Bill Gates
4 hours ago

Fight Back Against Mosquitoes

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Noor Ahmad Hello Bill gates I don't know if you can read these words but really I need your help I need some money I don't want money for free but I will do work any types of work I can teach many subjects for any age I am so clever but I am poor money will help ...
Daniel Mwambonu Mosquitoes will always be there so why should we fight and try to wipe them out of the planet? They must have hidden benefit so why Did God create them?
Carmelia Leal Congratulations. Beautiful Work.Mr Bill Gates and Mrs Melinda Gates, too. New methods of combat very interesting. Evolution and progress. Excellent results África and Ásia
HM Nomaan sir,it's pleasure to have an account in Facebook..Because you are also using it..i am blessed actually...sir I am from Bangladesh, one day i'll come to Microsoft, in sha may note it down. you are too much cute to response bad ...
Santosh Thangavelu Done, chief. And have spread the word as much as possible. Your foundation reversed AIDS trend in India, you will do this too. Best wishes for this initiative.
Newt Gingrich
Yesterday 02:54

Rahm Emanuel: The Renegade Mayor of a Renegade City

681 reactions 211 comments
Dennis Gills Public officials like him need to be made examples of and put them in jail for obstruction of justice. Also he needs to be fired. No if ands or buts.😎
Frank Ambrey Is it legal to withhold federal funds because of non compliance with an enforcement issue or is it more of the mad kings desires?
Stephen Francis Illinois is broke, Chicago is broke, if it weren't for being part of the United States it would be a Third World country if left to their own devices. Why is this slime still in office?
Joseph G. Jones The Democrats are out of their minds. They are anti-white racists. Who do they think built this country? And what do they think the country will look like when they crush white culture? Mexico? the Middle East? Africa? Take your pick. All of them suck. ...
John Lillich So why is this guy getting reelected? Bottom feeders love the danger, apparently. Just another liberal run city that is nothing but a danger zone. Liberal run cities across the nation are all like this.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
04:30 08/16/2017


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Russell Rayos The Govt loves us to fight amongst ourselves, Repubs vs Dem, White vs Black. It's a tale as old as time. All the while the Govt gets away with all kinds of nonsense. The founding father's of this country tried to warn us, and even put it in writing that ...
Sara Stegen thank you for this. I had a hard time explaining to my 13 year old why Nazi flags were present at the demonstration. He couldn't understand it .... we visited the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam last year (we live in The Netherlands) and it made a great ...
Cher Dudley The K.K.K. and B.L.M. are one and the same. They both represent prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry. Our country is divided by race and political opposition. This is not about who is a Liberal, or who is a Conservative. This is about right and wrong, ...
Peter Rafferty Maybe you should start turning that Schwarzenegger presidential library quip into reality eh? You're a million times better than that cheetoh covered clown in the Whitehouse.
Liam Clarke *How to become a white supremacist* Just say white people have the right to exist
Newt Gingrich
10:54 08/05/2017

16:1 - Who Defeated Health Reform?

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Rob Mitch Let Obama Care fail and then devise an affordable Heath Care System that is good for the Citizens not the Insurance Companies.
Laura M Dill The bill they put up for a vote was a joke- they were hoping it wouldn't become law that says it all
Mary Anne Tomlinson Sullivan This is the most intelligent and clear analysis I've read. Thank you.
Richard Holsomback Wonder what would happen if it were their health care? Hmmmmmm - just saying -
Newt Gingrich
22:06 08/02/2017

Deregulation is Driving Success

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Scott David Murphy Duh!
Marsha Whitman Lingle Very true !!
Vincent Ernie Vet What to spread the wealth? Deregulate.
Dee Fisher Browder Tks Newt and President Trump!
Jay Franco What the current administration is doing on H1 VISA and foreign workers? Looks like all are bombastic BS talks only - 300,000 H1B Petetion !!! What the f$$k going on? . .
Al Gore
21:12 07/28/2017

Proud to share An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power has partnered with Snapchat on a great program to allow users 18 and under to receive free tickets. #BeInconvenient

