9 hours ago

There's NO stopping The Big Red Machine...

15.7k reactions 103 comments
Hafeez Kongrat Kane is Most Powerful than Roman Reigns Remember Kane VS Dean Ambrose on SmackaDown 2013 After Wrestlemania 29 Kane Destroy Intire The Shield at the Time
Ben Wa Big Red Machine
Lazy Everyday Love u Big red machine 😘
Arjab Logan Roy We want our Savage Kane back! 🔥 :-)
Francis Lapointe Deraiche That was a very nice chokeslam !
9 hours ago

The Devil's Favorite Demon...

14.6k reactions 166 comments
Cody Gierlich Bring back that crazy sadatic laugh
Azmil Kais Kane deserves a royal rumble victory before he retires!
Safeer Khan Zada You can't defeat that monster 😂😂
Mohammed Isham Kane 1and only The Big Red Machine Monster
Srijan Mishra This Kane is devil's favorite monster and Kane(2002) is devil..
03:12 11/14/2017

Does anyone realize the kinds of atrocities that can take place at Survivor Series?

12.8k reactions 104 comments
金城 利一 正に“Suicide Prince!!(゜ロ゜;)”
Roman Forson Big Red machine
Mason Piper Great video, Kane!
Chris J Mackey That was a sick match 14 years ago
Tarun Kumar kane was best those days
Novak Djokovic
14:18 11/11/2017

Ouch! Don’t try this at home guys 🙈😂. Had a lot of fun serving balls 🎾 at James Corden with Rainn Wilson and Jack Whitehall on The Late Late Show with James Corden!

4.5k reactions 96 comments
Carolyn Sims Sorry I missed that. Thanks for posting
Kay Soogrim-Chan Miss you, speedy recovery, looking forward to your return👍
Mithilesh Singh He should have done it with left hand too.
Biljana Simić Još malo i vraća nam se TATA-MATA, da čisti sve pred sobom i ponovo osvaja trofeje❣#Idemooo #ŠAMPIONE #Ajdeee💪💪💪👊✊👊✌💗💎👑
Rhonda L. Bobb It was funny to watch. I enjoyed it. Sure miss watching u on the court, so it was good watching u on tv (somehow;)
14:24 11/11/2017

Brothers in battle.

11.8k reactions 110 comments
Muhtasin Oishik Omar হৌ পিছ পুরা সিংহৌ
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim أندرتيكر وين يخليك!
Srilankan Monster Braun Strawman Kane you can't beat the under taker Under taker is super human
Bernard Hendrix To bad u did nothing but be miz boy never thought that lost the mayor race
Ananna Nezam brothers of destruction is the best creation in wwe history
14:24 11/11/2017

Feel the heat. #MakeAnEntrance http://spoti.fi/2yoTA3l

18.2k reactions 189 comments
Dimetrius Fisher I've been waiting for this long enough
Nahid Afridi bangali free paile charena.. jei manus symphony dekhte parena seo aj bole i love symphony.... ajob bangladesh
Anthony Ely Release his new theme song already you savages
Kyle Dais U Never Know When Kane Will Strike #Hound Of Hell
Phillip Joy Just not the same without pyro :(
Novak Djokovic
01:30 11/09/2017

Backstage on the set of The Late Late Show with James Corden! Tune in tonight 📺 for some good laughs with Rainn Wilson and Jack Whitehall. These are some funny guys 😂. Kasni kasni šou Džejmsa Kordena je jako jako zabavan 😂😂😂 Evo malo atmosfere iza kulisa.. Ekipa je bila na visini zadatka 🤣👌

10.9k reactions 143 comments
Andrew Mitrovic Novak is the greatest!
Maksim Pizdic Nole, keep your ass tight against the wall!!!
Emiliano Chiezzi Think about tennis only Nole
Sasha Lovren It was a fun show last night 😊
Sebastián Castillo Brescia Ximena Nole, el gordo que canta, un comediante monse y best of best Dwight
01:36 11/09/2017

