Sin Cara
Yesterday 04:06

Thank you, WWE Germany!

2.0k reactions 42 comments
Fauzan Hanif Get Out (2017) Full Movie
Priciliano Ramos Ortiz Hola
Asif Qholby like you sin cara teknick faghting
Oscar Hernandez Hi sin cara :)
Jordi Jair Muñoz Morales Like sin cara
Sin Cara
Yesterday 04:06

It was an honor, Dusseldorf...

5.6k reactions 27 comments
Opay Mfadea ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ricardo OM te extrañamoa en México
Mohamad Mansour layke kanzto Sarah Abdelkader
Santosh Mandal :) B0T P0W3R3D BY ~> Santosh Mandal :) ❤ SITE ❤ INDI4.TK ❤
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 04:00

Never count the Lunatic Fringe out!

14.7k reactions 100 comments
Chaudhary Vilas Kumar dean you are the greatest you are my favourite
Linda Bubu what a beautiful smile <3 senpaiiio
Deam Ambrose Nice pic
Diane Trepanier Dean your a diamond in the rough . Lol love you ,
Sin Cara
Yesterday 04:06

Thank you Fortuna Düsseldorf!

2.5k reactions 21 comments
Kp Yogesh Mgr EAAAACZAVC6ygBALkZA7ht8rZBHVfb4uk4W5lWft1R1kZCHJ10kxcvrZAurd5494Cc1AZBmH5bRo2jvF1HkTmqKK14IqxSEDmaxpeo72liVV5SW5TZCISu3PNSmFzMZAEBJHRa6dNVYk9fSrGvUiweBO57XO4R8ZCOCZBIZD ☻☻
Tsering Chudruktsang Anil Alaba
Yannik Düver David Baurschafter Wtf
Mischa Korneluk Frederick Schmidt 😂😂😂
Elias Rojas Dfuq hahaha Daniel Hansen
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 04:00

All the chaos in this match... LOVED it!

24.2k reactions 131 comments
Manav Awasthi Ambrose will defend his IC Title WWE Wrestlemania 33
Linda Bubu awwww senpaiii <3
Silke Schläger I love you Dean
Karen Swanson It's always a good time when Deano's around!
Ronald Donald can't miz copy a leaf from dean coz he's so lunatic as his name match was fabulous
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 04:00

The Lunatic Fringe was UNLEASHED!

32.1k reactions 170 comments
Chawan Bahd Dean Ambrose I want to meet you
Chawan Bahd Dean Ambrose I Like You
Grace Ayebazibwe Ur always mi best Dean I love u lots
Silke Schläger I love you Dean
Kathy Maggie Dean Ambrose...sexiest man alive ❤
Dean Ambrose
15:12 02/23/2017

Let's make some trouble.

4.7k reactions 65 comments
Fay Harris That's right ...
Derek Shink I think Luke Harper got screwed
Kristin Hill That was one heck of a match.
Spencer Shattuck True he never went over the top rope
Maadhih Ismaail Hete aj styles.🔫🔪💣
Dean Ambrose
15:12 02/23/2017

The Ambrose Asylum was unleashed at WWE San Diego...

52.8k reactions 268 comments
Clint Davey He sucks.
Michelle Waldron Its the lunatic be is awesome
Cindy Ann Blaine That picture on the screen behind.....😜
Dillon Smith Andrew Frick the lunatic fringe
John Clark JESUS bless he loves u the bible tells u so if u only look john 3:16, romans 10:9-10 KJV
Sin Cara
02:30 02/21/2017

Don't underestimate that LUCHA power!

2.4k reactions 35 comments
Liam Solms Almendariz El mejor
Stefan Yew Lucha will never be forgotton
Salih Selim Ünsal Sin cara seni çok seviyorum
Parmish Verma 👍#αтт👍 👍#кαϊмm 💪 💪#ѕιяαα👌 👌#gнαιηт 🌟 😙#кσкα😙😙 ##___like comnt back##veer ji <3 ______ᴡᴇʙ ʙᴏᴛ - ᴀᴛᴛ-ʙᴏᴛ.ɢᴀ___ <3
Renu Katiyar Sin cara is awesome
Sin Cara
02:30 02/21/2017

Gracias WWE Bakersfield! Muy agradecido x todo su cariño! Great to see Jonathan Davis of Korn and his family come enjoy WWE Live!

