Maroon 5
07:18 09/20/2017

Rock. In. Rio. 🏆🇧🇷⚡️

12.8k reactions 151 comments
Gabi Andrade I've been there!! It was amazing!!! Animals is the music of my life and Adam sing it in front on me!! I will never forget this moment!! ❤️🔙🇧🇷
Jessica Chambers omg! I love them. that was my 1st concert in...??? with my husband!
Eric Henriques Fernanda Henriques, try to found us in this pic! Hahah
Yeon Jeong Kim Marianna Espinola Mariannaaaaa, your city Rio!!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜
Young Ji Eles se divertem? Qual a moda que movimento estão fazendo? Gostam de dançar la o so pulam loucura viver a bas de frutas? Sao quantos dias nessa zuada eles tem acesso ao cantor? O gatissimod
Maroon 5
07:18 09/20/2017


8.4k reactions 126 comments
Priscila Queiroiz Adam , Te amoooo ❤️❤️
Daiane Guimaraes Vocês são sempre bem vindo!!!!Amamos !!!
Guilherme Nobre volte sempre
Nathália Duboc Volte sempre!! Amamos vocês! Foi o melhor show!!!!!
Maroon 5
07:18 09/20/2017


6.0k reactions 116 comments
TherealDede Heerlein Beautiful song. Beautifully sung 😊
Cindy Lewison-Hutchins Beautiful!!
Francesca D'Isidoro Morta❤
Maria Luna You're awesome, Adam!! In any language!!
Júlia Brigido I was there!!!!
Michael Jackson
03:48 09/20/2017

#OnThisDay in 1987, Michael performed his first of three concerts in Osaka, Japan.

36.2k reactions 471 comments
Haneen Ali He is beautiful here and every time he is beautiful😍 like moon
Pri Yanka wow .😍😍😍 what a beautiful Rare picture .. Thank you Michael Jackson page <3 <3 <3 i Really love his concerts in japan !!!! He was so Enthusiastic person and make us the same <3 <3 <3 😍😍😋
Here'for Michael Toured with his brothers since the early 1970s, Michael Jackson began his first solo world tour on September 12 1987 in Tokyo, Japan. Attracting over 4 million people, including royalty, the Bad tour proved to be successful, becoming the most-highly ...
Heather Nelson 😍😍😍 if I could go back to any moment in be there on this night 👑
Rajesh Pun King of pop ,you will live in our heart forever.
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

ICYMI, our Dancing with the Stars salsa from last night, for your viewing pleasure. Let Real Sharna Burgess and I know what you think! #TeamHoopsAndHeels 🏀👠 Online voting is still open through tonight! Vote on Facebook: and Vote! Vote! Vote!

769 reactions 170 comments
Lorna Lodevico i voted for you to the max...i'm a big fan!!
Dianna Ramirez Daaanh, D Fish has them moves on and off the court!😍😘🏀🕺🏽💃🏻 Good luck! I'm rooting for you.🙏🏻🤞🏼👏🏼
Connie Connell I'm voting for you. Loved it when you were in OKC with Thunder. Watched you play
Clyda Carter Great to watch you! Great have my vote!
Pam Jordan Schmidt What no mention of being with the Thunder!!!!
Trish Stratus
16:42 09/19/2017

Thinking back to the awesome ice cream themed birthday bash I threw for Max's 3rd birthday ... and with this amazing cake by @artsybaker, dammit I raised that bar high! And, how is his birthday in less than 2 weeks?? Didn't I just have a baby?? #yeah8monthsago #partyplannerpressure . . . . . . #birthdaycakes #icecreamthemedparty #nutfree #torontocakes #artsybaker

