21:00 11/18/2017

Did you know "queso" actually means "romance" in Spanish? #WTFriday

233 reactions 82 comments
Jay Med No.. Romancé is romance
Stephen Lyle It's 150 for a quarter and 8 to pick cotton.. I want you to say something.. Even if it's depressing and not funny.. You'll know where your meth comes from..
Michael Helms So She Obviously Knows RickyGetzInYa! I Think That's Spanish For Taking A Cosby...
Brian Nunez Shut up Tosh....shut the fuck up man
Dan Vu It doesn,t take that long to thank you, for a kiss
Claudia Leitte
02:18 11/13/2017

O logo da #CLAUDIA10tour tem muita história! Bora saber de mais uma? ✌ #ClaudiaLeitte #Claudia10 #TheVoiceBrasil #TheVoiceKids

269 reactions 13 comments
Gabriella Silva ❤❤❤❤
Dido Óculos Muito linda
Milene Miranda Há mais bela ♡♡♡
Aninha Chaves Quando vc vem para Sergipe em ? Te amoo❤❤😍😍
Adriana Vieira Amoooo
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
22:54 11/08/2017

Happy Wednesday

13 reactions 4 comments
Alexandra Abreu Irizarry JD DA
Emily Spagnolo Jessica Croupe
Taylor Kuchenreuther Jeremy Koch Brandi Marie
Jeremy Koch Hahahahahah
The Doors
06:54 11/10/2017

“Takes it easy, baby Take it as it comes Don't move too fast And you want your love to last Oh, you've been movin’ much too fast” Can you name this song? Share it in the comments! Added bonus if you leave a video of you performing your own cover...

2.7k reactions 126 comments
Kevin Cooke Specialize in having fun! Love this song!
Mike Collis Take it as it comes. Definitely one of my faves.
Phillip Alvarado Gooo real slowww You'll like it moore n mooore Take it as it comes Specialize in havin fun
Cort Stricker Take it as it favorite Doors song!🎼🎸
Michael Marvin Take it as it comes. From their debut album.
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
22:54 11/08/2017

*Getting home from work like*

12 reactions 2 comments
Maggie Ferguson Chelsea Hendricks
05:00 11/06/2017

When you're fighting with your significant other and you're trying to be mature and not place blame, but it's totally their fault. #WTFriday

136 reactions 23 comments
JR Bull This, only wearing a snuggie:
Mark Duffaut Nicole Estes Duffaut
Scott Nikolai Tony Potter
Aaron Robert Maier Mercedes Pipins
Candace Lea Steve Persaud
Claudia Leitte
11:54 11/05/2017

Final de semana chegando e a gente quer o que? Um Baldin de Gelo para comemorar ao som do Spotify. 🎼

448 reactions 22 comments
Gabriella Silva ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Joraga Jo
Sele Oïo Bom dia claudia 😘
Carlos Andre Liga pra mim por favor
Ingridd Borges Ooooooopan,oooooooooopan
Pearl Jam
23:12 11/02/2017

Happy Halloween! 🎃 Show us your costume in the comments. #Halloween #PearlJam

4.6k reactions 351 comments
Jamie Moore "Brilliant Disguise" by Bruce Springsteen 💖 Marlene Dietrich💞Eddie Vedder
Marcelo Jammer Navarrete Happy Halloween 🎃 Pearl Jam
Christophe Simon From the way,youre the best,dudes!
Kristina Vesic Rosie from the Jetsons!!
Cecilia Ima Wasemann Eddie and Jeff don't mind stealing bread! Delaney Marth
16:48 11/02/2017

Do you love Aerosmith? Do you love Amazon? It’s the last day for 20% off all Aerosmith official T-Shirts on Amazon. Shop NOW:

672 reactions 8 comments
April Buffie Shawn Buffie
Lisa Jean Love my new Aeroshirt!
C-Bert Catalan Yeees
Marquitte Shannon Not giving me 20% off or free shipping in the US either.
Andy Craven Not on amazon UK. Boo hiss.
00:18 11/03/2017

💥 #GARAGEPALACE 💥 HAS ARRIVED Watch the visualiser now: Stream/download: 👊 Little Simz

