13:30 03/28/2017

Fear The Demon.

8.7k reactions 96 comments
Adnan Ali these were d dayz
Sakhiwe Shezi Win the Tennessee Mayorship
Bobby Arendsee That one, yes.
Onyeshi Chimezie I miss u Kane in WWE
Samer NA I Hope To See Kane Vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 34 Final Match
00:42 03/26/2017

The Demon brings Hell, fire and brimstone to WWE WrestleMania!

16.8k reactions 156 comments
Danny Hulsey Why he look like he should be in army of two? Tyler Weidler
Ankit Nagori Kane plz come the Wresalmainea 33 Witch undertaker vs roman And help you brother Beacuse the brother of dustruction is my fav tag pat.
Ghislain Andreux Kane' s entrance at WrestleMania 28 and to face the viper Randy Orton
Brett Donovan I miss the old Kane. No talking, no antics, just come out and destroy everything and leave.
Terry Bailey About time he come back with undertaker as the brothers of destruction.
11:54 03/23/2017

Secure your seats to WWE SummerSlam by using the pre-sale code BIGRED! http://wwe.me/8VQR75

1.7k reactions 24 comments
Rock Musumeci Andrew Naudi
Reagan Cliff Kale where are you
Patrick Lawrence Yea
Sanu Sandeep Come back
Hulisani Rams Come back please
Novak Djokovic
23:00 03/20/2017

I have some very disappointing news to share with you regarding the Miami Open tournament. My doctor has strongly advised against play because my elbow injury, that I keep carrying on for months, got worse in the past week. I will do everything in my power to recover and do all the necessary therapy to be able to return on court as soon as possible. Sadly, I won't be able to defend my title in Miami this week. Believe me, it is as shocking to me, as it is to you. I had incredible run in Miami, I won there my first masters tournament and started my campaign towards the top of the world rankings. No wonder they say that in sport the biggest and most painful defeats come from injuries, and not from opponents. I am lucky that throughout my career I didn't have many injuries, but I guess that all that I've been through physically in the past so many years did leave a mark on my body. I remain eternally grateful for all the love and support I receive from you. Thank you for believing in me #NoleFam Na žalost, moram da podelim sa vama neke ne baš dobre vesti u vezi sa predstojećim turnirom u Majamiju. Povreda lakta koju vučem već mesecima se prošle nedelje pogoršala do te mere da me je doktor savetovao da napravim pauzu. Učiniću sve što je u mojoj moći da se što pre oporavim, ali na žalost, neću moći da se borim za odbranu titule u Majamiju. Ovo je veliki šok i razočarenje za mene, a znam da ni vama nije svejedno. U Majamiju sam osvojio svoj prvi masters turnir i počeo pohod na vrh svetske rang liste i godinama unazad pravim sjajne rezultate tamo. Ponekad najbolnije poraze u sportu nam zada baš naše telo, a ne protivnik. Uvek sam se trudio da brinem o svom telu i kroz karijeru me stvarno nisu pratile velike povrede i problemi. Ali izgleda da sada moje telo pokazuje posledice svih ovih godina ludog tempa i fizičkih napora koje sam imao. Jako sam zahvalan za svu podršku koju dobijam od vas. Hvala što ste uz mene #NoleFam

37.3k reactions 2807 comments
Karnten Kanglenfurt Thank you this honest note and hopefully you will recover soon I will see you next year the best vibes for a great recovery period Hugs 🤗
Vivian Alvarez-Miller I was ready to buy my ticket to see u. It is so much fun when u come to Miami. Get well Novak. Your Miami fans support you!!! 🌴
George Canseco Life without you is an unbearable thought. Please, do get better and go back to the courts. I am so sad I didn't get to see you when you came to my country, Mexico, but I really hope to see you back. You are and will be my number one always. Love you.
Ellie Jacobs Best of luck Nole. Your NoleFam will support you always, so take all the time you need to fully recover, we will still be here when you get back. Don't worry about the tournament, your priority is your health and wellbeing. We are sending our love and ...
Caleb Narasigadu Hey Nole...sad to hear bout injury. I wish you a speedy full recovery. Good decision to have your body treated & well rested as it is your most valuable assest. Best wishes for the rest of the season. #nolefam
23:06 03/20/2017

Hello, brother...

