Mark Ruffalo
03:42 03/25/2017

This is great news!

Scientists Have Broken the Efficiency Record for Mass-Produced Solar Panels
Scientists Have Broken the Efficiency Record for Mass-Produced Solar Panels

Researchers in Japan have set a new record for the efficiency of mass-produced solar panels, meaning even more of the Sun's energy can now be converted into electricity.

6.1k reactions 95 comments
Rachelle Parent This theoretically would be a much more efficient way of harnessing the sun's energy than solar panels.
Chase Revell amazing that these panels put out a chemical that is 10x more toxic to our environment than co2.
Matthew James More lithium and magnesium mining? Exploiting third world countries for cheap labor? :D
Zak Keith Too bad we can't have Elon Musk as our president. At least then we'd be in the right hands
Bob Cat I for one am curious how many avians this will roast out of the sky.
Mark Ruffalo
03:42 03/25/2017

This needs attention. DC friends please help!

MAP: Locations Where Missing DC Teens Were Last Seen
MAP: Locations Where Missing DC Teens Were Last Seen

D.C. police are using social media to shed light on people missing from D.C. As of Thursday, over a dozen District teenagers, ranging in age from 14 to 18, are missing.

4.0k reactions 106 comments
Hilda Estrada That is a lot of children missing. What, how could that happen??
Desiree Linklater Why are so many peopls going missing. I seen a post on how children are being abducted. Something needs to be done.
Sharon Hughes 2,000+ is average or normal in one year?!!!!! Wtf?! No
Susie Martin Venegas I never wanted to be found when I was teen, I'd be last for days sometimes weeks it was great
Robert Martinez That whole area should be swamped with FBI
Mark Ruffalo
03:42 03/25/2017

Let's do this folks. Time to speak out!

Documenting Hate: Tell Your Story
Documenting Hate: Tell Your Story

America does not do a good job of tracking incidents of hate and bias. We need your help to create a database of such incidents across the country, so we all know what's going on.

335 reactions 31 comments
Maria De Los Angeles Vallejo Bernal BOAZ
Nancy Kosek Noooo
Nakul Chaudhary And when morons chose a moron the wise man took a stand.
Oscar Percival Marquez That profile picture is soooo annoying !!!
Caren Young Look at chelsea handlers Instagram feed for hate. 😥
Mark Ruffalo
03:42 03/25/2017

What Elizabeth Warren said.

10.7k reactions 300 comments
Kevin Aguilar I get Obamacare is hurting and helping people. But don't just go take everything out with out a plan, explain the freaking new health care plan. The whole movement seen immature to me.
Seth Boomgarden It cost my wife and 3 year old son nearly 700 dollars a month and if I was on it nearly 1k this needs to be fixed this isn't affordable. Why can't they figure this out. We have elected these people to figure it out
Maria Lima How can someone rich like Trump ever understand the struggels of average people. The Americans really thought that he was going to help YOUUUUU
Lucinda Brewington Interesting how about 14 million of those people were funneled over to Medicare... a program that most of them would have qualified for before being forced to accept federally controlled "healthcare"
Amanda Bradfield Bass What did we do before Obamacrapcare? I listen to Doctors who are retiring early becaause of this carwreak Obama and the liberal democrats created. People need to get up off their asses and stop depend upon the government to support them, they need to ...
Mark Ruffalo
03:42 03/25/2017

Our world is a better place because of these brilliant people! Congrats to all named on's #Grist50. Sending a special shout out to Rahwa Ghirmatzion of Push Buffalo, Sean A. Watkins of 100% campaign, and Dallas Goldtooth of Indigenous Environmental Network

Grist 50: Meet the Fixers
Grist 50: Meet the Fixers

For our 2017 list of emerging green leaders, Grist brings you 50 innovators with solutions to some of humanity's biggest challenges.

396 reactions 5 comments
S Mahpiya Maza Dallas Goldtooth
Ofelia Nicholson Congratulations!
Mercedes Hernandez We need more innovators like these wonderful folks.
Dallas Goldtooth Thanks brotha!
Mark Ruffalo
03:42 03/25/2017

I know a thing or two about being green.

