Newt Gingrich
18:06 01/14/2017

Why It’s Important to Understand Trump and Trumpism

899 reactions 49 comments
Shirley Fraser Todd Listening to your speech yesterday was fabulous!
David Beck S'plain it to the dullards, NG!
Linda Fox Hannahs Interesting!
Sady Mae DiGregorio Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6) Father of todays Republican party. Revelations 13:16-18 the 'mark' of the beast is a man. His number is 666.
Steven Lee Hanson These videos on Trumpism are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!! Nobody does it better than Newt when it comes to explaining things! Newt merges entertainment with intense factual presentation that is unique to him. I hope that his last video in the series ...
Don Omar
15:42 01/12/2017


2.4k reactions 44 comments
Diana Penelope MI REY
Marcel Alfonso El rey don omar
Maria Rosa Olmos 👏👏👏💜💜💜💜👑👑
Ldanys Ponce Jimenez Divino divino divino divino
Tom Daley
18:24 01/11/2017

Keep it up Kyle! 💪

196 reactions 3 comments
Glen Large Well done, Kyle James Frazer!
Kyle Pedley Thanks, Tom! :D :)
Alain Michel Surprising that the corporation of graduated dieticians didn't have a go at you.
Don Omar
02:54 01/10/2017


3.2k reactions 67 comments
Dalia Larrier Ah no sympathy for the English speaking fans 😢😢😢
Ozunapr Ozuna Mucho respeto para eyo
Julia Torrealba Paez Como tiene que ser.....
Enrique Espiritusanto Musica buenas es lo que hay don omar
Tom Daley
04:00 01/04/2017

Good luck to the #TeamTom #TomsDailyPlan trialists as they start their journey… a little NY update here…

861 reactions 9 comments
Dave Martin Beth Megan Bloomfield
Firdaus tau gak sih? Siapa Yang Sering Banget Kepoin Atau intipin Facebook Kamu ? Caranya Buka www. siapakepo .com jangan kaget kaget ya ok hehe
Alexandre Lepreux Il existe en français ?
Megan Newbery Thank you for today! Waited so long for this day! ❤️❤️
Tobias Bergstrom Got it last year tom. Signed to. Thank you
Tom Daley
04:00 01/04/2017

Tom’s Daily Plan: And so it begins...

1.4k reactions 21 comments
Jose L Guerrero How and where do I get your book!!!
Firdaus tau gak sih? Siapa Yang Sering Banget Kepoin Atau intipin Facebook Kamu ? Caranya Buka www. siapakepo .com jangan kaget kaget ya ok hehe
Christian Simenon Hi Tom, how can I get it. I'm living in Belgium.
John J. Paul Stick to swimming Tom.
Lukasz Szczerba I received your book today!! I am so happy. thanks :)
Newt Gingrich
13:18 12/30/2016

The Other Half of ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’

543 reactions 18 comments
Judy Peterson Love you Newt Gingrich.
Ann Marie Maslan B.S.
Cathy Theis God Bless America Acts 2:25-47
Jill Narstrom Still wondering why he isn't on Trumps cabinet?
Drenda Petree Good I need a job
Newt Gingrich
11:42 12/25/2016

Three Terrorist Attacks

348 reactions 21 comments
Pedro Branco Hey Gingrich did you made a boo boo?
Linda Hertenberger Register several times for your newsletter but have not recivef
Jesse Piper Drain the swamp. Amen. Get rid of politicians.
Vicky Pearle Daughety We must be vigilant
Emilyn Jones This is what globalization and open borders brought us!
09:30 12/18/2016

Holiday Goat Sweater Sweepstakes

9.0k reactions 101 comments
Alenka Mavri Lucija Kalan
Laura Jokel CONGRATULATIONS SLIPKNOT! REVOLVER MAGAZINE'S BEST LIVE BAND 2016!!!! 🎸 👊 🌟 🌎 ✌💣 ☝💥 ❣ 👄😘 💋 🎵👌 😍 👏 👅
Duri Bang 김민아
Adriano Aldera Alessandro Aldera
Poli Smelova Pasha Jahimovich
Don Omar
07:42 12/18/2016


3.5k reactions 69 comments
Key Ovarb Pesiuq Y a peŕú?
Rosa Bravo Ravello Ahi estare mi don ojala me firmes mi polera.
Pia Patricia Yo sólo quería ir a verte pero el dinero no alcanzo pero para la otra voy si o si 🇨🇱❤
Litt Jowiy Narvaez El máximo donde tu estas más apagado
Alexandra Karin Rojas Riquelme Quiero irr necesito lo😍😍💕💕💕💕
Don Omar
18:54 12/15/2016


3.5k reactions 75 comments
Nadia Yoa Lescano Felicidades👍😀❤😘
Rdz Angie Divina la canción , eres un duro mi #Don
Richard Nunez Brito eres el mejor
Nelsy Robinson Duarte The Best!! Siempre!! 🎶🎶😊😊
Carola Campos Rios Tema de temas me encanta
Tom Daley
21:36 12/14/2016

Meet #TeamTom!

