Claudia Leitte
3 hours ago

😂😂😂😂 E eu bem sei que tem gente que “arrasta os móveis” para dançar. Quem admite aí levanta a mão 🙋🏼#Taquitá.

3.4k reactions 113 comments
Ronaldo Lima Um cheiro minha Linda !
Pamela Beatriz Opaa euu
Márcio Luiz Da Silva Lapa sensualíssima
Fernando Oliveira Vamos visualizar gente . O clipe tá lindo! E a música é ótima!
Gui Braga Linda
12 hours ago

Brand new site & brand new merch! Check it all out only on

2.8k reactions 340 comments
Salim Dhab i'm simple man i see hot girl i like the post
Miloslav Nindl Super Tiesto :-)
Rafa C Gut hey!!! send me one ()
Daniël Gómez Chávez I want all !!! Greetings from Chile Tijs!
Karol Syguła Where is brand new video? :)
Claudia Leitte
14:06 01/15/2017

Anime seu domingo ao som de #Taquitá. Assista agora ao clipe completo.

1.3k reactions 59 comments
Vinicius Teixeira Já ta rodando ♩🎶🎵
Djair Santana de Lima Nossa Claudia :) <3
Fernanda Ferraz "Eu imaginando a gente no transe de um beijo quente" ....
Muhammad Ali W Awan Lovely😻😻😻😻😻😻
Isadora Pereira Tão maravilhosa! ❤❤❤
Puss In Boots
16:00 01/15/2017

Dress up your pet day? What is “a pet?”

290 reactions 3 comments
Ømąř Jř 💗نايس💗
Ju Lie Love you Puss...
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
00:54 01/15/2017

⚽️⚽️ Clube de Regatas do Flamengo

70.7k reactions 968 comments
Danilo Aquela jogada que tinha fala com vocês do Bruxo . Elton & Michael .
Denise Santo Ronaldinho Gaucho que saudss mito! Meu craque! Qndo vc ia jogar nossa todos ficavam na expectativa! Nao tem pra ninguém! Bjos
Gabriel Rangel Fudeu,agr vão ficar especulando o Ronaldinho no Flamengo...
Alonso Junior Obrigado bruxo pelo o que fez no Mengão, se fosse essa diretoria de hoje no quesito cumprir com o que promete a pagar teria sido vitoriosa sua passagem, mais aquela burra de Patrícia amadorim deixou você sem salários durante 6 meses...
Murilo Machado Mattheus Pontes, eu tava nesse jogo, Engenhão veio abaixo, muito foda, pqp!!!
Dulce Maria
15:42 01/15/2017

9.0k reactions 77 comments
Santana Alvarado Guapisima
Françoise Freitas Ayres Te amo Rainha😘
Sergio Rubio Te amoooooo
Ingrid Vitória Saviñón Princesa perfeita <3 Te amo Rainha
Eva Mendes
17:18 01/15/2017


7.7k reactions 146 comments
Jérome Mortier Paquet... 🎁 love it
Dimitris Pat Giannis Antetokounmpo #NBAVOTE
Тодор Маглов udaj se za mene
Mervin Lathlin Yah baby
Patrik Schreiber So eine schöne Frau
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
07:48 01/16/2017

An all-new #CONAN Podcast just dropped. Rest your eyes and consume CONAN in audio form @

437 reactions 10 comments
Shana Justine Janssen Bryce Wilson
Alex T. Luu Alicia Lam yes
Anna May Bobby May
David Jordan Kara
Omar Bin Hamid Hey that's pretty good.
Backstreet Boys
13:12 01/15/2017

15.2k reactions 200 comments
Michelle Martin Klinzing My favorite song and video from BSB
Justin McDuffie My favorite song.
Sehrish Afroze Qureshi This overacting though :D
Amira Nabeel Abu Eleneen كانت احلى ايام
Jean Chase Love it
19:54 01/14/2017

Chantaje ft MALUMA was the third fastest video to reach 400m views ever! / El video de Chantaje con Maluma es el tercer video en llegar más rápido a las 400 millones de reproducciones! ShakHQ

37.9k reactions 503 comments
Juliana Do Nascimento Bueno You can thank me, I have a daily dose of Chantaje every day, I'm addicted to it!
Ginna Calderón Yo te adoro mi shak pero esa con Maluma no m gusta la parodia de Jonathan Clay m gusta pero m fascina la q cantas con @carlitos vives esa si
Damian El Mejor Hermosa mi amor todo lo que te colocas se le ve vacanisimo
Caleb Forslund I was messing around with some of my friends at school today with their Alexis device from and I spoke, "Play Top 10 Latino songs" for something really random and guess what song was number one? Hint: #PuroChantaje
Thirty Seconds to Mars
14:30 01/15/2017

