Yesterday 04:54


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Curtis Geensen My (Revised)Verse inspired by #Eminem And #GunsNRoses That bitch was so cold I should’ve worn a sweater But I thought I could weather Whatever came my way However she was winter in summer Colder than December My 911 and it wasn’t even ...
Jerall Shamlall I was listening music, Eminem, Dr dre I need a doctor wen I c dis post love it ,I listened Eminem since I'm little boy many times mom let me trow away the cassette n i still go back n buy it big fans big up
Tab Taylor What's super funny is yo baby mama thuggin harder than you haha... you went and domesticated and that b.tch still a straight up gangster grappling with the system... I mean it isn't funny but it is... cause it's gangster.
Nolan Haldi Zorana Cvijetic, I need something haha
Tab Taylor I mean I guess we got ancient aliens but can we get like ancient forensic artistry of how everything ties into each other like do we keep killing off our own civilization and forcing ourselves underground.. do we create the big bang ourselves with ...
Jeff Gordon
Yesterday 22:30

‪Went out early AM to do some fishing before leaving Amanwana Resort.‬

4.2k reactions 304 comments
Donna Logsdon Fantastic, looks like you and the family are having a great time. I enjoy your pictures.
Donna Potvin Dube Wow race car driver , commentator , now fishermen ! Is there anything you can't do ?
Elmer Weitz Nice I would love to go fish with you buddy ,enjoy it it's relaxing
Jodi Hunter Wow great catches!! Glad to see you enjoy your vacation with the family!!
The Doors
2 hour ago

For a limited time only, get this super high quality cotton 50th Anniversary tee and show off your love for the band from Venice: http://found.ee/50thAnniversaryTee

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Alfredo Bautista mexico
Maulik Dabholkar Riya Shroff
Allie Rice Chayton Shively
Allie Rice Chayton Shively
Joseph McManamon II Lame shirt !
1 hour ago


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Bailey Middleton u gonna be a mack mum or wha
Thomas Ott Marko nächstes mal bekommst a so a nachricht vo mir
Nicol Eliana Ευθυμία Ευσταθίου εεε δες δες λέει milf 😂😂😂🔝🔝🔝 Νταξει πολλυ ωραίο ......
Tristan Claassen That's💯 nice
DaudiZhø Mø Qâlìñlê 😂😂😂hhh
Jimmie Johnson
Yesterday 23:06

Summer fun

961 reactions 28 comments
Peter Manzello Coney Island?
Cheryl Graves So what ride did Mom and Dad go on?
Lori Poston Hassan Yep!
Michelle Dailey My favorite ride!!
Kim Robbins Ehler Have a Great time
Guns N' Roses
8 hours ago

Thanks for a great night, Buffalo! #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017 smarturl.it/GnFnR2017

17.5k reactions 198 comments
Rich Bailey The best concert ever been to
Monica-sue Tiglik-nuvaqiq See u monday
Marco Spagnesi Valentina Carlo ma quanto cazzo e' dimagrito alla fine del tour?
Richard Rios Steven Adler!!!!
Mika Ling Ling me and my husband drive from Delaware.and its worth it every penny. axel made my birthday so special. Thank you, I am forever fun!
Zack Ryder
Yesterday 19:06

Who's ZACKED for WWE SummerSlam this Sunday?!

297 reactions 24 comments
Pierre Neumann Sven
Samantha Leigh Santos All the girls back off my Zackypoo
Divyansh Sharma Still would be losing.
Ale Almonacid Loser
Mary Merchant Woo woo woo
1 hour ago

⚡️⚡️⚡️just added @1oaktokyo 13 Spain -Prive Club 14 Cannes - GOTHA 15 St Tropez -VIP room 17 Monaco - jimmys club 18 Marbella ,Spain - Teatro club 19 Marrakech, Morocco - VIP room 20 Cap D'agde ,France - bora club 25 Tokyo -1oak 26 Vegas -Daylight Beach club 2 Vegas - Light

406 reactions 12 comments
Ibrahim El Hadadi Morocco
Gustavo Pinheiro Brazil?
Randolf Abarquez please visit philippines.
Lukáš Netroufal Tyga do u sometimes fly to the czech republic? ❤ i want to C u 🙂
Florent Matney Good life shop @@@@@ kushmartonline.org/products
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 01:30

Does this shirt scream of our current political mess? 🐟🐟🐟 Get yours here >>> www.merchful.com/deadfish <<<

