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Timeline Photos


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Northern Southern
உன்ன ஒத்து தல்ல்லி என் சுண்ணிய உன்ன ஊம்ப விட்டு விந்துவை உன் மொகத்துல பேசி அடிக்கனும்டி <3
Yunus Emre Mızrak
İnsan mısın sen oruspu cocugu
Michael Mishoe
It is a born in you thing the use of the eyes to convey the affection in the moment
Luiz Gustavo
The most beautiful girl in the world.
Alberto Rojas Ochoa
Nena estas hecha toda una vampiresa, un besote mi Reina, cuidado con los lobos que están aullando (Auuuuuuuuuuuuuu), 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
The Law of Attraction _ What we think we become.
The most beautiful people you'll ever meet aren't always the ones who catch your eyes first. No, the most beautiful are the ones that can never be figured out. The one you could talk with for many hours and still have a million things to ask. The people who have mind so lovely and special, you can help but fall in love with them.
Aleksandar Timev
Bajdavei hoor cenot bi dajmant is tu agli ivan for a wic hihihi
Aleksandar Timev
Hiar is the nu agli stuped wic is sou stuped dhet ivan shi canot bikaim a vic enivwear nouwhan love hr ivan hr cids it is dou mac agli sould dhet shi given pusi tu the agli guru in hool woorld hibihi
Onur Bayraktar
Kızım bak o hapları içme artık ...İçiyosun sonra far görmüş tavşan gibi kitlenip düz bakıyosun...Kızım bi toplan kendine gel dua okunuyor ya ayıptır ya cenazedeyiz
Woody L Sery
Very beautiful looking picture so incredibly attractive looking absolutely gorgeous Adriana Go Team Lima
José Antônio Ribeiro
Adriana Lima ,sempre deslumbrante pela sua beleza única e singular,.....Parabéns pela sua simpatia .👏
Eric de Laudébit
The Law of Attraction
I've learnt with time that those who have to leave will do so no matter what you do.. Forever is a lie.. Yet the statement is partially right because, remember, those who stay will always be there.. It is up to you to choose well.. Don't blame life..
Vadym Zaslavsky
I wish you to have man love you for real and if it can be me - first day you say i marry you ...
Emilia Perez Obando
Buenas noches hermosa.... De mirada tan Especial...... El Ángel maravilloso. Bendiciones corazón. Besitos..... Q tengas una hermosa semana Dios con ustedes........ TK.

Other newsfeed from Adriana Lima

I am Ambivert 🙏💫💎

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Matt Sokolow "Sylvester McNutt" Lmfao ✊
Guler Caylak Me too 😁
Souvik Mukherjee ^_^ (Y)
Fadi Semaan One of my dreams in life is to meet you one day :(
Nicole Fairweather Me too ❤️

Make up free 💎✨

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Sandro Sasaki My gosh, so beautiful this way...
Peter Farkas Without make up you look cute, with make up you look sophisticated, elegant, sexy. mysterious. Gorgeous either way.
Conney William Joa Even more beautiful in person, Adriana nice & friendly too...natural beauty...
Anosith Chanthapanya You look younger and more beautiful without. Adriana 😉
Jeremia Raygan Adriana Lima this you are all doing wrong look....feel that...I want egg drop soup... #Idonotfeelsick #amen

💖Shooting @victoriasport,in Miami today(my home), with my girlies 🎀🎀🎀 @romeestrijd @jastookes 💖💖💖

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Steven Cammarota Who's that beauty on the end with the hat on,Killer eyes 😎😘😎😘
Peter Vasquez Wait you are already IN Miami? Ahhhhhhhh #TeamLima
Roberto Petrosillo Francesco LA Roche Mirizio Kenzo BresciaRoberto MastronardiEmanuela LorussoCarla Danese... io inizio a darmi allo sport!
Apoorva Aaragon 😉 see that's what I meant it old ghetto united world story😊
Woody L Sery Very beautiful looking picture you all look incredible absolutely gorgeous looking hope you have a wonderful and fantastic time with your shoot beautiful Adriana and Go Team Lima

Spring Equinox is here 🌸🌷🌺🌹🌻🌼 Time to set our intentions. Time to reborn. 💫

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錦戸俊夫 春きタランと置いう画像ですね
Lary Pitt and rabbits..
Stefanos Markos Καλό βράδυ Αντριάνα!!!!
Vasil Marinov got me on surprise
Matthew Kilcran Great post


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Bajram Gashi Ohh Adriana ;)
Daniel Kiesouw What movie?
Lary Pitt and popcorn..))
Emilia Perez Obando Disfruta tus espacios con tus Seres Queridos. Bendiciones corazón. Bjooooss..........


