Nico Rosberg
Yesterday 07:06

excited about Q3. Merc or Ferrari? .... #F1 #AusGP

23.3k reactions 813 comments
Cliff Calibre ooh that was close champ. you would of made it more exciting tho. your very fast and people are gonna start realising that now 🏁🏆
Leonora Glasserman Me apena no verlo en la carrera de Australia , es un piloto de lo mejor y una persona que sabe que es competir en buenos términos , si bien seguí siempre a aFerrari desde su llegada solo esperaba verlo competir y ganar con ese don de gente que lo ...
Katy Ce Extrañas? Yo creo que si. Se te ve contento pero ya no tienes ese brillo que te da hacer lo que te gusta. Ahora estás jubilado a tus treinta y tantos....tendrás muchoooooo tiempo para pensar.
Thomas Sartorio Ich habe es mir Seit 20 Jahren das erst mal nicht Angesehen 😉weil ich auf einen solo Vorstellen von Lewis echt keinen Bock habe ich hoffe der Sebastian kann dieses Jahr ein Wort mitreden 😎
Uriel Alberto Patiño Caro Ases mucha falta pero valoró tu decisión porque es una carrera con muchos riesgos y ya lograste la sima. El hogar los hijos la familia primero.
Nico Rosberg
Yesterday 07:06

wishing everybody a great F1 weekend! 🏎💨 📸 by Paul Ripke

16.8k reactions 304 comments
Rocio Valdez Roel Igualmente Nico, disfruta mucho y diviértete! Saludos Campeón desde Monterrey N.L México
Daniel Shannon I'll miss you on the track and at the prerace medical meetings, enjoy your retirement
Kristina Ptacek Can't believe it is here!!You will be missed Nico!
Michael Hume Would have been good to see if you were within half a second of Lewis today!!!!!
Jens Garbe Schönes Wetter in Monaco! Genieß es! Und ein schönes Wochenende!
Nico Rosberg
Yesterday 07:06

Hi everyone. Hope all is good. I did a filming with UBS Formula 1 about the new F1 - make sure you watch it! 👊🏻

4.5k reactions 131 comments
Genevieve Susan Turkstra-Fernando Aaaw Nico!! You have that distant look that says a lot.....
Carlos Barajas Enjoy your family and leave us alone If you want a retire do it I always know you will be Back soon
André Giordano You are a great human being Nico! Special things are always reserved for those kind of people!
Luigi Palooza Te extrañamos en las pistas, campeón. Mucho.
Dee Rothfuss An deiner Stelle hätte ich mir die neuen Autos nicht entgehen lassen 😊
Nico Rosberg
Yesterday 07:06

Merc full electric concept in Monaco! 👊 I want to test it! 📞#2019 #mercedesEQ

3.9k reactions 66 comments
Stefan Müller Der Benz der in der Sonne glänzt 😂
Jordan Clain Un SUV ? Je trouve sa limit pour une première full electrique :/ mais pourquoi pas
Enrico Cattani Test it in the water
Tanja Richards Looks a bit like the BMW i3
Callan Georgina O'Rourke Want! 👌🏼
Maria Sharapova
18:18 03/24/2017

A behind the scenes look at my Vanity Fair España cover shoot:

37.4k reactions 557 comments
Sudipto Dey Do want to earn Rs. 20-25000 per month? Do find a home based job? I will give you job. It's totally trustable. There are no registration fees or security money.. Interested person may what's app me on 9674304023.. I will tell you the details
Juliocezaramaralmoura Moura Oı Gata.Logo voltareı a escrever tabom meu facebook esta com problema perdı a senha estou escrevendo do celular porque o facebook esta gravado no HTTPS eu perdı a senha e para pıorar meu email nao funcıona quando eles dao uma nova senha vaı para os ...
Kamel Benachi She is Sharapova. She is the daughter of the Russian tsar. It's the angel of heaven .. I wish you success. I wish you a beautiful and happy life. I am a simple Algerian citizen. I wish God to make you always high in sight ... for you are simply from the ...
Elias Duarte-Lopez Love you Maria Sharapova, can't wait to see you play tennis again :)
Luigi Fortuna Ciao dolce Maria bel servizio sei veramente bellissima ciao ti abbraccio forte forte
Nico Rosberg
18:18 03/23/2017

