Tim Pawlenty
10:24 06/23/2017

This will make you smile. Dr. Jane Goodall releases a rehabbed chimp back into wild -- but not before the chimp does something very special. Watch what happens with about 30 seconds remaining In the short (1 minute) video. Very sweet. t.co/z8xWubqSEI

38 reactions 6 comments
Victoria Tigwell You are such an animal lover;)
Judy Holton Wow, amazing ❤
Phyllis O'shaughnessy Amazing video😢
Jennifer Wornson Love crosses species! 💗
Janet Fredrickson Thank you for sharing Tim, yes, so special!
Three Days Grace
04:30 06/22/2017

Found this at my cottage today! 12 years later and we're still making records with acoustic guitars, chart paper and markers!! -Neil #3dg4life

10.1k reactions 201 comments
Ashley Morgan Cseri Dylan and Adam sounds like what you guys are doing for Dylan's record!
Anthony Richie The new "human" album is my personal favorite with the combination of falling for some one and the urge to fight for someone, i can tell the different between the past albums but i personally like this one best
Faith Pheobe Mazzone Anika damn, all of those naruto, bleach, and death note amvs man
Mikaela Sundö Saw you guys in Stockholm 12 years ago, when you played before Hoobastank! Now my sons listens to you! 😍
Tim Pawlenty
21:36 06/20/2017

Smelled what The Rock "was cooking" (even in his wax form) at breakfast in L.A. this morning. Thankfully, he did not give me "The Peoples' Elbow".

91 reactions 1 comments
Mike Robins If that Rock was real he might be asking you for a few moves. Everyone knows how you cleaned house after jesse the body ventura left town. Scary stuff that not even the Rock could handle!
Three Days Grace
02:54 06/17/2017


1.5k reactions 11 comments
Javier Damasco X
Shari Smith Awesome. 😁🌞☀️
Jeremy Warren i'm on a boat.
Jessica LeVear i love fishing too tdg
Mohamed Salah Obaid We need new songs
Tim Pawlenty
07:12 06/13/2017

Apparently Mazy loves Northern MN summer weekends as much as Mary and I do!

130 reactions 7 comments
Jeffrey Nicholson How is your golf game?
Greg St Hilaire :) Carol
Andy Brehm Hope we run into you up there soon!
Jannell Scott Mazy's getting old! You two never seem to age though!
Mike D. Ilse We want our Governor back!
Three Days Grace
12:00 06/09/2017

Write. Rehearse. Repeat.

2.0k reactions 39 comments
Javier Damasco X
Adam Read Write suck repeat disband.
Маргарита Жегалова Oh, guys. Writing good lyrics is so difficult. Good luck.
Flores Mano Bring back adam
Melinda Taylor Anything worth doing takes hard work.
Three Days Grace
23:12 06/06/2017

Happy Birthday to our good buddy Hammer!!

2.1k reactions 44 comments
Sara Shepherd Happy Birthday!!!
Ceyline Touboul happy birthday
Carson Bernier Happy Birthday
Маргарита Жегалова Happy Birthday! :)
Shari Smith Happy Bday. Drink one. Or. 100. 🎂🥃🍸🍹🍺
Tim Pawlenty
16:18 06/05/2017

Ready to be the Jetson's? Here are my thoughts regarding the urgency of preparing for what's coming next: http://strib.mn/2qPlRMN

Tim Pawlenty: We
Tim Pawlenty: We're at the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Quantum changes in technology will be coming at warp speed, posing challenges for every American to be genuinely prepared.

11 reactions 9 comments
Kenneth Vice A lot of people are going to starve to death when they are no longer needed for labor. No good buddy.
Jim Bendtsen Jetsons, plural, no apostrophe. You're as good at punctuation as you were a "conservative" Republican.
Scott Ward Yes. So much yes. I've used the video below as evidence because I believe it demonstrates successfully how and why we are in a new economic era - and why it will challenge us as a species. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Pq-S557XQU
Don Landecker Let's hope American technology can lead in that direction.
Mike Mulrooney Spot on Tim. Excellent insight and I really enjoy your thoughts.
Kevin Rudd
03:24 06/03/2017

Given US decision on climate, US state and city governments and corporations must now fill the gap. State governments with powers of regulation can do much. City governments in terms of public transport energy sources can do much. But the real kicker here lies with what shareholders and institutional investors now do with major American corporations enforcing sustained change in energy purchasing policies. Here's my interview on BBC News earlier today.

