Hope Solo
18:00 12/09/2017

Why I’m Running for President of U.S. Soccer

5.3k reactions 375 comments
Todd Pipitone Please Hope Solo, even if you don't win the USSF presidency, please please, please continue fighting against "Pay-to-Play" and inequality at all levels!
Bradley Bunch Nope. To me she seems more intent on this whole “equal pay” BS rather than trying to progress the team that actually matters, the men’s team. I know, pay equally is a big deal but so is our success and that would be just one obstacle getting in the ...
Jim Burton I believe you will do an awesome job in bringing the necessary changes that are needed to move US soccer forward and reach it's potential. I love that you are not just giving lip service to an unfair situation but are willing to take action. This is ...
Adam Garrett This might be the toughest battle you’ve ever found yourself in, but I wish you the best of luck!! If there’s one person I would expect actual change from after being elected it would be you. Especially for women in soccer. Sincerely, good luck!!
Dan Dees The USWNT is a national treasure and their herculean triumphs have brought us national pride. The USMNT is an embarrassment and the laughing stock of the international community. Cut all the mens teams players, yes puley too for a while, and let the ...
Nicolas Sarkozy
14:00 12/07/2017

J’ai voulu le Grand Paris des projets pas des institutions

376 reactions 39 comments
Josee Marie Baudry BRAVO M. le President - Vous avez toujours une vision pour la France - Chapeau - Vous me manquez beaucoup -
Josline Umutetsi They haven't yet realised how much they are missing you🙌
Jeanne-Marie Clement Moi aussi j'ai voulu !!
Linda Letombe Cattini Quand on n'avance pas on recule
Jacqueline Granger Paris abriterait "500 millions d'habitants" ? Il doit y avoir une grosse erreur plutôt 5 millions même en comptant les émigrés et les SDF.....
Dalai Lama
16:12 11/30/2017

Clarification of an Answer to a Student's Question in Meerut, India

4.6k reactions 238 comments
Jared Small O m. G. https://youtu.be/HRKSjKn_mqU
Rodrigo Mendonca De C. Pinto No Brasil invadem computadores e casas. Ditadores e coniventes com a ditadura! Artistas de garganta seca, caiu playboy!
明瓏 ❤️
Landis Zen Do not lash out at those who can't see the truth or acknowledge your thoughts but help them in any way you can
Shu Min Lin 南無本師釋迦牟尼佛皈依佛法僧三寶千手千眼觀音菩薩尊者達賴喇嘛千波千諾大手印吉祥如意大寶法王噶瑪巴千諾
Taylor Swift
12:06 11/22/2017

‘reputation’ Magazines Available Worldwide!

15.1k reactions 726 comments
Sanju Verghese I think mostly everybody will be demanding video cds.and also preferably on chips.micro sd cards to be played on mobile phones.i AM sure it can be proven on statistical reports from around the globe
Nina Li But honey it's not that much available in China. I know it's available in Taiwan (part of China)but remember your fans are craving too much and more on the mainland☹️
Petr Antoš They are both beautifull, arrived yesterday, already read till and including last pages :-), but reading distracted visually a lot, you know...
Isaba Shuhrat You can't call it worldwide if it's not worldwide, Taylor Swift! Please make this available in each and every country, I'm dying 😭🇧🇩️🇧🇩️🇧🇩️🇧🇩️🇧🇩️🇧🇩️
Lindsy Christensen I love the new CD Taylor. Delicate is my favorite song right now. You truly are brilliant in every way, and I will forever be a fan!
15:30 11/17/2017

Learn To Let Go 🌈

1.1k reactions 34 comments
Carla Procopio Gabriel Bentley
Muhammad Hamza Shah Humayun Babar
Ryan Ritraj Ava Daniel
Björn de Vries Latifa Boubezari
Njabulo Jae Noguda Athi Ahy Magoqoza
Newt Gingrich
06:18 11/12/2017

The Veterans Who Have Shaped My Life

285 reactions 8 comments
Steve Kysor myvietnamexperience1968.com 50 years ago.
Lana Brown Ross XXX
Hazel Marthinsen Great tribute to our veterans
Vonnie Speck Amen
Rickie Johnston Go Newt...
13:54 11/12/2017

Praying 🙏

1.9k reactions 86 comments
L-A Gough Your album is a masterpiece! It's Jagged Little Pill on steroids!
بحبك - B7bk هل تؤمن بالحب من علي #الفيس بوك ؟✋😍 ♥ اتمنى ان تدخلوا صفحتي وتشوفوا #آالبوستات الي بكتبها 💚 ♥ لو عجبتك اعمل (#لايـــك) #للصفحه✌️ (Y) لم علينا عبيدگ يارب 😂😂
Victoria Malchow Thank you for this song 🙏❤️
Santiago Cortés Cada frase en esta nota transmite sentimientos encontrados, es genial! Kesha la mejor para mi por mucho, i love you bitch ❤️😭
Nicole M Morrison This song gives me goosebumps It inspires me when I feel down An amazing song and story
The Royal Family
16:24 11/09/2017

