Georges St-Pierre
5 hours ago

After all those years working with coach Pat Beauchamp, I truly admire his patience with me!!!

3.0k reactions 110 comments
Gus Bisbal George, your a wonderful person. You absolutely suck as a Gymnast. Get a real coach please!
Dan Gartland Ryan Dugger you should try adding this to you daily workout routine ...
Mathieu Gouger Lâche pas Georges tu vas l'avoir :) je travaille la dessus moi si le Hand stand :)
Raj Dylan Why don't you stop bullshitting and get ready for your return that you've been talking about. #pansy
Nadia Chrétien Salut!!! Georges!!! Comment vas tu aujourd'hui? C'est très dure pour le dos ce que tu fais là... T'es bon... Un gros merci pour ton vidéo... Passe une bonne journée et bon entraînement... Bye!!! Georges!!! À la prochaine...
3 hours ago

Breaking harts, taking opportunities!

2.7k reactions 44 comments
John Loring Natalia I'm rudting for you at summer slam
Yvez Lee Congrats, Nattie!🙌🏽♠️
Vicki Bouren Oligmueller Gooooooo Nattie💜🖤
Josue Garcia C'mon Natty 💪❤💅 You Can Do It
Joshua Mapstone Congrats I hope you win you deserve to be the champion
07:00 07/23/2017

It is UNREAL to be a part of the Mattel WWE Superstars doll collection!

1.5k reactions 46 comments
Sk Adeeb Pretty good
Jill Ethington You look good in the Barbie doll style !
Maria Garcia Beautiful
Jarrod Partenheimer This isn't her . It's not trashy enough
Ed Ottone I want a natalya doll
Trish Stratus
10:06 07/23/2017

My latest signed WWE Undisputed cards from Topps is out now! Check it out, anyone remember when I wore that outfit?

529 reactions 14 comments
Anthony Mensinger Join Topps Slam Central on Facebook for trades, giveaways and more.
Gaurav Sharma Very nice Sweety
Delbert Whitehair Yep
Matt Bible I'm the wrestling card analyst for Beckett. It's a great product and gets better every year. I am hoping we get a promo box or two to open for a Box Busters video! Who knows? Perhaps we'll pull a Trish or two to give away during our Slamoween promotion ...
Moiz Moiz Looking handsome Trish straus wounder full
Trish Stratus
10:06 07/23/2017

How's your #SDCC pop hunting been going? Which exclusives did you get? Tell me!

208 reactions 14 comments
Adam Pangelina Justin Gonzales Anthony Pangelina
Derrick Shively Briana B Richardson trish collects too
Edward Parsotam I got Luna Lovegood, Dean with car, joker batman, Negatron, gwenpool, dragon, tony stark...more to come
Adila Siyo Nice Trish Stratus collection thing one day Max and his sister will play with this😉👍
Kim Owen I bought the Leia and R2D2 comic con exclusive at Gamstop.
07:00 07/23/2017

In LOVE with this Mattel WWE Superstar doll!

3.2k reactions 29 comments
Melissa Allan Joshua Hellsten
Chris Friedrich NO!!!
Leonard Linton That is so cool.
Brian Jack Love your kat curls kid
Ãdõre Jëričã Ion like you✌💯
Michael Jackson
21:12 07/23/2017

#FriendlyFriday: Michael Jackson and Andy Warhol. What do you think they talked about?

21.4k reactions 503 comments
Ben Scarr This photo was taken in 1981, backstage of The Jacksons ‘Triumph Tour’ (that should get an official Blu-ray/ DVD release). Michael Jackson and Andy Warhol use to talk a lot about Art. They had known each other since 1974.
Michelle Henry Probably little kids
Beverly SandorGibson He was raised to be a gentlemen with morals from the word of God. He had a heart like our Lord Jesus. Was Jesus a pedifile? Because he loved children? Ignorance!...thats why I'm glad The Most High God Jehovah is my judge. If people like you were there ...
Pato Sosa Gonzalez A.W- Michael quisiera ser como tu! M.J- Eso es muy difícil mi querido Andy. A.W- Porque lo dices? M.J- Es sencillo. Con mi música yo hago arte. En tu caso tú solo te dedicas a venderle humo a la gente....
Roberta Hineman Michael was so good looking before he messed up his face with plastic surgery.
Justin Bieber
21:06 07/23/2017