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Northern Southern உன்ன ஒத்து தல்ல்லி என் சுண்ணிய உன்ன ஊம்ப விட்டு விந்துவை உன் மொகத்துல பேசி அடிக்கனும்டி <3
Yunus Emre Mızrak İnsan mısın sen oruspu cocugu
Michael Mishoe It is a born in you thing the use of the eyes to convey the affection in the moment
Luiz Gustavo The most beautiful girl in the world.
Alberto Rojas Ochoa Nena estas hecha toda una vampiresa, un besote mi Reina, cuidado con los lobos que están aullando (Auuuuuuuuuuuuuu), 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


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Ricardo Reyes 💘
Reggie Smith That is so pretty
Salys Henderson Beauuuutiful
Giorgi Tsaava Its like y
Lubomír Škůrek for you !!! :-)

🙏💫 Tonight with guru @srisriravishankar learning @artofliving and meditation. My thoughts after his teaching " I WANT PEOPLE TO LOOK AT ME BEYOND MY FACE/BODY as SRI SRI SAYS A MIND HAS NO FACE AND BODY, AND WITH THAT SAID YOU BECOME CLOSER TO REALITY AND THE TRUTH " 🙏💫💕💕💕🦄

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Aleksandar Timev Ahahaha inbecils vhil olveis bi yar nambar whan prioriti es long y live :)
Kemal Esmez Allah 1 dın islam peygamber hz muhammet s.a.v..kıtabımız kuran Allah hıdayet versın herkese
Daniel Kiesouw Watch him, he has his eye on you.
Nic Charles Gibson Just by looking at that guy I wouldn't be taking any advice
Miguel Macias I am not Guru but everything you are Adrianitaaaa is perfect! You are a master piece !


15.0k reactions 194 comments
Nijaz Salijevic Niki Rip pley. Gift beauty gift sweety givt. Voli..
Craig Patterson Yes you are a Gift ! The most beautiful gift out there ! 😍😍😍
Liliana Adames 👍😂💋💋
Lee Ann I love this present 🎁 😘
Serkan Tanyildizi Think your father send a gift to you for tonight... Adriana Lima


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Matthew Caleb So beautiful. I love you and wish I was there with you looking at this stuff, another world. ...(sigh) <3
Woody L Sery Wow what a beautiful looking picture you look amazing Adriana absolutely gorgeous looking would love to see your paintings I bet they are amazing too Go Team Lima
Danila Brandão Alves de Almeida Legal me lembra um show que assisti com minha prima no rio da Fernanda Abreu linda.
Θεοδωρος Πελεκης κοιτα αν μου το φερνεις απ'εξω απ'εξω, οτι θα γινεις ορθοδοξη για εμενα ωστε να με τυλιξεις και να με πας στην εκκλησια.... τα καταφερες βρε κουτοοο :D
Giorgi Kasrashvili He is a special saint for Georgians His name carries a lot of people in georgia🇬🇪🇬🇪

👧🏻School time👧🏻

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Linda Tran Adorable girls, I'm really happy for you my dear!
Paul Laskow By there smiles they like school!
박지우 Adriana lima??
Pálné Rádi Édesek
Liliana Adames Las amo!!!!!!!!💋💋💋💋💋👍😂. 🙏🙏🙏

@goddesskissesatdawn 🙏💫

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Wilson Kuoba It is Lima with his few vowels.
Gianpiero Pili 💜
Kiril Kalaijiev good
Aarinola Akinwamide Love this, it's amazing
Frank Chalow Hey Adriana Lima Hope you are well

