12 hours ago

Let's hope we hear from Nick Diaz on this! UFC

VIDEO | Dana White hangs with Snoop Dogg, talks 24-hour marijuana rule on GGN News preview |
VIDEO | Dana White hangs with Snoop Dogg, talks 24-hour marijuana rule on GGN News preview |

Imagine hanging out with Snoop Dogg and UFC President Dana White and just talking shop for a bit. What kind of topics of conversation would you bring up?

76 reactions 5 comments
Dylan Harrison Jordan Struthers Ross Allan
Jack Spear Fuck poop dog who cares
Mark Raymond "lets hope we hear from nick diaz on this"???? Dont start no shit and there wont be any. Sounds like high school kids are writing for
Sam Hanson Idk what's worse, bj penns record in the last 5 years or the click bate news team that tries to keep his name relevant
Enrique Iglesias
1 hour ago

Berlin!!!! See you next week!

13.8k reactions 322 comments
Carolina Mijnders Mirko Mij nächste Woche schon 😍😍🎉🎉
Ilda Fernandes Que seja um espetáculo apresentado com muito profissionalismo.Beijinhos 🍀
Martalu Gil Forero Mi amor Eres mi idolo mi Angel Mi Extrella Mi Enrique el hombre k mas amoooo en todo el mundo. feliz Martes Amor demi vida.Muakkkkkk
Jimenez Han hi.i wish i could come to berlin..i wish your next concert is here in phil...your fans waiting you here in philippines.god bless you..luv u..
Aurerrie Levelianty Wow ... Wow ... Wow ... Amazing ... Enrique Iglesias best is The Best 🎶🌟🔝 ... Wow 💪💪💪🏆 ... Yes 💪❤
Chris Jericho
Yesterday 14:06

Not a great night for The Miz...

Photos: Bray Wyatt makes eerie appearance during Raw
Photos: Bray Wyatt makes eerie appearance during Raw's main event

The Eater of Worlds emerges as The Miz's surprise tag team partner to take on The Lunatic Fringe and the curator of "The List of Jericho."

1.6k reactions 26 comments
Mauricio de Centauro Fozzy México
DeEp AmAn 👄 You😉 don�t🙀 need🐧 a👷 reason🐎 to🙀 help🐳 people.
DeEp AmAn 🍃 I👸 would8-| love🔥 to📀 stay👱 awake😲 just😣 to🌹 watch🎵 you🐰 Sleep.
Njabulo Ndlela The miz is not AWESOME Maaaaan
أحمد شوقى 🐸 ♥ ✔️ ✔️
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

NOT GOOD! Look What Was Just Discovered on North Korea's Nuclear Site...

492 reactions 68 comments
Charles Buckett It is constant: I can't get ANY of these sites. I have asked before, now I'll ask again CAN YOU AT LEAST GIVE A PROPER URL? It's beyond annoying now...
Fomede Desmond North Korea threaten to sink US ships with just one strike...HHHhaaaha i m beginin to enjoy this
Charles J Notturno Chicorrea
Mike Marino Drop 5 MOABS right on that spot!!!!
David Palmaro N Korea needs a major earth quake, that should disrupt, his Nuclear sites.
Allen Iverson
Yesterday 13:36

Timeline Photos

3.8k reactions 48 comments
Isiah Taylor 2 legends
Antrez Manuel I drew a blank???
Norman Butler The best pg and the best sg in one picture
Nani Nani MyTwo al. Time favorite players❤️❤️❤️. Love them❤️❤️❤️
Yesterday 09:24

Matt Hardy - WWE and Jeff Hardy won't be so lucky this Sunday at WWE Payback!

Photos: Matt Hardy and Sheamus battle ahead of Raw Tag Team Championship Match
Photos: Matt Hardy and Sheamus battle ahead of Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Six nights before The Hardy Boyz defend their Raw Tag Team Titles against Cesaro & Sheamus at WWE Payback, Matt Hardy locks up with The Celtic Warrior.

621 reactions 16 comments
DeEp AmAn 😩 Am🐚 i👮 just🍔 crazy🌴 or👽 falling👦 in🍂 love?
Sheamus Wwe Thanks all
Kallan O'connell Hopefully you destroy them
Jpa Love They cheat I hate the hardy boys
Maribel Hernandez There's no way to stop them
12 hours ago

Will we see Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight this year? UFC

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor's manager says bout with Floyd Mayweather 'definitely heading in the right direction' |

Fans of Conor McGregor are all anxiously waiting for some sort of official announcement regarding his next bout. Whether it is in the UFC or stepping...

