Novak Djokovic
Yesterday 11:06

In a few hours I will play my first match in six months. The response to my arrival here at the Australian Open has been incredible and inspiring. Thank you friends and family for your support. Idemooo!!

24.6k reactions 1063 comments
Elizabeth Mendoza Abad Wishing you the best in this tournament. You were missed very much. Welcome back!!!! Howdy from Texas!!😀
Robin Garofolo Always supporting you Novak! Watched your first round match, & it was so wonderful to see you on the courts again...on to the next match...just keep on moving forward!!!!
Gladys Lopez Torres Hi my dear Nole. My blessings and best wishes for this championship. I truly hope, from the bottom of my heart, your best performance after this six months. I saw the match last night, here in Perú 🇵🇪 and I enjoyed it very much. Go on and all the luck ...
Nancy Scaparotti Wow, he looked like the old Nole. Great to see him on the court again. I think he got a little lucky playing Young for his first match. Let's see how he does against more powerful players. I don't mean to sound cynical because I do want him to win ...
Angela Newton Plowman Will be great to see Novak back on the courts but a bit puzzled about his comments suggesting tennis players should earn more but maybe he meant the lower ranked players as surely the top 50 can make a pretty decent living playing a game they love and ...
22:24 01/13/2018

Twenty years ago today...

24.5k reactions 343 comments
Justin Jockisch Shawn is the most overrated performer of all time... There are at least 10 guys from today and 20 from the 90's who could work circles around Shawn in the ring.
Luis Eduardo Franco Estupiñàn No hay mejor época para la wwe q la q estamos viendo 😎 show corto pero exelente y los hermanos d la destrucción C llevaban los créditos cada q aparecían 😎
Rishi Ramdial Now this is the Big Red Machine that I want to see.WWE get your act together and unleash Masked Kane that dominated.
विवेक रंजन KANE has been an epic character in nowadays its been ruined by making him GM or coordinate kind of.
Nick Money-Elzer Ironic that this was the last week of Shawn Michael's career with a full backbone but only morally had none.
22:24 01/13/2018

The more things change, the more they stay the same... #RAW25

17.4k reactions 273 comments
Zatan Freshie U should use this mask again.... The Big Red Demon Kane 🔥🔥🔥
Laura Pittman I love Kane!! Kane an Taker should do brothers of destruction again they were so awesome together!!
Tim Balli
Noel St Clair Was pretty cool last Monday night raw how Kane just got up and walked away. not like Brock Lesner he ended up on a stretcher
Sibu Sekhar Please bring them back the old gimmick of Kane then you will be unbeatable power in wwe
Novak Djokovic
09:30 01/11/2018

What an incredible turnout today thank you to all my supporters for helping me feel more ready than ever coming out today. #TieBreakTens

9.5k reactions 278 comments
Christine Wong because you are incredible my dear! Love U and cheer for you! <3 <3 hugs to you dear!
Vera Stojanovska So happy you are back my Champ. I hardly watch tennis for the past few monts. Idemoooo... xxx
Eva Lods Nole I am so happy to see you playing. You have my support. I m sending you a lot of love and don t forget you are UNIQUE♡
Flavia S Lazarte Very good We are very happy whith your play
Annah Cardoso Idemoooooo Nole! You can beat this one more! Let's go!!!
Novak Djokovic
09:30 01/11/2018

The last time I played against Lleyton Hewitt was back in London 2012 Olympics. I'm looking forward to facing him again! My TB record is 63.7% I wonder how that stacks up against my R1 opponent.. 😉😁 #TieBreakTens #EveryPointCounts Od 2012. nisam igrao sa Hewitt-om I jedva čekam naš sledeći susret 🤗 Idemoooo 👍👍👍

7.1k reactions 198 comments
Kirsty Boon Welcome back to Australia Novak All the best for a great Australian open 🇦🇺
Glenda Garcia Nole, Welcome Back, just enjoy each match. God bless you! 🤗
Babalola Olawale Emmanuel Please just go back to your absolute best #nole I want to see you play the best tennis in the world again
Jennifer Dang Monica Dinh I am so looking forward to Djokovic SMASHING him. Honestly. Aren't you retired 🙄
Shirley Willenberg Can't wait to see you back soon. Take care of yourself we will be Glued to our T V.Love Shirley
20:48 01/08/2018

Never underestimate the powers...

