Guns N' Roses
5 hours ago

This goes out to Malcolm Young. He will be sorely missed.

40.0k reactions 542 comments
Bonnie Reynolds R.I.P Malcolm Young because you will be truly missed!! 😭❤
Peterlp SaLvador Rest in peace malcom young thank u for the great music we salute you🤘🏼🤘🏼ac/dc
Vemon Smith November Rains would of been fitting to a Rock Monster such as him
Bruno Albuquerque It's Fuck R.I.P. The Guitar Player Malcolm Young !!!!!
Caroline Knas Brilliant💛 In loving memory...😞
Demi Lovato
6 hours ago

Can’t wait to hit the stage Live TONIGHT at the #AMAs at 8|7c on ABC!! Don't miss it 😈 #SorryNotSorry

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Apryl Renee Krouy Mary Ann we can try and get the antenna to work so we can have this on while having dinner 🙂
Angelyn Jeon Whats the logo of ABC?
John Flynn Missed it..forgot it was on.
Austin Angel-Powers AMAZED!!!! <3 <3 <3 #AProudLoveatic #RealOne #SorryNotSorry #UnApolegetic
Justin Timberlake
7 hours ago

🍋 #LemonDanceChallenge

56.9k reactions 953 comments
Sanchino Franklin Super bowl can’t get here fast enough cause I know you bout to release another album
Angelica Carrillo 😍😍😍 ahhh I love him !!! He looks and sounded so cute lol Crystal Villanueva
Kristin Elliott Sonia we need to learn this next! Michael will love. 😀
Mark Hain Oh the silly things incredibly bored rich people do...
Magi Chavez What do you think of these guys? Are fabulous. To know them pléase # @bts
Yesterday 14:54

Fabricio Werdum gets the win!

UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Fabricio Werdum defeats Marcin Tybura |
UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Fabricio Werdum defeats Marcin Tybura |

A heavyweight scrap between Fabricio Werdum and Marcin Tybura served as the main event of tonight's UFC Fight Night 121 fight card in Sydney.

291 reactions 39 comments
Mike Thornton Rigged
Matt Twitch Wow didn't see that coming
Nick Hein How come he keeps fighting cans??
Garrett Springfield Great fight!
Murilo Lima Boa cavalo
Hines Ward
Yesterday 13:30

That's awesome!!

40 reactions 4 comments
Amy Marie Zalfini Tatum Hemming
Judith Ann Copson Very cute!
Stephanie Hoover Branka Spaic why didn't we think of this! Lol
Morgan Josleyn Maria Sadler Kayla Sadler maybe this is how he got to gloucester 😂
Seth Rollins
08:06 11/19/2017

The Shield Has a Message for The WWE Universe

715 reactions 24 comments
Abbie Zamon Glenn Stafford III
Simone Harrold Kassidy Lester look how young 😭😭
Johan Villegas Tunga tha shio
Angelina Andreeva 😍😍😍
Zain Fareed The hounds of justice
Yesterday 14:54

Not sure how one judge scored it for Rawlings, but the right woman one!

UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Jessica-Rose Clark defeats Bec Rawlings |
UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Jessica-Rose Clark defeats Bec Rawlings |

A women's flyweight scrap between Jessica-Rose Clark and Bec Rawlings served as the co-main event of tonight's UFC Fight Night 121 fight card in Sydney.

212 reactions 46 comments
Rob Dae Kim Who “one?”
Dylan Davis one or won?
Robert Stefanile Poor Bec... 😔
Anthony Alvaro You need to proof read your shit bro
Justin Doone That fight was cringe to watch.
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 19:18

Take a look and see. Big moves happening.

2.4k reactions 136 comments
Jennifer Pedro To bad they can't manage to get rid of the tax penalty for not having obamacare...
Andrew Goble Good for trump
Jimmy Thomson TRUMP 2020!!!!!!
Andrew Darcangelo President Trump could do a lot more too, if the establishment would work with him instead of against him.
Helen J. Naff 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏻
Yesterday 14:54

Do you agree with the judges on this one?

UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Belal Muhammad defeats Tim Means via split-decision |
UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Belal Muhammad defeats Tim Means via split-decision |

A welterweight scrap between Tim Means and Belal Muhammad took place during tonight's UFC Fight Night 121 main card in Sydney.

67 reactions 41 comments
Eric Haber 100% Belal won the 1st and 3rd round
John D Todd Belal is that dude
Georges Hernandez Belal won fair n square
Mackenzie Leahey I'm ok with it
Tony Botelho Terrible decision
Guns N' Roses
5 hours ago

Sacramento! Post your photos from the show tonight in the comments section and we'll like our favorites...

6.4k reactions 103 comments
Mike Summers Michaelsummers
Silvia Soto Awesome show!!
Alice Dei Dedalus Ale Bonelli Chiara Bonelli dobbiamo avere queste robe tamarre al concerto 😂😂😂
Eliza Garcia Flor Indira E. Vázquez, Marjorier Virgen, YMarjorier VirgenlaYelsi Lizbeteseo algo asi para mi cumple...digo de la chamarra
Ligiane Carvalho Bom, vocês já sabem, né? Vocês já me conhecem. Se eu perceber algo estranho numa foto, desenho ou pintura, eu não curto. ;-)
6 hours ago

Can’t wait for you all to see this performance! Tune in LIVE Tonight to the #AMAs at 8|7c on ABC!

27.1k reactions 633 comments
Kerry Kloiber Tuned in to Awards came on, opening remarks....said wasn't that a great performance (P!nk and Kelly). What the heck?
Melissa Jo-Stachowiak Neitzka You were amazing as always... so wish i could afford to come see your concerts.... will always be my dream
Dawn Adamo Every time I wonder what else she could possibly do to top herself she does it ! P!nk you are AMAZING !!!
Kourtney Sanders Unbelievable performance tonight!!! Although, I struggled to watch it! 😂😂 You are such an amazing performer and soul!! 💜
Lauren Dulczak Callahan Martin Kepler, will you be watching this tonight? Can you let me know before she comes on? Dan will have the eagles on
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 19:18

This got heated fast... What do you think of what happened?

2.1k reactions 385 comments
Tom Owens Give him a bacon enema!
Ofem Ofem The constitution was drawn for sane people
Michael Pennington Marvin Tuomala
Tim Hallbeck Forced assimilation does not work, example number 629,461,582,482,889.
Noe Becky Mora Bravo!
Yesterday 14:54

How did you score the fight?

UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Jake Matthews defeats Bojan Velickovic via split-decision |
UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Jake Matthews defeats Bojan Velickovic via split-decision |

A welterweight scrap between Jake Matthews and Bojan Velickovic took place during tonight's UFC Fight Night 121 main card in Sydney.

68 reactions 69 comments
Robb Denney I score this entire card as zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Craig Byers I had it the other way.
Trent Darko Velickovic won, he didn't do shit with his takedowns.
Ralph Pike Very dissapointed in the standard of the judging !!!
Balam Kharrngi Following the ufc new rules, jake won the match
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 19:48


Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome
Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome

Politics Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome By Mike Huckabee November 18, 2017 The Ohio Senate just joined that state’s House in passing a bill that would ban abortions just because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Violations would result in charges against the doc...

605 reactions 37 comments
Sherri Thompson Could never do it
Brenda Gallagher Leviticus 21:17-23,(summary) no one with any deformities or blemish shall be allowed to approach the alter of the Lord or become a priest. If God had such high standards on what was acceptable, who are we humans to allow these abominations to exist. ...
Brenda Gallagher So you can abort a baby because it's unwanted, but not because it's got Down's???
Eileen Dennis I was once told that the Peruvians pray for Down Syndrome babies because their love and compassion are so pure and true that they are considered the closest people to God.
Catherine Cole Wright Camila Wright Zolfaghari
11 hours ago

