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உன்ன ஒத்து தல்ல்லி என் சுண்ணிய உன்ன ஊம்ப விட்டு விந்துவை உன் மொகத்துல பேசி அடிக்கனும்டி <3
Yunus Emre Mızrak
İnsan mısın sen oruspu cocugu
Michael Mishoe
It is a born in you thing the use of the eyes to convey the affection in the moment
Luiz Gustavo
The most beautiful girl in the world.
Alberto Rojas Ochoa
Nena estas hecha toda una vampiresa, un besote mi Reina, cuidado con los lobos que están aullando (Auuuuuuuuuuuuuu), 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
The Law of Attraction _ What we think we become.
The most beautiful people you'll ever meet aren't always the ones who catch your eyes first. No, the most beautiful are the ones that can never be figured out. The one you could talk with for many hours and still have a million things to ask. The people who have mind so lovely and special, you can help but fall in love with them.
Aleksandar Timev
Bajdavei hoor cenot bi dajmant is tu agli ivan for a wic hihihi
Aleksandar Timev
Hiar is the nu agli stuped wic is sou stuped dhet ivan shi canot bikaim a vic enivwear nouwhan love hr ivan hr cids it is dou mac agli sould dhet shi given pusi tu the agli guru in hool woorld hibihi
Onur Bayraktar
Kızım bak o hapları içme artık ...İçiyosun sonra far görmüş tavşan gibi kitlenip düz bakıyosun...Kızım bi toplan kendine gel dua okunuyor ya ayıptır ya cenazedeyiz
Woody L Sery
Very beautiful looking picture so incredibly attractive looking absolutely gorgeous Adriana Go Team Lima
José Antônio Ribeiro
Adriana Lima ,sempre deslumbrante pela sua beleza única e singular,.....Parabéns pela sua simpatia .👏
Eric de Laudébit
The Law of Attraction
I've learnt with time that those who have to leave will do so no matter what you do.. Forever is a lie.. Yet the statement is partially right because, remember, those who stay will always be there.. It is up to you to choose well.. Don't blame life..
Vadym Zaslavsky
I wish you to have man love you for real and if it can be me - first day you say i marry you ...
Emilia Perez Obando
Buenas noches hermosa.... De mirada tan Especial...... El Ángel maravilloso. Bendiciones corazón. Besitos..... Q tengas una hermosa semana Dios con ustedes........ TK.

Other newsfeed from Adriana Lima

💜I had received a call for the possibility of filming a sexy video of me to be posted and shared in social media. Even though I have done many of this type, something had changed in me, when a friend approached me to share that she was unhappy with her body, then it made me think.... that everyday in my life, I wake up thinking, how do I look? Was I going to be accepted in my job? And in that moment I realized that majority of woman probably wake up every morning trying to fit in a stereotype that Society/socialmedia/fashion etc imposed.... i thought that’s not a way of living and beyond that.... that’s not physically and mentally healthy, so I decided to make that change..... I will not take of my clothes anymore for a empty cause.....💜✨ #Embraceyouself #natureisbeautiful #naturalissexy #LOVEYOU 💜✨

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Bill Savva Tamara Jaric reckons king David is gay, and going put a strap on on me ,Serbian power how about u get a bullet in the middle of your head.
Vadym Zaslavsky i knew about you later than all and was shocked about your kindness, purity and decency, real example and lady of my dream!
Arturo Vela She unfollowed all people from victoria's secret guys, so yes.... This show was the last as Alessandra as well
Miguel Macias I love ❤️ u as you are ! You are always smiling and you are very happy 😊 person that's all I want from you your happiness every moment!
Rafael Inclan Ortiz This is why we love you and believe in you the lovely human beign you are not a empty body, you are a whole love soul pure heart Adriana

💖✨Met these beautiful souls last night Rita Ora and Ricky Martin, I usually don’t post #tbt posts, but they surely did make it special, how refreshing to meet 2 beyond talented musicians that I happen to be a fan and to have the chance to feel how genuine, sincere, beautiful hearted they are..... I can affirm what a honor to have the opportunity meet you. Much love and much success to come on your ways from the bottom of my 💜 💖❤️ ✨

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Teodorika Panayotova @ Vasilena Boyadzhieva кои са тези грозните и защо пипат Рикито...😂
Russell Nading wow waht a threesome of all delights coastal mostal
David T. Romig You have done something amazing and new to your look. What is it ?
Gareth Wilson Rita always looks like she just taken a hit from that mega CrackPipe‼️
Nicholas Louvar Super look sugar snapping at the college football awards huge talent bigger winners.

