Kevin Rudd
Yesterday 04:00

It's time for calm minds, moderate language and hard-headed diplomacy on North Korea to find a "Grand Bargain" on nukes. I spoke with CNN International.

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Tom Briskey Kyle Bridges
Sam Liu Damon Zethoven
Len Clark Kevin for President ,hehehe
Yaw Kyei Y'all remember Kevin '07? What a time that was!!!
Sarath Weerasinghe What you said about diplomacy would be Greek to DT
Three Days Grace
22:12 08/16/2017

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Jessica LeVear hi tdg
Charlene McGuirk Can't wait please come to the house of blues Orange county ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lucas Kähler 😍
Jeanette Sloan Miss you guys so much! Can't wait to see 3DG again
Debbie Billings Bien Don't film and drive. You know better.
Three Days Grace
22:12 08/16/2017

Matt's World! #3dg4life

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Julio Lucio Drumms ¿When México City?
Daniel Jones #3dg4life cant wait for the next album
Amine Hafiani Nice
Angela R. Watts :D :D Awesome, y'all.
Amy Nj Gerhart Looks very peaceful!
Kevin Rudd
15:12 08/15/2017

Have the Conservatives learnt nothing from the Iraq war? John Howard gave President Bush a blank cheque on Iraq - you never give the Americans a blank cheque before the event. There are multiple scenarios which could arise from the Korean Peninsula - and for Mr Turnbull to say Australia would automatically become militarily involved in the event of a North Korean attack is irresponsible in terms of our core national security interests.

'We have entered into a difficult and dangerous time': Rudd

Kevin Rudd says conflict on the Korean peninsula is becoming more possible.

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Martin Bekkers I commented on another post , that we should not support America if they are the ones provoking or starting a War. One other person noted that America have carried out low level supersonic flights over North Korea with the sonic boom breaking al glass ...
Nasveta Dzananovic Mr Rudd you are the best Prime Minister since I came to Australia, I like your future views.
Janette Miriam Curran In my opinion we should not be doing this,I cannot understand Malcom Turnbull,we do not want another War.!!!
Kathleen Beck Kevin, you of all people should be calling for justice for Justine Damond. Damod was unarmed when a cop shot her (some say because he was a Muslim and it was haram for him to be there with her) #blackcopsdokill
Ronny Bryson Turnbull, IMHO, is sucking up to trump. Willing to commit Australian lives in the hope Trump will take refugees.
Kevin Rudd
15:12 08/15/2017

#NorthKorea right now requires calm heads and moderate language. My interview with Fareed Zakaria GPS

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Thomas J. Coggins
Thomas J. Coggins
Jack Byrne Cl
MN Donnie LOL! From this "President"?
Sue Hodgetts well said Kevin
Kevin Rudd
02:24 08/13/2017

What would a “grand bargain” look like between China and the US on the future of the Korean Peninsula? I spoke with CNBC Squawk Box earlier:

Kevin Rudd: How to defuse the Korean crisis
Kevin Rudd: How to defuse the Korean crisis

Kevin Rudd, Asia Society Policy Institute president and former Australia prime minister, discusses the ways to diplomatically deal with North Korea.

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Karin Peagam Grand bargain... let the chinese take it over on condition they wipe out the leadership and support the country to become economically self sufficient within a 10 time limit.
Judy Harris Come back Kev. Can't believe Trump is still in power.
Michael Thomas Carlucci too late. This kind of stuff should have been done a long time ago.
Peter Dunn War is not a good thing. Diplomacy the go. Plus China and Russia on the North Korean border trump have to deal with them as well. I don't think this war is going to happen unless fathead loses the plot and fires directly with intent fat head hasn't a ...
Barbara Gill And Donald Trump isn't making threats Christopher Stephens.
Kevin Rudd
02:24 08/13/2017

Important piece today in China’s unofficial newspaper the Global Times on the response to any US attack on North Korea. Spoke with the BBC World Service today:

'China will stay neutral' if North Korea attacks the US, Newshour - BBC World Service

Former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd gives his analysis

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Connie Wilson Asswipe Turnbull will ensure he gets Australia involved he loves bringing this country down its his mission before he is kicked out.
Jordo Powers If both sides are threatening nuclear war, then other countries won't need to be involved
Michael Clarke And this should be Australias response as well.
Arline Brayshaw Australia cannot do anything, we have no weapons to speak of.
Laurie Young do realize there is a madman at the helm of the USA?
Kevin Rudd
02:24 08/13/2017

There is a growing danger we are slowly sleepwalking into war on the Korean Peninsula. There is a way through all this. It requires a new diplomacy between China and the US around eliminating nuclear weapons in North Korea and a possible Grand Bargain on future of the Korean Peninsula more generally. My reflections in today's Financial Times.

