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Capturing people who capture. #repost #AntonCorbijn4real

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Kyle Ferguson Bri Harrison on set with the video director of "all these things that I have done" Should be a gooder
Michael Aidan O'Mahony The man that directed All These Things That I've Done... looks promising
Ami Gibbs Laura Johnston how is he getting more attractive?!
Léa Reviron Louise Kelly they are actually filming the new video 😱😱😱😱
Pam Ricklin Owen Percoco I thought you were Brandon Flowers for a second
李连杰 Jet Li
22:06 05/26/2017

Here are some thoughts that I had when I attended the One Foundation 10 year anniversary celebration. #jetli #jetlicom #OneFoundation

Jet Li: The 10 Years Path Of One Foundation —
Jet Li: The 10 Years Path Of One Foundation —

During the 10 year anniversary Thanksgiving event of One Foundation, Jet Li said, “I will never forget my vision of One Foundation. 1+1+1=1.”

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Glloria Del Carmen Rodrigues Yo quiero conocer a jet,lo en persona
Nang Om Kham Great!
Creselda Janeo Idol Jet Li keep it're kindhearted person...
胡廷濴 我車禍右腦著地昏迷25天醒來醫生問家屬我健保卡有註明放棄急救,即使救回也是癱瘓在床,龐大醫藥費難以負擔,還要救嗎?妹妹問我對生命的看法,我說好死不如賴活。他說:那你要勇敢面對。
胡廷濴 本來醫生說復健二年,沒效就不用做了,結果二年到了真的還不能走,拿我看護十 年的經驗,想方設法自己再做半年,現在已能行走自如,所以醫生不是神,一句話就可判生死,想活就
The Killers
20:30 05/24/2017


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Dana Rasmussen Unfortunate Fire?! NEW ALBUM NAME?!?! 🔥🔥🔥 EriErica HalmstadtMatthew Halmstad
Laura Keenan I'm caught on fire???
Be The Best The 3 Week Diet is to lose up to 23 pounds of pure body fat in just 3 weeks — all body fat — faster than anything else you’ve ever tried...please Visit our page and learn more <3
Cassie Nunez Sounds beautiful.
Γιώργος Πετρο. it's some kind of elvish... i can't understand it
李连杰 Jet Li
22:06 05/26/2017

I always remember the vision of One Foundation is 1+1+1=1. I'm going to share some of my thought on Friday about what I have done in this past 10 years for One Foundation at #jetli #jetlicom #OneFoundation

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Julia Callisaya Mmmm super, seria muy lindp saber cuales fueron tus pensamiento en esos años,
Julia Callisaya Espero que en ellos este Dios, estoy muy feliz por ti, eres el mejor
Elizabeth G Smith My shock I did not know Jet Li wear glass frame around is Black as like Big eye Mr " Magoo" clap chuckle.
Maria Lúcia Mello Meu ídolo eu adirmiro tanto vc porque vc e melhor lutador e melhor também em tud q faz admiro muito o teu trabalho parabéns por isso vc e meu ídolo pra sempre a Love you jet li ❤❤😍😍
Saengtien Noy Ngaoges Everything all about your activities really interesting cause good things you make for public that's why I and many fanclub around the world really love you ...Jet Li
李连杰 Jet Li
20:30 05/21/2017

I have prepared a Taijizen shirt and personally signed the Thank you letter to those who surprised me with the Happy Birthday wishes on Thank you very much!#jetli #jetlicom

Here Are the Winners for the Jet Li Happy Birthday Shout Outs on
Here Are the Winners for the Jet Li Happy Birthday Shout Outs on

Thank you all for sending birthday wishes to Jet Li! Today we have the winners and we will post the special gifts to you.

