Nico Rosberg
04:00 04/23/2017


8.5k reactions 140 comments
Regina Carvalho Você entende que sentimos saudades, então fique conosco é nós conte tudo oque faz , tá bem meu lindo menino, Você está feliz,? Conte tudo, 🤣😘😘😘😘😘🤓
Rachid Boubezari Eh, slt nico on t' as vu au tournoi tennis de monte carlo assiste au demi finale Nadal contre david Goffin . porte toi bien, t'as l'air en forme pendant ta retraite premature.
Kel Mueller Looking cool 😎 Nico
Lucien Byfieldt get back to driving
Monica Andreoli Sempre un piacere vederti. In formula uno ci manchi campione❤
Nico Rosberg
04:00 04/23/2017

car/helicopter in one 😳 #topmarques #monaco

9.6k reactions 170 comments
Suman Yadav Cool man nice choice but you look fave on race car we want to see you soon miss you so much much much much...............
Jürgen Schmitt Kann man alles machen wenn man soviel Kohle hat wie der Rentner Roßberg...
Elizabeth Ray Stuck in rush hour traffic? No problem! LOL!!
Carol Wilson Eurocopter....a death basket Nico. Stay away from it. Stick to classic cars.❤
Nico-Angelo Dinç Nie im Leben würde ich da einsteigen :D Viel Glück, Gesundheit und eine sichere Landung :D
Nico Rosberg
15:12 04/20/2017

hey everyone. please send some money to support Billy. I just did as well. #stickingtogether my thoughts are especially with all of you who are billy's family or friends.

Help raise £260000 to Help Billy Monger beat life changing injuries, after being involved in one of the most horrific crashes Motorsport has seen
Help raise £260000 to Help Billy Monger beat life changing injuries, after being involved in one of the most horrific crashes Motorsport has seen

Weʼre raising money to Help Billy Monger beat life changing injuries, after being involved in one of the most horrific crashes Motorsport has seen . Support this JustGiving Crowdfunding Page.

2.8k reactions 88 comments
Frédéric Brochard Fait, je n'ai pu donner que 10 GBP mais ça contribue à augmenter le fond. Je lui souhaite le meilleur pour le futur :)
Bob Hermans I send as well , proud of the motorsport community !!!
Ste Phan schrecklich, alles gute dem kleinen. spenden ist schön, wenn man kann. ich kanns leider nicht.
Steffen Fobe Nico, tank you for sharing this, objectives are overpassed, could be because you shared ;-)
Lars Långberg Eifersucht genannt, denke ich an ihnen deutschen Beiträge !!
Maria Sharapova
15:12 04/21/2017

A peek inside my Le Parisien feature 🇫🇷

34.0k reactions 617 comments
Zuher Nagib Very interesting interview ,,,,, I wish to U win this championship ,,, ,,,
Kc Arcilla Happy Birthday Masha... all the best and good luck to you return to the tour.. God Bless!
Milos Vidakovic Only one week,Returning to the game of tennis.Welkome back.
Ioanna Asaeva С днём рождения Мария!! Я ваш фанат и желаю много ,много счастья,любви и,конечно,успехов во всех ваших делах!!
Haaris Nadeem maria sharapova-15m likes,sachin tendulkar-28m likes,now u should know who he is 😁
Nico Rosberg
15:12 04/20/2017

Gym Session ☑️

9.6k reactions 197 comments
Yannic Martin Nico, why did you remove the logo on your smartphone 😄
Regina Carvalho Oi oi Meu Menino, Tô com saudades de Você, mesmo, sentia desespero de te ver correr, agora ,saudades de te ver longue.abracos.Deus te amar muito.
Johannes Schmitt ich kann einfach nichtverstehen warum die menschen nicht verstehen können , das nico eine entscheidung für seine familie, und gegen kommerz,titel,geldgierigkeit,gewählt hat.eine echte mannesetscheidung .---bravo nico geh weiter deinen individual weg.
Virginie Brillouet Go to mihabodytech monté carlo !!! . It's a amazing machine for training 😉💪🏼
Diane Cullimore Hello lovely man!Thank you for the update we all miss you terribly and these make up for not seeing you race in a small way 😘🇬🇧🇩🇪🏆
Maria Sharapova
02:24 04/19/2017