24.8k reactions 210 comments
Ranvijay Chaudhary Come back demon no one better then u in wwe
Marios Dimitriou Kane is the Only one who Must Retire Undertaker-Wwe
Bartosz Bieć Kane and Braun Strowman should interfere in Undertaker vs Roman Reigns match and give Roman 20 Chokeslams :)
Prateek Singh Hope he returns to win the battle royal at WM.Its the only way WM will get better.😆
Christopher Lee Terrance Derhousoff I Remember That They Both Went Back And Forwarded​ In Wins
10:18 03/18/2017

#tbt Team Hell No retaining the WWE Tag Team Championships at WWE WrestleMania 29.

11.0k reactions 72 comments
Vishal Daiya Like this if you think that kane will win andre rumble match
Cristian Naranjo kane i would like to meen you
Cristian Naranjo hope all goes well for you
Yash Singh Love that faction
조재일 Come back plz daniel😭😭
Novak Djokovic
21:24 03/15/2017

Nole & Viktor vs. Herbert & Mahut is going to be live 🔛 Tennis TV ^ Team Djokovic Pratite uživo Noletov i Viktorov dubl meč 🔛 Tennis TV ^ Tim Đoković

4.3k reactions 92 comments
Radica Pejić Sretno!
Carol Ann Bartlett Another great match!!
Erzsébet Lichtenstein Nézem!!!Forza Nole and victor!!!!!!
Warda Rezig what's wrong with u Djo -_-
Andjela Stojkovic bravo nole bre ti si super :) samo napred!!!
Novak Djokovic
21:24 03/15/2017

Novak Djokovic's cover photo

26.9k reactions 245 comments
Stojanka Vokoun Igras srcem,nek ti je ritam lep i zdrav,mec lagan kao perce,kako god Volimo te
Martin Cichocki Nolle, I know YOU are #1, please return there where You belong.
Ivana Vasic Idemooo sampioneeee, najbolji si!
Darko Milenkovic Go Nole and hope you are a new-old Indian Wells champion
Analu Souzza Djoko, keep calm and believe in yourself. Respect all but believe that you deserve more than anyone.💓👍😘
08:42 03/13/2017

Even a viper can't escape a Chokeslam!

14.9k reactions 198 comments
Joseph Eby Nicholas after along time kane defeat a major superstar fair and square in a match
Sascha Sprenger After the Chokeslam , it's a toothless viper. Let's go Kane. 😎
Kevin Tice I'm your biggest fan ever since I started watching wwe in fall 2003 i loved the rivalry you had with Shane McMahon at unforgiven and survivor series on wwe network the first episode I saw when I became fan was from October 6th 2003 that was brutal and a ...
Arnav Shastri That's an old one now u cannot choksslam Orton I m sure
Nikhil Kumar But why kane is out of action. We want the big red machine back. Yhe real destroyer.
05:30 03/03/2017


5.2k reactions 127 comments
Ali Bakhtaawar The 7f 330 pound monster is heading towords distruction!
Tim Ressos Kane vs Baron Corbin
Karandeep Singh He used to b the reason y i watched wwf but wwe ruin the most talked abt character
Agung Cah Ngasem Sine kane the champion
José Romero Kane come back please
05:30 03/03/2017

The Devil's Favorite Demon has ARRIVED...