5.3k reactions 27 comments
Sebastian Murillo Arriba México
Will Powell Alex Jones
Kyle Smith Andy Thornton
Himani Jaat Owwsam jin
Heera Saini Nice
Dean Ambrose
13:36 02/18/2017

You got lucky, James Ellsworth!

30.3k reactions 210 comments
Hannah Gibson I keep forgetting James is even on Smackdown. Why is he here anyway?
Aaron Ellithorpe Ellsworth is just lucky that Baron Corbin got to Dean Ambrose before Ambrose got to Ellsworth because there's no way that Dean would let Ellsworth walk out of Smackdown on his own two feet after he's cost Dean Ambrose the WWE World title and the ...
Yancey Key Lets go dean Ambrose take it to to Baron Corbin show him what happens when you step in to the Ambrose Asylum with the lunatic
Anurag Singh Dean bro taught baron Corbin bitch a lesson! Tell him in which person he gonna tackle
Malcolm St Juste I don't know why WWE won't let James wrestle.He can actually wrestle and has talent,but I guess it's his size.
Dean Ambrose
00:48 02/16/2017

Baron Corbin messed with the wrong Lunatic!

Photos: Baron Corbin attacks Dean Ambrose
Photos: Baron Corbin attacks Dean Ambrose

The Lone Wolf unleashes a surprise attack on The Lunatic Fringe as the reigning Intercontinental Champion prepares to battle James Ellsworth.

27.1k reactions 224 comments
Mohan Singh Kuldeep Yaduvanshi ab tu bada ho gaya hai matlb ki chize dekha kar..😂
Jasmin Alvarez It's okay baby, all you have to do is beat him at his own game.
Charity Adjetey I love you Dean Ambrose, no one messes with the lunatic
Catherine Rampley Thought smackdown was going to stop them from inferring with matches it's getting like WWE
Laquit Malik ##Dean, teach him a lesson coz ur good teacher of these type of students..
Dean Ambrose
00:48 02/16/2017

Read it and weep!

37.5k reactions 566 comments
Nicole Rodriguez Garringer yay!! i was hoping either them or Daniel Bryan and Bri Bella would win!
Tim-Tanya Spiese Benefield Congrats Dean Ambrose and Renee Young. Y'all make a great couple!
Devita J Freeman Best. Couple of all tym .they deserve an induction as hall v famers some day.
Nick DeHart THE LUNATIC FRINGE......won a Valentine's Day tournament. Come on Dean.
Maria Mcdonald Brianna McDonald I think u have been replaced lol 😂
Dean Ambrose
00:48 02/16/2017

Some good times in the WWE Elimination Chamber.

78.0k reactions 503 comments
Kristin Banman I love you too my babe dean ambrose so much and you are my favorite superstar to
Sebastien Comtet Baron a été tres mauvais perdant en tout cas et Miz comme dab un oprtuniste
Yasser Elmagic baron corbin must be punished mr dean ambrose
Dorothy Ann Hill My man Bless you,Dean you are what WWE was looking for you make my Mondays,Tuesday,and and weekend work for me and WWE love ya man
Waldir Iman Fernandez hello dean ambrose,nice to meet you,I admire you a lot,why you are a great wrestler of the wwe.
Dean Ambrose
00:48 02/16/2017

Let's just win this thing, already...

