12:54 05/28/2017

Nice pony tail 📷💣

1.8k reactions 96 comments
Pierre Cantin very sexy -...
Justin Nelson Happy Belated Birthday !!!
Brad Hardie Happy birthday nattie!! Keep up the good work..
Gregory Shore Gorgeous looking. Lady😍
အြန္လုိင္း ဖုိက္တာ i verry verry like Natalya
12:54 05/28/2017

mood! 💕

1.8k reactions 115 comments
Yoshitaka Ando Happy Happy Birthday Nattie *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
Andrea Thielke Happy birthday Natalya!
Tanner Hall Love ❤️
Amandeep Bhamrah Happy birthday natty 🙂🌺
Helen Adair Happy Birthday!!
Trish Stratus
16:00 05/28/2017

These two 💕CAPTION THIS! . . . . . #maxstratus #madisonpatricia #bigbrother #littlesister #siblings #saturdayvibes #darlingmovement #capturedmoments #candidchildhood

769 reactions 36 comments
Daniel Beasley Undieing love
Daisy May Hey sis oneday we will be wrestlers and we will get all the titles going and we will be in the wwe hall of fame
Román Gutierrez Lopez Cute
Mike Valenzuela one day we'll make mom proud...and...MAIN EVENT WRESSSSSTLEMANIA
Wade Johnson So Cute
Justin Bieber
Yesterday 03:00


476.6k reactions 6024 comments
Subhasree Sanyal Guddi you are just too good and kind you have a big heart i am your biggest fan and i love u so much by the way i am subhasree sanyals daughter i am 11years old and my name is ahana basak
Rime Karmaker Justin I really love you. I am from Bahrain. I just wnna meet you once in my lifetym😭💔🔫. I wish I could meet you. Im soo sad being a belieber i couldnt even attend a single concert of your💔💔💔❤🔫. I hope you come Bahrain once and i just wanna attend your ...
Ghansham Dada Hey justin if you are reading this its my birthday and I am your big fan I just love you. Please be like this and keep it up💖💖💖😊😊😊🙂🙂
Rosalinda Mamon Dela Cruz Hi my Heart take good care and always feel me in Your sight I always pray for Your protection as well as your Company.I am not only a child of GOD I am also a friend of GOD that's why no one can hurt me GOD bless us.♥♥♥
Jelly Hogan Justin Bieber Scott "Scooter" Braun Scooter Braun Ellen DeGeneres Can you please read my letter that I sent you because it would be my dream to meet you and I love you so much I'm such a big fan of yours and it would be A dream of mine to meet you ...
Michael Jackson
Yesterday 03:06

Who is spending their Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments if you’ve got tickets to Michael Jackson ONE this weekend!

20.9k reactions 575 comments
Maria Raptis ah lobou michael jackson xaba gou kout bah gou lak gou siks hit beri nahs ges ah loben gou. michael beri nahs xaba gou. for tah ent gou for gou soks. michael. ahm gou. beri nahs ges ah lobou michael jackson
Ana Aguilar I would love to have tickets!!
Eveline Weller I wish i could go. But it's too expensive. God I miss him😢
Christian Pillétte Levacher Sorry,ni speak english ,sa fait tellement plaisir de voir des fans comme moi exprimer leur grâce pour Michael bonjour a tous (Thann you)
Michelle L. Nunnally This show is a must if you're in Vegas!! I would go again and again!!
Derek Fisher
Yesterday 20:00

Thanks to Good Day L.A.. for having me on this morning! One more thing: Sign up for Derek Fisher Basketball Academy this weekend only and Save 22% with code SAVE22! See you there!

239 reactions 15 comments
Julia Rainwater Zamora Desiree Duskin
Annette Garcia Diana Quevedo
Victoria Gutierrez Tasha Thiessen I think I want to go to basketball camp. 😬
Yahia Kcham Fishhhhhhhhh #2 ever
Stevo Wevo Whassup Fam
Derek Fisher
Yesterday 20:00

Going on Good Day L.A. shortly to talk about Derek Fisher Basketball Academy! Special deal when you sign up this weekend! Tune in for details!


THE DEREK FISHER BASKETBALL ACADEMY RETURNS Five-time NBA Champion Derek Fisher’s passion for impacting the lives of young people motivated him to create a camp experience for children and teens of all skill levels. This summer, the Derek Fisher Basketball Academy returns. DFBA is dedicated and focu...

50 reactions 0 comments
Derek Fisher
Yesterday 20:00

36 reactions 1 comments
Matthew Fox Love the Fish
12:54 05/28/2017

WWE honors the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces th...

282 reactions 12 comments
Chisom Obiwuru Hbd
Shannon Miller Happy Birthday Natalie
Karan Singh Narsinghia Love u a lot my love,my dream ,I miss u so many time ,i love u natiie.😴😄😄
Baba Velo Happy Birthday Natalya
Ronald Myers Thanks all of you
Chris Jericho
23:42 05/25/2017

Still have over 200 to go!

