50 Cent
3 minutes ago

Homie got no fear

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Chad Evans He's a dumb fuck lol your in a liquor store with thick ass bottles all over the place he should have cracked him in the head when he turned around
Zeus Gotti That's what they should do when niggaz shooting up everything
Ryan Dobbs ok, but look how the cars sped off! i assume they saw the gun waiving. That is EXACTLY what I would do too! Get the HECK out of the vicinity!
Michael Vanhorn i love how all of the drivers just peace the fuck out like theyre gonna die, id jump out and call police and get that guy before the guy with balls loses them!!! people just want to see the world burn
Hovhannes Davtyan Props to him for stepping up but the way he handled the gun disarm was fuckin sloppy. And he could of gotten someone hurt. Don't try and save someone drowning if you can't swim. Consequently don't try and be John Wick either. This motherfucker was ...
Newt Gingrich
6 hours ago

Advocates for Opioid Recovery needs your help. We’re flooding social media with messages urging President Trump to take action to end the #opioid crisis. Join the movement—sign up on Thunderclap now and use #LetsTrumpAddiction to support the effort. http://bit.ly/AORThndrclp

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Karen Williams Freeman Mr. Gingwich will you please meet privately with OurPresident and tell him again Congressional Establishment are not pushing his work through for us the American people ?? I think Mr Trump can do a whole lot more if he could trust people who are suppose ...
Breia Ballone There is a huge difference between adiction and dependency. If your dependent. Opioids can be stopped when the pain stops just like antidepressants, nerve medications, anxiety medications, cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol and so on. You have to slowly ...
Tai Chi Master Eastern medical practices - such as acupuncture & Tai-chi exercises (as done & taught by good practioners) - can help people overcome drug addiction! Very few people know about this benefit of Eastern Medicine!
Kim Widmeyer Sonner When you are in debilitating pain....a person might swallow dynamite if they thought they could get relief...
Brenda Justice Maccarone Addiction is a very big problem just ask the many many parents or family members of people who have died . Horrible situation for so many families
Yesterday 10:12

Now THAT'S teamwork!

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Martin Pappenheimer #WWERegensburg!!!!
Aine Steers Marvin That is my Cesaro 💪💝
Faraz Habib I also want to become a WWE wrestler
Adam Tarasievich Cesaros swing into the rko was better
Aj Giacobbe Where are they at...a high school gym?
George W. Bush
8 hours ago

Chris Self is an incredible patriot...and one hell of a mountain bike rider. Learn more about him in #PortraitsofCourage - www.bushcenter.org/portraits. All profits are being donated to the George W. Bush Presidential Center and our work to help post-9/11 veterans.

5.8k reactions 101 comments
Jeremiah Jernigan Thank you President Bush for recognizing those who've fought for our freedoms! Thank you Sergeant Major Self for your service!
Gerard Eisenman Thank you Chris for your service and your sacrifices for our country, and thank you Mr. President for all you have done for our country and our veterans.
Deborah Stevenson Forget about politics -- focus on celebrating these heroes. I love this -- and President Bush's paintings are really good too.
Carol Wilson Stepanis Love President George W. Bush. His talent is amazing. The good old days 🤗
Jill Walter 2 very special men President George W Bush and Sgt Major Christopher Self thank both of you for all you've done for our country!
Marcelo Tas
00:48 02/26/2017

Crush 💕 #Carnaval #saobentodosapucai #SerraDaMantiqueira

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Isa De Ávila Chorei
Diego Vinicius Iiii carai kkkkkk
Rose Coutinho Que que é isso, jovem?
Vania Amorim Baeta De Assis Safadinho
Sin Cara
Yesterday 04:06

Thank you, WWE Germany!

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Fauzan Hanif Get Out (2017) Full Movie http://win-entertainment-20.blogspot.co.id/2017/02/get-out.html
Priciliano Ramos Ortiz Hola
Asif Qholby like you sin cara teknick faghting
Oscar Hernandez Hi sin cara :)
Jordi Jair Muñoz Morales Like sin cara
2 hours ago

Stadium live MZ

11.1k reactions 5882 comments
Ibrahim Usmanii Akon getto you nice men I love you big brother. My regards to you and your family
Sameer Laghmany What you did for africa the Electrecity .....Outstandingggg :)
Hector Garcia Send out Words don't mean the same no more! Love that Bro
Ross Junior Man this voice oh my gudnesssss bombaklattttt what a tune dop dop dopppppppp
Katie Noakes Your the best akon love your songs. Have you done any new songs lately
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Register today at the www.TheGreatestTrip.com!

