Usain Bolt
18:24 02/24/2017

Got something coming your way. Lace Up on March 30 PUMA

17.7k reactions 328 comments
Peter Kent Usain, do know that Felix Baumgartner glorifies the Austrian Racist Party FPÖ?
Sk Ar Rahaman I love you always my dream tiger king of this earth usain bolt
Robinson Maronie Darien I would love to get a outfit puma suit and a pair of puma shoes
Aide Hesmeralda Te albmiro eres especial de te.Nota nobleza y bondad Dios te bendiga 😘
Vivien Leyva No entiende q cosa dises pero tu simpatia invita da alegria respondeme por favorrrrrr
Usain Bolt
05:36 02/22/2017

My Day Ones #Parents #Coach

42.1k reactions 254 comments
Marcia Splatt Continue to do the will of God...which is rewarding life.
Sheroll Blake Blessings. sir bolt my son say he's next in line to your performance so look out.obsess with you and running
Stanley Nyonki Thank you Usain bolt may God bless you and give you more strength and durability. God bless your parents
Cherrie Hay You are bless thank God .and most of all you have ambition good luck son
Rani Rani you are most lucky in the world bcoz you have truth,trust,treasure,and luck respectful regards to all of them.
Usain Bolt
04:00 02/17/2017

Usain Bolt's cover photo

32.1k reactions 152 comments
Valdemir Oliveira Único. ....
VolksWagun Couldn't pass it by
Mikey Wilson Brown 😎👍
Silvestra Arzate Congratulations champion Usain Bolt
Colin Aglae Bolt Lighting!!
Usain Bolt
04:00 02/17/2017

Great company Laureus Sportsman Awards

39.0k reactions 314 comments
Bharat Kumar Yadav 5 मिनट में 12 साल की मेहनत पर पानी। अंगूठा छाप कैसे बनाते हैं, SWAMI SHRADDHANAND COLLEGE ALIPUR DELHI-110036 से सीखें।। Missing document by the staff of SO KANCHAN office of accounts. NAME- Sachin s/o Ranjeet Missing 10 and 12 certificates And ...
Khalid Mahmood Mayo Sir i will beat your record of 9.58 in olympic InshAllah
Ifotumei Achaw Yes Mon! you deserve it mon.. Ya the champion the world fastest man in history n today is the day of victory.. Congrats!
Raj Kumar Deogracious Hi bolt can i get a coach to take through my career ,I know I have the talent and one day ill break ur record
Muhammad Kamrul Bro you ar always inspire me you and milka sing ar my motive Abir Khan
Usain Bolt
04:00 02/17/2017

Usain Bolt

167.4k reactions 623 comments
Dil Pinguu Ea Jonathan Hernandez Cervantes :P me recordó nuestra super coreografía :P jajaja
Ariel Ikonne Usain, been im love with d sport so, Lk a warning watch out, cuz I am coming Lk a blaze, nd I will break ur legacy, bolting out
Ingrid Fearon Happy Valentine's day.. make someone smile today.. love yah!!!
Sarahaotilia Paticia Martinez Askasha Happy hoilday new year's paces on Earth hear about champion again change what everything else sorry can't so much about you best friends .
Usain Bolt
04:00 02/17/2017

Humbled and Honoured. Winning my 4th Laureus sportsman award. Thanks to the academy and all my fans 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

44.9k reactions 306 comments
Ifotumei Achaw Yea MON!
Sara Brou Suis heureux par toi ke Dieu te donne longue vie pr en gagner d'avantage.Merci
Debora Rosaria Dos Reis Admiro muito
David Flores Hola felicidades enhorabuena por el trofeo conquistado un saludo feliz día.
Juarez Da Silva Santos Junior Vc é demais
Usain Bolt
02:24 02/12/2017

Usain Bolt's cover photo

49.9k reactions 220 comments
Jack Sparo Follow plase +add its holdingsbeautifu see beautiful, but happiness can see allof happiness is not that owns everythingyou💔💗💓💜💘💘💘💘 girls
Nighat Zubair When Usain is on the tract, you don't look for the winner , u want to know who comes 2nd.
Fútbol al instante Hola espero no molestar !!! Somos una nueva página del futbol muy humilde para traerte todo sobre el fútbol actualidad , fichajes etc .Si les encanta el fútbol no se queden afuera y denlen like a la página Saludos !!
Christian Laguna i would like to become usain bolt sometimes win doesnt come to you you go to it
Asibong Asibong Happy valentine it was remarkable feat for you and a time was the best ,
Usain Bolt
02:24 02/12/2017