We're live! #SNL Credit: Mary Ellen Mathews

25.7k reactions 1112 comments
Wendy Schleicher ❤ you #MarshallMathers And here in #Detroit Were still "Walking On Water" #1 Rapper #fanforever ( Haters can Hate/ True Fans will wait / #Revival will be my survival ✌ N ❤ Eminem 👊
Shawn Bailey Em has slammed every president and celebrity, back then it was cool now you can see the gender bending pussy as millinals pussy showing, fuckin crybaby!!!#imasoldjer
Brent Allison ONCE again Eminem lies to his fans...Says he is doing 2 new songs on SNL and??? Nope we get walk on water and a verse from stan and a verse from love the way you lie..
Diego Villafan Dear slim i poped 2 pills now the light in the room is getting Dim im so relaxed i fell in a pool ugh fuck i cant swim any way im glad you recovered but im still hooked on downers and klonipins why bother even postín this shit cuz nobody gives a ...
Carrie Hart I love EMINEM forever....and that SNL performance was amazing!!!! I am so pleased with his choices...and love him always
Yesterday 14:54

What is Dan Kelly’s jaw made from?

UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Elias Theodorou def. Daniel Kelly via decision |
UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Elias Theodorou def. Daniel Kelly via decision |

A middleweight scrap between Daniel Kelly and Elias Theodorou took place on tonight's UFC Fight Night 121 main card in Sydney.

121 reactions 72 comments
Andy Bills This dude faught like a do nothing bitch..that fight was horrible
Jason David Kelly is tough no matter what
Kiko Frank Traps That jaw belongs on easter island
Brian Tucker Same stuff the judge who scored a 10/8 rounds brain is made of... rocks.
Derrick Rebello I didn't know Russ was a fighter as well as a musician.
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 19:18

Gotta admit. This was pretty funny. Too soon?

790 reactions 52 comments
Anna McIver Yep.. It was...
Neil Woodall Hilarious!
Diane Jordan Can’t say I blame him this whole thing is a joke yes but shameful for our government to act out the way it’s been doing . Praying for our leaders everyday is our only hope through our Lord Jesus Christ! Make no mistake the truth will come out no matter ...
Candy Bohmert He makes jokes while theres an out of contro trump investigation going on that he can't or won't stop. Not funny!
Stephanie McMahon - WWE
Yesterday 09:36

431 reactions 9 comments
Georgina Stone Rubbish Stephanie McMahon - WWE and Paul "Triple H" Levesque NEED to start giving the FANS who without them would not be so RICH. What they want to see not the crap they are showing us now
Akshay Babhale HHH best of luck for Survivor Series, it's time to play the game. Love U Trips.
Celso Oliveira triple H mour une time ever vs brock lesnar you are the best and you destroy lwsnar goo on triple h please
Fay Harris I will be watching tonight.. And lets do it RAW..
Alfred Belford II the winner is Vince!! was me was me all along....
Demi Lovato
6 hours ago

‪Tomorrow. 8pm ET. American Music Awards. You ready?? #SORRYNOTSORRY #DEMIxAMAs ‬

13.8k reactions 166 comments
Michael Catney DEAR Demi Lovato 1Q R U READY????? 😎🇨🇦️❤️
Kwin Nanya Oh Yeah,am ready show them ur stuff demii!
Jazmín Alvarez you have to sing ANOTHER SONG NOT SORRY NOT SORRY PLEASE
Matthew Cheng You looked very gorgeous in the poster, Demi!
Dennis Huver Can't wait to see my girl show us it's done girl U Da best Girl♥
Alicia Fox
Yesterday 16:42

#Texas #family 🙌🏾✨#blessed @moriuh4real

213 reactions 6 comments
Adeoye Benson HI
Belinda Mug 🌾🌾💐💐😉😉🌻🌻☺☺💖
Ronnie Raymond so sweet
LeBron Jenkins ❤❤😍😍😘😘💋💋
Demetrick Brown Got cousins in texas Good luck tomorrow in survivor series #Captain #BeatSmackdown
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 19:48

Informant revealed in Uranium One case

Informant revealed in Uranium One case
Informant revealed in Uranium One case

The identity of the informant who will testify to Congress next week about the Uranium One deal has allegedly been revealed.

