李连杰 Jet Li
23:42 04/23/2017

Here is my story to Bhutan, I hope you like it. #jetli #jetlitrip #bhutan https://go.jetli.com/2pXQ3Vg

Jet Li: My trip to Bhutan — Jetli.com
Jet Li: My trip to Bhutan — Jetli.com

Jet Li wanted to share this message with all his fans about his time there and the path that brought him to the caves of Bhutan.

77.9k reactions 824 comments
Esmeralda Venegas That is awesome..beautiful pics..thank you..i stopped meditating a while back..i think its time to start again..
Marlon Obispo Hi jet LI i hope enjoy your trip Bhutan It's nice place. HAPPY berthday and be strong and long life more Movies to make God bless .
Rhotert Ai Nah I 💖 Bhutan! I have been in Bhutan with my husband! I loved Tiger Nest💖💖💖
Gayatri Shiva Do share more to us about bhutan sir. Heard its a heaven on earth and a beautiful country.
Tenzin Pema Very empress your journey to Bhutan and Nelpal. Always pray you health remaining life.
李连杰 Jet Li
10:54 04/21/2017

To all my fans. Recently someone tried to set up a different fan page under my name. I just want to say that this is the only official fan page. Have a good day.

85.4k reactions 7477 comments
Grace Sooknanan Age is just a number folks ! Its all how u live your life how u feel n how much positive happiness you have .Buddha blessings. Love u n your all your movies. From Trinidad n Tobago west Indies.
Andy Krajewski Deine Filme sind alle der Hammer, auch solche alten Teile wie "Claws of Steel". Bist ganz schön alt geworden hehe, aber da haben wir wohl alle dran zu nagen. Ich hoffe es kommt bald mal wieder was neues von dir. Grüße aus Deutschland.
Janet Guadalupe There are always people who want to take advantage of the success of other! You are a great actor and will always be unique and i do not think i will see another like you again. I'm a fan of all her film, the first movie i saw of you was Romeo Must Die ...
Abdul Aziz Rosit Eborde your the famous Chinese martial art artist, , I still love to see or watch your movies since I'm in elementary level and thnx I enjoy watching all your movies hope you had a new movies this ,,,god bless you idol im your fans her in Philippines
Rosaline Da Silva Jet Li. I love you and all ur films, u are a top actor, fighter and person.x it's weird as I only just watched one of ur films to nite wid my son who loves martial art films, forgive me I forgot the name of the film, but u were fighting an Japanese ...
李连杰 Jet Li
10:54 04/21/2017

I just finish writing my story to Bhutan and I’m going to share it with everyone on this coming Friday at Jetli.com #jetli

195.1k reactions 2001 comments
Marichu Domio i love you from the bottom of my heart..I only wish that someday we will meet by any chance and i wanna say that you made my day so special always! Wish you good health always my HERO! 李连杰 Jet Li from Philippines
Amar Tufo You should come to Bosnia some time, it's a good country although I love so much history of ancient China and write about it, specially about the Zhou dynasty. Greeting Jet from Sarajevo. :D
Patricia Cuevas Para cuando Sr Li, por estas Pampas, se asombraria de los fans que tiene, la misma invitacion la extiendo a su compatriota Chan,¿Acaso no quieren conocer la Tierra de Tevez?, saludos.
Anantharaj Raj What the need now is Lot of Oxygen to your Brain..When we become older our lunges function reduce and Oxygen Supply to our Brain is reduced..so we look like old.. also loose flexibility and strength..You need lot of Breathing exercise and a very good ...
Selwyn Savage Beautiful jet li......so sad not seeing you in movies. Miss your style of fighting. All the best and can't wait to read your book.....um I hope some pages are in English!!
The Killers
09:18 04/19/2017

Our bud Ted William Sablay is having a birthday today! Blow 'em all out in one breath boy. #samstownted #beachpush

