Sin Cara
Yesterday 00:54

#EXCLUSIVAS Aclaración de @SinCaraWWE sobre el uso de sus máscaras. Gracias a todos los que aman la #LuchaLibre ! WWE

1.0k reactions 73 comments
Clemente Israel Martinez Hernandez Tu no eres el sin cara el original es caristico de CMLL
Dawid Kowalski Sin Cara push !
Eliel David Moreno Saludos sin cara
David Garcia hi sin cara!your my favorite WWE superstar!Can i have a mask?please?im in the Philippines.Can u give one?please?thank you!love u
LD Chávez #pushsincara x3
Lyoto Machida
Yesterday 10:24

2.0k reactions 444 comments
Leonardo Santos Ai Dragao!
Waseem Sajjad ❤GREAT❤
Josué Rivas Hi dragon
Nuno Costa Oss
Renan X Silva Grande Lyoto,forte abralo campeao
Martha Stewart
21:48 03/25/2017

In a new episode of Kitchen Conundrums, Thomas Josephs breaks down the basics of chocolate. Check out all of our Test Kitchen's chocolate secrets here:

51 reactions 4 comments
Lindsey S. Yeager Luis Cordero !!!
Pat Montuori Thank you '
Amy Wise I recently stopped using sugar cold turkey how would I bake like brownies if I don't use sugar
Brie Bella
Yesterday 02:30

Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful baby shower!

3.7k reactions 110 comments
Elizabeth Cummins Wow! I am so happy for u Brie. Idk how u did it w/out crying. I would've &I have cried.
Patricia Balboa Wishing you a lifetime of precious moments with your baby birdie,May God bless you and your family
Raelyn Bunch Brie your so beautiful with your pregnant belly!!!! I can't wait to see little Birdie!!!!
Catrina Marie Rada Congrats... Beautiful Birdie Jo you have the best parents who love you so much and Nikki awesome
Karien Koekemoer Hope everything is going to be awesome just like the baby shower but i believe it will be
Serge Ibaka
Yesterday 09:30

392 reactions 16 comments
Tina Michelle Go serge ibaka
Jerry Owassi Bienvenue à Toronto frère
Jos Massembo Ibaka serge ! 💪
Suzanne Larsen Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!!
Betty Cave-McDaniel Kauer Still miss seeing you here in Okc, Serge.
Jose Aldo Junior
Yesterday 05:24

Escaneamento digital com #sportblock #blindado #straumannbr #3shape

625 reactions 15 comments
Deivid Moreira O aldo luta muito be?
Cristian Mario Aldo luta muito
Claudinei Correa O nosso campeão!
Djalma Silva Aí sim hem kk
Lucas André Martins Agora sim blindadao hem dente de lata kkk
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
2 hours ago

Mark your calendars and set your DVR's for THIS MONDAY on HBO. This young man, Plemons had two home armed robbery invasions and facing possible LIFE in prison. Judge showed mercy and gave him ONE SHOT at this hard core prison boot camp. If you look closely he had to duck tape his glasses together because they broke. I asked him, IF he completes his boot camp sentence, what's the first thing he's gonna do when he gets out? He said throw away his broken glasses and buy a new pair. I told him he should buy a new pair, but hold onto these broken duck taped glasses because they're now a symbol of CHANGE. He smiled huge and agreed. Funny how little things Iike this can mean so much to someone who turns their life around. Join us this Monday for my passion project and look inside a place that has real impact on young lives. Break em down. Build em up. #RockAndAHardPlace #SevenBucksProd THIS MONDAY at 10 PM on HBO .

