Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18

Great news: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces that North Carolina becomes the 15th state in the US #ClimateAlliance, which is leading the way forward!

833 reactions 24 comments
David Hicks
Carla Beatriz Stela Stela Lindo, lindo eu aqui assistindo ❤
Verena Cirea Valetinus Wonderful. X
Alisha Banerjee Thank god 😊
Rainey Ramsey Mmhmm.
Nicole Kidman
Yesterday 20:48

Still on cloud nine! Such a proud moment with my ❤️ Reese Witherspoon

14.4k reactions 416 comments
Annette Vanderhoeven My goodness, Reese is really short. Two beautiful women.
Javier Figueroa Both look gorgeous, spectacular and amazing!!
Anna M Olivo Congratulations and beautiful picture
Անահիտ Սողոմոնյան Wonderful ladies,great friendship❤❤❤Congratulations Nicole
Paul Farnsworth Congrats, Love you both <3
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18

EPA considers changing a rule regarding toxic mercury emissions from power plants. #FireBannon #SaveTheEPA

Trump’s EPA is reconsidering a rule that limits mercury from power plants
Trump’s EPA is reconsidering a rule that limits mercury from power plants

The EPA has asked a court to delay oral arguments — where it was supposed to defend the rule.

405 reactions 34 comments
SJ Brighton omg moron
Theresa LoneTree Stand Up !!!
Nathan Kaufman Fire Bannon? You sure about that Mark?
Jessica Mazza Vaughan Morons!
Nick Chouinard So America is just fucked up right...
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18

Want to be one of the first to see Thor: Ragnarok? Check out my latest Raize campaign where you can get signed posters, an Instagram shout out, and a chance to win a paid trip to hangout with us at the red carpet premiere. Find out more here:

2.9k reactions 83 comments
Linda Lia Wishing You All the Best Mark ! ✌️❤️
Janine Torrey Good gawd, you are so cute Mark !!
Karen Salgado de Paula Giovanna Oliveira pena que moramos muito longe
Kulbhan Singh Ranawat Yes ok
Lindy Ward U had me @ Meet :) lol
Nicole Kidman
Yesterday 20:48

So honored to be attending Futures Without Violence tonight.

Health Resources for Preventing and Ending Intimate Partner Violence
Health Resources for Preventing and Ending Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate partner violence can have an adverse effect on one’s physical and mental health. Here are two new websites for health care professionals.

575 reactions 37 comments
Mahmoud Sijani
Roger Ryan Foster Nicole, mi amor, fue la cia!!
Roger Ryan Foster Si te dejo me doy cuenta que me hago complice del crimen que hoy enluta a Madrid !!
Abbas Rehmat I want to talk with u and share with u something
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18

Let us turn our thoughts and prayers to action for these island nations and people after the storm. Hurricane relief and #ClimateAction.

3.1k reactions 84 comments
Maria Ruiz Sending healing, love and protection intentions to all in need.
Ryan Walters'Glota Not one... Not even half a person gives a fuck, and thats a problem
Maria J Rosa Serrano Desde Puerto Rico ya se empieza a sentir lluvia y fuertes vientos!
Joshua Viar Wait why is there quotations around devastate?
Lenny Salinas They had time to prepare the people in mexico didnt:-(
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18

This is science.

5.3k reactions 211 comments
Daniel Mott This isn't just a Presidential issue. This is a government as a whole that put lobbyists first, and the people they represent second. A President can only do so much by himself.
Joe DeFusco This is science- The 1880s were the most active decade for the United States, with a total of 25 hurricanes affecting the nation. By contrast, the least active decade was the 1970s, with a total of only 12 hurricanes affecting the American coastline. A ...
Federico Berto Hurricanes hit also with other presidents being in charge. Moreover Trump just wants more favorable climate deals for the US, nothing more
Brian Lorena Trainor Moras When you build on wetlands doesn't help much. Look at New Orleans. Below sea level areas might flood? Who knew? But its Trumps fault. How did you get to work? How is your carbon footprint?
Joseph Kirt It is science in the sense that it's natural and measurable. Not man made we should be preparing for climate change by moving away from the coastline and building structures made to withstand nature's regular assault.
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18


TrumpCare Ten: #KillTheBill
TrumpCare Ten: #KillTheBill

You killed TrumpCare once, now it's time to kill it again. Here's everything you need to hold your members of Congress accountable and save health care for millions. Events, scripts, key staff. Together, we will win.

