Usain Bolt
20:36 06/23/2017

Race Announcement: 30th anniversary of Hercules EBS Monaco on July 21

1.3k reactions 31 comments
Asbestos Removal Central Waiting for you champ
Malfuradin Spiegelberg ^^ Legende
Chris Sturrock Craig Sturrock 😲
Joe Moore Julian Cafolla. bring lawrence. David Lovett Michael Quinlan Peter Williamson
Testets Nancy cool
Usain Bolt
20:36 06/23/2017

“Immerse yourself in the energy of what you desire.” – Hiro Boga

7.4k reactions 55 comments
عمر ككو 👍
Erica Chamberlian Do you thing Bolt nice
Vanessa Rotohiko Your the man ✌❤
Sid Floyd Run the 400 m
Petra von Harten Alexander Kron
Usain Bolt
07:48 06/21/2017

Loving my new #smartluggage from @Bluesmart. They are launching new things soon. Get early access at #bluesmart

52.3k reactions 433 comments
Bridgette Eldemire Usain u really a go way and leave me u even buy a smaller hand luggage so u know me can't hold in it 😂😂😂 love u baby boy love u bad
Nereyda Carriles Carrera Wuaoooo mi ídolo...Llévame con tigo y no tengas arrepentirse... Bendiciones para tí
Nakis Baraka Germaine Mason left you a copy of the fashion book Bolt!!! You took a page out of his book
Vesna Bilic It's just a suitcase! What about filling a few up and donating to the Grenfell fire families
Paul Hlapane Hope u not stepping up the pace and leave it miles behind
Usain Bolt
19:00 06/18/2017

Happy Father's Day Pops..#MYHero #Love&LoveAlone

5.7k reactions 121 comments
Ten Outof Ten Happy Father's Day pops
Adonnecia Diamond Happy father's day
Abhijit Nandi "Happy Father's Day" 💖💖
Angella Minott Happy father's day to your dad
Donna Walker Happy father's day
Usain Bolt
19:00 06/18/2017

Pre-Order your copy!!!!

20.7k reactions 174 comments
Ten Outof Ten Love u sir bolt
Lionel Yonkeu the king ! <3
Justine Deloof Marine tu peux me faire ce cadeau là aussi ♡
Judith Richardson Always love this image of you
Hopey Mck Amen
Usain Bolt
17:24 06/13/2017

Happy to announce I'm making my debut as a footballer in #PES2018! Pre-order now to get me for your team!

5.1k reactions 317 comments
Kantapat Supaweerawat Graphic is good but gameplay is shit
Chris Livirizzi Mac I might get a soccer game for once 😂😂
Jenny Carruthers Shemaiah James, he always wanted to be a footballer. 😊
Goodas Shernett Nice after all u r Bolt anything u touch is gooooold !!!!!!
Agboola Taiwo Moses Make some cool cash by just posting for gold. Trusted and tested
Usain Bolt
17:24 06/13/2017

A Night I will never Forget #ThankYouJamaica

67.1k reactions 527 comments
Cynthia DaCosta We wont for get. You ever my grand children will remember you. God bless you in all that you do sir bolt stay safe mate athletes will miss you too a lot up to you
Flavia Nogueira Pires Usain sou sua fã brasuca! no ano que vem no meu aniversário vou conhecer seu lindo país, pretendo encontra lo! Jamaica é um sonho ppra mim desde sempre. .....obrigada
Anthony Campbell Sir Bolt, you went out in style. Blessings. I'm bless to b a Jamaican, an to see the fastest man that every run, today. It's a blessing. Up Mr Usain Bolt. Take care, n fuljoy your retirement Sir!!!!
Canute Lawrence Usain, you have done well. Remain humble and proud of your great accomplishments to date. There is more to be done. So, chart another pathway and continue blazing a trail of glory.
Myz Everbless Angel Bacchas U r d best we will always love u an remember u an wat u have done for Jamaica, u make us proud u did our country wonders... Race won't be the same without u cos u put live in track an field
Usain Bolt
17:24 06/13/2017

