The Killers
04:24 02/25/2017

House calls: parts 1, 2 and 3.

7.1k reactions 214 comments
Sonia Storor 🎶 Don't want your picture on my cell phone🎶 ❤️
María Fabra Ana Fabra ay ay ay ay ayyyyyy esa sonrisaaaa 😍😍😍 Facetime yaaaaaa!
Izamar Flores Thao Nguyen what I would give to have a video chat with Brandon Flowers...
Kerry Fitzpatrick Alana Ferraiolo I mean, you can't see me but I was dere
Claire Johnson Amy Balfour thought this was david at first glance lol lol xx
李连杰 Jet Li
17:12 02/24/2017

Master Yi Chang is a great martial arts practitioner based in Shanghai, he teaches the concept of respecting your opponent to the students. #Jetli #Jetlihero

7.3k reactions 156 comments
Jo Suas Suasnabar Taichi y kung fu grandes artes
Arthur Nas Love to do martial arts in china
Toga Dwi Saputra tau ga sih? Siapa Yang Sering Banget Kepoin atau ngintipin Facebook Kamu? Caranya Buka www. siapakepo .com lihat apa yg akan terjadi hehe
Tan Desmond Hi, pls contact me asap, I am Desmond from S'pore, I got some supplement to recommend you, it may help you, e-mail me, [email protected]
MacJonas Kambe Thats was really inspiration n awesome video. Thanks super master jet Li
The Killers
04:24 02/25/2017

We're coming to Greece!

9.5k reactions 299 comments
Antonella Huamani vengan a Perú urgenteeeee y saquenme de esta profunda tristeza, los amo infinito, adiós :ccc
Meire Elen Felix Any chance you wiil be coming back to Brazil anytime soon?
Daniel K. Moorefield I see what you did there. When will we have Record 5?
Raghad Lotfi Sarah Rashad this is literally the closest they can get to us
Carla Belman one day you shall come back to California..and I shall see you for the first time! :D
李连杰 Jet Li
17:12 02/24/2017

There are many interesting people and stories to tell. I hope that will be a place where many of their dreams will be shared with the world. #jetli #jetlihero #martialarts #lifestyle

25.3k reactions 284 comments
Roxanne Geesing Wow! Very interesting, inspiring, very hard working individuals, all aiming for that very hard -earned success. Go on, show to yourself and to the world you have something special and would want to share it. Enjoy. Bye.
Atu Louaki Lasitani Hello from New Zealand . Jet Li can you teach one of my kids kick boxing?
Melchora Taleon Me po ang nag thank you. To sia. Yun po ang word. In Mandarin xexe
Jean Lima Beautiful work Jet Li! You and your team are to be congratulated!
Alziro Ribeiro Hello Jet 李连杰 Jet Li, you can come to an immortality and just do not wear out
The Killers
15:36 02/22/2017

Meow............wolF - Tana

22.2k reactions 227 comments
David Sanchez What is this place? Looks cool
Geneva Boliek Poling I think Meow Wolf should be your next venue!
J Nataly JM Why are you so perfect? 😢
Derek Dub You guys came to Santa Fe and didn't perform?!
李连杰 Jet Li
04:24 02/22/2017

李连杰 Jet Li added a button to help you learn more about them.

11.6k reactions 107 comments
Rachmat Dharmadji The artistic movement 👍
Dede Thomas Jia you Mr Jet Li ... ✌
Ana Lucia Peixoto Amo Jet
Jose Y Margarita Juarez Mi gran admiración por usted JET LEE.
어둠 tks you
李连杰 Jet Li
04:24 02/22/2017

It is finally here! Please go check out #jetli #jetlihero

46.6k reactions 423 comments
Chee Tiana Vang He's so cool! I wish he would make us fans his family members.
Ling Ai Tan Practise healthy lifestyle with right food diet, natural remedies, exercises & meditation!
Linda Garcia When you going to make another movie you should make it togeather god bless
Kanishka Baghban Hhhhhhhhh Soo Happy Sifu :-) is what i was looking everyone, it has everything i always wanted <3
Dionicio Ontiveros I have enjoyed your movies over the years . I'm a fan and follower of you .
李连杰 Jet Li
04:24 02/22/2017

One more day to the launch of Come and check it out on 21 February 2017. #jetli #jetlihero

