Green Day
Yesterday 14:12

For the 25th Anniversary of Kerplunk! we had this commemorative tshirt made. Also available with the cd or vinyl too! Head to the store to get yours now

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Gary Brown I'm seeing Green day on the 1 july in Hyde Park. .I really want to get two Green day T shirts. Any recommendations?
Rio Bire Play some Kerplunk on the World Tour!
José Luis Baro Mira Nicolás Peralta como pasa el tiempo tras un graaaan disco... cause she s 2000 light years away... tadada tadada tadada tadadatatan
Kat Marie My favorite Green Day album! Happy 25th birthday Kerplunk!
James Alexander Kathleen Alexander - this would be sweet for my birthday...!
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

Islamic jihad on the march - how about government finally prioritizes to stop IT before it stops US.

227 reactions 184 comments
Michael Riley No doubt, Hussein Obama will end up in custody, when they round them all up!
Paramanan Joseph Harrideo Lock her up....
Shari Hermens 🙏 All in the family!! Trump was right again!! When will we learn? January 20, 2017 can't come soon enough!!!
Glenn Dino Dean Sanctuary City angle is what he's betting on
Barbara Baum What I'd heard before is that she drove him ot get a gun or to the Pulse nightclub to scope it out, so she is an accessory before the fact. Also, he TOLD her what he planned on doing, but she never called authorities. That's being complicit. Perhaps ...
4 hours ago


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Krystal Smirnis Tiana Di Battista shorts* but yeah gd job today xoxox
Sarina Carter Anna Sarreither fast wie du mit dem amazing heute ☺️😄
KaTonya Stewart Jaylin Jashun Wilson Shakira Stewart Janice Hamilton Yall betta tell me I did good too. LOL. I need all four of these stars today
Megan Patray Marcus Patray lol mom needs these gold stars everyday 😂😂
Emily Hanham Kathryn Lefebvre when you do laundry in one day and I'm on time to work
Yesterday 11:12


10 Washed Up Trends That Need To Die In 2017
10 Washed Up Trends That Need To Die In 2017

We are all guilty. Everyone has fallen into the trend trap at least once. Whether you came up in the age of 64 inch circumference JNCOs which hung like teepees over your scuffed up Etnies or in a time when bell bottoms crop-tops ruled you too, have been caught rocking a less than flattering fit …

1.0k reactions 22 comments
Vivek Solanki LEVEL H BETA🖕 ✍ 👤Vivek Solanki 🎭 ValobaShahin.Tk 💔Self Bot💔 BotBoss.Tk 🎭
Drusila Rinchard Victoria Rinchard
Kosy Ezeokonkwo I want to help people with AIDS.i have the cure
Debjeet Mukherjee We wanna hear Stadium ?
Amina Njie Rlp
Yesterday 17:42

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Sweepstakes & Giveaways Sign Up Here To Get Up To -90% Printable Grocery Coupons at no cost !
Alex Harris 1 Timothy 6King James Version (KJV) 6 Let as many servants as are under the yoke count their own masters worthy of all honour, that the name of God and his doctrine be not blasphemed. 2 And they that have believing masters, let them not despise them, ...
Mello Oowee ⚠️T.I. nephew can sing and DISSED his EX 🔥😱👉🏽
Hephzibah Beulah All day!!
Felicia Paw Paw Mpho
6 hours ago

This is insanity Via IG @LMAO

2.4k reactions 1750 comments
Aisleen Tuico for some reason this reminds me of the shit that we did in gr 10 annoying everyone in band Maria Bolotina
Varun Ramaswamy Hariharan Bharathwaj 😂😂😂😂 this is much worse than the way I used to ruin deformed to form a star, nostalgia N all..
Austin Pell Nikita Ius if we ever see s movie together I'll do this
Ferley Witwer Maria hat sich Keyvan nicht früher so angehört als er geheult hat😂😂
Dominique Smith I busted out laughing before it even got to the good part. 😂😂😂 Shame on me
2 hours ago

Ummmm I'm SO creeped out by this!!

Who Is The Fairest Of Them All? Check Out Your Favorite Disney Villains Without Makeup
Who Is The Fairest Of Them All? Check Out Your Favorite Disney Villains Without Makeup

We all know that our favorite Disney villains live for beat faces, with contour, highlights, and a killer lash. But how do they fair without all of the glitz and glam?

117 reactions 4 comments
Destinie Thompson Kelsey Sanderson lol
Kristin Byers Why did they change the eye/eyelid & eyebrow shape on several of them? When you remove makeup, your eyelid crease doesn't suddenly get closer to your eyelashes.. When you remove makeup, your eyebrows don't end up in a different spot on your forehead & ...
Cody Braun Kelli Braun
Allison Kaufman Allison Prizzia 😂
Lil Wayne
Yesterday 11:36

Drizzy cruisin' with Mike WiLL Made It.