1.6k reactions 37 comments
Esteban Aispuro Martinez Happy Birthday!!!!!😊
Tara Lee Happy birthday Ted!
Jana Francis Happy Birthday, Ted!
Dakota Browning It's my birthday too! Lol. Happy birthday Ted.
Hilary Boyd Happy birthday Ted. I hope you have a wonderful day
The Killers
09:18 04/19/2017


4.7k reactions 298 comments
Alyssa Watson Anita, Jennifer, Ricardo! I just want to see the Killers!!! 😩
Chris Greeves Any point in me asking when the new album is out !!!! COYK
Kristofer Coronel Regresen a México antes de que pongan el muro :'v
Richard Kemp Stuart Gamble u keep this quiet dude that why ur over there doing ur rehearsal lol
Alban Allaix Clément Allaix ils refont des dates. Abec un peu de chances ils passeront a vegas l'année pro quand j'y serai ^^
李连杰 Jet Li
22:06 04/18/2017

Mike Swick was a former UFC fighter who now dedicate his time in training others by passing on his knowledge in the ring. Congratulations to Amir on a win in RIZIN yesterday. http://bit.ly/2oG4Oi3

Mike "Quick" Swick // Life After UFC — Jetli.com
Mike "Quick" Swick // Life After UFC — Jetli.com

Mike Swick is a former UFC fighter, an original AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) team member and appeared on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter.

5.3k reactions 112 comments
George Lee Hello
Wayne Brooks superb
Aaron Wood superb
Edwin Santiago Vilcallanque Wow...cool story ...:v
Jinhong Li thanks for the share
李连杰 Jet Li
09:18 04/16/2017

Here are some feedbacks for fans, leave me a comment if you want to learn more from me. http://bit.ly/2oxx5GV

Q&A with Jet Li
Q&A with Jet Li

Q&A with Jet Li. Jet Li answers the questions from his fans all over the world, come check out and send your questions too to jetli.com

59.5k reactions 1758 comments
Tunde Osoba Which style of tai chi did you use in twin warriors / tai chi master? And can tai chi be used as a way of life? And can you recomend any reading material about tai chi? Also thank you for your dedication to not only the martial arts but also the awesome ...
Ulises Leon C K hermoso seria poder conocerlo y poder hablar con ud y saber como uno puede llegar aser un gran deportista como ud pero lamentablemente vivo tan lejos pero desde aca peru le mando un cariñoso abrazo y un saludo lo admiro desde hace mucho tiempo k ...
Mark Johnson Big Fan. I would love to see you act in a move made by you and the Wachowskis with you acting the way you did in The One with some of the x-ray special effects from Romeo Must Die. I think Fearless is a representation of how you felt when you first ...
Kelvin Doo Can you please, PLEASE lend your choreography and teaching talents to Netflix's Iron Fist? That was hands down the worst of Netflix's Marvel series. If your main character is supposed to be a Kung-fu master, perhaps he should fight like one.
Wiremu Paul My wish would be to meet you in person and talk about wushu and other styles and the people you help that are so important to you that is my wish I'm 55 years old my mother and father made sure that we all did martial artist ,most of us have our black ...
The Killers
07:42 04/14/2017

This thing's taking forever...

20.9k reactions 1243 comments
Eduardo Medina Morales Sounds like White Lies... And I like it! I cna't wait for you to unleash new material and come back to México :)
Emily Johnson I've watched this way too many times today! Makes me so happy 😍
Daniela Carolina the thing can wait forever as long as we keep seeing those arms am i right Raq Ra
Josie Rachael Stubbs I have a major crush on Brandon Flowers I'd happily be his second wife
Claire Nicole Knight 😳🤗😍😘 xxxx fit doubt we will get close enough to see his bone lol 😂
李连杰 Jet Li
20:30 04/13/2017

Sharing some behind-the-scenes photos with Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Director Peter Chan from Warlords. #jetli #jetlimovies