3.8k reactions 97 comments
April Zieu We have hulk but you are green and stand for the better world that we need.
Mark Crozier He should consider himself lucky it wasnt something worse, like polonium...
Mariana Mazzola Romina Argibay ME PUEDO CASAR CON ÉL? Integro el harem, no me importa nada. No puede más de divino.
Rich Petrillo I know i would be worried that that is alot more than just DIe.
Sam Beamer His possible future may be (suicide ?)by two bullets to the head. I hope not.
Nicole Kidman
23:12 03/24/2017

Happy birthday to one of the sweetest, funniest most generous girls I know. Love you Reese... you are a light. 😘 ⭐ Nic

51.9k reactions 1083 comments
Mona Bray Happy Birthday Reese your an awesome and beautiful women, love everything you're in..
Chris Holocher Happy Birthday are an amazing woman.I see such goodness in you it overwhelms me.Nicole thank you for taking the picture.2 amazing women that are just so unique!
Mike Campbell You girls rock! What a great show,can't stop watching ☺ Happy birthday Reese! Tv needs more ladies like you in charge!
Ricki Por Happy Birthday Reese two gorgeous women Today is my granddaughter's Birthday too
Raghavendra Chitagi Happy birthday Reese!! Yellow is perfect and glowing light
Mark Ruffalo
03:42 03/25/2017

On this World Water Day, let’s remember Berta Caceres. An activist through and through.

World Water Day 2017: Honoring Berta Cáceres – Water Defense
World Water Day 2017: Honoring Berta Cáceres – Water Defense

Today, on World Water Day, we honor the memory of Berta Cáceres, a fellow fighter for environmental rights who was killed in Honduras last year for her activism.

1.3k reactions 30 comments
Teresa Price In memory of Berta x
Tania Libertad #JusticiaParaBerta #FueraDESA
Teresa Surroca RIP Berta. A true hero
Maria Martinez 🌿💧🏞💚
Nicole Kidman
10:24 03/22/2017

Last day on #Untouchable. What a wonderful experience. I will miss you Kevin, Bryan and Neil - the whole crew and of course Philadelphia.

6.7k reactions 159 comments
Zandra Bill Really looking forward to seeing this film
Isabela Souza Andresa ela tá fazendo parte do filme mesmo ai pqp
Noushin Kananian All the best.
Rolando Aragon Love u no matter what! Even if u r untouchable !
Phan Quốc Anh U always make new yourself Love Nicole
Nicole Kidman
10:24 03/22/2017

Can't believe there's only 2 episodes left of Big Little Lies! How did you like last night's episode?

10.6k reactions 360 comments
Tina Carmichael I think portraying the emotional aspect of emotional and physical abuse is scary. Dont think for a moment the kids aren't seeing anything. Kids see more than anyone thinks. It wouldn't surprise me if the person who is biting the little girl is one of ...
Sandy Gulledge Johnston Amazing show ! Amazing acting!!!! Best thing I have seen you in Nicole! Close second was with Tom in Eyes wide shut ... Love the clothes too and music! Make a second season please💕
Lara Willis Nooo there can't be only 2 more!!! Celeste is only just starting to open up about the abuse!! Please tell me there is more coming or I'll be 💔💔💔
Echo Pearson Symmons Love them all - but the truth of the matter is that I see this characters all the time especially as my kids were growing up.
Deniece Davey Alot can stil happen. So sad only twi episodes left. I stil wonder who who rape you friend in Little lies. I think its going to be revield. I also think i know who it is. Enny word from you.
Mark Ruffalo
14:54 03/22/2017

Sunrise Ruffalo: Free Spirit

Sunrise Ruffalo: Free Spirit
Sunrise Ruffalo: Free Spirit

Sunrise Ruffalo is someone who has played many roles in life; model, mother, shop owner, farmer… Her ability to pick up and start afresh comes from a childhood spent on the move. Whether she was living out of a van with her dad following the Rolling Stones, or trying to make it as 16-year old model…

430 reactions 18 comments
Bùi Tiến Thành Hoa mắt...chóng mặt...buồn HÔN
Mark De Leon Hi hulk cant ypu answer my question^^""
Jahid Sabby Love u man
Bella Killeen Lovely person,,happy for you bothx
Veronica Chojnacki what is there not to love.
Mark Ruffalo
02:06 03/20/2017

Thank you, Wally Lamb.