54 reactions 19 comments
Michael Gilbride FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alfredo Bozzetta Zzzzzz No
Willie Wilson Just FUCKING do it already
Dean Watson no
Stoo Zaraki defend your belt(s)? yeahnah?
Martha Stewart
07:30 04/25/2017

Whether you use a slow cooker or the oven to make this delicious beef stroganoff, you won't have to tend to the pot! Just prep the ingredients, cover them up, and go:

24 reactions 11 comments
Laura M Kamerer Kyle Kamerer Kayla Marie
Joel Latham Thanks
Tye Merricks Patience.
Cesar Cordova Nothing new martha.
Todd Forsyth One of my favorites!
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 10:30

Felt weird being on that list...

8.2k reactions 121 comments
Elamin Mahmoud Y2j the legend
Kevin Harris Good.
Therese Ulariolopez I love you Dean always
Caitlin Locke Vitagliano Awesome.
Njabulo Ndlela You know what happens when you ask to be removed from the list.... You know what happens.... YOU JUST MADE THE LIST AGAIN!
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

Out of control...

574 reactions 198 comments
Courtney Winters Well..let's see....Oakland = Negros. Wow..what a shock. It's what they do. And people wonder WHY ...they moved the RAIDERS...OUT OF OAKLAND. Also. .dead give away that the "group of teenagers " were NEGROS. ...because the "article "....never once said ...
Thomas Patzke Moonbeam brown children at their finest!
Wendell Davis It's OK, they are just future Democrat voters out for a good time. After all, California has made the laws almost worthless. Why bother having any laws when the left picks and chooses which ones it will or won't enforce. Maybe it's time to stop the ...
Randy Barnett Oakland has to be bad if even the Raiders are leaving.
Sandy Spencer Low life crooks. How can they even look at themselves in the mirror? Taking from someone else? They are low life scum with zero class and zero morals. A goat pooping has better manners than them.
Allen Iverson
Yesterday 13:36

Timeline Photos

8.4k reactions 158 comments
Shameeka Williams Sure was!!!
Laurie Lashomb TRUTH!
Jim Penner Oh yeah, like Ray Lewis?
Pedja Filipovic AI was of course a killer, but that's not the same as the winner
Dean Ambrose
Yesterday 10:30

Don't underestimate the power of healing...

Photos: Ambrose extends the olive branch to Jericho
Photos: Ambrose extends the olive branch to Jericho

As "The Highlight Reel" becomes "Miz TV," which then morphs into "The Ambrose Asylum," The Lunatic Fringe makes amends with his former foe.

6.5k reactions 78 comments
Emma Begnaud The Ambrose asylum is a very GREAT show i like it
মহিদুর ঈসলাম ambrose asylum is great
Arshdeep Singh Attt
Feriha Yilmaz ambrose is great
Sardar USama :) PerSonaL Bot PoWeReD By ~> Sardar USama :) 🎭 VISHAL KOLI & C h 💘 β ο τ τ ε r 🎭 ||~~ 💘💘 ~~||
12 hours ago

Another UFC veteran heads to Bellator

Former UFC title challenger Valérie Létourneau is officially a Bellator fighter |
Former UFC title challenger Valérie Létourneau is officially a Bellator fighter |

Former UFC strawweight title challenger Valérie Létourneau is officially the latest in a long list of free agents to sign with Bellator MMA.

53 reactions 3 comments
Mounir Overeem Good for her
Wainui Kupa You already posted this.
Glen Bertagnoli Ummm... She's lost 3 fights in a row and has a record of 8-6.
Jamie Oliver
07:12 04/25/2017

Honouring Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand with my recipe for the classic Anzac biscuit

4.9k reactions 533 comments
Christine Moore Thanks Jamie a very special day for all of us down under. Lest we forget.
Roly Sue Wray Thanks Jamie,, Sue and Roly in New Zealand..originally from Manchester...xxxx
Tracey N Andrew Tunstall Same in the kitchen from Kingaroy Queensland (a couple have been taste tested already) Lest We Forget ❤️
Emma Bates My nearly six year old making ANZAC biscuits 🎖 Just looked at your recipe Jamie - orange is an interesting addition.
Margaret Ford Thank you did not make the biscuits but my son attended the Anzac Day service he now loves I Rolleston none of us will forget
Sasha Banks
8 hours ago

Clearly, Alexa Bliss is NOT too legit to QUIT.

