Mark Ruffalo
20:36 11/20/2017

Haha! I’m so flattered, love you guys. 😘

1.7k reactions 921 comments
Amy Kael Oh! My! Bowie!!!! That was so hilariously adorable to watch. Thank you for sharing how flattered, yet uncomfortable you were!
Елица Митева Mark Ruffalo, you have our hugs and admiration! You seem to be a wonderful person and I am so glad you and people like you exist, because you do so much for everyone <3
Almarie Nel That is what makes you so sexy! You don't know it! Happy birthday for the 22nd so by the way! My birthday too! 🎈❤️️
Pam Dundon Well this senior finds you adorable too and even mores because of your commitment to trying to make this a better world.
Jenny Rodriguez Ah the secret ingredient to every truly hot man. Humililty. You don't believe you're as hot as you are and thats WHY we love you so much. Keep being you Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo
20:36 11/20/2017

Tune in

72 reactions 6 comments
Ca R Laraye Amen
Abigail Martínez Mark☺☺
Susan Corrado Goodrich Goldberg He is such a hero
Ilene Matthews His grammar though.
John Velasco Only caught a few minutes, on my way to work, but it's awesome to see/hear celebrities using their identities as a force for the general public rather than being a self-serving waste. Can we say Kardashian? Nice job, Mark!
Mark Ruffalo
20:36 11/20/2017

Powerful 60 Minutes report gives us a glimpse of the millions of Yemenis being starved and stunted by a Saudi blockade on food and medicine. Congress must put an end to the madness of US military participation in Saudi Arabia's war.

When food is used as a weapon
When food is used as a weapon

How Yemen's civil war has brought 7 million people, many of them children, to the brink of starvation

1.0k reactions 102 comments
Sally Vexler Klein This is a very crude form of population control.
Max Renn let’s not forget Israeli calorie count policies in the occupied territories while we’re at it.
Wynne Zaugg They are just doing our bidding
Boushra Moualla We need real Hulk to smash the evil royal family in Saudy Arabia
Emily Gagliardi We help people all over except our own country first.. And war will always be its just is
Mark Ruffalo
20:36 11/20/2017

Caption this.

7.1k reactions 690 comments
Andrew Zollinger The first thing that came to mind was "I don't remember this scene from Mom and Dad Save the Planet"
Dmytro Linchenko Hulk should be naked in this scene, right?
Jen Jayne That huge toothpick is preventing me from eating you and that's a shame because I bet you are yummy.
Sarah Browngoetz "It's fine, I guess, I am just not sold on the throw pillows and that shawl thingy on the head . . .jaw has got to go."
Katie Ridenour "Turns out this place is super into riding to Valhalla and spraying themselves in the face with paint and stuff too."
Nicole Kidman
16:06 11/20/2017

at #AMAs ..... fuuuuuun!!!!! Keith Urban / American Music Awards

11.9k reactions 408 comments
Carol Kozlowski Hottest couple and my number 1 🙂 🔥your both a inspiration
Carol Higgins Beautiful date night and 3 reasons to celebrate. Congrats!!
Rhonda Kauble Congrats Keith !!! Love to see u win ! So deserving !
Dan K. Hindenach Way to go Keith gratulations to you and to your wife you guys are an awesome pair so glad to see that
Debbie Pugh Harris Congratulations Keith Urban! Your the best!
Will Ferrell
17:18 11/20/2017


4.0k reactions 379 comments
Heather Sue Ryan Knepper hey, check out fat Todd!! lol
Leo Daverson Jordain Scotts I don't know why this reminds me of us so much
Nader Ezzat The master of talking absolute shit Timur Reda
Andrew O'Connor Bastien Perron, classic Will Ferrel right there!
Michael Sargent Vanessa Sargent we Are going to have to get Stan
Nicole Kidman
16:06 11/20/2017

Told Glamour my superpower was transforming ignorance into empathy. Thank you Dior for helping me feel confident and powerful on such a special night. Xx Nic Mark Leibowitz

4.6k reactions 148 comments
Jen Turner Nicole You Have that Charm!!
Antoinette Cumming That’s my Smart, Beloved Female.
Jean-Marc Le Cadre The most beautiful girl fifties ! I marry Her when she wants. JMLC
Giuseppe Cancelloni before then i'll always make you even bigger xxgixx c
Yudi Amy Seeck "Must be the Season of a witch" From NorGeNo.where to truthtown long&tall
Will Ferrell
04:30 11/18/2017

Putting a band together to talk music and jam for a great cause. Look out Seattle, its going to be One Classy Night. Get your tickets now!