WWE RAW: Braun Strowman Fights Off Kane and The Miz

19.3k reactions 201 comments
Cameron Philip Penn i thought it was the 25 years of monday night raw
Jerry Booker Made our weekend at Butlins Minehead. Gobsmacked when they came out!!
PÁr ÄS kane should face roman reigns then see what type of monster he is ??
Laurent Frisch the british bulldog had the same finisher as braun strowman
Gaonar Jamali Who is winner of this match
01:36 11/09/2017

The "Big, Red Machine" in England means trouble for Minehead...

15.2k reactions 162 comments
Christopher Wilkinson Kane the big red Monster destroy s fin Balor
Heather Trokey Hi Kane! Love the mask! Keep up with the amazing work! Thanks so very much for sharing
Muhammad Osama You Will Destroy By Strowmen or Roman Reigns not Immediately but Definetly :p 😂😂
Noel St Clair I wish that Kurt angle picked him on his team for team raw. Kane will always be better than Stroman
Cheytrell Mower Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow that cool cock dull coz xoxo
12:48 11/06/2017

Bad things happen when the "Big, Red Machine" travels across the pond...

10.4k reactions 74 comments
Mohamed Taha #Kane ✋❤
Marcos Wynicius Osika What hell the music of Kane ?
Alin Alinutz That's the DEMON KANE 💪❤👏
Bradford Engle Chokeslam!!! RIP Damien Sandow.
Victor García Master
12:48 11/06/2017

Survivor Series season is upon us, which means SOMEONE might end up in an ambulance.

12.6k reactions 165 comments
Chad Orner You and Taker need to team up once more..for one LAST RIDE!
Azmil Kais Kane deserves a royal rumble victory!
Jason Thornton I hope its you. I hope Undertaker gets rid of you #deadmanwalkin
Eric Weaver Kane's back to avenge his brother. Reigns is TOAST.
Tony D. Wilson The moment I touched this post Thunder 🤔
Novak Djokovic
12:42 11/06/2017

What an amazing evening! Tonight I attended The Hawn Foundation Gala dinner here in LA. It was a gathering of like-minded people who want to build a better future for our kids.. Goldie Hawn was such a great host and we all had a lot of fun! I'm so proud to team up with Goldie's foundation helping children to overcome emotional challenges while growing up. Hope many will join us in this mission since better future for kids is a better future for all ❤🙏🏼 #Care4Kids Fantastično veče!! Večeras sam prisustvovao Gala večeri koju je organizovala fondacija glumice Goldie Hawn u Los Anđelesu. To je zapravo bilo okupljanje ljudi koji dele slične vrednosti i imaju snažnu želju da daju svoj doprinos kreiranju bolje i lepše budućnosti za sve mališane. Goldi je bila divna domaćica i super smo se proveli. Drago mi je da sarađujemo sa Goldinom fondacijom pružajući podršku deci da prevaziđu razne izazove sa kojima se suočavaju tokom odrastanja jer bolja budućnost za našu decu je bolja budućnost za celo društvo!

11.5k reactions 173 comments
Rona Scholtz Care4kids! A wonderful project, good luck to you & Goldie👍👍👍
Abba Fernando You are Blessed To be à Blessing 💙 i really admire U CONGRATS To Both Nolet 🎾💙😄
Cláudio Mitchell Neis It's a great issue. We have to make a difference for The world! From Brazil
Anna Coccia Goldie is so great. I like her, she is a Nice person like you Novak. Humanity needs people like you two.
Ljupka Sretenovic-Niciforovic Bog zna kako...mi cekali u Eqvita da te vidimo. Mali Daniel Aleksandar se nadao do pislednjeg momenta da ce da udje Nole i da mu da autogram za rodjendan. 2 dana smo lutali uzaludno po Monte Carlo .Na kraju smo morali da krenemo.Dani je krenuo placuci....
00:00 11/04/2017

There's only room for one monster in WWE.

