Ricardo Arjona
Yesterday 13:12


5.2k reactions 208 comments
Eugenia Leiva Te amooo!!!!
Andres Chikilín Guatemala!! 😍😍 🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹
Malvy Malvy Genio... Te espero en Azul 😀 Argentina...
Di Ani Ta Te quiero mucho #RicardoArjona ❤
Di Ani Ta jajaja
Don Omar
Yesterday 11:06

#AmameOMatame junto a @ivyqueendiva está disponible en @Spotify http://bit.ly/DonOmarAoM agrégala a tu lista de favoritos y enséñame como la bailas igual que mis amigos de @overthetopdance

1.0k reactions 33 comments
Julie Marie Rosario Blanko Oxio 💪
Ramona RaRa Leticia Yuleisy Denzer
Ale Ossco Zussel Caceres Lopez
Roy Cantillo Melissa J Llanes Bel Rafael
Letty Gamarra Burgos Mayra Portez Tipán Yuly Sánchez Ricardo Guzmán
Joel Osteen Ministries
11 hours ago

It's All Good Paul said in Romans 8:28, “All things work together for good for those that love the Lord.” Not some things, but all things. They may not be good at the time. It’s painful to go through a loss, it hurts when people do us wrong, it’s discouraging when a dream doesn’t work out. By itself that may not be good but God promises He’s going to bring it all together. One day you’ll look back and say, "It was good." Are there things that when you look back on now turned out to be good? You can watch the full message, "It's All Good" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5ERSzG9b1g

47.1k reactions 2983 comments
Marika Marino Pray for my plan that the lord has for me because I feeling like sometimes I can't see it or it's never gonna happen no matter how much faith I have and all the good I do !!! Amen thank you
Dre Pitts Please pray for all the one posting their prayer requests. That GOD will show them favor and help them make it thru the day to day challenges w/ a positive spirit and humble attitude. That that seed of faith and hope will be planted in their hearts. ...
Pearlie Williams Good morning, praying this morning for God know I'm a sinner and I ask for forgiveness. He knows my heart. My marriage is weak. Praying for guidance and support that we can pray as one. Amen amen
Donna Parish Potter Please pray for my Son's Jacob Potter and Joshua Potter. They both have difficult lives!!! Each there own story. I love them so 💜💜💜💜💜 and my Husband who does not believe in God💔 and My sister Linda Burgus who is battaling lung cancer💔 please pray not ...
Sonal Rajani Thank You for LORD confirmed me with yr this message that He is still in control of my life. Yesterday evening itself I got this verse by Holy Spirit betrayal by Judas to JESUS bcoz this is what exactly m going thru. God works out all for good those who ...
02:30 05/29/2017

Check out Shak's performance of Me Enamoré from Friday night's surprise Miami show! / No se pierdan este nuevo video de la actuación sorpresa de Shakira en Miami. Llega el momento de Me Enamoré! ShakHQ

14.1k reactions 643 comments
Luis Efren Mebarak Necesitamos perro fiel cómo single ya!
Estreya Kaulitz Ya ven a México 🇲🇽 🇲🇽 🇲🇽 🇲🇽
Yusuf Barış Şahin Buensimo shakira😍
Jhoann Sebastian Urbano Vallejos Shakira te amo!! Sigues igual de sencilla y aun mas talentosa ...! 💚💚💚💚 #MeEnamoré 🎵
Nailea Vidal Yo te amo 😍
9 hours ago

#PSY #싸이 #예술이야

660 reactions 7 comments
An Nguyen <3
차주한 최정환 이종서 SBS 판타스틱 듀오 싸이 x 1:3 대결 - 예술이야
Teew Driel Yha didnt pay i shall never forget you
전미정 쵝오입니다
김보나 김민지 내잠을 깨움..
Kim Kardashian West
Yesterday 08:54

9.3k reactions 370 comments
Annabelle Disla http://MyMonthlyWork.com/?taskid=15484. It works! Making money 💰 guys
Davidcabral Cabral Hi Kim cardashian its.David Cabral of Pawtucket I see you call my cell at 401 442 2801 call me Kim I need to talk to you baby or text me Back tomorrow please I love you Kim cardashian I can't sleep until I talk to you call me
Justin Arrieta It's not really against the law but you should report them
Emily Bannister Rebecca Laura this is what it's like being your friend
Adrian Harrison Need s a new face lift. Bit of puppy fat there. Yellow nails. Nooooooooooooooooo
David Guetta
Yesterday 04:36

Memorial Day Weekend pool party at Encore Beach Club !

