李连杰 Jet Li
05:00 07/24/2017

On July 20, 1973 a legend passed away. Bruce Lee was and still is an inspirational icon to me. #jetli #BruceLee https://go.jetli.com/2rHVnkN

Bruce Lee: Empty Your Cup So That It May Be Filled — Jetli.com
Bruce Lee: Empty Your Cup So That It May Be Filled — Jetli.com

Many people know Bruce Lee as a great martial artist or a famous movie star, but not many people know that he was also a great teacher.

37.5k reactions 475 comments
Chris Lindsay His daughter, Shannon Lee has worked incredibly hard to keep his spirit alive. He inspires me daily with his intense workout philosophy. RIP Bruce.
Bobby Trinh "understanding scarcity will bring you prosperity" - Bobby Trinh ,,,, You can grow your own food, there is no shortage of land in Canada and America...
Andy Kent If all cups are empty, no one has any water. Empty your cup by drinking your fill, lest the water go stale. If stale the water in your cup has become, empty it that it may be filled anew so that you may be refreshed.
Ty Joubert Jet Li, I have much respect for you as a Man and "Martial Artist"... I've been around "martial arts" my whole life, and you definitely are one of the best..
Mohmd Amin Stay focus like a camera have zoom ajdust in everything situation apply same to yourself martial arts have all different tactics..both you guys are my idols
李连杰 Jet Li
16:12 07/21/2017

I think double rainbows is an auspicious sign. #jetli #Nepal https://go.jetli.com/2uDWGCz

Jet Li: I Saw Amazing Double Rainbows In Nepal — Jetli.com
Jet Li: I Saw Amazing Double Rainbows In Nepal — Jetli.com

The most memorable part of the journey is that Jet Li saw double rainbow after retreat, the lama told me that they had never seen double rainbow in 15 years

59.5k reactions 1535 comments
Suprita Rana We all Nepalese people Heartly welcome u first Mr. Jet Li,....specially I am your biggest fan from childhood i personally love ur action or ur real acting I love u from when I was born in August ,7 /17 1989 that I am giving u explanation Mr. Li when I ...
Michel Paolo Mesias Palacios Is clearly amazing, here in chile, in Chiloe, happens a lot too, like some sort of butterfly effect, well, in the end: the world is one and the same, thanks for share mr li!
Anna Velez Wow jet Li .....can't be live I see you in Facebook . I am one of you sincere friends ...I love your movies you are such a outstanding actor ...wow ....God bless you ....wish I could meet you one day ....that would be awesome ....love you Jet Li
Melissa Brown July 21, 2017 US time I ask to this Jet Li that is known to me to Olympics, Persons, educate to my son include outings, countries with my son, at times to have the Teacher that I had named to him in attendance. Also for this Person J Li to have ...
Wi Djoko RAINBOW in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between GOD and the human in the earth that Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.
The Killers
03:24 07/22/2017

This will be our first real tour for Wonderful Wonderful.. what a way to start! Thank you simply isn't enough. We couldn't leave out Belfast. Live.thekillersmusic.com

12.9k reactions 942 comments
Martin Armstrong I'd be so honoured to be able to get a ticket after recently loosing my Mam our fav - I hope one day to see the killers perform live -a dream - how fantastic to hear this it's been so long
David Thomson Smillie It just a shame you let Ticketmaster deal with the sale of your tickets because unless your a ticket tout you have next to no one getting tickets at face value. I wish people would refuse to attend if the can't get proper priced tickets.
Steve Willetts The touts like GET ME IN! and viagogo have already snapped up most of your tickets and put on resale at way above face value. Killers... Brandon... you could put a stop to this. Your gigs were 'sold out' at the same moment they went on sale due to this. ...
Heather Mills Would love to have got tickets, however all were "sold out" at 9am on sale day, but then appearing on GetMeIn, Viagogo, StubHub, etc at vastly inflated prices. Something needs to be done to stop the touts, maybe printing the purchaser's name on the ...
Jools Davies Reselling tickets for any events at over face value should be made illegal. The big companies (getmein etc) would then cease to exist. And limit tickets to max 4 per transaction. We luckily managed to get tickets as I was on line the minute the 2nd ...
The Killers
03:24 07/22/2017


12.1k reactions 138 comments
Karen McKendry Dedication which yields fabulous results! But what's with the mutant tiny pillow on top of the normal one?
Lucy Manley Don't work too hard! We need you to enjoy it so you keep going forever :Dx
Phil Miller I would do that no problem if I had to. I love the recording process and would happily spend the night in a studio.
Sue Ashley And some... still you can beautifully sing yourself to sleep 😊
Caroline Sharp Is it healthy for a singer's lung function to be sleeping on so many pillows?
李连杰 Jet Li
16:12 07/21/2017

