The Stig
16:24 02/22/2017

Unseen #StigCam: ride onboard with The Stig in a BMW M2

807 reactions 89 comments
Iain Stafford Pat Mcgovern
Rabih Fares He smashed that floor
Lars-Jörgen Persson Mikael Melker
Ewan Mews Sholto is this u is yours?
Robin Van Walsem He changes gears really bad and slowly. What a noob!
Rosa Mendes
10:18 02/16/2017

We at Totally Fit Mama support @nutritionschool for all they have taught us, shared, enlightened us on and contribute to the world of #nutrition and #healthandwellness. They have taught us to help you!!! It's #healthcoachweek! #iingrad #empowerment #gratitude #healthcoach #nutritioneducation #changingtheworld #iincongress

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Aryan Khanna maa ki chut
George William Gockel How are you Rosa?
George William Gockel Happy Valentine's Day Rosa.
Clarence Marsh happy valentine's day!!
Jason Huhn I heard that you have officially retired from wrestling. I wish you the best on your future endeavors.
Rosa Mendes
08:42 02/11/2017

2.4k reactions 848 comments
Jeffrey Lapp Are you even still employed by the WWE?
Ernesto Mendoza Hi Rosa you would've been a great women's champion!!!
Regina Long R u going to come back and what brand will u go to
Erick Castillo Taquitos doradas, que rico! Saludos desde Tijuana mexico
Jamie Chaisson Will Rosa be writing a cook book or something in the future?💕
Rosa Mendes
08:42 02/11/2017

We will be cooking live today at 5pm EST. Follow @totallyfitmama on IG for the Q and A😄

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Jeremy Madrigal Valverde Costa Rica Rosa Mendes
Urbano Rocha She needs to be in the ring
Mukesh Rathod I REALY big fan Mem
Eddie Pessalano Enjoy
Carrie Lynne Merklin Miss u all
The Stig
11:30 02/07/2017


3.6k reactions 268 comments
Billy Bridges Ludo Graham Rupert Boddington
Pierre-Alessandro Caridi Florentin Desperrier
Jeroen van Eekeres With these 3, TG stands a chance of becoming a program to watch again.
Chris Pilkington Simon Taylor
Sivert Hennum Zachariah A. Benjamin
Rosa Mendes
07:00 02/06/2017

Working out with my bestie and business partner!

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Ahmad Khan FOR BOT CONTACT <3 #MALIK_ARYAN <3 <3 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ <3 <3 BOT BY #KING_BOT_TEAM <3 <3 LIIKE,TK <3 <3
Anassoft Na Mios Baabou اخويا كنضرب 1000 فالطراكسيو
Mhamed B. Wurie I love you ladies
Lambert Good morning
Rosa Mendes
07:00 02/06/2017

Our lives are so fast paced, the days go by in a blink of an eye, it's important to take a few minutes out of the day to take care of you. Our #athomeworkout makes it so much easier to fit into your busy schedules. #comingsoon #designedbythebest #noexcuses #motivation #fitlife #happiness #takecareofyourself #totallyfitmamafamily @mogyapp @totallyfitmama

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Ahmad Khan FOR BOT CONTACT <3 #MALIK_ARYAN <3 <3 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ <3 <3 BOT BY #KING_BOT_TEAM <3 <3 LIIKE,TK <3 <3
Mary Antunes Arrasa gata (rosa mendes
Wilfrid Malandain Jolie photo
Desmond Castro How's the little angel doing ?
Bo Chamberlain When you coming back to WWE ,,,,,
Ben Stiller
11:06 02/02/2017

More than half of the 35,000 refugees living in Azraq camp are children, this includes Hossein and Sema. Learn more about our visit and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency here: #WithRefugees 📷: Jin-Woo Prensena

2.1k reactions 62 comments
Shahdad Sk Bravo Ben thanks for raising awareness
Holly Yoder Aldahan God bless them.
Nicholas Desmarais Look at all those dangerous terrorist!
Kelly Stokes Kofron Thanks for shedding light on people in need, Ben.
Ben Stiller
11:06 02/02/2017

