Melissa Joan Hart
Yesterday 02:36

Always love school posters... #backtoschoolnight

410 reactions 10 comments
Lisa McNease Dickens Becky Jones
Thomas Wells Take a creative risk..... --->> Will ya!!! ;) ;) ;)
Joe Iaquinto Love it
Gon Guirin I still think of the one that Sabrina made to Harvey with lipstick. XD
Michael William I think these rules can be applied to everyday life too
Pamela Anderson
Yesterday 03:24

Fashion doesn't need to kill animals: British designer MacDonald #ThankYou

Fashion doesn
Fashion doesn't need to kill animals: British designer MacDonald

British fashion designer Julien MacDonald has apologized for using fur in his past collections - raising a hot topic that returned to rock London Fashion Week.

111 reactions 2 comments
Johnny Reynolds Apology not accepted, blood already on his hands.
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18

Miss you guys!

8.9k reactions 129 comments
Laura Pérez de Larraya "Miss you"? Aren't you filming Avengers 4 with them? 😲
Afra Naaz Right now I'm watching captain america :civil war & guess what I'm missing hulk & Thor😂😂😂
Eliza Cândida At this very moment, here in Brazil is passing a movie with Mark Ruffalo. Great this movie!
Doug Beaulieu Every post makes me either laugh or think. Sometimes both. Keep it up.
Ricky Neaame captain .. i have ant man ...Tony we have Hulk 😂😂
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18

Great news: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces that North Carolina becomes the 15th state in the US #ClimateAlliance, which is leading the way forward!

833 reactions 24 comments
David Hicks
Carla Beatriz Stela Stela Lindo, lindo eu aqui assistindo ❤
Verena Cirea Valetinus Wonderful. X
Alisha Banerjee Thank god 😊
Rainey Ramsey Mmhmm.
Bill Maher
3 hours ago

Former White House Ethics Lawyer is done with the lavish lifes...

26.2k reactions 1486 comments
Lori Chodkowski Whitecar America first, right? I am still waiting, I think they mean lining their own pockets first at the taxpayer's expense...
Ric Winthrop Trump set the table for ethics below the basement level. Trump is stealing from the American taxpayers on a daily basis, so all of his millionaire appointees follow suit.
Arturo Hernandez Let’s call this the 1%er Welfare. Glad to see that the working class who voted him in are staying quiet. I would be enraged to see this crap and he got my vote. Lucky, I give nothing to this Administration except my tax dollars. Which I gladly pay.
David Eubank Ha Ha, I worked for the Federal Government for several decades...we were not aloud to accept any gifts except the sometimes offer of a coffee...most notably the rule of thumb was nothing with a value of more than $10.dollars...I worked in disaster ...
Paul Haase For all those republicans who say "He's got all the money he needs. He is doing this job for free" please understand that these people never have enough money. The more they have the more they want and it is at your expense.
Donald J. Trump
Yesterday 21:12

Honored to meet with President Abbas from the Palestinian Authority & his delegation, who have been working hard with everybody involved toward peace.

11.6k reactions 1695 comments
Debie Grooms Pray for Wisdom Mr. President! Protect Israel! Do not give any part of Israel to Palestine! The Bible is clear on this matter. Tread lightly when dealing with this man and his country
Bob Hinton I am so happy you are sitting in office but something needs to be done about California Now! and the 9th circuit court.... California is trying to dictate what the whole country has to do...
Angelena Schaffer-Nardolillo Yah we just dont whine as much as the haters Trump is doing his job and actually working now that is a big change for the good!!! . AHH want some cheese with your wine Hillary?
Rahul Yadav Global terrorist 'Haafiz saeed' can be the next pm of pakistan. then Hafeez saeed and kim jong will blast America together.. stop helping pakistan they are not doing any action on terrorist.. help india we want to kill all terrorist.
Kelly Kevin Shamblin Wisdom says DO NOT try and divide the Land of Israel. God gave that Land to the Jewish people and He will bring wrath on anyone that tries to divide it. Bibi's a great leader and the US should protect that precious bond that we have with them.
4 hours ago

My happy place😍 #dropsofjupiter thank you James Foster!

