Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Nan they aren't biased at all...

394 reactions 24 comments
Nancy Williams PAUL RYAN IS A TRAITOR. SEE THIS. http://usapoliticsnow.com/breaking-paul-ryan-secret-meeting-hour-killed-healthcare-bill/
Bryanie Archique Pathetic press
Joseph Jeffries Katy the Turd doesn't know when to quit.
Ankg Nilso Worst station ever. I haven't watched it in years and never will again
Trish Kells Katy TURD is a better name for the libtard.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago


852 reactions 47 comments
JoAnna Gonzales Pesek WOW!
Steve Herrera All too easy....
Craig Hughes This interview is unbelievable! Wow.. Surprise, surprise!
Mark Bond So the left wanted America to be like Europe, well at least they achieved the corruption of Europe
David Crayton no surprise there
Mike Vick
Yesterday 06:06

It's in our veins J!! My daughter lookin like a natural, I been callin her the lil Honeybadger Tyrann Mathieu !

222 reactions 6 comments
Cory Webster Micah Webster
Marquellous Perkins Hey
Charles Bivona Good job dad
Ryan Wolfer She going to play real football one day?
Christy Roberts She runs like her Dad. :)
Yesterday 10:48

This didn't go according to plan... Boxing

VIDEO | Cocky boxer gets brutally knocked out | BJPenn.com
VIDEO | Cocky boxer gets brutally knocked out | BJPenn.com

This cocky boxer gets a dose of instant karma when he is knocked out cold after showboating and taunting his opponent in their fight.

160 reactions 12 comments
Ryan Mark Narvaez Tð Ismalik
Jason McGowan Seán P Quinn
Joseph Asante Christopher Asante Mjj Nhyira Calvary
Alvaro Garcia Michael Machala Flanigan Carlos Obregon
Jesse Hayward Best Ring Entrance EVER! 😂
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Trump Tweet Causes Internet Frenzy... And He Didn't Even Say 1 Word

Trump Tweet Causes Internet Frenzy... And He Didn
Trump Tweet Causes Internet Frenzy... And He Didn't Even Say 1 Word

They can't stand the support President Trump is getting...

829 reactions 28 comments
Sandee Day Trump Out smarted them and they are too dumb to know it ... Yet!
Edward Chick http://newcenturytimes.com/2017/03/26/trump-shocks-world-calls-for-paul-ryan-to-step-down-in-most-cowardly-way-possible/
Randy Woodruff Love Trump
Susan Smith Anything to mess up their weekend! 😂
Bobbye Greenhaw Payback time!!
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Think any of Hollywood elites are hurting over their tripled healthcare premiums??

320 reactions 134 comments
Paul Brennan Screw Hollywood, they should stick to acting.
Cheryl Driskill If they are a member of the Screens Actor's Quild Union..they get health insurance through the union..no Obamacare ...
Traci Homan Celebrities opinions of politics is insignificant. For some reason they feel because they are famous that they speak for us, when, in fact, they do not. They have put themselves so high on a pedestal that they feel using ENTERTAINMENT venues is an ...
Diane Arguin Not for long, not for long!!
Sharon Kendall Moyer See they think Trump failed...but he didn't they pulled it...it wasn't what We the people needed, why pass more Obama shot...we didn't fail at all....it was stopped till they can do it right....too bad the democrats didn't even read Obama care, they ...
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Donald Trump Just Revealed The REAL Reason His Healthcare Bill Failed. This Is Huge