This family has been forced to accept the reality that Azraq is their home for now and they are making the best of it. Like all the refugees I met, they are filled with remarkable resilience and positivity. I’m so grateful to have met this warm, wonderful and generous family. To learn more about my trip and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, please visit: #WithRefugees

5.2k reactions 108 comments
Mark Cardis Allow your story to be heard... we need more of this
Kat RS I love a celebrity who brings awareness to human suffering.
Sandra Irwin-Drinkuth BEST wishes for them and others during this hard time!! ✌️❤🎸
Leonard Young How many refugees has Ben stiller opened his home too???? ZERO...
Angelique Rott You are blessed Ben ❤ It is so nice, that you take care of other peoples living.
Ben Stiller
11:06 02/02/2017

Alaa is a Syrian refugee mother who I met in Azraq camp in Jordan alongside her husband Mohammed and their children Hossein and Sema. She is an agricultural engineer and Mohammed a veterinarian – so they are both very well educated and had thriving careers in Syria that were stopped short because of the war. After speaking with them, I immediately felt how much they want to return home and get their lives back on track. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency #WithRefugees

11.4k reactions 266 comments
Tariq Djeddi Thank you Ben, the middle east now is terrible tragedy, you can't even notice when the battles began & what if you can go home one piece, hope tomorrow is better and all the countries in peace ✌
John Breckbuhl While you're in the neighborhood, why not pop over to Israel and ask your cousins there to stop funneling arms and cash into Syria.
Carol Godfrey Let's hope they can return home soon. Awareness is a good thing. Not sure what exactly will achieve by sitting for photos. Let's hope good. Why aren't their neighbouring rich countries helping them go home and solve things. Nobody ever replies or helps.
Cody Johnson i am just wondering why they dont take up arms like americans did against the british and overthrow their rulers and isis, with our help it could be done look at ww1 and ww2
Ashley Anthony If these were the types of refugees we actually had coming in, I would say welcome. They're not. We're getting young, fit men on a mission. There's a reason why those 7 countries had a halt placed on them. At my university, we have quite a large Muslim ...
Rosa Mendes
05:24 02/01/2017

1.0k reactions 159 comments
Rolando Ajanel Hey i wanna no Rosa Shi gou back too wwe
Charlie Saltos Pacheco Te amo rosa mendes
Gill Evers Shut that turkey up in the background!
Jitendra Kumar Singh What are you doing
Shannon Louise Reid Hi rose how are you tonight
The Stig
09:54 02/02/2017

Unseen StigCam: turn it up and watch The Stig wrestle Aston’s track-only Vulcan and its Herculean V12 around the TG test track

9.1k reactions 824 comments
Mark Pointon Ryan Little
Jonathan Stein Linneu Linardi
Michael Botros Andrew Rowais time for an upgrade?!
João Madeira Bruno Henriques
David Sharp This is how all new drivers drive to the shops .... lol
Ben Stiller
22:18 01/30/2017

I met these amazing university students in Azraq refugee camp in Jordan with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Their education came to a halt due to the war in Syria. Now, while living in the camp, they are taking online courses at a UNHCR-funded community center. It's an extremely motivating place. ‪#WithRefugees

3.1k reactions 71 comments
Zahraa Hamdan Nice work Ben❤
Steve O'Reilly Thanks for all you're doing Mr. Stiller!!!
Tina Curtis Good work Ben!! Nice to hear some positive truths 👍🏻
Andrew Jervis How much did you donate to them?
Brock William Odd how I've never seen a Ben stiller post until now
Ben Stiller
22:18 01/30/2017

These kids have been through so much, but are so vibrant and positive. #WithRefugees UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency 📷: Jin-Woo Prensena

3.1k reactions 70 comments
Gaby Villar More Ben Stiller need the world
Chakib Plaza Good job Ben :-)
Mane Shivani Jimenez Trincado Que hermoso tu gesto de comunicar este punto de vista, en estos tiempos es necesario
Nathan Och Couldn't he just build them all homes?
Mini Lafée I hope their country will be safe for them soon. very sad.
Ben Stiller
22:18 01/30/2017

