Michael Jackson
Yesterday 09:18

“Some things in life they just don't want to see But if Martin Luther was livin' He wouldn't let this be.” – “They Don’t Care About Us” #MLKDay

34.4k reactions 721 comments
Jeffrey Augustus Rader Ain't no one lived the life like I have. I come from Wenton Terrace ..Only White guy in tha whole fam damily.Got 2 natives older and 3 blacks Obviously younger When I was less than 5 I walked around singi'n I'm black and I'm proud : By James Brown.....
KiKi Mercado Llorens “Some things in life they just don't want to see But if Michael Jackson was livin' He wouldn't let this be.” – “They Don’t Care About Us” #MLKDay
Michael Olatunbosun The Brazil version of "they don't care about us" was raw as it was captured & recorded life in a Brazilian village. King of Pop... rest in peace.
Harrowyeahun Vikter *HOW IT WORKS:* STAGE 1* Level 1:* Here you register with just 1,000 naira and you will be automatically paired with a NIGERIAN member from any part of the country which you pay the 1,000 naira to. Upon confirmation by the person, you will be ...
Michele Torcasio Great Song of all time, Great energy... one of myf favorite in Michael 's Greatest hits... When you listen mj songs the only word you say mj is The number one
Derek Fisher
02:12 01/17/2017

There will always be hate and haters, but LOVE truly can conquer all #bethelight #bethelove #hewas #socanwe #ThankYouDrKing

338 reactions 8 comments
Alicia Lopez Amen
Nadine Richards So true
Patricia Cole Amen
Jesus Carillo A si es mi LEKERS
Ryan Slattery Stick to retirement.
Chris Jericho
18:42 01/16/2017

So awesome to hang with Chad Smith two nights in a row! He's a total good brother and one of my favorite people ever!

3.8k reactions 118 comments
Michael Henriguez Wtf that be?
Justin Toner Tulsa is the best , told you man .
Michael Henriguez The gift of Will Farrel Drink it in mannnn
Jim Lewis And a Will Ferrell impersonator. ;)
Jon-Michael Acevedo Awesome. Excuse me while I drink this in mmaaannn.
19:06 01/16/2017


12.1k reactions 95 comments
Casey Harper You look like a dude!!!
James Guzman Don't hurt yourself
Devayne Gill one very beatiful and strong young lady
Mike Tranzey 🤔💭👏🏾👍🏾
Steven Siegel So. Cool
Justin Bieber
Yesterday 09:12

#10yearsofkidrauhl where it all began. Thanks


Help change the world. OUR new album 'Purpose' out now http://smarturl.it/JBPurpose

228.0k reactions 4622 comments
Emily Graceanna Pearson I started watching Never Say Never and plan to finish watching it tonight! Congratulations on your success, it's amazing that you started out as a normal, small town Canadian boy and ended up here. I wish you the best of luck in the next 10 years with ...
Edith MH Te amo Justin, eres el más grande, estoy orgullosa de ti y de todo lo que has logrado te amo a pesar de todo lo que hagas o dejes de hacer, amo cada letra de tus canciones, amo cada album y amo cada parte de ti <3 amo cuando haces todo por ver a tu ...
Morgan Agolli Been a fan since I was 12, and am now 20.. So proud of you, and seeing how you've , change over the years. Looking forward to seeing what's next for you. I'll always love yah, Justin!!😊💜
Beatriz Silva Justin Bieber, you are my life ❤ you are perfect ! Your Voice is beautiful, your songs is amazing ❤ and you are pretty ❤ You make me happy when you smiling... I'm brazillians and I don't write english, but I do wats I can! I love you <3 and Thank you ...
Andresa Reis Congratulations for your job and for the person that you are, we love you and always i'll be there for you #proud 😍❤️❤️❤️
Chris Jericho
18:42 01/16/2017

This year's WWE Royal Rumble poster is amazing...

17.4k reactions 738 comments
Riki Mukherjee This is just awesome U Stupid Idiot ! And u know what ? All of U have made the list 😁😁😁😁😅
Eric Sam The one with Taker looks like he has the mullet of Jericho
André Ribas They got rid of all the stupid idiots now I just see the best wrestlers in the world at what they do.
Madlala IPansula LaseMorgenzon NEVER, only thing you can win Jericho ,is to be in that list of yours
Aaron J Harder Ummm I think I will pick ummmm let me see.....err I will select Y2J to win the rumble!
19:06 01/16/2017

Scarf life all the way to Birmingham, Alabama!