367 reactions 32 comments
Navya Lobo
Jody Hickman How inconvent...
Scott MacKay Monsanto is going to be pissed!
Ssur Anna U need to call me 8127600889. Please quit mocking me and the Lord.
Larry Newman Yay, more indoctrination of kids...
Newt Gingrich
20:30 07/28/2017

Tax Cuts - Not Tax Reform - Are Key to the GOP's Success

537 reactions 61 comments
James Reilly The FairTax is what is going to fix our tax issues, not other tax cuts!
Vincent Gewalt Tell Trump to Man-Up and stop being a Wimp and fire Jeff Sessions or stop hiding behind Twitter and shaming him to resign.
Beverly Dyke They have to do this. Tax cuts for families and businesses is key
Tom Torres DRASTICALLY! If you don't blush when it's proposed, it's not deep enough!
Janis Scott Nees Tax breaks for the wealthy will play right into the Dems hands.
Newt Gingrich
18:48 07/23/2017

A Message to Republicans: Do What You Can

447 reactions 67 comments
Susana Sacayanan Gibson REPLACE THEM ALL IF THAT'S THE SOLUTIONS BUT NEVER USE THE Dead peoples to Vote and Ilegal voters we need clean and Honest.
Diana M Green Please act like Republican leaders! You ask him to act Presidential- you guys act congressional! Like our leaders!
Jeffrey Harkins The biggest problem is the Republican establishment scum that is trying to stop Trump's agenda.
Amos Lane America has much to repair in the wake of the 8 damaging years of Barack Hussain Obama. Cicero iterated about the Fall of Rome: A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is ...
Lani Temple We are paying them a lot of money and perks for not doing what their constituents want. Maybe we should have a vote of confidence.
Newt Gingrich
15:36 07/13/2017

President Trump’s Foreign Policy Has Not Changed

347 reactions 14 comments
Trudy Motley
Carol Crook Termin (Y)
Brenda Gayle Tucker I feel like the Mob Family has taken over our White House and destroyed our democracy, our constitution our country sad day for america !
Ron Lena Phillips Great strategy : Don't leak it to the congress, the press or any of our enemies . It's working !
Newt Gingrich
23:36 06/30/2017

Trump’s Breakthrough for Veterans

334 reactions 7 comments
Christopher F Neumann start giving out the veteran ID cards ...
Howard Weeks What about the choice program he signed about 2 months ago. ....what ever hearkened with that
Beatrice Garza Thanks Mr President our veterans Earn and Deserve the Best USA has to offer.
Sharon Farmer If President TRUMP has not corrected this problem I wished he would. Stop ALL THE BONUS that are paid to ALL government employees. Let this money be divided among the VETS. Increas military pay. I worked a long time and never received a bonus. The ...
Newt Gingrich
10:48 06/28/2017

Why France's Macron Is Worth Watching

106 reactions 32 comments
Sydne Ora France, Italy communist fascists.. Canada and UK well on way
Karla Karber Newt's an author. We get it.
Susan Singer Macron is a moron
David Thompson A man to beware more like!
Newt Gingrich
09:12 06/23/2017

Handel Ends Democratic Dream

1.3k reactions 70 comments
Rob Fritzenkotter They want impeachment. That requires a vote in both houses. Dream on. Clinton's private, clandestine email server lacked protection and was hacked by over 30 nation states. She was caught deleting emails by Wikileaks, not some Russian Hacker. Then, ...
Louis Meli The liberals continue to do it to they are their own worst enemy
Connie L Bowen Newt Why is Trump hiding behind being a liberal for years.. Just in 2008 .He considered himself a liberal on national tv.
Edward Ludan this is a new era!old ways will no longer be accepted!this is a revolution!
Lou Tosado Here is why the Democrat Party has no platform message. The DNC can't run on Jobs or the Economy, Trump has that platform message locked up. The DNC can't run on National Security, Terrorism, Trade, Energy, Infrastructure, Foreign Policy, Military, ...
Newt Gingrich
07:36 06/18/2017

Continuing The Trump Rally

692 reactions 32 comments
Thomas Huth
Earnest Hargraves Are
Viv Houghton Amen
Carol Crook Termin (Y)
Clyde Denver Triplett President Trump Gods gift to America
Amitabh Bachchan
17:00 06/18/2017

FB of an unknown number ..

