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ICYMI | Floyd Mayweather has a message for Conor McGregor. UFC

Floyd Mayweather sends message to Conor McGregor regarding superfight |
Floyd Mayweather sends message to Conor McGregor regarding superfight |

Floyd Mayweather sends Conor McGregor a message regarding their potential boxing superfight, saying that the fight needs to be made.

108 reactions 13 comments
Selby Chan Theyre never gonna fight!!!!!!!!
Choeck-Cathy Vanhaneth Make it happen.
Dan Irizari stop this nonsense talk,, this wont happen
PL Lamont Yeah this sounds like one of them years and a making fight lol
2 hours ago

ya heard?

14.2k reactions 171 comments
Effendi Phoenix Yulia Hahaa good one ❤ it
Dom Disanto False Evidence Appearing Real
Tess Tolentino Wolff J. Flywheel
Kenneth Octavius Nielsen And first encounter assault recon
Abdulaziz Cfc Adamson Pac once said fear is stronger than love!
Chris Paul
Yesterday 05:24

Stats vs. San Antonio Spurs Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

2.4k reactions 32 comments
Pars Arian
Jake W. Terklesen What Jordan did you tag? 😂😂
Kyris Freeman Cp3 is back
Ted Hsu CP3 is not better yesterday
Jeff Gordon
11 hours ago

‪"What's been accomplished by Drive to End Hunger in a relatively short time is absolutely inspiring. AARP Foundation & AARP are incredible partners to be involved with, and I'm very happy to continue our work together." ‪#TeamJG‬

AARP Foundation Announces Jeff Gordon as New Drive to End Hunger Ambassador - Jeff Gordon
AARP Foundation Announces Jeff Gordon as New Drive to End Hunger Ambassador - Jeff Gordon

AARP Foundation announced February 22nd that four-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jeff Gordon, former driver of the No. 24 Drive to End Hunger Chevrolet...

1.9k reactions 33 comments
Christina Stengel of course!
Michelle Crawford Awesome news. why are people mad about this.
Debbie Tetreault ALWAYS doing something good!!
Lisa Pirkkala You are a wonderful inspiration! Great news!
Laura L Wright Makes me unashamed to be an AARP member!
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Not a laughing matter. All lives matter.

1.6k reactions 767 comments
Rob Mann That's because she's nothing but a race baiting hatet
Dan Gaul Sr. Some no good liberals SNL
Bob C. Ogletree Has anybody really watched this turd bowl since the 80 tys ?
Steve Bloss I know some pretty tough white women who'd love to knock the crap out of her.
Ed Nesbit Shes a toad
50 Cent
4 minutes ago

Homie got no fear

23.3k reactions 412 comments
Chad Evans He's a dumb fuck lol your in a liquor store with thick ass bottles all over the place he should have cracked him in the head when he turned around
Zeus Gotti That's what they should do when niggaz shooting up everything
Ryan Dobbs ok, but look how the cars sped off! i assume they saw the gun waiving. That is EXACTLY what I would do too! Get the HECK out of the vicinity!
Michael Vanhorn i love how all of the drivers just peace the fuck out like theyre gonna die, id jump out and call police and get that guy before the guy with balls loses them!!! people just want to see the world burn
Hovhannes Davtyan Props to him for stepping up but the way he handled the gun disarm was fuckin sloppy. And he could of gotten someone hurt. Don't try and save someone drowning if you can't swim. Consequently don't try and be John Wick either. This motherfucker was ...
Tony Hawk
Yesterday 04:18

If you've ever considered going to @mammothmountain... ''tis the season. Snow for days. ❄️❄️❄️ @ Mammoth Mountian

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Jesse Little
Chet Craig Hunter Albert next trip
Andrew Fenwick I need to boarding there next time Steve Miller :)
Mark Jones You there again?
Edgar Roy Awesome picture fellas
Ana Ivanovic
Yesterday 07:18

Love these colors from the 2016 US Open:)

9.7k reactions 185 comments
Kpt Rasto Halkic Ana ...we are awaiting come back....
Olja Lola Dakich go back to tennis! plz! we miss you
Lauren Eve Elizabeth Tierney Miss u on the court Anna
Farai Mutambarika We miss you Anna 🎾🎾🎾🎾
Juan Manuel Djokovic Came back !!!!!!!
Newt Gingrich
6 hours ago

Advocates for Opioid Recovery needs your help. We’re flooding social media with messages urging President Trump to take action to end the #opioid crisis. Join the movement—sign up on Thunderclap now and use #LetsTrumpAddiction to support the effort.

