The Killers
18:06 11/20/2017

19/11/17, First Direct Arena, Leeds, UK

9.3k reactions 280 comments
Wendy Senior Amazing night, please come back #Yorkshire
Sharon Hodgson Had an absolute blast! Brandon really is the man & The Killers on top stylish , legends form! ❤️
Lynda Sharpe Killers - you on my bucket list. Can't see you this tour as no tickets and no dosh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME TO THE ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL NEXT YEAR. Make an old lady happy 😎
Emily Hall Exceptional gig, I salute you! Still on a high, it’s an experience that I’ll never forget 😍
Jade Fox Jordan Fox😁😁😍 the best night!! Xx
The Killers
05:18 11/18/2017

Let it all hang out.

2.9k reactions 399 comments
Andrea Sportelli Enjoy Nothing But Thieves folks!
Matt Dunn Diana, I have the tickets in the cart. Talk me out of this now or forever hold your peace.
Maria Elizabeth Ella Lucy why can’t this line up be in Leeds man
Hung Le Killer line up but ... Alabama in summertime, yikes.
Luke Avenoso Damn, they got Kendrick, Anderson .Paak, Getter and Logic too? Pretty neat list.
李连杰 Jet Li
18:06 11/17/2017

I was recently interviewed by ( regarding why I have decided to create GSD. Check it out to find out more. #GSD #Jetli #wushu #jetlicom

Jet Li: "My Dream is to Have GSD as Part of the Olympics"
Jet Li: "My Dream is to Have GSD as Part of the Olympics"

Recently many people are focusing on the new short video “Gong Shou Dao (GSD) ”. Jet Li talks about the vision of founding Gong Shou Dao (GSD).

13.2k reactions 230 comments
Jordan Lee Keep doin what you do man, thanks for your work!
Walter Pwisely YuFu Gou U need to do more than this can contact me for consultation
Sandra Vis Thanks you jet li love you the best of the best
Claudia Ramirez I just love watch yours movies with my daughter.
Yussif Bawah Jeeeeet Liiiiii forever the greatest
李连杰 Jet Li
18:06 11/17/2017

The first GSD competition match took place on November 15th, 2017. An important date for me as I start to push Taiji inspired sport, GSD, to the world. #GSD #JetLi #Taiji #wushu #kungfu

17.6k reactions 160 comments
Suthisak Rodcharoen Hoooo.....The best Kabbb
Wim Charels Is there video footage of the match to be found online?
Vicky Love Oh my love my super star n my in law CU's my kid sister said she was marrying jet li
Fredrik Molander What exactly is gsd? I saw the trailer, but that was just a short film.
Barid Boron Sarker #Special of #Christmas day #uglysweater #trend #yoga #teeshirt #hoodie #apparel just click and get it...
李连杰 Jet Li
18:06 11/17/2017

The first GSD exhibition tournament will be Live Stream on YouKu at 10pm west coast standard time (20 minutes from now) in the U.S. Here is the link.!2~5~5~5~5~5~A&id=13746 #GSD #wushu #kungfu #GongShouDao

2.5k reactions 69 comments
Freddy Ravelonjara Mahazo Dora Everis ni sort. Ande tsakarahigna amzay
Kelly Li I atend you jet with your friends !!! Yes
Dickson Poon 太極,很簡單,越簡單,越清晰 平衡,做什麼事都要平衡,醫卜星相山都以道教陰陽五行學說為根基,用于善則福, 用于惡就塗炭生靈,
Melissa Brown Got it. Hung sho dau Welcome. Also caught Ni ho Hello
Алишер Бек Jet li, sizga sog‘lik tilayman doimo. Salomat bo‘ling.
The Killers
16:30 11/15/2017

We are giving away one (1) test pressing of our new record to one lucky fan. Method of entry = one measly tweet. Good luck ➡️

2.3k reactions 155 comments
Kathleen Buytaert a measly tweet... now thàt I can do :-D
Heather Johnson I️ don’t there’s that
Morgan Bondiek Katie Cornett I’m having Lindsey tweet this for me 😂
Lisa Davies I don't do Tweeting but so glad I will see u play in Nottingham next week!....sooooooo excited 🤗
Andrew Hunn Jessica Barrett Please follow the link and tweet this for me since I don't have Twitter! Please!!
The Killers
16:30 11/15/2017

The most Wonderful (Wonderful) time of the year...

