20:42 09/16/2017

#FBF Time to BURST onto the scene!

11.7k reactions 98 comments
Debashish Roy like if you want old monstrous kane back....
Muhammad As-hr No one made history that Kane done in 1998 Raw Night of Destruction. Kane showed his real power.
Azmil Kais Kane deserves a royal rumble victory before he retires. Stupid wwe storyline sucks now
Basti Cramer Thomas Bulach the fire still burns
Carlos Palomino Zavala Gvanca Kirvalidze do you remember him? 😁😁😁😁
20:42 09/16/2017

Five years ago today. Thanks, Dr. Shelby...

16.3k reactions 136 comments
Susan Elliott WWE Superstar Demon Kane is the best All and wrestler
Keshav Kashyap i am wwe champion you will see this you will fight with jinder mahal in hell in a cell
Keshav Kashyap you will my favourite friend your kick was very power full i miss you you retire for wwe you come back in wwe
Ethan Brunelle Ben Custer can't believe this was 5 years ago
Justice Lai No one can compare kane 97
Novak Djokovic
19:00 09/11/2017

Very happy and proud to welcome our little girl Tara to our home. Jelena and I have been hand in hand on this journey and as a man, I have to send my love and admiration to every single women out there for going through so much pain and effort to create life, to bring life and raise a human being... what a blessing to have an opportunity to be a parent! Thank you for celebrating the birth of my daughter and sending my family all the love and best wishes in the past few days. On behalf of me and Jelena, I want to say thank you! We are back from hospital, Jelena and Tara are my angels, and Stefan is a proud big brother who wants to take part in baby chores :) Life is divine! Sa velikom radošću i ponosom želim da podelim sa vama da smo doveli našu malu Taru kući kod svog brata Stefana. Jelena i ja smo svaki trenutak njenog dolaska na svet proživeli zajedno i kao muškarac, moram da izrazim veliko divljenje i zahvalnost svakoj ženi... Koliko bola i nesebičnog davanja žene prođu da bi stvorile, donele na svet i odgajile ta mala božanstvena bića... kakav blagoslov! Hvala vam svima na porukama i čestitkama. Jelena i Tara su moja dva anđela, a Stefan je ponosni stariji brat koji želi da učestvuje u Tarinim rutinama. Život je divan!

142.4k reactions 3158 comments
Mihaila Svetlana Popovich Green I am just so, so tremendously happy for all four of you, Novak! Congratulations! Stay healthy and happy! God Bless you, your Spouse, your Little Baby Girl and your son / Tako sam sretna zbog vas cetvoro! Moje iskrene cestitke! Sve najbolje! Da ste mi ...
Mary Jo Cole Latkovic What a beautiful writing!!! Congratulations and great work to mama! Savor this previous time together! It is truly a gift from our God!! (Also.. LOVE YOU Novak as a tennis player and looking forward to your great return...BUT rooting for you also ...
Nandita Singh Congratulations to the parents and the elder sibling on the arrival of your princess.....God bless u novak and family.....also awaiting your successful return to tennis.
Sylvie Henriet Dear Novak! Congratulations to you and your wife Jelena! I am happy for you, you have a beautiful family! A little girl and a little girl, you are overwhelmed! I know you will draw a lot of strength in your little family to always make us vibrate on the ...
Hazel Kinch Glad all went well for Jelena and welcome to the world Tara. I'm sure Stefan will be a great big brother. Novak enjoy this special time with your beautiful family and relax. God bless you all. Xxxx
06:18 09/09/2017

Brothers. #FBF

15.6k reactions 160 comments
Shahzan Ahmed Please come back kane and be champion
Sam Brandon Best wrestling for ever.
Aldhor Juriakus El tag team mas temido x todos. Separados eran tremendos. Juntos eran imparables.
Adarsh Singh The brohers of Destruction is all time best.
06:18 09/09/2017

If there's one thing the BIG, RED MONSTER knows...it's how to show NO MERCY!

