02:36 04/24/2017

On this day in 2013, the music video for "Panic Station" was released.

40.7k reactions 458 comments
Mehmetali Öztürk Why are you pushing to our faces?I am still trying to forget 2nd Law album.
Ville Ruokonen This video and song has my approval. You can quote me on that.
Faolin Gill I heard this song and decided to look up the music video and it was EXACTLY what I expected.
Chad Bridges This is literally 🍆the most sick nasty disgusting filth possible.
Kathrin Saler It doesn't matter to which Muse- Album u listen to. Muse are the best band on earth!!!!
02:36 04/24/2017

TOMORROW: Get Oxfam GB's #StandAsOne album from Glastonbury Festival (official) on limited vinyl for Record Store Day UK. Find a shop here: #RSD17

4.6k reactions 101 comments
Christoph Nothelfer Oli Neupe Das vielleicht?
Dick Brandon Yhea
Mireille Autier joli !!
Morgane Lenoir Je le veux moi!!! Stephanie Maury 😁😁 suis sage 😍😁😁
Nicola Cowser Tried ti but sold out
23:24 04/13/2017

🎸 #tbt 📸 by Hans-Peter van Velthoven

9.8k reactions 176 comments
Μαρίλη Π. Rest in peace, Glitterati. You shall never be forgotten.
Austin Miller I've been wanting to make a guitar that has on-board effects and midi so bag
Hana d'Asgard I saw the photo first and was like "is that Matt?" and then checked who posted this, so yeah, it's Matt :D
Christina Clyde She's beautiful. Please Matthew Bellamy, don't hurt her. Please.
Josh Ellis Hey Matt, bring that guitar when you come to Nashville in June. That thing is awesome!
23:24 04/13/2017

Check out Zerah Osborn’s #TheResistance tattoo, designed by Delan Canclini. Who else has ink?

16.7k reactions 568 comments
Corey Castell Absolution influenced tattoo also representing my love for piano. And the waves......Well they just show character. I hate the beach
Mylene Lalumiere "D'ont grow up too fast and d'ont embrace the past" With the date that I met you guys 🙂
Paula Ryan 😊😊😊 Supermassive black hole and plug in baby ❤️
Jacob Asher Got mine done a few months ago, it's a mix of the Absolution and Butterflies & Hurricanes artwork with lyrics from Sing For Absolution and Butterflies on there. The concept I went for was losing hope and finding it again and the constant struggle ...
Katie Smith Love all the tattoos! Here's mine! My two favorite albums on my lower right leg, done by SoLo Hand from Lampang, Thailand:
08:54 04/06/2017

Back in the studio. New song coming soon...

90.3k reactions 5691 comments
Christopher Arndt New album, or perhaps an ep or soundtrack song to play on tour this summer? Either way, I'm loving this news from Muse !
Christina Clyde And the screenplay and musical action sounds nice as well. Basically he can't make a bad sound, right? But on the video with the chicken edit -> turkey I can click and then click away. He really has the chicken habit as it seems. Matt Bellamy, do you ...
Vance Alexander I'm hearing hints of the beginning of Resistance. I absolutely love MUSE but have yet to see the legendary trio in concert.
Sam Turpin Brooke Alex *flails excitedly (it kinda sounds a tiny bit like the live intro to the resistance, and I love it)
Nicholi Sullo What's everybody's favorite set list? Mine is : Take a bow Bliss Hysteria Space dementia New born Blackout Micro cuts The handler Butterflies and hurricanes SMB Plug in baby Encore: Megalomania Mercy Muscle museum Stockholm syndrome Knights of ...
08:54 04/06/2017

16.04.2013 📸 by Hans-Peter van Velthoven

11.9k reactions 81 comments
Tony Keddo Nice 70's Fender Jazz bass.
Nassim Djenidi What are you recording Chris
Manu Alledagrum Théo toi plus tard
Ludovic Danthine The Best bass player 😎
Guillermo Briseño Give us the Berlin DVD!!!!
Lee Minho (이민호)
07:30 04/01/2017