12.0k reactions 171 comments
Brittany Bezler Ashley Satterwhite ITS ALMOST TIME FOR THEIR CHRISTMAS SONG!!!
Marian Mullin Come on November 16th 3 Arena Dublin. Twice in 4 months, What a treat!
Karen Gamble Can't wait to see them Glasgow next week
Dawn Neville-Jackson Wow!!! Just been to the Manchester show , amazing ❤️
Karen Costales Presa Roll on Thursday in Dublin..First time to see ye super excited 😀😀
李连杰 Jet Li
05:18 11/15/2017

GSD is finally here. The wait is over and here is the FULL VERSION of the film. This is the story of my good friend Jack Ma as a Taiji Master. I am also the Executive Producer for this short film. Other martial art forms are showcased by Donnie Yen, Wu Jing, Tony Jaa, Jacky Heung, Asashoryu Akinori, Zou Shiming, and Natasha Liu. Action master choreography by Sammo Hung, Yuen Woo-Ping, and Tony Ching. I hope all of you will like it. I also want to thank youku, for allowing me to share this film with you, my fans. Please also visit my website at

30.7k reactions 2387 comments
Aiki Ck Maybe Jack Ma's idol Trump, Trump many TV shows in US...different ,Chinese movie star many like work for him, maybe because money, he rich! this unprofessional, funny... 🎥, Trump now United States President, but Jack Ma's impossible to do the Chinese ...
Tien Lung In the end it is a movie. Like all FICTION, there is no basis in fact. So what if Jack Ma was the star defeating legendary martial artists. Enjoy the movie and the choreograph. The movie was wonderful in fulfilling its purpose, providing entertainment ...
Mike Montoya That was awesome! Although I think I didn't understand a lot of what was going on because the subtitles weren't clearly visible at times. I also agree that Tony Jaa seemed very underused.
Johan Neil I think Jack Ma no need to poop just like Rocket man. Since he super rich people will believe he can shut his 'ask hole' forever no need to shit!
Martin Man I thought this small clip, not movie, was basically to showcase how good or well Jack Ma has become after practicing Tai Ji for years. Yes to my disappointment and probably others, Jack Ma beating them all was little bit exaggerated. we probably had in ...
The Killers
03:42 11/13/2017

2.9k reactions 117 comments
Alejandra Calleros Franzia Calleros Ronnie, Ronnie!! Haha 😬
Kyle Stark If your new album was even remotely good, I might vote, but yeah, it was a mega flop.
Mayte Betancourt Andrea Gramaccia remember our conversation about Ronnie? 🤣
Vanucci Silva Not in the last 2 albums, i can easily create that beats in nuendo or cubase, in the end i must not blame Ronnie, but instead Brandon for is last choices
Chella Barnes Voted, of course your the best 😊
李连杰 Jet Li
05:18 11/15/2017

This is the Official Trailer for GSD, Gong Shou Dao, a movie based on Taiji as the main martial art form. Please enjoy it as my good friend Jack Ma plays the role of a Taiji Master and his encounter with other martial arts masters. In this trailer, you will get a taste of what is bound to be a classic film. You will also see me doing Taiji, which is something that I really love and is important in my career. Enjoy this trailer and I promise you the full film is guaranteed to be very exciting. Special thanks to youku ( for allowing us to sharing this trailer with all my fans. GSD coming soon! #GSD #GongShouDao #Jetli

217.5k reactions 16520 comments
Ilham Satria Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba group) vs Donnie Yen (Master of Wing Chun) and Jet Li (Master of Wushu), can't wait to see the businessman against the masters of Kung Fu. 👍👍👍
Leo Triñanes Duites You cannot do martial arts stunts if you don't have any background about it. This film shows a private side of Jack Ma. He has martial arts in his system. He has the moves and the discipline. You don't learn that overnight. It's impossible. Having money ...
Debopriyo Bhattacharya Anuvab da, Arjyak ISNT THAT JACK MA? :3 When did he start acting in movies? Is this what billionaires do when bored?
Dan Estori Inari I can understand that there are people who dislike the show because it is hard to see all their idols or heros being defeated. That's including me.😅 But one things we should appreciate about Jack Ma is that as a billionaire he is not require to be on ...
Mabell Ong Nothing against Jack ma but won't be watching this movie cause he literally spoils the movie by playing a lead role in it with his bad acting skill n very obvious fake kongfu skill. It just shows that something can neither be forced nor bought by$....
李连杰 Jet Li
05:18 11/15/2017

It's the final countdown to GSD. #GSD #JackMa #Jetli

8.3k reactions 139 comments
Amanual Gebremeskel wowww i like marshal art .in my life that is the truth life so if God helps me i want like ip man
Bradley Thomas Liu Is making a porno also on Ma’s bucket list?
Fatai Oseni Watched the video preview this morning it's cool n nice waiting for full video
Deniz Tavukcu Is that the guy from Alibaba?
Jorge Bejarano Jet Li, the best of the best, I hope to see you in more movies .... my admiration
李连杰 Jet Li
05:18 11/15/2017

