindas❤ Te amoo rainhaa maravilhasa ❤😍
Nilce Dos Santos Rodrigues Rodrigues Você acha que ela perde tempo de ler e responder mensagem kkk
Juliana Melquíades Linda demais meu Deus. Não canso de vc jamais. A verdadeira rainha do axé
Donald J. Trump
7 hours ago

The Fake News Media works hard at disparaging & demeaning my use of social media because they don't want America to hear the real story!

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Matthew Cooper Only thing comes out of your mouth is some false reality you have made up in your mind. You Sir are a embarrassment to Humankind and America is the victim.
Betty Atlas Why don't you tell us the real story. We're listening. How you shoved the prime minister of Montenegro so that you could get a spot in the front of a picture? How you flip-flopped on every major issue? How you don't even understand the issues behind ...
Kelly Nunnally Kadlewicz Keep fighting the good fight! I'm embarrassed by my fellow Americans and their lack of respect and regard for you, our president. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 horrifyingly disgraceful. An embarrassment. They need to keep their mouths shut if they've nothing nice to say. ...
Wanda Keller Fake news media does not affect the people who voted and trust you which is so many of us. Keep up the good, hard work. Love you and your family.
Kathryn Volkstorf Ignore the haters on Facebook, Mr. President. They are paid to attack everyone here that supports you. We know what they are and we ignore them. We support you all the way. You and Melania did a wonderful job overseas. Keep us informed on what you are ...
Yesterday 14:42


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Fetty Bentalison A$$ap rocky
Ballaba Dmb Dgang Life
Amponsah Andrews Nice 1
Dg Hot lol ...@ mixtape
Lë Califõrnïéñ Fuckkkkkkkkkkk A$ap rocky
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
Yesterday 07:30

Despedida do Vicente Calderón, um estádio especial na minha carreira. Marquei meu último gol com a camisa do FC Barcelona aqui. #FinalDeLeyenda

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Leonardo Soares Melhor jogador de todos os tempos , parabéns pela sua trajectória pelo futebol , difícil surgir um novo camisa 10 pra representar teu futebol ! Joga muito 👏👏✌
Oskxr GutiErrez El mago y su mas grande el futbol... como se nota la felicidad en su rostro en cada jugada aun asi en disputa el balon.. sos grande dinho... mi mayor idolo
Ivan Rabêlo Galo Sem dúvidas o melhor do Mundo! Volta pro Galo ganhar mais uns títulos e encerrar a carreira?
James Tito Nina Hasta ahora no hay nadie como tu que se divierta con el balon y que los rivales lo respeten
Ruben Daza Definitivamente el mejor, demuestra que eren fútbol de tiene que disfrutar y jugarse con una sonrisa
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 13:36

A film doesn't have to be long to be powerful.

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Britt van Eden Echt leuk!!
Dora Palada Hana Horetzky
Jordyn Townsend Thomas Gracecool!!
Crisbel Veliz Love
Jt Seibert and then...
Herman Cain
00:06 05/29/2017

Maybe they should have thought this through a little, you think?

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Christine Garrity Sean Hannity has done so much for veteran charities that USAA should be ashamed for removing ads from his show. Some liberal fool must have made that dumb call.
Michael Oliver The individual who most likely received a nice sum from soros doesn't care whether it backfired or not. But I would like to know who received the payola and how much.
Karin Schmidt Utley Behm I am so glad to read that people understand who runs the news programs and its not the news station, so they are getting notified by the very wealthy left wings in our country and they let them know what they can do with all the power they have, like ...
Joey Harter Tio Our whole family has been with ASAA for over 50 years ...pulling all of it this week.. stupid decision on their part..next they will have all gender bathrooms
Stacie Shannon They expect people to believe it's just a coincidence that they suddenly noticed advertising during hannity,s show was against their policy at the same time as all this media matters nonsense is going on? I guess they also didn't realize that the a ...
Kim Kardashian West
Yesterday 08:54

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Annabelle Disla http://MyMonthlyWork.com/?taskid=15484. It works! Making money 💰 guys
Davidcabral Cabral Hi Kim cardashian its.David Cabral of Pawtucket I see you call my cell at 401 442 2801 call me Kim I need to talk to you baby or text me Back tomorrow please I love you Kim cardashian I can't sleep until I talk to you call me
Justin Arrieta It's not really against the law but you should report them
Emily Bannister Rebecca Laura this is what it's like being your friend
Adrian Harrison Need s a new face lift. Bit of puppy fat there. Yellow nails. Nooooooooooooooooo
Yesterday 14:42

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Miguel Avalos Selena Camargo
Derek King Vanessa Hosaflook
Jakob Kübler Patrick Schwarz
Abdoul Manna Diallo Blz
Robert Vowels Wft
Ron Paul
00:00 05/29/2017

'Are We Fighting Terrorism, Or Creating More Terrorism?' - My take at the link:

Are We Fighting Terrorism, Or Creating More Terrorism?
Are We Fighting Terrorism, Or Creating More Terrorism?

