Nicole Kidman
4 hours ago

“I’m now so much more capable of receiving love and giving it in a far different way.” - Nicole Kidman

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Roxana Gonzalez So glad to hear you support women's rights. We are going to need all the voices we can get! Want to come march with me sister? :)
John Collins Sweet lady Nicole Kidman you are so Beautiful an sharp as a tack. Be safe an blessed with God in your adventures of life! !♡♡
Laziz Gandi Des paroles de douceur, Des moments de bonheur. Des regards échangés, Un zeste de complicité. Des étoiles dans les yeux, La joie d'être deux. Main dans la main, Suivre le même chemin. Des rêves plein le coeur, Que du plaisir, aucune rancoeur. Aimer et ...
Jean Smith Democracy is NOT promoted by Russian interference in our elections. I, as a true patriot of this country, will NOT accept intrusion into our democratic processes by a foreign power. So, no, we will not "get on with it." We will FIGHT for our democracy ...
Lisa L. Rose-Hawkins Don't back down! You're 100% right, give Trump his time and chance to make America great again. Don't let the bullies get to you, stand your ground!
Nicole Kidman
4 hours ago

"My path was to be an actor and it’s been very good to me in life. It’s broadened my horizons and given me a lot of gifts." - Nicole Kidman, Festival de Cannes

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Suzanne Boyd Thank you for speaking out concerning our recent election. I am sorry you have taken so much heat when it appears your goal was to promote cohesion and peace for our country. In life, reality is that we don't always get what we want nor do we always ...
Syed Mizanur Rahman Congratulation to overcome all the crucial points of life. Which broadened the horizons to fit the gifts. To be an actor and test the different life is the happiest and luckiest thing in this world.
Sherry Pontillo-Gedgaudas You are fabulous! Ignore the haters!! Just jealousy! Love all your movies and that you are a beautiful person inside and out! We will go out and see every single movie you make!
Kurt Blache Nic!!!>they haven't given you anything!!!>your talent serves their purpose!!!>broadoning your horizons!!!>lol>when you suffered power & butterfly complex did your studio d anything to rid you of what was limiting your personal FNY possibilities???
Lela Trope Thank You very much for your comments about your love for America and the respect we should have for Donald Trump being elected president. You said nothing unusual. In the Real World people still have the right to have an opinion and for people to ...
Nicole Kidman
13:30 01/15/2017

"I'm a person that carries everything that happened to me in my past, with me into the future. I refuse to let it make me bitter. I still completely believe in love and I remain open to anything that will happen to me." – Nicole Kidman

24.8k reactions 838 comments
Jimmy Martin Still love you Nicole, and under normal circumstances I would agree to put differences aside and support the president. However, Trump built his campaign on disrespect to Hillary, Obama, Jeb Bush, the Khan family, and virtually anyone that got in his ...
Jodi Veach First movie I ever saw you in was Dead Calm. Loved it and was impressed by you. I admire your strength! Stand your ground and don't let Hollywood tell you what to think! Thank you for supporting our President Elect!
Ebrahim Shabir Yeah!!..We're born with the knowledge within us that ought to suck a great deal of our passions when it's reflected to the knowledge outside this world...and it needs our own heat to burn it so as to cut the outside links and survive ourselves with at ...
John Bristol Thank you for adding your thoughtful view to the discussion going on in our Country. While there are those who think free speech means speaking only if you agree with them, the rest of us applaud you for speaking your mind courageously. I was a fan ...
James Richard Linn It takes great courage to speak in opposition to "the herd." Whether you support Trump or not, you challenged libs to recognize that if he sinks, the country sinks. Many libs are too small-minded to understand anything about the greater good. Trump was ...
Mark Ruffalo
18:00 01/15/2017

#ExxonKnew & destroyed the planet. #RejectRex before he destroys our country too.

