Alessandra Ambrosio
18:03 11/13/2017

Monday Blues…. 👖💙 Jordache

Monday Blues…. 👖💙 Jordache

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Timothy Arnwine
Any day with you would never be blue
Valentine Zamora
Lovely as always!!!
Tyrell Grey
Have a blessed day <3
Vitor Fonseca
Rainha! Alessandra, paga uma viagem pra eu ir ver o desfile da VS em Shangai? Por favorrr
Julio Mateus
Calças são Revolve e sapatos Manollo ?? =) =) Porra pelo tamanho dos teus pés e das tuas mão tens de encomendar Sapato Manollo de encomenda !! =) =) =) o teu polegar dos pés é grande para caramba =) =)
Julio Mateus
Olha também vou bater uma sorna e chega-te para lá um pouco !! <3 =) Boa noite de sonhos <3 xoxo <3 TAAAPL4EVER <3 T.A <3
Iara Corcetti
Boa noite peço a colaboração se possivel o patrocínio desta conceituada loja para o mister mirim Miguel Mariano...ele estara disputando o Titulo para Pirassununga no concurso Mister Estado de Sao Paulo...grande abraço
Vedat Bulguroğlu
I wish I could answer once. for me the meaning of life
Salvatore Stalyn Jeff
Hermosos pantalones y lindura de mujer que belleza no exacta pero que encanta
Ilona Pap
Monday blue jeans. What's in store for tenacious about Montreal street wear. 😘
Shawn Ballinger
aaawww want me to count your piggies then give you a foot massage?
Danny Reyes
your dad ,must be a boxer cause your a knockout
William Martinez Morales
no he tenido el honor al coincidir contigo >pero me gusta tu trabajo agur bello glamoure
Kevin Duke
Ode to the sexinal oops sectional LOL
Enrique Ventura
Haven't wore those jeans since a teen.

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Falling for fall 🍁

2.0k reactions 90 comments
Sergio Gimenez Um encanto 🎼❤🐝
John M Santa Cruz EYE’z FALLING F💋R AN ANGEL 🌬💋💋
Kenneth Taylor Gorgeous
Antonio Antoniello Magica e stupenda
Jose Joao Scomparin Linda

Train like an angel Victoria's Secret

2.8k reactions 62 comments
Arthur Paredez Angel.
Arthur Paredez I love these words: train like an
Jose Elias Reyes Sanchez Sexiguapa
Sergio Gimenez Linda❤😱🐝
Juan Burgos Bella

The only true failure is giving up.

4.5k reactions 134 comments
Johnathan Lim Cheng #HottestYummiestMomEver 😍😍😍😍😍
James Armstrong Wow so beautiful a jaw dropping photo
Timothy Arnwine I could drown in your loving
Michael Panfil +-1X
Saurav Agarwal marry me princess ....I dont need your wealth...nor your luxuries just u

Keeping it classic with cat eyes.. ále by Alessandra:

4.9k reactions 100 comments
Sergio Gimenez Magnífica 🌹😱🐝❤
Juan Burgos Bella modelo
Rajendran Cp Good morning
James Armstrong Triple play love you babe xoxo

294 reactions 16 comments
Jo Fo Yes! ❤️😇
Toni Mardjonovic Chiara Kneißl sollte mein Spruch sein, oder?
Paulo Guape Nice ☺💓
Wempzy A. Windenberg 🙂
Kevin Duke Touche

Menswear with a sexy twist 😉

4.1k reactions 54 comments
Shawn Ballinger im only at your feet becuz your statuesque..
Jose Elias Reyes Sanchez GUAPA
James Armstrong Looking good xoxo
Georgios Rigopoulos 🌟nice shoot....bonjour 🌂
Juan Burgos Bella modelo

There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.

4.3k reactions 115 comments
Sergio Gimenez Encantadora🐅🐝🐅
Alberto Gallucci Nobody like you ❤️
Valentine Zamora Stunning!!!
James Armstrong My favorite model love ya xoxo
Eddy Eng Delicious A🍑🍑

ale | Ultimate Coat Guide

ale | Ultimate Coat Guide
ale | Ultimate Coat Guide

November 13, 2017 by Suyen in Fashion Fall is finally in the air and it’s officially time to break out your fall and winter coats! Fall fashion is all about layering, so we’re showing you 5 easy ways to layer your favorite coats inspired by our street style queen, Angel Alessandra. Mayara Coat | Cha...

