Mitt Romney
2 hours ago

CharityVision Mission to Indonesia

785 reactions 71 comments
Rosa Perez Thank you for sharing . What wonderful story and the good works you are doing .God Bless you and your family .
Joseph Perry Thank you for your support of CharityVision! You are wonderful examples of charity in an apathetic world! Thank you thank you!
Carol Tomkinson Nicolet I love that last picture of you guys! So refreshing to see REAL people with messy hair and travel-worn but happy faces :)
Hedy Dumawa Any chances to go to Philippines I know a lot of people suffering for their eyes thank for all that you do
Mary J Surh Perhaps if we get through trumps term in office, you will run again-you will still be young enough to hold the office.
Newt Gingrich
02:18 04/26/2017

Health Care is Personal. That's Why Congress Has to Get it Right

293 reactions 60 comments
Elizabeth Anderson Healthcare is personal. That's the reason the government should stay the hell out of it.
Daniel Brock Congress needs to repeal the ACA and leave healthcare to the free market
Douglas DeAngelis Congress needs to have to use whatever they pass, that is how to get it right.
Wendi SumKnight Like this will ever happen. Even you have to agree that your party is in chaos! #draintheswamp #impeach
Newt Gingrich
00:42 04/21/2017

Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District Special Election

187 reactions 15 comments
Linda Watson Let's get AMERICA BACK!!!
Ryan Cleveland Evan Pittman good read
Charlie Sirico Sr. Reminds me of another phoney Obaba.
David Jones I am in Atlanta today and was able to see him
Bill Bootstrap Bill Tanner And the message from the people continues...
Don Omar
11:06 04/21/2017


274 reactions 6 comments
Abuela Sonia 👋👋👋👋
Yadira Simon eres grande!!!xx
Victor Esteves El rey 👑
Ivan la Leyenda No es x ser malo pero pa 5'segundos q se les vioba el y a tego.
Newt Gingrich
11:54 04/18/2017

This Easter “Be Not Afraid”

1.2k reactions 50 comments
Norma L Lalonde "Be Not Afraid" I like that book.
Raymond Gray Bless you for sharing His gospel!
Helen Furlow AMEN!!!
Cheryl McLeese Sotelo God bless you and your family!
Debbie Clark What a wonderful message for Easter!
Jo Wilfried Tsonga
09:42 04/18/2017

Aujourd'hui, j'ai décidé d'être 100 % transparent avec vous...

2.6k reactions 109 comments
Marinette Hadorn Respect a toi Jo 👍 La naissance d un enfant est bien plus importante que la coupe Davis. Tu vas revenir plus fort sur le circuit. Bonne chance 😍😘
Véronique Berthaut Laisse laisse parler les gens...
Gérard Buisson Tout d'abord félicitations à vous 2. C'est important dans la vie d'être clair avec soi-même, et avec les autres aussi. Ce n'est pas parce qu'on est une star sportive ou autre, que l'on doit négliger sa vie de famille et sa vie privée. Cela s'appelle le ...
Jãmēs X-męñ Bravo champion prenez soin de votre famille
Jolo Godbrz Merci Jo pour ces explications prends soin de ta encore félicitations
Arnold Schwarzenegger
00:42 04/14/2017

Our politicians have rigged the system. The average Member of Congress wins their election by 37%! Let's fix it.

868 reactions 48 comments
Gaetano Pellegrini Let's see if real life is like a Terminator movie....
Alex Semenyuk Go for it!!!!
Böḅḅÿ Löṿệệ BOT BY <3 Böḅḅÿ Löṿệệ ~={ <3 WE-3.TK <3 }=~
Nozar Schaiegy Hi great Arnold.
حسين هاشم 🌸💛 `~
Arnold Schwarzenegger
00:42 04/14/2017

It is time to stop complaining about Congress and do something about it.

3.3k reactions 122 comments
David King From Detroit, Michigan to Hollywood, California, the following people, businesses and celebrities are committing ongoing crimes against me, including, but not limited to, defamation of character, libel/ slander, wrongful conviction & attempting to ...
Chris Buster It's going to take a serious Act of aggression to get things done especially in a bunch of ultra conservative States
Trevor Sandridge We did do something about it. Hence why Republicans have both the house and the president
Matthew Maranzano You should have ran for president everyone would have voted for you ... seriously
Dan Dougherty You dick, you couldn't even succeed as a governor, maybe you should have tried a less liberal state
Arnold Schwarzenegger
00:42 04/14/2017

