The Killers
Yesterday 22:48

09/19/17, Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY

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Laedina Oliveiraa 😍😍
Junior Liz Monteiro Who's the man? :O
Jorge Sánchez Carlos y yo preocupándome si mis fotos están culeras Ángel Ramírez
Alan Martínez Love you guys
Anna Figuerola Pastor Barcelona?????
The Killers
Yesterday 22:48

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Luísa Nunes COME TO BRAZIL lol
Claudiia Revelo Come to Peru ❤❤❤
Connie Sehguh 2am in Glasgow , Scotland , 👌🏼
Liza Yuivar Come to Chile 🇨🇱
Karla Maria 🙌🏽
The Killers
Yesterday 22:48

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Louise Banks SueandEd Edwards, just in case you have stopped singing along with me ❤️ who's the man!!!
Blake Evatt Go The favorite band and hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada.
Britt Reuvers Corinne 🤗🤗 denk dat we maar weer een concertje moeten meepikken als ze weer hier zijn😁
Caz Barnes Jon this is the video i was on about xxx
Rick Roberts Lol @1:11 he's "shadow boxing" lmao didn't see that the first time around
The Killers
Yesterday 22:48

Mexico Mexico is Wonderful Wonderful

41.0k reactions 8453 comments
Mayra de Santiago Arantxa estoy a nada de ponerme a llorar 😭😭😭😭 y GUADALAJARA?? Jajajaja
Gustavo Martinez Guadalajara please ! Auditorio Telmex. don't ever think in Arena VFG, that is NOT place for concerts.
Judith Monsiváis Sofia Rodarte ojalá me regalen los boletos cuando ya había quedado en ir contigo, así como tú me hiciste traicionera 💔
Yaz Leon What about yyc!!! You guys need to come to the west side of Canada!!!! I feel heartbroken I left when you guys went to gdl on april 2013!!! Please come to yyc
José Mosqueda Could you add tijuana to your tour? After parties are awesome here and you have a lot of fans over here, your mánager should really consider it...
The Killers
10:00 09/18/2017

My goodness, Europe!

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Karoline Bjerkås Martine Danielsen Strand❤️ på en fredag til neste år også, lets go😊 en ny runde med the killers skada ikke❤️ prøv å kom oss lenger inn nærmest scenen 😊
Tiina Maria Lina Paavilainen I saw this and thought of you and then realised that you'd already liked it and that's why it was in my facebook newsfeed :D
Julia Gieskes Jaaaaa Ron, Thos, EVERYBODY! 28 feb ben ik in de ziggo dome! Een dag te laat, dit had ik een príma bday cadeau gevonden
Alexandra Peng Lisa Elisa in Feb you'll be in Oslo already, right? bc i'm seriously thinking about buying a ticket to see the killers on Feb 23!
Linus Steen Oh damn, I will see The Killer in Miami on my vacation in January, but I will also see them in my hometown Stockholm. That's nice 😃👌🏻
The Killers
10:00 09/18/2017

This is good. This real good.

17.8k reactions 4801 comments
Kathleen Buytaert Europe for the festival season????
Francisco Chacón What about Mexico? We miss you. Your concerts are the best
Fernanda Paiva Karina Paiva vms p ozzyland assistir the killers e visitar a bomboa Camila Chilvarquer little Mayra Lewi topa?? kkk
Dylan Shaw Adelaide has a venue too guys, and a massive music scene.
Beth Scharnberg Nathanial 'Nasa' Scharnberg a night away in Melbourne??? (No pressure but very strong suggestion) will leave with you xxx
李连杰 Jet Li
22:48 09/17/2017

Congratulation to Donnie Yen-甄子丹 Official on his wedding anniversary. Jack ma, Wu Jing - Jacky Wu 吳京, Yuen Woo-Ping and I gave them a surprise by showing up together! #jetli

10.6k reactions 175 comments
Júlio Soares de Lima Que tal outro filme com vcs dois de novo agora vcs dois do mesmo lado nome do filme dupla implacável 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔vai ser sussesso de novo
Zach Biser Way too much star power in one room! Happy anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Yen 😁
Phalanndwa Takalani Yeeeeeeeees, i wanna be there next year!oh gosh these guys are everywhere and I should be there with them!
Shaolin Monk Tremendous big brothers!
Michael Romio Dear sir i m frm manipur india n i m ur best of the best fan wish u all the best sir....
The Killers
21:12 09/15/2017

15/09/17, Köln, Germany.