561 reactions 11 comments
Alexz Brai @ [ Zovans Movies =>PLAYNOW>> THOR RAGNAROK HD {2017}
James Armstrong Nice photo
Imran Cheena Khan I thought we have a very short life then I thought what we should do now for this our short life then I thought we should spend this our short life together... <3 :* <3

493 reactions 23 comments
Kiril Kalaijiev true
Maurice Ashford NO Victor Cruz Secrets in MOi closet. MEN LIE, woMEN LIE...Facebook EDIT, Grizzlie BEAR SECRETS.
Georgios Rigopoulos 👩‍🏫......😘....
Tony Browning 💛
Dane Decorah 👍👍ALRIGHT👍👍

Finishing touches ✨

3.7k reactions 73 comments
Robert Pereda Así me gustaría verte siempre...
Robert Pereda Menos en un sitio.
Olga Artur Linda, amo-te muito!
Nik Reece Absolutely stunning.. X
Sergio Gimenez Linda❤🐝😱

Lady in Red ❤️💋 OMEGA Watches #seamasteraquaterra

3.7k reactions 74 comments
Brett Begley Awww Sheats!!! 😣
Jose Elias Reyes Sanchez Muy hermosa
Felipe Scheid Agora um Vanquish Aston Martin, 007ta
Jose Raschi Muy Elegante Alessandra.
Julio Mateus Beautiful and Elegant <3

Hitting the high sea with OMEGA Watches

4.6k reactions 61 comments
Juan Burgos Bella
Antonio Antoniello Magica
Sergio Gimenez Encanto🐝😰💞
Troy Hankerson Beautiful
Umberto Pignata TOP

If you believe in yourself, have dedication, pride, and that never quit attitude, you will be a winner.

8.6k reactions 140 comments
Hari Boshnakov ventura vaffanculo
Pete Paras I believe in you and thank God for you and the wise words of wisdom.
Loreto Almine You right baby pretty,love u.n.pres/wbpres intl
Chad Lloyd Reinhold Nice shot Alessandra Ambrosio Fkn Sexy As Hell Girl
Dan Trap Pero que lindura, miren nada mas. Aparte fina y elegante. ""Mujeron""💓💓💓

Monday Blues…. 👖💙 Jordache

4.1k reactions 139 comments
Timothy Arnwine Any day with you would never be blue
Valentine Zamora Lovely as always!!!
Tyrell Grey Have a blessed day <3
Vitor Fonseca Rainha! Alessandra, paga uma viagem pra eu ir ver o desfile da VS em Shangai? Por favorrr
Julio Mateus Calças são Revolve e sapatos Manollo ?? =) =) Porra pelo tamanho dos teus pés e das tuas mão tens de encomendar Sapato Manollo de encomenda !! =) =) =) o teu polegar dos pés é grande para caramba =) =)

624 reactions 28 comments
Cary Munson BURN
Matthew Meeler
Khawla Ecb Yasmine Khaldoun 😘
Dedra Lutz Decker <3
Cristián Alvarez Rebecca Sascha Anna woooord🙏

Sometimes all you need, is someone who can make you smile.

6.0k reactions 122 comments
Anna Namyotova polka dot dress and those purple shoes !! <3 <3
Elias Duarte-Lopez You make me smile :D
Ahmed Ali I always love you
Stephen Ray I would give both of my arms just to help you smile one time
Ilona Pap I know i can surely make you smile my honey

1.1k reactions 31 comments
Matthew Meeler
Andre Vannes 🏂🏂🏂
Mia DeVille YES... <3
Kiril Kalaijiev very true
Lena Milano true

Figure out what makes you happy and do more of it. Figure out what doesn't, and do less of it.