9.8k reactions 98 comments
Imran Rind You look very beautifull in scarf
Dennis Russell II Wow such an amazing beautiful woman
James Robb Bad boom bama
Zighetti Teresio Wooooaaauuuuuu👄💋
Chris Jericho
18:42 01/16/2017

When the Avis Car Rental lady asks "Anybody ever tell you, you look like Chris Jericho?" while she's looking at my license that says my name is "Chris" and there's a WWE show in town...

29.0k reactions 1376 comments
Rebecca Speechley At least its better than being told "hay man you look like the guy i went to school with.... but last i heard he was in prison.... you havent done time in cell block C have you?"
Tyler Cannon You know what happens, Avis, huh? You know what happens when you don't recognize the gift of Jericho? Your company makes the list!!!!!!!
Dillard B. Commons After reading this, I realized Chris Jericho has officially became one of the people towhere I read stuff he puts in his voice, also now on The List (pun definitely intended), Broken Matt, I can't look at the word "Delete" the same 😂😂
David Snook You should of suggested to them how about going the a show tonight and said to bring a friend it wound of been a great chatt
Raymond Na Mairbh At least she didn't follow you around, screaming your name, but never getting close enough to actually speak to you. Big Show really hates that. Especially in Meijer.
19:06 01/16/2017

Caturday goals.

10.9k reactions 113 comments
Malcolm Mcneil nice putty cat
Wallace Hart Pretty cat.
Tim Estrada That's our nattie! !!!
Casey Harper You look like a dude!!
Chris Jericho
18:42 01/16/2017

The CHAMPIONSHIPS of Jericho! Drink it in, maannnnn!

14.3k reactions 249 comments
Kei Satoru 1 of the greatest champs in WWE History & still going strong #Y2J
Shobit Chhetri The great chris jericho is now geeat grand stage greatest off alll time
Darren Preece Didn't you beat the Rock and Steve Austin in the same night? I'm sure I've heard that story. #bestintheworldatwhatido
Raihan R. Ratno The championships of Jericho........ He won them all maaaaannnnnn :p
Jay Evans Now you just need to win Money In The Bank & Royal Rumble. Win it all, mannnnn!!!!
Trish Stratus
22:12 01/16/2017

Max saying goodbye to my bump... he's so proud and excited that he is going to be a big brother. I'm a bit emotional knowing this is the last time I will be with him as my only baby... but I can't wait to share my love and see how his heart opens up to welcome our new addition to our family. ❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 #babysisterontheway #comingsoon • 📸 @luveashlyn of @luveashlynphoto

8.9k reactions 212 comments
Daniel Ryan Bennett Absolutely wonderful!!! Trish Stratus
Lee Hayman Am I the only one who didn't even know she was pregnant? 😂
Teairra Janel Stewart Fair Give her all the STRATUSFACTION 💕
Teairra Janel Stewart Fair A BABY TRISH 😍
Arabinda Chakra Best of luckk
Trish Stratus
09:24 01/14/2017

‪Can't believe I'm in the homestretch guys! Just posted a q&a about this pregnancy, cravings & my baby girls' name 💞 Click the link to check it out http://bit.ly/2jh2xae #39weeks #9months #anydaynow #cantwaittomeetyou #babygirl • 📸 by the lovely @luveashlyn of @luveashlynphoto

7.4k reactions 277 comments
Claude S Boudreau call her macsine
Steve Haffner Tomorrow would be great....my wife and my youngest son share their birthday on January 14th!! No matter when this blessing is birthed, blessings to all!! #GodBless
Paul Live Dee PAUL.
Cipriano Trujillo Boby
Cipriano Trujillo Esxy hot
06:18 01/14/2017

Found this gem in my phone!

7.6k reactions 142 comments
Alfred Belford II tammmmina
Ladislav Bongilaj Tamina vs Nia Jax👏😏
Ashley Harper Look good and nice pictures
Donnell Williams Miss Tamina., where she been
Francis Hackmer What beauty
06:18 01/14/2017

A surprise for the bride on Total Divas!

