Sin Cara
15:12 01/16/2017

Thank you, WWE Wichita!!! Gracias a todos por su gran apoyo!!! Great time today with my friends Big Show and Goldust!!!

15.9k reactions 82 comments
Wells Bristol The Giant Bizzare Lucha connection
Marina Romero Momento feliz ❤
Javi Coss Ulacia AWESOMEEE
Παναγιωτα Ελενιδου Niceee ❤🍀
Alex Shorty Rodriguez Q onda bro va a estar en el royal rumble
Dean Ambrose
02:18 01/14/2017

Congratulations, The Miz!

34.8k reactions 256 comments
Dee Mushangwe That's all in my thoughts for you Dean to be the champion Miz must stay and stay down for ever
K Barbie Carlos The miz rilly needs that award mn Dean u just did the best hany jst keep it up u luk cool with the championshp
NB Jügãdør Dę Vôlēî I heat this person (the mize) #Dean :" I hope to see you with #ROMAN_REIGNS TOGETHER"
Cassie Marie Eng Hahaha. This was classic. 😂 You and Seth got me smiling all night tonight.
Amy Probst Love it 😂❤
Sin Cara
02:24 01/14/2017

Today is a great day!!! Blessings to everyone 🙏🏻 Feliz Miércoles para todos!

2.9k reactions 26 comments
Wupples Exotic CARS Awesome read
Msd Wasim Akram 🏡 вoт powered вy •» Msd Wasim Akram 🏨 Just Now Sin Cara 🚥 Bot On Fire ( -_・) ︻デ═一 ▸ 🏢 Thu : 12 - Jan - 2017 🏨 BOt User Sin Cara 🏥 Like & Comment Late 15 sec :) 🏪 BOt By Msd Wasim Akram 🔰 BOt Site [➬ MyBotPk,Tk ] 🔰
Albert Cerda Jesus Rosales
Filip Radovanović Sin Cara is legend.
Dae Ko Kanxo Vae Tumne Aaj Mujhe Good Morning Wish Nahi Kia.. :( √ http:// MultiBot.Ga
Dean Ambrose
02:18 01/14/2017

Meet my new friend Maryse!

46.8k reactions 461 comments
Wissam Faour I was so happy they Maryse slapped Miz he deserves it Dean is a better IC champion than the Miz
Kristin Banman Thats was great and funny dean baby last night you were great to and I love you so very much
Luis Enrique Chavez Cienega Hahaha you're awesome, ambrose. The miz and maryse deserve to be in the AMBROSE ASYLUM
Misael Ruiz Well I wanted alligators but we couldn't get the permits...
Jason Brophy What once was a great animal is now a prop for these idiots
Dean Ambrose
13:30 01/11/2017

Congrats to The Miz for receiving “The Miz Participation Award!”

21.6k reactions 262 comments
Roudon Mussa I lyk smackdown more than raw bcoz raw is full of corruption Ambrose is better to call ur brothers Reigns n rollins this syd they r suffering that syd
Bonny Robino Kapinpin He deserved it then u gonna come back n beat up AJ for yr wwe champ
George Hidalgo That's good I can't stand that little freaking creep Mizz
Laura Lee Blacklock That was funny watch the miz getting hit by his own wire that was funny
Bitu Lanah i love you Dean Ambrose...and mix you deserved that....hoho
Dean Ambrose
13:30 01/11/2017

An Intercontinental Championship Match fit for a Lunatic...

19.8k reactions 349 comments
Jose Justo Reynoso Carrasco In slow motion how do you win that was incredible well done Ambrose (y)
Syed Musa The Miz just freaked up cz he just wnt be the toilet washer champion
Brandon Kohout Try to take that title away from Ambrose and you'll get the worst beating of your life.
Suraj Rathore Dean sir I meet them... please.. I. Love u...u r my favorite hero..Roman have power..and u have full power..u r top wrestler..inwwe universe
Hamza Jani I LOVE Dean Ambrose !!!❤ Ambrose is my absolute favorite WWE superstar. He's so exciting and fun to watch. I jumped outta my seat and screamed when Ambrose won that title from Miz! Keep being incredible Ambrose !!!❤ I love you !!!❤ Renee is so lucky!
Sin Cara
00:48 01/09/2017

Another great night! Thank you, WWE Montgomery! 🙏🏻!

