Sin Cara
Yesterday 00:54

#EXCLUSIVAS Aclaración de @SinCaraWWE sobre el uso de sus máscaras. Gracias a todos los que aman la #LuchaLibre ! WWE

1.0k reactions 73 comments
Clemente Israel Martinez Hernandez Tu no eres el sin cara el original es caristico de CMLL
Dawid Kowalski Sin Cara push !
Eliel David Moreno Saludos sin cara
David Garcia hi sin cara!your my favorite WWE superstar!Can i have a mask?please?im in the Philippines.Can u give one?please?thank you!love u
LD Chávez #pushsincara x3
Sin Cara
Yesterday 00:54

Crazy travel day but very blessed 🙏🏻 to here in WWE Montreal 🇨🇦 !

1.8k reactions 28 comments
Tera Bhatti ❌ ρσωєяєđ ву Tera Bhatti ❌ ——————————————————————————————————————————————— 🍁 ADD CLOSE MERI JAN 🍁 Bot site ==> ✔✔ ✔✔ 🍁
Biswabikshyat Das that means you are in canada
Adrian Lopez Miranda Jose Monje Javier E. Alvarado Rivera
Ashim Rana superb
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 00:48

Richmond —#TheLunaticFringe is bringing CHAOS to Cricket Wireless on Tuesday 3/28. RSVP here: Tag your pics with #STSA and I might share one here! #ad

10.6k reactions 148 comments
Austin Hockaday 2 min away from my house can't wait
Shelby Lee Dale Kitch if only it was in the UK haha
April Lesnick-Cruise Damn got all excited when I saw richmond...sad to see it is not richmond ontario
Isabelle Holt I thought it said in Florida at first 😢😢 I wish I still lived in Pittsburgh so I could see some live shows there too 😢
Eivan Biong I want to meet him but im from Philippines im a die hard fan of the WWE i hope I can see everyone on the WWE roster
Sin Cara
12:06 03/23/2017

Want to go to WWE SummerSlam? Use the pre-sale code SINCARA to get YOUR seats!

637 reactions 7 comments
Alejandro Ramirez Holaaaaa de México
Akif Öztürk Im biggest <3 Sin Cara<3 fan so 50 krş ver lan tırrek
Pvma Hernandez Alfredo Tremendo. Jobber
Jommel Yee Sin cara
Emir Kılıç Sin Cara ☯️ Love you ❤️❤️❤️
Dean Ambrose
23:12 03/20/2017

"The Ultimate Thrill Ride" has The Lunatic Fringe written all over it!

63.0k reactions 391 comments
Deepak Saugun my mom call you by the name of her younger son means she is your big fan
Rezz #No doubt! WRESTLEMANIA is going to be Crazy for "The Lunatic Fringe" Dean Ambrose...😉
Mariya Jamal Ansari You are tha best dean and get crazy lunatic and you are best man in wrestle mania😘😍💪💘👍
Ishwar Singh I also shown in your wwe u have very talented and superstar in wwe my favorite Dean Ambrose
Fay Harris Prayer: ... Your suffering may make an angel weep into her wings, but it will never make her walk away..
Dean Ambrose
23:12 03/20/2017

Feeling pretty unhinged at WWE Albany!

37.0k reactions 178 comments
Bryan Valencia Anchundia The Championship
Cathy Riddle Dean is real
Duane Tomiak Did you and Luke Harper swap wife beaters tonight?
Román Gutierrez Lopez Lunatic Fringe
Rishie Singh Yadav Still remember what happened to paige...😂😂
Sin Cara
23:18 03/20/2017

Thank u WWE Syracuse, Amazing crowd tonight!!! Gracias a todos la pase super luchando para todos ustedes amigos! Thank u!

2.6k reactions 25 comments
Ayan Ali (Y) Reaction On Fire ;) ρσωєяєđ ву Ayan Ali :v 🎭 Reaction Bot Site (Y) 🎭 :) ( #NOTE ) Only #Iphone #Token IS #Working <3 King Bot Team <3 Owner (^^^) Abdul Rehman (^^^)
Veqaaz Kai Luc Knorr botchamania
Irfan Çabar Koray Canöz fail e az kalmis yorum tutmuş Berkay Tural
Hadif Zakwan Cool
Rene Sanchez Jr. Are you coming to raw live
Dean Ambrose
10:24 03/18/2017

Lunatic coming through!

