Usain Bolt
01:30 08/16/2017

Happy 7th Birthday Jerodene Bailey. 🎂👑 Hope you have great day and as soon as I'm back in Jamaica I'm coming to see you. 🙏🏾🙏🏾

23.7k reactions 1585 comments
Nadeen Reid Usain is a humble n approachable person bcaus i can testify for dat. I saw him somtime ago on my vacation in Ochi n he allow me to take a pic wit him even though i was civil towards him. He is no other than a well trained individual n he made not only ...
Sharon Seaton , Hello my Br we all lobe you not love but lobe here in Jamaica be careful and come home safe be wise as a serpent harmless as a dove God Bless
Hilda Ellis Thank you Usain I am in tears ..I know you have done many good things ....cannot be numbered.... but this one visit to see Kerosene will make a difference in this child's life so your living will not be in vain..happy birthday baby girl.
Petrena Bailey-Phillips I'm feeling overjoyed so I can just imagine the lil princess..happy birthday baby girl n I prayed that u will live to c many more...Also nuff respect Mr Bolt...True ambassador!!Hope her greatest desire be fulfilled seeing LOVE, one HEART...
Annie Appiahnimaa Siaw Rose Okpo I remember watching jerodenes video on your wall and the greatest of all has responded, thank you #usainbolt for putting a smile on her face, get well soon little princess we love you dear
Usain Bolt
01:30 08/16/2017

Hey Kevin Hart, PokerStars like me so much they gave me my own game. Where’s yours? #GameOn

19.0k reactions 267 comments
Tany Sainz I'm so sorry for your goodbye and your downfall yesterday you'll always be the best Usain Bolt
Jennifer Jarrett Nothing but love and admiration for you. Continue be a role model and remain humble .
Agathe Thepower You will always remain the best! You are going to miss us 👍🏻👏🏻❤️
Carina Magnusson Lots of love to you dear Usain <3 Good luck and take it easy. We will never forget you!! Don´t care about nasty articles in dirty magazines. Don´t read it and don´t care about that shit!! You are much above all that. I know about your loss of a dear ...
James Kuberski Its kevin hart, he never was funny. He cheated on his own lady, and then tried to let himself off because he admitted to it. He's a fuckin idiot and a cocksucker. Did i mention how he isnt funny?
Usain Bolt
01:30 08/16/2017

In everything Give Thanks #Humbled #Thankful 🙌🏽

192.1k reactions 2339 comments
Theolyn Archer I do not think the IAAF have ever done anything like this for any other athlete. This goodbye appreciation speaks volumes not just about what you've done, but more importantly about who you are. You have done yourself, your family, your country, your ...
Paula Clayton Walk good Usain, thanks for 15 years of great sportsmanship. You have united the world with your talent and grace, you have gave Jamaica a bigger spot on the world map, we will be forever grateful. God bless you on your new journey.
Tracy Sunshinegirl Rowe Well done Usain Bolt ⚡️⚡️⚡️always proud of you x take some time out now and enjoy a well earned rest, always hopeful you will come back for one more go x miss you already x love you x
Nicola Haugh You are the greatest there has ever been or will ever be. A true inspiration and example of what hard work and dedication can achieve. The world of athletics will miss you. Take time now to rest and take account of all you have accomplished. Thank you ...
Paulette Heron if Usain wants to spend the rest of his life lazing he has earned the right to do so. He gave his youth to and for his country and that which he loved. And im positive he has experienced too much to waste himself. I pray God will grant him long life to ...
Usain Bolt
12:42 08/13/2017