4.5k reactions 27 comments
Ammy Chattha Love u sir from #india
Milric Zschusschen Thank you
Mohamed Medoo #hhhh
Zoaib Hussain Hello
Sin Cara
00:48 01/09/2017

Excited to be in WWE Columbus!

2.8k reactions 24 comments
Jhonatan Hernandez Gran luchador
Rahul Singh
Marlon Garcia Kubi Benediktus JETZT MACH
ŹãkįïTo Aźul you is sin cara (hunico)
Rogelio Pastor Viva sin cara
Sin Cara
00:48 01/09/2017

Thank you, WWE Columbus !!! Great crowd tonight, had a lot of fun wrestling for all of you! 🙏🏻👌🏼💯

10.7k reactions 84 comments
Jerry Gonzalez Bas a benir a Laredo Texas en este mes para apollarte y llebar a mi hijo
Roop 100% free Online job opportunity What's app me on this number - 9720710290
Joel Amador Sigue Como vas. No agas caso. Eres buen luchador. Seas kien seas
Oliver Larreta Chavez Puro Juaritos!! Saludos!!!
George Neville Hi sin is love ur music I am ur fan.
Dean Ambrose
00:42 01/09/2017

No one knows about the grind like The Lunatic Fringe!

78.0k reactions 493 comments
Rishabh Diwan he is making faces like i make when i am doing workout.i think that is why i liked him at first sight
Brie Jonathan Bella very cool hopefully dean Ambrose succeeded in winnowing we always support you always faithful to your fans I love you
Mohamed Adam Ali i. love you. u ar tha. baysst en tha worled. an. i hop to se u aliyf
Ta Rozita Amore Renee is so lucky😍
Vinnie DeSimone I used too do P90X like a MADMAN but that was like 4 or 5 YEARS AGO... :)
Dean Ambrose
11:54 01/06/2017

The Lunatic Fringe has been UNLEASHED!

40.4k reactions 375 comments
Penny Bragg Dan Ambrose is the man I am glad beat the miz we love him
Ricky Lee They need to bring back hardcore matches so dean can be the next mick foley
Tura Wilkey Dean ambrose.......what the one can beat dean..even goldberg
Zulley Guevara Martínez No lo creo, le falta su gente mexicana y latinoamericana, mi esposo Dean Ambrose tiene el corazón latino y lo ha demostrado hablando español, tambien le falta la WWE Champion que nosotros los mexicanos, latinos y la WWE Universe le dimos #AmbroseAsylum ...
Sajeeb Hasan SunNy বাংলাদেশ ক্রিকটে ফর্মে থাকার পর ও যারা সুযোগ পাইনি সেই অবহেলিত টাইগার একাদশঃ ১.শাহারিয়ার নাফীস ২.এনামুল হক বিজয় ৩.আশরাফুল ৪.মমিনুল হক ৫.নাসির হোসেইন ৬.মোহাম্মদ মিথুন ৭.সোহাগ গাজী ৮. শফিউল ইসলাম ৯.আরাফাত সানি ১০.আল-আমিন হোসেইন ১১.রুবেল হোসেইন দ্বাদশ: ...
Dean Ambrose
11:54 01/06/2017

And the Intercontinental Championship is BACK in the Asylum!

39.4k reactions 355 comments
Christy Holcombe Will you still be coming to the cavalcade of custom car show in Cincinnati on Friday
Rachel Wills Congratulations Dean it is about time you took the belt off Mix.. I was so happy his wife got thrown out .
AB Bothon Well done, Dean! Congrats for defeating d loser Miz n wife Mariz! Hold on to it tight.
Robyn Fitzgerald WOO HOO!!!!!!! Well done champ. I'm so proud of you, getting back what was rightfully yours. 👊👊👊
Waris Saeed the miz with Intercontinental Championship Looking Awesone !!
Dean Ambrose
11:54 01/06/2017

It's easy to smile when you're the champ.

