14:00 01/16/2017

'Tis me by Rob Schamberger.

12.5k reactions 72 comments
Michelle Smithh I like it. 😄👍🏻
حسين علي الربيعي 😂😂😂👌🏻
Hugo Henrique Sheamus?
Md Arbaaz Ahmed nice
Jamie Hopkinson Good
01:12 01/14/2017

8.5k reactions 100 comments
Shawn Kuntz You are awesome
Hussain Tanwir Hardwork always pays off! 😎
Rachel Gladney I love u sheamus
Danny Rogers The True Champs that run the camps
Jenna Harned Get it!!'
01:12 01/14/2017

4.5k reactions 31 comments
Msd Wasim Akram Sheamus 👈😍👉 ====================O 👈👮👉 Ooo... Sheamus 👈😍👉 : Rayakanlah setiap hari dalam hidupmu karena sesungguhnya hari esok akan datang sangat cepat. 🎓 http://PakCyberArt,GQ VIP Account - PakCyberArt 🎶 ====================O 👈😍👉 Ooo...
Ek'ßãr-ĐȝĶh Lēĝĭ'nã-tø Pãĝãł Ħø'jãyē-gĭ 🐔 ║Awais-Ch,Club║ Bot Ka Owner Awais Ch
Racz Levi Levente Sheamus king
Nevaeh Moody <3
Adamar Casanova <3
01:12 01/14/2017

10.8k reactions 125 comments
Christina Haggard Hall Love me a ginger
Kerrie Johnston I'm glad that's not my head he's hitting xD
Corentin Barbé Speed up ! Lol
Stefanie Weiß Beast
Tom Alex Pritchard i reckon Sheamus would be gd in MMA
01:12 01/14/2017

Your WWE Raw Tag Team Champions have arrived!

27.2k reactions 71 comments
Osborn Cin'amba I want that suit on my fight
Andrea Triban The new Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill
David Dave Mariano The best team in the world Cesaro and Seamus ☺☺☺☺☺
Jacob William Elliott The. Raw. Tag team. Champion suck
Sanjay Sanju You both together are UNSTOPPABLE
01:12 01/14/2017

15.1k reactions 283 comments
Brandon Johnson Curtis Buck he wants round 2 with Sin Cara;)
Yannick Mikolajezak Punk vs celtic in ufc .
Md Shaboddin Are u mad
Mark D Barnes How sheamus gone do McGregor when he catch him slipping backstage 😂
Conor McGregor
04:18 01/14/2017

Call me C.J Watson!

88.8k reactions 2338 comments
Tim Wright Jr I like Connor but hes no boxer Diaz out boxed him and Floyd is on a whole other level boxing is a totally different sport Connor is a good fighter but no boxer
Meko Gray Stop acting like this guy is the greatest fighter that ever lived in UFC. There's been many great Fighters that have came along in UFC and dominated way more opponents than McGregor has.
Dru Hoffman He needs to defend a UFC belt before he does anything else. He ran from the 145's to fight at 155 and lost to Nate Diaz once and didn't prove anything in the rematch other than he can run with the best of them.
Troy Nixon Wining is priceless for you so take the fight regardless of how much your getting paid. If you win you will go down in history and then can talk all the lip you want and be the greatest. Mayweather doesn't need to fight you.🤡
Tom Tonks Nath WebsterMikey Ziggy WaitesMikey Ziggy WaitesConnor AbrAx Waites mayweather said in a interview today aswell lets make the fight happen...its the only fight he said he is interested in
Conor McGregor
15:30 01/11/2017

The King of MMA and the World's Greatest Jockey. Enter the sweepstakes for your chance to live like a king: Pegasus World Cup Invitational

11.8k reactions 1854 comments
Cédric Ranschaert hahaha, Robin tzou nog goeie acteur zijn ook :)
Paul Dougie Dougill cant enter unless you got US zip code ffs
Stephanie Roche Dean Zambra Gobshite... possibly the most Irish word you will ever hear 😂😂😂
Revan Gorial Hayden Youhana 'a million buck'.. Oh yea I shit out that much in one day... 'That must hurt' 😂😂
Yohan Giroud GuillaumeGiroud enorme !! Le mec est plein au as et il continue avec des pub !! Ses 10 mois de pause vont lui r apporter plus que ces 3 derniers combat 😂
12:24 01/11/2017

Kicking in skulls never felt so good!

