22:18 06/24/2017

He’s definitely tried to breastfeed his cat at some point. [via theCHIVE]

263 reactions 603 comments
Brian Hatcher Roxann Irene Sterling your a crazy cat wemon you need this lmao
Artem Grichine Pavel Jackie yours are on the way
Jason Michael Stull Could be worse. If it was a daughter he might've had to kill it.
Krissy Maly Angela Mae Grundahl does Sophie get this kind of treatment?
Jeremiah Salas Rueben Vasquez for cooches magooches. now you can take her everywhere.
22:18 06/24/2017

The new mannequin challenge is to eat five hamburgers and drink 24 beers in one sitting. [via Izismile Network]

990 reactions 172 comments
Randall Singleton Shouldn't it be wearing a MAGA hat and holding a golf club?
Phil Hujdic John Christopher is it sad I think we could do this
Ryan Robbins Hunter Creswell, this mannequin must be headed to the movies later. Lol
Drake Dillinger Tiffaney Ray Sowala finally a place that sells shirts that are for real men
Ryan Street Kristina Owings let's do the new mannequin challenge!!
22:18 06/24/2017

CAPTION CHALLENGE WINNER: We have no idea why Weiner Out Wednesday wasn't more of a big hit around the office! We picked the caption above from a comment left by Robert Nolan

228 reactions 60 comments
David Pellican Nothing to blur....hahaha
Shawn Koch Steava trying to prove to the lesbos he isn't a girl
Joe Parker "Bigger" hit, I get it
Nicholas Scott That's the biggest clit I've ever seen!
Kerry Bullis Challenge winner caption too long
22:18 06/24/2017

FAKE. Tinder dates never actually turn out to be cuter underneath all that makeup. #WTFriday

473 reactions 41 comments
Nick Perez Angel Valdez
Katie Jones Samantha Anne
Meggan Fischbach Destinee Parker
Mikkee June Brandi
Garrett Nettles Kayla
22:18 06/24/2017

If Ross wants to live every day like it’s April Fool’s Day, I’ll fly him to Hollywood, where Ashton punk’d Mila into bearing his children.

650 reactions 33 comments
Nick Salinas Jonathan Stepro
Gary Stretch Alden Mosher
Michelle Maria Ehman Dayna Wilkins
Daniel Cross Carl
Javito Salinas Rdz Valo Mikkälo Salinas Rdz
22:18 06/24/2017

Having an eye twitch is so much better than having an eye tick. [via Imgur]

2.0k reactions 764 comments
CathyCatt Morgan Fuck that shit!!! I'm NEVER going in the woods... Hell!! I'm NEVER going OUTSIDE again!!! Jayzus !!!
Bryant A Fox Ouch. Only the tip of the dick is worse. Pulling a tick that decided to become a Prince Albert is worse.
Rachelle Price My son had a tick in his ear canal😰😰😰 and once inthe corner of his eye 😖 hate ticks
Casey Dunne Omg I thought that was a picture of my eye. And I was like what the fuck running to the mirror rubbing my eyes!! 😅😅
Connor Murphy Adam O'Farrell holy shit I would rather hold that massive centipede than have a tick on my eye
22:18 06/24/2017

Never steal a man's egg salad sandwich. Watch this week's full episode here:

91 reactions 8 comments
Derek Beyer
Isaac Ferrel We all know Daniel loves his Huevos
Daniel Schindler L'eggo my egg......oh
Rod Serna Tosh has gone ISIS!
Ethan Neri The office paper camouflage is dope.
22:18 06/24/2017

We're going to need a bigger insurance plan. [via Izismile Network]

10.4k reactions 797 comments
Baudelio Thomas Mendez Leslie Ebony Brandyn Remember that cutout at century?
Marvin Heisenberg Lupe Querfurth I would have totally done that with Liam when he was still a baby haha <3
Perry Schaffer I want to run for President just so I can ban babies from Movie Theatres
Juan Hernandez D AN Ibar saw this on one of the breaks, thought the caption was funny. Lol
Lisa Rizzardi Kylie Hall why do I see Brandon doing this? Rose in one hand, James in the other lol
Dalai Lama
01:30 06/24/2017

I believe we 7 billion human beings are brothers and sisters. We are all born the same way and are raised in the warmth of our parents’ and particularly our mothers’ affection. Loving kindness doesn’t come about because of religion; scientists say that basic human nature is compassionate. This is a sign of hope, if we apply our marvellous intelligence and nurture it properly.

