Usain Bolt
12 hours ago

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Matthew Drfc Whitehead Hey bolt looking good for the new season and I hope preparation and training is going ok good luck for London you are a man I look up to because I'm athlete myself I'm proud to be an athlete all because of you
Thomas Britt Usain do you fancy a race?? We could do 60m 100m and the keepie up challenge?? You choose the time and place friend!
Kuba Bronek Broniszewski Marta Okine teraz będziesz lajkowała wszystkie posty Bolta? xdd
Shihab Doha History shouldn't replace ur name with another Bolt :)
Wezi Cesar Bota Pinalo Keni 'Pj' i can see that Lukas Nkhuwa has resumed training after his holiday in lusaka
Usain Bolt
12 hours ago

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Clive Jones The throw looks good but the catch is incredible.
Shihab Doha Practice makes perfect.. jus go on
Bonolo Bino Sewawa Legend
Ronnie John The secret is out...Usain is going to Grid-iron !!
Joel Salomon I mean the bolt
Usain Bolt
12 hours ago

Usain Bolt's cover photo

102.0k reactions 698 comments
Vanneva Robinson God blessings on you both.mon you gave the world a wonderful son.
Rani Rani Friend these alphabet 26 letters also very less to explain about her love and affection. my respectful regards to U mama.
Dave Lyle With respect to the legendary Usain Bolt and Mom...more blessings
Paola Genas I love how this young man adores his mother.Blessings will follow him always.
Obou Alain Téa Thanks Mum for your Son, he is a great Gift ift for the humanity...
Usain Bolt
12 hours ago

Go out support my friend Maxine Walters book "Serious Thing A Go Happen" 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Three Decades of Jamaican Dancehall Signs."

52.5k reactions 155 comments
Kandis Mai bolt bengom
Zanda Aitana Grant Big up miss Maxine, 👍🇯🇲
Adriana Chaves Sou correrora de rua, quer correr comigo?!!!
Anatu Tia Sulemana Keep up the gud work and stay blessed
Ibra Touré We like
Usain Bolt
05:30 01/15/2017

7th Heaven🙌🏽🙌🏽 Humbled and blessed to win the National Sportsman of the Year award for the 7th time #anythingpossible #Jamaica

79.1k reactions 867 comments
Delva Livermore-Robinson Congrats looking dapper big fan and I need to meet you
Umukoro Fega dnt reali av much to say, the truth is that he is a legdend, he is a guy that wins looks like the whole world has won. thanks man the world is proud of u not only your country.
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Ajay Karan Viki Part time job चाहने वाले जरूर पढें आइये digital india से जुड़िये...सबका साथ सबका विकास" $DIGITAL INDIA$✅अपने Android फ़ोन से घर बैठे 15000rs से 20000rs प्रति महीनाकमा सकते हो..बैगर कोई पैसा लगाये एक दम 100% बिलकुल फ्री फ्री .. Champcash Refrel id of ...
عبدربه الحاج 🌚Add + Followplease اﺿﺎﻓﻪ + ﻣﺘﺎﺑﻌﻪ اﻟﺴﻌﺎده ﻟﻴﺴﺖ ان ﺗﻤﻠﻚ ﻛﻞ ﻣﺎ ﺗﺮاه ﺟﻤﻴﻼ ﻟﻜﻦ اﻟﺴﻌﺎده ان ﺗﺮي ﻛﻞ ﻣﺎ ﺗﻤﻠﻜﻪ ﺟﻤﻴﻼ its holdingsbeautifu see beautiful, but happiness can see allof Happiness is not that owns everythingyou💔💕💖💓💜💛💚💗💘💝💞💟
Usain Bolt
16:42 01/12/2017

The 'Bolt All-Stars' team for Nitro Athletics will be announced on Wednesday 25th January .... stay tuned...

3.4k reactions 71 comments
Betty Simpson On my Birthday 😎👍🏾
RezaAli TheJakmania X-Brother Sembilanbelasduadelapan hello
Giselly Almeida Victory!!👉👏👏 👏
Roberto Schätzle What else Boltz, Competition?
Aonpreeya Bunchoen I love you
Usain Bolt
16:42 01/12/2017

New Year Same Plan..Same Mission!!! #Dominate #ContinuetoConquere

40.9k reactions 994 comments
Maik Kübler First, you have to work on your bad looking feet!
Julien Gillet Oui chris je connais, et avec un med. Ball de 4kg c'est plus dur...!
Ludovic Astruc Il a dit que nan il arrête l'année prochaine après les championnats du monde
Paola Ciamarra Lucrezia sta facendo questo esercizio come se fosse una passeggiata....
Anneke Devalckeneer Lotte De Vet binnekort is oefenen in t centrum ipv dieje krachtbal haha 😄
Usain Bolt
03:54 01/10/2017

