李连杰 Jet Li
04:18 01/15/2017

Stan is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighter filmed by my team at jetli.com. Stay tuned for the complete version in the near future. #jetlihero

16.8k reactions 244 comments
Tim Cardy Looking forward to seeing the website going live.
Hasib Ahsan In the agintent news to samurai shaOlin institutions.AHSAN HASIB .NCA
G Wang गुरुङ Baran Dede lookout for this movie
Andre Luis Ai Caio Stephano o cara que treina com o Jet Li é BR \o/
Effendy 张仁耀 Teo Roddy Teo nah KKBB... BJJ...
The Killers
02:42 01/13/2017

Dearest! Frolic in the forest with us and a bunch of other fine people! #tinderbox

7.4k reactions 461 comments
Adhe Maulana OMG...Finaly found the link to watch movie FREE without register here, movie.com Watch_Fifty_Shades_Darker http://condolmovies.blogspot.com/2017/01/watchfiftyshadesdarker.html
Marc Lamb looks amazing.. don't get a good excuse to go to Odense very often
Dawn Old Sonja Mapstone looks like KOL and killers are in Denmark so won't be at glasto
Kelly Donohoe Where is this??? Stuart finally something Luke will go to with me!!!!
Ursula Hanly Catriona O'Brien look at the line up, its like Oxygen 2009 all over again! Will we go????😜
李连杰 Jet Li
15:30 01/12/2017

The Chinese word 壹 (yī) means one. I have this idea that everyone is the same. We are ONE big family, no matter our race or skin color. This is a photo of me having fun during a photo shoot. Stay tuned for more updates! #JetLi #OneFoundation

47.7k reactions 641 comments
Juanito Vitales Bumactao Wish I could shoot photos of one of the greatest martial artist and actor 李连杰 Jet Li
Mike Burgos The feelings of doing good is different from doing bad,and I agree what colors we are, we are from one according to the Bible and Science
Cherylin Phan very cool and I believe we are all one and we need to help each other! Cheers and smile!
Eddie Burnette that's cool i have some art work for you soon hope you like it
Ayman Boudichat - #WeAreOne no matter what his color, black or white, it doesn't matter. Love you, my idol 😍😍
The Killers
13:54 01/10/2017

I'm thinkin' orange chicken for life and we'll let you off the hook for using our stuff.

83.8k reactions 1028 comments
Jackson Williams Ally I was gonna tag you but I saw that you liked it but here I am tagging you anyway
Frank Hill Amanda Hart Would you effing die or what???? I'd bust out rock band on the spot....
Coleman Brett Ashley Atashi this cracked me up and made me think of you and Dorman!
Susan Vilkoski Sobutka For some reason, when I first read that, I thought it said, SMELL like you mean it... so it took me a minute. 😂😂😂👃👀
Jonathan Hamrick "There will be mountains in your future that will bring doubt. You will succeed, if you take it slow."
The Killers
13:54 01/10/2017

The Killers's cover photo

24.9k reactions 159 comments
Alexander Hall I'm ready for this!
Fernanda Caroline não brinquem com meu coração
Fernanda Caroline um tiro doeria menos
Roberts Summer Sera la portada de su nuevo disco 😱😱😱
Brunna Clarissa Miguez Susana Boatto OMG! I don't think I can wait any longer
The Killers
13:54 01/10/2017

The Killers

29.8k reactions 280 comments
Julie Michelle Vigil I love this ...my dream is to sit up close and shake your hands ... up there on my bucket list ... ❤❤❤❤❤
Valezka Gomez Rosario De La Cerda could be!!! It seems like it's going to be a good year!!!
Scott Williams Didn't like this colour until now Elizabeth Kendall
Melanie Tzimas Loving the killers even more now ❤️❤️❤️ Sophie is a Bae William Varney
李连杰 Jet Li
13:54 01/07/2017

Sharing some behind-the-scenes photos from Hero. It's always a pleasure to be part of such a great film production. #JetLiMovie (Copyright by respective production studio and/or distributor. Intended for editorial use only.)

25.2k reactions 310 comments
Wingpin Ma I enjoy it... Magandang pelikula means nice movie...thank you
Valeriiaa Francy Lopez Rodas Aunq no se nada de artes marciales me encanta y quisiera practicarla jet li eres hermoso 💞💞💞💞💞
Maite Hernandez My king so good movies old of them my respet i love you so fucking much Jet.
Paulo Franky Sani Tau gak Siapa Yang Sering Banget ngintipin profil Fb kamu? Caranya Buka www. ikutshare .com jangan kaget yaaaa ok haha
Irisney Rose Filmassooooooooo HERO!!!!!!Gosto de todos os seus filmes parabéns pelo sucesso JET LI.
李连杰 Jet Li
01:06 01/05/2017

@David Losolla I wish you all the best in achieving your goal. @Elle V Winchester, thank you for sharing this with me.