65.8k reactions 881 comments
Jag Mohan Manchanda Wise words! Hope the ears smeared with mutual hatred are able to understand and hearts, ready to follow👍
Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. "If you don't love yourself, you cannot love others. You will not be able to love others. If you have no compassion for yourself then you are not able of developing compassion for others." - Dalai Lama
Zanne Kilden Rune Kilden ❤️
Satyananda Nayak universal sir
Kat Rhoades More hope and compassion and less dissociation is what we need. In America at least.
22:18 06/24/2017

I don't think that will be hard for him to achieve. #TattooOfTheWeek

2.3k reactions 514 comments
Esteban Valles He is actually quite hot... even with those tattoos... I would suck him dry without a doubt...
Sean Black I'm sure this guy has some rich guys daughter just begging him for a baby.
Brian Strauss Face tattoos are dumber then rompers
Kerry Seghers Hollow? Like a cheap, chocolate Easter Bunny? Don't worry buddy. Your cellmates will have you cream filled in no time.
Greg Kingsley After careful and quick considerations we have decided to give the Drive Thur window position to someone else.
22:18 06/24/2017

If you didn't make your dad Breakfast in Bath last Sunday, you're a terrible kid. [via Uberhumor]

1.3k reactions 147 comments
Chad Reittinger Whatever floats your boat. Of pancakes....
Joe Gallagher Mc Donalds Pancakes???
Nathan Grant That looks so disgusting... how about some breakfast while swimming in your own filth. Yuck. Lol
Ryan Ray Its all fun and breakfast until you try to press down to cut.
Kurt Krohn That's the Big Breakfast with Hotcakes from McDonald's... He hates his dad
22:18 06/24/2017

Can you make "The Noise?" Vids or it didn't happen.

7.9k reactions 4683 comments
Brent Stoliker All these comments with over 100 likes. Why can't the guy in the video get the likes. He said thanks
Justin Sandberg Hope Kain Imma figure out how to do this, and that's how I'm going to wake you up in the morning 😂❤️👌🏻
Sam Dougherty There's chicks out there wishing this dude would battle cry into their whispering eye.
Jim Smitty Oh man, does anyone remember these?
Tracy Koshman Sam Tyler a video of me seeking a mate leaked online.
22:18 06/24/2017

Don't miss Daniel's naked body in motion. Watch this week's full episode here:

111 reactions 30 comments
Anderson Josue Romero Rosal why this guy shows him dick everytime?
Laura McNulty Shboobs 😋
Mark Rush get a damn tan
Tucker James danelle tosh is hillaireeeus and her show will be renewed
Johnny Alamo Damn looking good
22:18 06/24/2017

Just not your stupid dreams, loser. [via Izismile Network]

706 reactions 24 comments
Thomas Reiss Lukas
Samuel Bacon Patrick Cox
Christopher Nelson Michael Prata😂😂
Justin Vandermark It's from a movie, ya dipshit.
Rylan L Deed Tennille Beauregard
09:30 06/22/2017

Those heels are so last eon. [via acidcow]

5.1k reactions 2959 comments
Andreina de Oliveira Donny Ari would be in love!! I'd be the best mommy ever
Lauren Greve Omg Megan Greve remember the dino in heels pic I had you as my contact picture
Kali Charlotte David Thompson if you were a girl, I could see these in your closet 😂😂😂
Krystene Brie Ashley Sage new craft day idea! You can make unicorn ones and I'll make these 😂
Shaina Russell Sami Lou Butner I saw these and for some reason thought of you! 😂😂 don't ask why cause I have no clue
09:30 06/22/2017

When you’ve seen the horrible things on the internet that I’ve seen, you get a nose for it, and I don’t like the way Seven Super Girls smells.