The Times Magazine cover 🇬🇧

41.4k reactions 1548 comments
Satish Kumar Thakur ..Quakes r.. 1....... 2. Sher Bahadur thapa?De oca? 3. Hon. Sir, & all.... I, ...... , Vouch for, that I had given my all posted innovative ideas for free usage by whole world. Anti to non liking India places ₹ ? For absolute, worry free etc. Usage of ...
Juliocezaramaralmoura Moura FELIZ ANIVERSARIO para voce GATA,que voçe tenho muito felicidade e que seja cada dia mais bonita,eu gosto de voçe ,mas não sou famoso então não tem como ficar com voçe,mas tabom pelo menos vejo voçe,os homens devem gostar de voçe,seu ultimo namorado era ...
Todd Stubbs You look great, i read an article yesterday i believe it was from one of your coaches talking about how good you look on the court & how the time off was beneficial, awesome, go get em in stuttgart, God Bless you Maria Sharapova, oh Happy Birthday,
Anil Arya Happy B,day frnd....we r all dying slowly slowly.....everyone should do good work before dying...and you also...plz do some work against islaam.....before the apedemik spread ,kill the epedemic virushes....
Yogendrakumar Sharma Maria, life is a tennis match, only the smart player wins it, God gives advantage to better player, God bestows mercy, God gives love of His, man becomes smart, you are beautiful player, two qualities rarest, love you.
Maria Sharapova
02:24 04/19/2017

Because it's really bright out past midnight 😂

24.0k reactions 445 comments
Arif Özaydın Because at midnight Then you are very beautiful spectacular Very beautiful Sexxy Wonders .... yellow lemon My flower Maria Sharapova
Chris Reese Thats the look of someone who wants high level sports again
Andy Tibar I think I already seen that in a movie.. walking dead?, zombie apocalypse ?, and never mind..just kidding. : ))
Michael Crabtree You know what they say after midnight I'm going to let it all hang out have fun
Jose Torres Segovia Hola maria bonita , divina y bella hermosa con unos ojos vellos y encantadores la mejor del tenis esperando tu retorno preciosa
Maria Sharapova
02:24 04/19/2017

I’m so excited to show you the cover for UNSTOPPABLE: MY LIFE SO FAR, the memoir I’ve been working on for the past year! I can’t wait for you to read my story. In stores September 12. For more info: Preorder now: Amazon - B&N - iBooks - Google Play - BAM - Indiebound -

50.8k reactions 1757 comments
Lamine Benazzou no visa to visit russia .i'm algerian and im coming to see you this summer....😁😘 راني جاي يا المسطااشا
Ezekiel Blackley Strange coincidence...E.P. had naturally Blonde Hair (before he dyed it Black) like your naturally Blonde hair but unlike you, I, and my mother with Green Eyes...He had Blue ones like my dad...I had naturally blonde hair when I was a very young child ...
Abdul Rauf Abdullah Looking forward for its release. And most importantly eagerly waiting for your appearance in the tennis world circuit soon ie. 26 April 2017 @ Women's Stuggart Open. 👌😍
Malal Abdul I waiting for to have absolutely the book of the best and great performer of tennis of the world and of the very very very beautiful and fantastique MARIA SHARAPOVA,SHE'S THE NUMBER ONE FOREVER. For me STEFFIE GRAFT and MARIA SHARAPOVA her twice the ...
LB Sarz Im avid fan of you maam marsha😊come back stronger in the tennis scene.wish you all the best in life.from philippines with love😊
Nico Rosberg
02:24 04/18/2017

🐣 #happyeaster

14.6k reactions 222 comments
Catherine Libert Toute mimi !!adorable avec son petit panier !bientot deux ans .merci pour cette belle photo Nico Joyeuses fêtes de Pâques a vous trois.
Matteo Balduzzi Hey Nico komm an stelle von Raikkonen... italienisch kannst du ja!
Jolande van Biert Happy Easter too for the family too. Sweet girl growing fast.
Alnardo Solomon Happy Easter Champ! Sure do miss you giving Hamilton a hard time on track.
Giulia Magi buona pasqua a te e famiglia la tua principessa cresce in sempre piu grande che bei riccioli biondi che ha bellissimi
Maria Sharapova
02:24 04/19/2017

