Yesterday 14:00

ICYMI | Floyd Mayweather has a message for Conor McGregor. UFC

Floyd Mayweather sends message to Conor McGregor regarding superfight |
Floyd Mayweather sends message to Conor McGregor regarding superfight |

Floyd Mayweather sends Conor McGregor a message regarding their potential boxing superfight, saying that the fight needs to be made.

108 reactions 13 comments
Selby Chan Theyre never gonna fight!!!!!!!!
Choeck-Cathy Vanhaneth Make it happen.
Dan Irizari stop this nonsense talk,, this wont happen
PL Lamont Yeah this sounds like one of them years and a making fight lol
Jeff Gordon
11 hours ago

‪"What's been accomplished by Drive to End Hunger in a relatively short time is absolutely inspiring. AARP Foundation & AARP are incredible partners to be involved with, and I'm very happy to continue our work together." ‪#TeamJG‬

AARP Foundation Announces Jeff Gordon as New Drive to End Hunger Ambassador - Jeff Gordon
AARP Foundation Announces Jeff Gordon as New Drive to End Hunger Ambassador - Jeff Gordon

AARP Foundation announced February 22nd that four-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jeff Gordon, former driver of the No. 24 Drive to End Hunger Chevrolet...

1.9k reactions 33 comments
Christina Stengel of course!
Michelle Crawford Awesome news. why are people mad about this.
Debbie Tetreault ALWAYS doing something good!!
Lisa Pirkkala You are a wonderful inspiration! Great news!
Laura L Wright Makes me unashamed to be an AARP member!
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Not a laughing matter. All lives matter.

1.6k reactions 767 comments
Rob Mann That's because she's nothing but a race baiting hatet
Dan Gaul Sr. Some no good liberals SNL
Bob C. Ogletree Has anybody really watched this turd bowl since the 80 tys ?
Steve Bloss I know some pretty tough white women who'd love to knock the crap out of her.
Ed Nesbit Shes a toad
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
01:12 02/26/2017

Catch him in one week at our iHeartRadio Awards!!

Watch Bruno Mars Sing and Dance to
Watch Bruno Mars Sing and Dance to 'That's What I Like' At Brit Awards | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

The singer performed his smooth single at the awards ceremony held at London's 02 Arena.

42 reactions 17 comments
Jordyn Loubser Marco Goncalves
Amanda Scotti Amy
Hellen Cuadra Lorito Cu
Danielle Herron Ashley Marie
Yesterday 14:00

Ouch! UFC

Tom Lawlor receives 2-year suspension from USADA |
Tom Lawlor receives 2-year suspension from USADA |

UFC veteran Tom Lawlor has received a 2-year suspension from USADA for a failed drug test back in October of 2016 for a banned substance.

92 reactions 13 comments
Adam Elizondo Good
Eddie Garcia Chad mendes: Hey, hey.. wanna be friends?
Wes Felicidad Bellator.
Nick Hein He is broke and clearly now retired!
Arjuna Sekang Gonong Lawe <3 <3 YES!! I finally found the Official link to watch Movies Fifty Shades Darker (2017)
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Good on you, Mr. President. Putting oneself in front of the firing squad just isn't funny after awhile. I would've done the same thing. Instead of this passé, hatin', elitist shindig, enjoy a nice evening with your family instead. - SP

14.0k reactions 880 comments
Todd Steinacher As long as Trump keeps going around the media and communicates to the people, we don't need the media !
Allen Newell Keep draining the swamp
Donna Davis They should throw a party for wounded vets, and families that have been hurt by illegals on the same night
Peter Conlin Meanwhile, the left is calling him a coward; that he can dish it, but not take it. Did everyone return to high school in D.C.?
Jeanette Maly Great idea President!
Herman Cain
7 hours ago

As if we couldn't have figured this out.