3.3k reactions 174 comments
Karen Williams Freeman Mr. Gingwich will you please meet privately with OurPresident and tell him again Congressional Establishment are not pushing his work through for us the American people ?? I think Mr Trump can do a whole lot more if he could trust people who are suppose ...
Breia Ballone There is a huge difference between adiction and dependency. If your dependent. Opioids can be stopped when the pain stops just like antidepressants, nerve medications, anxiety medications, cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol and so on. You have to slowly ...
Tai Chi Master Eastern medical practices - such as acupuncture & Tai-chi exercises (as done & taught by good practioners) - can help people overcome drug addiction! Very few people know about this benefit of Eastern Medicine!
Kim Widmeyer Sonner When you are in debilitating pain....a person might swallow dynamite if they thought they could get relief...
Brenda Justice Maccarone Addiction is a very big problem just ask the many many parents or family members of people who have died . Horrible situation for so many families
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
01:12 02/26/2017

Catch him in one week at our iHeartRadio Awards!!

Watch Bruno Mars Sing and Dance to
Watch Bruno Mars Sing and Dance to 'That's What I Like' At Brit Awards | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

The singer performed his smooth single at the awards ceremony held at London's 02 Arena.

42 reactions 17 comments
Jordyn Loubser Marco Goncalves
Amanda Scotti Amy
Hellen Cuadra Lorito Cu
Danielle Herron Ashley Marie
Yesterday 10:12

Now THAT'S teamwork!

6.4k reactions 101 comments
Martin Pappenheimer #WWERegensburg!!!!
Aine Steers Marvin That is my Cesaro 💪💝
Faraz Habib I also want to become a WWE wrestler
Adam Tarasievich Cesaros swing into the rko was better
Aj Giacobbe Where are they at...a high school gym?
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
3 hours ago

Big Oscar rehearsals today. Our biggest night of the year! We've got an amazing show lined up for the world. Time to celebrate the good stuff and how great movies make us feel! I get goosebumps every time I walk out on this stage.. I'm forever a kid who just loves movies. And super grateful to have a movie nominated 2xs. Let's roll. #Moana #Oscars

141.0k reactions 1468 comments
Mario Valdez Lol people boycotting because they don't want to listen to anyone's political agendas and here they are pushing their own by not watching. Lol y'all need to get rock bottomed.
Gregory Guss Moana is the best animated movie that Dwayne Johnson has ever done. It is up for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song. "You're Welcome" is one of my favorite songs from Moana.
Kelly Russell I will only watch when you are on, post when you will be on and I will watch, otherwise don't want to hear the self centered folks and their agendas.
Terrence Bryant Seriously the biggest night of the year??? And the media was shoked when trump won..... This is not in support of the idiot just showing y. Love trumps hate always.
Diane M. Goglas Your the greatest! I will watch, but the moment they start with the politics, it's off! Twice in a row and it gets really old!
Yesterday 14:00

Ouch! UFC

Tom Lawlor receives 2-year suspension from USADA |
Tom Lawlor receives 2-year suspension from USADA |

UFC veteran Tom Lawlor has received a 2-year suspension from USADA for a failed drug test back in October of 2016 for a banned substance.

92 reactions 13 comments
Adam Elizondo Good
Eddie Garcia Chad mendes: Hey, hey.. wanna be friends?
Wes Felicidad Bellator.
Nick Hein He is broke and clearly now retired!
Arjuna Sekang Gonong Lawe <3 <3 YES!! I finally found the Official link to watch Movies Fifty Shades Darker (2017)
Lance Armstrong
Yesterday 09:48

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo - Part 1: Pre-Race

1.2k reactions 26 comments
Cristobal Alonso Gomez Lobos Ricardo Gómez
Tonyo Girones Castilla Betto Soweto
Ostolani Ivan Matteo Bravaccini Pitt eccoci qua!!!!💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Michael Nerino Oh heck ya!
Alexandre Mayrand King
Linkin Park
3 hours ago


