Three Days Grace
11:54 03/25/2017

Argentina we love you!!

6.6k reactions 309 comments
Luis Angel JC México!!! Cuando sera el día que vengan?! >:"C
Luciana Helman We love you too!! Please come back this year 💙🇦🇷
Ivan Tomietto Che, como no me enteré que venían a Argentina? La re puta madre
Matias Innocenti Mi sueño es conocerlos, aguante Three days Grace carajo!!
Gonza López We love you so much guys!! Please come back as soon as possible. We need you, we need your music, we need Three Days Grace 🎶🎧
Three Days Grace
23:06 03/22/2017

Brad rocking out !!

1.5k reactions 15 comments
Mohamad Amhal we want a new album !!!!!
Lucy Flores Please come back to Utah
Alexis Salazar Faulkner We want adam's return lml
Amy Cynthia Brown Come back to Montreal plzzzzzz
Kim Venditto-Arcaro Please come to Phx, Az!!!
Kevin Rudd
04:54 03/24/2017

So Turnbull will continue to fiddle while Rome burns. Does he have any sense of responsibility for the next generation?

'Extreme and unusual' climate trends continue after record 2016 - BBC News

The world continues to experience extreme climate trends after a record breaking 2016, says WMO.

412 reactions 46 comments
Tyrone Tee The Inuit already have explained the earth AXIS has tilted, when are you pollies going to wake the fark up !!
Tyrone Tee Its because of the planets, nothing will remain, nothing ever has wake up, you are being farmed.
Allan Chirpy Campbell . Kevin Rudd do you know that my grandfather David Unaipon is illegally on the $50 Dollar Note. . ....................................... ............................................................ .
Jedda Lingmar He has no consideration for the current generation... how could he possibly care for the next... and any following?
Glen Phillips Wrong map , use the u n map...
Three Days Grace
23:06 03/22/2017

Barry revisiting his just like you video mask !!

2.2k reactions 32 comments
Samuel Ménard Jimmy R. Lamarre hahahahaha
Emre Durhan YÜRRRRÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ!!!!!!!!!
Alan Garcia Santos adam :c
Andrey Diniz Quando vão lançar músicas novos,estou super ansioso.🎶
Cameron Max Showers bARRRYYY
Kevin Rudd
16:06 03/21/2017

Attention all Kevins of the world, This is essential reading. In solidarity, Kevin.

Why it
Why it's hard to be a Kevin in France - BBC News

What happens when your name is perfectly reasonable in your home country, but raises a sympathetic smile when you're abroad?

454 reactions 73 comments
Djoanne Ryuusaki Luu Kevin another country like Germany lol
Gary J Potts "Hidden Figures" - a great movie. Lots of history.
Shannon Goldenpaw Kevin Regan essential reading 📚
Alice O'Toole Marcus O'Toole in touch with the fellow kevs <3
Kerry Wright Hilarious and lightening. :)
Kevin Rudd
16:06 03/21/2017

I could not agree more with Paul's comments today on superannuation. He introduced a fantastic policy for the country, bringing it to 9 per cent. I added to it, by bringing it to 12 per cent. And then the Liberals started watering it down. "Only the most reckless and wilful government would abort the policy settings to put the system at risk."

Paul Keating: Only the most reckless government would raid super for housing
Paul Keating: Only the most reckless government would raid super for housing

Is it any wonder people despair about the government's economic credentials?

1.3k reactions 71 comments
Mark May All you are responsible for is the death of those workers who were installing insulation batts
James Sherborne They use super for housing in Singapore though. I never realised Singapore is a reckless country.
Sean Casey What happens if people default on their house loans. You have NO house and very little to NO money for retirement. This is by far the most stupidest and the most hair brained economic plan from the Liberal party to date.
Rise of the planet of the goats Seems like all that would achieve is raising house prices more whilst possibly destroying people's retirement plans
Desmond Brown What's your super going to be worth if you can never raise a deposit for a house 🏡?? The super could act as a security equity for the bank .. Could also build into the loan that a percentage of repayments also repay the amount taken from super not that ...
Kevin Rudd
03:18 03/19/2017

*ahem* what a ball tearing press conference from SA Premier Jay Weatherill on the uncomfortable truths regarding the national energy market...

Watch South Australia
Watch South Australia's Premier shirtfront the Federal Energy Minister on live TV

In a fiery press conference, Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and SA Premier Jay Weatherill trade blows over SA's plans to go it alone in energy supply for the state.

