Yesterday 10:12

WWE RAW: Jason Jordan distracts Sheamus and Cesaro

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Jason Bilshan oh nice...
Atif Mehmood U people always lose
Amer Abu Al Zuluf i love you
AndrewBrandi Aguilar The bars faces were like why is the nerd here lol
Conor McGregor
Yesterday 13:18

Proud of the newest members of Beats by Dre. Keep pushing boundaries! #abovethenoise

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Alex Doyle Beats are crap. I have a pair of $3 headphones with better sound quality
Helder Polonio conor the best fighter in the world, and a great entertainer
Jamie Coffey Beats are overpriced and lacking real quality... just marketing
Lee Tonks The shitest headphones in the industry... 😂
Mike Angell I heard ufc was stripping him.
Yesterday 10:12

Get your tickets for this year's WWE Hall of Fame before anyone by using this code in the online pre-sale starting Wednesday: WARRIOR

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Bryony Kilpatrick Wish it was in the UK 😖
Cassie McWilliams Gina Stabile
Clive Huberta Hayward James Hayward Quinn
Venadita Felina y tienen oraciones irlandesas
Venadita Felina para que se quite el frio un rico y delicioso
Yesterday 10:12

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Venadita Felina que fue a pedir la chica ?¿
E Victoria Black Clutz...😝
Kathh O'shaunessy The best forever 💁💕
Zack Thor I wonder if she met Barney lately
William Jackson Sasha is a danger in the ring and should be fired she’s crap anyway
Yesterday 10:12

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Ashu Verma
Venadita Felina cuantos kilos esta levantanto y no se llegara a lastimar espalda o cintura
Venadita Felina si siente un pequeño temblor en el mundo ha de ser shms que hace ejercicio
Sajal Joardar Zero man sheamus
Rhonda Diaz Hi 👋 Got to do squats & inner/ outer thighs 🤗 Your Beautiful Admirer, 1&OnlyRhonda💖⚖️~~
Conor McGregor
00:30 01/14/2018


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Cody Sakuma It would be easier to promote this if he actually showed cardio improvement.
Usama Hafeez you gas out after 2 rounds, what conditioning?
Christopher Persson Dennis Kasper Conor kører spinning og båndet... Såååå kom i hug..
Clint Myrick When you keep gassing out in the middle of your fights, how are people supposed to buy this.
Reinier Steven van Ramshorst He needs to keep his running at a good level to keep running from Tony and Khabib
Conor McGregor
00:30 01/14/2018

You cannot beat Dr. Dre beats! Beats by Dre

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Nathan Fred Nicholas Beats by dre, EA games just about any crappy mainstream product that gives you a dollar you sellout too
Ryan LaFave Theres no doubt Conor is one of the greatest UFC fighters there ever was and still is. Ive got nothing against him making the money and being in the lime light bcuz anybody would do the same. But being a "Great champion" is measured by title defenses. ...
Kyle Christie Haha I love these comments. Great to see everyone on the same page. Conor last fought in August. The UFC obviously agreed to let him take the fight. So he's only been inactive for four months. It's a weird situation but stripping him isn't necessary ...
Christopher Miller I bet even with those on it still can't drown out the sound of your own ego or is there maybe an app for that lol
Luke Kahu Edwards I get it, but dont you want to fight like the old days? That adreneline rush as someone clips you while bobbing, Feeling how vulnerable you are and making decisions in a heartbeat to counter the violence that your opponents intent?? I would miss that ...
Conor McGregor
00:30 01/14/2018

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Mike James His Documentary was OK, but nothing really special, not sure I'd say it was the Best Documentary of the year though..
Lizabeth Oot I voted for you :) put it up on my page to :) hope you win!!!!!!! Crossing my fingers, my toes...And hoping high for ya! I loved the film, you deserve the win!
Sámuel Balogh Mcgregor you should defend your title only once at least. You popularity is falling....people starting to see only a star not a fighter...
Alex Schoonover Why didn't DJ , Tyron or Stipe get their own movies ? Because their actual undisputed defending real champions. And yes even Bisping.
Joseph Handibode He is not great he never had title reign or had a big winning streak like other mma fighters. He has done nothing for sport.
08:36 01/11/2018

