2 hours ago

ya heard?

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Effendi Phoenix Yulia Hahaa good one ❤ it
Dom Disanto False Evidence Appearing Real
Tess Tolentino Wolff J. Flywheel
Kenneth Octavius Nielsen And first encounter assault recon
Abdulaziz Cfc Adamson Pac once said fear is stronger than love!
Chris Paul
Yesterday 05:24

Stats vs. San Antonio Spurs Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Pars Arian http://m.ebay.com/itm/Chris-Paul-LA-Clippers-adidas-Swingman-Road-Jersey-Red-LARGE-/282111942791?nav=SELLING_ACTIVE
Jake W. Terklesen What Jordan did you tag? 😂😂
Kyris Freeman Cp3 is back
Ted Hsu CP3 is not better yesterday
Tony Hawk
Yesterday 04:18

If you've ever considered going to @mammothmountain... ''tis the season. Snow for days. ❄️❄️❄️ @ Mammoth Mountian

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Jesse Little https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjldJ9VA24E
Chet Craig Hunter Albert next trip
Andrew Fenwick I need to boarding there next time Steve Miller :)
Mark Jones You there again?
Edgar Roy Awesome picture fellas
Ana Ivanovic
Yesterday 07:18

Love these colors from the 2016 US Open:)

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Kpt Rasto Halkic Ana ...we are awaiting come back....
Olja Lola Dakich go back to tennis! plz! we miss you
Lauren Eve Elizabeth Tierney Miss u on the court Anna
Farai Mutambarika We miss you Anna 🎾🎾🎾🎾
Juan Manuel Djokovic Came back !!!!!!!
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
3 hours ago

Big Oscar rehearsals today. Our biggest night of the year! We've got an amazing show lined up for the world. Time to celebrate the good stuff and how great movies make us feel! I get goosebumps every time I walk out on this stage.. I'm forever a kid who just loves movies. And super grateful to have a movie nominated 2xs. Let's roll. #Moana #Oscars

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Mario Valdez Lol people boycotting because they don't want to listen to anyone's political agendas and here they are pushing their own by not watching. Lol y'all need to get rock bottomed.
Gregory Guss Moana is the best animated movie that Dwayne Johnson has ever done. It is up for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song. "You're Welcome" is one of my favorite songs from Moana.
Kelly Russell I will only watch when you are on, post when you will be on and I will watch, otherwise don't want to hear the self centered folks and their agendas.
Terrence Bryant Seriously the biggest night of the year??? And the media was shoked when trump won..... This is not in support of the idiot just showing y. Love trumps hate always.
Diane M. Goglas Your the greatest! I will watch, but the moment they start with the politics, it's off! Twice in a row and it gets really old!
Linkin Park
3 hours ago


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Dakota Rock I can see why people would hate the new sound because I absolutely hate country with all the hate I can muster, but I also don't go ranting how much I hate Steven Tyler going country, I simply just don't listen. Linkin Park just keep making what you ...
Windi Owen Lindeen That's one great bass players!! Got OML preordered....did you? I guess a lot of you have never seen them live? Cause if you have, you know they A L W A Y S play the old stuff. They know what the fans like & always bring it to the stage. Think about that ...
Danny Maíl Look, I didn't like the song either but all these people getting incredibly offended by their rehearsal video is hilarious. Even I thought it was quite amusing. People want Hybrid Theory over and fucking over again. Linkin Park have changed their sound ...
Stephen Parker Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I love this band through thick and thin. All time favorite group. I've eventually come to like all of their albums one way or another. It takes time to appreciate works of art. Everyone has their own opinion. My ...
Ian Chapman I actually kinda like the song, it sounds distinctly LP, mainly because it doesn't sound like any of there other songs. In my opinion that is why sets LP apart from other bands.
11 hours ago

Germany was GOLDEN!