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Tuntiva Tun สุขสันต์วันเกิดขอให้สุขภาพแข็งแรงเฮงๆรวยมีความสุขตลอดไปฉันชอบผลงานคุณดูแล้วสนุกทุกเรื่อง
Andrea Yamila Costa Me encanta tu personalidad y tu simpleza...te envío un fuerte abrazo de oso y todo mi cariño y admiración...desde mar del plata...Argentina!
Alessandro Cannoni I know this is gonna be impossible, so ill say just say happy b-day. Big fan of you from Italy. Love you jet.
Zris Banca Advance Happy Birthday may Lord Jesus gave you peace and mind, gave you goodhealth and longlife, more success in life and GOD BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
Berthivoks Alexandre Michel Yuanying yuanying jet are the best actor in the world. After me bien entendus.
李连杰 Jet Li
07:42 05/19/2017

Daniel Wu was kind to have an interview with team about his work and experience as a Martial Artist and in his ongoing project Into the Badlands. #jetlicom #IntoTheBadlands

Into the Badlands – Interview with Daniel Wu —
Into the Badlands – Interview with Daniel Wu —

Into the Badlands premiered on AMC. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the show stars Daniel Wu as Sunny, a martial artist on a quest for enlightenment.

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黄小浪 Jet Li Love you
Kaiser Syed Mohammad Ali Naqvi Ul Waasti Jet li Is my favorite Chinese fighter the Kung Fu is Awsm!!!!
Alicia Medina-Aguilar Love this show. He is truly a great actor and Martial artist.
Jack Winkel Very good series one of my favorite with the amazing Daniel Wu ....
ALbar AnFionge i also like this movie,but... i love Jetli movies much more...😉😉😁😘
李连杰 Jet Li
07:42 05/19/2017

A review about Jet Li as Chinese Folk Hero Wong Fei Hung. Thank you for sharing this movie review. #jetli #jetlimovie #jetlicom

Jet Li as Chinese Folk Hero Wong Fei Hung —
Jet Li as Chinese Folk Hero Wong Fei Hung —

Jet Li starred in five movies of "Wong Fei Hung", with his energetic skills and handsome looks, perfectly portrays Wong Fei Hung’s incredible Wushu style.

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Jermaine Smit Miss movies from jet li and jackie chan!!!! They made the best! And there is no one to "replace" them
Coby Collins Get well soon Jet Li and return to do more American action movies. You're a good martial artist
Richard Xavier Li Best Wong Fei Hong ever!!! Watched it 9774838837 times and never sick of it.
Pedro Llorente The greatest Chinese Hero of All times: Wong Fei Hung. The "No Shadow Kick" was the best move ever.
Josefina J Alonzo ..We need a hero as Wong Fei Hung in Venezuela... Greetings Jet Li
李连杰 Jet Li
18:54 05/16/2017

When I stood on the top of the podium, I thought of my arduous training, my hardworking mother and years of hardships. Happy mother's day! #jetli

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Pavlina Bisheimer Happy Mother's day...For me not just today but every day <3
Platini Masamba my favorite actor, i want to be your friend, you're the best HAPPY MOTHER DAY TOO
Creselda Janeo Thank you so much idol..i love you..god bless..
ALbar AnFionge 🎉🍷💖💐🏵️🌹🌷 Happy Mothers Day!!! to your wife too....Jet Li
Ellen Salen Happy Mother's Day to your wonderful mother and wife Mr. Li. Im one of your followers here in the Philippines. I Love You Mr. Li :)
The Killers
04:30 05/12/2017

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Jo Myers One of my favourite songs. Well done to all involved it's brilliant what you have done 😀
Lisa Dineyazhe I wish my high school would have been that cool.👏👏👏
Alexis O'Callahan Dawid Skałkowski this is the whitest thing ive ever seen
Jake Hardman David Finch was buzzing thinking they finally released a single of the album. Shitposting yet again. Ma Ma Mia 🇮🇹
Winter Lomme Hey LASA represent!!!!
李连杰 Jet Li
17:18 05/11/2017

As one of the few people to apply Taiji in MMA, Nick Osipczak achieved a winning record in the UFC Welterweight division. He was also the champion in the UK National Open Weight Kung Fu Championship. You can read Nick sharing his story at #jetlicom

Discovering MMA and Taiji: Part 1 —
Discovering MMA and Taiji: Part 1 —

The popular external martial arts commonly found in MMA promote and condition the mind into an attitude of attrition – of force meeting force head on.