8.5k reactions 167 comments
Jeffrey Jackson Clearly not ready for are so much better than that suicide squad reject...... Where's the boss's need to be the best...
Tina Binti Zulkfli i hate alexa bliss and i love sasha banks and beyley very love.. sasha gift me time for meet you..
TabethDee Godzongere Sasha Banks ...the champion ....kkkk Bliss z a non recognised wrestler...
Kathy McCarthy Sasha is the Boss, Alexa ran away....Sasha blissed her off!!
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago


20.9k reactions 205 comments
Imelda Bertrand Great Job!
Claire Pool Blackburn Wonderful!
Sonny Gutierrez And Liberals go insane!
John Muriel Goebel Patriotic
Quang DO It represents obama's food stamp America.
Carrie Ann Inaba
Yesterday 08:30

The first perfect score of the season goes to.... Heather Morris. & Maksim Chmerkovskiy! Well deserved!

395 reactions 155 comments
Deb Christensen Kingma I am still in shock this morning. MAKS worked so hard to get back and Heather has been good every week. Their dance last night was absolute perfection. So not fair.
Jessika Marie Not quite sure if I'll be tuning in anymore. I don't quite buy the "voting". I think there's more to it. If it actually went by dancing, there's no way she would be eliminated! She's way better than over half of those who are left. I think I'm now with ...
Cindy Ingham Miner I vote every single time! I was shocked - this shows it clearly is a popularity contest and has little to do with the talent of the dancers. I've watched for many many seasons and think that the judges scores should count for more than 50% - they are ...
Diane Kahler Wiksell The show really needs to consider a reboot and bring back all the original dancers again. I have watched it since it started and each season has it's uniqueness, but without Derek, Mark & and the other original dancers it really makes it a struggle to ...
Nancy McManus Goodchild Regarding Heather & Max: The show knew of her dance background and invited her to participate regardless. This occurs EVERY single season with invitees who can dance! With that being said, her being ousted was uncalled for. Heather has musicality and ...
Allen Iverson
Yesterday 13:36

Throwback to Iverson's legendary crossover on Michael Jordan

4.1k reactions 93 comments
Michael G. Weist Sr. Dats y he is "The Answer"
James Brown Went right every time
Vontrel Jones Keith David?!
Noi Bynens Joeri haal die uit bij volgende game
Kim Travis #TheAnswer #AI #Legend
12 hours ago

Things did not go as planned for Kenny Florian in Abu Dhabi

VIDEO | Kenny Florian gets put to sleep in grappling match |
VIDEO | Kenny Florian gets put to sleep in grappling match |

Kenny Florian recently competed in the Abu Dhabi World Pro tournament, where he was put to sleep by MMA veteran Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro.

176 reactions 12 comments
Jay Ilsley Stephen
Lucas Lago Shaolin crack
Adam Arcand Went to sleep like a man
Nicholas Baum Alex Baum kflow gettin tapped
Alberto Camacho #novauniao
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

Didn't see this coming!

467 reactions 36 comments
Deniece Roy Hand Creepy crazy out of touch with reality reporters!! Watch her at briefings she is racist 100%
Richard A Reedy This women is a card carrying Communist Racist.
James Patrick Smith It's good to see Trump get some credit for doing a good job.
Daniel Lee Alderman Some of them are beginning to see the light.
Ginger Williams I'm stunned by this positive coverage of Donald J. Trump on CNN. No denying that Donald J. Trump is handling business.
12 hours ago

Another fighter gets fined for jumping up on the cage in celebration...

Bellator's Patricio "Pitbull" Freire gets fined for climbing cage: "We aren't allowed celebrate anymore?" |

Bellator featherweight champ Patricio "Pitbull" Freire has become the latest fighter to be fined for scaling the cage in a victory celebration.

46 reactions 7 comments
Christine Joe Soriano Fucking retarded!
Wendy Gary Dunn Must be a liberal not want to hurt any ones feelings
Nancy Hesser Getting to be like football with all the fines ...find away to make money off fighters
Matt Upton These athletic commisions are starting to get really really stupid, and are probably ran by out of shape whimps.
James Massey That's a ridiculous rule. I can understand going over the cage, but on top of it??? Stupid.
Lil Wayne
1 hour ago

Friday 👌🏻

4.5k reactions 144 comments
Kamau Gutuo can't wait
Marcella Manko Agyiri Adjei Jeremy Adjei er trägt deine Schuhe 🙈
Wayne Allen Jenkins A CD filled with GARBAGE lol
Dana Thi Thais Campos lol like stopppp wtf
David Hondal Fernando Oyarzun the producer is ofcourse in the pic
Brock Lesnar
Yesterday 10:06

Good taste, Bloomberg...