Nepal is a beautiful place and I'm going to share my journey in Nepal on Friday. Stay Tuned at Jetli.com #Jetli #Nepal

149.6k reactions 2086 comments
Poudel Kishor We love you JET❤️❤️❤️❤️ hope you like us too 😃😃 enjoy your time 😃warm Nepalese heart welcome you Sir ❤️ with love and with huge respect ❤️
Ernest Mbaye Next after Nepal try Kenya. A beautiful country with beautiful sceneries, wildlife. You'll love it. Would also love to meet you Jet Li
Subash Thapa Jonny Welcome come to haven for real hero .Give us chance to make better your journey I can make you feel free like a bird do you love to fly ?...if yes I am here paragliding, Nepal Arco Team .Mountain Flyers Paragliding Pokhara feel free
Betty Fellows Wish someday I can go, you have a wonderful trip!!! Please take more picture and enjoy!!!
RaBb In Have safe and great journey sir. And i like welcome to Nepal 🇳🇵 from the core of my heart.and thank you so.. much for coming Nepal 🇳🇵. Love you a lot.
The Killers
14:36 07/19/2017


17.2k reactions 193 comments
Hans Fossez When are you coming to play in Belgium ... thousands off fans are waiting ...
Teew Driel Nirvana never made a dime
Sally Hoskins Family time 😍😍😍😍you deserve it ..... thank you forever.... can't wait for Sheffield 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Janneke Mol Thanks for visiting Europe and for an amazing concert in Serbia. You were just awesome, great musicians. Welcome home!
Kath Huddart Aw man I've done that flight - awesome sight - love your desert home xx 🇺🇸
李连杰 Jet Li
01:48 07/14/2017

I met an old friend Luc Besson a few days ago at the She-Era 2017 Global Conference on Women and Entrepreneurship. It was a great experience to work together in Kiss of the Dragon in 2001 with Bridget Fonda. #Jetli #Jetlifims

28.0k reactions 247 comments
Maria Moreno Every movie you make Jet Li is incredible!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Marie Nadler Loved Kiss of the dragon. In French " Le baiser mortel du dragon" ... <3
Krishna Karki Hello jetli I'm looking for proparli maslat training plz help me?
Celestina Elomina Misa Its a great movie..i wish you do movie again..stay strong and healty ..god bless u always
Charly Segoviano The best movie from the máster jet li.....kind of remindme Enter the dragón!!!!!
李连杰 Jet Li
01:48 07/14/2017

My Daughter Jane was invited as a guest speaker for She-Era 2017 Global Conference on Women and Entrepreneurship in Hangzhou. I'm really proud of her!! #jetli https://go.jetli.com/2tEMWWT

54.0k reactions 638 comments
Bhikkhu Lokabodhi congratulations to her!!!! you are a great father that's why your daughter also being like you. you all are great.
Cristina Rojas y como no estarlo, es el fruto que sembró, felicidades, tiene una hermosa nena
莲花戴 阿弥陀佛🙏😇谢谢你的分享,Jet Lee 你和太太都是我的心中的偶像喔,从小陪伴我成长。没想到宝贝女儿那么天使般的笑容,让人感觉法喜充满,共生吉祥🙏😇😘🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👍🤗
Al Hootson That's awesome ' Jack Ma is a good guy ' here's to the future 🙏🏼
Terry Giannios That's great! Good for her... SO this is Mr. Jack Ma? Must of been inspiring to hear I see so many posts of him. No other way but be proud! Wish your your daughter Jane much success. Good day Jet Li. You will perform again!! E.G.
李连杰 Jet Li
13:00 07/11/2017

I just attended a press conference in Shanghai last Friday as the global ambassador for King of Bots. https://go.jetli.com/2sW0df0

Jet Li As the Global Ambassador for King of Bots, China First Televised Robot Fighting Competition — Jetli.com
Jet Li As the Global Ambassador for King of Bots, China First Televised Robot Fighting Competition — Jetli.com

The Makers launched two shows, first innovation thinking cross-border keynote speech "Future Shock" and China's first robot fighting show "King of Bots".

