Alessandra Ambrosio
18:03 11/13/2017

Monday Blues…. 👖💙 Jordache

Monday Blues…. 👖💙 Jordache

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Timothy Arnwine
Any day with you would never be blue
Valentine Zamora
Lovely as always!!!
Tyrell Grey
Have a blessed day <3
Vitor Fonseca
Rainha! Alessandra, paga uma viagem pra eu ir ver o desfile da VS em Shangai? Por favorrr
Julio Mateus
Calças são Revolve e sapatos Manollo ?? =) =) Porra pelo tamanho dos teus pés e das tuas mão tens de encomendar Sapato Manollo de encomenda !! =) =) =) o teu polegar dos pés é grande para caramba =) =)
Julio Mateus
Olha também vou bater uma sorna e chega-te para lá um pouco !! <3 =) Boa noite de sonhos <3 xoxo <3 TAAAPL4EVER <3 T.A <3
Iara Corcetti
Boa noite peço a colaboração se possivel o patrocínio desta conceituada loja para o mister mirim Miguel Mariano...ele estara disputando o Titulo para Pirassununga no concurso Mister Estado de Sao Paulo...grande abraço
Vedat Bulguroğlu
I wish I could answer once. for me the meaning of life
Salvatore Stalyn Jeff
Hermosos pantalones y lindura de mujer que belleza no exacta pero que encanta
Ilona Pap
Monday blue jeans. What's in store for tenacious about Montreal street wear. 😘
Shawn Ballinger
aaawww want me to count your piggies then give you a foot massage?
Danny Reyes
your dad ,must be a boxer cause your a knockout
William Martinez Morales
no he tenido el honor al coincidir contigo >pero me gusta tu trabajo agur bello glamoure
Kevin Duke
Ode to the sexinal oops sectional LOL
Enrique Ventura
Haven't wore those jeans since a teen.

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Salt water cure 💦

3.0k reactions 121 comments
Mike Steele 🦁Have fun beautiful...😁😜🐴✨
Vladimir Yorgo Hello Alessandra 😊
Anthony Gonzalvez Enjoy .
Gustavo Adolfo Gonzalez Maynez Pura bellezas
Marcos Vinnícius good vibes only

Angel with a rock n’ roll heart ⚡️

12.7k reactions 233 comments
Kristal Hall Tammy Hello any good man up here...please be real
Adam Mcgilvray Sexy sexy yummy mummy i want to kiss you from head to toe
Марти Топалов Beautiful and sweet Alessandra! Gorgeous photo!
Ron Cox Awesome, love the Stones.
Matt Jeffrey Dunning That's really awesome!

Do not disturb 😴.. Vogue Portugal

4.3k reactions 119 comments
Luis Fernando Riscado Da Silveira Silveira Linda e maravilhosa
James Armstrong Beautiful lady
Jal Wolf Fur? 👎
Michel P. Buzas !!! Fur is murder !!! 🤭
Beheschta Aber Alejandro alejandro, write mee!

Florianopolis ❤️

2.7k reactions 75 comments
Antonio Antoniello Bellissima coppia
James Armstrong My beautiful. Angel
Harri Pinta Sweet weekend miss ambrosio
George M. Rivera Quenepas!! <3
Julio Mateus You're a sexy yummy mummy hulla hulla feijão feijão golo golo

Aspen mood 🌾 #vsholiday Victoria's Secret 📷: Russell James

7.0k reactions 155 comments
Tyrell Grey Giddy up cowgirl 💯👍👍
Ken Lund Love that mood, Alexandra.....Sehr Schön.
Milenko Babic Magic
Timothy Arnwine Pure perfection
Jorge Moya this dream is just to real......xoxoxoxoxox ONLY THE TEARS OF YOUR HEART SCREAMS THE LOVE IT HAS IN ME ...

Once a mermaid, always a mermaid 💙

11.9k reactions 160 comments
Milenko Babic Sun Golden
Timothy Arnwine You are a Goddess....
Eddy Eng Beautiful and delicious 💕👅💕
Jenny June Ism That's lust!!!
Elias Duarte-Lopez What a beatiful picture ;) :P

Shine on like the whole world is yours.. Jacquie Aiche Jewelry

1.4k reactions 308 comments
Max Par If your whole world is mine ... ain’t no jewelry so fine ...
Federico Clemente Hello my sweet and sensual love, I remember you and I miss Alessandra WHEN I'M INSIDE YOU When I am inside of you caressing your breasts kissing you with the look moistened in love. As if a drizzle slowly soak it then flight with wings of the ...
Sara No-h Always one of my favorites! Absolutely stunning!
Robert Marwick Personally, im bracing myself for a full beaming
William Lesage David Guetta # The World is Mine (Official Video). √

Out of this world 💫💫 DAY 9: LOVE Advent 2017 by Hannah Lux #loveadvent

2.8k reactions 87 comments
Sławomir Grodzki Beauty
Julio Mateus Sou contra a violência e o uso de armas !
James Armstrong Beautiful thats my angel xoxo
Stefan DieStefan Wow, this clip is so amazing, have to save this 😍
Mario Lopez So, if you feel like making an interstellar trip !!!!... 💓💓💓💓💓

