Novak Djokovic
14:54 01/16/2017

I’ve played against some formidably opponents over the years. Find out why they make me who I am today in the latest Jacob's Creek Made By Series

4.5k reactions 150 comments
Maureen Roser Love the video.. such an insight to who you are...Simply the best !! Good luck in the Australian Open Novak.. .
Kritika Goyal Like if u think he is the best!
Kimberly van Benthem Hahaha, Daniëlle van Elden, het laatste beeld van dit filmpje geeft het antwoord
Gitti Pu-iam Luck will be with you.
Bindu Bindu Novak my hero 👍
Novak Djokovic
14:54 01/16/2017

Who remembers this little nod to the French Open in 2014? Let's hope the rain holds up at the Aus Open 😬☂ANZ Australia

16.0k reactions 261 comments
Lise Potvin Oui nous nous souvenons très bien et ce jeune homme concerné doit en rêver encore.. Nous avons hâte de voir tes belles victoires à Melbourne !
Arlene Grace I bet the ball boy still remembers every single detail too!
Marnie McKay I remember! A rsiny moment but something like that is seldom seen! Very special!
Ljubo Mićović No1e ne pamtim 2014 FO po dobru kao ni 2013-tu I 2012 - tu jer se tada u finalima nisi borio kao neko ko stvarno zeli titulu.Na neki nacin si predao bez borbe.Za 2013 - tu no comment .Ne kidaj nam zivce vise nego zapni jos malo I kao GOAT da odes u ...
Yvonne Bergeron Good luck to you always waiting to see you in the first grand slam of the year
Novak Djokovic
14:54 01/16/2017

Fantastic day at work! 😁👌🏼#practice #AusOpen

31.9k reactions 438 comments
Doris Bustamante Go Djokovic #7 in Melbourne.I'll see you in Melbourne! Fantastic! You are the Best!💚👏✋️
Kaya Stankovic Svi smo uz tebe,volimo te,podrzavamoNeka nam je svima Bog u pomoci!Verujemo ti beskrajno!Puno srece i svako dobro na terenu a i uopste!Idemo do kraja,majstore!
Marcia Estrella i'm with you in this australian open till the final victory! 🏆🏆🏆
Ceca Radulovic Yeap, we know you are sharp and ready, raving up your enjins for a onslaught at AO, go 007 Novak Djokovic!!! Make history again, you're used to it our champ 💪💪❤️❤️
Suzanna Schimek GO GO GO Novak ! Still our # 1 but don't get injured !!!! I want to see you in Montreal at the next Coupe Rogers next summer ......I'll be there this time ! ..... A dream come true to me !
15:00 01/16/2017

Embrace your inner monster!

24.6k reactions 271 comments
Erron Francesco Would of been cool is big cass took over as Kane in that attire - no one would even notice unless he spoke on the mic
Anjum Nasri Bring back the era of 2000 through hell fire and brimstone
Andrew Walter There is no one as powerful as this attitude era kane in the whole wrestling fraternity... The most ultimate powerful wrestler of all ages... Kane!
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Kane
Johnny Halevi Please come back as the Kane that kills people with one hand. I hate this PG Kane.. it's just not doing good with one of the all time legends.
Novak Djokovic
02:06 01/14/2017

Because it’s not about what makes you but who! Find out more in the latest Jacob's Creek Made By Series 😁

3.7k reactions 87 comments
Vesna Sevo Milena Brkic you r in my VIP who ;)
Petar Carli Da Si Nam ziv, zdrav i Bogom blagosloven, Legendo nasa (srbska)
Andrea Basurto 😍😍
Dany Bouhlala Good Luck Nole !!!!!!******
Danilo Markovic Nikola Jokic #NBAVote
Novak Djokovic
02:06 01/14/2017

We only have this moment, so we better make it worth! Ready for AO17? I know I am 💪 #dontworry #behappy ANZ Australia

