Tony Hawk
10 hours ago

I just hid a #birdhousesaturdays DVD under the “world’s tallest kettle” (via @salvationarmyus) in downtown Detroit. Go get it ASAP if you have something to play it on. Unrelated: it’s so cold in the D

178 reactions 11 comments
Steve Frantsen Eric Early
Barry Motto ps3
Jeffery Jay Brown You little ho
David Karduna Tony you have to come to New York
Bradley Sterritt So cool merry christmas
10 hours ago

WWE Raw: Kane attacks Braun Strowman

15.1k reactions 162 comments
Aamer Khan The Monster Amongman is One Man Army KANE
Josh Brewster yes! my childhood hero, Kane XD
મહાન ત્યાગી Here comes.the Kane ! But plz use your old cpstume monster !
Happy Mehra Wow big red machine is the dangerous
Jay Frost You guys are so cute playing together 😁
The Wendy Williams Show
Yesterday 14:36

TUESDAY: Mario Cantone tells us about his Lifetime holiday movie, “A Very Merry Toy Store”.

69 reactions 22 comments
Joseph Sokol Naw too gay
Chris Foster Chris Foster The Wendy Williams Showthis gay ness said that said he made up his mind that its ok to be gay cause his aunt said it was ok ,,,losers thats what u promoting loser Like · Reply · Just now
Lisa Fields-mikels I love him
Dienene C Williams Mario is hilarious 😆
Kyra Johnson Haven't seen him in a while
Bow Wow
Yesterday 06:30

Moments like this 😂

18 reactions 4 comments
Trine Refer heh
Jawara Williams hey She hey she what you hey when bheu
Brianna Lynn Wallace Shay McCaffrey here is your Christmas trivia 😂
4 hours ago

WWE Raw: Paige returns

29.6k reactions 1532 comments
Mathias Kalfar WELCOME BACK WELCOME BACK WELCOME BACK!!! It s great to see you!! I am so happy that you are back on Monday Night RAW!!! We missed you so much and we are so happy, that you are back!! WE LOVE YOU PAIGE!!!!!!!
Budit Bliss When I saw Paige back... I was screaming in the classroom and my friends asked me.. " What Happened? " and I said... " Paige! Paige is backkkk!!! " and all of us become crazy and screaming OMG!!! We are so excited!!! #WelcomeBackPaige
Jose Guadalupe Velasquez Alexa Bliss days are numbered now glad Paige is back bliss is annoying just like Michael Cole who is a boring announcer
Christopher Schaeffer I'd like to day something. But like the rest you won't respond. The fans are why you even have a job. There is a reason stars like Cena are still here 20 years later.
Suanniiq Behymer Yes, Yea, Yes!!!!! The only reason why I came back to watch WWE and can restart watching it again!!!! Welcome back home Paige!!!
Jennifer Hudson
Yesterday 05:00

You did that Davon Fleming!! 🙌 Please vote n download his song yal #TeamJHud #VoiceTop12

244 reactions 17 comments
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you 'I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.' - Harun Yahya
Krystle Walker Jboo McFadden
Rose Marie Ditto Jones sing it Davon
Marie Calhoun Beautiful.
Daniela Plaza Lo quiero! tiene q llegar a la finallllllllll :)
Seth Rollins
7 hours ago

WWE Raw: Dean Ambrose battles Sheamus

3.8k reactions 30 comments
Mahmud Hasan M
Bhura Singh WWE RAW LlVE the shield Seth rollins Dean Ambrose
Manuela Scheidl Ambrollins is the best Team in the World
K E More Wow
Killua Jen Crazy little thing called love
4 hours ago

WWE Raw: Dean Ambrose battles Sheamus

650 reactions 4 comments
Day Kaippert Mateus Silva
Roman Forson The shield needs those title again.
Esteban Beltran Your are the true champions!!hell yeah!!!
Dominic A. Rolla How is it the Mohawk never gets bent or crushed ? And how do they get him to look that white ? peace.......Dominic 😂
11 hours ago

WWE Raw: Dean Ambrose battles Sheamus

735 reactions 11 comments
Josh Stilwell well it was a very gay way you won those titles i lost respect for you.
Romina Garcia Yo sin ti no vuelvo a enamorrme
Esteban Beltran Sheamus you are the champ hell yeah!!!
Karim Masoud اعمل ال انت عايزه اصل محمد هنيدي لسه مجاش #ربيهم_يا_هنيدي
Edwin Rueda Aburre esto siempre gana ambrose
Dean Ambrose
10 hours ago

WWE Raw: Dean Ambrose battles Sheamus

5.1k reactions 45 comments
Tina Jones Dean is my favorite one
Shawn Johnson Awesome
Stella du Plessis Bravo Ambrose you are the man
Greg Craig Awesome
Jennifer Hudson
Yesterday 05:00

