Kevin Rudd
Yesterday 16:12

Great to meet young indigenous leaders from right around the world today in New York as part of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus with their co-chair Duane Fraser from Australia.

274 reactions 17 comments
Rupert Bagraith Kirsty Maree
Douglas Rouse always good to see you,Kev!
Anja Skov Kjeldsen 👏✨👍
Karlie Furlong Nice work Duane
Glenys Broadhead Love yr work! Wish u were back here in Aus so much x
Three Days Grace
10:24 04/27/2017

Prepping for the upcoming shows with a visit to Yamaha Drums!

815 reactions 26 comments
Patrick Tufaniuk Brazil
Carolina Botello Isaac Davila Herrera
Zachary Fital Rock Allegiance please
Flavia Marques da Silva Come back to Brazil...
Irving Macias Please, come to Mexico!!! lml
Kevin Rudd
Yesterday 16:12

Worried about North Korea with all the ramped up rhetoric? I spoke to ABC Radio National Breakfast about the role South Korea might play - and of course what the US, China and Australia are doing. You can have a listen online. ( and apologies for the quality of the phone connection.)

Kevin Rudd: South Korean election could provide opening for diplomatic dialogue
Kevin Rudd: South Korean election could provide opening for diplomatic dialogue

There's been no let up in the tit-for-tat taunts between the Trump Administration and North Korea as tensions continue to boil over the rogue state's nuclear weapons program.

135 reactions 35 comments
Tony Clarke
Niki Gango 000
Niki Gango 000 000 000 0
Niki Gango +
Niki Gango .
Kevin Rudd
03:24 04/26/2017

On North Korea, it's time for cool heads and hard diplomacy. There are three points of leverage for the Chinese: - first, they could clamp down on North Korean coal exports to China, which currently provide the North Koreans with the bulk of their foreign exchange; - second, China could use financial sanctions against the North; - the third and most difficult option would be for China to ratchet down the supply of Chinese oil into North Korea. My thoughts on CNN International as President of the Asia Society Policy Institute.

229 reactions 45 comments
Dylan Ramm Maybe just start trading with them; are they worse than their Chinese masters? Are they worse than Israel or Saudi Arabia? South Africa? Malaysia? Brunei? Pakistan? Indonesia?
Ellen Graham-Pendlebury Finally someone that can explain the options on the table, Thank you
Trude Donnelly Thank you for pointing out some calm about this. Makes me quite nervous.
Sebastian Guzman Stop feeding us this crap, no one believes a word you say. How dumb do you think we all are??????????????
Three Days Grace
21:36 04/24/2017

To the man with the meanest beard of them all. Happy birthday Barry! #meanbeard #meanclothing

2.4k reactions 114 comments
Cyndi Sonday Happy birthday
Megan Webster HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Nathan Pendleton Happy Birthday
Kyle Peterson He's got the same birthday as me lol Happy Birthday dude
Ost Faiz happy birthday barry (Y)
Kevin Rudd
03:24 04/26/2017

Greetings from Di and Kelly from Brissie. In NYC there's a pre- ANZAC Day Sunday service held at ANZAC Gardens at the Rockefeller Center just opposite Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Big Dawn Service here on Tuesday. KRudd

248 reactions 11 comments
Samantha Holzberger Terri Harding there might be something on in dc?
Glen Phillips They didn't fight for your agenda Kev.
Abdul Kamali 🌼❤️🌼🇦🇺👍✌️hello Good
Sarah Nelson-Douhadji Love it Di and Kellie!!!
Val Power Solidarity! Di, Kelly and Kev in New York
Kevin Rudd
14:36 04/23/2017

#Thoughtsofmeimei. Volume 2. " You may think I'm pudgy. But I consider myself well-proportioned. Besides, Im adjusting to the new Administration here"

462 reactions 47 comments
Penelope Weekes Bigly Pudgy!xx
Lyndall Bellette Awwww hes so cute 💖💖💖💖💖💖💝💝💝✌💗💗
Judy Wright Aww Kevin love your two babies.
Allyson Bird Skinny kitties are no fun to cuddle.
Sebastian Guzman Hope your cat scratches your eyes out
Three Days Grace
08:48 04/22/2017

#fbf 14 years ago. Time flies!

