Jimmie Johnson
11 hours ago

It was a great day on the bike @kevin. Nothing like a 2ish... well 3 1/2 hour ride. #Repost @kevin (@get_repost) ・・・ While @jimmiejohnson spends most of his time on four wheels as a NASCAR driver, between races he's often on two as an avid cyclist. Today he finished his qualifying lap and we met up for a ride. Cycling is such a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Thanks for coming out Jimmie!

807 reactions 29 comments
Hannah Licht Ron Tencza
Benjamin Benson Dillon Hobbs
Andrea Kruse Must safe jacket light yellow. Be carefully police caught JJ. Go JJ Go!!!
Peggy Sinclair Good luck today, Jimmie. Watching from the Yoop!!!
이준범 🚲🚴🚵....🐇hey jimmie slow slow go I'm tired of u,😰
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
4 hours ago

Humble, hungry & always be the thing that's written on this sweaty shirt. Grateful for this Saturday iron session. It was a MF. I think I smell like testosterone and chocolate. 💪🏾🍫

105.9k reactions 1370 comments
Vanessa Beto Bezerra Nem me fale em chocolate, sou "chocólatra" assumida kkkk amoooo😍 #Brasil😘 Beijossss agora vou tentar dormir pq aqui são 02:10 hrs da madrugada rs😘
Clint Brown I just back on it. That muscle soreness on the 2nd day..oohwee..couldn't even wrestle my daughter to a 1-2-3 pin..sge squeezed my triceps..man o man..lol
Kat Kat I smell what your cooking and its purely a heart and soul of gold...Keep up the good work and bring a smile to all our lives with your beautiful soul. ty Rock
Jonathan James "Thank you," the old man said. He was too simple to wonder when he had attained humility. But he knew he had attained it and he knew it was not disgraceful and it carried no loss of true pride.
Jason M. McCord Looking good brother !!! Myself I'm hitting the gym 6 day's a week down 267lbs. and still hitting 500lbs. for 9 reps, not bad for a 47 year old man. Love you brother and God bless you !!!
Wanderlei Silva
Yesterday 15:00

#BellatorNyc Preparando as armas para a guerra! Preparing the weapons for the war! #ALLGLORYTOGOD #kingsmma #wandfighteam #evolucaothai

5.6k reactions 603 comments
Bruno Ruano Força Wanderlei , hj ele deu sorte a estratégia dele foi melhor , mas deu para perceber o medo na cara dele , tenho certeza que vai ter uma revanche no Brasil ... é aqui que ele merece tombar ....
Marco Duarte Wanderley foi bom , muito BOM... Mas a idade já pesa e muito. E depois quando perde ainda faz pior figura porque antes do combate diz que vai pôr o outro a dormir e acaba por não fazer nada :/
Filipe Criss No dia em que Sonnen tiver metade do nome do cachorro louco aí sim terá motivos para se gabar. A luta foi ruim pela postura desse americano e Wanderlei ainda acertou alguns socos neste babaca!!! Hoje ele terá uma dor de cabeça pelo soco que levou, ...
Jefferson Vinicius Santana Parabéns wanderlei, só de estar lá já é um vencedor. Quem conhece sua história com certeza está muito orgulhoso da sua performance. Volte logo! Bolsonaro neles!
Anderson Febbo Assisti a luta Wanderlei, quando teve foi bem, derrubou o cara na porrada, infelizmente ele ficou no chão o tempo todo mas se manteve íntegro, valeu pelo primeiro round, o cara sabia que não aguentaria . Valeu!!
Linkin Park
4 hours ago

Thank you for singing with us tonight Hurricane Festival 🇩🇪. #OneMoreLight 📸: Joe Hahn

16.1k reactions 90 comments
Marijke Böhm Heute Abend endlich auf #Southside live ❤ 14 Jahre warten haben sich hoffentlich gelohnt :D
Kellie Zeven Love your music ! When are you coming to Australia
Jhonatan Ramirez LINKIN PARK ..
Jeff Bailey Soon coming to London can't wait 😁
วิไลลักษณ์ บรรดาล So great! 😀😀
03:42 06/25/2017

Um final de dia bem gostoso pra todos vocês! Foto linda do ensaio que fiz com a Luana Patricio 😘💕✨