377 reactions 76 comments
Kristen Darlene Small Sherry I. Would. Die.
Massimo Scarpato you stay classy San Diego!
Scott Portals More cowbell
Pietro Maximoff will you be on jazz flute?
Mary Flasche For the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!!! Come to ATLANTA for a classy show ☕️💥⭐️🎤
Mark Ruffalo
07:48 11/18/2017

#Hulk like fire!

1.2k reactions 62 comments
Isabel Hernandez Wade 😍🙌
Yesenia Depp Downey "el sol se está ocultando"...
Margaret Hoyos You are the best!
Héctor Armando Herrera You're the best!!! Strongest Avenger
Denisse Montero Seen the movie twice, and loved every scene! I laughed so much watching it.
Mark Ruffalo
07:48 11/18/2017

REDD needs our help and aims to protect our land. This could make a huge difference for our planet.

514 reactions 13 comments
Sabrina Calixto ❤️❤️❤️😅
Nelly A Williams 🤔
Garza Jose cutting down the ROOT of the world
Adam Petzold How do you stop natural climate change? You develop terraforming technology. If the temps were cooling like they thought in the 70's, would you be saying that we need to increase CO2 output?
Mark Ruffalo
07:48 11/18/2017

This is exciting.

124 reactions 6 comments
Susan Corrado Goodrich Goldberg Yes!!!!!!!!!!!
Shilo Rees HOW NICE
Sara Mettlen Totally read that as ogres.
Mark Ruffalo
07:48 11/18/2017

Haha! Now put your hands up! (This is photoshopped, credit to LOKI on Midgard aka FahrLight!)

28.6k reactions 933 comments
Lucia Farneti Simona Guari ti ho detto che Mark Ruffalo mi fa morire dal ridere, vero?
Matheus Barbosa It was photoshopped without permission. The original is from LOKI on Midgard aka FahrLight
Giulia Vida Greta Irene (so che nun te piace, però beccatelo in tutta la sua femminilità❤️)
Claire Lavin Is that and I'M A LITTLE TEACUP POSE
Danika Dalal Kunal Asher hahahaha...i love the fact that mark has posted this 😂😂😂
Mark Ruffalo
07:48 11/18/2017

Empowered by Light is back in Puerto Rico to install more solar micro grids for fire fighters. 40 fire stations out of the island’s 96 stations still have no power, and 2 million Puerto Ricans are without power today. We CAN rebuild Puerto Rico with 100% renewable energy, which is cheaper, cleaner and more resilient than diesel power.

661 reactions 17 comments
Wilda Aniris Melendez Perales Armando Gil Vazquez Castellano
Linda Mesa Great work !!
Ryan Sell Dakota Access Pipeline leaked ! 300,000+ gallons!
Ivette Albino This is great Mark!!! Love it 😍
Sandra Bertagnolli Architecture as Relationship Builders #InvestingInUs Creates #SelfReliance #SustainableInfrastructure #SustainableEnergy #ResourceBasedEconomy #CleanEnergy #RenewableEnergy #Solar #Wind #Geothermal #Desalination #OceanWaves #Hemp #BrilliantMinds #Tesla ...
Mark Ruffalo
07:48 11/18/2017

This is a horror. Millions of people will die.

UN News - UN agency chiefs call for immediate lifting of humanitarian blockade in Yemen
UN News - UN agency chiefs call for immediate lifting of humanitarian blockade in Yemen

With much of Yemen's air, sea and land entry points closed, heads of three United Nations agencies on Thursday called for immediate lifting of such blockade in the conflict-ravaged southern Arabian country so that lifesaving humanitarian supplies can pass.

