Martin Lawrence
11 hours ago


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Kayla Smith 💰💰💰💲💲💲💲INBOX ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MAKING $5000-$9000 ASAP OR TEXT BLUE RAIN TO 6022477955💰💰💰💰💲💲💲💲
Nani Jimenez Naycel Lucia
Twinkle Prakash Ashnil Sharma
Ann Mari Jae Rose
6 hours ago

Whoa this is pretty crazy...

A Woman And Her Rapist Travel The World To Talk About Why You Shouldn
A Woman And Her Rapist Travel The World To Talk About Why You Shouldn't Rape

In December of 1996, Thordis Elva, a native of Iceland and sixteen at the time, was raped by her then Australian boyfriend, Tom Stranger. He had been drinking, and, even though they were dating, sh...

78 reactions 2 comments
Adriana Osorio Brenda Lee
Ricardo Arjona
Yesterday 13:12


5.2k reactions 208 comments
Eugenia Leiva Te amooo!!!!
Andres Chikilín Guatemala!! 😍😍 🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹
Malvy Malvy Genio... Te espero en Azul 😀 Argentina...
Di Ani Ta Te quiero mucho #RicardoArjona ❤
Di Ani Ta jajaja
Yesterday 14:42

Timeline Photos

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Mario Germany Germany 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Khon Ali Yess
Jasper Sardius TRUE MAN
Jorge Mateo But how
Heaven Kîng Idgaf
Snoop Dogg
Yesterday 07:18

she sayin wassup

Cardi B Has a Message for Haters Who Disrespect Her Because She Was a Stripper
Cardi B Has a Message for Haters Who Disrespect Her Because She Was a Stripper

The Love & Hip Hop series is great when you need some dramatic action, and Cardi B from Love & Hip Hop NY is showing us why.

532 reactions 65 comments
Courtney Nicole Smith why is every one worried about her business wtf that's what's wrong with everyone in the world they worry about every one else but they self.
Erek Brush Chase George should not b combative it's the American dream right I know I like money and coins think I'm a bit of a pirate
Jody Sopko I just hope she invest in Morgan Stanley.....good for her..
D'Leon Andrew some women go home with a man after a night of dating she didn't see the difference
8 hours ago

Instagram post by Slash • May 29, 2017 at 3:01am UTC

969 reactions 15 comments
Brayan Santos طنطل الهكر السادس
Amanda Tenace lol
Melinda Thomas all kinds of cool
Nicole Pickens You want to see all of her insides?
Sam Shelton Why is her brain in her chest? tf
Don Omar
Yesterday 11:06

#AmameOMatame junto a @ivyqueendiva está disponible en @Spotify agrégala a tu lista de favoritos y enséñame como la bailas igual que mis amigos de @overthetopdance

1.0k reactions 33 comments
Julie Marie Rosario Blanko Oxio 💪
Ramona RaRa Leticia Yuleisy Denzer
Ale Ossco Zussel Caceres Lopez
Roy Cantillo Melissa J Llanes Bel Rafael
Letty Gamarra Burgos Mayra Portez Tipán Yuly Sánchez Ricardo Guzmán
David Guetta
Yesterday 04:36

See you in September vegas! Mad party to end my season :)

2.0k reactions 69 comments
Amanda Hancock My birthday is in September
Nathalie Servy Eh bien, ça va être la méga fête, wow....🎉🎆🙌🙆🍾🔥🎶🔊😍
Kingsely Cooper 90
Satish Pillay Old fuk
Tony Argueta Cindy Gissel Funes mira soy el 2 en comentar 😁😁😁
10 hours ago

#KISSWORLD2017 #Birmingham, #England review.

KISS hold a minute
KISS hold a minute's silence in Birmingham for Manchester

Moving tribute added something special to a Barclaycard Arena night of unforgettable powerhouse rock and pyrotechnics

5.7k reactions 150 comments
Paul Thurston My first time was at Leicester De Mont in about 1980. Still the hottest band in the world.
Phillip Greatorex Great show thanks Kiss for a memorable night my partner & I loved it
Louise Thornton Fantastic gig our Daughter Ellie really enjoyed her first KISS!!
Jason Lavender Great gig last night. Hope they'll be back again. And soon! 👍🏼
Chelle Payne Amazing night - my partners 7yr old Son's 1st concert and he loved it! ♡♡
Snoop Dogg
Yesterday 07:18

yall know this?