275 reactions 13 comments
Deis Maria Boa noite pra você também. 🌓🌉
Mateus Meirelles Sua maravilhosa eu te amo marimoon
Renan Carlos Boa noite :3
Rucelio Silva Torres Silva Linda Bom Domingo Marimoom!
Rochelia Dias A foto pode até ser linda mais vc é muito mais Mari😍
Linkin Park
4 hours ago

Thank you Hurricane Festival 🇩🇪 #OneMoreLight

11.7k reactions 81 comments
Kathrin Stopfer Please come to munich!!!
Dyan Elizabeth Kruger Sarah Kandlin.... is that you? There in the middle?
Tamires Minaj 143xp.com
Richard Gonzales Cleveland, Ohio
聶啟明 UFO!!!
Brie Bella
Yesterday 07:54

PJs all day.

11.8k reactions 385 comments
Rodrigo Leandro Rojas Méndez Si saludo es tranquilo al alegría muy.también es feliz q buenos tu Brian bella
April Malanik You look beautiful no matter what .... you have a beautiful daughter. .. God Bless the both of you !!
Kemi Anthonia my beautiful brie,love you so much.make sure you kiss birdie for me OK?
Nicki Taylor Sounds good to me, it's that's type of weekend anyways Brie
Daphne Diane Bradford Hey not going out why change..just more cloths to wash..pjs more comfy!!!
Martha Stewart
03:12 06/25/2017

This pasta Nicoise is filled with all the flavors of the classic French salad: http://martha.ms/61828Wv6o

88 reactions 10 comments
Ida Anderson Stephani Anderson
Samir Abdullah Baillie Breanna Rose Baillie
Corinne Walter Yeh or neh? Simon Walter
Alison Lie and really easy to make 👍
Shogo Yoshida Good!
Jimmie Johnson
11 hours ago

Rolling the 48 in for qualifying. This team: 🙌🏼. - @vec_photo_

818 reactions 20 comments
Dale Milne not a chance lol
Michael Alberti GO JIMMIE GO
Bonnie McNamara Best of Luck tomorrow
Jon Smo Dale Milne you are gonna owe me another 5 bucks!
Chris Cramer-Sfetku Winner!!
Bruno Mars
4 hours ago

Excited to have Camila Cabello, Jorja Smith, Dua Lipa, and Jabbawockeez join the North American leg of the #24kMagicWorldTour! See dates below...

49.8k reactions 4412 comments
Jenn Neil I so wish I could go,but the tickets are way to expensive and being on disability it's crazy I don't know why they have to be so expensive when a concert at the Meridian Center to see Garth Brooks was way less the it's for Bruno's ,too bad though would ...
Mònica GF Raquel, Rosa i Flora: REPETIM???? Tenim per triar!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Llàstima que no tenim la pasta, perquè si no... Ja ens veig les tres rumb a USA!!! ✈🗽
Avonelle Blair I love Bruno's music, but all his tickets disappeared seconds later. On other sites triple times the prices, at least too expensive; I'll have to see him next time he comes to Toronto.
Jerry Owens When you coming home to Hawaii? Ya know they gonna have to have you at Aloha Stadium! Last time 3 shows were not enough as many from Oahu did not get to see you! The powers that be..stated back then, " next time..ALOHA STADIUM!"
Nicole Archibald My sister and I want to take our mom so bad!! She soo deserves it! Is 68 and loves mr. Bruno Mars! We r trying to get tickets to San Jose California, just way to expensive for us.. Maybe the next time around!! Love you! And have a great show!
2 hours ago

Timeline Photos

4.2k reactions 77 comments
Marliesse Joe Dennis Looking good I love you
Aureii Auquoisi The best
Sophia Sullivan Yeahhhh Man!!! (In my Usher voice) lol 😂 😘
Alèx Marcel Boom!!! More vibes
Gwen MacDonald Boynton Ohhhhhhh My Gosh 🎤🎼 I love you Usher❣️
Charlotte Flair
9 hours ago

Buddies since 4th grade 💜

4.0k reactions 51 comments
Eric B Underwood The Queen Charlotte Flair. Wooooooo! Wooooooo! Wooooooo!
Hamza El Azhar Idrissi you look buffer than him lol
Ivory Kinita Hi Christine Flair from ivory McGregor
Mukesh Saab Nice
Christopher Lee Terrance Derhousoff Charlotte Flair I Wished That Was You And Me In That Photo
Chris Brown
2 hours ago