15.4k reactions 73 comments
Rayhan Islam Like if you know that wwe is fake
Giuseppe Fantini kane la leggenda Ario
Robert Guevara Bad moment for you Kane
Chakri King He's the most powerful man in wwf
Luke Lucas I named my wiener after Kane
Novak Djokovic
17:18 09/06/2017

Thanks for being an inspiration and make me who I am today. Even in more difficult times, I reflect and realize how lucky I am to be where I am today. Find out who makes me @ Jacob's Creek Made By Series 🙏👏🏻🤗 Hvala vam što ste me inspirisali da budem ono što jesam! Često razmišljam o tome koliko sam srećan sa svime što postižem i zbog svega što je još preda mnom. Pogledajte ko me je inspirisao i ko me čini onim što jesam u sjajnom serijalu Jacob's Creek-a ☺️

5.5k reactions 142 comments
Regilane Pereira I believe in you Mr. Nole!! That's all!!! #Number_one_forever!!!!!!
Ginny Rencher Hamblin Just get back on the tennis courts, we miss you...
Lori Johnson Congratulations Nole & Jelena on the birth of baby Tara!! 🥀🥀🥀
Natasha Mandra Stefanovic Jedino sam ja vidjela flašu vina kao reklamni dio a nikada ne pijem alkohol. Ovo je fantastično 😂
Valentina Căprian May your baby’s cute smile and laughs, be a spike of happiness in your life’s graph. Congratulations.
Novak Djokovic
15:42 09/01/2017

Do you know how many countries have we travelled so far thanks to the #MeetNoleFam project? 😄 It seems like wherever I go, I could meet someone from my global fan family ❤ Now it's time to travel back to Europe to meet #NoleSwedenFans and Danijel, who is managing this fan group for more than 5 years! Thank you Danijel 👏 Znate li koliko smo već zemalja virtuelno proputovali upoznajući članove NoleFam-a? Stvarno imam osećaj da ću upoznati nekoga od vas na kojem god kraju sveta da se nađem 😁👏❤ Ovog meseca je na red došao švedski fan klub i Danijel, dečko srpskog porekla, koji njime upravlja već 5 godina. Pored toga, on je završio fakultet na kojem danas i radi. Pročitajte njegovu priču na linku. Hvala i veliko bravo Danijele! 👏

Meet the biggest Novak Djokovic Fan club from Sweden – Hello Nole Sweden Fans! | Novak Djokovic
Meet the biggest Novak Djokovic Fan club from Sweden – Hello Nole Sweden Fans! | Novak Djokovic

The fifth MeetNoleFam interview is taking us back to Europe, where we will meet a group of Swedish fans led by Danijel, also known as Danko among friends. He's been Novak's fan since he was 15, and now at 25 he is the...

3.0k reactions 104 comments
Ruzica Kalezic Bravo Nole,bravo Danijele!👍👍❤❤🇷🇸🇷🇸
Ceca Ilic Bravoooo za Danijela i za tebeeee Noleeeee
Alma Durakovic-Ivkovic Imas mnogo fanova i u Bosni!!! Pratimo te
Zoran Grujic Kada osetis zelju da slomis reket uradi nesto mnogo bolje pokloni isti nekom detetu iz publike ili sto skuplja loptice . Ti ces se osecati mnogo bolje , a pored tebe i svi mi koji te volimo .
Alexandros Deligiorgis Start playing tennis again and leave the rest for later
Novak Djokovic
14:06 08/27/2017

Love is such a powerful force and emotion. Before I met Jelena I knew of love for family, life and sport. When she showed up, I felt that it was love at the first sight. Having Jelena in my life, and her love, has made me a better man 🙏❤️ So, who makes you? Ljubav je tako snažno osećanje!! Pre nego što sam sreo Jelenu znao sam za ljubav prema porodici, prema životu, sportu.. Kada se ona pojavila u mom životu, to je bila ljubav na prvi pogled i to što je imam pored sebe me čini boljim čovekom. Ko vas čini onim što jeste?

