The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

TUESDAY: Jason Alexander tells us about his new show, “Hit the Road” on the AT&T Audience Network!

26 reactions 12 comments
Javar Tyrone Cannon 😎😎😎
Gloria Queen Hot topic your husband is a cheater
Ayn Hubbard McManus Wendy what happened to the hot topics ? Please please stop discussin the man with the harassment charges !! The first 15minutes is talking about the same topic. Are you stretching it out thinking we're not noticing. What's going on?? I tune in to the ...
Marta Rosario Torres Hey Wendy...that new wig is not flattering. You need more's to dark.
Deborah Reese When will u address hot topics on u. Ur husband living a double life 50 cents dragging u on social media
Lyoto Machida
16:00 10/17/2017

Timeline Photos

1.0k reactions 27 comments
Junmar Galit On Brazil?
Pablo Angelim Hall Liltson Tomaz
Kiet Dao Ali Ahadi AJ
Lucas Thibaut Guillaume Ortiz
Piter Fernandes Leonardo Cruz Fabio Rodrigues Israel Paes
03:54 10/17/2017

Sonhos em tons de azul e bem relaxantes pra todos nós! Boa noite... ✨ 💕 🌙

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Deis Maria Boa noite 😴 mari
Renan Aquino boa noite
Gil Silva Boa noite de paz Marimoon
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

HOT TOPICS: Nicki Minaj credits herself with making female rap "mainstream." Keep watching at

541 reactions 288 comments
Adrian Haan I agree . She really has brought rap into mainstream pop in a way no other artist had . Yes Lil Kim and Missy blazed the trail for her and others . But Nicki really did bring it to a whole new level of pop culture acceptance .
Tracey Tre Delaney Let's not get carried away it's more like female pop rap. She was in the best female rap catergory with Rasheeda from Love and Hip Hop so she was pretty much crowned by default.
Carmel Gyrl Okay so let's forget about Eve now let's forget about Missy the most main stream rapper Singer producer ever please she didn't do nothing that Kim and Foxy didn't do all the same she did totally give her props don't doubt anything she's ever done to ...
Amber Alexander Tea. Nicki Minaj is a mainstream powerhouse--she has the global sound and look. Turn on any pop station around the world or go to any surburban town and you'll hear her music. She solidified herself as a successful rap artist turned pop star. All the ...
Sandra San Rap was around when she was still in her mama's womb. Try again! The thing with her was that there were no other female rappers that anyone was interested in is all although he may have kept female rap relevant is all. But Certainly not "Mainstream.
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

One more hour until Dancing with the Stars! Need a refresher on what happened last week? We got you! #DWTS 👉🏽

Wendy Williams | DWTS RECAP: Remember That? The Stars Do!
Wendy Williams | DWTS RECAP: Remember That? The Stars Do!

Get out the tissues, because it's most memorable year night on DWTS.

165 reactions 9 comments
Melody Henderson WOW
Detra Spratt-Gentry I have missed about 3 weeks worth:(
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

AFTER SHOW: Who else didn't get that afternoon nap they planned? 🙋🏽

Wendy Williams | After Show: Afternoon Nap
Wendy Williams | After Show: Afternoon Nap

Wendy dishes about her weekend and tells us why her plans for an afternoon nap aren't happening.

244 reactions 44 comments
Paula Stubblefield Waiting on your ride huh lol
Jerry Davey 👍😎☺😁👍👍👈👍👍
Gloria Queen Hot topic your husband is a cheater
Melody Henderson PRETTY GOOD
Eddie Lara I got my nap.. over an hour and a half.
Marco Luque
22:48 10/16/2017

Eaeeee #SãoCaetanodoSul! Dia 20/10 às 21h30 vai rolar #123Testando no Teatro Paulo Machado de Carvalho! Bora dar muitas risadas?? Link para compra:

141 reactions 42 comments
Luana Lopes da Silva Anderson Cleiton Alves da Costa vamos amor?
Gregory Nicholas Vamos Jessica Oliveira
Fabiana Martins Caio Cesar Gonçalves vamoos 😍🙏🙏
Samara Delgado Laurete Delgado, Jonathan Paulino é noixxxx!!!
Alexandre Armellini Vanessa Guariento já comprou
Fernanda Motta
02:06 10/17/2017