584 reactions 40 comments
Dan Coressel Looked like fun!!
ThomasSuely Blaisdell Wow! Supper time! Suely
Robert Wyatt Martin Nice trout.
Tonya Friel Nolan Collette Craig Occhionero We Need!!🤘🏼
Debayan Deb It's hurts when you wrong place . Please here ❤
Ricardo Arjona
3 hours ago

Puerto Rico, se anuncia NUEVA FECHA. 20 y 21 de Octubre en el Coliseo. Preventa Disponible / Venta GENERAL a partir de mañana 18 de Agosto. www.ricardoarjona.com/tour (WT)

2.0k reactions 64 comments
Silvia Figueroa Eso eres muy querido en nuestra islita hermosa del encanto muchas bendiciones ❤❤❤
Zaida Rodriguez Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 te AMA 😘
Lyanniris Melero Ruth Camelia Monique Aponte Melero Nezdarie Sanchez Martinez 😢😢😢😢
Elena Montania Saldivar #Paraguay cuando??
Alicia Machin Garcia Hermoso
Khloé Kardashian
3 hours ago

JUST DROPPED!! GOOD SWEATS available now at GoodAmerican.com in a full and inclusive size range!!

17.7k reactions 161 comments
Amanda Werrun Cant you bring the price down a bit not even one has money to spend when we all have kids or gonna have kids
Victoria Scott Good God, man, her BODY! 😍
Nikhola Miller I guess its a product i cannot afford for the 'kardashian' far to expensive... might aswell go and get a Nike tracksuit
Janice Herriger Henry These are just for the rich and famous. Even if I had 110 to burn i couldn't in good conscious.
Douglas Lee Thompson it was xo @ 1st sight : https://liamllewellynbadgerwordpresscom.wordpress.com/2017/08/12/this-is-a-jojo-khloe-kardashian-style/
1 hour ago

11.3k reactions 1300 comments
Sarah de Baize Eyshna Busguth limite tu me dis c'est pareil ahahahaha (badinage)
Cassie Gheen Alicia Maldonado I dare you to send this to the next person that asks you that
Annet Coria Bryan this you fr fr 💯
Andrew Fina Hope Bentley pretty sure this is 100% accurate
Olivia Leth Jakobsen Stina Thysted Ahhahaha
Michael Jackson
Yesterday 05:18

Where are our Danish followers? Copenhagen welcomed Michael on the HIStory Tour with the cover of its August, 1997 issue.

9.3k reactions 283 comments
Kenneth Ebbesen I wish that i had the chance of seen him live but it dont not happen for me 😞
Elene Emmeline Mathilde Bolø I was an amazing concert!!! I'll never forget it ❤️
MVanessa Manalang Michael Jackson is one of the most loving and most loved men the world ever has and known. He's a person with a very good heart and a very great spirit.
Cosette Monzo "I'd like to say something very important. Some people are great entertainers. Some people are just FOLLOWERS, but some people are PIONEERS and make the path. I'd like to say, Jackie Wilson was a wonderful entertainer. Jackie, wherever you are, I love ...
Subhankar Chowhan He is the best and best singer and best dancer for ever. No one will be like Michael Jackson. You are the king of pop. King of world.
Newt Gingrich
Yesterday 02:54

The recent efforts by various individuals (most of whom are anonymous) to slander National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster are nothing more than cowardly and disgraceful. McMaster has stunning combat and intellectual records, and his experience is invaluable. Read more: http://bit.ly/2v5wQD0

1.2k reactions 184 comments
Alex Blosser Combat records don't matter when it comes to political administration and what does a "stunning intellectual record" actually mean?
Scott David Murphy I disagree, i think that McMasters is giving President Trump bad advice and he is ridding the WH of Trump loyalist. Besides, things he has stated in the past are very questionable.
Jan Curtis Ericsson President Trump is doing the best he can with all the resistance and back stabbers in his cabinet. I'm glad I voted for him, and will do it again in 2020. You speak for me President Trump!
Cathy Gale My concern is that he contradicts every executive order of President Trump. There seems to be much division between him and our President. Not good.
Daniel Farthing I remember I was on lunch one day at work and I was talking to this woman I thought was smart talked to her lots in the past but this day she argues with me saying I don't know what I am talking about that judge Judy is the Supreme Court that she makes ...
Lil Wayne
11 hours ago

Smokin' weed by the anchor. via @dominicpencz https://www.instagram.com/dominicpencz/