Wow Shi'Ann Jones! That touched my heart ❤️ Please vote & download her song #TeamJHud #VoiceTop12

303 reactions 29 comments
Lola Reynoso Araceli Patrucco
Keisha Too Blessed Williams Zach Day
Tasha Alboghobaish Stacy WattsKieren Brennan
Detrice Brown That girl sang!!!
Gail Hudson She did a great job. 🎶🎶🎤🎤
Dean Ambrose
10 hours ago

WWE Raw: Roman Reigns challenges The Miz

12.1k reactions 77 comments
Robert A Bookout This was so fun and very nice and very sweet
Joe McPartlin Nicely done gentlemen. Gotta have The Shield.
Joe McPartlin And now you're mixing it with Shaemus. Damn! Busy night son.
Tammy Chaney The Achicken lister, I want Tthe Ambrose Asylum back!!!!
Geoffrey Smith Wah wah wah stupid Roman haters talkin shit again .... what about Braun stroman being shoved down our throats as they like to say !!! Ohh that’s right everyone loves Braun stroman even though they are doing EXACTLY the same thing as what they did with ...
Seth Rollins
7 hours ago

WWE Raw: Roman Reigns challenges The Miz

1.7k reactions 23 comments
Souad Daous woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow i love u guys
Tulasi Rao I now Roman will win the IC tittle
Nînå Mårłįŋă The miz is nothing
Naomi Iloko It's a good idea
Maria Six Oh Miz ..😂😂😂
The Wendy Williams Show
Yesterday 14:36

HOT TOPICS: Jennifer Hudson and her fiance David Otunga have split after 10 years amid shocking allegations. 📺👉🏽

759 reactions 118 comments
Shontelle Walker-VanLaningham Maybe David and Phaedra can get that court show together 😂😂.
LaTita Chisman Oh well another one bites the dust
Sydney Smith Wendy needs to talk about her self hot topic
Fallon Salena David was about the 💰 He went from being a lawyer to becoming a pro wrestler(hobby as a career).
Jamil Moscoso hot topiccccssssss, get ready for the obssesive clapping lol
Bill Maher
Yesterday 10:18

9.6k reactions 774 comments
Peter Stricker I’ve worked alongside French engineers in France and I wouldn’t say their work environment lacked stress. It was just like here. But they did get their month off in August. As for the meals, the liver steak in the cafeteria was about 16 ounces, took me ...
Martha Broad Yah, most americans wouldn't do it. Haven't we all seen people litter frequently here in the USA? Forget the latest digital app. We need some smart little gen Z kid to invent a plastic that self-destructs in a short period of time. I wonder if the ...
Latercha McKnight First of all I have been in France and all their portions sizes are not that small. They can eat. They walk everywhere
Judi Spiro Weislo My son works 8-10 hr days, and then sometimes has to bring work home to do more all weekend/during the week. For no extra pay. I don't think that is right, that's taking advantage. Problem is, his boss is an old friend, so it makes it more awkward.
Jim Yeary I'm an ex-pat living in Germany. I'm happy here, many would not be. I think there are always places that do some things better and it should possible that governments learn from one another and initiate changes that would benefit the lives of their ...
Keyshia Cole
Yesterday 04:24

For the #Queens #Repost @kcdiamonds04 (@get_repost) ・・・ #letitgochallenge Now She Spoke All FACTSSSSSS Yessss @nataysia_ #keyshiacole @keyshiacole

1.0k reactions 89 comments
Kibibi Bonaparte Killed that baby girl!
Sharon Thomas 👍🏾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👌🏾 that was good!
Cherise Wafer She rap good...👌🏾
Cherise Wafer ❤ it...Thats ma song
Antoinette Mortise Helli
Jordin Sparks
Yesterday 06:48

Get the tissues ready 😭

218 reactions 30 comments
Chloe Hughes Danny Chadderton😭xx
Pazoua Xyooj Michelle Xyooj
Jade Nguyen Jess Sempel
Cosi Muc Magdalena Aus Der Au😰
Cameron Reid Stephanie Marie
Tyra Banks
Yesterday 11:24

The boss is BACK. Don’t miss #ANTM’s return to the runway in 2018 on VH1 💋

14.5k reactions 1766 comments
Julie Tron Tyra is fab!!! She shows that being a real woman with curves will always be hot!!! 🔥🔥....girl power to her!!
Alysha Lynne I just hope that tyra stays and rita goes. I love having Ashley Graham reppin all the plus size hotties out there!
Isabel Loontiens Ain’t nobody missed her with that highlight. Who did her make up? Someone did her dirtyyy. Looking ashy af. Kayla Michele
Carla Xavier Santos Can people from other countrys try to participate? Maybe not 😐 i dont know. Im from Portugal so i think its should be impossible.
Ariã Reynolds Wait say what I finished 22 cycles I'm ready for another one . Nobody can replace you when it comes to the original ANTM .
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 10:24

Previously on #CONAN: 成龍 Jackie Chan made Conan feel the hole in his head.