Thank you Chopard #ChopardxMiami for a beautiful evening 💖💖

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Salvatore Stalyn Jeff Hermosa mujer como digo atractivo que encanta ala pulcretud de vestir alegra la vista :-o levanta muertos #adrianalima 0:) un hermoso año con su vestir luce hermosa :-#
Vadym Zaslavsky Thank you for you are, great lady, love to you!
Larran Lee You were awesome in the VS show.
Alberto Deregibus La tua bellezza non ha eguali!!!!! Meravigliosa Adriana baci 😘😍

💋Beauties! It’s almost time for American Beauty Star! Who do you think will be the #AmericanBeautyStar!? Tune into Lifetime at 10:30/9:30c and join me on my Twitter and Instastories to let me know what you think of the looks! 💫

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Iskander Mitt Adriana Lima super ♥
William Bender Beyond beautiful
Cee Green #Teamcory
Eliz Olivera very cute
Cihan Aslan what are you doing with your enlightened friend

✨TODAY IS THE DAY!✨ The season finale of American Beauty Star with our very special guest, the ICONIC Christie Brinkley comes on TONIGHT at 10:30/9:30c on Lifetime! I’m so excited!!!

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Ester Sadk Bellezas
Fernando Peña ADRIANA ❤💕💖💗🌹
Salys Henderson Looking forward to it
Douglas Mitchell Jarboe Did I miss something. I am stunned!
Predoiu Andrei Hai să-ți trăiască aia bătrâna

That’s a wrap Shanghai! What an incredibly beautiful, interesting, and mysterious adventure. Victoria's Secret #VSFashionShow

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Alice Montemayor hi adriana oh my the queen of queens!
Thomas A Mundy The consament pro, with beauty beyond compare
Iraquitan Cavalcanti Baiana arretada de linda!! Ela é Brasil, ela é nordeste. Vá e arrase querida!!
Lia Rubio How sexy for God you are the best angel of victories secrets, unique and beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍
Lex Luther Beautiful face, but I need hips gurlll lol

It’s almost time for Tarek Amer! Tune into Lifetime NOW for the Teen Vogue Challenge and join me on my Twitter and Instastories! We have A LOT to talk about tonight. #AmericanBeautyStar

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Florina Zamfir :)
Florina Zamfir :)
Wild Max :)
Florina Zamfir :)
Florina Zamfir :)

American Beauty Star is giving beauty a voice with Teen Vogue and our very special guest judge, their Editor in Chief Elaine Welteroth. Watch TONIGHT at 10:30/9:30pmC on Lifetime! #AmericanBeautyStar

934 reactions 37 comments
Florina Zamfir :)
Dragoș Alexandru :)
Dragoș Alexandru :)
Dragoș Alexandru :)
Dragoș Alexandru :)

TONIGHT! Boss babes Huda and Mona Kattan are joining us on American Beauty Star at 11/10 pm C! #AmericanBeautyStar

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Dragoș Alexandru :)
Dragoș Alexandru :)
Dragoș Alexandru :)
Emanuele Parrini
Orhan Can Abuzer Yılmaz Özer Ersin Mehmet Ak wow tay gibi

It’s time for American Beauty Star! 🌟🌟 Tune into Lifetime now to watch with me! I’ll be live tweeting about my favorite moments all night with you, Beauties! #AmericanBeautyStar

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Brett Begley Goodnight!!
Valeria Avilés She kinda looks like Daisy Ridley here
Carlos Santos Beauty
Ahmed Ali Always beautiful and wonderful
Esther Jaedi Absolutely Beautiful Beauty

Bloopers from tonight’s episode of American Beauty Star Our special guest Michelle Williams had me 😂😂 Watch at 10:30/9:30c on Lifetime! #americanbeautystar

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Jose Ramirez Hello ther care to all etc.
Kiril Kalaijiev good
Ricardo Reyes 💘
Nick Vouras i loveyou baby
Tatjana Todorovic Michelle Pantic Hahahaha erinnert mich an jemanden

New obsession... Victoria's Secret 😉

9.4k reactions 306 comments
Brett Begley You are a sneaky ninja like your boy Adriana Lima😜
Becki Kla Franziska jetzt gibt’s das was du gesucht hast dann müssen wir wohl nochmal hin 🤔🤔😍
Don Keich You are still the hottest Adriana
Deniz Şahin Adriana Lima da insanmış yaşlandıkça kafası büyüyor yeni fark ettim.
Ana Molinero Fernández IT'S TO MUCH FOR THE BODYYYY.......

