Dalai Lama
5 hours ago

Everybody appreciates kindness, but unfortunately our modern education system, with its materialistic goals, doesn’t have much room for inner values. We need to make people more aware of such inner values on the basis of scientific findings, common sense and common experience.

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Sarita Thapa Om mani padme hum
Serena Merry ???? who is writing these? This is not the truth. Every school I know is teaching values education and/or beginning the process of teaching values.
Lydia Smith Indeed, we are not taught about intrinsic value only utilitarian. But perhaps now everything's being destroyed, it might just make people wake up to the fact that 'we take nothing with us when we die' ♥️
Theresa Campbell what is kindness 2 a lonely heart But a Smiled jesture along the Way 🤗 maybe the mind some attention a cuppa T calm 1 down x Hello Deli #howyadoin 👣💖💚💙💛🖤👣👀🌏 Dreamtime
Joe Freedom Stone Thank you for waking up the world, and educating them on how to think with their hearts.
Saina Nehwal
23:24 12/11/2017

Not only will I ace the challenge, I’ll #SmashTheHouseDown with my drop shots! Watch me ace #VodafonePBL, starting December 23rd, only on Star Sports!

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Kho Kai Hwa 👍😀
Ravi Tanwar Nice
Raj Sharma Nice
Raju P Gowda 👌
Sartaj Shaikh nice didi
16:12 12/11/2017

*Sees note. Lights car on fire.* [via The Clearly Dope]

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Annie Richards This is what insurance is for ;)
Nadine Ann The only thing I see, is a grammar problem!
Rob Geary Why was someone creeping inside people's cars to begin with?
Clayton Timothy Dana “I saw it on your blanket” god this country!
Patrick Rodgers I put notes like this on cars that park too close to me.
16:12 12/11/2017

o Creepy tree, o Creepy tree How disturbing are thy branches [via Izismile Network]

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Erin Malwin Jenna Wendel .... your childhood tree in your basement?! Haha!
Laura Villarreal Ashley, Sandy can totes make these with all her dolls 😂😂😂😂
Rhonda Dotson Ravenkamp Oh nice, a giant pile of demons... I wonder what the nut-job who constructed this looks like.
Tim Lamborn Is that the Roy Moore edition tree?
Lindsey Lawless They're combining to make their final form!
16:12 12/11/2017

Her father, Goro was one of my favorite Mortal Kombat warriors. [via Radass]

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Stephen Hall I should look her up If I need a handy
Cory Smith Bri Tosh.0 found goros daughter from mk
Lucas Barrett Danny Lyons I told you they were going to make new movie 😂😂
Scott Retzlaff Back when Randy Moss used to play
Jon Bylsma If her basketball career doesn't work out, she has a bright future picking fruit.
Saina Nehwal
23:24 12/11/2017

Saina Nehwal

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Yogesh Pandit Sainaji looking good and style is something different
Vinay Tatkar Real badminton queen... Real ICON of India... All the best for your future 👍 👍 👍
Praveena Prabhu I would say 'Hum kisise kum nahin' look... You Look gorgeous.. smashing...
Arun Singhal Please concentrate on your on your game
Toseswar Saikia Superb click Saina..you looking stunningly beautiful..
Dalai Lama
19:24 12/10/2017

Reviving Indian Wisdom in Contemporary India: His Holiness the Dalai Lama's public talk at Somaiya Vidyavihar, Mumbai on December 10, 2017 organized by Vidyaloke, an Indian wisdom initiative of Vana Foundation, with a vision to revive Indian Wisdom in contemporary India.

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Andrew Hammersley I wish and pray to the wish granting gem and tree, all Buddhas, bodhisattvas, god and all beings for the enlightenment of all beings
Monia Moni Unfortunaly India and DL here on this live stream we can read that materialistic points and bad names 4 all this wisdom teachings
Dani Bee Thank you His holiness :-) What will be ' many blessings dear one" We can all change by treating each other like family The world can be at peace ... Change is inevitable ..
Ruby Jah Buddha If one shows compassion to the compassionless, the possibility of compassion growing in the latter increases to overwhelm the negative.
Kiki Tsitsilianos All religions start with God . If we all believe that we are created by one, the same God , we might make a good start to unite all religions
16:12 12/11/2017

It only took a few bad decisions but mom has herself a football team. [via Izismile Network]

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Nick Loza Smfh an ur proudly rock that shit smfh 😂😂😂😂👎
Travis Root 6 dad's in prison and 11 kids. Someone has a loose vagina.
Shaun Bumgardner 100 bucks says that vehicle belongs to a black chick
Brian Jacobs There's no way she knows exactly which 6...
Justin Crozier Should have locked her Vijay up years ago...😂
16:12 12/11/2017

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. [via Imgur]

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Julia Ruiz Claire Chung us in ush when she makes us watch videos
Jason Richard Apparently docking is something they enjoy.
Til Farken Paul vielleicht sollte ich jetzt immer hinter dir sitzen 😂
Riley Rouw Elliott Botelho this is why we never went to school together
Gerry Whelan At least we know who’s top n who’s bottom in this relationship
16:12 12/11/2017

However the Giants playoff hoes were not so lucky. [via theCHIVE]

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Krystal Grygera Without Aaron Rodgers, those hoes are as good as dead.
Brant Stanley They were initially scheduled to euthanize them all when the super bowl party was cancelled.
Justin Proulx Those sickos up in green bay vowed to kill them if the packers dont make the playoffs
Benjamin Roy Scott Young...secret to the packer success?
Johnny P Montaño Without hoes, we're nothing!
03:24 12/09/2017

CAPTION CHALLENGE WINNER: Which Boy Scout badge is this for again? We picked the caption above from a comment left by Dan Clark Thanks to everyone who submitted! Come back next Monday at 1pm for another edition.