1.2k reactions 134 comments
Chris Raymant So refreshing to have a leader speak his mind Politicians should take notes the public is sick of the same old song and dance
Patricia Verhoef Josh Frydenberg has such an insolent smirk on his face. He can't even look the Premier in the eye.
Djah-nah Chadwick how seriously uncomfortable is frydenberg! dayam! best piece of news this week.
Mark Horscroft About time a premier stood up and gave it to the feds ; hopefully our new premier in W.A. does the same us voters certainly did
Lucas Kowalski Finally, someone with the guts to stand up and fight back!
Kevin Rudd
14:30 03/16/2017

Winter blizzard in Washington DC. Announced today here that there will be a summit next month between President Trump and President Xi Jinping of China. A difficult relationship. It also means a lot for all of us in Asia. Including preserving the post-war peace. North Korea the key.

570 reactions 48 comments
Edward Humphrys Nic Kelly king of content, sarcasm and starting videos
Tom Holmes finger me Ruddy
Jared Bell Go away Rudd
Peter Whelan How's global warming going over there?
Ron Bower Dont freeze your tongue off....dickhead
Kevin Rudd
01:42 03/14/2017

Tonight Ian Thorpe will host a very confronting documentary on bullying that should be compulsory viewing for all of us. #Bullied It may be drastic but we need to protect our children from the scourge of bullying that is ruining and even ending lives...

28 reactions 28 comments
Jill Kawalilak Jane Reynolds Emily Kawalilak
Self Esteem 4 Kids Fantastic work Ian, thank you for making this your stand.
Glen Phillips thumbs down.
Glen Phillips Looks like a young bob Katter to me...
Yvonne Scrimgeour Good on you Ian you are a very talented and respected Aussie and i hope your work towards helping find a solution works God Bless you
Kevin Rudd
12:54 03/11/2017

Just ran into an Aussie student at the Fletcher School of International Diplomacy here in Boston. These guys just organised a conference on Political Risk in an Age of Populism." Snowing like crazy today. I was walking around in shirtsleeves yesterday in NYC. KRudd

330 reactions 24 comments
Kishor Napier-Raman Joseph Gorta
Phoebe SA Brenton Paul Proctor
Paris Henkel Hugh Manning KRudd '07
Arif Mazumder Well said
Carwyn Church I just drank a glass of water.
Kevin Rudd
12:54 03/11/2017

This video has had a lot of shares - and I can understand why. It's good to see the young men of Sydney Boys High School studying feminism and discussing sexism on #IWD.

Watch this Sydney Boys High video about why feminism is important
Watch this Sydney Boys High video about why feminism is important

"We are using our privilege and platform to express desires for gender equality."

163 reactions 14 comments
Michael Briggs-Miller Whitney
Julie Henderson Marianne Watson
Samuel Salter Jordan Murray Matthew Maltman what a cuck
Julie Henderson Awesome boys!
Scott Russell Seems silly
Kevin Rudd
00:06 03/09/2017

Just been interviewed with CNBC here in New York about the North Korean missile launches. Key question is what are the strategic options for the U.S.: 1. Electronic warfare to degrade North Korea’s launch capabilities; 2. Diplomacy with China to do a grand strategic bargain on the Peninsula; or 3. Get used to a nuclear-armed North Korea.

This is the number one geopolitical risk for the year: Rudd
This is the number one geopolitical risk for the year: Rudd

Kevin Rudd, Asia Society Policy Institute president & former Australia Prime Minister, and Gordon Chan, Forbes columnist, discuss North Korea's recent missile launch and geopolitical risks surrounding it.

142 reactions 34 comments
Tony Clarke
Scott Clark I say nuke them first
Max Pryor Ben Winsor he's god
Dianne Kapral 3
Robert Smith Blow them off the face of the earth (before they get any nuttier)
Kevin Rudd
11:18 03/06/2017

Rainbow flags are all over Sydney thanks to tonight's Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Have a blast! #LGBTIQ #sydneymardigras

413 reactions 24 comments
Kevin Ridgeway #marriageequality!
Ace Alderman Here's a commentary on the Mardi Gras from a gay man of the older generation, who seem not to be on SBS!
Muayad Alnuaimy Hussein Adnan جمي جمي
Audrey McCarthy Yeah, equal rights for all
Scott Russell 🤢 🤢 🤢
Kevin Rudd
22:30 03/03/2017

Footy season is back with the #NRL tonight and the #AFL just around the corner! I can hear the collective sigh of relief around the nation. I'm a Brisbane boy, so of course I'll be backing in the Brisbane Lions and Brisbane Broncos all season. Good luck!

