Aamir Khan
12:54 10/18/2017

One day to go... tom the film releases all over (and on 20th in Turkey). I hope you all like it. Haven't been able to sleep for the past 1 week... fingers crossed... waiting for your reactions 🤞 Love. a.

15.4k reactions 951 comments
Sn Şevval Gürbüz Thank you for everything dear Aamir.. You did anything to make Dangal released in Turkey and you successed it💙🙏🏻 Love you
Ayşe Uğur I can't wait to watch it. I'm sure this movie will be successfull. Haven't had the chance to meet you when you come to turkey. I hope you'll come back. Love from turkey. We love you so much
Sagar Dodeja Hello Aamir Khan Aamir Khan sir, I know you must be awake :D its a sleepless night for ur fan as well, who does what not to promote ur movies, it is my heart who've chosen you my star, i am going ga ga already sir, i am not sure whether you will read ...
Muhammad Aayas Arakanis Aamir sir I have watched your every movies and now tomorrow going to watch the movie in cinema ... Sir your every movie are so amazing and masterpieces ... I hope the movie become a better hopefully help for people and I hope the movie well gave any ...
Aslı Güllü İ am looking forward to seeing secret Süperstar. İ am sure perfect.. Maybe. . İ can see you , i can talk you .. Maybe one day ... in fact i think you will not see because of i don't type.. But now i would like type.. İ Love you.. Please come again ...
3 hours ago

How well do you really know your coworkers? Are they circumcised? New Tosh in twenty.

599 reactions 162 comments
A Marshall Bailey at least one of them is
Gage Wileman Why actually I work in a Jewish chicken factory. So most of them are, yes. :)
Anthony Yarrington Tosh.0 Are you gay if you suck your own dick?
April Jiron OMG!!! 😂😂😂 Mariah Day you instantly popped in my head lmao
Nicole Gilley Hey tosh my name is Nicole Gilley and I want to be funny and do one of your shows in return I'll take you roller skating say yes please
3 hours ago

Working on a prequel to Sister Act called Habit Forming. Don't steal that. New Tosh TONIGHT at 10/9c on Comedy Central.

159 reactions 8 comments
Zach Fijman Stephen Douglas Anderson
Cody Burgess #stolen #kentuckyboyzstrikeagainyeeehaaawww
Brian Levine We're having NUN of that.
Dave Baxter How about Brother Bother. It's about paedophile priests.😃😃😃😃😃😃
Justin King Stealing things is my thing. Im an upstanding african american
3 hours ago

Learn how to grab life by the graaaaapes! TONIGHT on an all NEW Tosh.0 at 10/9c on Comedy Central.

844 reactions 162 comments
Kyle Byers Jeff Dostie Myles Phinney she got to go if she tell you to eat your own grapes.
Victor James Roberts Blake Poston does this remind you of any old friends?
Jeff Frayer Alyssa you better feed me some damn grapes! That's why they call me the kind around here!
Scott Thomas Joell Ortiz I didn't know you were on Tosh....cool
Philip Stanley Who is this girl with the short hair though?
3 hours ago

Sure honey, I can cut down to one cigar per day. [via theCHIVE]

2.6k reactions 462 comments
Marc Esparza I think he lives in San Francisco and is sending a message.
Jamie Wells Seeing people smoke a cigar always reminds me of George Carlins cigar joke
Robert Morisette Probably used to Long things in his mouth
Eric Allen Out here in Amish smoking big ole doinks
Walt Clifton I think George Carlin was right smoking cigars looks like your sucking a huge brown dick
3 hours ago

Anyone want to play pin the Alka Seltzer on the birthday girl? [via Uberhumor]

591 reactions 89 comments
Tanya Redmiles Natalie Jo Steele this may as well have been you 😂
Jay Price Are there 2 toilets?!......BATTLESHITS!!!
Mike Riehl At least she pout the swat up I got a pee
Sean McCadillacin Roofie-colada courtesy of Daniel Tosh - I'm surprised they still allow him at high school parties
David Prior If you tie the balloon to her pony tail it will keep her hair out of the toilet when she spews.
Dalai Lama
14:30 10/18/2017

New from His Holiness the Dalai Lama & Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Book of Joy Journal, with inspiring quotes to help find joy in our lives.