143 reactions 110 comments
Priscilla Espinoza Want to come see you guys in Colorado in February so badly!!😢
Anna Collins Can't wait for November and Dublin 😍😍
Creighton PG If U2 lost The Edge and Adam never mind.
Melanie Cooper Home is where the Dom is. It was awesome... 🤘
李连杰 Jet Li
22:48 09/17/2017

In a recent article by Her World Singapore, a lifestyle publisher, the newly appointed president of Singapore, Halimah Yacob , is a fan of mine. I am deeply flattered and honored. Madame President, I wish you all the success in your new post. #jetli

Jet Li Congratulates Halimah Yacob as the 8th President of Singapore —
Jet Li Congratulates Halimah Yacob as the 8th President of Singapore —

Jet Li congratulates Halimah Yacob as the Singapore's 8th President, "Thank you very much for being my fan, I wish you the best in your career."

22.8k reactions 230 comments
Nick Carrieri Followed by a resounding "who the fuck cares?"
Dem Confuse Swedru OhKojo i love your movies so bad,you are such a great legend, #Jetli
KC Chong Well said 😘😘
Shaolin Fs 天下武功出少林,少林又出李连杰
Penny Teh That's nice 👍👌👏
The Killers
21:12 09/15/2017

One - Two punch at BBC Radio 1.

The Killers - Live Lounge, The Killers Live Lounge, Clara Amfo - BBC Radio 1
The Killers - Live Lounge, The Killers Live Lounge, Clara Amfo - BBC Radio 1

The Killers perform their new single, cover David Bowie and play anthem ‘Mr Brightside’.

12.7k reactions 552 comments
Danielle Mears Can't wait to see you guys again in Sheffield on my birthday!!!! 😆
Jamie Maddison Awesome can't wait to see u guys in Leeds 😁
Jenny Apostolos Max Raker 👍🏻. His David Bowie cover is awesome!!!
Kristy Carney Impeccable! Don't want to wish time away, but can't wait for January!
Vicki Props Lawhorn February can't come quickly enough! Staples Center here we come!
李连杰 Jet Li
10:00 09/15/2017

李连杰 Jet Li updated their website address.

5.3k reactions 79 comments
Aronuka Noshimuri You are aller good jet official site 😃
Coretta Sears Good morning to you
Donald Mecks Cool ill check it out!
Maria Lovell Great photo
عبد الكريم وين يعني
The Killers
21:12 09/15/2017


15.1k reactions 222 comments
Jamie Merenda That's just Brandon Flowers. Not TK... plus it's only .5 of The Killers.
Rick Roberts Love the Bowie allusions, I can not wait for the album!!
Dee Tang You are like Hillary Clinton, you will never go away
Helen Murphy Red has always been my favourite colour 😂
Kathrine Faust Larsen Asger Wille nu er der altså kun otte(!) dage til det nye album! Så er du opdateret. #service
The Killers
08:24 09/13/2017

12/09/17 - O2 Academy Brixton, London

8.9k reactions 259 comments
Chris Stables No Dave and Mark not really the Killers no more is it ?
Olivia Brown Brandon you are the man! Never disappoint! Amazing gig 😍
Melanie Rice Would love to see them live. Sooooooo much. Barry 💕💕💕
Sarah Goddard Kelly Goddard That will be the last time your in charge of booking the tickets! 🙃😂😂
Lyn Williamson ...and then there were 2 ☹️☹️
李连杰 Jet Li
21:12 09/12/2017

I visited the United Nations on 9/9 with China's Wushu delegates. In addition to the performance by the team members, I also gave a speech in both United Nations and in Times Square. #jetli

22.7k reactions 252 comments
Azul Camaron Vanesa Im do all for go ready!! And :( i like see japon @.`@
Manuela Acuña Good morning Mr.Jet Li, I wish you are very happy in your trip!!!😁
Emmanuel Paraiso I need a kickass old men Jet Li and Jackie Chan movie sort of like The Expendables!!
Habib Hassan I love this ur movies (black masks and Evil cult)
Anthony Junior Man jet you looking way older than Jackie in this picture
The Killers
19:36 09/10/2017

Damn, The Man is strong. 3 weeks in a row #1 on #alt18. Thank you, people of satellite air waves.