61.2k reactions 564 comments
黃約瑟 安心上路
Sirlene Andrade Hello Jet Li san How are you? War lords, very Powerful and Phirosophical story! I loved way you acted 龐青雲 as cruel yet at the same time very touchy and sensetive charactor!Truely Great movie of our time!!! Thanks for sharing your moments!!!! 💋💋💋💋
Patricia Cuevas Para cuando con Chan, Li, juntos y jugando al Futbol, en una pelicula los desafio.juajuaa, saludos.
John Stratakos I'm "watching" Meltdown...... I'm a huge fan, but I don't think I'll be able to finish this one 😳
Victoria Lastra Marco Antonio Gonzalez Iturrieta miraaaa si andas cerca Por favor #! Solo 1 autógrafo para mi ❤
The Killers
18:54 04/11/2017

Life's A Beach -rv

11.7k reactions 49 comments
Diego Disangler Hi mom
محمد عبد الهادي الخليل 🌸~😍~❤️´))
Ryan Cappellano When you were young
Marce Montano Burn that new balance tho.
Chris Greeves COYK NEW ALBUM PLEASE!!!!!
The Killers
06:00 04/09/2017


5.3k reactions 88 comments
Matt Sandy Can't wait!!!!
Paul McAleer Paddy Mac's and then The Killers in NJ Barrie Duncan 🤔👍
Mark Myers i will be there.
Leonardo Lima New álbum?
Mary Jo Cristino Would love to see them
李连杰 Jet Li
18:48 04/08/2017

An interview article between me and Jacky Heung, an up and coming martial artist/actor! #jetli https://go.jetli.com/2oM1Itg

Interview with Jet Li and Jacky Heung — Jetli.com
Interview with Jet Li and Jacky Heung — Jetli.com

This moment in history is a moment wherein we’re watching the intersection and blending of cultures at a level and scale that has never been seen before. In the collaboration between Jet Li, Jacky Hueng and Adidas in creating the WUJI platform, there is an intersection between tradition and innovati...

56.2k reactions 400 comments
Odumodu Susan I just know that he will be like you after d training.
Colton Hooley Oh man I would do anything just to have a chance to learn from Jet Li
Kenneth Speirs Great Stuff ,Jet Li , , !love his Film ,Best one ,Unleashed ,Done in Glasgow ,Scotland ,Morgan Freeman ,Bob Hoskins ,Love it
Mwangi Joseph If wont visit Kenya,then u'l knw tht #MyFatherIsaHero and the real #BodyguardFromNairobi
Cris Escribano Can u send me your picture mr.jet li I'm one of your fans here in the Philippines thank you☺☺
The Killers
06:00 04/09/2017

Christened T-Mobile, tore down Bunk House, got keys to City... and the Lamborghini. Not a bad day's work. #tbt

9.2k reactions 253 comments
James Hicks Brandon looks like Bruce Springsteen in this photo. Wait....
Vicki Filer Oh Louise I so want to see The Killers live again! Please make this dream come true!!! Xxx
Stephanie Íñiguez I was there..... Best concert I have ever been to... hands down!
Erick Diaz The greatest show in history! My first ever time in Vegas and my first ever Killers' concert. Not attending school in Monterrey for 4 days was totally worth it!! An unforgettable trip :')
李连杰 Jet Li
06:00 04/06/2017

I’m going to share some stories about me and my trips to Bhutan and Nepal in jetli.com, check it out in the near future. #jetli #jetlihero #jetlilife #actor #kungfu #hollywoodactor #martialartist

93.3k reactions 1049 comments
Ramathan Nsubuga Hi,, Mr Body Guard from Beijing..we really miss your new brand release can you make one super action this year!!💪👊😂
Goodluck Noah Thoma's After finish u're trip in Nepal, U're welcome Tanzania mountain kilimanjaro. ...
Tarak Bro Welcome to Nepal legend of congfu n the best actor of bollywwod u r always in our hearts
Red Pearl I will surely check it out. #Nihaau master Li from Nepal.
बिजय गुरुङ where are you in Nepal ? i am your big fan i will be there to meet you
The Killers
04:24 04/04/2017