Shoutout to the coolest kid on the planet

422.7k reactions 6571 comments
Gupta Shreya Hey justin💓💞💗....u r d only first nd last crush of mine😇😊...I don't know when i get chance to met you but My Life first nd final aim is to look u live in front of my eyes👀...I don't know why but my heartbeat run faster after seeing you😊😊...i think this ...
Jackeline de Oliveira I do not get tired of saying that you are my pride. 😍 My baby is a boy, I love you very much. Pride of being a belieber, pride of being by bieber. 😍💜
Maria Eduarda Morais Not Justin Bieber, you're not perfect. But these moments show us that you are trying to be the best version of yourself. And this encourages me to do the same. Thanks.
Judith Paucar Orgullosa de mi bb😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Soeraajaa Boedhram Lately it's getting kinda harder not to get crushin on you... Used to think ur so annoying 😂 But since the purpose album came out pfff I've been getting hotflashes 😂😂😂
Derek Fisher
14:06 07/23/2017

Question: Did I ever dunk during my NBA career? Answer... #FlashbackFriday

1.1k reactions 85 comments
Fabian Gomez That ONE time! Lol 😜😜😜
Erlyn-Patrick Vertulfo Great lefty...but an awesome in your face slamD!
Davide Cazzaniga Ãlæ Blænß questa è leggendaria
Mario Nixon On AI lol
Bryan Nichols And right handed
Georges St-Pierre
04:54 07/23/2017

At Tristar Gym training with Firas Zahabi, Robin Black, Zach Makovsky, James Mancini and Joe Duffy!

2.3k reactions 48 comments
Mary Scott Keep it up team!
Bindu Bandu Have a nice day.......
Rachel Slattman Yes!! Missed the GSP!!
Djamel Eddine Diguer Coach zahabi ftw!!!!
Joey Ledford gsp rocks....
Trish Stratus
21:18 07/20/2017

This girl was lucky to add some #SDCC Funko pops to the collection while Madi napped 🙊#productive

105 reactions 10 comments
Lexy Vargas I haven't been able to tracked down that Finn Balor one. Lucky.
Shughilan Ganesan Awesome 😍
Mark Pfeifer It's amazing to find out famous people collect basic things. Zack Ryder said he's got hundreds of these
Avihayil Genesove Can you please bring some back for us? They look amazing
Graney Will How about team bestie funko trish
Michael Jackson
08:24 07/21/2017

Everyone knows that Michael’s fans are everywhere, but did you know Celine Dion loved Michael? Check out her cover of “Black or White” during a recent London tour stop.

12.9k reactions 451 comments
Samantha Lynn No, no, no. No one can do him justice. I feel the same way about her. She can not be done justice by anyone else. Celine, do not do this to yourself again, please!
Shane Patt She was with Michael on what more I can give along with many others but they were good friends
Arysha Lemmers Wtf Carla da Silva jouw vrouw doet my man hahaha! Wel schattig met haar kids maar haar oudste rapt?!
Teacy Shelly That was the jam.... But less face it......Hoez will be hoes and rationales will Enjoy the jam and keep stepping to what deeply moves and penetrates the individual HEART ! 💯👂💿
Sara Taylor The Way The Truth And The Life Jesus Christ Romans 3:23 KJVS For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Acts 4:12 KJVS Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must ...
Justin Bieber
08:18 07/21/2017

380.9k reactions 9101 comments
Gül Jus Burun deliklerini yalarım çocukk 😍💜
Faheem Ahmad True love is when a BOy ask the girl for a kiss and Girl simply close her eyes and allow the boy for a kiss... But the boy kisses on the forehead and says I have a whole life to Do that....
Ana Bragança Existe um homem mais maravilhoso que esse, Lívia? 😍😍😍
Maryanna Oliveira Se vc me olhasse assim eu juro que não seria responsável pelos meus atos gato
Carolina Fidelix Amor da minha vida, daqui até a eternidade, nossos destinos foram traçados na maternidade ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Trish Stratus
21:18 07/20/2017

Amazing evening last nite at The Second City Toronto, Second City legends & pals out to support Jake Thomas & SCI Ontario. 📷

524 reactions 13 comments
Mohd Subur Love you love
Rick Dennison Does Trish think she's got what it takes to be funny ?
Muhammed Frhan I love your smile
TJ P Connelly
Wade Johnson You Go Beautiful
Bret Hart
22:24 07/20/2017

@imherewithmag by #KenvinStenhouse Sept Issue Across Canada shelves.

