Mark Ruffalo
18:42 07/24/2017

Combining our super bro powers! Thor

19.5k reactions 325 comments
Eric Ward Too much for the room! The awesome bro power needs to be experienced in smaller doses... Too much to take in!
Joey Afonso Bromance! Can't wait for the movie, it looks amazing
M.e. Deza Kristine Pastor HAHAHHAH kawawa naman si bb loki
Edlene Grace Caitlin Bishop ok but the CHEEKBONES damn
Govind Giri Hulk more powerful
Mark Ruffalo
18:42 07/24/2017

Living the dream, dreaming of living. #thorragnarok #sdcc2017

27.2k reactions 1490 comments
Darren Alevi Hi Mark please could could you have bernie sanders cameo in infinity war as the president of the united states ;) as we all know he is the real president the US needs.
Tabby Erb they look so tired. I don't know whats better. The looks of peace as they sleep, or the pineapple shirt and matching bandanna. How are they not falling off? I just wanna cover them with a comfy blanket.
Natasha D'Mello Natalie Crammond Cathy Musto we could definitely have a little nap with these
K Van Brunt long before Chris fell off that thing? He looks like his butt is barely hangin' in there and he'd have fallen right off without you holding on! also... that both does and does not look incredibly comfortable...
Brian AndSherry This is great. Nothin like the comforts of a Tour Bus. I live in a 30 foot travel trailer and its really quite cozy. Our friends, the Piano Guys, can appreciate the privacy of the tour bus!!!
Mark Ruffalo
18:42 07/24/2017

Ah... getting chills! Very excited for this one.

26.5k reactions 228 comments
Darryl Robinson Just watched Rumor Has It, you got the girl, Jennifer Aniston, cool
Lourdes Barrientos Are you coming out in this movie??? Pleaseeee tell me you do!!!!!
Desirée Böttjer Sergio Restivo du kannst dich darauf freuen und ich freu mich auf shades of grey 😅😅
T A McDonald Oh yeah the sistahs are going to be in this one. I am so ready
Julio Novoa Barron I'm wondering....Will Marvel ever put Medusa in a movie? :-)
Mark Ruffalo
18:42 07/24/2017

Let's do this!!

33.2k reactions 418 comments
Francesco Casella Alessia prossimo regalo
Madiha Azhar Asim Khawaja look at the realease date -_- :p
Julius P. Davila Darwin miraaaaaa
Aaron Melchor Duane Allen Humeyestewa Tessa's name is on this poster! Crazy!
Tyare Catalina Barrientos Lucas conchetumareeeeee
Mark Ruffalo
18:42 07/24/2017

You guys are in for a treat!

40.0k reactions 1085 comments
Karun Thomas Sharat Nair Dudeeee ❤❤❤ Just when DC releases the JL trailer, Marvel drops this bombshell of a trailer.....
Angi Martin Hulk talks?!?!??!?! Awesome. Regardless, I will ALWAYS choose you over any other. Frigen adore you, you sexy human beast ...meow!
Dee Mittie Looking forward to seeing this!!!!! These movies are always brilliantly well done ~ love the characters, love the actors portraying them!!
Gabi Rodz Mark Ruffalo is doing for the Hulk character now what Michael Keaton did for the Batman character in 1989. And much more! Phenomenal!
Kent Ampoon Wait. I have a question, MARVEL is working on two movies, Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War, Infinity War Vol 1 I heard about their productions wrapping up, not sure about Thor: Ragnarok, did Mark do Ragnarok first since it's coming out on Q4 2017? Or how ...
Mark Ruffalo
18:42 07/24/2017

Just rolled into town with these two bad boys. Thor #sdcc2017 Chris Hemsworth Taika Waititi

25.1k reactions 179 comments
Vanessa Frohloff 🙈🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊Chris Hemsworth
Swarnak Ray I love Chris Hemsworth's forehead.
Seaworld SHUT DOWN Mark, we just noticed that visited cruel Georgia Aquarium to get up close and personal with their prisoners. #AnimalAbuseIsNotAGoodLook
Jamie Caparo You should visit CP military base that would make us happy!!!
Alexis Mills You and Chris are my ideal men. maybe a combo? love you both and thx for all the great films
Mark Ruffalo
18:42 07/24/2017

Just landed in Comic-Con International feeling like The Walking Dead

12.2k reactions 96 comments
Synthia Rodríguez Pero que guapo eres..😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Giusy Brunetti Amo i tuoi films
Guilliana Flores Lizardo The most handsome! 😍
Milu Grados Siempre lindo Mark
Veronica Ruiz Diaz Eres bienvenido a la republica argentina. Ultimo pais del sur de america. Te invitamos a nuestro pais mark gracias...
Mark Ruffalo
05:54 07/22/2017

Show down

676 reactions 27 comments
Olga Jemio Is ok the preservation of documents, because is the history country
Karen Lenard Will they comply?
Jerold Philip [the sound of paper shredders in the distance]
Cynthia Ann they already destroyed it all
Terris Gartner As they shred them xD
Mark Ruffalo
05:54 07/22/2017

Bernie Sanders leads on opposing #DirtyEnergyBill that increases #Fracking & #ClimateChange! Call your Senator today!