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Maria Menegueli Marta Love of my Life.
Akash Rao i love you jet
蔡育 让他和徐晓东打一场就知道了
สรภัส อิ่นคำ Thanks for the share you are my idol
Rousseau Moussa THE KING OF KUNG-FU
The Killers
15:42 05/09/2017

Timeline Photos

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Elizabeth Simpson Boxers rule❤️
Charles Holmes Love The Killers
CJ Hart Save Hangout Fest please you guys!!!!
Cecilia Bergstrand Coming to London this summer !!1
José Antonio Huerta Becerril Archie!!!!!
The Killers
02:54 05/07/2017


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Alison Morris Auser Looks pretty easy
Hayley Louise Jones what are this
Warrick Smith Perplexing
Edgar Rangel Suspicious!
Judie Tinarg The chaos-theory?? 🤔✌️💟
The Killers
02:54 05/07/2017

3 amigos

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Grez Santamaría I just saw you guys at PalNorte and I already miss you! Come back soon!
Lívia Thayná Pino Come back to Brazil!! You guys definitely rock! Love you!
Loredana Giandomenico-mollica Do you still have tixs available for the June 10 show?
Anne Heikkinen 55 days until seeing you amigos in Finland!!! 😍 Dreams come true, yes they do, dreams come true! <3
Leslie Janet Stirm Its so hard to not come visit the Battle Born studio.
李连杰 Jet Li
15:42 05/06/2017

I finally have time to continue writing after finishing some work. Look for it in in the near future. #jetli #jetlicom

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Matilda Amy Vsmom You are gifted with talent. Thank You for sharing for us to enjoy. I can't wait to see this new project.
Isabell Delgarito Gm,happy friday,gud luck w/writing.I admire u n yur films.
Steve-Flory Garboni Long live Jet Li !! You are great actor,great artist and most of all UR a great human being !!!
Saengtien Noy Ngaoges Jet Li I follow up you on Facebook,on Instagram and anything else cause you are my favorite long time ago.
Ron Chu Looking forward to more words from you jet. Hang in there my friend.
The Killers
02:54 05/07/2017

We've enjoyed 35 years of Pornography.

3.6k reactions 75 comments
Christina Tirabassi Osier Great album!
Steve Carter This album is incredible.
Andrew McMenamin Cracking album
Nikola Ocskai What??
Karly Sap love u guys! Totally my biggest inspiration! <3
The Killers
02:54 05/07/2017

Here we come, y'all. #ACLFest

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Alexandra Flynn Alayna Robie should we travel to Austin to see our men? 😬
VeNe Romero Finally in Texas 🤗👍🏼
Alfonso Romero Fernando Téllez espero ya tengas nuestros boletos pendeja
Alena Vasquez Is it going to be as good as Fyre Festival?
Baldemar Mendiola Want to go.!! Austin road trip.!!
李连杰 Jet Li
02:54 05/04/2017

There is a global trend regarding robots and battles. This seems to be taking the art of fighting to the next level. I have trained extensively throughout my life to push the physical boundaries. Now it seems like it can be realized in a different form with advancement in technology. Imagine taking the spirits of Taiji and delivering its true grit through an external body armor of a giant robot, this is an evolution and revolution for martial arts. Recently at GMIC in China, I was announced as a co-founder as well as the global ambassador for “King of Bots”, a program developed by a group of young entrepreneurs in China called “Themakers”, who will bring robot fighting to the world through a reality show coming this October. Look for more interviews and updates in the near future here on Facebook and on my website

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Clarence White Worldaass news. Trendfacing use.Clarence a white. Master d movie.
Maria Lúcia Mello Eu gostria assistir jet li atira no robo gigante kung fu alimentoda por suas habilidades! Eu faria
Maria Lúcia Mello Uau que fantástico parabéms meu mestre 👏👏👏seria maravilhoso meu horei vc e dimais love you forever 😍 😍😍😍👍👌👐👐👐👏👏👏
Lourdaes Christi is this actually a direction... for the living eternal spirit soul... or life on EARTH..?
Anitakarina Carmona Latapia Hola: Jet Li. Con todo respeto: Te admiro mucho eres una persona maravillosa, me gusta mucho esos robots ,se ve tan originales. Bueno todo lo que haces esta bien. Te mando un fuerte abrazo a la distancia no cambies. Bye 😀😍🙆💙❤
The Killers
14:06 05/04/2017

‪People of earth. 2 things: 1) My tooth is doing better; 2) speaking of which, it's the anniversary of Smile Like You Mean It.