Last nights memories FOREVER ❤️

61.7k reactions 1280 comments
Bil Haddad Happy birthday to one of the greatest test play is over I hope you have a great day you're one of a kind
Mohammad Afzal Ramiz nice, u should not have asked bt the shrine of ajmer ! and sardars were went quite, first know then go, don't try to know by ur own selves, knowing is good but under guidance
Mohd Naim Happiest birthday to the one and only sexiest, fabulous, gorgeous and best tennis player ever i idolize, Ms. Maria Sharapova. ☺☺☺
Shara Ômar Omg l have been your fan coz of your name since l was a child lol haha btw our birthdays are soo near mine is today 17/4 lol 😁😁happppy birthday sharapovaaa ❤
Ancient Mantra Happy Birthday to the best athlete i have ever known ....... you are and will remain a heartbeat for ur fans....god bless you
Nico Rosberg
02:24 04/18/2017

Congrats Valtteri Bottas 1st pole! Great lap. Happy for all you guys at merc that Valtteri is going well

14.3k reactions 193 comments
Ricky Beecroft Hamilton to win world championship this year put my money on it
Fredrik Svensson Both you and Bottas can take "the Poser" down with real racingskills and hard work 😊
Ahmed Njifi Clément même à la retraite il est tjrs content de l'échec de Lewis
Michael Mühl give the red monkey his lolli back - Congrats Vallteri
Jolande van Biert I am pleased he did a great job. Hopefully he beat Hamilton too like you did.😊
Nico Rosberg
13:36 04/15/2017

Bahrain throwback 😘 #tbt

14.0k reactions 197 comments
Nathan Thiago Bottas is not at the same level as you were last season :/
Paula Chuter Its so strange not seeing you in the race and on podium this year. We miss that 😘
Ricardo Ian Aguilar Deberías de estar corriendo, Bottas no te llega a los talones, tu superabas a todos fácilmente lo que Bottas no pudo hacer en China.
Angelo Calabrò I hope to see Vettel like this at the end of the Bahrain Gp!!!
Renoy Ray Come back Nico ☹ ... F1 is so boring right now without you!!!
Nico Rosberg
11:54 04/10/2017

Back on top. Congrats Lewis/Merc! Well deserved

7.3k reactions 192 comments
Catherine Libert Des félicitations toujours pour toi NICOOO 😎mais pas pour LEWIS👿 .bon dimanche à vous trois 💕
Tommi Kivistö Nico if you still drive it wuold be 1. Rosberg 2.Hamilton...
Alakananda Mohanty Yaaassss ! Worrh watching on a Sunday morning.. really early !
Felix Meurer Also, braucht man die Formel 1 auch in diesem Jahr nicht zu kucken, wird genauso langweilig wie im Vorjahr.😡
Bianca Vázquez Nico. Sin duda te extrañamos mucho. Esperamos tu regreso.
Nico Rosberg
11:54 04/10/2017


18.9k reactions 288 comments
Francesco Chioccioni Tu fai la bella vita!!!! (giustamente)....noi...senza te in f1 la facciamo un pochino più brutta (ingiustamente)
Timothy Lapierre Hi nico, aujourd'hui c'est le stage des commissaires au chapiteau Fontvielle! Passe nous voir si tu as deux minutes.
Justin Damke Was für eine wunderschöne Steuer Oase,ehhhm ich meine wunderschöne Stadt.
Abu Furqan Rozber qaqa netersen? Haralarda cox olursa? Gedewsen wanxaya? Imkan varsa menimde yol pulumu ver, senin wotuna dunyani gorum. 😂😂😂
Lamine Belkheir Photo très classe, vous êtes sublimes ta famille et toi... Mais purée ce que tu nous manques en F1
Maria Sharapova
23:06 04/08/2017

