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Alex Harris 1 Timothy 6King James Version (KJV) 6 Let as many servants as are under the yoke count their own masters worthy of all honour, that the name of God and his doctrine be not blasphemed. 2 And they that have believing masters, let them not despise them, ...
Mello Oowee ⚠️T.I. nephew can sing and DISSED his EX 🔥😱👉🏽 https://www.facebook.com/182357681836735/videos/1340184246054067/
Hephzibah Beulah All day!!
Felicia Paw Paw Mpho https://youtu.be/GmhYPVBgb8k
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This is insanity Via IG @LMAO

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Aisleen Tuico for some reason this reminds me of the shit that we did in gr 10 annoying everyone in band Maria Bolotina
Varun Ramaswamy Hariharan Bharathwaj 😂😂😂😂 this is much worse than the way I used to ruin deformed to form a star, nostalgia N all..
Austin Pell Nikita Ius if we ever see s movie together I'll do this
Ferley Witwer Maria hat sich Keyvan nicht früher so angehört als er geheult hat😂😂
Dominique Smith I busted out laughing before it even got to the good part. 😂😂😂 Shame on me
Lil Wayne
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Drizzy cruisin' with Mike WiLL Made It.

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Noel Red Come get me weezy and drizzy its boring im photo shoot ready
Vee Kay Lekhoaba https://youtu.be/GmhYPVBgb8k
Jarusse Bentley Done turned full blond black on us 😂😂😂
Liron Moshe Instead go to Amsterdam ....
Benissa Marin Papi 🍾
Don Omar
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Como dice @elielofficial AY VIRGEN! #amameomatame @ivyqueendiva @guelosuperstar @eq_equalizer @alcoveronline @nexusenelbeat

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Norma Fabiola Nieto Ya dejen de llamarlo rey bola de pendejos, el único Rey de Reyes es Jesucristo.
Ligia Landrón Amame con ternura y pasión. Matame con mordizcos que me hagan delirar de amor.
Felix Yesid Rueda Wilson Sebastian O seaaa perro, llego el REY! Jajajajaja 🎶🍻
Rosemary Corona Dale omar. Nice good luck musically and socially. Reformed i see. God bless u.
MayraElizabeth Cruz Sanchez El mejor de todos siempre sacando nuevas canciones un saludo para usted y que siga siendo el rey del reggaeton
Michael Jackson
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“Some things in life they just don't want to see But if Martin Luther was livin' He wouldn't let this be.” – “They Don’t Care About Us” #MLKDay

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Jeffrey Augustus Rader Ain't no one lived the life like I have. I come from Wenton Terrace ..Only White guy in tha whole fam damily.Got 2 natives older and 3 blacks Obviously younger When I was less than 5 I walked around singi'n I'm black and I'm proud : By James Brown.....
KiKi Mercado Llorens “Some things in life they just don't want to see But if Michael Jackson was livin' He wouldn't let this be.” – “They Don’t Care About Us” #MLKDay
Michael Olatunbosun The Brazil version of "they don't care about us" was raw as it was captured & recorded life in a Brazilian village. King of Pop... rest in peace.
Harrowyeahun Vikter *HOW IT WORKS:* STAGE 1* Level 1:* Here you register with just 1,000 naira and you will be automatically paired with a NIGERIAN member from any part of the country which you pay the 1,000 naira to. Upon confirmation by the person, you will be ...
Michele Torcasio Great Song of all time, Great energy... one of myf favorite in Michael 's Greatest hits... When you listen mj songs the only word you say mj is The number one
John Cena
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Get a First Look at "The True Story of the WWE Royal Rumble," only on WWE Network. http://wwe.com/wwenetwork/cena

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Luann Bjork Oh wooow. Shocking! 😏 😘
Marco Brümmer My favourite Match in WWE Year
Grewal Saab John my open challange
Maureen Large Get him cena
Arpit Kaushish winnnnnn
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This is the type of stuff that makes us question humanity...