8.5k reactions 89 comments
Brett Baus Reitz Ashley Degler they both use to do this
Connie Brinsfield Hi Kane this Connie Brinsfield how are you do. I'm sick in bed. Are you wresting Monday night one raw. I like you soul must how you brother text me back
Victor Matei Esti mare smecher? Hai in Plopeni ca.ti fut o bataie de te caci pe tine...
Manu Taker one of the real monster
Chris Sam Cyrus man whats next after the rumble
Novak Djokovic
20:42 01/08/2018

Мир Божји, Христос се роди. Драги моји, желим вам срећан Божић и годину испуњену љубављу, срећом и благословом. Нека вам сваки дан протекне у миру, слози и благостању у кругу људи које волите. Ваш Ноле <3 Today I am celebrating Christmas with my loved ones. Sending you all lots of love. ❤️

11.8k reactions 530 comments
Jacqueline O'Sullivan-Scholey Every best wish to you and your family for Christmas and the New Year Novak. BE WELL.❤️❤️❤️❤️🎄😊
Cathy Villalba Merry Christmas! May God bless you and your beloved family.
Lucrecia Borgia Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄lots of love And blessings ✨✨✨
Sandra Thompson Sending loads of love ❤ to you and your family Nole . Xxx
Mira Jakšić Na isti način dragi naš, bio si i ostaćeš prvi u našim srcima i duši,,,MIR BOŽJI,HRISTOS SE RODI,,,svaku sreću, dobro zdravlje i uspeh Tebi i Tvojoj porodici,
Novak Djokovic
20:42 01/08/2018

AusOpen 2018

9.4k reactions 224 comments
Vladimir Petrovic Mir Boziji! Hristos se rodi! Neka te sreca, mir i ljubav prate na putu ka jos jednoj tituli u Melburnu! Srecan Bozic! ❤️🙏
Derek Larson The djoker better play the happy slam :-)
Richard McCarley My cat Turdles thinks he is married to Maria Sharapova
Maria Zahirovic Let's go play 9 can't wait to watch you on AO best of luck.
Juana Molina Come on Nole waiting for you
Novak Djokovic
07:54 01/06/2018

Rod Laver Arena 2018 Australian Open

10.0k reactions 873 comments
Amir L. Nogarane Slaw
Della MP Yay your back
Chít Lép Hello vovak
Dejan Bulovic Ajde Nole!!
Catch Cattaneo N1 nole
Novak Djokovic
19:06 01/03/2018

An update here from my team...

Novak to return in action in Melbourne | Novak Djokovic
Novak to return in action in Melbourne | Novak Djokovic

After pulling out from Abu Dhabi exho and ATP Doha event due to pain in his right elbow, Novak is travelling to Australia where he will take part in two exhibition tournaments. After the two events, the decision will...

2.6k reactions 366 comments
Ana Varoli Gigli Vamos Nole se te extraña mucho, queremos ver tenis y para eso tenes que estar vos. Se extrañan tus partidos con Rafa, o con Andy o Roger, Volvé por un nuevo 2011 o 2016 . Suerte abrazos desde Argentina.
Chokonen Nde - Great news Novak .. Always remember youre much loved no matter if you can play or not due to ur injuries. We understand and still love you mate. Hugs Novak .. You handsome sexy guy you :)
Leone Debora hope he is in match... we need something different
Fenny Pantouw Novaaakkk.. make sure that you’re 1,000% fit 😭 Don’t get injured again just because you don’t wanna skip AO. I’d rather wait a longer time until you’re fully recovered than to see you get injured again. Love you, good luck and God bless 😘
Tonette Sison So excited to see you play again. Praying that you are fully recovered and fit to play until the finals. God bless you.
19:12 01/03/2018

WWE Raw: Kane Confronts Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

21.5k reactions 203 comments
Shoaib Anwer Won't expect this from lesnar .. It was #Awesome 😂😂😂😂😂
Chethan Raj Shetty Kane ur my favourite tilll my childhood.. I want to see u as a champion... It's my dream.. 😍
দেবব্রত ঘোষ What a chokeslam... right to the hell...kane fire still 🔥🔥🔥
JuanFer Yépez Comon!!!!!!!! Kane ... Its your last run in WWE... please be a campion!!!!!
Lennin Espinosa Really wish he stood down but Atleast Kane looked powerful.
06:24 01/01/2018

Danger waits at Royal Rumble...