411 reactions 73 comments
Allan Romero I'm not getting the joke neither the hate on the comments.
John Roscoe Tosh you're generating views for these creeps...
R Marcus Grimshaw He's a comedian, people 🤦🏼‍♂️
Jacob Bostock Daniel finally people are waking up to this fucked up shit
Damian Michael This show is beat, I get you tried to revamp the soup but give it up, you suck anymore, just come out of the closet tosh
09:30 06/22/2017

Congrats to SilliSillis for being this week's Viewer Video of the week!

75 reactions 16 comments
Lee Henry James Schweitzer
Chris Atfield Lucas
Angela Hughes Angela Bodey
Jason Roseman Brady Roseman
Nathan Brown Lauren Thomas
09:30 06/22/2017

Do you use a lime with your shot of arson? [via Radass]

686 reactions 70 comments
Chris Skiver By 'shot' you mean 'shot of tractor fuel' lol
Van Scyber DeBauche fireball whiskey
Adam McCue Fire whoever writes these captions
Ryan Berg Nick Berg is that the prarie fire shot you wanted me to get
Kevin Hardy "The roof is on fire" BECAUSE OF THIS ASSHOLE
Saina Nehwal
16:42 06/22/2017

Good round one victory against the world number 5 ji Hyun sung from Korea 21-10 ..21-16 👊🏻

41.1k reactions 588 comments
Ranjul Malik Whatever your rankings you'll always remain our world no. 1 only , therefore beating world no. 5 , no big achievement
Atul Gaur Those are the News which are music to ears, Very well Done Saina, Atta Girl.
Mrigender Chauhan Remain focused n passionate with patience during match n believe in yourself till match point is done . One point can change the game 🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🏂🇮🇳
Sikku Kunal Well done Saina. U sure success ur aim. All the best dear.....
Debdoot Basu Congratulations on today's great victory. All the best for the rest of the tournament.
09:30 06/22/2017

How many dates do you go on before showing the person your bare feet? New Tosh in twenty on Comedy Central.

292 reactions 131 comments
Jon Jourdan I wasn't aware I ever had to show my bare feet. My wife has never seen them.
Fred Torres Some people don't need to be on a date. I see some dirty ass rednecks walking around barefoot in public all the time.
Tyler Austin Holden One, always take your date swimming on the first so you know what your really working with.
James Tolley You're telling me,I gotta wear my sucks 3 times, while I bang her?
Emilio Santos After you've realized that it was all just a scam.
09:30 06/22/2017

Calling salad dressing a sauce makes it 300 times more disgusting. New Tosh TONIGHT at 10/9c on Comedy Central.

200 reactions 26 comments
Matthew Bray Thousand Island Sauce......? Ahhh NO
Carly DiGioia Ashley Jackson
Ryan Ritchie Laura Marie
Chris Conrad Not so!!! Ranch can be a soup or a dip as well
Julian Asher ALL salad dressing is disgusting.
09:30 06/22/2017

Two Florida boys = one good episode. NEW Tosh TONIGHT at 10/9c on Comedy Central.

4.7k reactions 265 comments
Jeremy Cochran I'm all for pranks, but taking down a stop sign isn't a prank. It's asking for undeserved disaster.
Ana Cecilia Lozada de Stead If that was a POC, he/she would have been shot immediately! White privilege at its best! 🙈🙄 lol
Tim Orean Yea, be waiting for that negligent homicide charge any day now.
Noah Borges Those cops just jealous of his mad skills and acrobatics.
Jordan Shoppa Ross Creations!!!! He's hilarious. So is Gary Winthorpe
09:30 06/22/2017

Security had to grill this baby for details. It was delicious. #Beefbaby [via Uberhumor]

4.0k reactions 575 comments
Adaléy L. Walton This is what "refugees" do in Germany. Or they just eat the food in the store than leave!
Isaiah N Harjo SeLia When it's my turn to go grocery shopping. LMFAO
Neal Fifer Probably traded all their food stamp money for drugs
Julian E Chavez Jr Casey Herbert this is what's going to happen Next at your store
Brandelyn Joline Sad that someone was so broke they devised this to get food. Or at least that's what I hope was going on
09:30 06/22/2017

