Alex Morgan
18:33 11/13/2017

Fall in California ❤️

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Fall in California ❤️

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Ziko Zake
و انا بب؟ :(
Natalia Quiroga
Eres hermosa <3 <3
Patricia Jeske Vetrhus
Yep.... as fall as it gets.
Naresh Ck
Love you #AlexMorgan😍😘💓💓😇😇😇
Edisson Roberto Moreno Molina
ji-que pena. Dios te bendiga.
Dudis Ruiz
Pfffff nothing like Portland's
Edward Martins
Topher Jordan
John Sullivan
Great game last night!
Emir Kahraman
California geçen Yaz ordaydik Ali Rıza Demirayak ile
Isela Rodriguez
Beautiful couple!!! Saludos para los dos ! 🤗
Joshua P Vo
Luckiest guy EVER!
Ramazan Sakhah
Verey nice A.morgan
Rob Evans
Great game last night - my daughter’s team was inspired!
Bernard Rongere
Defeat this year zero for the Olympique Lyonnais you'd have the remain Alex Morgan

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#GoldMeetsGolden🥇Thank you @cocacola!

8.3k reactions 119 comments
Antonio Pastore Amilcar Serrano mira que pelado esta esto
Jorge Armando Alvarez Dice Pedro Hernandez best post of 2018!
Jo Mtz We Mitzi Monserrat ella juega fútbol, de lo que hablamos ayer
Adam Nasser Alhlayyel I love you 😘😘😘
Sylvain Da Costa Quelques fois dans la vie .... il faut savoir ne rien dire et Admiré !!!

Check out the new trailer for Early Man, which features an epic soccer showdown for the Ages

739 reactions 9 comments
Osman Chacon Please ... Alex .. can you say fuera Joh
Darolyn Stein Bellemeur Michael Bellemeur
Nick Mangione Dope
Kyla Neal Yay
Promise Aguwamba That's great

Thank you @fcbarcelona and @nike for an unforgettable night. 4-0 not bad at all.

12.5k reactions 82 comments
Marcelo Olguin And messi? Good thanks!;)
Othmane Nejmi Mehdi Slaoui khassak Twali tchaja3 FCB 😂😂😂
Mathieu Neymar Julie Mathon elle a compris qui était le meilleur club du monde 😉
Joshua Delgado Ella... Sabe! PERFECTA😍

I had very different expectations as we headed to Zanzibar. Naively I thought the culture, the people, the cities, and life would be similar than mainland Tanzania. I soon found out that Zanzibar is not only very different in all these categories than Tanzania, but they are also fighting to be their own country(they are semi-autonomous and that’s all I’ll go into about that). I met the Zanzibar Women’s Soccer team who welcomed me but also raised important issues that we spoke about at length. It wasn’t all smiles and although we share the similarity of fighting for equality in sports, these women have to fight for respect from not only their elders, but their peers and family, they are seen as wanting to be men because they play soccer, and they told me sometimes they are just tired of fighting(and i can relate to that feeling). The religion/ culture in Zanzibar is one that restricts girls from playing sports in school... it is not accepting of girls/women in sports. The boys/men also had many questions for Servando and although we spent the entire clinic playing together regardless of gender, it was apparent that our conversations would greatly vary between the boys and girls. Side note: we also got kicked off the field 15 minutes into our training because of a men’s game starting... so we played in a small area with lots of bystanders curious about what we were doing and goats roaming the grass area eating.

6.5k reactions 58 comments
Kevin Ariä Vu Inspiring! Great job Alex!
Justin Lee Rainbows
Sergio Fernandes This os amaysing . Keep going. Alex morgan
DolceMarco Venturo I just love Alex. Such a big heart.
Dhan Bamjan Tamang Interesting stuff Alex 👏👏👏

Incredible day with @IEFTZ and @sportsdiplomacy in northern Tanzania. These girls and boys are the future of Tanzania. Asante Sana @orkeeswa for sharing your stories with us and allowing us to be part of your Maasai village for the day!

5.0k reactions 45 comments
Alex Hales I like it .you are cool
Alejändrä Löpez Morgan !
Paomin Sitlhou Them calves 😍
Franco Mastroianni Beautiful Picture! Alex.M.
Miguel Beltran Love ❣

Hope is the gift on every child’s wish list. Check out how you can #GiveHope to children around the world this holiday season with UNICEF USA:

715 reactions 4 comments
Edisson Roberto Moreno Molina
Binu Kunwar Pl
Edisson Roberto Moreno Molina Ok , si señora , Gracias, Dios te bendiga.

