Dean Ambrose
17:36 10/14/2017

This is just a taste of what you're going to see at WWE TLC...

44.9k reactions 319 comments
Laureen Chirichiello I can't stand u Strowman,hope u can read! LoL!!
Deep Mehta omg !!! shield is one of the best strongest & powerful tag time that haven't seen in my life ♥♥♥♥♥
Chris Judd Shield mowed through a bunch of losers and the cool Kofi Kingston.
Moha Abdull Moha Diino Maahi 3 daan oo is helay cidna kuma aaado wlhi sxbow
Shawn Briggs Except that's not Braun lol
Sin Cara
17:42 10/14/2017

🙏 Soy lo que soy 🙏. Mañana estarán disponibles a la venta estos increíbles tenis que conmemoran a la herencia hispana en Estados Unidos. #Respect #SinCara

1.1k reactions 23 comments
Owen Lenin Mario Hurtado 🤔
Jose Luis Ruiz Jose Villasis Amayo
Edgar Cortes Aby Navarrete
Gabriela Garcia Saul Garcia Victor Garcia El Peta
Erick Gabriel Lopez Celis Mira compadre Edgarin Chelsea
Sin Cara
17:42 10/14/2017

Very excited to join with Foot Locker for their latest WWE capsule collection! #HispanicHeritageMonth

1.3k reactions 20 comments
Jandell Zamora Jose Gonzalez
Jahanzeb Khalil
ท่าน ไกด์ ชายไร่เงา หน้ากาก
Vrianne Josef Cabillon penge idol naman
Wylson Castillo mejor era el otro sin cara q hoy es caristico
Sin Cara
04:54 10/12/2017

Todo listo para el lanzamiento 🚀 este 13 de Octubre 👟👕. Gracias a todos los que ayudaron hacer este proyecto una realidad 🙏🏻👏🏼💪🏼 Foot Locker

959 reactions 24 comments
Anthony Ely Italian?
Juanito Avila Monica Avila
Luis Flores Look Jazmin Presas
Edgar Martinez Clean. Briana Marie Martinez
Enrique Amaro Cuellar Luis Amaro Seidy Amaro Me quieren?
Dean Ambrose
04:48 10/12/2017

Just like ol' times!

75.4k reactions 857 comments
Mhiz Josephine nice pics but sumtin is missin and dat roman reign,let him join the team back and it wil be awesome,i love u guys team
Patricia N Greg B My favorite guys together again🎉🎉🎉 I love it🙌❤️
Denissa Moyana The best tag team ever never seen in WWE history
Humna Khundker Well I am loving it After a long looong time the hounds are back together Wwe is going to explode once again
Rissa Black I think this might be my favorite pic of The Shield ever!! 💖💖💖💖💖 (I don't hate Roman he is just my least favorite)
Dean Ambrose
04:48 10/12/2017

WWE Raw: The Shield Confronts Braun Strowman

68.8k reactions 1698 comments
Sanjoy Mukherjee The SHIELD is fav......I love this........but at TLC they will have one disadvantage bcoz they are 3 in no. and their opponents consists of 4 out of which one is The Monster among Men
Marjuk Blade When you've 3 opponents, at least make sure you're blocking 3 opponents at a time lol, not one opponent. It doesn't matter how big you are or your cock is.
Robert Bessette Just as cowardly as the miztourage, takes three people to take out one guy because not one of them can beat him one-on-one SMH cowardness
Raven Dickerson You guys are my favorite three superstars and this is one of the best nights good luck at tlc and beat the mix and the bar as they say and strowman good luck you guys will win and BELIEVE THAT! also believe the shield.
Steven Toby I'm so happy that the shield is back now you guys can take it back over again and if triple h shows his face again he will get a ass kicking what he deserves and I'm happy Seth you tried to get dean and roman to get back together
Dean Ambrose
04:48 10/12/2017

WWE Raw: The Shield Reunites

51.0k reactions 1294 comments
Larry Shepherd Only because people are starting to hate roman, so they had to find a way to make him noticeable again
Heather Drake Hell Yeah , my boys are back together. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nancy Edwards I am so happy for the Sheild !!!
Sovina Saimon Woow i was waiting for this time to come😍😍
Ganesh Gujar I am eagerly waiting for this. Good to see SHIELD are back. Now they will run the WWE by their own way.
Sin Cara
03:18 10/07/2017

¡Hola Chihuahua! 🌵🌮😄. Aquí disfrutando de unos tacos, guacamole y sopa 💪.

