Snoop Dogg
Yesterday 21:42

After Party Kandy Bar Charlotte April 30th

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Gundo Malivha Yo whatever happened to Snoop Lion haha
Janos Szabo you're the best DJ at home :-)
Shelby Benoit Iam still sueing you for nightfall
Afran Love 👍
Waka Flocka Flame
3 hours ago


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Willy Noita Dgino Manzari me regarde pas comme ça frère
Peter Anthony Jesse Johnson these duck ones kill me
Noah Bachtell Why this you too 😂 KKhaleal Harp
Abby Wise Trust me we notice
Shatavia Jones Ebo Ebo so you bih 😂😂😂😂
Soulja Boy Tell Em
2 hour ago

Timeline Photos

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Alexandra Urban Maximilian Stefan Mary Jovanović Valentin Oberwaldner OMG
Božena Amižić Haahhhahahahaha Barbara Julia Ana ususus
Fiona Brosnan Andres Martin Thought you'd appreciate this
Rheah Menon Sabrina Hameed
Ebony Apps Brit Parton
Luis Fonsi
5 hours ago

Gracias Daddy Yankee por tu confianza, fuerza y entrega! They don't call you #TheBigBoss fo' nothing🙌🏽 Sigamos haciendo historia... #Despacito #Billboards2017 #MuchRespect

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Carlos Enrique El tiene q agradecerte , tu no eres un simple rregetonero , tu eres musico compositor y tu exito es lo mejor
Kala Fernández (•_•) <) )╯Des / \ \(•_•) ( (> Pa / \ (•_•) <) )> Ci / \ (*•*) <) )\ √ \_ To Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito 🎶 Supongamos que no lo leíste cantando ( ͡• ͜> ͡• ) \╭ ...
Laura Mancillas Awesome duo,you did a great song together love that song Despacito.
ElisaElis Garcia Estuvo,increible Luis Fonsi y Daddy Yankee son geniales jamas olvidaresmos esto
Rosita Pollita Caro Un dúo muy bueno.....mi niña de 5 años no hace más si no cantar y bailar "despacito"......felicidades por su éxito
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 13:42

👍🏻🇺🇸 Turning Point USA

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Jeanne Spinarski Hear hear
Tony Medeiros thank you ALL for your service. Tony and Ann
Susan Dennis This NK need to be taken out 1 bullet right i the head
Naseer Ahmed Amen
Roger L. Perkins Tell that to UC Berkeley.
Leo Messi
Yesterday 17:12

Esta Semana Mundial de Vacunación, recuerdo lo importante que ha sido mi salud para triunfar fuera y dentro de la cancha. Todos los niños merecen crecer sanos y fuertes. #Vacúnate This World Immunization Week, I'm reminded that my health has been critical to my success both off and on the field. Every child deserves to grow up healthy and strong. #VaccinesWork

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Goran Zoor Dari ئەوەتە سەرۆکمان ❤️✌️ئەو کەسەی کە لە نێو یاریگادا ڕحم بە ھیچ کەسێک ناکات و ھەموان ئەخاتە سەر چۆک و گریان ✌️😁❤️نەحەزانت بە قوربانی ئەو سمێڵ و ردێنەت ئەکەم دڵ دڵ گیان 😜😘 ههههههههه كوردى لييه .
Uillian Freitas Para você que parou e estar lendo essa mensagem..Não sei qual o problema que você está vivendo em sua vida, mas nesta manhã Deus renova as tuas forças, e te faz mais que vencedor. Adicione como amigo Uillian Freitas
Castro Rubhlider Esdeyner Gracias lio messi por,ser el mejor jugador de la historia a nivel mundial por su talento y don q te a dado Dios .gracias a usted todos queremos ser el mejor jugador como usted,⚽🕢Dios te bendiga y gracias por ayudar e esos niños.
حيدر علي و الله ميسي احنه بمدينة الصدر عدنه هواي مواهب ، عبالك البرازيل ، بس ماكو اهتمام و حتى ساحات ماكو بس 24 ساعة يفترون اهل التلقيح عبالك احنه دجاج مو بشر ...سلامي للأهل 🌸😁
Brosk Alhussein #NoFlyZone4Rojava The Great American People.....Help us We the kurds as we are live in Rojava (North Syria) we are fighting ISIS (Organizations of the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria) and the terrorists organizations and The American Forces and ...
Yesterday 23:54

last cover story before After Laughter arrives. this is the May issue of DIY.