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Alex DeStafeno That's enough internet for today. Emma Maddie
Lisa Knll Lena Kluß bisschen auf dem Level wie das asoziale Kind mit der Zange am Schniepel. Leonie Schneider: noch ein Grund, eine kinderfreie Umgebung zu bevorzugen.
Lena Bores Katrin Quint Ich find deinen Kommentar nicht. Aber ich bin grad am Essen und musste fast kotzen als ich das Geräusch am Anfang gehört hab
Melusine Maury I don't remember who I was talking to about this, so I'll tag all y'all Miki Luna Alia Charlotte Garance
Joelina Liebing Sophia Blank Cassandra Blume Charlene Philipkowski Jezzyy Fizzo Witz Mumpitz ich glaub ich kotz gleich was ist das denn HAHAHAHHA stellt euch mal vor im Studio sitzt einfach einer neben euch und frisst seine Haarsträhne 😂😂😂
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#TodaviaTeQuiero feat. De La Ghetto ! Don't stop watching!!! Vevo 🌟🔥 ¡A seguir reproduciéndolo mis amores! #TodaviaTeQuiero feat. #DeLaGhetto‼️ LINK TO VIDEO BELOW and at Thalia.com! http://smarturl.it/TodaviaTeQuieroVideo . . . #Latina #ThaliaLatina #NewVideo #NuevoVideo #Video #Vevo

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Karina Lopez Montero Hoy me.pase el día completo cantandolo
Johana Agripina Chumacero Roman Hermoso
Xochitl Jimenez Me encanto 😋😋😋😋
Maria Lezcano Me encanta saludos desde Paraguay
Narda Nydia Garza Hermosa😍
Lady Gaga
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SuperBowl Rehearsal is so fun. We built a tent in my backyard with a dancefloor to practice! We love you monsters, can't wait to perform for u! 💋❤️🎤

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Debby Schneider Manry I'm still trying to win tickets to the Super Bowl just to see the halftime show! Love you Gaga! 🎶❤️🎶
Christine Picard On a une partie de notre réponse de qui fait la mi-temps au superbowl Hope Ducharme
Marisol Benavidez Houston Tx can't wait to have you For Super Bowl. XoXo!
Kaitlyn Paradiso My mom volunteered to work at the Super Bowl as a greeter! I hope she sees you Lady Gaga!
Linnet Pulido The only reason I'm excited about the Super Bowl is to see Lady Gaga perform. Brenda Gonzalez let's have a SuperBowl party like the old days 🎉
Soulja Boy Tell Em
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Soulja Boy Goes off on Chris Brown, Mike Tyson, Kanye West, Shia LeBeouf, Migos & Lil Yachty

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Jake Hobbs Why don't you better the world 🌎 with your money rather than show off your "swag". You're a joke.
Murat Køyu Is
Durand Lyrell Turner Earn extra cash http://myearlycash.com/?ref=1959
Kvñg Júkø 😂
Goitseona Vandal Molobye link nt workin some1 share Wat he said
Ivete Sangalo
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Fervura! Ao som do @harmoniadosamba 👊🏻

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Raiane Paoli Um dia eu fico craque assim .. Tiago Vieira Alves olha isso 😱😱😱
Deyvidi Correa Depois das aulas de boxe Ivete nunca mais precisou dizer quem é essa aiii papai ???
Milena Neves Ai Taís Ferreira se vc treinar com meu tio Inacio Nascimento vai ficar igual a Ivete, rsrs...
Lidyane Peixoto Olha isso Jozemar Gil Moraes.... Como eu curto fazer treino assim
Janaina Bagatini Samuel Monstrão Oliveira vou fikr rapidinha assim quando voltar a treinar. Só que não kkkk
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Given what's goin on between him & Congressman Lewis.... All y'all looking CRAZY right now!!!! Be Aware, Be Alert, Or Be Bamboozled Pt.3