8.9k reactions 1263 comments
Rita Bocaj My favorite one!
Andrés Salas Cortés Dale caña!
Raúl Garcia Lo mejor tómala David Guetta eres el que manda...... 👌👌👌👌👌
Fabricia Beceira Que ganas de estar ahi!!
Priscyla Pedroso The best!!
Chris Brown
Yesterday 06:00

‪MOVIE 🎥 JUNE 8! #WelcomeToMyLife 1 night only chrisbrowndocumentary.com/tickets‬

11.9k reactions 930 comments
Miaa Smith Aderrica My husband decided to release this on my birthday! 😓💞 thats loveeeee
Jaqueline Felix Se liga, filminho sobre a vida do meu marido 😍 Jhoow Torres
Tia La'Shay June 8th bihhh mark yo calendar cuz we going Alyssa Vasquez
Dilek Selvi Sangeeta Rajan (and let's throw in Julie Pourtarvirdi so she doesn't get mad lol)
Adelaida Cruz If I have the day off I'm tempted to drive to LA just to go watch it with you! ☺️ Lupita Ayala
David Guetta
Yesterday 04:36

Going live from Encore Beach Club very soon! Check this recap to see the crazy party!

3.9k reactions 104 comments
Nayara Martins Ai meu ❤ bebe
Paula Amaral Lepaus woooooowww 😍😍😍
Maysa Elaine "Show amazing!
Bibii Garay Sosss unnn grosooooo te amoooo david!😊😀😁😍😍😍😍😘
Elena Markushyna Постригся, что ли, красава
Khloé Kardashian
Yesterday 13:24

2 hours to go! #KUWTK

4.1k reactions 68 comments
Oshane Unsuspectable Braidy Why am always way ahead of time
Ivan Kalami Soo cute ooh mama
Leonor Lara Guzman Hola khloe necesito un telefono celular ;(soy de venezuela
Eldo Soares https://psoares15.blogspot.com.br/2017/05/bonequinhas-inflaveis-de-luxo.html?m=1
Adama Ouedraogo Beautiful Khloé
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Yesterday 09:12

Suicide a month before I met you Deep regrets, I never could forget you

2.5k reactions 43 comments
Blanca Patus Remember our agree! Do you come to Barcelona?
Homer Delatado Tagalog Good to hear real music made and performed by real artist again!
Valen Delilah Mercury Its a great song
Mohammed El-Rummi Yeahh,it's awesome..I love it..
David Guetta
Yesterday 04:36

Memorial Day Weekend pool party at Encore Beach Club

5.7k reactions 695 comments
Vivi Santana Guerra ❤️
Sabrina Silva Geniooooo!!
Steve Levi NEW REMIX TO "SWALLA" >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiQcGz9kpko
Marcela Gómez Here 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Oscar Destefanis 🎇🎉🎉🎉🎆🎆📢📯📢📢
Green Day
Yesterday 08:00

Introducing... TURN IT AROUND: The Story of East Bay Punk. The Documentary. This post is my copy of a compilation of bands from the Gilman Street project named 'turn it around' the Maximum Rock n Roll comp is said to have also inspired lookout records very influential to east bay punk and defined the Gilman Street club which still stands today! watch for the documentary coming soon near you. Info below. The feature documentary will have its world premiere as the opening night film of the 16th SF Docfest on May 31 followed by an initial one week theatrical run at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in San Francisco starting June 2. The hometown opening will be followed by screenings in cities across the USA in tandem with Green Day’s Revolution Radio World Tour, with the theatrical campaign launching in New York City in late July and culminating in Los Angeles in mid-September. In a unique release strategy, Turn it Around: The Story of East Bay Punk will “tour with the band” enabling theaters to be marketing partners with Green Day in promoting the film’s theatrical release and the band’s nationwide tour. Abramorama is handling theatrical distribution. For more, check out the doc's official site. www.eastbaypunk.com Watch Trailer at GreenDay.com/news - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

1.7k reactions 23 comments
Kelly Davies Need to see this in the UK!
Nehir Ramona Dicle Mendes
Julie Hendry Fraser Hendry x
Aaron White Amanda Korte
Cheryl Turner Glenn Bewley
David Guetta
Yesterday 04:36

Memorial Day Weekend pool party at Encore Beach Club !

