Ana Ivanovic
Yesterday 04:06

At the Gala Spa Awards tonight with SHISEIDO 💃🏻

12.6k reactions 218 comments
Clemente Martin Gua bellisima
Viswanathan Puthucode Hi Ana
Alex Encarnado Ana...lady in red.
Mirjana Camiloski Komplimenti..😘
Yüksel Aydın Nazlı bebeğim kıyafetin muhteşem. Çok güzelsin.Seni seviyorum💜💜💜💜💜
Ana Ivanovic
Yesterday 04:06

Sweet escape 😎

60.5k reactions 552 comments
Celia Ribeiro Beautiful girl
Salam Said Eye on Morocco shows you some of the beauty of the wonderfully colourful country❤
Hayelom Ariaw I want you to play tennis again you are still young,I wonder why you retired early.
Muna Alejandro Garcia I have a racket bring the tennis Ana #comeback #thegamemissyou
Marty Rhondo Blawd sweet miss ya playen tennis hope the hubbie apreciates this photo as i do what a sight for sore eyes
Paulo Coelho
12:12 03/24/2017

46.5k reactions 4427 comments
Sheila Plugik A água é muito oportuna . Celebramos o dia da água. Es muy relajante . A água é importante y para reflexionar lll Thank you for the post.
Lorena Sanchez Baquerizo Que maravilla estar conectada y darme cuenta que esta trasmitiendo, tenga un hermoso día Sr. Coelho .
Angela Sanchez Gracias por compartir esta vivencia maravillosa,entre flores exquisitas y aguas danzando con sus palabras. Gracia, mil gracias !
Melo Ponce de Leon What a beautiful place!!! Love all your works Master Paulo 💞💞💞
Fito de Diego Yo amor y odio. Me gustan sus pensamientos pero revoluciona a las mujeres y después las tenemos que aguantar nosotros .....los terrenales 😉
Paulo Coelho
23:24 03/21/2017

Honor thy father but make your own decisions

16.7k reactions 284 comments
Jolanta Kwasiżur but it is worth to model your father....because he has a life experience :)
Nora Hilda Castro Pues si...que tomen sus propias deciciones, pero que tambien se hagan responsables de sus errores!!!
Rossy Gómez Aun cuando el padre es ejemplo a seguir, tu debes de tomar tus propias desiciones, tus triunfos tus riesgos para ser una mejor persona.
Olga Erazo Cierto porque a menudo los padres queremos realizarnos a través de nuestros hijos.
Rahaf Jamal yeh but before make ur decisions listen to parents opinion
Paulo Coelho
23:24 03/21/2017

You are free to choose; make your decisions with courage, detachment, and don't forget - a touch of madness

86.6k reactions 623 comments
Maria Uze SR P COELHO Usted vuelca una gran verdad, si uno no puede lograr en esta vida un lugar donde pueda ser libre y expresarse tal cual es, sin lastimar a nadie. Como se podría saborear que aun esta latente, vivo. Que aun puede dar batalla ...
Brâ Hîm Being free to choose decisions deserves a special strength in some situations when you are too angry you'll find out that you do wrong things wrong decisions so this way courage,wisdom,benefits all those values will melt away So to show power or take ...
Line Kjos It's enough madness around the world today mr Coelho. What is going on This days, is the world going crazy? The elite is destroing our world.
Laws of Nature A new beginning is on your horizon but you must have the courage to push through. Declare your struggles over. Declare your enemies defeated. Declare yourself victorious. Do this with passion. Your own self-talk is a very powerful tool in cultivating ...
Melody Lees Being able to do so knowing it all works for good, each experience, each moment , decide and go with decisions without regrets. Be true to yourself, it takes courage to stand alone.
Ana Ivanovic
02:30 03/21/2017