5.0k reactions 225 comments
Rprk Le Demon And thats braaaaaaauuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn
Mike Malito This match would have been great if it happened 15 years ago....
Faisal Shabbir yess only you are monster in wwe we love you you put braun in that garbage truck where he belongs
Cynthia J Martin And his name is Braun Strowman
Jehan Ariyaratnam I think he should get back into the same shape he was in 97-03 and grow the hair back from that era and lose the mask. I've always wondered what that would look like
Novak Djokovic
23:54 11/03/2017

Thank you Lacoste for supporting me. In this video I talked about moving forward with my legacy. Hope you like it 😃 #TeamLacoste #LacostexNovak Delim sa vama jedan video u kom govorim o tome šta za mene znači ovaj sport i koliko sam zahvalan na prilici da radim ono što volim.. Hvala #Lacoste na podršci!

2.0k reactions 86 comments
Darija Vukicevic Pozdrav Nole, i cekamo teeee <3
Maggy Peña Novak no tardes en regresar ,te estamos esperando .saludos desde México
Elaine Young Tennis is not the same w/o you. Miss the ass kicking shots!
Goran Stanisic Novace zakaci Krst oko glave jer za njega se borio i tvoj cukundjeda i kako go da mislis i ugras sa njim je prava pobjeda, zivot je bez njega smo kao bravi a sa njim si vitez pravi, zivot dodje i za tren ga prodje a Novak sa krstom je kao kovano gvozdje
Boehringer Frida Te extrañamos en las canchas con tu juego, tu humildad cuando Nole
Novak Djokovic
11:06 11/01/2017

So much fun last night at the L.A. Clippers 🏀 game against the Golden State Warriors! Stephen Curry makes this game look easy despite sometimes having the odds stacked against him - I have so much respect for him. Sjajno je bilo sinoć na utakmici! Curry je učinio da ova igra izgleda tako jednostavno, stvarno sam uživao 👌😁👏

19.2k reactions 197 comments
Amadou BA malheureusement je peux pas ecrire en anglais mais sachez que je suis un de vos grand fans. je suis senegalais et je suis etudiant
Neso Shone Todorovic All the champions themselves...
Maggy Peña Ya queremos verte pronto en los torneos reales , luchando por ser otra vez el número 1 . A entrenar se ha dicho saludos desde México
Esha Rani Kumar Omg I can't handle this post 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Nicole
Nguyễn Khoa Tố You can come to Houston and see us take out The Clippers my treat on 22nd of December. Go Nole!!!!😀
11:12 11/01/2017

WWE Raw: Kane Takes Out Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

7.7k reactions 127 comments
Muhammad Syazni Good kane 👍👍👍 now bcs of you , I watch wwe again haha 👏
Vicky Its pleasure to see u on screen my god #kane
Shazia Khan Lol, the way Lane just gets up so quick after being knocked down... Love it!
Azmil Kais Kane deserves a royal rumble victory before he retires
Laura Lurg I Love the red machine😍I'm the biggest fan😍❤
Novak Djokovic
22:18 10/29/2017

One last dinner with friends before embarking on a trip ✈️ to the states - feeling energized and ready! 😁 Večera sa prijateljima pred nastavak puta! Sledeća destinacija 👉 Amerika!!

4.0k reactions 340 comments
Sanrak Apaisuwan Hope you can win at least 2 Grand Slams in 2018.
Elena Paola Dossena I miss your tennis so much!!! Please come back soon
Gladys Almendariz Hope you come back soon , we miss you Nole 🎾🎾😘🤗🎾
Danijela Manojlovic Samo ti uzivaj sa svojim prijateljima cekam decembar da te gledam veliki pozdrav od fana danijele iz bosne i volela bih da te upoznam to mi je zelja i nadam se da ce se ostvariti <3 :-*
Sandra Thompson Have a safe trip Nole. Missing you so much, hope you're recovery going well❤❤
22:24 10/29/2017

The Big, Red Machine is BACK.

