08:00 04/25/2017

Existem mtos motivos para amar a Mother Monster Lady Gaga 💖 ✨ e eu contei alguns deles no meu último vídeo, aqui ->

256 reactions 7 comments
Marcos Filho Te amamos tmb Marimoon 💙🌈
Deis Maria Sou muiiiita fã dela adoro LG.
Ciçi Pear Sua linda vc vai pro show dela no rock? Queria tanto te ver conhecer e tirar uma foto com vc!!!!!
Vinicius Skeleton GaGa Queen 👑❤
Tatiane Leo Simplismente amo Lady Gaga e voce MARIMOON
Michael Jackson
3 hours ago

“Michael Jackson was the world’s greatest pop star” - Complex, 2016.

39.8k reactions 633 comments
Sophie Breton special message for my husband, he was fan !! and died last week, he will join Michael !!
Fissy Falz He was and still is the greatest pop star,the biggest star and also the most influential artist of all time.
Charlie Wood "CAN YOU FEEL IT YEAH" That little section is so full of energy!
Jonathan A. Fissell You need to replace was with is. Dead or not he is the KING OF POP for a reason.
Natasha Santos É o mais completo. Na história da humanidade não vai haver outro igual. Amo as músicas amo o cantor mas amo principalmente o homem que ajudou tantas crianças 💟💟💟💟💟
Toby Keith
00:54 04/25/2017

When she says she doesn't listen to Country Music.

2.0k reactions 151 comments
Marsha Ralph That didn't take long to get up and walk away!
Judy Bettes She got big problem only good music there is specially if Mr toby singing it awasome
Stephanie Ann That's how I react when a guy says he doesn't or won't listen to country!
Stanley Burns Country is going back to our Roots where most of came from
Bonnie Tyler Because someone's musical preference is really a deciding factor in a relationship 😒
02:36 04/25/2017

"Welp, never going to that chiropractor again." [via Gfycat]

5.7k reactions 1596 comments
Joe Malicdem Adam is this what they mean by 'deep tissue massage' ?
Tommy Volino Mauro Florio. Dude got his head ran over. Totally cool with it Hahahaha
Nicole Boland Alex this likes a practical solution to your back problems😂
Alex Torres Ari Guerrero lol this is what it felt like when gorman was rolling out my back
Brad Kñowles Jessie Ireland next time you need me to crack ur back we should try this
Thirty Seconds to Mars
09:54 04/24/2017

Less than a month 'til we hit the road with Muse + PVRIS. You ready?

3.4k reactions 73 comments
Corey R. Innenberg How about a So Cal show?
Edith Baranyai Seeing you guys in July in Toronto!!!! Can't wait!
Sharon Lottes Not even close! Selena Marino I'm not ready!!! Lol
Kevin J. Mercado Puh-vris
Melinda Jo Spiteri Yeah if only you'd do a Pacific Northwest date…
LL Cool J
12:30 04/24/2017

Yo Gigi Hadid happy birthday!!! 🎈🎂🎉

917 reactions 29 comments
Wiktoria Kosicka No
Fay Harris Okay
Meljo Meljo Happy birth
Cristina Pro 😘
Shirley Wright Small Yes in deed.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
03:12 04/25/2017

This Week On #CONAN: Sometimes Jack McBrayer’s signature smile can look wooden.

1.7k reactions 23 comments
Tim Fromla Speaking about Dummies:
Danie Pratt Scott Murray 😂
Andrew Deiner Joshua
Erika Furlan Simona
Rachel Harris Matt Tharp
Guns N' Roses
21:18 04/23/2017


7.9k reactions 249 comments
Steffany Mucha Carrasco Come back to Perú please <3
Sebastian Salinas Avila Fue el mejor concierto de mi vida, ir con toda la familia y amigos en grupo, la mejor noche en la jungla 🌹🔫 #ComeBackToPeru
Nerida Rose I miss you baby, come back to Argentina soon!!! <3 <3 W.A.R <3 <3
Nayeli Pf Come back to Peru please!🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪
Diego Rivera Perú<3
02:36 04/25/2017

“My bad. I thought you were my Uber.” [via theCHIVE]