Love the Classics! #iwc #today 📸 by vivian

15.6k reactions 240 comments
Jolande van Biert Looks incredible good enjoy your time and the weather in your classic car.👍💋
Race Casse geht nichts über einen klassischen Ferrari.Aber die darfst Du ja bald fahren wenn Du 2018 Seb's Teamkollege wirst
Pianura Lillo Crepate #PausaPranzo...!! è l'ora Esatta-Esatto. Sei il Migliore in F1 GrandeUomo.
Tim Bernard schönes Auto! Vielleicht langsam eine Tankstelle ansteuern?
Enrique Bongiorno hay otro mundo Nico Rosberg...¡¡ pero es mas caro..¡¡ saludos desde Argentina...¡¡ disfruta de tu familia.:¡¡ abrazo.:¡¡
Maria Sharapova
18:18 03/24/2017

Inside the pages of Vanity Fair España April Issue

46.8k reactions 582 comments
Francisco Ramos Guzman Yo te creo Maria Sarapova! Animo, eapero pronto volver a verte en las canchas y que me regales lo mejor de ti
Aaron James Brion Can't wait till we have you back in tennis... it just hasn't been the same since 😢😢😢😢
Keven Gray Pova ure pic on the left says shes the women we all want to invite over to meet mum n dad. Well at least those blessed to have mum n dad still with us. 💜💚❤
Johan Kellerman Top tennis player, businesswoman, top there anything she can't do ? Amazing photos.
Meaux Philippe Que cette femme est belle, gracieuse, Tsarine quoi !
Maria Sharapova
05:30 03/22/2017

Timeline Photos

7.2k reactions 171 comments
Carlos Santillan Yes, please!! :D
Carlos Eduardo volta logo a jogar maria s2 ^^
Jean-François Seignard So cute Maria😉😉😉
Jose Luis Paucar Guerra felicidades masha..que sigan los exitos..
Man Ho Lam so beautiful
Maria Sharapova
05:30 03/22/2017

Talked 'travel' and my favorite destinations with Marie Claire Russia recently. Happy 20-year anniversary #marieclairerussia !

25.7k reactions 298 comments
Luis F Gomez Victory, in women, mother's, girls. Here in the New America's, Mexico, Canada, and around the Globe. ♡☆☆☆☆☆
Rene Coffa Good morning my Russian princess...have a Nice u..
Sonoo Sharma Dear Maria u r wonderful & amazing all Indians love u Nd I one of them😊👍🏻
Casbe Deneal Allen Continue to be the best you can be...I love you,and i will support you.Lol
Carlos Andrés Mosquera Arria Could any of her all-time fanatics and blind supporters translate this crap article for us?
Nico Rosberg
05:30 03/21/2017

Feeling Lucky ♥️ 😜

28.6k reactions 275 comments
Asil von Hausen Zika von M hättest du mir ruhig sagen können dass du mit Nico Rossberg gefreundet bist! 😂
Christoph Kistler Hey das ist ja bei mir zuhause (quasi). Bin Mitte Mai wieder da....Wenn ihr beiden wollt, dann kommt gerne zum Essen vorbei 😉😝
Frédéric Delmas sympa la photo , avec un bisou cela aurait été encore mieux , la prochaine fois il faudra y penser
Thomas Dimde Hy Weltmeister ! Lass es dir und deiner Familie gut gehen!!! 👋
Sandra Valdivia Unzueta Felicidades y disfruten esos días les mando un gran abrazo
Nico Rosberg
05:30 03/21/2017

hang loose with iphone selfie mode 🤙🏻 #Monaco #Morningrun

4.5k reactions 57 comments
Mariela Pammatone Que haces,nene??? Como te gusta la adrenalina!!!!
Jonna Haar 😍wow
Peter Malpass Lovely place
Sudhir Kumar Enjoy Nico
Claudia Hüttmann Wow, cool!
Maria Sharapova
16:42 03/19/2017

Excited to join a great group of athletes at the ANA Inspiration Inspiring Women in Sports Conference on March 28!

About the Conference
About the Conference

The LPGA's first Major, March 27 - April 2 at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA. Tickets on sale now.