The Duchess of Cambridge gives a speech at the Place2Be School Leaders Forum 2017

1.6k reactions 28 comments
Heather Pope Harriett Pope
António Carvalhido SERÁ que teu amor que eu nao sabia esta cheio de maldade seres lindo como as estrelalas que nao tem culpa que nao gostas de Jesus CRISTO nascido em Nazaré Advinho António Carvalhido
Alex Shatalov She looks tired!
Asif Iqbal 🌹
Mfundo Ntwana
David Guetta
21:24 11/09/2017

Merci Ludovic !! DG

2.9k reactions 261 comments
Cristyna Volonté You are mythical great David... JeT’Aime beaucoup ❤️❤️❤️😘😍Happy Birthday 🎁
Marina López Sandrine Bardosse l'âge! T'aurais pu aller a l'école avec lui haha
Magalie Pousin Très bon anniversaire, je fais mes 40 ans aujourd'hui même ! Encore très bon anniversaire !!!!!
David Salez Happy birthday one of the best in the world hope see u next year at ultra Miami 😎
Josiane Germond Heureux anniversaire, David....moi 70 ans dans quelques jours ! Et j'aime l'électro !
10:54 11/03/2017

Dave Mustaine Joins Gimme Radio

1.4k reactions 47 comments
Davor Edelinski Too bad you can know in advance which bands will never be featured, though.
Jackson Mulligan Owen Forster
Brendan Ryan Galvin Collin Shull Finally, a radio station worth listening to
Damien McDermott Oliver Ennis
GT Ruiz Juan Carlos García Sánchez
Newt Gingrich
03:06 11/02/2017

Witnessing Real Corruption

1.2k reactions 119 comments
Mike Michalakis Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media should now calm down. Newt Gingrich May 2017
Jaime Del Val I like your videos Newt Gingrich. You are one of the smartest people on the planet. I always learn something when I hear you speak.
Jay Case It is "THE REAL CORRUPTION" but nothing will be done about it. They will go after President Trump as harx as they can but she is like teflon, nothing sticks.
Sharon Kramer Linhares Amen..people are being led astray by not doing research..all they have to do is change TV channels to see the difference..
David Beck Hillary practically gives away our uranium to the Rooskies, then decries the speck that's in Trump's eye; Hypocrite City...
Dulce Maria
23:06 10/28/2017

“Descubre #LaNotaPerfecta con @DulceMaria y @FraicheMexico”

374 reactions 7 comments
Karla Villalva Hola Dulce María eres muy linda
Hilda Sánchez Guamán Como podemos hacer para adquirir el perfume
Yael Dulce Aneglica Shwarzty Wow dul 💜💜💜💜 donde yo puedo comprer la ferpoma
Jenifer Florez donde lo venden
Andy Spears guapa, hermosa,
Mark Ruffalo
01:24 10/29/2017

Great thought piece Sandra. New Yorkers, please give this a read.

214 reactions 19 comments
Sindyy Aguirre Marlene Amigon
Jeanie McGuire Vote “no”! Please, NY
Evelyn Carayannis Thank you Mark
Trick Hester FUCK NO! Not with these shitwits in power! (see: pre-Nazi Germany)
Axel Barrientos Why does not Mark Ruffalo change his profile photo and his cover photo?
Newt Gingrich
01:30 10/28/2017

Leftwing Radicalism Cheats Children

158 reactions 18 comments
Jim Arnett WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cindy Nichols Bailey Deep government at work.
Mary Kay Buttery GOP Tax reform-If you give 1 person TEN apples & nine people NO apples- the average amount is equal to 1 apple per person..So why are 9 people mad at you all! The older I get the less I listen to what people say and the more I look at what they do. — ...
Ahren Truss This is no different than radical islam
Virginia Hunt just have what they want. Segregation. Spoiled children Always get what they want by tantrums
Newt Gingrich
23:48 10/22/2017

Renewing American Leadership in Space

244 reactions 17 comments
Lex Fresno 😝👏👍🇺🇸
Jerry Sunthimer Waste of money..
John Powell I want my money back.
Dylan Richardson Good. We can draft all the democrats to colonize Orion's belt. Send them all at the same time.
Kathy Young I think we should leave Space to the Aliens...
Newt Gingrich
22:12 10/17/2017