52.1k reactions 927 comments
Jean Sirigate I am a Kung Fu teacher here in Brazil, Curitiba. I'm giving this ancient knowledge to the world! Thanks for the inspiration
Matthew J. Russell Jr. I'm jealous! Someday I hope to see/meet Jet Li. All time fave actor and martial artist! I've always enjoy seeing his movies and seeing these videos :) more and more I wanna meet him and possibly do what I've always dreamed of is learning martial arts, ...
Amy K Hath I have watched most of your movies and loved your acting ability, but you have become more than an actor. You have become a symbol of what is good in the world, someone for people to look up to and want to become more like you.
Nasif Ahmed you are my inspiration since my childhood. it is a pleasure to see your performances in the movies. i think no one would disagree when i say till date there are no other action movie star who has the same flexibility, the same sharpness when you execute ...
Anthony Brookes Hello, I look forward to seeing your web site. I like the bonsai you have in the back ground and thank you. I think i'll have a look at Taiji Zen, on the net anyway i don't think there is a school here. I have always beleaved that all martial arts are ...
李连杰 Jet Li
15:36 02/19/2017 will officially launch on 2/21/2017. This video is a glimpse of the types of contents we will be sharing with you, fans of Jet Li worldwide. Stay tuned and stay inspired. #jetli #jetlihero

10.1k reactions 247 comments
Winfred Kessler I'm winfred Kessler, i am from Pennsylvanian USA . I want a NANNY AND DRIVER ) for my 2 kids here in USA. If you are interested to be part of my family kindly get back to me and we can discuss further about the process.NOTE: PLEASE APPLICANT TO MESSAGE ...
James A. King Stop fighting ADMIRALS , and produce your own solution. the African American women is the last standing admiral. your an idiot marcus todd the second stop using fake names, Direct order. coming from a very polite notation . ;)
Thierry Nightbird You rock so hard, little Jet LI!
Kelly Richard Johnson Jet I hope you missing you in action.... Please when will you be back in action
گرگ بارون دیده زیاد لاف میزنی همینطورم زیادی داری ورجه وورجه میکنی.اگه خایشو داری بیا اینجا ببین لات به کیا میگیم ما.بچه سوسول
李连杰 Jet Li
15:36 02/19/2017

José Aldo is a Brazilian mixed martial artist and two time UFC Featherweight Champion. This story is about developing his dojo to teach self defense and discipline to local kids in Rio. This teaser was created by my team at Stay tuned for the full version in the near future. #jetlihero.

7.5k reactions 184 comments
Okay Akaslan 13 seconds
Jadesola Goodluck
Aronuka Noshimuri Bravo à l'équipe pour tous ce que vous faites c'est formidable et cela apporte tand aux personnes de la, espoir de la réussite et du courage . Thank you jet li you are fantastic for the world i love you 😚
Graca Rocha de Almeida jose Aldo parabens irmao Deus te abencoe .
Irleide Fernanda José Aldo é um grande homem! 👏👏
The Killers
14:00 02/17/2017

‪Our birthday boy!! 🎈🙊🍗‬ #stillunstoppable

9.5k reactions 136 comments
Melanie Dewar Happy birthday Robbie 💗
Annette Fice Happy Birthday Ronnie x
Monisse Aranda Happy birthday Ronnie!!!! Wish U the best!!!
Charlene Drew Happy Birthday!! Hope it's as awesome as you are!
李连杰 Jet Li
02:48 02/17/2017

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.....I need to brush up on my English pronunciation

188.8k reactions 4869 comments
Nicholas Franklin Good one Jet! 😉 fair play to you I couldn't imagine trying to say it in Cantonese so even if you gave me a giggle you're a better person than I to try let alone share the bloopers 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Rodger Walker I love your movies, I've been trying to find young jet li movies, for you shine so well, those moves oh my happy belated valentines day
Saranya Chungsuvanich Jet Li, it doesn't matter how you pronounce it. You've extended so much love and generosity to the world!!! I'll always be your fan!
張簡聖益 Jet Li,are you worrying something ? if there is a stamp between yourself? Now you laugh a day, younger a day,just a warm smile,oh other ,10 Valley powder(十穀粉) is very good for you ! Combade ne~!
Tim Gallagher Your pronunciation doesn't matter. You're heart was in it and that makes it special. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family. Thank you for all you've done. You are genuinely good person - a rare thing indeed. I wish you much happiness and joy ...
The Killers
01:12 02/15/2017

My Valentine.

48.3k reactions 966 comments
Anthony Fatseas Emma Williams i thought you were a bit weird last night...
Shirley Yemid Jordan Apaza Yovana Lourdes el novio de la nalita, je :D feliz dia yovanita pasala bonito 🎉🎊
Ariana Evensen Teri Stripes look what The Killers just posted!!!!! One of my fav bands!
Steph Church My valentines gift !! Brian Hopkins on the sofa with Boo boo bear !! (Dog) . Happy valentines 😀
Tamer Shahin Lacomba Algo es algo chato!!! Yo estoy pasando la noche con tres maromos en nuremberg.
The Killers
01:12 02/15/2017

Aged to perfection, Read My Mind was released as a single 10 years ago today.