92.2k reactions 741 comments
Grace Eskridge Haircut... please?? Even though you're my favorite wrestler 😂😂😂😂
Dêêpêsh Pàtêl tɦat's ʀɨɢɦt. աɦɛռ ʏօʊ ɢօt sօʍɛtɦɨռɢ ռɛա աɦɨċɦ ʏօʊ ʟɨҡɛ ʍօst ʏօʊ'ʀɛ tօօ ɦaքքʏ. ռօա ʏօʊ aʀɛ tօօ ɦaքքʏ ɖɛaռ.
Kevin Slater Well done champ on teaching Miz a lesson. You deserved it after the fiasco with Ellsworth cost you the main title.
Natalie Roch I'm bored of Dean, I was enjoying Miz's Intercontinental title reign!
Manav Awasthi Let's go Ambrose and win the royal rumble match and then become wwe champ @ wrestlemania
Sin Cara
12:00 01/06/2017

Mas vale tarde que nunca! 😉 Quien iba pensar que un niño nacido en el Segundo Barrio podria llegar a lograr su sueño?! 🙏🏻

9.0k reactions 101 comments
Brad Andrews Sin Cara died when Mistico left.
Sebastian Lara todo esfuerzo tiene su recompensa mi jorge ;)
Aleja Gomgon Todos los estúpidos comentan que es un personaje robado cuando más bien se lo ganó, no como el místico caristico que le faltaba interés por estar ahí
Natt Naty Sin cara es muy bueno pero le falta práctica ya que en la wwe en tlc sufrió un ataca con una escalera y se convulsióno te hace falta práctica para aguantar eso y más pero mi apoyo lo tienes ya tengo tu figura de acción
Tony RC Bueno no es de extrañar todos admiran al gran rey misterio y es su inspiración.
Dean Ambrose
11:54 01/06/2017

Looks like the lunatic is running the Asylum ONCE AGAIN!

90.1k reactions 1354 comments
Shiva Ch Dean you won the intercontinental title I hope you will get world heavy title by beating john cena or Aj styles on wrestilemania 31
Annie Benoko Great job Dean !!!! For burying The Miz in the belly of ASYLUM and standing out as the one and only LUNATIC in the ASYLUM world!!!! More love and kisses to you Love!!!!
Bettie Kay I think you need a new belt for this one....everyone else has gotten new belts. Make it blue and let him put his plates on it.
Ravi Singh Dean i am ur biggest fan. I like ur angry n i like ur way of showing angry. Wat do u think about shield? U should hav to form the shield tat was a gud think to form the shield for us u should hav to form n one more thing that if the Mrs.MIZ could slap u ...
Nana Shammy I lyke dis guy really with roman aside, I think u hve made ma day fantastic Congs 2 u Dean 4 making yo fans happy. Kip it man en u can do it
Dean Ambrose
11:54 01/06/2017

And NEW Intercontinental Champion!

52.9k reactions 706 comments
Shamin Saba I wish Dean becomes WWE world champion together with Intercontinental champion.I would be the happiest person on earth.
Rocky Blackburn I'm glad that Dean Ambrose wins the intercontinental championship for the second time because I'm tired of the miz
Natalie Buckles Graham Morris just so you can look at the glory too 🔥🔥👏🏻
Yvonne Black Brilliant I LOVE DEAN AMBROSE not let him have a good run with intercontinental title he deserves it brilliant hard working wrestler
Ashiqe Ahmed Khan Dean Ambrose is way better than Aj styles , he should be given a chance for Wrestlemania main event for world champion.
Dean Ambrose
11:54 01/06/2017

Dean Ambrose Wins the Intercontinental Championship

178.1k reactions 3021 comments
Maikou Xiong Whao!!! Go Ambrose!!! U r awesome!!! Finally, someone became the new intercontinel champion!!! Didn't see the video but ur awesome!!! Ambrose is #1!!!
JO SH UA Congratulations Lunatic French I know you could do it it just because of The Miz Fvcking Wife Mariz always destract you from the fight but you done it Congratulations 🎉👏👏👏
Positive Olu'Philus Game of the new Year..... Using Dean to replace Daniel,because of its show and connection to the people... They delayed the SmackDown title so that Cena can reclaim it from Aj and then relinquish it just as Daniel did.... Then the title goes back to the ...
Freddy Tres Congas Marin Congrats Dean, you deserve this title. I was hoping Renee Young would run down to ringside and beat the crap out of Maryse....
Sarah Weatherman That's how to finish off the new year with Dean Ambrose has Intercontinental Champion . Lol sorry Miz you got your butts beet. And don't mass with bean's girl.
Sin Cara
10:24 01/01/2017