When we think about terrorism we most often think about the horrors of a Manchester-like attack, where a radicalized suicide bomber went into a...

471 reactions 257 comments
Gordon Seybert It's too late to change the history of cruelty and corruption behind the Wests policies in the middle east, that chicken has come home to roost whether you supported those actions or not. The best course of action we can take now is to totally shut ...
Steven Loucks Wipe Islam off the face of the Earth and...no more terrorism. These baby raping scumbags have been doing the same thing for 1400 years. How is it America's fault?
Mark Kirk The 'war on terror' is meant to be ongoing to anywhere in the world the empire of chaos deems necessary for their geopolitical ambitions.
Aleem Ashraf Every person with his sanity in tact knows they are making the wild more and more violent by constantly frustrating people by suppressing their rights. The consequences of all this western oppression will be unbearable to the whole world. The mainstream ...
Manuel Jorge Ventura Another important step towards the announced fight against terrorism has now been given another 100 billion plus contract with military equipment for Saudi Arabia, the main focus of true Islamic fanaticism. After all the fight against terrorism is done ...
Paris Hilton
5 hours ago

Amazing evening at the #amfAR after party with my gorgeous girl @NickiMinaj. ✨👑👑✨

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احمد سعيد العناني I love her, she's so beautiful 😍👑🔱
Ram Kumawat Super
Ahmed Ali They are wonderful 🔥👑
Suhaib J Odeh 😍😍
Hazel Khan I love nicki minaj
Khloé Kardashian
Yesterday 13:24

2 hours to go! #KUWTK

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Oshane Unsuspectable Braidy Why am always way ahead of time
Ivan Kalami Soo cute ooh mama
Leonor Lara Guzman Hola khloe necesito un telefono celular ;(soy de venezuela
Eldo Soares https://psoares15.blogspot.com.br/2017/05/bonequinhas-inflaveis-de-luxo.html?m=1
Adama Ouedraogo Beautiful Khloé
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Yesterday 09:12

Suicide a month before I met you Deep regrets, I never could forget you

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Blanca Patus Remember our agree! Do you come to Barcelona?
Homer Delatado Tagalog Good to hear real music made and performed by real artist again!
Valen Delilah Mercury Its a great song
Mohammed El-Rummi Yeahh,it's awesome..I love it..
The Beatles
Yesterday 06:18

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Simon Brown Luke Pyrah
Kaya Raye Heath Jeff Heath
Marietta Hauge Hans Hauge
Teresa Cahill Connolly Caodan Connolly
Benedict Walsh Paul Walsh
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
Yesterday 07:30

Encontrei o fantástico ex-treinador da seleção espanhola, Vicente del Bosque e seu filho Alvaro, aqui em Madrid. Obrigado Mister, pelo carinho de sempre. 🙏🙏

15.6k reactions 89 comments
Rafael Moura Ronaldinho gaúcho a lenda
Hamilton Ferreira Vicente dos Bosques.
Adriana Marbell Paiz Mister! Grande
Lucas Miguel Depois disso ele aplicou uma meia lua no del bosque
Tayo Fabian Fabio RaabeMarcelo BlancoRoman Schmelzer. Mando Starr Dennis Anderson Robin Ba seit wann kennt Matthias Spallek Ronaldinho ???👀👀
Herman Cain
00:06 05/29/2017

But we've been instructed by the Proper And Appropriate People to stop talking about this.

Just In: Seth Rich Murder Case Takes Stunning Turn - This Could Change Everything
Just In: Seth Rich Murder Case Takes Stunning Turn - This Could Change Everything

"My fear is our constant focusing on the Russians is deflecting away for some other things..."

838 reactions 157 comments
Sandra Howell Time to put the money where the mouth is and solve all these mysteries Everyone is so into trying to get rid of Trump they are stepping allover each other creating lies and accusations. Diverting attention from the Real crimes that are and have been ...
Hermien Kok Manos The russian investigation is just a smoke cloud. They don't want people to find out the truth about anything from the last 8 years.
James Conrad If there isn't anything to this situation why the pushback from whomever? Investigation can prove what happened right now it looks like the dumbest Robbery ever apparently nothing taken.
Jane Smith I can't help but agree something needs to be done about this case. This doesn't seem like a robbery. If someone wanted to rob him bad enough to kill him, why leave the wallet. There is something dismissive about Police responses. I would think the DNC ...
B.E. Stanton The key is to be relentless and refuse to stop talking about Seth Rich because the Russian interference narrative is constantly shoved in our face. Let's see who is left standing after the dust settles.
Khloé Kardashian
Yesterday 13:24

Kourtney Kardashian

3.8k reactions 33 comments
Bethany Spears Zoe Kassiotis
Tonya Robinson 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Dasian Triplett 😘
Ulrich Verbatche Jolie les soeurs kardashian et Jenner
Kgomotso Molelu 🙌
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 13:36

Congratulations Mark and Neal!