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Tom-Ann Patterson Was there last month, what an experience!!!! incredible!!
Deniseglenn Poore I want to see New Jerusalem,y'all know it going to be spaceship..This glenn
Lino Raposo I love my Jesus but i don't think there will ever be peace here, till the Prince of Peace comes back. Love u Lord.
Betty Milam I was baptized in the Jordan river---As you travel thru--Its like the Bible comes alive
Maureen Baker The BEST trip ever! Just returned from this trip and had the time of my life! The Huckabee's make the trip extraordinary!
50 Cent
3 minutes ago

lit 🔥🔥🔥😂😂

14.4k reactions 3968 comments
Ben Molloy Joel Chester can you get your dad to organise this for me
Kenneth Radziak II Bill Troy Who said they don't dance at funerals??
Alice Roger Farah Guilleminot je compte sur toi pour me faire ça à mon enterrement, ça sera moins lourd je serai dans une urne tqt ;)
Alicia Ann Talia Jones why did this remind me of the weird stuff you showed me 😑😑😑
Przemek Pastor Shivesh Aaron If one time I die of doing too many all-nighters, that's the funeral I wanna have
Dita Von Teese
22:42 02/25/2017

Dressing room @swarovski porn brought to you by @catherinedlish #swarovski #burlesque #artoftheteese #burlesquecostume

2.4k reactions 715 comments
Carissa Brunick Stella Ram Yeizon Ramirez these were the crystals I was talking about!
Laura Allen Justin Schneiderman would this be too much embellishment for my wedding dress? haha
Sophie Badger Wedding dress obvs. Or for just round the house Graham Konstandelos
Hannah Bo Kaya Fisher Lauren Meek can y'all make something like this? I want.
Amanda Rose Melissa Melissa Melisula Pilacelli Scimio wow, this is an amazing idea... why do I have so many ideas and then move on to others??? Lol
The Wendy Williams Show
00:54 02/26/2017

In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, we honor Shirley Chisholm who became America's first Black woman elected to Congress.

266 reactions 18 comments
Saggi Jones Unbossed! The woman was fearless!
Beverly Ford 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Margie Earnest Change it to March
Kenneth Gauthier Thanks for sharing this
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Perfectly-popped popcorn — make a big bowlful for tomorrow's Oscars broadcast: http://martha.ms/61818HPZS

192 reactions 28 comments
Crystal Wiberg Rachel
Sheryl Miller Sitek Chris Miller
Aleandro Di Nuzzo Jess Catalano
Anita Aita Kelly Boisbouvier
Juan Antonio Gamboa Ramírez Cecy Ramirez Navarro
Serge Ibaka
Yesterday 12:42

😂😂 ma Fuzzy x @champagnepapi #wethenorth

443 reactions 13 comments
Tyler Privett Jeff C Cali
Justin Noble Robbie Hung lol
Elan Suissa Noam Suissa
Melissa Najera Mague Angeles nuestros viejos
Audra Ah Mwenet Fdj Okiemy Christ Amona mdrrr il prend des ailes lui
Serge Ibaka
Yesterday 12:42

😂😂 Ma Fuzzy x @champagnepapi #wethenorth

170 reactions 6 comments
Quentin Kazem Maël Da Silva
Josh Genereux No Sound, Serge Ibaka
Christy Lova Ooooh 😂😂😂
Caprice Bumputu Beau match hier frerot, du courage!!!
NBA All-around Hey guys, we picked up working on the page recently, and we're trying our best to make it as much entertaining as we can. Take a look at it and give us a like, we'll appreciate it and give our best so you don't regret it!
Brock Lesnar
Yesterday 03:36

Wrong time, wrong place...

16.7k reactions 919 comments
Carlo Costabile Mr Brock why dont u do the same with Goldberg?! What happened at survivor seriers 2017?? 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
Vijay Mojankar #Brrrooooocccckkkkk Where is your old skills Like that Pain and shooting Star press's &Thunderous F-5
Simeon Veselinov Back in the glory days of WWE. Ah the Ruthless Aggression era..
Chris Lally What will happen to you Alistair Wilson when you tell me your doing ross Dickerson for another week😂
Rishabh Saxena Matty...Went into an unconcious sleep for few moments... Plzzz don't disturb him ....
Maroon 5
33 minutes ago

Enter the #COLDChallenge on musical.ly to enter for a chance to win a signed prize pack from us. Get creative!!