6.5k reactions 29 comments
Farhan Ali AwsOme 😍 Stay Active And Real 💡 Sheamus 💡 💖 Tue - 10 - 01 - 2017 - Time 🔶 6:22 pm 📣 Great Hon Par Tora Late HOn 0.4 Sec 📴 🎭 BANGASH TEAM 🎭 Never Give Up! 💪 . 📩 Only Botter Add Me 📩 💡 Powered By Farhan Ali 💡
Deepak Parmar Finish the luke gallos
Shahrukh Srk shemous i am big fan from india
Inderjot Tiwana Thats how ya do it fella! :D great win buddy!! 🍀
12:24 01/11/2017

‪The honour. The glory... to hold the hand of a true champion. WWE Raw

18.6k reactions 56 comments
Michelle Smithh Sheamus is #1 👍🏻☘
Ricky Chauhan Great champion of all time
Jhan Alvarado Hurtado Son un buen equipo solo lo q les falta es un poco de union y comfianza
Kerrie Johnston I love Sheamus! heel or face!
Edwin Otalora Diaz Sheamus is the best , sheamus is world talent
12:24 01/11/2017

New gear preview... red on black. ‬

6.7k reactions 77 comments
Luis Mogollon Sifuentes kratos B|
Diane Murphy 😈 Love it.
Tabatha D M Taylor Looks awesome can't wait to see u wear it on raw
Jasmine DeLao 👍👍
Andrés Sánchez How about a new haircut? Please man!
23:36 01/08/2017

Back day. No excuses.

9.0k reactions 71 comments
Shivakumar S Nayak Ur the champ man -never give up
Stacy Mae You are gorgeous!! 💝
Jeff Vadala Tear it up big guy !!
Shovon Das JV great
Jiban Sah Stupid semus
10:48 01/06/2017

Just punched January 2017 Pow! right in the kisser with a bit of MMA & jiu jitsu with Josh Rafferty at #YCJJC #powrightinthekisser

12.4k reactions 113 comments
Brian Hay Sheamus could do well if he switched to MMA.
Anthony Joesph Chairez Shameous vs Conner 2017
Leyla Arellano Very handsome
Sandy Lee Douglas Lookin good 💪💪👀👀❤❤
Christopher Carney Now that is what I called big red the Celtic warrior
Conor McGregor
13:54 01/06/2017

Sport of Kings - meet your new King! Pegasus World Cup Invitational

54.9k reactions 5623 comments
David Louboutin David Brossard Côté Sebastien Gagnon-Dorval im the best in whatever I decide to do haha il ferait un bon acteur !
Darren McMackin Haha that was actually awesome...guy could go into acting for sure.
Ged Moss Actually not bad at all. Watched it a couple of times. How long will it be till we see you alongside the Stathe in an action filum Conor? ;)
Hassan Njr 2017 Just started and this Guy already made the advert of the Year 😂 😂 😂 Another million in 2 minutes 😂😂😂
Izaak Chater Madelaine Wood ok so this is a commercial but this is more or less who Connor McGreggor is and how he talks at every press conference.
10:48 01/06/2017

The boys are back in town!

34.5k reactions 357 comments
Hilton Rouse Dont let that Irishman lead you a stray, he be one naughty bugger he is
Stephen P. Nobles IV Miss this pair. Desperately would enjoy a bit of Bad News this year at the Rumble.
Yash Rao That British Trio!!! By the way, is shemaus from northern ireland or Rep of Ireland??
Sarah Berra Clarisse Santos déjà pcq c'est Rocksteady et après le haut marvel
Steve Carey Adrian Stephens in cenas gym. Did try to tag you yesterday 😡
Conor McGregor
01:06 01/04/2017