23.8k reactions 307 comments
Jennifer Lockyer I love all that you do to help those who need it most. Truly an inspiration of what SHOULD happen when one becomes famous ❤❤❤
Sue Peters Never change who you are. You are incredible. You are so amazing. May god bless you and your family always. Keep going strong with your goodness.
Michelle Paris What you are doing is just inspiring!! I cant wait to see this!!! Everyone needs to watch this please!!!! Love from you're mega fan
Amy Traywick I believe prisoners need intense counseling and rehabilitation/bootcamp. I know it may not impact every single one of them but it could certainly help turn some lives around for the better. We're living in a world today that is great need of love and ...
Roger Flanagan There are good people in it, choose to be one of them is my motto. Dwayne, keep choosing to be one, you're changing the world..
Chris Brown
49 minutes ago

Let your happiness be yours and yours only. ❤️

38.4k reactions 496 comments
Kerry-Anne Os 💘 I love you baby, you're the hardest working man in show biz.. as usual. God bless😘
Delano Bundy Another one Chris....yo...fam....luv ya always keep it tight ....keep it right....cuz we here holding dmn Eastside.... .
Deforis Bonner-Dolford Such amazing talent. I wish he could stay focus, positive, and out of trouble.
Michel Perrin 17 anos ouvindo esse cara mds <3 Ele consegue ser melhor a cada musica que faz! Chris Brown !!!!!
Constance Nangamso nice video's especially with that baby in there it's wow it's lovely n I hope that god give to you more blesses
Ana Ivanovic
Yesterday 04:06

At the Gala Spa Awards tonight with SHISEIDO 💃🏻

12.6k reactions 218 comments
Clemente Martin Gua bellisima
Viswanathan Puthucode Hi Ana
Alex Encarnado Ana...lady in red.
Mirjana Camiloski Komplimenti..😘
Yüksel Aydın Nazlı bebeğim kıyafetin muhteşem. Çok güzelsin.Seni seviyorum💜💜💜💜💜
Zack Ryder
Yesterday 08:48

Z! True Comeback Story... CHAPTER 1 is up! See what my life has been like since being injured.

905 reactions 29 comments
Se If <3 Zack Ryder ❌ ADD ME CLOS ❌ <3 ——————————————————————————————————————————————— 🍁 ✔✔ ✔✔ 🍁
Ŋaam-Bata'dya Toh-Pechaan Buʀa'maaŋ-Jayegıı PriNce <3 Zack Ryder ❌ ADD ME CLOS ❌ <3 ——————————————————————————————————————————————— 🍁 ✔✔ ✔✔ 🍁
ιηηοχεητ 😌 Wɩtʜ😪 Tʜɘ🍸 Cʜʌŋʛɘ🐒 Iŋ🍓 Sɘʌsoŋs,Pɘopɭɘ🐦 Cʜʌŋʛɘ👂 Fʀoɱ🐭 Tʜɘɩʀ💝 Lɩʆɘ 🏨 Lɩĸɘ Coɱɱɘŋt Bʌcĸ 😽 Zack Ryder Bot on Fire ;) 🏢 Sunday : 26 - March - 2017 🏨 Stʌƴ Actɩvɘ♥ Zack Ryder 🏥 Lɩĸɘ Aŋɗ Coɱɱɘŋt ɭʌtɘ Tɩɱɘ -40 ɱɩŋʋtɘ :D 0 sɘc :v 🏪 Bot Powɘʀɘɗ Bƴ-נ► ...
Rob Brentnall Neal Pike
Christopher Johanson James Hockenjos
Tom Daley
Yesterday 05:42

Mother's Day quiz special! Whipped cream pies to the the whole video here...