2.2k reactions 57 comments
Mark Day Our Canadian champ Bret the Hitman Hart!
Martin Beaudoin Just watched your match against Bob Backlund : AMAZING!!!
Sandy Skeet Greatpic
Jacob Jon Reg! If yous wanted to try me why didn't try me!?
Ian Pilkington The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be 💖💖💖💖
Maroon 5
11:54 07/21/2017

Not saying you should watch Jeopardy! tonight....but you should watch #Jeopardy tonight.

3.9k reactions 90 comments
Stuart Mager Don't tell me what to do.....
Shamya S Pal Amen
Connie L Duszik Are you Maroon 5 the daily bonus question.
Sandra Basilio Nuevo tema? :o
Karen Mooney Can't, don't have the channel
Maroon 5
11:54 07/21/2017

Maroon 5

18.7k reactions 80 comments
Christel Zouaoui Nouvel album bientôt?
Andrew Luces Ready for new music!! 🙂
Michelle Stanley Woo hoo
Nedline Oreste Thank you
Michael Jackson
08:24 07/21/2017

How about a ballad for the people in the back? Today’s deep cut is “You Are My Life.” Enjoy!

Invincible by Michael Jackson on iTunes
Invincible by Michael Jackson on iTunes

Preview, buy, and download songs from the album Invincible, including “Unbreakable,” “Heartbreaker,” “Invincible,” and many more. Buy the album for $9.99. Songs start at $1.29.

11.2k reactions 207 comments
Laura Gambino I love that song so much one of my favorites of Michael you are my life
Pratima Dhital You are my day time, my night time, my world.... You are my life ❤❤😘😘✌✌ I miss you and love you so very much Michael !!! Listening to you brings me back to life 😘
Linda D. Lombardi u r my life MJ always, listening to you brings me back to life!
Breona Wilson This is still one of my all time favorite album of his😍💕 but to bad it's also one of his most underrated albums...I feel like Invincible was actually one of his best albums☺❤
James Thompson For a guy who had hundreds of tracks for each album and only chose 14 or so... There are some really poor choices on invincible.
18:12 07/20/2017

The Queen of Black Harts will get her last laugh this Sunday at WWE Battleground!

888 reactions 11 comments
Lindsay Logan Join the best WWE group on FaceBook
Richard Sandoval :)
Ricky Soules 🖕
Saeed Ahmad Nice
Miguel Salcido you suck
Maroon 5
11:54 07/21/2017

#LP6 in the mix.

11.1k reactions 109 comments
Kimuko Naoyoshi おはようございます。
Cheryl M Rottman-Barry Well that's just great.....cause I am ready for it!
Smoo Sh Ispy on this killer pic
Lorena Walkiria Padilla LP de Lorena Padilla👑 JAJAJAJAJAJA LOS AMO BEBÉS😍😍😍😍💜
Akhil Gupta Jj Goenka you must be jizzing
Justin Bieber
08:18 07/21/2017

424.0k reactions 8123 comments
Monica Mattingly Hey everyone who is out there and wants away to make an extra $500-$1000/wk from home, please message me for all the info! Serious inquiries only! Requirements: Must be a resident of US or CANADA and be 18 years or older, MUST BELIEVE in themselves and ...
Ridmi Sithara You are a super cool man...if i can meet you nooo its only dream.but i imagine you.god bless you #JB Happy you😚😚😚😚😚
Mahmoud Hanfi Hey guys There is a phone on this carpet Can you find it
Tamil Priya Read all of the sentences in order :) This is this cat This is is cat This is how cat This is to cat This is keep cat This is an cat This is idiot cat This is busy cat This is for cat This is thirty cat This is seconds cat Now go back and ...
Simon Kostelecky Jonatta Claúdio My baby ߘ͠I'll meet you one day, promise I will. I love you so much, thank you for being my inspiration. You mean the world to me.
Trish Stratus
21:18 07/20/2017