Bernie Sanders announces opposition to bipartisan bill that could increase fracking
Bernie Sanders announces opposition to bipartisan bill that could increase fracking

Sanders argues the bill does not move toward "sustainable energy and energy efficiency."

1.2k reactions 25 comments
Susan Boyar Protect our water and people
David Nola That fossil is still here???????
Jennifer Lopez lol i have no idea what this mean fracking 😀
Richard Conner Sanders is a FUCKIN fraud
Patricia Jones TY for the info. Mni Wiconi
Mark Ruffalo
05:54 07/22/2017

Had such a great afternoon. Thanks for having us!

16.4k reactions 207 comments
Tracie Ellis That aquarium is awesome! Second fave after Ripley Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg TN
Georgia Aquarium Thanks for splashing by!
Harley Simonson Thanks Mark. Sweet picture. Your a kind, sweet man. I needed a pic like this. I am fucking sick of politics!!!! 🐾❤️
Mark Nelson He looks like a good one. Nothing better than a friend in water. Will he be going back to his friends someday?
Charlotte Smart For fxck sake. I thought you was one of the good ones but supporting this horrific place shows your just another heartless cxnt..!! Where the belugas come from..!! #captivitykills #emptythetanks
Mark Ruffalo
05:54 07/22/2017

Two horrible moments in American History were sold by the same misanthrope.

876 reactions 29 comments
Abed Lino Chambi Ramos No hay protesta que no sea escuchado
Mayerli ROdriguez 😢😢😢😢
John Casarez Hollyweird....
Toni Anastasia Thanks mark.
Gee Bah Very true!!! Still Unacceptable!!
Nicole Kidman
01:24 07/22/2017

Darling Bette, you're a legend! Great night in New York City xx

2.3k reactions 77 comments
Gina Ahmed Lovely as usual nicole , blessed nicole glad for U
Salys Henderson Fabulous, yayyy you
Antoinette Cumming She is dynamite so it had to be great.
Mary O'Riley How wonderful Nicole ! G'day from brizzy HAPPY 50th to you AND me 💞🌈🦋
Mark Ruffalo
05:54 07/22/2017

Sweet! When is the soundtrack coming out out though?

2.8k reactions 72 comments
Silvia Oliveira Look! Wendell Lima
Aaron John Bringas Reyes The hulk
Celestial Brown no it's too adorable to
Joaquim Ramos It's already out on Apple Music, here's the link
Aaron John Bringas Reyes Write a comment...
Mark Ruffalo
05:54 07/22/2017

Cool stuff happening in the Netherlands.

5.2k reactions 121 comments
Robert Walter Steele I so need to take my son and get out of this shithole Merika
Petra du Preez Not If you live there😑🤣
Suzanne Sosnow Tucker We have Trump.....therefore, we can't have nice things...........
Sander Boshuizen We rule! 😉
Marjolein Benistant Only electric trains though!!! There are still non electric trains atm. But All electric trains are using wind Energy!
Mark Ruffalo
05:54 07/22/2017

We need more people like Joel Clement to come out of the shadows and bear witness to the unlawful misdeeds and tax payer waste the Trump Administration is employing to silence Climate Change science and stop life saving Climate Change.

Opinion | I’m a scientist. I’m blowing the whistle on the Trump administration.
Opinion | I’m a scientist. I’m blowing the whistle on the Trump administration.

I was reassigned to an unrelated job in the accounting office that collects royalty checks from fossil fuel companies.

5.0k reactions 89 comments
Adam Petzold Just look at how Government mandates don't have positive impacts on intended outcomes. Free market solutions are the answer but many a statist want the govt to make things illegal, thereby surrendering liberty and increasing the size and authority of ...
Eilis Phillips Troll alert...ignore at all costs...."Philip Pellegrini"..?😀😀
David Scanlon We need more Science Bro's to team up and take a stand to protect our intellectual heritage, future and planet.
J Todd Truelove Let's all pretend we're professional scientists and ignore the consensus as well as who's finding the skeptics. That makes sense.
Talisa Lu Mark Ruffalo you need to donate your millions or shut the hell up. Obama administration has been taking tax money and you didn't say anything. Why now your being so concerned about what's going on with world
Mark Ruffalo
05:54 07/22/2017

Happy Birthday bro! Sorry we don't have many photos together. Also, sorry Keira and Michael for cropping you out.

