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21:00 12/11/2017

Look fabulous this holiday season without breaking the bank! Shop these celebrity beauty must-haves! 💄💅🏾💁🏽💋

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Arleatrice Burroughs Hay Wendy the little boy that went viral over the weekend his mom just canceled her Facebook page she's a racist he page was covered with confederate flags yes all the donations were mostly from blacks but she said how much she hates them the mom is a ...
Anna Callahan It was all about the money for Keaton’s mom. She scammed everyone by using her son. Shameful.
Kathleen Slowley Hello Wendy, how you doin'. I loved yesterday's show, and seeing your parents made me appreciate the day your were born more. I am saving this episode on DVR. God bless you, and thanks for being Wendy, I am enjoying the journey.
Euwaldo Martinelli Ştefăneanu Ovidiu George for you to look fabulous without spending a fortune!
Karen Elzinga Don’t order the stuff. I ended up at the dermatologist with swollen wrinkled burning eyes. And they won’t take it back not even an open one.
21:36 12/11/2017

Quando eu descubro que @ crush já tem [email protected] Quem nunca? Contaí uma situação em que você passou que tenha dado nisso!

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Daniela Rizza Sim 😭
Michel Luciano Luis Meu crush ja tem namorado e sou eu 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Mauricio
Vinícius Dos Santos Moreira Quase Isso... Tive Minha Chance "Roubada". O Pior é Saber que Ela Gostava de Mim. 😢 Valeu por Me Ouvir Desabafar! Bijos!!! 😘
Thete Salviano Crush é de determinada religião e segundo a ele não pode namorar com gente que não propaga a mesma fé que ele, vida que segue amigas 😒
Daiane Souza Ô fia, hoje em dia é mais fácil vc encontrar um crush com compromisso do que solteiro kkk. E detalhe... solteiro e que te queira hahah 😂😂😂
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

Enter for your chance to win a two-day, three-night stay at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Wendy's Holiday Gift Grab | Foxwoods Resort Casino

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 48 contiguous U.S. & D.C. 18 years and older. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes start 12/11/17 at 10:01 a.m. EST and ends 12/11/17 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Sponsored by Talk WW Production Inc.

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Rezell Simmons If you love entertainment, gossip and news watch NYCE NEWS
Dana Rodriguez Lisa Bourlier
Danae James To bad I'm from Bermuda I can not enter
Terrie Carlson Decker !
Odell Poole Thank you 😘
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

Enter for your chance to win a Kodak Dock and the Kodak Mini.

Wendy Williams | Kodak
Wendy Williams | Kodak

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 48 contiguous U.S. & D.C. 18 years and older. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes start 12/11/17 at 10:01 a.m. EST and ends 12/11/17 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Sponsored by Talk WW Production Inc.

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Regina Blake I watch all time, but some times you get kind of edgy
Susan Fiorini Morey Kaitlin Morey
Sandy Shirk Sandra Sandy Shirk
ShaMika Hardy 💛💙💜🍀
Corinthian Sistrunk Love it
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

R. Kelly returned to his Atlanta home that was robbed of everything. Plus, Azealia Banks picked a fight with Remy Ma. Get all the tea in today's Hot Topics Rundown.

Wendy Williams | HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: December 11
Wendy Williams | HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: December 11

R. Kelly's homes were robbed, and the suspect is on the run.

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Donell Williams
Tommie Keyes is*
Ana Valdivia I don't feel sorry for him. KARMA!
Ajay Parrish I ain't got no sympathy
Jagrbabe Nammygirl Wow..having a doctor offer a nose job to a bullying victim.....stay classy Wendy.
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

Visit to enter for your chance to win one of this year's hottest gifts. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 48 contiguous U.S. & D.C. 18 years and older. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes start 12/11/17 at 10:01 a.m. EST and ends 12/11/17 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Sponsored by Talk WW Production Inc.

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Florence ShaSha Jato Thanks for coming to Mount Vernon City School District!
Amelia Assanah looking forward to win
Irma Pugh Win love ❤️ yur show
Michele L Geary Thank you Wendy.
Anida Williams for the people that wins the fox woods resort give away do you pay for them to get to the resort or no
Marcelo Tas
20:54 12/11/2017

Você já pensou em comprar Bitcoins? 🤑 Conhece a plataforma Ethereum? 🤔 Essa tecnologia complexa de blockchains pode revolucionar a internet! 😵 Ouça minha coluna de hoje na CBN e comente! 😙

Bitcoin virou conversa de botequim, mas outra moeda virtual chama atenção
Bitcoin virou conversa de botequim, mas outra moeda virtual chama atenção

Em 2017, o Ethereum valorizou 6.800%. A taxa é quatro vezes maior do que a alcançada pelo Bitcoin.

