Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 23:54

Sticking with Sonic The Hedgehog. Seth Rollins can keep the WWE 2K cover so nice try Sheamus.

8.7k reactions 160 comments
Himanshu Verma dean your the best no one likes you i am a fan of you from India. you will be legend of wwe after 7-8 years
Lou Pfaehler Love the shirt Dean! repping the Greatest City in america!!!!
James Muffley In my opinion I think IDC what u all say but it would be pretty cool if the shield was on the cover lol
Subhash Sendre I feel so crazy about shield brothers vs Seamus Cesaro match 4 wwe raw tag team champion ship in summer slam
Vincent Neubauer Damn i cant understand the last words of dean when he‘s talking about sonic ^^ the crowd is to loud xP
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 23:54

The Lunatic Fringe and Seth Rollins are going to DESTROY at WWE SummerSlam!

5.3k reactions 100 comments
Patrizia Stuardi For me, Seth and Dean are an unbeatable couple!
Miłosz Stuka At Summerslam Sheamus will look stupid....
Miranda Shea Neely I see new raw tag champs at summerslam😁😁
Maria Fernanda Quiroz Martinez The lunatic and the architect reunites yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Vraj Patel Please don't cheats seth rollins
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 23:54

Always cool to meet a member of the Ambrose Asylum during WWE SummerSlam Week.

19.8k reactions 171 comments
Mattii Hinojosa Lu Salazar Mendoza que suerte tiene ese niño 😢😢😢
James Ian Caldwell Pete Adams check out ambrose's t-shirt
Farhan Sami Raas humko tanhaayi bhi nahin aati, Har shakss se bezaar bhi hoon main.. ♦ Gangster Bot team™️♦ » 3-yaar,tk🔥
Allison Denard What a lucky little fella!! ❤
AnnaMaria Meglio the sweetest ❤
Sin Cara
Yesterday 00:00

Always ready to FIGHT!

4.7k reactions 56 comments
Adebayo Heezrael Isgaii You dominate man!!.. Rock on
Jose Pedro Garcia Gracia Sin cara
Aseef Khan Is it only me or the mask looks like ultrons
Leonardo Beltran Lastima que no te saquen en TV :v
Bryan Corona Ya hecha le ganas :( tienes un gran personaje
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 23:54

Back when the Lunatic Fringe was Champion at WWE SummerSlam!

14.4k reactions 91 comments
Dilip Vasava Weary Good
Billy Martin The good ole days.
AnnaMaria Meglio always my champion ✨
Bridget Phelps I love it
Xshay Kay you always a champ
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 23:54

No one should cross The Lunatic Fringe at WWE SummerSlam!

9.9k reactions 80 comments
Molnárné Víg Edit Super Dean ! ♥
Faiz Akram Yes I know you're next wwe tag team champions
Marc T Pappadia When did he fight r v d 😂
Prince Avi Best of luck THE ARCHITECT and THE LUNATIC FRINGE......
Afiq Charles Believe in the shield
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 23:54

Last year's WWE SummerSlam was quite the trip.

42.0k reactions 260 comments
Jolene TheQueen Weller ~I really like what I see . It would be nice to see U with a belt around ur waist again one day. ♡
Steven Uwais Dean ambrose is my super heros.Dean you all always be our the champion and the best
Simanta Patgiri Dean Ambrose my Hero..He is Ture Champion. I really like you Ambrose ...Best of luck .. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Damon M Martin And this year you getting the tag belts, great times
Joshua Smyth A night all shield members held the belt...first roman..seth..dean how vince saw how good they were in that order
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 23:54

One more time, Seth Rollins?