The King is coming - Manchester, January 28th. @anexpwith

41.1k reactions 3742 comments
Jesse Foutch I'm a fan but this picture immediately made me think of this
Jay Smith The champ does what the fk he wnts.ill be ther.for sure
Rachel Wood Chanel Alexander tell Luke you want to go for an early birthday treat xx
Robin Aittamaa Nothing but love for you champ, however there is only one king in Manchester and it's Ibrahimovic .
Louise Currie Danny Lockwood think we should go 👍🏻please thank you
22:00 01/03/2017

Sheamus's cover photo

6.5k reactions 31 comments
Piyush Kishore Jr. Every artist was first an amateur.
Brandon Johnson Curtis Buck
Ugnė Balsaitytė Deimantė Solovjova
Ahmed Kamran Awseome
Numair Ahmed Wast
22:00 01/03/2017

New official tee so hot over at even Cesaro is rocking one... put the ouroboros paradox on your chest & be a warrior.

9.0k reactions 72 comments
Asadul Al Karim Mamun sheams brother I like you so much,please come our country Bangladesh..
Montse Maslow Yosahandi I like this. 👆
Sri Balaji the official tee may be purchase by fans...its not a matter at all...but what matter is i always wanted u to shave ur beard off and do one thing that u change ur face like u had it a few years ago thats what we fans want to see a change from u!!!!!
Sheamus Bongo Wow you are my man I'll keep telling counties about:am your junior
Dean Anderson @Sheamus u look like kratos big fan still lol and cesaro is Jason Statham lol
09:12 01/01/2017

‪Happy New Year from the BEST WWE Tag Team in history... Oh and Cesaro aint bad either. #NYE #HappyNewYear #ByeBye2016 ‬

12.6k reactions 152 comments
Leandre Caron Merci pareillement
Maria Lourdes Sanchez Torales Happy New Year! The best of the best for you!
Shawn Richard Andrew Webber Happy New Year to you 2 and all the best in 2017😀
Andrew Buff ya like dune buggies?
Ben Jones I knew you guys would get along sooner or later.
Conor McGregor
12:18 01/01/2017

The matriarch 😍

88.0k reactions 712 comments
Jason Boylan Typical Irish son. Well done kid. Happy new year to u and Ur family
Ellie Macafee Gough Happy New Year, Conor and family! Congratulations to the newlyweds!! Slainte!!!
Louise Ó Searbháin Ha ha and no other nation builds matriarchs like the Irish.... she looks gorg, as do you you.... 💚😍
Farid Aumar The only one that can slap your face in public with no lethal consequences
Glen White Well done Connor u made something of your self ! There's nothing like a photo of son and mother words can't describe ❤️👌🏻
Conor McGregor
12:18 01/01/2017

My father and I, at the wedding of his daughter, and my sister Aoife! What a time to be alive! God bless and happy New Year to all my family, my friends and my fans! We are going to toast tonight!

148.4k reactions 2259 comments
Mitch Johnson Good luck to the husband 😂 I love you marry me this is my brother Conor McGregor nah sorry I'm gay
Alex Sanchez Hernandez Congratulations for the ceremony and to your sister and family. The pic is awsom, the lights in your head represents that your are...the king!!😝😝
Frank Ginnelly Double world champion but you still can't take your dad lol looking great hope you had a great day nothing like an Irish wedding
Conor Douglas I think you're a top bloke and we half share a name, but fancy 30 secs to stop a bet between mates? #conorvsconnor #champvsbloke #ihityouyouhitthedeck
Billy Ray Valentine Looks like a bobble head doll of Foghorn Leghorn. Why not just wear a kilt with those girl legs? I like bare nuckle boxing, not sissy fighting with gloves....
09:12 01/01/2017

‪Landed in LA with my A-list Hollywood pal Jason Statham!

30.3k reactions 232 comments
Romeo V. Pangalilingan Very funny man
Maria Lourdes Sanchez Torales Happy New Year! The best of the best for you all!
Annika Meinecke Love your sense of humour 😅😅😅
Jay Hancox Brilliant! The fact that they on a bus haha. 😂
Brandon Christie I loved him in The Princess Diaries.
20:24 12/29/2016

BEST tag team in ALL the land!