14.9k reactions 415 comments
Amiqatun Nasyati Go Nole!!!!💪💪Win this game. Get a beautiful trophy. Give a happiness for your fans
Yashpal Sharma Another Australian Open title waiting for you. #WinAgain
Amanda Chidiac SUPER-NOVA.... I can't wait for this Monday to come along. Go Nova!
Sara Kuo GO Nole, I am looking forward to seeing you play in AO!! I know you can do it!!
Annie Biondo Go at there and kick butt, you can do it. You have so many Aussies behind you. Good luck Novak. 🏆🏆🏆
Novak Djokovic
02:06 01/14/2017

I am warmed up and excited to make another run for this beautiful trophy... let's do this #teamdjokovic #nolefam Radujem se još jednoj trci za ovaj prelep trofej... idemo!

20.8k reactions 433 comments
Selvi Raman Sure Sweet Nole! We are always with You n Best Wishes for AO 2017.
Victoria Elizabeth Barrientos Carrillo Great way of thinking, Nole 😀 !!! Take one step at a time to chase that spectacular title 😜 !!! 😊 ❤❤ #Keepgoing #NoleFam #love #support
Susie Cvetkovic Wishing you another successful & awesome Aussie open....Ajde Nole!!
Syed Nadeem All the best Djoko....... U have very tough competitor in First round.........
Mirjana Pavlovic Idemoooo....Sokole nas !!!! neka te sreca prati i svu pozitivnu energiju za dobre rezultate ti saljemo....Srecnoooo!!!!!!
02:12 01/14/2017

The Demon flourishes in the darkness....

21.7k reactions 212 comments
Luis Rivas Yup im convinced... This Kane returns at the rumble
Shannon Claudin With all these pics of this kane could this be the one we get whenever kane returns again I hope
Priyanka Priya Singh I hope you return in your old 90s attires.. U looks awesome
Md Rakib Khan Kane can do something exceptional which WWE can return in 2005. Because, from 2013 it's starting like virtue.
Novak Djokovic
02:06 01/14/2017

The whole Novak Djokovic Foundation team and I are honoured and grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful charity event. A big THANK YOU goes to Australian Open for the organisation and of course all of you coming to the stadium and everybody who made a donation to our Foundation online or via phone. Many children in developing areas in Serbia will benefit from your generosity. On the sporty and fun side a big THANK YOU goes to Alexander Zverev for all those aces, as well as Dylan Alcott, Shane Warne, Meg Lanning, Aaron Finch, Cam Smith, Max Gawn, Archie Thompson and Sharelle McMahon for the challenging tasks. Thank you Roy Emerson and Cirque du Soleil. It was fun and don’t forget — you can still get involved by donating online: U ime Fondacije Novak Đoković i svoje lično ime zahvaljujem se svima koji su podržali organizaciju večerašnjeg događaja u Melburnu i svima vama koji ste nas pratili uživo :) Znam da će mališanima u Srbiji ova pomoć značiti ❤

23.3k reactions 213 comments
Juan Heredia Eres el mejor en todo sentido sin lugar a dudas, el carisma y la humildad que tenes vos no la tiene ningún otro deportista. Felicidades Novak y vamos por otro Abierto de Australia 💪
Aleksandra Gajic Hvala ti Nole sto sve ovo radis za decu iz Srbije,Srecno sada verujemo u tebe I volimo te puno #nolefam❤🌏👑🎾
KOOZA by Cirque du Soleil A big thanks to you! It was really a pleasure for us to be part of this event. :)
Roel Talattad No.1 and avid fan here in the Philippines! You are loved here!
Vladimir Petrovic Great champion with golden heart! Thank you for wonderful evening full of entertainment for good cause! 👏😂❤
Novak Djokovic
13:18 01/11/2017

We all have people in our lives who make us who we are today. Find out who makes me in the new Jacob's Creek Made By series.