El Oso. -Monterrey, Mexico 2017

17.0k reactions 216 comments
JB Ernex Szchweinsteiger Falto This is your life, verdad amor Ivette LanVe reclamale al mucho guapo ...
Anne Heikkinen I'm gonna climb that symphony tree and make it mine.
Adriana Alvarado Ronnie you are la mamada. ❤️
Alberto De La Garza Rockabilly Vuelvan pronto come back soon!!
The Killers
04:24 04/04/2017

Monterrey..... never change #palnorte

28.1k reactions 303 comments
Felix Theodoro Pls, come back down to Brazil. Sao Paulo misses you after Lollapalooza 2013.
Amalia Macías Monterrey love us!!! come back soon! 😘
Cameron Beswick monterey? did anyone sacrifice their guitar in a firey manner?
Lola Martínez Romero Vania Rojas te dije que mejor hubiéramos ido al Pa'l norte
Alejandro Pérez Dávila Come to Dallas, please!
The Killers
15:36 04/01/2017

Pinche Chipinque

39.1k reactions 1367 comments
Karla García Andie Calderón se ve que sufrieron igual que tu y yo subiendo
Connie Briseño Wwwooww me hubieran invitado, con gusto les daba el tour por todo Chipinque ☝
Trinidad López Rivera Me encanta Brandon y no eh podido toparmelo ❤ es el hombre más bello 😢
Ashley Fulmer Wish you guys would get back to Birmingham, AL - been a long time!
César Ramos Javier Martinez Moyano JAJAJA mientras tu vida se va en la sala 😔
李连杰 Jet Li
04:24 04/01/2017

Can you spot me? A photo taken with my fans from France in 2003 #Jetli #Jetlifans #Jetlimovies

15.6k reactions 540 comments
Revenant Laiz 100% trusted part time job work from your mobile and earn upto 80$ per hour ...details please whats app at +917628889410
Matthias Stuber Well that's easy you stay at the right at the end of the picture 😊
Biman Shyam O yeah! Ican find you out among the total population of world, stars glitter.
Helena Ooi Yesssss,of course,I can recognise you.Wish you all the best and God Bless.
Susan Odida You squat in front in a cap. There is a fan standing front line left in longsleeved black Tshirt who looks a smaller version of you...
The Killers
15:36 04/01/2017

In Mexico studying guitar with Esteban. #PalNorte

12.0k reactions 147 comments
Luisa Macareno Kike Zendejas Morales si lo ves de cerca tómale chingomil de fotos
Chris Gilmore But have you met billy gibbons on the border?
Mark David Tarrant In your country Nallely 🤓👍🏻
Diana Eduardo Álvarez Mónica A Camacho Durán alksjflskjflaskdfjalskjslgkjlgksfjglkasjgs
Renu Kaul Heck What a great opportunity to learn from one of the best! His specialty is Spanish Guitar!
姚明 Yao Ming
10:54 03/31/2017

Thanks so much to the LA Kings and Luc Robitaille, Adam Wilkes and Kelly Cheeseman for this great jersey. Welcome to China!

292 reactions 12 comments
Louis Hu wonder how u use FB in china mainland
Cristiano Ronaldo cr7 like for cr7 Cristiano Ronaldo cr7 Cristiano Ronaldo cr7
Louie Wu-ton Hockey is in China now?
Ming Zai 明哥!
安健 洛杉矶国王队吗,哈哈
The Killers
02:48 03/30/2017

Men of the Red Earth by Maynard Dixon at The Autry -Brandon

3.1k reactions 39 comments
Agostina Medina Still many months for BST can't wait D:
Amanda Waldron Beautiful. ❤
Brenda Sanz 😍😍😍😍😍Brandon Flowers 😍😍😍😍
Nicola Shariff Please .
Poli P. Ortiz See You this Friday
李连杰 Jet Li
15:36 03/29/2017

Congratulations to my friend Michelle, who received a high recognition from French President Mr. François Hollande. I really admire your contribution in developing and facilitating humanitarian works in France and around the world.