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Weena Bienfait 😍😛😜😜😜😎😛😛😛😍😁
Destin Hunlock That not truth
Kikic Ramiz Pozdrav iz Bosne i Hercegovine..
Dean Lloyd R false lol 😁
Greg Glover Sindust
Jimmie Johnson
10 hours ago

/ end of day family time - Jimmie out with his daughter Lydia for a final lap around the track before the race on Sunday #chasing8

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Linda Reynolds He never stops
Max Bean Good luck to all HMS, 1234
Kerry Shrake Good Luck tomorrow!! Stay safe 🙏🙏🙏🏁🇺🇸❤️
Bobby Powers Good luck Jimmie show em how its done son!!😉🏁🏁🏁🏁
Jennifer Honeycutt Beautiful evening for a bike ride
Alicia Fox
10 hours ago

#blessed loading up for #greenbay 😽✨

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Ibrahim Ahmad Greetings from Lebanon
Garry Shindler Good mor ing foxy from calgary alberta canada
Jon Betty beautiful
Priscilla Beth Beautiful
Johnny Glover Nice Crib
Big E
Yesterday 12:54

Fun times exploring Germany!

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Sesh Rater Tara black dog.
Adas Ins What are we got over here a family And friends
PrinXe Zaik 😵 🌞😹 вoт😔 powered🎉 вy🌵 PrinXe😻 Zaik ♥ c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r ♥ ♡[●<~|| chaudhrys-web.tk ||~>●]♡ ♥♡o. Cɾεαtεɾ 💢 zɑíղ ɑզժɑՏ .o♡ ♥
Maddison Romine New day Rocks 💞💞💞💞
Maddison Romine I LOVE YOU BAYLEY 💞
2 hours ago

Timeline Photos

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Zigui Mamadou Chapeau
Phil Debal Carino
Ermine Maffock I LOVE YOU
Sylvia Cas Bellagio AWESOME 👏
Sadie Stevens akon luv ure music got ure albums luv ra fan xxxxxx
Hines Ward
Yesterday 12:36

Never give up!

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Nick Martin I miss u playing
Ronald Beggs G.O.A.T. period !!!!
Nick Campbell Don't we bleed red Lola
Norma Castaneda Basaldua Amen
Cathy Riddle Miss seeing his smile
Anthony Davis
Yesterday 10:24


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Andre Byoune Hoop or die!
Artijon Aliu #Deadlyduo
Brandon Schoenhoff Is it just me or are those jerseys terrible
Belinda Lee Fowler Boogie looks very happy💙
Hoven Evangelista Nya daog mu doĺ? Hahahaha
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Even the grumpiest night owl will become a morning bird for these adorable pancakes! Find out how we made them with Macys: http://martha.ms/61848paK6

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Melissa Latchman Amir Ali
Jane Havelka Laura Lape
Jennifer Keefe Awesome again
Tania Martinez I like breakfast for dinner , what is wrong with that .
01:30 02/26/2017

Quer ouvir k-pop no carnaval? hahah então vem conhecer o grupo KARD, que com certeza vai animar mtt a sua farra <3 http://ow.ly/x3uJ3098Jxw

93 reactions 21 comments
Alex Wirawan ↖( ❤😃-☔-🐸✋ )↗ Get Out Full movie (2017) PLAY:http://loveinlombokpart.blogspot.co.id/2017/02/get-out-full-movie-2017.html
Tatiane Caroline Santos Sara Fabiane
Pedro Augusto Taissa Vieira
Giovana Souza Jasmin Gameiro
Katharine Alves Daniel Ramos socorro
Chris Brown
1 hour ago

#THEPARTYTOUR TICKETS are on sale now! smarturl.it/thepartytour 🎉

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Colton Hulbert Thank God you only going to the city n not CNY. We don't welcome woman beaters anyways
Jeysson Santiago Ohhhhhhh shhhhiiiit woooooohhhhh ssssssssuper bigg time history wow dammm woooohhhh wow ohhhhhhh Mann dammm wow woooohhhh dam that is ssssssssuper bigg time history wow bigg time world whyde history woooohhhh ohhh mannnn dammnn
Kendall Macklin 😭😭 TaTara Macklinhy can't he be coming to the UK!? 🇬🇧 wanna see him so bad😩😩
Simone Coccia Colaiuta My best friend with Chris Brown
Skylee Johansson Madisyn Awwww australia misses out 😢😭😭 Thats alot of concerts take care of yourself chris much love 😚😘
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Follow these five steps to pancake success! http://martha.ms/61838VNnW

