Pee-wee Herman
17:36 03/25/2017

Happy International Waffle Day!! Mmmm... #waffles! #WaffleDay

211 reactions 64 comments
Michael Winn One of the choices in "How I'd like to die" list.
Todd David Sisunik Wafflemania Yeah ! too much Fun Peewee
Josh Wahl DeadPool as a waffle. Huh ...
Deandre Lewis Pipkin You let Deadpool go right this moment Pee-Wee!
Chuck Creasy Jr. sooooooo, pee wee....hangin' out with deadpool now, are we?
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
17:30 03/25/2017

That’s right! An all-new episode of The #CONAN Podcast featuring Reese Witherspoon, Adam Pally, Erin Andrews, and more is available on iTunes and SoundCloud now.

62 reactions 5 comments
Mette Chestershucks Yaaaaaay!
Allison Parrott DANKE!
Robyn Mooney Sideris I truly like you. You are one of my all time favorite celebs. Thanks for making me laugh and for saying hello to me one day while passing by on a street in NY.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco Listen @
Puss In Boots
01:42 03/25/2017

When you’ve already watched the all-new season of Puss In Boots one thousand and three times... #WhatNow #SourPuss

200 reactions 7 comments
Josh Benya Puss In Boots
Nindy Adanin Tajri LoL
Marcus Da-vid #sourpusses should get fixed
Talon Diwisch Can't wait 'til the next season! Last one was crazy at the end!
Helen Dunn Then you watch it one thousand and four times! :-)
01:00 03/25/2017

Tomorrow night, Humanz live in London. Tickets found at 👉

41.5k reactions 646 comments
Alice Wigglesworth I could actually make it to this <3
Belu Hoc Diego Dietz Ambrosone 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Deberíamos tomar un avión sin escala desde EEUU a Londres
Peter High Ordered the album , its my weekend off , just waiting for the email to say I got tickets , make it happen gorillaz
Josh James Did anyone get a spare ticket? Will pay to come in with you. Absolutely desperate to be at this show, it's right on my doorstep!
Emilia Abalde is there any chance to see it online tomorrow?? COME OOOON, i missed you so much!! HAPPY BDAY DAMON! <3
01:00 03/25/2017

Watch Saturnz Barz (Spirit House) now. Shout out YouTube for making it a reality. 360: 2D:

45.7k reactions 1160 comments
Laura Sarah Gavaghan Guysss check out their Spotify, they have 4 new singles 😍
Dylan Jones watch the 360 video on your phone Tom Jones and move around/rotate etc its very cool
Warner Music Brasil <3
Michael Shorkey F*cking Awesome! I just imagine what a Gorillaz Movie would be like if we got one. Just a bunch of music videos with a congruent story.
Gemma Bailey so awesome and abit of surprised of full naked Murdoch lol
01:00 03/25/2017

IT'S HERE 7.30pm BBC Radio 1 - #SaturnzBarz + #Andromeda 7.45pm Radio X - #WeveGotThePower 7.45pm Beats 1 - #Ascension #HUMANZ

27.1k reactions 682 comments
Kalelah Benjamin Tune into one of the 7:45 ones on my behalf plz 😭😭 EmEmilio Cruzalegui
Kevin Asare Agyemang I'm so hyped right now !. This Album will be so fucking great :D
Isaiah Thompson HOLY FUCK
Kyle Lewis If anyone knows how to hype their fans, it's the gorillaz 😭😄 lmao
Pee-wee Herman
17:36 03/25/2017

Throwback to that time I went to a Snake Farm... yuk!! #PeeweesBigHoliday #PWBH #SnakeFarm #YUK #tbt #throwback

2.0k reactions 79 comments
Amy Cronauer Ruthie. This. HaHA!
Divad Beck-Smith The Best!!!
Gary Winterboer This boy's a hero! This boy is under arrest!
James Kiel Genius
Carmelia Szemplinski Yuck is right!!!
Guns N' Roses
11:36 03/24/2017


