Kevin Rudd
Yesterday 08:00

The #CourierFail goes on the attack with biased reporting today, and when I respond with the publicly available facts, they keep up the attack by labeling my reply an "online tirade" I guess facts bother them. Most people would call it a legitimate right to self-defence in a newspaper monopoly town. Sad to see how badly the #CourierFail has trashed its own brand over the last five years or so. And its circulation reflects it.

More Murdoch Mis-reporting, led by the Brisbane Courier Fail.

The Murdoch tabloids, led by the #CourierFail in Brisbane, allege my office improperly ordered stationery to support a UN bid. Wrong again. But never let the facts get in the road of a good “…

799 reactions 94 comments
Anne Geraghty No wonder there sales are down,and most newsagents don't stock it any more.
Christina Parnis Kevin, they are all Murdocks puppets. What else can you expect from them.
Steve Carmody Gave up reading those fish rappers 2 elections ago and haven't missed it. Good riddance.
Fatima Zohra Mr Rudd, can't you stop the evil old man Murdoch from blabbering rubbish. He does so much harm.
Helen Andrew Lol, facts and courier mail are not two things I would say together.
Kevin Rudd
Yesterday 08:00

An honour to be with The Global Foundation in meeting with Pope Francis. He spoke to us of "cooperative globalisation" as opposed to the "globalisation of indifference."

455 reactions 29 comments
Kristie Harrison Please talk UFO's.....too soon?
Weihong Yan Amazing
Glenn Taylor Congratulations Kev, hope u had a great time !!!
Sean McNally Filthy Commo Jesuit!!
Chris Rowf Could you see the demon in his eyes Kev?
Kevin Rudd
Yesterday 08:00

Opportunity to sell fundamental Oz strengths to Russian PM Medvedev. Part 3 of the KR Trilogy. I promise this is the end of my "From Russia with Love" series. 😀 Even if you are sunning yourself at the beach with nothing much on your minds. 😎

162 reactions 14 comments
Matija Rovcanin Simon O'Donnell
Patrick Joseph Salvador With nations we are speaking trillions.
Sue Hartley Dean Hartley - Kevin's keeping busy
Benjamine Johnson dont tell them our sekretz kev my tv sez the rushans are da bad guyz
Stephen Kelly Bring back kevvie for PM
Kevin Rudd
Yesterday 08:00

The Murdoch tabloids, led by the #CourierFail in Brisbane have done their best to smear me again today. The fact is, in the most recent reporting period, the Australian taxpayers spent nearly twice as much on former Prime Minister John Howard, than they did on any other former Prime Minister. I didn't claim any telecommunications expenses. I didn't claim any family travel. The order of office stationery was explicitly approved by the Abbott and Turnbull Governments consistent with the guidelines they issued all former Prime Ministers, and it has not been used in relation to any matter concerning the Secretary Generalship of the UN.

847 reactions 166 comments
Andrea Willson I'm more concerned about why JG is spending so much especially over the 3 years. Why did she need an almost half a million dollar office fit out?
Sammy Haris I don't get it, you guys are not even working for us anymore, or to a certain degree or whatever, former PM's i understand, massive expenditures, tax payers money, in 6 months millions and hundreds of em spent, this is outrageous, the hypocrisy of ...
Craig O'Brien Regardless of whether it was approved by the then PM or Libs... don't you think we would as taxpayers like to see the constant high life and massive entitlements simply stopped ... getting rid of gold life passes and special pensions for retiring ...
Matthew Rodger The cost of former PMs is ridiculous (yourself included). Time to reduce these entitlements and I am sure the electorate would agree.
David Guy Why don't we throw in International travel costs - see how it pans out then with just one trip for Howard and 19 for Gillard, with Rudd 2nd with 15 and that is for 2016 only
Kevin Rudd
Yesterday 08:00

Further "thoughts of Kevin" :) if the Sunday night movies are rotten back home. On this year's G20 in Germany, Merkel must lead. I also believe if we are serious about the G20's future this year, it's got to roll back the tide of protectionism.