That time I made Eugene Levy laugh.... . . . . . #canadaswalkoffame #host #openingact #eugenelevy #legend #sctv #secondcity #pie #americanpie

2.3k reactions 67 comments
Arthur Rembert That is so cool
Ryan Quiambao You will always be a Golden Era Woman. TRISH STRATUS.
Leilani Sheryl Robinson Wtf she sings now
Stacey Newton She is a pretty lady and one my favorite divas and i miss watching her wrestling.
Praveen Kumar Supper
Maroon 5
23:06 07/18/2017

Maroon 5's cover photo

10.4k reactions 69 comments
Michele Jordan Like very neat !
Angina Richardson Kooooool Maroon 5
Safa Direction ❤️❤️
Karly Levine AAHHHHHH😭
Rich Eliah Y'all r lit ..thumbs up
Michael Jackson
19:36 07/18/2017

Did you know that guests at Mandalay Bay who book tickets through the special birthday link get special guest goody bags and more? Don’t miss out.

Michael Jackson Birthday - Offers | Cirque du Soleil
Michael Jackson Birthday - Offers | Cirque du Soleil

Reserve your tickets today for a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas and take advantage of discount on show tickets. Discover Michael Jackson Birthday offer for Michael Jackson One. Find out Cirque du Soleil new offers for partners & special occasions now!

607 reactions 67 comments
Lizania Felicitas Burrola Portillo I love you michael jackson ❤ Moonwalker forever ❤
Mayerly Martinez Oh omg No lo puedo creer
Diane Dasher I would love to go to this.
Nkosii BlackSon Tshezi IV I love Michael Jackson❤
Denise Terry Borsellino I love you Michael! ! !
Michael Jackson
19:36 07/18/2017

July 17, 1997 was the last of Michael’s three sold-out performances at Wembley Stadium on the HIStory tour. Who was there? Post your experience in the comments.

24.4k reactions 873 comments
Debbie Ryan Cox Absolutely fantastic I have been a fan for many years & MJ is the king of pop a dream come true to see him live I was lucky enough to go to dangerous tour aswell there was no third time lucky but I appreciate I was lucky enough to have seen him xx
Dilys Addy I was there at Wembley. I was front row and it was spectacular. Even grown men screamed like little girls when he came in stage. For anyone who thinks otherwise he did not mime one word!!
Jayne Louise Synclair This was the most amazing concert eva...... Nothing will eva come close to wot I saw that night!!! Absolute perfection !!! Goosebumps from start to finish 😍❤️💗
Vicky Salter Thankfully I got to see this concert opening night in Prague and then at Wembley Stadium I was only 13 years old but so glad my dad treated me or would never have got the chance to see him
Maureen Gilson I was 6 months pregnant at the time & worried about standing for so long. I was so wrapped up in his performance it wasn't a problem. And yes Human nature was amazing, just his voice - totally unique. Those days were the happiest of my life - so far ...
08:18 07/18/2017

For the first time ever in the U.K. E&C will do a signing and photo ops together at London Film & Comic Con July 29-30 and here's the question..

193 reactions 5 comments
Ciaran Judas Newsome Katie Marie Kerwin only if we had the money
Lilith Morningstar would love you to come to denver comic con
Katie Marie Kerwin Noooooooo way!!!! If only
08:18 07/18/2017

For the first time ever E&C will do a signing and photo ops together at London Film & Comic Con July 29-30 and here's the question..

114 reactions 6 comments
Denis Linchamps Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Andrzej Amadeusz Koper Gratulacje Christian. Zrób kolejny świetny odcinek.
Melanie Nolan Oh baby
Lisa Gregory Can't wait to meet you both again 😁😁😁
Chris Damp For those with the benefit of flash photography.....
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