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Sidney Kiryakos T.I your opinion don't mean shit you should schedule a show on the Maury and see those kids are yours 🤙🤙
Anthony Holmes Say that TIP! If your not part of the solution your part of the problem. If I it was just a private meeting then there would be no photo opportunities.#FieldNegrosWantingToBeSeenForMassa
Stacey Michelle Ali That's why we building our youth by paying them $9 a hour to clean up our hoods in Orlando. We worth 1.3 TRILLION... LET'S FOCUS OUR MONEY ON US! 1community1orlando.org
Kenna Stennis You sound so prejudice. A True Southerner. All they do is throw their own kind under the bus for no reason. Gotta have someone to blame i guess. ..
Nicos Nicolaou T.I you better listen to your plantation master in Hollywood. You better not cross them illuminati folks. You better do what they tell you boy. Or they will end your career. You will never get another dollar from Hollywood. Stop misleading people in ...
Yesterday 17:42

Ok so this how it all breaks down guys.... Be aware Be alert or Be bamboozled. #USorELSE pt.2

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Elizabeth Llorent ...however, if he called you ....to meet with you ..like those yu mentioned ...wod you not meet with him to vent about those things yu just mentioned ..?? just sayin ...! ..why did all of these people vote him in ..??? and if the ballot was wrong ......
Cheryl Foster Tip you always keep it real no matter what and I have much respect for you, continue to stand your grounds Triumph is a Hitler Colon all that talk about what they stand for he's using them clowns
Lakita Boyette I swear i was thinking about the same thing...like word? You meeting with dr.kings son after you just talked shit about one of the men who was walking with him for equality and justice for black people. Smh...
Margo Jackson Tiffany Elizabeth you wouldn't know what Obama did or didn't do because clearly you up here on Tips live runnin your wack ass mouth. Fall Back and hold your breath. Stand Up For What You Feel Is Right TIP.
Shirl Loiacono He is a narcissistic sociopath, I know , I was with one for years, I have read hours and hours, all the red flags are there, women's march, January 21 in Washington DC and many other states and some other countries
Yesterday 17:42

Attn.!!!! Be clear.... There IS an agenda behind all these meetings. I shall explain in detail. Be aware. Be alert. Or Be Bamboozled!!!!

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Deborah May Burt I would be offended if I was invited to a "meet and greet " with the president elect and he started the process by asking what I wanted
Kya Hughes TELL EM TIP! Nvr meet them on their level. If you do, at that point you're playing their game on their turf. They're playing chess NOT checkers😏!
Stephen D'Anthonis "I fear i may have integrated my people into a burning house" - MLK. Its funny how during Trumps election he was allowed to b a bigot and spread hate but once hes in office everyone is suppose to love him or support him and not reciprocate those ...
Damian Mitchell Tell em. They are being manipulated. This whole run to presidency has been a joke. Trump doesn't care about your problems!
Hazel Aguilar Ugh, I love me son T.I. he's so knowledgeable and always tries to do his best to help spread the word on facts. Now that is SEXY! 😍LOVE U T.I.😍
11 hours ago

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Remi Bryant Loving the Deadpool Hat NE-YO ❤️❤️❤️
Eliane Cardoso Teamo❤ Teamo❤ Teamo❤ Teamo❤ Beautiful love Ne-yo
Sarah J Kunz Get it!! 😍
Natacha Beaufils-Hasbun My ❤️😘😍💞
Ismail Caglar Koş olum koş
Usain Bolt
12 hours ago

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Matthew Drfc Whitehead Hey bolt looking good for the new season and I hope preparation and training is going ok good luck for London you are a man I look up to because I'm athlete myself I'm proud to be an athlete all because of you
Thomas Britt Usain do you fancy a race?? We could do 60m 100m and the keepie up challenge?? You choose the time and place friend!
Kuba Bronek Broniszewski Marta Okine teraz będziesz lajkowała wszystkie posty Bolta? xdd
Shihab Doha History shouldn't replace ur name with another Bolt :)
Wezi Cesar Bota Pinalo Keni 'Pj' i can see that Lukas Nkhuwa has resumed training after his holiday in lusaka
Ellen DeGeneres
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My producer Tracy got to ask Chris Harrison all of her #Bachelor questions on this episode of “You’re Supposed to Be Working on My Show."