34.4k reactions 399 comments
Ashlee Smith There's some info to help people actually make educated decisions. Instead of using celebrity to just bitch about a problem.
Gaby Armendariz What? Just concerned about "your country?" An american company again does what is pleases and only "the rest of the world" pays. Shame!!!!
Carrie Boucher Well, Trump and his so called administration will be taking a great fall! Trumps big mouth of hate just put down the wrong hero! Can't wait for that mouth to be quieted for good! Much love Mark
Maggie Roddan I'm tired of hearing, but do you drive a car? Do you use plastic? There needs to be more accessible alternatives for people to purchase. Do you still drive a horse and buggy? Or get on a coal powered train? Or right we adapted... if we keep letting ...
Juju Beans I don't see the purpose of why ExxonMobile putting Ad on FB.. it's like saying, "We are poluting your planet, Just to let you know" lol
Mark Ruffalo
18:00 01/15/2017

Democrats must skip the inauguration of hate

5.4k reactions 319 comments
Daff Sharpley Already had/have Genocide, Holocaust, Iconoclasm Iconoclast. Rapist, a country with no gun laws are invading terrorist on first original people/ Nations, Ravaro Navero, and many more.
Lucas Van Der Merwe Aren't Americans always bragging with their great democracy? If so, then accept the results and stop acting like children! You are getting up in arms now but were more than willing to look the other way while you had a true president of hate.. one that ...
Adr Rioja I love you mark but instead of diving people with garbage like this try to unite them. What will you do if something major happens at the inauguration and people die or get hurt because you n the rest of Hollywood are instigating ppl. Remember some ...
Jonathon Foster give the man a chance dammit, he's already forcing big manufactering jobs back to the USA and he's not even in yet, he didn't start all this fracking nonsense and already stated there has to be a better way, he wants this farcical war of terror ...
Brandon J Taylor Ignorance will change nothing. Know thy enemy so you watch. Don't want to support his numbers I've said this time and again, pirate the feed so he doesn't get the clicks /views. It won't make much of a difference to them but you can get the info and ...
Nicole Kidman
13:30 01/15/2017

"You want to take some responsibility for you choices so that it sets the groundwork for that next generation of actresses." - Nicole Kidman

49.2k reactions 1213 comments
Lisa Relyea Woolf How do you explain to your daughters that you feel Americans should support a sexual assailant, a man who in court records has been proved to have raped and assaulted his first wife, a man who has lied, cheated, and manipulated his way through life? ...
Sonny Lints Thank you for being so brave to support our next President elect. I would ignore the Bullies, babies, haters, snowflakes, cupcakes in the room.. They only continue to hate.. And don't know how to accept the out come and come together. They rather hate ...
Delbert Short Good for you Nicole Kidman For speaking out on what's going to be in the best interest of our country , do not pay attention to any of these candy ass liberals who could give a shit less about the Path of destruction this country Has been headed for ...
Kathy King I so admire you for speaking up to encourage Americans to come together to support President elect Trump. Stay strong and don't let anyone get under your skin.
Lori Coughlin Hundhausen "To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." - President Theodore Roosevelt
Mark Ruffalo
05:12 01/13/2017

Thank you Rosie Perez! #StandUpForUs

997 reactions 108 comments
Ham Nolan Please expand your view and accept that Mark and many of us are awake to reality and facts. I will begin with the plea of Trump supporters. They request that the divide end, we work with Trump. When Obama was elected, and "won", one individual did ...
Jim Register Trump's words broke Streep's heart, but what did Obama's bombs that literally broke women and children's BODIES in the ME do to her heart? Oh, my bad! Those were from Democrats so was ok... Just another affluenza suffering Democratic Party, HRC drone!
Neyai Norrath KT And by "us" you mean "everyone who thinks like we do, but not really everyone because at least half of us think otherwise, but we don't count"?
Mark Nelson Only 25% of America voted for Trump. 48% did not vote at all. Those who did not vote have killed the work that was accomplished over the past eight years. Fairness will be flushed if people do not continue to stand up and use their voices against Donald ...
Ann Haycox "I grew up in abject poverty. Every time there was a policy change, I felt it." People on the margins understand this. They have lived it.
Nicole Kidman
00:42 01/13/2017