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Antonio Joseph Gotta trim that dam bush
Mike Davis Arbor day? Forestry
Keith Telken Identifying wood no doubt
Mike Wilson Planted shit and a asshole grew !
Tony Fullenkamp That's allot of wood.
03:24 12/09/2017

Is there nothing you monsters won't put up your butts??

310 reactions 40 comments
Steven Waterman Brian DesPlaines
Silva Adrian Octavio Huesca Heredia
Abel Campos Denise Rodriguez
Cochino Tom Steve
Cochino Tom Joe
03:24 12/09/2017

I wonder if her dad has one that says, #OhGodImSoSorry. #TattooOfTheWeek

2.2k reactions 1109 comments
Joe Hamm it should be upside down with as much time as her ankles will spend in the air.
Christopher Michael Some how I get the feeling Dad isn’t in the picture 😂
Mitch Steinwachs Maybe her dad gave her the tattoo himself
Kevin Gamble I wonder how many times the tattoo artist asked “are you sure you want to use your entire paycheck on this?”
Corinne Hues When you're concerned your daisy dukes aren't getting the message across
03:24 12/09/2017

They all have really good personalities. [via acidcow]

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Dustin Wiggin The most odd thing about this photo is they are not on their cell phones not the paper bags. :)
Kirk McDaniel They had one with plastic bags, but many people suffocated.....
Christopher Zak This is how the Unknown Comic found his wife.
Katie Lager They are all just Detroit lions fans
Chris Buentello I think this counts as out hipstering hipster.
Dalai Lama
19:24 12/10/2017

Compassion is concern for others—sincere concern for others’ well-being founded on awareness of our own experience. Since it makes us happy when others show us affection and offer us help, if we show others affection and readiness to help they too will feel joy.

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Maurya Khushi Khushboo Hey big man Lama ji... I would request you to please read my all beautiful quotes that I have posted in my this life on Facebook ... 😇😍😍😇 I am sure you will love them and even get lot of logical points as well....
Julie McNeely-Kirwan I would like to get more emails from the Dalai Lama.
Joseph Milne A positive feedback loop like electricity.
Anna-Karin Aspehult ♥️♥️♥️
Ben Avvenevole Spot on
03:24 12/09/2017

She'll never love you the way you love her. [via acidcow]

3.1k reactions 1394 comments
Rachael Haskins Max - something to consider to get some brownie points 😉🤪 Lisa-Maria
Mic Seaton Tosh you're still a thing?
Hanna Rafiei If you really like me, dog shaped pizza plz, thanks. 😂 Austin Parks
Michaela Murphy Caden what kind of pasta is this one?
Stevie West John my pizza better look like this tomorrow.
03:24 12/09/2017

Give this a little blow and get the party started. [via Imgur]

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Yung Trappa Americanboi-Trappacan Ge-nitsh Don't blow 2 long it might bust on u
Justin Williams Laura Williams where were these last August?
Brandon Gilbert Javi Sanchez get these for zacks bday
Cody Thompson Jesse Hargrove look your favorite balloon
Richard Loschinkohl Fills up quicker if you trickle the balls while blowing.
03:24 12/09/2017

New year, new staff.

428 reactions 33 comments
Victoria Reynolds Elizabeth Marcotte
Justin Moore Devin Guerin
Tyler Hosner Zach Hider
Eric Wright Eric Whittington
Chris Claude Connor Linden
03:24 12/09/2017

I personally come from three generations of ass men. [via Radass]

2.1k reactions 212 comments
Chester Wint Makes it easier for you to switch hit
Clay Horn Thad Jr. Mallory reminds me of Sam at that age.
Panayoti Mentzelopoulos in a white baby ghetto, you gotta check for sharp chewy thingys and guns
Greg Flowers From the mind of that baby.. "gimme that tiddy"
Tyler Somerville Is daniel into ass man, or is it man ass lmao
03:24 12/09/2017

This is what we call a McTragedy. [via Radass]

1.5k reactions 309 comments
Jessie Jedd Nitro Williams No!!!! ordering that s*** in the first place was the mistake
John Macdougall Need to clean that shit up son.
Matthew Jones Like eating this poison wasn't already a travesty. Fucking robots.
Kerry Kilcrease Yep and that was MCFUCKIN STUPID! WTF happened to TOSH ? seriously
Jon Skwerl Spilling your shit smelling garbage BEFORE you skitter into a crowded public space isn't cruel, it's karma.
03:24 12/09/2017