Out for a hike! Feels so good to be in nature ☀️

28.2k reactions 406 comments
Sisto Ferri Divertiti Ana e mi raccomando sempre positiva : Cosi se incontri una negativita' al massimo vai a pari 😉 ( ++=+ +-=0) stay positive😁
サンラッグ さびしい Your fans always miss you on court and we always will,hope you enjoy your beautiful life forever.
Sisto Ferri Hahaha NON avevo visto gli occhiali 😎😇 ...sei definitivamente UN MITO 👆👀👏
Raul Pietrobon Resentera Siiii que lindo es sentir la paz del planeta la naturaleza sonrisa bonita!!
Lone Ronin Osman Fathi I know you are already married. Can't say your husband is lucky.....anyway......God you have a beautiful smile that makes man say " holy venus".
Paulo Coelho
23:24 03/21/2017

Happy week and remember: A Warrior knows that the ends do not justify the means. Because there are no ends, there are only means - Paulo Coelho, Manual of the warrior of ligh

50.6k reactions 296 comments
Յովիկ Մասիս Ջիլինկիրեան One of my favorite quotes from that amazing book! Thanks for sharing.
Alexandra Stefanidou Saint Paisios (+1994) used to say " the good should be done in a good way "
Muhammad Wasi Ullah Warriors with falcon on their shoulder are coming to oasis, I dare to read the flight of the Hawks! Paulo Coelho
Luz Dary Jimenez Ruiz Gracias maestro por todos sus escritos a enfrentar la vida con valentía Saludos buen dia
Alexandra Stefanidou I very much longed-for someone to say that as it is so true....
Paulo Coelho
10:36 03/19/2017

Saint Joseph’s Day (above, a link to explain my devotion; welcome to pray with us in your mother tongue, 8:30 PM your time zone. Let's cover this planet with positive energy)

2.5k reactions 93 comments
Sara Kae Kaya pala Joseph ang name mo. Huehue. Happy Birthday graray
Carolina Muraña Como me desearía conocerte Paulo de todas los libros que an salido a la venta en Uruguay no me falta ni uno me propuse tenerlos todos para así acercarme a ti el primero que llegó a mis manos fue el alquimista y a partir de el mi camino a tomado un curso ...
Ana Maria Cavalcante Obrigada querido e amado escritor. Viva São José! O meu pai se chamava José e também um irmão José.🌹🍀😙
Jolanta Wolska Thank you Paulo. In Poland All Joseph celebrate Name day "My late father name was Joseph .Thank You Paulo.Thank you
Litty Lokanath me too wants to meet people all over the world... Pauloji
Paulo Coelho
21:48 03/16/2017

Paulo Coelho’s 5 Smartest Advices for Students >>> (translation: upper corner on the blog page)

Paulo Coelho’s 5 Smartest Advice for Students
Paulo Coelho’s 5 Smartest Advice for Students

By Chris Brandt, UniversityHerald Reporter When Paolo Coelho wrote and released "The Alchemist," his first publisher dropped the book because the sales were bad. Fortunately, he found another publisher who had more faith in it and the rest became history. "The Alchemist" encourages a person to recon...

6.9k reactions 218 comments
Litty Lokanath Actually I was feeling a little battery down. Now got charged! great great great
Lucy Otero Sonja Otero Kylie Otero Stacy Otero Amy Otero Caitlyn Radovanov Angelo Sciacca Definitely the most encouraging books ever written
RøRø Almosawie thanks for the advice professor ☺ I love your books too..I wish you more creativity and sparkle 🌸🌸
Chunguli Anzigale Alchemist one of the best book i have read
SyedBashir Mir The advice is a bit good, youth shall watch and wait, Karl Marx is near to take rebirth.
Ana Ivanovic
00:54 03/16/2017

Happy Wednesday everyone!