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Victoria Ragbeer But there will be more magazine shoots when after laughter does arrive?
Darren DellaRatta H. Williams with the checkerboard shirt and money green buttons. Really great. Friendly, Emo Derringer
Tonyy Trann Its sad I miss the band being all together but then there was 3. I still love Paramore tho!<3
Francesco Colombo this photoshoot is amazing. you guys look incredible. LIKE if you agree.
Desire Desire Now you have all these fans screaming to see you, but your tired. And look, they don't even notice it.
11 hours ago

Pre-order ‘Feed The Machine’ now and receive two songs instantly, including the brand new track, “Song On Fire” //

7.8k reactions 158 comments
Katti Käfer Wooo hooo. I love this Song 😍😍. Can't wait for the new album 😍😍😍
Tina Louise Ewington I love you so much you will always be beautiful to me Chad I wish I was your girl
Kerry Kozitzki Hug that Special Someone because You Never Know. :) Great Song!! <3
Tiina Nurminen I did pre-order first day. Thank you awesome single again. I love that so much 😍😍
Helen Long I've pre ordered this morning as part of fan club package will I get 2 tracks to download
Soulja Boy Tell Em
2 hour ago

Timeline Photos

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Shaliyah Kan Susie Ahmedin after a "shaythought"
Shauna Pappan Erin Enloe Norita Arkeketa-Quintana
Lexi Anastasiadis Nikki Lo
Oana Albu Ana Nichita Mry Anna
Nelli Get Richard Streck Louis Flücht Alex Mehnert Fynn Oldenburg w t f
Jean-Claude Van Damme
10 hours ago

Hi friends! Twenty-nine years ago 'Bloodsport' was released in 1988. #JCVD #Bloodsport

70.4k reactions 2800 comments
Ilmo Kaltiokumpu All time favorite movie. I watch it sometimes two or more times in a row when i get the urge. This and kickboxer. Cant beat them. Love the movies. Knowing the lines pretty much when watching it sums it up.
Johan Heinrich Von Jylk A movie what was cut over 20 minutes shorter in Finland, because violence. It was very hard to get the uncut version. Fortunately, those days are long gone.
New Nk Wow..i remember this movie vividly when i was growing..remember always looking for all this Chapters or parts.I fill in loved with it and always wanted to watch over and over.i miss it and will see if i get to watch again.Kudos Van
Salvador Xerinda I used to follow movie by movie since "No retreat no surrender" but Bloodsport and Cyborg were the big ones that made me love your work
Biswajit Deb 29 years ago I was also born in 1988... and as a kid this was the first hollywood movie I ever watched... and among all the Martial art movies I watched so far... I feel nothing can ever beat this...
1 hour ago

#HUMANZ IS OUT NOW ✊ Buy/stream it now:

71.9k reactions 1232 comments
Adam Turner Bought the Album on CD today. Cranked it and loved it but was dissapointed to see songs missing :( even previous to today's much anticipated release, I've found songs like the apprentice and others that aren't on the CD, WTF!!???? The extra stuff should ...
Jesus O. Urbina Also, how can people complain about the "Gorillaz feel" acting like they're Gorillaz' fans.. When Gorillaz never had a set genre to start with hahaha
Alecks Cunningham I think the album is fantastic. If you want to hear more Damon, maybe get his solo album from a couple years back. If you want to hear Gorillaz, get this album, if only for the Danny Brown verse on Submission. Oh, and that De La Soul track, momentz, ...
Joe Kirk Get over it, I can't wait to listen to it and have really enjoyed the songs I've heard so far. People moaned about Plastic Beach not being Gorillaz-y when that came out, and people now highly regard it.
Lewis Campbell Rhys Morgan judging by tue comments it looks like we've got another collaboration glut with not enough 2D :/ Still buying it though, gotta hear for oneself :D
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 14:12