Creative diplomacy is vital to defuse Korean crisis
Creative diplomacy is vital to defuse Korean crisis

It would be wrong to assume China would stand by if peninsula fell into conflict

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Richard Turner Talk to the Chinese Kevin.....they love you.?
Serkan Honeine Yea ! Kevin '27 ! 😎😎
Marsha Gusti We need you back as our PM.
Martin Bekkers Kevin could go to North Korea and bore them to tears.
Ty Tee Oh and TurnBum doesn't have a diplomatic bone in his body, what harm is it for members of the UN to request that Kim jong restrain from threatening innocent lives and saber rattling that would inevitably end in whole scale extermination. Even though ...
Kevin Rudd
13:36 08/10/2017

I remain proud of my government's actions to protect the Australian economy and hundreds of thousands of jobs during the global recession nearly ten years ago. Australia stood alone as the only advanced economy not to fall into recession. New research from The Australia Institute reveals that most Australians are also proud and have strong positive views on my government's overall response to the GFC.

556 reactions 61 comments
Maree Vincent You certainly did a great job it is in the records how you saved us going under
Sofia Sofit Wish you were still our PM. Pretty sure things wouldn't be so bleak.
Kathy Gould I don't care what other people say Kevin Rudd you did the right thing
Allan Chirpy Campbell . Kevin Rudd if you say that you are very proud of your government, they why don't you and your white Invasion Illegal government, sit down with the living family of their grandfather David Unaipon the Aboriginal man that you white Invader's have ...
Dora Jahnes We remember. Life was good. Australian wasn't an embarrassment then. Sad times now.
Three Days Grace
07:48 08/09/2017

One more day of RnR then back to the studio 😜🤘#3dg4life #newrecord #summertime #corona #hottublife

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Edu Cruz Espera, Corona es de México vdd?
Trey Powell Rock on
Beverly Bonzer Youngstown Ohio needs you!!!!
Маргарита Жегалова Have a nice day!! :)
Fernando Esparza Excellent choice 👍🍻
Kevin Rudd
00:48 08/08/2017

I see the Murdoch media in Queensland are gearing up for their usual role in the next QLD election as the third member of the Coalition - together with the Liberals and the Nationals. Only the #Courier Fail could run a headline like this when the poll has the Labor Premier on 39% versus Coalition Leader on 27%; the Labor Leader as preferred Premier by 42% versus 30%; the Labor Party at 51% versus Coalition 49%. The Courier Fail's " balance and objectivity" during the two previous state elections, in defence of Campbell Newman and the demonisation of Anna Bligh, was worthy of the Soviet Union's Pravda. Nothing changes with this lot. A pity. The decomposition of a once great Queensland paper.

747 reactions 134 comments
David Kingston Never let the truth get in the way of some good old fashioned election engineering... Is it true Kevin, that our federal "government " is about to hand this prick 30 million?
Thomas Smith The Daily SMELLegraph in NSW is worse...I can't say that it was once a great daily. DeVile, AcneMan & other scribes should just post their Liberal Party membership cards to the masthead.
Kelvin Pollock Only buy this paper on a Sunday because wife likes the TV times inside it !!!!! It is full of old news or free plugs for LNP.
Michelle James It's irrelevant whether you prefer labour or liberal. The fact of the matter is, the press are meant to portray a truthful and unbiased account of what is happening in our country and the world so the people can form their own opinions. Clearly the ...
Andrew Brennan One of the worst, do-nothing, obfuscating, vascilating state Labor leaders I've seen, Ruddy. Like you, her inability to control her seething temper will be her ultimate political undoing.
Three Days Grace
19:00 08/06/2017 In late Oct ’16 we went into a studio and recorded some live video and audio for a bunch of songs, both new and old. Turns out somebody other than us prematurely leaked it... although we didn't plan to release it like this, it's out. We think it's pretty cool. I think it’s on this site for now. Check it out!