Thank You my peeps. Infinite love for my fans #LoveAlone

335.8k reactions 8414 comments
Anamu Uenishi Usain Bolt. Well done. You have done the best you can and that is all it matters. You should be proud of yourself for being able to get over the nerves and actually having the guts to come out there today to your last race. Well done 👏👏👏
Ximena Silva Thanks for all the inspiration and the endless joy you gave us during your career. There is no one born yet to take your place. You are a legend <3 Gracias infinitas
Paul Mc Dougall All this crap about bolt pulling up cos he was getting beat don't talk absolute shit. Athletics wouldn't be where it is today without him. He didn't want his career to end on a low but the problem was he and farah just went a race too far. Let's see how ...
Wayne Cornwall Down but not out!!!!!! Let's get that straight all those who are bad mouthing mr.bolt u try put your self on the map, and then u can talk about how easy it was............. Are u serious!!! Right now we will never see........ Another usain bolt in track ...
Taran Tula Rukeza Brent This was just stress because he couldn't make his mind to leave his fans but don't worry and let me tell you that you're the best ever and you'll be spoken about for generations. You broke all records and it asks more than half a century to break your ...
Usain Bolt
12:42 08/13/2017

Team Jamaica all day everyday 🇯🇲

98.3k reactions 881 comments
Rob Laidler Unlucky Team Jamaica. Bolt pulls up early due to injury. He will be missed by a lot of people. Like Mo, a true legend leaves the sport!
Leonie Brooks Much love and nuff respec Usain Bolt! I pray that you are ok 🙏🏾 Thank you for being Jamaica's best ambassador and for being the #GOAT! We will always love you! Enjoy your much deserved, hard earned retirement! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲😘😘😘💗💗💗
Hrh Pan Martin Love ya Team Jamaica! Love ya Usain! Win or lose you are great Team! GOD bless you all. XXXX "What shall we then say to these things? If GOD be for us, (Team Jamaica & Usain Bolt) who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)
Christine Lynch Bob Marley said: 'The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively'. And on that basis, on all you have achieved, for everything you have given us, for all the ...
Sherri-Ellen Theilheimer-DeJonge May JAH bless you Usain!! You did your best; even more than your best today....I think you knew b4 the World Championship your time had come. I am weeping for your injury today. I was in Track as a preteen/teen & I remember the injury that ended my ...
Usain Bolt
12:42 08/13/2017

Team Jamaica 🇯🇲#Relay

119.6k reactions 997 comments
Latoya Taylor - Thorpe Nuff love and appreciation Usain Bolt. You have had an awesome career and we know you have been through a lot recently with the loss of your bestfriend. May God continue to bless and prosper your future. You have done so much throughout your career and ...
Tàñ Tãñ Ñ Ñïshã When I see the race tears full mi eyes... Usain is always the champion.. win or lose we still it #Team_Jamaica.... Sorry that bolt did injured but still love him #to_the_world
Karon Chapman-Pierre Sad way to leave the field you master but you have made yr mark and yr name is written in history. As a caribbean person I feel proud of yr accomplishments... you did things with style like a true Jamacian... many will hate you but there's 10 billion ...
Selah Charleston All the best tonight. I really hope you bring the team home to take gold. You will be missed on the track, both for your running & personality. Thank you for the pleasure you have given us over the years.
Asma Benali 😍😍
Usain Bolt
23:54 08/10/2017

The legendary Queen Merlene Ottey

65.7k reactions 843 comments
Lisa Newton I got her autograph over 30 years ago at an athletics meet at RAF Cosford, UK and I've just gone straight to it in the drawer. Also got Colin Jackson when he was about 18!
Aldwin Martin Badong Bayta The bronze and silver queen..just too bad she never won a gold (in her favorite event) in olympic. She's a fast runner. Jamaicans are very fast runners.
Andrea Buchanan-Jefferson God bless you both. Thanks for representing our little island Jamaica land we love. So proud of you both. Wishing you all the best in retirement! 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Francisco Santomé Martinez I Know she un Madrid, at indoor Championship at 2004. I'm physio and she need a massage, I'm proud for know and treath a Legend.
Michael Mutu Enock This is amazing and you will be always remebered l in the history .. We love u all africa and your my best ever king in the all world bolt
Usain Bolt
11:06 08/08/2017

Hey guys, Enertor insoles are the world's best insoles, and they're offering you a chance to buy shares in their company 🙌. Follow this link if you're interested!

