Pink Floyd
20:42 09/17/2017

2.4k reactions 186 comments
Alan Batchelor Heading to this next week
John-David Ballard I REALLY wish this would come to Canada:(
Scott Jaworski Gary Howe can you get down to London for this?
Anna Maria Greenhouse Ian Matthews could you do this on Wed 11th Oct?
John Green Been. Excellent experiece. Superbly assembled and presented.
14:24 09/17/2017

1 million views in 7 hours! Un millón de reproducciones en 7 horas! #PerroFielVideo Nicky Jam ShakHQ

23.8k reactions 483 comments
Justin Abi Assaf QUEEN 😍😍
Bru Gbn Uhuls.....
Alexis Quiñonez 💕
Patricia Rimoldi GRANDE Shakira !!!! Estás genial....toda UNA DIOSA DORADA ...SEXY 💣💣💣💟💟💟💟💟
Carlitox Miño Shakira tenes un récord de que en 24 hs hiciste 17 millones DEJATE DE TRABAJAR CON ESE DIRECTOR TAN MEDIOCRE POR DIOS MI ENALAPRIL ÑECAAAAAAA!!!!
Kevin Hart
22:12 09/17/2017

Get Ready People!

915 reactions 42 comments
Kendra Gardner Reyna Vela Arrivillaga I will always think of you and how many times we watched this 😂🤣
Jess Coombs Nathan Harris
Josef Younan Tony Younan Robin Hansen
KB DaVirgo King Ed Baker LMAO 😂😂
Jessica Smith My momma told me to tell yooouuu...
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
18:00 09/16/2017

TFW you finally make it to Friday

25 reactions 6 comments
Hannah Marder Emma
Christine Maresca Bern Shea- Maresca
Heyn Pyae I rememer
Kevin Hart
09:24 09/15/2017


2.4k reactions 533 comments
David De Los Santos Johnson Craig B Oscar Castro y'all ugly af 😂
Jonas Guldberg Rasksen Jan Yousef HAHAHAHA
Smachado KOng is that you kevin heart ???
April Finch Christopher Jackson 😂😂😂
Noël Zalla Toi Saïd
The Wendy Williams Show
17:42 09/16/2017

The purple doors open at 9:00am at 46th and 7th. Come ready with your #AskWendy questions because you know your Aunt Wendy has lived and will give it to you straight – no chaser.

1.2k reactions 95 comments
Larry DeLeon Martin I won't be watching any of it
Julie O'Loughlin What day will Wendy be in Times Square?
Howard Holland Congratulations!!!! Waiting patiently for those new episodes Love some Wendy!
Mandi Janusczak Cant wait to hear her get them haters!!! Love ya Wendy keep doin yo thang!!
Brian Wilson Wright Finally this coming monday and go get those haters talking about your body give it to them good.
Kevin Hart
09:24 09/15/2017

WTF is Shaq doing? Is that a SHIMMY?

9.8k reactions 4262 comments
Tiffany Williams Everytime I see this it makes me smile.
Megan Raphel Ashleigh Robertson I feel like this would be you
Julie Ruehlman Jessica Moore is this where you got your shimmy!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Eleonora Ristovska Cecilia Kopp
Stephanie Kay Marissa Gray 😂
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
05:12 09/14/2017

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who hate #PumpkinSpice, and these people:

39 reactions 23 comments
Long Bui Melinda Shuman
Taige Nelson Sydney Neilson
Rachel Cross Amanda Domm
Christine Hua Trinh Hannah Trinh
Stephanie Marie Manelli Lyndsey Cross
Kevin Hart
09:24 09/15/2017

This is me all day, every day.

10.0k reactions 3293 comments
Klaudia Dlugosz Mike haha 😳
Russell Johnathan Bean Sorry Mr Heart your cards declined... "You seee the way my bank account workssss...
Arlenys Nunez Jonathan Carlson 🤣
Mathieu Jodoin Michelle Lefebvre Yup.
Belinda Ann Smith Alexandria, lol
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
05:12 09/14/2017

Sounding off this AM: Anna Faris recently said your spouse should NOT be your best friend. Do you agree? Why/why not?