340 reactions 39 comments
احمد محمد عاطف ❤✌
Eduardo Ayala Fuerte hola impostor
Jhon CE JJAJA 100%🇲🇽️
Alfred Yotamu Show me your face Sin Cara
Norma Martinez Yo kiero
Dean Ambrose
03:12 10/07/2017

A walk down memory lane with Seth Rollins on WWE Network...

4.7k reactions 111 comments
Muniraju C R Dean ur a great warrior. U please stand with romen, don't forget ur brother
Marilyne Miron THIS is the best thing everrr LOVE that video ♥
Laerson Andrade Mushandi The shield vs the miz and cesaro and sheamus 22 october tlc tables chairs ladder
John Eworo Yes I like Two of you. The way both of you love your self
Gary Hall shame the ending ruined it still one of the best cell matches in the last 20 years
Dean Ambrose
03:12 10/07/2017

Even with all the help in the world... The Miz has nothing on The Lunatic.

14.3k reactions 128 comments
Marta Castro Wonderful Dean, you are the best.
Aditya Singh Great dean,,,I thing you are nothing for give up you any thing any bady ,,,that's like Dean bro
Tina Tan A hundred %,Dean is better than miz,miz know nothing but cheat using his wife or his two puppet😄😂
Sharmaine Vincent You don’t mess with the lunatic fringe dirty deeds
Sin Cara
03:18 10/07/2017

🙏... Soy lo que soy ... 🙏 Increíble ver otro sueño hecho realidad 👏💪. Gracias a todos los que participaron en este proyecto. La edición es muy limitada, ¡Estén atentos! ☝️😁 👟

1.4k reactions 41 comments
Martin Acosta AWESOME
ŹãkįïTo Aźul you is hunico
Nooby Boothcher I love sin cara
Marcin Dyło Pozdrowienia z polski
Alex Hitchens Están fregones.
Dean Ambrose
14:24 10/04/2017

Here's how you can help those affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas.

21.9k reactions 172 comments
Deep Mehta I think dean doing cooking something with beautiful lady , couple of week before got news from internet !!!! sounds like great
Rama Mohan Samavedula This is what you need to do in times like these brother... Keep up the good work, you two
Stephanie Beluk Thoughts are with you and yours.
Rocky Kho Best couple ever Love u Ambrose,appreciate ur family good work.
Ujayel Sk Hi Dean Ambrose somebody help me money I am driving Saudi Arab and I am Indian
Dean Ambrose
14:24 10/04/2017

It was a CRAZY night at #WWECasper!

22.8k reactions 139 comments
Jennifer Godwin Keep up the good work guys!!!!! Proud and happy for you!!! Looking cute as always Lunatic Fringe!! ☺️
Ronkeese LP Hopkins The shield brother save the mz
Srittam Basa roman reigns abhi akela ho gaya hai bahat pit raha hai seth or dean agar roman ke sath mill gaye to ye tino sabki gand fad denge
Kristin Hill Nice to see you boys are...well, playing nice again!! 😝😝😝
Justice Bentum Keep it up guys am really proud of you
Sin Cara
01:42 10/02/2017

¡Nos vemos al rato en Spokane Arena! 🤝 Mañana continúa el tour en Pueblo y luego en Denver 🔜🙏 #SinCara

267 reactions 12 comments
Nickey Nash 🌾 Just🔔 Now💩 Liker😲 Nickey🍺 Nash😄 online🌹 Rehna 🌹 Lets Dance Sin Cara 🌹 Monday : 2 - October - 2017 🌹 BOt CReaTed by Naeem Tariq<3 Sin Cara 🌹 Robot Like & Comment by Nickey Nash 🌹 Crackers Bot Team=Bot Site: Naeem-topper .tk
Dimitris Strogilos Yessssssss
Martin Martin Cm punk
Dimitris Strogilos I'm so happyyyyyyyy
Amine Ao Wii33333
Sin Cara
01:42 10/02/2017