#DMZ_더_와일드 #이민호 #actorleeminho #20170403 #PM11:10

161.4k reactions 4173 comments
Neha Bhan In every pose , in every situation u look just awesome. Looking at u always make me dumbstruck.. I'm your craziest fan from INDIA. Your acting is just natural ... keep going..all the best.
Laura McLaughlin You have a lot of Fans in USA as well, but well do not speak Korean or Japanese, I have friends that we get together and watch your films (as long as they have English subtitles)
Sandra Peraza Dime porque selvas andas! Y si vienes al rato por los cerros de Centroamérica! El Tikal te espera! Eres excelente actor, todo lo haces con emoción! Felicidades por tu buen trabajo!
نصرت فاطمة Thank u so much Minho oppa its been long to see your in Fb . waah you are looking so so dashing and ascribable in this role i wish this project will bring more success happiness in ur life . stay happy and healthy .Keep fighting .Saranghee
Âmö Ķhăľīď I mean seriously..... U update ur fb Oh my God...... How could i miss it😩😩😩 Love u Minho love u soooo much Love u forever😍😍😍😘 Miss u sooooooo much😖😖
16:54 03/24/2017

🇺🇸! Muse are headlining Lollapalooza in Chicago on 3 August 2017. Tickets available today at 10am CT:

11.6k reactions 1237 comments
Céline Gerard Astrid Gtz on va à Chicago en aout finalement ? (2e ligne 1er nom)
Kenneth Pierce Jason Deaton. Muse and The Killers at same music fest! Chicago trip in August?
Hannah Rubinow Jeremy chicago isnt far from where I'll be!! Third time seeing muse?
Gabrielle Perazzino Laurence Fadi c'est donmage ca soit a chicago pcq tres sincerement la setlist est folle
Laurie Rdn Bastien Loillier Regarde la line up du lolapalooza de Chicago est pleurons ensemble.
02:30 03/17/2017

The war in Syria has lasted six years. Please watch & share this video. Learn more about War Child UK here: #Syria6 #EnoughIsEnough

5.5k reactions 66 comments
Sanae Bouaïchi I'm amazed, captured and at the same time ashamed of myself.
Josh Sabine You make music, please let's not get political.
Eric Valverde Rosado This religion has fcked up the world and womens for too much time, i think is time to disapear this from the humanity
Mey Hartoni You'll be free Syiria and palestine
Kostas Foukarakis Ελα μωρη museαρα με τα φιλανθρωπικα σας με τα ολα σας ρε αληταραδες αρρωστιες
13:42 03/14/2017

More of this today! Pretty sure the next post will either be of a dog or a snowboard trip.. 👍🏼

24.8k reactions 153 comments
Jean Frankowski I like dogs. I like snowboards. 😆
Kyiia Clark Are you wearing "Chucks" aka Converse Dominic Howard? ☺
Franck Douchin C'est bien les gars , bosser, je me fait pas de soucis sur le résultats...kiss
Andrew Gordon Jardine Although a big fan of the DW kits, always loved the Tama Mirage with the white rims
Diane Escurat J'espère que vous reviendrez aux bases dans votre prochain album, j'aimais ce rock n'roll, ce côté hommes déchirés...
23:18 03/06/2017

"Plug In Baby" was released on this day in 2001▶️️

61.0k reactions 1156 comments
Diana Bernardino This song is my favorite, thank you Matt!, and all of you <3, you make music something even better 😍
Tara Harrison I first heard this on Rage at some ungodly hour of the night/morning and missed the start of the clip, so I had no idea what it was called or who it was by. For years, it would randomly pop into my head, having only heard it that one time, until I ...
Lórd Jordan Ozturk was listening to this just yesterday along with citizens erased. Plugin baby is the song that introduced me to muse and have loved them ever since
Kim Zwarenstein I heared plug in baby back than when it came out. It was the first Muse song I heared and I am a fan ever since <3 I was 15 back than and it was a hard year, my dad passed away in august that same year. I remember he also liked the Muse songs I was ...
Maarten van Gent The first song I heard from Muse, and my fandom was born! Can't wait till the next concert in Ziggo Dome Amsterdam to be there and scream my lungs out!
04:06 02/12/2017