20.6k reactions 181 comments
Romain Poulet You're not the only one, you're not the only one ...
Crystal Enriquez Saldarriaga November Rain 😍
Felipe Cardenas November Rain 💗💗💗💗
Emmanuel Vidal Guns roses!! The best!!!!!!
Charlie Charlie Santiago Buitrago Miraaa 😌tocando November Rain❤ es tan liindooo haha
Green Day
11:06 03/24/2017

From playing in backyards to arenas. Watch our story unfold in Chapter 1 of "Green Day: The Early Years" on Spotify

6.2k reactions 76 comments
Bob Cardillo II That was fuckin awesome!
Rony Setyo Pamungkas She screaming in silent!
Maria Sanchez An amazing story!!!!😃💚
Daniel Braun U.S. only -.-
Ted Mahoney And yet you guys are still cool dudes. Love you guys !
Claudia Leitte
23:48 03/24/2017

Marque aquela amiga que sempre age naturalmente quando vê o crush 💋😂😂😂

1.9k reactions 135 comments
Fausto Louzada te admiro muito,,,muito sucesso,,,
Joicy Coelho essa foi boa 😂
Kayron Leitte Melhor giffffff
Adriano Henrique Viva!!!
Toby Keith
02:24 03/23/2017

24 albums over 24 years. That's a damn good track record.

4.2k reactions 200 comments
Sheila V V Jennie WOW, this is so attractive. Have all of them. My journey finding Toby Keith began in 2004, and still going strong.
Linda Everidge Now Shawn, if we lived closer, this would an excellant concert to go to!!!
Pauline Weber That is so awesome Toby Keith! Keep on singing! Looking forward to more albums!!!
Jackie Rylant Hill Anyone else out there love 'Losing my touch ' and ' the sha la la song' ?
Susanne Ha Ich liebe jede Einzelne CD! Danke für diese wunderbare Musik!
Pee-wee Herman
04:48 03/23/2017

Bobble bobble bobble 😜 #bobblehead #tequila #bigshoedance

857 reactions 48 comments
Katherine Megan I have this bobble head 😊
Dadion Ortez Lester A huh huh!
Michele Creter Been there. Got that!!
Susan Jones OMG.....this is FANTASTIC!!!
Michael Harrington Mmm, bobbly!
Lady Gaga
07:12 03/24/2017

"You're givin' me a million reasons..." Hear #MillionReasons from #Joanne on Spotify:

27.8k reactions 503 comments
Nhật Tân Nguyễn Moáaaa , đuỹ lầy Tối ngày Million Reasons hoài mại , PR hoài có bài hỏng mệt hả mại ? Tung 3rd single lẹ đi mài
Xavier De Jesús Clo Dancin in circleeeeeeeees pleaseeeeeeeeee 😭😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Lara Moreira Lady Gaga sou Brasileira, e daqui 5 ou 4 anos eu completo 15 anos, e eu queria muito que vc organizace para me uma festinha de 15 anos no tema " Lady Gaga " Eu te amooo, eu te adoro, vc me ajudou quando mais precisei, 😍😍😍😘😘 😣 eu moro em Brasil ...
Shane Ferkovich your different your song applause is way ahead of our times its not like any currently out there its futureistic and really know how to make music, I wouldn't be surprised if you were really smart like way. And very competent.
Roger Patrick Dos Santos sem querer parecer indelicado, mas million reasons já deu o que tinha que dar criatura
04:06 03/23/2017

It's impressive how many humans actually make it to adulthood. [via Radass]

6.5k reactions 1214 comments
Jesse Milligan I'm actually impressed at how that gun seemingly phased through her trigger hand
Matthew Blair Is this fake? Is there a string we can't see that pulled it straight back? Every recoil I've experienced caused the barrel to go up.
Justin Mcgrath Nick this is What I was telling you about weeks ago
Steve Krajenke So she can kill someone in front of her and injure someone behind her. Pretty smart!
Louis Daveski Kyle Quigley I don't know what was faster, the 12 gauge slug or the gun
Thirty Seconds to Mars
11:24 03/22/2017

ICYMI. Ticket with Early Entry and Meet + Greet bundles now available for our summer tour run! Get yours:

3.7k reactions 47 comments
Michelle Lass Lawrence When are ya coming to Michigan?
Maryana Bonfim Alves MISERICÓRDIA
Julia Long Just scored tickets for the PA show
Isabel Salord 😔
Belinda Annesley-author Yum :)
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
04:42 03/23/2017

Andy Richter and Adam Pally discuss Fatman's origin story. #CONAN

2.3k reactions 57 comments
Kyle Ramachala Dean Braden
Steve Flores Adan Gonzales 😂
Chase Bland Brittany Raecke 😂😂
Ashley Anderson Taylor Fladgard 😂😂😂
Abdul Rehman Murtaza Zaidi haha
Pee-wee Herman
04:48 03/23/2017

Aries, Happy Birth...!!