1.5k reactions 19 comments
Howard Trueman Aweeee xD Leah Amy Keira Skelton
Muqaddas Butt Hahahahahahaah:D
Ceri Leanne Wallace 😂😂😂
Alain Michel :-(
Ricardo Méndez Que divertido!!! Felicidades a tu mom 😘
4 hours ago

Amazing, more than 6 million views in the first day! I think I'm having Deja Vu! / Increíble, más de 6MM de visitas en un día! Creo que estoy teniendo un dejavu! Prince Royce Shak

74.4k reactions 590 comments
Gopal Mondal I am so so thankful with God because he gave me, gave us, an incredible and lovely and amazing idol with a huge and beautiful heart ★ An idol that is always there for the people giving love to everyone and trying to make our heart a better place for ...
Juany Hernández Yo sigo reproduciendo xq vamos por mas😉 Bendiciones hermosa 😍😘 Tu siempre derrochando exitos😍😍😍😘 #Te_amo_Shak❤
Shakira, Certificados VEVO Lo mejor 6 millones <3 <3 <3 #DejaVú
Eduardo Cota Shakira you are the best singer and dancer in the world you are beautiful.😘
Manuel Mebarak Para que veas como te amamos, te somos fieles y extrañamos. Así que ya falta el álbum y tour por favor ... 😘 eres la REINA de la música LATINA
Marcelo Tas
21:36 03/25/2017

Tas no Youtube #DESCOMPLICADO todo domingo, 11h. Se inscreva e espalhe

100 reactions 20 comments
Clarice Nascimento Kkkkkkkkk
LuCy Rivera Estou louca pra assistir!!!!
Daniel Sodré Benicio Balthazar da Silveira #MovimentoUna
Claudia Cristina Ludwig Peguei...
Antonia Reimberg Marcelo coração de Leão!
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
17:30 03/25/2017

How do we save Meals on Wheels when Trump is calling for drastic increases in military spending? We weaponize our generosity. #CONAN

42 reactions 73 comments
Adobled Pérez I loved the pineapple part.
Daniel Phillips instant classic
Troy Mosher How can we save the seals with all this cotton candy turning blue?
Karen Shinn Smylie good idea.
Aug E. Waug I kind of wish I had a turkey cannon, now ...
Mike "The Situation"
21:18 03/25/2017

109 reactions 31 comments
Arnold Walter Kambugu Nangi Afghani 👊🏾😂
Daniel Tio Stupar Pl Chris
Enrique Ortiz Tyler Beier
Candace Mazza Josh Zeuner
Alexander Amiri Chris MacLeod
Fabricio Werdum
11 hours ago

E ae galera! Vc sabia q tem futebol americano no Brasil? Venha assistir com a gente! MOOCA DESTROYERS esse domingo

110 reactions 6 comments
BJJ Lifestyle cool stuff keep it up ...
Leo Brondani No Rio Grande do Sul tem o ótimo time do Santa Maria Soldiers
Ricardo Araujo Depontes MoocA em São Paulo?
Rafael Ribeiro Fans do Mooca Destroyers meu nome é Weesley Safadão e eu sou fullback... Wesley é um mito msm kkkkkk
Alexandre Machado Fernandes Valeuuuuuuu werdummmmm Felipe Nevacchi Rogério Ágile Ele é gaúcho mas ama a Mooca mmmeeeeeuuuuu
Lil Wayne
1 hour ago

The resemblance is uncanny.

5.5k reactions 467 comments
Chanelle Milan It's a baby with red hair, who cares?!
Jeniffer Alvarez Andre aww bonito
Francis Durand Amélie cest ptete le garcon du gars quon a vu au rogers hier
Derek Smith You used the word uncanny
Diego Lovato A shelty or scotland sheep dog only wants tol please u and they r possibly the clevererts dogs in nature... I hve been amazed by them, they r wonderful and strangely want the owner happy? Incredible what happebnd to me and hes only 12 months... Another ...
Neymar Jr.
3 hours ago

Be your own limited edition Gagà Milano #gagamilano

81.3k reactions 811 comments
Ishaq Şanchěž Like if u think i am better than neymar
Pepča Kubelka odpoledne jsem ho viděl jak se perfektně oholil mach 3 a už je zarostlej jak bezdák ,ale fotbal umí
Alexandre Diehl Neyma se devertr mostrando os varios sinais da maçonaria e dos illumitati!!!
Mari Carmen Morinigo Luraschi Hola Ney idolo !!! De paraguay te escribo tranqui para el martes ustedes ya estan clasificados 😃😄😄😊😊
جيتاس الحلاق جيتاس ategory Neymar I hope to find your watch like I searched a lot about one like her and did not find
16:24 03/25/2017

