03:12 08/17/2017

Our entire studio still smells like dog.

109 reactions 17 comments
Joe Khalife Daniel Young
Taylor Rose Daniel Kelman
David Anderson Brian Jacob
Logan Hill Minam Choe Tyler McCord
Colby Rumbold Amy Ottmann
03:12 08/17/2017

You're going to be a lot sorrier if you break check me one more time, Grandpa. [via acidcow]

674 reactions 101 comments
David Gillis . ▶ 🔘──────── 00:11 Two minutes silence for those who are trying to play it ....
Robert Aguilar wouldnt have to break check you if you didnt tailgate like a fucking prick. get wrekt
Scott Farrell What I hate is when people in front of you will stop and wait until you get behind them before they will go. Annoying.
Jason Edwards Took this in Pensacola, Florida. Why yes, that's a hearse indeed.... lmao
Briahna Ray The sign does work though. If someone cut me off with this liscence plate i woulndt even be mad.
03:12 08/17/2017

Sick burn, sign guy. [via theCHIVE]

16.3k reactions 822 comments
Sal Olguin Caleigh Bates I hope Kara Is responsible for this sign... haha i love it!
Niki Hetrick Ashleigh i feel like this should be a bumper sticker on your car hahahaha
Mike Mckinney It's actually against the law to hold up traffic in the left lane in some states.....
Mathew Burch You can also stop camping at gas pumps, douche nozzles.
Jerek Wolcott Kate Lea, you see this?
03:12 08/17/2017

Congrats to Ghouls&Bools for making this week's Viewer Video.

47 reactions 6 comments
Krystal Rhnea Mike Sierra
Jesse Shay This made me laugh so hard last night.
Greg Larsen All of you commented because you enjoyed the large rubber dicks?
Ben Carey U.S. MARINE CORPS 1980-1983
Wayne Marsala President of the Confederacy Mr Trump, hates our military as he is Pro Nazi like his supporters.
03:12 08/17/2017

Print out screenshots of tonight's episode so you don't forget us before September. LYLAS! NEW TOSH in twenty.

111 reactions 18 comments
Tyler Keen Is there anyone that streams it on Facebook??
John Beatty Second!
Blake Fogg Fuck you Tosh
Jose Lara Y'all fucking suck... what the fuck
Ansley Page Shut up. You suck bro lol
03:12 08/17/2017

Watch our summer finale because if the world ends this month it will be the series finale. New Tosh TONIGHT at 10/9c on Comedy Central.

351 reactions 21 comments
Joseph Castillo
Diane Silbereisen Laura Frazer
Michelle Dupray Collazo Will Collazo 😂
Joe Nelson 💩
Ashley Nicole Lmao I love you 😂
03:12 08/17/2017

Come over for dinner tonight. Everyone will be there.

96 reactions 6 comments
You won't say it I dare you. 😂 😂 😂
A Kant Prabhakar Omg lolz smh
Ken Hames Shit, Daniel knocked up Fannie😂
03:12 08/17/2017

You don't even know how much you haven't missed them. NEW Tosh TONIGHT at 10/9c on Comedy Central.

958 reactions 104 comments
Jesse Adams Jj fish needs to die
Tom Gerstmans JJ 👌
Sean Watson Tuning in for Fannie.
John Skii Shoot him and be done with it before more of them form 😂
Sarah Kay Wait is Boomer back?!
03:12 08/17/2017

The one birthday present you wish came with a gift receipt. [via Radass]

6.0k reactions 599 comments
Craig Micheal It's a 944, what did she expect? Not herpes?
Morgan Diamond Layla Kourani future reference
Jake Stockton When spelling Mississippi, people commonly have issues with the pp. Apparently, this guy is one of them.
Chris Cuaron That's what USHER drives..... Hmmmm I thought it would have been newer...
Josh Miller The old Porsche wasn't an obvious enough warning sign? Phil Robertson
Aamir Khan
04:48 08/16/2017

