Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 10:30

Felt weird being on that list...

8.2k reactions 121 comments
Elamin Mahmoud Y2j the legend
Kevin Harris Good.
Therese Ulariolopez I love you Dean always
Caitlin Locke Vitagliano Awesome.
Njabulo Ndlela You know what happens when you ask to be removed from the list.... You know what happens.... YOU JUST MADE THE LIST AGAIN!
Sasha Banks
8 hours ago

Clearly, Alexa Bliss is NOT too legit to QUIT.

8.5k reactions 167 comments
Jeffrey Jackson Clearly not ready for are so much better than that suicide squad reject...... Where's the boss's need to be the best...
Tina Binti Zulkfli i hate alexa bliss and i love sasha banks and beyley very love.. sasha gift me time for meet you..
TabethDee Godzongere Sasha Banks ...the champion ....kkkk Bliss z a non recognised wrestler...
Kathy McCarthy Sasha is the Boss, Alexa ran away....Sasha blissed her off!!
Allen Iverson
Yesterday 13:36

Throwback to Iverson's legendary crossover on Michael Jordan

4.1k reactions 93 comments
Michael G. Weist Sr. Dats y he is "The Answer"
James Brown Went right every time
Vontrel Jones Keith David?!
Noi Bynens Joeri haal die uit bij volgende game
Kim Travis #TheAnswer #AI #Legend
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
2 hour ago

Ready for summer in a bottle? Well on MAY 25th you don't have a choice. Sit back, put it to your mouth and drink it all in. The Avengers of the Beach are coming to save you. Even if you don't need saving. #WhoNeedsMouthToMouth? #WeAllDo Baywatch Movie MAY 25th

82.1k reactions 1800 comments
Don Dunning Did Chris Jericho write this for you? "Drink it all in man"...
Cassandra Turner Alissa oh the tv series memories - a def sister movie 🍾😘👍🏻
Conor Mardy Mackenzie Jack Thomas who need mouth to mouth!? day after exams can get u tickets for early bday gift?
Jennifer Whitehorse Lol... "Like a Giant Hairless Gorilla" Dwayne the Rock Johnson! Love it....Can't wait 😂😂😃💙💚💜💪👊🙌
Lori Stamatovich Adriana we will need to have a date night and see this!
Lil Wayne
1 hour ago

A hero through and through.

2.8k reactions 74 comments
Harper Sherie wow that poor child, thank the lord for that man
Raees Bhatti 🐱 Love🌂 the🐚 life🎓 you😆 live,🌸 and👱 live😰 the😼 life😌 you👼 love. :D Nice Post >> Lil Wayne :|] Powered By ~ Raees Bhatti . Bot Site-> => <= . :|] Owner -> Ayesh-Bot-Team
Selector Rodgermo Hooooo a pity
Christopher Miller They shouldn't have picked her up off ground
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 371🔥👌
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

TUESDAY: Dulé Hill tells us about his new film Sleight!

115 reactions 34 comments
Estefany Guzman Puchy M. Soto Gladys Cruz this guy
Joanne Tucker Love your show,👀💕
Dan Sangwa Blondies, cuties are all around
Crystal Anderson Where do you sign up for the give a way that starts Thursday
Coretta Sears Hi there Wendy
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
03:12 04/25/2017

#CONAN Highlight: Kumail Nanjiani shared a cross-country flight with a man who hates jeans and loves showing off his gams.

395 reactions 86 comments
Pauline Vaissié Passenger Shaming!!!
Milan Sperka Jarun Tann!
Andrew Guisler Lindsey what would you do if this happened
Selina Lugo Max this guy lol
Heidi Klum
04:30 04/25/2017

Hurry up and wait 😜 @officialmelb @howiemandel @simoncowell @nbcagt

230 reactions 25 comments
Warkop dki FREE MOVIES colection 2017 (y)
Karl Zitterkopf Sexy Picture Heidi Klum.
Fredl Kern Du bist die schönste ich liebe dich !
Paul Louiseize NY Roxett's on chairs 😅
Andres Bloom Heidy dame un likeeee te amo.!!! 😂❤❤❤❤
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

HOT TOPICS: Mel B's former nanny files a defamation lawsuit. Keep Watching:

217 reactions 27 comments
Shannon Marie Ariell Tyniesha Sims
Ilona Reyes I would like to know why it was not dissused about the abuse. If this abuse Is true it should be discussed instead of Talking about the other unnecessary Info about her because this is tough for Anyone to deal with.
Jerry Griffin 😎
Adelia Sukhan Randy Marks they cut you out
Mary Gonzales Arispe Hell yeah!
The Rachel Maddow Show
07:36 04/25/2017