20.7k reactions 111 comments
Md Liton Best friend
Samuel Macharia I don't think this will last for long
Guy Westrelin Tu es le quel des 2 mec
Marlene Lopez Boo!!!!
20:24 12/29/2016

This lad Cesaro setting fashion trends... they're calling it the "Cake hawk"... even Madonna digs it.

25.4k reactions 114 comments
Brian Maxwell You two make a great team.
Roberto Ortiz Bless & Hugs
Mehmet Yiğit Şanver Şehmuz npyn krdş
Dimitrius Johnson The Cake Emperor
Luis E Dejesus Felicidades
20:24 12/29/2016

Cesaro's Birthday

46.3k reactions 5976 comments
King Midgette Happy birthday cesaro, nd congrats u guys!!! Finally got rid of the trash day
Jeffrey Aller Happy birthday
Saul Ray 🎂Love your
Kennedy Jennings LOL
Omar Abdelaziz Happy birthday Cesaro
20:24 12/29/2016

A #Brogue is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving & giving... so i gifted Xavier this missile-toe.‬ ‪#Raw Tag Team Champs on a roll.‬

11.6k reactions 58 comments
Sheamus-Source.Net Your #1 Source Page For All News About WWE's Celtic Warrior Sheamus!
Mohd Ajaz Sheamus should be universal champion
Jose Bala Lares Big broug kick shaumus you the man
Koloong Solomon Big boot
Mudassir Khattak So cute
Conor McGregor
21:54 12/24/2016

always in shape

75.8k reactions 7816 comments
Anita Sobczyk yum yum yummmm;) I touch myself when i see this photo... but I noticed that only because my body is far from perfection... ;)
Ben Jnr Not quite sure what to make of this picture. I think I should be concerned, if I get in that shape I don't think Asda car park would appreciate it.
Vicky Kuzmanovski He's wearing a cup guys. Nobodies cock sticks out like that 😂😂😂 he's probably training or doing a shoot
Ashley Hanger Merry Christmas 🎄 Conor McGregor.... We all only get one life ; and we should live it to the utmost fullest. You're a champion through and through. Truly The Notorious in all aspects of your life haha. 🍻
Ben Martin This post could only be gay..... if it made you wanna fuck him..... and you gay. Otherwise, it's a dude in pants you probably wouldn't wear.
18:48 12/24/2016

It's important to remember which half of this team got the pin at WWE Roadblock...

4.5k reactions 72 comments
Becki Norris Oh shut your face 😂
Teresa Hayes-McGuire Love you sheamus
Tom DeLong Your new raw tag champs the Ginger Nips
Ari Capri DADDY!! 😍
Conor McGregor
21:54 12/24/2016

I am going to break his face

293.9k reactions 18036 comments
Kev Haislip Everyone says Conor would win the mma match and Floyd would win the boxing match, that may be. But...does Conor know how to box...yep, does Floyd know mma at all....nope. So there's a chance Conor would win either way. And I can picture Floyd running ...
Luke Ashton If connor some how gets him with that left upper cut its good night Floyd ha it's just a case of if he gets chance before being out boxed 😉
Garvin Harkin Let's just say it like it is Conor, there is absolutely no chance in hell that you go into a boxing ring and beat the likes of Mayweather in your first fight. The same can be said for him in a UFC octagon. Time to stop this publicity stunt and focus on ...
Ricky Campbell Yeah Mayweather hand picked Gatti and Morales who's pound for pound ratings were way higher. He took their belts , ratings and respect . He then bought out his own contract for 750k because Bob Arum was raping his bank balance. He then creates ...
Logan Loxley Anderson Please... 48-0 professional boxing record with your 0-0 I saw that sparing video and you got wrecked by the guy you were sparing. This is boxing its not the UFC if Manny or any other great fighter could not beat Mayweather you will not be able to ...
18:48 12/24/2016

What do a random guy, a mosquito, a frog, a fish, and a cat all have in common? They all #DoTheDew #ad

4.0k reactions 103 comments
Bernie Greer now that is funny
Trillville Brandon Second
Damien Marty Videira Charlotte Charrier mdrrr j ai honte de rigoler à ça :p
Rostam Hassan first
Aakash Sahu Awesome commercial advertisement
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