9.4k reactions 159 comments
Manraj Jaiswal Come back on your demon face
Lee Baines Arrived. Where exactly? 🤔🤔
Ben Garner Arrived where? Been gone for months bro, about time you came back to some rek some cunts like old times
Prateek Singh Where have u arrived?Now arrive on SD and bring the destruction along.
Sagres P. Jadhav Kane...he is Now useless piece of a shite nobody afraid of him no more
Novak Djokovic
05:24 03/03/2017

Every day a new challenge. Let's do this! #teamdjokovic #nolefam #acapulco #mexico Svaki je dan novi izazov i nova prilika!! Idemoooo 😁

15.3k reactions 277 comments
Isaac Cardello Nole estoy tan cerca de Acapulco pero ya no hay boletos , me queda verlo por tv
Milica Markovic Go!
LucyFer Maldonado welcome to México, the best Champion =:)
Victoria Elizabeth Barrientos Carrillo You can do it dear Nole 😀😀😀 !!! I know you have a lot of strength and motivation to keep going 😉😉😉 !!! 😊 ❤❤ #NoleFam #love #support
Novak Djokovic
16:36 02/28/2017

After my first training here in Acapulco 🙏🏼👏🏼 Thank you #NoleFam🇲🇽

22.4k reactions 239 comments
Anker Seguridad Infantil Te adoro, buena suerte campeón y cuándo vienes a Ecuador ?
Rudy Montefalco Go go go Novak....I know you will be workd number 1 again.😄 God bless you & your family.💟
Pilar Madrigal Welcome to Mexico, you're #1 now and ever. Wish you the best luck 🎾💚🎾💚🎾💚
Novak Djokovic
03:48 02/26/2017

I have great news to share with you. I am flying to Mexico for the first time to play the Acapulco Open next week. I can't wait to compete again and meet my Mexican fans! Imam sjajne vesti!! Sledeće nedelje idem u Meksiko i po prvi put ću igrati na Akapulko Open-u! Jedva čekam da izađem na teren ali i da upoznam svoje meksičke fanove 😁🤗 Idemoooo

33.5k reactions 1157 comments
Gordan Macanovic Super! Ali ako nisi poceo da jedes meso dzaba ides. Ti si predator po prirodi i ne mozes bez mesa, to je isto kao kada bi tigru ili jaguaru zabranili da love i jedu meso.
Andres Llado que bueno que vas a jugar tu primer torneo en México y Latinoamérica! te deseo muchisima suerte y espero que tengas una experiencia maravillosa
Cecilia Rivero I really hope you like my country (HUGE mexican fan of yours since 2007)!!!!! I would give anything to go and see you play 😄😄😄
Walid Kzl If Novak Djokovic has 7million number of fans i am one of them if Novak Djokovic has ten fans i am one of them if Novak Djokovic have only one fan and that is me if Novak Djokovic has no fans that means i am no more on the earth if world against ...
Xavi Her I'm your fan number one !!! I haved the great honor to meet you in canada and your really a great person never change .And I wish you all the best,enjoy the one of the best city in the world Acapulco ,and enjoy the people two!!!!
Novak Djokovic
15:00 02/23/2017

This is an exciting day for children in Serbia! We are very happy to see that this fantastic early childhood development project with the World Bank is coming to our country. It brings us one step closer to ensuring that every child is given equal access to the resources needed to support their growth and development. I was fortunate to have a loving family and support from an early age to pursue my dreams, and my team at the Novak Djokovic Foundation has been working hard to build those same foundations in Serbia so others have the same opportunities to become champions of their dreams too 🙏🏼 Ово је узбудљив дан за децу у Србији! Веома смо срећни да овај фантастични пројекат раног развоја деце у сарадњи са Светском банком долази у нашу земљу. То је корак ближе ка томе да свако дете има подједнак приступ средствима која подстичу њихов раст и напредак. Ја сам имао срећу да је уз мене била породица која ме воли и да сам имао подршку да као сасвим мали следим своје снове, а мој тим и Фондација Новак Ђоковић раде напорно да се исте основе развију у Србији тако да и други имају прилику да постану шампиони својих снова.

Serbia Champions Early Childhood Development: 17,000 Additional Preschool Spaces with World Bank Support
Serbia Champions Early Childhood Development: 17,000 Additional Preschool Spaces with World Bank Support

WASHINGTON, February 21, 2017 — Serbia has joined global leaders in Early Childhood Development by investing in its children to support their success, drive the long term competitiveness of the Serbian economy, and create growth and jobs.