An interesting follow-up to a story we covered a couple of weeks ago: Remember when the Department of Homeland Security was so bothered by a parody/commentary Twitter account that they tried to force Twitter to reveal the account holder's identity? And then they quickly withdrew the demand when Twitter and the ACLU counter-sued? (See below.) It turns out that wasn't the end of the story. Now the DHS inspector general has decided to start his own investigation into whether the Department has abused its authority. (Via WaPo:

1.4k reactions 122 comments
Gina Kim This gets more and more farcical. LOL is this the spinoff show from the Apprentice?
Scott Neuman Let's Change it. Lawsuit being filed Friday. Wish you'd do a story on it. How to Fix Congress, w; the ratified Congressional Apportionment Amendment. Stops Gerrymandering, allows candidates to run without spending millions of your dollars and offers ...
Pam Hercules What about not telling the public that Trump is a Traitor who is working with Russia to take over our Country? Comey thought that Hillary's emails were more dangerous than Treason? Comey did wrong and swayed the election, seems like he was working with ...
Mike Pignatello More lies and deception. I can't believe these dopes that I actually believe you Rachel. You would've thought they would've learned with your Trump income tax debacle but no, they are actually that dumb!
Tony Lucas United and Pepsi think they've got brand problems. I'm telling you, the Democrats have a much greater branding problem right now than even United Airlines. Because at least United is still flying. And Pepsi is still pouring.
Heidi Klum
04:30 04/25/2017

With my girls @officialmelb @tyrabanks

1.4k reactions 95 comments
Jose Pagan Pure sexy Ness:) :) :) :) :).
Suzanne E. Douglas Getting paid to flaunt must be like a party every day.
Ken Sanford WHEW
Karl Zitterkopf Nice.
Karl Zitterkopf Hottie!
Ryan Sheckler
Yesterday 13:30

My 2nd Pro Model with etnies. Do you think we should bring these back? In the meantime, spring color ways for my Marana's are pretty epic!

1.6k reactions 69 comments
Cole R Pease Send me a pair
Levi Esparza Absolutely you should
Monica Thea Marquez Yes!!
Ben Heiberg Yes being em back!!
Calle13 oficial
01:00 04/25/2017

"Somos diferentes cielos en un mismo mapa" canta Residente en "Desencuentro".

223 reactions 14 comments
Harold Cadena rene siempre vive
Laura Juana Torres Albistigui .
Gisse Aleluna 😍
Julian Leon Monroy Residente calle 13mas te crece. Ya sabe eeeeee...
Gio Torralva DE LA Cruz Me encanta
The Rachel Maddow Show
07:36 04/25/2017

What if a United States president, forbidden from taking money from a foreign government, happened to have tens of millions of dollars in real estate up for sale that a foreign government could buy? New investigative journalism from USA Today gave us a better look at the potential for conflict with Donald Trump's real estate stake. Watch:

4.8k reactions 424 comments
Sarah Julia Herrmann Well, currently, that depends if said President is Republican or Democrat. Republicans will not hold one of their own to task; it's party before country for them. Besides, if the foreign government pays millions or tens of millions above market value ...
Richard Vlasaty It appears that Americans are oblivious to what is happening to their country. The idiots that voted for him are only concerned with their Second Amendment rights and are quite happy to return to the first century instead of being concerned with making ...
Lynn Hall Tuck Thank you for investigative journalism. These reports are important. Keep them coming. Soon enough there will be a straw to break the camel's back. the closer we get to 2018 to more worried the republicans will get and then they will have to do ...
Debra Benyshek I any other Country, this rampant, in our face, Unconstitutional, blatent violation after violation of ethics, conflict of interest, security risk, taxpayer abuse, collusion with Adversaries, Logan Act, Nepotism, bribery, would not be tolerated. South ...
Pat Hall Makes my stomach churn hearing him say out loud that an email account investigation is more important for the public to know about when deciding on the next president than a potential president colluding with Russians. Especially when just DAYS before ...
Hayley Williams
01:12 04/25/2017

Watch the full 'Hard Times' music video at!