25.7k reactions 379 comments
Cheryl Lee I love you Jet Li and I love your movies you are fantastic actor.xxxx
Margie Martinez Amazing! Your the first actor who truly cares about your fans and responds! Awesome!
靜義 Please 李连杰 Jet Li post more :) i really like you heaps forever .
Paulius Racinskas I dream that one day ps2 game Jet Li rise to honor be remastered on ps4! As it has epic soundtrack and epic fights...
Julius Geonde Mataso I dont feel tired to wach any movie of yours. The body gurd from Beijing the movie that I like so much.
The Killers
23:30 01/02/2017

So far, so good.

51.9k reactions 1863 comments
Nick Feliciano Christian McLaughlin good to see Paul is dancing around and looking a bit more healthy
Jane Cyprus Am having withdrawals. You need to tour England UK this year PLEASEEEE!
Christian Glenn How can you feel the moment watching "a gig" thru the screen of your friggin' phone?!
Mario E. Ornelas ChristianVeg Dude, Paul McCartney is letting the killers jam with him.
Chris Miller Where was this performance on NYE instead of some lip-syncing has-been?
The Killers
23:30 01/02/2017

Here's to smooth sailing in 2017! #HappyNewYear

34.5k reactions 296 comments
Fernando Medina Why didn't you guys offer to play at the Quinceanera de Rubi last week? JK. Hope you guys are doing well.
Bruno Gomes Esses caras são de outro mundo! Feliz Ano Novo The killers!😉👌👍
Andrea Simons Happy New Year!! Can't wait for the new album and seeing you live again!! Please come back to Amsterdam soon!! 😄 🎉🎶💜
Jonathan Daniel I barely recognize Dave and Mark 🤔
Patricia Davies My 10th anniversary in 2017 so guys please come back to uk and especially Wales x
李连杰 Jet Li
12:18 01/02/2017

3…2…1… Happy New Year 2017!

304.5k reactions 7596 comments
Tenzin Gyaltsen As a big fan of Jet Lee, Tai Chi Master, I wish you all have a Happy New Year with prosperous, healthy and wealthy China, hoping to watch new Chinese movies with Jet Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, etc..as always.
Amado Landa Que este Año Nuevo 2017 te permita dilucidar lo mejor para tu vida y la de los tuyos, valorando siempre a los que más te quieren, pues sin ellos nada sería igual!. Éxitos y bendiciones para este Nuevo Año!
Michael Lo Happy new year, wish u and your family have a great year with full of happiness, fun and most important good health ...
Nelson Garces Jet Li , gran maestro en las artes marciales , saludo desde Cuba , soy tu fans y admirador #1 , mi gran sueño es si dios quiere poder verlo algún día en persona , y estrecharle la mano como un hermano y si no es mucho pedir , q me aceptara como su ...
Yusuf Amoo May you and your family enter the New Year with joy, Peace, fulfillment and faith that is strong enough to channel the goodness and favour of the coming year and years to come, to you all. In abundant blessings and love and peace will you all dwell by ...
姚明 Yao Ming
18:48 01/01/2017

A very big day in the wildlife world. GREAT news!

China’s vow to shut down its ivory trade by the end of 2017 is a ‘game changer’ for elephants
China’s vow to shut down its ivory trade by the end of 2017 is a ‘game changer’ for elephants

The announcement is the best news for beleaguered African elephants in years.

3.4k reactions 86 comments
Ellen Carolan You are a good man . Can you FREE TIBET PLEASE 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Leslie Jackson Thank you Yao for everything you have done.
Mark Masters Thank you Yao!
Sara Codner Finally!!!!! Thank you for making such a difference ❤️
Horace Lai Now please do something about global warming :)
李连杰 Jet Li
23:30 12/30/2016

A lot of people are curious about the types of Chinese martial arts that I practice. @Jason Murphy and @Sebastian Thomas Kritz I have practiced several types but to be honest I have never learned Wing Chun.

