Conor McGregor
10:54 05/28/2017

It's a beautiful day! I am now officially a Beats by Dre athlete! Shoutout to the great Jimmy Iovine, Bono U2 and also my brother Drake as we began working this deal at his show in L.A. It is an honour for me to join this prestigious team, alongside some of the worlds greatest athletes and musicians. Welcome to the Mac Life. #BEHEARD

70.2k reactions 932 comments
Scott Kosnik There is no doubt you're a BEAST in the octagon, but celebrity is whore with an endless appetite! Also, just because you can put a shirt on, doesn't mean it fits!
Andrew Goard G.O.A.T?..... theres potential, and thats priceless! Nothing wrong with chasing the $$$ but legacy lives forever! Dont get lazy and distracted by the cheese, fuck beats by dre carpe diem!
Sonny Wilson Beat mayweather !!!!! Don't let that scrub buy you a loss !!! You earned everything, win or lose at your best!! I predict that left hand of death is going to catch that sweet spot and that's all she wrote
Ryan John I don't get the round issue. Some folks are saying mcgregor doesn't or hasn't had the training for 12, 3 minute rounds. Horse shit! Mcgregor is a beast for 5 minute rounds . Do the math. Mcgregor getting a breather every 3 minutes is scary as fuck.
John Nolan I would say congratulations but UFC is Reebok only. I'm sure Daddy Dana isn't going to approve you wearing them at UFC events
07:48 05/28/2017

We are the BAR!

2.9k reactions 29 comments
Ben Reilly Steven Donald Evan Balfour
Jonathan Wilder Nice shoes Jeff Hardy
Jérémy Pochet Anthony Pochet Jeff Hardy ?
吳健成 真紅!!
Kath Steinert Amazing speech love Sheamus from beginning till end
19:00 05/25/2017

A Steel Cage Match doesn't scare The Celtic Warrior!

Photos: Matt Hardy and Sheamus scrap for right to choose stipulation
Photos: Matt Hardy and Sheamus scrap for right to choose stipulation

Matt Hardy battles The Celtic Warrior for the right to choose the stipulation for their upcoming Raw Tag Team Championship Match at Extreme Rules.

1.8k reactions 15 comments
Joseph Hammonds Good luck with your future match
Laura Fields Good
David Marron Should have been tlc that will be epic
Parikshit Singh Dis is gonna b great..... Sagnik Dey
WillyYap Leeon Go go sheamus
Conor McGregor
09:18 05/23/2017

Today we are in the Red Zone on Conor McGregor's FAST Conditioning program. I must always take a brief moment to myself before I begin this intense zone. I ask myself one simple question - "How bad do I want this?" Good luck everyone, happy Monday.

19.7k reactions 215 comments
Shawn Dayton I've already placed my 7 to 1 bet on you claiming the upset.
Frankie Harrison Maybe conor will be the one who force's mayweather ass to actually fuckin fight for once
Danny Jones Fook Mayweather, it will be hard for you Connor but just get ready to shock the world. 🚆 Hard
Wojtek Sz Just win this fight and make some history Conor. You are brave and that's good point, Floyd will never go to octagon.
Donald Pump I ask myself the exact same thing just before I take a dump
Conor McGregor
09:18 05/23/2017

They say I've got no chance. But they say that every fight.

114.6k reactions 1962 comments
Benjamin Bowles Like Conor or not you cannot deny the underlying bravery and heart even if it bravado (which is what you have to do for the media / public) it takes to offer up stepping​ into a boxing ring with any pro boxer when its not in any way your ...
Paul Cornelius Y'all keep saying he's gonna get embarrassed. Putting karma in the air. Floyd beats up females and y'all root for him, smh. God on Conor side gg
Mic Hael Conor McGregor I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you. You sir are soon to make me a lot of money 💰 After you knock out this loud mouthed dodger, and Vegas pays out my wager I laid on the Celtic Tiger, I'm gonna have enough money to buy ...
Shan Acosta Sir try to break the strategy of mayweather like you break others best fighter. Learn there movements and you will victorious. I think every champions experience to loose. That's will mayweather will learn from you. Try to knock him off for the record. ...
Beau Stone Mayweather makes the best boxers in the world look like bums that cant fight he cant get hit thats why people dont like him but then again mcgregor has reach size and always seems to just land one punch and they're out but can he land one punch on ...
Conor McGregor
09:18 05/23/2017

Solid work today. Sign your end Floyd or you are just a mouth.