The Alt-18 Results 9/9/2017 - The Unofficial Alt-18
The Alt-18 Results 9/9/2017 - The Unofficial Alt-18

These are the results for The Alt-18 Countdown for week 36 of 2017, featuring the top 18 songs requested and/or voted by listeners of Alt Nation on SiriusXM. This week’s countdown was hosted by Regan (@altregan). Be sure to check out Songs to Know 9/8/2017, the future of the Alt-18 Countdown. ¹ Song...

2.0k reactions 0 comments
姚明 Yao Ming
03:42 09/12/2017

Congrats T-Mac! Very happy for you on your big day.

3.3k reactions 39 comments
Ayato Monsun T MAC <3 <3 <3
Na Hongbo 怀念你们一起的日子🤗
黄奥 好年轻!记得那年我还在上中学
Eastar Chen 求姚主席的翻墙软件😆
胤沈 我的青春~
The Killers
19:36 09/10/2017

All things "Wonderful Wonderful" await in The Killers official store:

1.7k reactions 45 comments
Marcela Martínez Aida Mtz ¿que me vas a comprar?
Thofori Patji Guys u sound gud like always
Ross Martinez Javier Hernández #yavinemicumpleaños 🤗🤗🤗
Luli Jerez puedo comprar desde Argentina?
李连杰 Jet Li
08:24 09/10/2017

I recently shared some thoughts on Wushu and Kung Fu in #jetli #jetlicom

Jet Li Talks about His Opinion on Wushu and Kung Fu —
Jet Li Talks about His Opinion on Wushu and Kung Fu —

Here is Jet Li opinion on wushu and Kung Fu. If you have trained wushu for 5-10 years, we usually say you put a lot of efforts (Kung Fu) on training.

29.8k reactions 250 comments
Marshal Micheal Nice one sifu. But it not easy for me training alone. In Nigeria. People value Juju(charm) to martial arts.
Olgun OL Jetview jetlife Berner Tracking Numbers
Phạm Văn Trung Sư phụ đừng quên quân sư là để làm gì ? Học trò thấy quân sư là người luôn có sự tỉnh táo và sáng xuất hơn chủ nhân .nếu sư phụ hiểu điều này .thì sư phụ là người sáng xuất .
Jairo Ramos Olá , grande abraço, grande ator , sou seu fã brasileiro, que Deus abençoe
Adriana Adriana Furlani Sus enseñanza son muy importante en las artes marciales es un gran maestro sr Yet Li lo admiro y soy su fans que siempre lo sigo en los videos mis respeto a usdt lo saluda desde Argentina
李连杰 Jet Li
06:42 09/05/2017

I met Tony Jaa Official recently. He is a great actor and an expert martial artist. I wish him continued success in the film career and other ventures.

39.0k reactions 487 comments
Gareth Evans I could've looked at that picture for hours without realising was you Jet Li. Seems your glasses are as good a disguise as Clark Kents. Are you the real life Superman?
Sérgio Varejão Two of the best martial artists of movies.Join Jean Claude Van Damme,Scott Adkins,Jackie Chan,Donnie Yen and Jason Statham.
Anitakarina Carmona Latapia Con todo respeto: Jet Li. ❤ Estas simpático, sigues siendo el mejor actor, más con tus artes marciales, recuerda que en el cielo hay miles de estrellas 🌠 pero la que más brilla 🌟 es la que siempre te cuidará. Espero que tengas un hermoso día🌞 lleno de ...
Khu Paw Nahpay Who wouldn't like these two?? My favorite martial artist!! I would love to meet you guys once in life!!!!!!! I Love you both!!
Aleinad Martinez Arancibia Es un gran actor ... y como me gustaría estar en su lugar de usted sólo para conocerlo... no sólo de vista también saber sus conocimiento y sus experiencia que tuvo en su trayectoria de trabajo .... ... como me gustaría que estuviese en mi país de ...
The Killers
05:06 09/03/2017

4.7k reactions 148 comments
Chris Vanderslice Burleigh How can I get one of these, PLEASE!🐚Who's the WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL Man? The Man with THE PLAN!😉
Emma Dryden-Scott Are there any more autographed?
Raquel Valadez I pre-ordered my signed copy the day it became available! Glad I got it fast~
Jennifer Coats Tyler Griffith he could be signing my album this very moment!!!! 😭😭😭😭
Ana Fortanel Omg omg!!! Is that for the Victims? 😲😀.. please let Christmas come early!!!
李连杰 Jet Li
17:54 09/02/2017

A funny picture with Director Tsui Hark, we have worked on more than 5 movies in the past together. #jetli

24.2k reactions 208 comments
Giang Trung Love you
Maria Tereza Jet Li: meu ator favorito... sempre sorrindo!
Geza El Grande Geziny Tsui-Hark+John Woo! 2 Icons!
Noon Wendy Yoga Another Film sounds Grest
Mary-liz Michel thanks for info and smile have a nice day
The Killers
16:18 08/31/2017

2 of the best in the game. Alex Cameron y @MarvelousCrane. Brandon chipped in on this one. Enjoy!