66.3k reactions 1225 comments
Redlyn Canda Miss to see you playing tennis again..Happy Wesnesday too.
Lonnie Mcbride hey thank you Beautiful, enjoy your day, really happy to see you, love you Ana Ivanovic always...xo .
Roberto Ferreira Hello I want to tell you that I would like to see you, that you come to Argentina or I go to where you are by your invitation, and to be able to conquer your heart, to be able to love us and that we are together forever. ❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sebgio Vinni Pyc Marco Et dire que c'est la femme de M. Schweinsteiger...
Roz PtDy Hi 👋Ana really miss seeing u playing..I guess it'll take us all sometime get use to not seeing u on court..😞 hope u r having good..relaxing time and enjoying your retirement. Good seeing u..and updates 😊 Happy days..luv ya Ana and we miss ya.....
Paulo Coelho
21:48 03/16/2017

1 MIN READING: The fisherman and the businessman

1 MIN READING: The fisherman and the businessman
1 MIN READING: The fisherman and the businessman

There was once a businessman who was sitting by the beach in a small Brazilian village. As he sat, he saw a Brazilian fisherman rowing a small boat towards the shore having caught quite few big fish. The businessman was impressed and asked the fisherman, "How long does it take you to catch so many…

19.8k reactions 554 comments
Noha Mostafa But there is a big difference, when one of the fisherman's kids is sick and he can't afford the costs he would wish if he was rich..
Mehmet Kasarca A nice story..That's the story we teach as part of our English Class at Gaziantep University school of foreign languages.. new headway elementary book. 👍🏻😊
Lina Martana I've read this story somewhere many years ago. But it's good to re-read this again by now. A good reminder especially in this glamorous era where everyone seems to catch money as much as they can. <3
Shari Ann Perfect...we have been so brainwashed. Stuff does not bring happiness. Being able to spend time with the people you care about does.
Meisam Hjältesson with the fisherman attitude, then you should never try to improve yourself, or try for new things. kind of getting used to the situation around you. It has also a political reason, this story,with the attitude of the fisherman, you can never be ...
Paulo Coelho
09:00 03/14/2017

It's important to realize that we can miss something, but still don't want it back

122.2k reactions 1375 comments
Adriana Borrero Marin That's true . Now I love my self more and my self esteem is higher so I don't want to go back to somethings ... but I still miss it . 😕some habits are horrible
Flor Del Rocio Riquez Por supuesto se quiere lo que realmente vale tenerlo se luce con orgullo por la humildad de su corazon y por muy valioso que sea no sirve de nada cuando sólo tiene hiel en el alma y con todo ello sus propias maldades...
Gina Val-Leiva Creo que esta es una gran esenanza de la evolucion a madurar, cuando una puede darse cuenta que uno puede extranar ciertas facetas de alguna persona que quiza no es la mejor para uno porque otras de estas facetas son toxicas y contraproducentes y ...
Kanwarjit Singh Makkar Ik baar waqt se, lamha gira kahin Wahaan daastaan thi- lamhaa kahin nahi... Paulo Coelho- sir, get it translated and i am sure you won't be disappointed (y)
Melba Lallab Fernandez It's complicated... Would you want it back... Perhaps a. broken relationship??? Would you want to rebuild it??? Then perhaps one may have to start singing "love is wonderful ... The second time around.. Just as wonderful with both feet on the ...
Paulo Coelho
09:00 03/14/2017

Happy week and remember : “If you only walk on sunny days you'll never reach your destination.” Paulo Coelho in #Aleph

92.7k reactions 598 comments
Zyan Jack but in some places most of the time its sunny.. so we need to walk on this. other time we need to sleep and take rest. right? so please don't talk illogical
Aaron Sanchez Basically is like saying that if we are always happy, we will never achieve our goals. Básicamente es como decir que si somos felices siempre, nunca lograremos cumplir nuestras metas. Aaron Sanchez Lic. Psicología / Psychologist F.P.V.: 11094 Tw: ...
Misbah Lit Haha!! even one walk in days and not make efforts in nights 'll not reach to destination.. Often your posts fail to make sense.
BA F Catherine Id walk even during a rainstorm if I'm on a hike up a mountain; run across a field or prance around in the rain at the park. Life should be lived!
Birgit Pohl Says who? If you only walk on sunny days, you might still reach your destination - just a little later. I think it is important that you start walking, no matter how fast or slow your progress is.
Paulo Coelho
09:00 03/14/2017