1.2k reactions 163 comments
Shawn Dallas Please when you come back to WWE complete this list of 200 moves. I would honestly mark out😂👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Ben Jesusa Michael Thomas Mangin Already had a list way before lol
Tim Arndt The Saskatchewan spinning nerve hold! Jimmy Depeugh
Dana Bullukian Chris Jericho always getting over with some sort of list.
Daniel James On your return match, can you bust out an epic move you haven't done yet? Asking for a friend...
Maroon 5
17:48 05/26/2017

See you tomorrow BottleRock Napa!!!

8.9k reactions 69 comments
Paul Steinberg hate to miss it!
Shawna Pickard Wilkinson Oh how I wish I was going to be there! So much fun!
Andrea Bales Burch So wish I could be there!!!
Lincoln Williams This is way cool
Jesse Frakes See you guys tomorrow!
Chris Jericho
23:42 05/25/2017

Chris Jericho

2.9k reactions 151 comments
Tenzin Thinley When you come back for U S title mannnnnnnnnn
Nicholas Apodiakos Jericho beat down the hoe Kevin o
Lace Up Nelson Awesome
Bantwana Xitiviso Ngobeni U just made the list
Hammouda Abid Smack it down maaaaaaaan
Trish Stratus
03:12 05/26/2017

‪Giraffe's birthday today with these adorable books from our friends at #dkcanada! #sophielagiraffebirthday . . . . . #madisonpatricia #4monthsold #childrensbooks #startthemyoung #darlingmovement ‬#sophielagiraffe #flashcards

266 reactions 9 comments
Adila Siyo Is her birthday 🎉🎊🎂🎁😊🎇
James Comparato Cute picture of the baby
Phillip Lee Awwwww she so cute
Aragonthehero Alexander ❤️❤️💋💋
Glen Flora Cute pic
Michael Jackson
14:18 05/26/2017

Check out New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham’s Jr.’s Michael Jackson tattoo.

11.4k reactions 305 comments
June Nelson All the haters cannot stop the love for MJ from the younger generation😀😀
Danielle Plumb Lindsey Ann Hodgson funky looking basketballer+MJ tatt= my new husband!!!!!!
Edward Chiplin Like the fact that he is working out with Johnny Manziel.
Flynn Washington Love that he has such an awesome Michael Jackson tattoo.
Ma Theresa Fernandez Cos we all know that everyone loves our only one king of pop... Michael Jackson... ❤❤❤❤
Chris Jericho
23:42 05/25/2017

Enjoy, Fans of Jericho!

1.3k reactions 42 comments
Fize Aftab y2j only y2j come back man
Davide Brea Enjoy it in maaaaaaaaaaan
Curtis Cochenour Fn crazy
Solange Mabel Valenzuela Donoso Its love you
Rama Srivastava Drink it in man
Georges St-Pierre
22:00 05/25/2017

Venez me rencontrer samedi au Salon International des Arts Martiaux de Montréal avec Jukado Mats!

1.3k reactions 103 comments
Patricia Barreras He will fight when he is ready! Love the video!
Sean Marrs Just fight already!
Gustavo Henrique Bressanin Oui Batroc!
Marcello Marocco You should go to the Octagon with Pantera playing.
Kyona Legaguil Karl Bk omg c'est quand 😱😱😱😱
00:06 05/26/2017

when there's good lighting ..... you do what you gotta do in a do what you gotta do kinda' way 🦄💋📷

6.4k reactions 164 comments
Kelvin Lee Beautiful
Nessa Trevino I barely recognize you???
James Marchetti Gorgeous 😘
Jeramy Stell Awesome
Joe W Magyar Flur de lis.
Maroon 5
17:48 05/26/2017

10 years. #ItWontBeSoonBeforeLong

21.9k reactions 267 comments
Rob Hedburg Jared VanValkenburg 10 years??? I feel old, all of a sudden.
Gore VGorgeous It's my favorite album ever.. (esp. Back at Your Door)
Gloria Molina I love Nothing lasts forever!!! The Kansas West version also!!!! Adam you rock!!!!
Lucero Deyanira Sanchez Benavente Happy discversary!! That is by far my favorite! Thank for such amazing music!! ❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Streed-Puddicombe Songs About Jane is still by far the best album they've done!!!!
00:06 05/26/2017

Round of applause, please...

3.9k reactions 68 comments
Jerred Mooney Queen of hearts
Antonio Montaño Clap clap clap
Patrick Fähndrich Sexy ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Jose Manuel Garcia 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽 👸 👸 👸 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Anna Marie Love you love yuuuu D queen of them alllll 👏🏻👏🏻😍😍
Trish Stratus
03:12 05/26/2017

#spikyhairdontcare #madisonpatricia

2.2k reactions 53 comments
Alfredo Vela Awwwwwww
Erika Lauren Davis So adorable
Thiago Stratus Mano
Wayne Vineyard im sleepy too Trish Stratus
Nicholas Albright The baby is so lucky
Justin Bieber
14:12 05/26/2017