23.8k reactions 617 comments
Zdzislaw Kozlowski IS THIS A FREE AGAIN...???
Linda Brady John Brady
Rebecca Casey Rachel Ann Devlin
Paulette R Hasty on my wish list✔️
Gary Capstick Vanessa Capstick
Aamir Khan
12:54 10/18/2017

Hey guys watch Zaira, Advait and Meher live at the facebook office

10.9k reactions 872 comments
Qasid Haqeer I think meher would replace Reema as a the next best mom of bollywood :D
Suman Kumar Hello Amir sir. I have one good story. How can I contact with you . I eagerly waiting for your movie
Sharaj Amin All the best for the new movie secret superstar
Sayantan Saha Wish the entire team of Secret Superstar, All The Very Best! The Movie is going to be a phenomenon! I am so happy that today I got my movie tickets! Yay! 19th October! Please come fast! Want to meet you guys in the cinema hall! 😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Rashid Miya Buy a ticket for me I will surely watch it👊👊👊
22:30 10/16/2017

Sometimes praying for a son backfires. [via Uberhumor]

935 reactions 410 comments
Daniel Hartzell That's nice of him to bring his girlfriends on a date.
Josh Bennett But did he stand for the anthem....? 😜
Dustin Wiggin Dude its soccer, watching some anime porn is more manly.
Ryan Page Why do that many people pay to watch "kick and chase".
Matt Mcmindes praying does nothing. sometimes assuming you can decide a child's interests for them backfires. parenting fail.
22:30 10/16/2017

CAPTION CHALLENGE: Straight Outta Culver City Write a caption for this still - and help us choose our favorite by liking the captions you think are best. We'll pick a winner and share your glory on Facebook.

178 reactions 476 comments
Kirk Mushroom I’m the heinous anus The break room Baller bout t break it on down make the girlies holler got a minute or so to share my flow so grab your ankles here we goooo.... ===D💦
Susan Hall Rapper "Loose Anus" educates today's youth about the affects of hot sauce on your digestive system with his #1 hit "It Burns When I Fart."
Lauren Amrhein Gawd... The extremes your man will go to to make anal seem cool. Complete with "legit" research found on Wikipedia of the health benefits.
Joseph M Randall "Pack it up, pack it in. No, seriously, stop eating and put that food in my ass!". - - DP Anus during his break-room set at the First Annual Pickle Jamboree @ Club Fist.
Brandon Felice Now this is a story all about how my anus got flipped turned upside down and I like to take a butt plug just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the anus prince of Bel Air
22:30 10/16/2017

The little guy just wants to bone. [via acidcow]

1.1k reactions 83 comments
Jade Elizabeth David Hernandez its johnnnnyyyyy
Kiryll Kalino Isabella zoom in
Meg White Sabrina bone
Melissa Martin Bryan Martin it's Avery 😂
Zack Bishop Andrew Kwiatkowski Nathan Cox It's Kevin Baumann right???
Saina Nehwal
05:42 10/17/2017

Denmark open 2017 👍👍

17.9k reactions 242 comments
Vimal Kumar Wishing very best to you and all the Indian team
Prakash Negi Best of Luck to all Indian Players
Auro Arobendo Hi Saina, do you have any plans for Berlin, please update if you are coming.
Pradheep Mdcs All the best saina.....
Dalai Lama
14:30 10/18/2017

Universal Ethics: His Holiness the Dalai Lama's address at the launch of the Universal Ethics Curriculum for Indian schools prepared by AyurGyan Nyas at DAV Central Public School in Meerut, UP, India on October 16, 2017.

10.7k reactions 663 comments
Kia Ru Wishing Health and Peace for all on that stage with you 🙏🏽❤️ **Give that older man on the left a wet towel too.
Wong Lay Imm Love you and Buddha
Tony Peralta Support the self not what you think of all should do
Tsering Lhagyal Long live his holiness the great 14th Dalia lama
Dan Paulson Buddha was Indian? Buddha was Tibetan? Silly people trying to claim him as your own in some form of small minded possession. Buddha, like everyone on the planet is bigger than that. We are all humans. Drop your flags and open your minds.
Aamir Khan
12:54 10/18/2017

Thank you Mika paaji ! And thank you Sanya! Shakti Kumaarr is incomplete without you.

50.4k reactions 640 comments
Angela Oliveira Wow!!!! Superhit😃 Sanya's great in Dangal, and now coreografher. #SecretSuperstar #BolliwoodComesToBrazil
Prabirr Mahato Superb sir.. feeling proud being your fan. U always rock. This movie must be the movie of the year. Wishes sir. Love. Waiting for #SecretSuperstar
Umme Haani Momin Gosh.....it was Sanya who choreographed !??? Grt moves !!! And wat fun u guys had while shooting it Wow...dekh ke maza aa gaya 😀
MD Rafik RK This is Awesome. Last couple of yeras We knew that there is no competainer who will challenge Aamir Sir...
Serap İpkknd I love you so much. The secret superstar will enter the show in Turkey. And I'm so excited. I hope you come again. It succeeds for life. Aamir Khan
Dalai Lama
14:30 10/18/2017

Universal Ethics: His Holiness the Dalai Lama's address at the launch of the Universal Ethics Curriculum for Indian schools prepared by AyurGyan Nyas at DAV Central Public School in Meerut, UP, India on October 16, 2017.

