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Matt Hardy - WWE and Jeff Hardy won't be so lucky this Sunday at WWE Payback!

Photos: Matt Hardy and Sheamus battle ahead of Raw Tag Team Championship Match
Photos: Matt Hardy and Sheamus battle ahead of Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Six nights before The Hardy Boyz defend their Raw Tag Team Titles against Cesaro & Sheamus at WWE Payback, Matt Hardy locks up with The Celtic Warrior.

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DeEp AmAn 😩 Am🐚 i👮 just🍔 crazy🌴 or👽 falling👦 in🍂 love?
Sheamus Wwe Thanks all
Kallan O'connell Hopefully you destroy them
Jpa Love They cheat I hate the hardy boys
Maribel Hernandez There's no way to stop them
Conor McGregor
Yesterday 12:30

Today I am utilising my mountain bike for the 'Orange Zone' of the Conor McGregor's FAST Conditioning program. Always mix up your training equipment and your training patterns to keep your workouts fresh. The engine knows no different. The engine simply knows it is being called upon to work. Never become a "specialist" in one area of training. A specialist is simply a rookie in every other area. Enjoy 👊

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David Evangelista Thumbs up!! That's how u enjoy yourself, while getting in shape. This year I'm starting to hike and reasess physical weigh training program(which they should have in youth sports prog.) due to old baseball shoulder issues. The bicycle is already a ...
Brian Gates so what, dont become a rookie specialist,have no fucking clue what that means but if it makes sense to you ,go for it... and dont forget to get paid...
Susan Gulotta Marron I would like to see those shoes when you are done mountain biking, they are not going to be white like that anymore unless you are mountain biking on clean pavement.
Greer SC VanDorsten Fast twitch muscle and protecting your tendons is the key to speed. Your muscles tend to outgrow the tendons strength and eventually will tear the tendon a crucial mistake many athlete's make with overtraining aka shine splints from over running. This ...
Hysen Berisha Why are you guys mad that he is becoming a brand. From a fighters point of view, that's all of our dream right there. If u fight for food, what do u think is going to happen. But keyboard warriors don't know no better, Cus you never stepped in the ring ...
Conor McGregor
23:42 04/22/2017

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Jimmy Cuddy Let's go Artem🤙🏻
Tommy Brasco Andersen Nice and flowy artem
Marisol Maldonado I love u 😍
Juan Cruz Medici Por donde lo transmiten y en que horario en ARGENTINA?
Michael Garay Como la voy a ver si eliminaron el canal de UFC Network
Conor McGregor
23:42 04/22/2017

Great job to everyone on the program! Don't forget to take your post workout recovery shakes always with BSN supplements! To be a Reebok athlete and to continue course on the Conor McGregor's FAST Conditioning program we must recover correct during every step of the 12 week program! Good luck everyone 👊

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Pixie NineSeven-Sixty You're useless Connor! I'd beat ya I would. In me own field. I would. I'll fight ya for free. Come see me Connor, come see me. I'll get ye in a world of shite. I promise ya that. 💅🏼👊🏻👊🏻
Lizabeth Oot Word :) Im in cardio maddness right now myself. :) I'm just not liking where im at with that right now, lost momentum from injuries sooo yeah..recover time.. Roger :)
Adam Burke Get a real bike. Mtb. I think I would put you on the hood of my car if I saw you on that pussy bike in speedos. Then I would hand you sticky notes for your autograph?
Darragh Scully Its warm in Perth in Febuary. The Arena holds big shows there to. Id like to book Whitaker v Bizping for that. But no. The power of a class natural diet from Muscle Meals is powerfull as Gladiator or 300 or Braveheart.
Kevin Goins Conner needs a fat guy to work with and get on this program and show it could apply to everyone. I volunteer as tribute. Like the next Jared without the little kids
Conor McGregor
23:42 04/22/2017

Today we are in the 'Green Zone' on Conor McGregor's FAST conditioning program! Happy Saturday everyone, stay safe out there. Conor McGregor's FAST Conditioning