3.0k reactions 149 comments
Tony Nix we all recall when you had a good singer, no need to remind us.
Brandon Traynor Dick move. Reminiscing on the past without the guy who helped make your future. Give him some credit.
George Rotaru 14 years ago when Adam was still a member of 3DG.
William Johnston To quote the phrase, "there is something missing from this picture"!!
Justin Michael Come on, guys. Don't act like Adam hasn't been part of the band ... I try to keep quiet about this topic but this was just stupid to do.
Kevin Rudd
01:48 04/21/2017

In Washington DC chairing the Global Partnership on Sanitation and Water for All. 51 Water & Sanitation Ministers here to talk about funding the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

87 reactions 11 comments
Tony Clarke
William Morrissey Nathan Berg von Lindhe my hero
Elizabeth Stein Yay - something positive and productive!
Allan Ritchie mr rent resources tax
Sean Weatherly They should check out Erin Brockovich's page...
Kevin Rudd
01:48 04/21/2017

Gidday Australia. More #aussiesabroard. Meet Josh and Jordan. Both from Sydney. Josh studying French Horn in New York. Jordan musical theatre at NYU. Both seriously talented. Ran into them at Bluestone Cafe on Easter Sunday outside church. #aussiescandoanything

367 reactions 35 comments
Evie Costa omg Jordan this is brilliant
Gus Bennett Locky Locks Alex King
Jordan Stam Julia Bug Anna Colless Alex Norden an update
Daniel Kiesouw G'day, Kev
Tom Morrison Brendan Byron guess which is you
Three Days Grace
20:00 04/19/2017

some photos from last night. Thanks Mike Filsinger for the great shots

1.3k reactions 8 comments
Guillermo Jesus Wiaccohme Zojij yeesss
Madigan Riddle LOVE IT!!
Mauricio Rocky Vieira LET'S GO !
Jessica LeVear hi tdg
Kyle Drewery Still waiting for an Australian tour...
Three Days Grace
20:00 04/19/2017

First night in Toronto. Jamming and planning, planning and jamming. Thanks Mike Filsinger for all the cool shots. great to see all our buds/crew. Go Leafs! Goodnight. #3dg4life #usatour #europertour

2.7k reactions 30 comments
Amelia Moore Come 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 England 👏🏻
Sacha Drummond We need you in France 🤘🏼
Oscar Uriel Mtz Axel Herrera
Teew Driel De kanker voor jullie allemaal mensen had betaald kanker lijertjes had betaald
Marjeana Livingston Jackie Healey ...❤
Three Days Grace
20:00 04/19/2017

This was a couple hours ago. NS

1.7k reactions 16 comments
Molly Brimhall Yeah!!!!!!
Parker Peter Jj
Beniamin Marcin Bieniasz Play Burn 👐
Sol Ruidias awesome <3
Sharon Baughman No they dont. Love Matt Walst
Three Days Grace
20:00 04/19/2017

Rehearsals - Day 1. #threedaysgrace #3dg4life

2.0k reactions 25 comments
Axel Lauffer Stefan Gerritsen ❤️
Ariane Colpart Mahmoud Kassem 😍🙈
Chris Menard Alan Wiggin Riley Krekorian looks cool
Joshua Coleman Hannah Gilbreath Getting ready for us
Daryl Fitch Please come to the UK again :)
Three Days Grace
07:12 04/17/2017

Happy Easter!!! #3dg4life #threedaysgrace #petercottontail #bunny #bloodyeggsforbreakfast

7.0k reactions 218 comments
Wessley Perry Happy Easter guys to you and your families!😊
Jessica LeVear happy easter tdg
Ricardo Silva "Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?"
Logan La Vigne Amanda! I guess 3DG got the same idea as you
Kelly Annaert-Drover Paige Drover. Happy Easter hunny !
Kevin Rudd
00:12 04/16/2017

Explaining the possibilities of a new diplomacy on North Korea and the real hazards of war.

122 reactions 44 comments
Zee Wilson Hmmmmmnnnn.... who is provoking who.... at this time though..?
Jason Linney So you've been to North Korea Mr Rudd.
Therese Ryan Kevin, you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area. I hope the 'powers to be' are listening.
SirDino Anthony Edwards Kevin the Good, you worked them how they should have the lazy bludgers.
Julie MacLean Knock those world leaders wannabes heads together Kev and tell them to wake up to themselves.
Three Days Grace
18:24 04/14/2017

1st bike cruise of the year with my bud Corey.. sunshine and motorbikes just go together! NS

683 reactions 21 comments
Elimelecc Mejia Javid Rodriguez Javid Rodriguez KB
Ambre Dova Dylan Zimmermann
Seba Cja Son los mejores
Jamie Poole ❤️❤️❤️
Madigan Riddle YAS
Three Days Grace
18:24 04/14/2017

This is how Matt trains for stage. #notfuckingaround #europetour #usatour

2.3k reactions 104 comments
Dyllan Harris I like the starwars posters
Brendan Lourens The lyrics😞 Whyyyyy.
Chris Stock You rock Matt.
Kanika Dewan Dylan Carson loooook an upgraded version of my pillar
Christine Erin Keyson Woah. Cool. :D :3
Kevin Rudd
11:24 04/13/2017

#ThrowbackThursday: On this day in 2008 I was honoured to announce the appointment of Quentin Bryce as Australia's first female Governor-General. She too came from country Queensland, and to this day remains a resolute and passionate advocate for women.