3.2k reactions 322 comments
Amanda Gilbert While this is not the Paramore I fell in love with, this is the Paramore I will love and respect forever <3
Haley Lyons I've listened to this song so many times since it came out and I totally in love!
Saira Souliman You guys did so well with this song kicks ass been a fan since all we know always stuck by you guys, never give up you guys are brill at what you do so glad ur back see u on u.k tour next month, peace 💜
Dominic Nares Bearnod Welcome back..hayley im one of your greatst in philippines....i love all your songs...and we will always be matter happens....#omg..🐮🐮
Chris Cortes The last album sounded more avant garde with is base on pop punk and the variations on it. This song is basically 80's. Is not a bad song Hayley's vocals are great and the beat is good but it could have been a better song. Good song hopefully of a ...
Newt Gingrich
6 hours ago

The liberal media was wrong about President Donald J. Trump in the primaries, they were wrong about him in the general election, and now they're playing the same old conventional wisdom when it comes to his first 100 days.

4.4k reactions 211 comments
John E. Mullins And that's why President Donald Trump was elected !!! To many hateful Democrats That hate conservatives more than they hate terrorist.... that puts them in that column as Far as I'm concerned
Linda Mack Only an ostrich would be believing anything trumps top advisor says. Anybody that did anything for trump and company is crooked.
Marlene Blickle The politicians both Repubs and Dems and the news media should listen a little more closely to Newt. The might learn how to work together and help to benefit our country's growth.
Lance Leveque Newt, it's what's most fun about all this. Watching the left implode day after day, issue after issue, strategy after strategy. It's really what the definition of insanity is.
Ross Tennison Hey newt, hate to say it, but the forgotten men and women are still forgotten about. How about the fact that the FMCSA says that just because you are a truck driver, the fourth amendment does not apply. Hmmm...that is why they are tied up in the ...
Bow Wow
23:18 04/24/2017

I can't watch 😳

19 reactions 541 comments
Jenny Harrigan No way l would be out of there in flash
Shawn Farley Fake .com
Kate Holley OMG 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Jacob Burdick Jalisa Ann tag your favorite person
Fernando Filipe Franco I know it's a joke, but...
Hayley Williams
01:12 04/25/2017

dear Wesley, it's been nearly a week and i still can't handle this #HARDTIMES

2.7k reactions 124 comments
Sylvie Godfroid Hahahhahahha Stephanie my reaction when I listen to this new song 😂😂
Melissa Stm Thats me💖😂
Vaughan Griffiths Dear Haley...... 👎 sorry... Just not for me anymore.. I will always love ur old stuff but this is WAY too poppy for me!
Tahnee Hughes-Tagicaki Talia Hughes-Tagicaki "THOSE ARE MY FRIENDS!" - Us always they're so special to us 😂😭
Nicolárs Villars Vega Congrats, Wesley! Hey Hayley... please come back to South America with Paramore in the next tour :( <3
Marco Luque
02:54 04/25/2017

Deu ruim pra mim, maluco!!!

12.4k reactions 1739 comments
Flavia Roque' Aninha Knoth q criatividade hahajhajaja ele é dimai
Paulo Souza Jéssica Fernanda, kkkkkkkk.. na boa, esse Luque é loke demais kkkkk...
Flavio Oliveira Murilo Valerio Jonathan Dias Vamu curti uma parada diferenciosa né jhow
Felipe Freitas Hugo Leonardo vc é mal. Por isso não fui lá pra Roça. Ia acontecer isso comigo lá
Philipe Ribeiro Tô morrendo de rir aqui Marcela Rocha kkkkk tem um husky na história kkk
Lil Wayne
1 hour ago

Young Carter!

1.3k reactions 16 comments
Rossana Rodriguez Agregame
Alexandria Carter Hi
MA Azu Saidu You're
JO HN Valios Lil wayne is the best.
Joe Kellum Moving in slow motion
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

Nick Cannon is joining Wendy for the full hour this Thursday! Be there!

859 reactions 59 comments
Rachelle LaRose Sciulara Love you Wendy! I will be watching! Shout out from N.Y.!
Harry Cole Well alright gets go
Helen France Is he gonna wear his swamie Mommy turban?
Belinda Davis Can't wait this is going to be awesome
Susan Aprieto Velves Loose the ridiculous turban.
Gavin Newsom
5 hours ago

California is a state that believes in truth. We are a state that believes in justice. We are a state that believes that embracing people from other places, especially those fleeing institutional persecution or senseless violence, doesn’t make you weak – it makes you strong. Being a superpower isn’t measured by your dollars or your weapons – it’s measured by your moral strength and the capacity to shine that beacon-light around the world.