14.6k reactions 222 comments
Margaret Stewart Bet you will be glad when the other tractor tyre turns up lol
Rick Khare Will there be a special Djokovic edition bottle available for purchase?
Rodney Magazinovic Darren Bevington Leach - he supports one of Australia's finest goons!
Бојан Марковић Da li je tacno da se vise ne krstis i da sada nosis kamen kao amajliju i verujes u nekog drugog Boga, nego sto si verovao do skoro, tj Boga Oca, Sina i Duha Svetoga?
Rob Simms So inspirational Djokovic. Ur a machine. I could see u were back on form in Qatar. Well done.
Novak Djokovic
00:30 01/09/2017

Mir Božji, Hristos se rodi! Mir, ljubav, sreća i radost u svim srcima i domovima ❤️Srećan Božić dobri ljudi 🤗 Many Orthodox Christians are celebrating Christmas today! I wish to all lots of love, peace in our hearts and in our minds, joy, health and happiness! In Serbia we say: "Mir Božji, Hristos se rodi", which means: "Peace from God, Jesus was born". Happy holidays dear friends 😁🤗

45.8k reactions 1650 comments
Laura Whitehouse My 5yr old daughter learnt this in school and had to do a reading in her assembly saying that people in Serbia celebrate Christmas on jan 6th. Merry Christmas x
Rotkiv Ćivoktar Сматрао сам да је твој пут (последњих пола године) погрешан јер представља одсуство такмичарског духа и глади за победама. Но, схватио сам да промена у твом систему исхране, тренинга, игре и живота, без обзира на то да ли ће резултат те промене бити ...
Rade Cupovic Dobro zdravlje, mir u duši, radost u mislima, mladost u srcu, uspeh u radu, puno sreće, blaga mnoga i od ljudi i od Boga. Vaistinu se Rodi!
Jeannette Amores Benavidez Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family! May the new year bring us all so much joy, your tennis family! Always praying for you my champ! 💞💞💞
Glenys Vicenth igualmente para ti,Novak Djokovic .DIOS TE BENDIGA espero verte en la final y que seas el GANADOR.Saludos desde Venezuela te queremos,suerte.
Novak Djokovic
00:30 01/09/2017

Fantastic!!! Again my little friends were there to help me out... today we were stretching together! 😁 Off course, we couldn't finish without a proper group hug 🤗 😘 Hehe danas su mi opet moji mali drugari pritekli u pomoć!! Naravno nije moglo da prođe bez zagrljaja ❤️ Hvala društvance, fantastični ste!!

22.7k reactions 263 comments
Linda King Wing Novak, you are the greatest ambassador! I love your interaction with children everywhere.❣️
Florentina Radulescu Ljubav i radost, nježnost i blagost, sreca i vedrina, osmijeh i toplina, neka svega toga tebi i najmilijima ovaj Božic ima!!!
Mira Dmitrović Sretno Nole sutra hristos se rodi ziv I zdrav nam bio I uvijek pobjedivao
Pamela Bannister Oh Novak we are having some more supporters. Big No!e family
Golubina Kostadinovski Cestitam pobedu Novak Srecno badnje vece a jos sretniji Bozic tebi i tvojoj familiji
11:48 01/06/2017

Steel... meet fire!

8.0k reactions 112 comments
Nick Mamasoulas Giannis Antetokounmpo #NBAVOTE
Phillip Pound Can we please have this Kane back please
Dave Forbes Sean Clark business is picking up again, used to love that saying
Archana Yadav I miss this monster. Come back pls
Marius Stefan Best of the best <3
11:48 01/06/2017

May 2017 have Hell, Fire and Brimstone.