28.8k reactions 208 comments
Melissa Flavia Pereira This is how we celebrated benedict s birthday... It was awesome
Melissa Flavia Pereira Restaurant crawl... Searching for SHERLOCK'S friends and answering questions.....
Robert K Croft It okay, dude. I don't know his birthday either....
Tracy Alma Wilson Mark, you are an awesome human being. Thank you for being so down to earth😁❤💚
Manuel Mautino Alvarez Ojala llegase a ustedes mi saludo desde iquitos -,Loreto -,peru hoy yo tambien cumplo años
Will Ferrell
02:36 07/22/2017

2008: Heating Up - 10 Years of Funny Or Die with Will Ferrell ...

1.9k reactions 67 comments
Steve Soldan PLEASE LIKE and subscribe!
Daniel Neutzling lol
Christopher Cabral you know who I miss? FRANK THE TANK!!
Karl Kristian Øines Ove A.steen
Will James Ayrhart The sprayer I can drive wiggles it's nose
Mark Ruffalo
05:54 07/22/2017

You'll like him when he's angry.

Obama's Anger Translator Is Back With A Blunt Message For Trump

"Everyone of you all in the White House has lost your damn mind."

6.4k reactions 114 comments
Abraham Hollins I love this big time. Very very funny with big laughs from start to finish👍👍👍👍👍
Ken Everette And an actor throwing insults like a kid on the playground, on an openly liberal and ANTI-Trump talk show means what exactly?? What else could we expect from this guy?? Intelligent fact based discussion?? This is something to rally behind?? Really?? Mr. ...
Natalie Peck Don Strazisar lolololololol all day
Jennifer States Perfect! Heather Rich must see!
Tony Johnson Just shut up about Trump , he's a hell of a better president than that crooked Obama
Mark Ruffalo
17:06 07/19/2017

Who’s headed to Comic-Con International this week?

5.5k reactions 160 comments
Christopher James Tittel Everybody needs a little Mark Ruffalo from time to time...I've said it over and over is true...
Subhrajyoti Sarkar Yeah, mark... Try not. To spoil the movie again.. all the best.. ☺
Rebecca Sutherland Borah Still on the Bucket List. Watching with baited breath!
Tracie Ellis Crowds are too big for me to deal with. Have fun though!
Lee Griggs I am. Are you by any chance doing any autographs or photo ops?
Mark Ruffalo
17:06 07/19/2017

With my Avengers sisters and brothers at D23.

17.2k reactions 232 comments
이정현 So amazing I am big fan of Marvel. Even I'm korean so I don't know much as American but I love Marvel and avengers.
Ben Myungsuk Park still upset with myself for trying to go to the signing and skipping the panel altogether 😡
Gaby Bracamontes So epic to be in the same room as you all watching the trailer for the first time together!
Chandler Christie Cool, NOW why the hell hasn't the rest of the world gotten to see the trailer yet?!?!
Anil Gupta Ohh. That is why Black widow didn't come to the expo🤣?
Mark Ruffalo
17:06 07/19/2017

Ding dong! Trumpcare, the zombie squid spawn from a cruel hell, has gone down ignobly. When we fight we win. Thanks to all that fought.

6.7k reactions 154 comments
Laura Pedlum Now if everyone will see through his promise to give us something better. If there's a better plan, why not roll it out. Why wait til the affordable care act fails??!? Wake up America!!!
Kyle Deckard The new act want what we needed but something needs to change. We used to have good insurance with reasonable rates. But ever since the ACA and the gov stepped in, our rates went through the roof! Just had to pay $300 for a prescription for my daughter. ...
Lisa Borrell Politics not gamma rays make monsters out of men. May you choose to Rise above this pitfall as it was created to bring out the monster in man and shine your light on areas in need that you can champion. No need to take the bait ... That is the trump ...
David Mackinder here a fuck you compliment sandwich Fuck you republicans for still trying to replace instead of improve. Thanks to the awsome moderate repubs that put people a little bit over party, but still fuck them for sticking with their party
Kristina Williams Thank God it didn't pass! Obamacare totally sucks but getting ride of one bad thing just to replace it with one equally as bad doesn't help anyone! We need our president to actually take time to get rid of all of the bad stuff in obamacare and come up ...
Mark Ruffalo
17:06 07/19/2017

We’re the 4 best friends that anyone could have.