A few tips on scoring: Concentration and Balance are 🔑. Together #WePlayStrong #PlayLikeAlex We Play Strong

5.3k reactions 64 comments
Carmen Garmendia I love you
Juan Daniel Zarauz Meyzen Mete mas goles Alex.
Sahara Reyes I love you alex 😍😍😘
Stefan Lundström I agree...110% 💪
Catalina Ramirez Rojas Mira agustina ignacia!!!⚽💞💫

A few tips on scoring: Concentration and Balance are 🔑. Together #WePlayStrong #PlayLikeAlex @weplaystrong

1.9k reactions 9 comments
Edisson Roberto Moreno Molina gracias.
Emma Rose Adam i love you so much😘😘
Luis Anthony My Live 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Love
Jonathan Reau Il love you Alex Morgan
Edisson Roberto Moreno Molina Hay Alex Morgan , ruega por mi , librame de todos los politicos , esode terror.

If you haven’t already checked out this awesome campaign We Play Strong - go do it now! #PlayLikeAlex coming soon. Together #WePlayStrong

12.9k reactions 82 comments
Luis Daniel I like you Alex
Donald Leonard Oh so gorgeous!
Alberto Rodriguez ¡Ay mi amor!❤
Facundo Belozo I love alex morgan
Melisa Ata Alex Morgan 💪❤👏

Fall in California ❤️

5.6k reactions 45 comments
Ziko Zake و انا بب؟ :(
Natalia Quiroga Eres hermosa <3 <3
Patricia Jeske Vetrhus Yep.... as fall as it gets.
Naresh Ck Love you #AlexMorgan😍😘💓💓😇😇😇
Edisson Roberto Moreno Molina ji-que pena. Dios te bendiga.

Work towards something bigger. Tell me in the comments: what mantra guides you in life? #1of1

1.0k reactions 65 comments
Edisson Roberto Moreno Molina Hola estimada , me permito escribirte para pedir concejo de trabajo y no se que decirte en eso de el mantra , explícame , tal vez estas en disposición de explicarme.
Troy Muller Blood Sweat and Respect. The first two you give, the last one you earn-The Rock
David Silva Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong.
David Silva Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect
Luchie Luciano Fear is in the future live in the now

Peaches love the Dodgers

12.3k reactions 114 comments
Mark Solis Go Stros!
Ted Tyson That really is a fantastic costume
Jerry Del Pilar And I love peaches!!
Edisson Roberto Moreno Molina ¿Cual fue el enrredo(s)? , asuntos , ¿algo que paso? , ¿Hilari habria ganado elecciones , fue por un chiste o algo y trump fue elegido?.
Casey Hammond F*** the Dodgers though

Checking out some costumes today like...

2.5k reactions 33 comments
Charona Charona Ingrid Rutjes 😍😍
Ricardo Suarez Alex Morgan Animals is Dog
Edisson Roberto Moreno Molina Correo electronico ; [email protected] si, ¿Paso que?.
Edisson Roberto Moreno Molina Bueno si , sus concejos y ... ; [email protected]
Edisson Roberto Moreno Molina ¿Luego que paso? ,¡¿se trata de coreanos?.

Had an amazing day in Atlanta today with my #CokeFamily! Thanks to all who came out to hear me share my story on all the changes in 2017 and what a great year its truly been.

2.2k reactions 22 comments
Larawan Ko You are such a great athlete Alex Morgan!
Rachel DA
Facundo Belozo I love alex morgan😍
Esteban Castillo Durán 🍺🍻🥂🥃🍸🍷🍾🍹
Ester Herrera Fans # 1 ★ ♥

Every drop of sweat, every grass stain, every failure, and every triumph is leading to something so much more. Thank you @beatsbydre for the #1of1 headphones. Tell us about yours, @shaunwhite

9.0k reactions 81 comments
Wares Alavi Good luck!
Lauren Elyse Why is your shirt ripped? 😂
Ricardo Suarez Alex Morgan Hello Alex Morgan your name is Ricky
Baylor Bennett You down to pound some craft brew Alex?
Gary Pierre Bad things might happen , you are a legend .I believe in you.

Gameday in Portland! 12:30pm PT / 3:30pm ET on @lifetimetv #PrideInPlayoffs

8.9k reactions 77 comments
Marleny Paredes Burgos Al menos soy uno de los primeros comentarios jeje
Gilberto Farias Diaz She's the best 😳
John Sullivan Win win win!
Raoul Enriquez Primer comentario te amo alex :v
Michael Estlund Will you be drunk?