31 reactions 22 comments
Jennifer Ehr Nope
Samantha Martin false. my husband is my best friend and i am his.
Catherine Upham Parmelee To each their own. But I've been happily married to my best friend for 20 years.
Linda Robles Anyone can bend, it's how much do you want it💝
Lauren Foster-Catan My husband and I are absolutely best friends+++!
Willow Smith
20:12 09/10/2017

3.8k reactions 0 comments
Claudia Leitte
18:12 09/10/2017

Ela só quer curtição, chão chão chão chão.. 🎤🎼 Venha curtir o sábado assistindo ao clipe de Baldin De Gelo. #ClaudiaLeitte #BaldinDeGelo

697 reactions 22 comments
Elys Maria Francielle Rodrigues
Osiris Nicole i miss you 😩❤️
Vani Leitte Te amooooo neném! ❤
Gabriele Ribeiro Minha cantora linda te amo muito que deus te abençoe! ❤❤
Brenda Oliveira Euuu te amooo muito ❤❤❤❤❤
22:30 09/08/2017

I swiped right so hard I almost fell off my chair. #WTFriday

39 reactions 83 comments
Nathan Kreegar #neverforget 😜
Danny Brigman @cline
Nathan Kreegar I win!
Josh McKinley Did Hillary make this animation?
Adrianne Brown Tosh.O , nice trunks!
The Killers
19:36 09/10/2017

All things "Wonderful Wonderful" await in The Killers official store:

1.7k reactions 45 comments
Marcela Martínez Aida Mtz ¿que me vas a comprar?
Thofori Patji Guys u sound gud like always
Ross Martinez Javier Hernández #yavinemicumpleaños 🤗🤗🤗
Luli Jerez puedo comprar desde Argentina?
The Wendy Williams Show
03:18 09/09/2017

You know, I’m always up to thangs and I’m gearing up for the new season. I feel like it might be time for a kiki with my people. Can we talk? Bring your juiciest #AskWendy questions to Times Square next Thursday 9/14. Stay tuned for more details.

238 reactions 25 comments
Jerry Griffin 😎
Paul Burt Looking good Wendy..
Elizabeth Prioleau Can't wait
Michael Pemberton Alexander Hawthorne Alison-Mary Hislop Rosemary MacDonald Siobhan Cooper Cameron David Gow Andrew Main Talitha Brown Liam McFarlane
Tara Roberts shimmy guul
Willow Smith
20:12 09/10/2017

3.2k reactions 20 comments
Xander Amaral Landon Marchen
Caique Catarina Felisberto
Kyndal Munsie Maia Robustelli
Jean-Baptiste Abet Yevlalia love them
Luisenrique Ortiz Hi willow i love you
Yordi Rosado
03:48 09/09/2017

Cuando en la vida se te presenta un problema grande y te logras deshacer de el muy fácil. Jajajaja

412 reactions 26 comments
Les Li Veliz Kathy Beltrán
Elmer Herrera Martín Copén Alan Chavajay
Miguel Reyes Fernandez PersefonNe Schlangenhaut
Elizabet Macias Jorge Arturo Cornelio Merodio
Alvaro Bosque Borbon Dalila Montoya
Pearl Jam
05:24 09/08/2017

Last day! Donate to #HurricaneHarvey relief efforts and enter to win a #LetsPlayTwo prize pack. Ends at 11:59pm ET:

498 reactions 8 comments
Seattle Grunge 🍾
Luca Bonafini Pearl Slam!
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Pearl Jam Legends!
Nanan Setia Permana Nice ....
Brian McAvoy Broken wrists
Pearl Jam
05:24 09/08/2017

Unforgettable crowd. #LetsPlayTwo

1.7k reactions 14 comments
Cristobal Oliva LOLLAPALOOZA CHILE 2018 ! 🇨🇱 🇨🇱 🇨🇱
Jonathan Ruczko Hey, I was there
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Pearl Jam Legends!
Lesley Houghton Wow I have to see this ❤️❤️pj xx
Lisa Howard Yeah!
Willow Smith
07:18 09/08/2017


1.6k reactions 0 comments
Kevin Hart
06:06 09/05/2017

Haha....I'm cryin'.....I don't know why this is so funny to me...