Timeline Photos

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Helen Carol Hamrick Jarrell Amen!
Cordelia Bay Yes and Amen.
Gand Mhume Trusting Father, Son and Holy Spirit!!!
Donald J Holland Perfect timing Amen
Anita Edwards Bridges Amen
Yesterday 21:18

We've teamed up with MOAS - who have rescued over 33,000 refugees & migrants - to create the I AM YOU t-shirt, to encourage us all to remember we are one and the same. ➡️ (All profits to MOAS)

7.2k reactions 118 comments
Yadi Mn Love you coldplay
Nicola Phillips Emily Richards
Amir Gholamei Its Really Great TShirt With Great Spirit To Inspirite To Everyone All Around The Globe Becouse Of Your Great Words To Encourage Everyone All Around The World Thank You So Much To Give Us This Pleasure And Share It With Us All The Greatest In The World ...
Saef Mohammed Sa lahat po ng nagmamahal sakin...kahit ito lang po pede na
Othmane Chiouikh n one deserve to die in the sea
Enrique Iglesias
Yesterday 19:36

Gracias por su apoyo siempre Premios Billboard

21.7k reactions 558 comments
Maricel Minoza You deserved it Enrique, we always here for.. GOD BLESS.
Romeo Morales Mi vida!te mereces todo lo mejor Enrique !!!desde "enamorado x primera vez" hasta "subeme la radio"q me gusta todo lo q haces y sos una buena persona,por eso te va bien!para mí sos el mejor!!te adoro!💕💖😍
Ivonete Dendena Sienpre estoy aqui herói fuersa que Deus te bendigas mucho para sienpre estar com nos outros 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤💋💋💋👄👄
Graciela Mora de Iglesias Miil Felicidades mi Rey hermoso.... lo mereces porque eres el #1 😘😘😘😘 Nos vemos en Michoacán ✌ #OneLoveOneLove 😘😘
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 13:42

Timeline Photos

7.0k reactions 420 comments
Jack Ehrlich Poop your pants crazy fat boy.
Anthony Costa this one killed me lol lmao
Tony Bertolini Crap....people trying to leave...Not trying to come in
Danny Williamson I'm sure that's a frightening sight for Bowl-Cut Jr.
Sharon Hickey Waters ooops
Khloé Kardashian
10 hours ago

The Lord and the lady 😁#FamilyFunDay

48.6k reactions 622 comments
Teresa Bodi Scott and Khloe have always been that way , I don't believe there crossing the line without Khloe I don't think Scott would be there still there friendship grew after Lamar Odom I think it's the fact Scott went to rehab maybe he taught her something she ...
Leah Conroy They are family regardless. With all of the things that have happened with Scott and kourtney there is no way they could ever be more than family.
Janet Del Carpio Berttini Daniella Puño Villanueva Carolina Pradel Zamora siempre me pareció extraño su trato de ellos no? Osea yo kourtney no podría! Tipo hay un limite no? 🤣
Faith Glory Think positive good people, I see no harm in some two persons having a great chemistry together. Khloe is a dynamic woman and Scotty too a gininian of cause you know how it works with them WONDERFUL people lol cheers pipo
Avi Gutierrez I think we are not used to show love to other . We need too . Now days if you say hi to some one in the street they look at you crazy!!
David Ortiz
06:48 04/28/2017