4.0k reactions 114 comments
Carlos Eduardo Maria s2
Ricardo Armas Genesis You can check please help the project
John Kiesling Will see it on Facebook
John Kiesling Facebook live stream I will be there
Tony Konnoff Voto Loco forever Maria and Vujacic let's get the movies done!!!!!
Maria Sharapova
16:42 03/19/2017

These past 12 months have been a journey, one that I shared with Vogue Annie Leibovitz in their April issue:

61.6k reactions 878 comments
Luca Migliori Bellissima, ma vediamo di tornare in campo.
Krishna Chakhun Very decent write up. I am waiting for the great come back
Justine van Dam Just an all round good chick! Can't wait to see you back on court!
Dennis Enderson Welcome back, Ms. Sharapova. You have been missed. I will be rooting for your success.
Luana Campbell Ha Maria .Surprise To C U .. Yes It's Truely Understandable What U /ve Been Through... But Remember In Life Every Disappointment Is A Blessing In Disguise ... N It Could Have Been Worse .. So Move On Now To Better Times ...God Bless .... 😊
Nico Rosberg
03:54 03/16/2017


5.9k reactions 87 comments
Kaiwulf Juan Feliz Aniversário 👏👏👏
Dietmar Franken Happy Birthday will
Alfie Grant Happy birthday 🎂
Joanna Brodde Hogan Happy Birthday!!!
Birgit Koeppen Happy bday.
Nico Rosberg
03:54 03/16/2017

London meetings ☀️

8.8k reactions 144 comments
Sue Griffin Great pic - enjoy London xxx
Andrea Di Viero You are a boss, why you go out from mercedessss. Why i do without you??
Kay Richardson Gonna miss you this season young man. Now the excitement has gone.
Ringo Le Django The champ is here sad cause we will not see you driving again
Alistair Tnazarb That looks like Westfield in Shepherd's Bush where I am
Nico Rosberg
15:06 03/13/2017

I am proud to be a #3500LIVES‬ campaign ambassador for the new FIA‬ #RoadSafety‬ campaign. Learn more at ‪ ‬

15.2k reactions 228 comments
Lena Weilbacher Alexander Weilbacher Boah da zeigt er es aber allen 😂😂😂
Gustavo Mreued I am from to buenos aires i am very happy for you champion but you are ....cagon
Raktimpiku Mukherjee good initiative Nico Rosberg....but we are missing you in Formula 1 badly
Junaid Fayyaz Now i understand why you left F1.Mercedes 1 sec slower then ferrari.
Gustavo Norberto Castro Excelente Nico,las personas deben tomar responsablemente ,si bebes no conduzcas,prioridad a la vida de uno y sus semejantes
Maria Sharapova
02:18 03/12/2017

Today's bright colors...🎾👊🏻 More on Insta Stories…

25.7k reactions 286 comments
Todd Stubbs You are at your peak Maria Sharapova, fight the good fight, many good things are coming,God Bless you.
Enrique Ortiz I wish you the best of luck this year <3
MaXi N-b hello Maria Sharapova my friend Anîś Bǿùzîd want have a GF he's free ans sexy if you're free or any of your friends contact him he will blow your mind !
Amit Sahu All the best maria...plzz come back in tennis court. :-)
Raul Fernando Zambrana Tengo la convicción de que no existes y sin embargo te oigo cada noche te invento a veces con mi vanidad o mi desolación o mi modorra del infinito mar viene su asombro lo escucho como un salmo y pese a todo tan convencido estoy de que no existes que te ...
Nico Rosberg
02:18 03/11/2017

Very sad, can't believe it John. You had been so supportive of me all along! Thank you. My thoughts are with your family. REST IN PEACE. #johnsurtees #fellowWC #rip #johnsurteesRIP

3.1k reactions 100 comments
Kari Kuussalmi Champions like Iceman
Pearline Shaw Another legend passes. RIP John.
Alan Romo RIP John Surtees! Thx Nico
Dieter Nowak A true legend, we will not see his like again. RIP.
Peter Mowat
Maria Sharapova
02:18 03/12/2017

Listen up, everyone -- I'm sending voice notes on Charly Send me one and I will send you one back!