Bolt All-Stars at Nitro Athletics Night 3

17.2k reactions 75 comments
Mick Muir Well done Bro Bolt...
Tilak Kakkad Interesting article on how a TV series did everything right to top all charts! Strategic marketing of a TV series!
अंकित कुमार चौहान शुभकामनाएं -congratulations
Sandra Morris #awesomeness
Jamerson Efraim Vcs São Tudo Fodaaa
Usain Bolt
02:24 02/12/2017

Bolt All Stars Champions

28.7k reactions 228 comments
Robert Konfushus Morris man all spray di camera
Con Kotis You have made athletics fun. Congrats Usain.
Paul Perruchoud Gregory Geraci c est lui qui m a inspiré 😂😂😂 Benjamin Ponce Gómez Lionel Favre Cyrille Gloor Daniel Hubler Jeremy Roux
Deep Gaoner Ek no. Bolt bhau
Sarahaotilia Paticia Martinez Askasha Good job champion of win over friendly at much higher watch. Run races love it's years ago had time do so.
Usain Bolt
02:24 02/12/2017

Bolt All-Stars at Nitro Athletics - Night 2

22.6k reactions 105 comments
Kh Oyunaa Wow. Wonderful athletes
Abdul Rahim Mohammed Nice snr man bolt
Jeanne Neill Melbourne.
Manjula Chulakumara Good Happy lassanaii
Raj Deep Nice bolt sir
Usain Bolt
00:42 02/07/2017

Happy Birthday to the Legend Bob Marley #OneLove

47.5k reactions 801 comments
Armand Morris No!!! Happy birthday on February 1,for Richard Dennis Emanuel Brown 🤔 EYEAM SITTING AND WATCHING 😂
Desmond Mason The show a hwt last night was awesome Earthstrong blessing Bob
Paula Harris One love bob Marley simple the best of the best. :)
Timothy Watson Happy birthday to Bob Marley, we still dont have peace in this world.
Usain Bolt
00:42 02/07/2017

BOLT ALL-STARS at Nitro Athletics - Night 1

2.8k reactions 48 comments
Joyce K. Williams
Akhilesh Gautam Thanks for winning sir, give me some tips of fast running.
Ravi Rawat Champions... Is here
Toocute Trish Always up and running
Joe Rosso Super Photo!!
Usain Bolt
11:54 02/04/2017

Training today at Lakeside Stadium ahead of Nitro Athletics

131.5k reactions 726 comments
Josh Allen Welcome to Melbourne you champion!!!
Enrique New Traditions in Denmark In Denmark, great attention is paid to traditions and festivals, though without great ceremony. Many Danish traditions are based around the Christian calendar. SEE MORE HERE THE LINK FOR THIS PAGE http://apps-opera.blogspot....
Desrine Powell God bless you you are truly a gift from God I love you like I love my Son Stay focus you make us all proud
Huyền Nguyễn The fastest man in the world. Usain Bolt, i am proud of you. Love much.
Lateef Mumin Oyalolá I always skip a breath at the sight of this figure. How great an athlete you are. You are no doubt a god of the tracks.
Usain Bolt
11:54 02/04/2017

On stage interview with Nitro Athletics co-ordinator John Steffensen

5.4k reactions 53 comments
Sazan Khan A1
Gloria Stewart ur a Undisputed" Champion
Dave Lyle Undisputed Champion....Legend...blessings
Sarahaotilia Martinezakasha Love to see you but front four me seen you. Sorry.
Charm Francis Hi baby can you call me some time
Usain Bolt
11:54 02/04/2017

Interviews on the 'Golden Carpet' at the Nitro Athletics Gala tonight in Melbourne

3.8k reactions 34 comments
Ozan Ugan
Rebecca Sawyers Tina Keown
Nathaniel Corrigan #Legend #TogoodFortheMedia
Sanjay S Gundagatti Euuuuuu
Apple Central 🎙😘😘😘
Usain Bolt
10:18 01/30/2017