1.8k reactions 16 comments
Avarice Gloom Alan Graves toledo, ohio :]
Sameer Raj Oh so sweet natalya
Amaan Malik Hmm
Monoj Bty Cota Bty Nice video
Sébastien Fabre Elle est trop belle
Maroon 5
00:00 01/15/2017

#FBF to our performance of #Maps on Saturday Night Live

19.8k reactions 128 comments
Raphael Fassotte Why is this video blocked in some country ? I can't watch it :/
Rebecca S. McDonald Those vocals! Dang Adam!
Cássia Dórea Eu queria assistir... So q n rolou 😩😣
Axel Desmoriel Can't watch this ... think for french fans !
Lynn Dalton Senter ❤️.... 3 concerts down, hope many to go!!! My fav
Derek Fisher
13:24 01/14/2017

Thank you for your service @barackobama!!! Sometimes they don't notice the difference you've made until you're gone #theywillnoticesoon #wewillmissyou #jobwelldone

1.8k reactions 39 comments
Mark Martinez Awesome photo Lakers nation
Indy Racer Cathy You are so correct, Derek.
Cindi Wallin January yuck
Joe Walton Bulldog meets bulldog
Marion James Viala Evangelista Isaiah Thomas #NBAVote
Michael Jackson
20:30 01/14/2017

#MJTrivia: To which track did Michael contribute vocals on Stevie Wonder’s Characters?

60.4k reactions 578 comments
Tajhan Webster Get it"very catchy song.an that pic was taken from them sining adlibs to bad.still never seen video of this just heard audio
AF Nan Illuminati want my mind body and my soul secret society tryin to keep they eye on me
Stella Onwumere My One And last love Michael You are my best friend and my whole world I Love you Forever Baby
Phillip J. Woods Two of my favorite artists of all time, I own all of their albums - but they made terrible duets together!
Celso Ferreira Eliane, esse dia eu me disfarcei, me pintando como um negro e ensinei um pouco ao Michael Jackson.
Chris Jericho
05:54 01/14/2017

Wouldn't be WWE US Champion without Kevin Owens!

10.2k reactions 263 comments
Mark Joseph Delas Llagas Heres whats gonna happen..roman reigns will win back the u.s championship before royal rumble and then at the royal rumble beat k.o. for another championship belt
Cobina Olin You said it! Took the two of you to take down Roman Reigns.
Matthew Lee Chappell Yeah and Kevin Owens wouldn't be Period champion if it wasn't for Y2J
Promod Rai Jericho REPLY TO ME or else you will makeit to the LIST
06:18 01/14/2017

He never lets me take myself too seriously ....

8.7k reactions 84 comments
Waylon Taylor lucky man
Katherine Seavertson Hi nattie!!! Lol
Jamalle Rogers There's my tyson
LaGretta Robinson So good to see TJ
Liezel Ferreira It is always nice to have fun Nattie.
06:18 01/14/2017


9.3k reactions 102 comments
Ranjan Singh Beautiful
Hector Chavez Jajajaja ya paso el dia de las brujas amor
Mark A Chiarantano sexy as always
Dylan Niet Dylan Who else just for Natalya and Sasha? 😂
Dennis Bernard Bolden Looking gorgeous there Nattie
Chris Jericho
05:54 01/14/2017

Drink in the new GRAND SLAM winner, MANNN! http://wwe.me/LO1Uiy

Who are the seven Grand Slam Champions in WWE?
Who are the seven Grand Slam Champions in WWE?

Chris Jericho became a Grand Slam Champion with his first U.S. Title victory, but which Superstars did he join in the rarified club?

