Maria Sharapova
08:36 01/15/2017

Weekends with this crew 🎾

25.2k reactions 486 comments
Sameer Sharma I still have to see her killer topspin shots
Antonio Decaro Wow Maria Nice to see you on court again,you're classy when you hit the ball see you soon princess.
Abdul Rauf Abdullah Excited to watch my fav tennis player actively back in action. Misses her sight on the tennis court. 😚
Abdelhak Mehdi غذا نتلاقاو مع 4 حدا الطلعة د المخبزة ماتعطليش عليا ا ماريا بحال البارح اوكي بب
Jose Manuel Moreno I forgot one small thing: I love the legs of @mariasharapova, I can not with my genius, Beautiful !!!
Maria Sharapova
19:48 01/12/2017

Got a fun workout in today with Supergoop and friends. New Year, new healthy habits! I'll be taking over Supergoop's Instagram account tomorrow so follow along and let's stay #sunsafe together. #Supergoop365 #protectyourposse #SPF Follow me here:

46.9k reactions 401 comments
Bernardita Posion Divina Body fit - keep it up till you are ready to play tennis again. Missed you so much!
Amanda Chidiac Love you heaps Mimi, can't wait to have you back on court soon!
Rajendran Cp wonderful Sharapova keep doing thing which can he;p you in future knew that you are back soon and my best wishes
Tole Max Te escribo para que sepas que estoy contento porque en abril te bere jugando. En Alemania saludos ybesos
Fernando Mitch Pulgar Machado Espero que este sea tu año de redención, que logres tus exitos en la cancha .
Maria Sharapova
19:48 01/12/2017

Timeline Photos

10.2k reactions 339 comments
Abdul Mun'im Abdullah Sani i cannot wait to see miss maria play tenis again.but i cannot to watch you play tennis because i not have money to buy ticket and place of match far away from me
Varga Andras "Since you've been gone away I ain't missing you No matter what my friends say I ain't missing you" (just joking :) )
Hemant Dave Let the forced long Break turn into a Blessing in disguise,Dear Maria...!
William Marot I'm really so happy for you Maria, you deserve it!!!! I'm looking forward to see you on courts!!! ;-)
Delphine Fmt Ivana, un petit voyage à Stuttgart le 26 avril, ça te tente? ;)
Maria Sharapova
18:12 01/07/2017

Sugarpova will be at the Indulge Los Angeles Chocolate Festival this Sunday. Be sure to stop by for a taste! #sugarpova

7.7k reactions 193 comments
محمد علوان العبادي I love you're very cute
Faramarz Iraei I love you
Sekh Ebina Almahfuz maria sarapova you are the best player in tennis cort. and the reach women l say happy new year may god bless you . by the way give us donation for increasing our language company. thank
Stephane Dibisceglie Are you ok with your body are you ready for a body to body? lol are you ready to the great championship tennis women?
Emmanuel D Michel Babe iam just back from work. May i give you a kiss in your feet please. You are the queen remember
Nico Rosberg
05:24 01/04/2017

wow! huge thank you so many of you donated for Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.! this will help provide water for 5 thousand people in Ethiopia. we got 50 extra books now which I want to put into the raffle so everyone of you has more than a 50% chance to get one. winners will be chosen at random at the end of the week. in the meantime thank you so much and good luck!!! 🙌🏻

4.2k reactions 97 comments
Catherine Libert Bravo Nico tu as un grand ❤️
Salvatore Sanfilippo Sei un grande nello sport e nella vita!!!
Marco Antonio Coloma Gaibor God bless Niko
Silvia Barrientos Hernandez Te extraño
Martin Zacek Did you mean there is only 26% chance to get one ?
Maria Sharapova
16:36 01/02/2017

January 1, 2017. No Filter

72.9k reactions 2016 comments
Yehia ZaKaRia إنتي مش محتاجة فلتر .. إحنا اللي عايزين فلتر عشان نعرف نشوفك.. روحي يا شيخة .. إلاهي يعمر بيتك ! Haythm مين الأخت!! 😀
Prince Khatak Hey maria ... Happy new year...uu should visit Great Pakistan ....The world natural most wonderful land mountain on Plzzz am requested u plzzz come to Great beautiful Pakistan valley Swat ..Kalam ...Nathya gali.. Marri ... Abtabad & Azad ...
Michele Uselton Shields Hello from Bradenton. The weather has been beautiful on LBK.
Larry Betts Why are you on vacation with a bunch of rocks when I have already have given you an open invitation to come to Montreal and have coffee with me.
Hichem Ouali Khaled شوف صحبتك وين راهي.. راهي دور فالروشيات يا درا معامن؟؟
Maria Sharapova
16:36 01/02/2017

One chapter ends, another one opens. Holding the first draft of my autobiography. Goodbye 2016, hello 2017.