656 reactions 19 comments
Linda Rolf Americans should quit backing the Saudi's in their genocide of Yemani people. Shame on the American Government!
Teresa Surroca It's unbelievable but Saudi Arabia always do what they want. International community should do more that talking. We need action against this holocaust.
Alex Mort Kitty Bacon It isn't just the US aiding in this disaster the UK is aiding and arming the Saudis in the name of profit for weapons manufacturers
Shaheen Haider Haider Ali
Gabriel Oliveira Santos Coitados 😢😢😢 morreram de morte morrida
Mark Ruffalo
07:48 11/18/2017

Things are out of whack when this is considered terrorism yet, gunning down people, and making us terrified isn’t.

I released 2,000 minks from a fur farm. Now I
I released 2,000 minks from a fur farm. Now I'm a convicted terrorist | Kevin Johnson

The FBI says animal rights activists are America’s greatest domestic terrorism threat. This endangers activists – but makes big pharma and agriculture happy

1.5k reactions 72 comments
Tyna Doran I'm really glad the top two comments on this were people with their heads on their shoulders and with good common sense. <3
Monica Westover They did it in Berry Co. MI in the 70s almost 200? Just before slaughter...thought it was cool until they took over the area.
Ian Liggett Your an idiot....animal activists released Mink from farms in the UK way back in 80's they went on to devastate local wild life from birds to mamals both domestic and wild. Yes Mink farming is wrong very wrong but releasing them into an area with no ...
Maria Estella Chavez I agree with you Mark. I'm sure you heard about the oil spill. We knew it was not a matter of I but when. This has me really upset. I posted the following on my page. So, the water protectors were considered terrorists for trying to protect their water ...
Jason Weinsteiger Hey guys? The point of this article is not about whether releasing the minks was right or wrong. Look beyond the headline.
Mark Ruffalo
07:48 11/18/2017

Support them, their lives are on the line and they are fighting for us all.

254 reactions 10 comments
Briar Lyn Lara Charlotte
Patricia Minarde Gracias por pensar en mi país!!!Perú 🇵🇪️❤️
Olga Zoto Mark siempre pensando en los demás por eso te rreamooooooo
Teresa Surroca Thanks for fighting!!! 💪💪💪💪💪💚😊
Sheila Nichols Thank you Mark, my Peruvian people need all the coverage they can get.
Mark Ruffalo
07:48 11/18/2017

The Health Care Enrollment Deadline is Coming!

266 reactions 4 comments
Fajar Utama Justice League FullMovie 2017 #JUSTICE_LEAGUE_2017_FullMOV
Brandon Kirby Welcome to Amazon Mark!!
Andrey Strongheart Spread the health Spread the goodness Thanks Mark!
Benjamin Coler When does he start yelling about the inevitable collapse of the legal monopoly that maintains our unsustainable commoditization of human health?
Mark Ruffalo
07:48 11/18/2017


90.8k reactions 3403 comments
Steve Dalton I thoroughly enjoyed the sitcom where you and your daughter moved fromt the Big City to Suburbia! I got to laugh a lot and lifted my spirits. PLUS, you were/are great eye candy. Blessings.
Nanette Elizabeth Sage Mark Ruffalo, you worked hard to be where you are today. Good job. On the lighter side - if I ever meet you, I hope I could get a hug. If your ever in the San Francisco area, let me know. <3
Ivemar Snow God...please bless this man and his family also..but specially him!!! You're so handsome and my favorite Avenger!!! Regards from Puerto Rico..and thank you for your help.
Stefani Olsen OMG you are so beautiful. Were then, still are. My mom (RIP last spring @83) and I both crushing out on you. Better still you are brilliant and give a F about things.
Terese Cruz Calderone I have Been a Fan of yours for 18 years, when I first saw your picture in a magazine that your sister Nicole showed me when she was giving me a Haircut at Supercuts in Milwaukee.....Love all of your Movies Mark*
Mark Ruffalo
07:48 11/18/2017


This is What Gender-Nonbinary People Look Like
This is What Gender-Nonbinary People Look Like

While the words we use to describe ourselves have changed over time, we have always been here.