232 reactions 27 comments
Crom Salvatera Meanwhile in Australia https://youtu.be/ea5bOaPkZpc
Domo J Fuller The mentality of the retarded climate change leftie scum hahahahahaha brain dead morons https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1884260008254700&set=a.190546310959420.53891.100000121563324&type=3&theater
Ben Shannon George Edmonds
Jordi Rudd Hughes Matt Sulman
Rachel Pilkington My cousin Emmi Sommer
Kevin Rudd
03:24 06/03/2017

Those concerned about the possibility of a future US-China war need to read Graham Allison’s new book, “Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap?”. I spent an hour this morning in conversation with Graham, former head of the Kennedy School, now head of Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center for International Relations. Graham has worked for previous US administrations, but he’s a first class scholar as well. His major work in 1971 on the Cuban Missile Crisis, "Essence of Decision", remains a classic of the era. It’s about how to manage great power relations at a time of extraordinary crisis. That’s why this new book that he’s put out is a must-read. It is not just a bit of exotica in the foreign policy debate. This is core stuff. Can these two thousand-pound gorillas actually find a way through when history seems to be stacked against them? So not just for the nerds among you, but for other folks as well, have a listen to this extraordinary guy in my discussion with him this morning here at the Asia Society Policy Institute in New York: http://asiasociety.org/new-york/events/china-and-us-destined-war

China and the U.S.: Destined for War?
China and the U.S.: Destined for War?

The Hon. Kevin Rudd and Dr. Graham Allison discuss whether or not conflict between China and the U.S. is inevitable, and what can be done to avoid it.

154 reactions 28 comments
Tony Clarke https://www.facebook.com/tony.clarke.31392/posts/10211974749397198
John Boom Perhaps if China forecloses on the USA for the money they owe.
Soe Daiwah Wars come in many different forms and shapes.
Tony Clarke Harvard !!!
Three Days Grace
21:36 06/01/2017

Thank you Dallas!! Next stop: Kiev, Ukraine Threedaysgrace.com/events

2.1k reactions 36 comments
Magdalena Jenkner
Klaudia Kowalczyk <3
Asia Grzendzińska Kaja Kamieniecka już niedługo!!!
WakingCall Great show guys !
Mark Perry Come to Bakersfield c.a again
Kevin Rudd
09:48 05/16/2017

Happy Mother's Day to mums everywhere. For mothers still with us. In memory of those with us no longer.

541 reactions 35 comments
Quin El Hombre DaMan Niki
Aminna Karovic Samira
Kiara Jones Ariel
William Altmann Dart Altmann Kevin said it best marj enjoy xx
Mohammad Al-Shadidi Australia is mother of all Australians - it is shame Kevin (the Father) left us with the current inefficient government ...... current labor sucks too
Kevin Rudd
21:00 05/13/2017

Thoughts of Mei Mei Volume V. It is now fashionable here in the United States to squash uncomfortable news stories as soon as they appear. Regrettably my twin sister Qing Qing tends to take these things quite literally. Not the sharpest tool in the shed our QingQing. But I didn't wish to offend a member of the family. So I just played along. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.... Ps. I wonder if either of us would have made it into Shorten's aryan add.......

342 reactions 24 comments
Purnawirawan Dhendy Mr.Kevin Rudd help information you sir make C.I.A,what you know Mr.Kevin who intellegency from south China Sea who take job same is strategi or Job intellegency with australian Sir,help sir...Independen C.I.A Uneted States Of America
Xie Mai You need something to think about: https://www.facebook.com/notes/xie-mai/european-values/1540591912619839/
Angus Stanley Alana Pepe
Morgan Bailey Tia Ellen
Phoebe Meyer Bronte Whish-Wilson Lauren Connolly Monte Bovill THIS IS TOO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kevin Rudd
21:00 05/13/2017

