02:54 07/23/2017

No one is safe from The Devil's Favorite Demon!

10.0k reactions 90 comments
Fabyola Parra Terrazas When will we see you back? I miss you come back!!!! :(
Rudra Abhishek WWE actors are even better than Hollywood.
Evan Shook Travis Lyles Jennifer Harris Lisa Buhi good gawd get that mascot outta there lol
Kein Kein Kein My brother kane is rules
Ranvijay Chaudhary Please demon back
14:06 07/20/2017

No better way to make a first impression...

530 reactions 86 comments
Rene Aigner Send him to hell!!! Michael Alber 😜
Ranvijay Chaudhary Come my demon
Med Aziz Ben Chouikha blowjob
Arsenal Love Fighting Kane
Piero Gaspar Castañeda Come back
14:06 07/20/2017

Hello Brother...

19.6k reactions 199 comments
Brandon Notsch Lol you are laying on the mat and you look up and see this one final moment in your life before you go straight to hell. What are you're last words?
Manish Jakhar The Dangerous Tag Team in the WWE nobody Could compete with them
Aldhor Juriakus Unidos o enfrentados,siempre seran mis favoritos. Aunque me emocionaba mas verlos unidos. Foto espectacular!👍
Sam Hall I was saying yesterday that what would these two be like if they went to a Chinese or world Buffett before their match
Jayson Omar Rodriguez Torres Taker (Metallica) And Kane (Slipknot)...😄
14:06 07/20/2017

Let it smolder...

8.1k reactions 49 comments
Bill Purvis How Kane stands over a grill cooking steak
Glen Edley Kane must come back to
Eduardo Joaquin vuelve jobber 😢, i miss you
Earl Main I wish Kane would come back
Yash Rock U r the best
14:06 07/20/2017

How's that for National Hot Dog Day?

15.0k reactions 131 comments
Diego Armando Ospina What?? The big red machine selling hot dogs?? 😁😁😂😂
Jorge Luis Cortez Tomasto Keane you are fox
Chandan Kumar The red machine
Paula Bowman I so miss Kane and Santino!!
Karahan Cancan We want kane
12:30 07/15/2017

The Demon is always ready for destruction.

14.0k reactions 119 comments
Precious Goulden Future U.S President
Ronny Andro Kämmer I miss him 😧
Nikimoni Das Oh a destructive mayor
Mohammad El Talmas Kane will be back for his distruction
Saif Ali role of demon has been demolished
12:30 07/15/2017

NO ONE can wear the mask besides The Demon.

12.7k reactions 92 comments
Harshit Choubisa I miss kane of 90's decade..
Shashi Donon #i_miss_that_masked_kane
Samer NA This Mask is The Real Mask
Mustafa Salih I can :-P
Chris David Kopischke It's Luke Gallows in the mask.
12:30 07/15/2017

You can't CAGE The Demon!

12.9k reactions 98 comments
Brad Hook But you can chuck him in a suit and run him for mayor.
C Brandon Ray Hylton Well you weren't in the match so they weren't trying to.
Saed Peshraw Big boe
Bradford Engle future WWE Hall of Famer.
Krish Ravissen Sr. miss u man <3
23:42 07/12/2017

The Undertaker and The Demon have been through a lot together...

2.7k reactions 82 comments
Greg Craig Awesome yes they have
Bradford Engle Next stop WWE Hall of Fame together.
Connor Roberts Daniel Renshaw Kane has been in the mountains
Cody Short Come back kane
Native Son Good luck running for Mayor Kane! 🖒
Novak Djokovic
23:36 07/12/2017

Nikola Tesla, one of my greatest inspirations, was born on this day 161 years ago and it's a very special day not just for all of us who admire his work, but for all the people inspired by his inventions and courage to change the world. We see more, can more, know more and we are able to become the best versions of ourselves thanks to the great people like Tesla, who truly live forever, inspiring us with their wisdom, vision and brevity. Happy birthday #NikolaTesla #MyInspiration 🙏 Nikola Tesla, moja velika inspiracija, rođen je na današnji dan i ovaj dan je poseban ne samo za nas koji se i dalje divimo njegovom vizionarskom radu, već i za sve one koji su inspirisani njegovim izumima i njegovom hrabrošću da menja svet na bolje. Mi svi danas možemo više, znamo više i više vidimo zahvaljujući velikim ljudima kakav je naš Tesla, koji će istinski živeti zauvek! Srećan rođendan i hvala #NikolaTesla #MojaInspiracija 🙏