61.4k reactions 847 comments
Joachim Moignard vivement summerslam que ambrose et rollins gagne les ceintures par équipe et qu'apres il vienne aider roman pour gagne le titre universal et le retour du the shield
Aditya Roy oh yeah baby,SHIELD has came back,but I'm missing big dog,if he also joins,SHIELD will be the strongest TAG TEAM but.its great!
Muhammad Talha Going along with this, I have a bit of a creative thought about how Summerslam can go. Lets say their tag team match is the first match of the night and they take the titles. What I would really love to see that I feel will work big time is if during ...
Terrance Seki i don't care if it's the predicatable route--they gotta interfere and help roman win the title. it's been too damn long since the Shield were united
Ajani Oluwayimika Yes The return of the shield brother is coming closer and believe the tag team champ will be around their waste after summerslam
Dean Ambrose
11:06 08/17/2017

No one can escape The Lunatic Fringe's Dirty Deeds!

20.2k reactions 273 comments
Lei Saháni Psr I love it this all
Leonardo Bottura Rafael Capobianco Rizzi
Christina Stine Yep exactly!!! You the man dean!!! Ahhhh Yeasssir🤙🏻😉😉🤙🏻
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim حبوبي دينو💜
Mariana Mahdi Hiba Tfaily😂😂😂😂
Dean Ambrose
11:06 08/17/2017

The face of a LUNATIC!

10.8k reactions 92 comments
Ritu Ray Wow dean
Pritam Bera Cool
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim وشحال كنت هايل يا دين أمبروز ،أكثر مما أنت عليه الآن💜
AhMed KhAn Ambrose 😍
Angela Bryant Love u dean
Dean Ambrose
11:06 08/17/2017

Time for a WWE SummerSlam throwback.

35.0k reactions 320 comments
EH SH AN I think they should interfere to the wwe universal match and all the member of shield would destroy the whole superstars
Moheat Pandey Now Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins are going to be raw tag team champions. Best of luck And congratulations in advance.
Deepak Masanta Love you sir very much. You and Seth sir will win definitely on summerslam.
Mouad BN سير تحوا 👍
Castillo Vyckie Did you hear Seth telling dean ``by working together we can run this place"..
Dean Ambrose
11:06 08/17/2017

Whatever it takes to walk out with the title at WWE SummerSlam...

17.4k reactions 104 comments
Henry Kennedy Roman is the future he will hold title for a long time
Helen Elizabeth Forbes Brillant x
Pat Bosler Shield reunion this Sunday!
Suraj Singh Dean Ambrose my friend
Nasim Andaz |🔐|met pagi sob_Dean 💦 maaf sob_Dean telat 15 menit 55 detik tadi tadi hpna low batt
Dean Ambrose
11:06 08/17/2017

Let's do this!

37.0k reactions 867 comments
Marcel Krieglstein Chris Platz Find ich irgendwie gut ne ^^
Jaime Cesar Campos You guys only missing Roman Reigns to be the shield again that would be awesome The Shield again
Ashish Yadav I'm literally glad to see this video. I'm confident that you and seth will defeat sheamus and Cesaro and become the new tag team champion at Summer slam 👍👍
Aasis AB Deviliers I know you don't like seth.....cause....i saw your face with full anger for seth rollins.....just kill seth this sunday...and take everything what he gave you before 3 years(steel chair)......#DEANAMBROSE #LUNATICAMBROSE
Agbulight Olayinka Seth rollins and dean ambrose is a good thing...dey should allow roman reigns to be through with summer slam nd joins dem back for d #rebirth_of_d_Shield
Sin Cara
22:24 08/14/2017

Now this is AWESOME!

213 reactions 23 comments
Eduardo Sánchez Ey sincera que es sienta de oro tullo
Panga Aguirre Que suave uniformes bendiciones
Ahmed Mido Goooooooood sin Cara
Adolfo Orozco Cisneros Chido
Dean Ambrose
22:18 08/14/2017

The Lunatic Fringe is ABOVE ALL!

2.9k reactions 136 comments
Alex Fedrick Superb
Hamza Mahmood the best lunatic fringe ever.
Mohamed Tarek i love you
Richard Mc Kie The boss himself
Stephanie Weidenhaupt I Like Dean Ambrose 😍😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Dean Ambrose
22:18 08/14/2017

All business in WWE Augusta!

