Dean Ambrose
12:54 12/14/2017

Can you "believe that" happened last year at WWE Tribute to the Troops?

16.6k reactions 119 comments
Femi Mary Amanda Always love SHIELD moments!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 Cannot forget this!!!
Ahmed Moosa Its a little off topic, but where did kofi's accent go?
Brad Hass The Shield vs The Club vs Undisputed Era! Now that would be a match!
Henry Kennedy Horsemen best team ever, then road warriors, then midnight express, then rock and roll express
Emma Begnaud I can't stand the New Day the Sheilds are the best
Dean Ambrose
12:54 12/14/2017

We're just getting started...

23.8k reactions 286 comments
Jason Sweeny Sumo Joe needs to get into shape. He gets the meat sweats just standing in the ring!!
John Hall Put Jason Jordan threw a table or two please.
Eddy Beckham I think it should be the shield vs the bar and samoe joe. obviously the shield would win. ama niaje
Prottoy Das Pro Distroy the bar and joe.Show them what can shield do.
Shanice Mosier Joe needs to shut up he gets on my nerves Dean Ambrose looks really hot damn Dean I am really sorry what happened yesterday I hope you get Jason Jordan what he did to you that’s pretty fucked up what he did I hope you get revenge on him I hope you kick ...
Dean Ambrose
12:54 12/14/2017

WWE RAW: Dean Ambrose vs. Samoa Joe

11.5k reactions 76 comments
Diogo Pereira Samoa Joe vs Dean Ambrose for the first time EVER ... Crowd's reaction in Ohio - like a fucking funeral
R H Shaan but....your the great wrestlers...... #love_you #dean_ambrose
Jack Foran Nick DeMichael 12 days of Hounds of Christmas
Layvond Boy Sourav It was sad to see u submit as I did not saw u submitting to any one since 2015 u take ur revenge nd wtever the result I will always be ur fan
Gabriel Denjoroz Dean I believe in you that u can kick samoa Joe ass
Dean Ambrose
12:54 12/14/2017

WWE RAW: Dean Ambrose Discusses "His Strategy" with Renee Young

8.6k reactions 57 comments
Karen McDonald kick his ass dean xoxo
Monique Chaventre Dean et Sa Femme Renée
Makhal Jadab Best of luck dean ambrose
Kate Morrison Good luck Ambrose
Greg Craig Awesome
Sin Cara
00:12 12/12/2017

Muy feliz cumpleaños a mi amigo el rey de los cuadriláteros 👑 Rey Mysterio 👑 !! Con tu tranquilidad, sabiduría y habilidad en el ring has construido una impresionante trayectoria en la lucha libre que todos admiramos. ¡Que disfrutes de tu día amigo!

1.4k reactions 48 comments
Dunjoye Fagol Happy birthday Sin Cara
Dora Mccormick wish him Happy Birthday from me
Ajstyle Bhardwaj Most happy birthday
Bhaskar Dehariya Lucha kamaal kar sitta
Paty Navarro-Gutierrez Happy birthday to Him🎂🎁
Dean Ambrose
11:18 12/09/2017

Ambrose & Rollins eat birthday cake and arm-wrestle in Abu Dhabi

6.6k reactions 79 comments
Macheru Lisha Peter Happy Birthday Dean Ambrose
Raj Danggali Thitoo Suppoobbb
कुवासुङ पालिम्पा चाम्लिङ राई brothers..
Linda Renninger Happy Birthday Dean your a real cutie
Giorgos Kolvanis 💖🌟💪👊👍🌟💖🍰😊
Dean Ambrose
11:18 12/09/2017

3 years ago today (and every day)... if you summon a Lunatic, you pay the price.

10.2k reactions 79 comments
Kevin Taydr Bray shut. The fuck up
Akilesh Happy Birthday Dean Ambrose!!!!
Anastacia Putri Dean miss you so much😊😊
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim بعرف إنك حلو يا حلو💜
Aj Styl Next week the sheald vr somo jio cesaro and shmas
Dean Ambrose
11:18 12/09/2017

The Shield Has a Message for The WWE Universe

7.5k reactions 90 comments
Jason English Overrated sable and team
Fay Harris Happy Birthday Dean..
Paula Anderson Happy birthday Dean
Samiya Ahmed Wow
Paula Anderson Congrats Dean Roman and Seth for your fith anniversary
Sin Cara
22:36 12/06/2017

Made a stop at Lucha Libre Taco Shop North Park before WWE SmackDown Live!