2.1k reactions 114 comments
Noel Red Come get me weezy and drizzy its boring im photo shoot ready
Vee Kay Lekhoaba
Jarusse Bentley Done turned full blond black on us 😂😂😂
Liron Moshe Instead go to Amsterdam ....
Benissa Marin Papi 🍾
Soulja Boy Tell Em
2 hours ago

3.9k reactions 198 comments
Joshua Cyrus Should shut up before you get your teeth knocked out
Kyle Kaucion Pierson Lay off the drugs...
Emmanuel Dwayne Peña 😂😂😂
Stephen Ira Chittick R.I.P soulja boy
Ricky Ricardo If allowed
Snoop Dogg
Yesterday 13:30

boss 👍🏾

366 reactions 29 comments
Brian C Thode
Marcos José Silva Curtam..
Léo Deki BRASIL WEED _\l/_
Krishon Smith
Marcopolo Matiu Brown 😱😷
Yesterday 14:36

Timeline Photos

15.9k reactions 4270 comments
Tayler Baird Me telling you to shh this morning😂😂 TrTravis James
Daniel Jimenez Gabriela Jimenez Roa este soy yo calmándote cuando te conté lo de María camila JAJAJA
Khiloni Shah Ramyz Rupshi you today when she was playing table tennis 😂😂😂
Alex Jansen Jasmine Butler when I tell Portia to chill with her attitude
Labinot Ks Juli Scheltjanik " terrorisiert mich früh am morgen, Chill mal " hahahahhahaha
Queen Latifah
1 hour ago

Please support my friend Michael Eric Dyson new book #TearsWeCannotStop, an important guide to our racial confusion, and a gift to those wondering where to go in 2017 and beyond! Order his book today!

Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America
Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America

"Elegantly written, Tears We Cannot Stop is powerful in several areas: moving personal recollections; profound cultural analysis; and guidance for moral redemption. A work to relish." ―Toni Morrison"Here’s a sermon that’s as fierce as it is lucid. It shook me up, but in a goo...

418 reactions 20 comments
Ronnie Reed yeah we need prayer's amen
Robin Williams Hi Dana/👑 Latifah great support
Jennifer Rosales 💖💖💖
Michael Eric Dyson Thank you for the support Queen Latifah. Much appreciated!
Soulja Boy Tell Em
2 hours ago

Ex Boyfriend Crashes Reception With Photos Of The Bride Giving A Blowjob And Then A Brawl Starts

142 reactions 5 comments
David Akintunde Fake girls
Rener Jones Shut up
Lilmoney Ford Hell yea 😇😇😇😇😇💯💯💯
Yesterday 17:48

Happy MLK Day #blackexcellence #superheroes

22.8k reactions 680 comments
Justin Harris It's sad to see the ignorant and judgmental comments on a day to be celebrated by be African American community. Couldn't this just be a group of people just be a group of people gathering together and celebrating a holiday that's important to them
Connor Chambers More like anti MLK just because they have the same skin color doesn't mean they have the same ideas. It wouldn't fit the lefts racist narrative if they had white people thrown in the mix. MLK was about stopping segregation and empowering black lives by ...
Cheri Rideout So suit and ties to meet the President are no longer expected? I am no fan..but he is the POTUS and several people in this pic should have dressed for the occasion.
Brett Sharp And every single one of these people can identify with the struggle, right? Million dollar bank accounts and trips all over the planet, but they got your back on the streets of Chicago, New Orleans, DC etc. #richblacklivesmatter
Kris Cyrus Wow. Non of you are better than the next. (I have no room to say either way I am sure. ) Not pointing fingers to say the least but no love shown for nothing here. None. Disgrace to human nature towards one another and all this talk of being a hypocrite ...
Don Omar
Yesterday 17:18

Como dice @elielofficial AY VIRGEN! #amameomatame @ivyqueendiva @guelosuperstar @eq_equalizer @alcoveronline @nexusenelbeat

9.2k reactions 333 comments
Norma Fabiola Nieto Ya dejen de llamarlo rey bola de pendejos, el único Rey de Reyes es Jesucristo.
Ligia Landrón Amame con ternura y pasión. Matame con mordizcos que me hagan delirar de amor.
Felix Yesid Rueda Wilson Sebastian O seaaa perro, llego el REY! Jajajajaja 🎶🍻
Rosemary Corona Dale omar. Nice good luck musically and socially. Reformed i see. God bless u.
MayraElizabeth Cruz Sanchez El mejor de todos siempre sacando nuevas canciones un saludo para usted y que siga siendo el rey del reggaeton
Soulja Boy Tell Em
2 hours ago