2.9k reactions 119 comments
Laura Orduna I love Jackie Chan!!!!
Hajrudin Velic Yugoslavia ..... yeah 😞
Jeeva Challuri thats y we are watching ur show ....@Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco good show keep going
Johnathan Clark Jackie told you this story before Conan and showed you the hole in his head before. If anybody wants to know it's the stunt from the movie Armor of God.
Merve Yıldız Can’t wait to see new movie! Jackie is a legend 💕
Sean Kingston
02:42 11/21/2017

Get tagging 😂

137 reactions 1345 comments
Sam Vaiphei U will go broke bh the time u get her the BMW car.. 😂😂😂
Taunie Marie Carter Jennifer West I think we found a good one here lol
Taliha Tareen Maria Noor giuuuurlfraaaaand he’s calling you😂😂
Candace Galaviz Manny Galaviz tell David to stay off fb😂😂😂 im so wrong for this
Amber Spoering Jacqui Ramirez Kaylie Clark y'all ain't single but here you go lol
Gucci Mane
Yesterday 04:42

So shallow SMH

185 reactions 33 comments
Garrett Mikkelson Gay af
Sal Tylinski Lol, who cares if she changed up... she likes what she likes lmao.. picking up trash isn't that attractive.. if I wanna fuck a bitch, I'm not gonna walk around her picking up trash.. I'm gonna come correct... than we will both cum correct later that ...
Vineet Sinha Akshay Shrivastava
Maciej Jelito Katie Storey
Brian Mandisodza Louie Anderson Jake Posner 🤣
Shaquille O' Neal
9 hours ago

Friedman's has been taking care of me for 30 years. On Nov 25, #ShopSmall at the places that always take care of you. #AmexAmbassador

1.2k reactions 51 comments
Aurie DT Love you, #shaq
Carmen Ge-Neen "That's a cool Yule!"
Cesar A. Campaña Shop small at
Marina Lickson Love this!
Bruce Myles You gotta love this guy!!
Yesterday 09:48

Coming soon to a television near you. Final Tosh.0 of the season tomorrow at 10/9c on Comedy Central.

1.3k reactions 491 comments
Rob Stewart That is all the hallmark Christmas movies in 2 min
Chelsea McGarry god damn hallmark movies suck! spot ON, Tosh!
Anna Burgett Lol pretty much every Hallmark holiday movie 🎄👌🏻😂😂😂😂
Ashley Morris Suzy Coronel, this is what I've been feeling like these past couple of weeks. Lol
Kevin Ballantine I feel like watching this commercial was the equivalent to dropping acid.
Novak Djokovic
10 hours ago

Lewis Howes and I got together to talk about turning challenges into love and hope, and inspiring others to do the same. Listen to the podcast or watch on Youtube with this link:

2.2k reactions 58 comments
Milena Rozenblat Cicmilovic Новаче, хвала ти што постојиш такав какав јеси! 💖
Jennifer Fortuito #Nole
Dee Jones Miss you. .......😍😍😍
Vesna Lukomski Da, bas tako - Novace - postivanje ❤️ Nedostajes nam mnogo!!!
Serpil Azizoglu Greatest
Paul Pierce
8 hours ago

From NBA on ESPN Countdown: Boogie has been dominating, he's a dog, a guy I want on my team in crunch time, and he belongs in the conversation for MVP!

361 reactions 27 comments
Jack Allford Henry Scott
Adam Clement Kyle Mulcahy
Jerry Parrish Michael Palmer
Skyler Romberg Gaige O'Ryan Pattschull
Tigui Lacasse Maxime Favreau
Rainn Wilson
00:12 11/21/2017

21 reactions 2 comments
Tony Coelho You're the man, Rainn Wilson! Thank you for all that you do!
Cassandra Deters Very cool video! Nice to see some of the amazing people involved! They seem like they have such sweet spirits. We sent you a bunch of vitamins off of your Amazon wishlist! I hope you got them in time! What you’re doing is important and appreciated. Have ...
Jason Aldean
03:00 11/21/2017

Check out the Gerber Gear page to see how my team gets ready for a show using the Gerber Center-Drive multi-tool. #Ad

325 reactions 22 comments
Stefanie Michelle Cody Cheatham
Linda Stapleton Tim Stapleton Paul Stapleton
Catherine S Dauphinee Ken Ken Kinney
Woine Gebrehiwot Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
MAry E White 👊🏻🍎
Gucci Mane
Yesterday 04:42


11 reactions 1 comments
Kenneth Court Antonio Armendariz wtf bro
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