3.7k reactions 353 comments
Abdias Armin Falconi Fabuloso :)
Lúcia Prado Love Guetta
Rabeeh Ikliel I wish to be there
Jorge Raul Torres vamos
Simone Vannini you are the best David
Khloé Kardashian
Yesterday 13:24

Kourtney Kardashian

3.8k reactions 33 comments
Bethany Spears Zoe Kassiotis
Tonya Robinson 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Dasian Triplett 😘
Ulrich Verbatche Jolie les soeurs kardashian et Jenner
Kgomotso Molelu 🙌
Bob Marley
03:24 05/29/2017

The #Exodus40 3CD and 2CD packages are in!!! Pre-order yours today at 📀 smarturl.it/exodus40 📀 and have it by street date Friday (6/2)! #bobmarley #exodus #themovementcontinues

1.4k reactions 32 comments
Kiara Mia Love Bob Marley
İbrahim Baynaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YpKY_5DYoA&feature=share
Caroline Aubut Vincent C. Beaupré
Jacq Damo Cécilia Pco
Ignacio Alfonso Varg Mira Henry Eduardo Herrera Percastre
Britney Spears
Yesterday 06:30

Beautiful Sunday

8.5k reactions 258 comments
Lloyd Reed Jr. Wow.... 2 beauties at once. An incredibly beautiful woman riding one beautiful horse. Very cool. 😂👍😘 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Jose Dubon Hello greetings from Guathemala wooow beautiful pretty miss princess happy Sunday beautiful 🌹😗😗😗😉👍😍
Sabit Spears i love you above all my britney spears I love you number 1 of the universe and god I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU BRITNEY SPEARS. I AND BRITNEY
Norm W Hendry yes i would love go horse riding with you Miss Britney and show you how to ride comfortably ,,okay talk soon.
Eliseo Rod Rudy Rudarto is it a wonderful and Spearsful Sunday and such as??
Lady Antebellum
8 hours ago

#GreggAllman tribute last night. You'll be missed. #YouLookGoodWorldTour

2.3k reactions 39 comments
Fran Beedy-Furchak Awesome!!!
Kristy Braden Great job!!!
Bonnie Gepfert Good job Lady A!
Elizabeth Clancy Awesome!
Ken Schooler Virginia
Ricky Martin
7 hours ago

Listos para la segunda noche! #Valencia #RMTeam

10.5k reactions 175 comments
Lydia Zalote Escalona He repetido en Sevilla el sabado fue brutal..mi sueño está medio cumplido me encantaria abrazarte. .
Catherine KJ De Nigris Farrrrk yes !!!! Can't wait to see you all up on that stage in vegas
Debora Lepri Ti aspettiamo all' arena Unipol di Casalecchio di Reno ..pr di Bologna💜💜💜💜😍
Eli Martinez Martinez Impresionante!!!Sin palabras...
Marta Castello Te quieeoo
Khloé Kardashian
Yesterday 13:24


6.2k reactions 49 comments
Francine Rivera Calio Klhoeeeee😍😍😍😭😭
Kgomotso Molelu Good 😊 and Make Up Your Mind!
Sharon Dash 😍😍
Fitness for Everyone 👌👌👌
Ibrahima Soumah 😎
8 hours ago

"The Infection Must Die"

16.0k reactions 377 comments
Steven Hartwick Like the music, but every song sounds the same. Must be getting old. 😀
Tommy Donegan One if my all time favorite "Disturbed " jams i luv this song...!!..🤘
Mari Price Hendricks OMG! Total Perfection! (As Usual!) ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️ Great Birthday Present! Thank You!
Nathan Steeves Noah tell mom after we see Metallica that these guys are after
Justin Williams You guys best hurry up and do a arena tour of UK please
Don Omar
Yesterday 11:06