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Binod Tiwari Ronald Ahom
Stephen Grover Andy Grover
Sharjil Rifat Ratul Waheed
Abiola AbdulAzeez Jimoh Chetan Joshi
Jonathan Josue Chuta Toyskies
08:36 01/11/2018

‪.#4time #RoyalRumble #TheBar‬

1.3k reactions 30 comments
Fay Harris Okay
Venadita Felina solo pido un favor que no se vaya a despeinar
Farhan Ali (y) . (y) <3
Venadita Felina sabe combinar la ropa para el gym eso es entrenar
Hetal Parmar i like it
Conor McGregor
11:42 01/11/2018

The road to becoming the GOAT goes through me #EAUFC3 #EASponsored

24.4k reactions 3952 comments
Robert Wood Lost respect conor tbh defend a belt and stfu.. I understand the good money moves I really do and it was smart however now its time to put in some work... Cough cough defend the belt cough..
Tyler Manley looks good but I hate the longevity and damage crap. If I want my fighter to go until he's 50 and broken then let him.
Jason Mildward On the previous game I won the title and heavyweight division with only five losses going through it on medium level without ever hitting reset on a fight I don't think that's too bad to lose 5 fights and then i won the belt.
Michael Catchings I can't wait to play microtransaction the game. The new feature I'm most excited for is Loot Crate drops in between rounds in the middle of the octagon.
Manny Hawthorne Hey Conor, invest in a school here in Canada, I'll run it for you? One Mick to another! Why not ffs. And if you and your family want to come over for a vacation, I'll get you a cottage down by the beach at Grand Bend, relax, play golf, read a book....
08:36 01/11/2018

1.2k reactions 11 comments
Juliana Hissung Tadeu Seabra
Belinda Mug 🙂
Marcos Corrêa Me adota nunca te pedi nada lol
Andrea Grossi The Maharajah
Fay Harris Wow Sheamus..
19:48 01/08/2018

619 reactions 12 comments
Erik Schmitt Cassidy Davis
John Macey-Day Josh Gaspar
Gaurav Srivastava Abhimanyu Shah
Dwayne Arellano What A BEAST Sheamus :-)
Leonardo Da Silva Gualberto fella sheamus
19:48 01/08/2018

Celtic Warrior Workouts: 30 Minute Heavy Bag...

669 reactions 20 comments
Vance Andersen He's a beast. Sheamus vs Brock Lesnar, book it.
Soumya Mallick Happy New Year 2018
Heart Change Alao Hey
Karen Snyder Allen 🔥🔥🔥
Jason Bilshan Yes... practice hard...
07:00 01/06/2018

Never a bad time for a sit-down with a legend. #TBT

1.4k reactions 24 comments
Subrina Sergeant Joshua Michael Sergeant
Mohd Wasif <3
Sussanna Clarke 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
タリク ハマド 悪魔 xD B|
Rajiv Verma 👌👌
18:12 01/03/2018

993 reactions 52 comments
Axel Vandermiege Great idea!! pale skin + snow = camouflage
Karl O'Connor Crazy
Claudia Kosque 😇😇😇
Ráfsun Sheikh Syed Niaz Muhammad dost celtic ajkaal eishob paglami miss nai
Mohammad Ali pagala
18:12 01/03/2018

Sheamus Shorts: Naked Snow Angel World Record Attempt in Toronto...

2.1k reactions 117 comments
Eric Beresky OMFG remove the blurr
Elizabeth Pickett Pahl #removetheblur
Mikailah Jones Man I love Sheamus😂😊
Magdalena Bobrek So... where's the naked part?
Srîkâñth Äløñë Idîøt :) Happy New Year :) Sheamus :) :) Chaudhry Botters :) Habib-Web .Tk :)
16:36 12/29/2017

Yesterday was Cesaro's birthday, and it's safe to say this was his best one yet.