25.6k reactions 342 comments
John Paul Wwe Monday night raw you yes ok are kane
Ramon Barlisan is he d original Big Red Machine Kane?
Cynthia J Martin And about to be taken apart by the Monster among men.
Vjay Ilagan That's Randy Orton! Impersonating kane
Kareem Barrow Ben Quain i miss this attire our childhood was blessed.
09:36 10/27/2017

Some brotherly destruction at its finest... #TBT

8.6k reactions 73 comments
Kenny Tentscher Come on back to survivor Series😈💪
Tilak Shah Kane #FTW!
Jithin Devasia Koonanickal Good old days... miss u #deadman
Ken Eschbach People who laugh at everything WWE, are mentally retarded. They are all Stupid Idiots. YOU ALL JUST MADE THE LIST!
William F Brown When wrestling use too be good
Novak Djokovic
20:42 10/24/2017

China 🇨🇳 will always be one of my favorite places to play in the world 🌏💪. Thank you Tennis TV for this great compilation video. Kina će uvek biti među omiljenim zemljama u kojima najradije igram! Hvala #TennisTV na ovom sjajnom videu!! 🌏💪

2.5k reactions 164 comments
Santiago Martinez Campari I hope you have a great comeback! Greetings from Argentina
Ezekiel Wong Cant wait for you to be back novak!!
Olga Milivoja Stanojkovic Nole srpsko srce idemo i Adi Dabi pobedili ' druimo ti palčeve u molimo hriscansmom molitviom.
Fatoş Çakırca That's it! Forever Novak Djokovic 💪 I love you GOAT
Marion B. Berlin amazing breath of fresh air .........needed now in the game of Tennis....
20:48 10/24/2017

WWE Raw: Finn Bálor Battles Kane

7.8k reactions 144 comments
Kevin Tuck I thought Glenn was running for mayor of Knoxville?
Glenn Julien Yawn....im a huge kane fan....but that was stupid.
Craig Petrie Alphonso what were we just talking about the other day lmao
Mohammed Khan They ruined his entrance the 😪 everything else is great
Sibu Sekhar Great keep it up dont loose any more matches :)
20:48 10/24/2017

WWE Raw: Kane Emerges to Attack The Shield & AJ Styles

10.9k reactions 129 comments
Michael McDonald It's a mad house in there
Faisal Shabbir Wowow thays why your are my favourite wrestler
Miluska Espinoza Espinoza The New Theme of Kane it's very cool..
Kato J Mubarak I won't be surprised if strowman trashes Kane like garbage
Kishor Parulekar Yes he is back I am happy.... once again ....do..the distruction...
07:54 10/22/2017

The Big Red Machine will stand tall at WWE TLC.

12.7k reactions 177 comments
Micheal Gabriel Hell no u gonna get ur a** whopped all over again and go back where u came from..
Harshwardhan Sharma No you can't. You didn't remember that at hell in a cell 2015 Seth Rollins beat down u with a pedigree right on your face and this time this will happen again when he will kick out on your face. Mr Kane
Ankit Dwivedi All the best Kane ...destroy the shield and take revenge....in past shield cheat many times and attacked you
Harjot Saini Really misses and love this demon a lot
Kedar Kalamkar Please throw that new mask it’s the worlds biggest stupidity
07:54 10/22/2017

Different Superstar, same destruction.