💫wonderful night with friends to celebrate a good friend birthday @cristmac 😂💕😜

2.9k reactions 38 comments
Rafa Cárdenas 👏🏼😓😘
Ali Rawshan Shaikh Happy Birth Day ..
Ali Rawshan Shaikh Long live .. All the best ..
Ufukhan Zehiroğluları Adriana o itle gormicem bir daha seni
Reggie Smith Adriana you eat

With @mkastanis 💋💕

12.8k reactions 162 comments
Marialena Sotiriadi A Greek man with you OMG!!! 😱😱😱💗💗💗
William Campbell Boo who's that fag! ..........Jk..........Maybe not!
Erkan Palta Bi karıya bak bir de yanındaki adama bak
Daniella Oliveira Lindaaaa
Richard Schulz Watch looks like a swatch without protective guard.

Missing my favorite girls 💕💕💕💕🦄🦄🦄

15.8k reactions 128 comments
Ave Kuluki 💗💜💙💚💐💐👌👍
Angelo Biango Falarti Me too!😀
Kiril Kalaijiev beautiful Adriana :*
Santiago Martin Pazos You need a boy!
Amir Gholamei Surely They Are Too Missed You Exactly Ten Days Ago When You And Your Favourite Girls Was Making Fun And Enjoying Of The Day All Day Long All The Best In The World From me To Again Get With Your Friends And Making Best Times Ever More Than Before And ...


3.7k reactions 58 comments
Ender Ender Hello how are you
Brett Begley ♙♖
Stevie Smith Hey ,,,,whatcha doin ??
Pravi Vijayan Kumbalath :)

💕Best gift today from my children💕

4.1k reactions 77 comments
Fırat Dağdeviren 😏
Lianne Hazel Balagtas AzaLeah Balagtas natawa ako may bungo na emoji hahahahaha
Jan Andrada Sweet children!❤
Vadym Zaslavsky Maybe you with your girls will guest me in Ukraine, here is so much interesting to check!
Albert Nabhan Congratulations

🥂🍾🥂 As I said before, 2017 will be a year of everyday celebration. To life 🥂

5.4k reactions 96 comments
David Tato Cheers! 🍻
Onur Bayraktar Oooo masa hazirlamışsın. .Anangil gelecek hafta sonu galiba
Insonia Sony <3 APVS4EVER <3
Juninho Spiller Fina 🥂🍾👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🔝
Panagiotis Siachos Ρακόμελο σε ψηλό κ ποντς;


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Habib Yıldız Kilo verimi kişiden kişiye metabolizmaya yaşa kas yapısına ve kiloya göre değişir zaman kavramı farklılık gösterir
Vadym Zaslavsky If maybe you need somebody to talk, call me +380936511754 anytime ... Love you, feel cool!
Emmett Pitts Im trying to read your lips,hope you be patient with me tryjng to figure out your spoken silence
Eu e meu pai Adriana Lima, moro no Rio de Janeiro e criei essa página em abril de 2016 para homenagear meu pai em vida, mas infelizmente em agosto ele faleceu, e gostaria que você e seus seguidores conhecessem nossa história, que acabou mas que ainda pode tocar ...
李金城 beautiful, interesting, tomorrow Fo Guang Shan, see you tomorrow night


8.4k reactions 116 comments
Tina Patsis Stylish Coffee ☕️ cheers!
Paulina Arechiga Que ricooo!
Ave Kuluki 💗💙💜💚👌👌🏾
Rodrigo Araya Guerra Te amoooooo❤
Diego Mendoza Que castigó al cuerpo!!! No podes adri!!!

💫FRIENDSHIP 💫 @jeromeduran 💫

12.9k reactions 75 comments
Lary Pitt this guy top or bottom?
Brett Begley My beautiful girl!!! Uhhhhhh!!! Wth
Ajay Kumar Friendship with me ! 😍💓
Wilson Kuoba Nice. I know him.