226.5k reactions 6309 comments
Mark Wallace McGregor is a phenomenal mma fighter. Far too good a for few weight classes. Floyd isn't everybody's cup of tea but the best boxers in the world couldn't touch him. He should of fought Paqman when he sparked out Hatton but didn't. Either way he beat him ...
Steve Kovanen If this was the same Mayweather that fought Pacquiao i would give Conor McGregor zero chance. Conor McGregor will make this ugly, he has a slight chance but a punchers chance. Mayweather will win the rounds by points but I'm betting late in the fight ...
Jamie Mumford All mouth i don't think he was going to go through with it from day one my self all mouth if he agrees to it I will be shocked everything as to be on Mayweathers terms if he does go ahead with it he will just be holding out for more cash conor if it ...
Adam Welsman Mcgregors a business man. He's setting himself, his wife and child up for life. I'd get knocked out by floyd for 100mil!! Job done. Back to the cage
Bekim Van Sant you're a great fighter and the best thing that has happened to the UFC, it's quite boring without you there, but this fight is not your fight, im sorry to say but Mayweather will put on a boxing clinic, you're out of your element.
Conor McGregor
20:30 05/20/2017

EXCLUSIVE: Conor McGregor talks signing contract to fight Floyd Mayweather

EXCLUSIVE: Conor McGregor talks signing contract to fight Floyd Mayweather
EXCLUSIVE: Conor McGregor talks signing contract to fight Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor has confirmed to that he has officially signed a contract to fight Floyd Mayweather.

23.6k reactions 1291 comments
Raj Bhullar If I'm not mistaken, Conor was a boxer before he got into MMA. With that reach, Conor should be able to tag Floyd before Floyd starts doing his laps around the ring.
Daniel Clark Just like every Mayweather fight, this has been talked and talked and talked about for waaay too long. Shut up and fight or don't. I really don't give a fuck about your speculation on signing a fucking contract. I'd watch it if it happened, but I'd ...
Steven Scharf Would have been worth billions, but all the talk and no action will make it only millions now. I hardly even believe Mayweather will sign anything, his reputation is more important than fighting one last fight.
Diuran Porter Making as much money as he can while his young and can enjoy life. I really dont think he cares what others think when he just has to look at his socks and know they're worth more than the cars haters drive to work every morning. hahaha
Tyler Cauley Im unsure Conor can win a boxing bout between Mayweather. MMA and Boxing are too different of animal. Conor is hyper aggressive in the octogon where Mayweather has been a defensive genius and shut down that type of fighter before. Either way it will be ...
Conor McGregor
07:42 05/18/2017

Timeline Photos

12.2k reactions 164 comments
Général Major Amghar You are the best for me, I like how you fight
Florin Cioban You're awesome dude!
Jack Lawrence Why did you shave your beard?
Jay Glass Fuck Floyd 👊🏼 Team CMG 🍀
Tememario Df The big KING MACGREGOR ✊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊🤛yeah
04:36 05/18/2017

Noses on! Join me in supporting #RedNoseDay and take action!

5.0k reactions 37 comments
John John Don You looser
John John Don Not good tag team champion
John John Don But very good tag teAm
Bbr Shubham Thakur Love U Fella!!! 😍😘💗
Adarsh Sahu My fav tag team you
04:36 05/18/2017

Tooth for a tooth, huh?

Photos: Jeff Hardy seeks retribution on Sheamus for having tooth knocked out
Photos: Jeff Hardy seeks retribution on Sheamus for having tooth knocked out

After Sheamus knocked out Jeff Hardy's tooth at WWE Payback, The Charismatic Enigma seeks retribution against The Alabaster Gladiator.

3.5k reactions 13 comments
Soni Kumari hii sehmus i am randy orton
Stassia Wallace 😂😂😂 tooth for tooth bro
Islam M Jaleel Take your payback shamous
Malika Asanka Very bad
Kally Ilunga Lazy guy
15:48 05/15/2017

Setting the bar at WWE Rotterdam!