159 reactions 25 comments
Tony Clarke
Mikhail Ushakoff James Winstone
Sharon Jaruwattanapradit Lily Nguyen brisbane boy
Kevin Ridgeway Cowboys mate, get with it! Kings of the North!
Elaine Atkins Kevin come back & replace Bill!
Kevin Rudd
09:42 03/01/2017

Singapore is bringing in carbon pricing. It's time for Australia to return to the most effective way to fight #ClimateChange. #ETS Full article:

132 reactions 26 comments
Tony Clarke
Georgia De'Ambrosis Ambrose
Roberta Hillier Tell that to those losers in Canberra.
Carwyn Church What a great moral dilemma they must have faced!
Tony Cosentino Malcolm has become a clean coal convert!!!!!!
Kevin Rudd
20:54 02/26/2017

With apologies to Dr. Strangelove....and my favourite actor Slim Pickens. KRudd

218 reactions 27 comments
Hreidar Thor Saemundsson The ''unbearable occupation'' of Palestine! :)
Hreidar Thor Saemundsson The new CAPITAL MALL in Gaza! How unbearable can an occupation be? :)
Aaron Ben Haroush Kev in will you supporting a war n North Korea like you did the bogus war in Iraq?? How does your Christian conscience feel when you realise you helped murder thousand so of innocent people there?
Tony Clarke
Tony Clarke
Kevin Rudd
08:06 02/24/2017

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today challenged former Prime Minister Hawke and myself on what sort of Palestinian state we would recommend Israel recognise. I have a simple reply to Mr Netanyahu : The boundaries, internal security, external security, public finance and governance of a Palestinian state have been elaborated in detail in multiple negotiations with the US under the Clinton, Bush and Obama Administrations, most recently in the Kerry Plan. Mr. Netanyahu knows these formulations like the back of his hand. Mr. Netanyahu also knows he has torpedoed each of them, often at five minutes to midnight, often by changing the goalposts, to the enduring frustration of both Republican and Democrat Administrations. I have been a supporter of Israel all my life. And a public campaigner against any form of anti-Semitism. But to support the state of Israel does not mandate automatic support for each and every policy of Mr. Netanyahu. The state of Israel and Mr. Netanyahu are not co-definitional. That is why I beg to differ on this and other aspects of Mr Netanyahu's policies. For example, I also have a simple question for Mr. Netanyahu. Will he use this visit to Australia to apologise to the Australian people for his government using forged Australian passports to facilitate an Israeli assassination of a member of Hamas in Dubai? No apology has ever been received for that action which had the consequence of putting the integrity of Australian passports and the security of Australian passport holders travelling to the Middle East at risk.

Netanyahu in historic visit to Australia

Malcolm Turnbull will host talks with Benjamin Netanyahu in Sydney on Wednesday after the Israeli prime minister arrives for a historic four-day visit.

1.9k reactions 438 comments
Alfa Omega Kevin, it takes great leadership, integrity and honour to stand up for what's right. You've always been my favourite prime minister of Australia. Specifically for always being able to speak up for what's right ❤
Warren Samuel The fact you have changed Kevin, doesn't surprise me. I never saw yourself Carr or Evans as true friends. Wasn't it Carr who joked in his book that you drove the Israeli MPS nuts with your half assed ideas on how to fix the Middle East. Bob Hawkes ...
Abbas Raza I am not fond of speculating but I have a hunch that his visit to Australia, and he'll be making many such visits to other allies, is motivated by how Trump inadvertently said some things that were not pleasant to the status quo ears.
Matt Martine Bomb women and children, occupy stolen land, then act like the victim. Come on Israel. Give them a country. If the 'country of Palestine' attacks you - level them.
Maurice Milliner Turnbull is once again revelling in unthreatening celebrity status being seen with other World leaders. I doubt there would be substance in their discussions after swanning around Kirribilli House!
Kevin Rudd
19:18 02/21/2017