Back in the studio..🥁🎼

48.5k reactions 984 comments
Amanda Moore So glad to hear/see! I was hoping for a new album by this fall, so when you announced your tour I was disappointed that you would tour instead of write/produce/create that new album. So HAPPY to see you in the studio!!!
Theano Ni u rock!!! Muse forever!! kisses from Greece!!! we saw u in Athens, an unbelievable concert!!! looking forward to your next music steps!!!
Marta Kurzawa i'm over the moon! now i'm looking forward to listening to the masterpiece that certainly you're creating :D keep working, hope to see you live this year <3 xoxo
Claudine Picou Groupe exceptionnel que j'ai découvert il y a 5 ans. Je suis fan et j'aimerai les voir en concert mais ils se font très rares en France et il n'y a plus de place après 5 minutes de location. Cela restera un rève.
Taru Aronius Yes!!! People ask you to do same kind od music that you did in the beginning of your career . I think that its great that you are developing and trying all kind of styles. You are so multitalented and you can do it. More and more people can now find ...
02:24 02/07/2017

Muse are pleased to announce new headline tour dates in North America with special guests Thirty Seconds to Mars & PVRIS. Register now for presale access now: Registration closes Tuesday 7 February at 10am PST. For more details on the tour, please click here:,2017-north-american-tour_2763.htm

11.5k reactions 742 comments
Luke Moore Joel Ÿoda South I wish this was an Australian tour! So good
Francesco Marano sweet! here's all the ticket info fans need to know
Nafisa Heron Omg Mike John Mawer Muse and thirty seconds to mars in the same tour!! Remind me why we don't live in America 😢😢
María García Lafuente This is killing me...2 of my favourite groups, together and so far!!! Come to Spain!!!!!
Daniel Meller Actually they might still come down to Australia. Cause they said those are tour dates for North America. Nothing else..let's hope
02:24 02/07/2017

Muse are pleased to announce new headline tour dates in North America with special guests Thirty Seconds to Mars & PVRIS. Presale tickets available Wednesday 8 February at 10am local. For more details, please click here:,2017-north-american-tour_2763.htm

45.5k reactions 7230 comments
Leah Lovegrove Uhhhh, does Australia exist anymore? Because we obviously don't to Muse anymore. Please come back to Australia, it's starting to get frustrating 😒
Mike Woods Not coming to Phoenix? Oh well. You guys out on a great show but I just don't think I could sit through that 30 seconds to mars stuff.
Michele Colleen Brown Lynn Springer come out to Denver to see your favorite band at the world's best concert venue. I don't say this lightly. This really is the world's best venue. It could be our belated birthday presents 🎁
Chris Murray Before everyone starts bitching about no Chicago muse is playing lollapalooza and they have radius clauses built into the contracts they sign that they can only play in so many miles and days before and after lolla happens
Sam Malcolm "Beyond that, there's still a lot of places to go to [but] we've been to Australia with every album so far so I'm sure we'll be back, definitely." - Chris Wolstenholme ... when exactly?
07:12 01/15/2017

Snare drums are so 2016.. 🥁

19.4k reactions 248 comments
Lorenzo Tommaso Vaninetti Alice, La Fortezza direi che si comincia bene
Andrés Parra Giancarlo Espinaza Cacha, usa condensadores para toms de piso
Fergus Arnold Yung Ian Chow Dom's turning 40 this yr, time fucking flies hahaa
Esa Torpström Uhmm, usually pillows are INSIDE the bass drum? :D
Danny L Gotta get more loose floor tom sound and don't forget the gong drum !! Dom hope you tried dw drums concrete snare
07:12 12/08/2016

Help support Médecins Sans Frontières & donate now for a chance to win a Manson Cort MBC-1 guitar autographed by the band:

20.5k reactions 118 comments
Beáta Kajántó It's time for Drones Tour DVD!
Krestif Schmud Chris looks like he's with the Avengers now.
Muguette Leclerc Je ne comprends ton commentaire sur la publication de Muse.. ça n' a aucun rapport? !
Gisel Raffin Ouah 5000 eu !!! Help
Navneet Singh Just throw one at me already Matt!
18:24 12/05/2016

Attempting to write a song on an acoustic guitar #oldskool #vintage #whereismywhammy

57.7k reactions 662 comments
Jelena Zafirovic If writing a song on an acoustic guitar is old school, then I am old af.
Mateo Ellis Remember when you were MUSE that played MCM cafe? Before a KAOS pad? That was awesome!
Doris Ammann Nakamoto I would love an acoustic Muse album and then an unplugged tour!!! <3
Francisco Piña An acoustic bridge for a song with a 12 strings guitar would be cool
Aliff D. IkRam Falling away with you please ! Its been 14 years since released and im still waiting for the live debut 😭😭
05:36 12/03/2016

Muse are headlining Reading Festival & Leeds Festival in August 2017. Passes available now:

28.4k reactions 1208 comments
Jammie Watkinson I'm hoping they play a lot of their old stuff!!! 😍😍😍 I'm preferring this to Download atm tvh
Claudia Kapranos Someone knows how can I get tickets if I'm not from UK? I know, via online, but how? :(
Daniel Jardine Does anyone know which date Muse will be playing Leeds?
Paul Warren Paige I don't care if I'm surrounded by indie cunts
Jacob Marshall Ben Warrender suddenly everyone's a Muse fan lmao 😂🙄
15:12 11/25/2016

BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Receive a 30% discount from Muse’s Shop using the code holidays30 Offer valid on all items in the Shop excluding music ➡️

5.6k reactions 362 comments
Meesa Saeida Luis Mayahint hint if u need ideas lol
Christina Carta JUST bought 2 tees and that beanie 😒
Marie Grand tu veux un tee-shirt pour noël ? :)))) Karen
Jamie Fitzpatrick Be nice if the hat in the picture was included in the sale
Jennifer Rachael Green Karl Rigby want anything? X
Lee Minho (이민호)
01:00 11/18/2016

#푸른바다의전설 #허준재 #이민호 #20161116 #PM10:00

290.6k reactions 4864 comments
Nandy Mariah Assumpta Greetings from Uganda. And lots of love too. Don't worry so much oppa. Our love is strong and so is our support. Am looking forward to seeing your drama. I have been desperately waiting am am being rewarded. And am not the only one. 사랑해 오빠!
Ditta Maharani From far away I can only give a sincere prayer ... may you always be blessed, healthy, useful for others, success is always and happy..God Bless ☺
IVy Kathleen Engalan Lee ~ hi my loves, We are all excited for you newest drama .. I mss you so much my love. Stay cool mwags i love youuuuu. 😘😘😍😍💕💕💕
Isaura Minaya I can't wait to see you acting in the drama Legend of the Blue Sea, I'm so exciting! 😍 I wish you all the best of luck with this new project!....Love from Minoz of Dominican Republic ❤
Mahgoliya Minoz Oh god! Thanks for Up Oppa 😘 We are impatiently waiting for you babe..We'll see you in three years.Do you know how much we're excited to see you?#LeeMinHo ssi 😍💓
12:00 11/15/2016

Timeline Photos

4.1k reactions 135 comments
Lamiya Hilal Priceless
Alessandro Bellamy Puoti JUST......WHY,
Andrew ES will walk through the snowdrifts in them)
Michelle Pywell Size 9 !! I'm only a 6 & a half lol
Jasmine Flower Gimme??? Pretty please with sugar on top? 😉 haha...
Reggie Bush
13:06 11/14/2016

Dope! Artist unknown

542 reactions 13 comments
Abu Khidirov I still got my saints #25 jersey 👍👍
Ranasha Young-Key Niiiice
Joe Heath That's my work 😂
Real Johnson looking good reggie
Ken J Johnson My new wallpaper
Reggie Bush
00:18 11/12/2016