104 reactions 6 comments
Adila Siyo Happy birthday Max 👍☺🎁🎉🎂🎈🎊 have great lot fun.
David Russell Happy birthday max
Wade Johnson Happy Birthday to him
Sarah Sweedland Graham He likes music, so why not do a music themed party?
Mark Alexander Chapman Nikki
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Thank you @sharnaburgess -- we're just getting started! #Repost ・・・ LOVERZ you already know what we need you to do, we need your votes there is a double elimination next week and we really don't want to go home!!! I am so so proud of you @dereklfisher you absolutely crushed it. #TeamHoopsAndHeels ❤️

102 reactions 17 comments
Elaine Arriola Ruiz I voted . ...
Regina Mejia-Stevenson I got u! 😜
Bonnie Diaz I just sent all my 13 votes your way 💜🏀💜🏀💜🏀
Forgem Nos This is real??
Paula E. George Good job, D-Fish!!
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Wooooooo! That was a blast, Real Sharna Burgess! Hope you all liked it! Now we need your support! Three ways to vote! 1: Call 1-800-868-3403! 2: Via Facebook: 3: Via #TeamHoopsAndHeels 🏀👠

343 reactions 11 comments
Kandace M. Kameroff Warren
Sylvia Iglesias Just voted. Best of luck!
Richard M Castillo Mamba mentality
Kathy Thomas We gotcha! Go Fish! Great job tonight.
Robert Nguyễn Just voted.
Maroon 5
07:18 09/20/2017

Everybody toasting... ⚡️🥂✨ #LP6

4.7k reactions 64 comments
Liz Gámez Yaaaaaaaaa muero... quiero tener el disco ya Edder
Gabriel Neme Benitez NikitaRodo miraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa❤
Camila Barbosa Adam lindo.
Stephania CZ Ni piensen en venir que estoy pobre y no puedo ir al concierto
Lucia Cortez Gonzalez Vendo entrada para el concierto de Maroon 5-Oriente 3-->S/.240. Comunicarse al 981970683
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

All right Los Angeles Lakers Nation: the road to a title with Real Sharna Burgess begins tonight! Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O' Neal, former teammates and friends: Let’s do this! #DWTS

116 reactions 7 comments
Maria D. Ortiz-Huey Behind you 💯
Jackie Brush Thomison Thunder fans too!
Stephanie Tovar You did so good Derek...Love ya!!
Shiva Shahriari Negin Nourmohammadi and then a hero comes alonggggf
Lacey Perkins Come on Derek you can do this, counting on you.
13:36 09/19/2017


3.8k reactions 86 comments
Daryl Iisah Funches Beautiful
Kathy Formas Abbinante Does not look like her at all!
Alexis Alejandro Araya Alvarez Queen of the ❤️❤️❤️ 😍
Lee Kinsella You've no chance foooooooool.
Omar A. Rosario #Natalya my love 😘❤
13:36 09/19/2017

The WWE SmackDown Live Women's Champion is on Team SmackDown for Dancing with the Stars tonight... you've more than got this, Nikki Bella! 🙌❤️💪💃

4.6k reactions 57 comments
Veronika Marie Ramos Love you !
Ebuka Paul Natalya inbox me ur num
Jill Ethington A champ with a champ pretty ladies
Eddie Pessalano You girls are looking good
Naveed Lakho Thanks you!! Natalya
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Tonight’s the night! We dance 11th, so make sure to watch our salsa and then light up those phone lines! 1-800-868-3403! #DWTS #TeamHoopsAndHeels🏀👠

146 reactions 5 comments
Vasana Emerald I'll be voting!
Bryan Nichols Break a leg! Not really, but I think that's the saying!
Ahmad Walid Samadzai Sorry Derek but I am going to pass on that show. Good luck though.
Judy Adame Probably the only DWTS I have ever watched, just to see D-Fish!
13:36 09/19/2017

#WWEShenzhen knows who the Women's division belongs to!