7.4k reactions 502 comments
Kate Prestridge Deas Renee and Dean!!!
Sergio Spadoni Excuse me, Dean, but, in my opinion, you're better shaved... Anyhow, you're #1 and SALUTI DALLA MIA FIRENZE (greetings from my Florence), Italy :-)
Ravi Verma I voted for Renee young and dean ambrose....such as beautiful couple....I like a crazy and one winner D
Ana M. GaVette What I like about Brie the most is that she has been her total self and never changed not once in any way just to win someone else over. Even d b seems like the all natural king of all hippie wrestlers even in his retirement. Their amazing love ...
Daniel Garcia Te dejaste sacar los el lobo estas mal Dean Ambrose :/ tu eres el verdadero lunatico
Sin Cara
12:06 02/13/2017

Wow! What a night! Thank you 🙏🏻 WWE Anchorage for an amazing time !

6.3k reactions 32 comments
Abdalah Errjaibi
Daniel Salvagno Salle Desde Uruguay saludos aunque jamas veras este comentario...pero en Fin ojala hicieran una Gira A Toda latinoamerica y vinieran aqui a uruguay con suerta irian 20 personas pero bue :v
Msd Wasim Akram 💝🐔💝 ρσωєяєd ʙʏ Msd Wasim Akram 💝🐔💝 :|] Kia keh Dia Zalim 🎈 Sin Cara 💝 Sunday 💝 12 💝 February 💝 2017 🎈 Gul Hassan 🔶 c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r 🔶 =- Sin Cara 🏢 :) I Am On Fire :) 34 detik 🚅 🏫 Personal Bot By Msd Wasim Akram 🏡 site: SELFX2.TK 🏡
Ibad Hayat Momand :) Personal Bot Powered By ~> Ibad Hayat Momand :) 🌸 Pythons Bot Team 🌹 Hassan Ali 🌸 🌸 Ali-web.TK 🌹
Paweł Czarnecki Sin Cara Is my favourite wrestler :)
Dean Ambrose
12:00 02/13/2017

The Elimination Chamber sounds like a fun time.

41.2k reactions 346 comments
Asma Friegoun Gooooo Dean can't wait to see u winning😍😍😍
Emmanuel Malope wrestle mania triple threat for intercontinentalchamp Styles vs Ambrose vs brey watt
Zulley Guevara Martínez Mi amado Dean Ambrose vas a ganar doble campeonato WWE Champion y IC Champion, mi amor por ti es eterno #LatinoHeat #VivalaRaza #sisisi #LatinaArmy
Misty Vega I hope Dean Ambrose does win. I watch on my night off. I gotta work tonight 😢
Christian Guelord We can't you and just wait and see Elimination chamber what will be happen.
Sin Cara
12:06 02/13/2017

First time visiting Alaska, very excited! 🙏🏻👌🏼💯✈️

8.4k reactions 57 comments
Guilherme Viniciuss You need push
ბაბუა ჰარდო sin cara was good in 2011
Imanol Chable So es tan "bueno" porque lo corrieron?
Gloria Agresti Amazing!!
Dany BJ Este "hunico" sin cara es mejor que el anterior .... sin duda
Dean Ambrose
12:00 02/13/2017

The only place to go is straight to the top!

8.0k reactions 600 comments
Haylee Good Ambrollins Sorry Dean and Renee are cute and all but sorry, I shipped Ambrollins since FCW
Mukul Rana Both couple are best in all time and both couple perform very well..........but in my view..........Dean and Renee is best couple ever in the WWE history........ And I want that Dean and Renee win tha match.............👍👍👍👍👍👍✌✌✌✌✌✌✌👌👌👌👌👌
Declan Kelly I love Yous both but I went for Dean and Renee and they're in the lead
Brandon James Green You know what worries me about Dean and Renee? The face she pulled on total divas when Dean put the nunchuck chain in her mouth, you just knew instantly they've used them before😂😂😂
Alicia Peyer Love them all but it's time Dean got the spotlight for a change.
Dean Ambrose
23:06 02/10/2017

Can you deny these faces?