Back in my element ✌️

6.1k reactions 117 comments
Elias Duarte-Lopez Sexy babe ;)
Malwina Binkiewicz Pięknie zdjęcie
Milenko Babic Sunrise perfect
Dan Meagher Girl your element is gorgeous
Donald Lawrence Beautiful

ale | Setting Realistic 2018 Resolutions

ale | Setting Realistic 2018 Resolutions
ale | Setting Realistic 2018 Resolutions

January 9, 2018 by Suyen in Health/Fitness Cover-Up Each New Year is a chance to refresh and start the new year off with a bang! Don’t pigeonhole yourself with resolutions that you’re bound to fail or soon forget. It’s easy to go by the old standards of eating healthy, losing weight and saving...

287 reactions 10 comments
Javier Machado
Julio Mateus Keep calm =)
Julio Mateus Afinal os Anjos não têm mesmo costas !! =)
Brett Begley Was wondering where she got that from. It's AL 😃
Beheschta Aber You are really in deep trance..

Backyard Paradise ☀️💦 #foreveronvacation

11.6k reactions 203 comments
Elias Duarte-Lopez WOW ;)
Milenko Babic I Love you
Benoit Morin Eloi Bilodeau quand est ce que tu prends tes vacances?
Jubaitul Arefin searching for penaldo haa?
Julio Mateus Sunday fun day ☀️💦

📸 📸 Vogue Portugal January 2018 by Branislav Simoncik

2.5k reactions 154 comments
Tim Adams Oh my
Todd Michaud fractal.
Dan Lord Love you Alé ! <3
Negin Kia Manesh Souzi Zahed آب دستته بپاش تو باغچه بیا اینجا😨😨😨😨😨😨
Monta' Prall Toasty 🔥 Love itt

😘 my little angel 👼🏼

12.0k reactions 132 comments
Elias Jabbour حاج تتمايعي ولي نقبري عالبيت
Yoel Fernandez Como esa niña ya de grande, siguiendo los pasos de su mamá 🍾👏🎉
Milenko Babic Goddess Alessandra Ambrosio
Rimas Graks .... yes really the little angel of beauty, and the BOY AND THE MOST LOVE TO THE MOMA LIKE SUPER ANGEL ......
Stephen Ray She is a precious little angel. Does she realize her Mommy is the most perfect Woman in the world?

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. – Mark Twain

7.1k reactions 170 comments
Jeffrey Robert Anderson You all piked a fight with the wrong Man over her. (Exodus 15:3) The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.
Travis Miller Not everyone gets rich for being beautiful and gets to explore the whole world at their leisure. I have been to St. Martin, and Mexico. Both had great beaches, but this was a family vacation, years ago. I’d travel more if I had more money, believe ...
Matt Jeffrey Dunning I wish it where that easy. It is a encouraging quote though.
Slobodan Jevremovic ..but,without love journey is wasting time. Still,it's sound like squeezing something
Alastair Acheson I love this motivation stuff, they turn all the situations in whatever we want to listen.

Kicking off the new year with my girls

4.6k reactions 83 comments
Sergio Gimenez Todas um encanto
Antonio Antoniello Wow siete magiche
Anthony Gonzalvez Happy New Year. Enjoy .
Armando Francisco de Nardi Lindisimo ano de 2018 para vcs, Deus os abençoem!
James Armstrong Beautiful photo

#latepost Feliz Natal 🌟❤️🌟 Merry Christmas

3.5k reactions 94 comments
Luis Tarkan Brautiful famiy a happy new year
Julio Mateus Happy new year😘 wishes
Sławomir Grodzki Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :-)
Milenko Babic Family Beautiful
Jorge Cavalcanti Em dobro a Você e toda essa bela familia! Muito sucesso em 2018

Easy rider 😎 Happy holidays!! Day 21: LOVE advent by Doug Inglish #LOVEADVENT

2.9k reactions 103 comments
Bruno Donadel Vaz Espetáculo
Nik Reece merry xmas you royal hotness...
James Armstrong Merry Christmas Alessandra xo
Will Senne Klaar voor een ritje Dennis. Zie het wel zitten.
Julio Mateus eu marca é a mota só consigo olhar para a motoqueira !! <3 =)

NEW ✨ Vogue Portugal #2018tolove

4.0k reactions 86 comments
Antonio Antoniello Super bella
Juan Burgos bella
James Armstrong Beautiful photo
Julio Mateus Maravilhosa <3
Zolnay Attila Awesome !