14.7k reactions 1979 comments
Tans Thaid This is so wonderful for India to bring this into school curriculum . What a very forward and beneficial things for all the children of India ! Long live his holiness lame ,
Patricia Marshall Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love ... From Rio Linda California... pray for long life and health and peace for you.
O Joseph Calabrese So good to be see posts of love from all over the world; we are all truly temporary individual manifestations of energy, the energy of the cosmos. We are one eternally.
Marianne Krogsgaard Pedersen Bless the Tibetan people, they suffered to much. Enough of psykopatic leaders in the world. Do not vote for them.
Cynan Rose Every time i see him; he reminds me so much of my dear late grandfather. Always soooo much love and respect. <3
Dalai Lama
14:30 10/18/2017

Part 2 - Universal Ethics: His Holiness the Dalai Lama's address at the launch of the Universal Ethics Curriculum for Indian schools prepared by AyurGyan Nyas at DAV Central Public School in Meerut, UP, India on October 16, 2017.

7.7k reactions 1234 comments
Tony Peralta Sending love to the Dali Lama..
Birgitte B. Saravanja Namaste from Federal Way, Washington, USA
Munigala Vinod Dalai Lama ji 🙏 Truly love India Respectively bow 🙇 down
Vini Vieira de Barros Recife Pernambuco, união irmãos. Paz no mundo. E reforma política no Brasil já. Não a corrupção. O Brasil precisa de ajuda. #help #brasil #brazil #cidadania #ética #respeito #justiça (JUSTIÇA). Que se faça cumprir as leis. Namastê
Patricia M Touchton This video stopped when he was speaking to STOP VIOLENCE AROUND THE ENTIRE WORLD. MAKES ME SAD, IT IS BEOND TIME TO STOP THIS INSANITY OF WAR. Thank you Dalai Lama for your words of Peace, Now.
Dalai Lama
14:30 10/18/2017

Part 1 - Universal Ethics: His Holiness the Dalai Lama's address at the launch of the Universal Ethics Curriculum for Indian schools prepared by AyurGyan Nyas at DAV Central Public School in Meerut, UP, India on October 16, 2017.

14.1k reactions 1732 comments
Jayme Nimick If only every child were raised as the Dalai...
Robert Tarentino Hello welcome. Good to bless you People's and gundun and tank you and Good day inchallah alléluia amen om sanktie ♡ ☆ ♡ shalom France ♡ ☆ ♡
Brad Bakken Times like these are why the burdened light carrier is soo vastly important...thank you to the current dalai lama for the giving of your life in this endeavor (y) (y) (y)
Justin Hale I request a blessing I'm in a dark place
Laura Lawver Blessings. Thank you for your work, compassion, and love!
22:30 10/16/2017

Please please please tell me that this guy’s vape pen has its own Instagram account. [via Reddit]

8.8k reactions 2337 comments
Angela Young-Lewis I thought that was a butcher knife and was impressed.
Billy Good Thats about as gay as a man can be at the beach...
Rog Gamble We shouldn't be too quick to judge, he may be just lookin at his phone, waiting for the more dominant male to approach from behind. Also, vape pens can be used for weed concentrates, he might just be celebrating a legal purchase, before he gets packed.
Robert Myers Well he is in the right position for a vaper
Trevor Will Literally how I see every one of you guys when you start pulling out your vapes hahaha! Zack Bowen Robert Foster Jr. Jeff Fischer Andrew Wahlers
22:30 10/16/2017

That cat pumpkin is oblivious to the nightmares that await. [via theCHIVE]

17.0k reactions 4015 comments
Tony Brock Yeeeeaaah. I'll punch a child. These hands are rated E for everyone.
Ryan Kutey Earl Turner the cat pumpkin didn’t even stand a chance
Aaron Wayne Am i the only one that couldnt make sense of this caption? Writters have a late night?
Jason Guy What white chicks looks like when pumpkin spice season is over
Marty Larsen All I see is red hair which is enough to scare anyone away!!
22:30 10/16/2017

Winter is coming. [via Radass]

8.1k reactions 1099 comments
Chris Jacobson Dave, Danielle, it looks like your green blow up couch!
Jude Cossey Jim Carrey needs to squeeze out of there.
Dan Harer They tried to tell Daniel he better strap a board to his ass: that girl has been around the block more than a few times LOL.
Michael James Davis ...cleanest pooper I've seen in a minute.... lmfao
Dave Stremel Is that Rick Astly? Never gonna give you up...
22:30 10/16/2017

You can either go back and get a straw OR be the hero we need right now. [via Reddit]