I'll give you a million dollars if you actually know what every button on all the remotes in your house does. [via Uberhumor]

6.6k reactions 1881 comments
Lisa L. Brazil McCray I have the ones in the house down! But the car I still don't know all the things it can do! But I hate when I get unwanted calls in my car! It is bad enough on my home phone and cell but in my car! Enough!
Ed Cline You know they make universal remotes that you can program on your computer right? I have one remote that controls the TV, Audio System, XBox, Blu-Ray, DVR, and even cooks up bacon.
Megan Strong I know what everything on my controller does...but we gotta do this for my dad because god forbid a controller has more than 3 buttons 😂
Richardson Daniel I kinda would think that knowing how to use the tools that you have is common pace.. Yes, I know what all the buttons on all the remotes in this house dose. //_= But I doubt that makes me as special as some one who won Who wants to be a Millionaire.
Brandon Hanagan Well i better see at least some of that money for my pro answer here Every button on every remote A)activates a inferred light telling a electronic what to do. Or B) sends out electronic signal telling a electronic what to do.
03:24 12/09/2017

It's the season of giving and Tosh.0 is doing our part.

401 reactions 21 comments
Jonathan Copeland Jim Campbell
Colin Miller Andrea Bergstrom Miller
Raul Sanchez Jr Jane Oryol
Kyle D Fletcher Dalton Hyde
Lucas Hiebert Jackie Hiebert
03:24 12/09/2017

Tosh.0's cover photo

141 reactions 38 comments
Franky Falic Finally a tool I can use! 😘
Holly Young I want to write jokes for your show!
Roberto Jimenez Id rather hire home depot workers
Jeff McCoy Looking for tools? ACE has em’!
Rob Stewart Looks more like Ace Ventura
03:24 12/09/2017

Between this and the Backgammon app, I wouldn't plan on seeing dad until Christmas morning. [via Imgur]

1.5k reactions 664 comments
Jim Manning John Behrens the hell with a scarf and gloves!! Looks downright comfortable!!
Ryan W Hoese Corbin was this what the lady was at masu was knitting last night? 😂
Liz Stewart But it leaves SUCH a pretty pattern on yer bum!!
Blair Stalder Kay Mike hahahahahhahahahahahahaha a
James Digby Amy-lee Digby forget the seashells this is the new toilet seat we're having
14:36 12/06/2017

I hope the stewardesses brought a lint roller. [via HugeLOL]

506 reactions 192 comments
Forrest Wyatt Hodges If you see something, say something
Karyn J. Powers “Flight attendant, I’d like to give up my seat and take a saner flight.”
Alexander LeonWager as a guy who went to fur con in reno let me tell you none of those fluffy bastereds are virgins have u ever been on extacy and rubbed on a furry you dont know what fucking crazy is until u fucked a furry and never saw her face!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler Holloway Hope they brought an industrial size barrel of purel...
Brian Cruz Sabrina ewwww imagine being on a flight with those hahaha
14:36 12/06/2017

From zero to heaven in 3 seconds.

7.4k reactions 856 comments
Griffin S Hasler Mitch Hasler I imagine the first time you were on your bike, you were like the chick at the end.
Adam Treviño Krystal Audry Davila tosh.o explains why you’re never getting a motorcycle 😂
Jeffrey Beck Ron Beck that's how shoes go on power lines!
Grace Cordova Vigil Mary Sanchez there's plenty of room on that lap gurl
Rj Smitley Brandi Whoolery that fucking shoe lmao
14:36 12/06/2017

He nursed a whole litter of Siberian Huskies with those nips. [via Reddit]

3.2k reactions 1714 comments
Paulo Carvalho With those sized up hutters i think he nursed a couple of bear cubs.
Neal Fifer There are some people that just need to be weeded out of the gene pool
Jason Bennett I love that he had to write "dog tits" to know what it is lmao
Elizabeth Warnke Amber Early why does this seem like something you would do? Lmao jp jp
A Marshall Bailey the tattoos some people get...
14:36 12/06/2017

Even couch potatoes have to leave the house sometimes. [via Imgur]

396 reactions 87 comments
Jay Compton Santa does it once a year.
Shawn Crawford suddenly potatoes
Eric Willard An Irish bus..potatoes..how original.
Robert Cadmus Shouldnt they be on a short bus?
Lindsey Siney Trevor Drury are you driving this bus?
Saina Nehwal
21:48 12/06/2017

18.5k reactions 275 comments
Ganesha Ram Jat जय हो
ES Sumathi Lovely
Pradeep Agarwal Jai jai shree RAM
Víğñęşh Şţą Saina Love You Ummma❤❤❤
Rajendra Nidar Great.... Congratulations
14:36 12/06/2017

That's because we got to it first, Darby.

594 reactions 88 comments
Logan Fulton Ryan David Fulton 😂😂😂😂
Nate Wellner Joshua Gollan HAHA
Scott Baker Connor Lichtenberg CT Shillenn Randy Price
Justin Moore Rachel Blachura
Travis Small Eddie Vandermark HA
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