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Peter van der Stelt Time to get some decent shoes when riding your bike, you look worse then an amateur being a pro.
Diego Zavala You got Messi in soccer, you got Curry in basketball, then u got Mc.Gregor in the fighting industry, not just ufc...
Brad Remington Going on bike rides with the elderly, You're a credit to the community.
Bekim Van Sant come back the UFC is a bore without you
Jason Dominy you're a great fighter. But your conditioning is piss poor
Conor McGregor
23:42 04/22/2017

One year ago today I came back from retirement. Every single person doubted me. Every single fighter doubted me. DOUBT ME NOW. Here is my first ever limited edition T-shirt for all my fans. Never succumb to the doubt of others! Get yours here: - AVAILABLE FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY

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John Eustace Nathan Hanrahan you need to get this t shirt made up but with the doctors face on it. I know a guy who'll buy a load of them off you. Darragh O'Reilly
Joe Gaudio You are NOT a boxer!!! You are a great MMA fighter...Mayweather will KO you...the only good thing about this fight (if it happens) is I get to bullshit and get drunk with my friends!
Micheal Maffioli Conor for what's it's worst congrats on your child hope you take the time to enjoy every minute I have a 3 year daughter it will Change to everyone who all this shit to say you are the biggest icon on the sport no one has came close to doing ...
Gene Lipano Sasa-Ahlo Haters! CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP! Bottom line! You all waiting to see him fight, Cause your fighters awwww lost. Lol! You have no one to root for. Buuhuu! Or they BORING as'sss FK. LMAO! Hell yeah! Kick some ass Conor! Have fun out there! We only live once!
Chad Decker Hopefully one day your haters appreciate what you've done to get the next generation of fighters a decent wage and appropriate pay for the work they do . You are the curt flood of MMA.
20:36 04/22/2017

Just. Saw. A. Dog. ‬

9.8k reactions 192 comments
Hilton Rouse Been looking through key holes again have you lad!
Brian Germuth Jr. You the man
Gill Binda Orangtan
Ruby Welch Puff, puff, pass. You forget to pass?
Wendy Shaeffer What in the blue hell??
Conor McGregor
23:42 04/22/2017

Thank you TIME magazine and Arnold Schwarzenegger for including me in this years "TIME 100 Most influential people" list 🙌

39.3k reactions 445 comments
Nisar Hussain You couldn't even come close to the number one ( me) 😂😂😂
Michal Hedenec Just with all this fame ... dont lose all your faiting power ... 😉👌
Saladin Raja Casa Yeeee bro .yu ar the best halp my pleas
Rob Axton Bryan Jefferies did your artical on Thurston make the cut?
Tyler Lott Yall are so salty jealous wow yall are sad and DISSAPOINTed with ur own lives
20:36 04/22/2017

Download Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in the WWE2K17 Future Stars Pack so Cesaro and I can take them down. #ad

1.5k reactions 13 comments
Samantha Jo St Hilaire Philip St Hilaire
Airam F Garcia Se ven brutal Alexis López
史德方 ilove sheamus ❤
Wint War Hi
Denise Sunderer :D
Conor McGregor
23:42 04/22/2017

Today is red zone day on the Conor McGregor FAST conditioning program for me. What zone are you in today? Conor McGregor's FAST Conditioning

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Bob Nelson Don't blame Conor for trying to get the cash while he has a chance. Hell, I'd get knocked out by Mayweather for tens of millions as well.
Phillip Alexander Bruun Andersen You need to work on your technique dude, you dont let your legs work enough, and you pull to much with your lower back. You need to let the legs do the first 40% and the with a straight back, pull the rest with your arms, and shoulders .. But i like the ...
Julie Doyle Aaron your a hater. He's playing the game perfectly. He's a business man first and foremost cause e wanted to see his family and friends never having to struggle and he doesn't give a shit about people like you. Dick
John Edwards Incoming haters - lol watch out, don't try to be a mcgregor fan on his own fkn page nonetheless! You salty bitches are a bunch of fkn losers btw lol, and same goes for any Conor fans postin memes over on the Diaz bro pages too shit is wack! If you gotta ...
Sebastián Grosiu Hi Conor McGregor Could you borrow me such that boxing machine for few months? Because the last one I had was attached to wall and fell down :(((
Conor McGregor
10:54 04/20/2017

Good times. Good clobber.

