Usain Bolt
10 hours ago

Love this, thanks Champagne MUMM🍾😂

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Shantanu Ghosh Usain bolt no 1
Virender Singh Ghloot Usain is the best in the world
Tyg Mally What up bolt
Givemore Munodzana Nice
محمد علي الاطرش hhh
Usain Bolt
01:42 12/08/2017

A word of warning, Kevin Hart. Come at Usain Bolt? I'm going to shock you.⚡#GameOn

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Sundus Ayyaz LMAO Dawoud is watching this and keeps saying 'daddy!' whenever Kevin Hart appears Syed Anis Rahman
Any Bionda I'm missing the button 'hilarious'🤣😂😁😀😆😃😅
Jessica Price Courtney Trenerry Kevin Hart is not 5’9 hahahahaha no wonder he had no idea how tall 6’ is hahaha
Robert Manwell Kevin Hart is not funny. His whole thing with the rock is played out.
Sandra Gayle I love both of them great vibes keep positive
Usain Bolt
12:54 12/05/2017

Usain Bolt

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Anatoly Rebelo More fastter than bullet
Kuba Baranowski Radek Pietrzak on mówi że jest szybszy od Ciebie
Angela Anderson Congratulations..
Sharon Jones Real big man legend for life
Nadine Hanchar Congratulations. Beautiful pic. Mr.UB Nuff Nuff Love Canada
Usain Bolt
12:54 12/05/2017

Usain Bolt's cover photo

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Annette Davis Congratulations my brother
Lynne Newton Well deserved!!!
Nadine Hanchar Absolutely handsome My sexy super star the one and only Mr. UB..CONGRATULATIONS ..NUFF NUFF LOVE CANADA.
Mohammad Dilshad Ahmad The greatest ever did it world fastest man congratulation may God continue to bless u legend to the world...!
Phani Kagitala Congatulations master (santhosh athlet )
Usain Bolt
12:54 12/05/2017


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Anne-marie Tassaert Super ! Bravo ! Usain Bolt , a name graved in the History of the Humanity .
Debbiann Nichola Congrats and respect to you, it was and has been a pleasure #LEGEND
Nadine Hanchar Congratulations to you UB. filled with all my forever love and blessing. NUFF Nuff Love Canada
Jmc Doublea Congrats Usain you deserve it. Stay blessed <3
Ibrahim Kalil Soumahoro Kante Yeah truly surreal. You are our pride and our kids' hope.
Usain Bolt
12:54 12/05/2017

Thank you Jamaica. Truly humbled.

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Marjorie Jathan We fell in love with you not because you’re Jamaican but because of the love and joy you bring us...always and forever our champion....
Neguss Jan UB Congratulations, you really deserve it and we miss u legend man and no one going fly around the corner than you. No one going break your record-it will stay forever. See you bro.
Lincoln Tamale Owesome we thank you for the smiles you always brought to thousands of faces seeing you speed to the finish. You turned the sport around.. A true legend you are. Blessings.
Nadine C. Thompson-Mckenzie Congratulations Usain, you deserve this, but that statue look so bad, don't look any thing like you. And the colour is awful
Birgit Jungjohann Du verdienst das und mehr Usain Bolt.<3 Du hast es durch deine harte Arbeit, Hingabe und Patriotismus verdient..<3 👍💗💗💗Dein Lächeln, das du in die Welt gesendet hast.😀💗 eine Legende als Mensch.<3
Usain Bolt
11:18 11/30/2017

Hey Kevin Hart you can try to make me laugh, but #GameOn, this face ain't smiling…

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Karina Mestre Rosenstand Daniel Gómez Vargas no lo he visto pero debe dar risa
Monica Jooste Just love you all being funny keep up...
Chantal Montanaro Tanya Melody Monty always listen to those 2 to start the day 🤣🤣🤣
Rhea Brown I forgot about the guy on the segway mowing him over 😂😂😂 Naomi
Maurice Donald They forever clowning each other on the poker thing lol 😂😂😂
Usain Bolt
11:18 11/30/2017