Prayer of Forgiveness (ENG, ESP, PORT )

Prayer of Forgiveness
Prayer of Forgiveness

EM PORTUGUES AQUI: Oração do perdão EN ESPANOL AQUI: "Te perdono porque te amo y tu to me amas" EN FRANçAIS ICI : Prière du Pardon ( O Aleph) ___________________________________________________Hilal searches for inspiration on the golden walls, the columns, the people coming at this hour of the morn...

8.4k reactions 120 comments
Roja Boyini It couldn't be better.
Gina T Holbrook Holy wow, Paulo!!!
Jinny Wilding 🙏🏽
Jasz Sanghera Ordered!!
Ellen Gomes Linda oração me empresta? Levei deixe :*
Paulo Coelho
20:12 03/11/2017

15 SEC READ: the search to be different

The search to be different
The search to be different

Do you know exactly where you are now? You are in a city, along with a lot of other people, and it is highly likely that, at this very moment, various people are sheltering in their hearts the same hopes and anxieties that you are sheltering in yours. Let us go further: you are a…

14.5k reactions 163 comments
Viviana Velandia Y por que ver las diferencias como algo malo mas bien esa es la sazon de la vida.
Paula Gabriela Olivares En mi opinión todos somos diferentes Al instante que nacemos tenemos diferentes facciones, gustos , habilidades y diferente físico.
Susana Mendoza En este mundo convivimos todos, aunque seamos distintos.... Demos Gracias a Dios.por ser parte de él....
Artsy Fartsy Amazing way to make someone feel special... Love your uniqueness Senhor 🙏🏼
Yogesh Kumar One shouldn't try to be different but it should be spontaneously different
Paulo Coelho
20:12 03/11/2017

Two things prevent us from happiness: living in the past and judging others

92.1k reactions 605 comments
Aaron Sanchez Happiness is an emotion that comes along with a need to be who we are, what we are and how we enjoy to be with ourselves and happier with others. Aaron Sanchez Lic. Psicología / Psychologist F.P.V.: 11094 Tw: ...
Damon Phillips 😄Not true... If you are observing others in true happiness or authentic bliss & encouraging insperation from that, that does not prevent us from being happy, as the positive energy is simply passed. Also, we cant live in the past, the past or the future ...
Carmen Bernarda Zornoza Fernandez hay señor yo el pasado lo quiero o he dejado a tras no juzgó pero aveces por instante pensamos ser a igual pero no se Dios me ayude quiero volver a empezar salir de este seres y rutina como usted dice es mortal buenas tardes desde colombia
Gloria Schmarda Judging in my opinion is something different than observing. I think neutral observing is what everyone does automatically, it becomes a problem when neutral observing shifts to judging.
Fou Zou Somtimes I can't control myself I back to my past keep thinking and remember bad things so I becam angry and so sad ... just wanna forget about everything .. iam done
Paulo Coelho
20:12 03/11/2017

"Beware of making a woman cry" Mata Hari said "God is counting her tears" #TheSpy

39.8k reactions 360 comments
Judith Rojo Exelente libro ya tube el previlegio de leerlo m encanto
Debatosh Ghosh Very appropriate as we are observing the International Women's Day .Friend Dhiraj may note all women are not thst strong and courageous . A strong movement for empowering woman is the need of the day .Menfolk must provide support for it .
Sandra Behmke I believe we are headed back to a Matriarchal Age; where both men and women are strong.
Roopa Marak I love all your articles. Thank you, I used to so afraid before, but now I am learning to let go and not have fear. It's getting easier, and then I read articles like these. Thanks so much Paulo, God bless you!
Mahi Pundir It's not just about women, we shouldn't make anyone cry "God is counting their tears"
Ana Ivanovic
23:18 03/10/2017

View from my daily walk - so beautiful!