4.1k reactions 36 comments
Florina Zamfir :)
Elssa Hosk please like, I need it very much.❤️
Amir Gholamei You Had Get Photographer Too Couse Its Really Amazing View You Take Like Professional Photographer To Take Amazing Pictures From You All The Best To Have Best Days Ever In Singapore All Day Long With Endless Elegant Wide Smiles On Your Lips
박지우 Adriana is the beautiest in singapore
Onur Özalp ❤❤

52.9k reactions 887 comments
Edoardo Abate Alessandro Marino sta stronza è partita e non mi ha detto niente.
Antonio Vasilev Бегай оттам ша намокриш айфоня! Яла у Враца, да та вода на Скакля!
Sandra Skálnik wieso sind wir nicht dort wenn ein victoria secret model dort is Alexander Kubicka
Rahul Singh A great mother, A super model, A good human bing, An inspiration.....perfect combination
Boon Kiat OMG she's in singapore!!! Natasha Soh Lin Milki hi Adriana!!

🍃🍃🍃🍃Jungle girl back to her roots 🍃🍃

49.3k reactions 339 comments
Gül Dikbaş Bunun üstüne hatun yok 😂😍😘
Emre Emure FG Shéerazade Derbal dans la vie ya de belle femme... Et ya toi 😂😂😂
Onur Bayraktar Yav iyikide bı kırda kahvaltı yapalım dedik....Lan gidip çalıların arasına işemek nedir kızım Alooooo..Gel çay soğudu ..Hadi işedin işedin niye millete reklam ediyosun....Bak buralarda küçük bocukler var kaçar bı yerine benden demesi..Gel bak annenin ...
José Antônio Ribeiro Adriana Lima, você sempre será a mais bela ,tudo em você brilha ,🌐👀👏

7.7k reactions 61 comments
Michiel Wals Bio dome !!!!
Billy Tsiakanikas Very nice
Tino Portilla
Armen Dabbaghian Adriana - Where is this??!!
Alejandra Grandez Ya es de dia alla? 😱


42.9k reactions 373 comments
Michael Mishoe You dönt mean it but tun is always first forr most and the greatest purpose of áll sons of promise. I promise.
Nijaz Salijevic Niki Dont luuk ket my . Like my xours ejes my likeed . Adriana divna lepa besutiful look volim t. Preslata si tvoj pogled mami . Me adri.. preslta si ..
Santanu Dutt very nice photo, looking beautiful. but yr eye babe??? ok i am ready to do.
Habib Yıldız kilo problemi olanlar varsa bana ulaşsın...aç kalmadan sağlıklı bir şekilde zayıflamak isteyen ciddi olanlar eklesin lütfen
Woody L Sery Wow what a beautiful looking picture you look incredible truly gorgeous Adriana absolutely magnificent such beauty truly breathtaking Go Team Lima


5.9k reactions 37 comments
Tino Portilla
Onur Özalp 🌴🌴
Amgalan Delger ❤️
Luca Cusimano Ciaooo
Sakiko Uehara Where is this !?


6.7k reactions 193 comments
Bash D Fakoush Rima Alkheder تشبهيها كتييير بهالصورة
Mauro AndradeWenk * Adrianaaa<3. ...! *
Weaam Ashour Adriiiiiiiana!!♥♥♥
Ferhat Topal İyi günler adriana hanım insan mıyız ?
Josue OB Angel number 1, I've been loving you since 2000. ❤️

Ready 💫💋❤️

39.1k reactions 569 comments
Victor Dogartr You stay at San isidro ranch years are more beautiful in person..stil missing you...gorgueus
July AC safe?? Look that a triathlon is very hard ... you still think that you are ready?
Regarde Coetzee You look so classy and elegant dear lady!!You are so lovely and wonderful,much love to you!!❤❤❤❤😘❤❤❤❤👑
Dmitry Nazarov Пиздец! Бедненькие её ножки! Изуродованные поделками модельеров! "Не, ну вы это видели"?))))
Thomas Kølster Natalia Marvaniuk dont You Think She has ugly feet?))) look at Them 😂😂

Come visit the Victoria's Secret Mandarin gallery in Singapore on Friday! I will be there to sign autographs on March 10th from 6-8pm...see you there! #VSLovesSingapore 📷 @jeromeduran

24.2k reactions 290 comments
David Tato Great view (any view is great with you 😍😍😍) . Wish I could be there with you
Dag S. Wiig Singapore...the one and only destination..See you again in december.
Kris Tine Look at that crack by her hand...not a safe building....
Aurelien Boyer J'ai encore louper l'amour de peut ! Vivien Boyer Anaïs Boyer
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