1.4k reactions 28 comments
Jessica Ceniceros Jesus Gallegos
Junior Montero Alex Brown
Branden Green Cool
Eduardo Ayala Fuerte puto impostor
Dean Ambrose
11:18 12/09/2017

WWE RAW: Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins backstage

5.6k reactions 138 comments
LuAnn Morrow Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Dean HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.
Christopher William Iverson Meet you and all wwe entertainment as a fan soon in Detroit Michigan love movies shows events music photos videos
Farah Hlb Happy birthday Dean wish you all the best 🎂🎁🎉🎊
Louise Donna 🎉Happy Birthday to my nutty lunatic 🎉 xxx
Rahul Dubey Wish you very very happy birthday to you dean ambrose
Dean Ambrose
11:18 12/09/2017

WWE RAW: Tag Team Championship Match

8.8k reactions 68 comments
Brave D. A. Diab So Very Happy Birthday To My Twin The Lunatic Fringe Dean Unstable Ambrose Jonathan David Good
Favour Mwila But where was Roman to protect his boys this wasn't fair love u Seth
Becky Lackey This whole thing SUCKS!!!!
Chengg Le Why Samoa Joe always want to involve the match which not his business???
Krishna Khilare Sam joo not come then win in shield
Dean Ambrose
11:18 12/09/2017

Come on, guys... don't cry over spilled cookies. #NationalCookieDay

11.5k reactions 116 comments
Suraj Singh Dean Ambrose champion my friend Dean Ambrose Hero
Catherine O'Dea - McDonnell #SaveTheCookies!!!!
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim يا أروع شيلد في العالم كله💜
Sam Smith Love this segment so funny
Michaela Möckel LOL! But it´s just REALLY watchable from 0:37!
Sin Cara
09:48 12/04/2017

Great time in Mexico City!

1.5k reactions 18 comments
Petros BF Excelente ..
Ivhy Aira Romero Wow
Md Sobuj Mia love u kalisto n sin cara
Moreno Moreno Felicidades champ
Sandrine Louisa So cute
Sin Cara
09:48 12/04/2017

Gracias, Mexico City!

2.4k reactions 46 comments
Frederick Thomas The orginall Sin Cara
Javier Lucha Libre Excelente máscara
Jose Saucedo Your number 1 sin cara.
Angel Allison Pinche mascara chingona..
Juan Quiroz Excelente
Dean Ambrose
08:06 11/29/2017

Start counting down days.

12.2k reactions 282 comments
Stella du Plessis If you live in South-Africa you missed all the fun overseas.
Ankit Rathour Welcome to India.............. Ambrose I'm so excited 😀😀😀😀😀😀
Pikin Wonder Prince I believe that I will see you one day, I love you Ambrose
Mohaemd Sayeh I hope to attend the show live
Brooke Jackson My #LunaticFringe ❤😍😘will be in India! Cool! 😎 The #AmbroseAsylum awaits! #RAW #WWELive
Dean Ambrose
06:30 11/24/2017

The Bar doesn't stand a chance... the first-ever Steel Cage Match to happen in Abu Dhabi is going down on Dec. 8!

7.4k reactions 126 comments
Ryan Cho The shield will be a champ team
Michelle Rohr I believe that they will become the new world tag team champions
Connie Trenham Good luck and also want to wish the shield a happy thanksgiving.
Buji Khalifah Dmx Aya bassi at the source let's meet there
Hussam Eyad Yousef Awkward stare at the end Like end the damn video already lol Stop recording !
Dean Ambrose
06:30 11/24/2017

You can always count on Dirty Deeds.

13.1k reactions 98 comments
Irfan Qureshi Shield we love u
Ashley Leehans Happy Thanksgiving Dean!! 🦃😀
Yacine Benoit Orten Yeah drew's move
Emily Langford What a move 🤜🏻👊🏻🤛🏻👌🏻❤️
AnnaMaria Meglio my favourite move👏🏻❤🙌🏻💫
Sin Cara
06:36 11/24/2017

Feliz de cumplir 18 años como Luchador profesional. Es difícil el camino que elegí, pero como dice el dicho: Nunca mucho, costó poco. Agradecido con todos los que me han ayudado a cumplir este sueño. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 #SinCara

2.1k reactions 66 comments
Andrés Emiliano Ávila Y Caristico te gano el nombre y es tu padre perro
Agustin Mendoza-Cazares Que vengan mas éxitos y deja que la gente siga hablando!
Meyi Rivera Felicidades pechocho
Hedilberto Jovanth Leyva Muñoz Felicidad cumple
Paty Navarro-Gutierrez Felicidades x Tus 18 Anos de Luchador.Vendran Muchos Mas Llenos de Gloria y Triunfos.. . Adelante Sin Cara #1.💋
Dean Ambrose
06:30 11/24/2017

Don't mess with The Hounds, Sheamus.