21.9k reactions 207 comments
Gurpreet Singh I'm part time fan of WWE because of this Big Red Monster Demon Kane ✌️️✌️️
Angel Castañeda I hope you'll be on the survival series event this year 2017, so I can greet you in Houston Texas.
Licdo Luis David Alvarez Camilo Kane need the world title or the intercontinental champ! in WWE SmackDown Live this year!
Licdo Luis David Alvarez Camilo Kane you need the world title one more time!!!!!!! the big red monster will be the new champ this year!
Kunal Flora Kane destroy everyone in royal rumble and i also want u wwe champion ship
Novak Djokovic
22:54 01/03/2017

Wow what a practice today with these little fellows! Thanks 😁❤️ I had an amazing afternoon!! Danas sam trenirao sa ovim mališanima! Bilo je sjajno! Uživancija ali smo razmenili i nekoliko trikova 😉👏🏼

11.5k reactions 189 comments
Djordje Antelj Nole samo guraj naprijed, nedaj se i pazi se dobro da neradis puno gresaka. Idemo!! Uz tebe smo
Andrei Kritski Novak, the legend is born, don't let it die. From Russia with Love
Michael Cutler reiss dich zusammen dieses Jahr, du bist Novak Djokovic Überhol dieses Jahr Nadal und Sampras bei den Grand Slams und nach den Jahren schreibst du Geschichte
Ana Paula Gonçalves Lima Giovanna França... olha q amorzinho ensinando tênis pras crianças..❤❤❤❤
Novak Djokovic
22:54 01/03/2017

Srećna Nova 2017 🇷🇸😘

52.7k reactions 1140 comments
Branka Novak Grašo pjeva: Il imaš dušu, ili si nula od čovjeka. A ti Nole imaš dušu i zato ostani uvjek isti. Tebi i družinici želim sve dobro u ovoj godini iz Slovenije. Veselimo se tvojih uspjeha.
Miroslav Jovic Sve najlepše i tebi šampione...nezaboravni trenuci osim rođenja najmilijih su tvoje pobede,tvoje osvajanje turnira...neka ti Gospod podari snage i zdravlje za tvoje sledeće pobede i neka čuva tvoju porodicu i familiju...NAPRED NOLEEE!!!!!
The Law of Attraction/ LOA the most beautiful people you'll ever meet aren't always the ones who catch your eyes first. No, the most beautiful are the ones that can never be figured out. The one you could talk with for many hours and still have a million things to ask. The people ...
Bidi Biderman I am sure you will find enjoyable things to do in this new year, which is going to be a better place for you and certainly you will find out more about what brings a better health, whether is being with good friends or is sometimes better to be alone. ...
Ranka Radakovic I Novu godinu zna da čestita kao pravi muškarac većina ih je mutava .Nole sve najbolje ti to zaslužuješ!
Novak Djokovic
22:54 01/03/2017

Happy New Year!!

108.0k reactions 2296 comments
Lonnie Miller Best wishes to you and your family for a year filled with many blessings! Your work ethic is impressive, but your heart and character show the world exactly what a man should be! Continue to shine Novak! Your star has never been brighter!!!
Sara Gail 🎊 🍾 🎩 All the best to you, Jelena, Stefan, the rest of your family and team for 2017! May you continue to be abundantly blessed! Sending love to you from Florida! 🎩🍾 🎊
Margaret Ivanova May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you . He is a reason for the wonderful celebration we have, and may angels to protect you Novac.
Louise Vant Erve This is so cool! Thanks Novak! You are inspirational to watch but most importantly you continue to give back joy to the world. Wow! Have a great year! Greetings to all from Calgary, Canada!
Sladjana Pejnovich Josifov Srecna Nova Godina Nole!! I hope you are #1 again this year! Where you belong! Wishing you and your family the best! Pozdrav iz Sarasota! 🎉😘
Novak Djokovic
10:06 01/01/2017

Happy New Year everybody! May it be filled with health, luck, love, unity and respect 🎉 Srećna Nova 2017!!! Ljubavi, sreće, zdravlja, jedinstva i poštovanja nam svima od ❤️ želim!!! Vaš Nole