505 reactions 16 comments
Andi Gilmore Spears Although the current administration breaks my heart also strengthens my passion for my country! Art will always live. Think globally and act locally will have to apply even more now. I have a little free library in my yard and I will add ...
Taejeong Yoon oh... I saw Korean and Japanese title. feel's so strange..
Danya Wilson yay !! awesome
Jackie Simonton I love that book!!
Priyanti Djun SANG PENEBUS..... apakah itu dari bahasa indonesia???
Nicole Kidman
21:36 03/19/2017

Hope you enjoy tonight's episode of Big Little Lies ! xx Nic

8.1k reactions 280 comments
Peter Winkcup Hi Nocole how's Keith very happy no doubt hope you are to
Rachel Anne Looks good i didn't realise it was on will definitely watch it on catch up looks good
Kathy Mckee I love this series! Love can make things complicated but who are we without it?
Melissa Bridwell I love this show and how she sheds light on a very real problem. She is really a true strong actress. Renewed love for Kidman. ❤️❤️
Teri Edgerton Really enjoying the show but is going by too fast. Recording it so I can watch it again.
Mark Ruffalo
02:06 03/20/2017

Opening night! The Price on Broadway surrounded by loves.

8.7k reactions 106 comments
Heather McDougall McFarlane What a great photo! Lots of love there. ♡♡♡
Christine Roberti-Reilly Can't wait to see it! Break a leg!
Michele Mancour Break a leg!! :)
Kimberly Grimes That is what life is all about
Eloise Fuller Putnam Break a leg !
Mark Ruffalo
02:06 03/20/2017

Snow day!

2.0k reactions 21 comments
Olga Beatriz Maza Que linda desde Argentina
TR Cam She looks so cozy.
Kevin Kirsch Snow Angel down!
Thelma Cruz This was our snow day
Jennifer Nause Making snow angels is Hard but Rewarding work!! ☺
Mark Ruffalo
02:06 03/20/2017

Portrait of my Mother. Saint Marie.

8.9k reactions 124 comments
Maria Rosaria Ciaramella Bella la mamma!
Gigliola Magaraggia Molto bella.
Bodhi Rockatansky Mommy Ruffalo! <3
Mónica Gabriela EuHe Rocio Goyri...Ale, nuestra suegra!!! 😱😱😱
Rosana Zeballos Suegraaaa XD
Mark Ruffalo
02:06 03/20/2017

A great article on the woman I love and her new project. What a woman...what a beauty, through and through.

Free Spirit
Free Spirit

Sunrise Ruffalo on the endless pursuit of adventure and authenticity

6.8k reactions 140 comments
Veronica Hulsey That is so awesome for her. When you find your passion it is never work.
Yasmin Francis Wow reading that was like reading my life's goal living on a farm with a community of friends around me <3 I'm truly envious of that you've lived my dream one day I will too ✌
Shawne Taylor Thanks for sharing this. She sounds like an amazing woman!
Jennifer Rodriguez Martinez I think you are probably the sweetest man I've never met. 😉
Jacoba Louw I'm impressed. She'll go up on my list of impressive people, right next to you.
Mark Ruffalo
02:06 03/20/2017

We fight on the federal level and win in the regionals.

Governor calls for ban on fracking in Maryland
Governor calls for ban on fracking in Maryland

Larry Hogan said, “The possible environmental risks . . . simply outweigh any potential benefits.”

4.5k reactions 49 comments
Kate Hester Now, we need to ban fracking here in Florida! 🔥
Lisa R. Horn So grateful and appreciative. #nofrackingmd
Melissa A Steinberg You suck as an actor
Karl Ström Fucks yeah !!
Noelle Dial Come help us in Ohio.
Mark Ruffalo
02:06 03/20/2017

Big thank you to all who came out to the incredible opening night of The Price. And to my fellow cast mates Danny DeVito, Jessica Hecht, Tony Shalhoub and crew!