117.7k reactions 1924 comments
Dale Jones Happy New Year. Be patient, you will be back in the big time soon and so deserving of the hard work you put into it. Kick butt, no mercy. They gave none, you give none. Love your football pants. Where do I sign up 4 your team. The Sugarpova's. Enjoy ...
Michel Charette Happy New Year, I hope that your return to the tennis is blessed with a high degree of success. We have missed your presence on the courts.
Mamun Mohammad Abdullah Looking beautiful my dream girl. I know you don't see my comment, but you're my favorite athlet in the World.Welcome to Bangladesh. I am waiting for you.I can do everything to see you one time. I know it's impossible for me, but I hope it will be ...
Pramod Kumar Really, oh that's a great idea and this time is perfect for your work. I am waiting for your new miracle. Well wish you a happy new year 2017. Love you so much Maria mam. Have a nice day.
Prado Rojas Luis Que sea el mejor y te inspiren tus sentimientos...Para seguir tu camino .forjando cada paso ..Cada momento...Cada recuerdo...Todo tu carisma...sigue..Siempre tus metas .y bienvenida a chile el país...Más amoroso del mundo
Nico Rosberg
16:36 01/01/2017

ibiza fun! happy holidays everyone!

35.0k reactions 705 comments
Gesagt Hildegardespress Confidential:This dog is running the better now ;,*)Excellent 2016. .2017. . Now brother you will see out side that you are really professional.Calm, emotional support they (Guys).inthe car will needCute Incredible velocity in flight;,*)
Dan Zeit Einen guten rutsch ins neue Jahr wünsche ich dir und deiner Familie. Feiert schön und genießt die Zeit. Liebe grüße aus Hockenheim.
Adrian Pousa Ojala un día vuelvas... Pero si volves volve por vos porque no tenes nada que demostrarle a nadie... Sos un grande Nico! Feliz 2017
Catalina Pèrez Gutièrrez Muy felices fiestas Nico, disfruta mucho a tu familia, y tu retiro. Nos dejas tristes, pero es lo que tu has decidido. Muchos saludo de México.
John Davies Eines gutes urlaub Ich denke! Schwer rennen fur dich diesem jahr! (Ich bin englander mein Deutsche is schlect ich glaube..)
Nico Rosberg
16:36 01/01/2017

👉🏻👉🏻 📸 📖👌🏻👌🏻

16.5k reactions 415 comments
René Kretschmann Enjoy your new life. Wish you and your family only the best for 17 Nico! It was a hell of a ride with you😜👍🏻 sad that it's over.
Leon Dempsey Well...a book.. Now....who cares ? Sorry but you've had a career, won a top drive in a top car , had to wait 3 years for the gods of luck to align with you . You coulda done a magazine article , id have read that .
Silvi Desy Good night my handsome Nico rosberg how are you today ,where are you ,have nice long weekkend ,Marry chrismas and happy new years ,good luck and always success my handsome you are world champion ,#weloveyou #missyou my handsome Nico Rosberg 😊😊😘😘😍😍🏆🏆🏆🏆
Karen Clark Cresswell Such a classy man, no edges at all. A, worthwhile cause, am sad i can't donate enough to qualify. Good luck with the charity x
Paco Ureña Me da mucho gusto Nico, que estés feliz y hayas cumplido 1 vez el sueño de ser campeón en F1. Pensé que había más garra de piloto, que lucha por ser el máximo ganador en la F1.
Nico Rosberg
03:48 12/30/2016

Nico Rosberg updated their website address.