57.6k reactions 1110 comments
Grant Martin One of the greatest of all times....I didn't even know there were so many versions of wushu; have you thought about taking up muy thai?
Marie Cello Hi jet li, u'r the best role model among all movie artists in the world. More power to your " one foundation" 你的爱心是一级棒。我們在菲国为你加油
Nana Noguchi I like to see your martial arts in your movie. Although I know some types of them a little, I don't know difference in detail. I'm sorry. ↓one of favorite your movie with my cat's leg
Alie T Lie Wincung kungfu yipman .ha ha hah a teacher from bruce lee .is all good kungfu from saolim .storied long time ago .temple saulim burn then the 5 tiger .....so . the karate .wincung .and all kungfu . So all from saulim basic ...
Ferlindo Foncardaz Jr. Just go to youtube and search for Jet's Nan Quan routines as well as the Quan Dao. As early as 10 years old. Jet was already a very prolific performer. :)
The Killers
09:06 12/26/2016

Ho x3. #KillersChristmas www.islandrecords.com/thekillerschristmas/

12.7k reactions 126 comments
Sara Figueroa Merry xmas <3
Car Luna Feliz Navidad #theKillers love love love 🎄🎄🎄🎄
Renato da Hora Don't Shoot me Santa!
Jared Skinner Favorite Christmas songs
Nicola Gibson 😊 merry christmas... Cant wait to see what 2017 brings!
The Killers
09:06 12/26/2016

Vegas has a trend for tearing down landmarks. Let's not let them turn one of our most beautiful natural treasures into another 'development'. Keep the beauty. #SaveRedRock , #ProtectNature , #KeepRedRockRural

Keep Red Rock Rural
Keep Red Rock Rural

I just signed a petition at iPetitions.com. Please join me in supporting this important cause!

2.5k reactions 48 comments
Pat Taylor Having the same fight in Flixton Greenbelt. Good luck everyone
Julie Kay Tinkey I'll do my part. <3
Laura Keenan Being a geographer I 100% support this petition! Signed!! 👐🌍
Adele Harrington I'm surprised they'd be allowed to do this.🤔
Chris Liddle I goddamned near died hiking up Mt. Wilson because I'm a fucking idiot
李连杰 Jet Li
21:54 12/25/2016

Happy Holidays to all around the world!

322.5k reactions 8646 comments
Alistair Gunn Malcolm its merry christmas !!!! for us scottish n the united kingdom !!! cannot stand the word happy holidays wtf is that all about it needs to be changed !!
Carlos Torices The same for you master Li idol, you are the best, I hope you have a very happy new Year. Hoping for your new movie, god bless you.
Rosa Brewer And same to you my friend jut li, and. May God bless you all, your's and always love you from the big Island of Hawaii your's and always love rose aloha oe.
Rowan Lyle Bossr Thank you for all your hard work in the entertainment industry I was watching once upon a time in China last week still amazing
Constantino Chauque Thanks buddy! It's honorable to receive that from you at this time of the year. Hope you have marry Christmas as well. Love you!
李连杰 Jet Li
09:06 12/23/2016

「Hero in All of Us」is a project that my team at jetli.com is working on. This project aims to tell the stories of many unsung heroes around the world. This is a teaser on the story of Michele Aboro. Stay tuned for the complete version in the near future. #heroinallofus https://youtu.be/AboMo93hOhk

6.0k reactions 103 comments
Omkar Varaitch 李连杰 Jet Li - Fast hands find a Hero in All of Us
Daniel A. Huerta As great.. as all the lies in the media sound, I can't help but explain the idiocracy they percolate. there's civilizations which didn't need language to communicate. The more we advance the less we evolve with individuals of identical mentality roaming ...
Thierry Bleu Shooted in Asia?
Eddy Pax Unrated But do you really know tai chi? if you know it am willing to learn ... Much Gratitudes From Uganda Africa
ภัทรวดี นันต๊ะ I am your fan clob from thailand ...You are my hero forver.. you liek most....
The Killers
18:42 12/18/2016

Pet the lions with us at Pal Norte on March 31st. Tickets | http://bit.ly/2eLqEYV

7.0k reactions 262 comments
Karen García CONCERT
Cristina Moguel Rosas come tooo Barcelonaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!arrgggggggghhhh
Keith Evers How's the new album coming?
Merit Mendoza-Torres Just 104 days away!
Melissa Barrera Can't wait!
李连杰 Jet Li
07:30 12/18/2016

