Green Day
Yesterday 14:12

For the 25th Anniversary of Kerplunk! we had this commemorative tshirt made. Also available with the cd or vinyl too! Head to the store to get yours now

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Gary Brown I'm seeing Green day on the 1 july in Hyde Park. .I really want to get two Green day T shirts. Any recommendations?
Rio Bire Play some Kerplunk on the World Tour!
José Luis Baro Mira Nicolás Peralta como pasa el tiempo tras un graaaan disco... cause she s 2000 light years away... tadada tadada tadada tadadatatan
Kat Marie My favorite Green Day album! Happy 25th birthday Kerplunk!
James Alexander Kathleen Alexander - this would be sweet for my birthday...!
4 hours ago


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Krystal Smirnis Tiana Di Battista shorts* but yeah gd job today xoxox
Sarina Carter Anna Sarreither fast wie du mit dem amazing heute ☺️😄
KaTonya Stewart Jaylin Jashun Wilson Shakira Stewart Janice Hamilton Yall betta tell me I did good too. LOL. I need all four of these stars today
Megan Patray Marcus Patray lol mom needs these gold stars everyday 😂😂
Emily Hanham Kathryn Lefebvre when you do laundry in one day and I'm on time to work
Yesterday 14:36

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Tayler Baird Me telling you to shh this morning😂😂 TrTravis James
Daniel Jimenez Gabriela Jimenez Roa este soy yo calmándote cuando te conté lo de María camila JAJAJA
Khiloni Shah Ramyz Rupshi you today when she was playing table tennis 😂😂😂
Alex Jansen Jasmine Butler when I tell Portia to chill with her attitude
Labinot Ks Juli Scheltjanik " terrorisiert mich früh am morgen, Chill mal " hahahahhahaha
Yesterday 17:48

Happy MLK Day #blackexcellence #superheroes

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Justin Harris It's sad to see the ignorant and judgmental comments on a day to be celebrated by be African American community. Couldn't this just be a group of people just be a group of people gathering together and celebrating a holiday that's important to them
Connor Chambers More like anti MLK just because they have the same skin color doesn't mean they have the same ideas. It wouldn't fit the lefts racist narrative if they had white people thrown in the mix. MLK was about stopping segregation and empowering black lives by ...
Cheri Rideout So suit and ties to meet the President are no longer expected? I am no fan..but he is the POTUS and several people in this pic should have dressed for the occasion.
Brett Sharp And every single one of these people can identify with the struggle, right? Million dollar bank accounts and trips all over the planet, but they got your back on the streets of Chicago, New Orleans, DC etc. #richblacklivesmatter
Kris Cyrus Wow. Non of you are better than the next. (I have no room to say either way I am sure. ) Not pointing fingers to say the least but no love shown for nothing here. None. Disgrace to human nature towards one another and all this talk of being a hypocrite ...
Soulja Boy Tell Em
2 hours ago

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Sarah Beach Kyle Pearce haha oh no 😂
Maribel Garcia Chris Garcia
Ryan Ross Lynette Jones this just gave me life
Momi'n Bha't Hi :D premium fb likes from only <3 :D ->aqua like (Search on Google <3 )
Alexis Jones Lynzi Winter
Yesterday 17:48

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Raquel Leija That's right loli
Jay Butcher Bobby Young you can't do any of these haha
Jennifer Dejagere Lieze Decae herkenbaar van ergens? 😂
Tracy Drake Amen Rip God's Beautiful Angel Beautiful Picture
Mileena Shipshee Love this❤😭
6 hours ago

#KISSTORY Jan 16, 1978 #KISS appeared on #AmericanMusicAwards via satellite.Performance of "Rock And Roll All Nite" broadcast from Largo, MD.