61.1k reactions 1775 comments
Masood Jan Novak Djokovic you are truly a living legend! Some say Nadal is one of the best, but I've seen you play countless times :D You're #1 on my list.
George Akkawi Happy new year to all your family may god keep you healthy and wise enjoy everything that comes your way in 2017
Zorka Cristina Espinosa Lassnibatt Muchas Felicidades! Un gran abrazo desde el lejano Chile. Que se cumplan todas tus metas, que recuperes tu sitial en el mundo del tenis, el numero 1 que mereces con creces. Gracias por tu saludo. Muchas benduciones para tu bella familia.
Michelle Winter Happy New Year Novak! I hope 2016 is filled with love, health and happiness. You're such a huge inspiration and I can't wait to see you achieve more greatness this year! Much love to you and your family! ❤️
Lilyán M Jimillah Sanchez Vicedo My dear and best tennis player in the world, I wish you love, peace and a lot of health health and that you continue to have successes and be very happy with your wife and little son. And may your love live forever. You two are the best. A kiss and hug ...
21:24 12/29/2016

Fear The Demon.

14.1k reactions 374 comments
Patrick Duzan Not until he rips the door of its hinges during a Hell in a Cell and sends someone to hell all over again i don't care who it can be anyone.
Dawn Foster My hero. Even named one of my cats after him and now have cat's named bigshow and Chyna. X
Dhilip Vijay Kane plz plz come back old most feared Kane.......thtz we miss a lot.....Old Kane was dangerous....
Frank Goza Fear him? Nah. I'd rather join him in creating his path of destruction.
Lukman Hadi Watch Enjoy is box (y) watch=> Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (y) watch=> Passengers (y) watch=> ...
Novak Djokovic
21:18 12/29/2016

Novak Djokovic

242.2k reactions 2048 comments
Steve Bevan Loved seeing you and AM battle for the World Tour finals : all credit to him and he is a superstar now but tbh when it comes to good looks .... you know who's number one ... tee hee lol xxx
Ingrid Maria Sarmiento Mi querido número #1 se que Dios te llenará de Bendiciones en el nuevo año 2017 con amor, disciplina, esmero y el interés que le pongas nuevamente serás el #1 se lo prestaste a Andy para ver como lo mantiene si con humildad y sencillez como tú, o si ...
Scarlat Doina I hope you have a fantastic year 2917.Sure , I like to see you number 1 position again but more important is to have healthy and take care of your family Helena and Stefan Good luck for all upcoming tournaments
Nisreen Dm I love your playing sooooo much Nova ... with all my wishes for you this new year .
Rabea Muhrez Hossam Kheraldeen Tarek Shamandi Karam Alhassen اب كريم غير صورتو hey Novak Djokovic we have a friend who resembles you , but he does not play tennis, he always play Clash of Clans
Novak Djokovic
21:18 12/29/2016

Novak Djokovic's cover photo

49.6k reactions 413 comments
Suzette Nel Best wishes for 2017 to you and your family. Wish you luck, joy, success (grand slams) and good health!
Dragana Radulovic Hvala lepi i najbolji! Zbir ovih cifara kaze da si PRVI...ako ne bude, opet dobro. Srecno u Novoj, nepotrosenoj Tebi i tvojoj uzoj u siroj porodici. Ljubim te.
Sanja Vucic Srecnu i uspesnu Novu godinu Tebi i Tvom najboljem timu i da ponovo uzivas na terenu zeli porodica Vucic! Nedostaje nam tvoj osmeh i zar!!!
Mary Sabando Bendiciones para ti y tu linda familia en el 2017 que te lo deseo espectacular🙅
08:36 12/27/2016

No place colder than hell...