8.8k reactions 109 comments
Betty Ann Bryant Dean looks good in those jeans
Lisa-Marie Bromley Omg yes
Greg Craig Awesome
Sahi Iglesias Sir reply
Sahi Iglesias I love you sir
Dean Ambrose
09:30 08/12/2017

A WILD Lunatic Fringe is on the loose!

17.3k reactions 202 comments
Iheb Tarhouni Love you Dean Ambrose my champion💖💖
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim نور عيني دين أمبروز ، زينوني💜
Etka Kömüşcü
Jaime Weingart A hot one too!
Amoakoah Susana U can't loose because u r Dean
Dean Ambrose
09:30 08/12/2017

It feels like so long ago...

22.2k reactions 173 comments
Emma Begnaud Dean Ambrose you re the best and a very sexy guyy
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim أنا أكره ذاميز و زوجته ماريس ، كم هما سخيفين للغاية!
Steven Green The Miz & Maryse suck big time! Dean Ambrose & Renee Young Rules!
Edward Pulaski Maryse is hotter as Nikki Bella than Nikki Bella is.
Sannipoli Nick Christina Ortiz lol
Sin Cara
09:36 08/12/2017

WWE SmackDown Live regresa a #ElPaso después de 5 años de ausencia! Great to finally be back 🏡!!! Septiembre 25, 2017 #WWEElPaso #TodosSomosSinCara #FollowTheFaceless #CintaDeOro Jesus Rosales Photography

965 reactions 24 comments
Saif Khan
Giuseppe Pizz
Lorenzo Villagrana Jr. Angel Adrian Villagrana
Omololu Habeeb Lawal please send me a video of u doing staunt
Star Tomlinson James Michalas check the new sin cara
Dean Ambrose
09:30 08/12/2017

Probably deserved that...

33.3k reactions 218 comments
Denis Douce To be the shield you must be three so you miss someone go and help #Romainreign to win the title Dean Ambrose
Terrance Seki i'm glad vince realizes the money that can be made in this situation by waiting it out and then roman can be apart of it
Diego Gignac Rollins In Summer Slamm 2017 Cesàro and sheamus vs dean ambrose and seth rollins for (Wwe Raw champions)
Freddy Carretero Alix Kalid la wwe no quiere que vuelva a ver a the shield
Elie Accord Arrangement Mpiokolo-Transition Dean Ambrose, je crois que le moment est venu pour reconstituer le sheld, ton ami seth tres pretentieux a compris son erreur. Nous attendons
Dean Ambrose
09:30 08/12/2017

It's not the time...

26.4k reactions 302 comments
Isabel Torres Hernandez Deán ambros tenia razón de no haberlo aceptado al principio set lo traicionó alber se quizás set demostraba fiable y confiable deananbros le estiro la mano haceptandolo pero mira como le pago pero peor para el . set rolings se lo pierde
Mirriam Nganga go for it dean u and Seth can team up and have the tag belt u can make it put aside ur differences and team up men
Hamza Mahmood its not like seth doesnt wants to be with u.dean u wait,seth was having revenge with u of wat u did wen he asked so wait and see.seth will agree with u.
Amoakoah Susana Don't worry Dean bcos Seth loves u,I think he was confuse so don't take it de wrong way
Laura Murciano Ruiz Tranquilo...el que te hizo la putada fue seth no te rebajes tanto...
Dean Ambrose
09:30 08/12/2017

Teeing off!

18.8k reactions 140 comments
Karon Barwick Go Dean
Deep Mehta oh no buddy !!!! pic so lovely man......
Brooke Jackson The Lunatic has went UNHINGED!
Shelby Elizabeth Albert Awesome pic
Greg Craig Awesome
Dean Ambrose
20:42 08/09/2017

NO ONE can stop The Lunatic Fringe!

6.7k reactions 140 comments
Stress Factor Bright YES KEEP IT UP
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim دين أمبروز المجنون الحبوب💜
Edwin Ahenda WE IV EMBROS.
Sádik Styles But i can!😂
Samoan Thor Yeah your right
Dean Ambrose
20:42 08/09/2017

Time to fly!

