Sin Cara
Yesterday 06:18

Les comparto esta entrevista que me hicieron por Ejtvla se van a divertir.

233 reactions 2 comments
Nour Hteny ايعععععععع
Vengador Anonimo Saludos campeón ! desde Puebla Mexico !
Sin Cara
Yesterday 06:18

Fear the MONSTER that lies under this mask!

2.2k reactions 37 comments
Juan Antonio Martinez Sin cara
Abraham Escobar Puentes Turn heel??
Kristell Castañeda Watss no se ingles
Mohammad Aladwan Huneco
Ali Lou hola sin kara
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 06:12

Everyone should fear The Lunatic Fringe!

30.6k reactions 246 comments
Balchand Parmar Lunatic power
Helen Elizabeth Forbes Hes a looney n gr8 wrestler x lol
Unicah Pollyh Bjjss LOVE You Lunatic❤
Martin Hansov Martin Ivanov The good, The bad and The Ambrose :D
Jessica Sanchez The Lunatic Fringe 💪💪💪💪
Dean Ambrose
17:24 06/22/2017

Not afraid of NO MAN!

32.1k reactions 255 comments
Abia Ramza but you fear lesnar
Kathy Maggie Dean Ambrose... sexiest man alive ❤️
Deep Rai 💪💪com on #dean💪💪
Josephine Koninsky No he doesn't fear brock
Sanele Ntokozo You must kick that little ass coward 'The Miz' Sanele frm South Africa big fan of urz
Dean Ambrose
17:24 06/22/2017

When will you learn, The Miz?

31.3k reactions 260 comments
Oma Deda Love Dean
Delia Boodoosingh Dean your the best just love you .
Peggy Alderson the miz is Frake pussy
Sam Smith He will learn one day when it's too late not to mess with the Lunatic Fringe, you're the best Dean
টেকনাফের শান্ত ছেলে শহিদ Pretty funny, but i Bolieve it's no surprise that this 2 morons joined the. Miz, he is the "perfect" leader for them, without backbone and guts. paranoid piece of sh't that he is. hope and wish he fucks up completely with his brain bleached barby.~ ...
Dean Ambrose
04:36 06/20/2017

So it looks like Seth Rollins really has changed...

12.4k reactions 248 comments
Sterling John Wolverton Some people never change. Other people change... and then quickly change back.
Amin Batis He is unchangerble let him see title there you'll know he is not change
Marlene Smith Like Seth. But don't really trust him w/ Dean. Or ROMAN.
Maria Patterson I think raw should reunite the shield so they can kick butt again eapcially bruan strowman
Branly Lopez no te confies de el, el que traiciona una ves lo volverá hacer
Dean Ambrose
04:36 06/20/2017

The Lunatic Fringe will never forget WWE Money in the Bank 2016...

25.5k reactions 161 comments
Timothy Kochie Best night in his career
Karen Swanson So much better last year!!
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim Good night Dean!
Alberta Riley Yes yes so glad for you.
Yarriyan Boy Deepak Behera Dean ambrose kool wwe player
Dean Ambrose
04:36 06/20/2017

Just like old times...

26.3k reactions 306 comments
Mike Walsh Or.... or.... what if dean and Seth totally swerve us all and bring in Braun as the 3rd?? Lol. No? Ha
Mimo Mina Samir Those Days Were Your Best Days #Reunite
Peggy Alderson i can't wait to see Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns and seth ROLLINS to come back together and bring back the shield
Star J Kabwato Is the shield ready to reunite? OMG! that wil be my happiest moment in wwe.Imagine Seth,Roman and Dean VS Samoa,Strowman and The miz.Oh Lunatic I Love You
James Kirkpatrick Do you guys smell that? It smells like the shield reunion!! The architect is a genius!!
Dean Ambrose
15:48 06/17/2017

This is FAR from over, The Miz!

37.3k reactions 318 comments
Alicia Mosby Drano the Pooh . It beats out him being dressed as a camera man I think.
Tyler Shepherd Dean Ambrose go for the ic title miz always cheats but if u find a way to out smart him u will win the ic title. Besides he is not though enough to be ic champion, dean go get the ic title back. #godeanambrose
James Burton Stewies dreqm came true monday ruperd was everywhere lmao
Kristin Banman Yes you are mine forever and ever and I love you so much too my beautiful and sexy babe
Dean Ambrose
15:48 06/17/2017

Time to get to work...

24.1k reactions 175 comments
Catherine Rampley Love Dean Ambrose
Kiran Belotti You must be IC Champ Again.....Fraud Miz Dosent Deserves
Rohit Singh Star 🌟 city coming soon
Rashmi Raelee Ambrose asylum is more stronger than ever!!!!!!!!!! Luv u lunatic fringe
RąvįņĐęr Singh Awesome brdr
Dean Ambrose
03:00 06/15/2017

Don't cross The Bear, The Miz.