30.3k reactions 688 comments
Bobby Daltry that will definitely be a cold day in hell right Glen ?
Johao De Jesus Hernandez Ese traje y máscara me gustaba más q lo q usa actualmente .
Lee Joseph Ridgard I remember the issue of WWF magazine that these were taken for it had Kanes face on the front cover in 2001
Tai Lee I bet Kane is gonna play Friday the 13th with Jason while remembering their good times in hell lol
Ed Hiram Sorrels That's actually true, Kane. Scriptures talk of Hell actually being so cold it feels like it burns or something.
Novak Djokovic
08:30 12/27/2016

Lots of my friends and fans are celebrating today! I wish you all a Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 😁 We too are enjoying this beautiful Sunday sending you love and best wishes! Mnogi moji prijatelji i fanovi su danas u prazničnom raspoloženju. Svima koji danas proslavljaju Božić šaljemo iskrene čestitke i mnogo ljubavi! A i nas troje danas uživamo, jer kad god smo zajedno to je za nas praznik ❤😁

128.5k reactions 1467 comments
André Sales Rodrigues Feliz Natal Novak a você sua familia e a sua equipe. Que em 2017 você continue trazendo alegrias aos fans todo o mundo com com esse fenomenal tenis que você joga.
Ingrid Maria Sarmiento Hola Nova que felicidad verte disfrutando al lado de tu hermosa familia Dios los Bendiga infinitamente que tengan una Feliz Navidad y un Venturoso año nuevo, eres genial Nole
Elvira Forgo Hvala postovani nas Nole...nas ponos i dika Srpskog naroda. Tebi,tvojoj dragoj porodici,tvom timu sve sto se lepo i dobro pozeleti moze,zelim od sveg srca. Puno,puno uspeha i na profesionalnom i privatnom planu. Jos jedno maleno bice ove godine,da ...
Monica Paucara Hola Nole, que pase Ud, y su Familia una Feliz Navidad y un Próspero 2017 y que le traiga Exitos en su carrera,Salud,y mucho Amor en abundancia...Saludos y Bendiciones
Adri Ort Muchas felicidades para el mejor jugador de tenis de todos los tiempos y su hermosa familia desde Guayaquil ECUADOR les mandamos un fuerte abrazo a la distancia
Novak Djokovic
19:42 12/24/2016

So lucky with the weather these days, every training is a pure joy! ☀👏🏼😁 Baš imamo sreće sa vremenom ovih dana! Svaki trening je pravo uživanje 👐🏼😀

37.7k reactions 459 comments
Igor Vasiljević Evo mi ispred drakstora smo nešto pričali i došli do zaključka da moraš bekend više da vežbaš....
John Nguyen Please practice hard n come back victory n win Australia Open coming up 01/2017.
Tina Lara Rising Their sun is have to admitt that,but I guess you are used to it...for them is the same when they are in our country...but some sunsets and rise are the same...
Linda Jennifer Matić Wonderful weather in Monte Carlo, we miss it as we're in UK with family. Back in the New Year though! Good luck in Doha 😊
Carola Calle Novak, este mensaje es para desearte unas lindas fiestas, que el amor, la unión y la paz reine en tu hogar. El 2017 vuelve con todo, a reconquistar tu lugar. Tus hinchas te admiramos y queremos Nole.
18:12 12/19/2016

Through hellfire and brimstone.

15.4k reactions 94 comments
Dan Mitch Dig it right
Deepanshu Verma Love you demon kane 😊
Pankaj Meghwal like this comment if you fan of demon kane .i love big red monster
Kyle Socom The best wrestler in WWE. :)
Erron Francesco I bet you won't wear the best old attire costume lol
Novak Djokovic
05:18 12/17/2016

Let's just say I don't really do much sun bathing on the beach these days... 🤘😜 Ovih dana se samo u opremi sunčam 🌞😆

14.1k reactions 357 comments
Susan Cody-Luchies Ahh! And just days after Andy posted video of working out in the sand! I see you, Nole!
Ng D. Hằng Hello there GG!! Thanks for keeping Novak always fit and in shape! ☺️
Dragana Radulovic Lepo, bas mozes da uzivas iako treninzi mogu biti monotoni...ali motivi su vazni i ljubav
Amine Ksassoua - Football Freestyle Joyeux noel mister
Milan Djuricic Kako se radujem kada vidim ovakav snimak na kom treniras raduje sve tvoje prave fanove.IDEMO Nole
05:24 12/17/2016

Through hellfire and brimstone, the Demon is here!