God bless everyone ✌️piz out

1.0k reactions 186 comments
Jake Hensley Greatest Champion in Red Sox history. Papi you the man.
Michele Sloan Still handsome and sexy Mr.Ortiz miss you playing ball enjoy your retirement
Jose Ramos Usted es un bacan bacan mi repecto para usted leito junior😄😄
Deborah V Bosco I miss you so much.Looks like your enjoying your retirement.Your family must having you around.♡♡♡♡♡♡
Cristian Zapata Ey men te habla un fanático tuyo y tu compadre pedro y de el mani
Yesterday 23:54

from the set of Hard Times #zacsfilm

16.0k reactions 102 comments
Noémie Dbl When you are a dietitian and needs to check what hayley eats 😂 I had to zoom in.
Trevor Cornwall Royal Albert Hall sold out.. missed out 😔😔😔 hope they do a 2nd night there 😓😓😓
Holly Beresford Lewis Jackson best colour of hair she's had yet
Josie Diana Acosta Heather Marvin you could totally pull this outfit off omg 💕
Ellie Fardon Add another venue to the UK!! Can't get tickets for anything!!
11 hours ago

Which one gotta go?

6.4k reactions 3429 comments
Justina Razo I'd say the wings. I'm from the Midwest .. beer, brats, burgers, gringo tacos/Real Mexican tacos, and Italian food is part of the culture .. chicken wings is more southern style food.
Sandeep Donepudi I'm gonna say wings cause I am a vegetarian and there are vegetarian options for the other three choices. What do you guys think? Zain Shahzad Osama Baig Mus'ab Hassan
Shontay Martin Pizza! I've always wanted to enjoy pizza as much as everybody else but I just can't. The only pizza I eat is Imos from my city of saint Louis.
Bob Scardina The one that's gotta go is the punk making you choose! Stand up and each what you will! All others have the choice to eat what they will. Culinary Freedom should never be inhibited!
Jessica Dock Whoever trynna stop me from eating either one gotta go. I don't need that kind of negativity in my life. ✋🏼
Katy Perry
Yesterday 17:54

Fresh out the oven! Listen everywhere: 🍒

79.1k reactions 2785 comments
Princess Carreon You are not miley!!!!, you are a beautiful person inside out, whatever it is going in your life give it to God, and trust me you'll know what your next step is, His plans are better than ours, His plans are greater, He wants the best for you, I think ...
Roberto Diaz I don't get people. Y'all wanted her to change her sound, so she did and now y'all want the old Katy back. You can't have it both ways, sorry. It's okay to not like the song but the personal attacks on her have to stop.
Patryk Zep I have always associated Katy with a childish music. Now, it's better, but for me the whole atmosphere's pathetic. Katy's trying so hard to be recognized as a world pop star and life changer. I prefer this than Prism, but it's still not satisfying. More ...
Riley Fletcher I fell in love with Katy, and coined her as my soul-sister, when I watched a scratchy youtube video of her singing her phenomenally-well written "Thinking of You" in some dive-bar years ago. It was so real and so raw and listening to some of this new ...
Thomas Hendriks Y'all need to stop complaining about how 'you liked old katy more'. If you actually are a fan, you would see through her looks and realize this is a song that can easily fit on Teenage Dream and respect her decisions. WHO CARES ABOUT HER HAIR?!!?!
Ricardo Arjona
10 hours ago

Gracias #Billboard (WT)

46.3k reactions 1031 comments
Luis Martinez La verdad no peca pero incómoda para tus adversarios y pera muchos la verdad lo máximo y eso nadie lo cambia a cada persona
Olga Lidia Valladares Rodas Gracias, gracias por no olvidar su tierra, gracias por esos mensajes, que nos da en canción y por no olvidar sus raíces, y porque siempre a pesar de todo lo que le a pasado Sigue adelante creo que asi deve ser un buen, cantante y gracias por seguir ...
Silvia Carrillo Ha si, yo también lo iba a ver cuando empezaba a cantar y se presentaba en el teatro al aire libre, siempre me gusto su personalidad, sólo él y su guitarra, y su voz por supuesto nunca me imaginé el gran cantautor que llegaría a ser!!!
Aregale Susan Unico. Lo mejor de la noche. Humilde como siempre pero con gran talento . merecido el premio y basto un poco de tiempo para demostrar lo que eres un gran ser humano y letras hermosas. Gracias Arjona.
Sandra Andrea Gajardo Rojas Me emocioné al verlo allí con su estampa inigualable. Merecido reconocimiento a una gran trayectoria. Soy la fans número 1 hoy y siempre desde Chile con cariño
Luis Fonsi
5 hours ago

