Conor McGregor
Yesterday 06:00

It is an honour to grace the cover of @gq magazine this month! Get your copy in stores NOW! Shoutout to the great @mobolajidawodu on the style! Much love my brother!

27.6k reactions 302 comments
Pat Moats Conor u can spell honor drop the c add a h u ain't been hit that many times
Yunus Emre OK Dzo Traev Mich wirst du auch noch in der Zeitschrift sehen 😛😛😎
Angel Quang Benly Xamonty can u go stop and buy this for me!? Thanks in advance 😂
Jeremy Gray You ain't got no nuts give Diaz a title shot watch him whoop that ass
Joseph William Lopez Oh wow! Haters are sure to come out of the woodwork now ! 😁
Yesterday 02:54

Let's kick some tail, Cesaro!

8.2k reactions 23 comments
Amanullah Bhatti ❌❌❌ ᴀᴅᴅ ᴄʟᴏsᴇ <3 Sheamus ❌❌❌ ___________________________________________________________________ ||| ||| _____________________________________________
Suprio Shuvo Awesome Pic ----▶Sheamus 8| Bot By 👤Suprio Shuvo ♨ BotBoss . TK 🔛 Server 1
NadeemvsRobot NadeemvsRobot shamus butyfull cesaro
Josué López 👊
Yesterday 02:54

This is how you make a name for yourself...

6.9k reactions 56 comments
Meng Av Back to the previous one
Norma Schweinsteiger Ambriz The best simply as that.
Mrityunjoy Samajpati You looked liked a king back then, but now 😧
Erick Flores Khe sabroCena
Miguel Sanchez The Dobia Dobia Y Champion 😂
Yesterday 02:54

We're in Nuremberg FELLA!

11.8k reactions 34 comments
Maria Yeimi Sheamus😍💘 Te Amo
Shahid Afridi Cesaro sheamus they both are greatest tag team partnership wwe
Markus Machnis You mean Nürnberg Fella😄😄😄
Alh Sahabi Dan Kaka Beautiful
Himanshu Shukla Wwe destroy telent like shemus
Conor McGregor
17:12 02/23/2017

laughing out loud in louis

36.9k reactions 283 comments
Rokas Double champ does what the fuck he wants.
Christopher Williams Always looks like he got a bunch of arse kissing hangers on with him
Victoria Ann Beeler It's so nice to c Conner laugh he is always has that mean and hateful look on his face and that's so sexy but to c a smile on his face that's well even better
Mert Üray Hahaha poor Sam Adams nobody gives a shit about his comments anymore its hilarious 😂
Douglas Quealy How can you not love this guy? He has the best personality in the sport.
14:06 02/23/2017

How'd that Brogue Kick feel?

Photos: Tag teams duel in No. 1 Contenders
Photos: Tag teams duel in No. 1 Contenders' Match

With a Raw Tag Team Championship opportunity against Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson at WWE Fastlane on the line, The Realest Guys in the Room take on former champions Cesaro & Sheamus.

8.1k reactions 91 comments
Rob Nichols Anything to shut that mouth up fella!
Isaac Mera Beautifull
Yong Wei Meng Thank you Sheamus
Karan Kumar Awesome murge
Eric Beresky You know what they say about men with big feet
Conor McGregor
04:24 02/21/2017

This is martial art.

5.3k reactions 1166 comments
Ian Brewster Mayweather wins him in the ring and Mcgregor would destroy Mayweather in a cage simple. Its just for show still watching it tho
Rob Leibrick You mcfecker nut huggers are the worst fans of any athlete in any of the world's sports! Wipe ya chin you bunch of dick suckers
Glen Walker Stay MMA ,you have as much chance of beating mayweather as i have of farting in your cup of tea. Im a fan of conner but he is bitting off more than he can chew
Joshua Raposa You look stiff as board. Supported you throughout your career, but you show up like that at your next are going to get rocked.
AlessandroCristina Fioroni If Manny Pacquiao could not beat Mayweather for sure you won't. (Actually in my opinion Mayweather only escaped Manny for all the match).
Conor McGregor
04:24 02/21/2017

I've made it rain out here

6.0k reactions 659 comments
Andrew Jones he fucking royalty now, he's only walked 10 secs to his car, which is probably parked illegally, he does what he wants. Simple as that
Papadopoulos Kirillos He used to get paid to protect people from leakages (plumber), now he hired one to protect him. He made it ,in life.Table overturned!
Mark Spencer Would love that job "Umbrella Holder". Say it pays well, and you'd get to meet some nice people doing it. Say you'd have to have good upper arm strength though 👍
Chris Taylor What kind of dick head has another guy hold an umbrella up for him. What a reptile. Instant turn off, meant to be a fighter not a fucking model
Elaine Lyons Beed He's an absolute wimp of a man ...who does that? He has not made it at all ...everyone get real. When you make it that's the last thing you would do.
Conor McGregor
04:24 02/21/2017

A glimpse into life on the west coast

Exclusive Video: Conor McGregor works the bag in California
Exclusive Video: Conor McGregor works the bag in California

A quick look at McGregor keeping sharp in California.