“I think a woman of that era who goes to live like that is an unusual, extraordinary person and I’m so glad that I got the chance to explore her for a portion of her life.” - Nicole Kidman

23.2k reactions 729 comments
John Collins Sweet lady Nicole your beautiful smile and caring love for adventure of life .is what makes you so strong an beautiful be safe! !! An blessed with God love !!
Terri Adams “Whatever, however that happened, he’s there, and let’s go,” REALLY? You are aware that millions of women just lost their health insurance because of Donald Trump - right? How many do you think are in the middle of their pregnancy? You have no clue. SAD.
Tzvi Berkowitz The truly intolerant come out to vent their hate towards a woman who just suggested you should support the elected president. Kidman isn't a conservative and I highly doubt she voted for Trump.
Saad Hasnain I am truly disgusted that you should tell the public to show their support to Donald Trump who is: a racist, fascist, mygosigist, sexist, and who endorses bullying. It means you're also encouraging others to support bullying and teach children and young ...
Paulette Levy You looked so gorgeous! Stunning. I have loved all of your movies, and believe that you and Meryl Streep are just so elegant, bright and gracious. However, to support this next President is just impossible, for someone like me. His behavior, ...
Mark Ruffalo
05:12 01/13/2017

Community leadership will make clean energy more accessible to all. Take the first step to get involved! via 100% campaign

770 reactions 17 comments
Jo Anna Morrison Jared
Tommy Esposito Excellent. This is more like it.
Kent Robert Karlsson Thank you for sharing and inspiring
Joe Carrillo Boycott Exxon
Todd Lueke I love seeing this. This is what real America is about.
Nicole Kidman
00:42 01/13/2017

“It’s the desire to study the human condition, the desire for collaboration, to learn and absorb, and to lead a well-examined life.” - Nicole Kidman

24.7k reactions 390 comments
Janice Picker Please tell about David and his confidant in the hospital that he refused me to visit.
Roman Shaidyk Nicole Kidman – Gold Meets Golden Event in Los Angeles 1/7/ 2017
Mus Tapha Juve bonjour Nicole Kidman ....... I will watch a soccer game After I go to sleep ........ It is 9:00 pm ... in algeria .... ciao je vais regarder un match de foot après je vais dormir ........ il est 21:00 chez nous en algerie by princess ليلة سعيدة
Wandee Jetbamrungsin Who found my ID card please send back to me Wandee real person issuing date February 19, 2012 I'm living at 1465 house opposite to Poonsarp Mansion Khlongtoei District only
Becky Swann You look absolutely stunning, Nic and you are absolutely right.
Mark Ruffalo
05:12 01/13/2017

Is Project Veritas Conducting Political Hit Jobs for Donald Trump?

707 reactions 60 comments
Joshua Jeffrey Tyt destroyed this girl Jen Wennerberg
Tommy Esposito Mark. . Don't be a fool. . Really? Knock it off.
Armelle Vérité You actors should really stick with acting. Smearing courageous truth tellers like O'Keefe will come back to bite your ass
Anthony Mastropolo Tinfiol hats are 24.6% more effective when the shiny site is out.
Sven Krämer Don't get me wrong, but at first glance I thought, the guy on the picture was Michael Cera.
Mark Ruffalo
05:12 01/13/2017

Here's the bad news: Donald Trump has nominated an oil company CEO for Secretary of State, who has consistently stood in the way of clean energy and climate action. Now here's the good news: YOU can help stop him. Call 1-855-636-8150 or text REX to 877877 and tell the Senate to Reject Rex!