I've followed closely recent developments in Israel and the US. In Israel, recent legislation by the Israeli Knesset legalising large scale Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory on the West Bank fundamentally undermines the prospect of a two-state solution. It does this by degrading the overall territory remaining that would be incorporated in an independent Palestinian state. In Washington, I have also followed the ambiguous statements by President Trump concerning his administration's commitment to the fundamental principle of a two-state solution - a principle which has been supported by a succession of Republican and Democrat administrations in Washington. For these reasons, it is now critical for Israel's closest friends and allies to send a clarion clear message to both Tel Aviv and Washington that the abandonment of a two-state solution is unacceptable. Australia is one such close friend and ally. It is not acceptable, therefore, for Australia to use weasel words. I am proud to have been a lifelong supporter of the state of Israel and its right to exist behind secure boundaries. In office, I also significantly increased Australia's aid to the Palestinian authority, in partnership with many Western states in the world, to help build state capacity for a future Palestine. Over the years, I have discussed these matters in great detail with both Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Mahmoud Abbas. My deepest fear is we are drifting towards the disintegration and death of an independent Palestinian state. This would be a tragedy for both the Palestinian and Israeli people. For Israel, the isolation of Palestine and the removal of the prospect of both land and statehood, may well lead to the re-radicalisation of the Palestinian people. I deeply fear the possibility of a third Intifada. And so, the time has come for Australia to join countries like Sweden and the Holy See in formally recognising the Palestinian state. It is time for Australia to draw a line in the sand on this matter. As 137 states already have.

'The time has come': Kevin Rudd reveals his 'deepest fear'

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd says the "time has come" for Australia to recognise Palestine, saying his deepest fear is the "drifting towards the disintegration and death of an independent Palestinian state."

513 reactions 88 comments
Renate Mueller The One State solution will not work for the Palestinians, they must be allowed to call at least something, their own. The Red Card to Israel
Jeanette Jessamy Fornier Well said. I have friends who are Jewish and Islamic who own land on the Gaza strip, they need to co-exist and we can not do that by killing one people out, they must learn to co-exist. They must learn to love and respect each other.
Shahzad Ahmed I agree with Kevin and hope that a two-state peaceful solution becomes a reality and this 50-year old issue comes to an end for good for the sake of the people of Palestine and Israel.
Gayle Grapentin I am totally against taking any more land belonging to the Palestinians. This will only cause further problems. The Palestinians people believe they have been invaded by an alien goverment. Do you really feel building on their land will calm things. Go ...
Ann O'Bryen Totally agree. The Palestinians have been treated like second class citizens for too long. Why should Israel just be able to take their land. The Palestinian state deserves to be recognised and their lands should be restored to them!
Kevin Rudd
19:18 02/21/2017

Hi guys, For those of you without a good home movie this evening, here’s the video of our discussion at the Munich Security Conference on the two big security challenges for our region this year. 1. What to do about U.S.-China relations without risking conflict or even war; and 2. What are the possible next steps to prevent the final nuclear breakout by North Korea. The discussion has a first class rank of participants: -The Foreign Minister of South Korea and Defence Minister of Singapore; -Fu Ying, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chinese National People’s Congress, and former Chinese Vice Foreign Minister; -Republican Senator Dan Sullivan, recently elected to the US Senate, and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee; and -Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation. This discussion has some real substance. So if you are a serious foreign policy nerd, go out and buy some popcorn and get into it.

Panel Discussion "Pacific no more? Security in East Asia and the Korean Peninsula"
Panel Discussion "Pacific no more? Security in East Asia and the Korean Peninsula"

John Chipman (Director General and Chief Executive, International Institute for Strategic Studies; introduction), Yun Byung-Se (Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea), Ng Eng Hen (Minister of Defence, Republic of Singapore), Fu Ying (Chairwoman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Nat...

109 reactions 10 comments
Jason Linney Mr Kim has an excellent collection of memes going on about 'imperialism' 'capitalist pigs' 'juche' and so on and so on.
Molly O'Brien Catherine O'Brien way better than a romcom
Tony Clarke
Glen Phillips There is the security risk. On stage & in the audience .
Rebecca Amy Many thanks Kevin :)
Kevin Rudd
06:30 02/19/2017

Meanwhile in New York Qing Qing and Mei Mei have been contemplating the snow. Great to look at. Less great to be in. Even with fur. KRudd

190 reactions 62 comments
Robert Vonk Aren't they adorable? 😸
Ace Alderman Are they wearing real fur?!? MURDERERS
Syed Mustapha Seems more like a scene out of Salem rather than NY haha
Liam Keenan Funny things cats aren't they, really sassy animals with attitude and character
Shannon Goldenpaw Love these sweethearts Kevin. Love it even more that they are both #rescuecats ❤️🐾❤️🐾
Kevin Rudd
06:30 02/19/2017

This bloke's name is Lassina Zerbo. Graduate in Geophysics UWA in Perth. Now head of Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation in Vienna. Doing great work. And an example of what a first class Oz university education can do.