2.2k reactions 75 comments
Sammie Williams Kane is da man!!
Tommy Homer Lol, now that's funny
Marcus Antonius Minato I thought kurt is dead
Dareq Bertrand Marc Scott ! Regarde lui a gauche te ressemble un peu ! 😂
Thiha Thway Wow my idol kane 💚
07:54 10/22/2017


17.4k reactions 244 comments
Rubaiyat Hossain change your mask bring that old and best black and red mask.........
Elliot Hancock Well won't look like that as roman isn't wrestling at TLC
M Ow Ais Shield Is best.....Sunday romen reigns teach you a lesson......🔥🔥
Laraib Khan Yup Sunday he will teach u a lesson bloody idiot old red machine
احمد محمد wrestler, you coward. Do you remember what Beck Seth Rawlins did? Do you remember when you are a servant? Do you remember when you break your legs? You are not a good wrestler. Roman Rains is better than you. Rennes is a talented wrestler. You do not ...
19:06 10/19/2017

There was some trouble in the family 19 years ago today...

2.1k reactions 126 comments
Syed Alhan I know this Sunday Kane beat the shield in TLC
Michael John Dye That was a very good match to watch then
Biswajit Nath That was the Kane.Can we get that same Kane back again?
Munawar Hussain Stupid ediot Kane crushed by sheild
Josh Duke Always the best matches were Kane and Undertaker. The WWE needs more Big Red Machine on tv.
Novak Djokovic
19:00 10/19/2017


13.0k reactions 2934 comments
Ljuba Obradovic Peric Pozdrav za familiju Ghokovich. Volimo te NOLENCE Bezkrajno 💖💖💖💖See you soon in January dear NOVAK. Australian open waiting for you again. ...Love you lots and your family. Respect to you Novak 💖💖💖👏👏👏💖💖💖
Diana Singh Naipaul Tennis is not the same without you....
С. Стојановић Obozava da se valja po govnima...ahahahahhaa....kaze ides pod tus, neces pod mac ahahahha.... znaci gleda se Miroljub u slobodno vreme xD
Alok Lowalekar We miss u so much on the tour Novak.Wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back healthy and fit and competing for the Grandslams in 2018 and for many more years to come!
Christian Aug Loved the video. Laughing at the part when we first see Jelena holding your dog. lol Looks like a lot of fun hanging out with you guys.
19:06 10/19/2017

What goes up...

13.7k reactions 509 comments
Scott Blair Favorite of all time is back..I love it
Ilyas Raza Undertaker fans kane and stroman kick the puppy
Jeet Mazumder Beating down the most hated man in America, good political move by the next mayor of Tennessee
Siddhesh Shinde My favourite Roman He is Big Dog 🐶 😘
19:06 10/19/2017


59.8k reactions 790 comments
Syed Abdullah Zia Kane deserves a royal rumble victory before he retires as he has never won a royal rumble unless setting records. I won't quit posting this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or whatever you name it until it's done!
MB Yookie Obaniel the big red monster brother of the UNDERTAKER return to defeat roman reigns here to revenge his brother from retired
Jason Simrell Beat stone cold in first blood match won belt then next day kane put belt on line lost it to stone cold kane held title for 24 hours
Donadrian Smith Yes my boy is back. But I hate it that the Brothers of Destruction is cut in half thanks to Roman, give him hell Kane
Aashish Thakare Glenn Jacobs should train a 7 ft. tall Guy to become the next big red machine. 👍 First of all please change the mask. It's awful.
19:06 10/19/2017

Nowhere to run, Roman Reigns.

29.6k reactions 555 comments
Junior Bau Kane you idiot and stupid Wrestler you have to ready Roman. Reigns is coming back to you He is gonna killed you.
Omar Nicols De todas las máscaras de Kane, esa es la más fea pero por mucho, ya cambia de diseño en tu máscara y vuelve a los viejos diseños Kane
Manju Bohara Rr can beat you kane.Dont be proud of urself.each member of sheild had defeated u in the past.ha ha ha
Jason Smoke Hell yes the Devils favorite demon is back..I honestly had no idea but Dam this is good :) in my pov anyway.
Grégoire Rousseau Kane and Braun looking tall side by side like a future tag team like in the old days of Kane & Taker or Big Show 🙂
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