757 reactions 27 comments
Julie Gargano Melissa Gargano
Carolyn Koch Julien Koch
Pame St Juanito Colli
Amber Luna Mig
Vaness Macdonald Jodie Young
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
3 hours ago

Friday night shoots. 1am and still going strong on set with John David Washington. Luv this dude like my lil' brotha. Immensely talented, infectious energy, humble, hungry and one of my fav humans. Both posing like we're getting ready to drop the hottest mixtape of 2017. 🔥✊🏾 #OnSet #Ballers #1am #WorkinHard #DangerousDuo #BallOut

113.0k reactions 820 comments
Lukas Rei Only negative I got about this show is it's 1/2 hour, then we gotta wait another week for next episode.
Abi Mishra One day I will be your lil brotha. We just have to meet one day and I will make it happen
Katya Lohmann Looking forward to the next season. Love seeing these behind the scene pics. Keep on ballin'!
Warren Humphreys Callum Thomas Brankley didn't even need to read it just saw the photo and got excited
Saray Chantharith ទូលបង្គំ គឺ ប្រធានាធិបតី សារាយ ខ្លឹមចន្ថារឹទ្ធិ អោយ Dwayne The Rock Johnson ខិតខំនាំគ្នាបន្ថែមបង្កើតក្រុមហ៊ុន Steak ‘n Shake នៅលើពិភពលោក ប្រធានាធិបតី សារាយ ខ្លឹមចន្ថារឹទ្ធិ នៃព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា
01:30 02/26/2017

Um app incrível pra te ajudar a bombar o instastories e o snap! Vem conhecer o SNOW \o/ <3 https://youtu.be/V97vlNEloRw

130 reactions 5 comments
Alex Wirawan Get Out Full movie (2017) PLAY:http://loveinlombokpart.blogspot.co.id/2017/02/get-out-full-movie-2017.html
Juan Carlos oi princesa
Iasmim MI Como vc se chama no snow MariMoon?
Jessika Maya Ontem vi o vídeo e já baixei no meu cel 😍😍😍 simplesmente amando ♡
Leo Messi
4 hours ago

✈️ Madrid

821.9k reactions 7755 comments
Daniel Barchana מסי וואלה שתדע חבר שלי עומר אולי אוהב אותך אבל בשבילי אתה זין עם עיניים מאחל לך שתיפצע בברך ימין וואלק לא מגיעים לפסגה עם ידיים בכיסים ושימותו הקנאים ביי Omer Milstein
Héctor Jeovanny Santos Messi si vez este mensaje porfavor dile a Luis Enrique que no valla a poner a sergi Roberto de lateral porqué por allí nos van a tacar ese muchacho no juegaaaaaa nadaaaa ni ideaaaaa tiene de cómo jugar por esa banca cuando lo atacan de frente se pone y ...
Ramy Mohamed Es un honor recibir aquí en Egipto un jugador internacional de fútbol que se preocupa por la humanidad y mejorar la vida de las personas .. usted siempre es un modelo a seguir para aquellos que quieren ayudar a otros .. esperamos que disfrute de su ...
Reza Mahmud are we gonna get thrashed?!? I just can't stand this midfield. so incompetent all those new buys. waste of money. If we face Bayern right now, I guess we will concede at least 5
Gutters Serrano Vamos mañana necesitamos estar de líderes en la liga demuestra esa magia y fantasía que estamos acostumbrados todos tus fans. Eres y serás el mejor te deseo mucha suerte
Irina Shayk
21:36 02/25/2017