20.2k reactions 521 comments
Arsic Sreten Cornel Müller so en scheiss dank ihre ish er jetzt platz 5 😂😂😂
Stanimir Petrovic Better man but a worse tennisplayer😂
Bruce CA Bellas palabras para tú esposa y desde luego el amor a tú familia; DIOS te siga bendiciendo y fortaleciendo los lazos hacia tú familia y esperamos ver pronto a ese Novak Djokovic que nos deleita con su gran juego de tenis...."Congratulation"
Laura MC Same here Novak! As soon I met my husband I understood I felt he was the man of my life and he really made me a better person. I saw a lot of time you and Jelena together and you both deserve each other! You neighbour in Monaco, Laura.
Драгана Киклић vauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, ove poglede čuvajte, neka budu jači od svega što nosi život, a onda će i život biti lepši i biće ljubav! P.S. Jelena, nikad više da nisi vikala na Noleta :)
Novak Djokovic
01:18 08/25/2017

Hey #NoleFam my new website is live! I'm so excited 😁 👏Let me know your thoughts!! There is a new mobile app too 📲 Hope you'll like it!! 🙏 Imam super vesti #NoleFam! Upravo smo lansirali moj novi sajt i mobilnu aplikaciju 🚀😁 👏 Nadam se da će vam se dopasti 🎉

Novak’s new website and mobile app launched | Novak Djokovic
Novak’s new website and mobile app launched | Novak Djokovic

After several months of analysis, design and programming, our team did their best to cover all the latest trends. The Official Novak Djokovic page and app have been improved with numerous features and options for brow...

10.5k reactions 213 comments
Sheila Mongiat We miss you Novak!!!! Hope your doing well and get well soon! :)
Le Roux Helena Hope you work on your recovery and see the best drs because the tennis is not the same without you.Enjoy your family time and we cant wait to see the new proncess God bless.
Vesna Zaletel zanimalo bi me da je vest o povratku na teren, ovako ne, ali zelim sve najbolje!
Marwan Khoury Yes Nole we love it , we can't wait to see u on court, Healthy too
Chris Kirby Miss you Novak! We want to see you back at #1 where you belong!
23:48 08/19/2017

Prepare for WWE SummerSlam...

1.6k reactions 58 comments
Hell Ipe Should go back to that mask 🤘
Happy Ashik Kane interfere fatal 4 way match u and detman undertaker........
Zirak M S. Barwary big red machine😞
Piyush Dubey Shanu Kane time is over now
Lennin Espinosa KANE. NO TEASING.
23:48 08/19/2017

Feed the FIRE!

16.0k reactions 186 comments
Kim Adamos Diño DeanClark Romero
Keith Reyes Fernie Gutierrez
Mananveer Singh Kane rocks
Manish Bhargav # Only_One _Call__Change_your_Life#_for_your_all_problems_Contact_now What's app IPL SATTA NUMBER AND LOTTERY NUMBER +91-(7240394049)get your Love back ,Love Marriage Specialist, #Vashikaran ,all problem Solved in 72 Hour. Love back and all Problems ...
Archit Gupta This was nothing like old school inferno matches so it sucked badly.
23:48 08/19/2017

The Devil's Favorite Demon THRIVES under the big lights!

6.0k reactions 28 comments
Jeevan Kane Please return on smackdown kane not for title at least a great one on one match please please please
John Danielson Luqmaan Prince Patel
Joy Farrior your babygirl misses you.joy
Isiah Hecht 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jason English Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
23:48 08/19/2017

Just stay DOWN, RVD...

7.5k reactions 41 comments
Mizan Shak Kane you aren't be great...
Rahul Kumar Motwani Stayed Kane
Lex Martins O Kane Parece q Ta Tirando Meleca Rvd
Keylan Espinoza Hi kane
Zalwa Angellica Good kane
23:48 08/19/2017

WWE SummerSlam is just days away...