97.0k reactions 1206 comments
L.m. Mussat Play your game, ignore the crowd! The more admiration and love you want the less you will get! Obviously everything is done to make things complicated for you ... IGNORE THEM ,DON'T SHOW YOUR FEELINGS AND DO NOT TRY TO BE "NICE" !
Zoran Sladakovic Хебу нас ко маке мајмуне,непоштују највећег генија Теслу(био сам јуче на једном странон научном сајту..страшно је шта пишу о Тески)Сада,ми је мање чудно зашто спотичу Новака на сваком кораку.Гледао сам и меч Милер-Надал..каква хистерија,у публици .....
MonCoeur Kea Repose toi bien Ďjoko😍et à demain 12h... on vs a attendu tt l après midi aussi comme vs ,enfermez dans les vestiaires jusqu a 20h pour vs dire que " finalement vs allez jouer demain etc... !! Que normalement vs pouvez jouer vers 18h30 après le match ...
Steffen Buskens Crazy organization! that they didn't move you to center court around eight a clock. Now you have to play on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thanks wimbledon!
Zaneta Pabich I used admire him, but he is not for me a role model at all.... how much he paid to not let the news out when last year he cheated on his wife . He is a pathetic man
10:54 07/10/2017

"I don't like you."

10.4k reactions 87 comments
Dan Miathail This Kane was best Kane.
José M. Castro Hernández Atangana!
Greg Craig Awesome
Faisal Shabbir kane you are truly a legend i love you
Marco Brümmer Two Legends *Kane +Edge
Novak Djokovic
22:00 07/07/2017

Before I embarked on my partnership with Jacob's Creek I was inspired by the films they made with Andre Agassi. He's always been a big inspiration over the years and I'm so proud to have him as my coach today. Thank you Andre! And thank you #NoleFam for your continuous support #teamnovak Idemooooo Photo by: Getty Images I pre nego što sam počeo da sarađujem sa Jacob's Creek, pratio sam njihove aktivnosti, a filmovi sa Agasijem su mi uvek bili jako inspirativni. Srećan sam što je postao deo mog tima! A i vi ste #NoleFam važan deo mog tima i hvala vama za podršku i inspiraciju koju uvek pronalazim u vama! Idemooooo

12.2k reactions 206 comments
Robyn Haines My two favourite tennis players of all time both right here in one shot and working together 😊
To Nguyen Good chemistry is the most important thing and looks like you two have that.
Andrej Arriba Arriba Ноле, само напред со најголема верба во себе...ти си шампион на нашите срца. поздрав од Скопје.
Lana Milo Cini mi se da je sve krenulo na bolje.., opet si onaj koji se raduje zivotu i.., tenisu..Napred i samo napred...
Jenny Dougan Good photo. I like Jacobs creek too - Australia makes good wine. You and Andre make good tennis!
22:06 07/07/2017

Don't mess with The Devil's Favorite Demon!

6.1k reactions 51 comments
Sascha Sprenger Boom! 😎
Flavius Frumos!!
Karan Katyan Tombstone piledriver 😱
Trần Thị Minh . Chủ tus đz vlone .-. Qua trả tt nha <3
Stebo Kniebo let give it up for Farooq for selling for little x-pac there.
22:06 07/07/2017

Let it SMOLDER...

8.0k reactions 63 comments
Laura Lurg I Love the big Red Dämon 😍😍😍
Claudio J Guthrie Its Sunday 😱😱😱🙊
Leo Messi I miss kane
Mehedi Sharif Come back
Haiderali Shirazie Please come back
22:06 07/07/2017

Good night...

9.9k reactions 98 comments
Steven St.Amand Kane should get a retirement match at WrestleMania.
Amar Rajpurohit Hello kane iam your inden fan I like u kane ur best
Ãlbríñs Åbdo جدع ي عمو كين
Jhonatan Alexander DOES IT SMELL GOOD?
Joyce Job's Pile driver seems like standing 69
22:06 07/07/2017

It seems that DDP has been Chokeslammed. But that's not a bad thing, that's a good thing!