“Time is what we want most but what we use worst”- WP Hublot

22.9k reactions 296 comments
Akash Mandhan Ur right!! Man.... Sorry The Fastest man on the earth ;)
Erica Chamberlian So true be bless continue to stay positive
Sulemana Abdullatiff Ur records are unbreakable. Fastest man forever .
Sreejith Kuttan Hai... Good evening... Great to see you after a long time...
Maite Barreto Love u 💖 #foreverfaster you're the best 💪
Usain Bolt
20:54 11/22/2017

Read my lips Kevin Hart. You're going to lose big at the final table, little man. #GameOn

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Rayad Layeni seriously,Usain? ,really?😂😂😂😂😂 lol dont come back down here stay up there with Trump, you too embarrassing right now
Rick Lewis The really good comedians have a very keen sense and awareness of human behavior. Look at people like Pryor, Carlin, Chappelle and Rock. They make their living focusing on both the human condition and tendencies.
Michael S More money spent on pets than going towards humanitarian efforts to help other HUMANS, sad, very sad
Jydust Musique To be a good comedian, some level of psychology is needed... so yeah. Wam
Lissette Campbell If he speak patois the man won't understand what is wrong with us Jamaican trying put each other's down some times
Usain Bolt
20:54 11/22/2017

Cricket Lovely Cricket #MyFirstLove #BoltRate #TheFastestRun Gatorade #Ashes 🏏🏏🏏🏏🏆🏆

20.1k reactions 164 comments
Adrian Cazel Macadangdang Usain Bolt is my favorite runner in the world
Ryan PeCore from one of the least complicated (rule-wise) sports in track to one of most complicated (IMO) in cricket.
Carol McCook Wait home run Bro.I am happy to see that you are doing great keep it up respect 🙏
Veronica Tennant Keep on keeping on we love you Gods blessings always.
John A T Bangura We started from the bottom and now we are here. 😉
Usain Bolt
08:06 11/20/2017

Team Stay Winning 🙌🏽🙌🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

11.2k reactions 132 comments
Mike Alexander NO forget your roots Usain Bolt >>> help the poor because your dad was one and so was your mum
Rachel Sinclair Harrison Foot pon exterior wall is ok but foot pon interior wall is taking the pee. Lol
Rinmo Rite Oh no looking world's best star
Theo Asiimwe Sebbowa Usain i dont still believe u quited. Am still expecting a mega come back.. Hehe
Alita James Love this outfit colours fit u
Usain Bolt
19:18 11/17/2017

We all know who's better at keeping their cool, don't we Kevin Hart? #GameOn

55.6k reactions 2108 comments
Sabrina Stewart Brooklyn Paul Melissa Rigs this reminds me of ice baths at track had to chuckle and share!
David Tibbitts Kevin is affaid that if sat down in the tub full of ice water. The water would be over his head or up to his neck
Edris Narine Ha ha ha ha haaaahhhaa My Dr U Bolt is theeeee boooomb my dears !! My Jamaican boy..Say Kevin ya want a run to Blue mountain Inn from Papine? Bolt ready ...hmmm ya chicken oooout?,ouch.
Ceo Margaux if y been around the competition of athlete competition and olypmics it to cool off to deal with strains hes fronting on kevin..
Patricia Morris Kevin we have to take our bath in cold water when i go home and try that cold water me get sick so you see who is the man.
Usain Bolt
17:42 11/12/2017

Today I got a secret package from PUMA - let’s see what it is. #Jamming #🔥

23.9k reactions 504 comments
Jacob Densley Simon turns out Bill Lawry was pronouncing Puma correctly.
Nadia Fazul You are the best of the best the champ of all time
Audrey Washington fire of happiness, keep on blazing my bro. God is good
Grace Walton More blessings Usain Bolt. Big things come in small package. Lol
Sandra Balliston Only the best for you bolt 👌👌
Usain Bolt
04:54 11/10/2017

Photos from Usain Bolt's post

2.0k reactions 413 comments
Lin Du Plooy I'm not gonna lie.... Cant say I love the suit 😊
Sue Chosen That plaid not doing a thing for you Usain Bolt you have more Swag than that
Erica Chamberlian Mr Bolt i pray the blessings of God over your life
Maggie Williams All the best for your future and lots of prayers. I am so proud of you. 👍👍
Sista Charmaine Just stunning!!! Mi athlete your suit is spectacular.
Usain Bolt
04:54 11/10/2017