23.6k reactions 343 comments
Dakota Rock I can see why people would hate the new sound because I absolutely hate country with all the hate I can muster, but I also don't go ranting how much I hate Steven Tyler going country, I simply just don't listen. Linkin Park just keep making what you ...
Windi Owen Lindeen That's one great bass players!! Got OML preordered....did you? I guess a lot of you have never seen them live? Cause if you have, you know they A L W A Y S play the old stuff. They know what the fans like & always bring it to the stage. Think about that ...
Danny Maíl Look, I didn't like the song either but all these people getting incredibly offended by their rehearsal video is hilarious. Even I thought it was quite amusing. People want Hybrid Theory over and fucking over again. Linkin Park have changed their sound ...
Stephen Parker Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I love this band through thick and thin. All time favorite group. I've eventually come to like all of their albums one way or another. It takes time to appreciate works of art. Everyone has their own opinion. My ...
Ian Chapman I actually kinda like the song, it sounds distinctly LP, mainly because it doesn't sound like any of there other songs. In my opinion that is why sets LP apart from other bands.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Good on you, Mr. President. Putting oneself in front of the firing squad just isn't funny after awhile. I would've done the same thing. Instead of this passé, hatin', elitist shindig, enjoy a nice evening with your family instead. - SP

14.0k reactions 880 comments
Todd Steinacher As long as Trump keeps going around the media and communicates to the people, we don't need the media !
Allen Newell Keep draining the swamp
Donna Davis They should throw a party for wounded vets, and families that have been hurt by illegals on the same night
Peter Conlin Meanwhile, the left is calling him a coward; that he can dish it, but not take it. Did everyone return to high school in D.C.?
Jeanette Maly Great idea President!
George W. Bush
8 hours ago

Chris Self is an incredible patriot...and one hell of a mountain bike rider. Learn more about him in #PortraitsofCourage - All profits are being donated to the George W. Bush Presidential Center and our work to help post-9/11 veterans.

5.8k reactions 101 comments
Jeremiah Jernigan Thank you President Bush for recognizing those who've fought for our freedoms! Thank you Sergeant Major Self for your service!
Gerard Eisenman Thank you Chris for your service and your sacrifices for our country, and thank you Mr. President for all you have done for our country and our veterans.
Deborah Stevenson Forget about politics -- focus on celebrating these heroes. I love this -- and President Bush's paintings are really good too.
Carol Wilson Stepanis Love President George W. Bush. His talent is amazing. The good old days 🤗
Jill Walter 2 very special men President George W Bush and Sgt Major Christopher Self thank both of you for all you've done for our country!
Herman Cain
7 hours ago

As if we couldn't have figured this out.

2.8k reactions 359 comments
Steve Gomez I've lost all respect for the liberals and their media, socialism doesn't work and the people have voted for change, it's time for them to join or get out!
Susan Hoover It's getting to the point that nobody wastes their time on supporting propaganda media at all anymore. Get more news from watching an infomercial, without the "Stupid" thrown in.
Myrna Burch-Boulware People are wising up and not watching the liberal news channels that tell lies and refuse to report the truth. They soon will feel the effects of their fake news reporting.
Vicki Moeckly Let's talk about "Making up Facts." These liberals are ridiculous. They have been called out on their lies and are insensed that ANYONE would call their news FAKE‼. Just callin it what it is ‼‼FAKE‼
Jenny Staffanell Lol! Yes the media always want to control the narrative and manipulate peoples minds. Trump is not stupid and knows this, this is why he keeps giving them the finger.😎
11 hours ago

Germany was GOLDEN!

2.5k reactions 39 comments
Weena Bienfait 😍😛😜😜😜😎😛😛😛😍😁
Destin Hunlock That not truth
Kikic Ramiz Pozdrav iz Bosne i Hercegovine..
Dean Lloyd R false lol 😁
Greg Glover Sindust
Marcelo Tas
00:48 02/26/2017

Crush 💕 #Carnaval #saobentodosapucai #SerraDaMantiqueira

50 reactions 4 comments
Isa De Ávila Chorei
Diego Vinicius Iiii carai kkkkkk
Rose Coutinho Que que é isso, jovem?
Vania Amorim Baeta De Assis Safadinho
50 Cent
4 minutes ago

They callin it booty scoop 😂

Booty Scoops are here to start your weekend off right (34 photos)
Booty Scoops are here to start your weekend off right (34 photos)

As always, submit all your best booty scoop photos via iChive, OR you can ALSO send pics in through our iPhone & or Android apps to get featured on the site!