So what about Trump’s First 100 days in Asia? Can Trump and the Chinese reach an agreement in North Korea? Can Trump and the Chinese reach a trade deal? What does the new South Korean president mean for Trump’s North Korea policy? Is ASEAN drifting in one of two directions—toward Beijing or Washington? How does India view Trump’s China policy? And what does the dismissal of the FBI Director mean for the Trump Administration as a whole? The Asia Society Policy Institute hosted Tom Donilon, former U.S. National Security Advisor, Vali Nasr, Dean of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies | SAIS, and Ian Bremmer, President of Eurasia Group, here last night for a discussion. Panel moderated by yours truly. It’s long. Only serious nerds should watch. http://asiasociety.org/video/asia-and-us-trumps-first-100-days-complete

Video: Asia and the U.S.: Trump's First 100 Days

A group of experts discusses President Trump's policies, accomplishments, and missteps in the early days of his term.

56 reactions 8 comments
Len Clark You tell them Kevin,you were very successful as a leader
Elaine Atkins Well done Kevin!
Paul Huver Plus news just in...Trump has backed off wanting Jerusalem as Israels capital...Great news again
Emerson B Finer Let's see if Trump can somehow FIRE the North Korean president. Something's not comfortable with him, you're fired.
Paul Huver Trumps doing a great job...Seems all the sabre rattling over Russia has died down caused by you lefties blaming them for Hillarys loss...Trump and the Chinese are going great...Obama tried to create friction between Russia and China..Trump doesnt play ...
Three Days Grace
15:12 05/12/2017

Matt sat down with Loudwire at Carolina Rebellion

Carolina Rebellion 2017: Three Days Grace Interview + Photos
Carolina Rebellion 2017: Three Days Grace Interview + Photos

We caught Three Days Grace's set at Carolina Rebellion, and we also caught up with singer Matt Walst, who gave us the status on the band's next album.

1.2k reactions 19 comments
Karl Stearns Abby Jo Ulmer
Rachael Huffman Dustin Huffman
Sherry Butler Heather Guénette
Amber Siegel 😍😁
Evelin Sousa Lindo gato ❤️❤️❤️bonito
Three Days Grace
15:12 05/12/2017

Check out this amazing cover of "I Am Machine" by Brighter Than A Thousand Suns!!

2.4k reactions 65 comments
Barry Mcmaster Wow best cover I've heard
Pim Rothoff Amazing voice!
Natosha Shundrell Nice! 👏🏾
Elishka Tibenská Nice one!! BUT the original is THE ORIGINAL :)
Azzeddine Abrouche Better Thann the original
Three Days Grace
02:24 05/10/2017

Bass master B-rad holding down the low end!

1.1k reactions 11 comments
Stine Hasselquist Tørrisplass 😍
Taunie Mageau You look built Brad!
Angela Govoni Aaaadddaaammmmmm
Marc Webster Getting kinda husky!
Nicholas Hall Lord of basses.......ha....haha....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHSHDJAJAHDHSJAHAH
Tim Pawlenty
08:18 05/11/2017

Check out first flight of electric flying car with vertical liftoff, 36 engines, plans to be 'on demand' like Uber -- and autonomous! Think it will impact future transportation policy? http://bit.ly/2pXCwzW

26 reactions 6 comments
Denny Debner Fantastic!!
Mark Mitchell Amazing and this will happen quick...
Dexter Hormann Typical politician always asking about policy and how government can figure out a way to screw it up.
Doug Reuter Maybe these are the cars California is giving to those on welfare for free! Today it's free cars - tomorrow government will take your house away for not paying your property tax which will have been raised to a point where you just can't pay the tax ...
Tē Ng We don't need anymore government regulation. Let the free market figure it out. Or even better, let's give states the right of way and let them figure it out so we can have more hodgepodge of rules and regulations between state lines.
Three Days Grace
02:24 05/10/2017

Well that just happened!! #carolinarebellion

2.1k reactions 24 comments
Ariane Colpart Mahmoud Kassem 😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️
Sherry Butler Not long now Heather Guénette ❤️
Alanna Marie Nish Great photo Dani Rosenoer!
Eric Lee T.T
Abdiel Luevanos When do you come to vegas
Kevin Rudd
19:24 05/08/2017

Thoughts of Mei Mei Volume IV New York is great. I like the winter. Even the Summer. But the pollens in Spring can drive your average cat absolutely nuts.