4.5k reactions 166 comments
Shoaib Ahmed Chachar The best is powerfull
Alex Shelton Druggo
James Hupp-Massia R.I.P Brock
Manash Eduardo Saikia Love you Lesnar
Vicky Sharma Proud of you #BeastBrock Lesnar......
Yordi Rosado
07:54 04/25/2017

No dejes de usar preservativo solo porque es sexo oral. #NotaNocturna de Ideas que ayudan:

69 Lúcete y domínalo con estos tips
69 Lúcete y domínalo con estos tips

El 69 es una de las posiciones más conocidas por todo el mundo, pero ¿sabes en realidad cómo trabajarlo para que tengas un buen resultado?

48 reactions 0 comments
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

ALL EYES ON TRUMP! In Meeting With Security Council Ambassadors, Trump Announces Plan For North Korea.

283 reactions 5 comments
David Palmaro Why is the news media there, so much for scurity.
Thomas Perkins Question can Trump shifts funds around with executive order within a department from border patrol and technology detection devices ,excess funds things that can be easily remove by next President like national guard to a more permanent hindrance to ...
Thomas Perkins The possible reasons for China to slow down North Korea to go nuclear ? If North Korea become nuclear that will cause South Korea,Japan,Australia and others to become nuclear ! That would thwart China expansion plans of their country in the southern ...
Thomas Perkins To many the blocking of building the wall by not voting for funding it to be built ! It clearly shows where Democrats stands ,not for our nation security,sovereignty,our country to remain the nation ,as we know it,most of all our citizens safety .But to ...
El Cornett Russia will likely sabotage the plan. Can't be trusted
Fabricio Werdum
10 hours ago

O segredo de um grande sucesso está no trabalho de uma grande equipe. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Marque seus amigos e sua equipe (parceiros)

399 reactions 13 comments
Gary Condit Natalia Lozano P
BJJ Lifestyle I am posting this on my wall
Tonnii Nuñez Matarrita Campeon ✌✌
Elias Santos Osss
Marlou Durante My CHAMP
Serge Ibaka
Yesterday 19:12

Ma fuzzy #avecclasse

1.3k reactions 38 comments
Jiress Kenny Katshay Sapologue
Dennis Minuti Hey guy!!!
Vivien Nzaba Ah mn Serge ibaka j'aime ça tu est très cool 🇺🇸
Brenda Stacy Old skool flow
Malembe Mantuba Oza mulayi Serge!!!
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
2 hour ago

Ready for summer in a bottle? Well on MAY 25th you don't have a choice. Sit back, put it to your mouth and drink it all in. The Avengers of the Beach are coming to save you. Even if you don't need saving. #WhoNeedsMouthToMouth? #WeAllDo Baywatch Movie MAY 25th

82.1k reactions 1800 comments
Don Dunning Did Chris Jericho write this for you? "Drink it all in man"...
Cassandra Turner Alissa oh the tv series memories - a def sister movie 🍾😘👍🏻
Conor Mardy Mackenzie Jack Thomas who need mouth to mouth!? day after exams can get u tickets for early bday gift?
Jennifer Whitehorse Lol... "Like a Giant Hairless Gorilla" Dwayne the Rock Johnson! Love it....Can't wait 😂😂😃💙💚💜💪👊🙌
Lori Stamatovich Adriana we will need to have a date night and see this!
Irina Shayk
04:06 04/25/2017

Thank u to my @lorealmakeup family for the amazing flowers and presents! 😍🌸 love u💛💛

525 reactions 64 comments
Olga Łukasiak Good luck LEA and IRI! Love Youuuu!!
Sergio Tarazona Lopez 😃👍👍
Ali Salem No Ronaldo No Family
Djivo Ghirrao Graag gedaan hoor, zo ben ik
ვიტო ვასაძე Khato ნახე შენ რომ მიყიდე 💁🏼
Barbie Blank
05:00 04/25/2017

15 High School Photos Of Celebrities That Shows We Were All Ugly Ducklings At One Point

15 High School Photos Of Celebrities That Shows We Were All Ugly Ducklings At One Point
15 High School Photos Of Celebrities That Shows We Were All Ugly Ducklings At One Point

We’ve all heard the saying by now: ‘watch who you make fun of in high school’ because that person can turn out to be a stunner. Despite the shallowness and materialism that is associated with that saying, it certainly does ring true. Not only because puberty can do wonders to one’s acne-filled face…

46 reactions 4 comments
John Chin Stop it! Jennifer Lawrence was not ugly 😍
Ashiq Farzan Jake Cammisa we are still ugly man
Robert Horn I can't believe that Barbie was anything else than pretty
Jason Saldivar She wasn't ugly tho and not every high school teen is bad looking. Immature yes, but not ugly.
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