The Stig
03:30 01/13/2017

Unseen #StigCam: ride onboard with The Stig in an Audi R8 V10 Plus

8.7k reactions 751 comments
Arnold Eglseder Christoph. Manuel. Andreas. Schauts eich des oh. Do wird oan schlecht wie de vw dosn untersteuert und ned einlenkt...
Bram Matthijssen Floor
Anton Bless Williamson Mark Abisetti
Jordon Stamm Brett Meredith
Djo Sparcø Propre 👌
The Stig
01:54 01/08/2017

Stig's New Year's resolution #5: spend more time in the gym

2.4k reactions 49 comments
Tobi Wankenobi Mar Ru
Mitch Brown awkward.
Wu B Gaurinn Dan Kelley 😂😂😂
Luisa Ricciuti Lol Dario Pugliese!
Gary Floyd Poor stig
The Stig
13:06 01/05/2017

Stig's New Year's resolution #4: lose weight

2.1k reactions 41 comments
Henrik Næs Olav Skogmo
Farhad Zulfiqar Ali Dossa Qalbe Zulfiqar its gona happen
Jimmy Tao Honestly. Who is Stig without the trio? Send him to the grand tour and start over completely fresh.
Joseph Poutre Burn that rubber, Stiggy!
D.j. Pfeiffer Most weight stig has is top gear
The Stig
13:06 01/05/2017

Stig's New Year's resolution #3: eat more healthily

4.2k reactions 109 comments
Libby Leonard Some say his only companion is a battery powered cat..... all we know is he's called the stig
林逸展 #4:watch The Grand Tour
Jon Dunson Cat food and batteries hmmm ok
Charlie Barber Should be to get a part on grande tour, but each to his own.
Heather Behrens Nick Behrens lol
The Stig
00:18 01/03/2017

Stig's New Year's resolution #2: try new things

10.0k reactions 274 comments
Abu Klaus Amr Ghaith
Rachael Bailey Photoshopped. Hes not even on that bus 😂
Justin Case #clarksonforpm
Lawrence Caleb Garrison So grand tour ? Yea? Come on stigy. You know you want to.
Rui Silva Chris Save
The Stig
00:18 01/03/2017

Stig's New Year's resolution #1: spend more time with the family

11.7k reactions 141 comments
Samantha Dooley Matt Dooley xx
Yann Brn Jeff Brn
Peter Noble He will have plenty of time now.
Darren Woods So what he's moving to Amazon Prime then ? I mean you did say family.
Sofie Alerstedt Degner Rickard Alerstedt
The Stig
09:54 12/26/2016

How to royally stuff everything this Christmas, with The Stig

6.6k reactions 235 comments
Nicholas Rausch Stig lives matter
Thomas Carre Romain Perrin
Matty Godden Missy Rose
Max Young Chris Young
Max Young Mitch Andrews
The Stig
21:06 12/23/2016

Please don’t try this at home. Unless you don’t particularly like your home

635 reactions 40 comments
Michael Ghim Where's Jeremy
Pia Petersen Stig Petersen
Brownie Molly Merry Christmas Stig. I hope you find a new job one day. Maybe Jeremy , James and Richard can hire you to mow grass or something .
Michael Poulton Tracy Evans Chris Jones
Andrew Bailey Could of had an explosion or something, alas all the fun went with Jeremy and co
The Stig
21:06 12/23/2016

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree/Destroyed by Stig unintentionally

3.4k reactions 89 comments
Ste Hilton The stig, destroyed by the BBC when this once great TV show does the decent thing & vanishes off air.
Dan Trudgian Some say the visual gag of "The stig" is done And if he were on demand he would be classed as Communist too.. All I know, is im done with Top Gear...
Sharon Gill Amit UkGill Homes your style of Christmas tree
Geoff Gibson some say he once mistook a christmas tree for the grinch
Christian Heidemann Merry christmas , Stig and to the rest from the BBC specialy your 3 buddys ,from Germany
The Stig
21:06 12/23/2016

Two surprises here: 1 - Stig has Christmas decorations, 2 - Stig has a reflection

1.9k reactions 30 comments
Thorsten Balthes Too bad The Stig got stuck with the neglectful parent in the divorce...
Igor Čepo If we are ever to find out who's behind the mask?
Ashrf Gharaibeh Ahmad H Gharaibeh 😂😂
Bryan Hann I thought they were photos *of* the Stig.
Lea Mcgee 🎅🎄🎅
The Stig
08:18 12/21/2016

The owners of this house were overjoyed with Stig’s festive wreath. Until they tried to drive to work

2.8k reactions 50 comments
Stuart Austen Kayleigh Bovingdon
Jonathan Pearl You know they miss him when they replaced him with a fat american who thinks everyone is a communist.
Brenda Hassler Aaaaaaaah i love youuu!
Paul Adrian Wubben David Wubben christmas project for next year ;)
Josh Winter So, when are the other three getting custody of him?
Rosa Mendes
16:36 12/22/2016

She is a morning person just like her Mama!