3.4k reactions 164 comments
Nicky Hagan Jo - the best song put on wine!!! 😍😍😍
Linda Salo Pat monogram. You and wine has been my happy place for 20 years now!!!
Anna Weidemiller The kids art on the wall is what sold it for me.
Robert Hawden Love the pic of the choo choo on the wall!!! Where in the UK stocks this wine?? I NEEEEED it 😁😁😁
Beth Brooks Heltzel Davina Barnett I found a good Christmas present for you!!
Jay Leno
2 hours ago

Ross Mathews: Emmy-Winning 'Drag Race' Educates By Showing 'Humanity' In Gay Stories

Ross Mathews: Emmy-Winning
Ross Mathews: Emmy-Winning 'Drag Race' Educates By Showing 'Humanity' In Gay Stories

For Ross Mathews, the 16th time was the charm. After covering the Primetime Emmy Awards for a decade-and-a-half, the out comedian giddily walked the red ...

227 reactions 28 comments
Nick Lang Why not show humanity in humanity? Instead we only identify humanity in certain groups. Discrimination!
Michael Angelo Fiol Gonzales Lol oh my god 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😀😀
Kellie Kane HELLO!!!
Travis Root If my Platoon Sergeant had hair.
Myra Anderson Is Ross going bald ?
Matthew Morrison
Yesterday 03:42

Doing the dirty work... #SewerLife #setcaption #CrazyAlien 🇨🇳

100 reactions 2 comments
Tom Fisher You’re in China?
Shirley Hillary Sexy man x
Foo Fighters
Yesterday 19:12

The Late Late Show with James Corden #CarpoolKaraoke TONIGHT - 12:37/11:37c on CBS! 🤘

18.6k reactions 4120 comments
Krystal Atkin I can tell you why I don’t like him, I’m fed up of being told what I should & shouldn’t think about certain issues by a dude who has more money than sense.
Erin Ben Flaker I am literally seeing this and a clip of Dave Grohl as the devil in Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny at the same time thanks to that new follow you playback. What a morning.
Mandy Scott Why haven't I paid attention to these guys I by passed them stuck in my 80s world they are fantastic.Its never too late. That guy Dave ha personality & looks plus.
Rachael McClafferty I don't mind Cordon.. he can be irritating but he's not the worst person. Can't wait to watch this. Will have to wait till tomorrow though.
Kate Armstrong Lisa Laura & Chroebe I've just watched the full carpool karaoke on TV. Worth finding the video when it's released in Australia. Loved it!
3 hours ago

As someone who's had both, I can tell you they are both equally satisfying. [via Uberhumor]

5.1k reactions 561 comments
Antony Cowan Size matters... Especially at these prices! 😂😂😂😂😂
Chris Christopher It all depends on how you use it.
Markk David The pricing is like soda... A 2 liter is .99 A 16-20oz. Bottle is $1.89 WTH???
Aleksandr Rabinovich Y'all dealing with your toxic masculinity and male fragility and I'm over here like they cultivate the exact same there is literally no reason for that price difference. Fucking sheeple will pay it though. Cucks. All of 'em
Alex Casillas I bet the Japanese version won't leave right after sex and probably call you back ladies ;) 😂😂
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Yesterday 03:54

Shooting some pool.

449 reactions 40 comments
Marietta Candezzano Nice color
Yang Jin Billard is better!
Miguel Ibarra Billiards 🎱
Dan Maguire Rackem.👍😁
Mayra Guim Wow😱 I Love billiards🎱
Nicole Kidman
Yesterday 20:48

Still on cloud nine! Such a proud moment with my ❤️ Reese Witherspoon

14.4k reactions 416 comments
Annette Vanderhoeven My goodness, Reese is really short. Two beautiful women.
Javier Figueroa Both look gorgeous, spectacular and amazing!!
Anna M Olivo Congratulations and beautiful picture
Անահիտ Սողոմոնյան Wonderful ladies,great friendship❤❤❤Congratulations Nicole
Paul Farnsworth Congrats, Love you both <3
Tim McGraw
8 hours ago

Shop official Tim McGraw merchandise now:

220 reactions 6 comments
Tammy Comer Tim faith love your t shirt
Lexine Powers I would like to buy ,1 tim mcgraw
Marsha Ralph I'm still loving my ™Damn country music mug™ Love it' its perfect!
Kimberly Sue Clink Shopping in merchandise love the hoodies thinking on getting one
Malina Willis Let's see here....I'll take the sweat shirt, coffee mug and probably the
Soulja Boy Tell Em
Yesterday 22:12