5.7k reactions 363 comments
Ernie Scroggs Reminds me of the Key and Peele skit.
Tim Carpenter It should be much easier once the alcohol mixes with the pain killers!
Marc Barilla Lean that long ass neck back... And drink up
Charles Simon Get a straw or be the hero we need? I don't get it.
Keith Breault It's good to see Corky from Life Goes On in the dating scene
22:30 10/16/2017

Bridge City’s opponents don’t stand a chance if their cycles are synced. [via Izismile Network]

4.4k reactions 516 comments
Sara Hennigan Bc made it to tosh??😂😂 wow.
Helon Land Seriously so childish!!!!! It's called school spirt!!!!
Joseph Elkins Bridge City, texas. It has a great dairy queen and a sonic. Oh and a chick named Sandi that gives some mean head
Jesse Domingue Jr. Wow.. My old High school just showed it's brilliance and made Tosh.0... Clown shoes as fuck..
Julia Curl Britt Dianne- this is really happening
22:30 10/16/2017

Willing to bet my life savings that Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” is playing during this incident. [via acidcow]

3.9k reactions 550 comments
Natalie Westphal Pete Westphal didn't this happen at my wedding only it was a mother in law
Ronell Dagreat She grabbed a big ass roll of fat on her side
Jake Moffat I was at this wedding it was awesome no idea who the girl is this
Cassandra Lipps Paige and Adrienne I promise I won’t be this person at your weddings 😂😂😂
Don Carpenter Hopefully she gets whacked by a guy in a Members Only jacket.
Aamir Khan
00:06 10/16/2017

What fun it was interacting with Virat ! He is such a relaxed, straight forward and genuine person. And what a dancer :-)

28.3k reactions 330 comments
Shahid Jamal When will u come varansi again sir , plz tell me? 😍😍
Given Steven Dimbwe I love indian people. My bosses are indians at kagem emerald mine
Süheyla Çapar You are the best dancer.You are so sweet 😊😚 Greetings from Turkey 🤗😍
Vicky Sharma Aamir Love you to core and whatever you do. I just can't stop loving you. For me no one can match your personova. You are just great. Love you.
Vicky Sharma Gosh With Revealation of nitesh tiwari on you I can't imagine you using all that gaalis but he didn't mention whether you used Hindi or English Imagining you using M and B words or C or G words or F word in english is out of my dictionary for me. Make ...
Aamir Khan
00:06 10/16/2017

Here's to Golmaal 👍 !!! Met Ajay after so long 🙂 . What a great guy !

209.2k reactions 1763 comments
Shahan Ahmad Greatest bollywood star combining all espects plus a great human too..Really appreciate your work.👍👍
Nezir Ister I really admire you for the things you do I hope thug of india you come to turkey in the introduction of filminin you come to turkey to meet you I can talk to you i can take pictures i hope i can imagine it but i hope it will be true i will be back ...
Amit Kumar Amir Bhai : Inki shaan mein sitare bhi sar jhukaate hai.... Ek baar mein naa sune jo koi, usey kutta kehke bulate hai 😂 Jab ishq or mushq ki hadh ho jaati hai cinema mein Tab dramebaazi ka item, Golmaal le aate hai. Ungli se hai nafrat ki koi ungli ...
James Ekka amir khan...no doubt he is the master of bollywood...plz sacrifice for ur fans too...why don't u work with srk, salman, ajay....we are waiting for a long time. fill the fans fullfill too dear
Jalil Pažwak In Kabul, Ajay is the nick name of Great Friends and Amazing Guys. Rashid wa Omur shaheed ast. 😂😂😂 Lala Ajay senf Architecture C ra tag konin.
09:42 10/14/2017

CAPTION CHALLENGE WINNER: The start of every Canadian orgasm. We picked the caption above from a comment left by Charles DuBruille Thanks to everyone who submitted! Come back next Monday at 1pm for another edition.

102 reactions 41 comments
Tony Buitron Stank
Jason Jerome Portable glory hole
Larry Darnell Cum funnel
John Wuu "I am your communion."
Matt Wanner Stole this joke from Eric Andre
09:42 10/14/2017

Spider GIrl, Spider Girl, does like, one of the things a spider can.

138 reactions 8 comments
Shredd Swaggar Madison Harper
Tom Joseph Pnacek Michelle Pnacek
Esteban Tapias Lil. You're funny Tosh
Keith Breault Swinging menstration
Quinn Falk Why were you not wearing pink as well...brah
09:42 10/14/2017

You literally have nothing better to do. TICKETS ON SALE NOW.

570 reactions 251 comments
Tim Perez Lake Tahoe is a step down from Reno.
Jenny Aten You should come to podunk Iowa. We'd love to have you 😉
Luis Antonio Martinez He should come back to LaCrosse and do a redemption on himself n try to not shit his pants. lol
Kyle Conner Come to Dallas loser if you haven't recently.
Tyson Silver Come to Florida and we will talk.
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