8.9k reactions 157 comments
Ardene Bradford Superman
Gina Elmore Love that dam lunatic he is the sexiest wrestler ever
Vishnu Madhavan Anchal My favourite wrestler
Gaurav Thorve My favourite wwe superstar Dean Ambrose 😎😋😊
Akash Jaat Mst guru
Dean Ambrose
10:24 03/18/2017

Nothing wrong with WWE WrestleMania getting a little UNSTABLE!

58.9k reactions 331 comments
Rahul Shrimali don't think just wait for this lunatic & he will be unstable at wrestlemania..
Bharat Shelke He is beat Baron Corbin at wrestle mania 33 and still WWE intercontinental champion.
Solanki Vishal Please request the general manger #wrestleMania match barin corbin Vs #ĐƏÀŇ ĂMBŘŐS
Joshua Armstrong I wish u could break baron Corbin's nose, take ur title nd save shane o mac from dat stupid idiot Aj styles..........
Patrick Piwowar Ambrose is one of the best superstars in WWE. I'm hoping he'll still be Intercontinetal Champion after Wrestlemania.
Sin Cara
21:42 03/15/2017

Gracias a toda la producción de #TardePeroSinSueño por hacer esto posible!!! La pase genial y disfrute a el máximo el poder compartir con todos ustedes un poco de lo que #Dios 🙏🏻 a hecho en mi vida y la de mi familia. Gracias a las señoritas de la cocina que me atendieron como una #Superestrella ! Gracias querido amigo Gustavo Falcon por siempre estar ahi incondicionalmente! Te quiero ! A el tremendo grupo de musicos por ser tan divertidos y sobre todo por ser grandes músicos! Gracias!!!! WWE #CiudadJuarez #ElPaso #Latinos #VivaMexico🇲🇽 #VivaLaRaza #SinCara Enlace

1.3k reactions 14 comments
Sanaullah Khan 🏡 вoт powered вy •»» Sanaullah Khan (y) 🏡 ♥ P Y T H O N 🌹 B O T 🌹 T E A M ♥ •»» Sin Cara (y) 🏡 ♪----» HABIB-13.TK «----♪ ♥♡o. BOT BY <3 HABIB KHAAN .o♡ ♥
Fadlan Hermansyah Do you ever feel you tired using that mask all day long?
Emir Kılıç Sin Cara lucha dragons
Emmanuel Solis Balan Viva 619
Mariana Rangel Saludos guapo
Sin Cara
21:42 03/15/2017

Ya falta muy poco para empezar amigos! Tarde Pero Sin Sueño WWE Gustavo Falcon

1.3k reactions 6 comments
Sanaullah Khan <3 powered by <3 Sanaullah Khan <3 3:) CHAMPIONS BOT T3AM 3:) Sin Cara 3:) BOT SITE - B| B| Owner B| MRSQ HAMZA B| UMAR JALIL B| NAEEM TARIQ B| GULL HASSAN B| B| JAN MUHAMMAD B| JAN ALI B| SHEZZY SHYKH B| MUSAB KHAN B| B| JUNAID ...
Jose Pedro Garcia Gracia Exitos sin cara
Kian Chaer Elchaer Así respiras mejor?
Ana Bazadoni Loa Bendiciones y muchos éxitos
Edmund Says el patron
Sin Cara
21:42 03/15/2017

Tarde Pero Sin Sueño esta noche por Enlace ! Gustavo Falcon #Latinos #VivaMexico🇲🇽 #VivaLaRaza #CiudadJuarez #ElPaso WWE

925 reactions 6 comments
Olkan Gündoğdu Liz Arriaga-Bernal <3
Eduardo Ayala Fuerte es el impostor el de mexico es mas chingon
Rogelio Pastor Incognito
Manuel Vasquez Enlace es el canal cristiano de cable? O es otro canal enlace
Sin Cara
08:54 03/13/2017