2.8k reactions 359 comments
Steve Gomez I've lost all respect for the liberals and their media, socialism doesn't work and the people have voted for change, it's time for them to join or get out!
Susan Hoover It's getting to the point that nobody wastes their time on supporting propaganda media at all anymore. Get more news from watching an infomercial, without the "Stupid" thrown in.
Myrna Burch-Boulware People are wising up and not watching the liberal news channels that tell lies and refuse to report the truth. They soon will feel the effects of their fake news reporting.
Vicki Moeckly Let's talk about "Making up Facts." These liberals are ridiculous. They have been called out on their lies and are insensed that ANYONE would call their news FAKE‼. Just callin it what it is ‼‼FAKE‼
Jenny Staffanell Lol! Yes the media always want to control the narrative and manipulate peoples minds. Trump is not stupid and knows this, this is why he keeps giving them the finger.😎
Yesterday 14:00

Here's the latest straight from Dana White! Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather

Dana White gives update on McGregor-Mayweather & McGregor
Dana White gives update on McGregor-Mayweather & McGregor's next fight |

UFC President Dana White gives an update on the rumored Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, as well as McGregor's next fight.

139 reactions 19 comments
Anthony Carillo Cleve Allen
Steven Coffin James Benjamin
Russell Borders Booooringgggggggggggg.
Matthew Sear Dean Mcnally your boyfriend is fucked
Jarael Sackaney the update is that there is no update
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Our first reaction was "Wow!"

Let These Dreamy "Musical" Balloons Inspire Your Next Party Idea
Let These Dreamy "Musical" Balloons Inspire Your Next Party Idea

Artist Federico Picci's new series showcases bubbles spilling out of a grand piano, a gramophone, and more.

197 reactions 12 comments
Hafsa Khanam Ayesha Khanam
Rachel McDonald Anna McDonald
Genaro Hernández Chávez Tanya Brandenstein
Leslie Russell Yost Crystal Routon
Karel Ruffin Wow
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago


473 reactions 78 comments
Timothy Rogers 🖕🏻 liberals #MAGA
Cannon Taylor He'll be sodomized in the bighouse.
Herbert-Shirley Whitey Just think if A Rep. doing this the democrats would be having A fit
Eileen Tenney Trying to paint the President in a bad light. All that Russian crap was made up to cover up their BS. Wake up people.
Nancy Simpson They have more nerve than brain
Larry Fitzgerald
10 hours ago

Please help support a great family in need!!

FOREBatten - Find a Cure
FOREBatten - Find a Cure

124 reactions 6 comments
Ashley Rose yes
Andrea Murrieta Bermudez Good job Larry for you support!🙂
Anthony Oliveira Larry you are a man to be admired. Nothing but class. You & my other 2 heroes belong on a pedestal. Kurt Warner & Jerry Rice
David Kahn Thank you for sharing Larry. Your support means the world to our family.
Beth Dahl Rodriguez My nephew suffers from Batten Disease, as well. Thank you for spreading the word on this rare disease.
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
01:12 02/26/2017

Do you want this to happen?

Lindsay Lohan Just Pitched Herself For Live-Action
Lindsay Lohan Just Pitched Herself For Live-Action 'Little Mermaid' On Instagram (PHOTO)

The actress has previously said her dream role is Ariel.

107 reactions 64 comments
Maria M. Trujillo Nancy Carchi she's smoking crack!
JM Alva Ewww hell nooooo!!!!
Rob Lee Too old . . . still.
Leslie Margitza Nooo bad role model and she's too old!
Mia Handell NOPE.
Yesterday 14:00

Khabib "the Eagle" Nurmagomedov's fans may be just as passionate as Conor McGregor's. UFC

VIDEO | Khabib Nurmagomedov fans going insane during UFC Embedded shoot |
VIDEO | Khabib Nurmagomedov fans going insane during UFC Embedded shoot |

UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov's fans went absolutely insane at this UFC 209 UFC Embedded video shoot ahead of the March 4th event.

279 reactions 36 comments
Andrew Cotte Ish Benjamin #khabibtime 😂😂
Noel Gallagher chicken who i say
Cristy Keyvan Very nice! Love Khabib💜👍🏻👊🏻
Vincent Miller This fight is gonna be so damn good.
Hasnain Alvi Khabib khabib khabib khabib khabib khabib
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Tackle that pile of sheets today!