Where it all started. #HelixHigh

348 reactions 15 comments
Angelica Janice Ramos Lorenzo Vega
Tyler Foy Stoked!! Once a highlander...
Adam Sylva Wow its been a while huh
Anudder Guy Dude! You gonna be there tomorrow?
Grace Spano 💜
Reggie Bush
22:42 11/06/2016

my angel

16.9k reactions 110 comments
Alexis Shannon cutie
Jimena Borjas Looooove this pic! ❤
Oneantas Toss Lytle Beautiful family
Kelly Phipps Lundell Adorable!!!!
Janet Wood Hot dad. 😚😚😚😚
Reggie Bush
09:54 11/04/2016

#tbt to #reggiebushweekend awesome time raising money for charity!

718 reactions 33 comments
Maine Lee Dear Reggie Bush's fans -_- ===>
Robby Mahendra Dear Reggie Bush's fans (^^^) -
Tryphenia Gates Dear Reggie Bush's fans :) -->>
John Robertson
Heather Rininger Autumn
08:48 11/05/2016

Hanging with a couple of guitar legends

62.6k reactions 626 comments
Graeme Gibson Kieron Thomson is that the booncer fae the cathoose on the right that didn't let ye back in?
Enrique Otero Garcia Qué cabrones brother se sacaron la foto sin ti! Xoan
Camellia Darcy I'd better like to see Mister Bellamy with Mister May. Just my opinion. But this picture is great.
Muriel Leoni Ô, on espère vivement un morceau partagé ensemble. .....quel moment de bonheur. ..qui sait! ?.
Jessica Papineau-Lapierre You belong there my friend. You are absolutely mind-blowing, with your guitar and with your voice.
08:48 11/05/2016

Just picked up this little beaut!! Best band in the at the #qawards ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Q Magazine

25.5k reactions 288 comments
Maureen Elder MUSE truly are the best band in the world ever not only just today. There is and never will be an equal.
El Martinez Mike exageran, vuelvan a hacer algo crudo y bueno como en los inicios y quizàs les creerè
Jacqueline Muñoz Claro que son la mejor banda del mundo, Muse tu música me hace muy felizzz, sólo anhelo que vuelvan pronto a Chile!!! I love Muse!!! <3 <3 <3
Katie Green Yay well done , I voted for you too and yes you are the best band in the world 😍😍
Dave Halsall Cannot disagree one iota after seeing them live this year
22:55 11/02/2016

Timeline Photos

11.9k reactions 311 comments
Mark Urwin Saw 2 shows at the O2 in Alternative London and it was another great experience seeing you again, well done on the award.
Robyn Parker Congratulations! Now have a little rest and then continue your WORLD tour by coming to Australia. You know we love you to. 💋💋
Sylvie LaFleur Aaaaaahhhhh!!!! I don't know how anyone could top the last show anyway. Love you guys, contrats!!!
Wes Karr Of course they would win. Incredibly amazing band live. Seen them only 4 times but each time was epic
Mark Michel I have never seen them live. :( they have only performed New Orleans once and that was at the Voodoo fest.
22:55 11/02/2016

#musehalloweenspecial 🎃👻😱 ➡️

20.3k reactions 124 comments
Lena Burjak Best Zombie drummer :-D
Valentina San Martin Te amo:(
Michael Beck Nightman?
Courtland Tippitt You look like blaine from izombie !
Francisco Enel Espacio One of the best drummers 4sure
20:30 10/31/2016

#musehalloweenspecial 🎃👻😱 ➡️

22.9k reactions 344 comments
Alex Dh Elvis is back, but slightly different haha
Reni Wallace Steffen Hcat dachte im ersten Moment du wärst das 😂👌🏽
Annegret Winter Not available in my country. :(
Alex Ranson The Gary Glitter look, definitely frightening...
Anthony Malsam Germany still isn't getting any kicks guys 😢
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