Amazing crowd tonight here in #WWELondon 🇨🇦 !!! Gracias amigos! 👌🏼🙏🏻💯😉✈️🚗❄️👍🏽 WWE #Latinos #LuchaLibre #LuchaStrong #LuchaDragon #LuchaLuchaLucha #ElPaso #CiudadJuarez #VivaMexico🇲🇽 #SinCara #FollowTheFaceless

860 reactions 20 comments
Jorge Vachino Norberto Adrian Fernandez
Somesh Bijarniya <3
Don Jullian Olivi Dzambic Nacir Ben Ata lo sancho
Sujoy Mitraa ঠিকআছে
Emircan Özoltu Seni seviyorum calista
Sin Cara
08:54 03/13/2017

Thank you WWE Toronto 🇨🇦!!! Tomorrow WWE London ! See you there amigos. 🙏🏻👌🏼💯✈️👍🏽🚗

6.5k reactions 28 comments
Mateusz Payet Ciarkowski :)
Rosario Parisi You fack
Driton Ljucovic I love you man.You are amazing.
Gerardo Zabala Grande sin caraaaaaaaaaa
Luis Angel Armendariz Eres grandioso sin cara
Sin Cara
08:54 03/13/2017

This is how I eat with the mask on!

8.8k reactions 149 comments
Dale Santeford Can I have some pizza?
Idinu Becerril lobo gare
Michael Rudy Rocha Molina Hunico
Simon Lyon Sarka I've always thought about it
Strîmturean Ronan Viorel Nicolae I can relate! :D
Dean Ambrose
20:00 03/10/2017

Proof that it will take a whole lot more to put away the Ironman of the WWE!

22.1k reactions 182 comments
Zulley Guevara Martínez Te juro mi amor que tu retienes tu IC Champion ademas que vas a ser WWE Champion de Smackdown💋💖 #VivalaRaza #LatinoHeat #sisisi #LatinaArmy #AmbroseAsylum
Joshua Armstrong hey u......ya am talkin 2 u baron colvet. Ur a piece of trash and u wats gonna happen at wm.....huh.......ur gonna be beaten victimized nd coquered baby! #recognize
Rachel J. Sherman Maybe Dean and Corbin can do a street fight like Dean was supposed to do with Lesnar, only Dean and Corbin will do it right.
Therese Ulariolopez Dean is the greatest wrestler in history. And he's so very sexy. And my homeboy.
Gwen Lecoroller he's THE Champion, never give up and stay crazy Dean 😊
Dean Ambrose
07:12 03/08/2017

The Lunatic Fringe is ready for some chaos!

37.3k reactions 276 comments
Therese Ulariolopez Dean there is someone out there impersonating you and your birch girlfriend. They are scamming people out of a lot of money. I'm sorry . You don't deserve that . You are a great guy and deserve better than this and better than Renee young.
Vijay Bele if baron corbine thinck he is better than dean by attacking on him by rod and hiding beside wall like coward then its wrong because dean is always better than baron.
Mellveen Zachary Wasli Go get some Sarawak,Malaysia...and fight the the hundreds of crocodiles in the that enough chaos for you...
วิทวัส ชื่นนภักดี Austin Aries vs deanambrose thebest match smackdown Ic title
Avinash Kumar dean ambrose is my favorite because his attitude like stone cold steve austin
Dean Ambrose
05:36 03/03/2017

Baron Corbin messed with the wrong Lunatic!

26.8k reactions 171 comments
Dipankar Ghosh Lunatic fringe is going to get the lone wolf a match of pain
Angelin Rangel perfect dean ambrose <3
Aamir Khan Hi Dean WWE is my dream
Tity Silva Silva My inspiration today and always Dean Ambrose, if I go to WWE it will be just to see you❤
Ryan Mcevoy Take out that poor excuse for a human that is corben #ambroseaslylum
Dean Ambrose
05:36 03/03/2017

This is FAR from over, Baron Corbin!

11.2k reactions 102 comments
Pily Astorga Baron who!? 😂 ridiculous
Manu Gopalan The high talented superstar in wwe..☺☺
Michelle Waldron Yay dean
Josiah LC I loooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeee this fued!!!
Paulo Henrique Vicente Do Nascimento No Disqualification match at Wrestlemania #PLEASE
Sin Cara
16:54 02/28/2017

Absolutely delicious!