2.6k reactions 247 comments
Holly Jones I absolutely adore Michelle Yeoh! Grace, beauty, elegance and humanitarian. Congratulations Leslie Jones
Юрій Бєлоусов Бизнес, Политика, Бизнес, не жизнь, а карьерная лесница, Жизнь Публичная, а где же Личная, надоели обезьяньи посиделки, с вычосывание, друг у друга насикомых.
Salam Arief You worked with her on tai chi Master and the mummy III
Western Terrorism Watch I hope not French terrorist humanitarian work like the destruction of Libya?
Kalista Do 😝 boooouuuu mauvais président, une catastrophe ce type, rien de bon de prendre une photo à ses côtés. 😝 boooouuuu bad president, a disaster this guy, nothing good to take a photo at his side
The Killers
02:48 03/30/2017

Happy birthday Dave Go celebrate but behave All our love, the band

15.4k reactions 168 comments
Oscar Saucedo HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 😎
Denise Hand Happy birthday 🍰 Dave
Michel Gestell Happy birthday dave ! 😊
Isabel Carr Por qué no me habías informado de esta cosa tan hermosaaaaa ?! Graciela Contreras
Gonzalo Moreno Happy birthday Dave!! The main guy of the best band in the world! Viva
李连杰 Jet Li
15:36 03/29/2017

It is an honor to receive a sword from China Wushu Association and General Administration of Sport of China last Friday. #jetli #wushu #kungfu #martialarts #chinesemartialarts

44.9k reactions 647 comments
Trinidad Castillejos Dear Mr. 李连杰 Jet Li, Congratulation!! I'm so proud of you, Honey.
Gene Rogers Best to you Jet Li and you deserve it ! Live in China and love to see your movies as well as in America.
Sachin Patole Hearty congratulations master Lee. You really deserve this recognition.👍👍👍
Ajdin K. Denic If anyone deserves it, it is you. We have been enjoying your movies for a long time... bless you!
Marlyn Cabayao Sir jet u are my idol actor me your fans in philipines u great movie.congrats
李连杰 Jet Li
14:00 03/24/2017

Always good to see my friend Jason. #jetli #jasonstatham

200.7k reactions 2289 comments
Sanele Jackson Rain Wow 2 big actor from rogue assasin aka war to expandable wow always enjoying to wacth their movies a'm one of thier fan from #south_africa
Ronald Wijaya expendables, the one, that the movie that I remembered that you both act together, the rest doesnot remember much, Ronald wijaya mind currently very cloudy,
Paloma Gris Amigo Jet Li me encanta ver tus peliculas, son emocionantes, un duo perfecto con Jason, son increibles ambos, muchos exitos y felicitaciones en sus carreras, bendiciones mil.
Keraast Amin I'm a little fan of you. I love you too much. I'm a Bangladeshi. I want to meet you and I have a desire to get a thing from you. God made me happy by giving me everything I want. Only you can fulfill me. Please don't forget me. May Allah bless you.
Karin Halberg Wonderfull acktors here Thank you for sharing This Beautiful picture and find my way to Denmark Love from Singer Karin Halberg 🎤🎶🎹🎸🎷😉💐
李连杰 Jet Li
14:00 03/24/2017

“Born to Defense” is the first movie I directed over 30 years ago. It was a great experience to be the lead actor and director at the same time. #jetli #jetlimovie #fightscene #actionmovie (Copyright by respective production studio and/or distributor. Intended for editorial use only.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izxL_RiZJ5o&t=3s

19.1k reactions 295 comments
Raluca Mucica esti. un om minunat prin tot ce faci si toate filmele pe care leai facut acum doua zile am vazut filmu eroi de sacrificiu un film frumos esti cel mai bun in tot ce faci respect pentru tot multumesc ca. existi ne faci viata mai frumosa
Zeliş Yıldız Altıntop Filmlerine devam etmelisin. Seni hep yeni filmlerle görmek istiyorum aşkım. Hayatımda senin ve filmlerinin yeri çok büyük💖💖💖🙇
Tim Myers Jeremy Myers this is the movie you was talking about
Saengtien Ngaoges Yeah and you still defense always.Jet Li we are one world. Your fanclub from Thailand.
Angie Angie Looks like you are forever young Jet Li. What is your secret ? Not only martial art😊...
The Killers
23:36 03/19/2017