193 reactions 14 comments
Kevin Ridgeway global leadership
Vivienne Dwyer Clever and thoughtful as always
Jennifer Wells She's doomed Germany! Imbicile!
Lena Ferguson Mr Rudd, you are so good at public speaking , and like Kerry Wright , said u speak with such detail ,on most of Political issues , your a good Ambassador for our Country ,
Mj Boyd The rolling back of protectionism is the key. Good effort, Kev.
Kevin Rudd
19:12 01/14/2017

If you've got a spare ten mins on a quiet Saturday, and if you're thinking about the global economy this year, the following are a few reflections from yours truly yesterday at the Gaidar Forum in Moscow. The G20 in 2017 must deal with 3 core challenges: financial system risk, low global growth, and managing geo-political uncertainty.

262 reactions 38 comments
Glen Phillips A better video is delibrative government ....
Paul Huver Dont worry Mr Kev..Donald TRUMP WILL FIX EVERYTHING!
Patricia de Heer Thank you for your dedication and vision
Murray Roberts Just wanted to say hello Kevin
Graham Cassidy Interesting
Kevin Rudd
19:12 01/14/2017

From Brisbane and plus 35, to Moscow and minus 10 in two days. Aaaaaah. Bloody freezing. Attending a roundtable with Russian Prime Minister Medvedev on the future of global and Russian economies. I also spoke to the Гайдаровский форум Gaidar Forum here on future of the G20.

984 reactions 85 comments
Betty Arellano Good Luck Mr Kevin Rudd 👍
Timothy Iorlano RUDDY FOR PM AGAIN!!!
Debra Stewart Wish you could take selfie with my son who is working in Moscow. He is a country boy raised by a single mother and now teaching at a school in Moscow. Let me know if you can visit his school for a selfie and I will send the address Kev
John Augustyn Looks your the only one in the Australian government thats doing any work the rest are just ripping off tax payers money
Anna Carroll While you're there, Kevin, tell them to get out of Ukraine!
Kevin Rudd
19:12 01/14/2017

A few personal reflections on diplomatic and political careers if you're interested. Introductory remarks delivered to the conference on Ambassadors yesterday in Mexico. Bulk of discussion that followed was on Trump and China.

304 reactions 21 comments
Cameron Milliken Jordan Johnson
Jackson Barton Jack Nolan worth
Yassin Yasin Zahedi Come back please
Elaine Cozens Love your intelligent witty approach Kevi
Elizabeth Haenle Well done!
Kevin Rudd
06:24 01/12/2017

Just been talking to the annual conference of ambassadors here in Mexico City, at the invitation of Mexican Foreign Minister. Main subjects US-China, US-Mexico under Trump. Also told some tall tales....KRudd

252 reactions 9 comments
Allan Josh Binuya Christian Jay Binuya Patrick Binuya wtf?? No way
John Healey go away Rudd another taxpayer funded trtip
Elaine Walker Smith Thought you were still in Qld visiting rellies You sure do get around.
Widjaja Buana US Mexico will be tight, Trump said He will ask China to invest more in US
Zachariah Bullfrog Love your work Kev, just wish u were still in the top job here mate, your skills being fully utilised. All the best for 2017
Kevin Rudd
17:36 01/09/2017

Christmas was fun with the family. Including the little possums. Having brought our kids up on the Wiggles, and "Driving in our Big Red Car," decided it was time to get started with the grandkids. Got little Mac his own little red car. He's just turned one. Hope you all had a great Christmas too. KRudd

2.2k reactions 87 comments
Gina Bridget Adorable <3
Lyn Lawrie Gorgeous little the red car. .have a geat year
Colleen Chauntler Dear wee boy, happy new year Kevin thanks for all the great work you do thats unseen....God Bless for 2017
Anne Patrick Tennant mr rudd u r the MAN
Mick James Hows your entitlements going why the rest of the country falls apart.just wondering ??????
Kevin Rudd
17:36 01/09/2017

Holiday snaps with some local guys. Meet Jonas Pascoe and Kinnane the Younger. Both from Nudgee College. Young Jonas has already started his own business. Fantastic. Met them and Kinnane the Elder at Fratelinis at Sunshine Beach. Go well in your final years of school guys. KRudd

895 reactions 49 comments
Georgie Verhoeven Jack Verhoeven
Tanya Rix Rhonda Bernard - Did you see Kevin?
Rachel McLetchie Nice to c young ppl do well xx
Joshua Mackenzie Islay fantastic
Kevin Lee Thank you so much for your nice comments :)
Kevin Rudd
17:36 01/09/2017