Blast from the Past: That one time Zedd dropped by for the MARS Summer Sessions on VyRT. Seen it? Stream and Own here:

6.9k reactions 44 comments
Andwaine Stephens Is that jesus?
Guilherme Oliveira Come to Brazil again please !!! 🤘🏼 🇧🇷
Edú Ortega Ibarra Palabra del señor, te adoramos señor.
Belinda Annesley-author That was a very long time ago.
Birgit Mülders have seen it on vyrt , you have had much fun together
Lady Gaga
21:30 01/14/2017

Lady Gaga's album #JOANNE is now available for a special price at Target:

33.9k reactions 342 comments
Đặng Vũ Tuấn Nine Nine Yin Yin Pure Gas Sword (thanks to some athletes pay for child care for your baby do not remember her Gaga crazy play them back using wild - sound pressure waves to the charms _ prop enabled Islamic baby all day dotage - encrypted successfully ...
Hector Adrian Treviño Angel in case you don't yet have it
David Rodríguez Lady Gaga: the Queen of flop 😆
Daniel Rosado I mean I bought 11 copies for people for Christmas, I guess I'll buy more for myself now ❤️❤️❤️
Nicolas Patrouix Iam wondering what is happening and who is next to you queen of Saba.
Lady Gaga
21:30 01/14/2017

Watch #MillionReasons:

37.9k reactions 379 comments
Gilles Musaki Ntanu J'reste numéro uno comme ça on peut pas m'oublier,on peut pas m'oublier,j'étais aux States je roulais mon joint
Yohander Cambero Amor casualmente estaba escuchando esa hermosa canción te amo, llégate a Venezuela a pensar de todo lo qué ha hecho el mamaguevo de Maduro yo iré te lo juro, y te llevo gente pa qué no pierdas el viaje, pero por favor ven, mira qué yo me se todas tu ...
Charly Ülala Ese gif es para, suplicar que por favor vean el video, ya que fue un completo flop, gracias.
Naythanmy Oliveira Today I dreamed about her the most beautiful singer there that person is none other than Lady Gaga.Well my dream is to meet her, and almost every night dream I'm with her etc. My perssonalidade was inspired in it that is all that I am today I owe to her
Dennis Travis Like if you think " Lady gaga " worships Fame Monster = money an unknowing god lizard mankind Stefani snake Queen WTF! #ClimateChange scorched surface Earth occur celebrity filthy rags burn
Guns N' Roses
01:54 01/15/2017


84.3k reactions 710 comments
Lori Aitkenhead It will be a different piece of art everyday as 1200 roses wilt over time. Norfolk, VA
Markus Pfatschbacher Und Denise Mühlbacher kaufen wir uns jetzt Tickets dafür?
Sofia Guzman Katlyn Del Real mira así te digo para octubre jajajaj
Bob Saabye love your taste in music Roberta take care Kiddo Luv ya
Eddy Saade Chris Saadeh the dance you do when you get a new guitar 🎸
17:42 01/13/2017

Are you tuning in? "The News" from #agirlabottleaboat comes out tonight at midnight EST 📰

436 reactions 20 comments
Michelle Mitchell Emily Brady
Rey Dickens Michelle Evert
Camilla Alcântara Aaaaaaaaaaa
Bodhisattwa Das Train is back
Andy Bell Tour ?!!!!
Yordi Rosado
23:42 01/13/2017

Cuando tu mejor amigo te consiente #LoPrimeroQueHagoEnLaMañana

2.0k reactions 20 comments
Clau Aguiillaar Mmisha Moli
Ofelia Y Gaby Ponce Rosaura Fiorini Beatriz Mata Angelica Vasquez Maria Yanez de Vasquez Gabriela Ponce
Paty Garcia Alejandro Velazquez 🐶😊
Miguel Angel CR Jazmín 😘
Linda Guerrero Alejandro Mendoza ahi stas
Wanderlei Silva
11:06 01/14/2017

Sempre em frente! #Teamwand #vemprotime #superar

348 reactions 13 comments
Rogerio Salustiano e estrak e o cara moleza e i para cima
Maiquel Falcão Mito
Thiago Spampinato Participei do último na ryan gracie butanta foi show
Thiago Spampinato Eae wand quando vai ter outro seminário aqui em sao paulo
Kutnjak Stjepan Pussy ashole silva.
The Doors
18:42 01/12/2017