Vem chegando o verão ... seu lindoooo 💙❄️💙❄️ @trident_brasil obrigada , amei 💙

117 reactions 12 comments
Rapido Y Jugoso Heosa angel
Rapido Y Jugoso Hermosa angel
Almir Gomes Diva
José Marques Hernandez Linda!!!😀
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

Essence magazine’s fashion editor, Joiee Thorpe shows us fall's hottest flats, heels and boots! 🍂👠

Wendy Williams | 2017 Fall Shoe Trends
Wendy Williams | 2017 Fall Shoe Trends

Essence magazine's Joiee Thorpe shows us the hottest fall shoes!

127 reactions 25 comments
Melody Brunn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Debbie S. Reiver Is Wendy on at 12:00 am.again on BET
Gloria Queen Hot topic your husband is a cheater
De Gomez Is link to shopping for Oct 16, 2017 hidden purposely?
03:54 10/17/2017

Já viu como pintei o cabelo de turquesa e roxo?! 🌈✨ Mudo mesmo e amo essa liberdade! Se liga no vídeo:

95 reactions 7 comments
Jhonatan Reinaldo Amei combina com sua beleza 💚💜❤️
Da Silva Gabriella amei
Bruno Correia 😇
Thiago Barbosa LOVE BUZZ
Vinicius Velasco da Rocha Que coisa séria kkkkk não percisa mudar bebê kkkk brincadeirinha tá linda! 😘😘😘
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

Real talk, do you know how to wash your face the right way? Dr. Whitney Bowe can help!

Wendy Williams | How to Wash Your Face the Right Way
Wendy Williams | How to Wash Your Face the Right Way

You've probably been washing your face wrong, but celebrity dermatologist and author Dr. Whitney Bowe has the scoop on proper face washing.

96 reactions 6 comments
Barbara Eve Hi Wendy Barbara....Bermuda
Melody Henderson THANKS
Gillian Titus Ardini I’m coming!!!!!!!!! Wendy Live!!!!
Jurayia Pittman I'm gonna tune in
Betty Sanders Hi Wendy😍😍😘
Fernanda Motta
02:06 10/17/2017

Fresh Sunday with her 💙 Gataaaaa que eu adoro @gio_ewbank💙 ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

117 reactions 9 comments
Matias Nunes Beldades!
Mika Novaes Duas lindas😍😍
Taiguara Nicoliche lindas meus amores
Neusa Werlang Duas lindonas
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

INSIDE SCOOP: Jazzie Belle gives us the scoop on Tyrese's custody battle. Keep watching at

356 reactions 93 comments
Cynthia Curry It was a pleasant surprise when I tuned in today and I witnessed you given a Black Woman credence.....👍🏾
Michelle Rene Postell Did she call the police when it happened? Probably not! So why bring it up now? Was she ok with his abuse while they was together?
Eric Jackson He's been obsessed with Dubai and and Voltron thing.. which there r jeeps just made like that before the Voltron thing came out!!!
Harvey Jones That's messed up if he did all of that to his daughter if it's true that's what nobody knows yet because if he did it he would. Have been charged, locked up.
Lynnette Allen Dont believe it Wendy worry about your dam self especially your husband out here creeping.You ought stop sit back and take look at yourself first
Marcelo Tas
03:12 10/17/2017

Estudo varre cinco décadas e encontra evidências de que apps de paquera podem ter melhorado os casamentos: diversidade e duração dos matrimônios! Ouça a minha coluna na rádio CBN e encontre detalhes do estudo publicado no MIT Technology Review

Aplicativos de azaração podem ter melhorado duração e diversidade dos relacionamentos
Aplicativos de azaração podem ter melhorado duração e diversidade dos relacionamentos

Estudo varre cinco décadas e revela transformações na forma como as pessoas se acasalam por causa de aplicativos como o Tinder

27 reactions 10 comments
Ney Cesar A lacração já deu resultado. Cada vez menos curtidas
Sinai Faingold 🤔Aí vai depender do contexto 🤧
Sinai Faingold Marcelo Taselascando...
Nina Feed Perdeu a credibilidade ....
Everton Roberto Esqueceu de citar pegação kkkk
03:54 10/17/2017