25.4k reactions 246 comments
Celia Ribeiro Miss you! Beautiful
David Baier Must be nice to have so much free time. 😊
Stanka Ilić Lepotica naša i ponos,Bog ti sako dobro dao,<3
Miguel Alberto Cada día más guapa 😍😍😍
Carmen Elena Leon-Ling What place ?
Paulo Coelho
20:12 03/11/2017

I have seen many storms in my life. Most storms have caught me by surprise, so I had to learn very quickly to look further and understand that I am not capable of controlling the weather, to exercise the art of patience and to respect the fury of nature. - Paulo Coelho in "Like a flowing river"

78.9k reactions 452 comments
Carmen Bernarda Zornoza Fernandez así es Sr esas tormentas pensamos nos Iván a destruir pero al momento de terminar decimos Dios parece mentira lo vivido pero gracias ATI esos vientos fuertes no me despedazaron o abrazaron y nos reímos de lo porvenir porque gracias al pasarla hoy somos ...
Rinaldo Almeida "Unknown Paths"! In the path of time, organize your thoughts. Which dreams have been frustrated, which ones are still dreamed, and which ones are they going? It often runs after something or someone who walks the other way and does not have the same ...
Jaba Chakraborti Situation's are beyond control...STORMS are A our life...Choosing a different path is more easy than control.....Violence of NATURE to be respected.....Exercising...and needed.....when the last label....not ...
Megan Suzanne Anderson Without our struggles we wouldn't have stumbled upon our strengths. Studies show trees will not survive without natures storms. Trees need storms like people do to survive.
Acenet Noguera A. Las tormentas en la historia de cada cual, a algunos quedan en ella, a otros nos ayuda a levantar los pies y hasta nos enseña a volar. Todos, creo que pasamos en medio de tormentas. Hay que ser valientes y guerreros. Me encanta su reflexión.
Paulo Coelho
07:24 03/09/2017

LeBron James offers an apology to his wife for his pursuit of greatness - The Washington Post

3.2k reactions 116 comments
Sheila Plugik Wonderful l Many people say the same about this book.I like it. Thanks.
Mohamed Al-rashed Khalil Hmidan Maybe you are about a little bit of changing your narrative
Aveen Mohamad Rangin Mohammad Omg les brown talked about Paulo it's such a beautiful to see something like that . They are our hero ♡♡
Litty Lokanath A very happy morning Pauloji, I'm in college, dreaming of writing.
Paquito FranDisco Domínguez The alchemist is a book that brings space to the mind, like meditation.
Paulo Coelho
07:24 03/09/2017

Be BRIGHT. Be BOLD. Be BRAVE. Be BEAUTIFUL. Be BRILLIANT. Be YOU. Happy International Women's Day! @paulocoelho 🦋

75.3k reactions 658 comments
Anna Scott Said, a man. We do not need men to tell us how to be. Especially on International Women's Day. Thank you, but not required.
Dave Hall a belated wish to all the Woken of the world for this International Womans day!!!
Przha Azad Halbast Srusht Peru amishy boldy bakar hena 😂 harchana mn agam law story bolda nea peru xan heshta boy bas nakrdwm mn examm habw 😒😒
Harriet Winer This book was a wonderful read. So interesting to learn about Mata Hari! Thanks Paulo Coelho!
Zainab Sharif AshfiaTanveerAqsaRizviFajarSajid this book is on mata hari. Cool I wanna read this
Ana Ivanovic
10:30 03/08/2017

New ad with PlaySight!