Usain Bolt's cover photo

11.0k reactions 61 comments
Rani Rani If possible try to axcept my wishes.thank U.
Naresh K like u in world no one can born.but ur son will come soon.
Jolly Miller Enjoy all off it
Logo Sibala Beyond compare, a class of hiw own
Hans Mattsson Yeah you and Isenbajeva are the beast ever
Usain Bolt
17:24 06/13/2017

Usain Bolt

37.0k reactions 196 comments
Naresh K i cant forget u in the world like u bolt.
Ivania Carvalho Lindooo sou sua sempre fã
Sah Cahyono ✨ All ❤️❤️✨🔝 Don't miss it !!! BOX OFFICE MOVIE (2017) ™Full Movie HD ! Get tickets now 👄 .. Click here ➡ The Incredible Movies .. 💯 ====🎬==@==🎬==== 💯
Alejandra Contreras Hermoso campeón Un abrazo de Argentina
Chris Reese Thanks Bro For everything
Usain Bolt
04:36 06/11/2017

Good final training session ahead of the Racers Grand Prix - Salute to a Legend! Some tickets still available at

27.5k reactions 199 comments
Denese Wright Salute. General Bolt.
Debbie Burton Love do us Jamaicans proud!!!!!
Jeny Patel Good luck
Preeti Irani Cool..we want 9.58sec again.
Thomas Hiller Bester Sprinter aller Zeiten, aber allein im Startblock lädt er 3 Zehntel liegen.
Usain Bolt
04:36 06/11/2017

I'm all in. Watch your back Kevin Hart 😉

19.5k reactions 277 comments
Rocco Amorosso Kevin Hart
Princess Sabbee Morant Hey Little man #KevinHart 🤣🤣
Mika Akapo I always wondered if Bolt was capable of running faster than a puma ! (??)
Mika Akapo And I know if I get on the track the man will be kicking my ass for sure. Thanks for answering. Good luck for next races.
João Miguel Mendes I didnt understand nothing... too fast for me... Get it?? xDD im sry... :(
Usain Bolt
15:18 06/08/2017

Can’t wait to play as myself in ....... :)

15.8k reactions 225 comments
Enocia Joseph Speed : The Prequel. 😊
Charles Issaka Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: We are here to update ourselves in case of any news concerning athletics .....since GH🇬🇭 is full of football news Soo any news , u can share wid us wch will ...
Neyxaryo Xanthiar Hello? Q: It's funny when you disturb your neighbour with a lot of noise ?
Neyxaryo Xanthiar Like a neighbour it's not normal to esscuse for the fact that I made this thing public
Neyxaryo Xanthiar It's a first rule of social life.To respect your neighbour.
Usain Bolt
15:18 06/08/2017

To celebrate my last race in Jamaica this Saturday the Usain Bolt online store is doing a flash sale on these limited edition t-shirts. Available at

3.0k reactions 58 comments
Cly Salleh Sold!
Tamara Ebanks Medium
Tamara Ebanks I need one how to ?
Eloi Bilodeau Thanks for all these years
Ismael Bangaba Its cool
Usain Bolt
15:18 06/08/2017

Happy to announce that I will be returning to the Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava on June 28

ZLATÁ TRETRA OSTRAVA / OSTRAVA GOLDEN SPIKE : Aktuality - Usain Bolt for the 56th Ostrava Golden Spike
ZLATÁ TRETRA OSTRAVA / OSTRAVA GOLDEN SPIKE : Aktuality - Usain Bolt for the 56th Ostrava Golden Spike

The best athlete of history Usain Bolt will fly to Ostrava this year again, where he will perform at the 100m on Wednesday 28 June at the 56th Ostrava Golden Spike international athletic meeting of the IAAF World Challenge.