330 reactions 32 comments
Patrick Burgess Shaun Clifton Burgess
Cherie Morgan Jessica Rudd
Luka Jordine Gemma Jordine
Andrew Firestar Nguyen Emi Hoàn
Marshall Barrymore Clinton O'Farrell
Three Days Grace
00:48 05/05/2017

Three Days Grace's cover photo

2.2k reactions 22 comments
Tommy Sciole Haley Sciole
Juan Antonio HF Come to mexico boys
Kevin Rodriguez OMG
Diego A. Rodz Mexico have more peoples
Aaron Keith Adkins Nice view
Kevin Rudd
17:48 05/03/2017

The key question on North Korea is what specifically can China do to change NK behaviour? In this BBC World Service interview, I'm talking about what specific forms of leverage China may have. It's an open question whether China will ultimately use them. And further, whether they will have an effect. But it's far better to go through the process before people start reaching more radical conclusions about military courses of action. https://youtu.be/YMsNxpiHG80

90 reactions 17 comments
Tony Clarke https://www.facebook.com/tony.clarke.31392/posts/10211674801138679
Tony Clarke https://www.facebook.com/NoamChomskyQuotes/posts/1609520555758692
Tony Clarke https://www.facebook.com/tony.clarke.31392/posts/10211692632704457
Tony Clarke https://www.facebook.com/youtubitall/videos/975707045884161/
Tony Clarke https://www.facebook.com/pilgerwebsite/posts/1244742395595227
Three Days Grace
12:00 05/02/2017

Jacksonville, you were amazing last night!! Thank you!! #welcometorockville #threedaysgrace #3dg4life

2.4k reactions 31 comments
Sherry Butler Heather Guénette
Nathan Harlow James Abrams
Melany Gordillo Melany Mazariegos Barreno :'vvvvvv (?
Zachary Fital Rock Allegiance please
Guero Perez guys come to México :'v
Three Days Grace
12:00 05/02/2017

Wow! Met an awesome fan who most definitely outdid this tat!!! - Neil

2.1k reactions 47 comments
Miguel Angel Cortez Alonso WOW
Lucia Murillo amazing
Gerardo Arreola Davila Needs a star of life...
Melinda Taylor That's awesome
Danny Majors Dr feelgood
Kevin Rudd
05:00 05/01/2017

#Flashback. Ten years ago I told Australia "My name's Kevin, I'm from Queensland, I'm here to help." I still am. That was my opening line of my address to the 2007 ALP National Conference in a speech about being the party of the future. 12 months later we were grappling with the GFC. The best laid plans..... But we avoided recession. Full speech: http://parlinfo.aph.gov.au/parlInfo/search/display/display.w3p;query=Id%3A%22media%2Fpressrel%2FK7WM6%22

713 reactions 89 comments
Robert Lambkin June 2010 cost the labor political party dearly yet less than the voting public and the democratic process of our nation
Izzy Sire Nautu KEVIN 07!!! He was on a roll until the labor party stuffed it all up.
Allan Keddie Mr Kevin Rudd and president Mr Obama are two of greatest men in politics they were for people not rich like we got now
Fay Smith Thank you for NOT answering my communication with you recently. You read it and did NOT help.
Marie Palmer Need you back, you weren't perfect but what we have now is a disaster.
Three Days Grace
12:00 05/02/2017

Fort Rock kicked off our first show of 2017 right! Thank you! #threedaysgrace #riot #3dg4life

3.1k reactions 95 comments
Cody Wilson Let's startle Ryan!!!
Julia Arndt Dennis Meier ich bin überzeugt 😂
Tena Marie Bowles Can't wait to see you guys today in Jacksonville!
Jessie Tyler New album ??? ☠️❤️
Troy Williams New album ???
Kevin Rudd
05:00 05/01/2017

Thoughts of Mei Mei Volume 3. " The more I think about North Korea, the more I just retreat to the corner and do this. "

484 reactions 52 comments
Asher Podolak Amy Brock whats choc doing
Penelope Weekes Oui Oui Mei Mei
Melenna Allcroft Sarah Ann are you following kruddy yet?
Kathy Gould Oh those soothing claws
Stacey Moule Me too Mei Mei
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