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Tracy Miller Greco This was cool. I did always like this guy
Kizzy Brown Hey Ellen It's Me Again , Kizzy Brown . I Hope You Say My Name On Your Show One Day . Until Then . I Love You.💗 Everyday
Ken Hunter I'm a representative of WorldVentures. Our product is Dreamtrips. We're a Travel Club and Direct Sales/Networking is our business. Our Compensation Plan to our Representatives and employees is generous and unique. Our Ecosystem is design to be ...
Janie Armstrong Okay ... that was the best! <3 :)
Jan Gaudette Is there any wonder this country elected Trump 🙄
Marcos Mion
54 minutes ago


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Faziam Maria da Silva Tenho tbem o davizinho de 6 anos com autismo muito fofo esse momento pai e filho aprendendo e ensinando lindos
Gustavo Brayer Eu quero o livro que você escreveu... "A escova de dentes azul" mas, não acho em lugar nenhum no Rio....
Nay Glück Mion Que amor <3 Me faltam palavras pra dizer o quanto admiro você e sua família.
Simone Paiva Ele já e faixa verde. ...e já foi feita uma matéria no recordes
Patricia Pereira da Silva Lindos demais é isso ai mesmo Marcos Mion falou tudo, e que você venha continuar sempre esse pai dedicado e carinhoso com seus filhos #tamojunto é noixx.
50 Cent
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Friso Stolk Daan van den Andel Casper Sluijter komt ongeveer overeen met mijn agressie stoornis
Levurdra Slater Kaitlyn Jane Melony Taylor gets me everytime watch it 3 times 🤣🤣🤣
Alex Naumann Paul Hesse Sher Lock, das ist Martin Salis wenn er sich mit dem Schiedsrichter anlegen will 🤔
Sebastian Salas Daniel Galindo Trujillo yo tratando de "romperla" el otro semestre el laboral
Brent Roberts Frame. I think i know where Matthew been.
Paris Hilton
1 hour ago

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Alan SB Clément F. Même Hilton kiff Küngs 😀
Lucas Christian MAIOR DJ QUE VOCÊ RESPEITA! Alex Mozart Pascoa
Cristiano Gaio Fernanda será que ela topa ser a dj da nossa party?
Noel Blatchford Y Correa My dear,Miss.P.Hilton,I saw,you sent me a friends request, but,now, when,I'm checking matters,here on this new account,all of a sudden,your. friends request just vanished.I can only therefore assume that ,you,rapidly withdrew it.On my prior accounts,...
4 hours ago

Gotta cool off somehow...

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Kyle Millot When a squirrel has to keeps its nuts cool you know it's too freakin hot
Omerr Herres Furkanin got kokusu anca boyle gider Ramazan Beyazkus 😂
David Clark That's where the hot air is blown out 😂
Sal Gutierrez 문장백합 your room with the fan on
Ellen DeGeneres
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I thought for a second I forgot to put money in one of those umbrellas.

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Anita Vines Cagle It really would have been bad if she missed the last one. Since she got all but one..
Valerie Saragosa I wish this game on my Friend Colleen Trigg Brown, she would make us laugh so very hard. She such a winner in life
Kathi Towles Meehan Abe Lincoln.? Lol
Sue Mauksch This is such a simple game, but I love it so much, always makes me laugh out loud!!
Hal Hiatt Ellen has the best games. When are we going get to see you, Ellen play make it rain?????
Ivete Sangalo
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Jô, com todo meu amor! Saúde demais❤️❤️❤️❤️ amor demais ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ vc demais❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Fatima Nascimento Saudades do Jo Soares! ! Felicidades! ! Parabéns! !!!
Marcos Feres E aeeeeeeeeee. Um beijo Amor.
Luan Amorim Sei que é chato mendigar seguidores, mas eu tenho um sonho que é ser um ESCRITOR para isso preciso de vocês, podem me ajudar é só me SEGUIR , assim vocês poderão ver meu trabalho, tenho fé em Deus que vou conseguir, Obrigado de coração <3
Fabi Sgap Volta logo jô.
Rose Pereira Só vc faz as coisa sempre certa por isso que eu te admiro parabens
Ron Paul
Yesterday 06:12