Timeline Photos

5.3k reactions 143 comments
Sarah Beach Kyle Pearce haha oh no 😂
Maribel Garcia Chris Garcia
Ryan Ross Lynette Jones this just gave me life
Momi'n Bha't Hi :D premium fb likes from only <3 :D ->aqua like (Search on Google <3 )
Alexis Jones Lynzi Winter
50 Cent
Yesterday 13:18

Some ya'll droppin bills to lose it

Legal Sex Worker Explains What It’s Like To Bang A Virgin And How Much She Really Gets Paid In Reddit AMA
Legal Sex Worker Explains What It’s Like To Bang A Virgin And How Much She Really Gets Paid In Reddit AMA

If you don’t live in Nevada you may not be familiar with the law of legal brothels. That’s ok it is still a pretty foreign concept for plenty of us. But it’s true, it’s a thing, it exists, and there’s a lot of them working out there. There is however one above all else, The

3.6k reactions 139 comments
Ty Justo Maybe it's time for me to drop them bills lmao
Joshua Glenn It's only the oldest profession in known history
Logan Hoey Jae The best of both worlds :D
Eileen Craparo And so do you 50
Christopher Bond I've been watchin' fo' a while. I've been scratchin' fo' a while. You'll see me smile in a while. You'll hear me chore in a while.
Michael Jackson
Yesterday 09:18

“Some things in life they just don't want to see But if Martin Luther was livin' He wouldn't let this be.” – “They Don’t Care About Us” #MLKDay

34.4k reactions 721 comments
Jeffrey Augustus Rader Ain't no one lived the life like I have. I come from Wenton Terrace ..Only White guy in tha whole fam damily.Got 2 natives older and 3 blacks Obviously younger When I was less than 5 I walked around singi'n I'm black and I'm proud : By James Brown.....
KiKi Mercado Llorens “Some things in life they just don't want to see But if Michael Jackson was livin' He wouldn't let this be.” – “They Don’t Care About Us” #MLKDay
Michael Olatunbosun The Brazil version of "they don't care about us" was raw as it was captured & recorded life in a Brazilian village. King of Pop... rest in peace.
Harrowyeahun Vikter *HOW IT WORKS:* STAGE 1* Level 1:* Here you register with just 1,000 naira and you will be automatically paired with a NIGERIAN member from any part of the country which you pay the 1,000 naira to. Upon confirmation by the person, you will be ...
Michele Torcasio Great Song of all time, Great energy... one of myf favorite in Michael 's Greatest hits... When you listen mj songs the only word you say mj is The number one
Yesterday 17:48

Timeline Photos

16.2k reactions 82 comments
Raquel Leija That's right loli
Jay Butcher Bobby Young you can't do any of these haha
Jennifer Dejagere Lieze Decae herkenbaar van ergens? 😂
Tracy Drake Amen Rip God's Beautiful Angel Beautiful Picture
Mileena Shipshee Love this❤😭
6 hours ago

#KISSTORY Jan 16, 1978 #KISS appeared on #AmericanMusicAwards via satellite.Performance of "Rock And Roll All Nite" broadcast from Largo, MD.

7.2k reactions 78 comments
Tom Stigi I watched it. I was 8
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. ...KISS Army...LIKE our page please! :P
Edgar Restrepo Jr. 🤘🏼
David LeBlanc Ace
Aaron Leigh Alright boys and girls this is KISS!!!
Yesterday 11:48

Baker with Down Syndrome is rejected from every bakery, opens her own shop instead

Baker with Down Syndrome is rejected from every bakery, opens her own shop instead
Baker with Down Syndrome is rejected from every bakery, opens her own shop instead

Collette Divitto has always been an avid baker. Ever since she was fifteen, she remembers baking on weekends and for friends and family. As her passion grew, she knew she wanted to spend her life as a baker. When she was 22, she quickly began applying for jobs all over Boston. She began hitting reje...

13.5k reactions 272 comments
Sam Muffuletto Yahya Chaudhry It says it's in Boston so we should visit :)
Alison Powers GD for you u go girl just goes to show that people with disabilities can have a life I wish u every success x
Jenny Brullo You go girl. What a fantastic story. I know you will do so well. Well done ❤️
Jaz Mac good for her sticking to her guns and her family be living in her ability to follow her dreams! Congratulation to her on a successful business and an inspiration to her city . Well done!!
Jenny Sweeney Awesome work breaking down ableist stereotypes Collette. Wishing your bussiness every success! X
Lil Wayne
Yesterday 11:36

Check out Lil Twist in the new video with Ice Cold and Ray J.