178 reactions 155 comments
Melina Carretoni Caio Aleixo
Brenno Alves Evandro Vianna
Camila Gobetti Lucas Gobetti, Peter Saternus, Camila Jorge, Edson Gobetti
Lucas Miranda de Souza Ederson Vieira olha ai
Ana Laura de Paula Breno Henrique lembrei de tu
21:36 12/11/2017

Boomm diaa!!! Começou a semana de novo! Desejando muito amor e disposição pra vcs!!! 💕💕💕 Todo mundo já tomou o café da manhã?

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Feh Holanda Stifler Bom diaaa MARIMOON perfeitosaaaaa 😍😍💘💘
Luiz Paulo Bineli Nice Picture ❤️
Vinicius da Lua Bom Dia coisa linda
Dinei Neves Dos Santos Bom dia!
Bruno Correia Bom dia,😇divamoon.
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

MONDAY: Wendy kicks off the week with an hour of Hot Topics!

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Jackie Garcia ❤I love you ₩endy Williams❤
Chris Michael Ward Love me some Wendy!! #WendyWilliams #WendyShow
Jen White Be safe in NYC today all. I am worrying for all of this nation.
21:36 12/11/2017

Bom final de domingo, meus amores! Uma noite de descanso bem relax pra todos nós! ✨💖🌙 ((foto: Luana Patrício))

531 reactions 21 comments
Dayane Roeda 😘😘😘😘
Carlos Eduardo Da Costa apaixonado
Marco Antonio Suave essa imagem 👏👏
Odair Gouveia Linda @
Vinícius Dos Santos Moreira Você Disse Tudo. Durma Bem Princesa. 😴
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

Let's see how the rest of this San Fran trip goes! Read our #RHOA Recap to catch up!

Wendy Williams | RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Episode 5
Wendy Williams | RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Episode 5

Kim and Kenya drama heats up, and a trip to San Francisco brings up old feuds.

382 reactions 44 comments
Grace Schaff Love you Wendy for bringing awareness to Keaton's story.
Savvy Fleming Stupid & scripted & badly acted at that.
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

Sheryl Lee Ralph tells us about her photoshoot with her gorgeous daughter. Keep watching at

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Chinyere Ugenyi Black women...... dont yall age? Guess not!!!
Yvonne Canty Nicole Stevenson see her body chain
Travis Culberson 🤨
Adele Benson Loved it #H2NoNoNo!
Keith E Gynx Jackson Jr. ❤🌷💯
Marco Luque
16:30 12/11/2017

Hoje é o dia do palhaço. 🤡

4.3k reactions 141 comments
Yuri Souza Muito legal essa maquiagem do Beetlejuice
Icaro Ricardo Ferreira Irado, ficou muito parecido! 😮
Allex Santos Petshop PetMania Emily Lima faz uma maquiagem dessa em mim???
Igor Miguel Bruna Danieli Marco Luque virou sósia 👏👏
Isaac Silva Vc é um mito irmão,choro de rir com seus personagens 😂😂
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

Kenya Moore tells us how she met her hubby! Keep watching at

1.7k reactions 77 comments
Izanae Curry Happy for her❤️
Author Katie Carter Is she ashamed of her step kid/s she inherited through marriage? Children are a gift from the Lord.
Barbara Martin Wish Kenya all the Happiness In The World!
Kimberly QueenBee Jackson I love Kenya, Kim was wrong for picking at Kim, Kim does act like she is jealous of Kenya.
Renee Robinson Kenya is gorgeous -so is that RING - always a poised beauty queen.
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

Is it ok to date your son's friend if they're no longer in touch? #AskWendy Keep watching at