Ilustração linda de Svabhu Kohli que celebra o esplendor da natureza 🌈✨💕

63 reactions 2 comments
Kirk Alex Lucas Hair Colors:
Da Silva Gabriella 🙂🙂
Lyoto Machida
16:00 10/17/2017

Timeline Photos

2.2k reactions 42 comments
Javier Toapanta A ganar Liotho saludos desde Ecuador
Luis Américo Junior O mito refletindo a porrada que dará na próxima vítima
Rosangela Campos Sarra Lindo ❤
Admir Hadž the karate-King
Eugenia Siqueira Bayde Meditar traz paz à alma! Sucesso!
Marco Luque
22:48 10/16/2017

Disculpa postá eçe vídio maz foi nessessáriu, jow! #JacksonFaive

12.2k reactions 1083 comments
Ely Fazioni Gomez Desculpa da boca pra fora não tem valor; atitude em primeiro lugar! Estou de acordo contigo!!!
Daniel Coutinho Desculpa a pergunta, Jhow, mas você pensa nessas coisas sóbrio? kkkkkkk
Rodrigo Garcia da Silva Alline Batista, desculpa te incomodar de novo, mas só me tira uma dúvida(...)haha
Guilherme David Lucas Dias lembro mto de tu vendo os videos dele sem mdd kkkkkkkkkkkk mto igual
Bruno Lemes Desculpa incomodar Taianna mas assiste esse vídeo aí 😂😂
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

HOT QUESTION: Do you think Nicki Minaj made female rap mainstream?

Nicki Minaj Pats Herself on the Back
Nicki Minaj Pats Herself on the Back

Nicki told XXL magazine, “There wasn’t a big female rap presence right before I got in… my role was reintroducing the female rapper to pop culture.”

531 reactions 288 comments
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

The former ER star claims she was sexually harassed and racially abused while working on the show.

Vanessa Marquez Comes Forward with Harassment Claims
Vanessa Marquez Comes Forward with Harassment Claims

Related Posts:Ivana Trump on “Raising Trump”Friday, October 13Donald Trump Weighs in on the Sony Hacking ScandalIvana TrumpMary J. Blige’s Younger Man

531 reactions 288 comments
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

Ivana Trump gave good conversation on Friday's show, but her ex, President Trump isn't happy about her book.

Donald Trump is Furious with Ivana Trump
Donald Trump is Furious with Ivana Trump

President Donald Trump is apparently furious with Ivana about her book and says it's filled with lies.

531 reactions 288 comments
Cheerla Warcop omg then why continue working there? o right to stay on TV.. pls i dont believe this at all.. stop the thirst if it was really happening yall could have gotten a lawyer get your real evidence sue the person and get triple the return in court.. ladies ...
Tai Duvall Queen Latifah was the FIRST female rapper that went mainstream looong before Nicki Minaj! She endorsed several top companies cover girl being one of the largest. I don’t know what Wendy was talking about. Queen Latifah started rapping and started ...
Roman Nickson Cedric yeah she did it for now in this decade nicki minaj ruled the mainstreams as one,some of you said lil kom,missy,foxy but nicki minaj when she came out in 2009 till now those other female rappers were quit and see how nicki will ride the rap game and she ...
Noneya Biz-ness That nicki minaj story is so off key cos you made it look like she said she was the first female mainstream rapper. I'm not a fan but she didn't say that. She said she was the first one in a while which is the truth. After missy elliot, lil Kim, foxy ...
Zinzi Nomarhawti Sigcau No but she had the advantage of being famous when there is social media,something the OG-resses didn't have, love her though but Missy Elliot way better💟
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

Hot Monday and Hot Shoes

270 reactions 111 comments
Belinda TE Good morning
Terri Coleman-White How you doing
Patrice Sanders How you doin
Sue Remmy wish i could watch you
Cheryl Grant Did something happen to Suzanne,some one please let me no
03:54 10/17/2017

Vem viajar comigo pelo 💕💕💕 Tô curtindo a África do Sul e ainda vai rolar mta coisa legal! 😉 (Foto: Felipe Watanabe)

316 reactions 6 comments
Anny Swell Bora
Dinei Neves Dos Santos Linda!
Luciano Alves people need semeone took up to
Denis Silva Santo Linda
Juan Carlos quero pacote completo com direito a passagem hotel e lazer tudo gratis
Wanderlei Silva
15:12 10/17/2017

Estamos Expandindo, SEJA SÓCIO INVESTIDOR Team Wand, cotas a partir de R$10.000,00. [SEJA SÓCIO INVESTIDOR] Basta clicar no link abaixo, que entraremos em contato.