“The key to the band's appeal was the tension between singer Jim Morrison's Dionysian persona and the band's crisp, melodic playing.” - Rolling Stone

9.5k reactions 30 comments
Katie Beaumont Nathan Lgs
บุญธรรม พัฒนมาศ <3
Dion Jackson Owen Todd dionysian
Daniele Orchi ....
Al Kraemer 🖤🖤🖤🖤
17:42 01/13/2017

Are you seeing this? “The News” out everywhere Friday 📰

258 reactions 8 comments
Sage Braunsdorf Taylor Komorosky
Janna Myers You interfered with the election more than Russia did
Moo Moo Thomas Yessssss cant wait :)
Bence Végh camon clock, be faster :D
Martina Saldicco this "news" made my day :) can't wait!
Pearl Jam
01:24 01/13/2017

Rock on.

20.1k reactions 137 comments
Cris Severson Lindo Jeff! 😍
Pablo Bancalari ..... y dónde habrá quedado todo eso??.....
Chris Howells Jeff rules.
Teresa MC Pinkpop 1992
Ma Angélica Gutiérrez PINKPOP 1992
22:18 01/12/2017

lmao this shits unreal #gtfoh

6.5k reactions 426 comments
Jeque Arellano Nicolas Salcedo Welcome to Ghettowartz
Keyshawn T. Seepersaud Lmmfao😂😂😂💨💨💨💨
Anas Rahmani Rak dir lbsala
Pierre Vallat Miller Romain Labat lui il a respecté personne
Ivonne Ileana Elsa Quinones el señor como sube la patia 😂
16:36 01/12/2017

🔥 2 Days |

3.1k reactions 48 comments
Luis E. G. Escorza 2 dias para q llegue al creamfield peru 😀😀😀
Agnieszka Ciura FINAL COUNDOWN
Cédric Carlier I can't wait!!!😉
André Gdc Nascimento Like és excelente #Tiesto
Silvia Herrera-Vega 👍🙌🎤😎😍😘
Yordi Rosado
23:42 01/13/2017

Un abre cajones muy original. Jajajaja

2.1k reactions 41 comments
Abraham Castillo Beetsy Lemus jajaja
Tucky Ayarzagoitia Jonathan Oliva jajajaja😁
Ivon Almaguer Teresa Alvarez
Stteph Sánchez Vázquez Angeles Sánchez
Monika Rios Tu Olaff amiga, Mariana Nieto Mendez!!!!
Puss In Boots
03:12 01/13/2017

Watch out Puss! The Duchess got her witch magic back! #WhatTheWitch

157 reactions 2 comments
Ju Lie Love you Puss...
Lisa Schwab I love puss in boots
01:30 01/13/2017


3.1k reactions 58 comments
Justin Styndl l definitely will be watching in between the Cavs game! You can't miss Blink live.
Matt Scarpace What time is Jimmy on again? East Coasters?
Tyler Chow Frankie Anna Crystal
Jhoan Sosa Mo Demian Dali
Sean Parlon Nicole McDonald
22:18 01/12/2017

lmao y'all are too much 😂

15.6k reactions 2263 comments
Robert Mason Mr. T- Pain famous male rap artist and uncle brand new 🎶 please let me know win this Facebook message from RobertMason that you
Udayan Kale Anand Deshmukh.... That's the trick behind the rings😂😂😋
Angel Gonzalez Ariadna 'im gonna to comentar en inglich cause esto esta en inglich
Leonardo Mellado Valentina yo haciendo figuras con el humo amor jajaja 😂
Leah Schwartz Maxine Greij me when you first learned how to blow Os and it took me another year to figure it out
16:36 01/12/2017

3 Days 🔥

3.1k reactions 42 comments
Руслана Руслана Yаss!! <3
Bartek Moździanowski Fireee :D
Kevin Alania 3
Kevin Alania 2
Kevin Alania 1
Yordi Rosado
10:54 01/11/2017

¡Jajajajaja! Así o más drama

317 reactions 14 comments
Orlando Giovanny Velazquez Garcia Daniela Alvarado Garcia
MariaSol Montenegro Tu Angel Toledo
FaNi ToVas Raulth Herzz. 😀
Sttephany Alejandro Jajajaa Jhony Mustaine
Ruth Rodríguez Nájera Eduardo Díaz Rodríguez así ponemos nuestras caras 😂😂😂
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