Good morning miami. We're at DREAM TONIGHT. THE HOTTEST HIP HOP PARTY ON THE BEACH. HOSTED BY YOURS TRULY! Spread the word. See y'all there! #CirocMango weekend. LETS GO. #WATCH

261 reactions 49 comments
Gatis Pecaks noteikti labi atpuutiisies
Teresa Beauchamp Clean up those eyebrows
Jake Wood I can hardly wait
Nina Mc Damnnn Bro......
Heida Herbertsdottir I love your voice💕
David Beckham
2 hours ago

Great 48 hours in Shanghai and Hong Kong ❤️

65.9k reactions 657 comments
Aiko Shi Some people, you aren't British, you weren't British and you won't be a British. Well tbh, mainland don't need your guys as well. Pls go and apply British citizenship.. goodbye
Kris Sriratanaban It is an honour to be AIA’s new Global Ambassador, and partner with them as they commit to helping millions of people in Asia lead longer, healthier, better lives. I am looking forward to seeing everyone take the small steps needed toward leading a ...
孙新昊 Welcome to China David.looking forward to your next visiting!btw,may you come to some other Chinese cities next time?there are more beautiful places in China 😃
Gemma Hughes Megan Chappell how was he in Hong Kong and I didn't know 😩😭
楊文理 show me a piece of Shanghai in this clip or this tells me you are an awfully uneducated individual with no respect to Hongkongers
Martha Stewart
21:48 03/25/2017

Puffy paint is the secret to the cool 3-D effect!

391 reactions 15 comments
Maggy Mauro Erica Mercado Ang Rose
Kate Williams Jacqui Mahoney
Caitlin Schlageter Cathy Jermano Olohan
Jacquie Mack-Farnsworth Heather Peacock
Chris Chiappetta Maribelles Chiappetta Willie Ulrich
Lady Gaga
3 hours ago

Lady Gaga joins the latest episode of 'Untucked' for the RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 premiere. Watch it now.

22.8k reactions 486 comments
Anna Jalecz Yeees. i saw it. it is very interesting and good. love youu mother monster <3 <3 <3
Smashby gaga was the perfect guest! so excited for kesha tho <3
Jean Assem Privé Grant Fega Tom Anyways ça y est j'ai commencé à regarder ru paul's drag race ahah
Brittany Polson Matty Mathew Schaefer I miss our Ru Paul Drag Race dates ❤!
Stephen Flores Gaga was so humble and kind and truly what it means to be a role model.
Gucci Mane
11:48 03/25/2017

20 reactions 353 comments
Doohun Lee Steven Ruelle tu vas pouvoir réaliser ton fantasme 😂😂😂😂😂
James King III Steve Brun when yo ma gets good food
Toni Johnson Roody Ma this hw i b when u bring food
Aaron Mcmillen Pointless.
Jason Issa Sandra Issa you when you found out about the sushi
Jamie Oliver
21:30 03/25/2017

Remembering what an AMAZING day the #UKCEOCookoff was with UKHarvest & Food Revolution Community!!

2.3k reactions 30 comments
Fernando Froy Jose Luis Albanese
Louise Brooks Milly Brooks
غزلان غزلان Hi 👋
Ingrid Banchòn Felicitaciones Jamie desde 🇪🇨 Ecuador
Margot Illinois 💕👍🍀👏
Armin van Buuren
10:24 03/25/2017