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Tom Stigi I watched it. I was 8
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. ...KISS Army...LIKE our page please! :P
Edgar Restrepo Jr. 🤘🏼
David LeBlanc Ace
Aaron Leigh Alright boys and girls this is KISS!!!
Mariah Carey
Yesterday 17:30

#martinlutherking #kingholiday ❤️

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Noushin Kananian It's good to see you soon in London!
Alan Madureira Right right . Absolutly Right!!
Auring Gacuya So correct
Alex Lee Douglas And Magic must defeat magic!
Yesterday 11:48

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Saydeez Morkilyouso Don't try it USHER...Lmao...We still NEED U ALIVE😂😂😂😂😂😂 LMAO
Dee Gardner Awesome picture. Especially, the black and white. This is something to rememeber. Keep up spirits. 😉
Shadrack Chris Usher put ur guns down u know u too go to fight don't be like Chris Brown and soijaboy
Tendai Mubaiwa Just dont block the punches with your face bro otherwise I think youre in shape for a good fight keep it up usher
George Lopez
2 hours ago

Inspiring #MLK

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Omar Martinez The time is here
Radford Johnson chavezs big brother...
Abe Dankiest ...
Phillip Robinson Awesomeness 💯
Cathy Lennon AMEN
Martin Lawrence
7 hours ago

My mother named me Martin because of Martin Luther King, Jr. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have been able to come as far as we hae come, despite the ongoing racism that exists today. #IHaveADream #StillWeRise #YesWeCan #YesWeWill #MLK #MLKday

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Mustapha Muse it's only a mad person that will see color as a barrier to living in peace,who knows the color of GOD the creator like?Humanbeings are different from animals
Richard A Howard Then maybe you should stop posting bulshit and really post something that matters. Because you be posting some garbage.
Olga Christina He had the uncanny ability to bring out the best in all people. He was courageous, heroic and fearless. If he were today, I think he would be a little disappointed about race relations. We must do better. We stand to only benefit from that !!
Tam Guartuche Unfortunately isn't doesn't just affect black people. It affects every ' people". Blacks hate white. Mexicans hate blacks. Whites hate Muslims. It's sorry. But I'm tired of being judged by the color of my skin too! I'm white, and I love everyone ...
Mateo Šoljanin Shut your black-ass pie hole. You have your rights, stop making excusses to be victimised by other deranged people for what happened in the past.
Claudia Leitte
3 hours ago

#HarmoniaDoSamba's #Mood! #AMelhorSegundaFeiraDoMundo Xanddy Harmonia

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Maisa Martins França Ela é linda!
Remo Ramon Deslumbrante !!!!
Dora Mara Cabral Quadros Poderosa.
Waleria Beatryz Princesaaa❤
Evelyn Aparecida Mt princesinhaaaa
Dwyane Wade
4 hours ago

LET’S BRING IT BACK!! #Brotherhood #AllStarThrowback #NBAVote Dwyane Wade

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Mike Oliveira #NBAVote Dwyane Wade
Kirk Wilson No1 wants to watch you all shootin 3s the whole time and playing zero defense
Cheryle Hawkins Yes indeed! I was just thinking about my boys! Go sons!
Enrico Incarnati 7-6 is 1. Wade is number 3, Warriors Blew a 3-1 lead, got the 3-1 lead joke comment out of the way.
Santiago Cerinza HBD Dwyane have a great day and hope one day to see you back in the heat jersey
50 Cent
Yesterday 13:18

They like hold up I gotta snap this real quick 😂

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Xxameena Beyah They must but act concerned to keep him coming back but they platinum diggers they don' t care!
Xxameena Beyah See Mr. Mark Zuckerberg Toronto and the others whom discovered and made Facebook.
Xxameena Beyah Peace what jail is that? I went from Manhattan Detention Complex to Brooklyn Detention Complex O Rikers I stand and that couldn' t get past the guards? They put the stuff in little lockers, and Manhattan Detention
Xxameena Beyah Complex even Bellvue jail in lockers, if the female got away with that it must haven't been New York!
Aung Ko Myint Simple, the officers simply asked them to show them how he did it for evidence.
Yesterday 14:36

Timeline Photos

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Rakel Hannesdóttir Sanna Thorsen Stangeland dine forbilda jo
Renan Bernardes #Brazil #tmj #Party
Paméla Beaudoin Nadia Beaudoin Guyôme Loignon
Janaina Estraeich Kkkkkkkkk
Lynn Marie Barnhill Nina Hendricks me looking at the boody
Chris Brown
Yesterday 12:12