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Ñăźmųş Sąđāt Řųmmáñ my nigga love u wezzzy
Chano Personnalité D'affaire Wizzy
Dilagheto Di Bossman Nice photo.
Marshall Chavarria ❤️
Eric van Laar Stoer man, wiet roken... dan ben je echt cool
Reggie Bush
17:06 08/17/2017

#TBT to about a week ago getting stuck in an elevator on our way to workout at Equinox in Hollywood. Someone didn't want us to get our work in that day, thankfully the firefighters acted quickly and as soon as we got out it was business as usual! #hardworkpaysoff

55 reactions 15 comments
Greg Hernandez Reggie!!!!
Norman Brown Oops
Brandon Standifer You the reason I'm a Saints fan
Trevor Eden Could have had hot sex with that hunnie
Keith Stanfield It was the Nazis Reggie
John Cena
10 hours ago

The party never stops at WWE SummerSlam!

72.1k reactions 704 comments
Imtiaz AJ The people who don't like John Cena.... Just go to hell..... Because He wrestles just like a real Sportsman.... #Never_give_up
Roshni Khan Omi I wish ,,i want to see u again with this championship ,,my best wishes always with u cena ..hard ,strong and play your match cleverly ,
David John Did you remember several years ago when BRRROCCKK LEEESSNAR Brutalized you at Summerslam?
Emma Begnaud this a champ let s go Cena good luck to you on your match at summerslam
Ahmed Ali Suleman Mohammed that was the best wwe chanpionship belt
Kobe Bryant
5 hours ago


61.6k reactions 945 comments
Jason Van Hoesen At first I was like this was photo shop but when I saw the different player uniforms and then was like duh....all star game! Jordan is number one and Kobe is 2nd in my book!
Brian L. Faelnar Had this poster in my room growing up. From the '98 All-Star Game in NYC. One of my favorite All-Star Games of all-time and Jordan's last as a Chicago Bull.
Moses Gonzalez Thee real all star ⭐️ games were really interested to 👀! After MJ & KB retired and the rest of those players ain't the same. Got those The Glove kicks.
Dylan Tyler Curry I loved when they used to wear their team jerseys for allstars...just saw more revenue opportunities I guess making separate special ones each year 🤔
Nancy Boyer Walton said that Ball could be the next Kobe. Love you Luke, but you're way, way off, no way in hell. I hope he's HALF as good as Kobe, that would give me hope.
成龍 Jackie Chan
Yesterday 06:00

I'm always grateful for today...for this moment... and for YOU! :) My friends, my fans, my brothers....

102.8k reactions 2288 comments
Choong Li ✨❤️Namo boddhaya I hope you can understand 🙏Hope you're good an FeeLing like yourself 💖💛ngo oi ni uncle 🙏I believe isn't within me or on me yet I did my work in a holy one to identify 🙏 nature has shown an answer from simpLy two understanding 1. ...
Adriana Hegney McClenaghan Thank you Jackie. Did you know that Catholic nuns pray every morning before dawn for all of us? Random thought, but one that I find comforting. These ladies get up in the dark and pray for all of us. Amazing! Thank you for the joy and laughter that your ...
Iulian Gabriel Ciobotaru Thank you, Jack for all your extraordinary movies, but last but not least for your free, clean and humorous spirit ! It is said that only an intelligent person can have humor ! Have a good day and success! Kind regards, Iulian Gabriel.
Angela Morris We love you too Jackie.thanks for being so down-to-earth, and a caring soul. I have enjoyed watching your movies. The moment is the only thing that matters. I appreciate you sending out so much encouragement, in a time where there seems to be ones that ...
Rambikarison Liliane Faniriniaina I have a 4 years old daughter and she's always listen to your song with Kim Hee Seon "Endless love". I was suprised and feel proud to hear her even though she isn't good enough with chinese and korean language but i'd like you to know how much we love ...
Maria Sharapova
52 minutes ago

I’ll sit down with Katie Couric on September 13th at 92nd Street Y for a discussion about #Unstoppable. Be part of the dialogue and get your tickets here: https://www.92y.org/event/maria-sharapova

9.6k reactions 184 comments
Mohamed Ismail Best wishes for Dimitrov
Mauro AndradeWenk * #Unstoppable. ♥ ...! *
Rudolf Kovács All the best, much success , good conversation !
Elmezayien Mustafa Albbana متع عنيك يسطاااااااا. :D
Frederic Ferrier Bonsoir Maria, Comment tu vas ? Bien j'espère ! Ton avant bras, ça va aussi ? Tu te fait soigner, comme il faut, j'espère ! :-) :-) :-) Pas un jour j'ai mal, un jour j'ai pas mal! :-) :-) :-) Ça ! Ça marche ,Maria ! :-) :-) :-) D'accord ?:-) :-) :-) ...
Yesterday 21:24

GLOWING at WWE SummerSlam!