Usain Bolt's cover photo

112.0k reactions 917 comments
Zé PrèciØsä Fifi <3
Eleonora Bacci quanto si bello !
Laecio Novaes Comeu poeira!
Angel Jose Napolitano te dejastes ganar en roma ? x milesima!!! o estas fundido !!!!
Tshepo Shilenge You lost niggah Justin Gatlin beat
Usain Bolt
15:06 01/07/2017

Usain Bolt

242.8k reactions 1287 comments
A R Farhan Siam Usain Bolt updated "their" profile picture 😂 😂 😂 dunno y fb kidding with this everywhere......
Antón Novator Usain Bolt you're the world's new sign of victory, velocity and a hallmark of power and hard work!
Sarahaotilia Martinezakasha Carrie your self in feeling longs no longstanding relationship between now 💋
Christine Abdallah Stefan Piritidis i don't know why i felt the need to tag you in this. 🗿
Vinícius Lasmar My name is Usain Bolt and I'm the fastest man alive...
Usain Bolt
02:18 01/05/2017

Mama always say son work hard and strive for your dreams..You will inspire the kids. Humbled by this award Nickelodeon #KidsChoiceAwards2016

10.9k reactions 489 comments
Erica Melville Nick nick kids love you all over the world want to be like Bolt thats speak volume when. You are a houseold name
Zama Thole Congrat's Bolt. Keep on doing da gr8 things that u do, God is going 2 bless u more.
Sarah Schwab They actually gave you an award?!?!? Geez shane dawsons still waiting for his to arrive after 5+ years
Nourdine Bahloul You are a superman Mr Bolt . I hope for You an other happy and Amazing year.
Velma Miller Mama was right. Look! Where you are striving to become a super star in your country. .
Usain Bolt
13:30 01/02/2017

Happy New Year!!

23.0k reactions 466 comments
Pampy Pampydo Now that you are all sober, probably broke, likely in debt & the only thing that you are able to PAY is attention, I can now safely say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
Aaron Lee Chill out Bolt! We all know you in 2018 already man. 😂😂👏👏💃💨💨💨💨
Robert Merrick Just read about you calling MUTV after the 'Boro game, absolutely priceless. Happy new year to you and your family
Sonia DaCosta ...breathing jus reach 2017, and Bolt deh yah long time sidung a wait pan me.
Keisha McIntosh U did the same thing we all did, grab the first picture on Google Images😃😃😀
Usain Bolt
13:30 01/02/2017

How we celebrate a Manchester United victory heading into the New Year PaulPogba

95.3k reactions 4244 comments
Fatiha Senigar Nawel Senigar trop bien ! Par contre Pogba à l'air de mieux danser que Bolt ahah
Arthur Gintrand Louis Dur Jambon Nicolas Carlier Sury bon il n'a pas fait de DAB devant la statue de la liberté mais il est en soirée avec Usain bolt. Je m'avoue vaincu mdr. Bonne année à vous les potes
Aronius Rogan Joe Barker reminds me of when we used to bump into each other at pure gym
Andrew Cruttenden Yesssssssss Joe Hunt
Wez Thompson Robert Woodbyrne buy some ketamine you lazy fucking nigger
Usain Bolt
00:42 12/31/2016

BREAKING NEWS: I just heard #UsainBolt is already in 2017... 🙌🏽😂

483.9k reactions 6108 comments
Guzman Gandia Ya tes has salido incluso del planeta....ya has llegado al tuyo ???, eres el mas grande...vuela , vuelaaaaa !!!!!! feliz 2017.
Vincenzo Carandente Sarà anche già nel 2017 ma data la sua velocità il tempo intorno a lui dovrebbe essere più lento Agostino o mi sbaglio ? hahahahahaha
Sandile Mpila Damn this guy is a miracle indeed,wow cant stop laughing,anyway let get into the new year and have more goals and blessings coming from Almighty God cz He is the way
David Edwards Target for next world championships...The triple sprint crown And no more relay running... Now the target is the 100/200/400 individual crowns! Well, we can only hope ;-)
Ghassen Bel Hadj Yahia Scientifically speaking , time runs slower for objects moving at high velocity, so it's the other way round , you must be late :p
Usain Bolt
00:42 12/31/2016

Keep on Winning. Thanks L'EQUIPE #ChampionOfChampions

76.6k reactions 375 comments
Audrey Duncan Again and again and again. .congrats Usain Bolt. .keep doing what you do..Happy New Year when it comes
Carlos Mario Lopez Borja Campeón. Feliz año y prosperidad para ti y toda tu familia.
Everton Bennett One more year of good blessing, and alot more good blessing still to reap,
Mohamed Makni El rapido speedy bolt
Florent Parttle oh oui:
Usain Bolt
11:54 12/28/2016