32.6k reactions 233 comments
Bradford Engle The Big Red Machine
Bill Doucette He needs to set people on fire again and embrace his old ways
Virginia Ruth Saurbeir The Fire still burns 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Debbie Velazquez My fav demon
Abhinav Sudan You are the best among all Demons😊
Novak Djokovic
16:30 12/14/2016

New year, new goals, new energy! Grateful and excited to see what future brings. Greetings from #TeamDjokovic! See you in Doha! Nova godina, novi ciljevi, nova energija! Zahvalan sam i radujem se novim izazovima. Pozdrav od Djokovic tima, vidimo se u Dohi!

27.6k reactions 652 comments
Maggy Peña Les deseo una feliz navidad y un próspero año nuevo, que todo lo que se propongan se cumpla, y seguiré tus partidos cómo siempre apoyando a mi ídolo del tenis. Un abrazo y besos. Tú fan de México.
Paula L Rolle Novak don't even like Jelena or her son. She was put with him to make manifest Satan's plan. To try and stop Novak being with me. But all their plans come to nought. It is written. I love you Novak. Xx
Mahmoud Qotz Bring the 4 Nole you can do it I know it is hard but you got to bring it you can't afford to lose more GS finals love you wish you all the best
Andy Palermo Nole I dont understand your choice in replacing Boris with Pepe.. But I wish you that it is a good move to win new GS this year. Dont forget you can still make history reaching 17 or 18 GS. Dont miss this chance please. Me And my serbian wife from Nìs ...
Marijana Dodovic "Ja nisam vise Novak,sada sam Brindavani a ovo je moj muz Govinda.Idemo u Indiju na Krisnin rodjendan...."Salim se,volimo Novaka uprkos svemu.
03:48 12/12/2016

A little fire goes a long way...

5.2k reactions 114 comments
Brian O'Connor Back when Kane was feared. Now he is just a joke
Ian Drew There's an idea for a match. A flaming cage match
Kingshuk Chowdhury Kanes "night of destruction".. awsome days
Bradford Engle Now that's Kane when he was at his best.
Jasluv Singh When Kane's height is more than your IQ
Novak Djokovic
03:42 12/12/2016

Today was a perfect day for outdoor practice! How was your Friday? 😁

42.8k reactions 837 comments
Cisne Marchena hello Novak, exitos y mucha serenidad, paciencia, y fortaleza espiritual, repiracion conciente ayuda a tu fans Ecuador.
Jo Starnes Great. It was a little cool when I started my match but warmed up. I love playing tennis. Oh, I did win . Thanks for asking!
Michal Tomeš Trosku naber svaly...par kilo by bodlo.A uvědom si že máš možnost nechat zapomenout na Fedexe!Takovej hrac jako Ty se jeste nenarodil...Bohuzel musis prekonat Fedexe!Pak to bude cerne na bilem.Pro dalsi generace...Nejsi tak starej..jeste sanci mas
Ivan Bulija a sad po naski Veliki pritisak trpis od ovih Zapadnih seronja i njihovih novinara i znam da bih ja pukao da sam na tvom mestu ali ti ko i svi mi u Srbiji imamo nesto sto drugi nemaju a to je INAT. Zato ja sam siguran da ces nas u 2017 godini obradovati ...
Hornymslez Akua The whole truth is that Novak has to step up his game not to lose points cos it's clear Murray will lose points at Wimbledon cos Nadal and Federer will be back. Novak needs the first half of the season more than the second half cos he has to win in ...
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