3.8k reactions 40 comments
Tadesse Manore Hiro
Divya Bhuva S and c
Leyla Arellano Haha
Samuel Deeper Tyo Goro
Soumodip Das This tag team needs a name
Conor McGregor
06:06 05/13/2017

Fighting Ireland's finest 👊 🇮🇪

36.9k reactions 290 comments
Marc Kenny Two Legends🇮🇪🖒
Colin Lyons IT'S A DREAM Reality is an illusion, time and space are modes of •thinking• not conditions in which we live – Albert Einstein Thoughts are imagined, it's a dream.. All illusions can only be imagined.. There are no illusions that are not imagined......
Kay Patel If conor is what the Irish are truly like then they're a bunch of pussies.
Morgan Foley Then step up and get this fight with Floyd going or get back in the cage quit sitting on your ass
William Smith Fine mother fluckers defend their tirles
Conor McGregor
06:06 05/13/2017


31.6k reactions 2137 comments
Juan Camilo Vivas Mili I need to know if you fight like this... 😬😂
Olga Canta Amine Dahou Even tussen het real gehaat door. Zij is eng man...
Ellis Perry Laryssa Maria dude ff serieus 600 klappen op je waarschijnlijk al gebroken neus auwaaaaaa gek
Jose Castillo Julio Castillo look this is the girl J.J I was talking about..she a beast bro
Lyes Attou Trystan Landry Nick Ricci Mo Awale man that was so uncomfortable to watch :/ but wow the precision.
03:00 05/13/2017

Where is the Swiss beer?!

4.5k reactions 53 comments
Laura Fields Love you two together!
Jennifer Wojnarowski Irish minds...😉
Truong NHo i love you Sheamus
Bernie Greer u suck we don't care
Eliete Barbosa Aff sheamus é lindo demais
Conor McGregor
06:06 05/13/2017

Looking forward to Joanna fighting again this weekend at UFC 211

Video: UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk talks women
Video: UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk talks women's flyweight, Polish work ethic and her future

UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk talks at the UFC 211 Media Day

5.3k reactions 86 comments
Melissa Meneses Me too
Rasmus J. Thomsen "Strawweight"? :D HAHAHAA..
Matthew St Germain I'm looking to you fighting again
Randy Hail Sagan Conor is probably going to fight Woodly.
Sean Barrett Jack Cooke is the straw weight champion
14:12 05/10/2017

Returning home to Dublin with WWE Live is always a humbling experience...

2.5k reactions 32 comments
Brahim Brim Saada Kj Ma
Laci Brooke Katelin Holquist marry me
Heather Kiser-Franks <3
Donna Mannion John Paisley
Edgar Diaz Flower
14:12 05/10/2017

We don't set the bar; WE ARE THE BAR!

1.2k reactions 16 comments
Filipe Santos André Gomes
Onur Güler Barış Okta
Nur Hossain lol
Yann Mouna bonsoir monsieur Sheamus comment allez vous
Alejandro Flor Marquez Cesaro, why do you have stickers in your body?
14:12 05/10/2017

Those WWE Raw Tag Team Titles are coming back!

2.1k reactions 10 comments
Eklavya Sharma Sheamus and cesaro you can do to
Rahul Kolekar Super wariar
Abhinash Halimani Luv u
Olle Vidman yes yes yes yes
Criztian Radoc Good luck sheamus
14:12 05/10/2017

The latest WWE SuperCard update is out today featuring a new Team Battleground mode and more. #ad

1.0k reactions 5 comments
William Allen I have that game
Alexy Flanders Sheamus 😍
Dembrozo StrongForever Emanuel Rko
Mickey Weister I like it the Battle ground game keep it
Jake Gray Picked it back up after not playing for a few months and everything looks so off.
14:12 05/10/2017

We are the BAR!

4.3k reactions 31 comments
David Moore Aaron Hibbert
Mazahir Shaikh Killer look fella
Stephie Bob 🍻
Thala Sangeetha Jayaprakash Fella
Jason Silva Yeah I'm happy with your heel turn you guys are amazing 😀
01:24 05/08/2017

Belfast recognizes greatness!

2.3k reactions 47 comments
Brahma Bull Rawat see real workout
Wanessa Silva Macedo Que grude, senhorrrrrrr.
Robin Bitzer love this pic, Sheamus u look sexy :D
Fay Harris Hey you two :)
James Crossley Aye The Hardy Boyz!
01:24 05/08/2017

It's great to be home in Dublin!

4.5k reactions 85 comments
Mary Raleigh Hoysted Welcome home x
Danny Rogers Would love to tour with Sheamus
Steph Cayer Omg, those Groot shirts. :3 love 'Em.
Moises Arcelay YES YES YES !!!!
Wayne Carroll The homeland. #OCarroll
12:36 05/05/2017

We are the BAR!