220 reactions 12 comments
Molly O'Brien He's smart! Catherine O'Brien
Clancy Nugent Joe Herbert Patrick Schostakowski Will Lambert he's smart
Margaret Kelly Great success.
Neil Galang Great!
Julie MacLean G'day & Grand Poobah Greetings to you Hahaha
Kevin Rudd
06:30 02/19/2017

Russian FM Lavrov now speaking at Munich Security Conference. Hard line speech. Laying out principles for future of US -Russia relations. My North Korea session with South Korean FM, Japanese Dep FM, Singapore FM, Indonesian FM and Exec Director of Comprehensive Test Ban Organisation.

55 reactions 7 comments
Tony Clarke
Robert Wright Russia-US relations are in tatters and it won't be long before Trumplethinskinned pisses them off and all of a sudden Wikileaks has a dossier called "pissy leaks" WATCH THIS SPACE
William Theuer
Rebecca Amy Hi Kevin, could you pleaae post the video up of the conference you attended, I managed to watch for 2 hours the discussion on terrorism held in the MSC live stream but could not find yours until it was ending. Thanks 👍
Kevin Rudd
06:30 02/19/2017

At 3am on Sunday morning in Sydney or 11am on Saturday morning in New York, or 5pm Saturday here in Munich, I will be moderating a panel at the Munich Security Conference. You can watch it live at #MSC2017 The discussion panel is called "Pacific no more? Security in East Asia and the Korean Peninsula" The panel will tackle the major threats to our region, including the accelerating threat of a nuclear armed North Korea, as well as the emerging direction for the U.S under Trump. And importantly the panel involves many of the players themselves, representing many countries in the region. The panel includes; Yun Byung-Se Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea, Seoul Ng Eng Hen Minister of Defence, Republic of Singapore, Singapore Fu Ying Chairwoman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the National People's Congress, Parliament of the People's Republic of China, Beijing Lassina Zerbo Executive Secretary, The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, Vienna

MSC - Munich Security Conference
MSC - Munich Security Conference

Eine Vorschau auf Themen und Teilnehmer der 53. Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz vom 17.-19. Februar 2017 im Hotel Bayerischer Hof...

110 reactions 20 comments
Albert Feher
Quinn Smith
Tony Clarke
Tony Clarke
Cj Saunders You do get around.
Kevin Rudd
06:30 02/19/2017

Vice President Pence now speaking to the Munich Conference. Pledges unqualified US support for NATO.

81 reactions 28 comments
Tony Clarke
Lloyd Smith Thats Gold Kevin Rudd!!
Andre Ackermann welcome anytime K- Kevin Rudd
TanjaGeorge Dragojevic 👋😀👍
John Moses Gillard is the most dishonest corrupt person on the planet
Kevin Rudd
06:30 02/19/2017

Munich Security Conference opening now here by Chancellor Merkel. Vice President Pence to follow. 2017 is the Year of Living Dangerously. Multiple security challenges. The challenge is what to do about them. I chair the panel this afternoon on North Korea. KRudd

163 reactions 24 comments
Tony Clarke
Tony Clarke
Kletus Van Damme Merkel is an evil woman, send her to North Korea.
Elliot Perkins I love you Kev ❤️❤️
Edite Vidins Try and get a pic with Angela, I love her!
Kevin Rudd
06:30 02/19/2017

More video-selfies of kind folks I meet around Australia and around the world. Meet Nadia from Graceville in Bris. She is a terrific barista at the local coffee shop on the corner near Peter's Deli. KRudd

513 reactions 57 comments
Fatima Zohra Mr Rudd, I don't live far off. Please grace us with your presence.
Alison Ryan Not a selfie if you havent taken it
Joseph Howie Uppa Kev
Tom Burns your the best bloody leader this country ever had Mr Kevin Rudd
Peter Kane sack bill shorten bring back Kevin rudd
Kevin Rudd
17:42 02/16/2017

Meet Peter. The owner of a serious Deli in Graceville in Brissie. Good bloke. He sells some serious QLD cheeses including from Woombye up on the coast. Great little town too. KRudd

278 reactions 50 comments
Dan Hemming Um Kev me ole mate. How is cheese serious? Which cheese is serious? Welcome home btw.
Betty Arellano 👌👌
Robert Smith Is KR coming back?
Marshall Smith yeah good old town, nothing on nambour hey mate
梅卓琳 blessed are the cheese sellers
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