Renewing American Confidence Starts with Remembering American History

753 reactions 23 comments
Debbie Howard Absolutely!!
Shirley Schutter Amen!!!!!
Clyde Denver Triplett Yes
Craig A. Olson What about deductions?
Betty Ann Pier They don't teach much history it is social history.
Newt Gingrich
09:24 10/15/2017

Vengeance: A Warning About a Dangerous World

173 reactions 8 comments
Lex Fresno 👏👍☺️🇺🇸
Vonnie Speck Pray!
Sandy Sorensen "Thanks be to God who gives us the victory." "Perfect love casts out all fear."
Marty Stephens May we all live through interesting times...
Patrick Magee Thank you for your continuing efforts to call out the increasing threats. I watched the movie Pearl Harbor again last night and wonder if US leadership truly remembers the lessons from that experience. "I think they are going to hit Pearl Harbor ...
Newt Gingrich
06:12 10/05/2017

Puerto Rico: A 21st Century Plan for Prosperity

274 reactions 63 comments
Jamie Quebedeaux Time to sell Puerto Rico, they've been bailed out too many times and still can't seem to get themselves straightened out!
Judith Cook The mainland doesn't even have 21st century infrastructure...until then...puerto rico can wait...repair what was there...at this point, PR is a huge can of worms...and I doubt anyone thinks its a good idea to throw good money after bad. Puerto Ricans ...
Inna Inna Geller First, labor unions on the island must be vanish. Then, will be no more politicians running their local government. Only then, it will be the reason to invest and rebuild. Few years ago they demanded to remove Navy range used for shooting targets. Al ...
Scott Lyons Listen to Speaker Gingrich...the difference between success and failure is that successful people do it
Richard Jakubowicz Amazing. They are not a state but will be getting things our states won't get.They are almost bankrupt because of their liberal policies.Maybe it is time they think again and become a state so they will have a meaning full stake in their island the ...
Newt Gingrich
04:36 09/30/2017

GOP Must Turn the Tax Framework Into Tax Cut Legislation

214 reactions 23 comments
Craig Phelps Lower payroll taxes too Do this- In 6 months the Fraud Of Obama & socialism will be exposed Govt Assistance Justice Act Get A Job Act No work - no welfare If Not eligible to receive welfare or Medicaid bc of legal immigration status, work status ...
Michael Botello-Eyelash Washington; Stop Spending!
Lex Fresno 👏👍😁🇺🇸
Fred Kame I agree
David Michael Swartz Are they going to do anything???
Newt Gingrich
22:12 09/09/2017

The Importance of Defending America

525 reactions 17 comments
Karr Ash https://www.mediamatters.org/blog/2017/09/06/newt-gingrich-used-fox-position-push-profit-colleges-without-disclosing-conflict-interest/217852
Peter Smith <----- Oath Taker. #GodFamilyCodeCountry
Lex Fresno 👍🇺🇸😁👏
Julie Hyde Morton Thank you Newt!
Fred Kame I agree
Newt Gingrich
09:18 09/07/2017

Citizen Newt by Craig Shirley

91 reactions 4 comments
Susan Tracy I'm half way through the book. It is fantastic!!!
Audrey Bender I'm about a third of the way through...brings back many memories for me, as I voted 3 times to put you in Congress...and third time was the charm. In retrospect, your career and ideals sound very familiar to what we now have in the White House. Drain ...
Newt Gingrich
18:54 08/30/2017

Presidential Approval Ratings: What the Elite Media Won’t Tell You

680 reactions 113 comments
William Calabrese Maybe if Democrats admit their 150-year history of bigotry and apologize for it, this country can begin to heal its divide. #Charlottesville
Mike Stevenbeuster Newt Gingrich We don't care about the FAKE BOGUS POLLS! - Here you go: Every Major Poll That Got Donald Trump’s Election Win Wrong http://www.thewrap.com/every-poll-that-got-election-wrong-donald-trump/ 1. L.A. Times - Clinton 352, Trump 186 2. Moody’s ...
Sally Stricker We all know the polls dont show our approval for our President .
Diana Bradley Mendenhall Do not listen to polls. We found out a long time ago they were fixed for the media and not accurate.
Robert Stevenson We Hope you will be ready for a Trump reelectipn party..Hope you can make it..Dems will be waiting tables...Bill,Hillary,Obama parking cars
Sachin Tendulkar
02:00 08/26/2017

5 Strategies That Helped Me In Career & Life

18.2k reactions 171 comments
Mohit Patil You are my favorite cricketer
Smily Sony Sir you are great
Meghana Pal Love you sir
Utpal Milind Kelovkar You are my idol and will always be. Simplified and how!!
Priyanka Rajput Litl master i alwys miss ur crikt
Newt Gingrich
04:30 08/23/2017

I encourage everyone to read this powerful statement from Speaker Paul Ryan on #Charlottesville. We must do everything we can to confront and defeat hate within our society.