‪Happy Janmashtmi to everyone! Love. a. ‬

21.0k reactions 488 comments
Elif Khan Get well soon Aamir. You and Kiran always be good. I love you very much. I am a very big fan of you. I hope I can see you. As Turkish fans we love you very much. Please come to Turkey. 😘😘😘
Elif Khan Get well soon Aamir. I love you. Always be good. I'm a big fan of you. It's the greatest dream to see you. I hope I can see a day. The illness made us very worried. I hope you're fine. Dangal enters the vision in Turkey on August 18th. We will go ...
Elif Nur Arsln Hello, Mr. Khan. When I was 9 I watched '' Taare Zameen Par'' since then I might be your biggest fun. Now I am 14. I have watch almost all of your movies. You are my hero an you are more than an actor. My biggest dream is see you. I hope it will happen ...
Cansu Develi Aamir brother we wait your new film that release in TURKEY.We are impatient and excited to see.i wish you a continued success.😊🎈🙌
Nizamettin Binici Hi Aamir Sir 🙂 I'm From Turkey Greetings from Turkey You are my favorite actor My only dream is to welcome you in Turkey please come in my country, there are millions of people who love you I have a fan page on Instagram by the name of aamir Khan and ...
03:12 08/17/2017

This would be so much harder if she slept on her back. [via acidcow]

875 reactions 73 comments
Tim Schlueter That IKEA table is falling apart.
Matthew Bray That place is....huge.... I need to move
Rachel Mayne Tania Collis heres an idea lol
Robert Dodd She only sleeps on her back when she needs money
Amani Tuha-Arreola Jose Arreola what I want to do
Aamir Khan
04:48 08/16/2017

Wishing everyone a very happy independence day! Love. a.

40.9k reactions 806 comments
Deepa Shah Parekh Wishing you the same sir. Hope you and Kiranji have recovered from swine flu. Wishing that you rise up from any illness and be bestowed by good health. 😊😍
Merve N. Caliskan You and kiran health how amir? I'm worried about you. This Saturday I'm going to go watch the movie theater dangalı. Love from Turkey.
Elif Nozoğlu I love you more than everything, you are the only one in my world, and I believe we'll meet someday I will always love you and support you my king is always happy❤
Manan Stanikzai Wishing all indian's honorable ppL a very happy independence day.... respect from AFg
Kulsum Khan Wishing u the same & Hope tht ur fully recovered from swine flu. pls release SSS songs soon. we excited abt movie this Diwali. have an Awesome day. love. kushi & all ur Aamirians
Saina Nehwal
10:24 08/17/2017

This Independence Week, join hands with Herbalife to provide good nutrition to vulnerable children through our CASA Herbalife Programs in India. Download the form: #HerbalifeNutrition #IndependenceDay

12.4k reactions 177 comments
Vinay Mohan Happy independence day 👍💐💐 Jai hind 🇮🇳
Choubey Prativa आपको एवं आपके पूरे परिवार को 71 वें स्वतंत्रता दिवस और कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें!
Midhun MJ II 👉 вσт ρσωєяє∂ ву 🌹 Midhun MJ II 🌹 :* GOOD MORNING 📶 :* Saina Nehwal :* ♪----» HABIB-KHAAN .CF «----♪ ♥ c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r ♥
Ravi Baba Baba *कभी सनम को छोड़ के देख लेना, कभी शहीदों को याद करके देख लेना, कोई महबूब नहीं है वतन जैसा यारो, मेरी तरह देश से कभी इश्क करके देख लेना.. ** *वंदे मातरम* 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Randeep Singh Khaiwal Happy Independence Day to you Saina and your family have a blessed day
03:12 08/17/2017

Actually that pizza is $399,000 and is topped with anchovies and mortgage payments. [via Uberhumor]

4.8k reactions 750 comments
Jonathan Gilmer It's probably Walter White's house with the pizza he threw on the roof!
Brooke Danielle Stephen Acree is this true? Might sell more houses 😉 Hahaha! 😂
Josh Wade Similar to your sumo salad deal today Mark I right Francis Supple?
Jessica Ryan Wilson Antonio Aguilar, we gotta look for these signs whenever we buy a house!
Cody Allen That's the Daytona area on Florida lol
03:12 08/17/2017

I guess it's cheaper than trading that cute little car for a pickup truck. [via Radass]