4.1k reactions 259 comments
Greg Smith I hate both sides of this conversation. People being overly hateful toward people for being different, and people who admit their "thing" has nothing to do with gender or sexuality, but more to do with how they want to be perceived. Well you know what? ...
Carolanne Connolly Brown For everyone who says you are either born with male organs or female organs. How's that gonna work out for hemaphrodites? Which is being born with both male and female organs. Where are you gonna fit these guys into your theory? Guys know your stuff ...
Amy Hadley Clearly he's high af... & why am i not?!? Cause ya'll think making this an issue is more important than defending that poor defenseless plant from the reefermadness of the globalists!! Priorities people!! Holistic doctors are being murdered left and ...
Sara Lathrop Stinski We employed a gender neutral individual over the summer. It was a great learning opportunity for me!
Christopher Courtois You can wear all the clothes you want. You can wear all the make-up you want. I don't give a shit. But in the end either you're a dude or not.
Mark Ruffalo
07:48 11/18/2017

Small but mighty (and super cute).

1.6k reactions 42 comments
Linda Holeman 💚🍀
Bobbie E Ebert Kid Hulk.
Mariangel Segura Savini Me encantó!!!! 😀
Tanya Hreiz I NEED IT!
Roxanne SpursGal I want! 💚
Mark Ruffalo
19:00 11/15/2017

Thank You!!! Bush has the blood of 100s of thousands of innocent people on his hands. Not even Trump can claim that (yet).

440 reactions 84 comments
Bobbie E Ebert Well said, if I lose my healthcare and housing, they will have more blood on their hands. I even called my reps and got no true answers and when I asked about an oligarchy, I got silence and then I said, your silence tells me everything. See y'all on ...
Nichole Proctor I love how Mark only goes after the other side and never will admit the sickness on his own. Not to mention all of the children Obama bombed and killed during his administration.
Jonny Carr And Obama carried it on, and so will Trump but people don't seem to care that Obama did the same, and this is the problem, identity politics, manufactured anger when the "other side" do it. As long as there is people on both sides, left and right ...
Steve Bradley There's plenty of Whataboutism going on here. But what about him, what about her. Piss off you boring planks. Comment on the disscussion at hand first.
Leigh Elizabeth And Ellen DeGeneres has him on her show pretending like he wasn’t a war criminal. Now that he’s a “painter” it’s allll goood, as long as he’s not Trump. I can’t.
Mark Ruffalo
19:00 11/15/2017

Mike, Dustin, & Lucas 😉. Stranger Things #FinnWolfhard #CalebMcLaughlin Gaten Matarazzo #squad

11.0k reactions 136 comments
Catherine Gerges Elizabeth Nguyen 2 of my favourite things!!!
Tiago Rafael Uzai Mark fiquei muito feliz pois parece que também gosta de séries abraços!
Deanna Ferrante Best thing I've seen all day.
Amit Singho The hulk loves Stranger Things
Mary Brooks Awesome. :) I was late to the party but binged both seasons in a weeks time. Amazing. :)
Nicole Kidman
14:30 11/15/2017

What a great night last night. Thank you Glamour, thank you Sofia Coppola and so nice to meet you Gigi Hadid.

9.3k reactions 242 comments
Sergio Alexy Calderon Chandia Nicole eres mujer mia por siempre...te amo....eres dueña de mi corazon...
Яна Елисеева I watched it, but it was 3:00 in Minsk...
Walter Romero Las trois très belle madames ,salutations et bisous !/The three very beautiful ladies ,greetings & kisses. !!!!
Johnny Powell And I would like to to replicate that with you lol
Lucilene Nunes Nic, you so beautiful, kisses...
Mark Ruffalo
19:00 11/15/2017

#GregClarkMP - Ireland & Scotland banned #fracking because of public health & environmental harms. Pls protect people and refuse consent for #fracking in Ryedale & North Yorkshire. The #fracking company has not even completed the legally-required groundwater monitoring!