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Eddie Jackson Motherfucker cannot sing old 3DG for shit
Jack Connelly Co-opting a leak? That's new. Kinda respect it though.
Carrie Copeland Nothing is sacred anymore 😥 you guys rock and have a great attitude about this... ❤️
Sebastian Aguirre It's amazing, Matt has improved incredibly in the last year
Alina Baglai Labonté TDG❤️ esti que tu m'as fait rire lautre jour😂
Kevin Rudd
12:00 08/05/2017

The record of Turnbull's conversation with Trump is deeply damaging to Turnbull's credibility. Discussed the implications with CNN International this morning.

Different style between U.S. and Australia - CNN Video
Different style between U.S. and Australia - CNN Video

CNNi talks for former Australian P.M. Kevin Rudd about the heated phone call between President Trump and current P.M. Richard Turnbull.

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Michael Mendes HA HA, he had a pleasant call with his enemy PUTIN, and a bad one with his ALLY, MALCOLM....well done dickhead...
Cannabis Club Australia Kevin Rudd if you was reelected would you tax and regulate cannabis use in Australia?
Peter H Wendt Basically, we have learned nothing new about this LNP criminal syndicate that calls itself 'government' from the leaked transcript of Turnbulls call with Trump. To achieve transparency in domestic Australian politics - - we depend on overseas leaks; - ...
Gerardine Lee Totally ridiculous.Turnbull came out of it looking like the lame duck he is.
Margaret Guilfoil Agreed. Imagine discussing human beings with such disregard via mens club banter. Embarrassing and pathetic.
Three Days Grace
06:12 08/04/2017

Sterling Silver! #3dg4life #ernieball #newrecord

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Lito Arazi Bárbara Casagrande Duarte that bass yo!
Donna Sisco Thibodeaux It's beautiful I love it
Yofoxyeli Corzomejia Yo quiero esa guitarra para dormir con ella todas las noches! ♥
Benoit Jacob Musicman for life to me
Tina Ribeiro A beauty 👍
Three Days Grace
06:12 08/04/2017

#KarmaAuto test drive

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Marie-Claude Rondeau Alice Blouin-Rondeau
Monica Jo-Ann Carter Joseph Carter
Janny Thibault Martin Lemire 😮
Zach Boan 😻😻😻😻😻
Winter Von Hallow Sick
Kevin Rudd
23:12 08/02/2017

#NorthKorea is a real and present danger for the United States and China. My interview with Quest Means Business earlier Asia Society Policy Institute

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Jordo Powers How many times are you going to state this
Val Power Thank you Kevin.
Christopher Marx Hey Krudd.... pack ya' mobile (4selfies) and mooooooooVe to North Korea. Kimmie and you are both crazy L👀PY nutters !!!!!!
Gerard Cotter Kevin Rudd is married to a jew ...we all know he sold out years ago.
Three Days Grace
06:12 08/04/2017

Update from the studio!

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Diane Lalonde Eric ❤️
Gerardo GR Earthday Coolest ❤️
Leonard van Dorp Dewi Boneschansker nieuw album 🤘🤘
Beniamin Marcin Bieniasz I don't think so, i don't think so, i don't think so!
Kyle Ellis cant wait!
Kevin Rudd
23:12 08/02/2017

More bile from my good friends in Murdoch-land. But then again it is Murdoch, which means it no longer pretends to be journalism. Here's a question for fair and balanced journalism: when did Murdoch last launch a bucket of bile against John Winston Howard?

294 reactions 99 comments
Kelsang Genyin A mischevious article. l wouldn't even mention the previous PM, John Howard.
Tyler Hewett After what the published about you, I have never purchased another "news"paper from the Murdoch press.
Tony Schemz She related to the other vile Akerman? Should’ve banned News Corp when you had the chance.
Deborah Mosman Daughter of Piers is the 'reporter'. How depressing!
Brad Swebeck Your mum sounds special so she lives with you? Bit of a cramp on the style?
Tim Pawlenty
10:30 07/31/2017

Maybe our family should have left the wedding reception a bit earlier??