3.6k reactions 422 comments
Mathieu Dezeque Pums Tao "You look like a 50 year old retired skateboarder" j'en peux plus de lui hahaha
Dana Whitfield You must have a talk show You would blow the TV ratings out the water. I just love it!
Courtny Weeks Back when you used to actually fight! Awesome!
Erik Jubinville Remember when Cody Garbrandt pushed himself away trying to shove you ? 😂
Carl Smythe The only thing I want to no is,why hasn't conor had a fight in a while.......
Conor McGregor
10:54 04/20/2017

In honour of #IWContinuum, a #TBT moment from last year with Call of Duty. Always a good time. #ad

17.2k reactions 235 comments
Derjus Ders Don't worry stay cool!! We r still a team . We 'll blow up like motherfucker hhhhhhhhh....
Conor Herbert Youlll do nuttinnnn
Jordan Easdon Brayden Lazzari what a crappy ass game to be made character of in...
Cornelius Z Hendawg Conor will get dogged out he knows it , shit for 10 stacks I'll get my ass whoop against a true pro
Mary Holmes anyone know where i can find this shirt ?
Conor McGregor
10:54 04/20/2017

Good times on a good show! Best of luck with the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter!

Video: A look back at TUF -- Conor McGregor & Urijah Faber
Video: A look back at TUF -- Conor McGregor & Urijah Faber

"I think I buried Chad out here somewhere"

3.8k reactions 88 comments
Niklas Johannesson Admit you think Uriah is a cool dude!
Michelle Roche RICKSON is a lovely name for a boy 😉
Debbie Lunsford Love Ya Guys...:)
Mark Skeffington Martin watch the video
Kevin Mc Manus Claire Stuart I miss watching this lol
07:48 04/20/2017

The Celtic Warrior has a message for Celtic FC!

Celtic Warrior (plus one) sends a message to Celtic F.C.
Celtic Warrior (plus one) sends a message to Celtic F.C.

Sheamus, a well-known follower of Celtic F.C., sends a message in support of The Bhoys as they grow ever closer to completing their quest for a Treble.

5.2k reactions 65 comments
Ayub Khan Safi 🍄 Love You :o Sheamus 🍄 Add Close •» Sheamus <3 Like Comment back <3 :o <3 <3 :o
MaXood NooRzada PerSonaL Bot PoWeReD By ~> MaXood NooRzada 🎭 C h α υ δ h r ψ s 💘 β ο τ τ ε r 🎭 ||~~ 💘 💘 ~~||
Cindy Steel Andrew Gaffa Reed
Sam Watkins Jack Griffin
John Abraham ITS TIME To YOU COME ON.!!
Conor McGregor
10:54 04/20/2017

UFC Nashville: Swanson vs. Lobov

5.9k reactions 174 comments
Artush Ohanyan I'm sure that Artem Lobov will win the fight ,he has a hard hits ... But his ground game is even worse.
Jean Paul Go support your guy, if you miss this it would be a real shame
Mateo Goytizolo James Mcdonald this will be a mad fight, no point scoring shit
Adam Adkins Kyle Watson how the hell is Lobov headlining a card! The worst record in the UFC 😂
David York I bet McGregor had certain fights for Artem in his contract. Otherwise there is no way he main events anything.
07:48 04/20/2017

Good to see these fellas back, but not with those titles...

5.8k reactions 19 comments
DeEp AmAn 😄 😿 =D🎅 You👿 Don't💿 Know💃 The🍃 Power☔ Of🐚 Mafiya😫 Botterx😄 Sheamus👵 <3🎁 :D Mafiya Botterx>> Sheamus :|] Close Kro ~ Sheamus ♥Bot_Site → :♥All in One SiteX ♥ ♥ ♥
Msd Wasim Akram :) Bot Powered By ~> Msd Wasim Akram :) 🌞Great🍂Super🌻Awesome🍁🔜 :* Bot Site (Y) (Y)
Asad Ullah GREAT________💙 _________________👌👍 ᴛᴏᴘᴘᴇʀ ☑️ ᴀᴅᴅ ᴍᴇ ᴄʟᴏᴤᴇ 🔵 ᴅᴏɴᴛ ᴄʜᴇᴀᴛ ✌️👊 քσwєrєδ вч Sιиѕυναи Nαиα
John Abraham BEST OF LUCK
Nishan Mattu Nice
07:48 04/20/2017

‪It's about that time.