14.8k reactions 71 comments
Prince Umar I love you All girls Girls send me request Pleseeeee
Radha Eyhab وانت ما ترجع ما تكلي وين مختفي
Møhįţ Mëhřâ Yr kithe pittbul kithe libra kde apni takr de bande naal v lad lya kro
Harman Ramghria Kane 👌👌👌
Greg Craig Awesome
Novak Djokovic
10:54 08/17/2017

Hi #NoleFam! I'm wondering if you are in a mood for one super fun challenge.. Lacoste is up to something really cool so stay tuned!! I love it 😃🤗👍🎾 #NovakChallenge

10.8k reactions 168 comments
Igor Cujic Pozdrav Novace. Da li bi voleo da naucis kako mozes da se bacis po svim podlogama kada igras vazan poen, a da se pri tome ne povredis?Mozda ce biti neka ogrebotina ili modrica, ali povreda ne.
Winnie Liang Selena Song Novak playing with his balls 😍
Nikolas Grujic Just messing with you man your the best
Kaitlyn O'Connor Jake Mattox I don't understand -- what's the challenge?! 😂
Emanuela Palmieri Dai Nole, guarisci presto e torna a vincere gli AO nel 2018! IDEMOOOOO <3 <3 <3
11:00 08/17/2017

NOTHING can stop an ENGRAGED demon!

4.5k reactions 41 comments
Sandesh Paudel The kane
El Demiso ENRAGED*
Isuru Kasun except youre a current wwe scriot writer
Lucas Ebelhar Enraged**
อิคึ อิคึ Wowww
11:00 08/17/2017

Shouldn't have done that, Brother...

40.9k reactions 345 comments
Ashwani Tiwari Kane is best I hope he will get soon what he really deserves
Marco Brümmer 2 Monsters! Brothers of Destruction. Kane & Undertaker. =Legends 4 life
Wesley Eduardo Caique Mihok essa era uma época boa...
Danny Mldnd Other than big shows turns... this two had turn on each other so many times and got together
Rishabh Daga Abhishek Roy
11:00 08/17/2017

It would be foolish to continue fighting, Daniel Bryan...

8.0k reactions 44 comments
Crystal Adkins Yes I would agree
Anthony Pennington Well you did carry team hell no
Noel St Clair 👍👍👍 yes yes yes
Ajay Aj Tiwari When r u coming back monster
NatSha RahFzi 🇸🇦*"* ENAK VuL I *"*🇸🇦
11:00 08/17/2017

The bigger you are the harder you FALL!

18.9k reactions 104 comments
Curtis Cole Back when I loved it
Erich Romig Rare DDT for the win.
Murali Dharan B His leg is weak great khali,its easy to target his leg n win
حمه ریبوار Fak you
Greg Craig Awesome
Novak Djokovic
22:06 08/14/2017

I know you've been wondering what I've been up to and how my recovery is going. I am spending every free moment either doing a therapy or being with my family. It is really peaceful and I am so grateful for these moments... here is me and Stefan making little "cars" for him and the baby. Now everything comes in two 🤗 So blessed! Znam da se pitate kako sam i kako se oporavljam. Uglavnom provodim vreme ili na terapijama ili sa porodicom. Moji dani su vrlo mirni i vrlo sam zahvalan na svakom trenutku s mojim najvoljenijima. Evo jedan momenat tate i sina koji prave kobajagi auto od kartonske kutije. Od sada sve pravimo duplo jer sa nestrpljenjem iščekujemo bebu. Kakav blagoslov!