2.6k reactions 138 comments
Phyllis Brienza Bongiorno Dear Mark you are my favorite actor please stick to acting I am beginning to dislike you. Keep your pilitak views to yourself ❤😔
Justin Zweigart Sadly, there will be no affective results. ...
Nelson Shock Calling phone numbers is just as effective as Voting. The ELECTORAL COLLEGE hired this President and everyone is too lazy to admit that this is a COUP.
Alexis Bordelon If the new secretary of state is against our enviroment, hes against our children, then he shouldnt be in charge there period. Im not for republicans nor democrats..
Jamile Bortoluzzi Zordan Still can't be sure how this guy won the election. I'm not North American and I see so many people unhappy with his victory.
Mark Ruffalo
05:12 01/13/2017

When Trump’s racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and anti-environment administration comes for any of us, it comes for us all. So today, we pledge to stand together. Join the united resistance:

Together We Are Unstoppable #UnitedResistance
Together We Are Unstoppable #UnitedResistance

Join the united movement to resist Trump.

18.6k reactions 576 comments
Kathy Jepson Mr. Ruffalo, you are one of my favorite actors. But you Hollywood people are seriously out of touch with what real people want. Your hate filled messages make you look like the bullies you claim to be against. It's a bit hypocritical, don't you think? ...
Diane Gilligan so you don't want Trump in as president, so if he steps down, who do you want in, Hillary? Cause thats what we need for this country , more criminal activity, more of our young men being butchered and her lying and cheating. Yea, well I will take my ...
Jade Ross I agree he's a joke a human with issues. But please your view on the cold war crap. Weird how one candidate is threatening to have a Muslim registry, a wall...than the President at the time is demonizing an entire country..Divide and conquer nobody ...
Carla Elena As an outsider looking in, just wondering if Hilary really was the better of the two evils? everyone says she is war hungry, there is alot of money to be made while there is war, so if Trump says he will bring your troops home, isnt this a good thing? ...
William Horn What do we need to do? I live in Tennessee and am threatened everytime a try to have a conversation outside the realm of close friends.. People I've known for years including aunts and uncles seem to have no morals of decency! Many people from high ...
Nicole Kidman
00:42 01/13/2017

“I think as an actor, as a director, as a writer, as an artist, there is no formula. It's about saying, "OK, I'm willing to take a risk and I don't care if I lose everything, because what is all this worth if I don't have my integrity and free spirit?" – Nicole Kidman

31.4k reactions 492 comments
Lee Zkidrow MONEY AND FAME CAnt outlast integrity..nor surpass them..go on, keep it up!!!
Eileen Vetter Take a gamble -when you relinquish the desire to control the future -you can have more happiness:)
Andrew Joseph Normalizing Trump is not acceptable, I have always been a fan but no more.
Adisi Petro that's you exactly true... ...above all that can be admired...:)
Omkar Varaitch Nicole Kidman - Freyja the lady and owner of Brísingamen.
Mark Ruffalo
16:24 01/10/2017

Timeline Photos

930 reactions 45 comments
Gail Maclennan Ngcobo Does anyone think this is a good way forward?
Brian Gibbons Forgot ranked choice voting!
Danielle Mussaw I think this is a good start!
Robert James Falcon Long lines are the new poll tax.
Giovanni Bermudez Jr. We don't need More people voting. We need more Informed people voting.
Nicole Kidman
11:54 01/10/2017

"I'm not a big fan of sitting around, saying what I'm going to do. And we've all got brilliant ways of ducking and weaving so that we don't have to do it. But my thing is to just get it on its feet and do it." - Nicole Kidman

17.1k reactions 315 comments
Lynne Elsberry Bates Ferrante Good thing !!! I saw the dance w Fallon, that had to be fun. You looked great !!! Loved your presenting and fashion!
Ric Caruso I just found my please give me an innocent kiss like in that movie: " Xanadu "! ~ LOL
Domenico Biasi Chi d'animo si sospinge avanti sempre rischia ma natura e questa bella natura. Un bacio Nicole.
Srikumar Chakrabarti You are a beautiful performer, charming lady loveable girl
Kurt Blache Nic!!!>Ebrahim is correct!!!>your posts do stimulate thought that necessarily draws on its personal as well as collective PNL synthesis to actualize potential as discretionary living FNY!!!*****
Mark Ruffalo
16:24 01/10/2017

Timeline Photos

762 reactions 24 comments
James Comley
James Comley
Stephen Crawford
Franco Ricciardone You mean "Indian Hill". lol
Suat Söğüt Yes
Mark Ruffalo
16:24 01/10/2017

This is inspired!