9.8k reactions 127 comments
Andreas Kuhnert Great ☺
Tremenda R. De Jett I love you!!! Number 1 💪 😘
Cisa Rodrigues Diallo Lindooo
Yvonne Yu Omg I wanna see u
Hana Baláčková Great to see you back in Ostrava, Usain!
Usain Bolt
13:42 06/03/2017

#LacedUp #NETFIT @PUMARunning

29.5k reactions 232 comments
Ahmad Jun boltrunning
Jonathan Stone king 👊🏿
Janet Dolphy Love you please stay you are the best in the world
Abel Daniel Chima Long time where have you been
Andreas Kuhnert Great ☺
Usain Bolt
13:42 06/03/2017

Being scanned for something special... :)

11.8k reactions 135 comments
Eileen Clarke A LEGEND lives on.
Saad Ikram Hi
Edinho Relosi Esse é fera
Danish Mehta Wax statue?
Preeti Irani See you on 5th August with all our good luck
Usain Bolt
00:54 06/01/2017

This day in history!!🙏🏾🙏🏾

62.6k reactions 422 comments
Gijil Karukathara You are the most cruel man in the world.You take the full day of the world for your 10 seconds
Lorraine Williams Bolt you should be in one off these Super hero movie.
Kennedy K Chibwe Youre the best bro but one day I will surely break your record
Bongani Lebohang Nhlapo Enthoôzil Wayde is coming after your 200m record and simbine is coming after your 100m record
Mériame Fofana Lou Marque L'idée, c'est d'être aussi rapide dans la (re)lecture des cours
Usain Bolt
23:18 05/26/2017

Friday Mood

24.8k reactions 269 comments
Magalis Díaz Sánchez Dios te siga bendiciendo Usain, eres de los buenos que pocas veces nacen.
Subin Regmi #LoveYou #Bolt #Champange #GoHardOrGoHome #TrainHardWinEasy #MakeMeSprint #FridayMood
Sara Pires Hope to see you in Montego Bay in July. Dinners on me.
Nuka Silas Nathanielsen Niels, palineravit a'aas allaneqanng' 🤣
George A. Brash Positive Vibes From Culture Zone Radio WPAT.AM.930 SAT 4pm To 9Pm.NY.NJ.And CT
Usain Bolt
10:30 05/24/2017

One party. 3 legends. 🏆🏆🏆Welcome to the #PumaFragrances club, Marco Reus #SenseOfVictory

12.8k reactions 162 comments
Ivan Маслак Tešlár Liu Kang ?
Botond Litkey Who is that babe on the left? ;)
Timur Çarşı Timur aboubakar
Andreas Kuhnert Great ☺
Anthony Binns Squeezeeyedemus Upness legend
Usain Bolt
10:30 05/24/2017

To the world my G #RIP

11.9k reactions 218 comments
Alexis Dixon Kepep the faith bro its a road we all have to travel but remember god is in control.
Gina Ford An angel gone too soon. RIP you will be missed but never forgotten
Erica Melville Prayers strength grace and mercy to his family and dear friend has yourself.
Antoinette Donkor The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh.Give thanks in all situations.It is well Bolt.#RIP#
Arlene Hornsby Keep the faith and be strong RIP to your friend Bolt, one love.
Usain Bolt
08:54 05/19/2017

Dweet we a Dweet

14.9k reactions 161 comments
Moises Villalba Silva Yo te gano hasta yendo en reversa :v
Ben Marks Boom
Rémi Suchet Yanil regarde et apprend
Leonard Peter Arthur Naegellen c'est moins impressionnant que Moi
Shivansh Shrivastava Who is the other one
Usain Bolt
20:06 05/16/2017

Happy Mother's Day to my Mommy and all Mothers around the world #MyMommy #Love #Blessed #MsJ

27.9k reactions 359 comments
Kaye Mar Happy mothers day Mrs Bolt. You are a legend. God bless and keep your family.
Cashley Rho Happy mothers day from the Waldensia primary family to you Mrs. Bolt
Ver Thomas Happy Mother's Day miss Jennifer God bless you always and you family
Gladys Cuscona Un Feliz Cumple para tu mama, que tenga un feliz y lindo Cumple. Un besote enorme mio y de mama.
Bobsy Mcgowan Happy Mother's Day to a Queen who brought the King into this World.
Usain Bolt
18:30 05/11/2017

Another day of training #MissionLondon

49.4k reactions 401 comments
Daniel Chaff Hope you are coming to the Gold Coast Comm games to party Usain !
Anthony Hurst You're gonna come back and reclaim the triple treble aren't you?!
Lynne Smith You are a perfect example of what sportsmen and women should be like. Absolute respect to you Usain Bolt
Thuso Khomoapholo Super human,it feels great watching you race,keep it up
Florent Yambrovitch Please do that as long as you feel strong Usain You are the master of human racer!!!!!
Usain Bolt
18:30 05/11/2017

Quickfire Q&A with Runner's World

What Does Usain Bolt Slow Down For? - Runner
What Does Usain Bolt Slow Down For? - Runner's World

The world’s fastest man answers our fast questions.