2.1k reactions 23 comments
Frank Owusu Can you help me to be wwe
Irfan Raza Nice
Brandon Partridge Vince
Michele Sforza Bellissima...
Eleanor Grise You suck natayla
Maroon 5
07:18 09/20/2017


8.0k reactions 61 comments
João Luis Menezes Talita Rodrigues ouve essa música MT boaaa!!!!!
Celine Cambier I prefer when I see you ...😉
Gönül Nehir Karakavak Love you guys
Jennifer Cantu Love this song
Francesca Roberts Love this x
Michael Jackson
03:48 09/20/2017

“The track’s chorus is another masterstroke, as Jackson deliberately composed a wordless, universal ‘ah-ah-ahhhh-ah-ah-ah’ chorus for all listeners, regardless of cultural background, to sing along to.” – RenownedforSound discussing “Earth Song.” Watch here:

Earth Song - Michael Jackson
Earth Song - Michael Jackson

Watch Earth Song by Michael Jackson online at Discover the latest music videos by Michael Jackson on Vevo.

25.6k reactions 470 comments
Jaftha Lesego Anada victim of devil worshipping puppets of lucifer,how long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside n look,sum say its just part of it we've got to fulfil da Holy Book.
Patrick Koning Never forgot the man hitting the seal with a bat in this video clip. Thought it was awe full, that such humans could exist.
Robin Davignon Amazing Michael and video. If you love and miss Michael as much as I do, you will want to watch this. So much talent gone be not forgotten.
Nancy Ann Hicks MJ: masterful lyrics, sound etc; audio and video productions, all by MJ. No politics. "Just" his pure feelings and artistic creativity.
Phoebe Lea Vaughan This was amazing live! 😍Too bad javis cockhead hijacked one performance at the brits but the rest were amazing works of art 🌻🌺🌹🌸🌷RIP MJ xxx
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Registration is open for my Summer 2018 Basketball Academy! Sign up before Nov. 1 and save $50! Learn more:

112 reactions 5 comments
Victoria Marie Lupe Bueras Alvarado
Christian James Isiaah Thomas?
Eddy Swing that is the future of basketball
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Loosening up the shoulders before tonight's premiere of @dancingabc 😂😂#dwts25#teamhoopsandheels

78 reactions 4 comments
Justine Milagros Villaroman Good luck to you and Sharna tonight!
Lacey Perkins That's right make sure you are loose before your dance tonight.
Dale Couture Your warm up would work better by practicing shots with .4 on the clock.
John Merritt In all the years I have seen you play Fish, that is only the 2nd time to have seen you dunk. Of course that is only an 8 foot basket. Break a leg dude.
Georges St-Pierre
11:30 09/19/2017

Big thanks to my friends Carl Massaro & Mark Cerrone for coming from NYC to train with me during the weekend!

2.6k reactions 68 comments
Erik Torres Food looks great.
Mark East Bisping by ko... Gsp gonna get embarrassed
Ayoub Iblalen Ilyass Moon les protéines de GSP
Paul Miller What are u eating
Andre Kad Muscat Viens t'znteainer chez nous
Bret Hart
17:48 09/19/2017

Goodbye to another friend. Bobby Heenan has been my hero these past few years. How he battled cancer with such defiance and courage in recent years has mystified me. He was always sharp as a tack, and whether anyone, including him ever knew it, he was the absolute toughest man the wrestling world ever knew. Rest in peace Bobby, nobody will ever forget all that you gave. Bret

19.0k reactions 492 comments
Gregory Oatley When my hero calls a man "his hero" it lends an even heavier weight to the loss of a man I considered already to be a wrestling legend. Thank you Bret Hart.
Tree Branch Awe RIP Bobby, I'll never forget when you were out in a weasel suit, just one of the many stunts you pulled off so well. Fly with the angels and what a welcoming when you get to where your going.
Deborah Jean Amen. Very well said. Many will try, but there will NEVER be another Brain. He is the one and only. We love and miss you Bobby Heenan 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Rachel Simpers Cancer stinks! And it takes so many lives. I remember watching wrestling every Saturday with my Grandfather and watching Bobby the Brain Heenan. R.I.P. Bobby!
Debbie Pendry my thoughts and prayers go out to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and to hes friends and all hes friends in the wrestling world from Melbourne Australia god bless you all .....
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Thank you @mountainvalleywater for helping me get ready for @dancingabc tomorrow!