4.7k reactions 130 comments
Samantha Brooks Gay, unicorn, monster.... whatever love is love ❤️ congratulations
Jeff Bortoff i wonder what is the punishment for theses actions in any contry that uses islamic law called sharia
Stiliyan Stefanov here we go another 2 fags who have to show the entire world they got married cheez !
Jim Finamore Congratulations to you both!!! Here's to a lifetime of joy and beautiful memories. 🥂🍾
Molly Yolandi Mag Uidhir Y'all aren't very good at reading; they did not get married, they cant get married in northern Ireland, they staged a mock marriage
Zach Braff
2 hours ago

All day Scrubs marathon on Comedy Central tomorrow. 🕺🏻

24.6k reactions 906 comments
Heather Sexton Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow Dale Miller. (You think I'm kidding... )
Emily Kate Vikki Lumley this would be a great day! Let's scrubs marathon sometime
Michael Chadderton Can't believe you didn't tag me in this Hhannah Davis. You're slacking.
Brooke Armstrong Nelly Da dieses jahr hallooween bitte wieder zusammen 💜
Krissel Alcaraz Cam Maher "I will pimp slap you with my hoe-slapping hand"
Yesterday 14:24

Great night off in Berlin at The Tempodrom. Brad, Tom and Buck along with most of the crew enjoying old friends Black Star Riders and Foreigner. #mickjones. #DamonJohnson #RickeyWarwick #ScottGorham #BlackStarRiders #Foreigner #Aerosmith #Berlin

2.8k reactions 41 comments
Nancy Lowery Love ya tom Hamilton
Jeff Allair There all the Best
Teresa Montez Wilson Thank God, you all are safe.
Eddie LaPrade Is that my boy Robbie Crane formally of RATT?
Susan Simone Great post
Herman Cain
00:06 05/29/2017

I'll just leave this right here.

226 reactions 87 comments
Ruth Jones it is protocol for the POTUS to walk in front of everyone and enter the door first. . I'm sure he was reaching back to her and she gave him a confirmation she was okay
Gordon Poor In considering the country that they were in, I would think that was her showing that women are independent and equal to men. But you would never here a liberal or feminist admit that
Shaun Strasser Oh Come on O'Rielly and Beck you are getting just as bad as the Liberals are towards Trump and his family. What part of making sure that Melania was near him do the two of you not understand.
Alvina E. Tull I guess everyone finding something wrong with these tiny oops have never had a pic of themselves looking totally opposite of the situation. Well I have. And you wonder how shallow are these people to think this stuff is a big deal
Pam Stellrecht-ong The left Radical socialist wing of our society had stirred this country into a quagmire of delusional Social Political Economical War Zone where it seemed that what's Wrong seemed to be right and Right seemed to be wrong. Their elites and cronies are in ...
Herman Cain
00:06 05/29/2017

Now who is it that has something to hide, hmmmmm?

Just In: FBI Refuses To Comply
Just In: FBI Refuses To Comply

“Congress and the American public have a right and a duty..."

644 reactions 104 comments
KC Turtle It appears our 'fbi' 100% full of shitheads, liars and cheats. Time to drain that portion of the swamp as well!
Paul Gehring Cut their funds until they comply. Fire the head and keep firing until they find someone willing to follow the law.
Scott Getoverit Hinton The klintons will kill anyone who turns over these documents.
Richa Ma Chaffetz is retiring anyhow, hopefully he will do his best till then
Dana Clague Sounds like we need to fire a whole bunch of FBI people, no just Comey.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Yesterday 14:30

"It's unfortunate that there's anybody who may be qualified for the job but who’s unwilling to use the science at his disposal to make policy." - Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation CEO, Terry Tamminen

Scott Pruitt
Scott Pruitt's first 100 days at the EPA have shown he's unlike any former chief

Scott Pruitt's short tenure at the EPA already puts him way out of line with past administrators, Republican or Democratic.

3.7k reactions 145 comments
Jason Dunn Their are serious mental disorders amongst certain redneck societies it has to do with inbreeding and public education.. He probably doesnt know what science is so dont promote him too much on your page he wont be around long.we're having a volly ball ...
Sean Gaskill The thing that's truly "unfortunate" is people with as much exposure as you don't have balls enough to call it what it truly is- fucking criminal
Daisy Cardona (CONT'D) I noticed I cannot even add the screenshot so Bottom line he is psuedo qualified for the job, but his expertise will be to wing it until their term is over and they pretend to take precedence on other topics and who cares will be their motto, ...
Kenneth D Larsen Alarming Flexibility Betsy DeVos urges us to be flexible by funneling our taxes to church schools, and in adapting to their "principled" discriminatory practices. Scott Pruitt urges us to be flexible regarding mining waste in our rivers, and methane ...
Freda Jensen Do you really the the people in Washington care? As long as their pockets are lined . It's business!! Four months to make everyone hate us, So very sad!!
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 13:36

Now that's how you submit a thesis.