16.0k reactions 161 comments
Brooke Jackson Its not a bird, its not a plane its.....The #LunaticFringe ❤😍😘
Abdul Ghafar Merani ambrose ko jan gusa ajata hy tu koi es ko nhi rok skta ye ek power house hy
Emma Begnaud Great job Dean on your match monday night im proud of you dean
Greg Craig Awesome
Dean Ambrose
20:42 08/09/2017

What is it going to be Seth Rollins?

50.2k reactions 881 comments
JulietJennah Snow I know Seth you wanted to take Dean Ambrose's hand,but you feel he didn't take yours why should you take his and yiu did appear on his match to help him!!!which I know is awesome from you and I knew you were going to show up!!!May God bless you akways,...
Jeffrey Archer Dean Ambrose you guys deserve to get back together again I can see you guys as future RAW tag team champions and it's time we get part of the hounds of Justice back together again
Anthony Vacante Trolling the fans. They'll reunite and Ambrose will turn on Rollins down the line. It's so damn obvious haha I think Ambrose needs the heel turn. He's been face for way too long and his character is stale. He just needs a small change.
Rosalinda Marinho Mother F****r rollins
Karthick the reason why #seth didn't join #dean is when #seth vs #sheamus after the match #seth was attacked by #sheamus & #cesaro but #dean didn't come to save #seth. so #seth didn't join but I hope that Kurt angel should make match at summer slam that ...
Sin Cara
20:48 08/09/2017

Teamed up with Luke Harper at WWE Ottawa!

6.1k reactions 92 comments
Leonardo Beltran Esa máscara es un homenaje a cinta de oro
Yusuf Moraby La Barba Grande y Sin Cara coming to Lethal Leap Year!
Raj Kumar join luke harper as a team
Javier Acopa Pvtos Jobbers :V
Jonathan Uveges What eles thinks WWE should push one of them?
Sin Cara
08:00 08/07/2017

Luke Harper was the perfect partner in #WWEMontreal!

3.3k reactions 53 comments
Yamil Velez Oyola New team?! I hope so.
Serge Flores Cinta de oro
Yusuf Moraby La Barba Grande and Sin Cara tag team.
Isaac Schuetter Thus looks nothing like hunico
Angel L. Colón Éxito
Sin Cara
08:00 08/07/2017

Definitivamente esta es una de mis #mascaras favoritas junto con la de #CintaDeOro ! Mascara en #Honor a #RockyStar ⭐️⭐️ otro de los grandes #Idolos de esta #Frontera ! #CiudadJuarez #Tributo WWE Raw WWE SmackDown Live Fotografía 📸 tomada por Jesus Rosales Photography

2.4k reactions 53 comments
Tonyo Salazar Honor a quien honor merece !!!!
Jose Pedro Garcia Gracia Espectacular combinación
Noval Gutierres HOLA SIN CARA
Karol Blazquez Diaz Wow me encanta mucho tu masca #Cinta_de_Oro
Crux Mckleinn Fregonaaa karnal
Dean Ambrose
19:06 08/04/2017


20.2k reactions 231 comments
كاظم الاعرجي كاظم الاعرجي Ambrose I am from the middle East and your fans you champion
Michael Sporbert Hey Ambrose i would love it if you made A Fatal 5 way Match for the Universal Title at SummerSlam with you in it I mean awesome that would be
ミランダ マーク レスター Well only Hardy boys are the face remaining tag team right now so shield will be a good addition...
Isaac Ali Courage
Syed Ubaid I am really happy relationship for dean ambross and your shild roman. Perfect team😊
Dean Ambrose
19:06 08/04/2017

Picture perfect...

16.4k reactions 106 comments
Emma Begnaud Awesome Dean
Danish Khan 😈 Pythons Bot Team 😈 :* Sit3 :* f33l-2 ,tk :*
Nghĩa Pola I bolive i can fly.... I bolive i can touch the sky.
Emma Begnaud Dean you are a sexy looking guy alive
Moheat Pandey You are so perfect, then how can't the picture be perfect
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