Out and about this weekend and looking to see where you can find Sugarpova? Look no further -- simply type in the zip code in's new store locator to find a store near you: #Sugarpova #ShopNow

13.5k reactions 293 comments
Daniel Trunpho Eolho nossa coraçao voce devia ter vindo antes agora é tarde ----- eu devia ter pego aquele jatinho a anos atras alias falando em anos voce veja pelo tempo o tamanho da incompetencia de seus amigos ----- eu passei do limite concordo mas garanto que voce nao ...
Marcelo Aguirre El open de Madrid, va a empezar.... es una pena no poderte ver en esté torneo. María eres la reina del tenis 🎾🎾🎾🎾❤️❤️❤️🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸❤️❤️❤️
MD Shayel Please come back in tennis court.....I can't waiting for your fire perform.....
Navendu Tyagi Hii Maria. How's your preparation going on for the French Open.
Jim Rodriguez I don't watch tennis on TV anymore.. I sure miss watching Maria.
Nico Rosberg
23:06 04/07/2017

my dad's graduation gift is now in the IWC Schaffhausen - Museum

1.7k reactions 22 comments
Paula Chuter 😘😘😘😘
Khial Khiali 😌
Omar Herrera Nice
Pascale Laurent c'est bientot mon anniversaire Nico Rosberg merci
Liisa Rosberg Hieno. ☺
Nico Rosberg
23:06 04/07/2017

Throwback China. Many great memories! #2012 #2016

6.7k reactions 101 comments
Catherine Libert Rien que du bonheur 😘 de revoir cette photo magnifique 👍NICOO hello
Sue Griffin Missing you on track - enjoying you keeping in touch xxx
Necy Sol Conchada I belive you mr.nick,you are smart racing driver.
Alice Fernandez Te extrañamos!!!
Daniel Manolache You miss it don't you ?
Nico Rosberg
23:06 04/07/2017

we had some fun at a friend's wedding! #monaco

20.0k reactions 260 comments
Salvatore La Marca Ciao Nico torni in Ferrari l'anno prossimo al posto di kimi?? Ho questa sensazione,spero di non sbagliarmi 😎😃
Silvia Napetschnig Hübsches Kleid, aber in weiß zu einer Hochzeit geht gar nicht, außer, man ist die Braut!
Diane Cullimore I hope you enjoyed a few drinks.Did the shirt come off Nico? 😆😘🇩🇪🇬🇧🍾👌🏻
Klaus Dauselt richtig so nico dein ziel erreicht und jetzt an familie denken
Frank Frisch Freud mich sehr für euch,jetzt kannst du aber auch mal ein Paar Kilo drauflegen😜dir und deiner Familie alles gute 🍀
Nico Rosberg
21:30 04/02/2017

Sunday cruise. Wish you all a great day!! 📸 by @vivianrosberg

21.3k reactions 395 comments
Mike Mallette Can't be that cold if it's in pluses in Canada... drop the purse! 😂 happy Sunday Vivian n Nico!
Dorelio Giovannoni this is and nothing else...great job Nico Rosberg
Annie Warn Nice photo but it looks cold. I'm coming over from Oz for the race next month, does this mean I need Winter clothes 😂
Lyndsay E Wallace Aww very cute pic as they say couple goals (even though I hate that shite haha)
Lynda Smith Brilliant, that's how to spend your Sundays Nico, you can't buy happiness xxxxc
Nico Rosberg
21:30 04/02/2017

flying home 🛫

13.5k reactions 253 comments
Raija Sahervo Hyvä olet vapaa Formuloista voit tehdä mikä sinua miellyttää ja ensisijaisesti nautit perheestä !
Miguel Dégardins You have been good. What else ? Keep jumping and bring us to fun, trhill and hapiness.
Pauline Neale Looking extremely relaxed !! No pressure. No bullying in the workplace. ENJOY NICO !!
Harry Fi Fehlst mir scho weng bei der F1 aber daumen hoch 👍👍👍👍du hast alles richtig gemacht
Soledad Del Carmen Ramirez Viquendi Egoistamente, como se te extraña verte en pista, no tengo un fav este año, que sigas disfrutando tu bella familia,besos Porteños 🏁🏆
Maria Sharapova
08:42 04/01/2017