18.2k reactions 446 comments
Emma Rolfe You could always do the tooth fairy dance from Dirt Sledding to celebrate! 🤓
Keimy Saori Thiago Nery essa música faz 12 anos hoje 😍 vc já tinha visto esse clipe?
Vidushi Saxena Jamal I have a really bad toothache...Coincidence??
Ty Kubiak Saw them live at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre around 2008? One of the best live gigs I've seen... Remember that gig Nathan Troy ?!?!!
Jenny Moulton Titus This is my all-time favorite Killers song. 😍
李连杰 Jet Li
01:18 04/29/2017

I'm really grateful that I had received many birthday wishes on Wednesday. #jetli #jetlicom

Jet Li: Thanks Everyone for Your Wishes —
Jet Li: Thanks Everyone for Your Wishes —

Hello everyone, I want to say thank you for your kind wishes on my birthday. It means a lot to me that you would take the time to think of me Jet Li.

40.8k reactions 1493 comments
Npis Chialue Lis Thank You, cousin Jet Li! Happy birthday to you! Keep making . great movies. The world loves your action movies. The "Twin Warriors" was a wonderful movie.
Demetrios Tsiouris Master jet li you have my best wishes my regard's it's an honor to see you doing martial arts action movies you are a great warrior an inspiration to me Happy birthday master li lot's love to you and your wonderful family success, laughter, happiness, ...
Snooky Princess Nichole Fontamillas Happy birthday! My you will always have a good health, have a peace of mind @ heart. My you have many more bithdays to come. Wishing you all the best of everything. God bless you @ your family always...
Dearzo Fonics WOW 😲 am very happy u responded to my wishes... Sifu JET LEE....u still very young meaning u can still do very powerful waiting for that next release
Jonalyn Alair Tormon the greatest weapon is a #SMILE; the sharper blade was #LOVE . I salute U for everthing youved done. as being an inspiration to everybody. and even its only a movie you really respect all of your leadinglady. like #Brigette Funda in kiss of the ...
The Killers
12:30 04/29/2017

Broken tooth repair. So I can smile like I mean it.

15.5k reactions 449 comments
Rebekah Anne Oliver League do you remember when your MySpace name was Smile Like You Mean It? 😂😂😂😂
Laury Barbanti Poor Ron! Hope it broke doing something fun and that they make it all better.
Hasa Simonian Gabrielle Tam did dentistry just ruin the killers for you?
Susan Gosling Ouch !!! I had my broken tooth repaired this evening. Felt like I had been given best present ever afterwards. Such a relief. Keep Smiling xxxxxxx
Tim Caldwell I have that same petrified look every time I'm in the dentist's chair :)
李连杰 Jet Li
01:18 04/29/2017

Thank You for the birthday wishes. #jetli #jetlicom

Fan Birthday Wishes for Jet Li
Fan Birthday Wishes for Jet Li

Hello fans! Thank you all for sending birthday wishes to Jet Li! We have gathered some special fan wishes from and social media. Here are some of

85.4k reactions 5664 comments
Joland Baron Friend: Hey man! Who's your favorite action star? Me: Uhmmm! Arnold Schwarzenegger Friend: Oh really? Spell his name if he is your favorite action star! Me: Uhhhmmm! Actually I'm a big fan of Jet Li! I like his kungfu moves!
Madelinesmchtway Inting Jamandron Happy birthday..!,Idol we love u...I wish u good health and always smile..,You're My Favorite actor..,pls make more films again.
Ervinna Vindy Happy Birthday Mr Lee, Wishing you have a good health and a lot of happiness with family. You are my idol when i was young till now. I just want to say thankyou . May you continue to inspire more people.
Jeruie Cermeno Happy Birthday Mr. Li! You are such an amazing person to me and you also inspire me to be better than I am not just for myself but to others as well. I wish you all the good things life has to offer 💝💝💝
Gloria Mendoza I just want to wish the best dsy ever. Hope your birthday went well for u. I love your movies. Keep the great job up. Jet, im just a fan of yours .thats all.
The Killers
23:42 04/26/2017