1.4k reactions 40 comments
Audri Johnson Good luck Sunday Naomi!!!!!!
Krisha Apitan hi naomi
Staid Staind Sunday Sunday Sweet heart
Musa Mohammed Nice one naomi
Nelisile Maneliza I lv u so much champ
The Miz
15:36 08/17/2017

Bringing it back to Brooklyn this Sunday at WWE SummerSlam!

96 reactions 60 comments
Christy Lynn Wendt best dressed man in wwe history
Antonio M. Figueroa Which you're not booked for, because RAW has made you irrelevant.
Femi Mary Amanda Miz TV should be hosted by me....mizz
Gurpal Johal Take it back from Brooklyn this Sunday at SummerSlam.
Dolph Ziggler
Yesterday 18:54

Fun times backstage at WWE SummerSlam...

1.8k reactions 39 comments
Anoop Rangi Fudu
Isiah Hecht Boo both cesaro and Dolph Ziggler
Valentin Marzet 👌👌👌
Khelifa Abdeldjalil I love you Dolph ziggler 😍😍💪💪
Michael Mitchell The Show Off 🤘🏾
4 hours ago

"‪I stand before this altar. with a small confession! .............🙏🏻 i have a tiny hangover. 🍷🍷🍷🍷. I'll have to Bend the knee! 🙏🏻 #mertalas " -Madonna

17.1k reactions 591 comments
Daniela Muscetra Ilaria Casati Amman questo primitivo le sta dando in testa 🤣
Josh D'Vine Beautiful photo, if that was this birthday, the next one will be the stuff of legends, may your recovery be quick. Love you always Madonna ❤ Josh
Steve Murri It was nice of you spend it with me at Greektown. Sorry I did not get you or even make you a cake. My Birthday was Aug 11th, Love you Always!!!!
Vinnie Fortunato You look a little hung over,how about that night in MAZZILLIS JOINT,I was banged up on those martini's they gave me !!!!! VINNIE (((((((((SUMMER OF SAM) )))))))))))))
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
9 hours ago

Muito feliz em representar o Vrauu Energy Drink #Vrauu #LançamentoOficialVrauu 🦏⚡

8.3k reactions 48 comments
Norman Oscar Cueva Cuando vas a venir a Argentina ídolo
مازن افضيل روعه
Yi Yi Myint Good Drink.
Chigozie Ukachukwu My father
Chigozie Ukachukwu I love you diho
Paul Ryan
Yesterday 01:24

Not only is this a landmark in helping our veterans make a good transition to civilian life, but it is good for our economy too.

325 reactions 85 comments
Donna Iasello maybe you could help us all more by telling us about OFA "Organizing for America" and what Obama has to do with it....
Gary Casamento Here's an idea. Free healthcare anywhere you want for veterans. Oh I'm sorry that's only for elected officials.
Colleen Durnin Plazio No thanks to you!! You had years to put our vets first....thanks to President Trump it finally is happening
James Chsng Talking points: Why did the repealing of Obamacare fail in Senate? My analysis and the solution which will cost tax payers nothing, but have a low premium and a better health care plan for everyone. This plan (name: Allpartycare) should be great for all ...
James Savage You know ending corporate welfare would go a long way to funding this.
Alex Morgan
15:00 08/17/2017

North Carolina, who’s ready? Presale 🎟 to our #USAvKOR game in Cary are now available! Use code: C1MATCH 👉 http://ussoc.cr/56c5

325 reactions 29 comments
Jessica Riffle Shaun Singerling
Benny McCormick Hope Boyd
Maria Scharper Rachael Geedey
Elyse Hurley John Varvaro West Weemhoff
Casey Chon Alicia Chon
Hines Ward
Yesterday 19:42

Love being on the field!

386 reactions 24 comments
Octavio Ordoñez Tin 👏👏👏👏👏
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Joyce Traylor Yes!!!❤ Coach Ward!!
Brenda Jones Roxberry Lookin good on the field hines
William Boyd Give out their show them how it's done champ
Mike Vick
16:24 08/17/2017

535 reactions 0 comments
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