Newt Gingrich
07:00 02/24/2017

Let’s Trump Addiction

1.0k reactions 127 comments
Ann Raczok Kathy Jones Guyer: There is high & low, up & down, etc.. all are defined under being HIGH. You say you were not high, but if it relieved your pain then you were experiencing some kind of high. Some people only define their high as HIGH, but it could ...
Eric Hampton One of the best ways to help end the opiate epidemic is to legalize cannabis as its more effective for pain management minus the addiction and side effects. In addition, physician oversight should be much greater as far too many doctors are only too ...
Connie Huntling I am sick to death of bring held accountable for OTHER FOLKS who abuse THEIR medications! I do NOT get "high" when I take my pills, I take them to ease the pain. All you who are abusing YOUR medicine causes those of us who do not make it difficult for ...
Donna David I think it comes down to after the person chooses the wrong thing, ie, opioids and they become addicts, are we going to help them. We help type 2 diabetics with meds when they choose to overeat and get this disease and heart disease people when they ...
Debbie Starks Donald J. Trump has enough on his plate to get our people safe n our country while fighting everyone to just get the job done. I wish people would look at the whole situations before jumping to conclusion. For instance, breaking up families while ...
Bill Gates
17:12 02/19/2017

Warren Buffett’s Best Investment

17.1k reactions 572 comments
John Anderson As an American I am privileged simply because I was born here. seeing people that have been blessed with wealth that is possible from freedom of enterprise in this country use their time and blessings in this manner is in my view, proof that America is ...
Martin William ı am lorenzo oil and ald my disease prgression more realize my dreams want please help me for treatment,i need money My brain slowly melts or job my brother please
Bijoy Chandra Tripathy Our grandchildren 50 years from now will read history and appreciate that real and huge efforts at individual level were made to save humanity !
Michael L Carrigg And yet IN America and MANY other supposedly wealthy countries extreme poverty and homelessness STILL exists. Why is this not eradicated FIRST???
Dolly Wade West I would like to know the truth of this. As admirable as all these philanthropic billionnaires appear to be, why do they not concentrate their energies on the most pressing emergencies in the United States? Why do they not speak up about the Dakota ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
17:00 02/16/2017

Today → House Votes to Protect Taxpayers from Funding Abortion

1.6k reactions 501 comments
Daniel Buciak Did an all point bulletin go out on posting the Hyde amendment? Frankly, if this was a waste of time because federal funding of abortion is already prohibited by law, then what is the big deal? I'll tell ya, because this has everything to do with ...
John Martinez II I grieve with all the women of power or those I think are independent thinkers. It appears the women that depend on others to control their bodies have won. This decision has just opened the door to more government oversight of a woman's body. I wonder ...
Marilyn Gray Since you will never have to face that choice, how about minding your own business. Only a vindictive, small person would act like you do. How's that screwing with Social Security and Medicare working out? Expect millions of postcards.
Belinda Brunner Morally reprehensible legislation? One would argue that it is more morally reprehensible to defund Planned Parenthood which provides valuable healthcare to its beneficiaries, including contraception. The fact of the matter is that abortion rates have ...
Dennis Bullaro Here's the deal I don't care if you want an abortion, I do not want my tax money to pay for it. Pay your own healthcare stop freeloading off others.
Ray Lewis
08:06 02/16/2017

Collectors and Sports Fans Rush to Buy Football Great Ray Lewis’ Debut Kentucky Bourbon

48 reactions 10 comments
Megan Andrews Jeffrey Blake
Jen Ermel Rollie Ermel
Jazzy Johnson Now that's what I'm talking about!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Deanna Woody I am happy for him 😃
Angela Stanton Vermillion Love💜
Ray Lewis
08:06 02/16/2017

Get it before it's gone!!