Yesterday was all fun at Edwin Allen High School

23.9k reactions 382 comments
Gladston Harriott Hypocrisy it dumb to charge a man for something that was legal at the time of use can't believe the intellectuals in track and field allow this athletes need to protest it not fair to the athletes very stupid
Damian William Puketapu Are you angry at the team mate 4 cheating?? And having to hand bk yr gold medal???
Maverlyn Williams Blessings all the time Usain, will forever be a winner, father God cover him continually. Nuff love
Tara Evans Your joy for life and your love for people is what makes you a STAR.Dance on brother dance on.
Grace Grant A you still a win all wen dem lek one big my star Usain dem think dem can tek your happiness love you
Usain Bolt
21:30 01/27/2017

Usain Bolt's cover photo

41.6k reactions 313 comments
Parro Red doped or not, your team still smashed the Olympic 4x100 final relay men event.
Ravi Shankar Tiwary Get back from retirement and snatch the gold back that was taken away from you. So sad to hear the news.
Luis Maria Ortiz Mendieta Las medallas son tuyas eso nadie te los va a quitar... La posta siempre la va a tener, el mas grande The king Bolt...
Mulugeta Berhane Let's Count Like Usain Bolt Runs... :-) :-) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 ...
Maybin Makumba Usain Bolt you are tripe tripe champion to the world no matter what.
Usain Bolt
18:18 01/17/2017

51.8k reactions 451 comments
Matthew Drfc Whitehead Hey bolt looking good for the new season and I hope preparation and training is going ok good luck for London you are a man I look up to because I'm athlete myself I'm proud to be an athlete all because of you
Thomas Britt Usain do you fancy a race?? We could do 60m 100m and the keepie up challenge?? You choose the time and place friend!
Kuba Bronek Broniszewski Marta Okine teraz będziesz lajkowała wszystkie posty Bolta? xdd
Shihab Doha History shouldn't replace ur name with another Bolt :)
Wezi Cesar Bota Pinalo Keni 'Pj' i can see that Lukas Nkhuwa has resumed training after his holiday in lusaka
Usain Bolt
18:18 01/17/2017

12.6k reactions 94 comments
Clive Jones The throw looks good but the catch is incredible.
Shihab Doha Practice makes perfect.. jus go on
Bonolo Bino Sewawa Legend
Ronnie John The secret is out...Usain is going to Grid-iron !!
Joel Salomon I mean the bolt
Usain Bolt
18:18 01/17/2017

Usain Bolt's cover photo

102.0k reactions 698 comments
Vanneva Robinson God blessings on you both.mon you gave the world a wonderful son.
Rani Rani Friend these alphabet 26 letters also very less to explain about her love and affection. my respectful regards to U mama.
Dave Lyle With respect to the legendary Usain Bolt and Mom...more blessings
Paola Genas I love how this young man adores his mother.Blessings will follow him always.
Obou Alain Téa Thanks Mum for your Son, he is a great Gift ift for the humanity...
Usain Bolt
18:18 01/17/2017

Go out support my friend Maxine Walters book "Serious Thing A Go Happen" 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Three Decades of Jamaican Dancehall Signs."

52.5k reactions 155 comments
Kandis Mai bolt bengom
Zanda Aitana Grant Big up miss Maxine, 👍🇯🇲
Adriana Chaves Sou correrora de rua, quer correr comigo?!!!
Anatu Tia Sulemana Keep up the gud work and stay blessed
Ibra Touré We like
Usain Bolt
05:30 01/15/2017

7th Heaven🙌🏽🙌🏽 Humbled and blessed to win the National Sportsman of the Year award for the 7th time #anythingpossible #Jamaica