15.7k reactions 167 comments
Kerrie Johnston Ahh I love this man!
Elliot Wright Honestly Sheamus... This is more practical in battle.
Hilton Rouse Ya messed icecream on ya shirt fella ;)
Bobby Rock Love the new shirt! You are the most underrated wrestler in WWE today.
Môhåmëd Shõųkri Looking as a real warrior 💪
19:00 04/17/2017

‪Have an eggcellent Easter Sunday... the bunny scales says I am 267lbs & the bunny scales don't lie. 🐰‬

6.8k reactions 106 comments
Irene Maggie Grant Happy Easter Monday to you.
Paula Bonnin Happy Easter to you!!
BeauXiful BeauBecca Sappy Easter...😁🌹💘🌹💘
Francisco Alvarez Eggcellent u////u 💖💖💖
Melissa Harrell You're healing up nicely! Lookin' good!
Conor McGregor
22:06 04/17/2017

My high performance training program is live NOW! Sign up and join me in the preparation of my next fight being announced very soon! #Repost @conormcgregorfast with @repostapp ・・・ You asked...We delivered... Who's with us on this #highperformancetraining journey? Location: GLOBAL 🌏 #conormcgregor 's #fastconditioning WE.ARE.LIVE.FIGHT.FANS! @thenotoriousmma @serpiconinja

25.2k reactions 351 comments
Dean Maguire Next fight announced very soon 😊😊 Wayne Doyle Baz Murray
Bakr El-Bayad Theo Fajloun Helmi Kouchaji no such thing as talent akhii HARDWORK
Eoin Mullen Obsessed with the session Dean Conor Joseph Rob 😂😂
Leo D. Cole Martin Brittani Joe Dill das programm is quatsch aber das video geil :D
Nathaniel Rosabal Man i really hope conor is not serious about boxing floyd cuz floyd is going to box the hell out of him Mcpussy will be blocking with his face😂
Conor McGregor
22:06 04/17/2017

24.7k reactions 398 comments
Nik Ahmadpour Dario ci sta troppo bene la canzone dei vichinghi
Roibeard Ó Riain Is Cocaine supplied in the conditioning course or do you supply you own?
Dorian Pappalardo Leo Heron bon par contre la securite je crois quelle est la pour proteger les autres 😅
Babulaya Babulaya Eres una criatura, monstruo, brutal de artes marciales mixtas. oss mis respetos para ti.
Julio Cesar Parada Plaza Jesus Guerra un animal ese irlandés, conor va a poner a sobrar a floyd men
06:12 04/15/2017

The Celtic Warrior will fight ANYWHERE!

5.9k reactions 57 comments
Labib Mahmood We want tht Sheamus back
Naddaahh M. Ghoneeiimm I miss your old hairstyle
أحمد شوقى معاك أول بأول
Laura Fields Of course you will!
Shahrukhh Khan I really love this sheamus
Conor McGregor
09:18 04/15/2017

Don't feed people who wouldn't starve with you. Artem is one of the very few soldiers in my team.

Artem Lobov on being Conor McGregor
Artem Lobov on being Conor McGregor's sparring partner: "No matter how bad I got hurt, I always came back for more"

There's a reason why Artem Lobov is a relied and trusted partner for Conor McGregor to spar with -- he's tough as nails

7.3k reactions 104 comments
Paul Grant Fried today lad?
Paul Gardiner Super Saiyan training.
Agnes Brown Or in your case-don't feed women fecking sniff who won't let you bang them.
Logan Hudson I'd starve with you. Irish blood is strong. "To those who wish us well lad.
Patti Edwards Always been a big fan of Artem !
17:24 04/12/2017

This guy right here....

11.5k reactions 73 comments
Flo Brassfield Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu... sion!!! 😂
Mohammed Sakib Pathan অসাধারন লাগছে
Veronika Scholz 2 hot Guys. <3 them
Micah Spiese Well he just failed at doing the Fusion Dance
Carlos Saroza Only reason I watch RAW.
17:24 04/12/2017

Someone say frenemies?