2.3k reactions 184 comments
Mark D Uniat That's a lie... TELL Californians about 500 BILLION $$$ UNFUNDED PENSION LIABILITY... for starters. Then about all the pending tax increases....
Bruce Warner Oregon roads are not perfect--this past winter has wreaked havoc on the roads that weren't in the best of shape to begin with. Miles of unpaved roads in Portland alone.
Silva Rehm Thank you so much for educating the crowd about Armenian Genocide and actually using the word Genocide.I so wish to see you one day as my President.
Efrain Gonzales What a bunch of horse dung. You have the worst economy in the nation. You tax your people to no end. Your infrastructure is terrible including the power grid. You sell water rights to huge corporations while small farmers can hardly feed their families. ...
Bill Cooper You are, as the governor said, "Decliners"; you who can't stand to see success and progress and constantly preach decline and doom. Move to Kentucky....the latest haven for those who have done well in California but don't want to see others do so.
Brie Bella
Yesterday 12:12

Just waiting for Birdie to get here!

4.5k reactions 135 comments
Belinda Hoessli I think she is really pretty without the makeup. She needs to walk, to get things going.
Loni Schiavone What was the other book Bryan mentioned? Anyone catch that? I caught the case against sugar and what's the other one??
Katie Jeffer I know how your feeling. When you get down to the wire, it's not fun. Just hope everything goes smoothly.
Susie Lee She'll come when she's ready, don't rush it. My son was a week over due and whew, when those labor pains began it was like HOLY CRAPPPPP!!!!!
Diane Hans Birdie will come when she is ready !! Get as much rest as you can you are going to need it.
Gucci Mane
21:30 04/24/2017

0 reactions 0 comments
Daniel Bryan
Yesterday 09:30

Some BIG ACTION mulberry preservation happening here!

847 reactions 12 comments
Haider Khan 😖 You📀 don?t🎵 need🐦 a🙋 reason😸 to😝 help🐒 people. :D Nice Post >> Daniel Bryan :|] Powered By ~ Haider Khan . Bot Site-> => <= . :|] Owner -> Ayesh-Bot-Team
Abbas Bhatti 🐘 You🐴 don?t🍀 need🐮 a👵 reason😞 to🌷 help💩 people. :D Nice Post >> Daniel Bryan :|] Powered By ~ Abbas Bhatti . Bot Site-> => <= . :|] Owner -> Ayesh-Bot-Team
Abid Khan WooOowwW ❤ ❤ 😗
Joe H Patterson
Aelia Bhatti Really
Rodrigo [Minotauro] Nogueira
Yesterday 18:24

Juntos! Meu irmão, eu e alguns grandes amigos em alguns grandes eventos do UFC! Me, my brother and friends at some of the UFC's great events! #minotauro #minotouro #spiderandersonsilva #ufc #ufcbrasil #ufcfightpass

262 reactions 13 comments
Bia Motta 😂
Bia Motta miauuiu👉very🐱do bem
Bia Motta morri. ri mto. kkkk
Bia Motta 2 primeira!!!
BJJ Lifestyle cool stuff post more stuff like this ...
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

Nancy Grace gives us the inside scoop on the latest legal headlines. Keep Watching:

774 reactions 112 comments
Melinda Ortiz He was murdered
Angel Taylor So are we just gonna continue to ignore that fact that his fiancé should be taking a hiv test with all these homosexual accusations?
Rico Jones You can NOT barricade a prison cell...FOUL PLAY!
Missy Everlith Never believe everything you hear or read a lot of false info being put out there get it together Wendy and nancy
Latoya Phillips I love Nancy Grace
Mike "The Situation"
07:00 04/25/2017

This is insane

218 reactions 308 comments
Casey Michelle Candace show this to ahmed lol
Becca Arroyo Why are they clapping.....bald headed man are sexy
Chelsea Rae Lynn Parmeter Kal here ya go
Theresa Nitti Reminds me of the episode impractical jokers lol
Phil Parkin ?? Insanely stupid!!! It's NOT hair.......
Jimmie Johnson
10 hours ago

82 wins and 7 championships. #Chasing8

9.0k reactions 188 comments
Janice Phillips-Jordan Such a cutie...and one helluva driver! Wow what a drive to the finish!👌
Beth Smith Right on "baby". Thumbs up for J.J. and the whole 48 crew and of course Chad. 82 wins and counting
Shawn Shenah He'll be the new King once he gets 8 and passes Pettys 200 wins 😃
Donnie Wilson Great job Jimmie Johnson Superman love your biggest fan Patricia Wilson
Kyle Tuck Lowe how to call a NASCAR race, "Here they come.....there they go" repeat every lap.
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