2.2k reactions 605 comments
Melody Olivares Get that dude in witness protection
Ronda Franks Hall Praying for his safety. Plus his family and friends.
Frank Liesch I Hope he's in a Witness Protection.
Eva Bayles better take good care of him, make sure the right people are around him now:(
Leslie Winter This is the tactic the Clintons have used politically for 20 years, as long as “accidents” happen to the witnesses these evil people will never be brought to justice!!!!!
Snoop Dogg
6 hours ago

yall knew dis ?

349 reactions 15 comments
Devonte Dwave Scott ? Robbi Robinson
Teresa Rochelle What. Up. Ti
Aurélie Ma Crak pour les husky
Robin Sneed You should sit with keith richards.
Rebecca Genie I dont know what that is
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 19:18

Not sure where to even start with this one. We will just let this article speak for itself. Take a look.

483 reactions 168 comments
Stanley Owings Wish she would just go away!
Peggy Fillmore well there ya go
Eric DeBord someone please explain how this pig is famous and why does anyone pay any attention to her. Ignore this pig.
Martha Nolt Considering she's a child molester I believe it.
Renee Peña If all women should be beleive then why us she not believing this girl?
Yesterday 14:54

Broken hand? No problem for Ryan Benoit!

UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Ryan Benoit KO
UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Ryan Benoit KO's Ashkan Mokhtarian (VIDEO) |

After being frustrated by Ashkan Mokhtarian’s fight style for the better portion of two rounds, Ryan Benoit was able to land a massive high kick that knocked his opponent out cold in round three. The devastating kick can be seen below: KICK GAME PROPER! Ryan Benoit lands a vicious knee for the victo...

101 reactions 11 comments
Eduardo Falconi Christopher
Moe Elech Ramee
Rob Roulette Creasy Woodfin nasty
Adam Maciel Awesome fight baby face
Eulojio Rodriguez I forgot about this dude
Seth Rollins
08:06 11/19/2017

The Shield Goes Toe-to-Toe with The Wyatt Family

1.6k reactions 31 comments
Abhinav Gauhar Sunny Shakin'
Abbie Zamon Glenn Stafford III
Shay Yazzie Latasha Cadman😍😂❤
Santana Ricardo wow this is awesome Fernando Nitzae Tope Manny J Cubas Delgado
Christoph Ott Florian Kneidl cm punk guuuuuuuuut
2 hour ago

Happy Gday to a real 1 who's withstood the test of time,evolved into a real OG & reinvented himself personally as well as professionally. Not many of US in this shit are able to stay solid wit the people we came in this shit wit... that speaks for a nigga when no ones words will. Salute!!! Enjoy ya day!!! Fabolous

5.7k reactions 183 comments
Alex Harris Happy GDay! I need help study for my SAT , ACT, LSAT, and more everything heaven sent.
Alex Harris Althea Bufoe was the railroad attorney and Macon Georgia judge at the same time
Christian Sumpter That Man T.i.p. Is A Well Respected Man. Unlike Most Of these Rappers. Stay Humble
Jackie Acevedo Brooklyn way all day, happy born day Fab.
Gladys Merced Hi good looking tameka looks great in her cover of upscale congratulations...❤god bless
2 hour ago

Happy Gday to one of the realest cats I know in this Hollywood shit!!!! Mike Epps We been tight since #RIPBigPhil connected us over a decade ago & u been solid ever since!!! Salute big bro!!!

2.6k reactions 84 comments
Bj Furr Hbd mike...
Gomez Brie Happy 😃 Birthday 🎂
Karen Butler Happy birthday young man ....enjoy
Porschea Fabrey Hoagland My Schizo Dipso 😉😊 " 😂 " lol
Latonya Rowe Hbd Mike Epps
2 hour ago

Big Ole Drip💧 #MySauceRunnethOver

7.9k reactions 228 comments
Errika Wright My second husband looks scrumptious
Nicole Stevens Someone call 911, Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. Starting FIRES, AGAIN.
Carolyn Ann Kellum Looking good love the outfit. Be blessed. Love to your beautiful family.
Kelly Muise that a joke, looking like that :P
Detries Bailey Very nice 👍🏾 young handsome man have a blessed week
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