44 reactions 6 comments
Lauren Paszkiewicz AJ Paszkiewicz
Samantha DeNunzio John Fricano
Patricia Watson Conlon Ooohhhhh...
Norman Marshall You must come to Montreal
Destiny Bullock Love and respect I hear it's selling fast Rays Reserve you go
Newt Gingrich
03:48 02/14/2017

Presidents Trump and Lincoln and Managing the Bureaucracies

686 reactions 77 comments
Guy Craig Poison them all.... or change the laws so that Civil Servants can be fired...
Mike Hosking Civil service reform is a must.
Domenic Sandy Santangelo Sr. Great advice. Hope Trump hears. Trump already had a major leek just days into his presidency.
Charlie Bryant To President Trump: Be like Lincoln..Drain the swamp...
MJ Bonin Yes, be a Lincoln. I always believed that you would be another Lincoln and Reagan rolled into 1.
Newt Gingrich
15:00 02/11/2017

The Education of a Coach and the Education of a President

212 reactions 12 comments
Ada Wilm Incomparable twosome in NFL 🏈 🏈
Witold Rutkowski Mr Newt Gingrich MASTER MIND !!!
Bob Gallagher nice analogy
Carol Temofonte yes,he lies and cheats
Marty Gillian Maybe just assign Belichick to stop ISIS...
Tom Daley
15:12 02/08/2017

Scotch Eggs 🍳

366 reactions 27 comments
Jamie Smith Luke Milne
Chris Auld Moira Rennie Coughlin
Ceinwyn Gibbs James Gillham
Natalie Louise Cheverall Linda Cheverall
Emily Hay Chloé Cairns
Don Omar
12:30 02/09/2017


3.1k reactions 21 comments
Martin Jayden Sanchez Perú
Sandra Carrasco El regreso de Don Omar.El Rey!!!!😙
Chela Rivera Hola erws el super ,super de todo👍👍👍👍👍
Beatriz Rodriguez Ese es mi negro boy a ti
Maria Orsino amorrrr
Tom Daley
13:36 02/03/2017

Cod & Lentils

109 reactions 10 comments
Deborah Kenyon Looks tasty x
Jeff Jeffrey Sounds like a euphemism
Kate Hartman sounds awsome!
Vera Harland That looks delicious as well as being healthy
Clay Peet Thanks Tom! I just made this and it's divine!
Don Omar
10:54 02/04/2017


1.8k reactions 26 comments
Enoc Medina Te quiero invitar a que vea mi ultimo audiovisual (#Dicen) espero que sea de tu agrado Dios te bendiga a ti y a los tuyos éxito Muchas gracias
Daniel Hilario Villar Hola Probablemente nadie lea esto. Soy artista, del Genero Urbano y agradecería que dedicaran un minuto siguiéndome "DANAOS" . No les obligo a Suscribirse , son Bienvenidos a mi Canal GRACIAS<3 #NAUGHTYBOY 👉PLAY->
Amador Dario Cueva Tamariz Wawa Romina Sandoval Cassina aca esta
Livi Velasco Te amoDon Omar 😘😘😘
Juan Roman Aguirre por fin
Newt Gingrich
00:30 02/04/2017

A Canadian Opportunity

583 reactions 31 comments
Jonathan Schindelka Daniel Borlase
Catherine Ratcliffe Andrew Scheer
Lin Eyer Agreed
Carol Temofonte Omit aid to Berkeley!
Doug Gerrie Foster Let's make it so.
Tom Daley
12:00 01/29/2017

It's International Chocolate Cake Day! My all time fave is a brownie. Not a cake, but counts, right?!

529 reactions 25 comments
Chloe Kinton Max N Greenhalgh
Amy Larty Sarah Southern
Michael Morrison Jeremy Austin Brook :p
Vanessa Lauricella Melissa Marie
Nick Meager Nathan Woolacott
Tom Daley
12:00 01/29/2017

Not-so-naughty Chocolate Brownies

98 reactions 7 comments
Shane Morris Andy
Manon Louise Humphreys Becca Owen xx
Darnell Smith If it's not naughty, it's not any fun!
Jorge Alberto Chavez Reyes I will give the recipe a try :)
Aniita G. Sánchez God Bless you. !😇💚💚
Tom Daley
12:00 01/29/2017