Went driving down memory lane this afternoon with Marcus around Cooroy, Belli, Kenilworth, Obi Obi, Mapleton, Nambour, and now dinner in my old home town of Eumundi. And selfies with Chris and Joy who we ran into at the magnificent Dulong Lookout. These guys volunteered in the Kevin 07 Campaign. Now living locally. So heaps of thanks to them and all the volunteers from back then. KRudd

1.1k reactions 71 comments
Shailendra Sharma Kevin for P.M. We miss you boss
Chris Yates Kev do you have any Kevin 07 shirts left in XXL.
Craig William Fels Hope when Labor gets back in power you get the job you want with the UN. Only reason Liberals didn't let you have it is because you were Labor. Liberals are scum and traitors to the Aussie people.
Richard Kemps Great posting, thanks for sharing 😇😇😇
Lionel Browne all the lefties comong out of the wood work wonder what bill shorten thinks
Kevin Rudd
04:48 01/07/2017

Storm clouds over Sunshine Beach....Does this look like one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse to anyone else, or do I have an over-active imagination....?

705 reactions 116 comments
Di Burns It's one of the Three Kings on his camel. Think lost going home.
Lynn Wharton Can see it definitely :D
Kaz Pagan Photographr From a pagan perspective, it looks like the Wild Hunt.
Dhendy Endy Laksamana Mr.Kevin Rudd are Froplem what soldier indonesian with australia,and soldier Europa from U.S Army resrve Convoi thu australia make what Mr.Kevin Rudd,soldier army australia shall battle or what C.I.A support you australia,See for suplair soldier Asia ...
Courtney Collogan I can definitely see the 4 horseman mr Rudd
Kevin Rudd
04:48 01/07/2017

Went for a walk on the beach with our 12 year old retriever Abby the wunderhund. She made many friends. It was nice to share her limelight.

2.0k reactions 90 comments
Vivienne Dwyer He's gorgeous, 12 yrs old, well done Kev
Holly Greene So gorgeous!
Anne Diana Mathews Harold D. Patterson
Loz Cincin KEVIN07 forever
Matthew Webbey Simone Webbey Best. Post. Ever. Kevin07
Kevin Rudd
04:48 01/07/2017

Cooper from St Andrews here on the coast. Just did assignment on former PMs. Including yours truly. Don't know if I passed.

895 reactions 59 comments
Matt Lunch rip it up ruddy!!
Kevin O'Brien Best pm we ever had :-)
Suzi Feltham Webster Sunny coast ??
Rori Mckinnon Mathew Butt kevin 07 what a legend
Hubert Gobson No way you passed kevin, worst PM ever
Three Days Grace
10:12 01/03/2017

Three Days Grace are having a Meet and Greet at the North American International Motorcycle Supershow in Toronto at the MEAN Clothing Company booth on January 7. Info:

1.6k reactions 23 comments
Amber Marie Sarah Jean
Dede Kurniadi tau gak sih? Siapa Yang Sering Banget Kepoin Atau intipin Facebook Kamu ? Caranya Buka www. siapakepo .com jangan kaget kaget ya ok hehe
Manuel Lopez Rivera Ya anuncien fecha en México! :)
Lee Lee wish it was closer
Jenna Michelle That is one angry ass looking beard
Three Days Grace
21:24 12/31/2016

Check out Tomi’s cover of Three Days Grace's version of Phantogram’s “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore."

3.2k reactions 27 comments
Nikul Bhatt D
Steven Arias Andres Muñoz
Blake Mullan Chloe Stingley
Anga Máté Kelemen Dóra
Csenge Bodó Tomi Hudák ^^
Kevin Rudd
00:00 12/23/2016

Just debated terrorism, Trump, democracy and the Labor Party's future on 7.30 tonight with Leigh Sales.

484 reactions 73 comments
Maree Duffy-Moon Brilliant! She was unable to interrupt as it would have made her look foolish.
Kathleen Watkins Thanks were great tonight! X
Caroline Williams Aisling Odonnell Emily O'Connell we were putting the world to rights at the same time!
Michelle Vesey Emilee Edwards, tune in and enjoy your favorite boy.
Yasmin Singer Great interview Kev. A very knowledgeable and reasoned analysis, unlike anything coming from our politicians of today.
Three Days Grace
05:24 12/19/2016

Thanks for the hang. Go pack go

377 reactions 26 comments
Rebecca Hough I LOVE YOU NEIL
Taunie Mageau Your Gorgeous!
Taunie Mageau Your music is very relatable?
Taunie Mageau What advice would you give a new performer?
Taunie Mageau Is There Competition Between Bands You Perform With?
Three Days Grace
05:24 12/19/2016