13.1k reactions 370 comments
Yasmine Rosalie Hills I can't believe they let him be the bear after that list of 10 things wwe want u 2 forget...!
Isaac Dike Miz be careful cause dean is coming for you and his intercontinental title
Jennifer Godwin Oh, what a powerful bear!!!!!! And an extremely cute bear!!! This was such a cool move Dean!!!! You did great!!! Love you!!❤
Senen Amos Well, anything can happen in a match. But the miz should not feel it funny
Sameer Khan Former member of the shield sameer Khan pata India bikaner inside sabji Mandi Bangla nager
Dean Ambrose
03:00 06/15/2017

The Lunatic Fringe is always watching, The Miz...

10.8k reactions 238 comments
Andrew Carey Don't buy it . I feel sorry for the Former ass kicking Jon Moxley!!!
Holly Miller John Marcel Rousselet reasons why I love dean Ambrose 😂
Usman Dost Muhammad Muhammad Ahsan Abrar, tell hashir, dean is still the same old dean..
David Stojanovski Dean ur my favorite wrestle you always know when and where to show up and two times u hit dirty deeds on Miz
Jan Prößdorf Thought the cops took your tricycle license Nemanja Djordjevic😂🙈
Sin Cara
03:06 06/15/2017

All dreams can come true, If you have the courage to pursue them!

1.1k reactions 14 comments
Clemente De La Rosa 😎
Micaela Almeida 😍
Eduardo Ayala Fuerte impostor
Khaled Rafai Hunico is top with sin cara stil
Vacio Chaw falso
Dean Ambrose
03:00 06/15/2017

The Lunatic Fringe isn't finished with Elias Samson!

8.3k reactions 72 comments
Suvankor Roy Love you dean
Brooke Jackson It is far from over!!!!
Papun Das The lunatic guy dean will take revenge
Maya Karam نايس
Greg Gardner Ever wonder how those sweaty armpits smell. Woof. Oink
Dean Ambrose
14:12 06/12/2017

The Ambrose Asylum now runs WWE Jackson!

17.5k reactions 103 comments
Martin Lombe who wants another asylum march if you do hit like if you dont reply
Brooke Jackson Hell yeah! It has unleashed!
Debbie Moore Go Dean
Hezron Loreng'e Dirty deeds
Kristin Banman I love you so much and yes you are mine forever and ever too
Sin Cara
14:18 06/12/2017

Un gran saludo a mis amigos Marco Fabián y Raul Jimenez Gracias por su apoyo! También a la Selección Nacional de México los esperamos pronto en un #WWELive Event! 🙏🏻👌🏼💯⚽️ #VivaMexico🇲🇽 WWE WWE SmackDown Live

2.1k reactions 30 comments
Diogo Nunes #Portugalwantswwe
Francisco Carrazedo #PortugalWantsWWE
Jesus Altamirano Octavio Martinez
بحبك b7bk الدخول على صفحتي👉😃 صفحة مستحيل✍️👉 تدخلها بدون ما تتأثر بجمال كلماتها✋️👌🏻🌹 ممكن لايك (Y) لصفحتنا✌
Miguel Castro Paulo Jorge
Dean Ambrose
01:24 06/10/2017

This is gonna sting a little, The Miz...

15.9k reactions 130 comments
Fathima Shaik Love u dean
Máñìsh ßàgdíýá Lunatatic dean my fav
Shailendar Yadav Yesh Love You dean
Muhammad Shoaib The miz is cheater Deen ambrose you beauti
Teresa Yearwood Dean is my favorite lunatic
Sin Cara
12:12 06/07/2017

Awesome crowd tonight, thank you WWE Elmira! Gracias! 🙏🏻👌🏼💯

1.8k reactions 23 comments
Gabriel Paré André-Alexandre Mercher hein
Santosh Khaire Hii
Trevor Davis Lucha!Lucha!Lucha!
Filipe Soreh Benfica :)
France Barbaariyaha Jaceylka Sin care god
Dean Ambrose
12:06 06/07/2017

Enough with the singing!

9.2k reactions 54 comments
Mcgregor Sympli Lunatic is th bst
Axeem RJ Nixe
Samor Banik camon.dean
Silke Schläger I love you Dean 💞
Manuel A Moore his singing sux
Dean Ambrose
12:06 06/07/2017

Not one of the best positions to be in...