Timeline Photos

22.8k reactions 250 comments
Diana Morrison Like your shoes yes
GazaJay BreezyBrown ♨️
Brigette Cherry What kind of shoes are these!!
Claver Sylverken Stephen Ampofo which bike is this ik its a ducati but which model
The Law Of Attraction The most beautiful people you'll ever meet aren't always the ones who catch your eyes first. No, the most beautiful are the ones that can never be figured out. The one you could talk with for many hours and still have a million things to ask. The people ...
David Ortiz
Yesterday 13:42

Ayer con el viejo....pasao de flow

6.4k reactions 170 comments
Fausto Imperial Saludos desde México Big Papi.....le hace falta tu madero a los Red Sox
Marianne Breen Kast Your Dad looks great!!!! You look so much like him. Good Luck Papi, going to miss you ❤😥
Jose Peña El biggg mi jugador de toda la vida yo llore cuando te retiraste
Teresa Jimenez Marte Que bien se ven son un ejemplo para nosotros los dominicanos wue dios los bendiga
Chris Lanphear Papi we love you.💜😎 Great photo of you and your dad. Enjoy your retirement. # 34 ❤❤💜💜
11 hours ago

Training for my rematch against Naomi with some of the best Nikki Bella and Natalya! Thank you so much for teaching me so much!

4.2k reactions 76 comments
Matsekhe N N Albertina Hahahahahaha Lana...go go to go go
Ansh Tyagi Fabulous lana
Aasif Aslam Best of luck lana
Luis Maradiaga Bonitas, 😙
Nikki Sandoval Nikki
Martha Stewart
03:12 06/25/2017

Want a sweet ending to your Eid al-Fitr feast? Children and adults alike will love breaking open these festive paper crackers. Each one is filled with tiny treats: http://martha.ms/61828WXaC

362 reactions 101 comments
Ala Elzowyi Thank you so much💐💐..and Happy Eid for all of you..💖🌙💐
Beth Laqsoumi Wish I saw this sooner. Many ideas for next Eid for those who celebrate it.
Anne West Totally agree Alejandra Perez....I am unfollowing Martha 😡
Alejandra Perez Enough with this already.
Beth Laqsoumi If it's decorated with a picture of a Christmas tree, is the Muslim religion going to unfollow Martha?
Mike Vick
Yesterday 11:30

BAY AREA FOOTBALL FANS! Come be my guest at @ProFlagAFFL Launch Game on Tues at @AvayaStadium. Say Vick at box office & your tix on me #AFFL

174 reactions 9 comments
Sylvia Cook Wish I was there
Raider Ve Wish i could go and wish u was a raider get u a ring :(
Chet Hill Mike Vick is the GOAT!
Minnie Alexander Go ahead Mr Vick !!!
Billy Singleton Retire in Philadelphia too brother
Serge Ibaka
Yesterday 14:54

Ma fuzziiiiiiiiiii man!!!

1.1k reactions 37 comments
Theresa Theresa 👍🏾
Gabriel Ian Talisic Black by ibaka!?
Corbitt Richards Balla
Bobette Malanda Très classe 😍😍😍
Mary Hutchison 😙😎❤
Fearne Cotton
03:48 06/25/2017


514 reactions 11 comments
Tony Tee Oh Jeremy corbyn 😉
Carolyn Jenkins Happy days xxx
Joanna Longbottom I'm here too Fearne !! Mind blowing Foo's set tonight eh ? X
Amy Falla <3 Dave forever... Amazing!!
Bronwyn Parker I have no voice, thanks Dave that was awesome x
Fabricio Werdum
12 hours ago

Hoje tem nosso grande CAMPEÃO em ação!!! O verdadeiro #cachorrolouco Wanderlei Silva Não sou fruta PERO te quiero! #heeey Fiquem ligados: Sábado (24/Jun) ás 21h🇧🇷, Silva vs. Sonnen.