10 Movies You Probably Didn
10 Movies You Probably Didn't Know Were Based On True Stories

File these away for your next trivia night.

134 reactions 10 comments
An Nguyen <3
Deiby Araya Azofeifa 😷
Deiby Araya Azofeifa Sinceridad
Yasser Merzouki Its the motherfuxking D.O double G
Anthony Valencia One day I wish to have as many followers as snoop. Make it happen
Ivete Sangalo
10 hours ago


11.8k reactions 198 comments
Joane Lima Parabéns minha querida tudo de bom muita saúde e paz
Lucia Leal Leal Lindos!
Wesley Bevenuto Sangalo IS Coisas lindas❤ Te amoo rainhaa maravilhasa ❤😍
Nilce Dos Santos Rodrigues Rodrigues Você acha que ela perde tempo de ler e responder mensagem kkk
Juliana Melquíades Linda demais meu Deus. Não canso de vc jamais. A verdadeira rainha do axé
6 hours ago

Now you have no excuse not to put on your sexiest pair of heels!

Heels Don
Heels Don't Have To Kill, Just Use This Totally Weird Trick!

High heels are sexy as hell. They can make or break any outfit, from your basic business casual look to your favorite stunning LBD. However, we all know beauty always comes with a cost. With heels,...

35 reactions 1 comments
Ariz R Castellanos Nice!
Rey Mysterio
11 hours ago

¿? 🤔

6.0k reactions 142 comments
Violeta Sifuentes Martinez Randy Orton ♡
Jonathan Rodríguez The Rated-R Superstar, EDGE!!!
Lancha Fabuloso Edge pero que pregunta jodida, es palo a palo
নির্দয় ইডিয়ট boss..
AmandaSue Montague Adam Çopeland aka Edge
Snoop Dogg
Yesterday 07:18

Timeline Photos

4.8k reactions 1992 comments
Marissa Martin Chelsea Lafave thought this would make you chuckle
Monique Larini Tee Royal 😂😂 me to you today 🤣🤣
Martin Mcavoy Paddy Flood koooooooaaaaaaaalllliiitttyyyy
Elise Birkeland Holm-Larsen Henrik denne var morsom
Ryan Rye Holla at yo koala t(','t)
Rey Mysterio
11 hours ago

¿Quién más quiere que vuelva? 🤔

2.6k reactions 185 comments
Giuseppe Pignatelli Rey Mysterio... Porca Madonna cazzo ti costa Firmare Di Nuovo Un contratto con la Wwe...? Adesso vai sul traduttore
Felipe Zambra si rey por fa vuelve a la wwe te extrañano caleta porfa vuelve para el money in the bank
Kenneth Rodriguez Vuelve yo te veía de niño ya ahora no ahí luchadores como tu
Bauti Dillmann Yo quiero que vuelvas a luchar con la mascara y a ganar muchos cinturones
Joel Osteen Ministries
11 hours ago

It's All Good Paul said in Romans 8:28, “All things work together for good for those that love the Lord.” Not some things, but all things. They may not be good at the time. It’s painful to go through a loss, it hurts when people do us wrong, it’s discouraging when a dream doesn’t work out. By itself that may not be good but God promises He’s going to bring it all together. One day you’ll look back and say, "It was good." Are there things that when you look back on now turned out to be good? You can watch the full message, "It's All Good" here:

47.1k reactions 2983 comments
Marika Marino Pray for my plan that the lord has for me because I feeling like sometimes I can't see it or it's never gonna happen no matter how much faith I have and all the good I do !!! Amen thank you
Dre Pitts Please pray for all the one posting their prayer requests. That GOD will show them favor and help them make it thru the day to day challenges w/ a positive spirit and humble attitude. That that seed of faith and hope will be planted in their hearts. ...
Pearlie Williams Good morning, praying this morning for God know I'm a sinner and I ask for forgiveness. He knows my heart. My marriage is weak. Praying for guidance and support that we can pray as one. Amen amen
Donna Parish Potter Please pray for my Son's Jacob Potter and Joshua Potter. They both have difficult lives!!! Each there own story. I love them so 💜💜💜💜💜 and my Husband who does not believe in God💔 and My sister Linda Burgus who is battaling lung cancer💔 please pray not ...
Sonal Rajani Thank You for LORD confirmed me with yr this message that He is still in control of my life. Yesterday evening itself I got this verse by Holy Spirit betrayal by Judas to JESUS bcoz this is what exactly m going thru. God works out all for good those who ...
Donald J. Trump
7 hours ago

The Fake News Media works hard at disparaging & demeaning my use of social media because they don't want America to hear the real story!