806 reactions 111 comments
Donna Carlino I will always call for a total repeal of Obamacare the non healthcare tax bill. A abomination perpetrated upon the citizens of America. It merely raised the ceiling to be eligible for medicaid and totally entrapped the middle income citizens in a ...
Dorveen Duncan Rowan I do NOT trust Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell, they have their own agendas but I DO trust President Trump! I think Trump knows exactly what is being done, letting Paul Ryan and the House go through the process and will NOT let the people down. There ...
Henry Krause And now we rely on Paul RINO to do tax reform? Another SUPER FAIL in the making.
Leslie Clark-Glaza The margin was greater against the bill, thus they cancelled the vote to preventing embarrassment! That change in healthcare would have hurt millions of vulnerable citizens, young and old! Check your sources for information and consider " the least of ...
Mike Jones The biggest fail in this was Paul Ryan being voted in as Speaker of the House even after showing his complete lack of regard for the American public. To truly work, force it down his throat like he just tried to do once again to America. Ryan failed to ...
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
22:00 03/25/2017

Ouch. Justin Bieber must have a really high pain tolerance 😖

Justin Bieber Gets A Massive Bald Eagle Tattoo On His Stomach (PHOTOS)
Justin Bieber Gets A Massive Bald Eagle Tattoo On His Stomach (PHOTOS)

JB also shared an Instagram video of himself slow dancing to Kanye West and Jay Z with an elderly woman.

52 reactions 13 comments
Karl Cox Kathryn Mills
Karl Cox Emeli Schmilican Rosaline Hartness
Olivia Breazeale Kevin Travis
Dalena Pham Stef Giles
Mallory Gurin Victoria Rose
Mike "The Situation"
21:18 03/25/2017

He hit an epic fist pump!

Pregnant Mom Cuts Into Pink And Blue Cake, But Husband Smashes It To Pieces When He Sees Inside
Pregnant Mom Cuts Into Pink And Blue Cake, But Husband Smashes It To Pieces When He Sees Inside

Let’s all take a moment and reflect on the short-lived life of the cake in the video below, as it never stood a chance! And hey, honestly, I can’t blame the guy in the video. At the end of the day,…

10 reactions 4 comments
Oleg Marin Lisa Gutierrez Marin
Brandi Williams Colby Anderson
Shayla Lynn Dave Jones
Ray Flores Vanessa Lizette Flores
Mike Vick
Yesterday 06:06

Go to iTunes and download Le'Veon Bell new album Post Interview ...comment your favorite track!!

Post Interview by Juice on Apple Music
Post Interview by Juice on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album Post Interview, including "Juiceman," "Why You Mad," "I Understand," and many more. Buy the album for $9.99. Songs start at $1.29. Free with Apple Music subscription.

49 reactions 14 comments
Jack Kolends Doug Lawler
Tom Brzoza Neil Loris
Austin Carter Farris Abdulla
Love White Noooooooooo!
Brandon English Shrimp Bayless Haters gon hate
Yesterday 10:48

Joe Lauzon weighs-in! UFC

Joe Lauzon makes case for BJ Penn being the
Joe Lauzon makes case for BJ Penn being the 'GOAT' | BJPenn.com

UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon explains why UFC Hall of Famer BJ Penn is arguably the greatest fighter of all time ahead of his upcoming return.

537 reactions 67 comments
Robb Dennsky Sorry Joe...but the longer BJ Penn stays in the game, the more that case weakens.
Darren Tucker Maybe,once because now he's the Greatest Punchbag Of All Time
Chuck Flores If he would have come in shape and then i think he could have performed much better but that wasnt always the case
Christopher Chance I would say. GSP, Silva,Jon Jones,Chuck Liddell, Hendo, Couture,Aldo, Mighty Mouse,Fedor and maybe even dipshit Mcgregor now are all better. I even personally like guys like Cerrone,Lawlor,Lytle,Griffin,Shogun,Machida,Vitor,Wanderlei, Big Nog,Condit,...
Nick O. Johnson Guy on the ground + His takedown defense + His violence honestly unbelievable
Martha Stewart
21:48 03/25/2017

We call dibs on the blood orange one!

The 12 Most Essential Bloody Mary Recipes
The 12 Most Essential Bloody Mary Recipes

Is it time for brunch yet?