2.7k reactions 17 comments
Martyn How Best of luck to the lucky five have fun and enjoy
Silvano Schneider THE BEST.......................
Putri Damanik DURIANS
Peter White I'm over 60 and would really like to see some stuff that's appropriate for guys my age. It gets a bit galling to only ever see exercises that are appropriate for people under 40.
Marcela Molina 😄👍👍👍👍👍💕
Newt Gingrich
08:30 12/15/2016

Electing Trump

802 reactions 55 comments
Sandra M Plonka I'm looking forward to seeing what Mr.Trump can do.
Elizabeth Gary They should have known, starting when they were bombarded with pink slips mailed to them all in DC, It didn't just happen it has been happening, and they never thought the American people were awake. Hillary Clinton lost because she had the same old ...
Paula Duncan Great explanation.
Toby Donovan i am so happy we have trump
Charlotte Hodge Hill Carly for DNI position!
Don Omar
17:18 12/10/2016


2.6k reactions 46 comments
Gabriel Cartaya Dell Ovo Don omar ven a bilbao por favor españa
Naomi Anderes Bravo don vienvenidos ala argentina 💛💜😃😃
Marjorie Marillanca Yañez Y cuando confirma la llegada a chile
Rigoberto Hernandez En la MADRE
Wilmer Oliva El Señor de la Noche
Tom Daley
20:00 12/09/2016

Daily Plan on Tour!

1.0k reactions 55 comments
Charlye Roman Delfin que guapo
Matthew Rob Cute
Austin Munro Aberdeen
Ray Ordoñes Yay ✍️🙏👌
Ximena Sarango Flores I want one😭😭😭
Newt Gingrich
06:54 12/10/2016

Why Ben Carson Matters

5.0k reactions 153 comments
Beverly Literal Dr Carson ,Congratulations. God will be with you and leading too.
Patsy Martin A great man to be Surgeon General. Dr.Carson will fill this post with brilliance and dedication!
Peggy Lane He will be great with this job.I would have voted for him for President.Congrads Ben Carson.
Erlene Weir He is a very good and smart man, prayers to him, as this will be a difficult job ahead!
Carole Miaso I have admired Dr. Ben since he stepped into the political arena. He is remarkable!
Arnold Schwarzenegger
21:18 12/10/2016

I am not a self-made man.

58.9k reactions 1284 comments
James Craig Katia Vaz Please read this story by Arnold and also the comment by Lee Bourgeois... a very powerful commentary on dedication, having mentors, and changing one's lifestyle that you have been teaching me!
Katerina Topka Since the first sec I saw you on Conan the Barbarian I fell in love with you...I admire you as a person, for your heart, mind & all of what you archived in your life. You deserve all & much more to come!!!! I sent you all my love ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Oskar Weinreich Truly matter how impressed I was watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in movies as I grew up it is nothing compared to the greatness it is to hear and read his words on life now. How wonderful it is to have heroes walk this earth even in this ...
Jakal Notius In the end we are a collection of people those that we want to emulate and those that we don't. Most of us can only hope that at the end of the day that those that we have surrounded ourselves with, (those we love) tell us that we impress them as well. ...
Sean Roseman The whole reason I became a bodybuilder was u. I go into each show prep and mind set saying to myself I'm gonna win and I dare someone to try and beat me. Your the greatest champ. Thanks for you legacy, and motivation
Lewis Hamilton
12:36 01/01/2017