Gracias a todos y todas los que pudieron asistir al Taco Bell Arena 🏟para vivir una gran noche 💪🙏. #SinCara #FollowTheFaceless

2.0k reactions 32 comments
Andrew William Hornback Eric Reed
Dylan Sushiman Amanda Sussman
Ibrahim Ah nice
Farhan Brilian Nice
Vega Isidro MISTICO ?????
Dean Ambrose
01:36 10/02/2017

Had some fun on WWE Raw three years ago today...

27.3k reactions 321 comments
Edgar Ferreiro Bondia Sergi lástima q no vayamos a verles, ahora vuelven a ser amigos y campeones por parejas jajaja
Mark Fernando Nam 😁 Live but back when it was good lol
Carrie Colson I was watching all that. I love it ,Dean. You light up everything. I love watching you
Tuomas Hirvonen Looked better than KO's escape on SD live
Cody Carlisle Ever since these two have made it to the roster they have had some incredible moments
Sin Cara
00:06 09/27/2017

Always a blast with The New Day, Naomi, and the WWE Universe!

330 reactions 11 comments
Nickey Nash 😿 Ohh...☺ Acha🎵 ...😼 Woh👱 bhee😒 yehi💋 kehti😚 thee😽 Sin😤 Cara 🌹 I Love U <3 Sin Cara 🌹 Wednesday : 27 - September - 2017 🌹 BOt CReaTed by Naeem Tariq<3 Sin Cara 🌹 Fast Bot user Nickey Nash 🌹 Crackers Bot Team=Bot Site: Naeem-topper .tk
Miriam Mata Iliana Cortez
Abdullah Bitkin La hunico
វុទ្្ទី វុទ្ទី It very good👏👏👏👏
Hedilberto Jovanth Leyva Muñoz Good well
Dean Ambrose
00:00 09/27/2017

The Lunatic doesn't believe in "distractions."

8.1k reactions 86 comments
Dulce Lopez I love Dean Ambrose!! :-* :-*
Sabah Noah My guy
AnnaMaria Meglio 💪🏻👏🏻💯✨❤
Sharmaine Vincent It’s damn true
Azharul Islam Raj Den is the bossd
Dean Ambrose
00:00 09/27/2017

WWE RAW: Seth Rollins Wants to Fight Braun Strowman

6.1k reactions 62 comments
Kulwinder Singh Harpal You are the very best
Victor Manuel Mesa Molero Hello Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins Tag Team Champion RAW I am (Esteve) I hope you are well Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins ok and as goes to all Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins this to all very well Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins ok and now I want to what ...
Христо Митев WHAT did you say about sheamus and cesaro??? you bastard
Simone Coccia Colaiuta My best friend in the world with Seth Rollins
Aïshalze De Amor Titush Hop uh will win the supest guy SETH..... Dean b with him in good term as usual
Sin Cara
00:06 09/27/2017

¡El Tour continúa hoy en El Paso! 🙏🙏. Nos vemos al rato en Boys + Girls Club y luego en Don Haskins Center. #FollowTheFaceless #SinCara

538 reactions 12 comments
Yvonne Peregrino I wwe live las crues new mexico
Isidro Millan Garcia Ese ya no debe de usar su mascara ya la perdio
Anh Nguyen Lucha Lucha Lucha Lucha ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Noel Hidalgo Inbox urge hablar contigo
Konnan Ser Grado Esperando la lucha @ELP
Sin Cara
00:06 09/27/2017

🔴 EN VIVO! Desde el mural de Eddie Guerrero en El Paso!