A Tale of Two Peace Prize Winners Watch the whole show here: https://youtu.be/8rsQ2rVr6Fw

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Dennis Rich http://www.nytimes.com/1991/10/11/us/boston-u-panel-finds-plagiarism-by-dr-king.html
Talib Kamel Americaaaaa is to blame the govt
Terry Martin MLK wasn't bought and paid for....
Talib Kamel Ron why they kill em oh wait the white men didn't want peace
Katherine Grace Manger Thank you.
Yesterday 08:42

Earlier today Shakira received the Crystal Award in Davos for her humanitarian work with the Fundación Pies Descalzos, which works to provide underprivileged children in Colombia with access to quality education. Shakira urged world and business leaders at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum to support efforts to feed, educate and care for underprivileged children. Hoy Shakira fue galardonada con el Premio Cristal del Foro Económico Mundial por su liderazgo en pro de la educación y el desarrollo infantil temprano. La fundadora de la Fundación Pies Descalzos y Embajadora de Buena Voluntad de UNICEF remarcó que todavía 250 millones de niños menores de 5 años están en riesgo de no poder desarrollarse física ni intelectualmente. "Es una tragedia para ellos y un fracaso épico para nosotros". You can read Shakira's speech below / Pueden leer el discurso de Shakira abajo. Good evening – thank you for the honor of this award, and for the opportunity to speak to you all. Today, we know more than ever about the early years of child development -- especially that of the brain. The brain of a child who is nourished and nurtured, played with and read to, protected from factors like stress and conflict, has the best chance of developing its full potential because it’s proven that children who receive proper care in those first five years, do better in school and in life. Sadly, this is not the case in countries like mine or others in the developing world, where being born into poverty means never breaking out of it. We should be devastated that in 2017, 250 million children under the age of five are at risk and will likely be stunted physically and intellectually. Now, take that in for a second. We are talking about nearly the population of an entire country the size of the US. This is a tragedy for those children, and an epic failure for all of us. If we don’t attend to these kids in time, we are talking about intergenerational cycles of poverty and inequality. And the wider the gap of inequality grows—the harder it becomes to reach across it. The more numerous the faces of those born into poverty—the more difficult to see and empathize with each individual and recognize, that if not for the pure geography of where they were born; they could be one of our children. It should make us all furious! And it should make us all want to take action. Because we all have a stake in the outcome. The world is facing serious challenges today. By 2050, massive population growth is expected, and we will need to feed 9 billion people, or risk being at the threshold of conflict and starvation. Will this generation of kids be ready to take on the task of eliminating malnutrition and providing food security? Will they be prepared to come up with new innovations and find solutions to climate change, unemployment and the most complex challenges our society faces? Who will help us manage our resources more efficiently and sustainably going forward, from here to the next 20 years? It´s your kids, Milan and Sasha my kids, and those 250 million kids at risk who need us to tip the scales back in their favor. Today’s babies will someday drive tomorrow’s businesses. Their productivity will fuel tomorrow’s economies. Their capacity to contribute will shape tomorrow’s societies. Solve tomorrow’s problems. All of you here today have a critical role to play. So what can you do? Let´s face it; in this room are some of the most powerful people in the world who know what it means to be ahead of the curve, and you can be tremendously influential. We need to apply the brains and strategies of business and use the assets, the human resources and talents of your companies, to do social good and solve social problems. All of us need to pick up where governments leave off. It’s the only way. That said—it’s not about letting the government off