4.5k reactions 85 comments
Wojtek Krawczykowski Kozak pozdrawiam
Valerie Hannah Monday night colleagues
Daryl Harold Yo
Ahmed Horic Ooooomaaa
Frank Licari Ide scoop that booty w a spoon
Jimmie Johnson
10 hours ago

/ end of day family time - Jimmie out with his daughter Lydia for a final lap around the track before the race on Sunday #chasing8

1.9k reactions 33 comments
Linda Reynolds He never stops
Max Bean Good luck to all HMS, 1234
Kerry Shrake Good Luck tomorrow!! Stay safe 🙏🙏🙏🏁🇺🇸❤️
Bobby Powers Good luck Jimmie show em how its done son!!😉🏁🏁🏁🏁
Jennifer Honeycutt Beautiful evening for a bike ride
Sin Cara
Yesterday 04:06

Thank you, WWE Germany!

2.0k reactions 42 comments
Fauzan Hanif Get Out (2017) Full Movie
Priciliano Ramos Ortiz Hola
Asif Qholby like you sin cara teknick faghting
Oscar Hernandez Hi sin cara :)
Jordi Jair Muñoz Morales Like sin cara
Alicia Fox
10 hours ago

#blessed loading up for #greenbay 😽✨

1.1k reactions 24 comments
Ibrahim Ahmad Greetings from Lebanon
Garry Shindler Good mor ing foxy from calgary alberta canada
Jon Betty beautiful
Priscilla Beth Beautiful
Johnny Glover Nice Crib
Big E
Yesterday 12:54

Fun times exploring Germany!

1.9k reactions 46 comments
Sesh Rater Tara black dog.
Adas Ins What are we got over here a family And friends
PrinXe Zaik 😵 🌞😹 вoт😔 powered🎉 вy🌵 PrinXe😻 Zaik ♥ c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r ♥ ♡[●<~|| ||~>●]♡ ♥♡o. Cɾεαtεɾ 💢 zɑíղ ɑզժɑՏ .o♡ ♥
Maddison Romine New day Rocks 💞💞💞💞
Maddison Romine I LOVE YOU BAYLEY 💞
Yesterday 14:00

Here's the latest straight from Dana White! Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather

Dana White gives update on McGregor-Mayweather & McGregor
Dana White gives update on McGregor-Mayweather & McGregor's next fight |

UFC President Dana White gives an update on the rumored Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, as well as McGregor's next fight.

139 reactions 19 comments
Anthony Carillo Cleve Allen
Steven Coffin James Benjamin
Russell Borders Booooringgggggggggggg.
Matthew Sear Dean Mcnally your boyfriend is fucked
Jarael Sackaney the update is that there is no update
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Our first reaction was "Wow!"

Let These Dreamy "Musical" Balloons Inspire Your Next Party Idea
Let These Dreamy "Musical" Balloons Inspire Your Next Party Idea

Artist Federico Picci's new series showcases bubbles spilling out of a grand piano, a gramophone, and more.

197 reactions 12 comments
Hafsa Khanam Ayesha Khanam
Rachel McDonald Anna McDonald
Genaro Hernández Chávez Tanya Brandenstein
Leslie Russell Yost Crystal Routon
Karel Ruffin Wow
2 hours ago

Stadium live MZ

11.1k reactions 5882 comments
Ibrahim Usmanii Akon getto you nice men I love you big brother. My regards to you and your family
Sameer Laghmany What you did for africa the Electrecity .....Outstandingggg :)
Hector Garcia Send out Words don't mean the same no more! Love that Bro
Ross Junior Man this voice oh my gudnesssss bombaklattttt what a tune dop dop dopppppppp
Katie Noakes Your the best akon love your songs. Have you done any new songs lately
2 hours ago

Timeline Photos

7.1k reactions 67 comments
Zigui Mamadou Chapeau
Phil Debal Carino
Ermine Maffock I LOVE YOU
Sylvia Cas Bellagio AWESOME 👏
Sadie Stevens akon luv ure music got ure albums luv ra fan xxxxxx
Enrique Iglesias
2 hour ago


26.2k reactions 317 comments
Club de Fans Enrique Iglesias PERÚ #SubemeLaRadio
Fiorella Oliva Rodriguez HOLA TE AMO
Love and relationship quotes The people who hear what I'm saying when I haven't said a word... they are the ones I call friends.
Christine Lieira #Enriqueiglesias 🇫🇷 WE love your music #SUBEMELARADIO. BISOUS 💙💚 FRANCE
Nathalie Forevermaz Écouter en boucle son idole en espérant un jour le rencontrer en France 🇫🇷💝
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