2.2k reactions 78 comments
Mahendra Jethalal Rathod Amitabh Bachchan ji Main aap ki painting banai hai lekin aap ko samay nah ihai dekhneka. ! Shubhraatri ji London se Dher saara pyar!! <3
Neha Kotumbeerkar Lot's of love
Anil Kaushik Ekdm mst
Sumant Kumar Sumant Kumar Good night sahab jee please
Shah Sajjad Syed Love you Sir
Newt Gingrich
18:48 06/15/2017

The Media and Elites Still Don’t Understand Trump

477 reactions 87 comments
James Osborn Hey Newt, what they don't (WON'T) understand is morality of a higher authority than their own.
Kathy Wrobel They don't WANT to understand him... They want POWER... Evil people!
Jihan Kim Whose to blame for the white supremacists who murdered a black man in NYC and two American heroes in Oregon?
Joanne M Mackey Newt....hold your own vs these PC correct ladies today!! You ARE correct !!!....tell it like it is‼️
Star M. Waters I do not believe that. It has nothing to do with him, except for he won and they lost and they aren't going to stop until they can get rid of him and get their space back. They won't stop. So no I am not buying media and elites not understanding Trump. ...
Newt Gingrich
06:00 06/13/2017

Comey Invalidates Special Counsel

1.1k reactions 169 comments
Leslie Burgess Democrat Alan Dershowitz: Time to Move On & Stop Accusing Trump of a Crime For Exercising His Constitutional Authority According to a number of officials leading the United States intelligence agencies, the Russian government did in fact meddle in the ...
Joanne Buck Should it be true that FBI told Sessions that he did not have to enter into background check his meeting with Russian AM as was Senatorial duties, that was a setup. How did Comey know Sessions would recuse himself before Sessions was aware of that ...
Rich Oas Sessions should testify tomorrow and when he is done. Step back in and shut down Muellers investigation because the connection between Mueller a Comey is too convenient. Then the asst AG who jumped to appoint Mueller needs to be demoted. He knew ...
Richrd Neal Comey was the biggest swamp critter to be drained from the swamp so far. Bigger than even Obama and Hillary in my opinion...When was the last time Comey brought an indictment against anyone he spent years investigating?...This man was a fraud, and the ...
Joel Webster Trump, don't just fire Mueller; fire about ten of those swamp rats at the same time. Then ten more. Then ten more. Do what you have to do. Stop being nice.
Sheilla Castro
14:42 06/10/2017


538 reactions 43 comments
Dayvisson Baptista Eu quero
Suzy Rodrigues Quero quero quero Rainha ❤ Eliel Rodrigues, Geisi Rodrigues
Elias Alves Bispo Bispo Ponha que quero ver.
Karina Prado Aaaaaaa eu preciso muito 😭😭💔❤
Júnior Sousa Se deus quiser irei ganhar,Sheila por amor❤❤👏👏
Cory Booker
04:12 06/08/2017

Bipartisan Letter to Attorney General Sessions: Federal Sentencing Laws Need Reform

251 reactions 17 comments
Cole Wurl Thank you Senators for your unwavering commitment
Maggie Boege ARE YOU INSANE OR JUST STUPID???????????????????????
Diana Pulido-Lidamsh Say no to mandatory anything!!!!
Lydia Greco McLean This.
Jilene Day how about Sessions step down
Newt Gingrich
03:54 06/08/2017

Rembering D-Day

593 reactions 19 comments
Denise Joly
Steve Silverman 🇺🇸
Thomas Campagnone These were Real Men , Not these snowflakes nowadays .
Don Joseph When men were men.
Hyesung Yim Remember this France? So b nice
Newt Gingrich
03:54 06/08/2017

Trump and Paris: Let the Negotiations Begin

495 reactions 39 comments
Pat Bourassa Go Trump go!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Linda Wiggs Neill Uh, No.
Bert Beebe Just stay out.
Thomas Abella Screw the negotiations/ let every country clean the air for themselves !!
Tony Rooster Cogburn Donald Will make the Dest deal for the USA!! Withdrawing completely will Alienate our Allies on other deals so it is best to make the deal the Way We Want It. Then we can still keep our allies satisfied and that is the best way to do things. Why let ...
Newt Gingrich
02:18 06/03/2017