710 reactions 49 comments
Nelly Good 😂😂
Claudia Burns Just lick it off, no one will notice. @¥@
Jamie Moore Happy birthday, Paul! 🌹
Michael Sheehan Jill Bell! Watch the skies!
Laurel Young Bestest gif ever! Thanks Pee-Wee! It my birthday.
Linkin Park
18:12 03/21/2017

#BattleSymphony available everywhere. Watch the lyric video: Download / Stream Spotify: Apple Music: Deezer: Google Play: iTunes: Amazon:

7.1k reactions 134 comments
David D. Souza This song is really good, I hope that the album surprise me more, I still trust you LP ;)
Reece Rivera Ruiz This is selling out. Not "evolving".
Simon Hollyoak Oh dear! How a once great exciting band can churn out this total and utter shite!! Very sad :-(
Chris Herbs Wheres the missing verse about Christ being your Lord and Saviour? #soundslikechristianpop #praisejeebus
Ivan Sanchez Just when you thought they couldnt release something worst than Heavy. Battle symphony comes to hit your hardcore fan face again :'(
Lady Gaga
18:24 03/21/2017

7.3k reactions 150 comments
Gonzalez Mike looking good
Frankie Fermi I like this remix but I'd pick the original song anytime over this :-)
Chris Broome Nice remix
William Cotyle Get dat never-ending MR promo 🤷🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️
Rëéķéý Vïér Modakewãű This remix is LIT!!😍😍😍
Toby Keith
02:24 03/23/2017

When you realize you partied so hard you missed winter.

1.8k reactions 81 comments
Mike Illum Nice mullet. Dude I love you, but come on.
Peggy Adams I
Ann Willett Great singer and you make alot of people wishes come god bless you
Thelma Mark Schmenk I wish!!!!
Penny Lamb wahooo that would be awesome wouldn't it <3
Margaret Cho
16:36 03/20/2017

Oh Comey! Didn't know you had it in you,son!

376 reactions 23 comments
Niya Oma Sokapo Sunshine Sakebow
Ramon Molina 💯😄😄😄
Karen Menehan Redemption. He seeks it.
Becca Jack Gibson Franco looks like he's taking flight!
Jerry Stevenson He seems smarter then I thought.
15:18 03/20/2017

Street food tastes a little bit better when someone uses their mutant powers to make it. [via GIPHY]

3.1k reactions 541 comments
Raymond Cortez I've seen the chef that taught me reach in and grab the chicken from the fryer like goddamn dude
Brandon Carey julio, the unburnt, millionth of his name, breaker-outer of tacos
Chad Ernst Dips his hand in cold water, with the short amount of time his hands are in contact with the hot grease it won't burn him, but still cool to watch
Evan Planas Finally found flavor town...tastes like Pakistani knuckle hair.
Lauren Reany You see his face when he looked at the camera "yeah, bitch, I just did that"
Lady Gaga
18:24 03/21/2017

Watch Lady Gaga get strung out on #JohnWayne:

22.4k reactions 280 comments
Emilie Peter encore une fois mais toi quand tu conduis mdrrrr Constance Scherrer
Joshua Manzano Gaga your little monsters wants a full visual album of Joanne please queen make our dreams come true 👸👑👒
Diana Garcia Your a free bitch! 😜 And Lady gaga is back in this video. Your always awesome whenever your yourself. ❤️
侯力中 Good afternoon beautiful Gaga and your family , team … , Happy Sunday .
Livia Floriz Às vezes penso que Gaga está mais preocupada em dormir com Carino e ele com ela , do que promocionar este CD
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
15:54 03/20/2017