Checking out this awesome Super Power Sunscreen Mousse from the Supergoop crew. Blends super easily, fun to use and smells amazing! Scoop it at SEPHORA! #newatsephora

19.5k reactions 505 comments
Paras Yadav So glad 2 see you doing well swt_heart. .. all the best ✌ 👍 💕 💞 💖 💑 🎾 💑
Danny Lim Greetings from Malaysia.. Now is 05:10 am in Malaysia.. You're beautiful, Maria.. 😘
Enrique Rubén Orozco Maldonado In spanish. Tan linda como siempre María Bonita. Buena noche desde Salamanca México
Fernando Shaman Im yours truyly Maria...nice smile..
Nico Rosberg
08:42 03/31/2017

sundowner 👌🏻 #monaco

11.3k reactions 152 comments
John Heller Enjoy your one year vaca!
Mauricio Javier Méndez Ruíz TE EXTRAÑAMOS!!!! Y Muy bonito atardecer.
Brigitte Werner Esser Tolle Aufnahme.
Robin Gibson Must be nice to have such a beautiful existence
Riccardo Raimondi I was in Monaco 2 days ago, what a pity!
Nico Rosberg
19:54 03/28/2017

mmmh. Sushi is one of my favorites. Enjoy your lunch! #monaco #goodtimes #sushi Photo: @paulripke

5.5k reactions 137 comments
Enrico del Nobile Good lunch but i prefer pasta and pizza ;)
Edward Radesky Come back NICO, we miss you. You are a great ambassador for the sport and GENTLEMAN! Best Wishes;)
Jyrki Kujanpää Sensei eat. now Sushi come good Sisu 👍👀👍
Antony Hamilton Lucky you. I had college meatballs. They were not pleasant.
Virgil Schacher Si j'avais su que tu étais à Monaco j'aurais fait la route pour te rencontrer!!
Maria Sharapova
07:06 03/27/2017

Heading to Ralphs for the week ahead? Don't forget to pick up some Sugarpova ox #Sugarpova

30.1k reactions 498 comments
Kerry Hagen Beautiful kitchen, you are the sweetest Lady i know , keep that flow n glow rolling ,,
Kamel Benachi as well u are shrinking like an add that is sugapova. i think this is ur mysterious brain thinking that is operating this topic always in ur human nature. i think u should have to think for an integrational matter that will calculate u different manner.
Tole Max Muy pronto te veré en las canchas de tenis. Te Amooooooooo mari
El Badaoui Salah-eddine كضربي الشكلاط و متحمدوش تا الله كون تشوفي شنو كناكلو يضرك خاطرك ا ساطة
Nico Rosberg
19:54 03/28/2017

Congrats Sebastian/Ferrari. Respect. Could be a cool Merc vs Ferrari battle all season. You up for that? #f12017

16.1k reactions 335 comments
Despina Jones A lot of sore losers here! Not even sure why they are here!😂😂😂
Gloria Ishimoto Missing you on the grid.. Enjoy your beautiful family. Cause in the end, they are all that matter! Best wishes to you n yours Nico
Alessandro Nicolas Catizone Grande Nico! In Italia speriamo sia così per tutta la stagione😉
Rok Pogorelčnik das wird eine sehr spannende Saison, aber jetzt muss ich irgendwie Motivation finden da ja Nico nicht mehr dabei ist xd.... btw. ich suche den RTL video stream von Abu Dhabi 2016 Rennen habe es damals leider verpasst und will es jetzt nachschauen.... ...
Marco Lang Du bist weg und ich hab niemanden mehr für den ich die Daumen drücken kann. Hab das Rennen angesehen, war mir ohne jemanden anzufeuern viel zu langweilig.
Nico Rosberg
07:06 03/26/2017

she loves cars 😳

14.9k reactions 658 comments
Pauline Neale Nico, F1 is bound to be in the little one's blood! ! Sorry you're not in the mix.this season. Should have liked to see you in the red one .😕
Robert Curd Miss you in the lineup but living life and getting to share time with your family is special...Much love my friend, enjoy...
Elida Avila Estarás feliz por Vettel que es alemán. Y que vuelva de nuevo la competencia. Que no sea solamente mercedes. Y aparte que Lewis no crea que le sera fácil!!!. te extrañamos.
Gerold Strauss Lieber Nico, Du hast alles richtig gemacht. Genieß' die Zeit mit Deiner Familie!
Agnes Döll Ich finde es schade das du aufgehört hast aber ich akzeptiere es. Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie alles gute. Bleib so wie du bist.
Nico Rosberg
07:06 03/26/2017