181 reactions 14 comments
Robert Grundner Love that pic
Sarah Crawford Stewart So fun to see. Greetings fromNH!
Thomas DuBois Nothing wrong with having a good time.
Denny Debner You guys are looking great!!!
Kent G Anderson Nice Photo
Three Days Grace
15:48 07/27/2017

Day 6. Working on my studio tan. #3dg4life #mikeplotnikoff #needvitamind

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Asuna Snuff Still hot af 😎
Jamie Poole 😉
Jeremy Warren Facadebook. I like y'all's music doe #doasmileemptysoulcoveriwouldliketohearnowherekids
Nikki Fleck Stewart My fav rock bad from my home county Canada
Jonathan Hill Adam adam
Three Days Grace
02:54 07/25/2017

Neil tracking drums. The new record is under way!🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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Sebastian Aguirre I am sk fucking hyped
Fazio Ikon Mirko New album in 2018? I hope so
Haley Sciole I can't wait.
Juan Antonio HF im hyped
Sacha Drummond Elsa 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Three Days Grace
14:06 07/22/2017

846 reactions 25 comments
Selena Warren Carver Please more US dates
Tina Ribeiro 😀
Alycia Mc lol #Sweet
Tracey Garb That's sick😀
Kris Iannantuono Yeah a new record I can't wait
Kevin Rudd
07:06 07/21/2017

Thoughts of Mei Mei and Qing Qing Volume 9. " This is like the Turnbull and Abbott " debate" on the bright shiny new Department of Home Affairs".

290 reactions 50 comments
Phoebe Meyer Lauren Connolly Monte Bovill
Agha Jan 😻
Joseph Mny Well thought
Wayne Mckay HEY ABBOTT.
John Harding Technicats
Three Days Grace
14:06 07/22/2017

Locked up in the clink!! #shawshankredemption

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Steve Poly
Ilias Thanos Nikolas Lamprou
Ryan Sorenson Ugh I hate Matt walst at least in three days grace
Tatiana Mendoza MATT❤
Robin Lamontagne Great pic!!!
Tim Pawlenty
07:12 07/21/2017

John McCain is a courageous leader who has put it all on the line for our country. He is loved and respected for good reason. Please pray for his recovery.

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Miguel Belle Will you be the NEW ambassador to China!
Jean Oldenburg Amen
Jeffrey Enbody Praying #JHEMinistries
Ruth Mulvany Lund Praying
Dan Ausbrooks haha
Kevin Rudd
07:06 07/21/2017

My new book "Not for the Faint-hearted" the highs and lows 1957-07 - out 24 October.

415 reactions 224 comments
Marty Kindleysides As an Australian expat working overseas.... Now the government wants to tax us? Why????
Alanah Dowling What are your thoughts on the dual nationality issue plaguing the greens at the moment?
Marty Kindleysides Not using any services of Australia nor am I a burden on the tax system! Why the hell do the government want to punish expats?
Maree Duffy-Moon I could provide you with a few funny episodes as a staffer, you could be a cak.
Ned Black Would be great to get some insight into your early days in politics, how you got started etc, pre-07
Three Days Grace
01:18 07/20/2017

Cool animation by Irene R inspired by a photo by ID Photography. #3dg4life

849 reactions 10 comments
Jan Łucki Poland <3
Letícia Beatriz <3
Letícia Beatriz Ameiiiiiiiiii
Ryan Oneal 3 days grace I love the songs
Jessica LeVear hi tdg
Three Days Grace
01:18 07/20/2017

Until things get brighter...I'm the man in black. #3dg4life #johnnycash

2.3k reactions 40 comments
Paweł Filak wygląda jak diho XDDD
David Fleming Oh how I would love to wear a rainbow everyday
Alex Colwell I just love three days grace ❤
Marc Webster Sven Svewsen
James Sayre Good luck with that bro
Kevin Rudd
18:18 07/18/2017

Hi Folks. Some of you may have seen on Twitter that I've finally written a book about my own time in political life. It's called "Not for the Faint-Hearted." Out 24 October published by Pan Macmillan Australia. Here're five minutes from me on what the book is all about. I'll follow up with a session on Facebook Live at 7 am this Thursday Australian Eastern Time. That's 5pm Wednesday New York time. Looking forward to it.

536 reactions 89 comments
Hads Browne This is fantastic! Looking forward to a good read, good work Kevin!
Rosalind Farmer Carew Congratulations Kevin I will read what you say. Some very nasty people treated you very badly.
Shannon Goldenpaw Much respect for you and your political work Kevin. Looking forward to reading about it 'from the inside' so to speak 👍🏽
Marina Ann Makepeace Kevin i; one of multitudes helped by you and the government you led, thank you so. You are in my heart.
Richard Milligan Hi Kevin. I look forward to reading your book. You were one of our best Prime Ministers! ....and still doing a great job.
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