2.5k reactions 73 comments
Ber Dyosep What a heel turn by sheamus
Torra Buckingham Happy birthday to Cesaro.
Stephanie Tixier joyeux Anniversaire 🎂 Cesaro 😊
Judy Marie Holtby Happy birthday for yesterday xx
Michael Lehane Happy birthday
16:36 12/29/2017

1.4k reactions 50 comments
Anthony Grech 🤣🤣
Leonardo Da Silva Gualberto kkk é happy christmas sheamus
Cindy Burkes Grier Love u Sheamus!!!
Errol K. Bailey Forgets the hat 😂
Nena J Aguilar He's like [email protected]$k that Santa hat!! 😭😂😂
Conor McGregor
06:54 12/27/2017

Back in me ma's box room I had a beautiful sleep. It brought me right back. Not many gave me a chance. God bless all of you that did and all of this life. God bless.

54.2k reactions 1021 comments
Joe Schraufnagel Connor I'm still waiting for your reply we going to do this ? I'm needing the bathroom fixed get your ass to Sherwood WI and let's fight or hug for you helping me fix my bathroom so it's handicap accessible mma junkie I say your my favorite fighter and ...
Kelvin Ortiz It’s always good to remember how far you’ve come to be where you are now. Continue to stay focus and always remember the sky is the limit. Keep doing your thing!!!
Christine Antinori Stay grounded, humble, and remember that money, LOTS of money brings trouble, if glamorized. Warren Buffet is a great role model for how to stay humble... check him out Conor, but in the meantime, enjoy every moment of your hard earned success! You ...
Sandra Duggan Ah yes the ole Dublin 3-bed semi box room, the best and cosiest room in da house 🏠 love it miss it but revisiting the motherland next June can’t wait ❤️☘️ ✈️🇮🇪
Max Schmid I used to be on the mcgregor hate bandwagon but now i realize the dude is alright and he just worked his ass off his whole life to be a superstar and now that he is I really dont care if he was wants to flaunt it and neither should anyone else. At ...
03:48 12/27/2017

WWE RAW: The Bar vs. Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins

1.4k reactions 20 comments
John McCausland Daniel Hayes
Gavin Fisher Callum Fisher
Colleen Mcdonald Cool video
W'f Ønyemå Wize 🐥👄 😻 😽 HMM HMM
Salim Sungudangadistik Salim 1
Conor McGregor
06:54 12/27/2017

Happy Christmas everyone ❤️ I had a special day with my son, my family and my friends! I hope you all had a great day!

53.1k reactions 523 comments
Marc Walsh I was expecting to see a rolls Royce and a penthouse apartment for the kid to be honest! Disappointing to see normal kids presents!
James Anthony You’re the greatest Conor!! You come from amazing parents and are a good man with a great heart! All the love in the world to you and yours on this Christmas 2017!!!!
Alex Kruger Dan Nice to see a koala in there. Also good to see he hasn’t spent thousands on useless shit his newborn will never remember 👏🏽
Ivanishevick Molina Merry christmas to yours conor. Nice to see a koala in there... This is an unicornio of my princess
Andreya Taylor The little man himself. Hes beautiful god bless him. Hope he hsd a great 1st christmas and best wishes to hou and dee
03:48 12/27/2017

Sheamus Shorts: Christmas Day Dip in a Lake in Nashville Tennessee...

1.2k reactions 35 comments
Beth Furley Hayley....
Tim James Garrett Adam Kaitlyn Helmuth
Britt King Ann OgnjanovJacqui Mayne oh baby!!
Stephanie Nicole Garcia Garcia merry chrismas
Cécile Coste Merry Christmas from France
03:48 12/27/2017

Don't worry, the Celtic Warrior's attitude has changed...

2.1k reactions 14 comments
Haley Lashea Juan McQuire oh no looking bad
Metin Güler Wins
Jean Claude : His look too, alas.
Fay Harris Merry Christmas you guy's..
Adam Terrazas F-O-L-E-Y 4 EVVVEEER 24/7=)!!!
Conor McGregor
06:54 12/27/2017

Juniors first Christmas Eve ❤️ Happy Christmas everyone!