5.7k reactions 1395 comments
Brian Gallo We should change your License plate saying "I love Penis"
Erek Brush Nothing against [email protected] people just saying he's no where near gay witch is y he squints every time he stops cus he has a built in shifter in the wrong place
Jose Cortez You all are all wrong that driver just going around saying he is sad.
Gus Burnette Miatas have a great steering radius and acceleration. Not a bad performing car honestly. If it wasn't so tiny though
Logan Newman There is nothing gay about the Miata. Super fun little cars. Possibly one of the best handling cars you can buy without spending a fortune.
Saina Nehwal
21:36 08/14/2017

Happy Independence Day 🙏🙏

6.5k reactions 473 comments
Rajagopal Balasubramanian Happy Independence Day.
Bhaskar Jit Chetia happy independence day
Suvam Sarkar Happy Independence Day🇮🇳️🇮🇳️🇮🇳️🇮🇳️
Vineet Malviya The worst possible day of our lives ... Independence day
Reinaldo Quinones HAppy independence day.
Saina Nehwal
21:36 08/14/2017

Dinner time with team.....OGQ 😁😁🙏

10.2k reactions 162 comments
Mahamad Furkhan Very nice look sweet
Vivek Mishra Radhe Krishna
Jaya Prakash Nagendar Bachalakuri Good luck with the family get together.
Duvvada Harish shall i join coz feeling hungry
Vk Sharma Khaale table without food dinner how its possible joaking
03:12 08/17/2017

CAPTION CHALLENGE: Lifeguard Write a caption for this still - and help us choose our favorite by liking the captions you think are best. We'll pick a winner and share your glory on Facebook.

214 reactions 606 comments
Donald Bramley Wow this book has changed my life I used to just 50's and 100's at women to get them hot for me now I will just buy them food and alcohol save me a ton of cash
Adam Alexander Did you beat up a Hooters girl for those shorts? Looks like your about 2 inches short of the new fall fashion line of "free to hang dang-a-lang"
David Silvers lol looks like you have a big whistle hanging there around your neck, hope no on takes it, lol you might try a lil stuffed animal on your right leg peak aboo spot lol
Matthew Corry It says here I shouldn't have let that bitch who turned me down for a date drown. Oh well, that's why they put erasers on pencils.
Andrew Mihalick "As his legs slowly spread apart a baby bird began to show it's head from beneath his shorts. She gasped, then let out an incorrigible AWWWWWW."
03:12 08/17/2017

I'll never forget his most important lesson: Keep your eyes closed. [via Uberhumor]

2.7k reactions 222 comments
Douglas Wollenburg Dick always had the best Show and Tells.
Federico Lambrech Nana Costas
Chris Webb Lindsay Wishon
Edward Martinez Rachel Verduzco Jordan Smith
Aaron Peay Amber Brown
Dalai Lama
06:24 08/16/2017

Inauguration of Secular Ethics Course at TISS: His Holiness the Dalai Lama will deliver the inaugural address at the launch of the Tata Institute of Social Science's (TISS) course on Secular Ethics at the TISS Convention Center in Mumbai, India on August 14, 2017. All times Indian Standard Time (IST=GST+5.30) Time: 9:15am - 11:00pm IST

27.6k reactions 5209 comments
Kathie Klein The value of warm heartedness Awesome! Love the sound of that THAT! It is what the United States needs now more than ever.
Thomasina Borucki Moodie We are feeling inferior for all sorts of reasons by those who wish to be "superior". Agreed, we would all excel by uniting. Especially, those who have the illusion of superiority.
William Theuer Can we borrow her for a few years in the US to replace our President?
Jeannine Williner Thank you H.H.Dalai Lama for your wish to help poor people through education. It is also my wish and my passion. Chay-ya to his holiness
Gina Regina Planet earth planet of love and Compasion❤️❣️God bless the wise Dalai Lama!💫 Long life! 💫Thank you so much. Peace, light and love! 💫❤️
14:24 08/14/2017

When his team eventually wins the Little League World Series they will owe it all to the Snapchat Hot Dog. [via Reddit]

1.3k reactions 247 comments
William Smith Daniel Choate He is the chosen one
Shawn Kelly Pete Randazzo....bats ninth. Figured there was a relation?!
Tim Chandler Batting 9th in little league?
Nick Zagaros Gunnar Cleator they just keep coming
Justin Addison It needs to be dank memes, everyone knows jet fuel can't melt dank memes
14:24 08/14/2017