102.6k reactions 2063 comments
Ceci Miranda Con esa canción me enamoré completamente de The Killers!!! Tantos recuerdos vienen a mi memoria , es simplemente la canción perfecta. Gracias, por esa obra maestra, gracias por hacer música perfecta. Gracias por mi canción favorita !!!!! 😍😍
Adrein Loklearoy Hot fuss,Sam`s town,Day & age very solid albums,Battleborn seemed like a huge departure not a big fan of it but it had its moments,hope you guys are working on another great album
Orsolya Ujhelyi Truly thank you for this song! <3 It is on my 'all time favourites' list and will be there forever... I am sure I am gonna listen to this even if I'm a grandma :D :D :D Oh and please come to Budapest, Hungary, I have never had the chance to see you ...
Carmencita Alarcón Muñoz I had the pleasure to be in a Brandon Flowers 'concert last year ...this song makes me sing and Jump like a teenagers ... I love it
Vane Soy Padawan Cómo es posible Hectorín Valdez Romero?? 😱 Mi favorita!!! ❤ Gracias por cargarme para poder verlos mejor en el concierto 😭 lloré tanto
The Killers
12:24 02/12/2017


8.7k reactions 477 comments
Rocío Tanzola Pisani Of course it is sold out. You haven't done a proper show there since Wembley. Have fun, Brits!
Sandra Gibbs When you coming to Wellington, New Zealand, pretty please 🎉😃
Emma Ohwow-Morris Gutted- I didn't know The Killers were going to be at BST. Urgh!
Vicky Spolidoro Come back to South Africa! I was in London and I missed you! 🙁
Gabriela Chavarin Why are people surprised that it sold out quickly? This is The Killers you're talking about. Of course it's gonna sell out quickly!!
李连杰 Jet Li
01:12 02/12/2017

Sam Looc first started martial arts training when he was 15. This story is about his journey from the streets of Oakland to a career as an accomplished martial artist, stuntman, and stunt coordinator. This teaser was created by my team at Stay tuned for the complete version in the near future. #Jetlihero

7.1k reactions 162 comments
Adriana Furlani FantasticoYet Li
Maye Salonetc 👏👏👏👍👍congrats @samlooc
Maria Elena Munoz Go Sam😀🎊🐢🌻🐞
Mahmoud Mansour عاجل شركة نورد توزع سيارات من الطراز القديم بمناسبة تأسيسها اطلب السيارة من هنا =>
Katia Ccb Jet, te admiro muito sou sua fam.meu sonho e te conhecer♡sou do BRASIL.bjs
李连杰 Jet Li
12:18 02/09/2017

It was a pleasure that I attended Jack Ma Foundation’s Rural Teacher Award in Sanya, I really wish that every child will have the chance to study and contribute to the society in the future. #jetli

39.0k reactions 349 comments
Brigitte Elison More than my idol,ur the best contributor for a better world...thank u
Claudette Dalton Lovely....children are beautiful honest an innocent love them xox
Paolo Ferro God bless you 😊 My Hero 😊 Great Jet Li 😊😊 I'm waiting for your next movie 🎬😎 Congratulations 😤 🎥 🎬🔝
Gübeş Meda We did not say "Christian terror" to 356 mosque burners.
Ian Mansurate Iiss you souch my jet 😍😍 wish to see you on your upcoming movie.
姚明 Yao Ming
06:00 02/06/2017

No, Coach Van Gundy, the honor was all mine.

How to Measure Yao Ming | By Jeff Van Gundy
How to Measure Yao Ming | By Jeff Van Gundy

Somehow I think we still don’t appreciate how skilled he was.

4.0k reactions 76 comments
古鸽 嘿嘿
Chun Cipipi The Legend
Kunal Patel Such great class by coach.... #classy
Jose Banderas congratulations , top player
Mohamed Elhadidy Nawara Respectful
姚明 Yao Ming
06:00 02/06/2017

‪Thank you @HoustonRockets fans for everything! Honored to have my #11 jersey retired today. A Texan and a Rocket for life.‬

Fanatics Authentic Yao Ming -
Fanatics Authentic Yao Ming -

Shop Fanatics Authentic Yao Ming at the ultimate sports store, Fanatics. Gear up with our great shipping options on Fanatics Authentic Yao Ming. Order your officially licensed sports fan gear today.