Squad ⬆️ #PrideInPlayoffs

3.3k reactions 29 comments
Larawan Ko Please win Alex Morgan!
Daniel Cosentino Ur so beautiful Alex
Moody Saaber inebriated :(
David Silva Nice body
David Horn W

Annual around the world in 8 hours. No big. #epcot

3.7k reactions 30 comments
Nicole LePetri Richard Piano
Amy Cameron Grimes Scheele Grimes
Makoto Kunimura Please come to japan♪♪
Lourdes Diaz ❤️
Athraa M Ismael ❤️

Let’s go! Last regular season game vs. NC at 7:30pm ET ⚽️

9.3k reactions 46 comments
Sergio Zasio come è andata?
Maja Gas-Jorgic Y'all played great
Gabriela Bonilla Alex Morgan⚽😙Jugadora Fav.😍
Frank Garcia #justwinbab #loveyoubaby
Ayoub Oujaà أللف مبروك

#Repost @orlpride ・・・ Playoffs clinched! History made, but now it’s time to go to work. 😈 -------------------- We have worked so hard and fought passionately to get back into a playoff spot and we finally have claimed it!

1.8k reactions 18 comments
Dale Jones So proud of the Orlando Pride!
Bayani de Dios Yes congratulation.
Christian Piris Buena suerte
Christopher Meaney Go for it, girl. I'm rooting for ya.

Don’t miss our final regular season home game today! #ORLvPOR 3:30pm ET on @lifetimetv 💪🏼

15.4k reactions 57 comments
Katherin Bonilla the best💓💓
Jorge Alves Bom jogo
Castro Rodriguez Cali Preciosa Morgan te amo 🌹😍💙
Joshua Delgado VAMOS! MI AMOR😍
Angel Săftoiu te iubesc <3

Watch us take on New Zealand today at 4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET on FS1! 📷#ISIPhotos

8.5k reactions 56 comments
Frank Garcia #youthebestbaby
Cal Westland Good luck!!
Joshua Delgado A seguir en llamas! 🔥⚽😏 MI AMOR! 😍💘
Eri Reyes Where is #17?? 🙄
Vila Phonh goodluck ladies !

Gameday! #USWNT vs New Zealand, 7pm PT / 10pm ET on ESPN2

8.5k reactions 50 comments
Adnan Limane Alex 💚
Natasha Brown GOAALLLLL
Eric Buehler When are you playing in New York???
Macilia Amazigh Alex 😍

I’m proud to stand alongside Megan Rapinoe as the first female players to join #CommonGoal. Juan Mata and Mats Hummels, pleasure to team up in the name of social change.

6.3k reactions 42 comments
Efrain Gonzálezrubio Pérez ALEX MORGAN HERMOSA
Alex Davila Montalvan 😍😍😍 Alex Morgan
Travis Haynes What's Common Goal?
Nick McCartan Brilliant Alex
Insaf Labben alex morgan <3

The Games are back! #LA2028 #FollowTheSun LA2028

7.6k reactions 80 comments
Carlos Vázquez Suárez Vente para Europa o estás cagada?....echaste 2 meses en PSG y te cagaste?
Subas Tamang A lots of ton of love from Nepal..
Mo Belal Why you leave Lyons? 😰😰😰
Yaman Reali Super

Merci pour tout @OL. A big thank you to my teammates, coaches, the club, and OL fans.

21.7k reactions 170 comments
Jenifer Muro Gallardo Alex Morgan I Love You❤😍😍⚽
Tanguy Husson Donovan Durbiano on l'aura vu au moins une fois ;)
Emi Weibel Smith Matt Burnsworth does this shirt look familiar?! 😘
Bayani de Dios Congratulations! Your team won yesterday.
Donald Leonard Oh so hot and talented as well!

Gameday! Back in Orlando vs Boston. Stream live online at 7:30pm ET on National Women's Soccer League. We are also collecting Hurricane Harvey relief goods at the stadium today.

9.5k reactions 42 comments
Wearemanutd Valuable Post !
Ki Dus I wish I could watch
Farhad Khan Super
Christopher Meaney Go kill it, girl! We love you!
Frank Garcia #TEAMOALEXMORGAN #justwinbabyAlex

Gameday! Watch us live on @lifetimetv at 3:30pm ET!

5.2k reactions 23 comments
Normarie Castillo Amanda Sofia Martínez your Soccer female idol 😍
Sinara Non 💜💜💜💜💜
Fayçal Farouk Malik Mutlu Tes trop bonne alex viens on ken 💜
Mario Jimenez Pérez 9
Bayani de Dios Good luck.
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