Me llega este #mashup de #encanto y #amameomatame desde Korea!!! Gracias a @supereeer!! #coverencanto ••• http://bit.ly/DonOmarSpotify

537 reactions 13 comments
Heber Mendez https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2gdeggDwKEY
Johana Monteza Diany :b
Ambar Castillo http://TheMoneyGrill.com/?refer=22995
Mears Gargola Lex Nexus Nieves hasta en otro idioma #Mexico bendiciones
Jorge Alejandro Caicedo Garcia Impecable woood
Paris Hilton
5 hours ago

#MemorialDayWeekend #Brunch #Mood 🍹😎

2.1k reactions 370 comments
Lukas Neidlein Nath Neema at your birthday party, remember 😂
Frédéric Schloger Il a mais lunette 😂
Caterina Capanni Ilaria Borghesi la situazione dopo il degenero della sera prima 😂
Guadalupe Marquez Larissa Flores you at ihop yesterday 😂😂😂
Bastian Assauer i am are liver
Bob Marley
03:24 05/29/2017

"We try fi mek really bring peace, knowing that we really can't solve a problem with a war." #bobmarleyquotes (Toronto, 1978)

6.7k reactions 64 comments
Gustavo Echeverria Rasta man...
Ricardo Belliot EveryOne wants to be loved. Love Always wins. ✌🏽
Rwamugyema Paul True dat
Andreas Kuhnert Great ☺
Mark Leslie McMahon Miss ya Bob
Jamie Foxx
5 hours ago

Last week s show was 🔥🔥🔥🔥and it had a lot to do with this man! #Terrencehoward .... who knew luscious Lyons knew this song!!! What a moment. Come back this Thursday and see what we got next. Changing peoples lives with 🎶 and 💰 on #beatshazam Beat Shazam

838 reactions 57 comments
Beth Quintero Love it!!
Ann Marie Lawson yes it was a nice show i love that jamie thank you
Annika DeSantos Can't wait till next thursday
Louiza Tatah Hey Boo keep up the Good Job Love you.
Tanya Majors Loving this game!! And of course LOVING YOU!!
Ricky Martin
7 hours ago

Una gran noche en Sevilla!

27.0k reactions 677 comments
Marga Alcaraz Parpal Verte y ademas tan cerca fue espectacular, vaya pedazo de concierto, transmites el ritmo y la energía. Ole tu! Y ole tu equipo!! Gracias por hacer que disfrutaramos al máximo, enhorabuena!
Maria Pérez No soy de ir a conciertos, mi vida ahora suele girar a mi niño y mi pareja, y la verdad que tenia un poco de miedo..., pero no te puedes ni imaginar cuanto me alegro de poder tener en mis recuerdos el a ver estado en tu concierto, en una palabra ...
Elena Alvarez Noche inolvidable eres lo mas de lo mas espectacular como la de malaga pero aqui fallo un poco el sonido pero tu y tus bailarines y musicos soys increibles eres bello por fuera y por dentro te esperaremos para la prosima espero que sea pronto un beso en ...
Tammy Leigh Rogers Havlik Sevilla! :D I attended the grade school in Phoenix named after Sevilla, in the Alhambra High School district. In regards to your last tweet about language-directed hate/racism, I have to wonder what bubble a person must live in or how they were raised ...
Montse Morales Con 37 años que tengo jamas había sentido lo que tu me hiciste sentir anoche...no tengo palabras... Mágico impresionante ,apoteósico...sentimientos que me corren aun x el cuerpo....me gustabas antes pero ahora te adoro...gracias x ser como eres x tu ...
Claudia Leitte
7 hours ago

Me faça uma ligação, tira esse frio daqui de dentro E quando não for assim, mande uma mensagem pra mim. 🎤 Deixe nos comentários uma mensagem para alguém. #ClaudiaLeitte #BemVindoAmor

1.0k reactions 52 comments
Alex Zakowicz Faço more quantas ligação vc quiser claudinha
Jhenny Santtos Ahhh essa música.. 😍❤❤❤
Junior Garcia Cl Eu te amo claudinha
Nathalia Vieira ❤Melhor musica❤Melhor casal❤
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