3.2k reactions 33 comments
Brigitte Guillot nico reviens tu va nous manquer
Heidi Mitterer Was machen wir oein dir 2017
Adam Thornton
Hubert Kloft Rosberg, what else:
Nico Rosberg
02:12 12/25/2016

the Rosbergs are wishing you all loads of fun for christmas!!! 🎄

75.8k reactions 2617 comments
Jürgen Koo Zuerst mal schöne und besinnliche Weihnachten mit seiner Familie. Und dann zum Hauptpunkt. Du hast alles richtig gemacht. Als Weltmeister abgedankt um Zeit für seine Familie zu haben. Absolut genial und ich ziehe den Hut vor dir... ( hab leider nie ...
Richard Milligan I recon he retired after his team mate showed such bad sportsmanship and desperation in the last race of the season... that would have been enough to make anyone think of retiring.
Anita Krueger Rudolph Merry Christmas to Nico and his wonderful family-you seem so happy-this is what Christmas is all about-all the best to you and your lovely family.
Paul Bargate Rosberg is no idiot he kept racing and won the world championship. Now he is doing the right thing looking after and spending time with his wife and young family. Why risk killing yourself to prove what ? .....
Elisabete Ribeiro-Hoffmann Frohe Weihnachten, Dir und deiner kleinen Familie Nico 🎄 Wünsche euch, Gesundheit, Frieden, Liebe und alles Gute für die Zukunft. Ein sehr schönes Foto! VLG aus der Pfalz
Nico Rosberg
02:12 12/25/2016

‪thank you all, you are the best team in the world. you helped me fulfill my childhood dream. wishing you all a great christmas time. #danke‬

10.7k reactions 154 comments
Paulo Sergio da Silva Parabéns Nico! Sou Brasileiro. Aprendemos a gostar da f1 com Senna. Hoje vocês da nova geração fazem um ótimo trabalho. Parabéns.
Kerstin Fritsch Hallo Nico ! Ich wünsche Dir und deiner Familie, ein schönes ruhiges besinnliches Weihnachtsfest!😊🌲🌲🌲🎅
Richard Monster Chown U will be missed Nico an best of luck in what ever you do next. Merry Christmas to you an your family 🌲🌲🌲
Yolanda Morales-Reza Nico lo mejor en estas fiestas para Ti y los Tuyos ...Bendiciones y mucha salud !!🎄⛄️🎄..... 🙅🏻
Andrea Esmeralda Não entendi o Nico, não e um questão de ser campeão ou não mas sim de escrever a sua história na f1 até o final ., E tenho certeza que ainda não tinha acabado , mas respeito e um campeão dá f1.
Nico Rosberg
02:12 12/25/2016

Tony and Marcus. thanks for putting our engineering on the next level. #danke

4.4k reactions 28 comments
Kerrie Muir Kelly Dalwood x
Pius Puspa Wirawan Om Telolet Om
Lusiana Yuniar Srharyanto om telolet om
Marcus Feld Ma Müller nico dankt mir 😜👍
Aryoko N'Rosberg on telolet om
Nico Rosberg
13:24 12/22/2016

thanks Wolfgang and Michael. DAIMLER rules!! 🙌🏻 #danke

6.8k reactions 72 comments
Andy Briggs Oh look a nico pic 😂😂
Gianluca Marrandino hai fatto ritornare massa in f1...te possino :D :D :D
Hubert Kloft Rosberg, what else.
Geovanni Padilha Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks #Nico6champion!!!!
Romanus Posdziech Bester Mann der Rosberg ! Darf ich mich jetzt bei euch bewerben Mercedes?
Nico Rosberg
13:24 12/22/2016

thank you Bradley. for the best comms job in the paddock. #danke

7.8k reactions 54 comments
Zitlali Avellaneda Son el mejor ejemplo del trabajo colaborativo
Andy Briggs Another 😂😂
Zhong Xian Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet Om Om Telolet ...
Osku Majahalme Thank You Nico too :)
Joor Daan Go Rosberg
Nico Rosberg
00:36 12/20/2016

thanks Georg and Daniel! 6 years of awesome teamwork through the great times and challenging times. always with lots of fun! #danke #teamnico #worldchampions #maximusanddanage

4.5k reactions 53 comments
Gabrio Gaddi Grandeeee, hai fatto benissimo!!!!!!!! 👍🏼
Carmen L. de Guevara Me encanta verte feliz Nico sigue así 💖
Stefania Rey 😙
Jose Antonio Merck Congratulations Nico!!!!!!
Doniyorbek Turgunov Is that wall or floor?! ))
Nico Rosberg
00:36 12/20/2016

Germany rules!