Organized Bed Linens
Organized Bed Linens

There's something incredibly satisfying about opening up the linen closet to see not unholy chaos but color-coded bundles neatly tied in a bow.

51 reactions 6 comments
Adam Scott Gillins Meg Halvorson Gillins
Diana Habbib William Terrence ...Goddess.
Virginia Joines Sorry. Just looks like laundry piles to me. I like everything folded and neatly stacked in my linen closets.
Patti Davis-Perkins I place the pillowcases and bottom/fitted sheet in a neat pile and fold up all together as a package within the top sheet ... easy peasy.
Ellie McNiece I used to have dozens of sets of sheets crammed into my linen closet. I decluttered my life a few years ago and only have two sets for each family member. It's fabulous to fit everything in the closet neatly, each set inside a pillow case - who needs ...
Lil Wayne
2 hour ago

Points for originality.

The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever
The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever

By no means would I ever consider myself a designer, let alone a wedding dress designer. But I’d like to think that I have a keen eye for what looks good and what doesn’t. Wedding dresses should be simple, aesthetic, yet elegant. It shouldn’t be anything flashy, risky or financially endangering. A w...

2.0k reactions 112 comments
Justin Green The dress doesn't make the woman, the woman makes the dress.
Chris Ramaye Hi my new title ChrisSwag the queen of the ball shares a maximum thanks
Leudy Valdez Rodriguez Rubi Santibanez Now that I got your attention, reply to my texts
April Haley Wayne stop it
Louise Schiedekat HI, WAAR, WOON, JY
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago


Trump's New Plan Has Mexico Crying All the Way to the U.N.

Do they really think Trump is going to listen to the U.N.?

2.7k reactions 249 comments
Marny Koch The UN does not have authority over the US. We are, and will continue to be, a sovereign nation, a Constitutional Republic of, by, and for the people.
Harry Rempel The Chiricahua Apaches, original americans got imprisoned for TWENTY-EIGHT years for being enemies of the USA. Look out CNN and such
Jon Gray UN are nothing but self serving communist enablers who seek Americans riches , freedoms & should pay more attention to the Islamic terror around the globe & feeding the mass wasting away in Africa . Slavery in China & humanitarian injustice in the ...
Lawrence Theodore Masterson No country can force another sovereign country to keep its citizens. The United Nations needs the United States a hell of a lot more than we need it. Mexico will take all the illegals they let cross their country to compromise our border. Mexico will ...
Karen Warren Newman Strange how all these bleeding heart liberals are claiming Trump is a racist and Mexico won't take their citizens back...what's wrong with this picture?
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Great! 👍🏻

873 reactions 20 comments
Don Neufield He is spot on and citizens around the world are waking up.. they almost got away with it, but not quite..!
Al Cap I saw his speech a few weeks ago before the EU Parliament in Brussels on C-SPAN. Everyone was condemning President Trump using the campaign talking points as truth. He stood up and gave a speech defending Trump with the truth. I emailed him to thank him ...
Lou Tosado He rocked the house...loved his speech!
Eric Grinnell Sr. Nigel is right on.
B.j. Cordes He is terrific!
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
01:12 02/26/2017

low-key obsessed

Rebecca Black Gives Katy Perry
Rebecca Black Gives Katy Perry's 'Chained To The Rhythm' A Soulful Makeover (VIDEO) | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

The song features her YouTube colleagues Alex Goot and Kurt Hugo Schneider.

110 reactions 14 comments
Samantha Cadwallader Courtney Francesca
Dhian Ratna Get Out Full movie (2017) PLAY:
Neha Dayal Anugrah James Anand
Kyla Perini Taylor Dawn Capner
Tami Corlette Hillary
Yesterday 14:00

Ben Askren breaks down the dominance of Khabib "the Eagle" Nurmagomedov. UFC

Ben Askren breaks down the grappling of Khabib Nurmagomedov |
Ben Askren breaks down the grappling of Khabib Nurmagomedov |

Ben Askren breaks down the dominant grappling of UFC lightweight #1 contender Khabib Nurmagomedov ahead of UFC 209 on March 4th.