470 reactions 19 comments
Ali Ali Download Full HD Video Player: Play store link is
Erin Martinez - Lee Kendall Lauren Shea
মিয়া মুহাম্মদ রাকিবুজ্জামান হৃদয় what?
Alice Will Attend the meetings
Diane Adams Dump Trump!
Nicole Kidman
Yesterday 20:48

What a night! Thank you HBO and the whole BLL gang xx Photo Credit: Emmys / Television Academy, Mark Leibowitz

5.6k reactions 176 comments
Jonathan Robert Ian Barnes Beautiful people... thank you for being you 😎💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Felipe José Juan Leite olha a zoe com um emmy kkkk deve ser da laura coitada os da nic tao afastados
Libby Jett So so happy for you Nic. You so deserved this special night.
Peggy Feigenbaum Congratulations, well deserved! You and Keith looked so beautiful. <3
Debbie Freind How do I get to see this show if I can't afford HBO???
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18

See it in IMAX! And if you wanna hang out at the #ThorRagnarok premiere & help a great cause check out my latest campaign:

3.3k reactions 46 comments
Gbecky Saxton Can't wait to see it
Gbecky Saxton Hawks smash everything
Gbecky Saxton Loki I'm coming for you
Eduardo Mercado muy bueno. very good
Valya Andreeva Go, Hulk, go!!! ✊
Nicole Kidman
Yesterday 20:48

Still twirling. Thanks to my beauty superheroes at Neutrogena xx #Neutrogena #AngelaLevin

20.7k reactions 582 comments
Amokura Paul You look beautiful in that dress last night at the Emmy awards..Keith looked handsomely dashing..💙✨💖..xo
Susan DiCarlo Stunning I saw it the next day. I thought yours was the best dress worn at the Emmys didn't watch the Emmys but we are so happy you won. Congratulations
Daut Zayni Also it is fine and beautiful! Also it is graceful and harmonous! The unearthly queen Nicole Kidman - fascinates by unusual grace and magic beauty of the admirers of heart!
Corinne Meester Gebel Only nice things should be said about Nic and Kieth awesome people! Love the dress and Congrats you got the world by the tail you lucky lady!!
Lydia Frescaz Nicole was praying for you to win. No more watching this special awards show for too much downers. Our country is of respect and honor.Love you forever.
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18


What If THOR: RAGNAROK Were Actually Made in the 1980s? | Nerdist
What If THOR: RAGNAROK Were Actually Made in the 1980s? | Nerdist

Ever since the first eye-popping, synth-laden trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel fans have been salivating over the heavy 1980s throwback vibes oozing out of every frame. From the Masters of the Universe-esque logo of the movie to the day-glo glory of the SDCC poster to writer-director Taika Waititi...

3.2k reactions 74 comments
Margarita Coch Can't wait!
Ben Goodridge That's awesome! 🤣🤣
Ariel Martinez Lopez Para cuando es el estréno alguien sabe ??
Mary Kay Whitney This. Is. Hilarious.
Adriana Cervantes ☺😊
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18


2.0k reactions 9 comments
Melissa Haynes Mark Hudson
Raymond Curry Wow congrats!!
Pedro Pestana what good, is fantastic 🎉🎊🎇
Abeer Jha Man it's great thing that the Hulk himself appreciated this feat
Stephen Lowe Should have won for the sound track too.
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18

What an inspiring story - Indigenous women stand up to a massive new oil pipeline in Canada. They are fighting for their rights because water is life and land is home. #TinyHouseWarriors, I'm with you. #stopKM

952 reactions 17 comments
Sohel Shaikh
Ishan Jemini 1St
মিয়া মুহাম্মদ রাকিবুজ্জামান হৃদয় wow
Eduardo Mercado son is Mark. gretings of HULK
Irene Teji Heh Thank you.
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18

Tiny Houses Take on Big Banks over Kinder Morgan pipeline
Tiny Houses Take on Big Banks over Kinder Morgan pipeline

Big companies bulldozing their opponents is usually a metaphor, but a bold move by an Indigenous group could make this a literal requirement for getting the Kinder Morgan pipeline built.Raven Ess and Anushka Azadi working with Secwepemc community members on September 6, 2017 to build a tiny house in...