10.5k reactions 427 comments
Jamie Davidson Thomas Weir he's defo running seat from the ufc. He's going for the boxing
Josh Worth Jake life goals - earn so much money I can pay someone to carry an umbrella for me ☔️
Conor Walsh Nice to see him on the right kind of bag for a change.
Joost Baake 49-1
Stel King I love how people are ranting saying it's just a money fight like they're the ones that have realised it. We all know it's a money fight because we're all gonna watch it
Conor McGregor
04:24 02/21/2017

baguettes in the dial this is a beautiful time piece

29.9k reactions 356 comments
James Brinkman Nice watch...but really the only thing people care about is seeing You vs the winner of Khabib and Ferguson...
Brian Vieira You keep talking to TMZ about Khloé Kardashians donkey.....that watch and half your shit will be going to your old lady ;)
Noel Haigh Big deal man it's a watch What you need to do is defend them belts instead of been a social media bell end
James Schemeley Your only on top for so long.. fucking enjoy it and live it up!
John Weiss That's a sharp Rolex President day / date........ Hard fought and Well earned : )
Conor McGregor
04:24 02/21/2017

cali fresh

55.4k reactions 466 comments
Ernie Harper Joe Hawks thought you were chilling with McGregor for a second
Mychal Clark Sundblad You were in Cali and you didn't come see me? Fuggin ruuuuude
David Galloway Connor check out the real number one pool player from Dublin the sterling hunter
OC William Lad doesn't choose shirts as well as he fights..... Alexis Debien crice de chemise bolle ca
Chris Graham Conor needs to start showing up at Boxing events taking over the ring calling out bitch boy lol
Conor McGregor
04:24 02/21/2017

some poke

95.1k reactions 1283 comments
Bryan Acord The man the myth the legend! Connor himself is the best in the world period and he's gonna show Floyd he don't mess around.
Gary Vaughan Always remember the saying there is always someone harder around the corner. Respect to a legend keep ko every cunt only wish I had 10% of your capabilities.
Richard Buxton Sick of watching these bum fights, you need a real fight. There just no match for you're prowess and supreme skill!! Floyd is terrified of you that's why he didn't show up, You might need to start fighting heavyweights next.. just to keep Handy. Diaz ...
Sean Wambold Conor how bout a shout out to your fans brotha. Follow your career and always buying the PPV! A simple shout out would be crazy! Lol. I know it will never happen but it would be awesome!
Gage Dry This bit h really sed basic fashion ?? Hes probably wearing an armani sweater n true religions lol wit some LV shoes how is this 100k outfit basic ???
Conor McGregor
15:36 02/18/2017

100 mill a knock fuck what you think

102.5k reactions 2063 comments
Daniel Mason I think he's scared all he does is okay Defense with your style and strength and youth you should just attack him and attack him all day until he starts making mistakes and then you counter with a couple huge lefts like he's never felt before and it's ...
Earl Ozborne Mcgregor should take the boxing match and box him a little and then throw a kapoera style spinning back kick to the head and knock him out cold. Yeah he'd lose by DQ but he'd prove a point. We'd all get to see mayweather knocked the fck out, they'd both ...
Alex Diskotek-effekt Contreras I mean I know this fight is set up for floyed to win but if you have been watching Conor since before he wasn't top ten then you'd know he's always said I'm gonna make my millions young and get out... he's just looking for a huge payday and he has ...
Cameron Longwell Conor has a choice, fight floyd and make more money than he would in 20 fights in UFC or fight in the UFC and eventually lose his fame while making pennies compared to with floyd. Mcgregor is taking life by the horns. We would all love to see him defend ...
Curtis Evans The sad thing is, these dudes are gonna fool millions of people to spending their hard earned money on a shitty fight. They'll be laughing in the back counting their millions of dollars and posting cocky ass posts about how much money they have.
Conor McGregor
15:36 02/18/2017