Kevin Hart this is for you…#GameOn

5.5k reactions 118 comments
Myrtle V Forbes For every we love ❤️ you
Andreas Kuhnert Great
Luc Bolt #Forevermyfastest Bolt
Festus Ivor Amewugah It over Kelvin Hart
Doum le Berger Yeah Yeah
Usain Bolt
04:54 11/10/2017

Pop! Let’s celebrate your #NextVictory

1.5k reactions 26 comments
Gail Ward Sarah Mitcheson 😛
فہٰ۪۫ﹻخہٰ۪۫ﹻﺂﺂمہٰ۪۫ﹻهہٰ۪۫ﹻ ﺂﺂبہٰ۪۫ﹻنہٰ۪۫ﹻ الۂٰ۪۫ﹻﻌٰ۪۫ﹻﹻرﺂﺂﭮ شہٰ۪ ❤❤
Maria Vanwinkle Add me
RH Rafy hi
Krystian Gałka nice ma
Usain Bolt
03:18 11/05/2017

Cheers to the weekend 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Champagne MUMM

3.3k reactions 59 comments
Rugato Joseph Taban I wanna race u when u turn 80yrs
Yesenia María Berges Díaz Guapo saludddd
Leigh Roy Dwayne Scott That suit and tie though. Whoowee!
Tammy Chin Bowley Cheers mate🍷🍻
Heidy Tasayco Cheers rayo¡¡¡
Usain Bolt
03:18 11/05/2017

This is how I became a legend. Now it's your turn to celebrate your #NextVictory.

33.4k reactions 1070 comments
Jermzmain Gringo Wow kid this is exception would really love to see they put you in the next 007 movie #BOLT7 what you think about this???
Michelle Anderson A fantastic commercial Usain is a beast a beast of speed & inspiration with a touch of great dance moves Believe & you will achieve
Wayne Tai High Class add , very professional done . Always on top of his game . Jamaica true brand AMBASSADOR. The real live and living Legend. PUMA for Life . Usain did it again . This brand Champagne gone a lead .
Claire Wood Cracking advert, and love the colours in it. Question is though @usainbolt, did you share the champagne with your mum, or did you just give her the whole bottle?
Cemone Rose Mad I have it on repeat about to watch again 5 times now haha the legend of track and field forever , won't be the same without you.
Usain Bolt
03:18 11/05/2017

Usain Bolt's cover photo

13.7k reactions 117 comments
Parth Desai Anyone want to create website at just 2999/-
Jon Tucker U DA MAN!!!
ब्राह्मण रंजीत मिश्रा Party
Kemesha Gooden Thee greatest of all
Chesebe Victor No man can soil the track like the king bolt
Usain Bolt
03:18 11/05/2017

Usain Bolt

52.6k reactions 589 comments
Rani Rani Good boy stay as it is i wil take some more photos ok smile.
Princewill Hover Esedo world's greatest... lightning bolt... love from #Biafra
Grace Grant Blessings all the time Mr Bolt
Claudette Brown love so much Mr bolt thank u so much dear I pray for blessings on ur life
Glody Posatt Miekuntima The fastest man in the world!!!!
Usain Bolt
14:30 11/02/2017

Stay tuned, tomorrow we celebrate my #NextVictory!

1.6k reactions 34 comments
Lee Jolie Lee Its always nice to c Usain
Boris Zorica You are the Best Man
Loai Issa Bolt <3
Leila Kadir strike while its hot handsome
Valrie Richards Lol
Usain Bolt
12:54 10/28/2017

It’s that time fo the year Funland Jamaica

690 reactions 14 comments
Jitender JanGhu ❤❤
Danny Lim Awesome, Usain Bolt
Tibaijuka Arnold One love from Tanzania!!
Julie Lock Ummmmm😎
Gaoussou Lesentiment Respect
Usain Bolt
12:54 10/28/2017

Thank you Bluesmart for sending me the first ever Series 2 smart cabin luggage with GPS location tracker, phone charger & digital lock. Check it out at