6.0k reactions 97 comments
Pornchai Kaenmueang Your smile beautiful girl.
John M Santa Cruz Y💋U AND Y💋UR S💋UL MAKES ME SMILE 👉🏻😎👈🏻
Sławomir Grodzki Beauty
Rajendran Cp Good morning
Alberto Gallucci Tu sei pazzesca. Sei l'esempio più bello di cos'è il bello

487 reactions 17 comments
Toni Mardjonovic Chiara Kneißl
Mia DeVille <3
Georgios Rigopoulos 👍
Moussaab Bouzidi 👌👌❤
Enrique Ventura Hope so

My happy place 🌅

2.2k reactions 83 comments
Rajendran Cp Nice destination
Antonio Antoniello Complimenti
Salys Henderson I bet, beauty
Tyrell Grey Magnificent view <3
Georgios Rigopoulos 👌🌴


2.9k reactions 79 comments
Sławomir Grodzki Beautiful
Joziane Santos Que Bella mulher, lindíssima
Antonio Antoniello Super eccentrica
Luciano Ferrucci Divina Bellezza da spezzare il fiato! Magnifica Ale.
Oscar Domingos Rovai Rovai Parabéns!!!Princesa Linda!!!Amei. *Uma mulher:Atraente,Linda,Sensual e Sexy* Beijos!!!

Feels like fall 🍁 All new ále by Alessandra at REVOLVE:

3.1k reactions 82 comments
Махмуд Осман Абу Крем Солнце женщин👸🌞
Adrian Diaur too much photoshop... sorry
Sławomir Grodzki Looking beautiful
Antonio Antoniello Fantastica
Timothy Arnwine Any season is incredible with you

ale | VS Fashion Show Workout

ale | VS Fashion Show Workout
ale | VS Fashion Show Workout

November 8, 2017 by Suyen in Health/Fitness Want to be an angel? While we may not be able to grant you the title of Victoria’s Secret Angel, we may be able to help you get one step closer to that goal by giving you the tips and tricks that our lovely Alessandra lives by. CAUTION this will not be eve...

445 reactions 13 comments
Mark Xaver i'll try that
Troy Hankerson Healthy thighs
Josie Cansieco Souza 😍 linda Sou sua fã
Dražen Šoda she is smart
James Armstrong Burn it babe

685 reactions 15 comments
Jonathan Malin Nicole Malin
David Somalo Planillo You’re a such smart girl....
Fernando Roa Elumba Hehe
Kiril Kalaijiev you are right
Julio Mateus é a tua bisavó !! <3

Are you ready for some holiday fun? Catch #DaddysHome2 in theaters today! I had so much fun working on this project Daddy's Home !

1.6k reactions 36 comments
Ивайло Илиев Болгуров Болгуров 😁
Troy Hankerson Congrats
Francis Mayango Jallah C!>⁴⁴ O!>⁴⁴ A!>⁴⁴ C!>⁴⁴ H!>⁴⁴
Kevin Duke Wow so you are a movie star now
Ivan Murillo Gorgeous Alessandra my love.

#TBT Runway moments

4.8k reactions 87 comments
Juan Burgos Bella modelo
Kenneth Taylor Gorgeous
Bill Fletcher That smile! OMG!
Darwin Soares Junior Angel how are you?
Rajendran Cp Best smile


7.1k reactions 141 comments
Antonio Antoniello Wow super bellissima
David Lamar Christensen That’s f ING dope!
George Leal Love the outfit
William Moore That is the dumbest looking get up. Bra, panties and heels alone would be sexier than all that.
Julio Mateus She’s always looking amazing !! Hubba Hubba Arriba Arriba speedy Gonzalez <3 xoxo

707 reactions 19 comments
Steven Coldron what story?
Paulo Guape Nice ☺💜
Kiril Kalaijiev yes
Ивайло Илиев Болгуров Болгуров 🙂
Mike Steele 🍍😎🍕💪👌

Blazers and boots kinda day 👌

5.5k reactions 107 comments
José Ramón Dávila Salute!!
Antonio Antoniello Super fantastica
Timothy Arnwine Sexy...but any day is sexy...with you
Georgios Rigopoulos 10🌟
Alyssa Johnson Gorgeous ❤️

Be thankful for everybody in your life, good and bad, past and present. They all made you the person that you are today.

2.4k reactions 27 comments
Enrico Parenti ❤❤❤❤
Rodolfo Solis Estuvo buena el after party Juan Carlos Francis Villanueva ?
Tracy Cx ❤️
Angel Sosa Rod Rob Chapul me vengo como caballo 😂😂😂😂
Aristóteles Júnior 😁😝😵 in
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