As we start the countdown for GSD, here is another teaser animation character introduction. Please enjoy. #GSD #jetli #jackma #wushu

4.2k reactions 56 comments
Champagne Sipper Can't wait
Fabiano Ribeiro Jet Lee fantástico 😉
Papin Nicolas On tourne ensemble?
Mark Berens I can do extra presales
Adriana Adriana Furlani Espero con muchas ansias el 11 de noviembre
李连杰 Jet Li
03:42 11/10/2017

This is the official teaser highlighting the Star-studded cast of the upcoming film GSD. The official film will be coming soon. #jetli #Jackma #GSD #wushu

3.9k reactions 99 comments
Frederick Buten Master jet li what does GSD means?
Ayanda Hope Majola I can't wait to see that one
Blanca Aguirre Buenos días sr. Jet Li soy fanática a tus películas me gustan muchoo gracias por su atención desde aquí desde colombia
Kelly Li Thank you jet li with your Friends thank's for all!!
Roxanne Geesing I still yet to see one of your movies, you must be one grand martial arts actor. It's time for me to see. ☺
李连杰 Jet Li
03:42 11/10/2017

Tony Ching and I made "Hero" together then and GSD "Gong Shou Dao" now. As you may know he is also the mastermind behind the "Swordsman II" and "New Dragon Gate Inn". #Jetli #JackMa #TonyChing #GSD

4.6k reactions 51 comments
สีตะวัน อย่างตัวเรา 對於熱愛中國功夫的人來說,你是一位很好的功夫老師。
Danilo Henriques Only 20 minutes for all this! ?
Maria Lovell All legends
Sandra Kaumoana Awesome.
Adriana Adriana Furlani Que pelicula extraordinaria Heroe todos son muy buenos actores
李连杰 Jet Li
03:42 11/10/2017

Sammo is no stranger to most of my fans. He is an actor, choreographer, and director. GSD is coming soon! #jetli #JackMa #SammoHung #GSD #Wushu #Kungfu

16.5k reactions 217 comments
Dollar Jam's Zulu Still this year the movie is coming?? #Jet_Li
Awilda Rodriguez It really looks funny I wish we could see more
Maria Nadia Stoica Thanks you for all your movies
David Butt Sammo is underappreciated, imo.
Miranda Urzua Juan Cho amor este es el maestro gordito que se murio en la peli de ip man? XD
李连杰 Jet Li
03:42 11/10/2017

Sammo has been in this business for a long time. You might even have seen him in one of Bruce Lee’s movies and soon in GSD. #jetli #SammoHung #GSD #Kungfu #Wushu

Interview with Sammo Hung: Behind the Scenes of Call of Heroes
Interview with Sammo Hung: Behind the Scenes of Call of Heroes

Sammo Hung is one of the most prolific actors, choreographers, producers and directors in Chinese cinema. Check the interview and bts of call of heroes now!

10.5k reactions 103 comments
April Longangen Cabigat Wow..go mr sammo hung..
John Coulston Wow that's him in the opening from enter the dragon wow, just wow!
Melissa Brown One hour ago, doesn't anyone sleep? Lol That's about 3:00 A.M. .
Melissa Brown And I guess everyone but me uses the word totally. Okay
Jay Morello Turns out I've been missing opportunities...
The Killers
14:54 11/10/2017

07/11/17, Genting Arena, Birmingham

7.4k reactions 246 comments
Danielle Mears Can’t wait to see them on my birthday in Sheffield!! Saw them in Cardiff last time, absolutely amazing!
Lindy Power Selling 3 tickets at face value for Manchester on Monday... message me if interested. Only due to us going to Liverpool instead
Claire Millward You were awesome last night. We took our 14 year old daughter to see you too. Her first ever concert and she loved every second ❤🎶🎤🎸
Becky Hamblett Amazing 😍😍😍 can’t wait for Sheffield and Leeds and not to forget I’m coming to Vegas to see you on the 3rd Feb 😍😍😍😍
Tim Bird Amazing and awesome night. Thank you so much. First ever Killers gig for me and it won't be the last if I have anything to say about it.
The Killers
02:06 11/08/2017