30.2k reactions 477 comments
Javier Espinoza Villagran Hello maria you are very divine, beautiful that would be nice to send a voice message but I can only write that you are well a hug
Mike Reese What if I'm vowing silence, how should we communicate?
Ruben Fuentez this is hard to believe because there are so many fake Maria Sharapova sites.
Jose Genis Montoya Buitrago Saludo especial, la aplicación no es Compatible cob telephone 😢
Hafi Dh Ya maria te amo mucho mucho haw nrfd ro7i w njj wela kifeh Belii Ever
Maria Sharapova
13:30 03/09/2017

Celebrating women. Celebrating their strength, kindness, resiliency, boldness. You take the world to the greatest heights. You impact my life courageously, and help to shape the road I continue to follow you on. This is a picture of my beautiful grandmother, a woman who by example consistently reminds me to keep following my ambitions, to keep striving to improve each and every day. #internationalwomensday

27.8k reactions 515 comments
Azad Faizullah Happy international Womens day my dearest friend. You are the most wonderful woman I have ever seen. Life would be most beautiful with you and you give a honor to this great day my champion Maria. Wish you all the best and evermore success in life.
خليفة بزية حتى يماها تاع شارابوفا و لوكس دي لوكس شحال تمنيت تكوني نسيبتي لعزيزة خهخهخهخه شكوبيستاني مرة من هنا
Mourad Bel Gud Stefensen Ayoub Bel hia w mamaha mdwin lkora l2ardia hhhhhhh
Muhammed Tauseef Welcome back maria, we r excited to see u in tennis court..
Javier Fraga You give honor to this day Maria ... Happy Woman Day ! ! !
Maria Sharapova
13:30 03/09/2017

Sweet! ox

3.9k reactions 121 comments
Federico Giachini When back 🏸 🎾
Arun Gautam Maria sharapova , when will you be in India 🇮🇳 ???!
Sonny Suello Maria iloveu!
Hernando Serrano Mí hermosa María 😘😘😘😘😘🌷🌷🌷💐💐💐
Darros Permana Gulo maria. Lucu yo jenenge??
Nico Rosberg
00:42 03/06/2017

ROMA 2017 #wifeyselfie

33.7k reactions 423 comments
Sue Griffin Sunny but chilly looking - have a lovely visit you two xxx(UK)
Genevieve Susan Turkstra-Fernando Ah!! So finally you decided to spend some quality time with your dear wife!!
Zilio Renato Vieni a visitare il Veneto Nico...te ne innamorerai Padova penso che già la conosci 😜
Bruno Bärtle Hi Nico. Bin auch gerade in Rom mit meiner Frau. Sollen wir uns zum Pizza essen treffen? 😃
Daniela Nastase Nico sei a Roma ! Che bello ! Io sono di Roma ! Mi piacerebbe tanto farvi vedere alcuni posti bellissimi !
Maria Sharapova
00:42 03/07/2017

Thinking about starting your own business? Charly is the place to get some great tips directly from experts:

33.2k reactions 434 comments
David Cochran You've come a long way since that giddy teenager at Wimbledon!
Jose Torres Segovia Maria te deseo todo lo bueno para empezar un nuevo capítulo en los proximos torneos y sigues siendo hermosa.
Oleg Dolinko что мне угадывать...?????? ну это я по твоему пониманию тупой...... а народ не тупой....... напиши Мельдония шоколад.... сразу деньга вверх пойдет.... не пользуешься моментом....)))))))
Muammer Sunaoglu Did become? Anybody doesn't like you, isn't it? I will give sickle to you, take this, where my sickle children, bring me sudden it, today, is it so?, are you more decay?, You get blunt, don't you take me but, i see you, so don't be but this, do egg ...
Nico Rosberg
00:42 03/06/2017


23.7k reactions 490 comments
Brian Pargmann Das hast du dir verdient! Für ein Leben lang F1 World Champion!!!
Abraham Perez Ruiz Te chingaron feo carnal jajaja pa toda la temporada Manuel Sierra
Stefano Binodavinobogge Ligi bravo nico ricordaglielo a quel presuntuoso di hamilton chi e' il campione del mondo in carica!!!vai nicooo!!!
Rob Manser Quite probably the coolest name badge in the world ever :-D
Michael Gerke Hast Du einen davon zu viel. Ich würde mich bereit erklären ihn Dir abzunehmen.
Nico Rosberg
11:54 03/03/2017