19.4k reactions 188 comments
Agnes Ines Betty Que dieu vous garde monsieur li 👄
Trent Gallus Can't wait wish I could be involved
陳雪 祝福你在安静中.過上平平安安健康的生活,你的本性从年少到年老都是善良的.美好的,勇敢的🌹🌷🍀
Issa Diakaridia Koné The defender.
Trinidad Castillejos Dear Mr.李连杰 Jet Li, Congratulation as the Global Ambassador for King of Bots. I'm so proud of you.
The Killers
11:24 07/09/2017

BST Hyde Park, 08/07/17

20.5k reactions 679 comments
Dawn Turner A-Mazing!! Loved it! But who knew Brandon was wearing a pink jacket! I couldn't see a thing. Still ❤️ The Killers!!
Lochlainn Murray David Lynch Ryan Gallagher we need to find the Turk and get him a ticket
Charlotte Finch Had THE BEST time thank you soooooooo much this was my 10 year old boys first concert and to say he had the best time is an understatement best concert ive been to you guys are amazing, praying i get tickets for November 💙
Lyndsey Hamilton-Smith Absolutely amazing!!!! Loved the entire set and didn't stop dancing! Oh am I paying for it now though 😂 so worth it!!!! Thank you for an amazing show!!!
Claire Baumforth Thanks Brandon ❤️ it was amazing and have missed you!!!! We all had a fab day and the fireworks were great too!!!! Big fan!!! C x
The Killers
11:24 07/09/2017

Hyde Park! We don't have enough time to play both, so which is it.. Indie Rock and Roll or This River Is Wild? We've got our ears on.

6.9k reactions 2716 comments
Marguerite Larvin This river is wild 😍😍😍😍 and also leave the bourbon on the shelf!
Mandy Gowers Heather Freeth why didn't I see this (because surely I could have made all the difference)! Indie Rock n Roll all day long...!!!!!
Ryan O'Donovan Make time for both. Just got engaged in New York last week and it's the first time I've taken my wife to be Kaylear Gregory to see you guys so just make some time the council won't mind. If you have to pick I'd say river is wild I haven't heard it ...
Vicki Bryant En route and ready to absolutely crazy for you guys!!! Last time we saw you was the small gig for direct hits in London..... amazing, as always!!! 😍😍😜
The Killers
11:24 07/09/2017

Found this Aussie livin' out of his car in Vegas. Gave him a nice 3pm spot at Hyde Park. You miss him, you lose. @ALKCM

5.1k reactions 83 comments
Teresa Wright Nadia Jones x
Diego Armando Cid Castro I love you guys ❤️
Samantha Mcmenamin David Croft
Sheila Anderson Sooooooooo when are you coming to see us Aussies??????
Laura Keenan 😍😍😍😍
The Killers
11:24 07/09/2017

Bilbao BBK Live, 07/07/17

9.1k reactions 120 comments
Amalyn Biagini please come to Curitiba - brasil!!!!
Harriet Elphine Ter-Berg See you tomorrow at BST!
Jo Se Que envidia veniros pa valencia
Belkis Rosana Contreras Garcia Just I said Amaaaaizzzinggg. Thank's for wonderfull show. Love you guys. 🤓✌
Albert Howarth-Davies Ryan Cooke might get obsessed
The Killers
11:24 07/09/2017


14.1k reactions 1075 comments
Valentina Guarienti Jessica se ti piacciono ci andiamo??????????
Pearl Martinez Will you please come to California! ? I usually only listen to 80s music cause the music nowadays is terrible but I love you guys!
Ashley Francis William Thomas Anyone travelling from Cardiff tomorrow to see The Killers at hyde park? Selling one ticket. Reply to this message if interested.
Jessica Bignell Ashley - wanna go? I'm in two minds as it is such a massive venue. Been spoilt with small venue gigs lately! Your thoughts? Xxx
Andrea Dodds Neill Waters remember the last Friday night we had in Newcastle watching the Killers........oh right of course you won't remember 😉 Birthday treat for me?!
李连杰 Jet Li
11:24 07/06/2017

A short Taiji demonstration with instructors at Beijing Taijizen Institute. #jetli #wushu #taiji

1.9k reactions 115 comments
Vincent Purnell And Hollywood Star.
Brandon Brekke Bullshido
Anthony Elliott Nothing you do jet surprises me your unique and outstanding
Walter Barnes 😁 Wow! ((( ☯ )))
Diana Barkat Supper man!
The Killers
22:36 07/06/2017

Exit Festival, 05/07/2017

10.3k reactions 95 comments
Laura Vieyra Come to 🇲🇽 soon 😍
Jelena Bajić Bolje ikad nego nikad ❤❤❤😘😘😘
Milos Budimir You guys!!! Amazing show❤
Jojo Catbagan Killed it 😍😍😍😍
The Killers
22:36 07/06/2017