247 reactions 4 comments
Kristal Roebuck Signed!
Ida Del Giudice Ciao caro Mark sempre impegnato a salvare il mondo ci vorrebbero più persone con la tua integrità un abbraccio forte a presto💖
Emilie Simard Nicole Jade Smith Mark Ruffalo is sharing this now! So good to see the coverage their getting. Crazy to think that this is literally in our own back yard
Rebecca Eller Mark, are you able to please help the Oceti Sakowin raise funds to save the Sacred Black Hills... save their culture... their lives? As you know, the Sacred Hills to the Lakota, is Jerusalem to Christian and Jewish peoples -- the difference being the ...
Mark Ruffalo
Yesterday 01:18

Having an Agent Cooper moment. 🍩☕️

85.8k reactions 2250 comments
Sedrica D'costa Mathews Is it just me or is there an uncanny resemblance to Sebastian Stan here.. Bucky much ???
Lisa Edkins I don't rate this guy on a normal day but this is a very tinder pic... very hot! But then in real life 😔
Dawn Drews Great pic.just finished my coffee for the day now ready to run run run...have a blessed and beautiful day
Marinobacter Kerguelensis Dude. You're super duper smart, a good person, and also hot AF? Come on, leave something for the other guys ^^
Nancy Steeb Mark thank you for your efforts to make things right in America , I love your work and am so proud your standing up..!!!
Nicole Kidman
08:00 09/18/2017

Wow!!!! Thank you everyone for all the BLL love.❤

13.9k reactions 1208 comments
Peterandcarol Hayes CONGRATILATIONS NICOLE on winning the emmy award you deserve all this and more you are sutch a great tallent there isnt anything you carnt do loved little big lies watched it 4 times you and keith are sutch a great couple and keitn you are a great ...
Paul Roden Tell keith kudos to all the good songs he puts in my ears. Love em. And you your are awesome couple 143 4
Dijana Furlan Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️you really deserve the award. Your also a gourgeous couple and so nice to see both in love and happy.
Susan H West Congratulations!! By time you had won I was watching in bed, husband asleep. Then they announced your name, I screamed & woke him up. You are so talented, it just pours out of you. God Bless & I know was a night to remember! ❤🎈❤
Rita Monkivitch THANK YOU 😘 two words are not enough. I am a survivor of years of domestic abuse and l am on the other side. But the internal scares left on not just the women/men but their children who can often suffer from Post traumatic stress disorder is ...
Nicole Kidman
08:00 09/18/2017

Keith, Sunnie and Faith. You are my world. I love you xx

24.9k reactions 728 comments
Deborah Kay Barnett Jump Congratulations for LittleBigLies & a wonderful acceptance speech! So uplifting! May God continue to bless you, Keith, your girls & family!
Debbe Mohan Dickerson I especially watched the Red Carpet and the show to see you and Keith. Congratulations on your win tonight!!!!!!! You are stunning and I wish you and your family the best that life can give you!!!!! Can we do lunch sometime? LOL
Donna Cross Wow! Congratulations! I am so excited, great performance by all! Nicole you nailed the part of an abused woman. I was so impressed, blown away by the acting in everyone's part!! Nicole again you nailed it and deserve the Emmy!! I only hope this ...
Dawn Lane As per your acceptance speech: A thousand other actresses could have played your award winning role. They needed you to put them to bed at night. You don't have your priorities straight.
Sadi Lane the car is waiting the steps looking after you beautifully dress the colours of flowers red of one dress step along the door is open the car smile here am I waiting you look beautifully the car said I will closed the door. Nicole Kidman
Mark Ruffalo
12:30 09/18/2017

Happy Birthday, Sunrise! You only get better and better. May this year bring to you all that you have worked so hard for. So happy you were put on this great earth. It's your Birthday but you are the gift. With love...m