When ur stuffing ur face and Pluto comes by 🙄😂

9.4k reactions 221 comments
Rasal Mooppen No Ronaldo No Pluto
Mosab Al Jabri No ronaldo , no smile 😂
Johnny Jazz All retards love to show their level of perversion in their comments -who else reminds openly of an ex to a girl, pathetic losers only does that
Rishabh Rawat No ronaldo no pluto no Disney character 😂😂✌️
Santanu Dutt u are happy with childres , i want to see it, God bless you and you sister live long.
Jimmie Johnson
10 hours ago

/ #48 running laps inside and outside the track today in Daytona #chasing8

2.9k reactions 76 comments
Dolores Franks Please trim that beard back.....
Greg Fox What sneakers is he wearing? They look awesome!!
Greg Jaglowski Where you get your energy from, JJ?
Andrea Kruse Please ur off shavor beard is ugly.
Karen Mayer Sasser My Man is a Machine!! 💙💙My 48🏁
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Bold and vibrant wallpaper is the decorating spark we've been looking for. http://www.marthastewart.com/1503128/unexpected-wallpaper-ideas-try-your-home?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=msl_816116532

175 reactions 9 comments
Jennifer Kitchens Street Christine Miller Johnson in small doses.
Aaron Christensen Tear it up Martha!
Anni Sumarni Beautiful
Belle Cose Always!
Mary Allen Beautiful decor!!
Jo Wilfried Tsonga
9 hours ago

Rendez-vous demain !! 🎾✨ #Finale Open13 Provence #TsongaTeam

3.1k reactions 98 comments
Thierry Didelot merde pour demain ,attention pouille c' est une mobilette jo
Freekje Nanlohy 👍🏾
Seàn Jo Nes Trop facile pour pouille!! Prq tsonga ne fera jamais mieux qu un 1/4 de finale en grand chelem ? Car la dotation d un quart est suffisant !! Bien triste! Si le vainqueur avait 1 million et tous les autres 1000e, y aurait plus de vainqueur différents! Et ...
Kenza Ferdjellah Allez JO c'est t'a finale à demain 😁💪💪👍🎾
Rieko Kubo Bravo,Tsonga!
Anne V
23:06 02/25/2017

#iwokeuplikethis 🥐

634 reactions 40 comments
Jean Burcombe I.m glad you did !
Rony Briony Beautiful
晥日 この写真はオシャレ魅力的である
Aidan Walsh :)'s beautiful x x :)'s Nice :)'s
Giovanni Fadda Dolce eleganza.
Jamie Oliver
00:42 02/26/2017

A nice night out with my girls on Saturday night take away. Hope your watching guys x x x

34.3k reactions 832 comments
Sharon Flood Yes it is a lovely pic butttt people are going to pic up his spellings because that's what people do it's human nature n he should be setting an example which is so important to him as he turned school meals upside down for example
Lin Johns Lovely to see you all, your wife and girls are beautiful, seems like yesterday when you put on your Christmas cooking episodes and the girls were little, i have now 4 grown-ups and 12 Grandchildren x
Judy Frenette wow Jamie, it's hard to imagine you with children this age, you just always seem the same, hardly aged at all, what a lovely solid family man you are, you and your wife have created a lovely family, blessings to you all ♥♥
Jolene Beth Morgan Beautiful Jools and your beautiful daughters! You are not too bad to look at either, haha! Have been a devoted fan of yours for nearly 17 years. I am most likely older than your mum, and I would loved to have had children, especially a son, would want ...
Gina Hughes Oh Jamie ... I still remember the early days when you first hit the "screens" as a fresh faced young man ... now look at you as a dad and husband with your beautiful girls xo
Rob Dyrdek
Yesterday 03:24

Let's do it live!! So proud of everyone at ETN! Launching the first all live skateboarding network is an amazing achievement. Our first show Face Melters It's going down at noon! 👉 https://smart.link/58b08c6c0eac6?id=rd

103 reactions 7 comments
Nicole Whitlock Pelster Nick Pelster
Dennis Greany Curtis Ghidoni
Jake J Kirk Kirkham Kc Kc Westray David Kelly
Eric Dougherty Is that the UC Davis Gap? Gnarly
Danny Colón Keep growing skateboarding Rob!
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