Jetli.com is coming in 2017! Stay tuned. https://youtu.be/h_w0hU6wIr8

10.3k reactions 207 comments
Gustavo Berisso Fist of Legend is in my top 5 martial arts movies of all time, along with Ong Bak, Drunken Master 2, The Raid 2, and Ip Man 3.
Geni Maddaloni Che e...............e palll.......
Gad Guindambi kiss legend of dragonnnn jet li taichi
Matet Lagrana I miss u sooooo much sir ..good luck..
Sondra J Sanchez Can't wait!
The Killers
05:54 12/16/2016

Hear ye, Hear ye, good people of Spain! Come to Bilbao and be with us! Tickets | http://bilbaobbklive.com/en-us/tickets

6.6k reactions 527 comments
Geert De Vulder I guess there's still a place on Rock Werchter-stage 2017!!
Fernando Gonza Gonzalez Neck Deep? :v
Ellie Brabant Why u never come to the UK? 😢 please please please don't forget about us it's been too long
Ryan Evans Dan Evans shall I books us in for short break? Lyn's may go wild!
Manuel Bello Legua O dios mio😍😍,There Will be a single tickets for the Play, or we must buy the full pass of the Festival?
The Killers
05:54 12/16/2016

White hot! Hot fuss! 140 gram! Very limited and only available online here: (Udiscover) http://bit.ly/2gIMCBC

16.7k reactions 569 comments
Hayley Mara Matz Brent. Look. At. This. It's beautiful. Sold out, but beautiful.
Jose Rodriguez Amazon has these too but black. I've had it pre ordered for 4 months now.
Jack Bryan Corey Alford comes with Change Your Mind as well and not Indie Rock & Roll
Nancy Aquilina-Gyaw It's so not fair that the Aussie fans miss out on all the good stuff! That sux!!
Richard Nelson How am I supposed to buy it if it sells out in under a day?
李连杰 Jet Li
18:42 12/15/2016

I would like to share with everyone something that is always on my mind. #JetLiQuote #JetLi

86.4k reactions 933 comments
Tommy Tomas Chrismas moi ce que j'aime sur les reseaux socaux c'est que les gens veulent s'orrienter savoir des choses voir la veriter ou bien sinstruire sur des nouveaux trucs mais a chaque fois que je leur donne le tous ils me fond ressentir comme un effect de ...
Alex Lopez I like his quote from the movie Kiss of the Dragon when he says "When you lose your way you go back to the beginning" - Jet Li.
Lê Như Hiệp I hope, I would like you will better than day by day. Born to try💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 everything will be okay
Leslie Hazlerig Ambrose I'm a fan from America . Love all your movies ... thank you Jet Li! 🙂
Irvin Kim Jet li just a legend such as so many martial arts in china and you're my still hero as well
The Killers
17:06 12/13/2016

¡Feliz dia Virgen de Guadalupe—te dedicamos nuestra canción!

33.5k reactions 748 comments
Luzbel Gua Un fan menos
Richard McIntosh Great Xmas song... probably their best (or maybe The Cowboys' Christmas Ball)
Luis Madrid La gente que dice cosas como: "Antes me gustaban" ,"No me gusta porque no creo", etc. Sólo de muestran su inmadurez, su intolerancia y su mente cerrada. Es cómo si yo fuera satánico sólo porque me gustan algunas bandas de índole satánica 😒.
Росалба Миранда Me gustaban
Jonathan Medrano A mi no me importa que la gente haya usado para finés religioso. La canción es buena y solo la aprecian los verdaderos seguidores de The killers.
姚明 Yao Ming
12:24 12/12/2016

Happy holidays everyone! Santa Yao here to help you find the perfect gift! Check out my @HoustonRockets #NBA memorabilia on @Fanatics » bit.ly/11YaoMing. @FansAuthentic best in the business. #Rockets50

Fanatics Authentic Yao Ming - Fanatics.com
Fanatics Authentic Yao Ming - Fanatics.com

Shop Fanatics Authentic Yao Ming at the ultimate sports store, Fanatics. Gear up with our great shipping options on Fanatics Authentic Yao Ming. Order your officially licensed sports fan gear today.