3.1k reactions 29 comments
Alilou Lčr Syfax Ayouz
John Michael Vincent Vicerra Kram Zevlag Aletag
Paul Styke Hannah KathLynn Elizabeth Elexis where it all started
吳健成 真狠!
Ekene Nwosu Amazing!! 💖
12:36 05/05/2017

Setting the bar for a great trip to Rome with Cesaro and AS Roma!

15.6k reactions 165 comments
Hilton Rouse Hope you two behaved while in Italy. :)
Killaf Andrew BFF these two 😀
Jehad Amsha Mahmoud Amsha هسا لازم يروحو على ارسنال😂😂🤣
Roberto Castangia Matteo Mattus Murgia due nuovi acquisti per la prossima stagione 😉
Laura Gutierrez sopotamadrebuzz...😏😏😏 Bivi Gtz
12:36 05/05/2017

DELETE those novelty acts. We are The Bar...

8.7k reactions 72 comments
Akarasei George Delete
Adrian Black just a footnote
Anil Shrestha Nabin Shrestha Sabai ley aafai lai maarna sakxa kehi negative garnu vanda pahiley don't act everyone
Kelly Teague Loveeeeeee a man in a kilt!!!!
Veronika Scholz this pic on a t-shirt
23:48 05/02/2017

Who would write in a question like this?

1.1k reactions 19 comments
Noval Kumarballa bagus banget
Nikolaj Tonev i guess you :)
Szűcs Dávid Kornèl Pelènyi 0:51 szuper rúgás nem fake xd
Nguyễn Khánh wtf
Leonardo Iapello Believe in Cesaro and Sheamus 🤙🏼💯
23:48 05/02/2017

How's that for a statement?!

Photos: Did The Hardy Boyz survive their title defense against Sheamus & Cesaro?
Photos: Did The Hardy Boyz survive their title defense against Sheamus & Cesaro?

Check out images from Raw Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz squaring off with Cesaro & Sheamus with the titles on the line.

2.9k reactions 29 comments
Maulik Dholariya Hey, Download Featured Music Player Android App From :
John Farrell I think it's a too much of a statement
Steve Kanyi De Mwas Heinous act... You cowards
Yash Verma Oh sheamus you again lost the match. Try to be more powerful
Cody Cotner FELLA!!!!
23:48 05/02/2017

Those WWE Raw Tag Team Titles belong to Cesaro and The Celtic Warrior!

2.1k reactions 30 comments
Shahed Omi Ard Aranya
吳健成 摔倒他!
Thanh Nguyen Tran WWE hay wa trời?
Cameron Laycock I gonna watch tonight
Irfan Shanavaz wow
Conor McGregor
14:06 04/30/2017

We let our results do the talking at Conor McGregor's FAST Conditioning program. We will also do a little talking ourselves because fuck you and what you think. You are witnessing the origins of the program that will change fight preparation and sports preparation forever. Thank me.

35.1k reactions 900 comments
Nathaniel Mapp Type of guy to jerk off to himself in the mirror 😂 probably looking at his reflection in that picture, hence the half chub 😂😂 classic
Dennis M Orcutt Howdy Ninja. Look at all the fucking mental midgets . Got to fuel ya. Keep grinding Wildman. Be wishing you the best, as always.
James Capper Still made a divvy of yourself hoofing 6/1 bash in Huyton. You don't run any cities. Your barely run you're own social media.
David Whelan Right go and defend one of the titles.'s the guys coming up the ladder that are the need to defend a title at least once to be the real champ in my book
Peter DiCostanzo Nobody on here truly doubts he is the best, but I like to watch him promote fights and FIGHT not become 2017's Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons.
Conor McGregor
14:06 04/30/2017

There is nothing pretty about our hard work on the Conor McGregor's FAST Conditioning program. Just the results. If people say you can't do it. Then you must do it. Get your limited edition "Doubt me now" clothing available for 7 more days only!

14.3k reactions 179 comments
Sarah Chantel Biggins Scrolled by really fast and thought he was on a scooter
Raymond Ess "I don’t know what’s worse: to not know what you are and be happy, or to become what you’ve always wanted to be, and feel alone.
James Redden Got me wanting to use the tread machine good for the back ,most influential / good job champ
Helen Hetherington Conor you look sad or bored not sure, smile man you are a father now.
Shelley Castro Mr. McGregor I would appreciate it if you trained me on the rowing machine I would love it very much
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