868 reactions 26 comments
Brandon Kirby Wow
Jan Edwards I ❤️ this
Adam Petzold are you sure they had science behind them or just public statements?
Saad Razzak Plz protect people then what are you for Hulk..😂
Mark Ruffalo
19:00 11/15/2017

Love how it all comes together, proud to be the #Hulk!

1.0k reactions 29 comments
Vicky Castro #hulk! 😍 Tanto así!! Angela Paulina Walle Castro 😮🤗 ya voy 🏃🏻‍♀️🤓✌🏽
Ghananjyoti Boruah My Superhero
Ida Del Giudice Mark sei fantastico nei film e nella vita reale. 😘😘😘
Brandon Kirby Hulk Amazon
Mark Ruffalo
19:00 11/15/2017

This is awesome and I love these protectors that shut this event down.

Protesters shut down Trump’s pro-oil event at climate change conference
Protesters shut down Trump’s pro-oil event at climate change conference

Several Democrats are attending the conference to counter the Trump administration’s message.

589 reactions 29 comments
Jennifer Schilling This is what is awesome #MAGA
Simón Eduardo Manso
Jan Boike Bull
Jenny Carter Ahem.......
Ron Vislusky A 1000x stronger than President Puppet.
Mark Ruffalo
19:00 11/15/2017

A newly tightened Saudi blockade threatens to kill hundreds of thousands of Yemenis by starvation and cholera in the coming weeks. It is past time to end U.S. participation in this Saudi war.

Opinion | How War Created the Cholera Epidemic in Yemen
Opinion | How War Created the Cholera Epidemic in Yemen

The spread of the disease is tied to politics and the blockade imposed by the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

536 reactions 17 comments
Ron Vislusky Agreed
Memo Joel Navarro Mlesto Solución. Ya!!!!!!
Shilo Rees HOW SAD
Tamara Winter God bless you Mr Mark Ruffalo
Jemiah Jefferson AMEN!
Mark Ruffalo
19:00 11/15/2017

My friends at the #BreakFreeFromPlastic movement & Dancing Fox are attempting something audacious for the future of the planet. A competition to live #LikeAnAstronaut here on Earth, sharing tips for minimal living and zero-waste lifestyles, with a grand prize of a trip to space for one lucky winner:

419 reactions 26 comments
Augusta Schubert George Stuart Schubert
Mary Ellen Persuit Hey Mark ...we need you and your friend down here in Beaver County Pa (outside Pittsburgh)....we are about to get fracked to hell for the CRACKER PLANTS making PLASTIC !!... Please send an Army ! :)...https://www.facebook....
Jenny Tuazon Froilan, Von, Jed 😎
Mark Berens Hypocrit
Jean Ray Fuston PLEASE
Mark Ruffalo
19:00 11/15/2017

Keepin it cool at Tumblr. #ThorRagnarok

16.0k reactions 386 comments
Guininfried Uco Hernandez Jr. Hola Mark... Saludos Desde México... De Verdad Que La Película Estuvo Muy Buena😻👌 Te Amoo😻😻😻😘😘😘
Nitin Nitin Nitin Nitin It's awesome and amazing movie i like it mr mark
Linda Lia Love the Movie Mark ....went on Sunday ! CONGRATULATIONS ! It’s was Amazing !
Agnes Elaine West Had fun at this movie, you stole the show with your cute naked green butt. LOLOL
Pandu Where is infinity war trailer please leak it HULK😥
Mark Ruffalo
19:00 11/15/2017

"There’s a way to outlaw tax havens and I know how to do it"

"There’s a way to outlaw tax havens and I know how to do it"
"There’s a way to outlaw tax havens and I know how to do it"

The Paradise Papers expose the rich for siphoning trillions from our economies through shady tax havens. I’ll personally tell world leaders how to stop it — click here to help me.

661 reactions 37 comments
Cheryl Roberts Gordon Brown.... Wow... Good luck with that.
Albert Peter Mok Then do it.
Mary Ellen Persuit
Bea Bebchen Grandmontagne Why am I not surprised ?
Tiffany Britt-Hooker Done
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