5.2k reactions 43 comments
Daniel Gulewicz https://youtu.be/71wW9QE0cc0
Peny Hudson Levine Okay then ~
Zachary Allison I want to meet Adam
Cosette Tomas Ramos 😘
Phan Đạt .
Ray Lewis
Yesterday 11:18

55 reactions 3 comments
Ron Spence Very powerful truth. Thanks for sharing Ray Lewis
Jaydee Young Ray lewis can you please msg me on here thatd be the best birthday gift ever
Destiny Bullock Nothing but love/POWERFUL you got that right Dr Conte our reality is created by our thoughts TACKLING LIFE PODCAST I AM THANKFUL FOR
Julie Ordon
22:54 02/25/2017

2 reactions 0 comments
Jeff Gordon
11 hours ago

‪I'm honored to be among great company of #Daytona500 pace car drivers: Tom Cruise, Brad Paisley, Jay Leno, Cal Ripken Jr, Richard Petty & more!‬

2.3k reactions 24 comments
Christina Stengel sooooo sweeeeeet
Natalie Kemp ♥️
Betty Ahlheit get rid of tom hes a ahole
Betty Ahlheit hope the 24 and jr hit the wall
Kenneth Guertin Jeff bring it back to charlotte
20:06 02/25/2017

Fine art stinks. Watch the full episode here: http://on.cc.com/2mmdndy

19 reactions 142 comments
Jose Morales Hernanadez Daniel Grajeda Andres Cortes
Nate Knull Kurtis Knull Robby Saranzak Lane Larson Dan Kraemer Jacob Gerken😂
Gabrielle Buchheit Tell me u like pussy boss
Trey Johnson Ryan
Michael Fox I love this guy. Can't wait to go to the show here.
Jamie Oliver
00:42 02/26/2017

Yes yes yes this is art so gorgeous the barby blazer cocktail Barbecoa piccadilly have got such a great drinks menu so if youre a cocktail lover or a fan you ought to get down there book here xxjo x x x happy Saturday !! #barbecoapiccadilly

1.0k reactions 46 comments
Nancy Smith Noooooooooooooooo Allison Devereaux DiSimone
Claudia Irene Hohenstein Jan Hohenstein
Nanna Trondhjem Martin Hansen Lasse Trondhjem
Adriana Alicia Andréa Apolonio
Maximilian Knipp Patrick Matthias Julian Knipp Dominik Chmieleck
Speaker Paul Ryan
6 hours ago

The Rio Grande Valley Border Security has about 40 horses they adopted from the wild and trained for the field, and despite advances in technology, they are still essential to getting the job done.

3.0k reactions 307 comments
Victoria Ford Okay, so you got on a horse for a photo op. You are working against the horse by holding your body so rigid and at an angle. Watch the real cowboys around you. Their bodies are loose and fluid. Now get back to Washingotn D, C, and actually work for ...
Billijo M. Beck It's so neat that we are showing a value to our Mustangs. Lets hope we can figure out jobs for more of them, and we can figure out our Over abundance of them in the most humane way possible. Still confused why our USFS and Actual BLM agencies aren't ...
Rich Fleetwood As part of a DOC dept that has a wild mustang gentling program in Wyoming, I need to say THANK YOU to letting others know that adopted and gentled mustangs are some of the greatest work horses you could find. Kudos to the group, and you too, for ...
Gene Mayer You know the illeagals who work here still pays taxes even if they work under table there's a fee to pay for them. Did you ever stop to think of all the monies America will be loosing. And don't try oh they are in welfare, that's not true. What your ...
Tom Kumashiro I may sign up with Border Security for my next job if I can ride a horse. Wonder if Paul would put in a good word for me. lol.
Linkin Park
3 hours ago