#FelizAñoNuevo2017 🎊🎉🎈🎆🍇 #HAPPYNEWYEAR2017 🎊🎆🎉🎈🍇 Gracias a #Dios por este año tan maravilloso, por tantas #Bendiciones!!! Esperemos que este año 2017 sea mejor para todos ustedes! Y como dijo #JuanGabriel "Ya lo pasado pasado no me interesa , ya lo sufri y llore . Todo quedo en el ayer" Asi que a comenzar este nuevo año con todo! 💯 #ElPaso #CiudadJuarez #VivaMexico🇲🇽

8.8k reactions 196 comments
Dag Aguilar Feliz año
Carlos Guerrero Saludo Sin Cara, que este año se venga puro Wrestling
Daniel Alejandro Vi Ra Animo ese Backstage no se armaran los putazos solo xD
Miguel Santos Feliz año
Caryl Pinasco Pendwjo; Una pregunta Sin Cara ¿Pasas todo el día con la mascara? Puras mentiras solo un tarado piensa eso
Sin Cara
21:36 12/29/2016

So, Neville wants to call himself the King of Cruiserweights?

2.7k reactions 100 comments
Muhamad Farhan When will you held a title?
Eddel Rodriguez Hell yea make it happen! 🔥🔥
Samuel Gonzalez Quiroz Botch cara
Roarke Logan Partridge You are the king of botching
Ariel Cruz Alvarez sin cara eres el mejor...!!! viva la razaaaa...!!!
Dean Ambrose
21:30 12/29/2016

Turn around, The Miz....

11.5k reactions 446 comments
Rally Ally Still waiting for next episode what happened after that
Johnna Celli Loved it! Dean is my favorite wrestler love the bad boys
Sandi Jones If u all watched talking smack dean defended his self cause of the miz not because of Renee
Jennifer Godwin He got the Lunatic beat down he deserved!!!! Now he's MIZERABLE!!!!!💪💪💪💪
Sin Cara
21:36 12/29/2016

Great Crossfit workout before WWE Brooklyn!

8.2k reactions 30 comments
Christopher Lee Terrance Derhousoff Sin Cara You Rock
Agustin Martinez Sin cara tirando botches
Ferman Aker <3
Ayoub Mouhamed Qaissoumi شوفتني 👀 انا علقت 😍😌💪🏼 ✌
Mehar Saad Great <3 Powered By <3 Mehar Saad <3 Self Site <3 <3 By <3 Usama Ahmad <3
Dean Ambrose
21:30 12/29/2016

2017 will hold nothing but disappointment for The Miz!

Ambrose defends Renee Young
Ambrose defends Renee Young's honor with an A-List sneak attack on The Miz

The Lunatic Fringe comes after The A-Lister in response to comments The Miz made about Ambrose's relationship with Renee Young.

29.0k reactions 371 comments
Candice C Walker I'm glade Dean Ambrose defended Renee to the Miz he deserved it and looks like a Lunatic can be a Gentleman after all
Amina Mirza That's not fair, I can't get access to wwe page, it says ACCESS DENIED. >=(. So I had to read the comments below. :/
Megan Staples The more you beat Mizzy up, the happier I feel! 😁
Racquel Blugh Good luck next week dean all the best to you and renee for the new year love you dean am a fan of yours respect
Ashish Tripathi Very good Ambrose...... You r a Hero and The Miz is Zero....
Dean Ambrose
08:42 12/27/2016

May your holiday be filled with LUNACY!