185 reactions 9 comments
Andrade Gabi Andre Dias
Denise Lagou Matt Lagou
Magno Rodrigues 👏👏👏👏👏
Leonardo Greco Paulo César Souza oportunidade!!!!!!!!!!!! Team Wand forever
Kamel Azibe T'es le meilleur mon pote
03:54 10/17/2017

Bum diaa 🌈✨ Tá difícil de levantar aí? haha Boa semana, meu povo!

137 reactions 12 comments
Marcelo Reis Cindy "humano já são 6h?!"
Rodrigo Tavares Bom dia Mari <3 Adorei seu novo visual.
Clodoaldo Corrêa BOM DIA QUERIDA!!!!!
Jéssica Danielly Bom dia flor 😘😘! Tá sim difícil rsrs
Danilo Napoleão Campos Bom dia amore para você também 🌷
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

MONDAY: Wendy kicks off the week with an hour of Hot Topics. Then, Essence magazine’s Joiee Thorpe shows us this fall’s hottest shoes.

125 reactions 14 comments
Roy O. Coffey Jr. Nice
Judy Martin the smacking lips is not cute
Torn Carter That dress is ugly and 50 won!
Gloria Queen Hot topic your husband is a cheater
03:54 10/17/2017

Bom descanso, galera! zzZ Durmam bem! 💖

71 reactions 5 comments
Feh Holanda Stifler Durmaa bem MARIMOON😘😘😘😘
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

What does John Leguizamo think of Kathy Griffin's newest standup routine involving Trump?

271 reactions 18 comments
Ayman Mohamed تم
Denise Duchowsky Mick Losers!
Kimberly Williams Whitaker #MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Lucy Rz Lol... Soo true what he said
Marco Luque
22:48 10/16/2017

Era sol que me faltava, pae! 🌅✌🏼#energiasdilatadas #mustafary #vénha

2.6k reactions 28 comments
Rita Barros Ludmilla Vilas Boas e Danielle Dandara ☀
Zam Sales É isso ae papai
Dnise D SB Baea!! 😍
Telma Luz Pára tudo!
Arione Sellani Delícia de mar!
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 10/17/2017

What the spookation is going on? Michael Russo Events teaches us DIY Halloween decor!

Wendy Williams | DIY Halloween Bash Decor with Michael Russo
Wendy Williams | DIY Halloween Bash Decor with Michael Russo

Make your Halloween bash a night to remember with these decorating tips from Michael Russo!

238 reactions 29 comments
Macky Welsh Mikaela Joseph Welsh
Mitchell Sms Jessica Jones
Twanna ToiLuv Wright LaShanda Maxwell
Jennifer Fleming Lindsay Perkins get on it!
Hernandez Rivera Wonderful keep it up Wendy...
03:54 10/17/2017

Quem aí já assistiu o doc da Lady Gaga??? Fiz um vídeo especial, dando muitos motivos pra você amar essa diva! Oh:

134 reactions 7 comments
Felipe Muradas Andou triste porquê não pôde vir ao Rock in Rio,né? Entendo...Então vou te contar uma coisa...o Def Leppard era para ter vindo,no primeiro Rock in Rio em 1985,mas não pôde vir...porquê...o baterista da banda,o Rick Allen teve o braço arrancado num ...
Sandy Pires Ameeeeiii... Monstra literalmente quem é a Gaga... ❤️
Juan Carlos lady gaga é minha ex
Aline Luz Eu assisti e amei!!!! Traz a humanização da artista, sem toda aquela montagem e mostra muito do talento dela. Eu amei!
Deivid S. Silva É tão maravilhoso, dá pra se apaixonar mais ainda pela pessoa incrível que a Gaga é.
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