Harvard Student Submits His Thesis In The Form Of A Rap Album, And Will Now Graduate With Honors
Harvard Student Submits His Thesis In The Form Of A Rap Album, And Will Now Graduate With Honors

"Our people are known / For making history of the impossible."

762 reactions 39 comments
Heidi Mitchell Alex Thomas
Joshua Slinkard James Howard Hill Jr.
Jacqueline Quiroz Becky Marquez do it!
Synda Dridi Emilie Girard Jean Raffin Ishak Hocine Chekkal Amelle Generoso Naceulot Olongo Eileen Piccolo Cooke
Ayesha Marquis Malik Sarah Marquis Metzstein LMM would be proud of this
Ricky Martin
7 hours ago

Listos para la segunda noche! #Valencia #RMTeam

10.5k reactions 175 comments
Lydia Zalote Escalona He repetido en Sevilla el sabado fue brutal..mi sueño está medio cumplido me encantaria abrazarte. .
Catherine KJ De Nigris Farrrrk yes !!!! Can't wait to see you all up on that stage in vegas
Debora Lepri Ti aspettiamo all' arena Unipol di Casalecchio di Reno ..pr di Bologna💜💜💜💜😍
Eli Martinez Martinez Impresionante!!!Sin palabras...
Marta Castello Te quieeoo
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
Yesterday 07:30

Eu, Gabriel Fernández, Enrique Cerezo, Presidente de Atlético de Madrid e José María delCorral plantamos o "Olivo de La Paz". Scholas Occurrentes #FinalDeLeyenda 🌱👏

29.9k reactions 87 comments
Gaizka Nieto Martín Grande R10
Juan David Granobles Eres grande diño
Fernandes Ferreira KD o link do jogo? Alguém tem?
Jorge Vinicio Palacios Paz magia y todos quieren estar a su lado, junto a messi dan los mejores espectaculos del mundo
Khloé Kardashian
Yesterday 13:24


6.2k reactions 49 comments
Francine Rivera Calio Klhoeeeee😍😍😍😭😭
Kgomotso Molelu Good 😊 and Make Up Your Mind!
Sharon Dash 😍😍
Fitness for Everyone 👌👌👌
Ibrahima Soumah 😎
Paris Hilton
5 hours ago

#MemorialDayWeekend #Brunch #Mood 🍹😎

2.1k reactions 370 comments
Lukas Neidlein Nath Neema at your birthday party, remember 😂
Frédéric Schloger Il a mais lunette 😂
Caterina Capanni Ilaria Borghesi la situazione dopo il degenero della sera prima 😂
Guadalupe Marquez Larissa Flores you at ihop yesterday 😂😂😂
Bastian Assauer i am are liver
Donald J. Trump
7 hours ago

Does anyone notice how the Montana Congressional race was such a big deal to Dems & Fake News until the Republican won? V was poorly covered.

30.3k reactions 4088 comments
Roj Kurdi You President Trump, the first lady Melania, and your daughter Ivanka have represented America extremely well. Thank you President Trump!
Jeremiah Duncan Clownstick, you idiot. The Montana Congressional race was such a big deal in the first place because Gianforte got an assault charge for attacking a reporter. Yet, he still won, but that's not surprising, because Montana.
Heidi Beachner So you think it's ok for a man in any political type of powers to assault someone who asks a question? Seriously hope one of your "real news" reporters doesn't have the same thing happen. You'd be all up in arms. You, sir, are a terrible excuse for a ...
Matt Hallingstad Dude, get something done. Spend less time tweeting about things that have nothing to do with your job. Instead, read a book on law or economics or healthcare or science so you have some clue how to deal with the issues we face.
Deborah Lantz I support you 100% president Trump. I'm sorry that you have to tolerate so much BS. Hang in there. Stay strong. Proverbs 14:11 the house of the wicked shall be overthrow; but the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish! you will flourish President ...
John Lennon
Yesterday 14:54

"Peace in your mind, peace on earth, peace at work, peace at home, peace in the world"

40.5k reactions 501 comments
Craig Brewster I think he had been reading utopia by Thomas More at the time :-)
Keith Jolly Whatever Lennon did, the world took notice, he was light years ahead of his time !
JJ Mickey Ryder Instant Karma will get the world for what happened to John. He didn't deserve to die that way.
Cor van Nispen thank you john, if you only still have lived today you would be crying over what has become of this world
Ed de Lang Indeed, we still miss him every day! His music and his look at the world!!
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