Painted today! #OHB #konfuzed

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Hassan Hamad Awsome!!!! Breezy turns everything into GOLD .. Respect Brother.
Nirmilan Kanagu Lorena er ka singe/rappe dance wiene gott und jetzt no das?! willsch mi vrarsche?!😳 TEAM BREEZY!😎
Mary Jay Ed, he's so full of talents, not a power ranger fan but love this!
Tracy Marshall Very talented...much respect....Teambreezy for sure
Tracy Marshall Is there anything you can't do besides give birth? Lol
Dulce Maria
1 hour ago

Guerreros ya están listos para el Metropolitan este 24 de Marzo? Será una noche muy especial!!

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Wanessa Senna Só vejo peitos 😍
Mahara Macedo Maravilhosa!
Taciana Sampaio Linda
Rafael Aguiar DULSEIOS
Aldana Leonor Peñaranda Vargas Espero un día des concierto acá ❤
Paulo Coelho
Yesterday 15:18

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" Today Jan 16 : #martinlutherkingday

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Sue-Anne Roser Asserted by the oppressed yes. Demands rarely are a success without war
Meliha Ozyrt We are prisoners of our barriers in our head .. we must first want to be freed from ourselves!
Jens Ho Ist die obige übersetztung richtig? Ich meine es fehlt end und silent. Oder irre ich mich?
Dulce Pereira ...sim...concordo...e observo isso nas pessoas e em mim...(silêncio p/mim é o mesmo que "obscuro" ou "oculto"..)
Jenkins Dagba Freedom is yours, don't give it away. If it gets stolen from you, be prepared to die to get it back.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
9 hours ago

No, I'm not kidding. The New Celebrity Apprentice is about to start on NBC. Tune in and tell me what you think in the comments!

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Bates Wells They really do have you coming on at a bad time. Switching channel want make a difference. I'm loving the show. I didn't even watch it when Mr. Trump was hosting.
Maddom Crocodyle I never watched past seasons with Trump but I am really enjoying the show... I just wish I were considering the show because I could kill it in those competitions! Lol
DEdace Ezzon You have nothing to worried because I believe that mostly people in your society are still your ally and always behind you, even though I'm not a part of your country I know some are depraving you but that is normally happened when it comes to political ...
Sally White Marsh Trump having his kids be by his side made me a tad squeamish.....just something weird and your team are fantastic!
Jordan G. Cimino Donald Trump got better ratings than you Arnold. Doesn't that just make you so angry? Is there anyone you like to punch?
Nina Dobrev
30 minutes ago

Look who I found at LAX .... @vindiesel !!!! Duh 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 @XXXmovie Looking sharp, as per usual 👊🏼😎 (Side note, the other customers were gawking at me as I had a solo selfie photo shoot and they were probably thinking "this weirdo girl must be a SUPER die hard Vin Diesel fan. What. A. Creeper.") And guess what, they were right. This girls name is Becky 🤓 Go see Becky and Xander in XXX The Return Of Xander Cage in theaters this Friday!!!

41.9k reactions 229 comments
Pawan Agrawal Becky I love your pep talk in xxx movie and your bubbly character💖💖💖💖💖💖
Cassandra Jackson La soyance dune elena...😂 Kenza Soukeïna
Anahita Gogia This is why I don't mind seeing the movie Utkarsh she's in it
Lincoln Williams Blessing to you ! my good friends and that you guys are great Vin Diesel and that you guys are cool for the Business Industry !
Chandan Dash i watched xxx 1st day 1st show in (bbsr india) not for deepika not for vin deisel but for u nina. u r very popular among young people in india.
Bob Marley
Yesterday 09:36

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." #MartinLutherKingJr . Today we honor a man who changed the world with his dream for a united future. May we always remember, and never give up the fight. RESPECT #MLKday