Here’s everything you need to know about American Beauty Star so that you can start watching tonight on Lifetime at 10:30/9:30c!

384 reactions 29 comments
Dragoș Alexandru :)
Wild Max :)
Wild Max :)
Dragoș Alexandru :)
Florina Zamfir :)

✨💖 #FBF TO MY #NYFW LOOK 💖✨ Maybelline New York #maybellinegirls

30.2k reactions 360 comments
Rob Gianni 🌹I'll always love you sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️ straight up 🙏
Kim Arthur Waters Timeless, vamp; a facade worthy of sculptured marble. •~kw
Vadym Zaslavsky Untelleble beautifulness, dear one, best wishes, love you!
John Harper When only the best will do —-
Günther Schäftlein Charming older Adriana with very much make up😍

🌟👼🏻 So excited to have my sweet angel Behati Prinsloo on this week’s episode of American Beauty Star! Make sure to set your DVR’s and watch tonight 10:30/9:30C! #RedCarpetChallenge 👼🏻🌟

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Güner Şimşek Metin harayı niye terk ettin oruspu
Mert Sarıtaş kız fotograflarda efsane burda niye patates gibi cıkmıs aq
Metin Ağaca sexy şeyler 😍❤
Odete Franco Boa tarde lindas beijos
Mike Numera Cuties

✨💖 ALMOST SHOW TIME American Beauty Star on Lifetime! LET'S GO SIR JOHN 💖✨

7.3k reactions 87 comments
Stella Cobos Much love n positives vibes! ☮💋😍
Odete Franco Bom dia lindos beijos
Suzy Susan Damnz girl ur so gorgeous
Mariya Sultanova My lovely Adriana!😘❤
Heather Stacy Beautiful as always ❤

✨💋 GET READY WITH ME 💋✨ Vogue Maybelline New York

2.6k reactions 69 comments
Miguel Macias Come to daddy n give me a kiss 😘!
Nilza Sol Sucesso.
Mariya Sultanova You are the One!😍😘😘😘
Michael David The Lord required your presence
Jose Ramon Suarez Suarez 💄💋💄🌺🦄

💖⭐️EXCITED FOR WHATS COMING⭐️💖 American Beauty Star it's the count down, 6 days to go⭐️💖

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Francisco Ludimar Araujo Araujo Aqui no Brasil onde assisto??
Iskander Mitt Adriana 👑💘
Maria Modestova 💖💎🍀💎💖💎🍀💖🤗
Amer Trablsia يقبشني جمالك ايمت بدي شوفك 😍#Adriana_Lima
Carlos Santos Beauty

🖤#BOOBERANG 🖤#bazaaricons 🖤 @realarlenissosa🖤 @dricaslima 🖤

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Sergio Gimenez Lindas😍
Bill Mark I'd take the black one!
Christian Villareal Stop playing with your boobs, Adri! 😂
Luis Ferreira Free The Little Twins !
Steve Chisenall Just soooo sexy.

🌟🌟 COMING SOON! Follow American Beauty Star for more updates! 🌟🌟

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Juan Carlos Cordova Mowgli
Reinhard Heinz einmal vor der Königin 👑 stehn 👍👍😍😍😘😘✌️
Davide Costanzo Ciao Adriana Beauty 🔝🔝. italian Kiss 💋💋 Kiss sweet 😽😽
Elizabeth Gonzalez Amo a esta mujer bellísima y talentosa 😍😘
Nabil Hunk Umeri Hopefully wings still on her shoulder...😙😗😚

My heart & thoughts are with Texas ❤️ Please support the people impacted by #Harvey by visiting, or by texting HARVEY to tel:90999 to donate $10.