31.0k reactions 232 comments
Pradeep Urwa Plz hero ur unbeatable 1 of of a kind in this generation plz don't make urself b use by such idiotic businessmen..
Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Latif You are a Hero. You made Athletics beautiful. Thanks for sharing your Talent with the World.
Billy Ngugi Love you man! Jamaica don't worry Mcleod has just lit up London!
Vanessa Darky Roberts There is a sick child calling on you...all she wants is to see you.Lord father please guide Bolt to this child please we need to see this race.Bolt i beg off you aPlLEASE VISIT THIS CHILD PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
Ross Miranda Gracias Usain Bolt por todas las emociones que nos hicites vivir en tus competencias cuando deboravas las pistas eres el Numero 1 grande por siempreee !!!
Usain Bolt
11:06 08/08/2017

Extra Special 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽⚡️⚡️🇯🇲🇯🇲

301.4k reactions 6458 comments
Jason Barker cant believe gatlin pipped u at the post in your final race, still the fastest man in the world for me. maybe u should of hung those running shoes 1 race sooner 😐 still a legend #worldrecordholder
Naved Ali Quazi No one else can play the race at track with the same elegance as you man . No one else will rule the game like you did. In short, there will be no other "usain gold". A big salute and respect by an indian side, Thanks . ....👏👏👏
Dee-Dee Pretty D uniqueness at its best. The worlds greatest athlete of all time the undisputed champion of the heavy weight track & field. We are so proud of you.. Thank you @UsianBolt
William Wrigley Some people are saying Gatlin is better than Usain Bolt. Can anyone tell us how long it took Gatlin to finally beat Bolt, and to all the haters when did any of you win gold medals at the Olympics?
Affia Sheeka Mcleod weh unnu no gweh and lowe Usain Bolt.... HE did his best at the time ad thats all that matters. How many can run from their door to the gate??? The mere fact u went to London made us proud,our flag still raised in pride and honor.WE respect your ...
Usain Bolt
11:06 08/08/2017

History Gatorade

15.3k reactions 329 comments
Lois Goodgame Jamaica applauds you, the legendary Usain Bolt! You have made us proud proud proud! Thank you. May God continue to bless and keep you.
Pamela Rapy Mokgatle Well done Bolt U will olways be the best of the best God will protected u n your family Our number 1 world champion Bolt the best
Helen Sterling Usain what happening with Mr Miles him retiring too ??? And please come sign my pair of legacy trainers before you fly back to Ja rock xx
Marine Le Tourneau The Greatest of all time! No matter what ever happens in the future, thank you for showing us that the sky has no limits ❤️
Affie Lahm A legend is always a legend. Bolt no one is faster than u in this world no dat. If they still doubt they must challenge u and train for them to show them a good lesson once again
Usain Bolt
11:06 08/08/2017

Happy Independence Day Jamaica #Jamaica55

214.4k reactions 2398 comments
Rahul Kaushik Happy Independence Day. I think you made history in yourself and history never changed .I think your name will be remember till the end of universe ..... You will be alive in our heart and in upcoming and upcoming new generation. You are legendary and ...
Janice Martineau It's a Sad, Sad day in Ottawa Ontario Canada. You did your best but your still number ONE and still the crowd pleaser. One love.
Christine Lee You will always be my GOAT, so proud of all your accomplishment and what you have done for our country, district and Alma mater. Continue to be genuine and wonderful person you are. One love 🇯🇲.
Sandy Porteous Sad to see u go but it's time for u to start living many people fail to understand how hard u had to work and how much u had to sacrifice to be where u r today now it's time to relax do you and get the rest you been longing for over the years focus on ...
Ericka Wilson-Dougal I Salute you Sir Bolt. Forever in our hearts. Over the years you've single handedly projected what is good about Jamaica worldwide. Stand firm,shut the negative voices out and breathe. Forever in your debt young man. Looking forward to see you ...
Usain Bolt
22:18 08/05/2017