1.7k reactions 73 comments
Cinzia Carminati Ciao a tutti. Buona serata.
Cristina Quitral Urbina 👏👏👏💜
Rosy Vazquez Felicidadessss ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mark y compañis grax Son lo mejorr 😄😄😄👏⭐⭐⭐
Marta Helena Bernardo Emanuel Gostaria tanto de estar aí. .. Sucesso a todos!!!!!
Jean Stefani See you in April. Can't wait.
Mark Ruffalo
13:18 03/17/2017

Let's make it happen. Find out how!

The Solutions Project - 100% Renewable Energy
The Solutions Project - 100% Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is clean, cheap and abundant. Best of all, you control it: generating new energy, storing it, using it, and even selling it.

1.5k reactions 17 comments
Svsana E. Del Carpio #PrayForPeru
Ubah Gaani
Mark Berens Get my support
Michelle Howard Just loving you some more, 😇🐶😘
Priscilla Cote Not on m.v.!
Mark Ruffalo
13:18 03/17/2017

Bernie and Bill Nye

887 reactions 21 comments
Ubah Gaani
Rachel Meyers Schrock Maryah Alese Schrock
Cal Hansen snapperdoodles
Cal Hansen mark quit shaking your head
Cal Hansen update your picture you look kinda mental
Nicole Kidman
20:00 03/14/2017

Can’t believe we’re half way through #BigLittleLies. Hope you enjoy #Episode4

11.9k reactions 218 comments
Ric Caruso OMG....words i screamed-out to my Mommy the 1st time i discovered that I thought I was "growing a 3rd leg!" ~ LOL :)
Daut Zayni Fine Nicole Kidman! To you good mood and it is a lot of March sun and smiles. After all the smile is a pleasure.
Angel Homero Olguìn good dramatic expression of you,but bad very short video.personal.-an embrace.-
Jose Dubon Good morning greeting from Guathemala princess beautiful pretty miss happy Sunday xoxo kiss 😇😉😗😗😗😍
Ilona Learner You're stupendoulsy talented...& u're just scintillating in BLL..❤❤😍😍🌷🌷🌼🌸🌻💕💓💟💐💐
Mark Ruffalo
11:42 03/12/2017

To Frack Or Not To Frack? Will Maryland Legislators Place Constituents' Health At Risk?

To Frack Or Not To Frack? Will Maryland Legislators Place Constituents
To Frack Or Not To Frack? Will Maryland Legislators Place Constituents' Health At Risk?

Despite growing evidence of serious health problems from fracking, there is ongoing conflict between those who will gain by leasing their land and those downstream, who have nothing to gain and considerable risk. This drama is playing in Maryland now.

656 reactions 28 comments
Nancy Shapanka Please vote no.
Jonathan Hayes Screw it. Crack the planet in half.
Alexandra Cooke How about not to frack? Let's just not.
Jeanne McMahon No fracking!!!
Bronwyn Whaley No !!! No!!!
Mark Ruffalo
11:42 03/12/2017

If you are near Washington D.C. please join the Native Nations March for Standing Rock! 10 am EST at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Headquarters. 443 G st. NW, Washington DC, 20001

705 reactions 12 comments
Caceres Grandon Irmita yo soy de Chile..
Slcc Slcc I live in Ecuador
Michael McAllister Lyon Please Watch and Share This Prayer Sacred Earth Holy Water Standing Rock Words & Music by Alex Call For the Water Protectors at Standing Rock and everywhere. SAVE IT NOW Please Help this Prayer Spread Far & ...
Mercier Sabrina Mark Ruffalo there is a fake account on your name that asked peoples to give money 😑😥
Michelle Howard You have all my heart always,😇🐶😘
Mark Ruffalo
11:42 03/12/2017

Reunited at last! Here's a look at what's in store come November. Thor: Ragnarok is gonna be a funny one.