10.3k reactions 345 comments
Gonzah Andréh DY Oye Sin Cara....Vete a Smack Down y gana los tagteam con kalistito :'(.... Y otra cosa.... Como te comes la pizza sin mascara? Jdjd😝..salu2
Jesús Romero wtf hasta come con la mascara puesta este tipo es un archi mago :V
Ryan Boatman Hahahaaaaaa Kristen Lummus Boatman show Easton later on
Arnab M Ghosh I think he is trying to say that the smell is delicious.
Amine TheSupernova Souha Sou I wonder how he bite it with this masque hhhh
Sin Cara
16:54 02/28/2017

Hasta pronto WWE Germany !!! We had a blast, thank u again 🙏🏻👌🏼💯!

3.9k reactions 31 comments
Sanaullah Khan α∂σяαвℓє 😘
Steven Blackard 😇😎👍🏻🙏🏻👼🏻Stevenblackard house.27310.ok
Udhani Pankaj I love Lucha Dragons
Emir Kılıç I Love you sin cara 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hubert Janik Sin Caraa <333
Dean Ambrose
16:48 02/28/2017

It's always nice to see a fellow lunatic.

135.4k reactions 1035 comments
Lucky Simelane Please Ambrose bring this man on wwe we really wish to see him take James out
Benjamin Scott Brown My son picked out the wrong one. Lol. Way too close
Sean McDonald I wonder who is going to break out the guitar and start singing"Thinking out loud."
Malcolm St Juste I literally thought for a second that guy was Dean's brother
Ron Schwartz How scary is there's 3 lunatics....although I don't look like you two....lmao
Dean Ambrose
16:48 02/28/2017

Where are all the lunatics in WWE Moline?!?

21.6k reactions 137 comments
Chawan Bahd Dean Ambrose I Like You
Chawan Bahd Dean Ambrose I Like You
Joycelyn Bakare The guy
Silke Schläger I love you Dean
Linda Bubu Senpaiii i'm hereee <3
Sin Cara
16:54 02/28/2017

Loved exploring the beautiful sights in Germany!

9.7k reactions 66 comments
Anuj Goswami Where is Callisto...
Gwendoline Caulier Caulier Trop beau sin cara ❤❤
Steve Webb Yeah lovely bit of fence there
Manish Malik Good sir
Sin Cara
16:54 02/28/2017

WWE Regensburg was amazing! 😉 Thank you WWE Germany 🇩🇪 for a great time in your beautiful country!

7.9k reactions 40 comments
Berk Karaağaç You are good man- 😍Ücretsiz😁Flood😎Sitesi😘 👑👑
ด.ช.จิรโชติ บุตรงาม ผมชอบคุณมากซีคาน่าและคาลิฟโต้และเรมิสเตอริโอ
Furkan Özşahin Luchalibre
Dejvek Rosek Nak Frajer
TC Ozan Osg Eren We want Mistico!!!!!
Sin Cara
04:06 02/26/2017

Thank you, WWE Germany!

2.0k reactions 42 comments
Fauzan Hanif Get Out (2017) Full Movie
Priciliano Ramos Ortiz Hola
Asif Qholby like you sin cara teknick faghting
Oscar Hernandez Hi sin cara :)
Jordi Jair Muñoz Morales Like sin cara
Sin Cara
04:06 02/26/2017

It was an honor, Dusseldorf...

5.6k reactions 27 comments
Opay Mfadea ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ricardo OM te extrañamoa en México
Mohamad Mansour layke kanzto Sarah Abdelkader
Santosh Mandal :) B0T P0W3R3D BY ~> Santosh Mandal :) ❤ SITE ❤ INDI4.TK ❤
Dean Ambrose
04:00 02/26/2017

Never count the Lunatic Fringe out!

14.7k reactions 100 comments
Chaudhary Vilas Kumar dean you are the greatest you are my favourite
Linda Bubu what a beautiful smile <3 senpaiiio
Deam Ambrose Nice pic
Diane Trepanier Dean your a diamond in the rough . Lol love you ,
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