459 reactions 322 comments
Beverly White Stamper I didn't even read it... My ears won't even hear anything this traitor has to say anymore... I want to see him out of the United States Congress... Yes betrayed president Trump and the people who put president Trump in office...
Robert Henriksen sounds like more BULSHIT to me.. all i hear is every one say neo nazi... but i never hear them say BLM or ANTIFA...in the same sentence. these 2 groups today are worse than nazis....in the usa... and also out number them.... cause more damage than ...
Steven Depuy Not sure at this point, anyone can comment on this politically, but is it true that people in black hoods where hitting the sick Nazi's car with baseball bats, which caused him to step on the gas flying down the crowded street and hit the car that ...
Bill Kohl During his (Speaker Ryan) speech tonight, maybe reflect on freedom of speech. While we know neo Nazis speak hate and evil, far left groups carry out grave damage and destroy people and property. Carrying out evil is Terrorism! God bless President ...
Henry R. Parker This would not have happened if the Law Enforcement had not been ordered to stand down. Shame on the Gov, Mayor, Vice Mayor and Chief of Police. Using our Police as pawns in your agenda is dangerous to the public as you witnessed but also lessen the ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:54 08/23/2017

Let There Be No Confusion

862 reactions 1095 comments
Kevin Hall CNN did a piece on Antifa just a few days ago titled "Unmasking ANTIFA: Seeking peace through violence". CNN essentially promoted the use of violence. Paul Ryan seems to be continuing to ignore the real issue. We have had these KKK nutters around for ...
Janet L. Schrecongost President Trump is a scapegoat and you know it!!! The Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville is all over google for hateful rhetoric. The town took a vote a couple months ago to not take the statue of Lee down, but he and the council overturned that vote. An ...
Daryl Oie I am very upset at both parties but more upset with the democratic party and the for spreading such hate and lies. I do not support any kind of hate groups including black life matters, anti-fa, kkk, Nazis, alt-right or alt-left groups. Both political ...
Cindy Roman Both sides were correct to be condemned By President Trump and it is shameful that when he did the MSM and establishment did not accept it. Why don't you all condemn ALL the other hate groups instead of ignoring it? Why don't you all support our ...
Princess Kristi Trump, Trump, Trump. Yes, he's news, but he's not ALL the news. Regardless of what he does or says, we're still paying the salaries of ALL our elected representatives, both Republican and Democrat, along with their staffs and we're not getting much ...
Bill Gates
14:42 08/18/2017

Fight Back Against Mosquitoes

4.6k reactions 367 comments
Noor Ahmad Hello Bill gates I don't know if you can read these words but really I need your help I need some money I don't want money for free but I will do work any types of work I can teach many subjects for any age I am so clever but I am poor money will help ...
Daniel Mwambonu Mosquitoes will always be there so why should we fight and try to wipe them out of the planet? They must have hidden benefit so why Did God create them?
Carmelia Leal Congratulations. Beautiful Work.Mr Bill Gates and Mrs Melinda Gates, too. New methods of combat very interesting. Evolution and progress. Excellent results África and Ásia
HM Nomaan sir,it's pleasure to have an account in Facebook..Because you are also using it..i am blessed actually...sir I am from Bangladesh, one day i'll come to Microsoft, in sha Allah..you may note it down. you are too much cute to response indeed..no bad ...
Santosh Thangavelu Done, chief. And have spread the word as much as possible. Your foundation reversed AIDS trend in India, you will do this too. Best wishes for this initiative.
Newt Gingrich
02:54 08/18/2017

Rahm Emanuel: The Renegade Mayor of a Renegade City

681 reactions 211 comments
Dennis Gills Public officials like him need to be made examples of and put them in jail for obstruction of justice. Also he needs to be fired. No if ands or buts.😎
Frank Ambrey Is it legal to withhold federal funds because of non compliance with an enforcement issue or is it more of the mad kings desires?
Stephen Francis Illinois is broke, Chicago is broke, if it weren't for being part of the United States it would be a Third World country if left to their own devices. Why is this slime still in office?
Joseph G. Jones The Democrats are out of their minds. They are anti-white racists. Who do they think built this country? And what do they think the country will look like when they crush white culture? Mexico? the Middle East? Africa? Take your pick. All of them suck. ...
John Lillich So why is this guy getting reelected? Bottom feeders love the danger, apparently. Just another liberal run city that is nothing but a danger zone. Liberal run cities across the nation are all like this.
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