Savoury Fruit Salad

253 reactions 5 comments
Gillian Bond Margaret Bond
Hannah Mantel Jake Brown
Michael Edmanson Or Toms savoury fruit salad Kara McElhinney 😂😂
Louis LeDoux When and where will your book be available in the US. Those were all U.K. Links in BPs. I've asked in the wall 4 times but never receive an answer.
Newt Gingrich
10:06 01/27/2017

The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump

714 reactions 32 comments
Henry Simpson-Gray
Tyson Ferland
Kenny Moran Would love to have been there but watched it on TV
Bill Donna Moore To God be the glory!!!
Brenda Clift Craig Hail To The Chief! DJT
Jerry Brown
22:18 01/24/2017

Governor Brown Delivers 2017 State of the State Address: "California is Not Turning Back, Not Now, Not Ever"

1.9k reactions 450 comments
Edmund Purcell "I recognize that under the Constitution, federal law is supreme and that Washington determines immigration policy. But as a state we can and have had a role to play. California has enacted several protective measures for the undocumented: the Trust ...
Loren Capps This is what happens when you smoke POT..... and don't wear a hat to cover your bald head from the sun.
Michael Cervoni Your responsibility is to focus on ALL Californians Democratic or not! Going to war with a President is simply idiotic. You should be working with him, not creating an enemy that will effect ALL Californians, smh...
Mary Alice Schroeder Maybe there are those who are born here in California who have seen it deteriorate. I have, just like the traffic and roads, we need a change, and drain the swamp here and get new leadership! This is my state where I have lived my whole life. Smog was ...
Becki Beisner Thompson THANK GOD we have someone in the White House with business sense. I surely hope we turn back and STOP this billion billion billion dollar white elephant of high speed rail. The train to nowhere that no one will ride . .that is getting NO INVESTORS ...
Tom Daley
23:12 01/26/2017

Kedgeree with Salmon

381 reactions 12 comments
Alexandre Pulquério Tizzo Lívia Martins Tizzo
Lukasz Szczerba Delicious!
David Branlund Help not hello iol
Toni Barton That looks so yummy 😍
Jim Crary And a delicious looking meal, too.
Don Omar
07:42 01/25/2017


2.0k reactions 33 comments
Zaylex Beats Saludos Don Omar :).. Mi nombre es Zaylex ✌🎹.. Soy un productor musical peruano que hace Pistas Gratis & Exclusivas de Reggaeton, Trap, Rap, Etc. 🎶🎤.. Y paso por aquí a dejar uno de mis trabajos 👇👉
Gerardo Maldonado Barrientos Angel Millalonco Vidal
Luis A Caraballo Jr. 💪💪💪
Luis Alberto Morares Fragoso Si pi😘
Abuela Sonia 👋👋👋👋👋😍👍🏼
Don Omar
06:06 01/20/2017


1.3k reactions 87 comments
Marcos Bidault Don Omar Tu Publico Aclama !! La hora en verte y escuchar temas nuevos!!! Te Quiero Pa MI ya es un hit!! le falta video!!! y el comienzo de nueva musica para todos aquellos que se han ido olvidande de ti vuelvan a escucharte nuevamente!! Tenes que ...
Rodrigo Chinchilla Y esperamos ese junte con eliel sacalo ya! Fuego para la calle
Team Griss Romero Saltillo 👈🏼💖 Hola se que es un poco difícil que la gente se tome un momento de su tiempo para ayudarme con visitar la pagina y dar su opinión respecto al trabajo de mi idola ,pero puedes ayudarla a ir creciendo como artista con visitar sus canciones y ...
Tom Daley
08:48 01/19/2017

Team Tom: James’ journey

607 reactions 7 comments
Nicole Davies Ryan Trotter
نيسام محمد n
نيسام محمد ا
Valentine Crawford Do you reply to messages sent to you?
Newt Gingrich
18:06 01/14/2017