1.4k reactions 21 comments
Ray Cynthia Werner
James Comley
Heather Paris Thank you, Mark Ruffalo.
Md Aynal Hossain earn money from noline
Pamela Jean Syverson
Nicole Kidman
11:54 01/10/2017

“I believe that as much as you take, you have to give back. It’s important not to focus on yourself too much.” - Nicole Kidman

44.0k reactions 614 comments
Hassan Waheed Ever green beauty One of the remarkable and undoubtedly the most beautiful creature of the creator
Mick Mills Hi Nicole,I would like to ask you a question which is:how did you feel making the railway man with.Colin Firth
Ghafour Memarzadeh Just like the beautiful Nicole Kidman, actress, artist and thinker. Hooray and viva.
Kurt Blache Nic you misunderstand!!!>I'm speaking of retrieving essence from PNL &allowing it discretionary FNY!!!>it's a wild shot without focusing on ego's own self!!!>think daddy OK!!!*****
Mark Ruffalo
03:36 01/08/2017

The Race to Save the World

The Race to Save the World
The Race to Save the World

Putting lives on the line for climate change, inspiring action and hope for a livable future | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!

90 reactions 3 comments
Clarissa Camez A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having.
Geraldine Easton Hi Mark, could you send me a message so I can ask you about a project. All the best
Sheila Belem Yesterday I watched the delicate and affectionate film "Feelings that heal" mega-acting Mark Ruffalo! Okay, your performance in "Testing on Blindness" (*Mr. Saramago) and my countryman director Fernando Meireles is a magnificent demonstration of his ...
Nicole Kidman
23:06 01/07/2017

"With every character, you alter, you can’t be attached to your own identity." – Nicole Kidman

36.9k reactions 1015 comments
Sadi Lane I realized then that I was starting to become attached to no identity.Nicole Kidman
Rafael Romero Moreno ...Ooooh ! ...el Cielo esta sobre ella ..Resplandece .Ooooh! Heaven is upon her ..Resplandece
Janet Jeanes Yes Nicole I think I am someone different every day my husband said I should have been an actress.
Rolando Aragon Now is 2017 and you are looking more beautiful than ever!!! I love you no matter what ok!?!
Carlos Augusto Carlos "A beleza deu uma volta ao mundo, um giro nesta criatura e seguiu", Linda! Nicole Kidman grande atriz, linda mulher!
Nicole Kidman
23:06 01/07/2017

I was afraid of my own power, afraid that it would threaten people, intimidate people. And it's a great sadness wishing to be less than you actually are. And it's hard to take on the world when you're constantly in a battle with yourself. I worked through it ... I’m working through it. - Nicole Kidman

28.8k reactions 514 comments
Amit Amit charms and beauty arrived what to say what not to say only will say my eyes ,she was is in black it seems that she covering the owhole night and then she awake from the mild sleep and opened eyes it seems that days become light ,and then sudden gaze ...
Aretha Chilembwe Accepting the difference really we are all unique. Learning to live in peace within myself and to understand the way I am that there will never be another me in existence. How I live in any way desire to make a difference to the world
Rogerio Goncalves Minha amiga linda do coração está muito bonita lindíssima Gosto em saber que é uma mulher simples além de Muito bonita e muito bela com um poder incrível não só pela fama de uma grande atora de cinema como o poder de tamanha beleza e como mulher muito ...
Susan Compton Kolander Whatever. You have everything anyone could possibly want. You should be the happiest person on earth. Beautiful family, friends, fans. You don't seem intimidating to me or honestly anyone else.
Kurt Blache Nic!!!>where this influx of power comes from???>& how is it allowed manifesting ego driven self???>& why is presenting ego driving as such???>hhmmmm>Nicci has access to PNL intents>personal as well as collective!!!>too much displacement!!!*****
Mark Ruffalo
03:36 01/08/2017

This is big. Call/Tweet your Senator now to call for an objection tomorrow!