1.2k reactions 29 comments
Chao Wang 你是中国篮球的骄傲👍
Guishan Liu 我们是来自宁夏大学的老师,不远万里,特意参加您的球衣Jersey retired.索要签名
Mario Ramos Ryan Barlow check it
肖磊 haha
Jerry Yao 祝贺大姚
李连杰 Jet Li
10:42 02/04/2017

I have many good friends around the world in the fields of entertainment and business. This is a picture of me with Mel Gibson (who I worked with in my first Hollywood film, Leathal Weapon 4), Vicki Zhao (a famous film producer and actress in China) and Jack Ma, Founder and Chairman of Alibaba Group.

67.0k reactions 739 comments
Ako Ebrahim Jasm بەخوا مەمە جتلی لای ئێمە زۆر ساردە نازانم خەتای چییە یان ئەوەیە ڕانەهاتووین یان ئەوەیە ........ مەسەلەکە قووڵە Mhamad Salh Ayub Akram Peshraw Abrahem Marko Ahsan Muhamad Hamid Soran Osman😂😂
Marko Soso Someone has told me that jack ma is a great taj ji master,it is true???
Kristina Kyle i cried cause you got beat in Lethal Weapon 4 but I always root for you anyway. Even in the mummy movie I root for you . Your the best Martial artist and martial arts actor in the world :D
Star Lay Star Lay I haven't good friends around the world in the field of business. So I feel sad!!! But I never feel depress!!! Because when I was born, I also one!!!
Emelina Leander Yes indeed, unforgetable movie of Jet Li, I love him more in this moview, but of course all what he done in his career. Foprever fan .
姚明 Yao Ming
17:12 02/03/2017

A very special day being with old friends. OLD friends. Thank you all for the kind words.

358 reactions 23 comments
Shahid Khan Awan Nice pic ▶ 姚明 Yao Ming Bot By ➡ Shahid Khan Awan <=- Activebot . TK -=>
Shahid Khan Awan Beautiful Pic ▶ 姚明 Yao Ming Bot By ➡ Shahid Khan Awan <=- Activebot . TK -=>
Shahid Khan Awan awesome Pic ▶ 姚明 Yao Ming Bot By ➡ Shahid Khan Awan <=- Activebot . TK -=>
Shahid Khan Awan I like this pic ▶ 姚明 Yao Ming Bot By ➡ Shahid Khan Awan <=- Activebot . TK -=>
Shahid Khan Awan awesome Pic ▶ 姚明 Yao Ming Bot By ➡ Shahid Khan Awan <=- Activebot . TK -=>
The Killers
21:54 02/04/2017

You've all been singing it wrong.

55.5k reactions 5093 comments
Helene Hamre E det fra en film eg ikke har sett? Eg tok an ikke 😫 AAndrea Heitmann
Jackson Holmes Audrey Vinot we've been singing it wrong all these years!
Jonathan Lumi Kate Lion Child This combines your interests in the absolute worst way.
Marianna Micoli Martina Rubino amo, abbiamo sbagliato anche noi per tutto questo tempo a cantarla ahahahahah... cazzo che ricordi
Olga Ojeda Rifé Tanner You'll like this😊aren't the killers awesome?
李连杰 Jet Li
21:54 02/01/2017

Alfred Hsing won the gold medal at the World Wushu Championship in 2009. Since then, he has been pursuing the dream of becoming a successful action coordinator and movie star. This is the teaser to his story, which was done by my team at coming soon in the near future. #jetlihero

14.7k reactions 196 comments
Yuriy Skoverko wushu
غمدان حميد صديق للعيش بامان واستقرار ولمواجهت بعض الحشرات ضروري يكون في دعم مادي ومعنوي من جهتكم
Ong Eng Wah I m please know you
Demosthenes Domondon Fatima Aguilar, Mark Anthony Ferreras, Eliaz Sombrio Osyal, Eleshawlays Sombrio Aquino i want to fight u . but only in movie, he he he.:)
Björn Kolmitz jackie und du spielen immer noch die schlange im schatten des adlers, jackies katzen kung fu hängt ,....
The Killers
09:06 02/02/2017

‪There's only a handful left...‬

4.6k reactions 111 comments
Sarah Evans Got my tickets. Can't bloody wait!!!
Zoey Spellman See you there, love these clips 💙
Kyle Ferguson Wow thought u guys were shooting a music video for new music, guess not !
Gina Roberts Got mine! 😁👍
Dawn Cook I've got mine, see you in July 🙂
The Killers
20:18 01/30/2017