818 reactions 26 comments
Matt Lath Sam Lathlean
Filip Matišić Zvonimir Halamek Mihovil Krašek novi hit
Jürgen Hengstberger Silas Hengstberger Sören Hengstberger
Bam Magera Tom Abraham Kial James Menadue
Sam Hinkes Dominic Hayward is this a joke ?
李连杰 Jet Li
05:06 08/31/2017

I have many memorable moments with Peter Chan, Andy Lau, and Jacky Heung 向佐. This Photo was taken during the making of The Warlords in 2007. #jetli #jetlimovie

11.9k reactions 148 comments
Sandy Mawi waiting for you , we love you so much . .
丘少蠍 The Warlords is one of my favorite Chinese movies.
Tairo Mwas Andy lau
Vinayak Singh Durgesh Singh
Jason Bernard Mayfield i wounder some times who soild grady mayfield the pcp smoke
姚明 Yao Ming
11:36 08/30/2017

‪My thoughts are with the people of Houston today. Wishing everyone wellness and safety. Stay safe and stay strong Houston. ‬

737 reactions 16 comments
Keith Boyd 414 KB - Black Jesus (The Mixtape):
Lance Xu Eddie Torres
MrsPeter Yang Judith Kue lol
宁开心 😎😎😎😎😎
翟卓凡 姚,we stay with You
The Killers
16:18 08/31/2017

‪Let's stand up for women and girls – and win tickets to #GCFest, too. Start by downloading the Global Citizen app.‬

4.3k reactions 302 comments
Sahej Marwah Shashwat Karkare why can't we have this here
Petra Karnayova Sue Hua The Killers, omg! Will you go again?
Lalo Rivera Paul Luévano no estás en esas fechas allá?
Diego Mancilla Jakasovic Camila vamos!
Adam Damauritz I stand up for all humans and reject your sexist exclusion of some sexes.
The Killers
16:18 08/31/2017

Qui est l'homme?! Essential Homme

14.7k reactions 407 comments
Gussarella Ponta Chella I'm off to see R.E.M. tonight. Mills and Berry can't be arsed.
Jenny Potts Anna, Helen &'s Mr F-P of course 🤣
Lilo Saleh Sometimes I feel like it's you, but most of the time it's me.
Rafaela Sardinha Ingrid Barreto MEU NOVO PÔSTER AHAHAHAHAHAH
Lisa Clancy Brandon Flowers is 💯% "THE MAN" Again any one pissed at having tickets I'll gladly take 👅
The Killers
03:30 08/29/2017

12.5k reactions 833 comments
Leana Hodge Kelsey Hodge So evidently only 2 of the 4 "original" Killers will be on tour 🙁
ValleyGreen Friesians Could have mentioned this before tickets were purchased!!!! 😡 😡😡😡 feeling really angry about this, just not on as Dave was the point of going for my sister, I got the tickets which ended up costing £350.00 for the two of us, just gutted....
Danny Cee I'm just now realizing, while Brandon was on tour for The Desired Effect didn't Dave keep sending him instrumentals of shit he had been working on in anticipation of reconvening for Wonderful Wonderful? So how the hell is he taking a leave of absence ...
Amparo Mancilla No lo entiendo. todos tenemos tiempos distintos y no necesariamente estamos en sintonía siempre pero son 5 años de para 5 añazos!!! tiempo sobrado para hacer lo que a uno le la gana de hacer. no se q pensar, Brandon y Ronnie son egoístas o Dave y Mark ...
Abner Alcantara Edner te lo resumo, Dave (el guitarrista) y Mark (bajista) tomaron un descanso, tal vez no vengan el proximo año :(
李连杰 Jet Li
03:30 08/26/2017

Check out more pictures on my latest event with my fans at #jetli #jetlicom

Jet Li: "Hello World! I am Alive and Kicking!" —
Jet Li: "Hello World! I am Alive and Kicking!" —

Jet Li attended an event of Traditional Chinese Medicine Conceptual Brand “Naturone” and laughed at his death rumors. Check it out now!

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