685 reactions 140 comments
Elza Pfeffer Max Hofmann😂
Shania Lovelace Shanell Lovelace
Burden Adifferent-Tanae 😂😂😂😂😂
Imani Hope Nick Taylor
Tony Yi William Wang
Yesterday 19:06

On set for a new collaboration soon ❤ Photo: Alex Chitu

8.3k reactions 207 comments
Milenko Babic Best Sun
Haris Uddin Looking cute 😍
Ali Rehman I wanna meet you,,,
Banu Akgün l Love you inna
Bob Saget
2 hour ago

Thanks to Jeff Franklin for hiring me. 30 years later, Danny Tanner is still the angel on my left shoulder.

Inside the Secrets, Scandals and Legacy of ‘Full House’ From Creator Jeff Franklin (EXCLUSIVE)
Inside the Secrets, Scandals and Legacy of ‘Full House’ From Creator Jeff Franklin (EXCLUSIVE)

September 22, 1987. Thirty years ago. Ronald Reagan was president, and “Full House” debuted on ABC’s worst night at 8 p.m. Friday, considered to be not a time slot, but rather a “…

4.4k reactions 56 comments
Nina Sunderland Why does almost everyone look miserable in this picture
Juan Briseño They forgot to mention uncle Jesse fried chicken obession
Danika Rose Montagnon Just started watching season 1 again!! Love it
Gareth Ridings I own almost every season and watch re reruns on Nickelodeon.
Jamal Souraya Full House has always been my favorite TV show since 1988 when I was a kid
Paris Hilton
Yesterday 23:06

‪Making my favorite golden glitter cupcakes. ✨🎂✨ #ChefParis 👩🏼‍🍳‬

5.4k reactions 745 comments
Hayan Eskandar Moqdad Badranعبالي اعمل متل هدول تبع بحبك باريس وانا من الفانز تبعك 😂😂😂😂
Fabio Valentino Buscetto Nathaniel Dalgaard how i felt baking cupcakes
Julio Cruz Mancillas Gabriela Martinez mi pregunta es: por que todo brilla inclusive sus ptos cupqeiks alv?
Denisa Ajazi Somebody can tell me what is the name of this program that makes shine every light ?please!
Connor L. Lewis Antonio me serving looks while making food thats also serving looks
9 hours ago

Don’t judge a bull by its cover. Watch the new trailer for #Ferdinand, in theaters December 15!

2.4k reactions 100 comments
Patricia Mayorga Bello y tierno el Toro Fernando😍😍😍😍
Evelyn Jeanette Collazo Juaneeeeeesssss! <3
Jessica Gamboa Besada Linda para los peques.
Yudy Jaramillo Tan lindoooo Juanes, no me la pierdo por nada.
Audrey Martinez Great cast.
Yesterday 22:18

Omg really??

Taylor Swift Just Got Sued For Allegedly Stealing This Iconic Lyric In
Taylor Swift Just Got Sued For Allegedly Stealing This Iconic Lyric In 'Shake It Off'

Look what you made them do!Accomplished songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler are suing Taylor Swift for allegedly stealing their lyrics for her hit single "Shake It Off."The duo wrote "Playas ...

107 reactions 39 comments
Fabian Wise Aww tay tay
Rudy Luna Mariah Carey? I don't care enough to read the article so Im just guessing
Stephanie Davis Alisha McCracken Why are people so crazy?! "LEAVE TAYLOR ALONE" *crazy Britney Spears fan voice* haha I guess I would be mad too if I was never able to write a song that got as popular as all of Taylor Swifts songs..
Justine Lloyd How long has Taylor swifts song been out and they are just going to care about it know
Justin McKitrick Haters gonna hate hate hate yea
Adam Lambert
4 hours ago

Sailing #Ibiza !

8.7k reactions 345 comments
Khantarat Reeselinh Pratum OMG! I just saw your post Adam Lambert I'm glad you sharing your good time with Fans on Facebook. I'm soooooo happy for you right now. Take your time and get some rest before starting a tour with Queen again. Cheers from Bangkok!
Tammy Nolan Have a drink or two for me.
Lynda Collette Webber Beautiful part of the world
Wendy Jo McCoin Loving the goofball side of you!! Have fun, be safe!!
Emily M. Dong Good for you to take some time off, and it is my birthday and can you comment it for me, please?!
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
3 hours ago

Conan's visit to the Palestinian side of the West Bank separation wall.