3.1k reactions 374 comments
Dominique Snow Fuck that Snake!!.
Dorothy Chapman Flint Fucking hate snakes
Kevin Still Kenneth Still & Brian Still, remember this happened to you guys on dirt bikes lol
Dean Schaeffer Michael Huynh this gun a be us cruising by the river
Keith Hanson perfect timing, the snake got out of the way of the camera man.
Thirty Seconds to Mars
09:54 04/24/2017

ICYMI, Bunbury Festival Single Day tix now available: MARS VIP upgrades also available via Adventures In Wonderland:

1.4k reactions 13 comments
Just Franzi I want to be there😩😭❤️
Alexandr Hudaverdov супер
Helen Crisp ❤️
Isabel Salord 😔
Natalie Gewinner Wonderful GIF from the MarsArmy <3
22:18 04/23/2017

moms like you choose gifs! has all the Hard Times gifs you could ever hope for.

7.1k reactions 33 comments
Dor Matzliah Personally I think you missed out on the best shot on this video:
Lucas Dancel Jay Triviño
Claire Mathews August Bishop
Paige Morris Alice Dawn Jones
Keisha Estabrook Bart Nesmith
Puss In Boots
11:24 04/24/2017

There is always that one person we try to avoid running into… #PussInBoots

159 reactions 3 comments
Akbar Dinata Udah tua apa masih ada ulang 2 tahunan ran. By dani
Ju Lie Love you Puss...
13:48 04/22/2017

Hope your Tinder date doesn't disappoint you this weekend. #WTFriday

3.1k reactions 601 comments
Sarah Busby Lol Matt 😂😂
Nina Marie Cio lmao
Austin Pinson Gretchen; omg no thanks Jordan Efaw
Theresa Strazza Selkirk Carissa Donato so u with u know who. Lmao
Rheanna Marie Jamie Coyne... lol this is even smaller then a pinky
Black Eyed Peas
18:42 04/23/2017

Too hot. #FIYAH Peep’s vid 👉

1.6k reactions 51 comments
Rosso Ketchum cool story
Lalla Najat superb
Vlad Litovchenko nice story
Xinchun Li nice story
Akira Zho awesome
Toby Keith
12:06 04/22/2017

When you get to the party & your friends are nowhere to be found.

972 reactions 58 comments
Gloria Hill It always seems like your dream walking!
Ricky Obermeyer Oh boy
John Chic Ciocarelli Time to get ya some - - in Duluth, MN
Mary Teichmiller It's party time ... Cheers Toby ! 🍻🍻🍻🍻. Great song too
Dawn Link Part with me Toby.
The Wendy Williams Show
18:36 04/22/2017

Dance granny, DANCE!

552 reactions 44 comments
Renee McCray Wright You go Dancing Granny.
Angela Price No
Bonnie Miller Go Granny 💗😇💯
Patricia K Brown This is not cute..
Louise Sigurdson Bindley brilliant
Claudia Leitte
20:42 04/21/2017

Eu sou Claudinha Bagunceira e não é de hoje que digo isso! 😂 Marque aqui nos comentários o seu amigo (a) bagunceiro (a) 👇

700 reactions 40 comments
Fernando Teixeira Mariane 👀
Weverton Souza Tiago Caetano Cintia Izabel 😅
Mariana Ferreira Karolainy Reis 😄😘
Zuila Ivonete Patricia Silva e Simone Carla Simone elas são de mas !!!❤
Ruan Valter Eu chegando ai Gisele Carvalho
Carrie Underwood
19:00 04/21/2017

#sweep #NSHvsCHI Nashville Predators #Smashville

6.8k reactions 283 comments
Courtney Cooke Shelley Hertzberger-Fiander show this to Harvey later....hahahaha the raccoon could be his little helper while cleaning the house!
Sarah Hier Jennifer Hier, that's a little funny but not okay with it.
Jessica Ryann Rachel Lechelt the day I fist fought Carrie Underwood 4/20/17
Ken Underwood I am so happy that the Predators are advancing to round two Carrie. Take care.
Catherine Graham Nathan Lissing I think this guy needs to give Salem some lessons 🤔🤔
Black Eyed Peas
05:54 04/21/2017

Vibrant and bold. Taboo (Black Eyed Peas)

749 reactions 24 comments
Gabi Mars ❤❤❤❤
Beranger Moreau Printemps Arthur Pillot
Clement Trilles good job Gorillaz
Baburamakrishna Yarlagadda cool story
Terry Morgan cool story
Thirty Seconds to Mars
21:06 04/21/2017