10.7k reactions 467 comments
Kay Flower Was there last night, fantastic show as always plus all the new songs and loved the amazing new stage set, pure theatre! <3
Carla Vallonchini We had the best time and I’m honoured to have been your Brum Event Manager. Come visit us again soon please! X
Rachel Bagley So freaking excited. It'll be our 9 yr olds first concert and by the comments we won't be disappointed 😀😀😀
Lisa Holloway You guys were incredible last night. The 6hr round trip & being on crutches and in pain was TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!
Vanessa Hewitt Anthony Griggs.....they're here!!!! 😍😍😍 5th time of seeing them when we see them later in the month, we love you Brandon! ❤
李连杰 Jet Li
14:54 11/07/2017

Yuen Woo-Ping is a legend. With projects like Matrix, Kill Bill, Once Upon a Time in China and now GSD. #Jetli #Jackma #YuenWooPing #GSD

2.1k reactions 76 comments
Leon S. Kennedy Parece o Morgan Freeman da China. 😂😂😂😂😂
Inday Mamba The best, is this also showing in the Philippines?
Vix Sumi keep it up...long live..
Zengh Quenevo Mi idolo favorito es jet li admiro mucho su kunfu es muy rapido saludos a la distancia espero tu respuesta jet li
Andrew Baggett Rongjia Fu told you its Gong Shou Dao
李连杰 Jet Li
14:54 11/07/2017

Fearless, an attitude to succeed in GSD. #Jetli #GSD #YuenWooPing #GongShouDao #Martialarts #Kungfu

Jet Li Movie Review: Fearless (2006) Director’s Cut
Jet Li Movie Review: Fearless (2006) Director’s Cut

Jet Li plays the real-life Chinese national hero and renowned martial arts champion “Huo Yuanjia”, whose name translates as “ Fearless ”.

9.2k reactions 185 comments
Audrionna Aragon Yes this movie fearless I watching again over I love fearless
Michael Crystal Where the hell are you!?Why do not play a new movie?.. 😢😫
Rosangela Guimaraes I enjoyed all your movies, this will also be an excellent movie.
Erick Castillo One of the best movies ever. Apart from Hero. Jet Li is awesome and his cast don’t fall behind.
Steve Georgia You look GREAT, jET Li, All my hopes, Y'all
李连杰 Jet Li
14:54 11/07/2017

You may have seen Donnie Yen-甄子丹 Official in STAR WARS Rogue One. Now you can see him in GSD coming later this week! #jetli #jackma #donnieyen #GSD

Jack Ma vs. Donnie Yen in Gong Shou Dao: Taiji vs. Wing Chun
Jack Ma vs. Donnie Yen in Gong Shou Dao: Taiji vs. Wing Chun

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, is going to be the main actor in a new short film, Gong Shou Dao (GSD). He will fight Donnie Yen in GSD.

14.8k reactions 160 comments
Elia van Donald Hp it will be so nice but #jetli is more good actor
Olivia B Caudal I can't wait! This is like heaven on earth. I'm sure this will exceed everyone else's expectation😊
David Hellride Like so much and IP MAN to!
Serge Rod Rocha Only the good knows this!!!
Angelique Mosley This is going to be EPIC!!!
李连杰 Jet Li
14:54 11/07/2017

Asashōryū Akinori achieves the highest status in sumo wrestling, Yokozuna. He is also in the upcoming film, GSD premiering on 11.11. #jetli #Jackma #asashoryu #GSD

7.1k reactions 93 comments
Thor Darareach LOVE U UNCLE😻😻😻😻
Ana Alves Very good the movie.
Ruedi Chada Baumgartner Sumo
Kristie Wan He is my favourite Yokozuna 😍😍😍
Vivek Raj Is Tony jaa also in this movie..
The Killers
13:18 11/05/2017

13.6k reactions 322 comments
Sarina Jackson Gosh the lighting on that shirt is phenomenal, it transcends time and space. ⭐️ Thank you for nailing your set at the AFL grand final this year. Really appreciate the time it takes to travel to Australia. Good luck and may peace be with you all.
Helen Crowe Josie. Charlotte... 2 more get ups!!!!
Susan Elsigian I love this song!!!!!!!!!
Jon Vermilya One of my all-time favorite bands. Best show ever, opening night, T-Mobile arena Las Vegas
Daived Matthew Got news for you Brittany Nicole you're lookin at the man lol
李连杰 Jet Li
02:06 11/05/2017

Olympic gold medalist in GSD? Things are starting to get interesting. I hope you will like the cast I have assembled for GSD. #jetli #jackma #zoushiming #GSD

5.0k reactions 93 comments
Omar Epps I like martial art stunts
Thangaveljackie Hi sir how are you,I love your movies
Zachary Momanyi i love your movie am waiting another to come in kenya
Ian Christian Santarin Redita Zou Shiming :) Interesting!!!
李连杰 Jet Li
02:06 11/05/2017