Timeline Photos

11.4k reactions 99 comments
Josh Ritchie Way to put that beard to use, Ronnie!
Shane M Emerich Ya know ya gotta help me out Yaaaa
Exy Castellanos Come to Chattanooga, TN💛💙❤️
Aurora Echavarria Mark 💜
Tove Ashurst Hey Michelle Ashurst Morin, I wish your Dad was on FB.❣
李连杰 Jet Li
23:42 04/23/2017

Here is my story to Bhutan, I hope you like it. #jetli #jetlitrip #bhutan

Jet Li: My trip to Bhutan —
Jet Li: My trip to Bhutan —

Jet Li wanted to share this message with all his fans about his time there and the path that brought him to the caves of Bhutan.

77.9k reactions 824 comments
Esmeralda Venegas That is awesome..beautiful pics..thank you..i stopped meditating a while back..i think its time to start again..
Marlon Obispo Hi jet LI i hope enjoy your trip Bhutan It's nice place. HAPPY berthday and be strong and long life more Movies to make God bless .
Rhotert Ai Nah I 💖 Bhutan! I have been in Bhutan with my husband! I loved Tiger Nest💖💖💖
Gayatri Shiva Do share more to us about bhutan sir. Heard its a heaven on earth and a beautiful country.
Tenzin Pema Very empress your journey to Bhutan and Nelpal. Always pray you health remaining life.
李连杰 Jet Li
10:54 04/21/2017

To all my fans. Recently someone tried to set up a different fan page under my name. I just want to say that this is the only official fan page. Have a good day.

85.4k reactions 7477 comments
Grace Sooknanan Age is just a number folks ! Its all how u live your life how u feel n how much positive happiness you have .Buddha blessings. Love u n your all your movies. From Trinidad n Tobago west Indies.
Andy Krajewski Deine Filme sind alle der Hammer, auch solche alten Teile wie "Claws of Steel". Bist ganz schön alt geworden hehe, aber da haben wir wohl alle dran zu nagen. Ich hoffe es kommt bald mal wieder was neues von dir. Grüße aus Deutschland.
Janet Guadalupe There are always people who want to take advantage of the success of other! You are a great actor and will always be unique and i do not think i will see another like you again. I'm a fan of all her film, the first movie i saw of you was Romeo Must Die ...
Abdul Aziz Rosit Eborde your the famous Chinese martial art artist, , I still love to see or watch your movies since I'm in elementary level and thnx I enjoy watching all your movies hope you had a new movies this ,,,god bless you idol im your fans her in Philippines
Rosaline Da Silva Jet Li. I love you and all ur films, u are a top actor, fighter and person.x it's weird as I only just watched one of ur films to nite wid my son who loves martial art films, forgive me I forgot the name of the film, but u were fighting an Japanese ...
李连杰 Jet Li
10:54 04/21/2017

I just finish writing my story to Bhutan and I’m going to share it with everyone on this coming Friday at #jetli

195.1k reactions 2001 comments
Marichu Domio i love you from the bottom of my heart..I only wish that someday we will meet by any chance and i wanna say that you made my day so special always! Wish you good health always my HERO! 李连杰 Jet Li from Philippines
Amar Tufo You should come to Bosnia some time, it's a good country although I love so much history of ancient China and write about it, specially about the Zhou dynasty. Greeting Jet from Sarajevo. :D
Patricia Cuevas Para cuando Sr Li, por estas Pampas, se asombraria de los fans que tiene, la misma invitacion la extiendo a su compatriota Chan,¿Acaso no quieren conocer la Tierra de Tevez?, saludos.
Anantharaj Raj What the need now is Lot of Oxygen to your Brain..When we become older our lunges function reduce and Oxygen Supply to our Brain is we look like old.. also loose flexibility and strength..You need lot of Breathing exercise and a very good ...
Selwyn Savage Beautiful jet sad not seeing you in movies. Miss your style of fighting. All the best and can't wait to read your I hope some pages are in English!!
The Killers
09:18 04/19/2017