Why It’s Important to Understand Trump and Trumpism

899 reactions 49 comments
Shirley Fraser Todd Listening to your speech yesterday was fabulous!
David Beck S'plain it to the dullards, NG!
Linda Fox Hannahs Interesting!
Sady Mae DiGregorio Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6) Father of todays Republican party. Revelations 13:16-18 the 'mark' of the beast is a man. His number is 666.
Steven Lee Hanson These videos on Trumpism are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!! Nobody does it better than Newt when it comes to explaining things! Newt merges entertainment with intense factual presentation that is unique to him. I hope that his last video in the series ...
Don Omar
15:42 01/12/2017


2.4k reactions 44 comments
Diana Penelope MI REY
Marcel Alfonso El rey don omar
Maria Rosa Olmos 👏👏👏💜💜💜💜👑👑
Ldanys Ponce Jimenez Divino divino divino divino
Tom Daley
18:24 01/11/2017

Keep it up Kyle! 💪

196 reactions 3 comments
Glen Large Well done, Kyle James Frazer!
Kyle Pedley Thanks, Tom! :D :)
Alain Michel Surprising that the corporation of graduated dieticians didn't have a go at you.
Don Omar
02:54 01/10/2017


3.2k reactions 67 comments
Dalia Larrier Ah no sympathy for the English speaking fans 😢😢😢
Ozunapr Ozuna Mucho respeto para eyo
Julia Torrealba Paez Como tiene que ser.....
Enrique Espiritusanto Musica buenas es lo que hay don omar
Tom Daley
04:00 01/04/2017

Good luck to the #TeamTom #TomsDailyPlan trialists as they start their journey… a little NY update here…

861 reactions 9 comments
Dave Martin Beth Megan Bloomfield
Firdaus tau gak sih? Siapa Yang Sering Banget Kepoin Atau intipin Facebook Kamu ? Caranya Buka www. siapakepo .com jangan kaget kaget ya ok hehe
Alexandre Lepreux Il existe en français ?
Megan Newbery Thank you for today! Waited so long for this day! ❤️❤️
Tobias Bergstrom Got it last year tom. Signed to. Thank you
Tom Daley
04:00 01/04/2017

Tom’s Daily Plan: And so it begins...

1.4k reactions 21 comments
Jose L Guerrero How and where do I get your book!!!
Firdaus tau gak sih? Siapa Yang Sering Banget Kepoin Atau intipin Facebook Kamu ? Caranya Buka www. siapakepo .com jangan kaget kaget ya ok hehe
Christian Simenon Hi Tom, how can I get it. I'm living in Belgium.
John J. Paul Stick to swimming Tom.
Lukasz Szczerba I received your book today!! I am so happy. thanks :)
Newt Gingrich
13:18 12/30/2016

The Other Half of ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’

543 reactions 18 comments
Judy Peterson Love you Newt Gingrich.
Ann Marie Maslan B.S.
Cathy Theis God Bless America Acts 2:25-47
Jill Narstrom Still wondering why he isn't on Trumps cabinet?
Drenda Petree Good I need a job
Newt Gingrich
11:42 12/25/2016

Three Terrorist Attacks

348 reactions 21 comments
Pedro Branco Hey Gingrich did you made a boo boo?
Linda Hertenberger Register several times for your newsletter but have not recivef
Jesse Piper Drain the swamp. Amen. Get rid of politicians.
Vicky Pearle Daughety We must be vigilant
Emilyn Jones This is what globalization and open borders brought us!
09:30 12/18/2016

Holiday Goat Sweater Sweepstakes

9.0k reactions 101 comments
Alenka Mavri Lucija Kalan
Laura Jokel CONGRATULATIONS SLIPKNOT! REVOLVER MAGAZINE'S BEST LIVE BAND 2016!!!! 🎸 👊 🌟 🌎 ✌💣 ☝💥 ❣ 👄😘 💋 🎵👌 😍 👏 👅
Duri Bang 김민아
Adriano Aldera Alessandro Aldera
Poli Smelova Pasha Jahimovich
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