Con la mejor... @jlo #Respect #Billboards2017 🇵🇷🇵🇷

39.9k reactions 316 comments
Sole Rodriguez D. Sta Cruz Hermosa noche de los premios biobool,me encanto ver el programa,mi hija bailo el pasito a pasito!!
Luz Stella Riaño Diaz Horrible!!! Porque tienen que exhibir no hace falta...llama mas la atencion una mujer recatada !!!
Vera Monica Beatriz Hermosa siempre JL..Desde Paraguay tu admiradora haber cuando la traen por aqui...
Nohora Berrio Crecian esa jennifer por respeto a sus hijos debe vestir mas descente ya esta muy vieja
Luz Dary Holguin Es su estilo, mostrar los atributos que tiene. JajajA jajajajaja y si eso la hace feliz pues que lo sea.
Serge Ibaka
08:00 04/28/2017

#wethenorth #mafuzzy #avecclasse #blessed🙏

847 reactions 28 comments
Arian Thusoo Fatima Rashidi
Joey Cliff Chadwell Fuzzy off to the next round
Bresheiona Brown 🤗🤗🤗🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😻😻😻
Vivien Nzaba Ah ibaka je vais jamais me fatigue à aime té photos mn proférer ya pas✌
6 hours ago

Korn in 360 Tonight at the Teatro Caupolicán in Santiago De Chile. 🇨🇱

19.2k reactions 277 comments
Angel Spown llenisimo estaba
Rodrigo Guerrero Avendaño Increíble show, solo que muy corto
Ernesto Camilo Gracias amigos por tremendo show!!!
Claudia Muñoz C Estuvo la rajaaaaaa 15 años son verlos u fue lejos lo mejor
Danii Castro G Genial! Genial! Me encantó!!!! <3 <3 <3
Russell Wilson
05:54 04/28/2017

Glad to see a fellow Virginian putting in work. Congrats @JonAllen93 sending a little @Braun_Grooming gift your way bro #NFLDraft #ad

611 reactions 35 comments
Joe Ferrari Nice
Ryan Quinnell Hat is awesome... I really want one.... Please send me one!!
Barbara Baltzegar God Bless u all ! <3
Kenyetta Jones Wow,This is a Amazing gift for a love one
Jason Fernandes he looking pretty sharp already Russ
Soulja Boy Tell Em
2 hour ago

Timeline Photos

4.5k reactions 549 comments
Maude Lepage Hugo Laframboise-Marchand
Cait Idah Clair Destiny
Mariane Genest Michael Croghan
Shandee Donahue Aaron Cook this is so you oh my god😭😭
Tela Reynolds Christina Thurlby Shikita QwaynTrentmom Gilliam lol
7 hours ago

#TBT Met Gala.

14.8k reactions 139 comments
Tiffany Finley My fav look on her👏👏😍😍
Serenity Jones Breathtakingly Beautiful!
Kisha Jackson YeSsss!Cici
Shiquita Lane Can't wait until I get my grey in my hair.
Maria Iacolare Gianluca Greco così in Svizzera 🇨🇭!!!
Luis Fonsi
5 hours ago

Gracias #Billboards2017, @stjude y @juanluisguerra por este regalo que significa el mundo para mí. #SpiritOfHopeAward

22.9k reactions 203 comments
Marisol Bedoya Bermudez Que chimb.... de presentación de Luis fonsi y daddy 👏👏👏👏👏😘😘😘 😘 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵 saludos desde COLOMBIA
Oley Quevedo Lores Bello mi vida tu te mereces eso y mas.. Orgullosos todos tus fans de ti mi amor😘
Romina Piroli Que alegría inmensa al corazón , sonrisas de felicidad absoluta me encantaa
Claudiia Viruula Luisito ! Jajajaja que confianza me transmitís 😍 Me encanta ! Feliz por ti 😉❤️😘 Besos
Yocelin Lopez El mejor de la noche luis fonsi cuanta humildad en ese corazon dios bendiga
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