So they sell this at Costco now? [via theCHIVE]

3.7k reactions 732 comments
Ashley Brown Gunner Baasch you asked what I want for my birthday
Kevin Clark That just got delivered to your home today Jason Holloway ???!
Rachel Lindauer Rodolfo Kevin wants to know if this is your front yard?
Brittnee Renzelman Hannah Warner remind you of a convo from earlier with ted? Hahahaha
David Serviss Jeffrey Krov we won't be able to keep it in Stock considering how often we get fucked 😂😂😂
14:24 08/14/2017

They forgot to bring boards to the demo so they broke Donnie’s testicles instead. [via Gfycat]

384 reactions 71 comments
Andrew Reimers The more i watch the more i laugh
Matthew Hemphill What in the ruptured fuck is going on there?
Bernie Lopinski Well, there goes missionary, too!
Nick Atchley Cockfighting?
Christopher Allan Rude Mike Hughes how to get rid of blue balls
Saina Nehwal
21:36 08/14/2017

I’ve taken the #iDpledge to support our martyr’s families! You can do it too here: ...

47.1k reactions 476 comments
Guddu Yadav ग्रेट ऑफ माय इंडिया और तिरंगे को दोनों को मैं सेल्यूट करता हूं जय हिंद जय भारत वंदे मातरम
Kuttappan Puthanchirayil Ouseph good move saina the no 1 of India sports
Virendra Singh Basti Jai Hind
ES Sumathi 💥✴#հɑѵҽ_ɑ_ҍҽɑմԵíƒմӀ_Եíʍҽ✴💥
Jitendra Singh Gudha Jai hind mam....
14:24 08/14/2017

Favorite all-time Bulls players: 1. Jordan 2. Rodman 3. Bill Wennington 4. Masturbate 5. Pippen [via Imgur]

7.2k reactions 848 comments
Andy Gerstner Travis Reed while we're living in 2017 this dudes living in 2037
James Farr Craig Millar my New Jersey number 😂😂
Nico Jaime Jonathan Thomas hahahhahah
Dylan McCarty My biggest problem with this is Bill Wennington is his number 3 Ryan McCarty
David Gates I'm not sure which makes me laugh more, masturbate or Bill Wennington.
14:24 08/14/2017

If your friend isn’t willing to volunteer as a human ramp then you should unfriend them immediately. [via Radass]

5.0k reactions 575 comments
Will Ober If you need a ramp to get that high you need to practice because that's a bunny hop height.
Matt Mueller John Quinn im pretty sure we did this atleast once haha
Teak Fiscella He's clearly gonna clear . That pic kinda ruined it.. if only the pic was taken sooner
Stephan Martinez Cindy Robalino tell Mike Ill always be his ramp if he wants to do some sick jumps.
Kate Bell Alex Vicas us after our Friday morning shifts
14:24 08/14/2017

Reuse-Reduce-Regurgitate-Recycle [via theCHIVE]

3.0k reactions 266 comments
Scott Smith They couldn't get get her into the can so they tipped it onto her.
Dylan Zeigler What self respecting art school would use such tiny recycling bins
Kayce Rische Montana, you could have used something like this that one night
Josh Smesny Matt Nowicki Benjamin Razo like that one time at the plants when I threw up in the recycling can lmao
Aspen Marie Matthew Meade me in Portland? Or me on the way to Santa Fe? Or me on any given Saturday morning?!? 🤣🤣
Saina Nehwal
21:36 08/14/2017

6.3k reactions 93 comments
Guggu Gill Same 2
Ramraj Katara Tnax
Suryakant Surya Jai ho
Saqib Islam Beautiful
Satender Matth Jai Hind
01:36 08/12/2017

Well her Tinder profile DID say she was a little freaky. #WTFriday

1.4k reactions 1609 comments
Josh Huey Cindy Lu there your Super Bowl bet
Ashley Wilson Danny Wetzel it's your future wife. She's perfect for you lol
Alexsus Bougie Liz MacLeod don't show this to Tabitha....dont do
Lincoln Spang Callie Millman Jesus Christ these are popping up on my feed more then I'd like them too lmao
Erica Lynn How the aliens seduced Stan Romaneke to be their babies daddy. Jaspre Grden
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