Good morning. Wow. Respect to all of you who always get up so early over the years... #F1 #AusGP

5.2k reactions 350 comments
Sonia Jayne Luff Good to see your ex team mate whining already and having a bit of a melt down😁
Belinda Blackshaw Wish you were out there Nico. Really don't want Hamilton or Vettel to win
Markus Kilzheimer Man muss nicht aufwachen wenn man gar nicht erst geschlafen hat 😎
Daniel Wende Hamilton fleißig am weinen 😭 hoffentlich kommt bottas noch vorbei! Vettel macht das schon ❤️
Edward Radesky Maybe Ferrari should field a THIRD SF70 and you would drive one to feel the Ferrari experience before you finally retire???
Nico Rosberg
07:06 03/26/2017

Guten Morgen. Wow. Respekt, dass ihr alle immer so früh aufsteht... 😴😴 ihr seid die wahren Fans!! #F1 #ausGP

2.1k reactions 163 comments
James Haworth The true fans in Australia get to watch F1 at 2200 or 0000 or 0300 local time! Nice to be at the race at 1600 watching live!
Simon Lavelle You will be pleased to know that Vettel has the lead and it's his to lose ☺☺
Ruth A Blakley Morning Nico, welcome to OUR world lol 😊 I've been up since 5.30am UK time
Katrin Busch Haha oder noch wach sind nach der nachtschicht. Ich finde es erlich gesagt langweilig heute Nico fehlt wirklich
Nick Becker Schade das du nicht mehr fährst, jetzt weiß ich nicht mehr wem ich die Daumen drücken soll ;)
Maria Sharapova
07:06 03/27/2017

I don't usually keep shoe boxes but 😍. The new Nike Air #VaporMax know how to make an entrance!! #TEAMNIKE

20.9k reactions 273 comments
Saka Carreyed Away Free da ama pirak I thoibi
Cem Biçer Ömer Kayhan Tabata'dan sonra dunyanin en buyuk balonu
Nicolò Pascale Doped
Aiman Zouana Dakhalt 3lik belah à Maria Sharapova ila ma gouli liya wach mzawja ola makhtouba ola solo...njibo dar nhadro fik.
Edward Starman Always... Evolve! Make Progression.... and Strive for Perfect. Plain old law of Nature/Creation. B|
Nico Rosberg
07:06 03/26/2017

excited about Q3. Merc or Ferrari? .... #F1 #AusGP

23.3k reactions 813 comments
Cliff Calibre ooh that was close champ. you would of made it more exciting tho. your very fast and people are gonna start realising that now 🏁🏆
Leonora Glasserman Me apena no verlo en la carrera de Australia , es un piloto de lo mejor y una persona que sabe que es competir en buenos términos , si bien seguí siempre a aFerrari desde su llegada solo esperaba verlo competir y ganar con ese don de gente que lo ...
Katy Ce Extrañas? Yo creo que si. Se te ve contento pero ya no tienes ese brillo que te da hacer lo que te gusta. Ahora estás jubilado a tus treinta y tantos....tendrás muchoooooo tiempo para pensar.
Thomas Sartorio Ich habe es mir Seit 20 Jahren das erst mal nicht Angesehen 😉weil ich auf einen solo Vorstellen von Lewis echt keinen Bock habe ich hoffe der Sebastian kann dieses Jahr ein Wort mitreden 😎
Uriel Alberto Patiño Caro Ases mucha falta pero valoró tu decisión porque es una carrera con muchos riesgos y ya lograste la sima. El hogar los hijos la familia primero.
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