ICYMI: Adam Sandler hit oblivious child actors with dodgeballs in Billy Madison. #CONAN

910 reactions 68 comments
KE Mack I love Adam Sandler!!!
Mason Lake He nailed the kids you guys.
Marc Ferrara Michael Corso answer me you fucking prick
Austin Wilcox Love adam sandler!
Mandy McNeill Phrasing!
15:18 03/20/2017

When an asteroid eventually destroys the planet we are going to have some amazing iPhone videos of it. [via Gfycat]

3.5k reactions 120 comments
Chris Joy Hey, at least it was still running! That wouldn't be the case here in DC.
Jake Diaz smart phones have made people dumber.
Justin Meckstroth I bet the people driving the train were laughing their asses off. And I bet it never gets old doing it
Matthew Lovejoy TMW you've been saving up for a month and your girl offers a BJ. XD
Anthony Ohlandt NA buy the time that happens it Will be an ibot android taking his sefie.
Claudia Leitte
22:12 03/19/2017

Eu quero ver quem vai conseguir achar as partes que estão corretas da música Taquitá. 💋 Se ainda não aprendeu a letra corra e aperte o play.

531 reactions 25 comments
May França ❤🎤
Sandy Sá ❤❤❤
Iohanny Castro "Eu tô pronta para descer" "E eu imaginando a gente, no transe de um beijo quente" Olha como eu amo dançar, o meu corpo não quer mais parar" "cabelo já tá bagunçado" "o meu rebolado merece aplauso" Claudia Leitte eu te amo❤❤❤❤❤
Wesley Gonzaga 😍
Thamires Lima De primeira! Te amo sua linda
Dulce Maria
23:48 03/19/2017

BRASIL, hoje é o dia do fã e eu mal acredito que em 15 dias eu vou estar com vocês e vou dar início a #DMWorldTour! 🇧🇷 Compre já o seu ingresso em até 3X sem juros aqui:

3.7k reactions 68 comments
Hermilo Gonzalez Hola buenas noches
Jezuela Petroshi Te cero dulce maria
Tay Amorim DM Pena que eu não vou 😭😭😭 Mas te amo #Dulce_Maria ❤
Mariia Ferreira Eu nao vou😭😭😭😭😭😭
Pablia Lorena 15 dias 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Lady Gaga
05:36 03/19/2017

The "Million Reasons" Andrelli Remix is now available on Apple Music:

14.8k reactions 292 comments
Flah J Freitas Larga Milho risos e divulga Dancin' in circles ou Jhon Wayne, pleassee queen.
Kavita Kumar Girl, promote John Wayne or a new single! Million reasons is done now b ⭐️
Alejandro Arias Gagaaaa YAAAAAA!!!! Chama es hora de otro single (Dancin' in circles) ya basta de Million Reasons por el amor a Dioooosssss!! Pleaseeeeee yaaaaaaa
Daniella Germanotta Sta Gaga ¿Pa' cuando Million Reasons versión salsa? :'v
Bruno Silva Dancin' in circle next single
Linkin Park
05:24 03/19/2017

#BattleSymphony out now. Watch the lyric video: Download / Stream Spotify: Apple Music: Deezer: Google Play: iTunes: Amazon:

5.9k reactions 143 comments
Robin Barthélémy ... Anyway. I'm just hoping for the next song, Mike will sing !! :@
Gina LB You all are so amazingly creative but i can't find that in these songs at all. oh well back to HT, Meteora and Minutes to Midnight
Niño Morales The song blows!!! I think it's lacking some finishing touches. It doesn't sound like a song you will take to battle. You will be uninspired if you go to war with something like this.
Simone Colombo Nana Why I still love every single song from these motherfukkas?!!! Am I the only one? Am I addicted? I mean, 20 years I'm listening to them..many thing changed in my life..except for one: Linkin Park ☆
Jay Hacha I been fan since Hybrid Theory. I always played your songs. I even played "Battle Symphony" like 6 times a day. What I don't like and I hope does change is the amount of music you put in each album. Right now "One More Light" has ten tracks. I wish you ...
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