3.7k reactions 274 comments
Mandi Allen Tiffany Gomez😂😂😂
Carissa Carbajal Bonnie Rocklin
Erin Gaffny Balogh My kids could make these move like this when they run through the house!😂😂😂
Heather Palmer Morgan Palmer you should make one of these!! 😂
David Culbert Valeria Cosio
The Doors
09:54 09/05/2017

“Morrison created dramas wherever he went. He appeared to sow the seeds, and the imagination of his subject / victim / audience did the rest. Each one was shown a single act [of his] persona, and then left to invent the rest.” - NME, 1975

4.9k reactions 63 comments
Susan Wheeler I love Jimx
Kathy Scott Love me some Jim 😘
Lupce Gorgiev King jim morison .forever .
Gary Mitchell He was the best.
Ashley Stratton BACK DOOR MAN!
Kevin Hart
06:06 09/05/2017

I'm everybody's wingman during HB Weekend People!

5.3k reactions 216 comments
Jarrell Roberson Jerrod Carter
Miguel Rentería Walter E Villaescusa Chavez
James Tilley Kain Mcgrath
Jonathan Whorwood Just watched your philadelphia show and have to admit you did grow on me! "An orangutan! ....really?!! 😅😅
Vincent Pease Michael Richardson
Kevin Hart
17:18 09/02/2017

People, you all know this feeling.

13.0k reactions 1094 comments
Courtney Lynne Jessica Alvarado when I take your food to get "a bite" and start eating like half of it
Katie Whitaker Kalie Kenville 🤣😂
Brendon Mukudzeyi Ushamba Charles Junior Ushamba
Shalaine Semenyo Jullie weten allang wie Elisabeth Sania
Tasha Lowery Talking too damn much
20:48 09/03/2017

Get your mind out of the gutter. Those are vitamins. #WTFriday

1.1k reactions 552 comments
Lindsay McDonald they look a little veiny
Andy Martinelli Of course they are Daniel.
Ronnie Murphy The light at the end of the tunnel
Joseph Britton Whitfield Thought it was me eatin dat ass
Adam B A Folkerts Dont kid yourself, those are no vitamins
The Rolling Stones
18:48 09/02/2017

Just in and for one week only there is some exclusive No Filter Tour merch available on our store + the chance to win a trip to see us live in Paris! Go grab it now:

1.8k reactions 54 comments
Antonella De Marco Vendo entrada Rolling Stone paris 19/10
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legends!
Canto Rodado Nos vemos el dia 27 en Barcelona... Saludos :D
Antje Debus Just ordered
Jos Bunning We need more yellow.
Kevin Hart
17:18 09/02/2017

Would you please Back the fuck up!!!!

3.2k reactions 221 comments
Trent Johnson Chris Moss😂😂😂
Besi Mafi 😂😂
Price Chinedum Im 6'4 but i dont get it???
Eunice Coronado Jahon Coronado
Shaina Berry Eric😘
Pearl Jam
03:48 09/03/2017

Bring the energy. #LetsPlayTwo

2.4k reactions 14 comments
Wesley Eugene Cox
Kira Corsello wooooo Eddie Vedder!!!!!
Vera Zedalho ❤❤❤
Eric M Angéauve Gerrett Kordus
The Rolling Stones
18:48 09/02/2017

The special fan pre-sale for advanced tickets to see The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism in Las Vegas is now on! Be the first to get your tickets here:

2.5k reactions 72 comments
Tatiana Cavalcanti Come more down to São Paulo...
McGurk Michael Bette Bring it to AC, NJ please.
Chris Harbaugh Exhibitionism? Keith up to his old ways?
Evie ZG Adrian <3 <3 <3
Linda Ross I wish 😘👅😧
Jason Derulo
06:54 08/31/2017

2 D A Y S #ifimlucky #777 Comment with Emoji 🤘🏾

1.2k reactions 114 comments
Vera Lucia Brito Alves BOA NOITE
Ayana O Brand ✌️
Anne Antonucci 😎🤑🤑🤑😁
Anne Antonucci Blessed music for your lucky birthday month!
Fatiga Hamed ✌🏾
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