1 MONTH 'til we hit the road with Muse. Who's ready?

3.1k reactions 105 comments
Chayenne Pieters Shannon i fucking love you 😍😍😍😍
Tomas Rodríguez And the new album?
Liz Van Valkenburg 👏🏻SO ready!!!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻❤
Giulia Cremona I can't wait for the new tour in North America. I will follow you standing in my home, from the social networks!!!
Sue Armitage Please come and tour uk 🇬🇧 again. Incredible show.
Armin van Buuren
07:18 04/22/2017

Yeeees A State Of Trance day!

8.4k reactions 91 comments
Annie Kanicki Julia Kanicki do the monkey with me
Arvi E Mendoza Armin 4 life ❤
Victor Almeida Please come back to Brazil and bring a psytrance stage
Deborah Ridolfo Now that's my kind of giphy!!!
Jose Ángel Rdz Amezing" :)
Lil Wayne
05:24 04/21/2017

We laughed at that!

2.4k reactions 53 comments
Mohamed Aly Wa ostaz lil tez tezk hmra 🤘
Shant Don ya , was funny.
Tony Taylor she so foine
Tony Leuck omg damn hot
E Skeez Mark Anthony Logan what was the name of Remy song again
Lil Wayne
05:24 04/21/2017

YM, I'm the God. No Frauds out now:

2.8k reactions 85 comments
Brett Barrette Soooo goood
Kelly Richardsonjr Wayne da king
John Samoila Hmm God Mabey not but ur one hell of a artist.....
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 1399🔥👌
Racquel Colenburg I like that no frauds
06:24 04/20/2017

Sdds da bagunça que eu e a @titimuller fazíamos na #MtvBR ! 💕 Já viu nosso vídeo pt 3? ✌🏻 Vem rir com a gente! ->

1.0k reactions 40 comments
Camila Murakami Nao ne fala 😭😭😭😭 as duas juntos sao maravilhosas.
Leonardo Levis Saia correndo da escola pra assistir vcs suas lindas 😍😍😍
Raphael Vasconcellos Podiam voltar com um programa no mesmo formato no Multishow ne
Vinicius Skeleton Momentos nostálgicos 😍
Márcia Holanda Tavares Calma marimoon logo a Globo te contrata e quem sabe não tens um programa todo voltado aos jovens e as músicas do mundo ou te chamam pra apresentar o vídeo show depois que a Mônica saiu ficou chato com aquele Otaviano sem graça aff!!
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
01:36 04/20/2017

ICYMI: Tracy Morgan thinks Jack McBrayer’s name is Kenneth Ellen Parcell. #CONAN #30Rock

1.3k reactions 26 comments
Vanessa Tavares Jorge Figueiredo looool
Brittany Sanders Jennifer Sanders
Ayaat Saleh Jason Aaron
Jamie Goldberg Jenny Marmaros
David Paul Julia Yoshikawa
Toby Keith
23:18 04/19/2017

When there's no more seats in the ride but you still want to go to the party.

2.4k reactions 96 comments
Jenny Demski oh hell yes! see you in August Toby!!
Azalea Millet Hottest video! 😍
Rhonda Trekell Bays Big 'ol truck!!
Sandra Watson Been there bought the tshirt
Crystal Light Take me
06:24 04/20/2017

Feliz dia do amigo! ✌🏻✨💕 Contaí o que é uma verdadeira prova de amizade pra vcs. 😉

287 reactions 22 comments
Fernando Souza Mari pra comemorar estou vendo o tutorial de cupcake do acesso . Vc e a Titi alegravam as minhas tardes
Geise Regina Beatriz Klayn
Laura Madureira Geise Regina
Aline Meira Reis Bruna Cristina❤
Gabriel Rossi Tirza Gabriela <3
Puss In Boots
09:48 04/19/2017

Puss is attempting to cheer everyone up on this dreadful day of ‘taxes.’ #InternationalJugglersDay #PussInBoots

155 reactions 3 comments
Gamira Mago Cute u Puss in boots
Ju Lie Love you Puss...
Helen Dunn If Puss in Boots can't cheer ya' up, you can't be cheered up!
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