14 reactions 3 comments
Crystal Greeley Heather Brown
Chris van der Meer Kurt Furse Boissett
Annika Cappello Wagner Shawn we needed this last summer🙂
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

WATCH: Room's Priceless Reaction When Gorsuch Uses Trump's Fav "Word"

756 reactions 27 comments
Frank Looney Sure, they are in cohorts all along with each other!
Cyndi Grant-Zyga He will be an awesome Judge!
Darwin Feliciano Gonzalez Great
Sharon Munger It was funny.
Michelle Wayerski I saw it when he did it, that was great.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Have to keep moving forward.

644 reactions 24 comments
Jonathan Torrisi More likely, Paul Ryan played him. Pres. Trump has said there would be 3 phases to his healthcare plan, with each successively improving on the former phase. And he isn't giving up.
Todd Alan On to taxes. They need to cut middle class taxes to 20%. It's way to high because the middle class subsidize the loopholes that the rich and corporations use to get out of paying their fair share.
Janes Jane He should have made a visit to the southern part of the state, not Putnam where the well to do lives.
James Patrick Smith I'm betting they will get back to health-care. This creates an out while they come up with a real plan. This plan was conceived by Paul Ryan. We all know they can do better.
Thom KJr Didn't it take many months to draft and pass the affordable care act? Just sayin
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

See this?

Top Trump Critic Gets Job At Unexpected Role In Trump
Top Trump Critic Gets Job At Unexpected Role In Trump's Administration... Wow

"... a member of the very establishment he campaigned against."

160 reactions 33 comments
Lesley Lapihuska I'm sorry but that's funny.
Thomas Morgan I want a job with the admin.
MarzAnna Cukrowski Keep your enemies close!
Sharon Goodlett Hicks WHAT???!!!!!
Waneta Atkinson I hope he's not trouble !
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

JUST IN: Right After 'Trumpcare' Fails, Donald Reveals His Alarming Next Move

312 reactions 62 comments
Eric Ritter They should've done tax reform first, and we all knew it.
Violet McClurg Plan all along?
Darrell W Casey This is & always be ONLY! Democrats & Obamas Care! Specially since they all Including Democrats made it thier own! And fell for it!
LaDonna Chesney Can't even read the article without pop ups trying to get me to download apps.
Lisa Malley Don't know why it's being spun as trumpcare. Actually it's #RyansRinoCare.
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
22:00 03/25/2017

Adele has a really good point 👌

Watch Adele Yell At Security Guard Who Keeps Telling Fans To Sit Down
Watch Adele Yell At Security Guard Who Keeps Telling Fans To Sit Down

The singer stopped the final show of her Australian tour on Sunday.

47 reactions 9 comments
Nicole Alvarado Brooke Alvarado
Cassandra Sottile Yaaaaaas Adele 🙌🙌 Angelica Stirpe
Charles Castillo Berna Saurus....
Molly Price Jess Scudds she should have said this at our concert
Karl Vincent he was just doing his job. Can't stand Adele anymore.
Herman Cain
7 hours ago

Oh . . . so THIS is why! Um, yeah . . .

983 reactions 32 comments
Lynn Donovan http://www.patriotchronicle.com/woman-raised-muslim-explains-islam-jihad-really-mean-liberal-media-covering/
Mona Graham Keep them out of the USA
Billy Snead THERE IS NO CROWD....CLOWN BOY..... IT'S AN INTEREST IN KEEPING AMERICA SAFE....YOU COULD LEARN FROM OUR EFFORTS Sir..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marj Sutherlin Absolutely!
Pat Marant Listen up people
Yesterday 10:48

Dustin Poirier is a man with a plan! UFC

Dustin Poirier looking to move closer to title shot with win over Eddie Alvarez | BJPenn.com
Dustin Poirier looking to move closer to title shot with win over Eddie Alvarez | BJPenn.com

UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier believes a win over former champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 211 puts him in talks for a title shot.

