Dean Ambrose
23:18 04/27/2017

Man, this was hilarious!

8.4k reactions 286 comments
Victor Manuel Mesa Molero Hello Dean Ambrose how are you I am (Esteve) I hope you are well Dean Ambrose ok and as goes to all Dean Ambrose this to all very well Dean Ambrose ok and now I want to what can to be very well Dean Ambrose ok and how are you your Dean Ambrose these to ...
Chong Calvin Back when dean ambrose is lunatic fridge and nowadays dean ambrose is lame fridge
Anuj Deswal Hit like if u want to Shield made again....
Christina Andersen Soo funny 😀😀 I am soo sad not to see you at the event in Denmark. You are My absolute favorit 😂😂
Kristin Hill I love this side of Dean Ambrose! Funny and so damn naughty!
Sin Cara
23:24 04/27/2017

Vamos FC Juarez!!!! #SiSePuede #ArribaJuarez #CiudadJuarez #LaFrontera #Latinos #LuchaLibre #LuchaCulture #LuchaLuchaLucha #VivaMexico🇲🇽 WWE

3.3k reactions 40 comments
Murat Cengiz lucha dragons sın cara kalisto
Jesus Baptista VIVA LA RAZA
Babar Khan K
Darwin Cedeño Él mejor luchador _😅😅💪💪👊 (lucha.lucha....)
Nikhil Ranjan Bloody hell
Dean Ambrose
10:30 04/25/2017

Felt weird being on that list...

8.2k reactions 121 comments
Elamin Mahmoud Y2j the legend
Kevin Harris Good.
Therese Ulariolopez I love you Dean always
Caitlin Locke Vitagliano Awesome.
Njabulo Ndlela You know what happens when you ask to be removed from the list.... You know what happens.... YOU JUST MADE THE LIST AGAIN!
Dean Ambrose
10:30 04/25/2017

Don't underestimate the power of healing...

Photos: Ambrose extends the olive branch to Jericho
Photos: Ambrose extends the olive branch to Jericho

As "The Highlight Reel" becomes "Miz TV," which then morphs into "The Ambrose Asylum," The Lunatic Fringe makes amends with his former foe.

6.5k reactions 78 comments
Emma Begnaud The Ambrose asylum is a very GREAT show i like it
মহিদুর ঈসলাম ambrose asylum is great
Arshdeep Singh Attt
Feriha Yilmaz ambrose is great
Sardar USama :) PerSonaL Bot PoWeReD By ~> Sardar USama :) 🎭 VISHAL KOLI & C h 💘 β ο τ τ ε r 🎭 ||~~ 💘💘 ~~||
Sin Cara
10:36 04/25/2017

Great time today here in WWE Fargo!!! Gracias a todos por su cariño! Nos vemos el Martes en WWE Des Moines for WWE SmackDown Live!

3.9k reactions 51 comments
Rollie Canada Yes you wow
Haider Jani 👫 🌞🐶 вoт📱 powered💻 вy😆 Haider🐸 Jani ♥ c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r ♥ ♥ HABIB-XD-1.TK ♥ ♥ BOT OWNER ♥ HABIB KHAAN ♥
Hugo Enriquez Go go power rangers :v
Mcdavid Nowkawalk Help kailsto sin cara
Lidia Diaz Ke padre máscara
Dean Ambrose
10:30 04/25/2017

Feeling a little unhinged in Hammond!

10.4k reactions 102 comments
Tony Bevilacqua That's the ol' titty master for you.
Janet Renee BeCraft I <3 YOU CHAMP
Valerie Anger Is this you dean or do I call you johnothin
Silke Schläger I love you Dean 💞
Mauri TD He looks like dancing
Dean Ambrose
10:30 04/25/2017

Let's dance, Baron Corbin.

13.8k reactions 118 comments
Grant Jnr Kruger Dean,you still owe Jericho 15 000 dollars
Marcelo Jeans Jjjjj k Verdugo
Inaam Malik Ambrose fans add and follow me
Grace Harrison hi Dean Ambrose gud luck
Mandy Norris I was there last night
Sin Cara
10:36 04/25/2017

Great crowd tonight! Thank you, WWE Bismarck!