Dedicated to the Legacy for Happy Children 🙌🏽 #ChristmasTreat

53.0k reactions 383 comments
Clyo Nguema Me encanta este atleta siempre trata de que su gente lo pase lo mejor posible es muy solidario con los necesitados
Derrick Adams Blessings. God bless you. More blessings . That's wonderful what you're doing. Keep up the good work. Praise God
Silas Kumar Usian Bolt sir u are the inspiration for the world. May god bless you. With good health and fitness
Cheryl Graham This man truly is a legend so humble & giving to others ❤️
Sharon Guscott Great job giving back when you are blessed by God's help and your hard work. God bless you always.
Usain Bolt
11:54 12/28/2016

Christmas Treat in my community

108.1k reactions 1065 comments
Margie Kelbert Love it merry Christmas your amazing for all You do for your people of Jamaica I love Jamaica so much thanks for being such an angel at this special time of year when we celebrate the birth of our savior merry Christmas usain love yah 😊💗💗💗
Arlene Edwards I am not surprised that's what you do best happy christmas for these children may god continue to bless and give you strength daily as you go along life journey
Cindy Methula You such a blessing to the future leaders of your country Mr Bolt.Actually you've got a pure heart of gold thus God always bless you with gold medals anytime you perform:)
Denise Fradley You will always be blessed with love,a humble man,who never forgets his background.You deserved all your success.Everyones hero
Freda Anderson Merry Christmas USAIN and to all those beautiful children in TREWLANY your community. God Bless you and the work that you are doing for those beautiful children. They look so happy and proud to be around the Great Humble USAIN BOlt. We love you!
Usain Bolt
23:06 12/25/2016

Usain Bolt's cover photo

45.7k reactions 295 comments
Aderaw Bibugn Ethiopia The fastest human being ever! Usian Bolt is a Manchester United celebrity fan.
Suhail Aamir dear usain bolt,,,, wish you happy christmas and wish you all the best,,, and love you ,, forever,, ever and ever,,,
Sophie Penel Joyeux noel m bolt
Sarahaotilia Martinezakasha Happy hoilday hope this years next years best for you your friends as family's much love. 👌
Desmond Okeugo More respect Mr.Bolt. Have a rollicking xm's and N year.
Usain Bolt
23:06 12/25/2016

Enertor insoles

953 reactions 41 comments
Kaysee Singh Hummingbird Marco Doodnaughtsingh
Linda Larsen Ellery Larsen
Andy Stott Robert Edwards
Yasin Diab Aladdin Freih
Muzammil Hussain Alistair
Usain Bolt
10:18 12/23/2016

The real magic of Christmas…Happy holidays to you all 🎄🎅🏾! @pumadeo #christmastime #santa #scentsofvictory

19.1k reactions 293 comments
Alex Roberts Merry Christmas Usain looking forward my favourite sportsman making everyone smile!
Vena Gray Ha you work nuff magic already so this one don't surprise me Merry Christmas to you .
Betty Simpson Merry Christmas to you and your family I am in Jamaica with my family for the holidays bless
Marilyn Smith Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017. God's richest blessings to you and your family.
Satish Kumar Thakur Great, gift to spirits...selection to execution, either it's easy or difficult, ha yeah or's not that long or..a way?
Usain Bolt
21:30 12/20/2016

Usain Bolt

45.4k reactions 1257 comments
Chasity Miller-Bell I cannot wait to watch it :)
Pat Wilson I put in the hands of the Lord for his protection as you continue success in your life.
Shirley Bolt McLean Looking good cuz. God has blessed you with so much. Give him thanks everyday and acknowledge him always. Love you.
Venkat Mj Legend reading about a Legend
Dicky Wa Wairimu "....if you work harder and fail,leave it" watched the documentary thrice...but why didn't we get to see how far you threw the javelin?
Usain Bolt
21:30 12/20/2016

I Am Bolt is available for download now in the US, will release in Japan on Wednesday. UK and Australia are the top selling countries so far.