600 reactions 41 comments
Roman Piater Instant karma. This year Trump refused Paris Agreement.
Jose Genis Montoya Buitrago Excelente iniziative
Alberto Salazar Go ahead Mr Trump! How biggest your balls are? Mother fucker!
Cihan Aslan Past Texas help lovers in action
Jay Hostetler 🙏

⭐️🌟 COMING SOON! Follow American Beauty Star for more updates 🌟🌟

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Loredana Howie Jacqueline Harrow this looks amazing
Kenya Regina Nadia Sofia tenemos que verlo jaja:(
Clarice Hazel Nathalie Sauvoux looks like your kind of show
Adrian Duron Randi move over Trya!
Nimet Tortoshi Linet Tortoshi kqyre bre kto po cfar metin hara 😢😢

Yesterday night Mexican train 🚂 with @elcuerpodepapi @cristmac 🚂🚂🚂

1.9k reactions 63 comments
Frederik Kielman i like
Frederik Kielman count me in next time
Frederik Kielman any were..... you like
Frederik Kielman you adore.. your choiceyour treat
Ga Brielle IloveYOU


41.1k reactions 478 comments
Mikel Alvarado Que Hermosa mujer!!! Preciosa... Estas bien Hermosa Lima!!!1. I wanna be.....
Vadym Zaslavsky Wishin you a soulful lovely night, sweet positive dreams in deep sleep relax ... lovin you much ...
Vadym Zaslavsky Success and positive results in all your movements, i'm for you, dream you to be happy, love you ...
David Curtis The Langham misses you and your people! d$ from the club lounge
Jorge Moya Wow flawless master greatest ever I love you dreaming of you love to have you


927 reactions 49 comments
Cihan Aslan Everything has to balanced
Viviane Mattos Eles não respeitam nada Adriana nada
Andre Maciel Por favor usen condoms se están haciendo harakiri cada vez que preñam a su hembra.
Angel Daroz salvalo tu que tienes dinero venga!!!
Mustafaa Özkul O yenge

👊🏼⭐️MAKE IT HISTORIC BABY @thenotoriousmma ⭐️👊🏼

6.9k reactions 285 comments
Jc de la Rosa Holy Shiiite! some people commenting on here are THICK. He lasted 10 rounds because it was a FARCE,they had to make people believe it was worth the money Duhh.But people wanna be suckers and think a joke fight is the "Fight of the Century".Mayweather ...
Vadym Zaslavsky I'm not about whatchin fights a lot but to train with you is my great dream! Peace and respect, i love you much!
Napa Wilche Should've screwd the rules and kick.. Hope may' accept a rematch, this time MMA style!
Moses Luna I like the guy but im going with mayweather on this one.
Nikol Stavrogiannopoulou Είσαι γκαντεμο


2.9k reactions 78 comments
Mohammad S. Gharib You got it beautiful ❤️🤘👍❤️
Ana AmaRyllis LeMus Yo amo hacer cuerda!! "😍😍😍
Lee Loya you go girl
Rachel Corbin Amazing
Sergio Gimenez Sensacional


15.8k reactions 171 comments
David Gammino Kendo à genoux travail la respiration 'respire par le nez et et inspiré et pence à une chose coule
Rodrigo Silva Pois eh! Aproveita mesmo que logo logo vc vai desfilar pro Palácio das Calcinhas no Brás!
Jason Almeida Get that propane tank out of there. I don't want anything to happen to the most beautiful girl on the planet 😘
Cihan Aslan I will try to be more careful if my words make you sad
Vadym Zaslavsky You are the cherish dream dear, rockin great ...missin you much, lovely upcomin night to you, lovin you for real ...


15.6k reactions 346 comments
Lúcy D'Carvalho Você é um dos únicos motivos que ainda temos para assistir o show. Rainha👑
Javier Espinoza F A faltan de dobles cc Victoria Damm Hays Martha Limon 💪🏻
Valentina Pistis Daniela Pireddu se vabbeh..😍😍
Michela Desantis ....e noi per la sfilata che facciamo??? Annamaria Marcario Cristina Fischetti
Αγάπη Σ.Γκ Giannis Gerontidis ας μη την βλεπω καλυτερα και απογοητευομαι!!

💙Prioritizing your own health is beautiful💙#TEAMLIMA #sLimafy ☺️

3.9k reactions 76 comments
Davide Costanzo Buon Allenamento 😽😽😽😽. Adriana
Cihan Aslan
Cristiano Pellizzari Quando non hai null'altro da fare ....
Cassandra Conner So unbelievably true
Andrea Antonio T ..guarda come dondola 😍😍
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