17.2k reactions 175 comments
Zulley Yolanda Guevara Martinez My beloved Dean Ambrose will be twice champion #VivalaRaza #LatinoHeat #LatinaArmy #LatinosUnidos #AmbroseAsylum #sisisi. #UnTigrenuncadejasoloaotroTigre
Sam Smith Ouch that gotta hurt, one thing is for sure nothing keeps the Lunatic Fringe down for long! Proud of you champ
Sandip Gohel He was just remembering jericho and saying in his head drink it in maaaan
Moheat Pandey Either you win or loose, You are still a champion for us.
Arshad Hashim's time to ASYLUM MATCH...and one think ambrose,kick the stupid Hollywood ass with his wife..
Sin Cara
12:12 06/07/2017

Mascara en honor a los Campeones de #Portugal 🇵🇹 Sport Lisboa e Benfica !!! Raul Jimenez esta mascara en para ti amigo espero y te guste. 🙏🏻👌🏼💯 WWE SmackDown Live WWE #Latinos #VivaMexico🇲🇽 #LuchaLibre #LuchaStrong #LuchaLuchaLucha #ElPaso #LuchaCulture #CiudadJuarez #LaFrontera #FollowTheFaceless #SinCara #SDLive

4.9k reactions 172 comments
Nuno Maltez Carrega Benfica, Ganhas-te mais 14 milhões de fãs
Didier Pires #CarregaBenfica #SinCara
Cédric Mendes Sin cara, WWE, Sport Lisboa e Benfica, todos juntos !!! :D
Armando Castel-Branco 1904 👏👏👏👏👏
Lara Costa Lindo!
Dean Ambrose
12:06 06/07/2017

The Lunatic Fringe isn't finished with The Miz!

Photos: Did Ambrose finally silence The Miz?
Photos: Did Ambrose finally silence The Miz?

Check out photos from Dean Ambrose's Intercontinental Championship defense against The Miz at WWE Extreme Rules.

14.4k reactions 158 comments
Catherine Rampley Hope Dean Ambrose gets his title back from cheating miz and his wife should be banded from the ring
Vicky Cashmore I was not to happy about deañ not winning but he did good tho I can't believe the miz won
Winston Kamsoo For pushing the ref yeah sure he did and cheating yes yes yes yes he did
Auzzi Mohamed Dean Ambrose hopefully you regain the #IC Title back maybe tomorrow or in the near future and make dis a street fight
Deneve L Carter Rematch, no disqualification, steal cage match or street fight
Dean Ambrose
23:18 06/04/2017

Trick or treat, Cesaro...

3.7k reactions 47 comments
Victorious Maggy Haha like t...Lunatic fringe.
Amrit Lama thanks Goob Goob GooDi mini misu Remen Remen Hii misu woo woow
šíf Śhìÿàŕi Dean Ambrose rockxx 😎
Axeem RJ Nixe
Juned Qureshi ...
Dean Ambrose
23:18 06/04/2017

Can't get disqualified? Not a problem...

8.3k reactions 132 comments
Jabed Khan Dean Ambrose will beat the miz tonight on extreme rules
Chinedu Egbe If maryse comes close to the ring, send her to hell and retain your title
Kricket Lassiter Good luck tonight Dean!!! Its time to shut The Miz-takes mouth for the last time!!! Dirty Deeds time!!!! Oh Yeah!!!!
Zulley Yolanda Guevara Martinez My beloved Dean Ambrose will never be DQ and will retain his IC Champion. I LOVE YOU DEAN #VivalaRaza #LatinoHeat #LatinaArmy #LatinosUnidos. #AmbroseAsylum. #sisisi #UnTigrenuncadejasoloaotroTigre
Dean Ambrose
23:18 06/04/2017

Oh, the memories...

10.0k reactions 115 comments
Sahil Nolia --єк иσ. ѕυρєя ∂υρєя
Robert Steven Mata Made me cringe every time watching this
Ben Cutting Hi dean
Gilchrist Bala Luv u the same for the miz also....tmw
Louis de Cordova un de mes moments préféré 🤣
Dean Ambrose
23:18 06/04/2017

Believe THAT!

10.0k reactions 120 comments
Marduk Is Great promo by Dean.
Kevin Harris It. Will. Happed.
Giovanni Rokx dean lose to miz roman and seth lose they turn heel and the shield is reunited
Melissa Shaffer Believe in the shield please bring it back soon
Pranjul Shukla Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose
10:30 06/02/2017

Eat elbow, Sheamus!

6.7k reactions 77 comments
Victor Moura The lunatic!
Sam Smith You're the best Dean kick ass on Sunday champ
Peggy Alderson you are so Awesome and cool
Sugow Loshilini Mentally man What crazy your.
Carrie King That's what I'm talking about!!
Dean Ambrose
10:30 06/02/2017

Let's do this, The Miz!

14.6k reactions 227 comments
Maxwell Tetteh Hi Dean don't give up for the Miz
Eugene Smith My prodiction is another loss for the Miz
Debbie Moore Dean Ambrose all the way he gonna whip the miz ass
Mlah Siba fuck the miz
Michael Redford The miz blows
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