227 reactions 25 comments
Ares Enness David Chisa
Tyler Williams No
Damian Montgomerie Not a fan
Gerald Fay Not happening even with ein
Adam Elizondo Yawn...
Martha Stewart
21:48 03/25/2017

Consider this your Easter ham tutorial!

A Guide to Baking Ham
A Guide to Baking Ham

A baked ham slathered with a sweet-tart glaze is the cook's greatest ally. There's no real cooking involved; you simply heat it through. But to the uninitiated, buying a ham can be a bit intimidating, so it helps to know what you're looking for.

153 reactions 8 comments
Evelyn Louise Bowen Looks good,like my daddy would cook
Holly Downey http://www.marthastewart.com/338807/aunt-naomis-easter-ham
Kayla Johnson Jessica Johnson
JM Forrest 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷
Cecelia Alvey Yum...
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Interview over.

Trump Ends Time Mag Interview With 12 Unforgettable Words
Trump Ends Time Mag Interview With 12 Unforgettable Words

The president knows how to shut it down.

2.8k reactions 83 comments
Rosa J. Vasquez I love Trump, regardless of the news being false or true, he got my respect and admiration ♡
George Platt Using THAT logic, the last eight years weren't THAT bad either.
Danny Carroll Makes sense that Cuckabee would find ways to praise this tantrum-laden borefest
Louis Tomsu LOVE IT!
Nancy Williams I REMEMBER THOSE WORDS.........
Jimmie Johnson
10 hours ago

Join me, Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie and Christian Vande Velde at the Jimmie Johnson Foundation Fit Fest on Memorial Day - Monday, May 29! The first 150 people to register from now will receive a gift card in the mail (does not include Spartan Kids Race). Register below!

Jimmie Johnson Foundation Fit Fest
Jimmie Johnson Foundation Fit Fest

Seven-time NASCAR Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson and his wife, Chandra, are happy to present the Jimmie Johnson Foundation Fit Fest, a local community event that will feature running, mountain biking, obstacle racing, music, food and more. Set in a festival atmosphere, the event will include:

646 reactions 19 comments
Paula Thompson-Bridges Go 48!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jill Dik Welter Disepointing....
Julie Jemo Faucher Too bad it's in Carolina!
Benjamin Benson Awesome
Keith Barber Love you JJ but Armstrong has zero credibility.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

This is inspiring Dakota Meyer! 👍🏻🇺🇸

396 reactions 9 comments
Lorna Spriggs Thank you for all you have done, and are still doing, for our country! God bless you and your family!
Emily Anna Gannis- Torres Dakota rocks. I Love our brave warriors!!!!!!!
Thomas Nelson A REAL HERO!!!!!
Patti Angel God's Blessing upon you & your Family 😇
Peggy Maranciak Thank you for your service!
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

In all the current media frenzy over alleged ties between people around Donald Trump and Russia, Sean Spicer reminded reporters that Hillary Clinton had far deeper ties to Russia and the media turned a blind eye to them. Click the link for a reminder of those warm, pre-New Cold War days when Hillary offered her Russian friends Reset Buttons and one-fifth of our uranium. You know, hearing all this paranoia over whether someone in Washington actually talked to the Russian ambassador got me thinking: Isn’t it the liberals who always accuse Republicans of “wanting to turn back the clock to the 1950s”? Yet, who is actually bringing back the 1950s? The smears against White House officials as Russian sympathizers are perfect illustrations of the left’s cartoon shorthand version of McCarthyism. We also have liberal government leaders in Europe telling women to dress less provocatively, as if it would be their own fault if they got raped (at least, if they got raped by a Muslim migrant), just as young ladies were told in the pre-feminist ‘50s. In America, liberals are arguing that the First Amendment has gone too far, and we need government censors enforcing what even stand-up comedians are allowed to say, in case it might offend someone (just like in the pre-Lenny Bruce ‘50s.) We even have some SJWs on college campuses demanding “safe spaces” for black people only. Welcome back, 1950’s-style school segregation! Will these black-only safe spaces also have black-only water fountains? At least when conservatives talk about “making America great again,” we mean bringing back the good stuff from the past, like border security, industrial jobs, patriotism and individual freedom. Liberals want to bring back McCarthyism, sexism, censorship and segregation. I don’t think they’ve got the hang of this “nostalgia” thing.