475 reactions 26 comments
Cecil Peoples This one's for you.
Alexander Friberg Måns Håkansson
Kaan Clark Ray McDonnell
Karl Doppa Dobson Davie Lovat
Abdullah Shariff Saad Siddiqui
Tila Tequila
22:24 02/25/2017

This is horrible!

Girl Turning Into A
Girl Turning Into A 'Snake' Due To A Horrifying Disease Is Losing Her Life.

Can we all make a contribution to help her out?

32 reactions 21 comments
Kristijonas Julius Slapikas KYS
Lupe Mesa Amen
Bruno Valerius Que
Austin Hearvey Sad
Dyanne Martinez Wtf
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

"Clueless" Chelsea Clinton Just Got MASSIVE Bad News... Again

1.9k reactions 172 comments
Trish Smink The Clinton name doesn't get you as far in Washington DC as it used to...she should start using her husbands last name and drop might help.
Rita Byford-Shearstone All she's got is Killary & Slike Willie, For partners and. And her job was handed to her . So the only thin she's ever don't is layed on her back and poped out 2 kids.
John Demetriff "The Clintons are like herpes: Just when you think they're gone, they show up again"- Tim Allen
Sandra Jo Garrison DePaul Poor kid, she has those people for parents (I think-maybe not) and lived in a bubble like her is she supposed to be normal?
Janice Cornelius Bless her heart. She should not be punished for things her parents have done. She trusts them and it has to hurt to find out you've been betrayed all your life by your parents.
Barbie Blank
22:30 02/25/2017

28 Acts of Vandalism That Are Downright Hilarious

28 Acts of Vandalism That Are Downright Hilarious
28 Acts of Vandalism That Are Downright Hilarious

Creativity comes in many different shapes. Some express it through painting, others through music, and some through whimsical drawings or maneuvering of objects. Vandalism has long been associated with gang signs, gang affiliations, and just delinquent behavior in general. But with the advent of pol...

30 reactions 2 comments
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

More of the same.

2.7k reactions 1041 comments
Kevin Fay They really don't get it the Democrats are doomed
Daniel Gilfillan Democrats have to lose just ONE MORE SEAT until the Republicans have a majority so huge they could have a constitutional convention :D That's why they're screaming like crazy babies, they're hanging on to the edge of a cliff by their finger tips. 😂
Leo Cwiok So much for Hope and Change, of the Democrat's!!!!
Eric Krcilek Scratched
Patrick Keller Just waiting until things blew over for the tools. She just took a nice vacation.
Herman Cain
7 hours ago

Apparently a change in leadership means a change in results as well.

3.2k reactions 60 comments
Dan Thompson To be fair illegal immigration has been declining for over a decade.
Sharon Conyers Also need E-Verify and fines and possible imprisonment for all employers who employed Illegal Alien Invaders and faux refugees
Evan Williams Does anybody else think maybe people don't want to be here as bad now that Trump is President?
Cheryl Lassiter Law enforcement by whim of whomever is in office. Thank God for Donald Trump.
Mary Ryan We all know it is directly related to PRESIDENT TRUMP and his new policies
Herman Cain
7 hours ago

Get ready. They're going to keep up with this nonsense for the next four years.

BREAKING: Look What Just Happened To Trump
BREAKING: Look What Just Happened To Trump's New EPA Chief Days After He Was Confirmed

"... reveal a close and friendly relationship between ..."