8.4k reactions 88 comments
Christopher Lee Terrance Derhousoff Kane Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never Take Off Your Mask Because It Makes You The Demon You Are Today
Muhtasin Oishik Omar হৌ একটা পিছ পুরা সিংহৌ
Dustin White I see what you did there
New Li F Stye 😍 نعم انها الالة الحمراء كين
Asad Habib The kane we all knew :(
22:06 07/07/2017

The fire burns...

18.8k reactions 110 comments
Jose Mendez It is tag team of true...
Sijohns Joseph Kane and big show is pretty Good match
Martin Smedegaard Larsen Slow Chemical ftw!
Zeenat Emamally Wrestling❤
Panayiotis Toumazou Good old times
Novak Djokovic
09:12 07/05/2017

AA always brings his A game on court 👍🙌🤣 Čak i kad se igramo, iskustvo pobeđuje 🤣

17.8k reactions 188 comments
Andre Schneider Olha lá, eles tb fazem o jogo da bolinha pra ver quem começa... 😉 FFelipe Lobel PPedro Mansur GGustavo Luna Cabral TThais Lima RRubin Piatigorsky
Maddalena Calabrese come mai quest'anno è sceso così giù di tono? a Roma ha toppato con un ragazzino , a Parigi è scomparso, ma non sta bene?
Stefan Uitz Gabriel Schleritzko des bringst aber schon zam mit deiner Schulter oder? 😂
Davide Granzotto Stefano Burato guarda Ulisse come cazzeggia con Djokovic ahahah
Chris Vrhlst Bart Pascal Franky misschien kunnen we het eens op deze manier proberen 😀
Novak Djokovic
09:12 07/05/2017

Looking forward to playing my first match at Wimbledon tomorrow. Before a big tournament I often think about the people that got me here today #whomakesyou #teamnovak Jacob's Creek Uzbuđenje raste pred sutrašnji meč 😁🤗 hehe... Uvek pred sam start važnog turnira razmišljam o dragim ljudima koji su me pratili i koji me prate kroz život.. O kome vi razmišljate u sličnim trenucima #NoleFam?

8.3k reactions 178 comments
Taz Lawrence Hopefully you take this tournament serious and don't get k.o but a unranked player😑
Diana Beba Memisevic Samo tako nastavi. Volimo te, jer ti si naša dika. Svaki put plačemo od dragosti kad pobedis. 💟💟💟😅
Snezana Divjak Burnic Lagano rodjeni.Samo lagano.Pred tobom je cijeli svijet.Srecno.
Julie Palmer Glad your back, Nole! Go and win the thing now, if Andy gets beat!
Jenny Dougan Good luck in the tournament you should be feeling better after Eastbourne.
Novak Djokovic
20:24 07/02/2017

Feels good to hold the trophy again #NoleFam Bye bye Eastbourne! What a great week we had together 👍 Thank you for all the love and kindness, I surely have felt it. I'll see you again! Wimbledon, here I come! Odličan je osećaj podići novi trofej! Ciao Istborn, kakva nedelja je iza nas 😃 Hvala vam svima na podršci i pozitivnoj energiji koju sam osećao sve vreme!! Vidimo se opet! Vimbldon 👉👉 stižeeeem! Photo credits: Lacoste / Ron Angle

53.8k reactions 1137 comments
Wibke Kiontke @Novak Djokovic: Congrats; so happy for you! Praying you will continue / pick up on your your amazing success story at Wimbledon 🙏 Wishing you all the very best!
Vladimir Petrovic What a beautiful day! May this tournament win give you motivation and inspiration for reaching even higher goals! We are proud and happy today and I firmly believe you will bring us many joyous moments very soon! #NoleFam 👏👍💪❤🔝🏆🌞😀🎾
Visekruna Visekruna Jedi meso bre, vidi se da nemas snage kao pre,dovedi pravog trenera koji ce biti stalno uz tebe kao nekad Vajda ili Beker i odjebi onog sektasa Pepea!!! p.s.inace neces osvojiti nikad vise nijedan GS!!!
Tricia Holmes That is wonderful news. You look strong Novak. Have been a fan from the start and have had a sad spot in my heart for a while, but good results for you ahead. ❤💙💛
Telmo Pantoja Retoma la confianza que te ha dado tantos exitos recuerda eres ser humano puedes caer pero cuando te levantes seras mas fuerte. Recuerda que eres ejemplo de muchos.
20:30 07/02/2017


13.5k reactions 129 comments
Ajay Atole Come back Kane miss you very Badly I have download all your videos from 1997 to 2016
Ranvijay Chaudhary Demon please back
Dario Privitera But can you know when Kane will go back to the ring? I want to see him again just for his awful match, but I want him to come back !!!
Aashish Thakare Well I think Glenn should train some new 7 ft guy to become the next Big red machine with mask. This needs to happen.
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Kane
07:42 06/30/2017

Unmasked and Unhinged...