11.2k reactions 127 comments
Karl Giovanni Go Can you eat your best friends?
Terry Giannios I thought it was 3! Oh wait that was the Hangover! LOL
Emma Herzog This is so cute!!!
Dave Casey Livin' that La Croix life🤙
Boston Jamiol Crystal time to up your game lady
Mark Ruffalo
17:06 07/19/2017

Let's support #StandingRock initiators & activists to meet together to build a global alternative, #DefendTheSacred

Defend the Sacred: International Gathering in Tamera
Defend the Sacred: International Gathering in Tamera

What began at Standing Rock in 2016 must turn into a planetary movement in 2017. Help us fund international activists and leaders to come to Tamera and work together toward global system change.

591 reactions 13 comments
Sheila P. Doucet
Gracie Smith 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
Maria Salete Marroquim DA Silva Marroquim Vamos! 😃😀✌
Cheryl Carrington What a good man you are, Mark Ruffalo
Talisa Lu Ban Mark Ruffalo movies
Mark Ruffalo
17:06 07/19/2017

So cool.

432 reactions 14 comments
Gracie Smith Okay I want this👏🏻
Linda Holeman 👏👌👏👌👏very nice!!
Đỗ Thị Hồng Học vấn do người siêng năng đạt được, tài sản do người tinh tế sở hữu, quyền lợi do người dũng cảm nắm giữ, thiên đường do người lương thiện xây dựng.
Diana Lunn So fresh and light with a great sense of space love it
Alais Monteiro Perfeito😍❤
Mark Ruffalo
17:06 07/19/2017

In the future everyone will have 15 minutes of public humiliation.

3.8k reactions 203 comments
Tamra Cates No thanks, but I will be happy to pull up a chair, grab a bowl of popcorn, and watch it all go down
Steven Hayhurst Well Trump has used the world's share, oh wait make that 40% his son got caught using the other 60%
Douglas Coons Already set on that (a couple of times), thanks all the same.
Tessa Kaine I get that every time I wake up and walk out my front door. It's just life!
Brandon Michael Hitch Do i need to or can I claim it already done from a past event? id rather not have any in the future
Mark Ruffalo
17:06 07/19/2017

Love that Chadwick Boseman. Can't wait to see him tear it up as #BlackPanther

19.9k reactions 118 comments
Mayank Kumar Hulk with black panther
Tamara Handy Is hulk in black panther?
Jessica DeLeon Y'all know how to wear a T-shirt.
Michael Bopp I want to see the new trailer...
Alexa Mogan Jordan Bartley they are my new favorite!!! 😍😍😍😍
Mark Ruffalo
17:06 07/19/2017

Hello California. Let's get this done!!

California bill would make the state 100 percent renewable by 2045
California bill would make the state 100 percent renewable by 2045

New bill would make California one of only two states legally required to obtain all of their energy from renewable sources.

1.9k reactions 50 comments
Max Nado By 2045! Lol why even bother
Jean-michel Blue way too late
Rich Radley How about 2020? It can be done
Beatriz Viacava-goulet 100 companies are the true offenders of devastation....about 100 corporations..... globally....join the global green party where common sense and justice are the priorities.....people peace and planet FIRST OVER PROFITS!....just this one rule could and ...
Christodoulos Kokolios I won't be alive by then and don't even mention about children
Mark Ruffalo
17:06 07/19/2017

Can’t wait to see this brother! Chadwick Boseman

1.1k reactions 21 comments
Allison Lee-Clay Donald Martin Skinner, Kevin Alexander Gray
Luthfi Apriadi Watch the latest movie collection 2017 at moffiler
Brittany Danielle 😍
Gracie Smith So excited for this!
Debra Boardman But... LOVE HARDEST!! Pleeeeeeeez pick me Mark lol xxx
Mark Ruffalo
04:18 07/17/2017

Me and my bro. #ragnorok Don't make us angry.

55.0k reactions 326 comments
Sasha Abi Hemsworth Wow. In love with you pipo. Can't wait for Thor ragnanok. My hulk
Annie Gee Love it Mark!! You look great .... I don't believe you ever being angry! You are way too nice...luv ya 😘
Marianne Hope-Slatter Doesn't matter what colour you are .. you still look amazing. ..
Bert Goodell Mr. R. Cool photo of a couple of super hero's hanging out for the weekend.
Muskan Can we make you happy by telling you that we love you Dr. Bruce
Nicole Kidman
23:48 07/16/2017

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister, Antonia!

56.3k reactions 1762 comments
Albert Speaker She looks just as beautiful as you are!!. Happy birthday.
Angela Esmeralda You're so pretty similar & beautiful! Blessings and happy birthday! Kindest regards. ❤️ ✌️ 🎉 😘
هيثمہ ألعرأقيہ All the kidman girl's are pretty 😌 happy birthday to your sis cola 🎂
Meredith Hall Jennings Could pass a twins!!!! You two look more alike than my twin and I do!!!!! Happy Birthday Antonia!
Charaf-Eddine Benfellah Knouz nari 3andha khtha 😨😨
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