Let’s Make Washington Work for Us

2.3k reactions 130 comments
Robert Garza Well Arnold we elected Donald and it's takes time for changes. So let's give it some time.
Michael Vance Cook its going better than before.... trumps got this
Gino Shimmy Also dude let's not forget, let's NOT forget, that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for you know, domestic, within the city - that ain't legal either
Slavik Petrakov Anyone remember Arnold as governor? Literally worst governor of all time.
Emily Langworthy As long as they you make needing a form of ID to vote.
Newt Gingrich
10:18 04/13/2017

Three Critical Things Everyone Needs to Know About Trump's Syria Airstrikes

359 reactions 26 comments
Lane Pearson
Gail Paine Duell Teresa Chapman-Donovan
Mike McWilliams Well said .
Mark Hanifin Talk about the shadow government newt
Sydne Ora I stand with PRESIDENT TRUMP. Read this... it explains so much
Ricky Martin
04:12 04/09/2017

Ricky Martin Cast as Antonio D’Amico, Gianni Versace’s Longtime Partner, In Versace: American Crime Story Grammy ® Winning ...

2.2k reactions 136 comments
Jacqueline JacquiMichelle Brown Ramirez-Martinez Buenos días, felicitaciones por sus conciertos. Siento no poder ir, estoy desempleado. A pesar de que soy autorreproductor.
Alejandra Martin Morales Yo me como la tv, amo verte de actor ya derritiendome brillas en todo amor, mi corazón te ama
陳天昀 Make love in Ricky Martin's Voice to paradise for inspiration!
Natalino Pires Ricky martin eu torco por voce e voce merece todos os premios do mundo voce e' o melhor cantor da musica latina voce e' o Rei do pop latino I love you meu cantor internacional preferido o numero 1 da musica latina.
Natalino Pires Ricky martin voce e' o cantor homem internacional que eu mais gosto voce canta e danca demais voce e' o meu preferido seu fan do Brasil Natalino Pires.
Newt Gingrich
08:36 04/08/2017

6 ways Congress can make room for tax cuts that will create more jobs

296 reactions 10 comments
Janet Griffin As always Thanks Newt
Evan Ammeson I really can't agree with the border tax stuff.
Joseph H Messick When Smart Business People actually Forgot how to be that Smart from a specific year to remember which could had been when already Success Business people by contributing Invest into Wall Street while trying a specific Software that was Radio ...
Shane Beals Why not do away with personal income tax unless you're making a million dollars or more year.
Mike McWilliams Sounds like President Trump is already implementing some of this with his reduction in regs . You two must be on the same page .
Newt Gingrich
18:12 03/31/2017

Health Reform: The Road Ahead

87 reactions 28 comments
Sarah Hauenstein-Manci
Anthony Gonzalvez Thank you .
Dan Dobbins Sure hope Congress follows your roadmap.
Rick Robison Just Repeal no replacement
Deb Powers I agree with Mr. Sicherman.
Don Omar
04:36 04/01/2017


486 reactions 17 comments
Jose Edier Osorio Mora
Ligia Landrón Producciones Discograficas de Don Omar. The Last Don The Last Don Live Da Hitman Presents Regguetón Latino Los Bandoleros Reloaded El Pentágono King of Kings King of Kings Armagedon Edition Los Bandoleros King of Kings Live MTO 2 New ...
David Isaias Tinco king D.O
Ramos Ramos Mike me encanto esa cancion saludos desde Guatemala
Alex Rivera La canción es muy buena estoy esperando amame o matame con la caballota
Don Omar
14:12 03/24/2017


176 reactions 5 comments
Danny Schz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Susy Love Cauich Kauil ❤️
Alicia Renee Miller Awesome. Keep going strong Man. Blessings.
Newt Gingrich
03:48 03/24/2017

Like Jackson, Trump is an Intensely American President

1.2k reactions 72 comments
Star M. Waters Today, we salute, Mr President, in honor of his desire to serve in an office to help this country back to "The People."
Nikolai Bobersky Jackson banned Rothchild banks...ya the Federal Reserve. Trump isn't 1/2 the man.
Charlie Lembach I don't recall ever seeing Obambi salute anyone. Wtg President. I served during the Reagan years and would for you too.
Lionel Jefferson Griffith If Trump doesn't drop SwampCare he will be a one-term President.
Christine Austin A strong one with substantial private sector experience! It's a match made in heaven! :-)
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:12 03/24/2017

We are gutting Obamacare. Here’s how:

420 reactions 530 comments
Rita Jines Morgan Why can't you work on actual healthcare and healthcare cost instead of insurance and other means of paying for healthcare? Healthcare and insurance is not the same. When I needed a second round of physical therapy after a second knee replacement, I ...
Jacqueline Conway Aetna wanted to merge with Humana and threatened to pull out of the exchanges if they couldn't. Now we have both threatening to pull out. Under your plan no one will be able to afford healthcare, insurers make out like bandits and the top 1% get huge ...
Ian O'Callaghan Your plan somehow manages to not repeal Obamacare, after years of clamor about repealing it, and also will cover fewer people than a simple repeal would. Some might call that an abject failure and broken promises; but not you. Kudos.
Kim Menghi Paul Ryan, instead of politicizing this issue, and putting something out there, just for the sake of 'keeping your campaign promises' so you can keep your seat in the mid-term elections, perhaps you should make sure this is a good piece of legislation ...
Mark Richards Don't just gut it, throw it away. How about you do what you all promised when you ran for re-election, and completely repeal ACA. You voted for a complete repeal when you knew Obama would just veto your bill. Why not now? Scrap this, sit down with ...
Newt Gingrich
13:24 03/16/2017

The First Step to Obamacare Reform

392 reactions 157 comments
Ronald Cooper The good news is that CBO estimates that the American Health Care Act would cut the budget deficit by $337 billion over 10 years as the bill replaces ObamaCare’s subsidies with tax credits, rationalizes its Medicaid expansion and repeals its tax ...
Ginnie Donovan Waxdahl If it actually exists in the ACA, that a panel will decide if an older person should die rather than giving them the treatment they need to continue living, it needs to be eliminated. This country already has killed more babies than people who live in ...
James Tousek Time for President Trump to step back on this ObamaCare reform. The timing is bad from the beginning. The President should gracefully drop this initiative using the CBO report as a reason to pull back. This will serve two purposes: (1) make him look ...
Patrick Berry The plan has a lot of good parts but the 30% surcharge added to premiums for not signing up for healthcare fast enough is gonna be a weak link in the chain because its actually a penalty that pays the insurance companies instead of the gov. If there ...
Becky Oberle "Still, even with these limitations, this legislation is better for consumers than our current law. This bill will allow Congress and President Trump to eliminate Obamacare taxes and its mandate that forces people to buy health insurance; ". NOT ...
Newt Gingrich
11:48 03/11/2017

American Greatness Starts with Tax Reform

491 reactions 22 comments
Carol Johnsen Latourette Ax reduction is better
Dan Van Make America FREE again. Restore our lost liberties!!!
Herman Cortez Every time congress does tax reform we the people get screwed.
Brett Sparacello I good with the flat tax do away with the IRS.
Dale Voyles Fair tax. End the irs. End tax policy manipulation of the citizens.
Speaker Paul Ryan
23:24 03/08/2017

The American Health Care Act: What You Need to Know

529 reactions 552 comments
Bette Stanford I want to believe that this plan will reduce premiums for all (ours went up to $1250 a month) and provide coverage for those who cannot afford medical insurance. I am still a skeptic and hope for the best.
Phillip G III Too bad even your own party doesn't like this "plan", which isn't even a plan, rather a more total gutting of Obamacare. Why not just axe the ACA entirely, then OWN it. Be proud that YOU, and your fellow republicans made Amerika great again by helping ...
Patti Hebert Cryer Because I am self-employed, I have an Affordable Care Act policy. This year, my premiums went down, and so did my copays for office vists and prescriptions. Without ACA, it would be almost impossible for me to afford health insurance.
Jeff Jobe Paul Ryan basically ignored Trump's wiretap claims today, trying instead to focus reporters on his efforts to destroy health care for millions. The real problem for Trump and the rest of the GOP is simple, either he is completely making all of this up ...
Ramie Zomisky You know, I read it last night and this "summary" does not really cover it, but PR is about the positive right? And those of us in the industry <3 our acronyms. When we have to talk about these things twenty times a day, it is much easier to say ...
Tom Daley
21:42 02/28/2017

Keeping going, Kyle!

144 reactions 2 comments
Avinash Arora Love you Tom Daley
Randy Shipp Saw 1st episode of "When We Rise" - brought back lots of memories and emotions. Well done!
Newt Gingrich
07:00 02/24/2017

Let’s Trump Addiction

1.0k reactions 127 comments
Ann Raczok Kathy Jones Guyer: There is high & low, up & down, etc.. all are defined under being HIGH. You say you were not high, but if it relieved your pain then you were experiencing some kind of high. Some people only define their high as HIGH, but it could ...
Eric Hampton One of the best ways to help end the opiate epidemic is to legalize cannabis as its more effective for pain management minus the addiction and side effects. In addition, physician oversight should be much greater as far too many doctors are only too ...
Connie Huntling I am sick to death of bring held accountable for OTHER FOLKS who abuse THEIR medications! I do NOT get "high" when I take my pills, I take them to ease the pain. All you who are abusing YOUR medicine causes those of us who do not make it difficult for ...
Donna David I think it comes down to after the person chooses the wrong thing, ie, opioids and they become addicts, are we going to help them. We help type 2 diabetics with meds when they choose to overeat and get this disease and heart disease people when they ...
Debbie Starks Donald J. Trump has enough on his plate to get our people safe n our country while fighting everyone to just get the job done. I wish people would look at the whole situations before jumping to conclusion. For instance, breaking up families while ...
Bill Gates
17:12 02/19/2017