121.8k reactions 14532 comments
Matthew Cooper Only thing comes out of your mouth is some false reality you have made up in your mind. You Sir are a embarrassment to Humankind and America is the victim.
Betty Atlas Why don't you tell us the real story. We're listening. How you shoved the prime minister of Montenegro so that you could get a spot in the front of a picture? How you flip-flopped on every major issue? How you don't even understand the issues behind ...
Kelly Nunnally Kadlewicz Keep fighting the good fight! I'm embarrassed by my fellow Americans and their lack of respect and regard for you, our president. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 horrifyingly disgraceful. An embarrassment. They need to keep their mouths shut if they've nothing nice to say. ...
Wanda Keller Fake news media does not affect the people who voted and trust you which is so many of us. Keep up the good, hard work. Love you and your family.
Kathryn Volkstorf Ignore the haters on Facebook, Mr. President. They are paid to attack everyone here that supports you. We know what they are and we ignore them. We support you all the way. You and Melania did a wonderful job overseas. Keep us informed on what you are ...
02:30 05/29/2017

Check out Shak's performance of Me Enamoré from Friday night's surprise Miami show! / No se pierdan este nuevo video de la actuación sorpresa de Shakira en Miami. Llega el momento de Me Enamoré! ShakHQ

14.1k reactions 643 comments
Luis Efren Mebarak Necesitamos perro fiel cómo single ya!
Estreya Kaulitz Ya ven a México 🇲🇽 🇲🇽 🇲🇽 🇲🇽
Yusuf Barış Şahin Buensimo shakira😍
Jhoann Sebastian Urbano Vallejos Shakira te amo!! Sigues igual de sencilla y aun mas talentosa ...! 💚💚💚💚 #MeEnamoré 🎵
Nailea Vidal Yo te amo 😍
Yesterday 11:36


Mom Sits Behind NFL Star on Plane. End of Flight Hands Him Note and Walks Away
Mom Sits Behind NFL Star on Plane. End of Flight Hands Him Note and Walks Away

When he read it, he knew that he had to reach out to the woman...but when he turned around, she was gone.

1.0k reactions 18 comments
Dan Yamagami Scott Horn
Joel Matthew Laurence Sumner Sally Panomarenko
Rudy Gunawan
Jacqueline Egurrola Salazar Wow
Jacqueline Egurrola Salazar My man..blessings..
Yesterday 11:30

We do this shit with NO EFFORT!!!! Tee Grizzley Rockin Wit da Gang!!!! #TheTurnIsReal #HustleGangTour The Belasco LA We OTW!!!!!

3.6k reactions 98 comments
Ana LeBlanc Nice. 🎆
Kelly Richardsonjr Dat waz up
Rahsaan Wright When the new album coming dawg?
Mercedes Zermeno Hi!!!
Leticia Monique Snackkkkkk😍😍
Yesterday 14:42


8.1k reactions 78 comments
Fetty Bentalison A$$ap rocky
Ballaba Dmb Dgang Life
Amponsah Andrews Nice 1
Dg Hot lol ...@ mixtape
Lë Califõrnïéñ Fuckkkkkkkkkkk A$ap rocky
Yesterday 11:30

Litt Squad. Young Dro Travis Scott Tee Grizzley #TheTurnIsReal

2.9k reactions 68 comments
Melinda Jackson Hello guys.
Jorge Augusto Tobias That's good you're all still light!!!!!!!!!
Montrell Vance See u in Dallas sat $alute
Renea Taylor Stars be friends with whom you want, don't let anyone isolate you !
Brandon Allison Tee Gee 💯
9 hours ago

#PSY #싸이 #예술이야

660 reactions 7 comments
An Nguyen <3
차주한 최정환 이종서 SBS 판타스틱 듀오 싸이 x 1:3 대결 - 예술이야
Teew Driel Yha didnt pay i shall never forget you
전미정 쵝오입니다
김보나 김민지 내잠을 깨움..
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
Yesterday 07:30

Despedida do Vicente Calderón, um estádio especial na minha carreira. Marquei meu último gol com a camisa do FC Barcelona aqui. #FinalDeLeyenda