Chester discusses the inspiration behind "Heavy" with Music Choice

11.2k reactions 251 comments
Carlos Eduardo I just do not like one thing, Chester is losing his voice, it was good for him to do some treatment to take care of the vocal cords. It is perceived that he has a hoarse voice lately.
Seri Farizareen The new song doesn't feel like linkin park. Its too pop. Back to your roots pls... Its what made us your fans in the first place. LP can still be relevant without being pop. Love LP but hate the new kiara collab (read pop descend). That's real low. ...
Otto van Zanten I get that after some time you want to change it up. But if your new music has absolutly nothing to do with the old, wouldn't it make more sense to change the band name? It's not in the same genre, it has a different singer, it doesn't use the same ...
Vicki Modica Wow..people forget that #1, music is an art form, and as with most artists, their vision and artistry CHANGES as they grow, age, mature and CHANGE themselves. Music is an outlet for emotions and Chester stated that the first line of the song was how he ...
Kari Filipi I'm at the point that reading people complain about Linkin Park's current sound in comment sections gives me great joy lol I hope the polka album comes next 😂
Katy Perry
4 hours ago

Keep your @musical.ly vids coming & maybe you’ll meet Nugget at the #iHeartAwards too! Rules in profile! #CHAINEDTOTHERHYTHM 📹 by @jessronagrooming

41.5k reactions 1751 comments
Ale Toledo Cortale asi a tu perrita asi camufla sus rasgos fuertes ahre jajajajajaj Allan Oliveira
Lise Paturel Pauline Bauvois Polska penses-tu que Douce tape la même pause chez le toiletteur mdr??
Andrea Marina Moni Gra Pau Gabriela Miren que bello pompón, si alguna baña a la pupi asi tiene que quedar jajajajajaj
Samuel Balarini Pereira Is this gonna work fairly or just like meet and greet for the tour worked ?
Debbie Larkin Shauna Riordan 😍 think you need to start cutting dogs instead or human hair ha
Jimmie Johnson
10 hours ago

/ the pressures of the office: Jimmie seamlessly transitions from the intensity of the track to the demands of the fans #chasing8

1.2k reactions 20 comments
Mark Ned Flounders Chris Neeson
Cindy Hendrick #48-4-8
Shari Wyman Hunt Good luck!
Jessie Hart GREAT FOR 8
Serge Ibaka
Yesterday 12:42

Great win! Excited to be on the floor for the first time with the Raptors and in Toronto. #WeTheNorth

628 reactions 26 comments
Triston Johnson Welcome to Canada
Tyler Orendorff Tony Saxon Day
Jay Quam Kalin Quam
Guillaume Tbn Elsa Toffoletti il contre et après il met deux point il respect rien 😂
Ro Hernandez Good luck Serge...we miss you in OKC
Russell Westbrook
Yesterday 05:48


11.7k reactions 125 comments
Floy Shinault We loved being there and seeing the new players.Great Time
Warrick Moore Campbell Eaaaaassssy!! STILL rockin! 🔋🤘🏾🤷🏾‍♂️ SoundCloud.com/warrick-moore/westbrook
Jenny Moore Awesome game last night by all the guys!!🏀🏀🏀
Russell Gebremichael Stat padding? Just kidding great game MVP
Jermaine Lathan 4-18
Yohan Blake
11 hours ago

It was a good team run this morning running the last leg. It felt really good. Finals later it is going to be good. (love you God ) #gibsonrelays.

1.1k reactions 17 comments
Andrei Liviu Good luck Yohan Blake. (Y)
Carlene Lyle Edwards Enjoying Gibson &McCook relay,relaxing.
Remona Mckoy God is a good god ,in it
Remona Mckoy Bless him always
Thelma Green Blessings
George W. Bush
8 hours ago

Bryce Cole, I think you actually turned out to be a lot cooler than Rambo. #PortraitsOfCourage www.bushcenter.org/portraits

9.1k reactions 129 comments
Debra Franken Smith G-d bless you and your family you were and always will be my favorite President!
Nan Parker I can not wait for my book to come !! -"Portraits Of Courage " Autograph edition By George " w"
Holly McLeod Holmquist I love these stories and your paintings. Please keep them coming!
Melvena Palmo Thank you for your service!! I live in a free and blessed country because of you.
Roy Lee Hurst sure will Never see Obama out doing anything like this for our wouded warriors......Thank You G.W...
Shawn Michaels
Yesterday 03:06

Still don't know who that guy was...

6.6k reactions 167 comments
James Priest He was quarter past ten!!! Jayde Robb
Steve Long Your ok Shawn he was some guy from ECW in the match
Dallas Johns Even in 2006 cm punk still got more chants
Liam Evans A very lean Mike Knox!
Jason Bohon Exactly Amber Eiker wrestling not half as good now as it was then but these young folks think hbk Goldberg lesnar taker austin sting are no good and new era million times better than them i say they dumbasses new era dont know wrestling
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