14.6k reactions 212 comments
Veerendra Khori when will the movie release in india? anyone?
Coleen Brennen Got it for my mum for Xmas
Jay Miah Guerrero The most respectable oylimpic man
Tracey Masters Cause us Aussies love you
Usain Bolt
08:42 12/18/2016

Great way to end the year with a extension of Gatorade partnership

32.8k reactions 243 comments
Allison Patrick You are blessed and highly favoured
Andy Exall
Velma Miller Congrats..send a autograph. .
Neicey Grimes Great! Congratulations!⚡️⚡️⚡️
David Banner KING BOLT
Usain Bolt
07:06 12/13/2016

@antogriezmann challenge accepted! 3 for the price of one! #bottleflip #challenge #scentsofvictory #pumadeo

7.2k reactions 164 comments
Gloria Stewart the best of bolt.and there is more to come
Suzanne Hart Wicked sense of humor!
Sun Elle ❤️🇯🇲 ❤️😍❣❣❣
Shoaib Khan He's legant of the world
Raul Pasca Fake.
Usain Bolt
18:18 12/10/2016

Friday mood #GQMOTY

65.6k reactions 604 comments
Weda Harty Continue to walk in your blessings .you work for it you deserve to live it.
Karlene Taylor Handsome if I wasn't married yuh si!!! Love you, keep up the good work.
Sadface Plummer Star a star yah man big up uself legend u let we proud u deserve where u r at the moment just enjoy life til n give god thanks nuff blessings n prosperity
Kipngetich Jonaah We feel the your ambush here in Kenya. Our world LEGEND
Nadine Tomlin I love you and I hate you my foot still hurts from August Dr. Paul wright said I am to do surgery
Usain Bolt
18:18 12/10/2016


9.9k reactions 220 comments
Michael Dean Yes Champ(Mr Usain Bolt)...'it Set So'...'it Go So'...Show The World that You're not just the 'Fastest Man', But a Jamaican with Many Attributes...!!!!Jah Bless!
Jenny Thom Too cool!
Hopey Mck Clean
Sylvaline Felix LOOK AT ME NOW
Sylvaline Felix I AM ALWAYS RIGHT
Usain Bolt
03:54 12/03/2016

Humbling feeling!!

43.6k reactions 659 comments
Michelle Howe Congratulations Mr Bolt,you have worked hard and it paid off. Continue to be humble.
Dorothy Daley Big Up Ambassador Bolt. You look a million. So proud of you.
Alexander Malcolm When u say clean, ask Bolt bout that, well done Usain, living Legend!!!!!!!
Chris Phillips Congratulations Usain! Well deserved Looking sharp as always.
Kai Peak-Clarke You humble us with your humility....congrats Usain, well deserved.
Usain Bolt
03:54 12/03/2016

Thank you all 🙌🏽🙌🏽🇯🇲🇯🇲⚡️⚡️ Honoured to be your International Association of Athletics Federations Athlete Of The Year for the 6th time #Blessed #Humbled

31.0k reactions 562 comments
Clive Murray Every time continue being the person you are so humble and down to earth no false pretender the best blessings
DutchessBarbee Minaj Yasssss....greatest athlethe of all time #teambolt...we shall miss you wen you retire 😍😘
Sonia Brady Congrats Bolt, The Fastest Man in the World .. You Deserve it ..
Karen Harrison Congrats #GOAT!!! well deserved we are proud of u and your achievement
Pappoe Emmanuel Congratulation my mentor... Go beyond the sky...I love youu
Usain Bolt
03:54 12/03/2016

Team Bolt out at them again 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 IAAF Athlete Of The Year Award in Monaco #Blessed

19.2k reactions 110 comments
Adrianna Parol You are the best, i love you.:)
Yvonne Haffenden Good luck my hero Jamaica to the world.
Vicky Koroma Congrats
Augustine Samai Congratulations
Maëva Lefebvre The best team!!
Usain Bolt
03:54 12/03/2016

Great meeting F1 star Felipe Massa . Enjoy your retirement 🙌🏽🙌🏽

71.5k reactions 417 comments
Thomas Rose Scott Nichols Stuart Adrian Palmer this must be what most of our spa pics of me and you look like stu! ;)
Luigi Fortuna ciao campioni allora cosa fate adesso? correre a piedi? o in macchina? o in bicigletta? ciao divertitevi
Anne-marie Tassaert Anybody knows you and it's an Honor for all to meet you . Great Human Being Usain Bolt .
Floo Fdl Marc tu vois que Massa il fait que de la voiture mdr les mollet îl ont disparu
Davide Salvati Pensa tu,gioca pure senza scarpe per essere più veloce e planare sulla fascia ahahahahha
Usain Bolt
15:06 11/30/2016

Usain Bolt

33.6k reactions 620 comments
Karen Lake Very nice picture, love the suit, looking like a Gentleman. Big up yourself Bolt very proud of you. Beautiful smile too.
Sharon Campbell Usainis me asking u to plzhelp me and my granddaughter to fix my house the lord led me to ask u for some help please that all I am asking u for a little help u can call me when u r ready to help us 8596910 thank with love god bless u and your family plz
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