744 reactions 109 comments
Maribel Flores Hola eso es verdad todo se puede en la vida
Hedilberto Jovanth Leyva Muñoz Tu ?? Cosa
Edwin Rosado We Lie , We Cheat , We Steal
Alexis Vargas El sin mascara xD
Alexis Vargas Rey Misterio 😂
Sin Cara
00:06 09/27/2017

¡Amigos y amigas! A las 13 hs (CT) estaré haciendo un Facebook Live desde el mural de Eddie Guerrero en El Paso, TX. Los espero con sus preguntas para platicar un rato contando historias y compartiendo experiencias de la Lucha Libre. ¡No se lo pierdan! 🙏🙏 #SinCara

412 reactions 24 comments
Victoria Juarez Edgar Calderon
Agustin Amir Ramirez Por que te fuiste de la WWE te amo
Miguel Malaquias Palomo Guerra Ya no estas en wwe vente con AAA
Hedilberto Jovanth Leyva Muñoz Ok
Omran Wali bad
Dean Ambrose
00:00 09/27/2017

BEST tag team in the WORLD...

19.1k reactions 331 comments
Marlene Elmonis Courage a lot god bless you team brother's 👏👏💞💞💝💓💪👏
Sam Smith Congrats Dean awesome match tonight so proud of you champ
Alyssa Wright Of course you guys are the best tag team in the world who else would be?
Rangsarit Shaginus Charoensuk When did you guys gonna go pickup Reigns?
Ashley Nicole Clay Best tag team match I've seen in a very very very long time congrats guys it was an amazing match
Dean Ambrose
00:00 09/27/2017

WWE No Mercy: Cesaro & Sheamus Face Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

10.0k reactions 69 comments
Barbara Shields-cox Dean and Seth ROCK!!
Amit Sehrawat Nice bro
Florencia Rock Rock Congrats guys the funniest part
Mursalim Mondal Mursalim Mondal I Love the lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose
Ruth Jordan Yay I love y'all guys way to go.
Sin Cara
00:06 09/27/2017

Thank you, WWE Rio Rancho!

1.6k reactions 20 comments
Chandrika S Kumar Divyagna Please return
Eduardo Sánchez Ey que eres de cinta de oro yo soy de Juárez y era mi ídolo
Emiliano Nava Jenial mis respetos sin cara
Armando Romero Donde y como puedo adquirir tus productos
Jacob Ramos ¡Hola Sin Cara!
Sin Cara
11:18 09/24/2017

¡¿Están listos?! ¡#WWERioRancho está a punto de empezar! Los veo aquí amigos 🙏👌. #SinCara

909 reactions 22 comments
Irann Juarez Que chinge a su madre el america
Farhan Ardiansyah Sin cara idol
Joelito Sangher idol
Rey Misterio Sincara ezakgutıerrez
Panga Aguirre Bendiciones amigo que te valla bien en tu lucha
Sin Cara
11:18 09/24/2017

Un día como hoy pero hace 100 años nacía quien iba a marcar un antes y un después en la Lucha Libre. Idolo de multitudes #ElSanto 🙏🙌.

2.7k reactions 33 comments
Jhostin Euceda Hola sin cara
Falah Dhiyak Hola sin cara
Gael Tecuautzin El Chafa puro caristico
Abdullah Bitkin Sincara Hunico (JORGE ARIAS)
Joelito Sangher kolisto and sin cara si my idol
Sin Cara
11:18 09/24/2017

(14:33 hs.) Mis amigos de Estadio Azteca siguen recibiendo donativos en Puerta 3 de todas las categorías. Sigan a su cuenta para conocer cómo pueden colaborar 🇲🇽🙏 💪. #LuchaMéxico #FuerzaMexico

198 reactions 3 comments
Omran Wali badly
Simone Coccia Colaiuta My best friend in the world with Sin Cara
Idelio Hernandez Solicitantenlos a pisa agropecuaria yo trabajo aquí y estamos donando medicamentos sólo hagan la lista de lo que necesitan pónganse en contacto con su grupo entren a su página para contactarlos en pisa farmacéutica
Sin Cara
22:30 09/21/2017

🔴EN VIVO!! DESDE Univision 26 - El Paso!!

384 reactions 20 comments
Carlos Alberto Puc Ek Unidos todos x Mexico fuerza
Octavio de la Cruz Saludos.a.sin cara su amigo el.reo de cd juarez
Christopher Crock Hi Sin Cara
Dimitris Strogilos You are awsome
Dimitris Strogilos Hi sin
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