GQ Style

55.0k reactions 1124 comments
Mma Wajdi Don't forget to stay modest because man in general is a weak and some time he become old and in the end he will leave this world.
Anthony Bradford Good man! Leave all those ugly bums to smash each other in the octagon. They're just focused on keeping their belt, you're on to bigger and better things. I don't watch UFC anymore. It's boring
Vanessa Lynn Barrs People are only hating on his outfit because they themselves couldn't pull that look off! That's a good looking man and he knows it! And a man with style at that too! 😘
Steve Chamberlain Good for you Conor, you done well from being the spotty teen in that video I saw of you when you first started... your swag is definitely there now !
Jay D. Cov King, he is doing what most UFC fighters protest about, such as more money, more sponsers, and being able to hold two belts. He did it in a short period of time.
Conor McGregor
15:36 02/18/2017

34.5k reactions 1166 comments
Karan Rattan Gavin Jones-Wharrie they smell absolutely delicious, but not as delicious as fresh bills tho lol
Paul Maurice A man with a soft side??? Crying??? Fake news. Lefty snowflakes
Chanse Rey "There are no friends in this game. I carry myself cold." F*ckin truth.
Sherri Hendricks Floyd's just pissed because you are better looking, a better fighter, making more money :P
David Toscano Being on the undercard doesn't mean shit. He had 30 plus pro victories and......... TITLE DEFENSES
23:42 02/15/2017

‪Sorry. Lil Frosty got Brogue kicked. There can be only one Great White.

14.4k reactions 181 comments
Jason Silva Lol Sheamus is so awesome 😃
Darko Juraj Salopek RIP Frosty the Snowman 2017.-2017. Got brogue-kicked by Sheamus
Michelle Frush Fella!!!!!! 😄
Tomas Boss Murgac Tomas john cena is the best but sheamus is good
James Sathya Nathan sheamus great white i am a great fan of great white
10:54 02/13/2017

‪The Abdominal Snowmen shall chear house in #WWEAlaska TONIGHT. Shame about the outdoor locker rooms.

16.3k reactions 171 comments
Johnny Thanos Fellars!
Jenna Dunn These two men crack me up. Love it.
David Poythress that looks so cold it makes my pee pee shrivel up.
Zenaida Bedón Camilita estan refeos ...... camila tkm❤.....besitos a mi chinita 😙
Antoinette Morales Hi sheamus and cesaro how are you guys?
Conor McGregor
14:00 02/13/2017

Artem Lobov vs. Cub Swanson set to face off in Spring

Artem Lobov vs. Cub Swanson set to face off in Spring
Artem Lobov vs. Cub Swanson set to face off in Spring

Artem Lobov gets the biggest fight of his career against #4 ranked Cub Swanson.

5.6k reactions 376 comments
Dion Ferra Joe du Marney what you reckon on this one? I think cub is going to absolutely smash Artem to pieces.
Garry Stirrup Why? This doesn't make sense at all. Should be a easy nights work for Cub
Kieran Lavelle How good would it be to put them on the Aldo v Holloway card! Mc Gregor would be there haunting Aldo getting in his head surely Holloway would love that!
Trevor Norton Eww dont see this one going great for him after what Cub did to that japanese phenom
Mark Henshaw Really dude? What a terrible match up only train this fight got made was cus lobov name and trash talking
Conor McGregor
01:06 02/11/2017

21.2k reactions 2006 comments
Ashley Fulmer This is to funny ...hurry up n come back UFC sucks without you!!!!👊🏻😎
Wayne Samuel Royce Dretzka I like him a lot now hahaha. The man's ego grew on me
Marc Walsh This prick won't fight in the UFC again! You watch!
Mark Maher اسطوره الufc يا عم عليا الطلاق....ايضضرب :D Mohammed Gamal Abd El-Azime
Adrian Bell They all want to see him get his ass kicked in this weight class. It will happen.
09:12 02/08/2017

WWE 2K17 is out today on PC. Brogue Kick the entire roster for me. #ad

1.8k reactions 19 comments
Moiz Khan Saad Khan
Subham Adhikary Sudarshan Choudhury
Leonardo Nunes João Gabriel Nunes de Almeida
Serlool Ortega Bossio Why that on PC .. I want that in PS3
09:12 02/08/2017

Enzo Amore and Big Cass should stay out of this!

Photos: Raw Tag Titles defended in rematch
Photos: Raw Tag Titles defended in rematch

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson defend their Raw Tag Team Championship against Sheamus & Cesaro on Raw.