Lego Landing

33.9k reactions 325 comments
Chris Greeves If you've ever read my posts you know what's coming NEW ALBUM PLEASE- COYK
Katrin Hummel Daddy cool, isnt it great to have sons as an excuse? K.
Fiona Retzer Yous been eatin those proteins like a good good boy
Sofija Rakićević Anja Vuksanović mislim da ovo nije materijal koji se lajkuje u ovo doba, dok ja cekam, anja, dete
Emily Connelly Hurry, we gotta get to Legoland fast to see our man!! 😂 Jasmine
李连杰 Jet Li
12:24 03/19/2017

The Afghanistan Bruce Lee, Abbas Alizada is pursuing his dream to become a great martial artist like Bruce Lee. Here is the full story about him filmed by my team at jetli.com. https://youtu.be/Bj0LCHnJkrk #jetlihero #jetli

22.0k reactions 401 comments
Frederick Ray Downey Jr. I don't know i never Seen a man faster than bruce lee as i know he's iconic good as i see. But as bruce filmed he was so fast they'd have to slow the tape down just so we could see his punches and kicks, as he had inner mind control ive never seen ...
David Lewis There's only one lee... If you can't find your own way!...you will never find the point in witch Bruce Lee. ... Said. I..can only show you the way!..it's up to you. find What is yours and make it.. Great'...so train like it.. is your last"...day On ...
Atiq Abed Thanks for supporting this young man who loves Bruce Lee and martial arts.
Wendy Gregg Maybe a role for Abbas in a movie . Check out Scorpion 🦂 novel by CCindy Stone. Should be a movie / martial arts in the book 📚 are spot on ...
ALbar AnFionge i just watch it on jetli.com and you posted it here in your facebook sir jetli. what a very inspiring story..
The Killers
10:48 03/17/2017

On this day in the year of our Lord 2004, Somebody Told Me was released, folks. #madeinagarage

87.2k reactions 1203 comments
Glory Hagedorn And my favorite band of all time was born and every year I always hope and pray you will make a new album and tour!!!! Your on my bucket list of bands I wanna see live!!!! Love you guys
Chris Archer First saw The Killers on June 6th 2004 at The Zodiac Oxford UK thanks to Bart Crisp and Callum Elliott-Archer. Bloomin' marvellous.
Doña Andrea DeLa Vega Paula Beatriz Velasco Hemos pasado más tiempo de nuestras vidas con Somebody Told Me que sin ella, porque #ancianas Tú también Alma Hiriart
Polina Yudina Loved it from the first time I heard it. Listen millions of times then and still it's on my top list today. That's what I call legendary! Remember, going to a night club and everyone is dancing like Yeah Asher yeah, and I request to the dj this song ...
Jenny Wormald Stephen Moore 12years ago you introduced me to The Killers when we lived together(you may not remember....) & 12years later I'm still in love with Brandon and his crew!
李连杰 Jet Li
23:36 03/16/2017

I am really proud of my daughter Jada! She was invited by China Women's Development Foundation to write a story for the Hearing Impaired.

92.3k reactions 1826 comments
Yoko Sato Congratulation to Jada Jet Li san ♬ All your family and friends must be very proud of her. She's really beautiful inside and out like you and your lovely wife Nina ❤️ Time flys and children grow beyond parents expectations
Tess Wellington I grew up with a hearing impaired mother. How wonderful the recognition and help that is available now. She is so brave but also there is a different attitude which means more confidence. I am so happy for her.
David Caliban Funk A lovely lady, with a lovely heart, no doubt. Good job, Mr. Li, for raising her well.
Tamara Rivera Wow, that's impressive! Congrats Jada and congrats to daddy Jet. 💗 I have to add, I agree with the other commenters, she has your smile. So cute.
Mosfiqur Rahman Hei lee its mosfiq, from bangladesh near india, my little daughter age near 2 yr,(3rd april her birthday) i love her very much, and i feel proud to be her father . Wish your daughter also be as favorite as u to people
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