5.3k reactions 67 comments
Irene Mcmillin Happy new cena
Mayank Nagar Go Kane Go !!!! And Burn The Beast....
Irene Mcmillin Happy new year Jon cena
Flavius Happy New Year!! Kane 💪🔥😉
06:24 01/01/2018

Royal Rumble always presents commit atrocities.

12.1k reactions 77 comments
Brayan Zapata Rodriguez Ecw :')
Mert Kahraman Please leave wwe :(
Andres B. Riveros A que hora, pusieron esa mesa ¿?
Muhammad Umer Big red machine
Mehreen Saleem Awesome
Novak Djokovic
06:18 01/01/2018

Unfortunately, the situation with the elbow has not changed for better since yesterday. I still feel the pain. Therefore, I will have to withdraw from ATP tournament in Doha, that has been voted the best 250 tournament in 2017. I am sorry that I will not be able to play in front of my fans here. I have great memories of this tournament and the matches I played, like the final against Andy from last year. The atmosphere at the stadium is always wonderful, the organization is on the highest level, and I will surely miss it a lot. However, after the thorough consultations with the medical team, we decided to keep up with the therapies and elbow treatments. Situacija sa laktom, nažalost, nije se promenila u odnosu na juče. I dalje osećam bol. Zato sam prinuđen da odustanem od takmičenja na ATP turniru u Dohi, koji je prošle godine proglašen za najbolji turnir iz serije 250. Žao mi je što neću biti u prilici da igram pred svojim navijačima u Kataru, odakle imam lepe uspomene. Pamtim mnoge mečeve, poput finala prošle godine protiv Endija Mareja. Atmosfera na stadionu je odlična, a organizacija je na najvišem nivou. Sve će mi to nedostajati. Međutim, posle detaljnih konsultacija sa lekarima, odlučili smo da je najbolje da nastavim sa terapijama i tretmanima lakta.

Novak pulls out of AO warm-up event in Doha | Novak Djokovic
Novak pulls out of AO warm-up event in Doha | Novak Djokovic

The best Serbian tennis player will not defend his Qatar ExxonMobil Open title. Novak has pulled out of January's Australian Open warm-up event in Doha, as the situation with his elbow has not changed for better since...

9.0k reactions 695 comments
Catherine Cheeseman Wishing you all the very best for recovery from this injury, take things steady, give yourself and your team time. I'm sure that you can return to this wonderful sport, but until then, enjoy the special times with family and friends. Slow and steady wi ...
Ristić Filip Dosta je bilo Nole.Svi te mi volimo i svi smo se nekako potajno nadali da ćeš,kada ta povreda prođe, da prozujiš kao voz ,bar kroz još 2-3 sezone. I da ćeš možda nekada sustići bar Nadala po broju GS jer je Srđan na RTS-u ili na nekoj drugoj televiziji ...
Rajshree Dinesh I pray you recover quickly and win all the tournaments in future....My Best wishes for a bright future Novak...We are all with you...
Prakriti Sharma No problems, take rest and come back when you are completely fit to play. Stay Positive. Everything will be fine.
Carol Allan Gutted for you Novak, I miss you on the courts , tennis isn't tennis without you and Andy Murray ....get well soon xxxx
Novak Djokovic
17:30 12/29/2017