6.5k reactions 113 comments
Sarah Stan 👏👏👏
Priti Gicquel A fantastic cause well done to all those involved ❤
Michelle Harrington Great work, Nole!
Marion B. Berlin How sweet. I need some grandkids send them to Miami.....your oldest fan. 💕💕
LJubo Mauro Mera vaše plemenitosti ne postoji.Postoji velika nada da će budućnost dece biti izvesnija.Da će njihovi snovi,njihove igre njihova sreća postati stvarnost.Ta misija je naša obaveza I naš zadatak,svih nas! Kroz sreću dece ostvaruju se naša sreća i naši ...
Novak Djokovic
15:00 02/23/2017

Training live

37.7k reactions 3791 comments
Dianne Stratton Last time i saw Novak he was on holidays going up in ski lifts...how was your skiing trip with your family. .Now train hard and see you next year in tbe Australian Open
Ljilja Pancevo E moj Nole , pored takve zene nije ni cudo sto vodis psihijatra sa sobom!
Alex Stojcic The last 15 seconds are the highlight missus breaking his balls hahaha
Gi Na We love you Novak djocovic...best player in the world 😍😍😍
Snezana Okicic Da li Jelena ide za Nivakom u toalet da ga poduci sta i kako i tamo treba da radi.
02:18 02/21/2017

This wasn't necessary, John Cena.

12.4k reactions 165 comments
Mohammed Abdel Aziz ِAhMed Khedr الماتش ده كان جامد :D
Jonathan Robo Moore John Cena: that was very necessary...
Matthew Sherborne Gerry Collis absolutely legendary match
Zach Garza kane is not like he use to be , now he loses to everybody , back in the day kane would destroy everybody and well before 2009 ,
Rishie Singh Yadav wtf thats why we hate cena, kane is a legend
13:30 02/18/2017

The Demon doesn't need any gifts...

10.3k reactions 103 comments
Christopher Morales Agurto we need masked (old version) Kane!!!
Mikey Ball Daniel Farley I miss this tag team
Rodrigo Ignacio Eduardo Felipe mira la polera de RVD esta bella jaksksks
Nikhilchandra Hemant Shringare Poonam Your Hungry Hippos
David Aki Yet he loves Disney land? Kane truly is a sick individual.
11:54 02/13/2017

Wherever The Demon goes... destruction follows!

5.3k reactions 55 comments
한태웅 김진석 반가면 케인은 레전드지ㅋㅋ
Aries Rumley kane is my favorite wrestles can somebody please tell me where he has been
Douglas Bayo Yes kane
Jxcalme Predy Crystal Nice 👍🏿
林俊男 林俊良
Novak Djokovic
10:06 02/08/2017

Kopaonik skijanje/skiing

93.8k reactions 8028 comments
Bobi Baltic Brate moj samo 300e nam treba za tri dana... Ljubi te brat, pomazii 😏😏
Guto Lignani Hi Djoko! I'm a brazilian tennis player. Here, we love you! Enjoy the sky. We miss you!
Suzana Prodanovic Divna porodica Djokovic a za tebe dovoljno lepe reci ne postoje !!!!vremena se menjaju samo si ti uvek isti NAJBOLJI !!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Marko Stole To asu
Valia Gati da bas je pravi Srbin. Dok nad Srbin Novak trosi svoje ustvari tudje pare Srbija nema skole ,nema zdravstvo nema plate ni penzije........itd, Bravo Srbine
Novak Djokovic
21:18 02/05/2017

This was fantastic week for #TeamSerbia! Lots of hard work, team play, fun and so much love from thousands of people who were supporting us while playing in city Niš! Idemooooo 🇷🇸👏🏼😀 Fantastična nedelja za #TimSrbija u kojoj smo svi mnogo uživali! Bilo je dosta rada i treninga, timskog duha i mnogo zabave 😂😂 Hvala svima koji su nas bodrili sa tribina Čaira, napravili ste neverovatnu atmosferu!!! Idemo dalje 💪🏼