4.0k reactions 33 comments
Jaquan Cathy OK SIN CARA
Danjel Qose Nice
Daffa_sali I like your attire
مصطفى رجب احمد ربــى يــســعـــدكـ 🌐 ~
محمد الخفاجي Jhon sena and randy orton And brock Lesnar 💪💪💪
Sin Cara
21:48 04/22/2017

What an amazing view!

11.5k reactions 78 comments
Lidia Diaz Hola amigo ke tengas mucho éxito en tu carrera
Adrian Cabak Sin Cara walks in the mask to church :D
Tanmoy Dey It's amazing but I see your face 😁😁😁
Jose Pedro Garcia Gracia Saludos sin cara
Eduardo Ayala Fuerte impostor
Dean Ambrose
21:42 04/22/2017

The Lunatic Fringe LIVES for a Street Fight!

15.7k reactions 112 comments
Nikki Bella - WWE <--- Like Official Nikki Bella Fan Page Please (y) <3 :*
Günther Kleiner Korbin the Ass
Yubraj Singh Randy Orton
Sebastian Kenny Renjel Chumacero You are a Lazzy Figther
Kathy Maggie Dean Ambrose... sexiest man alive ❤️
Dean Ambrose
21:42 04/22/2017

Had enough of this...

21.6k reactions 122 comments
Edlyn Melisyong-Ambrose Godswell Dean ♡♡♡ Just fight and fight
Silke Schläger I love you Dean
Raymond Yandle Keep that Intercontinental belt and Congrats 🤓
Grace Harrison praying for ur wining
Simona Sala Grande Daniele
Sin Cara
21:48 04/22/2017

Can't even put into words...

2.6k reactions 38 comments
Jihad Orabi Ohhhh
Augusto Arana guou
Nikki Bella - WWE <--- Like Official Nikki Bella Fan Page Please (y) <3 :*
Rogelio Pastor Kalisto/sin cara
Dean Ambrose
08:54 04/20/2017

Don't TEST a lunatic!

23.8k reactions 157 comments
Cao Vinh Wow Dean Ambrose đánh the Miz hay quá
Randy Orton I'm One Dean Ambrose Fans So Alex Your Not Only One And Beside He Married
Tia Luciano Mike is a loser u You and john cena rules
Kamran Ali Hi Ambrose get back to you former two members Roman reigns and Seth Rollins
Saykat Wiseman are u jealous beacause your marriage life is boooring while miz rocking the table?
Dean Ambrose
20:06 04/17/2017

One last hurrah with the blue brand.

2.9k reactions 143 comments
Suzanne Owens Love you Dean!?
Eddy Steele Dean rock's
Persa Stefan Great wrestler
Kathy Maggie Dean Ambrose... sexiest man alive ❤️
Janet Smith My favorite
Dean Ambrose
20:06 04/17/2017

Be a #WWEWishmaker and help give hope to kids battling critical illnesses. Join us and Make-A-Wish America this #WorldWishDay:

6.3k reactions 126 comments
Anil Rawat Nice bro
Rikesh Kumar Mangaraj Nice pic
Dion Boudreau lov the promo 2nite so true
Aashutosh Dhakal Dean plz reunite #the_shield
Nicole Walters Yeah dean
Dean Ambrose
07:18 04/15/2017

Heard Seth Rollins has a new attitude. Let's see about that!

33.5k reactions 480 comments
Hussain Bhatti Juni Khan the all 3 members of the greatest faction in the history of wwe the shield is now on raw So they are going to reunite The destruction is waiting for everyome because shield is coming in sometime
Sam Randle It's not fucking hard to beat the bosses daughter an awol marine and a man who always wants to go to Disney land is it... now if you beat the hardys then I'd listen
Noura Kamal Ebaid Good luck with ur fight guys and please do me a favour and distort this asshole's fucken face✊🏻🖤oh and plz don't forget about randy work hard to make him the ass of the company. God curses the authority .
David Knapp Again, Dean and Roman, so very sorry this had to happen to you guys. Besides, I want to believe the Authority had manipulated Seth and convinced him to embrace their dark philosophies with bogus promises of reward, but the more I think about it, the ...
Matthew J. Soileau Dude. Reuniting the Shield will do a few things. Make the fans happy, keep Roman out of the title picture, and maybe get Roman more popular. Moreover, Roman could turn on the SHIELD and get a lot of heat. And triple threats.
Dean Ambrose
18:30 04/12/2017

The Ambrose Asylum is officially on Monday Nights!