Check out my new evoSpeed Legacy Spikes! These are the spikes I will wear tonight in London. Available on a limited basis at my official store, check it out at

23.8k reactions 359 comments
Katlego Maxwell Sechi u might hav not won the race but u hav made m realize that everything is not about winning,sometimes u lose and u hav to get up and try again.....thanks for the nice moment Bro #speed-wins
Angie Pullen Usain do it now......its the final. No mucking around . Stop looking sideways at end of ra e....yr losing speed. Finish 10 metres over the line. No showboating looking sideways. Its gonna be tight. Win it for yr legend
Shane Thomas Legendary Mr Honorable Dr Usain St Leo Bolt Order of distinction...Forever faster...Hats off sir Bolt!..Victory is A must so help us JAH!
Hilda You No matter what, ,,you are the champion Bolt... Thank you for all those beautiful moments and joy of watching you ... In our hearts and mind forever...
Praveen Kumar Konduri Bolt bro. You are a running legend. You brought laurels to your country and to this world. May you have great future ahead. Wish you all the best for final race.
Usain Bolt
22:18 08/05/2017

The Finale. Let's do this. #London2017

33.0k reactions 632 comments
Edith Gagnon You have nothing to prove long time ago! All the best in London. Thank you for caring for your community, thank you for being a role model to all.
Dinmohd Mohd To One of The Best Sportmans in The World. Hope you read this small message from me. * pls. don't wear your gold necklace when you are running in a competition. * my small advise to you. hope you sign up with a final win in London. sincerely n regards
Kemesha Murray Wishing you all the best in Landon.. I know you're going to give us your all... I'm in New York city and I would like to know which channel to watch so I could cheer you on and the day of your race...
Pauline Bowen Well done Swim once again you show the world just how good you are even when start doesn't go 100% your way, you just dig in and show everyone just why you are world champion. We will miss you after you retire.
Helmut Hummel Port Royal in Kingston Town has already got a new liberty monument:(its rather a draft and a funny idrea , maybe I have still a bit to work on it) . All the best for your future, Usain!
Usain Bolt
22:18 08/05/2017

Last Training Session before my last race in London 🙏🏾

89.3k reactions 1346 comments
Victoria Diana Walley We went to Sandals in Jamaica in 2012 the waiter refused us dessert unless we agreed to wear a Jamaican flag at the Olympic. We still have the flag will be waving it on Saturday. Thank you for all the fun.
Przemysław Kulas a bit too early :P you are inspiration for millions Usain. stay and perform at least 200m and relay. hope you will walk away unbeaten on 100m ( WC and Olimpics ) !!! so many moments ive spent waiting for that 10 seconds, where my heartbeat went over ...
Gene Strachan The greatest athlete the world or more appropriately put,the universe has ever seen,very sad about your departure,but your great memories will always be there for all times...blessed
Curtis May True legend brother. Thank you for all the ultra super moments you gave. The emotional thrills of your triumphs gave me goose bumps. It has been a pleasure watching you over the years and I'm grate full to have seen the greatest athlete in my lifetime. ...
Andrew Cunningham All the best Usaine. I still think you're a bit mad to get in the ring with McGregor. Sure, you have the reach but I worry that when his south paw connects it will be like a freight train. You certainly have the speed so here's hoping you can keep out ...
Usain Bolt
09:30 08/03/2017

29.9k reactions 323 comments
Antuski DE Barron Bolt my name is Gideon I'm from ghana and I'm 19yrs I'm a runner and I run for 100m and 200m.pls bolt help me to become lyk u please I need to see you in my life
Tyliz Shmap un homme propre et talentueux dans son sport. Vous partez la tête haute et fièrement! un grand hcomme. Usain vous inspirez les générations futures!
Leila de Souza Olha em janeiro faço 60 anos uma festa seria um grande presente show mito parabéns.
Odane Wilson This is the man to beat in the 200-meter The real big man Usain Bolt big up to your self
Reetam Ghosh So finally u have planned to sell shoes after retirement..
Usain Bolt
09:30 08/03/2017