15.3k reactions 110 comments
David Vincent Gunther Be proud of what you can accomplish... when you put your mind to a task." Germany Rules" may not be your best choice of words...yes
Max Horschel Glückwunsch an die Sportler des Jahres! Weiter so!
Thomas Jäck Chapeau! Vor allem auch an Nico, für eine Bronze-Trophäe fährt normalerweise kein F1 Fahrer nach Baden-Baden! Ein Mordskerl, ohne Allüren, einfach bodenständig, Cool!
Heinz-Gerd Klein es hat die richtigen getroffen
Petra Günther Glückwunsch
Nico Rosberg
00:36 12/20/2016

‪Mr & Mrs World Champion getting ready for the last event of 2016! #badenBaden‬

52.7k reactions 863 comments
Cécile Ritz JUST beautiful a wonderful (Worldchampions) Couple, Thanks NICO and Vivian, now its Familietime, Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to you and your Family
Chris Pattison So going to miss you in F1. You both look fantastic , merry Christmas Champ
Colin Mitchell Well done nico you've been class all season and a true gentleman.
Uli Lah Wunderschön.. Alle beide 😉. Und so wunderbar herrlich normal.. Bei mir siehts ähnlich aus.. Nur liegen die Klamotten dann auf dem Bett und gucken nicht aus dem Koffer.. Drück Dir die Daumen Nico 🙏🙏
Eric Jr Nice shoe mess you have as background champ! Congratulations from a big fan in Mexico City
Nico Rosberg
00:36 12/20/2016

thank you Vowles, awesome strategies!!! #danke

7.9k reactions 43 comments
Joana Parker What a lovely gesture 💝
Rodney Barkworth Totally!
Sabine Khaira So Beautiful
Eric Camerlo Tu vas nous manquer Nico !
Carmen L. de Guevara Nico Nico Nico te queremos Nico, te queremos!!😍👍😊😊
Nico Rosberg
00:36 12/20/2016

Nico Rosberg ADAC Motorsportler des Jahrs 2016

6.3k reactions 39 comments
Master Getif Some say he showers with the trophy.
David Schön Alter vattermann Weltmeister
Raija Sahervo Hyviä kuvia muistoihin !
Jyrki Kujanpää Good men 👍👀👍
Mikey Lewis Is the tropthy closer to your heart than a human baby? 😂😂
Nico Rosberg
00:36 12/20/2016

Hammer, darüber freue ich mich sehr. Danke ADAC 🏆

11.8k reactions 104 comments
Stefan Plohmann Preise? Für was bitte? Kneifen?
Tania Mangeli Den hast du dir verdient.... Alles liebe und Gute
Pamela Fuentes Rocha From Chile ❤❤❤❤❤
Hon Kenneth Mbaegbu Nico bitte benutzen sie dein seit mit deine Frau Danke.
Ragnar Heydrich Lord Nico congrats you will be missed by many. Hopefully Hamilton goes to force India And Vettel and Hulkenberg take over Benz.
Nico Rosberg
00:36 12/20/2016

ADAC Award München

3.0k reactions 108 comments
Zlata Knap Frohe Weihnachten und Happy New Year, besonders gut Warenkorb, egal ob Sie ein Weltmeister F1 sind wieder, wie meine beste Weltmeister Schumi. Ich halte seine Fäuste immer noch, und ich glaube, dass zumindest eine seiner Erfolge erinnert. Ich halte ...
Despina Jones At last people are realising what a shining example of a sportsman Nico is, the fact that he has achieved his dream, and now wants to move on and spend quality time with his beautiful family says it all. What a great ambassador for the sport he is, ...
Walter Mitterer Ich möchte es nicht verabsäumen Nico nochmals herzlichen Glückwunsch einen großen Respekt dass du aufgehört hast du hast alles gewonnen was zu gewinnen gibt
Christian Wagner komm in's Wirtshaus zur Bretzen 🍺🍗
Claudia Wann Alles Gute für Deine Zukunft. Viel Spass mit Deiner Familie
Nico Rosberg
00:36 12/20/2016