44.2k reactions 430 comments
Eddy Wayne Rugge Great to see you back home Lunatic Fringe...Monday Nights will be epic once again!
Sheila Fosselman-Wheeler Renee is so lucky, John. Yeah, I'm a Hawkeye, you're a Buckeye. Lol
Austin Miller Looks like I actually have to watch raw to see my favorite wrestler
Juan Aguilar Dean has the fire of a real wrestler like back in the days real crazy badass
Benjamin Nasayo Martos Como deam ambrose se va para raw donde esta seth rollins y roman raing
Sin Cara
18:36 04/12/2017

Soon to be SOARING on WWE SmackDown Live!

3.3k reactions 105 comments
Waiba Resham 👉 <3 Sin Cara <3 👈 🏡 -{ 🌺 - 💝 - 🌸 }- вoт ѕιтe <3 <3
Steve Webb *botching
Naeem Ahmed are you and kalisto gonna team up again?
Sujoy Mitraa Lovly Picture
Farooq Ķh An BaBä 😓 Add Close Malik Bilal Khan ❤
Dean Ambrose
18:30 04/12/2017

So good to see John Cena and Nikki Bella on WWE Raw! Oh, wait...

40.1k reactions 318 comments
Alicia Rivero Rolin No me gusta para nada que se ay an llevado a RAW a los luchadores de SmackDown aun asi SmackDown sigue siendo el primero y faborito
William Edward When did Dean and Renee get married?!? Just noticed he has a wedding band on in the pic?!?!?
Amber Pirie Raw must really be pushing to be the main show. How sad cuz Smackdown Live was awesome!!!
Terri Jester Really tired of them doing this...its getting OLD and ANNOYING!
Dean Ambrose
18:30 04/12/2017

It's WWE Raw time, baby!

34.1k reactions 756 comments
Damian Denzler The Shield looked absolutely strong at Mania and now they'll prpbably be on one brand 😍😍 please reunite
Dana Crow Just y'all might be a Shield reunion after Regins get clear to wrestle again
Brian Reyes Lego Trade for Strowman. Time to reunite the Shield and Wyatt... MAAAAAN!
Aman Alam Dean Ambrose , Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns all are on's time to reunite the Shield....
Shanice Mosier I wish you could Stay in SmackDown I don't want you to go Monday night raw this sucks 🙁🙁🙁
Dean Ambrose
18:30 04/12/2017

Things on WWE Raw are about to get a little crazy...

57.5k reactions 495 comments
Chuck Hendrix Dean Ambrose Back Raw Now I Would Love To See The Shield Back Together
Bolaji Abdelfareed Okunnu Hammers On Seth Freak Head? I Am Not Too Sure. We Will Be Waiting For The Outcome Of The Exams... #Revenge Paul Revenge... Triple H He's Your Man Sometimes Back!
Rudy Penz Some kinda crazy is good for everyone, reunite the shield will be awesome believe that
Nicole Walters Glad you and bray are back but the others can go back to smackdown
Dean Ambrose
05:36 04/10/2017

Went through hell and back...

3.4k reactions 172 comments
Mohamed Eldesawy عااااش يادين
জাহিদুল ইসলাম স্নিগ্ধ Great pic :* Dean Ambrose :* Add Close :* Dean Ambrose ♥ Bot otomatis by :* জাহিদুল ইসলাম স্নিগ্ধ <3 <3 Hitlerbd.Tk <3 <3
Irshad Afridi :) PerSonaL Bot PoWeReD By ~> Irshad Afridi :) 🎭 C h α υ δ h r ψ s 💘 β ο τ τ ε r 🎭 ||~~ 💘 💘 ~~||
AN Wahyudi Dean Ambrose (y)
Tezz Panchal :) Bot Powered By ~> Tezz Panchal :) 🔶 c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r 🔶 <3 Owner <3 Gul Hassan <3 <3
Dean Ambrose
05:36 04/10/2017

Moments before The Lunatic Fringe was unhinged at The Ultimate Thrill Ride!

18.6k reactions 144 comments
Chawan Bahd Dean Ambrose I Like You
Rima Das oh dean i love u
Garrison Forde The Ultimate pre-show.
Jitender Kumar Verma Lunatic French Dean Ambrose
Kathy Maggie Dean Ambrose...the ultimate thrill ride indeed...😜
Dean Ambrose
05:36 04/10/2017

Look out Reds, the Lunatics are comin!