5.5k reactions 138 comments
Lois Weinberger Aww she's adorable!!
SandraAnabelle Garcia So beautiful.
Yoonus Abdullah very cute
Israel Frutos cute pic
The Stig
08:18 12/21/2016

He stayed on the doorstep like that for two whole days after this pic was taken...

4.5k reactions 69 comments
Šnicl Beti The Grand Tour anyone? 😂
Frank Clackum Some say he is Santa's twin brother.
Les Moseley Be heard and not seen Stig ... !
Jimi McAulay Stiggy's look awful skinny, I guess he didn't handle the break up well...
Shaun Barnard Should iron his suit for once
The Stig
19:30 12/18/2016

The Stig, misunderstanding the term “self-gifting”

3.1k reactions 64 comments
Luciano Morales The Stog!!!
Jungseok Yoon is it a present for Grand Tour?
Ryan Bland Mail him over to GT with the others, we need the squad back
Philippe Neveu Go to the grand tour
Ari Davalos we miss you Stig! Come back to the boys :D
Rosa Mendes
03:48 12/20/2016

Thank you Bobby Schubenski for the early Christmas surprise, off to the LA Lakers game in Cleveland!

2.8k reactions 22 comments
Ilda Gonzalez hot
Carolina Carrasco Nahuelfil Linda
Brian Jack Still beautiful Minka
Urbano Rocha Lakers suck
Ruben Oscar Airace Saludos Rosita!!!!!!!
The Stig
19:30 12/18/2016

Every Yule, The Stig likes to bury himself waist-high in snow and stand there for the entire holiday

5.4k reactions 92 comments
Philip Himmelreich So is The Stig now unemployed? It's too bad The Grand Tour can't use that character...the NASCAR guy just doesn't fit with the Holy Triumvirate
Larry Hirtzel Shouldnt you be making stiggy pudding?
Lucas Stemba The American isn't the funniest bit, but the Stig bit isn't funny either.
Jackiee Tranzer Jonas Modler sobald es endlich schneit will ich das auch
Fogarasi Balazs Levente Come on BBC! Give up the copyrights to the Grand Tour. Give this man a job again!
The Stig
06:42 12/16/2016

Nothing to do with Christmas here. Stig's just drying out his detachable foot

1.8k reactions 38 comments
Aaron Mckee Fionn Burke Rhys Nixon
David Abraham Modou Minteh
Brendan Carroll Give the rights for "the stig" to grand tour.
Alex Rhodes Oh its a foot
Aaron Beecham Has he asked santa for his old crew back
The Stig
06:42 12/16/2016

🎶 Now bring us some Stiggy pudding, now bring us some Stiggy pudding 🎶

6.1k reactions 193 comments
Andreas Ta David Ri backst du mir den ....biiiiittte 😘😍
Michelle Renee Criddle John Criddle
Cheung Kam Ting Felix Some say that the pudding inside was full of fuel.
Chris Tubey Some say the Stig died. But was reborn as an angry American!!
Chris Dainer Now we know what is inside the helmet. Sticky Date Pudding.
The Stig
17:54 12/13/2016

On the festive menu this year: Stigs in blankets, Stiglets and Quality Stig

363 reactions 210 comments
John Hanson Kieran Hanson
Martin Williams Who?
Line Singer Peter?
Christophe Lourenço Mozzarela Stig delicious!
David Lambert Euan Findlay Ralph Johnston
Rosa Mendes
05:24 11/17/2016

First time meeting Santa!

7.3k reactions 90 comments
Anthony J Roberson The baby is not impressed
Lydia Elizondo What a beauty !
Gary Kesterson Jr How nice.
Amanda Velez Awwwwwwwww she's so adorable
Jennifer Gonzalez Aw how cute
Rosa Mendes
21:00 10/24/2016

These two! ?

1.0k reactions 40 comments
Jacob Pace Nice picture
Anica Shaw So cute
Leanord Badger Very gorgeous
Raquel Aguilar Beautiful
Freddy Otero So cute....
Rosa Mendes
18:20 10/22/2016

My perfect little family!