the hook—it’s about re-engaging them. But we have to take the first steps because as businesspeople we have the ideas, the agility, organizational skills, and the manpower (and female power of course!). When we started building schools in Colombia, we chose the most remote areas, where there was literally nothing—no infrastructure, no paved roads, not even potable water. Where historically the government had checked out, we checked in. We decided to build not only schools but state of the art schools, with comprehensive models that included ECD programs, school feeding, parent and teacher training. We engaged the government as a strategic partner and made it nearly impossible for them to say no to doing their part. The transformation in these communities could be seen immediately, the jobs generated and the hope inspired, but the improvements to the infrastructure were jaw dropping. Electricity and potable water were made accessible, roads were paved, malnutrition plummeted and the best part of all -- the students really responded academically, and now those kids who could have been recruited by guerrillas or drug traffickers are on their way to university or thriving in their communities. Now I don’t have to call the governments so often, thank god! they are calling us wanting to invest and build more schools. I’m not suggesting it’s easy but there’s an exit strategy to poverty and it’s getting these 250 million kids the access they need to quality ECD programs so they get in school and stay in school. We have to push governments to increase their spend on ECD… we have to invest in campaigns for public awareness, we have to make access to pre-school free and we have to create a global fund for education just like aids, malaria and tuberculosis have their own fund. I know I can sound vehement, as Bono once called me, it’s because I AM. And I know I can drive some people some nuts with my insistence but the reason why I’m so passionate is because I’ve seen with my own eyes, what investing in education can do! There’s nothing more fun and satisfying than seeing a child who had almost no possibilities to succeed, flourish and perform well in life. For me it beats even winning a Grammy any day. We can’t press pause and ask those kids to wait to grow up until we’ve got it all figured out. There isn’t a moment to lose. We need to invest in humans: it is the smart thing to do, the strategic thing to do and the just thing to do. Thank you very much. -------- Buenas tardes – gracias por el honor de este reconocimiento, y por la oportunidad de dirigirme a todos ustedes. Hoy, sabemos más que nunca, acerca de los primeros años del desarrollo infantil – especialmente del cerebro. El cerebro de un niño que es cuidado, alimentado, al que le juegan y le leen, protegido de factores como el estrés y el conflicto, tiene más posibilidades de desarrollar su pleno potencial, porque está comprobado que los niños que reciben una atención adecuada en esos primeros cinco años, se desempeñan mejor en la escuela y en la vida. Lamentablemente, este no es el caso en países como el mío o en otros países en desarrollo, donde nacer bajo la pobreza significa nunca salir de ésta. Deberíamos sentirnos devastados de saber que en 2017, 250 millones de niños menores de cinco años están en riesgo y muy probablemente tendrán un rezago físico e intelectual. Pensemos en esto por un momento. Estamos hablando de la población de casi un país entero del tamaño de los EEUU. Esto representa una tragedia para esos niños y un fracaso épico para todos nosotros. Si no cuidamos de estos niños a tiempo, estamos hablando de ciclos intergeneracionales de pobreza y desigualdad; y cuanto más crezca la brecha de desigualdad –más arduo será superarla. Cuanto más numerosos sean los rostros de aquellos nacidos en la pobreza – más difícil será generar empatía con cada individuo y reconocer que, si no fuera por el sitio geográfico donde nacieron; podrían ser uno de nuestros hijos. ¡Esto debería enfurecernos! Y nos debería motivar a todos a tomar cartas en el asunto. Porque a todos nos interesa el resultado. Hoy en día, el mundo está enfrentando serios desafíos. Para el año 2050, se espera un crecimiento masivo de la población, y necesitaremos alimentar a 9.000 millones de personas, o correr el riesgo de caer en el umbral