thank you Ron and team, for the best pit stop crew!! #danke

8.6k reactions 58 comments
Javad Muhammedi Sehr schöne
Carmen L. de Guevara Danke!!❤
Alaia Maldini Nico,Champion.
Ruben De Guyenne Hamiltons pit crew you mean lol
Игор Павлески 💣💣
Nico Rosberg
11:48 12/17/2016

Nico Rosberg Champion Tour Hamburg & Berlin

1.6k reactions 105 comments
Despina Jones Well done Nico! You set out to achieve your dream and now you have, you want to move on and spend quality time with your family, a shining example of a man who knows what he wants and a great ambassador for the sport. Congratulations.!
Regina Friede Elbphilharmonie ß
Thierry Duport La classe 🔝
Lothar Folkerts so sehen Sieger aus
Carolina Jane Champion!!! Ven a Machu Picchu !!!!!!
Maria Sharapova
11:48 12/18/2016

Timeline Photos

30.0k reactions 452 comments
Mel Albert Chocolate covered anything day? I like today very much.
Korn Jitsawat love love
Mehmet Ali Yazıcı Cover me with chocolate then lick.
Vincent Dethare From West side story... Maria, Maria...the most beautifull girl I met ...
Oswaldo Moscoso I love you Masha !!!!!
Nico Rosberg
11:48 12/17/2016

Berlin!! 🇩🇪🏆

28.4k reactions 330 comments
Trevor Southerd what an areshole! spoilt rich boy.
Keith B. Rosenberg The Brandenburg gate! Branden is a Burg because a Berg is a hill not a town.
Dolo Pelletier Il semble que vous ne pouvez pas être plus heureux.merci pour toute ces fins - de - semaine assise devant mon écran. Je suis tellement heureuse pour vous et votre famille.Bravo encore.
Brooklyn Rye Ok stop haven't you shown off enough it is kind of annoying
Mendygarina Madina You look tired, Nico. I think that is too much for you, all this Mercedes contract obligatory marketing staff.
Nico Rosberg
11:48 12/17/2016

Nico Rosberg ZDF Menschen 2016

11.3k reactions 68 comments
Deogracias Mulamba Nico 🏆
Emma Idaliia Torres Joshuaaaaaa!!! 😻⚽🏆
Mattia Lazzarini GRANDE NICO!!!! CI MANCHERAI 😔
Michel Zimmermann Wann ist überhaupt Ausstrahlung der Sendung?
Mohamed Cissé Glory
Nico Rosberg
11:48 12/17/2016

hanging out with Fabian Hambüchen and Joshua Kimmich before the ZDF show Menschen 2016 👊🏻⚽️🏅

10.6k reactions 89 comments
Joana Parker Enjoy every minute 💝
Eva-Maria Schulz 😍😍😍 3 tolle Jungs auf einem Foto 🙈☺
Sinan Avcı hamilton siqer qardeş götün yiyosa 2017'ye kalsaydın
CG Tan Joshua kimmich. In asia, we can this star kimchi...
Soledad Del Carmen Ramirez Viquendi Hola Nico, que bien! saludos Campeón🏆
Maria Sharapova
23:00 12/15/2016

So thrilled to be playing at one of the biggest indoor arenas I've ever played at today, in San Juan!

30.0k reactions 669 comments
Matt Thomas Anyone have access to the live scores? Unfortunately can't find anything online anywhere
Anthony Estrada Jr Haven't seen much if you since you glamorously carried the Olympic torch during Winter Olympics in Russia eons ago..
Gary Marham Just great 2 see ya back on court with a racket in your hand maria.xx
Kostas D. Kanavarakis Καλά Χριστούγεννα ευτυχισμένη νέα χρονιά ,με θριαμβευτική επάνοδο στα κόρτς του τέννις!!
Jinky Altamera Espinas any livestream link please? so happy to see maria on the tennis court again.. welcome back maria.. hope to see you in french open.. 😊
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