Conan Meets Activists & Refugees In The West Bank
Conan Meets Activists & Refugees In The West Bank

Conan talks with Pro-Palestinian activists and young people who have lived their whole lives in refugee camps.

709 reactions 59 comments
Matt Domìngúez Gotta unfollow after all this paid bullshit.
Sebastiaan Leeuwenkamp Awesome sir, great to see your view from both sides!!
Robbie Wright It's all the Palestinian side
Steven Reyes Calling them refugees in their own land?
Yossi Levavi You want to know how propaganda looks like? Here is a perfect example: The pro -Palestinian-lie tells you about American`s tax payers money goes to Israel. What they will not tell you is that it also goes to Palestinian terror acts and support. The ...
Depeche Mode
7 hours ago

As a travel agent, I have had the privilege to travel to many countries on all continents, including Antarctica. Depeche Mode has always been part of my travels, whether it be on my iPod or on pieces of clothing. I really enjoy showing the world my love for them and, by doing so, I wish to get as many people hooked on their music as I can. I usually get shoutouts and thumbs up! What's better than listening to Depeche Mode on long-haul flights? Do you like to wear Depeche Mode clothing while traveling? Share your Depeche Mode traveling stories! Posted by: Emilie Giguere

391 reactions 10 comments
Odd Jonas Stalebrink I really like the hat you are wearing. Any ideas where I can get one of those. Thx Odd Jonas Stalebrink
Jo Czekanowski Reach out and touch snakes
Simone Coccia Colaiuta My best friend in the world with Depeche Mode
Enrique Carrera del Rio Used to wear DM tshirts while going to theme parks as a teen
Laura Skovbo Let me show you the world in my eyes!!!!!😏
Pamela Anderson
Yesterday 03:24

Good Morning Britain

217 reactions 24 comments
Tina Kline My sweet friens If you can vote again today is would help me. It's a cutoff day! ♥️😘🙏🏼🙌🏼 Have a great night. Ty sooo. Much.
Soph Mitchell Heba Ross
Louise Lewis
El Camino Marcus Suarez ❤️
Steven Sissenstein Hi
Ozzy Osbourne
Yesterday 18:54

Filmed some video footage for #Ozzfest 2017 to share with you soon.

1.8k reactions 57 comments
Pascal Kdise When you come to Europe????
Nicholette Jackson Keep on making music Ozzy!! Love ya!!
Natanael Nogueira Change!!
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Ana Sousa Hurry up!!
Thirty Seconds to Mars
Yesterday 21:48

Need some new tunes? Subscribe + listen to some of Jared Leto’s Top Picks on Spotify:

2.0k reactions 41 comments
Isabel Salord 👏👏👏
Ginger Joy Most are not to my taste. I've got to to have some screaming guitars and some down and dirty drum beats.
KJ Joseph Portugal The Man is a good band. I like them
Brian Mosher You mean the one new song
Rainn Wilson
Yesterday 04:54

I just call that flavor "vomit"

1.0k reactions 68 comments
Brian Drennan All 3 sound tasty , but not together .
Candice Sano Who green lit that one?
Ana Marie Gross.
Olivia Jobes Thats just wrong.
Bernie Hagan Alex hahaha
Jimmy Carr
2 hours ago

Get free tickets for Roast Battle next week with me @Kathbum and @rustyrockets! Go to and u…

Jimmy Carr on Twitter
Jimmy Carr on Twitter

“Get free tickets for Roast Battle next week with me @Kathbum and @rustyrockets! Go to and use promo code RoastCarr”

64 reactions 8 comments
Chris Reed-Poulson Hannah Beaumont Nathan Poulson
Karen Oldfield Benjamin Brown Anita Pott near you guys ? Sounds good xx
Misty Monks We will be there!!! 😊
Alexander von Schwarabien A english man 2 Luv. (it is truly fu*** rare in this times)
Mischa Zuurveld Can you look anymore smug in this picture? Jimmy Carr?
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