353.8k reactions 4456 comments
Scott McCarroll Merry Christmas McGregor family and to all those in the beautiful country of Ireland, from your Irish brothers in America! God Bless!
Jose Luis Rodriguez Haro y felizz navidad para el mejor deportista del mundo ... un atleta a seguirrr nunca se rinde y siempre lucha x la familia que dios te vendiga a ti y a toda tu linda familia
Stephen Coleman Wishing you and your family a safe happy peaceful Christmas and continued success joy and happiness for the new year god bless and keep the faith
Paula Davis Love it. Enjoy every minute Conor&Dee. Totally different with the baby. Have a good one. See Yous soon x
Alex Maness Merry Christmas bro. And happy new year. Keep on being you and best wishes for your family. Much respect.
Conor McGregor
18:06 12/24/2017

13.8k reactions 397 comments
Dhairya Agrawal Moving the only he can..Basically he is asking UFC to cater to his demands..And he's good to go 👌👌.. Onto UFC now,give him a call..Schedule a fight..and don't try to bargain too much with the money that he demands..We all knoemw what he is ...
Ken Wilkinson I like you little dude but your not fighting at 145 no more. These 155 wrestlers will take you to the ground and beat you til you get all bloodied up. They don’t want to just win. No not against you. I feel they want to set an example of how your ...
Robbie Moore Go back to the UFC boxing is not your game. Don't blame you for going for the money. But if you're a true competitor. You will go back and defend your belts. You got enough money to last a lifetime but now its time to leave a legacy and try to become a ...
Dale Trenholm I liked you but you are too full of yourself in real life which is real people and real issues. I predict you will lose if you fight Ferguson...the other fights don’t matter as they are just for cash. Your 155 belt is for honour and you are losing it. ...
Daniel Bryant Translation, I’m never fighting in the UFC again, no one will pay to see that boxing match again so I’m out of good $300 million ideas unless I can get Mayweather in the Octagon. Dude, no one cares what you do going forward if you don’t continue to ...
Conor McGregor
18:06 12/24/2017

Virgin ears

58.2k reactions 4234 comments
Allen Filmore Why would he need to at this point? Of course he would lose given the multiple dimensions of MMA. He would have to try to adapt to takedowns and submissions give and take; stuff you can’t do in boxing. A fair question would be...starting from ...
Richard Taylor I've read an few comments,but here the simple facts, Conor gave his best,he no boxer, but proved his point, stood his ground, and went the distance,with an fighter with outstanding record,who really is the champion ?
Denis Ghiveciu This trade never gonna happen. Floyd made 350 mil only in his last fight and over a billion dollars in His career. He Is 40 now and he is enjoying retirement. He won’t come back to fight in UFC for a few millions dollars, not at this age.
Jon Savage What would happen? We all know what would happen, come on! There is NO doubt, no anticipation, nothing. Floyd would get mauled by an amateur mma fighter in 30 seconds. Double leg, mount, face smash, turn, rear naked.
James Mallinson I'm sure that you lot telling him to defend his belt is gonna pull him from his yacht/rolls Royce and make him think ya know what I'm gonna do what Jo public from the middle of fucking no where has told me to do.. he's reaping the benefits of fighting ...
Conor McGregor
18:06 12/24/2017

Artem is invited to train Russian FSO Special Forces

4.8k reactions 116 comments
Martin Benson A fucking russian with a irish name rory mc Zagreb..or whatever ya think
Tee Cee 14 losses and 13 win. Never before seen records.
Trevor Donegan Hammer eh? Last I heard he is the one that keeps getting hammered by other fighters ...
Flynn M Brendan Obviously they don't look at records when bringing guys in
Daniel Jung it's better not to say anything...... oops, still did it....
Conor McGregor
05:18 12/22/2017

Life is good

1.7k reactions 264 comments
Chanel Louise Far out he looks exactly like his daddy 😍
Mykal W Brash What a gorgeous wife you have, your a lucky blessed man.. never take that for granted
Pao Lor life is good when the ufc doesn't make you defend
Mary Blake Merry Christmas from Our home to yours!!! Love the pictures ...
Karen Meehan So many haters on here posting stupid comments about "defend your belt bla bla bla"!!! Like seriously if you all don't like him then wdf are you all following his page just to talk shit!! Fucking idiots!!!
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