Warren Buffett’s Best Investment

17.1k reactions 572 comments
John Anderson As an American I am privileged simply because I was born here. seeing people that have been blessed with wealth that is possible from freedom of enterprise in this country use their time and blessings in this manner is in my view, proof that America is ...
Martin William ı am lorenzo oil and ald my disease prgression more realize my dreams want please help me for treatment,i need money My brain slowly melts or job my brother please
Bijoy Chandra Tripathy Our grandchildren 50 years from now will read history and appreciate that real and huge efforts at individual level were made to save humanity !
Michael L Carrigg And yet IN America and MANY other supposedly wealthy countries extreme poverty and homelessness STILL exists. Why is this not eradicated FIRST???
Dolly Wade West I would like to know the truth of this. As admirable as all these philanthropic billionnaires appear to be, why do they not concentrate their energies on the most pressing emergencies in the United States? Why do they not speak up about the Dakota ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
17:00 02/16/2017

Today → House Votes to Protect Taxpayers from Funding Abortion

1.6k reactions 501 comments
Daniel Buciak Did an all point bulletin go out on posting the Hyde amendment? Frankly, if this was a waste of time because federal funding of abortion is already prohibited by law, then what is the big deal? I'll tell ya, because this has everything to do with ...
John Martinez II I grieve with all the women of power or those I think are independent thinkers. It appears the women that depend on others to control their bodies have won. This decision has just opened the door to more government oversight of a woman's body. I wonder ...
Marilyn Gray Since you will never have to face that choice, how about minding your own business. Only a vindictive, small person would act like you do. How's that screwing with Social Security and Medicare working out? Expect millions of postcards.
Belinda Brunner Morally reprehensible legislation? One would argue that it is more morally reprehensible to defund Planned Parenthood which provides valuable healthcare to its beneficiaries, including contraception. The fact of the matter is that abortion rates have ...
Dennis Bullaro Here's the deal I don't care if you want an abortion, I do not want my tax money to pay for it. Pay your own healthcare stop freeloading off others.
Ray Lewis
08:06 02/16/2017

Collectors and Sports Fans Rush to Buy Football Great Ray Lewis’ Debut Kentucky Bourbon

48 reactions 10 comments
Megan Andrews Jeffrey Blake
Jen Ermel Rollie Ermel
Jazzy Johnson Now that's what I'm talking about!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Deanna Woody I am happy for him 😃
Angela Stanton Vermillion Love💜
Ray Lewis
08:06 02/16/2017

Get it before it's gone!!

44 reactions 6 comments
Lauren Paszkiewicz AJ Paszkiewicz
Samantha DeNunzio John Fricano
Patricia Watson Conlon Ooohhhhh...
Norman Marshall You must come to Montreal
Destiny Bullock Love and respect I hear it's selling fast Rays Reserve you go
Newt Gingrich
03:48 02/14/2017

Presidents Trump and Lincoln and Managing the Bureaucracies

686 reactions 77 comments
Guy Craig Poison them all.... or change the laws so that Civil Servants can be fired...
Mike Hosking Civil service reform is a must.
Domenic Sandy Santangelo Sr. Great advice. Hope Trump hears. Trump already had a major leek just days into his presidency.
Charlie Bryant To President Trump: Be like Lincoln..Drain the swamp...
MJ Bonin Yes, be a Lincoln. I always believed that you would be another Lincoln and Reagan rolled into 1.
Newt Gingrich
15:00 02/11/2017

The Education of a Coach and the Education of a President

212 reactions 12 comments
Ada Wilm Incomparable twosome in NFL 🏈 🏈
Witold Rutkowski Mr Newt Gingrich MASTER MIND !!!
Bob Gallagher nice analogy
Carol Temofonte yes,he lies and cheats
Marty Gillian Maybe just assign Belichick to stop ISIS...
Tom Daley
15:12 02/08/2017

Scotch Eggs 🍳

366 reactions 27 comments
Jamie Smith Luke Milne
Chris Auld Moira Rennie Coughlin
Ceinwyn Gibbs James Gillham
Natalie Louise Cheverall Linda Cheverall
Emily Hay Chloé Cairns
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