5.6k reactions 134 comments
Eric Alvarez Ana. <3
Jesus Baca What a beautiful lady!!
Zeca Pinto Perfect :)
Karina López Miss you anci 🎾
Celia Ribeiro Missing her
Paulo Coelho
07:24 03/09/2017

28 years ago we started working together. Thank you Monica Antunes , my agent and friend, for your presence in my life! #SantJordiAsociados _____________________ "You're never satisfied, are you?" Monica says in a tone of complaint. "That's why you love me so much," I say with a smile. - Paulo Coelho, Aleph

13.0k reactions 123 comments
Samah Alsharif I am actually very jealous of her 😿
Giancarlo Rivas Polanco Thank you Monica Antunes and have a great day and night.
Patricia Guzman Gordillo Blessings Monica and Mr. Paulo Coelho🙅🏻🙅🏻🌹
Ruth Castro Nemis Ruth here... thank you fir inspiring my being by yiur writings.
Ganesh Condetti When with HEARTS & MINDS both of in LOVE that it blassams like fragrance and beautiful colourful flowers irrespective of their age
Paulo Coelho
07:24 03/09/2017

Just laugh at people who try to put you down- there is no better revenge

143.6k reactions 1111 comments
Marcelo Avr Não Mago, ria com simplicidade daqueles que o ofendem e que não confiam em boas obras, pois jamais chegarão aos pés de um mestre, pois a vingança é o deleite dos menos favorecidos intelectualmente e culturalmente e premia apenas os menos inteligentes ...
Kasun Geethaj As a mirror reflects an object, as a still lake reflects the sky: take care that what you speak or act is for good. For goodness will always cast back goodness and harm will always cast back harm. So don't waste your time on Revenge Those that hurt you ...
Benjamin Buitre Revenge is the appropriate word and subtle in this situation. It is because if you show that you do not care and can afford to laugh at their efforts to put you down, chances are they will be furious and will be more affected. Thus is revenge exacted.
Andrés Ruiz Reírse de alguien, es reírnos de nosotros mismos (todos somos la misma energy), no lo considero algo constructivo. La venganza tampoco es una palabra adecuada, no se puede combatir por la paz con guerra. Ante lo que a uno no le gusta o molesta, lo mejor ...
Aparajita Gupta Better is to ignore like they aren't there at all. Try looking straight through them. Achieve and watch them squirm. Reacting in anyway, laughing included, tells them you heard what they said.
Paulo Coelho
07:24 03/09/2017

The warrior who trusts his/her path doesn't need to prove the other is wrong. . . - Paulo Coelho, " Manual of the warrior of light"

50.7k reactions 275 comments
Rodrigo Olinto É apartir disso mestre, a aula de hoje ensina,"quem muito fala,nada sabe". Tenha um ótimo dia.
Rahul Chandane The warrior who trusts his/her path doesn't need to prove the other is wrong. . . - Paulo Coelho, " Manual of the warrior of light"
Giannis Kamitsis every one is right in his decisions. evaluating the merits of some decision regarding a case comes after the task is done
Eutalia Maria Milanez Boa noite Pra você uma musica Eu só mudei a letra certo ? Não falem mau ! Deste amado Senhor perto de miim Não falem para não Aumentar a minha door Já foi moco já gosou amocidade! Si eu mi lrmbro dele! ! Sinto saudaade por ele vivo ...
Estrada Sandra No destrocemos Whatever you desire to experience into your physical experience is the reflection of what you do and how you do it. You must invest your quality time to identify your real purpose of life and your true interest or passion. Most people ...
Paulo Coelho
18:36 03/06/2017

Happy week and remember: personal changes announced in advance never happen

47.9k reactions 566 comments
Angela Garduno If it is not on my schedule, it doesn't exist 😊 Happy Week ✨
Vipul Jarial We have to announce personal changes... At least to ourselves...😂😂
Patrick Joho 👍 Wir machen es immer dann, wann es für uns geht und passt 👍⚓️ in unserem Tempo & Nicht im Tempo von den anderen. 👍🌞 Wir müssen am Ende ja damit leben und schlafen können & Nicht die anderen. 👍❤️
Jaba Chakraborti Everyday situation changes it's position in life..There's no hope..for changing a new..What is the way for a here...nothing could see,nothing could do.... Everything smashed,....There needs some Positive changes..I try ...
Jake Johnson Sooo.... By announcing that personal changes never happen, perchance, THAT might not happen, thereby making your (renounced) personal change happen! It could happen.
Paulo Coelho
18:36 03/06/2017