I’d rather be dumped on a Jumbotron than proposed to on one. [via Radass]

7.0k reactions 357 comments
Jason Michael Stull As Melania breathes a sigh of relief and fist bumps her lawyer.
Joanella Mendoza Nate Incasa if you ever want to break up with me, this is the only way I allow you to do it 😂
Mindy Lou I would immediately proceed to the bar and hopefully get some free beer out of that blunder of embarrassment.
Flavio Braga I'd rather be dumped than have to attend another sporting event in that dump.
Lisa Kunde This is something that would happen to me hahaha Madeline Boals
09:30 06/22/2017

The blood alcohol is strong with this one. [via Radass]

5.3k reactions 395 comments
Erin June Dravin, looks like something you would
Sarah St Louis Ray! Even used green bottles! Haha
Helena Dykes Holly Coy they took our beer garden to the extreme
Ryan Collins Dan Riordan this is our next goal
Brandon Jones Worse vader ever
Saina Nehwal
16:42 06/22/2017

Timeline Photos

20.1k reactions 180 comments
Mahipal Negi Very nice ji
Khushi Yadav Khushi Yadav Bharat ki beti desh ki sham hai
Sivayogaraja Siva Verry good
Mekala Arunkumar Cock maretho acha he udra
Sukhpreet Singh Khosa Very Very nice pic
09:30 06/22/2017

I just rolled my eyes so hard I rear-ended him. [via UberHumor]

2.4k reactions 803 comments
Lynne Hummer Omg Nicole Rutherford my life is over!! Send flowers 💀💀💀💀💀💀 RIP me
Ashley Gumz Damn... someone stole my license plate! Kalynn Madysen
Kara Hayes Nathan Dawson, this should be your licence plate haha
Nick Fahey Anthony Vanderkop If i see you drive this, you know whats coming!
Adrianna Clinton Aleecia Clinton I need to marry the driver of this Jetta.
09:30 06/22/2017

Crushing yet another internet challenge.

127 reactions 41 comments
Kristin Rhodes I like how no one at that table is in anyway suprised by tosh
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄
Talon Kent Dude wtf
Jason Leffew Is that Caitlyn Jenner??? LMAO
Virgil Casanova The one time I can't get it up at work son of a bitch
09:30 06/22/2017

Maybe they all just realized it wasn't Tuesday. Sorry ladies, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for a NEW Tosh.

10.6k reactions 4754 comments
Narina Kazarian I am so proud that I'm on Trump train, because all of the creatures on the opposite side are clearly INSANE!!! With all the hate and ignorance they should go and jump of the cliff!!! That will proof their point!!!
Bel Etchart This is a protest that happened in Argentina against femicide (Women are killed every 23 hours or so) I don't think that being naked sends any message but at least they got into Tosh. Kudos to them
Marissa Dawson It is truly unfortunate what is happening in Argentina but how's standing around naked and screaming going to help?? What happened to just having a regular march to bring awareness around the world... or even making a difference yourself.. that would ...
Wesley Ash Feminist are fucking stupid. Feminist- we should go into the streets, get naked, and make incoherent noises and scream at people to show men how empowered are... really getting the point across....
Jimmy Lee Jeez, the short hair girl on the far left looks like Mr Ed with those teeth. If I had a set of chompers like her I'd probably scream too. Lol
20:42 06/19/2017

Bears and fear for your life are great ways to shave five minutes off your race time. [via Imgur]

506 reactions 115 comments
ChrisTopher Sutherland What about all the people to instantly shat themselves when that happened? How much time then? Lol jk
Michelle McGovern My news feed 😓
Brian Harvey Zach Sternberg this is what I think about when I run lol
Dylan Patterson Crystal Lynners don't be mad if you already told me but did you see that 16 year old killed by black bear at race in Alaska
Ron Devries Just like Muskoka, you'll never know when they come out
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