del conflicto y el hambre. ¿Estará lista esta generación de niños para asumir la tarea de eliminar la desnutrición y garantizar la seguridad alimentaria? ¿Estarán preparados para innovar y encontrar nuevas soluciones para el cambio climático, el desempleo y los retos más complejos que enfrenta nuestra sociedad? Quién nos ayudará a manejar nuestros recursos de manera más eficiente y sostenible de ahora en adelante, en los próximos 20 años? Serán sus hijos, Milan y Sasha mis hijos y estos 250 millones de niños en situación de riesgo que debemos ayudarles para que el futuro esté de su lado. La infancia de ahora algún día impulsará los negocios del mañana. Su productividad estimulará la economía del mañana. Su capacidad de contribuir forjará las sociedades del mañana; resolverá los problemas del mañana. Todos los aquí presentes, tienen un papel crucial que desempeñar. ¿Qué pueden hacer? Admitámoslo; en este salón se encuentran algunas de las personas más poderosas del mundo que saben lo que significa estar un paso adelante, y ustedes pueden ser tremendamente influyentes. Tenemos que aplicar las estrategias y el “cerebro” de los negocios, usar los activos, el recurso humano y el talento de sus compañías para generar el bien social y resolver los problemas de la humanidad. Todos tenemos que asumir el trabajo que los Gobiernos no alcanzan a hacer. Es la única forma. Dicho esto -no se trata de relevar al Gobierno- se trata de involucrarlos en un trabajo conjunto. Pero nosotros debemos dar los primeros pasos, porqué como empresarios contamos con las ideas, la agilidad, las habilidades organizacionales, la mano de obra y el poder femenino, por supuesto! Cuando comenzamos a construir colegios en Colombia, elegimos las zonas más remotas, donde literalmente no había nada –no infraestructura, no vías pavimentadas, ni siquiera agua potable. Hicimos presencia en los territorios donde el Gobierno históricamente había estado ausente. Decidimos construir no cualquier escuela, sino instituciones educativas de primer nivel, con modelos holísticos que incluyen programas para la primera infancia, alimentación escolar y formación a padres y maestros. Involucramos al Gobierno como socio estratégico e hicimos que para ellos resultara prácticamente imposible negarse a hacer su parte. La transformación de estas comunidades se pudo ver de inmediato, los trabajos generados y la esperanza instaurada, pero las mejoras a la infraestructura fueron asombrosas. Se generó acceso a electricidad y agua potable, se pavimentaron las calles, se redujo la desnutrición y lo mejor de todo- - los estudiantes realmente respondieron académicamente, y ahora, aquellos niños que pudieron haber sido reclutados por la guerrilla o el narcotráfico, están de camino a la universidad o prosperando en sus comunidades. Ahora ya no tengo que llamar a los Gobiernos tan seguido, gracias a Dios! Es el Gobierno quién nos llama ahora deseando invertir y construir más escuelas. No digo que esto sea fácil, pero hay una estrategia de salida a la pobreza y es conseguir que estos 250 millones de niños accedan a programas de calidad en estimulación temprana que tanto requieren, para que entren a la escuela y permanezcan en ella. Debemos exigir a los Gobiernos que aumenten su presupuesto en primera infancia… debemos invertir en campañas para generar conciencia pública, tenemos que hacer posible el acceso gratuito a preescolar y tenemos que crear un fondo global para la educación, al igual que el SIDA, la malaria y la tuberculosis tienen su propio fondo. Sé que puedo sonar vehemente, como Bono alguna vez me llamó, y es porque LO SOY. Y sé que puedo enloquecer a algunas personas con mi insistencia, pero la razón por la que soy tan apasionada es porqué he visto con mis propios ojos lo que la educación puede lograr! No hay nada más divertido y satisfactorio que ver a un niño que tenía muy pocas posibilidades de tener éxito, surgir y desempeñarse bien en la vida. Para mí, este sentimiento supera incluso al de ganarse un Grammy cualquier día. No podemos hacer una pausa y pedirle a estos niños que nos esperen hasta que lo tengamos todo resuelto. No hay un solo minuto que perder. Necesitamos invertir en los seres humanos: es lo más inteligente que podemos hacer, es estratégico y es la forma correcta de hacer las cosas. Muchas gracias.