Please enjoy another thoughtfully curated playlist from our friends at #Spotify. https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/37i9dQZF1DXcF6B6QPhFDv

2.5k reactions 24 comments
Peter Koppe Lars Nonnenmacher
Angélica Noriega ❤😃
Cinthia Flowers <3
Mafer Guzman ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sarahi Teopantitla The best song💕
李连杰 Jet Li
11:24 07/06/2017

This is my reply to my fans about decision making in life, find your balance then you can seek happiness. #jetli #jetliquote #jetlifans

26.0k reactions 378 comments
Aronuka Noshimuri Oui jet tu as raison sur ce que tu dit et grâce à toi je l'ai compris depuis longtemps merci mon chérit merci pour tous ce que tu fait pour moi
Kevin Jambler Gee how about life starting out white and pure and as you go through it you keep adding black to it which makes it get grayer and grayer then you die and it all goes black
靜義 李连杰 Jet Li .You were my crush ,lol, when I was a kid . I admire you that much . We love you heaps .
The Killers
22:36 07/06/2017

Happy birthday, America and Shane. God bless those jeans.

5.3k reactions 75 comments
Athena Ponce Bugle Boy = timeless fashion.
Heather Roseman Happy 4th to the best "boy band" ever! 😂😂
Reema Kaiali my brother he was born on the 4th of july and thats all Manal Makhdum
Caroline Sharp Stands the same way as kid bro.
Nikki Goings Hovekamp Happy Birthday, Shane!
李连杰 Jet Li
22:36 07/03/2017

I did this live performance on stage with 成龍 Jackie Chan, 洪金寶 Sammo Hung, and 周星馳 Stephen Chow. It was 1997, which was 20 years ago and a year with significant meaning to many people.

24.6k reactions 350 comments
Sheila Zoe You are my forever crush Jet Li even if you will be 100 years old.
Watson Kay You are my Favourite Jet, I adore you your Acting is awesome xx
Jon F Hovey That was awesome! Would have loved to have seen that live. You guys are such amazing artist I'm one of your biggest fans.
Leidiane Fonseca Gama O Brasil inteiro te ama jet li..seus filmes sempre fazem o maior sucesso aqui... parabéns e Deus abençoe vc é sua família hoje e sempre 💋😘
Jenny Mingshi Wan Wow I remember watching this!! Thanks for reposting. Great memory with childhood stars!
The Killers
09:48 07/04/2017

Bråvalla festival, 01/07/17

12.3k reactions 87 comments
Anna Kristin Soggemoen Erik Pellart, vi burde jo strengt tatt vært her!😭
Kim Groothuis Draško :D :D :D
Scott Rienbeck Beautiful
William Binnings They are from Vegas.
Hannah Blomgren Epic gig❤️
李连杰 Jet Li
09:48 07/01/2017

I read some comments the other day asking me how I managed to meditate for long hours. This actually depends on your goals. There are methods for achieving different goals. (This photo was taken when I was in Bhutan few month ago.) #jetli #philosophy

26.8k reactions 446 comments
Dan Joseph I am a big fan of Jet Li. I must ask ,why waste time on meditation when you can use that time to live. I guess for me meditation comes when i sleep....Take care out there
Chandra Kala Chhetri Trying to meditate for 1 hr. But could not concentrate.....how master..Jet Li managed for 8 hrs. I am sure he must have spirituality and englightment.
Akasha Magnetismo Hipnótico saludos maestro, me encantaría que me orientara para poder meditar, mas tiempo, pues yo lo hago, solo por media hora, me encantaría hacerlo por mas tiempo, gracias y abrazos y buena vibra MAESTRO 李连杰 Jet Li 🙏
Joseph Francis I wish i could smeet u mister jet lee u are one of my favorite actors. I wish i could just sit down with u and talk abt these stuff. I rly mean it from the buttom of my heart. I love you
Michelle Souza Martins Você estava meditando? Afastado de tudo. Nada material importa. Você mantém a tradição. Muitos fazem como você? Mais novos ou mais velhos? 🌷💟🌹🌹🌻
The Killers
21:00 07/01/2017

Provinssirock Festival, Finland

3.9k reactions 26 comments
Miguel Bustillos Armando Corbett
Gary Davidson Sanna Tammila
Karn Supa Palm Washere Saralee Pensook 😭😭 omg
Jutta Nummela You guys were amazing! 😍
Noora Vesalainen Thank you so much!! 🇫🇮😍
The Killers
21:00 07/01/2017