79.1k reactions 867 comments
Delva Livermore-Robinson Congrats looking dapper big fan and I need to meet you
Umukoro Fega dnt reali av much to say, the truth is that he is a legdend, he is a guy that wins looks like the whole world has won. thanks man the world is proud of u not only your country.
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Ajay Karan Viki Part time job चाहने वाले जरूर पढें आइये digital india से जुड़िये...सबका साथ सबका विकास" $DIGITAL INDIA$✅अपने Android फ़ोन से घर बैठे 15000rs से 20000rs प्रति महीनाकमा सकते हो..बैगर कोई पैसा लगाये एक दम 100% बिलकुल फ्री फ्री .. Champcash Refrel id of ...
عبدربه الحاج 🌚Add + Followplease اﺿﺎﻓﻪ + ﻣﺘﺎﺑﻌﻪ اﻟﺴﻌﺎده ﻟﻴﺴﺖ ان ﺗﻤﻠﻚ ﻛﻞ ﻣﺎ ﺗﺮاه ﺟﻤﻴﻼ ﻟﻜﻦ اﻟﺴﻌﺎده ان ﺗﺮي ﻛﻞ ﻣﺎ ﺗﻤﻠﻜﻪ ﺟﻤﻴﻼ its holdingsbeautifu see beautiful, but happiness can see allof Happiness is not that owns everythingyou💔💕💖💓💜💛💚💗💘💝💞💟
Usain Bolt
16:42 01/12/2017

The 'Bolt All-Stars' team for Nitro Athletics will be announced on Wednesday 25th January .... stay tuned...

3.4k reactions 71 comments
Betty Simpson On my Birthday 😎👍🏾
RezaAli TheJakmania X-Brother Sembilanbelasduadelapan hello
Giselly Almeida Victory!!👉👏👏 👏
Roberto Schätzle What else Boltz, Competition?
Aonpreeya Bunchoen I love you
Usain Bolt
16:42 01/12/2017

New Year Same Plan..Same Mission!!! #Dominate #ContinuetoConquere

40.9k reactions 994 comments
Maik Kübler First, you have to work on your bad looking feet!
Julien Gillet Oui chris je connais, et avec un med. Ball de 4kg c'est plus dur...!
Ludovic Astruc Il a dit que nan il arrête l'année prochaine après les championnats du monde
Paola Ciamarra Lucrezia sta facendo questo esercizio come se fosse una passeggiata....
Anneke Devalckeneer Lotte De Vet binnekort is oefenen in t centrum ipv dieje krachtbal haha 😄
Usain Bolt
03:54 01/10/2017

Usain Bolt's cover photo

112.0k reactions 917 comments
Zé PrèciØsä Fifi <3
Eleonora Bacci quanto si bello !
Laecio Novaes Comeu poeira!
Angel Jose Napolitano te dejastes ganar en roma ? x milesima!!! o estas fundido !!!!
Tshepo Shilenge You lost niggah Justin Gatlin beat
Usain Bolt
15:06 01/07/2017

Usain Bolt

242.8k reactions 1287 comments
A R Farhan Siam Usain Bolt updated "their" profile picture 😂 😂 😂 dunno y fb kidding with this everywhere......
Antón Novator Usain Bolt you're the world's new sign of victory, velocity and a hallmark of power and hard work!
Sarahaotilia Martinezakasha Carrie your self in feeling longs no longstanding relationship between now 💋
Christine Abdallah Stefan Piritidis i don't know why i felt the need to tag you in this. 🗿
Vinícius Lasmar My name is Usain Bolt and I'm the fastest man alive...
Usain Bolt
02:18 01/05/2017

Mama always say son work hard and strive for your dreams..You will inspire the kids. Humbled by this award Nickelodeon #KidsChoiceAwards2016

10.9k reactions 489 comments
Erica Melville Nick nick kids love you all over the world want to be like Bolt thats speak volume when. You are a houseold name
Zama Thole Congrat's Bolt. Keep on doing da gr8 things that u do, God is going 2 bless u more.
Sarah Schwab They actually gave you an award?!?!? Geez shane dawsons still waiting for his to arrive after 5+ years
Nourdine Bahloul You are a superman Mr Bolt . I hope for You an other happy and Amazing year.
Velma Miller Mama was right. Look! Where you are striving to become a super star in your country. .
Usain Bolt
13:30 01/02/2017

Happy New Year!!

23.0k reactions 466 comments
Pampy Pampydo Now that you are all sober, probably broke, likely in debt & the only thing that you are able to PAY is attention, I can now safely say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
Aaron Lee Chill out Bolt! We all know you in 2018 already man. 😂😂👏👏💃💨💨💨💨
Robert Merrick Just read about you calling MUTV after the 'Boro game, absolutely priceless. Happy new year to you and your family
Sonia DaCosta ...breathing jus reach 2017, and Bolt deh yah long time sidung a wait pan me.
Keisha McIntosh U did the same thing we all did, grab the first picture on Google Images😃😃😀
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