2.5k reactions 81 comments
Patti Stornelli again i ask, what is going to be done about it! i am so sick and tired of these these people getting away with this garbage!!!
Joe Osgood Asking the media to get a grip is like asking the enemy to give up in the middle of a battle. This is a war and the media is on the wrong side (willingly )
Mike Ricketts Like the liberals the media has killed themselves as well!! I'll never watch them again
R M Sew Van Yes....she sure does need life in prison & no parole!! And more too!!
Jack Foos-Gordon You would love to turn it back on Hillary wouldn't you Mike. Are you trying to cover something yourself?
Jimmie Johnson
10 hours ago

Coming west always means coming home

California Dreamin
California Dreamin'

The last leg of the West Coast Swing is always a special one for Jimmie Johnson: it’s the site of his first win and his hometown track, where he also happens to be the most successful driver in the track’s history. But this year, Johnson took his family back to where it all began…

1.3k reactions 23 comments
Paula Mita Serrano Love💞 you Jimmie good luck.
Peggy Blanton 😎💙🏁48💙🏆🆒☝
Jo Liner Good luck, JIMMIE.
Susan Huff I love you man! GO GET 'em!!🆗
Fareda Gallagher Good luck Jimmie Johnson
Jamie Oliver
21:30 03/25/2017

Can’t shout about mums enough so a great way to say thanks is to get them round for a special home cooked lunch and here’s loads of ideas to inspire you this #mothersday!

Ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day lunch
Ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day lunch

Make mum feel special tomorrow by treating her to lunch with all the trimmings !!

755 reactions 30 comments
Narelle Holland Jayden Holland
Gabrielle Putt Kirsten Putt
Isabel Oconnell Kevin O' Connell
Penny Harder Mark Harder
Jo Englefield Jerry Hope
Barbie Blank
19:18 03/25/2017

This Puzzle Is Currently Confusing The Entire Internet. Can You Figure It Out?

This Puzzle Is Currently Confusing The Entire Internet. Can You Figure It Out?
This Puzzle Is Currently Confusing The Entire Internet. Can You Figure It Out?

Riddles, brain teasers and logic puzzles are fun because they stimulate the brain as opposed to just aimlessly staring at a blue screen. While electronic devices have been proven to disrupt your sleep patterns (during the time before bed) and watching shows or videos have been shown to slow brain ac...

7 reactions 3 comments
Hayden Lukens -_- I do not know
Solomon Fury That was easy (Y)
Ahmed Waheed -_-
Yesterday 10:48

Thank you to Brad 'One Punch' Pickett for the years of entertainment! UFC

VIDEO | Behind the scenes of Brad Pickett
VIDEO | Behind the scenes of Brad Pickett's emotional retirement fight | BJPenn.com

Go behind the scenes of MMA veteran Brad Pickett's final MMA fight, where he was TKOd in the third round at 'UFC Fight Night: London'

297 reactions 8 comments
Kirby Banks Andre Lopez
Liam Grafton Nathan Dovinson
Chandor G Osses That pikey did a gr8 job
Ricky Carr Wish he would have won :(
Blair Mackenzie Legend
Martha Stewart
21:48 03/25/2017

It's time to get rid of those piles.

5 Closet Organization Tips That
5 Closet Organization Tips That'll Make Getting Dressed More Fun

Professional organizer Laura Cattano gives her best advice on creating a fun, inspiring closet space that makes you look forward to getting dressed.

80 reactions 11 comments
Cindy McGaughey Jennifer Connell
Sharon Ellis Rock Lauren Donnan
Kari Wood Cooksey Rachel
Marquan M Sutton I want come on your show lol
Linda Siverling 😊
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