Friends and family, I am terribly disappointed that I am forced to withdraw from the Mubadala World Tennis Championship. Unfortunately, in the past few days I started to feel pain in the elbow and after several tests, my medical team has advised me not to risk anything, to withdraw from the tournament and to immediately continue with the therapies. I am very sad because I was eager to return to playing official matches. I enjoyed the practices and everything I did to get ready for the start of the season, including the tournament in Abu Dhabi, where I always enjoy playing. Now I need to accept this situation, and to wait for the results of the therapies, in order to start playing tennis again and getting back to full rhythm. This might affect the start of the season and the tournament plan, but the decision will be made in the following days. ****** Dragi svi, Izuzetno sam razočaran što sam prinuđen da se povučem sa turnira u Abu Dabiju. Nažalost, u poslednjih par dana ponovo mi se javio bol u laktu i nakon pregleda lekari su me savetovali da ništa ne rizikujem, da bi trebalo da propustim ovo takmičenje, i da odmah nastavim sa terapijama. Veoma sam tužan jer sam željno čekao da ponovo počnem da igram zvanične mečeve. Uživao sam u pripremama i radovao se turniru u Abu Dabiju, gde volim da učestvujem. Ostaje da prihvatim ovu situaciju i sačekam rezultate terapija kako bih što pre mogao da se vratim na teren i uđem u pun ritam. Sve ovo može da utiče i na početak sezone i plan turnira koji sam napravio, ali odluka će biti doneta narednih dana.

Novak withdraws from Abu Dhabi due to elbow problem | Novak Djokovic
Novak withdraws from Abu Dhabi due to elbow problem | Novak Djokovic

Novak has withdrawn from the Mubadala WTC exhibition event due to pain in his right elbow. The Serbian star was scheduled to return to tennis on Friday, December 29, after being out of the game for nearly six months.

7.2k reactions 975 comments
Svetlana Andric sad ce da pocne da kuka...da se vrati zeni, a ona ce da smisli sta ce dalje. koga ce da otpusti, trenere ili roditelje, koga ce privremeno opet da angazuje...ide u proslost, ali bar da to radi kako valja
Daniel Castillo Mucho ánimo y mucha fuerza Nole!!!Pronto estarás en las canchas nuevamente!!!Todos te queremos ver bien!!!X un excelente 2018 Campeón ✊✊✊👏👏👏💪💪
Christine Wong 💌Dear, i know its never easy to make this decision. I know you wants to play so much too. and you also understand how excited we are to see you on court again. But all these are not the most important compare to your health! What I concern most is your ...
Maria Lohaus hello Novak Djokovic you're young strong, and give a time to the Nature to restore, you have a great medical team. you know you're a great talent as sport man. be very happy for be with your beautiful family, and you have your many podiums, don't be ...
Marion B. Berlin Sad.....but smart move....In New York there are very qualified Sports Doctors....that has done wonders on Baseball Players...time to see if your career will be hurt by this......Tennis will never be the same without you in the game.......another ...
04:48 12/27/2017

WWE RAW: Rhyno wants to “toughen up” Heath Slater

8.4k reactions 35 comments
Félissia Tonnelier Shanna Breton Julien Wauthion
Zizu Zain kane next champ
Jamie Connor Go on kane
Joy Farrior We miss talking to you.babygirl
Elias Rodriguez the demon
16:00 12/24/2017

The Brothers of Destruction weren't exactly on the same page 20 years ago today...

12.6k reactions 94 comments
David Payne II I miss his pyro so much
Pauly Stephens disagree undertaker was king of that erra
Jeremy Thomas Wilson I loved that the Undertaker did the Famouser
Mike Long Undertaker with that fame-asser though 😆
Jigar Zaveri This era was awesome in WWE
03:12 12/22/2017

The F5 won't keep a MONSTER down.

6.2k reactions 271 comments
Syed Ebad Sani common kane u r my super hero u made me nervous i cant believe u was begging to brown strowman come on kane.. u cant do this know wwe became boring with this
Phillip Jack Brook's In front of the brock lensner you are not anything ..👎 You will not be able to stand ahead of F5..😝
Micheal Gabriel Who tells u that brown also try To not to fell the pain of both suplex And f5 but that was what stopped him!!!
William Mcneillie Sorry man f5 can't keep you down? Dude you were lying there for over 10 seconds. Ref counts to three 😂 smh
Muhanad Yousef I want kane to win the championship and if he don not win it He should compete at thr Rumble match and win it
14:24 12/19/2017

WWE RAW: Brock Lesnar will face Strowman and Kane at WWE Royal...

8.1k reactions 132 comments
Aashish Samrat Brock will defeat... Both stupid monsters..
Nuno Fava Braun strowman will destroy brock and kane
Sandesh Khadka stupid wwe... they r making kane like a cartoon character.... they better make him a champion
Abid Hussain Come on Kane ..this is the time to take revenge of The Undertaker
David Jackson You think he's week he's been wrestling for 20 years
01:36 12/17/2017

The Big Red Machine is capable of dangerous things at WWE Royal Rumble...