Dec 2016 Competition T&C’s

1.2k reactions 341 comments
Kelvin Hill I think my best part of 2016 was going to the British Grand Prix first time ever though followed F1 all my life the atmosphere was electric and then to have your win there was awesome thanks Lewis and happy new year
Richard W Palmer They would great framed beside my Greg Gillett print of you winning at silverstone , hopefully one of these days I can meet you so I can have something with your autograph to add to my wall, anyway hope the off season training is going great bring on ...
Konstantinos Bourikas When Formula 1 team bosses have voted Lewis Hamilton the clear winner in Autosport's annual poll to name the year's top 10 drivers.
Jaume Espuny Cid My favourite moment was when you had to give an explanation to the public of the Red Bull Ring after winning the race with that "polemical" touch with Nico. You didn't have time to prepare any speech, so you explained exactly what you were feeling and ...
Dave Kane I've watched every single F1 race that you've been in, many fond memories, I'd frame them and hang them on my living room wall so that they were in my periferal vision when watching you win again and again. 👐🏿👐🏿👐🏿
Newt Gingrich
16:30 12/02/2016

President-elect Trump’s Three Greatest Challenges

870 reactions 98 comments
Patti Gaynor Madeya Need Jobs, deport the illegals and lock up the Clinton Crime family
Diane Ellis I wished you would be in Trumps admin. Speaker of the house would be great again
Emma Brown I love reading or listening to your analysis. You are knowledgeable and a pragmatist. BUT, I wish you had consider taking a cabinet position instead of suggesting that you can work as a consultant to re-engineer the whole government. I guess it gives me ...
Anita Tharon Keaton Say NOOO to Trump for selecting McCaul!!! He'll never reverse Obama's Pro-Immigration policies!!
Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you are the one that will change theirs.
Tom Daley
16:48 11/29/2016

Tom’s Daily Plan

1.6k reactions 39 comments
Leis Demoen Roeland Bolle
Michelle Keenan Beth Mckellar
Claire Prior Helen Prior
Jairo Mendez Anjaaa con que Comiendose el Dulce Placer del helado ?
Giovanni Ardito Rosa Di Mauro
Bob Marley
16:00 11/22/2016

"The World and the Child", an original Tiny Story by Ziggy Marley for UNICEF / Unicef Jamaica's #ForEveryChild campaign, celebrating child rights on their 70th Anniversary!

3.5k reactions 35 comments
İlker Bozkurt Şehid Medet Ünlü Anısına yapılmış ağıttır. #mccecen #gücüksustyle #medetiçinalalet
Betty Nicole this is awesome watch full videos
Ionut Ciucu
Laercio Araujo
Con Man
Mark Ruffalo
00:24 11/21/2016


856 reactions 26 comments
Daniel Turchan ***share*** #NoDAPL #ProtectTheSacred #WaterIsLife #KeepItInTheGround DAPL Bored the hole & ready to pull pipe through. Heavely Guarded
Juliana Tavares ❤❤❤❤
Olyz D'reZpect Oh Yes !!! I found the link to watch movies (2016) full HD-1080p (y) Almost Christmas Full Movie Doctor Strange Full Movie
Awhina N Mike Tupuhi Nga Mihi Nui Mark u r an inspiration and a #Warrior we applaud u...#Tinorangatiratanga #Maoristandwithu #Ake ake #4Ever 💯💕😘💓🤗
Alejandro Gatica Saludos desde Chile
Newt Gingrich
11:42 11/17/2016

7 Questions for the New York Times

978 reactions 324 comments
John Stasio What? after being BOYCOTTED to best use as bottom of birdcage material,,, we are supposed to believe you now? You STILL have the SAME LEFT WING SOCIALIST STAFF... NO THANKS !
Teresa Hackworth Ussery I stopped our paper. Until it cleans up its act good bye. Apparently I'm not the only one. They've hired a new manager of sales. He came to my door trying to get us back. I'm not watching news until someone changes things. In all of this. I'm most ...
David Richardson I used to read the New York Times, about 49 years ago. I stopped reading it when it changed its definition of truth and started slanting everything away from the truth.
Robert Hoffman The New York Times will never change. They're bigoted now, they've been bigoted in the past and they will surely be bigoted in the future, I will never buy the paper.
Connie Oates Trusting them is like taking in a snake and expecting it not to bite me. They would not no the truth if it bit them in the butt.
Paulo Coelho
20:06 11/17/2016