12.8k reactions 112 comments
Chawan Bahd Dean Ambrose I like you
Kathy Maggie Dean Ambrose... sexiest man alive ❤
Kieanna Flame Sigh.. fangirls give girl dean ambrose fans a bad name.
Edmond Beka Tu est pas un fou vrais. Tu est vrement debil
Adil Saleem U goin to raw?!!!
Sin Cara
16:54 04/07/2017

Gracias a mi amigo Julio por este gran regalo! #Idolo de mi infancia y uno de mis mas grandes amigos #CintadeOro ! 🙏🏻👌🏼💯 Mascara usada en #1984 , ahora ya es parte de mi colección. #CiudadJuarez #Leyenda #ElPaso #VivaMexico🇲🇽 #VivaLaRaza #LuchaLibre #LuchaCulture #LuchaStrong #Historia #LuchaLuchaLucha #FollowTheFaceless #SinCara WWE

738 reactions 11 comments
Oğuzhan Tomruk Helal sin cara helal
Alex Valencia Sin cara el mejor
Alejandra Gonzalez Alonso En cuanto me vendesnuna mascara tuya
Roger Atilano Ya nomas te falta fishman!
Karol Blazquez Diaz Que lindo regalo te dieron Sin Cara
Dean Ambrose
16:48 04/07/2017

Baron Corbin should quit while he's ahead...

Photos: Ambrose and Corbin battle in wild brawl
Photos: Ambrose and Corbin battle in wild brawl

The Lunatic Fringe goes to war against The Lone Wolf in a total SmackDown LIVE free-for-all.

15.9k reactions 134 comments
Abram Sk Ha ha ... Corbin messing with the lunatic ? Well he's putting his life in danger , he got no notion how far a lunatic like Dean can go !
Ched Noseby These are the kind of matches Ambrose and Corbin need to be doing more of.
Abdelrahman Atef Fuck you corbin he is win but dean destroy him at wrestle mania don't forget this baron bitch corbin hahahahahaha😈😈
Osman Alvarado Tu retrendas tu titulo ante el lobo solitario surte campeon ,
Catherine Rampley Bring Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to smackdown, send Corbin to WWE raw
Sin Cara
04:06 04/05/2017

Gracias a todos por su cariño!

2.7k reactions 40 comments
Ritesh Marwal Please open your mask please
Sean Russel Demerin Lucha lucha
Kyle Wilson Honestly love the black and white mask
Malix Back Sin cara
Murat Cengiz sın cara beni de beyen lucha hayranıyım
Dean Ambrose
04:00 04/05/2017

And STILL your Intercontinental Champion!

Photos: Intercontinental Title decided in wild WrestleMania Kickoff match
Photos: Intercontinental Title decided in wild WrestleMania Kickoff match

Check out photos of the clash between Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose and Baron Corbin during the WrestleMania 33 Kickoff.

39.8k reactions 305 comments
Quan Dao why roman and seth are in the mainshow but dean have be in the kickoff? and he is also a champion, tf is going on with Vince and his company?
Victor Manuel Mesa Molero Hello Dean Ambrose how are you I am (Esteve) I hope you are well Dean Ambrose ok and as goes to all Dean Ambrose this to all very well Dean Ambrose ok and now I want to what can to be all very well Dean Ambrose ok and how are you your Dean Ambrose these ...
Linda Bubu Still my lovely Senpai <3 <3 <3 #intercontinentalfairychampion
Rod A Gonzalez Being on the pre show is utter disrespect for the IC Title! Both guys deserve Better! Very disappointing
Edlyn Ambrose-Hiddleston Godswell Oh my freaking gosh !! Good job Dean Ambrose .. I always believe in u .. Don't you ever quit :D <3<3<3
Dean Ambrose
04:00 04/05/2017

Your Intercontinental Champion is almost immortal, man!

16.0k reactions 252 comments
Karen E Barker Well done DEANO! So made up you won. Great match, you both gave everything but the Main man was the victor! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kristin Banman Yes you are so hot and sexy and I love you so much too my beautiful babe and yes you are my beautiful babe too
Mohd Haneef Lone Congratulations , i am so happy for your victory....
Justin Mark Pissed it was on pre-show though
Stacy Leeuwestein love it! you did an awsome job!! so proud to be a member of the ambrose asylum!!!
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