10.9k reactions 272 comments
Frank Ryan Isn't Austin a grand slam? or is his US title win not canon cuz it was WCW?
Carlos Antelo Colodro Entre dos cualquiera gana un título otra cosa aya sido si se hubiera enfrentado a Roman mano a mano
Shawn Martin So having someone help you win a championship makes you a great champion huh?
Michael Patrick Harrington Goat. Still remember the pop when he debuted on raw. "Raw is Jericho"
Shawn Martin AJ,Dean,John,Roman and Seth all better champions than Jericho
Maroon 5
00:00 01/15/2017

Dark Blue looks good on us. #M5OnTheRoad

26.4k reactions 123 comments
Patty Lorden Broznowicz Every color looks great on you Adam Levine.
Tabitha Freeman Anything & even nothing at all looks good on #Adam😍
Милан Јовановић Nikola Jokic #NBAVote
Liz Nna Loyola Tapia I love you :-)
Lynne Brown Indeed it does.
Michael Jackson
20:30 01/14/2017

For those of you who have seen Michael Jackson ONE in Las Vegas, what recommendations would you make to other fans who are planning their visits? Just started planning? Get your tickets here! http://cirk.me/UJYcL7

14.7k reactions 297 comments
Yazzie Bee Aisle seats in the bottom - see everything and get to interact with dancers in the aisle - best show I have ever seen, had me in tears and laughter - loved it!!
Dexter Johnson Next trip to Vegas I HAVE to see this!
Jarrod Morrison its a about michaeljackson.com made a statement about that rubbish film being made with actor who playing mj and actress playing liz taylor and looks bad and should be band
Tonya Walker Be prepared to have an awesome time! Anyone that is a MJ fan needs to see this show!
Cynthia Brown I cant give any advice because i have never seen the show although it would be a dream come true.But for those who have the opportunities i know it will be unforgettable just like MICHAEL JACKSON AND HAVE FUN.
06:18 01/14/2017

A phenomenal morning 💥

20.4k reactions 207 comments
Devrell Brooks I have son loves WWE wrestling wish I could take him to a live event
Michelle Malixi Ship na ba? :)) Jason
Juanita Doles Carter Hello Natalia how are you doing and how are your cats I haven't heard anything about them lately
Mario Molina se lasearon el cabello juntos papu Ricardo Denis Ruiz Alejo :v :v :v :v
عبدالسلام النغاشي Roman Reigns world champion Roman Reigns WWE champion and I say it with courage in front of the whole world Roman Reigns best wrestler in the world's Roman Reigns extraordinary power Thank you very much Romans Raines, but I like the world's Roman Reigns ...
06:18 01/14/2017

Nikki Bella is absolutely PATHETIC!

9.2k reactions 292 comments
Donna Roberts Still working on being a bad girl Nattie! 🙂That's OK, I still like you.
Monty Robertson The whole women's division is pathetic. The first champion was a jobber that lost the title in her first defense.
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend with Natalya
Chase Patrick You go Natalya ! 🤗💯😃
Tiffany Johnson Battle your pathetic and annoying and selfish I can't wait for you to get off tv and not wrestle anymore for the wwe
Derek Fisher
13:24 01/14/2017

Quick thoughts on last night's LA Lakers loss to the Portland Trail Blazers #ThreeFromFish

48 reactions 7 comments
Luis Rodriguez Kristaps Porzingis #nbavote
Alicia Lopez Really wow so 😔 sad
Dre Weh Fish for Coach
Rene G. Escobar Couldnt have said it better! These are all big problems for our young squad. Gotta get it together!
Nick J. Noceti Couldn't believe they played so poorly in the 2nd half.
06:18 01/14/2017

Baby G💚 ... see ya tonight! Total Divas at 9/8c on E! Entertainment!

9.6k reactions 54 comments
Tim Estrada Nattie the Black Heart
Sarbjeet Foji Lunn fadla
Safiullah Azizi Miss you Natalya 😍
Rehan Khan I miss u natalya
David G Johnson Sexcy
06:18 01/14/2017

Someone's not happy!😞 ...we need wedding dress help NOW!

8.8k reactions 69 comments
Belle Ray I would help you!!! With a dress
David Henderson You two look stunning
Rehan Khan i love u janu
Karol Soares Ridículas
David G Johnson Wow fine
Maroon 5
11:12 01/12/2017

Now's your chance. Show off your voice at VoiceSnaps.com

2.7k reactions 66 comments
Jessica Dean Ryan Robello
Cassidy Stachow Raymond
Jessica Dean Angelica Skye Robello
Bill Agovino Ana Agovino
Ashley Wilde Livy Yvonne
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