Exclusive Excerpt from “The Spy” by Paulo Coelho

4.5k reactions 145 comments
Nyokabi Ndung'u James Mo Kamau it looks like we're not done with him yet
Ksenia Voronina Omg omg omg!!! When is the English version coming out?! Cannot wait,!
Barbara Smykot I read all your books.Still waiting in Canada for your new one .It's coming shortly I was told today in the bookstore.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
Elise Vitehah Meu Deus...isso veio carregado de emoção...vontade de chorar...fiquei triste ao ler. Mas ao mesmo tempo um orgulho como mulher, em ver essa história contada - pra mim - pelo maior autor do mundo. Obrigada, Paulo Coelho; agradeço por todas as mulheres ...
Roxane Malone I'm ready for Tomorrow !! French version 16.11 !! Youhou !! 😘 thank you !!
Ricky Martin
05:42 11/13/2016


1.4k reactions 355 comments
Leonardo Ríos Pues que #PocaMadre pero ni modo, uno tiene la culpa por hacerlo grande. 😡No podías mandar tu trailer días antes 😡
Paulina Morales Bueno lamento que se haya pospuesto pero a lo mejor así me da tiempo de ahorrar para el boleto porque me muero por ir
Euni RCandelas Ricky que pronto se arregle y siga la gira sin problema, te mando abrazotes enormes. Saludos
July Sanz Si se canceló quisiera saber que pasará con los que compramos boleto?? Se hará el rembolsó o cual será la mecánica a seguir??
Evelin Bernal Espero que esten bien lo material va y biene besotes boricua
Don Omar
20:30 11/12/2016


2.6k reactions 41 comments
Andy Ramos Rivarola Schou con muchas ganas de este concierto a mi amigo :D :D (y)
Carolina Villarroel Richards 😱😱😱🎤🎤🎤👏👏
Carolina Villarroel Richards El REY 😉
Rodrigo Rodríguez Hernández Up Boss
Mercedess Corrales Mi Rey Hermozooo.
John Legend
03:42 11/11/2016


4.6k reactions 296 comments
Monique Desirae 💜✨ #LoveMeNow
Tami Wong Me, my husband and our baby girl- due in 3 weeks! #lovemenow
Krista Stead #LoveMeNow #inspiration 💚💜💚💜 God bless everyone!..Thank you John and Chrissy I love you both!
Mark Lebedda When you have Muslim refugees receiving $1700.00 a month in benefits and a twice decorated war hero (in 2 different wars) getting $1200.00 a month, let alone Senior Citizens averaging only about $1300.00 a month - SOMETHING IS WRONG. But then again I ...
Laura Davis My sweet babies deserve a future less terrifying than this present time. We choose love and compassion.
Newt Gingrich
10:06 11/12/2016

Why the Establishment Was Wrong

4.6k reactions 376 comments
Shelly Kiesling I feel Trump has come to us as a token.....We needed a non politician..... Trump who is far from perfect and ruff around the edges and very out spoken is by far the best choice because I look at his family 1st and his love of America......He has this ...
Debbie Humphries Norton Trump had seen and heard too much and had to do something and he had the resources to do it. They say he doesn't have political experience, Obama didn't either at first, that is what advisors are for. Trump is a business minded man that knows how to ...
BobDoug McKenzie CNN amongst others is despicable. Even now, they are instigating hate and violence by covering mild, sporadic protests and portraying them as being the end of the world. They refuse to accept that Trump won Michigan, and they final result will be ...
Lei Lian Also we Chinese Americans. I heard this because I am a Chinese and we are very active to organize activities and communicate with each other to help Trump on an Chinese app called wechat. A group on wechate can easily have several hundreds of people in ...
Mike Smith Funny, you people are still misreading us, even on Fox. Interview us for reality, not the same old people saying the same old wrong things.
Mark Ruffalo
21:12 11/10/2016

Let America Be America Again

3.8k reactions 146 comments
Israa Tellez you should be doing something!!! YOURE HULK MAN WAKE UP!!
Nick Von Gittins You are a stud, Mark. Thank you for sharing this with me, and for your updates and your fight against the DAPL.
Paul Solliss America is and will always be a powerful country a united country
Helen Forman Thank you, I have never read that before but it speaks volumes,
Sandra M Torres Thank you. This made my eyes water. You're a good man with so much heart.
Pink Floyd
05:24 11/10/2016

Extract from Pink Floyd: The Early Years 1965-1972 Box Set - 1972

1.7k reactions 16 comments
Rika Sebastian s!!! I hope your Day is always fun,with Full Movie special for you... 8-| Trump Fifty Shades Darker*2016* BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN
Waldemar Tomaszewski 100 lat Magdalena Dobro
Anna Grimaldi Unici!!!!!!!
Craig Bennett New Syd Barrett album!
Kevin Lucas Hâte que le père Noël me la livre
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