Azraq refugee camp in Jordan is home to some 35,000 Syrian refugees. The first thing I noticed when I arrived with @UNHCR was just how big it is. It’s huge - it dominates the horizon. Driving in, it seems barren but as you enter the camp, you start to see signs of life and people walking around and riding bicycles. And you feel this sense of humanity and a life energy that I wasn’t expecting to experience in a camp of people who had been forced from their homes and had lost everything. I wrote about it here: To learn more about my trip and @UNHCR, please visit: #WithRefugees

2.9k reactions 97 comments
John Hernandez Put a few dozen in the Stiller mansion!
Michael Mathis Why don't you give away all your money to help them?
Lorde Joseph Perhaps we should just destroy their wicked governments so they can go home? the best idea yet
Hilda Rdz I am happy that you help to stagente that you give the children joy and the truth I admire you that pyes you the difference you are a good human you do not need to be president and less to have an important position and look you have already done the ...
Sandie Gail The level of ignorance and hatred on this post is mind-boggling.
Ben Stiller
22:18 01/30/2017

During my recent trip to Jordan with @UNHCR, I met Syrian refugee families who lived in both camps and urban settings. I learned that no one chooses to be a refugee and that most refugees desperately want to return home. Below are a few highlights from my trip. I also wrote about it here: #WithRefugees

10.6k reactions 259 comments
Nick Stath They want to return home yet none of them is fighting for that home...Instead they go to other countries....Because they want to get back home.....Ben you're daft man, don't know if you're on meds or something but your reasoning is stupid.
Paula Deek Thank you caring enough to visit and share your thoughts. Many horrific things come out of war and a very sad one is the children not being able to live laugh and play children should .. many experience PTSD as war is all they've known their entire ...
Desiree Soper 8 kids and the father can't work and by the looks of the fat boy they are not starving. We shouldn't be supporting these people that recklessly over breed and put the burden of their support on western civilizations. Muslims spread Islam spreads and ...
Jenny Dougan Very poignant and so true. Innocent normal people get caught up in tragedies because of criminals and terrorists in life its tragic and its true they all just want to move forward and get some kind of life back if they are still alive after the cause of ...
Apollo Sy Why don't you go to Syria to see the refugees inside Syria why it has to be always Jordan or Turkey or Lebanon why don't you go to Syria to see who is causing this??do you see how people live without power or Hydro or any kind of life because of the ...
Ben Stiller
22:18 01/30/2017

These kids are part of an amazing family that just resettled in the US! Excited to welcome them #WithRefugees @UNHCR 📷: Jin-Woo Prensena

5.0k reactions 118 comments
Mel Rahimi Looks like they were some of the last ones to resettle in the US :-/
Antonello Galati Weird! You are excited for them come in US... I would be more excited for them stay SAFE at their home!
Ali El-Araby Quite not the best place for them these days, why not Canada?
Christopher Ruegsegger I'm curious as to how many refugees Hollywood takes in. How many of their gated communities are home to refugees?
Kara Johnston <3 <3 <3 may the light surround their lives blessing them with peace and abundance
Ben Stiller
09:30 01/28/2017

Ben Stiller's cover photo

24.0k reactions 249 comments
Jordan Kerr AM Black Tuna..haha hero...Am A Turtle this is awesome go ninja go ninja go...
Michael J. Lofberg I think; "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" should have won The Ocsar's, a few year's ago, but I just saw one of your 1st. 88 movies with Molly Ringwall, I bet RD, Jr. might kid, what a kid, Goy, then. Say hi, to him after our 5, O7, meeting's, leading ...
Giuseppe Giannotta Hi Ben ! Long time no see .. You still own me the money I lent you ... Remember !
Mostafa Abd Alrehman This is the meaning of humanity in the West in the Arab countries inhuman
Kaeley Glasco Very kind and giving gesture. #BenStiller How about working on some movies? No more sequels, prequels, or remakes, please. #LoveYouBye #LYB
Ben Stiller
09:30 01/28/2017

3.8k reactions 103 comments
Feras Ghanem #benstiller you are the best actor I ever seen
Callum Kitson Should have been called The Circle of trust.
Fer Hamza not all heroes wear capes
Rosa Mendes
03:48 01/27/2017