Who's afraid of 138?! #MMW

8.0k reactions 1992 comments
Richard Gorton Michael Hollidge Olly Leuenberger this is how we need to rill
Cuque Otero El Mas grande de todos lo tiempos! Nunca abandones tus orígenes musicales! Trance origine Old School!!! 4 ever!
Anna Semenyaka Oh my God.......... SAVING LIGHT............. I adore this unreal cool track...............thank you Armin's awesomeeeeeerrrr...............
Hues Swapnil Humourous Beyond limits beyond mind the mind dissolve💓💙💓💙❤️💖👏🙏🙌💞love armin
Marcela Carrillo Paloma wey después de la rola de great spirit qué buen mix se aventó de Trance 😱😱 me puso bien prendas, cómo lo amo al desgraciado, quiero volverlo a ver 😫😢
Bill Maher
17:24 03/25/2017

The Trump approach to healthcare was never going to be ‘repeal and replace.’ It was always ‘bait and switch.’ #DontheCon

58.0k reactions 3553 comments
Dave Rose Bill I love you man.. but seriously.. when people are living in poverty without freedom and all they have is their religion. There will be extremism. No matter if it is Christianity or Muslim. Christians around the globe have a higher rate of freedom. ...
Jeffrey Sparks This is a kick America needs. He small spoke his way into office. Small words and impossible promises by a rich man who has whatever health he wants period while you search for a policy. Hopefully America wakes up soon and puts down the cell phone for a ...
Ray White Maher is one of my favorites, and I am conservative. How can that be, you say! Because I listen to both sides. Here's the thing: If you only listen to one side, then you only see one side. I listen to Maher because he brings intelligent rhetoric to the ...
Aaron Johnson Right hand over your heart, left hand on "The Art of the Deal" and remember our creed as we accept you in to Cult 45 "Those who provide information in which does not empower us are fraudulent. Even if a man bares the red, if he speaks out against us or ...
Lop Vane Trump supporters weren't conned! Stop saying that! They knew who they were voting for and expected everyone else to get fucked so long as THEY got the better deal.
Armin van Buuren
10:24 03/25/2017

Live from Miami! MAPS Backlot

11.0k reactions 2040 comments
Marcie L Foster Yayyyy my boy always doin the livestream for the trance family
Jorge Alejandro Uriarte Oquendo <3 LINDO Saber que existe mucha gente que ama el trance, y en silencio lo lleva en el corazon <3
Chen Keong This is trance! U play it on main stage! #arminforlife
Kevin Yang By far this is the best build up I heard in a long while
Arjun Hunurkar Woooah, first shake urr head, then chest and hips then shuffle...get it on AVB!!!!
Bill Maher
17:24 03/25/2017

Apparently the Republican version of health care was ‘If you like your doctor, go fuck yourself.’

26.2k reactions 765 comments
Terri Tada Ryan didn't write that bill ALEC did that is a group of teabaggger senators and giant corporations. they write bills and send them to congress. This "healthcare" rip off was brought to you by ALEC.
Joanne Allison Bill Maher, a really funny guy, and now with seemingly unlimited political fodder. I find I can no longer laugh. Somehow it's gotten so crazy it's beginning to feel like we are kicking a corpse.
Michael Herring Ok, let's point the finger a little more. Instead blaming, judging, criticizing how about a solution? That's what's wrong with this country right now we blame blame blame but no one wants to fix anything. Obamacare is crap, Ryan care is crap well how ...
Ricky Austin AHCA is a worse option than the first republican plan that we got the ACA or Obama Care as some like to call it. They should push forward the following amendments to reach their claimed goal. (1) Allow for another period of time so that states can ...
Paul H McAuliffe II Democrats have to get to work and come up with ideas and solutions to fix the ACA. Sitting back and watching Republicans do their best to make it fail is not an option!
Mike "The Situation"
21:18 03/25/2017

329 reactions 55 comments
Franziska Valerie Stef Anie Sandra Hofer
Mora Andi Janet Burgos
Even Tinius Grefsrud Stian Helge Theodor
Krista Grace Sherry Redcrow Evan Kardinal 🍔🍟😂
T Carol Marie Cree Welsh 😂
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