826 reactions 169 comments
Christopher Johnson Yeah yeah yeah...only liberals are perfect. They can lie..cheat ...steal...who cares as long as they have a D behind their name. How quickly the left forgets about Geitner....the head of the Treasury that had to pay his back taxes before he became ...
Eugene A Marchese Jr. Working with all stake holders that the EPA regulates is a good thing. Shouldn't he have a positive working relationship with wind turbine and solar panel makers? This is a non issue...
Melanie Philip Things done in a previous life has no bearing on what will happen during Pruitt's new job description, the Democrats just keep acting like petulant children. The irony here is how many under Obama were properly vetted for their activities in a prior ...
Bruce Baker And? Come on.. everybody works for somebody or with somebody, and the question is... will he work For the people of the USA and Not for the special interests? Pretty simple... WATCH WHAT HE DOES.. Sometimes I wonder about these hit pieces that are ...
Frank Bearfan Everything is a headline with this administration. Wonder how much was buried under Obama that we never seen because of MSM love affair. I see no issue here but if snowflakes are crying it's probably good for the country.
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
01:12 02/26/2017

this is EVERYTHING 🙌

Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Cover TLC
Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Cover TLC's 'Waterfalls' (VIDEO)

'The Voice' coaches give the '90s classic a stripped-down makeover

141 reactions 7 comments
Melissa Tawk Kristel Aramouni
Kimberly Coglianese Suzanne
Lynn A. Gutsch Who cares
Kim Jackson Skipper Yay! Gwen is back!
Danielle Marotti Absolutely awesome!!!
Yesterday 14:00

Is something going on behind the scenes that fans are unaware of? UFC Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor posts photo with Lorenzo Fertitta: No one can stop me |
Conor McGregor posts photo with Lorenzo Fertitta: No one can stop me |

UFC superstar Conor McGregor posted a photo with his former boss, Lorenzo Fertitta, along with an interesting but mysterious caption.

726 reactions 99 comments
Bazil Copenace He's been stopped a few times all by finish. Even heard a 115 flyweight beat him, Conor is delusional just like his fans.
Cody Wells His rise to the top isn't because of his fighting ability it's because of his marketability, he will fall alot faster then he rose, soon as the UFC stop hand picking his openants
Jon Tacub How long is you gonna take to defend the fookin title such a fuken clown
Eugene Avocado A new league that Mcgregor can become the new Dana of ???
Jaime Acevedo Ah dude, i think jon jones and mike tyson came up as fast and as young in the fight game before u.🤔🤔🤔
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

WOW: Welfare Abusers in This State Are About to Lose Their FOOD STAMPS

2.7k reactions 114 comments
Nina Geyen Good news!!! Some are abusing the system for years and years.. Finally, something is being done.
Richard Chambers Give them cans of food not money, cards, or stamps. Less fraud, maybe the people who get off of welfare and go back to work.
Gaye Cochrane Great! Clean up the entire Welfare Program! For all of those employees of the Welfare offices who don't do their jobs correctly...lock them up! No more abuse! Make America Great Again!
Kate Jennings Does this include the fact that a muslim man(termed loosely), gets food stamps & welfare for each of his up to 4 wives? Of course it's a win/win if the bride is under 5, then he gets wic too...........astoundingly disgusting that these towns have ...
Terry Bradley This is a Great, but not exactly a new concept........2,000 years ago it was written in the Bible, " you don't don't eat". Guess what ? No unemployed moochers in Judea .
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

The culprit is gooey and green.

Uh-Oh! There
Uh-Oh! There's a Sudden Shortage of Elmer's Glue

But a company representative has an exciting new update for something in-the-works!

115 reactions 79 comments
James Ashley Gonzales young kids are using Elmer glue getting high.....
Desiree' Dee Davis As a teacher this is just fine. Glue sticks are better.
Lisa Villafane I looked in homedepot lowes and Walmart upstate ( elmers
Melanie Chiera So ... it's gak.
Jessica Lynn Tiana Williams it's not just Target!
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

They just don't seem to get it.

1.7k reactions 491 comments
George Perich Sarah you need to go to Washington and help them
Todd Wright When I hear the term Gerrymandering I think Democrat not Republican.
Newman Eva Disgusting Getto dictator at its best!
Brenda Koontz-Gula He is as ignorant as ever!
Karen Short Find another country to live and leave USA alone--shame on obuma!!
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