"The great wisdom of life is to realize that we can be the master of the things that try to enslave us." -Paulo Coelho, The Spy

45.8k reactions 300 comments
Subhash Parameswaran We are enslaved by our own thoughts. And if we master our thoughts, then this is true wisdom.
Babaly Kane Absolutely master that' s why we can always become better and make things better too.
Megan Suzanne Anderson Become a master of your own mind and you will be as free as the wind.
Nyhlana Delrosario My favorite author Mr. Paulo Cuehlo... I really love to read your book...
Syeda Sania Zaidi I finished this novel yesterday. Absolutely admire it. Great piece of work. ❤
Paulo Coelho
18:36 03/06/2017

"Do not despise one of these little ones [...] their angels in heaven continually see the face of My Father" Ma, 18:10 ___________ (SA children in rainstorm, Chris-Steele Perkins)

24.0k reactions 111 comments
Ne Zha WHAT‘S the PROBLEM with the Facebook? i doing one advertising 24hours about one video in my home page MagicFun&GiinK yesterday,from now around 17h before,now is 10:44 in China,but now i get the news from U facebook told me the advertising already ...
Eric Esquivel Guerrero Si las gotas de lluvia fueran de chocolate, me encantaría estar ahí! ☺️ Una mente sana!
Pietro Grimaldi Animali e bambini: "credo che gli angeli si fanno vedere solo da loro, ha noi adulti ci appaiono invisibili.
Shhaapaa Arleny Que bello! Están maravillados con la lluvia. Es una bendición que a veces no apreciamos. Gloria a Dios
Lela Alla Children are supposed to be spiritually closer to God because of their innocence.......bellissimo grazie
Paulo Coelho
18:36 03/06/2017

My top 9 travel tips

My top 9 travel tips
My top 9 travel tips

I realised very early on that, for me, travelling was the best way of learning. I still have a pilgrim soul, and I thought that I would use this blog to pass on some of the lessons I have learned, in the hope that they might prove useful to other pilgrims like me. 1. Avoid…

9.5k reactions 241 comments
Genefel Ober Tagging you Ma Lovella because you will start traveling soon!!
Uzma Khan Love the advices:) Nazish Khan plz see too and learn something:p
Karina Shelew This is exactly what I think about when I go to trips. Thank you! Magic things happen when you leave the path everyone is going.
Martha Posada Buenos Días señor Coelho!! Gracias por compartir con nosotros sus experiencias muy pronto de viaje por mi México Hermoso ♡♡♡le deseo un bello sábado
Dewi Dimyati really interesting article..i'm agree with museum, it took too much time if we explore museum and forget the city we visit
Paulo Coelho
05:48 03/04/2017

I have a few enemies.If they deserve the honor of a combat, I am ready to fight. If they don't, I just ignore them, and they become outdated

58.1k reactions 487 comments
Shalini Gupta Every word from you is such a respite.. you always have one liner solutions to the complexity of life
Samar A. Said The sad thing when you are dragged into a war you don't want to fight .. but still have to
Maria Rafonsil Grejaldo Switzerland on white work local artist anne curtes child girl magnanakaw of 20 DBcult comapny europe money of Rafonsil on Antonio La Torre italy,i see local artist anne curtes japan local prostitution magnanakaw 20 money Dbcult europe on right up 13 ...
Lesibu Rapuli You worse enemy is self, only self can lead you to troubles so you can learn a valuable lesson, only self is ignorant to change and adaptability and only self can create fear and pain and only self can bring peace and harmony.
Pietro Grimaldi Credo che il nemico e solo vittima delle circostanze,e una vittima guidata da qualcosa di invisibile e misterioso. Io non credo che esistono persone cattive in questa terra, il male stesso ci può essere anche di aiuto.
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