1.1k reactions 168 comments
Serah Manase What the best way to cook salmon ?
Michael Kelly Miss you on www love you you go wish you all the best
Christopher Paul Cipriani Making sure dinner ready for when I get home
Lucy Worsham Hi Rosa!!
Alana Bailey Are u planing on coming back to wwe rosa
Ben Stiller
20:42 01/25/2017

I recently travelled to Jordan with the #UNHCR to meet #WithRefugees. Wrote about it here:

Ben Stiller:
Ben Stiller: 'Nobody Wants to Be a Refugee'

'Compassion and security are not mutually exclusive'

1.5k reactions 81 comments
Ola Nassar Respect your work.
Frank Mauersberger Thank you
Bret Alexander Schnitzer Good man!
Moni Reinoso you are great, thank for helping the refugees, great job Ben!!!
Guy Katz The soloution is not to bring the whole of the Middle East to the west.the colonial borders need to be re drawn so as to seperate the different ethnic groups
The Stig
19:30 01/25/2017

StigCam: ride onboard with The Stig in the 345bhp Ford Focus RS

2.2k reactions 228 comments
Mick Booker Jessica Cassidy
Alva L. Skyman Lars Olsson
Fazila Skrue Saber <3
Jonathan Le Gall Ilo Léandro, je t'enmenerai faire un tour dans ce genre un jour ! mdr...
Craig Mauer Tim Wiggill Chad Mauer
The Stig
05:06 01/18/2017

Unseen StigCam: Does a 645bhp V10 Viper cause The Stig any trouble on track? ‘Course not.

3.1k reactions 193 comments
Justin Kessler V10, no music required.
Jozef Stig Vrtiel LIKE
Kamil Wiktor Grzesiński stupid
Lucas Lopez Ivan Lamas
William Grand Hansen Har du set her Michael Jørgensen ?
The Stig
03:30 01/13/2017

Unseen #StigCam: ride onboard with The Stig in an Audi R8 V10 Plus

8.7k reactions 751 comments
Arnold Eglseder Christoph. Manuel. Andreas. Schauts eich des oh. Do wird oan schlecht wie de vw dosn untersteuert und ned einlenkt...
Bram Matthijssen Floor
Anton Bless Williamson Mark Abisetti
Jordon Stamm Brett Meredith
Djo Sparcø Propre 👌
The Stig
01:54 01/08/2017

Stig's New Year's resolution #5: spend more time in the gym

2.4k reactions 49 comments
Tobi Wankenobi Mar Ru
Mitch Brown awkward.
Wu B Gaurinn Dan Kelley 😂😂😂
Luisa Ricciuti Lol Dario Pugliese!
Gary Floyd Poor stig
The Stig
13:06 01/05/2017

Stig's New Year's resolution #4: lose weight

2.1k reactions 41 comments
Henrik Næs Olav Skogmo
Farhad Zulfiqar Ali Dossa Qalbe Zulfiqar its gona happen
Jimmy Tao Honestly. Who is Stig without the trio? Send him to the grand tour and start over completely fresh.
Joseph Poutre Burn that rubber, Stiggy!
D.j. Pfeiffer Most weight stig has is top gear
The Stig
13:06 01/05/2017

Stig's New Year's resolution #3: eat more healthily

4.2k reactions 109 comments
Libby Leonard Some say his only companion is a battery powered cat..... all we know is he's called the stig
林逸展 #4:watch The Grand Tour
Jon Dunson Cat food and batteries hmmm ok
Charlie Barber Should be to get a part on grande tour, but each to his own.
Heather Behrens Nick Behrens lol
The Stig
00:18 01/03/2017

Stig's New Year's resolution #2: try new things

10.0k reactions 274 comments
Abu Klaus Amr Ghaith
Rachael Bailey Photoshopped. Hes not even on that bus 😂
Justin Case #clarksonforpm
Lawrence Caleb Garrison So grand tour ? Yea? Come on stigy. You know you want to.
Rui Silva Chris Save
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