4.3k reactions 100 comments
Maya Kowaluk BADASS ✊✊✊
Adam Koestler Cool vid! The song is absolute trash!
Giorgia Mazzini Sara Valbruccioli Dove sono finiti i vecchi Gorillaz 😞 non ci piace 👎🏻
James Daniel Cooper Will McGee lotta new music from them
Διονυσης Χοτζιας 6/10 i like the animation and the song only in the start but not bad
Claudia Leitte
23:06 11/02/2017

O que vai te tirar de frente da televisão.. 🎉 Matimba + Bloco Largadinho + 2018 = Carnaval CL 10 Tour #Claudia10 #Carnaval2018

527 reactions 10 comments
Pedro Batista Oi minha Deusa bjs
Melahet Kerimova ➕➕➕
Alef Cardoso Dos Santos Legal gata linda massa adorei curtir claudia leitte
Romildo Silva Bom.FIA!!
Romildo Silva Bom.dia!
Michael Jackson
16:42 10/30/2017

“There's a ghost down in the hall, There's a ghoul upon the bed, There's something in the walls, There's blood up on the stairs…” Michael Jackson’s “Ghosts” is perfect for this time of year. Add it to your playlist now!

1.1k reactions 286 comments
Ricko James Meromi It's close to Midnight, As something evil's lurking in the dark... Start the lyrics chain!
Michael Griffiths Heal the world , make it a better place, for you and for and the entire human race <3
Betty Slater Very underated, I luv the song and video as much as Thriller.
Benjamin Colley The choreography in the ghosts mini movie was something in its own league, just as thriller was.
Dave McGregor Is it scary Is a much better song than ghosts. And always forgotten about 😞
Claudia Leitte
21:30 10/28/2017

Separa o óculos de sol que esse domingo vai dar praia! Ou melhor: #PrainhaDaClaudinha 🏖🆑 Serão 2 shows em 1. Você não pode perder esse novo formato de show com Claudia Leitte. Aquira já seu ingresso: #ClaudiaLeitte #RioDeJaneiro #RJ

1.1k reactions 40 comments
Emanuel Messias Gonçalves da Silva As artista mulheres me estrupo da tv
Guiih Rodryguez Jéssica Trindade esse não iremos perder, hein!
Jéssica Araujo Muniz Rodrigo M., pena que é esse domingo!! 😢
Pedro Batista Bom dia nene linda paixão
Camila Silva Diva que amo
14:36 10/29/2017

It's always the cute ones you have to worry about. #WTFriday

538 reactions 67 comments
Sebastian Shiffler Rachel Roque Dell he SMONK
Buddy Eldridge Mavis Eldridge JEEEZ
Matthew Schmidt Tristin Wilder-Wentworth Russell Heideman Lucas D'Souza a glimpse at the campin trip.
Robert Speer Anita Contreras. Wtf is goin on here
Beckie Galeana Hahahha!!!!!!!!
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
06:54 10/27/2017

It's #NationalPumpkinDay

70 reactions 1 comments
Ellie Ashton Alyson Miller is this what your dance class is like? Bceause then i will join.
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
06:54 10/27/2017

Topic of Discussion: Once a cheater always a cheater? Or can people change? ➡️

62 reactions 21 comments
Sebby Crysstal Yes.
Veronica Celeste No
Cheyenne Rae Gallison Not true.
Dekie Wangchuk They did it once theyl do it again !
Maria Bederak Yep it's true
Gary Johnson
00:42 10/28/2017

We will be launching the money bomb later today. I'll be at the Supreme Court tomorrow. Join us! #dropthehammer

1.1k reactions 46 comments
Josh C David
Daniel J Drake Fingers crossed.
Linda Newberne Hilliard BEST OF LUCK TOMORROW GARY! Donation done!
Amy Katherine Do your thing Mr. Johnson!!!!
Steve Petrone lower wasting people's time
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
18:06 10/24/2017

Morning Hack: Halloween candy prices are the cheapest on Friday, October 27, and the most expensive on Monday, October 30. So get those bags this Friday! 👻