Harley Davidson ride above monaco

4.1k reactions 418 comments
Marcos Alexandre Retired as a champion. Beating Lewis demanded a lot, but you did. Enjoy
David Vohs Never would have pegged you as a HD rider. Honda GoldWing or Ducati, on the other hand...
Alexander Haruk Recht hast! Lass es dir gutgehen.... Liebe Grüße aus Österreich
Toni Rex Nimm nächstes Mal ein anderes Bike....womit man auch richtig Kurven fahren kann ! :-D
Genevieve Susan Turkstra-Fernando Just get into that F1 car instead of trying to justify your soul with a motorcycle ride.
Maria Sharapova
11:54 03/04/2017

Getting refreshed for tonight’s evian event is an easy two-step process. Step one: Drink water. Step two: Bring in the H&M crew! Tonight we’ll reveal our latest addition to the @evian bottle line up AND our newest addition to the #liveyoung team! #dropsofgreatness #evianonthego

48.6k reactions 662 comments
Prodipterang Pridip Nice but cutting hair with lady barber will be pleasant and nice
Alfredo Mena Flor Hermosa como siempre felicidades saludos desde Ecuador con mucho amor
Anatoliy Kuchin В эре тах не видя спинниг , в воласах нет ни пружинки , в стрессе плавают картинки стрекозы зелёной в синьке , то же "сабля" всех спасу шинковала колбасу , ни осталось ни травинки , ни ежа в шестом часу .. ( Оглядки )
Arif Özaydın Time without words Good Morning .. I wish you a good day how are you today Respect and love for you
Marcelo Aguirre María eres preciosa con el cabello largo...millones de bendiciones. Kissssss
Nico Rosberg
11:54 03/03/2017

‪cool throwback pic after my win in Singapore last year ✌🏻#tbt #unseen‬ 📸 by Paul Ripke

6.2k reactions 83 comments
Michi Kennste Freya Küster hahaha Weltmeister
Gerardo Quesada Somebody miss F1????
Jose Maria Carlo Araneta Too bad.. now its just a throwback tho. :(
Susan Lindsay So going to miss you this season😞
Moni Mieres Come back champ! We miss you already!
Nico Rosberg
11:54 03/03/2017

📸 by Wolfgang Wilhelm

10.9k reactions 121 comments
Angel Enriquez porque el negro hamilton no lo saluda, ??? pinche ardido
Nathalie Berhaut Schmitt Aller sur le terrain en touriste,ca doit faire bizarre . Vous allez nous manquer sur la grille!!!!!! Bon long repos
Tony Lamb No photo with Lewis ?
Alice Fernandez Vas a volver!!! Si estas dando vueltas es porque extrañas el ruido de los motores y toda esa adrenalina! 2018 te tenemos de nuevo!!
Arek El Toro Der Mut hat für einen zweiten Titel nicht gereich, ganz der ....
Nico Rosberg
11:54 03/03/2017

F1 Test Visit

7.6k reactions 979 comments
Lisa Holmes Shame you're not back to challenge this year! Everyone wants to see Lewis vs Nico!! Maybe next year?! 👍
Dietlinde Dittrich Hallo Nicole, ich wünsche Dir alles Gute im weiteren Leben für Dich und Deine Familie.
Naomi Nomsticles Wilson It's good to see you are enjoying retirement! Will miss seeing you racing but hope to still see you on to
Darren Lane Hi Nico, how do you feel watching the new cars testing, isn't there some of you that wishes you were still driving?
Jeff Yedrac 4 points en moins Utilisation du téléphone au volant Bravo le championnat du monde
Nico Rosberg
11:54 03/03/2017

finally we are allowed to film in the garage 👌🏻 #liberty

24.3k reactions 471 comments
Justin Bond If your you haven't got the bottle to drive this season at least get out of the way of the lads that have ! Why are you there ?
Anna Vasalaki People are often apprehensive of changes, but some are really really good :D :D
Tom William Bentley Nico get back racing!!! Did Roger Federer retire after 1 Wimbledon title? I feel you could have won another 2 or 3 with lewis on the ropes.
Genna Scotto Di Carlo Nico, tra un anno, per la nostalgia, sarai di nuovo in macchina a guidare una F1. Scommettiamo?
Jon Connery You won the title then bottled the chance to defend it so many rooted for you only for you to walk away so in fairness keep walking
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