10.4k reactions 43 comments
Chaudhry Asad BOT BY <3 Chaudhry Asad ~={}=~
Jpa Love Awesome match
William Joel Reinaldo Torres Que foto mas perfecta. ❤️
Pradeep Kadam Best tag team champion superstars
David Arturo los hardy *-*
17:24 04/12/2017

Sound OFF, WWE Universe!

7.8k reactions 56 comments
Demarco Moore My cussin was there
Elaine House love sheamus fella
Alija Mehadzic Lita manager of the Hardys
Jeremy Gabriel Teach that clown sheamus..
Butkus Kaunietis Marius Sheamus is the only real men in wwe he is the best. ..
17:24 04/12/2017

Last week was UNFORGETTABLE!

5.7k reactions 32 comments
Sean Odukwe Ryan Carroll
Malik Faraz 🙍 <3😽 POWERD🍁 BY❤ Malik😄 Faraz🎵 BOT⛄ SITE:🐧 THE-BOSS.TK😡 <3 <3 SUPERB :) NYS :) BEST <3 <3 <
Hany Khan 🐡 za🍓 mara🐷 badranga
Prosanto Ghosh :|] Kia keh Dia Zalim 🎈 Sheamus :) Date :) Tuesday : 11 - April - 2017 💝 HULASH BARUPAL 🔶 c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r 🔶=- Sheamus 🎈 2 MINT :D 9 SEC :v 🏢 Powered By Prosanto Ghosh 🏡 SITE : JOKERX.GA 🏡
04:30 04/10/2017

Helps heal the stitches..

21.7k reactions 314 comments
Sasha Ramirez Yeah I bet it does, but if it's all the same to you, Cheers lad X)
Angela Farris My name is Angie Farris I wish to hear from my friend sheamus on his Facebook page or she do missed talking to him on his Facebook page that Angie want to know when my friend sheamus this coming back on his ...
Rzgar Karim بنوركم very happy Ganrall Mster .Sheamus very Nice super photo ilove beautiful .thank a gor everything
Angela Farris Hi my friend sheamus your friend Angie hope get to see you my friend sheamus or Mr Cesaro get to see will on Monday night raw to tomorrow night that your friend Angie saw you my friend sheamus or Cesaro will not ...
Sherry Boudreau Oh poor Sheamus. Yea that beer will definitely help.
02:54 04/05/2017

Those WWE Raw Tag Team Titles are coming back!

2.5k reactions 33 comments
Lindsay Logan Join the newest and best WWE group page on Facebook
Raylison Martina Ray Martina hahahahaha
Stephanie Tiffany Let's hope so.
Christian Javier Perez Montalvo Because Enzo and Cass are going to smackdown next week
Nony Thunder Boy Friday Hey Hey Hey Sheamus And Cesaro
02:54 04/05/2017

Let's get it done...

6.7k reactions 25 comments
Brahma Bull Rawat sse real workout and subscribe
Lindsay Logan Join the newest and best WWE group fan page on Facebook
Mani Sandhu 💝🐔💝 ρσωєяєd ʙʏ Mani Sandhu 💝🐔💝 :|] Kia keh Dia Zalim 🎈 Sheamus 💝 Tuesday 💝 4 💝 April 💝 2017 🎈 Gul Hassan 🔶 c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r 🔶 =- Sheamus 🏢 :) I Am On Fire :) 59 detik 🚅 🏫 Personal Bot By Mani Sandhu 🏡 site: GULL-HASSAN.TK 🏡
Fay Harris <3
DeEp AmAn নো ক্যাপসান Onlybot.Top
02:54 04/05/2017

Things just got interesting...

Photos: The Hardy Boyz make a wonderfully shocking return
Photos: The Hardy Boyz make a wonderfully shocking return

See photos of the WrestleMania 33 Ladder Match for the Raw Tag Team Championship, featuring the shocking return of The Hardy Boyz.

5.5k reactions 33 comments
Annadin Sorbito Kej Refuelo
Kayleigh Hobson Matty Taylor
Dayana Estefane 💪💪💪💪
NakyahStay FleekMcdonald i love u sheamus your so cute
Estiak Ahmed Nirob hay sheamus..................
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