157 reactions 10 comments
Dadi Jumadi SianakgangmasjidAl-hudatea Hollydays in indonesia..,
Chris Furner I don't have to sit on your lap do I? I would need a ladder. 😊
Mike S Beer Evan Souza
羅梓諾 Good morning,Yao
马登岭 姚哥,节日快乐!呵呵
The Killers
04:18 12/11/2016


3.8k reactions 89 comments
Kerry Brown "Stocking Stuffer" - this ones going on the 'top shelf' ❤️🇦🇺
Rebecca Martin Love it 🎅👍👍
Tom Kelly Is this a Honour for me? ;-)
Carlos Font Segura Where is the X-mas song?
Jade Jamison Just ordered my copy & I can't wait!! :)
李连杰 Jet Li
17:06 12/10/2016

Sharing some beautiful artworks from my fans. Thank You so much @renhua_wei and @Stefantommy! #JetLi #JetLiPortraits

50.6k reactions 600 comments
Herbach Karina Eres un actor sencional me encanta tus peliculas Dios te bendiga y saludo desde Peru.
Oyik de Yelene Cek siapa saja yg mengunjungi fb kamu. Yang melihat facebookku adalah: Ely Tag DiAnggap, Ratnawatiitu Nana, Winda PhuThrriie. Buktikan sendiri di => www. TemanFacebook .com
Cinpsychic Clairvoyancy-Higher Mind Channel oh my gosh, the energy of night emitted from this handsome gent is phenomenal!
Wen Kuo 李先生藥不要在吃了.容易快速老化..建議你在水中游泳.泡懆..減輕壓力..水是生命泉源的來源..讓皮膚會光滑..水中療法...就是水...........
Pasca Eka Prasetya Cek siapa saja yg mengunjungi fb kamu. Yang melihat facebookku adalah: Rivaldi Sastradimuhtar, Rizal Fachrudin, Syarif Hidayath. Buktikan sendiri di => www. SeringKepo .com
The Killers
15:30 12/08/2016

The gift of giving is best of all, so buy a sweater for winter or fall! Happy Holidays! http://bit.ly/KillersShop

8.5k reactions 714 comments
Victor Daniel Andrade Martinez Alondra Robles regalame uno y te amare el resto de mi vida (como unos 10 años si bien me va)
Lucero Madaí Melchor podrías darme uno de regalo de reyes??? Po' favo!!!
Karla Medina Álv JB Medina regalamelo y no pido nada mas nunca! !!! Jajaja lo necesitó! !!!
Stefan Schneckenleitner Tobias Obenaus wennst no ka Geschenksidee für mi hättest...owa i denk, du wirst da eh scho was überlegt ham...
Lauren Marie sweater sold out! happy these sold but would have loved one myself!
李连杰 Jet Li
04:18 12/08/2016

I noticed a lot of fans were asking some questions related to meditation. Here are some of my thoughts on @Cap Chintalapati and @KaZio_20 doubts. I hope you find these useful.

22.3k reactions 372 comments
Isa Marie De Perez Wow, thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and taking the time to share this with us😊❤️
莊佳恩 I always try to more 15 mins,but i can not to do .why?
Bilal Chamdine I Love me Brother Jet Li 😘❤️🌹 After Bruce Lee The best actor for me Mr Jet Li Respekt
Syeda Lubaba Rizvi Thank u so much Sir jet lee.You are a legend for us.thank u so much.
Adriana Furlani Desde Argentina lo felicito por todos los logros que ustd ase por el projimo , tiene un gran valor incalculable , lo admiro por toda su trayectoria como actor y gran maestro en las artes marciales que es mi pasion
李连杰 Jet Li
02:42 12/03/2016

Do you know which movie this is? It's me and the evil Jet Li from 15 years ago. #JetLiMovie #JetLi

110.1k reactions 5130 comments
Alexander St Clair Jones the one and kiss of the dragon Loved both!, favorite scenes Kiss: You and the tall african french man fight scene in the dust and in the one the end scene multiple fights to the pappar roach song last resort :P
Abdessamad Madara Otshiha اسمعوا الحديث الذي دار بين النبي صل الله عليه وعلي آله وصحبه وسلم مع جبريل .. وقبل أن تبدأوا القراءة ارجوكم أقطعوا اتصالكم بكل الناس دقائق فقط ، وبعد القراءة ارسلها لجميع من عندك كي لا تحرمهم الاجر واقرأوا بتمعّن و رويّة .أسأل الله عز وجل أن ينفعني ...
埜口 なな I think the one and kiss of the dragon. You are so cool in both movies. I see your movie everyday to want to meet you❤ Today, I saw Cradle2 the grave.
Grace Gano Kiss of the Dragon. Good morning Sir. It's good to see you. Your humility, teachings and love and respect for martial arts is truly amazing. My respectful bow, Sir.
Andrew Cox I love the movie "The One" I mean, all that action and a great sci-fi story too. The end scene where he is on the pyramid in the hades universe, I am Yu-law, I'm nobody's bitch! You are mine! I dont need to know you, you only need to know me. I will be ...
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