5.9k reactions 97 comments
Leigh Roy Dwayne Scott Nice. That puma shirt tho.. Whoo we! Clean.
Luc Bolt Let me share this with you my hero
Ann-Marie Johnson Wow cute!
Andreas Kuhnert Great
Vinayagam Arounekoumar Legend to Salesman. Super job.
Usain Bolt
00:06 10/26/2017

Always a lot of fun on the The Late Late Show with James Corden

1.7k reactions 49 comments
Cindy Lou Samples Kochanek It was fantastic! You are funny.
Amalia Lia the best....
Ingrid Fearon You guys are funny.
Mikey Wilson Brown 😎👍
Sharlene Smith-Lagree Lol
Usain Bolt
00:06 10/26/2017

Good company The Late Late Show with James Corden #CedTheEntertainer

10.5k reactions 74 comments
Janet Simpson God cover sustain under your blood:
Natalija Marija Belak He loves Hillary Clinton... 😝😝😝😝
Andreas Kuhnert Great
Wilma Wright Bless up yuhself my yute!! Nuff love <3 <3 <3
Carlo M. Tartaglia Federico ma è Canelo 🤣🤣
Usain Bolt
00:06 10/26/2017

Too much fun 🤔

Lewis Hamilton shows Usain Bolt a new meaning of speed in Austin
Lewis Hamilton shows Usain Bolt a new meaning of speed in Austin

Lewis Hamilton shows Usain Bolt a new meaning of speed in Austin

8.2k reactions 166 comments
Ronnie John Need for speed...Mercedes AMG GT. Why not take one home today, Usain !!
Stafford Hall Fastest brothers on their respcpective tracks.
Patrick Beacock "speed in Austin".... so glad it didn't say "speed in an Austin" - the mind boggles
Hyacinth Porter Plz take your time with him God's GUIDANCE
Jacqueline Grandpickny Pennant Hi wanted you to get a copy of my Cd but by the time I heard you in Jamaica, you gone again , awww Bolt!!!!!!
Usain Bolt
00:06 10/26/2017

Catch me tonight on The Late Late Show with James Corden 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

13.6k reactions 139 comments
Bridgette Eldemire No not cook, he's baking, luk at our wedding cake madness me😁😁😁say,lol lol,
Sophia James Wow chef Usain, yuh full a talent👍👍👍
Daneille Spence Did he ever went and visit that little girl that have cancer in Jamaica
Collin Simpson Smile bhiro u is a batty pongi man too.
Ellehcor Malosba Bolt no man u full a too much talent lol
Usain Bolt
00:06 10/26/2017

Yard Bwoy or Country Bwoy. In end just a Yute with some big Dreams 🇯🇲⚡️💯

32.6k reactions 430 comments
Desire Powell Living the dream! Enjoying the benefits of hard work and dedication.
Norma Wright May the spirit of God continue to guide you
Mary Paul yard or country, you are my personal person, love you to the moon and back.
Giuseppe Salvà Gagliolo Do you know that you are a sport's legend yet?
Wayne Purdy Enjoyed seeing you at the Circuit of The Americas! You did a great job interviewing Lewis Hamilton, along with the 2nd and 3rd place winners.
Usain Bolt
11:18 10/23/2017

A great day at the F1 in Austin -1st Lewis Hamilton, 2nd Sebastian Vettel, 3rd Kimi Raikkonen PUMA Motorsport

24.5k reactions 212 comments
Diana Gee Abundant blessings Mr Bolt! Shine on like the STAR ⭐️ you are.....
Przemysław Cezary Righult to now i was dont know who is Usain Bolt
Aracy Simone Lovly fotos i likit looking sweet so nice wow
Jill Langeveld looks like only small guys can drive a fast car 😂😂😂
Stephenson Blake See you mi boss you an Lewis made mi proud too be Black in a white world.Big up unhoo selfs str888 -----
Usain Bolt
11:18 10/23/2017

2 Fast #LewisHamilton

17.1k reactions 154 comments
Elizabeth Di CONGRATULATIONS LEWIS ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ OTHER VICTORY ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Elgene Christian When are you coming to visit me
Dustin Houser Cant wait to see in car footage of u and hammy :D
Nichola Forrester Bolt come to Boston and run with us!!
Windey Club Please visit my village is near Gangapatnam beach
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