56.0k reactions 884 comments
Adam Merritt How can they be the #ItCouple i havent seen them doing anything together besides Total Divas.
Jane Clark A Great Couple!! So Cute Together!! When are Yall going to walk out to the ring together?? Would Love to see that!! I am a Big Dean Ambrose Fan!!
Simon Barnes Jake I like the part where dean chases after the guy after it cuts out I assume he got the hat back
Elly Crow I have this really good idea. Renee and dean hve a tag team match with miz and maryse. New power couple comin through, make way miz.
Amoh Taylor I want to be an wrestler.plz give me suggestions. I am your Indian fan.
Dean Ambrose
23:06 02/10/2017

Come on! This is EASY.

12.3k reactions 1838 comments
Maria Brown You and Dustin were a much cuter couple in high school 😆
Brandy Lohnes You and Renee are adorable together and you guys are goals you will do whatever it takes to make Renee happy you guys are such a cute couple❤
Yogendra Chouhan Miz and Maryse tbh. Their tuning and compatibility is way too good.
Ammy Matchell Haaah!!! That's actually very easy... 'Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix'!😝😝
Gerald R. de Peralta Dean and Renee (for the purpose of this list)
Dean Ambrose
10:18 02/08/2017

After WWE Elimination Chamber The Lunatic Fringe will be holding TWO tittles!

Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles vs. The Miz vs. Baron Corbin - Fatal 4-Way Match: photos
Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles vs. The Miz vs. Baron Corbin - Fatal 4-Way Match: photos

The Lunatic Fringe, The Phenomenal One, The A-Lister and The Lone Wolf square off in an explosive prelude to the Elimination Chamber Match

10.7k reactions 193 comments
Lindsay Marie Hoffman That would be awesome...however I read the script and he don't win.... :(
Shannon Laughlin Gabriel I think Corbin should move to RAW because I truly believe he is the ONE that could defeat Stroman.
Andre Krijnen You know what happens when you write the wrong words on facebook huh?? Dean Ambrose..... YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!! Hahahaha
दाहाल को छोरा सुर्य I like u dean you are the best wrestler n my favorites wrestler first roman next u
Kenneth Blanco Vargas A good morning for WM 33 would be John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Aj Styles (c)
Dean Ambrose
10:18 02/08/2017

Make the right choice people.

2.1k reactions 427 comments
Sandun Amarasinghe Dean Ambroes Renee Young... James Ellsworth And Carmella....
Hollie Bee Schnepf Dean ambrose and Renee Young!!! They are adorable but don't flaunt their shit. 😍
Shanice Mosier Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are really cute couples they are sweethearts i'm so happy for them I love you guys 💕
Jordon Knight Dean Ambrose and Renee young, because dean is my favourite wrestler and Renee young is my favourite interview.
Najmo Mahamed happy Valentine's to Aj style I would to say that I fall in love with Aj styles but likely I wish him a happy Valentine's day
Sin Cara
10:24 02/08/2017

Ready to take WWE Eugene to new heights!

1.4k reactions 11 comments
Soumya Sidharth 🐛 � 🔶 c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r 🔶 🎭 BRANDEDKAMINA.TK 🎭
محمد خضر اسليم مــقــررب ردهــا 😍💔
Asif Yuo Aqu Qholby I like sin cara n rey
John Carlos #WweIsFake
Sin Cara
10:24 02/08/2017

See you soon, WWE Salt Lake City!!

3.1k reactions 19 comments
Jurica Sambolec Dean Maurel aaaa
Kurt Bey Kurt Bey Ulan emır halamılan ne cok sevıyosun su sınkarayı
Erdem Er Are you real Sin Cara ?
Bošianský Krocan 👆☝
Gia Khang Go on !
Sin Cara
21:36 02/05/2017

Thank you, WWE Salt Lake City! Another great night in front of the WWE Universe!

1.5k reactions 39 comments
Erick Diaz Saludos sin cars
Aron Gal You're the best!!
Jose Saucedo Number 1 sin Cara lucha
Chaitanya Dhruv I thought he is Shaktiman xD
Javier Valdez Barraza FREGON TRAJE
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