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Crystal Glenn Looks do matter for does that it matters too! That's the intial first attraction because you have no idea about someone's inner qualities initially! Shoes, clothes, hair, walk, eyes, nose, laugh, demeanor, shape, smell etc. I'm sure she's in her late ...
Debbie Felix There both adults whe. It comes to love the heart wants What the heart wants ! Knowing is half the battle if she gets hurt but she needs to talk to her son out of respect! Don't hate color age ect.... should not be a factor when it. Comes to true love, ...
Reign Monae I don't understand the bashing and let's make it clear....HE APPROACHED HER...I wouldn't date the young Tenderoni...see it's that simple. I wish the young women well in her quest for love.
Monica Mayhew I do not think its okay for her to be dealing with her son ex- friend. This old lady is in heat. Give her a bone and hopefully she cools off.
Sheryl Stokley Her sons ex-friends should be off limits as boy toys. Nothing wrong with two consenting adults dating. But there are many, many men out there to date, so there's no reason to date a sons ex-friend.
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

John Amos tells us how he ended up on Good Times. Keep watching at

728 reactions 21 comments
Tuncay Tuncay Kakık Add Me Ladies
Chekovi Pablo Coming to America
Mar Angel Thomas Dotti Condotti
Phyllis Brown Phylicia Brown Carey Ellis
Monica Carroll Allison Winslow Shine Shonda Carroll Ned Winslow listen to his accent
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

Sheryl Lee Ralph spills the tea on all our favs in Just Getting Started. Keep watching at

154 reactions 5 comments
Gilca Benedita da Silva 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Kenneth White How you do-in?😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sandra Gibson Too extra....
Joanne Harte She looks amazing.
Marco Luque
16:30 12/11/2017

Eaí galera, fimose?

537 reactions 21 comments
Kewen Rian Sabrina Smolarki KKKKJ
Shirley Martins fimosse meu rei
Hélio Teixeira E aí tranquilex
Shirley Martins sou sua fã
Marcelo Monteiro velho tu ta mais magro ou eh impressão minha ?
21:36 12/11/2017

Bom domingo, galera!!! Tem alguma coisa que vcs fazem somente aos domingos e que não fazem em nenhum outro dia da semana??? Conta aí! ☀😜 ((campanha @view01oficial))

301 reactions 22 comments
Vinicius da Lua deusamoon
Mário Reis tem duas MARIMOON. Programa Silvio Santos e esperar a 2a feira
Fabiano Coelho mds :o
Thiago Silva .?!
Adriano Santos 💜💜💜
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

We're obsessed with SZA so you know we're tuning into Saturday Night Live tonight. If you haven't listened to her album 'Ctrl' do yourself a favor! 👉🏽

433 reactions 19 comments
Kate Loveridge Iwara Georgie Farwell
Latoya Jenkins Kemya Jones
Kierra Dean-Robinson Jayda Jones
Joanna Rodriguez Sergio Reyes
LaShawn Nicole Your girl Auri Powell
21:36 12/11/2017

Boa noite, #MoonSquad!!! ✨💖🌙 Essa foto é de quando, hein?! Quem chuta? haha

360 reactions 30 comments
Fabiano Coelho é a moça do filme "5º elemento" ? hehehe
Thiago Silva .?!
Bruno Carneiro 2004
Eliane Sousa 2008
Stefani Ribeiro De 2010
The Wendy Williams Show
21:00 12/11/2017

Would Sheryl Lee Ralph do a Moesha reboot? Keep watching at

405 reactions 16 comments
Jessica Williams Linda Igbinovia
Shannon Marie Ariell Tyniesha Sims
Pauline Naledi Wisa Tshoganetso
Carrie Garcia Nooooo
Lorenzo Laurence Not needed! And didn't Hakeem die?
Lyoto Machida
09:42 12/12/2017

Dividir conhecimento é permitir o crescimento da humanidade. To share knowledge is to enable the growth of humanity. #machidakarate #machidalifestyle

950 reactions 8 comments
Elisvaldo Rodrisgues de Souza Oss
João Carlos Marques Oss!
Magnun Ana Carolina Lorenzi Grande mestre
Andréa Leite Permitamos então... dragão...
Nestor Rojas Oss sensei !.
Marcos Mion
01:12 12/11/2017

Agindo naturalmente, mesmo com foguinho saindo do bíceps! 😂😂 . . . Valeu irmão @seltonmello pela chacoalhada mental que me deu nesse almoço!! 😂Tava precisando! . . . The world is up for grabs! Go and get it!

4.1k reactions 44 comments
Patricia Pereira da Silva Lindos e charmosos.
Rubens Ramos da Silva Mionzera sensacional humildade 100 porcento
Izabela Pizzini Dois mitos 😍👏👏👏
Michele Santos #Legendário O melhor... #MionOmelhor
Thaís R Corrêa 2 lindos, adoro vcs
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