Watch Ice Cold’s New Video “Nights Like This” ft Lil Twist And Ray J / Young Money
Watch Ice Cold’s New Video “Nights Like This” ft Lil Twist And Ray J / Young Money

Check out Lil Twist in Ice Cold’s new video called “Night’s Like This” which also features Ray J! Watch below.

1.1k reactions 37 comments
The Law of Attraction - What we think we become. Nothing more attractive than someone with passion for something, who looks at things positively and is always seeking to better themselves.
Jevis Orphe Reuben Orphe
Jevis Orphe Trevor TD DaRolla Delcy
Ange Zoma AFF
Herb Anderson ALL GHETTO ASS PARTYLINE NUMBER ! 1 619 835 4404
Yesterday 14:36

No words for #6

The 24 Worst Sets of Eyebrows in History
The 24 Worst Sets of Eyebrows in History

When you were a kid, you probably shaved off your eyebrows at least once. You had to go to school anyway, and your friends made fun of you... so you never got near those brows again, or you let a professional shape your eyebrows, lest you turn them into an ugly mess again. The people on this list n....

1.4k reactions 1039 comments
Jillian Marcotte #12 regal is not bad at all. Most people do their eyebrow makeup like that
Christine Lehtonen Nona Lahti-Röyskö, tästä sulle mallia niihin kestoihin 😂😉
Amber Harris Georgia Bernadello gosh these crack me up!! None of these are on point!
Sarah Grande Amanda Tapscott I think you are needed here lol - 23 what the actual f*!# lol
Kathleen Ganong Cody Pittman you know who we should add to this list lol
John Cena
Yesterday 12:24

Get a First Look at "The True Story of the WWE Royal Rumble," only on WWE Network.

12.6k reactions 149 comments
Luann Bjork Oh wooow. Shocking! 😏 😘
Marco Brümmer My favourite Match in WWE Year
Grewal Saab John my open challange
Maureen Large Get him cena
Arpit Kaushish winnnnnn
2 hours ago

All of these pics are so cute!!

North West Gives Baby Bro The Kanye Stare In This Hilarious Family Photo
North West Gives Baby Bro The Kanye Stare In This Hilarious Family Photo

This hilarious photo of Kim and Kanye's kids in Santa's lap has gone viral. We're quite certain there will be memes floating around for some time with this one. Nori swagged out in Gucci is givin...

1.0k reactions 10 comments
Mariana Valadez The kanye stare and the Kim Kardashian cry lol
Maria Catano Lmao, it's the Kanye stare n the Kim crying face
Frida Salas Saint cries like Kim
Narciso Vela Carla Vela
Tom Mcgowan He was just told who his parents are.
Mariah Carey
Yesterday 17:30

#martinlutherking #kingholiday ❤️

9.9k reactions 145 comments
Noushin Kananian It's good to see you soon in London!
Alan Madureira Right right . Absolutly Right!!
Auring Gacuya So correct
Alex Lee Douglas And Magic must defeat magic!
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

Supreme Court picks were biggest concern for many.

1.6k reactions 82 comments
Edward Bentley trying to see the site..... shows very little of anything..... ideas?
Stephen Huffman The judge has already shown to be a maker-upper of law, not a person to stick to Constitutional law. Which he swore to protect, of course...
Lynne Re Has Ginsberg retired yet like she said she would? No, I didn't think she would.
Curtis States Thank God hes not on his death bed like Ginsberg...
Mark Greene I'm the only real choice
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

Now we need 49 other states, and then Congress, to do the same thing.

8.1k reactions 761 comments
Neil Osborn A nanny state, or sugar daddy complex, degenerate liberal trash looking for someone to bail them out. It's a shame so many women would murder the only person that would ever love these miserable women unconditionally. And having taxpayer dollars footing ...
Bruce Dilley I think we should have a choice as to whether to fund their poor choice of getting pregnant, or not. Why are these people allowed to make the choices for us while screaming foul over a poor choice they made?
Dorothy White The sign held in the picture states free abortions on demand. Is this a movie channel? Seriously take precautions protect yourself so it never has to get to this!
Jeff Webb Im not a fan of abortion as a means resolving stupidity. However, there are times that it's acceptable. There are times it's necessary. The broad brush approach is harsh. I'm a conservative that doesn't like PP. But don't take it out on young scared ...
Rosemary Duke That is great. But I wonder what is going to happen when these innocent women go to back street rooms to have an know like in the olden days? And they die ! That's why they have the clinics....
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