21.1k reactions 279 comments
Petar Višnjevčanin Bravo za ceo tim , igrao si borbeno i kada ti nije islo tako se bori bravo sampione , uvek uz tebe ja i moj sin Ivan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Milanka Nastic Hvala nole tebi troickom zimonicu lajovicu i celom timu zelim ti dase vratis na tron jel tito zasluzujes tutije mesto volimo te nole
Verica Tosic Hvala i vama momci. Najbolji ste. Odluka da ne ides u Dubai postujem. Uvek imas moju podrsku. Srecno❤
Marvin Flanderhijn Gde su vase tri prste..? Novak prestao da podigne tri prste pre nekoliko godina. Da li je zabranjen da pokazes odakle si..? Da li je zabranjen da pokazes svoj ponos..?.. valjda jeste. Sta ljudi sve rade za pare. Pokazi balavaci odakle si. Pre si za mene ...
Augustus Almeida What to say about a man who didn't denied to play DC, when the others big ten did. Hero.
21:24 02/05/2017

The Demon knows all about the Elimination Chamber...

26.1k reactions 209 comments
Mangesh Kale The Big red machine... plz bring back your old avatar
Patrick Beaulieu He's he filming see no evil 3 ? That's why he wasn't be seen since December?
Arian Jagath If you seriously know about elimination chamber,how many holes are there in the elimination chamber structure itself
Lahiru Nimesh Kane must return to elimination chamber and destroy every 6 men in chamber and become wwe champion.. You deserve it..
Rohan Nair Demon was busy enjoying vacations during Royal Rumble! Good old WWE days deeply missed... 😓
08:36 02/03/2017

The Heartbreak Kid was willing to go through HELLFIRE and BRIMSTONE against the Big Red Machine on this week's TBT...

WWE Network - Shawn Michaels had his hands full on this... | Facebook
WWE Network - Shawn Michaels had his hands full on this... | Facebook

Shawn Michaels had his hands full on this day in 2006 in a battle against KANE!

2.5k reactions 35 comments
Recardo Bel yas
Muhammad Abid Waiting for the big red monster kane
Jawad Khan Khan Awesome match it was... I luv kane
Kelvin Firmansyah Kane chokeslam
Myles Bennett Dyson Kane has been gone for a while.
Novak Djokovic
08:30 02/03/2017

Novak Djokovic's cover photo

55.1k reactions 420 comments
Ивана Поповић Rise of the Phoenix after such a supportative crowd! Idemo Srbija !
Tina Ivanovic Lela je radila u velikoj fabrici mesa. Jednog dana, kada je završila svoju smjenu, otišla je u hladnjaču da nešto provjeri i u momentu nepažnje vrata hladnjače su se zatvorila i ona je ostala zarobljena. Iako je vikala i dozivala pomoć niko je nije čuo ...
Chaima Siari waiting for you champioonn .. luv uuu ....Trust The Best (y)
Yordano Reyes you`re the best so far idol!!! i love you men... vamoss
Paddy Song The game is evolving. Sublime defense is not enough all the time. I hope you will attack more.
Novak Djokovic
08:30 02/03/2017

Just a glimpse at the atmosphere in Niš and support we've got from the crowd... wow! 👏🏼 Nije tajna da volim da igram pred domaćom publikom, a evo i zašto 😀 Hvala vam na sjajnoj energiji!

50.6k reactions 517 comments
Flamepoeira Flamepoeira Get some rest. Enjoy friends and family. Looking forward seeing you play at the French!
Linda Jennifer Matić So looking forward to watching...if I can find it on TV! 😊
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Novak Djokovic
Edin Bukvic De ti nama u Brcko dodji, poderemo janje, rakije, piva vina. ....pomuhabetimo koju, ti bi posle osvojio i Roland Garos i Wimbledon i boga i oca, fali ti ljudstva bolan, druzenja. ....sve oko tebe negativci
Novak Djokovic
03:42 01/19/2017

Darling, I'm bringing them all home! I'm sure Stefan won't mind 😜 Amore, mislim da Stefanu neće smetati da povedem nazad kući još drugara? 😜