81.4k reactions 959 comments
Joe Dirks Chris Greco.boy that Christmas sweater is sure unhinged and unstable,hide your kids,hide your wife
Brad Baker Toby Duty did you get this for Christmas from Britani Coats?
Shoeb Zama Lunatic vs phenomenal at royal rumble for wwe world championship.
Khaleel Khan Plz amrose yu romen and seth rollan I am see yu togather.the wild family atak yu and brown men atak Roman and rollns u togater thy are beat us plz
Prashant Tyagi Championship you will definitely get wish you happy Christmas tonight enjoy dean
Sin Cara
20:00 12/24/2016

Vamos Club América !!! Esperemos celebrar estos #100años con el #Titulo LIGA Bancomer MX ! Gran partido hoy! WWE Michael Jordan #CiudadJuarez #ElPaso #VivaMexico🇲🇽 #HappyHolidays 🎄🎅🏼🎁 Gracias a Jesus Rosales Photography por las fotos !

25.2k reactions 383 comments
William Stroud No cabron!!!! Porque porque tenias que irle al america ptm! Eras mi heroe :'(
Jaime Enrique Castro Soy fan de la lucha libre, no soy de México, alguien me puede explicar por favor pq tanto odio hacia SinCara II pq sea hincha del América de Mexico?
Tony Peluchin Mercado era tu fan pero porque le vas al america cortalas wey y que chinge su madre el america
Jorge De Zarco Ese luchador ni merece nombrarlo es un pinche payaso con la afición debe saber que traga de nosotros arriba la máscara!!!!
Erik Fuentes Diego Garcia yo sabía que por algo te gustaba un buen el "Místico", ahora veo que es por que le va a tu equipo
Dean Ambrose
07:06 12/22/2016

Big mistake...

25.5k reactions 253 comments
Brendan Donoho they better put you in a good story line with all of them if not you need to be carded higher than Luke and the Miz i thought the rivalry with AJ was better
Diane Baumgartner Wrestling should go back to what it was in the 50s it was a better show
Bettiy Millan I just want Luke harper to stop jobbing so the Entire wyatt family can look strong .
Adam Conlon Believe in dean ambrose
Oumar Alkaliné Traore l think Dean Ambrose better powerbombs Luke Harper through some racks hé did to jericho before for Randy Orton ans bray Wyatt better hit them with dirty deeds head first through the tack gonna love it !!!!!!!!!
Sin Cara
07:12 12/22/2016

Always keep fighting...

Photos: Sin Cara, O
Photos: Sin Cara, O'Neil felled by Strowman's path of destruction

A one-on-one match between Sin Cara and Titus O'Neil is cut short by a monstrous intruder: Braun Strowman.

2.8k reactions 21 comments
Forida Begum Are you okay sin Cara
Nemanja Miletic NE
Lekso Zardiashvili Datveriiii batono sinkaraaaa :)
Täñvîr Ähmèd :-o
Jeric Flain You should fight back next week
Sin Cara
18:24 12/19/2016

Amazing time teaming up with Darren Young, R-Truth and Goldust !!! Thank you WWE Rochester !!!

7.5k reactions 25 comments
Christopher Lee Terrance Derhousoff Sin Cara You Rock
Berat Çağlıyan Sincara😍😍😍
Ronaldo Payoguaje Eres el mejor
Cruz Gamboa Jefry Jefferson bn
Eya Rey Bautista Godbless You Guys Love U siNcara
Sin Cara
05:36 12/17/2016

Sin Cara

22.0k reactions 75 comments
Luigi Angelo C. Pineda Z
Jeff Rommel Galin wow
Shivam Mihir Good one...
Jesus Rosales Recomiéndame a tu fotógrafo!
AnZal BhattaRai my best hero
Sin Cara
05:36 12/17/2016

Profile Pictures

209 reactions 4 comments
Fanda Zamastil borec
Mouad Driouch اااخــــووويــــاااا..↖.. 🐼..✌ ااالـــجـــــدع 👊_❤ وااالــرجـولــه suite:
Śhăņţő Îslâm supper boss
László Végh Awesome! :)
Sin Cara
05:36 12/17/2016

Remember to be a STAR every single day!

6.6k reactions 26 comments
Christopher Lee Terrance Derhousoff Sin Cara You Rock
Yahir Gutierrez Yo
Isabel Catala Nieto Eres el mejor sin cara
Edgar James Calimpong Orong idol kita sincara
Fran Nicolas Conquilla Sin cara is my champion chip
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