We don't normally play for a 10 year-old's birthday party, but this time we'll make an exception. #nowbookingallquinceañerasbarmitzvahsandbirthdayparties #daveknowshowtomakeballoonanimals #wereserious

5.5k reactions 1129 comments
Rosanna Gelaz Luli Reigosa I want to go to there 😍 FML bro why can't we be rich and carefree
Caitlin Heath Kelsey Heath look at the lineup. Guess we have to move to Jersey for May and June.
Amanda Heffner Kasey Benjamin anyway I can drag you with me on June 11th? I'll buy your ticket 😍😍😍
Tony Gremlin Grimaldo Going rates?!?! I'd love to book y'all for my birthday in March here in Texas!! It would be awesome!!!
Tiffany Khampheenuwat Hillan Today is actually my birthday. Can I get a balloon animal?
李连杰 Jet Li
20:18 01/27/2017

2017 is the year of Rooster. In Chinese there is a saying that the “Rooster brings happiness”. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year.

74.6k reactions 3135 comments
Gabriel Duny Happy New Year. May all the wonderful blessings you extend to everyone find their merry way back to your door & family. Lots of love for you Jet Li.
Nelia Erica Olguin Azuri T super felicito en este año nuevo..y q el gallo t traiga mucha felicidad...y agradezco tus maravillosas pelis q encanta las artes marciales q haces y lo haces super bien...t admiro mucho..un beso..y mil felicidades
Amber Nortch Wishing you all a happy Chinese new year of the roosters, I was born of the rooster has well, so I hope that everyone having a great new years and many more.
Tomás Gómez Gavilán Gracias maestro, eres el sucesor de Bruce Lee un gran campeón de las artes marciales (la disciplina que yo considero la mas grande del mundo) solo privilegiados saben hacer lo que vosotros lo haceis y mucha gente no vale para ello. Hoy o ayer empezó ...
Priscilla Marie Navarro I love you so much I know your country Beijing where you was born Amazing !!!! iam fench fans with my best friend Emilie Johannes .. thank you for all Happy new Year Jet and your family Happy new Year China
The Killers
07:30 01/28/2017

13.2k reactions 505 comments
Kristina Davidson Digging the looking forward to your new album!
Toni-Louise Cooper Well we cannot come and see you! Your tickets sold out within minutes 😭😭😭
Dale Gough Love the disco feel to this! Please please start Hyde park with "all the pretty faces" it would make such a good opener 🙏.
Lynda Sharpe Beautiful. Please come see me at the Isle of Wight festival i have the tickets!
Michelle Hill Ashley we have to see them again!! Best concert of my life!
The Killers
18:42 01/25/2017

Sweden! Sweden! Sweden!

2.5k reactions 372 comments
Filippa Lorentzen Alltså.. vi gikk jo ikke det året Robbie var 😡 så nei.. men lite dårlig dato også
Merilee Mecham Larsen Kaylee Simpson Larsen if we can make it there by then, we should go!!!
Roses Red Cyrena Heusser Rattray, wanna go? let me win the lottery first and im so there ;)
Jonatan Apo Idan Shabi Noa Tsror משמעותית מוריד את הסיכוי לווכטר. יוצא על אותם תאריכים
Julia Eichstedt Då Maiki guck mal! Sind nur 888 km. Womo Tour da hin?
李连杰 Jet Li
20:18 01/27/2017

The Shaq Attack in Shanghai. It was great meeting you my man.

186.1k reactions 1416 comments
Sovie Helena Bahasa indonesia Kami sekarang sedang melihat film anda di tv global tv. Tidak ada bosan menonton ada d tv. Love you..
Robert Nd. Mac Lane hahahah Jet Li u genious!!! u prefered to take the picture in sitting position with that monster otherwise u wouldnt been visible lol😂😂😂
Sharif Jr Saleh Kenny Bronx &Naik HsianHeang Reunion after 25years Khalid!😂😂 Lookin sharp guys #steadybro
Sanli Lifee Jet Li. Hi. Do you know you're very, very Goodman? Thank you very much for this isn't thank you.
Markpain Awesome Shaquille O' Neal 李连杰 Jet Li hope you guys had an awesome time meeting each other !!
The Killers
18:42 01/25/2017

Timeline Photos

12.2k reactions 160 comments
Keisha Wright Jesus playing guitar? Interesting
Austin Adams Brandon, please make a video of you playing guitar!
Julia Charvat Archie and checkered floors ❤
Katy Butler Ahmad I think they're writing!!!!
Cameron Handley Studio doggo Kate.
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