ACT NOW: 50 illegal Republican electoral votes discovered – TELL CONGRESS TO OBJECT
ACT NOW: 50 illegal Republican electoral votes discovered – TELL CONGRESS TO OBJECT

This is massive. Late last night a bombshell report was released by a team of legal experts uncovering over 50 Republican electoral votes for Trump that cannot be certified because they were cast in direct violation of state and federal law: * 16 Republican electors lived outside the congressional...

6.8k reactions 427 comments
Kerry Jon Kirby Please give it up it is over. You are looking more and more unstable every day living in your fantasy land. Stick to acting your political objectivity and knowledge is all conjecture and baseless. .
Robert Travis So, what's the end game if it's all true? Neither HRC nor DT have 270. We get new electors, those electors are the obligated to vote exactly the same and nothing changes. Yep, really huge news.
Becky Jacobs Weeks This fuckin trump clown is ridiculous and an embarrassment. Putin won. Fools swallowed shit. Child sex ring...REALLY. This fuck is not gonna make America anything but his money machine. If any don't see this, God save you, cause you are an ...
Preston Simpson For those of you who did not choose to read the article it ALSO states that there were 16 illegal Democratic votes as well. Just saying. Thanks Mark
James Collins Wishful thinking, but I'm on board anyways The ridiculous pursuit by the 1% to alienate the rest of us for the next 4 years is motivation enough
Mark Ruffalo
03:36 01/08/2017

2.0k reactions 47 comments
Betty MacDonald No chairs?
Ginny Davis Thank you all.
Dusty Olson Mark Ruffalo you are so "brave" for sharing this.
Andrea Raab Mark Ruffalo should run for office.
Marie Campo NAACP, Thank you all!
Mark Ruffalo
03:36 01/08/2017

Call and Tweet your Representative!

Democratic lawmakers considering challenge to Trump’s Electoral College victory
Democratic lawmakers considering challenge to Trump’s Electoral College victory

Reps. Ed Perlmutter (D-Col.), Bobby Scott (D-Va.) and Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) are among a group of Democrats eyeing challenges.

4.8k reactions 332 comments
Johannes Lorenz These guys should look into their own Democratic party and not bother with this BS. What all these people are in fear of is that the new Trump administration is going to succeed and accountability is going to be the norm.
Loni Reeder ONLY PHONE CALLS TO THEIR OFFICES WORK. These are physical land lines and the lines get jammed and become unworkable in the entire area when these massive calls come in. Tweets and emails are easily ignored. PHONE CALLS drive them INSANE and are what ...
Vanessa E Ortiz-Muniz It's amazing how many attempts to destroy the will of the people and trample the rights of those who have voted for Mr Trump. I'm and independent and it's time for this attacks to stop. Let the guy work. Stop this bullying.
Maria Sanguedolce Why is it coming up after the fact? Fine to see where it goes but if there was something wrong with them it was wrong before they voted so why is it only afterward that we know...why not when it could have made a difference or been addressed in time to ...
Amy Melvin Bennington To anyone this applies to, there's an option to hide his posts from your feed or you could simply unfriend him if you don't like what he has to say. You alone decided to follow him. You alone can change that.
Mark Ruffalo
03:36 01/08/2017

Really looking forward to being back in the theater, where it all began. Arthur Miller is one of the all time greats.

Mark Ruffalo to Star in ‘The Price’ on Broadway
Mark Ruffalo to Star in ‘The Price’ on Broadway

Mr. Ruffalo, in his second Broadway appearance, will co-star alongside Danny DeVito, Tony Shalhoub and Jessica Hecht in the revival of an Arthur Miller play.