Watching the Packers game - Neil

6.6k reactions 7049 comments
Jordan Dubois Dressler got called up for NFL but he was too small. Highest paid cfl player right now with the blue bombers
Kyle Andrews Saw you guys in Hampton nh, you guys did the tool cover there, do you do cover like that a lot
Michele Ingle My favorite song by you guys is Home ... What is your favorite song so far through your careers?
Morgan Schmit FFDP was one of the best concerts I've been to. TDG was my all time favorite though, I met you guys
Morgan Schmit You're Three Days Grace, not Three Days of Negativity AND INTERCEPTED YAY
Three Days Grace
05:24 12/19/2016

Hey I'm watching the Packers Bears game in a few. See you soon - Neil

1.1k reactions 83 comments
Nathan Maclean I want Santa 🎅 to bring TThree Days Graceto Saint John New Brunswick please
Tyler George DA Bears!
Corey Van Schaik GIANTS N COWBOYS here
Liz Shackelford Bears stink, go Packers! was a Bears fan!
Erick Sánchez Rdz Saúl Trejo Mena mmmm
Three Days Grace
05:24 12/19/2016

Neil will be chatting live with fans here on the band’s Facebook page this Sunday during the 2nd half of the Green Bay Packers game. Come back then to join in!

2.8k reactions 55 comments
Jennifer Roettger Ashley Marie.. Three Days Grace AND the Packers... #dreamcometrue
Shadō DeAngelo I can't wait I'm such a. Big fan of three days grace
Max Mulvaney RUN. THE. TABLE.
Karen Eveland Go Pack Go!
Marc Webster Oh those Peckers!
Three Days Grace
05:24 12/19/2016

We made a video from where we're writing the new record. Here’s a look at a day in the life of 3DG.

2.8k reactions 42 comments
Bahar Çakmak
Μιχάλης Χρήστου I think that you are writing songs just for telling you are active. Matt you have a good voice but not for the band we loved
André Robin Hope you come back to Germany again!!!
Charles Cordova Nice Thanks
Kevin Rudd
22:24 12/17/2016

I first met Thérèse at the ANU - on our first (or maybe second) day. Whichever day it was, it was my lucky day. We have had an extraordinary journey together. One which is far from over. It was an honour and a privilege to witness her today getting an Honorary Doctorate of Laws at the ANU, and to hear her inspiring and incredibly moving address. This woman is an immense intellect, with an immense heart. Her message of perseverance, of caring, and of humanity is well worth taking the time to watch and listen

852 reactions 66 comments
Pamela Johnson Wow...that was some speech...and so inspirational ..what a woman
Roberta Hillier Oh God we all need someone like this beautiful soul in our lives 😍
WendyLee Thompson Beautiful words Therese. Your dad was an amazing role model for you and you are an amazing and inspiring role model for others. Congratulations on your achievements.
Amy Land Pejoska It was lovely to see Thérèse Rein honoured yesterday, and she gave a wonderful speech. I felt so lucky to be there as I was graduating.
Valerie Bales Wilkie Lovely lady.
Kevin Rudd
22:24 12/17/2016

I asked what it means to dream and build a big Australia in an address at The Australian National University today. You can watch the whole speech here (although sorry to disappoint, but no big hat): Because I believe we can be an Australia that is big in heart, big in imagination, big in innovation and big in entrepreneurial spirit.

746 reactions 56 comments
Jamez Akuoch Ador You are funny bruh!! I loved my grad hat 🎩 at ANU and I reckons it looks better that a well known blonde hair lol
Aaron Girvan Just go away you fool! And stop taking our tax dollars you greedy prick! You and your wife are multi multi millionaires!! Why do you still take our money??
Thomas Balakas Thomas Galanti Kev and malc working together Imagine that
Muhit Reza Australia want Mr Kevin Rudd one more time....please :)
David Walkom Just as long as pollies and ex pollies get there insidious perks all will be fine in the world. Hey Kev ? 😈😈😈
Kevin Rudd
22:24 12/17/2016

It is very special to be honoured by my old university The Australian National University. If you're having a slow Friday arvo you can watch now :

202 reactions 19 comments
賴柏均 Taiwan is not China!!
Jenny O'Dwyer Congratulations! Great news. 📚🏆
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