Usain Bolt

38.4k reactions 224 comments
Anne-marie Tassaert Thank's Mom and Dad Bolt for have given at the Humanity a son Usain who has made her evolve .
Paula Brown Nice kicks, but please try get use to them, break them in. 😎😎
Monica Wanhainen We are a lot of fans Who will miss you good Luck whit your new Life 💗💕👍😍💪
Stephenson Blake Big up all good worlds fastest man. Manchester united fi Life.
Philomina Samayin You made the black race proud. Love you Usain Bolt. MORE GREASE TO YOUR ELBOW.
Usain Bolt
09:30 08/03/2017

Usain Bolt's cover photo

39.4k reactions 163 comments
Nagesh Kulkarni JKs 😎
Nagesh Kulkarni 😎😏😍😍😘👌
Agine Authors Star boy
Kacper Dutkiewicz pierwszy KUrwa
Ladir Silva Ai sabe ser lindo😍
Usain Bolt
09:30 08/03/2017

ForeverFastest PUMA

33.3k reactions 183 comments
Ronnette Graham You are an example of what can be achieved with determination hard work and focus☺ Nuff Nuff Respect to you Always King🤗
David Kanneh More life and blessings fire Star blaze up for the last time blemish and cleanest athlet
Ashwin Manikuttan I will be a champion so far and I will break your record and make my own record I will do that so be ready to face it
Rosana Rodrigues Estou ansiosa pra ver sua ultima corrida. Será a glória, tenho certeza disso😘😘
Adeshina Ridwan Riz La Usain bolt have my word,if I have d Chance get to where u are I will b over u and break your record
Usain Bolt
09:30 08/03/2017

Happy #EmancipationDay Jamaica! 🇯🇲

6.5k reactions 86 comments
Husein Drinkwater Jnr Blessing
Icilda Chin Same to you hon
Manpreet Singh Meetk Hello bullet train
Vena Gray Thank you our hero
Usain Bolt
20:42 07/31/2017

No days off 🙌🏽👌

191.5k reactions 2373 comments
Jean-Pierre Kriel I can't say enough how proud I am of you. Even though you were already the best you kept bolting forward shattering every record. You should be proud. And yet you are so down to earth. You are a true champion. And even the day someone starts sprinting ...
Reason Lebaka Kekana I wish i was gifted like u man , u making tons of money by simply running faster than other people. Wish other ppl cn use their talents to benefit financially n treasure dem like u man.
Lu Croft And it shows! Usain Bolt is the greatest EVER. My fave before him was Michael Johnson and I saw him win ALL of his big wins and leave the rest behind in his dust. And love the hat! My friend's son was wearing a Puma hat today and I snatched it right off ...
Samuel Adel Awad Marco Caminati a few months from now
Julien Nedelinov Петко, твоя човек
Usain Bolt
07:54 07/29/2017

It's that time of summer when the kids are all about having Fun.. Funland Jamaica is place to take them #FunLandJamaica

1.4k reactions 32 comments
Joy Kids Play
Victor Hansson Huanastone
Liam Tideswell Hi Usain do you like magic?
Kurubaran Kumar Joe V GD
Lisa Fearon Imforeverhappy Powell
Usain Bolt
07:54 07/29/2017

Our time of the year

37.0k reactions 248 comments
Shabba On Fleek The Doctor and his Charge. ..Perfection all the way.
Grace Grant Fast faster fastest the legend of track and field big up Usain coach Mr Glen Mills
Aff'irich Daley Take off some of that weight that you had on you bady you getting too big
Maggie Williams Love and God's Blessings go with you ma brother. God is a Awesome God and he never lets us down.
Amit Khati Gusain Sir what you are.... Are you god gifted.... Are a stunner.... I mean nobody can't beat you........ Give Me more tips sir more n more... For a fit perfect Heath like you sir....
Usain Bolt
19:06 07/26/2017

Last day of the sale at

1.1k reactions 37 comments
RíçhKîd Mâtthëw Êväñß Up top bro soon come to Jamaica
Camille Gordon You can do it. Go for it do what your mind tellyou
Camille Gordon Nice
Pat J Falvey Hi,where do you post from? Thanks
Ivan Hernandez Un saludo de mis hijos
Usain Bolt
19:06 07/26/2017

This is your LAST chance to be my VIP Hublot at my final race on the global stage… don’t blink or you might miss it! All supports two great causes. Dab with me & donate NOW: Flights to London and hotel are on me!!!