7.2k reactions 151 comments
Rafael Soto Allison I thought this was you for a (long) minute. Hahaha
Hilda Estrada Pretty lady......its great to be a September born woman like me......Happy Birthday!!!!
Millie Łukaszewska Claire Kasey I want this kind of connection with a pet one day
Angela Carpenter Happy birthday to your beautiful wife!
Lori Burnette Helm Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful picture!
Nicole Kidman
08:00 09/18/2017

Date night before the Emmys #BLL xx

48.2k reactions 924 comments
Maria Milic You two are way too cute and adoreable. 💖 you guys.
Sandee Lee Tagart I love that suit on Keith. Pretty awesome! You represent a happy love and marriage!
Diane Chinnery Love you 2 sooo much....such a beautiful couple I hope you stay together forever ❤️ enjoy your date nights ❤️
Carmella McCoy Nicole & Keith. Still going strong after all these years. Rooted for you guys from day one. Yes you picked a winner Nic.
Albert Ochoa Felicidades a los novios, jejejejeje no es cierto, pero una velada no les caería mal, un vino y unas velas, después del éxito obtenido, se lo merecen, felicidades a ambos
Mark Ruffalo
12:30 09/18/2017

I worked with him on Avengers "Assembled" which was one of those magical once in a lifetime career moments where you are standing next to a giant and a legend and sharing a frame with him and sharing your heart with him and sharing a precious moment with him. We spent the entire day together running lines talking about the scene, talking about wanting to find something to do together in the future. Today that is no longer a possibility. These magical moments, the ones that whisper to you their importance as they are happening. The ones that jump out and tell you that you are in a rarefied space, that imprint deeper than other memories or experiences, that lock themselves in and become a part of the patch work of stories that ones calls a "Life", they are such precious things. It's easy to take for granted at the time how precious they are, one believes there will be another go at it, another chance to catch the light of a star in the palm of your hand in the span of an afternoon while working on a major motion picture, tucked off from the others, in a sacred cinematic space, where time is inconsequential and there is no camera, and their is no crew, and there are no words, there is only truth and listening and talking. That is what it was like with Harry. His humility, his commitment to acting, his generosity of spirit his kindly vulnerability were all exceptional. He was an exceptional man and I am honored to say that i got to share the screen with him albeit briefly. To date, it is still one of my favorite moments in film making. Today I treasure it even more. When we left each other that day we said, "See you again. I look forward to it." That never came to pass, but he passed away I wish we had a chance to do it all again. So long Harry Dean, thank you for the gift of your films, your music and your being. God broke the mold on you. Rest In Peace. Poet.

16.3k reactions 308 comments
Teresa Young awww! Very sweet!! He just seemed to be ageless and that he was in practically everything and that was a gift to the world that he was. Now he's an angel whose name you know.
Scott Neville RIP Harry. A very talented yet underrated actor. And thank you for sharing this extra. So should have been in the movie
Meredith Miner-Reese My husband and both gasped when we saw Harry in Avengers! We've been fans for YEARS and what a great surprise to see him there! Amazing actor and incredible human.
Janessa Wagner I literally just watched this movie tonight. I laughed at the scence, when he asked if you were an alien. His face and tone were perfect! He will be missed.
Hoichi Man One of the best scenes in the film.I really can't wait for Thor Ragnarok.It'd be totally awesome if an Avenger says "Avengers Assemble" in Avengers:Infinity War or Avengers 4.
Mark Ruffalo
23:42 09/15/2017

#ConfrontWhiteSupremacy will stand against the biggest alt-right gathering since Charlottesville. Info here:

109 reactions 45 comments
Larry Mann They dont want get out ship them to europe or iraq or aphganistan
Brent'ton Jeffcoats I'm offended by this idiot constantly
Anthony Stafford You cant, theyre in our system. Public officials on every level.
Danny Johnson Reace He plays a green guy on tv now he think he colored
Albert Kong I thought Mark Ruffalo is white......
Mark Ruffalo
23:42 09/15/2017

We need LEADERSHIP AND RESPONSIVE POLICY. Universal healthcare in America? Not a taboo now, thanks to Bernie Sanders

Universal healthcare in America? Not a taboo now, thanks to Bernie Sanders | Ross Barkan
Universal healthcare in America? Not a taboo now, thanks to Bernie Sanders | Ross Barkan