The North Korean EMP Threat

262 reactions 47 comments
Randy LaMere Seal Team 6?
Sharon Holden They haven't. Even passed. PRESIDENT TRUMP. Budget congress representatives. All needs cleaning out.
Sharon Holden Its more than just north korea in this someone. Else is supporting. This quack.
Robert Rosenberger Fix this soon (I reiterate within days) Peace be with!.......... --RR (Make-ready until otherwise notified) ^^
Ann Helmbeck Everytime he launches a missile we should bomb his personal living quarters!
Newt Gingrich
13:30 05/31/2017

Lock Up the Leakers

724 reactions 63 comments
Maria Santos Yes!
Dave Meeks Make them stand trial for treason.
Diana Lynn The Men Investigating Ivanka Trump's Shoe Producer in China Are Missing or Arrested - TIME
Lynn Halverson The people that need to be locked up, are the Trump administration! Trump gets twisted up in his own weird Russia logic - CNN
James Clark Lock them up.
Newt Gingrich
21:30 05/18/2017

The President Owes the News Media Nothing: Part 1

2.4k reactions 168 comments
Joe Wierbicki Despite all the political & media hype aimed at Trump, there's no obstruction, there's no impeachable offense, there's no constitutional crisis, and there's no impropriety.
Pat Norman Go Newt! Remind him there are people in America that love the truth and God. We are under attack.All those billions the drug dealers made are working to stop The lawyers
Christian Loepp Newt, I hope you will formally join Trumps team and help shape the message. I know nothing will stop the Dems and the press from making up things, but you could make a huge difference!
James Brown Every question should be met with some variation of "I would say you are disgusting, evil swine but that would be an insult to pigs. You really should be ashamed of yourself you know."
Eve Valleser The media are crazy. They are against President Trump at anything and everything of his agenda. I cannot stand listening to them. The President should just stop the media briefing. The press media is like a snake or a crocodile ready to attack a victim!
Newt Gingrich
08:42 05/16/2017

Women Who Work -- An Inspiring Read This Mother’s Day

484 reactions 12 comments
Jotus Fitz Ken Hi newt
Carl Slashausen Fran Townsend2017
Stacy Burke Drivel.
Newt Gingrich
05:30 05/06/2017

The Weapon Wizards

114 reactions 3 comments
Scott Lyons The more I hear it possible ? ... Hillary 💋 Al Gore ?
Yaakov Katz Thanks Newt. We are honored by your words and agree with them all.
Don Omar
03:06 05/04/2017


534 reactions 14 comments
Flores Enzo Nahuel Ammmm
Luis Angel Whason la experiencia no se improvisa compii willian.. felicidades parcero!!!
Daylin Navarro ELEGANTE
Flores Enzo Nahuel Que mentirAa
Victor Esteves Por eso es el rey 👑 de reyes
Newt Gingrich
16:42 05/03/2017

Trump vs. the Swamp: Democrats Turn to Bureaucrats to Stop Trump

276 reactions 42 comments
Joani Baxter Let's hope it gets done!
Beatrice Garza Bunch of sicko, vote them out
Isaac Anim Enemies of the state, democrats
Jacob Sabat Ever since at least 1980, We the People of planet Earth have had the capability of providing the highest quality of food, the highest quality of clothing, the highest quality of shelter, the highest quality of healthcare, and the highest quality of ...
Newt Gingrich
03:54 05/01/2017

The One-Sided Entertainment At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Flatlines Its Appeal

267 reactions 85 comments
Joan Floyd You are a disgrace but he really thinks he is special I am glad Our Present Declined he has too much class
Jim Black The Malignant Media can eat .... for dinner! Thanks for all the 🤥s.
Pam Medley Kreis it was at this dinner that trump decided to run for president...good job barry...
Donna Reed White Who pays for this nonsense? Cancel this right off the calendar.. it's meaningless and abusive entertainment...
Cynthia Weldon I'll be watching President Trump (if someone airs it) in Pennsylvania instead of these losers.
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