14.6k reactions 129 comments
Mahamudur Rahman Mahin Din is a danger man.So we awlays give respect him.However i am from Bangladesh.
Bobbye Decker Kimble d Dean Ambroisebeat up the Big shamus
Gisela Woweries Nobody should mess with a Shield member. All for one, one for all.
Himanshu Rajvanshi Yeah...don't mess with dean...he will give you dirty deed..
Zarah Tomassini You are the best thank goodness seth made you part of the sheild
Dean Ambrose
17:42 11/21/2017

WWE Raw: Dean Ambrose battles Sheamus

5.1k reactions 45 comments
Tina Jones Dean is my favorite one
Shawn Johnson Awesome
Stella du Plessis Bravo Ambrose you are the man
Greg Craig Awesome
Dean Ambrose
17:42 11/21/2017

WWE Raw: Roman Reigns challenges The Miz

12.1k reactions 77 comments
Robert A Bookout This was so fun and very nice and very sweet
Joe McPartlin Nicely done gentlemen. Gotta have The Shield.
Joe McPartlin And now you're mixing it with Shaemus. Damn! Busy night son.
Tammy Chaney The Achicken lister, I want Tthe Ambrose Asylum back!!!!
Geoffrey Smith Wah wah wah stupid Roman haters talkin shit again .... what about Braun stroman being shoved down our throats as they like to say !!! Ohh that’s right everyone loves Braun stroman even though they are doing EXACTLY the same thing as what they did with ...
Dean Ambrose
17:42 11/21/2017

The Shield Wins Their First Match at WWE TLC 2012

3.5k reactions 18 comments
ThapzSeretlo Mathaps This team makes me look like I'm ab addict ♥ Even my family wants to take me to Rehab
Fred Vail Darin Patrick
Kelly O'Boyle
Soumya Mallick ✅ 🕵️‍♀️
Debra Merriman Lol!
Dean Ambrose
17:42 11/21/2017

Survivor Series Exclusive: The Shield Prepares for War

12.1k reactions 53 comments
Kay Dee Sin My well wishes for you always win
Mastar Maind Waseem Matu Very nice
K E More Super woohoooo
Md Emajul Islam Good bless you
Krishna Khilare Mast entry brother
Dean Ambrose
17:42 11/21/2017

Survivor Series Exclusive: The Shield Gives Props to The New Day

9.7k reactions 62 comments
Sally S. Juanico Congrats the shield
Greg Craig Awesome
Tami Counsellor Great job the shield
Tami Counsellor Great job the shield
Ashwin Ashwin I love u so much #SethRollins #Deanambrose #RomanReigns 😘😍😚😘💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟
Dean Ambrose
17:42 11/21/2017

WWE Survivor Series: The Shield vs. The New Day

13.9k reactions 79 comments
Rick Stead Reigns still sucks.
Joyce Martin Great match...congrats Shield
Lucas Chambers Believe in the shield!!
Mayya Agudelovalencia Congratulations, the shield,se love you
Brandon Plewa Is it possible for someone to tell me the matches and who won i didn't watch it and I'm at work
Dean Ambrose
17:42 11/21/2017

The Shield Defeats Evolution at Extreme Rules 2014

5.6k reactions 45 comments
Mauricio Efrain Resendiz Zamudio THE SHIELD es el mejor
Mbargamireille Mireille Courage les gars
সুমন মন্ডল Super Man Roman Reigns 💚💛💜💛
Isabella Stgo Vamos shield esta noche hagan su gran nochee son los mejores
Akash Singh Best Team World
Dean Ambrose
04:54 11/19/2017

Life is good when you're in #The5hield.

4.5k reactions 102 comments
Sabbir Ahmmed The hield back
Bonjour Rose I can't wait. I'm not allowed to watch Survivour Series LIVE , it plays LIVE in South Africa but at 02:00 am in the morning. So I have to wait until tomorrow (05:00 pm). I do not care WWE until the death of me. From: Royal Romania.
Daryl Iisah Funches Believe in The Shield I am a Big fan of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose And Seth Rollins 3 of my favorite WWE Super Star
Shilpi Singh I am waiting for this movment
Dean Ambrose
04:54 11/19/2017

Shield Powerbomb

2.7k reactions 46 comments
Dulce Lopez The Shield forever! I love Dean Ambrose! :-* :-* :-*
César Bautista BELIVE in The Shield
Amit Singh Prince Belive that
Giorgia Ruggiero Shield forever!!!😘💪❤
Charlene Yangali Chacon Deaaaaan ♥♥♥♥
Dean Ambrose
04:54 11/19/2017

The Shield Debuts at Survivor Series 2012

3.0k reactions 32 comments
Duke Lynn Tracy Kick ass
Junaid Khan Babar Muhammad Aamir Khan
Marial Alvarez Los amo tan lindos todos 😍😍😘
Alejandro Perez Carvajal AND CM PUNK??
Noémie St-Laurent I love you Dean Ambrose
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