Once radical and taboo in mainstream Democratic circles, endorsing universal healthcare coverage is now de rigueur

1.1k reactions 84 comments
Josh Fitts Lol yes let's give even more away. I would like a better insurance but I don't want it to be controlled by the government because we all know how broken the government is. So see obamacare was not ACA it was a plot for government to over take yet ...
Ricardo Venturini Bugim This model of public health for all not function, see in the Brazil, talways lack of money to attend to all, that is utopic.
Jason Lackman How about we tackle healthcare costs instead of trying to figure out how to pay for it? Hospitals bill you 100 dollars for a saline drip that costs about a dollar to produce. Tamiflu, a very common flu prescription, costs anywhere from 120-150 dollars, ...
Dave Everitt Thanks to Sen. Sanders, and not the phucking democrats who shunned him, we are now only going to be 50 years behind the rest of the developed world.
Chuck Murray Think of it this way; most of us already pay a large out of pocket amount for medical every year in deductibles, co-pays, prescription co-pays and annual out of pocket expenses. You would see an increase in your tax rate but you'd no longer be on the ...
Mark Ruffalo
23:42 09/15/2017

396 reactions 25 comments
William R. Rodgers My heros
Blanca Estela Arzola Cabrera Listos!!!!!😀😀😀😀
Leonid Melkozerov Looks like nice cover photo
Theresa LoneTree Ready lol
Mark Ruffalo
23:42 09/15/2017

The two hottest things right now are #Medicare4All and #SB100 check em out and RT generously. 🙇🏽

483 reactions 26 comments
Maria Ruiz Your always so generous thank you
Steven Song Already did! Mr. Ruffalo! #Ahead
Zachary S Clark #SinglePayerisCheaper
Pepper Oceanna Lewis Gladly. 😉
Michael Torres
Mark Ruffalo
23:42 09/15/2017

Two months until #ThorRagnarok!

1.8k reactions 73 comments
Sabri Gaddari Hyped
Hazique Hakeem I can't wait
Carrie Anna Mason I can't wait to see the new Thor
Teresa Surroca 👏👏👏👏👏👏yessssss!!! 😘😍😉💚💚💚💚💚💚
Christina Hargus Heather Hayslip King Double Date night in 2 months?
Nicole Kidman
19:12 09/15/2017

Can't believe Top of the Lake: China Girl is over. I loved being a part of it and hope you have enjoyed the show Xx Nic P.S. You can still watch online on SundanceTV!

5.8k reactions 170 comments
Mariano Jose Olaya Ovin eso lo resuelven todos si es o no en ley (on li ne) si protegen sus derechos o lo dejan a la suerte del futuro .....
Alexis Haass Reed Loved it. Is there going to be a third one?
Mark Iskowitz Watched entire mini-series but disappointed with writing and where you fit into story.
Domenico Biasi Preciso quadro dolce aspetto di biondo fugace tanto al centro piace. Un bacio Nicole.
Mark Ruffalo
23:42 09/15/2017


12.1k reactions 160 comments
Jessica Sanchez Espinoza Daniel huuum jajajajajajaxd
Jane MacInnes We're all doomed.
Betty Romero Huitron Hay man foll. you
Andie Vecchione They're gonna confuse him to death.
Meherleen Garcia Look at my boy RiRi I love him 😂 Daniel Savage
Mark Ruffalo
23:42 09/15/2017

Trump administration endangers our health with its EPA agenda. #FirePruitt #SaveTheEPA

The Trump Administration Outlines Its Plans for the EPA, and It
The Trump Administration Outlines Its Plans for the EPA, and It's Bad News for Our Health - The Energy Collective

Across Republican and Democratic administrations alike, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has regularly identified and shared with the public a detailed list of the agency’s upcoming priority policy actions – safeguards that will help protect the air we breathe and the water we drink, assure...

401 reactions 37 comments
Thomas Valencia Impeach!
Swastika Kesharwani i m still confused
Karen Williams KENOSHA LOVE!!💝💝😄😄
Lance McClain The EPA are crooks ya hippie.
Joey Landers Mark, do some research before opening your mouth
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