201 reactions 9 comments
Mike Cummins Woo Kris Look Cummins
Sonya Thomas My celebrity crush ❤️
Cyn Montenegro-Leveque Get DFish!!
Roger Yong Rock it!
Jerry Bethel All The way to The Championship... Mr. Class.. 🙂
Bret Hart
17:48 09/19/2017

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Terry Fox Run today! The Sharpshooter Funding Team made it 5K!

1.4k reactions 31 comments
Marianna Calvanico Luisa Calvanico
Maggie Ruedas Ray Ray Martinez
Hitesh Sharma r u hitman
Naweed Abbasi Believe in One God?
Luis Adan Jauregui Torres Saludosss Oiga👌😇💯
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

One more day until the big @DancingABC premiere! We’re ready to Salsa! 🕺💃#TeamHoopsandHeels🏀👠

76 reactions 7 comments
Forgem Nos Show that fancy footwork.
Maria D. Ortiz-Huey So excited! Can't wait. #TeamHoopsandHeels
Kathy Wilfinger Kress Can not wait!
Lacey Perkins Derek remember to have fun while you are showing off your skills.
Sarah Beverly I can't wait to see your pigeon toe self salsa 💃🏽. I'll be watching and voting LOL 🤦🏽‍♀️
13:36 09/19/2017

Help save children’s lives. Join The Queen of Harts in raising awareness for pediatric cancer research for Connor's Cure!

2.4k reactions 30 comments
Bhuppi Negi lv u alot..
Sathish Sankar Natalya the great...
Coincé Landry Nzeugang Jesus Christ bless you life
Rawand Ranj cool
Irfan Raza Nice
13:36 09/19/2017

Shenzhen was surreal. Thank you, China! 🙏🇨🇳❤️

3.6k reactions 37 comments
Coincé Landry Nzeugang good lady
မင္ ေရႊလြင္ wow
Rebecca Tyler 😍
Vishan Singh waw
Robert Kosloski Yes you are hot
13:36 09/19/2017

Off to Shenzhen! 🇨🇳✈️❤️

5.4k reactions 107 comments
Robert Warren Shorts do ever wear Shorts?
Omar A. Rosario #Natalya my love 😘❤ The Queen 👑
Eric Cade stunning Natty stunning :3
Umer Ali 😢 Upload😚 Ziyada😭 sey🐚 ziyada🎵 kia🐻 karo🐨 Lol 💟 3 bajj gaii huey hain Natalya 💟 Sunday : 17 - September - 2017 💟 Apka Just Now Nhi A Raha Natalya 💟 Bot Powered By Umer Ali 💟 <3 LEGEND Bot Team <3 <3 OWENER <3 MUHAMMAD TOQEER <3 B0t S1t3 : IOS-SELF .tk
Juan Carlitos Velez I love you so much better now than it was not
Derek Fisher
07:54 09/17/2017

239 reactions 9 comments
Bryan Hijapon Villabrille Idol
Debbie Webb Johnson Go Derek!
Otilia Felix Love Darek Fisher 😘
Jack Sanchez D-fish, Lindsay Sterling is favored to win it all. Witney Carson & her partner are looking good too!
Billy Delphin Los Angeles Lakers and Lakernation is with ya BRUH
03:42 09/17/2017

Now on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness it's Shelton Benjamin. We talk his return to WWE & how the indies taught him to appreciate the wrestling business + Beth Phoenix on being at the Mae Young Classic finals live. Download/rate/review

148 reactions 4 comments
Andrzej Amadeusz Koper No i gitara
Moayad M Shreef Send me friend request please
Iratie Natalia Pane Halo hai hai hai i love you.
Bob Chinwi Djediat hii man i love so much i loovvee you you are my favorite player in WWE 💕💕❤❤❤✌ you are a legend man back to home please 💕💕
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