11.8k reactions 240 comments
Jos Brunink Have a great time mark. Sorry, not in to theater myself. I'm more a fan of the way you turn in to a green raging monster 😉
Leda Le Claire Mark you are amazing !! I know you will be fantastic on stage !! I live to far away to see you on stage so please do more movies !!! ♡♡♡
Jon Dockter Stick to acting, your good at it. Protesting with people without knowing the facts is simply ignorant. Supporting a protest that starts people's equipment on fire, shoots private owners horses and bison, throws stuff at police is not a good thing to put ...
Chance Eon Romero Heck yeah we hear your Stella Adler stories all the time in classes!
Nicole Kidman
23:06 01/07/2017

“To appreciate the success you have to have had the failures. You have to accept that it is a journey and its not just tomorrow or the next day or next year.” - Nicole Kidman

23.2k reactions 359 comments
Domenico Biasi Mare tempestoso pescatore avvista incerto il passo e buio destino il futuro consiglia. Un bacio Nicole.
Ross Williams Easy to say when you have heaps of money, bit harder to say when you live week to week. Sometimes harder to look past next week.
Roger Colley Hello my beautiful friend good to see you love your comments is always looking great as always big LOVE Always forever🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹
Ernie Sepulveda Found you exciting since Dead Calm. I'm caught up in that Aurora that you project.
Bharat Sharma Failure teaches us only one thing that's is knowledge to grow and massive success
Mark Ruffalo
14:48 01/05/2017

Hey! Just a reminder. You are not alone.

68.3k reactions 2324 comments
Draven Tyr Umbra If this is your way of telling me you're hiding under my bed with a rag soaked in chloroform again I'm going to be very upset when I wake up...
Kathy Quiros Thanks mark had a rough year 2016 but I'm going to try and get my self out of this mess in credit card debt now and I'm drowning it's so stressed so thanks glad your here and listening
Deisy Cadena It's so true at times that you may seem suronded by people you love, you still fill alone. I simply tink a simple smile or a hallo it brightens a heart. Do it it would make me ,us much better.
Janice Connett Mark, you are so inspiring! Watching you mature as an actor, a gentleman, and an activist has been wonderful to behold. Thank you for using your star power for The Good of All Concerned!
Sierra Raine Stop being so beautiful! Thanks for you extra time & from your beautiful fam, to keep putting out the love & awareness vibes. Love you heaps, cause I feel your love right back. Thanks, from the ants, crickets, frogs, and the little love of our ...
Nicole Kidman
10:18 01/05/2017

"Life has got all those twists and turns. You've got to hold on tight and off you go." - Nicole Kidman

38.9k reactions 703 comments
Drew Craker Do you ever watch your own movies and think "I could have done that scene better"?
Lino Scotto Noooo what has She done with Her face?????? Why did you???? My God!!!
Mus Tapha Juve bonjour Nicole Kidman ......... tu es trop belle bijoux .................... i like youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Martyn Simpson Omfg whqts wrong qith her top lip man it looks dodgy ah shit.
Andreea Feher I love this quote, Nicole! All these twists and turns, and... off we go! :) Happy New Year!
Mark Ruffalo
14:48 01/05/2017

How Victory at Standing Rock Could Provide a Blueprint for Resistance in Trump's America

How Victory at Standing Rock Could Provide a Blueprint for Resistance in Trump
How Victory at Standing Rock Could Provide a Blueprint for Resistance in Trump's America

Protesters won a major victory over the Dakota Access pipeline project but with Donald Trump taking office, the fight has just begun.

4.5k reactions 71 comments
Maxin Purcell Why, if this was a victory is the company still construction the pipeline?
Luann Behm Trump is an investor in this pipeline. It's not over yet.
Garza Jose "Push Harder"!...Violence is"nt the answer........Protecting what"s Real"!!
Linda Mesa We who do not watch TV have not heard any news fron no#dapl ! We on faceboook follow the people and need to hear some news about winter camp !
Gurfolz Fukui It was started under Obama. Because white people didn't want the pipeline to go near their homes.
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