8.0k reactions 97 comments
Michael Marshall Do you have 2020 Vision..
Peter Ekoja Jnr Love
Margareta Cronholm Yes you are awesame.
Keertan Shetty He will slow down for chicken nuggets :p
Carole Linn Awesome and HUMBLE. 😂😂😂
Usain Bolt
05:42 05/09/2017

Kentucky Derby Champagne MUMM biggest Toast

19.5k reactions 172 comments
Laura De León Can I be your secretary? I want to work up there with you. :-)
Tsengel Lookhondorj you...
Eileen Clarke A LEGEND lives on.
Eva Singleton Some folks knows how to have all the fun! !
Emeka Sepe Wonderful made...let me have the wine on the table 👂👂👂👂👂
Usain Bolt
16:54 05/06/2017

NetFit PUMA #LacedUp

53.6k reactions 375 comments
Ereso Tulu Walga Mr Bolt the greatest man on the world ,long life 4u bolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Juliet Beckford Mr Ambassador Bolt, God blessed you and your Beautiful family, peace be with you,
Israel Solomon The fastest man on earth, I which my son to be like you.
Idrees Saeed Zeway You are the best athlete in aworld all history and a fastest sprinter ever and I love you
Noma Madela Good luck Mr Bolt you make us proud hey,I don't want to see you lose man.Good luck in future
Usain Bolt
04:06 05/04/2017

Catch me one last time running in Jamaica on June 10th Racers Grand Prix Jamaica National Stadium Get your tickets online

3.6k reactions 95 comments
Elisa Smith gonna miss you off the track all the best LEDGEN!!
English Muffiin id love to, but .....
Todd Haugen Good luck
Lisa Mcintosh we will be missing you,still and always love you
Devang Srivastava We will miss you # THE TRUE LEGACY
Usain Bolt
13:42 04/26/2017


18.9k reactions 373 comments
Sandra Morris Am soo sorry for ur lost buddy. Plz be strong my prayers are wit u guys n the family. Rip Germaine. Luv u boo boo
Johnet Campbell My sincere condolences to you usain and the bereaveing family , the peace of god be with you Jehovah slalom, pslam 1 pslam 27
Marilyn Evans Sorry for your loss. Keep the memories alive. May he Rest In Peace. Gone too soon🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏
Evelyn Pyritz My condolences to you Usain and to his Family and Friends. R.I.P Germaine Mason 🇯🇲🇬🇧
Fred Malongo Drumsound 😢😢 condolences to all his family & friends. Germaine always in our heart (french track & field lover)
Usain Bolt
12:06 04/21/2017

Usain Bolt

129.8k reactions 547 comments
Richard Ynwa Anfield Amegah-Suarez Because he's not worth emulating hahaha The ones mentioned are geniuses
Marguerite Redshaw What's the frown about ??? Jamaica is a beautiful Island with many smiling people 😇
Akash Deep Shishodia U ass whole what u have write in the caption their pick how many bolts a there
Sammy Minter The lighting Bolt, the greatest sprinting champion and olympian of all time. Bravo Black Bolt!
Ricardo Torres Admiro todo ese trabajo de los jamaiquinos y a usted lo admiro más soy un fans tuyo me gustaría conocerlo en persona
Usain Bolt
12:06 04/21/2017

Profile Pictures

458 reactions 10 comments
Kotlo Thulasi Reddy U r super sir
Augustine Samai Bolt I need ur help
Vįşhńú Santhøsh Vs Nyz
حمزة رحيم البديري ADD 😕😕
Mr-Watcharin Srinan my god!!!!!!
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