27.3k reactions 249 comments
Mukul Bajpai Like eliminating CM Punk not only from the match but from the WWE itself.
Shelby Graham Kane has been through so much he deserves it he's the real big red machine
Jim Oge The Big Red Machine Kane
Kaif Ul Majed Kane was skinnier here, Now he is out of shape and scared of Braun. Poor guy got old. :'(
Robert Daniels Braun strowman is the real monster in wwe.
12:48 12/14/2017

Through hell, fire and brimstone, the Big Red Machine will be at WWE Royal Rumble.

11.5k reactions 184 comments
Sandeep Singh KANE you real big red monster in WWE then, now & forever
Sibu Sekhar New Universal champion at Royal Rumble ???
Wungngayung Awungshi And Will Win The Royal Rumble
Gaurav Khulbe Kane vs brock lesner Book it mannnnn #Royal_rumble And your new universal champion #kane
Satyarth Rajput Kane vs Braun strownman vs BROCK LESNAR at royal rumble maybe 😕
Novak Djokovic
22:18 12/06/2017

Best core training I ever had 💪😂👨‍👦 Najbolja vežba za trbušnjake koju sam ikada uradio ! #preseason #fatherson #training

2.2k reactions 458 comments
Jose Miguel Cuadra Lindo entrenamiento gratificante al hacerlo con el apoyo de tu bebe. Felicitaciones Nole un abrazo desde Caburgua Pucon Chile.
Simona Halmajan You are the best #1 team ♥♥ Stefan and Novak Superchampion dad!!! LOVE it ...most EVER!!! and WE LOVE YOU both!!! GOD BLESS YOU Forever!!!
Slavica Dražić Aww this is so adorable video 😍😍 Father and son time ❤❤❤ Love your videos champ, they are so full of love 😊 #NoleFam Novak Djokovic
Abba Fernando Enjoy moment.with your family 😄😄😄
Youmna A. Rady Nashwa Nusair tab wenby fi a7la mn kda 😍😍 mabt7bihosh ezay mfsi afhm 😠
Novak Djokovic
09:30 12/04/2017

I have been continuing to train and practice here at home. New movements, different equipment - improving my game and preventing future injury! I feel more confident each day. 😃🏃‍♂🙏👍 Hope you enjoyed your weekend #NoleFam 😉😙 Nastavljam sa treninzima.. Nove tehnike, drugačija oprema i mnogo inovacija da unapredim igru i sprečim potencijalne povrede. Super se osećam!! 🤗😊 Kako ste vi proveli vikend?

11.5k reactions 468 comments
Edgar Phillip Castaneda We are happy to hear that from you Nole!!! The whole world is waiting for you especially your ur fans. We love u #GOAT ...
Alex Brage Glad to see you both training together. Lots of hopes of excellent tennis 🎾 and many victories again! Can’t wait!!!
Marcela Rodingerová Dear Novak, Hope you'll be in Best conditions And I am looking forward to see you in Australien Open next year. I am you the Best fan from Czech R. I miss you do much 😍
Nikki Ilich Yes yes yes!!! We need you back in the game! So great to see you training - the best guy is returning!!! 💪💪
Hana Àko Nice to see u more confident djoko ..😍😍😍 hope to see u play as before ...more lively more enjoyable .💪💪 waiting u un Abu Dhabi champion ship 😊😊
09:36 12/04/2017

Braun Strowman just awakened The Big Red Machine!

16.0k reactions 236 comments
Roberto López Dimter I bow down to one of the greatest (and my own favorite) wrestler in the entire WWF/WWE history
Rajesh Nair Ragav You don't know big red machine this past week on raw strowman vengeance you
Abhi Soni Don't mess with demon......waat lgegi ab to strowmn ki😂😂😂😂
Aon Ali You are a joke now ...I thought you would be avenging Taker by killing off Roman .... *Sigh* ..
Parvinder Singh Sorry glenn but The Big Red Machine died years ago.
Novak Djokovic
20:42 12/01/2017