142.4k reactions 3542 comments
Angelina Gomez Was really hilarious. Am still laughing by watching this video 20th time or maybe even more. I was rolling on the floor of laughing. Justin you are really a funny person. Keep laughing and smiling also I love the faces which you make. Lots of wishes,...
Eliane GLatourelle T'es le plus cute petit 💜. Time is long without you🙄🙄🙄We have a lot to do for him...I am here ok... don't worry... i am waiting for you. But i can do it more alone... I need you.. And never forget...I love you💙⭐️🙏🏻
Stutirekha Mahala My jb. Is the bestesttt est. In the world .. I know all these are just so nice .. But I love u sóoooooooooo much I'm just dying to meet u . may ur success. Catch an infinate. Level love. You 😍😍😍😚😚
Marcela Arango Martinez Definitely you are the best, hahaha 😂 so many crazy things that you do lol really love you too! 😍 Justin Bieber God bless you <3 :*
Kulin Brahmbhatt JB For many it was the best day in the day they would finally see their idol, and it ended up becoming the worst, and for others, the latter😔 As Beliebers we want to send all the support to the families of those affected, to the fans of Ariana and Ariana ...
Michael Jackson
14:18 05/26/2017

#MJtrivia – in what song does a young Michael say “I don’t sing it if I don’t mean it.”?

4.3k reactions 286 comments
Joan K Villavicencio For who's loving you when he was being interviewed he was around 8-10 years old
Tonya J Robinson Robinson I really absolutely totally positively love Michael Jackson with all my heart , soul and all my joy . I agree with Joanna it was Michael Jackson from the album history and I really absolutely love the intro of his song from the album .. He sound so ...
Thierry Creton titre empereur:tout mensonge envers titre empereur entrainera clochardise aux mensongeurs.
Izaskun Gómez In "History".Before Michael starts singing.
00:06 05/26/2017

There will be ramifications...

Photos: Charlotte and Becky look to regain momentum against Natalya and Carmella
Photos: Charlotte and Becky look to regain momentum against Natalya and Carmella

After Sunday’s heated Six-Woman Tag Team Match, Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch try to stop the “welcoming committee” on SmackDown LIVE.

1.7k reactions 8 comments
Chisom Obiwuru Is going to be great
Mukesh Parmar WOW
Richard Sandoval :)
Shabbeer Shaikh #RVCJ
Selia C Garcia Great night,,,
Maroon 5
05:00 05/24/2017

Tag a friend and we’ll send you a surprise.

53.4k reactions 89135 comments
Madhurima Ghose Hey guys from #Maroon5, my friend from #latakia, #Syria is a huge fan of your band. His favorite number is #Sugar. Currently he has moved to #SaintPetersburg, #Russia due to hazardous #SyrianWar going on but his family is still back there. In this hour ...
Melika Miralem Sooo I come from one small funny country Bosnia, there is not a slightest chance for you to visit us, but let me just leave the comment here, even though I have no idea whether anything will happen. I'm pretty selective when it comes to concerts and ...
Rheanna Brunton Cummings Since I can't tag my 10 year old son who had a surprise Maroon 5 10th birthday party where he received concert (maroon 5) tickets to his very first concert and a maroon colored shirt made that read I can't keep calm, I'm celebrating my 10th birthday ...
Fucha Hernández I'll tag Yerismel because we both loves you, but if you wanna send us something plis, plis, pliiiiis, send two airplane tickets to scape from Venezuela and this disaster! Because we never gonna be available to pay for those tickets. So it's like a huge ...
Fevi F. Bernardo You are the "let's go!" kind of friend in this world full of "I'm too lazy to go out. I'm sorry." Continue being the amazing person and chingu that you are. Advance happy birthday! xx Lery Mediario
Trish Stratus
03:12 05/26/2017

It's so horrible. Been in that arena before. Thinking of the WWE Superstars and WWE Universe in arenas weekly. Hearing the fear in my friends voice talking about her own daughters going to a concert like this. It's 💔#prayformanchster

469 reactions 8 comments
Adila Siyo Manchester UK sound very sad 😳🌆💔
Kade Yeager Hey Trish, you know how much that hashtag you posted is worth? 0,00
Dawand Manning Why couldn't more people have died
Dennis Guinta It's as simple as "Knock, knock, who's there?"
Steven Marshall Praying does nothing, killing an isis terrorist does everything. Kill a terrorist today and make your world safer.
Maroon 5
05:00 05/24/2017

To celebrate our 15th anniversary of #SongsAboutJane next month, we have partnered up with Pr0ject_uno to allow fans to create their own artwork of each song from the album. Head here for more info on how to enter- We've seen some amazing work so far and can't wait to see the rest.

8.9k reactions 224 comments
Kayelynn Tucker Songs About Jane... still the best album 🙌🏻 And probably one of my favorite albums of all time.
Cath Howard my favourite Maroon 5 album, brings back so many memories!
Alex García Malanco Este fue el primero, el único & el mejor CD que lanzó Marron5 Valeria Denisse
Janet Richards OMG it can't be 15 years.. I am soooo old but still love listening to Songs about Jane
Diane Martin Baptiste Bonnet mdrrr un truc en plus à dire pour mon oral aujourd'hui 😉
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