Provinssi, 29/6/17

9.8k reactions 63 comments
Paul Rippon It's good, but it's not the JP at Glasto...❤️
Mollon David Share...
Jess Hahn. Thank you for This Is Your Life! Fantastic show ❤️🤘🇫🇮
Christine Lowey One week to go..... sooooo excited!
Jenny Darter Brandon Flowers he's the MAN! Mr Bright side. 😘😘
The Killers
21:00 07/01/2017

Timeline Photos

16.2k reactions 140 comments
Natasha Walker Yes to the stubble and scruffy hair 😋
Lau Neco Hotter and Hotter Mr. Flowers😍😍😍😍
Amie Ahlberg Snäckmannen alltså Rebecka och Anna! Tagga, tagga 😍
Benjamín Barrera The video is as bad as the song, a pity, The Killers lost its essence, now it's just a pop band
Peter Fleming Love your music whatever. Will always be a massive fan!
The Killers
08:12 06/29/2017

Community of music lovers rejoice. We have birthed a visual accompaniment to The Man. We were careful to take things in stages, as too much of a good thing can turn you into weirdos. That's ok.

24.0k reactions 1209 comments
Darcy Dahley The first verse reminds me of watching Donald Trump during the Republican presidential debates - "I know the direction. The lay of the land. Those other boys. I don't give-a damn. I'm the man... come round. Nothin can break me down." I mean seriously, ...
Bernie Gross Musically, it sounds like Arcade Fire trying to cover the Hot Fuss album. Which is....a good thing since I also like Arcade. I am curious to hear more of this new album. Video-wise, it's definitely good cheesy fun!
Ryan Campbell This song straight up stinks! Every song off battleborn is better than this. Harness your craft guys. This isn't the band I fell in love with. Where is the guitar even? This is an indie band get dave on the front lines this is unfortunately total dog ...
Melissa Ann Bamback Love the song, love the video! And people who are still stuck in their old days. All artists need to evolve and as you get older, you change. I love every single album they ever released. So can't wait for the next one!!! 👌
Melissa Owens Love love love!!! I can't wait to hear the rest of Wonderful wonderful. I love your ever changing sound, creativity and spunk. I've been listening to you since the beginning and I've loved everything you do. And yes the feel that you're trying to get ...
李连杰 Jet Li
21:00 06/28/2017

I usually meditate at least 8 hours a day. Zhongnan Mountain (西安終南山) located in Xi'an is one of my favorite destinations to achieve spiritual enlightenment. #jetli

6.3k reactions 274 comments
Mujer Maravilla My dream is visit places like this. In china..japon.korea.... But it is far from here...meanwhile enjoy dominican mointan places.. Like my home puerto plata...
Checo Salazar Yo me pongo a meditar alejado de la ciudad en una montaña donde solo hay tranquilidad
Julia Callisaya Oooo que lindo se nota que te gusta la buena vista y la paZ, mmm super igual a mi
Phoui Sang Che L énergie en-soi est au delà des montagnes et du ciel....à tchao bonsoir
Koeyoshi Rae I understand and appreciate your road to spiritual enlightenment :)
The Killers
08:12 06/29/2017

Happy birthday to our bottom shaker, Mark August Stoermer.

6.7k reactions 105 comments
Jessie Devins Happy birthday
Nicola Ashby Happy Birthday Mark 🎸💙 xxx
Aurora Lopez Peralez Happy birthday lovely man! Have a beautiful day!💜
Chrissie Jacobs Happy birthday mark
Caroline Sharp Happy Birthday Mr Bassman
The Killers
08:12 06/29/2017

I've practiced already, I swear.

7.1k reactions 78 comments
Vanessa Redmond "somebody stole my pants..."
Tracy Hill Awesome
Steven Savage Ol leather face the drummers are always weird 😂👍
Ethan Church Yosef Rivi you on the right. Im on the left \m/
Cecilia Ruiz Jajajajaja Qué clase de práctica es esta? Mely Mendoza
The Killers
08:12 06/29/2017


15.7k reactions 267 comments
Carol Rawlings Gresswell Just listen to that lot , no wonder they was exited 👍🏼
Jade English brilliant spontaneity during my Sunday afternoon <3 Much appreciated x
Lisa Barclay This set was awesome. I'm so excited for BST Hyde Park. 🎶🎵🎶🎵
Sheila Adams It was fantastic, so excited watching it..hope they tour soon
Melissa De Leon Please come to the California bay area!!!! I am going front row solo if I have ta... xoxoxoxooxxo
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