946 reactions 40 comments
Christian Mondiani Cordeiro Levou um pau..... tá na hora de parar
Felipe Tavares Vai passar em qual canal fechado galera?
Reuel Freitas Vai passar na Fox?
Deivid Duplo Espero q leve uma pisa #sonnen
Rosangela Campos Sarra Não vou perder
Adriana Lima
00:00 06/25/2017


267 reactions 52 comments
Ranston Tooth The Consultant now contact me please [email protected] 07506610499
Jay Hostetler 🙏
Salys Henderson Beautiful
Edgar Mojica Yes
Ave Kuluki 👌👍👌👍👌👍🙏🙏🏾🙏🙏🏾🙏😘
Chris Brown
2 hours ago

Timeline Photos

60.8k reactions 452 comments
Luwisha Mwebela I'm your biggest fan..i can't wait for tonights performance #team-breezy
Amanda Mchunu Rap✅ Sing ✅ Dance✅ Acting ✅ Playing Basketball ✅ Breezy is the best ✊✌👐❤
Sanele Castro Mhlongo Breezy u always the best niggar....I'll always b your fan hommie
Thomas Mwaringa World super star vision...congrats with your lifestyle progress.....
Kelvin Brown You are my realest G....i love everything about you Chris Breezy
Alessandra Ambrosio
00:18 06/25/2017

Rolezeiras 🌈 Sábado né mores !? 🦋 @matmazzafera

1.4k reactions 43 comments
Lucas Carvalho AI DEUSA DA MINHA VIDA 😍😍😍😍 Alessandra Ambrosio ❤❤
Sean Steven Webster Goof Troop!
Harri Pinta Fantastic
Bryan Selsor Enjoy Beautiful ☺
Bob Johal Nice
Fearne Cotton
03:48 06/25/2017

God I love you ladies @clairedundas @emmawillisofficial ♥️

932 reactions 17 comments
M J Mahmud Joha wow,,,,
Brian Richard Palmer O love Emma xx
Tony Tee Emma's got a hmp prison shirt on 😅
Robert Kirkpatrick 😝
Mark Hunt Girl power :)
Martha Stewart
03:12 06/25/2017

Sour summer cherries are the stars of these fun-to-eat hand pies: http://martha.ms/61868WQhu

155 reactions 2 comments
Beverley Litwin Yummy!
Brett Schneider Martha, check out Cronuts. Getting popular. Stuffed with guava in FL.
Fearne Cotton
03:48 06/25/2017

Foo fighters! Thank you! The perfect glasto set! I will have no voice tomorrow

4.3k reactions 108 comments
Brenda Robinson Wow!
Anthony Young Loving them doing queen.
Dugg Glover Hahaha lovelys B-)
Kim Read Foo fighters amazing 👍
Joanne Hobson Maybe I'm to old but Foo Fighters was shite
Fearne Cotton
03:48 06/25/2017

Ready for Foos

2.5k reactions 42 comments
Mark Hunt Foo king amazing ;)
Joanne Vernon Great pic
Charlotte Haffenden Want that coat!
Cathy Morgan Awesome!
Di White Ah...love you two 😘
Justin Timberlake
1 hour ago

When you're the only Dad at the mid-morning play-class, if you stay any longer than 20 minutes... THIS IS YOUR FATE. #dadlife

88.9k reactions 818 comments
Melanie Baruch I hope you were able to be a Dad with your son rather than a celebrity and that the other parents gave you your respect amd nutrality.
Laura Gilsoul Cécile Pahaut et la je me dis, je devrais être prof qu États Unis ! Imagine tous les matins t'as Justin qui débarque... 😍
Melody Davis Peebles That just proves you're an awesome Dad !!! Enjoy it and have fun, because before you know it they'll be grown and doing their own thing.
Marie Torres Justin you are the Best dad to show up to your son's play group not even thinking if the parents will go crazy just to you. Justin you are the Man/Dad of the year.
Samma Jamma Zoë Alyssa um pretty sure you have a picture of me that looks extremely similar to this. So glad I'm not crazy when I say Justin is my soulmate 😍❤️
Hines Ward
Yesterday 14:48


410 reactions 5 comments
Lynn Harvey Christine Phillips this is for you!
Toni Mitchell As Dee says "Like getting out of my comfort zone."
Dee Mike Like getting out of my comfort zone.
Jim Chipman I miss Hines Ward smile everytime he took a lick and bounced back up showing those pearly whites!
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