Our bud Ted William Sablay is having a birthday today! Blow 'em all out in one breath boy. #samstownted #beachpush

1.6k reactions 37 comments
Esteban Aispuro Martinez Happy Birthday!!!!!😊
Tara Lee Happy birthday Ted!
Jana Francis Happy Birthday, Ted!
Dakota Browning It's my birthday too! Lol. Happy birthday Ted.
Hilary Boyd Happy birthday Ted. I hope you have a wonderful day
The Killers
09:18 04/19/2017

4.7k reactions 298 comments
Alyssa Watson Anita, Jennifer, Ricardo! I just want to see the Killers!!! 😩
Chris Greeves Any point in me asking when the new album is out !!!! COYK
Kristofer Coronel Regresen a México antes de que pongan el muro :'v
Richard Kemp Stuart Gamble u keep this quiet dude that why ur over there doing ur rehearsal lol
Alban Allaix Clément Allaix ils refont des dates. Abec un peu de chances ils passeront a vegas l'année pro quand j'y serai ^^
李连杰 Jet Li
22:06 04/18/2017

Mike Swick was a former UFC fighter who now dedicate his time in training others by passing on his knowledge in the ring. Congratulations to Amir on a win in RIZIN yesterday.

Mike "Quick" Swick // Life After UFC —
Mike "Quick" Swick // Life After UFC —

Mike Swick is a former UFC fighter, an original AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) team member and appeared on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter.

5.3k reactions 112 comments
George Lee Hello
Wayne Brooks superb
Aaron Wood superb
Edwin Santiago Vilcallanque story ...:v
Jinhong Li thanks for the share
李连杰 Jet Li
09:18 04/16/2017

Here are some feedbacks for fans, leave me a comment if you want to learn more from me.

Q&A with Jet Li
Q&A with Jet Li

Q&A with Jet Li. Jet Li answers the questions from his fans all over the world, come check out and send your questions too to

59.5k reactions 1758 comments
Tunde Osoba Which style of tai chi did you use in twin warriors / tai chi master? And can tai chi be used as a way of life? And can you recomend any reading material about tai chi? Also thank you for your dedication to not only the martial arts but also the awesome ...
Ulises Leon C K hermoso seria poder conocerlo y poder hablar con ud y saber como uno puede llegar aser un gran deportista como ud pero lamentablemente vivo tan lejos pero desde aca peru le mando un cariñoso abrazo y un saludo lo admiro desde hace mucho tiempo k ...
Mark Johnson Big Fan. I would love to see you act in a move made by you and the Wachowskis with you acting the way you did in The One with some of the x-ray special effects from Romeo Must Die. I think Fearless is a representation of how you felt when you first ...
Kelvin Doo Can you please, PLEASE lend your choreography and teaching talents to Netflix's Iron Fist? That was hands down the worst of Netflix's Marvel series. If your main character is supposed to be a Kung-fu master, perhaps he should fight like one.
Wiremu Paul My wish would be to meet you in person and talk about wushu and other styles and the people you help that are so important to you that is my wish I'm 55 years old my mother and father made sure that we all did martial artist ,most of us have our black ...
The Killers
07:42 04/14/2017

This thing's taking forever...

20.9k reactions 1243 comments
Eduardo Medina Morales Sounds like White Lies... And I like it! I cna't wait for you to unleash new material and come back to México :)
Emily Johnson I've watched this way too many times today! Makes me so happy 😍
Daniela Carolina the thing can wait forever as long as we keep seeing those arms am i right Raq Ra
Josie Rachael Stubbs I have a major crush on Brandon Flowers I'd happily be his second wife
Claire Nicole Knight 😳🤗😍😘 xxxx fit doubt we will get close enough to see his bone lol 😂
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