5.7k reactions 123 comments
Mario Albert Robles Jr. Thats tiet
Glen Holman That scared my kids and made them cry......js
Græme Howard Kane is a straight monster. One of my favs 👍
Rishu Kushwaha We loves u.... Big Red machine nd Monster Kane
Raaj Kohli The Kane is a real.. Hero WWE
07:42 06/30/2017

Let it BURN!

4.8k reactions 44 comments
Emre Akçay Abi super yaa
André Germain Morin cool '' aaa no , hot ha ha ha🤣🤣🔥
كرار الصدري Whar are you
Juan Arturo Hernández Palma Cristian cliclicliiii
07:42 06/30/2017

What is it, Chris Jericho?

5.5k reactions 53 comments
Ajay Atole Break the Jericho Downnnnn Kane
Akshay Prakash Awesome wrestler and my fav DEMON
Faisal Oi Oi Kane and faisal
Ahiale Aquaxi Kane
Omar Javier Meza Apoko?
07:42 06/30/2017

Fear The Devil's Favorite Demon!

5.2k reactions 63 comments
Graham John Oldacre When Kane was at his ultimate best!
Kishor Parulekar Amezing kane
Shubham Kumar Sinha It's Kane's fake powers to fool kids and public.
Aniruddha Gohil This was the golden era!
Marco Merched 😆
Novak Djokovic
18:48 06/27/2017

Today I spent some time with these amazing young people 👏🏼👏🏼 I admire their passion and always enjoy to meet them!! Keep up the great work 👍🏼🎾❤️ #ballkids #welovetennis photos by Getty Images

19.9k reactions 193 comments
Samantha Yates 👏👏👏👏👏👏 they are an awesome team that work hard, on every court around the world the "ball kids" of the tennis world. 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Rosemary Hinge Good luck Novak Djokovic love you all the way, you can do it, fingers all crossed xx
Jane Caygill Dont forget to go for a practice at Meads Tennis Club while you are in Eastbourne Novak. Awesome grass courts not far away ask Ollie Miller 😉🎾
Sand Lolo Grand respect novak tellement généreux humble pour un champion respect à vous vous êtes pour moi le meilleur champion du tennis 😍😍😍😍
Sean Clark Good Luck in the Aegon International this week Noel would be great to see you play on finals day
06:06 06/25/2017

Fourteen years ago today, the WWE Universe met the man behind the mask!

15.6k reactions 342 comments
TamanPreet Singh Kunwar Preet Singh time flies man... Seems like it just happened yesterday...
Mickey Rider The question is why you chockslame to your partner RBD
Daniel Olphert Worst thing to ever happen to the Kane gimmick!! He was incredible as masked Kane
Shakti Ranjan Behera yes...one of my best memory in wwe..still remember i have watched it..i was in class 4
Jack Mandeville If they played their cards right they could of done a spirit of Kane story line to pass down the mask to someone else.
06:06 06/25/2017

"I am the Tag Team Champions!"

9.5k reactions 90 comments
Raj Mishra Rip Comeback kane with 1998 power
Pongsathorn Sirisuwhan I like both.
Belhassen Jebali i am the tag team champions
Mohd Syafiq Zailan The best storyline in WWE after feud with The Undertaker.
Anthony Pennington Yes you were you had to carry that loser goat on your back
06:06 06/25/2017

Through Hell-fire and Brimstone!

12.2k reactions 94 comments
Dedy Herawan isgot time I'm your yrs DC kane
Eslam Ahmed المفروض اخاف يعني
Bittu Kumar Red monster
Lakshay Lakra Smackdown needs u
Samer NA Kane : Where is My Super Suit ? This Photo .
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