Best way to relax… Victoria's Secret #vsholiday shot by Russell James

7.9k reactions 154 comments
Julio Mateus you are always the Best in the style and performance with power engine and sunshine the landscape ! # OMG atirameaguafria
Mike Soukup Somehow, I am most DEFINITELY "not relaxed".... ;-)
Arvidas Dugnas you are always the Best in the style - tobula nuotrauka, beuty in the beautiful place
Pablo Febres Cordero Very Beautiful Alessandra The Queen!
Jason Miller This is the most amazing photo on the Internet

Sparkling OMEGA Watches #seamasteraquaterra

3.9k reactions 94 comments
Serzh Permyakoff Красивые часы !!
Juan Burgos bella modelo
Aldo Blaso Beutiful Brazil! Alessandra Ambrósio
James Armstrong Beautiful photo
Sławomir Grodzki Pretty

Outfit of the night 🌙 RIMOWA

9.2k reactions 161 comments
Sławomir Grodzki Beautiful
Aldo Blaso Muito bonita! Alessandra Ambrósio Brazil
Julio Mateus Very Elegant
Qaisar Ilyas Beautiful
Julio Mateus Bonita

Yeahhhh .... vacation mode 🔛✌️🏝 home sweet home Jordache #jordache #foreveronvacation

7.3k reactions 110 comments
Aldo Blaso Sabemos que é vc até de costas! Alessandra Ambrósio Brazil
Julio Mateus Beautiful sweetie home <3 TAAAPL4EVER <3
Raquel Smith Torres The best days are when you're at home with your family.
Francis Vidal Laguna Las modelos tienen vacaciones toda la vida.
Jeffrey Robert Anderson I will be home when I am finished with my rounds

We’re here for the celebrations! Ciroc #OnArrival 🍸🎉

3.4k reactions 68 comments
Julio Mateus 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼 Bon Apetite Madame Ambrósio hoje apetece-me algo !
James Armstrong Beautiful photo
Max Par Must be cool to be paid to party... Having no responsibility..
Axel Maximilien Vanlangendonck 48/5000 pics alcohol with on social network is forbidden ... I dont agree ...
Axel Maximilien Vanlangendonck Pay for you ugly pics to kill me ...hahahahahaha

Howdy, cowgirl 🌾 #vsholiday

7.0k reactions 138 comments
James Armstrong Beautiful lady
Dusan Pavlovic Cowboy can you ride my horse....
Tyrell Grey Have a giddy up Thursday <3
Ronnie Angel yes, VS holiday is sweet with leather gorgeous Angels at the ranch <3 gosh Aless, so stunning enchanting pose curves, sweet pic 😉 fevery slip into vs lingerie, pretend at ranch 💋
Timothy Arnwine Cowgirl, city girl....the sexiest woman alive

ale | Protect Your Locks During Winter

ale | Protect Your Locks During Winter
ale | Protect Your Locks During Winter

December 11, 2017 by Suyen in Beauty Coat | Dress With every new season, comes a new wardrobe, and the same goes for your hair! Just as you tailor your outfits to the temperature outside, you should think of your hair as the same. We’re so excited to start breaking out our long coats, thigh-high b...

628 reactions 19 comments
Eliél Jum gata eu não sou cachoeira mas tenho uma queda por você
Sergio Manchego 🤔💛🤔👑👌👌..
Victor Hugo Ortega Martrinez Muy linda
Mary Ness-Helm Beautiful Alessandra
Bob Sawyer Good advice thanks for sharing

Diving in.. OMEGA Watches #SeamasterAquaTerra

2.9k reactions 91 comments
Aldo Blaso Maravilha! O relógio!
Harjot Singh Yes...... I'm looking at the watch
Jaume Zeta Beautiful
Timothy Arnwine You add beauty to any scenery
James Armstrong Beautiful lady

Bubble bath time 💦🛁 MARAJO Hair

2.1k reactions 70 comments
Stuart Graham Have a nice day beautiful
André Augusto Delicia
Aditya Deo #Angle
Marcos Zaia Um charme
Rade Babic Ima li jedno mjesto u kadi.

Shanghai nights 🌙

8.2k reactions 119 comments
James Armstrong Beautiful. Photo
Timothy Arnwine Heavenly...any night, anywhere
Dewald van Rooyen Beatriz on Shanghai layover... 😏
Julio Mateus Nice !...Very very nice Thank you God for this!! Beautiful. Photo, Your so sexy sexy Woman, There is no comparison of you in whole universe, Thank you God for this!!
Fernando De La Cruz Thank you God for this!!

627 reactions 27 comments
Matthew Meeler
SunIl TheakkumkattIl Ooooooooo
Paulo Guape Nice 😊💜
Jeffrey Robert Anderson Straight arrows fly true...jeff
Paula Honda ❤️❤️❤️

Não percam! #VSFS2017 daqui a pouco no TNT!

6.1k reactions 133 comments
Sergio Gimenez Linda❤👏👏
James Armstrong Beautiful lady xoxo
Alarcon Garcia Alfonso Cuando te enamoras solo crees en lo que sientes, lo demas no es mi problema es problema de los demas.
Robbie Maxwell Chand On dragon of jah *™😠
Jeffrey Robert Anderson "One will never separate a man's conscience from his workmanship to answer in ending; always do your best" jeff
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