This is Natasha. She was in the movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2” as the protege to the character played by my good friend Michelle Yeoh 楊紫瓊. GSD coming soon. #jetli #natashaliu #jackma #GSD

9.6k reactions 119 comments
Cindy Reece I wanna see michelle yeoh
Hearly Hearly'n woooww jack ma..I real like that man
Kessely Akoi What about me . Are you not adding me with him too? I am a master of all lazy men
Prabin Hirachan cant wait to watch this movie .....
Ahmed Nja we will Waite sir can your friend make same action like you
李连杰 Jet Li
02:06 11/05/2017

An ingredient to success in any martial arts film is the action choreography. Who are the master choreographers behind GSD? You will find out about them in the article on my website #GSD #Jetli

Gong Shou Dao (GSD) Features the Top 3 Martial Arts Choreographers
Gong Shou Dao (GSD) Features the Top 3 Martial Arts Choreographers

Gong Shou Dao (GSD), a short film produced by Jet Li, features the top three Chinese martial arts Choreographers Sammo Hung, Yuen Woo-Ping, and Tony Ching.

17.6k reactions 140 comments
Miguel Arnulfo Martinez Roman Sammo Hung es obvio muy bueno estilo David carrade se kung fu
Lidy HG Con el maestro Samo Hung de hecho que esta peli estará super, muchos éxitos.
Nards Castro dragon super punch! tiger slash! eagle claw! snake fist! bear hug! monkey toss! horse kick!..then goto bed and dream gokou.
Manilyn Dizon I love watching martial arts movies master it's started because of you.
Antonius Liu Its would be a great movie, cant wait it...
The Killers
00:30 11/03/2017

The Killers "Run For Cover"

5.8k reactions 356 comments
Karola Kassel I love this song - good that this song is on the new album!
Mary Pagones "Comfort punk." I have a new favorite musical term, thanks guys!
Araceli Olguin Terra Medina you excited!? song sounds promising live. Tanya Felix did you get your ticket after all?
Michelle Yuan Megan Howarth i can't believe brandon flowers' voice sounds like this??? :O
Andy Walker Sick of only ever seeing two of them. WTF?
李连杰 Jet Li
13:18 11/02/2017

Wu Jing - Jacky Wu 吳京, recently known for the blockbuster "Wolf Warrior 2", won the National Wushu Championship title in China at the age of 12. He is a great actor and martial artist. #jetli #GSD #Wujing #JackMa

853 reactions 97 comments
Devender Singh Rana CYA BRO! ....Aur agli baar koi badiya baat pe notify karna...apne sadele frocks waale aadmi leke nahin..okay? :) cya enjoy!
Jenny Mclendon His one of my boyfriends and you too Jet Li. Haha!
John Daze Still I dont know what is this? Its a New film?with all this actors? When is goin to be release?
Vladimír Chamrad I would to see this film
李连杰 Jet Li
13:18 11/02/2017

李连杰 Jet Li's cover photo

5.4k reactions 171 comments
Ijazullah Khan Where jakie chan
Benn Fives dari kiri ke kanan: papa e degan, Gue, papa e Alim, Fran, Hasan, degan, sugiri, wei lung, brother wu, adit, jumali, pentil ahahahaha Herry Sasmito Danny e'L-s Franc William Heru Gunawan Katekichi Tamoruku Gladz Heru Gunawan Angky Budiman
Mettaman L Davids which movie is this,can someone give me the title?
Camilo Álvarez Silva Man, just Jackie Chan is missing in that picture
Nathan Chan Kevin A-ch any idea as to what this could be?
李连杰 Jet Li
13:18 11/02/2017

This was a press interview after the official announcement of GSD (Gong Shou Dao). If you want to find out more about what it is, please take a look at an article on my content website #jetli #GSD

Interview with Jet Li about the Production of Gong Shou Dao (GSD)
Interview with Jet Li about the Production of Gong Shou Dao (GSD)

In the interview, Jet Li said the film is only a prelude of the competitive sports Gong Shou Dao. His dream is to have Taiji as part of the Olympic Sports.

7.3k reactions 76 comments
Maria Lovell Well done Jet
Nguyễn Quý Quyết 1 + 2 +3 +4 = 10 huhu cờ thôi mà anh có làm gì đâu
Terry Giannios Thank you!!!☝️
蔡子龍 杰兄 你要在中國組織其它的政黨嗎?我支持你!👍👍👍👍👍
慧清 Well done
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