7.0k reactions 109 comments
Kim Akre Short-haired ThOr? Nope.
Cammi Hubble Ok but lets talk about Loki's new outfit and how he's drinking a martini or something.
Sionnach Wintergreen I'm glad it will be funny. I'm sick of dark things. Reality has gotten much too dark. I need a break.
Margaret Lindon You are one fine actor Mark. . Have a great weekend love from England xx❤️
Berit Schmøde Looking sooooo much forward to see the film as soon as it landing in Copenhagen cinema 🤗
Mark Ruffalo
22:54 03/09/2017

Congressional Energy and Climate Committees Are Loaded with Ex-Fossil Fuel Lobbyists

Congressional Energy and Climate Committees Are Loaded with Ex-Fossil Fuel Lobbyists
Congressional Energy and Climate Committees Are Loaded with Ex-Fossil Fuel Lobbyists

Though the U.S. Congress has been in session for two months, much of the policy action which has taken place since Donald Trump assumed the presidency on January 20 has centered around his Executive Orders.

174 reactions 13 comments
Doug Silverback Albertson Excellent speech! Well done Mr President Donald J. Trump
Christopher Montgomery We got sold out
Christiane Defontaine Keep fighting for your rights We follow from France
Jerry Leal You have to be excited on this!!!!
Russell J. Coller Jr. drill, baby drill . i gotta drive to work. $1.25 per gallon will work. (my limo is in the shop)
Nicole Kidman
18:24 03/09/2017

Really proud to be part of the Neutrogena family. #ngtambassador

2.1k reactions 270 comments
Farhad Jaman Stunning ; charming ; outstanding ; wonderful ; beautiful ; gorgeous ; glamarius ; glorious ; meritorious ; superb ; smart ; talent ; perfect ; brilliant ; intelligent ; excellent ; fantastic ; romantic ; awesome ; adorable ; fashionable ; ...
Rizgar Haider You are not in need of Neutrogena.
Raffles Giuliano I LOVE U !!!! LOVE THAT PRODUCT ( eventhough don't use it lol)
Gail Odonnell Like some of the products but this one broke me out can;t use it.
Chucrallah Sfeir Happy women's day wonderful Nicole I am proud to be a freind to you at you're Georgoes face
Mark Ruffalo
22:54 03/09/2017

Bringing a piece of Arthur Miller to Good Morning America tomorrow morning with The Price. See you!

771 reactions 24 comments
Leandro Rafacho BOM
TR Cam I watch GMA <3 Can't wait to see you! XO
Jae Fevey Shouldn't you be in bed Ruff?
Lisa Spagnola Can't wait!!
Tanya Cortez Yay! Can't wait.
Mark Ruffalo
22:54 03/09/2017

Thank you NBC Bay Area for having Scott Smith to talk about the important work that Water Defense is doing. Take a look:

725 reactions 14 comments
Maryjane Sutherland No shit
Joyce Skaggs Water is life!
Ans de Groot Stop fracking. Water is life!
Tim Antone Thank you for posting this!
Christiane Defontaine I took a look Thanks for your engagement
Nicole Kidman
18:24 03/09/2017

Let’s celebrate women today! Get more info from my friends at: #InternationalWomensDay

2.2k reactions 95 comments
Montri Carlos del Rosario Hi Nicole..m back..happy international Woman's day to you..Salute to Girl power😃💗..your so marvelously awesome..take care..thank you💗💗💗
李金城 tomorrow and Saturday work, night answer, today cut design, Nic
Luiz Carlos Rolemberg Happy Women's Night,.....I'm very glad to meet you in this life...Thank you Nic.....Have a Wonderful day ahead.....Congrats!
Irvan Junet Help me please ! I need some money, only $ 100. This is my address= CIDODOL Street No: 3 RT 013 RW 06 Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta 12220. Please send it via postal money order. Thanks -IRVAN-
Michael Dolaberidze Not guaranteed outside ... ... from the army managed politika..da politicians ... ... nine sons, nine brave mother, Smartened sword and helmet. Kartli flag daulotsa rider, Ross insidious enemy attacked us. Shejiritdnen courageous fire, Penetrates only ...
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