26 reactions 5 comments
Merritt Hunt Allie Fosheim
Jeankee Llora Mercado Jean
Emily Jensen Huan so we need to buy candy on Friday, apparently
Sandy Adams hey Ryan if you get Roberts back on - please send him love from the Adams family. He is our long time friend - he will know.
Bob Marley
15:24 10/25/2017

"The sun shall not smite I by day, nor the moon by night. And everything that I do, shall be upfull and right." #NightShift

8.7k reactions 67 comments
Albert Challson Stand Up For Your Right !
Sharon Joan Whisnant GOODNIGHT to everyone!
Julie Dorimont Love RASTA 💚 💛 ❤️
Osvaldo Martinez Oliva genial
Kenneth Dela Edhem Johnson Jr. ❤️💛💚
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
18:06 10/24/2017

Morning Hack: Stop sleeping in on the weekends. If you keep your sleep cycle the same over the weekend, Monday’s will (allegedly) be way easier.

146 reactions 14 comments
Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. Smile, even if it's fake. Laugh, even if you hurt. Don't let anyone get to you, you're beautiful regardless of what anyone says to you.
Sal Pi Gina Hazarian
Noely Villamil Jose Villamil
Stephanie Samantha Fontanals Fernanndo Torres
Nay Ramirez MariJo Ramirez 😁
Claudia Leitte
19:54 10/23/2017

A melhor segunda-feira da vida vai ser na #InterPuc, em Goiânia! Bora até o chão chão chão chão!!!! 💃 #ClaudiaLeitte #CLAUDIA10Tour

1.0k reactions 34 comments
Tauã Darwing Aff que demora pra lançar single 💔💔💔💔
Ingridd Borges Braseeellllllllllll
Ingridd Borges O música maravilhooooooooooooooooooooooooosa
Milena Souza Linda claudia leitte un beso desde uruguay❤
Ivana Salgueiro Vem pra Aracaju cantts 😢❤
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
05:12 10/22/2017

Relax, take it easy, it's Friday AND OMG #InternationalSlothDay

539 reactions 139 comments
Emily Ramos Nat eu
Francesca Nicole Sta Maria Ellie Kostikova that face tho
Lauren Spence Sommer Spence !!!!! ur day !!!!
Brittanie Evans Serena Smith you know who👀👀
Hadeer Muayad Amany Muayad is that you??
01:36 10/23/2017

✈ Win a trip to Paris & meet Shakira! Enter here Viber 👉 ✈ Ganen un viaje a París y conozcan a Shakira! Ingresen aquí 👉 ShakHQ

26.5k reactions 674 comments
Prahllad Jele
Prahllad Jele
Roberto Carlos Diaz Que tengo que hacer o qué? Ya no tengo datos para abrir el link😇
Mateja Bozic Yeee...hope to meet you...kisses
Jimena Rodrigues Genial!! Shaki tu siempre tan humilde💞
Mark Ruffalo
10:54 10/21/2017

With the badass herself #TessaThompson at Tumblr last week! #tbt

1.4k reactions 15 comments
Manjeet Pal
Maurice McCoy The Facebook Like Guy Likes this!
Arely Osorio I love you Mark Ruffalo
نور مون I hope you know about Islam 😊
نور مون اتمنى ان تعرفو الاسلام الحقيقي
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
16:24 10/19/2017

Morning Hack: If you want to quit an addiction -- snacking, drinking, smoking -- keep the empty containers around. It allows you to see how much you consume

38 reactions 5 comments
Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. The key to a really happy life is to be aware of, and tending to, only one vibrational caring. And that is: "I want to be hooked up with me before I proceed"
Mark Greeno Robert
Heather Roveto Maney Jennifer Roveto me. AF.
Karen Lisak I do lol
Preston Benjamin Albrent Trevor Tack, does this work in your jeep? 🙄
Claudia Leitte
18:12 10/18/2017

Mais um elemento importante no logo dos 10 anos de carreira: a bola ⚽ #ClaudiaLeitte #CLAUDIA10tour #FIFAWorldCup #CopaDoMundo #WeAreOne

416 reactions 19 comments
Gabriella Silva ❤❤❤
Yasmin Souza ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mimi Meireles Amo.
Laysa Castro Minha canttora mais linda 😍❤
Yasmin Souza Essa apresentação...😭❤️ ORGULHOOOOOOO!!!
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