5.8k reactions 89 comments
محمد برك مطر add me
Eleonora Von Wetter Rosenthal Why isn't you going to run 200 in London??????????😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Τασος Καλαμβουκας Στέφανος Παπαδόπουλος τι σου θυμίζει;;; 😂😂
Alice Lobato 😍
Carlà Carlamy Done! I just need a big chance!
Usain Bolt
19:06 07/26/2017

Yes, thanks to Champagne MUMM I can now celebrate victories at two places at the same time. I went to New York to boost the @FIAFormulaE celebration! #DareWinCelebrate

3.4k reactions 57 comments
Patricia M. Kirlew Garib #forevermyfastest
Panagiotis Sklavos Very dissapointing...
David Stewart Total Agreement with you...
Toocute Trish It shot
محمد برك مطر add me
Usain Bolt
06:12 07/24/2017

Usain Bolt

66.3k reactions 404 comments
Ben Torah my regard to u Bolts a cynosure of a valued at his higest peak, the ever blessed athlete achiever dead or alive u much
Angella Steele No one can ever stop you Bolt only the Lord himself he makes you and he is not going to break you big up u self Sir Bolt
Charmaine Elliott Yes legend great achievement congratulations keep on inspiring
Betty Victoria Religion is good but religion without Jesus Christ is dead and there is no life in it. Jesus is the answer for the world today above him there is no other because Jesus Christ is the way. Earnestly and tender is Jesus calling calling O sinner come home. ...
Karl Roebeck Yes u are the championship 👑🏅🎖️no one can't beat u... You only the best 👍
Usain Bolt
06:12 07/24/2017

Usain Bolt's cover photo

94.4k reactions 420 comments
Kay London We hope to see you at the World Championships in London😆
Romulo Carmes De Grasse wish you the best for the next world championships.
Dete Peter Jasuba Those ladies would obviously raise my ego... So which one did you gtrwiavsuhevs?
Matteo Petrucchi I love you you are my best athlete 🖒🖒🖒👏👏👏 Good for yesterday it was so niicccce
Christopher Blanc Valentin Frégosi votre stade va être plus connu pour sa photo que pour vos exploits
Usain Bolt
17:24 07/21/2017

Nice video Herculis - Diamond League

2.6k reactions 179 comments
Kai Seffer I need this amazing backpack!!! Where i can biy this???
Adjaratou Keinde You are loved all over the world Usain! Enjoy your hard work, you deserve all of it.. Love you
Leebi Mondhil great people's champion, the world needs more Usain Bolts
Dorrett Brown The big Man, getting the royal treatment, U make us proud!!
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt
17:24 07/21/2017

Today I will compete at the Herculis - Diamond League meeting in Monaco. To celebrate we are running a special promotion (up to 70% off) on selected sportswear items of my signature collection (ends July 26th). Check it out at

2.8k reactions 58 comments
Moofisi Motlhaleemang The moment been waiting for
Kirsten Cole You need women's tanks ❤️ please
Jolly Miller You are the word best
Jocilene Almeida Arazou
Arunjyoti Saikia All the best supermaan
Usain Bolt
17:24 07/21/2017

We all know people love a cat video Kevin Hart. So here's me and my cheetah running free. On my way. On my way to victory. #GameOn PokerStars

3.6k reactions 103 comments
Silvestra Arzate Nice
Jacob Rogers What...tha.....f"{£
Prince Denzel Devasto be my testimonial for my new beverage in milan
Sathyam Suthari Supar bolt.
Junior Diaz Hahha Damn brooo
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