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Andra Baclacian You have just become my favorite artist! Jumped over queen B cause these things your doing are soooo moving. Thank you
Peter Reyes There are children all over ,fleeing war from Syria, and poverty that have no place to go. The refugee crisis is of epic proportions and not getting any better.
Kenny Vladimir Mesa En pocas palabras eres única. La combinación perfecta entre talento, belleza, humanidad y sentimiento... Por eso te admiro. saludos..😘
মাহবুবুর রহমান পৃথিবীর এক অন্যতম শ্রেষ্ট ইসলামিক পেজ ৷ যারা ইসলামের বাণি ভালোবাসেন তারা লাইক দিতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন √√ আল-কোর আনের আলো“ তোমাদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে ভাল মানুষ তারা, যাদের আচার ব্যাবহার সবচেয়ে ভাল। _______বিশ্বনবী হযরত মোহাম্মদ (সাঃ)
Kirsty Jenner Shakira what you do is really and truly AMAZING. I really love how you have got into doing something such as this for your Country it is really amazing to see someone like you do something like this for ONE WHOLE COUNTRY! <3 BIG HEARTS OUT TO YOU MY ...
Soulja Boy Tell Em
2 hours ago

Soulja Boy Goes off on Chris Brown, Mike Tyson, Kanye West, Shia LeBeouf, Migos & Lil Yachty

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Courtney Swanigan Ma'Jin Boo
Κωνσταντίνος Κυβρακίδης beed with everything
Noah Carmichael Jack Feeney
Noah Carmichael 😂😂😂 still cant rap tho Edward McDonald
Marcus Abrahams Jonathan Brooks listen to whole thing lmfao
Arnold Schwarzenegger
9 hours ago

Martin Luther King, Jr. taught all of us that we each hold tremendous power. He showed us that Washington and our capitals don't have a monopoly on change. Today, as we celebrate his legacy, instead of watching TV and complaining, ask yourself: what can I do?

25.9k reactions 511 comments
Rhys Lawson As John F. Kennedy said, to summarise the intentions of the video as I understand them (probably erroneously), Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.
Божидар Дзиков Your speech reminded me of what one of your presidents once said. Kennedy i believe. "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." Those are the words that i live by. A very progressive way of thinking. If the ...
Souciva Moussa-Aprea loads of people don't bother to go to the polling station and vote just like what happened here in the UK thinking oh my vote will not affect the results but unfortunately it does because again here the brits thought oh no we are british we are not ...
F Agulas Aguilas El poder aglutina todo... Y el poder corrompe.. El problema no es la corrupción.. El problema es la cualidad humana.. Esa es la raíz de todo.. Nos dejamos tentar por las tentaciones.. Hemos fracasado siempre... Pero hay gente honesta.. Todavía... Que ...
Colin Mcinerney We have power to an extent. The Gold Reserve Act of 1934 forced all U.S. citizens to turn in all gold coin, bullion and gold certificates or face ten years in prison. The Constitution says only gold or silver can be used for money. Do you think ...
Snoop Dogg
Yesterday 13:30

classy munchies 😂

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Paul Williams Riley Hunt I've seen you use a balsamic reduction on your kit Kat before haven't I ?
Charly Dct Franckiee je vais te préparer ma spécialité pour ton anniversaire mdrrr
Christophe Tanguay Félix Roy-Paquet cpour ca que j'veux qu'on fasse ma fete au pfk cette année 😂😂😂😂
Selma Boudeheb Sandia De ouf ! On paye pour la déco en vrai de vrai
Emma Ravel Hahah Bianca Brandão it made me think of you when you say French are fancy with the food 😂
Yesterday 17:42

#LetterToTheSystem #LetterToTrump #USorELSE

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Thomas Davidson What's he got to do with you to???? You don't live paycheck to paycheck. Never will. Why you so fucking worried about the president?? Y'all mfs are rich as fuck and tbh it doesn't really matter if trumps your president or not.
Jr White I can't say it in any better way!! Thank you T.I. For the great speech. I just hope we can come together and make it a better place.
Yvonne Smith Tip Harris! I am so proud and appreciative of the carefully chosen words expressed in your letter. You are truly walking in destiny and I am so grateful that you have taken your platform and status in life to make a difference. This resonates ...
Elizabeth Yerian This is so deep, so intellectual, so unforgettable. Thank you for sharing, I will share as well. I want people to take a walk on the other side, take a walk in somebody else's shoes. This was very profound and I am grateful to have watched it
David Barger Tip has done nothing but disrespect President trump. Why would he show him ANY respect. Treat people how you wanna be treated.
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