19.0k reactions 243 comments
Chun Cheng Lin Really proud of what you have been doing, Nole. Wish you all the best in this year's Australian Open. Idemo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ana Panic Stefanu, ne bi smetalo jos drugara, ali najbolje je da ima brata, ili sestru...bilo bi lepo da ima sestricu, ali to nije vazno... samo da nije sam <3 :*
Sarah Marks Bless your soul
Zoran Mitov Nole, najbolje su pobede u životu deca. Zato, pobedi još tri-četiri puta.
Chaima Siari I luuv youu... hahaha 😄 👏👏👏👏champion 😂😂😂😍😍😘😘❤❤💋💋 #TeamDjokovic
Novak Djokovic
03:42 01/19/2017

Novak Djokovic's cover photo

23.1k reactions 127 comments
Megan Bond Melbourne loves you, Nole!! ❤❤
Chrisa Constantinidou Dissapointed??agree??nooooooo.....le!!!congratulations for being amother time there...no matter what...
Milan Bozic Oteraj govnjivom motkom one koji te "couch-uju" da budeš "bolje", MOLIM TE! Ubeđen sam da ti Mats bolje želi.. vašarski šarlatani :(
Tony Lahoud Nola the Beast... still the best of the best in tenis world.. aller Nolaaaaaa yOU ARE THE KINGGGGG OF TENIS
Wanda Novaes Cada dia que passa eu me sinto como a pessoa mais feliz de ser sua fã ardorosamente me considero como uma número um.
Novak Djokovic
03:42 01/19/2017

Thank you my love! Thanks to you and your love and support, I am discovering all the new heights in life. You make me ❤ Find out why Jelena makes me who I am today in the latest Jacob's Creek Made By Series

17.1k reactions 303 comments
Linda Jennifer Matić Love this one Nole. Lots of people and circumstances make us who we are, but it starts with love in our hearts, it's what we do with it ❤
Sarah Guillemin Oh il est trop chou 🙈😍😍😍 PaulPauline PetinsInes Fontanarosa I hope falling of somebody like you 😂😂😂
Andrea Kilic Tell me this isn't the best thing ever Michaela Haet
Charlotte Stein Johann Tran c'est ça la vidéo dont je te parlais... 😘
Ljubisa Vukovic My family end my new love Brankica Janjic...make me happy and special..
Novak Djokovic
03:42 01/19/2017

Tough one for the first match, glad it went well. It’s recovery time now… I am trying to read a book but this “gentle” guy is not helping me concentrate at all 😀 Težak prvi mec, ali je sve dobro prošlo. A sada je vreme za oporavak. Kao što vidite, pokušavam da čitam knjigu, ali mi Miljan dosta odmaže svojom ne baš nežnom masažom.😬☺

29.8k reactions 746 comments
Cassie Wilson I'm sure the tough match will help you as the tournament goes along. Was a good match to watch (mostly) and am happy you're through to the next round. Excited for your next match!!
El Çasànôva ur fan from far side of world..the orthodox country..Ethiopia .. nole keep going ..i can't wait to c u on jan 29 with ur own trumph..i like verdasco very much I was so pissed when I saw the draw I alwys want him to make at least sf or f but he unlucky ...
Lahoucine Trizi Nice to take good massage after your first match,was a Solid performance indeed Nole and am sure you're going to hold the same intensity during the rest of the Tournament, Idemooo 😁 💪 👊 💥 👑
Doris Hoyle How "gentle" is he Novak? He looks like he can crush my bones in a minute! lol! Nice game last night. First game is always "testy". All the best for the rest of the matches.
Shahina Ansari It's good that first match is tough bcoz you can be prepare for the rest of the matches 👍✌ it was a good win #nole all the best
Novak Djokovic
14:54 01/16/2017

I’ve played against some formidably opponents over the years. Find out why they make me who I am today in the latest Jacob's Creek Made By Series

4.5k reactions 150 comments
Maureen Roser Love the video.. such an insight to who you are...Simply the best !! Good luck in the Australian Open Novak.. .
Kritika Goyal Like if u think he is the best!
Kimberly van Benthem Hahaha, Daniëlle van Elden, het laatste beeld van dit filmpje geeft het antwoord
Gitti Pu-iam Luck will be with you.
Bindu Bindu Novak my hero 👍
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