3.3k reactions 30 comments
Anna Townsend Amen
James Appawoo Just beautiful...
Raja I love it
Jill Ethington Boy is she growing nice pic.
Monik Gonzalez Qué linda Primita un abrazo enorme!!!????
Rosa Mendes
10:20 10/16/2016

Outfit of the day!

5.4k reactions 95 comments
Peter Pintek And you had a baby ? Omg!!!
Dale Campbell Looking very beautiful in that outfit!
Latoya Tinsley You look fabulous rosa
George William Gockel I can't to see you Rosa to get back in the ring.
Amber Pirie Beautiful Rosa!! When u coming back?!?!?!
Ben Stiller
21:55 10/06/2016

So, I had cancer a couple of years ago and I wanted to talk about it. And the test that saved my life.

The Prostate Cancer Test That Saved My Life
The Prostate Cancer Test That Saved My Life

“So, yeah, it’s cancer.”

16.1k reactions 629 comments
David Srein Dear Ben: I am a veteran, retired from the Army during 1991 and lucky to have Military Health care. I am 63 and when I was 55 I had a routine physical and my Army doctor saw my PSA was a little high and had a "gut feeling" I had prostate cancer. Turned ...
Annie Ford Those first diagnosing words never leave the mind. So life changing. Bless you for sharing your story in such a candid, well written (of course), encouraging way! I'm grateful for you and for your family (and for all of us unknown to you that value and ...
Pia Borre It is so important to be as early as possible. Don't be afraid of the doctor! Listen to your body.❣️ My father have prostate cancer but will never get rid of it. It is not an option to get surgery so he's on serious medicine. He's regularly at the ...
Ariel Rose Ben, As a second cousin of yours who's paternal grandfather died from prostate cancer, this gives me conflicted feelings. While I am elated that you are ok, but I'm sad that my brothers and son now have this risk on both sides. Early detection ...
Jen Vargas Thank you for sharing your experience, Ben Stiller. Certain forms of cancer have always been stigmatized as a whisper topic, only talked about by those who are diagnosed, and most times with embarrassment. I'm glad you've opened this conversational door ...
Rosa Mendes
11:32 09/27/2016

Family Selfie!

6.1k reactions 41 comments
Cheryl Adams Keefer Godwin why is natalya there if family selfie
Becha Nzinga C'est la famille?
Tamer Samir Abd Elhamed So cute
Shanice Kennebrew Aw baby look just like daddy
Syed Abdul Jabbar Storyani Really good selfe
Rosa Mendes
04:20 09/17/2016

The juiciest, most delicious chicken ever!! Easy, simple and fast., the free recipe is on my Instagram page. @wwerosamendes

835 reactions 17 comments
Rifat Hossain Papry Pol
Pritpal Mahay Akshay?
Md Al Amin I lik
Jacob Pace Nice picture
Eddie Pessalano Rose that looks great.
Rosa Mendes
01:48 09/15/2016

The filmmaker who made our Totally Fit Mama videos is continuing his great work. Check out what he just created for the great city of Pittsburgh. Follow Marcus Morelli of Skene 19 Films on FB/Instagram/YouTube!

93 reactions 3 comments
George William Gockel Very nice picture Rosa.
Syaifan M Iqbal hay, if you want to watch the latest and most popular movies, I provide for you, you can click on the link and registration, after registration you can watch it ful without any cuts in the Movie Don't Breathe
Sufi Usman Very nice and lovely personality of ur plz don't mind the same one 2
Rosa Mendes
01:48 09/15/2016

I'm the luckiest woman in the world. They hold my heart.

5.8k reactions 68 comments
Any Pito Such a beautiful family God bless u all
Mike Roderick Mamaní Alarcon cuando vuelves a WWE
Carrie Violet Williams Beautiful family rosa
Marc M Rus Such a beautiful family
Renee Confinante Stallone Gorgoeus family
Rosa Mendes
11:55 09/12/2016

Reading a bedtime story before WWE SmackDown Live!

2.5k reactions 36 comments
Jennifer Peter cute
Ashley Nicole Logan aww
Jose Torres ?❤️?❤️?❤️?
Eddie Pessalano Very cute.
Ikechukwu God'spower Like that
Rosa Mendes
11:55 09/12/2016

I can't stop kissing those cheeks.

11.2k reactions 150 comments
Ann Fontenot Good momie
James Michael Conn Jr. So beautiful as ever just like Rosa
Sameer Khan .nyc pec
Kevin Rhoads She's beautiful
Shonta Monique Walker She is so freaking cute
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