237 reactions 21 comments
Glen Phillips You are so full of yourself.
Tim van Veen She was a decent Governor General no less.
Carolyn Oestreich Lovely, classy lady.
Habib Joky you was a great priminister. Thanks
Alex Marceau Why aren't you still our PM ... :(
Three Days Grace
18:24 04/14/2017

Starting pre-production next week! #threedaysgrace #3dg #3dg4life

4.8k reactions 97 comments
Bruno Jurane Luna Kyaaa!! I love u three days grace!!
Gina Iuliana Velicu I can't wait for you to come in Romania this summer!
Dennis Meier Julia ArndtWas da wohl kommt?😍
Mike Streer Can't wait! #3DG4LIFE
Saul Green Ese infeliz... Destruyo a three days grace... #hailadamgointier
Tim Pawlenty
11:30 04/13/2017

Absolutely horrific: Russia knew of chemical attack and then bombed hospital treating victims to cover it up!

Official: Russia knew Syrian chemical attack was coming
Official: Russia knew Syrian chemical attack was coming

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States has made a preliminary conclusion that Russia knew in advance of Syria's chemical weapons attack last week, but has no proof of Moscow's involv

79 reactions 12 comments
Kelly Bailey Russia probably ordered the chemical attack.
Sunny Field That's hideous.
Michal Niemkiewicz Tim Pawlenty 2020!!!
Marcus Harmon Of course they knew. They probably supplied it.
Kristian Nielsen Fake news
Kevin Rudd
11:24 04/13/2017

Don't worry Natasha Exelby. Just a flesh wound. Check out my swearing video if you want a serious blooper. #putyourbloopersout. Australia wants you back on air.

1.4k reactions 102 comments
Paul Huver If she gets sacked for that..then we as a Nation are something Mr Rudd PLEASE!...write to the ABC News
Barry Matson Where does the ABC get all these beautiful news presenters?
Gary Doherty Time to repent Kevin, if you haven't already done so!
Simon Che Rodriguez You are the best Kevin 07. It's always best to laugh at ones self when it didn't cause harm.
Megan Starr Loved the swearing video.. never gets old.. always makes me laugh...
Kevin Rudd
22:36 04/10/2017

"And you really thought you were going to sit down and read the Weekend Financial Times. Foolish lad. When will you get your priorities right! " Thoughts of Mei Mei. Volume 1.

961 reactions 110 comments
Leanne King So pretty.
Deidre Pinder Beautiful cat!!
Jeremy Sharples I like your tea set.
Jennifer McKay Just showing who's the boss.
Darren Tyrrell Gorgeous 🐱!
Three Days Grace
16:42 04/09/2017

Lots of big shows coming up... time to get into 'fighting' shape!! - Neil

2.1k reactions 51 comments
Jiliarde de Lira My love bateri
Joshua Walter TDG is the best (^▽^)
Łukasz Pawłowski Warsaw is waiting for you 😃❤️
Casey Shroyer Drums Nice setup!!
Ryan Dugan I want to unlike this page but every time I go to it, it crashes
Kevin Rudd
09:42 04/08/2017

Day one of the President Trump-President Xi Jinping summit seems to have gone without controversy. There’s an interesting statement by President Xi reported in the Chinese media, where he recommends that he and Trump take this meeting as a new starting point in the U.S.-China relationship. He also goes on to ask where the relationship will stand in the next 45 years. He then says it depends entirely on the common political resolve of the two countries’ leaders. Xi then goes on to outline four sets of high-level working groups to deal with the whole spectrum of outstanding disagreements between the two, including trade, as well as “reaching agreement” on hard security questions including those on nuclear non-proliferation. That’s code language for North Korea. I discussed these and other aspects of the Xi-Trump meeting, as well as the U.S. strikes on Syria, on Bloomberg TV this morning.

Former Prime Minister of Australia Says Trump Is Right
Former Prime Minister of Australia Says Trump Is Right

Former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd discusses U.S. military strikes on Syria and why he agrees with the action. He speaks with Bloomberg's Alix Steel, Jonathan Ferro and David Westin on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas." (Source: Bloomberg)

245 reactions 75 comments
Len Clark I thought they would have invited you to the meeting to sort them out
Youssef Haddad Kevin Rudd you are an absolute goose... maybe you would approve of an air strike against Julia for backstabbing you?
Kaz Cook No evidence to prove Assad did it pure propaganda on your behalf Kevin Rudd How about you tell the people the truth about this , you know you have been sent the hardcore evidence. Why are you so desperate to hide the LNP's dirty ...
Bobby Zean I used to like this guy a bit , at the end he s just another puppet supporting a murderous sollution, unfollow is a sollution
Benjamin Ellis Simplified headline. Simplified medicine for simplified audiences. We expect better.
Tim Pawlenty
09:48 04/08/2017

Kudos to President Trump for prompt response to Assad's use of chemical weapons in Syria. Obama should have done it and more years ago!

333 reactions 22 comments
John Dobson
Kevin Grass
Kathleen Quist Still would have wanted you as our President #TPAW
Genette Shields Yes AMEN
Cory Becker Tim Pawlenty for MN Governor, again, in 2018!
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