69.0k reactions 458 comments
Leonardo Soares Melhor jogador de todos os tempos , parabéns pela sua trajectória pelo futebol , difícil surgir um novo camisa 10 pra representar teu futebol ! Joga muito 👏👏✌
Oskxr GutiErrez El mago y su mas grande el futbol... como se nota la felicidad en su rostro en cada jugada aun asi en disputa el balon.. sos grande dinho... mi mayor idolo
Ivan Rabêlo Galo Sem dúvidas o melhor do Mundo! Volta pro Galo ganhar mais uns títulos e encerrar a carreira?
James Tito Nina Hasta ahora no hay nadie como tu que se divierta con el balon y que los rivales lo respeten
Ruben Daza Definitivamente el mejor, demuestra que eren fútbol de tiene que disfrutar y jugarse con una sonrisa
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 13:36

A film doesn't have to be long to be powerful.

230 reactions 9 comments
Britt van Eden Echt leuk!!
Dora Palada Hana Horetzky
Jordyn Townsend Thomas Gracecool!!
Crisbel Veliz Love
Jt Seibert and then...
Rey Mysterio
11 hours ago

Have you ever had a nightmare with any of these 2 amazing fighters?

5.4k reactions 126 comments
Brandon Cheeks Boogie man
Jashanpreet Singh Chahal None of these
Adrian Milman they r scary af
Gaby Lister Stephen Lister remember the boogeyman hahahaa
Maria Solorio Biggie man 😲😲😲
10 hours ago

#KISSARMY #England, you ROCKED tonight! Thank you, #Birmingham! #KISSWORLD2017

4.5k reactions 188 comments
Steve Hulme Jeff, Mike, Charlotte, Siân - Can you see us all in there? ;-)
Heather Filby What a show👌Been waiting for 34 years to see you. It was worth the wait xxx
Markku Salmelainen how come you can fly the flag for this band. after 1978 its only been money that counts, nuthin musically, crap. I was made for money!
Jason Lavender Great show tonight guys! Hope to see you in the not to distant future! 👍🏼
Dave Huish Had a great time. 6th time seeing them since 83 and they still put on an amazing show.
Mike Huckabee
23:48 05/28/2017

Rush Limbaugh Just Made Surprise Cable News Announcement

Rush Limbaugh Just Made Surprise Cable News Announcement
Rush Limbaugh Just Made Surprise Cable News Announcement

"... the result of purposeful, inside-the-executive-suite decisions."

24 reactions 79 comments
Cathy Fontenot I heard him say it on his radio broadcast last week. This is old news.
Michael Bryan-Redmond Well said: the only people watering at the hole of mainstream/cable news are those that simply want confirmation of their own beliefs.
Bob Wigley Start watching OAN news channel 347 on DirecTV very good news source not liberal at all
Marcus Harmon They fired their very best people. This is the beginning of the end of Fox News. It is doubtful they will ever recover.
Sean Givens I've been losing interest in Fox News. Time we start playing the game
Herman Cain
00:06 05/29/2017

Maybe they should have thought this through a little, you think?

296 reactions 156 comments
Christine Garrity Sean Hannity has done so much for veteran charities that USAA should be ashamed for removing ads from his show. Some liberal fool must have made that dumb call.
Michael Oliver The individual who most likely received a nice sum from soros doesn't care whether it backfired or not. But I would like to know who received the payola and how much.
Karin Schmidt Utley Behm I am so glad to read that people understand who runs the news programs and its not the news station, so they are getting notified by the very wealthy left wings in our country and they let them know what they can do with all the power they have, like ...
Joey Harter Tio Our whole family has been with ASAA for over 50 years ...pulling all of it this week.. stupid decision on their they will have all gender bathrooms
Stacie Shannon They expect people to believe it's just a coincidence that they suddenly noticed advertising during hannity,s show was against their policy at the same time as all this media matters nonsense is going on? I guess they also didn't realize that the a ...
Yesterday 13:00

If you will be in #NYC on June 8th, go see #TommyMottola in Conversation with @GayleKing at 8pm‼️ Tickets and additional event info here:

1.1k reactions 25 comments
Clicia Siqueira 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Carolina Garcés Felicidades
Miguel Angel Perez no me agrada ni siyiera ningun poco
Miguel Angel Perez unos galanes tommy mottorola para mi un mejor esposo
Miguel Angel Perez unos de perdedores es novela mejor espero rosalinda es mejores
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