11.4k reactions 690 comments
Raju Sundararajan Novak Djokovic...DJo...you are a down to earth Man...Victory dont hit your head nor, a loss make your knees to crumble...I hold you in my high esteem from that moment when you dedicated one of your WIN to your fellow countrymen...That showed your ...
Rosalie Wright Oh, wow! So happy to see you getting well and being with your family. I would much rather see this than see you injured out on a tennis court. I'm a devoted fan to you, Jelena, Stefan, and the baby on the way and all of your extended families!💕🌈🌺🙏
Meri Omić Nek' si ti nama,dijete drago živ i zdrav sa svojom porodicom!🐞🍀Nek' vas dragi Bog čuva.....🍀
Robin Garofolo Love this...thank-you for the update Novak!! So wonderful to see you enjoying time with your family! At first glance, I thought the baby was real...silly me!!
S.m. Momy Novaćenajbolja terapija je baš ta, provoditi što više vremena sa porodicom, videti kako ti dečica rastu. Ovo su trenuci koji će ona da pamte, kad se ti sa njima igras, to je njima lepši doživljaj nego neka tvoja pobeda na bilo kojim Gran Slamu. Ti si ...
22:12 08/14/2017

Nothing more frightening than a flying demon...

1.0k reactions 46 comments
Raj Singh Yaaa
Gabriel Bacayan Wow kane
Enrico Natanael Kane return summer slam.
Nassim Hani Koubeissi He's just awesome for real .
Affluent Douglas Chukwudindu Instagram @dougyfada
22:12 08/14/2017

No one is safe from the Big Red Machine!

10.4k reactions 119 comments
Ken Shamrock Hey kane pease come back in your old attire and mask..only for one time please...
Victor Banda Great match
Mohit K. Sharma Devil's favorite demon❤
Piero Gaspar Castañeda come back to summerslam please
Luis Rivas Yelitza Gabriela Villafuerte Macias
22:12 08/14/2017

It's finished, brother...

8.1k reactions 46 comments
Rajeinder Kumar Wa
Harisingh Dhakad Yes
Smr Raja dead man
Risav Tiwari DEMON
Arun Bati chokkoslam
22:12 08/14/2017

Witness the DEVASTATION!

10.4k reactions 81 comments
Michaël Callewaert Master chokeslam 😵😵😵
Sorush Barak #Legend
Alex Ocampo Lozano Lmfao the king said she can't wear white 😝
Brent Modeste Lol the big red machine !! Kane we need you back on wwe !!
Adam Sullivan Matt got fat after this
22:12 08/14/2017

Finish this!

8.0k reactions 58 comments
Brian Waters Cant finish what is fake
Spencer Brito What a huge muscles of kane
Raja Usman Arain Kane I love you
Orlando Ben Alosious Death of The Dead Man ⚰️
Christian James prime kane
22:12 08/14/2017

Absolutely RUTHLESS!

11.7k reactions 56 comments
Christian Guelord Hello every one ! forgot greeting.
Abel Nelson De Castro Come back to wwe please, you stupid idiot
Lissa Kanyo I hope you and your family are well and happy.
Saadallah Hadba I hope that kane will return as he was in his begining
Lochana Tharindu Be like old kane
09:24 08/12/2017


5.5k reactions 42 comments
Lucas Braga você vai abraçar ódio
Abhishek Kohali kane your career is over😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vikas Vyas 'Hell' Fire and Brimstone :p
Evan Ahammad Rumat A perfect chokh slam
09:24 08/12/2017

Don't touch the mask!

11.9k reactions 117 comments
Adam Terrazas THE "FIRE" STILLL B-U-R-N-S=)!!!
Soumik Mukherjee Kane Come back to wwe!! we Need You ❤
Adam Cole summerslam 2000
Maureen Clement Come back Kane.... miss you 😍
Guillaume Soulié But he is your brother!!!!!!?????
09:24 08/12/2017

This fire still BURNS!

13.9k reactions 97 comments
Jhorwin Rojas ¿Back?.
Dyland Gustavo Calix Ya no eres ni la sombra d lo q fuiste un dia q te paso kane
Edgar Ivan Ibal And no flame returns
Greg Craig Awesome
Rahul Dev Vp Red devil
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