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Pascal Kien Et maintenant Trump arrive au Pouvoir.... Nous allons faire un bond de 150ans en arrière en matière de Droit et d.Égalité entres différentes Origines Ethnique. Where Go The World... :-(:-(:-(:-(
Ibrahim Wale It sounds bizarre to hear Richard Palmer painting those images that bespoke the evils that had long existed in the hearts of the human race ! Though a very good & thought provoking psychoanalysis; all of these had been forewarned us in the Holy Bible. ...
Yeshuachild Cano The Light: Yeshua, can drive out Darkness, Martin. HE even had Defeated it already!!!!
Ιωαννα Ξενιδου Lοve and hate is two different feelings ιn our hearts . Οur work is to keep out the hate and to keep ιn our hearts only the love.
Arminda Ruiz Terán Cuando te hartas y te fastidias de tanto dices viene la guerra
Soulja Boy Tell Em
2 hours ago

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Natasha Watson Bernard Dorrans🤷🏽‍♀️
Chelsea Brooke Abby Stiles
Raevyn Bain Julianne Pienkosz us when Vanessa Borgardt loses their mind on fb
Madelyn Jayne Jon Stephens 😅
Ko Bodine Thompson Ahau Kayla zzz
Snoop Dogg
Yesterday 13:30

Timeline Photos

23.3k reactions 891 comments
Monse Vázquez Joel Kush veeeees! Si lo dice Snoop es porque es cierto!
Димитър Иванов nice shirt but there is alot of shitty weed or abused with drugs when it aint legal ....
Theresa Rice Yep, that is for when u r young and broke. I only smoke the killer flower.
Asif Razzak Opu I promised to myself many times...never smoke weed....but I break it up in every time.huuuh!!!
Jonathan Gast Talk about reading in between the lines!
Dulce Maria
1 hour ago


90.2k reactions 978 comments
Antonio Cisneros Antes cuando salia en RVD me fasinava aora yano toda fea se iso
Daniel Velazquez Dulse estas bien ermosa chikita e saludos de poraka del vaye de mexicali
Juan Peralta Buenos dias Hermosa que disfrutes esta mañana y sus bendiciones Dulce saludos
Rikudo Cano Que hermosa linda simplemente un ángel Exelente noche Dios te bendiga siempre presiosa que tengas un lindo amanecer
Kayana Davila Você é a pessoa mais linda do mexico , você Anhai e Maitê perrône um beijão do brasil pra vocês
5 hours ago

remembering a great man today and the lessons he taught us. #MLKDay

2.4k reactions 24 comments
Michael Cremin Rip the king
Ino Scheipering R.I.P. Martin Luther King Jr. !
Hiro Inoue Yeah ! That's why I went to called watts tower ever
Lucas Henrique Relembrar do lançamento do álbum não lembra né mulher 😒
Juliet Sharpe Many blessings to his soul x
Dulce Maria
1 hour ago


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Enrique Portilla Castro Hermosa!!!
Libni Rafaely Dulce tumblr <3
Pamella Priscila Lindaaa
Ariane Colleto Linda 💜
9 hours ago

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Randy Diiaz 💪💪colombia-barranquilla Presente
CM KP tyga
Jal James break fast
Da Silva Jose Joao Quero ser o melhor do reper Gaym o que eu faço Tyga
The Law of Attraction/ LOA the most beautiful people you'll ever meet aren't always the ones who catch your eyes first. No, the most beautiful are the ones that can never be figured out. The one you could talk with for many hours and still have a million things to ask. The people ...
6 hours ago

Celebrate life more. @ryanhadji

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Brandy Lynch 2nd
Amadou Bouare cool?
Tipain Mareva l love
Malherbe Louisjean Cool
Han Yan 羅佑春
Yesterday 17:42

Let's pull together & stop the proposed Sound Studio Ordinance. Everything you need to know. #RedItOut

356 reactions 15 comments
Nicole Waller I'm ready when u are☝
Uoeno Agnew 💯
Kelly Richardsonjr Dat waz up
Godz Boiz @T.I. TIME TO CONSIDER SERIOUSLY: A run for Atlanta City Council or Mayor
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