4.1k reactions 28 comments
Sadika Begam Not good
Komba Ete Sheamus u r such a stupid till now
Kathh O'shaunessy Sheamus is the best 👏🍀❤
Leonel Yaya Noriega SHEAMUS vuelve ha ser el gran tiburón blanco !!!
Conor McGregor
12:18 02/08/2017

Timeline Photos

4.4k reactions 55 comments
Jean Paul Beat some pussy
Matthew Patton My belts got flipped, turned upside down....
Candy Priddy I soooo have a crush on McGgregor!!! Is that bad!??
Abraham Ángeles My teacher
Jamal Taha Saadi Nice one Cham Cham.
Conor McGregor
10:42 02/03/2017

Thank you to all the fans who showed up and showed love in Manchester this weekend! 5000 fans in attendance! What a night! Thank you all! #TeamMcGregor

19.3k reactions 222 comments
Fabio Menn Thomas so wird es aussehen, wenn die Amerikaner LoKi empfangen und willkommen heißen!
Aaron Ksap Kerr I would of gave my left nut to of been there 😒. #EireFavouriteSon
Michael Filing Yeah what about the fan who just wanted a photo and u slapped the camera out of his hand fuckwit!
Connor Hendriks Ahmad Mansi Conor Mcgregor kan gewoon echt doen en laten wat hij wilt
Nick Gorena Wait... Weren't you just saying "fuck the fans" a couple days ago?
18:48 01/31/2017

Questions will be asked. . . and answered.

15.4k reactions 141 comments
Andrew Buff yeah, my question was: did you guys mean to kiss?
Andy Smyth You answer them you went to throw your team mate out first
Joseph Leona Fk the universal title bring back the heavyweight
Jack Jin So gross seems like two gays
Tariq Tamboli What's wrong with you guys....
18:48 01/31/2017

Don't celebrate too long, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson...

Photos: Gallows & Anderson challenge Cesaro & Sheamus
Photos: Gallows & Anderson challenge Cesaro & Sheamus

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson battle Cesaro & Sheamus for the Raw Tag Team Championship during the Royal Rumble 2017 Kickoff.

5.9k reactions 29 comments
Karan Kumar sheamus nak ktwa di tune
Hilin Patel The Brow kick anywon out side
Ilyas Rajawi Cesaro is the best
Kathh O'shaunessy Sheamus is the best 👏
Kathh O'shaunessy Ganes ó pierdas para mi siempre serás un campeón 🍀❤
Conor McGregor
21:54 01/31/2017

Watch my final quest to become the 13th Jockey! Pegasus World Cup Invitational

37.3k reactions 4053 comments
Natasha Marr Hayden Mackaway hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha id like to apologise to absolutley fucking no body
Andy Styles Stephen Melia best thing ever. The bit at the end about apologizing killed me
J Keven Hernandez 100 times the fighter Rhonda will ever be and a Million times the actor Rhonda will ever be hahaha
Kyle The-hoss Hosking Nathan Kemp you reckon he is it short on income and needs to do this to get money flowing wtf is this shit
Jamie Coulston Conor, I have a great idea for a new punch bag design that's perfect for you 👊👊👊
18:48 01/31/2017

The Celtic Warrior and The Swiss Superman will stand tall at WWE Royal Rumble!

11.1k reactions 59 comments
Ilyas Rajawi The best
Laura Fields Go show them who not to mess with boys!
DänNy Ü Hobbs Let's go Seamus End Cesaro ❤
Sierra Hill Good luck
Kátia Alderez G👊👊D LUCK FELLAS💪😉👍
06:00 01/29/2017

The WWE Universe deserves a Celtic Warrior as the 2017 WWE Royal Rumble Match Winner!

8.6k reactions 138 comments
Carlos Jose Vazquez Ruiz HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHEAMUS!
Alf Charles Josh Marshall Mcgregor looks more ripped than him
Vishal Sharma @vince hey vince make sheamus win please he deserve it
Leandro Lima Parabéns Sheamus!
Hamidi Zaharudin Sheamus! You look stupid
06:00 01/29/2017

WWE WrestleMania Axxess tickets go on sale to the public next week, but you can get yours FIRST in our online-only pre-sale this Monday at 10 AM ET! Use the code BROGUE at to beat the rush.

1.2k reactions 18 comments
Dixie Sweeter Albert Sweeter
Morgan Boni Anthony Jarjanette un jour gros 💪🏻
Stacey Wiggins Happy Birthday Sheamus
06:00 01/29/2017

‪At the WWE Royal Rumble witness the rebirth of The Celtic Warrior. #FaughABallagh ‬

12.1k reactions 150 comments
Michelle Frush Getting ready for tomorrow. Go sheamus. 😄☘
Jhoi Yax Goooo. . .SHEAMUS. .iloveyou. . .
Matthew Brooks Happy birthday sheamus
Muheeb Ahmed Khan I know You can You should And you will Win the rumble Fella
Jarrell Mckenney Happy Birthday!!!! Sheamus
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