Thanks for waiting patiently for the news about my new coach to join my team with Andre Agassi. I am very excited to share with you that Radek Stepanek will join our #NoleFam so let's give him a warm welcome 👏#TeamDjokovic Hvala vam svima što ste strpljivo čekali vesti o mom novom treneru. Uz Andrea Agasija, Radek će se pridružiti mom timu u narednoj sezoni. Svi smo spremni za nove izazove a znam da se i vi radujete da me ponovo vidite na terenu! Full story:

22.6k reactions 646 comments
Ania Maciejczyk We're happy 😃 and welcome him warmly ☺ #goodchoice the live video was so funny, make them more time 😘 I think everyone wants to talk to you 😘
Amelia Andrews Radek...always loved to watch him...all the best for 2018..big miss on the court this year.
Vladimir Petrovic Awesome news! I believe that you and your new team will compose many symphonies, sonates, concertos and other masterpieces! #Maestroiviolina 😍💚🌞🎾😀🙏🐊🎻🔙🔛🔝🔜
Verica Lalic I tipped on Radek, from the beginning, but some how you make me confuse with Ancic. Good choice Novak. All the best with Radek.
Zuzana Ščudlová Great news Novak! Radek is the best person in tennis and now your team is very strong! Hope you will get back to first place next season :) wishing you strong and good luck :)
Novak Djokovic
20:42 12/01/2017

Step by step, uuuh baby , I'm gonna get to you OZ ! Čika OZ , dolazim ti u posetu . Kao i vi , i ja odbrojavam.. 🎾🙏😃🌞 #servetowin #serve #motivation

17.2k reactions 527 comments
Zdeněk Brettschneider Step by Štěp give you back. Say hello to Radek. We keep you fingers!!!🖒😊🖒
Jason Sportsman We need you back and healthy. Cannot wait!!!
Milan Djukic Nolo dem rec bolil te lakat jos? VeSna ako mi ne odgovori opet ubicu se ko i zec
Nicole Haschke Your quoting a New Kids on the Block song brings me almost as much joy as seeing you on the court 😍😂
Kech Styles We need to win those 4 grand slams next year #teamnole
Novak Djokovic
20:42 12/01/2017

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” #workhard 🏋️‍♂️💪🏼 Teška vremena prodju, ali jaki ljudi ostaju i opstaju! ;) #rad #red #disciplina #idemo

20.5k reactions 651 comments
Rhona Lou Elizalde Go for it Nole! We’re all waiting for you to comeback! 🤗💪
Давид Шормез S leve strane po 3 koraka, s desne po 4 i/ili 5... 1 ti amortizer čudno balansira! Želim ti da ti sve proradi kao (švajcarski) sat na pravo vreme! ;-)
Gordana Gradina Crnogorac Tough time passes by, tough people stay......Go Novak show the World your Primo Class, cheers from Alberta
Violeta Eliana Rivero Campos ❤️Dear Nole wonderful training.I´m ansius to see you soon playing your brilliant tennis at allATP in 2018.
Victoria Elizabeth Barrientos Carrillo You are certainly doing a good work, Nole :D !!! Keep training and moving your hips ;) !!! :) <3 <3 #practicemakesperfect #love #support
08:00 11/29/2017

WWE RAW: Braun Strowman and Kane

11.4k reactions 162 comments
George Hotel Yes pls. give us KANE BACK !! Who the **** is this Strowman go back where ever u come from.. PLS WWE give us KANE B A C K
Rishi Ramdial Wwe I get that you want to push braun as the new talent but you don't have to do it at the expense kane's career, and the way that you are doing by making kane look like a scared coward is sucide to his character.From someone who has been a fan of kane ...
Safat Hayat Mayor er Ashon tai putki maira dise ajke Shorastomontri brown chacha..... Zarif 😂😂 vince khankir pola
Kenneth Martz I hate that mask I like his old ones
Adnan Shaikh We want old kane....pls wwe Bring that old kane #wwe
19:12 11/26/2017

Don't mess with The Big Red Machine...

12.9k reactions 176 comments
Nkosinathi Bhengu Ever since The Undertaker retired,Kane is weak.
Adamya Agarwal The monster among men will take revenge. Get ready for it.
Aamer Khan Braun Strawman is The one Man Army
AJ Samson Dont mess with the Big Blue Machine!
Mudit Srivastava Here comes the big red machine Kaaaaaaaaane.
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