Nicole Kidman
07:18 05/27/2017

Inspired by all the support for the fight against AIDS at last night’s #amfARCannes Gala. Please support amfAR The Foundation for AIDS Research and their relentless search for a cure:

8.2k reactions 272 comments
Patricia Smirnoff I heard that the governments created hiV they oughta clean that shit up!
Üllar Bachman Nicole Kidman is wery wery beautiful women's world 🌎 lm love that movies everyday 🎥😘😘😘 ❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Syrus Moridi People need to care for and help others to communicate with them.
James Juszczyk If jimmy j. had been invited you could have learned a lot more.
Winston Stone You have always had amazing taste and so proud you are Australian. My favourite actress always. X
Mark Ruffalo
11:48 05/27/2017

Good points, Kristen!

1.1k reactions 24 comments
Paola Montreuil 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Beatriz Magalhães ❤️
Alice McLaughlin 👏👏👏
Christine Taylor ZiigwansKwe (y)
Muskan Chauhan Support to every person who wishes to work in favour of the nation
Mark Ruffalo
11:48 05/27/2017

You’re awesome Jerry!

A Dad Couldn’t Find Any Great Books About Asian Kids For His Girls, So He Wrote One Himself
A Dad Couldn’t Find Any Great Books About Asian Kids For His Girls, So He Wrote One Himself

When Jerry Zhang’s daughter Madison was just over two years old, she loved the characters in the books her dad would read to her, like Madeline and Eloise. One day, she asked Zhang why they were not Chinese. She told him she wished she looked more like them, and that she wasn’t Chinese.

3.2k reactions 38 comments
Shannon Derri B Good job
Kate Sagness LOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!! 💜
Ajith Yuvi super Ji......
Elaine Kitt Evie Kitt.....something to consider?
Debra Almeida Awesome!!!
Mark Ruffalo
11:48 05/27/2017

Good night, what a wild night.

1.7k reactions 122 comments
Kmangiear Ordmoree Buenas noches 🤗 😘 y noche salvaje la que vas a tener conmigo papuchoo 😍
Andrea Bauso Just morning here in Italy, goodnight Mark! 👍🏻
Carrie Elizabeth Sharon Woodward I told you he was coming over 😙
Lorema Lerma Good night mark, un mexicali, baja California its 11:05 pm 💖😴😴
Ilia Alejandra Marra Ferrigni 😘
Mark Ruffalo
11:48 05/27/2017

Great to see Amalgamated Bank committed to clean energy. Go paperless and they'll donate to the 100% campaign!

Donate the Change
Donate the Change

As the trusted bank for progressive people and organizations, Amalgamated’s mission is to help people who do good do better. Offering extensive financial expertise and a unique set of products and services, we enable a community of like-minded customers, socially and environmentally responsible non-...

221 reactions 6 comments
আর হৃদয় Bangladesh Own
Rikushitokato Gabriel Kun Tranquilo no te enojes :'v
Lucy May Awesome <3
Susan Joy Bowermeister That's awesome
Nicole Kidman
07:18 05/27/2017

Thank you Cannes #michaelkors

33.2k reactions 945 comments
Kate Monahan Cioli Adorable dress. Yes, I wanna shimmy every time I wear fringe too! Go Nicole!
Ellen Kunce Nicole you're adorable. I also wish I had your dresses. I always love seeing them on the red carpet ☺️
Philippe Poirier 🤣😂🤣😂👏👏👏it s Cannes😋
Jeff Hm Security must be really strong there given what happened in Manchester.
Maria Teresa Rubio Martorell Jessy que pena que no pudiéramos disfrutar de este vestido jajajaja
Mark Ruffalo
23:00 05/24/2017

Buckle up. Here’s a refresher for those who need it.

5.6k reactions 575 comments
Tori Nagle Just a refresher course for us Amanda, Nick, Hunter, Hailey, and Amanda.
Andrew Weber I think the last stone is in thors hammer, which is why it gets broken in the new thor trailer.
Rob Burch Can't help but wonder what would happen if Hulk got ahold of the Power Stone.
Chuck Murray Stop in and say hi while you guys are down here shooting. :)
Angelika Hiermann Doris Halbauer need to markier damit i later guckn kann and not vergiss
Nicole Kidman
18:30 05/24/2017

Love my girls #thebeguiled #cannes2017

36.3k reactions 1250 comments
Sindy Moss Those two women actually look like they are her daughters.
Sandra Piacenza I just watched Clint Eastwood in the original movie ... I can't wait to see this new version 👍
Jannean Arkinstall No greater gift to younger women than to show them a strong nurturing feminine nature. 🙏🏻🌸💗💞❤ @#love
Hamada H. Mansour we love them tooooooooo and love you tooooooo
Jenny Hurley Nothing quite like a mothers love !! What can I say just beautiful! !!😊💕xxx
Mark Ruffalo
23:00 05/24/2017

Millions will lose Planned Parenthood care on Trump's Budget - a harmful policy that already passed the House. Let's Stand With PP:

Tell your senators: Protect access to care!
Tell your senators: Protect access to care!

The House voted to strip away health care coverage from millions. We need to get loud and stop this in the Senate: Tell your senators to protect health care access for millions of Americans, including Planned Parenthood patients.

784 reactions 40 comments
Tony Jankowski Pay for it yourself
Mariana Verán ¡Trump is fantastic! 😍
Kjersti Jackson Put him in jail!
Ruth Bright Done and Done
Brad Sells No thank u
Mark Ruffalo
23:00 05/24/2017

Some good news!

432 reactions 15 comments
Israr Rashid
Israr Rashid
Hamma Walker Gouader Great News
Shannon Derri B Yes yes yes!
Ange Garcia Maldoando Por fin un descanso para la tierra
Mark Ruffalo
23:00 05/24/2017

If you're in New York, take a look at this wonderful guide!

Callicoon and Beyond: Sunrise Ruffalo’s Guide to the Catskills
Callicoon and Beyond: Sunrise Ruffalo’s Guide to the Catskills

Sunrise, who owns design store Sunny’s Callicoon Pop, shares her 11 favorite spots in the area.

656 reactions 22 comments
Israr Rashid
Michael Barra Katie Dietz Barra Roseann Dietz
Brutasha Nation Lovely as ever! 💕
Becky Bednarczyk Schleicher I'll meet you at the Brewery!
Julie Harris What a pretty name.
Mark Ruffalo
23:00 05/24/2017

Sending love and condolences to the good people of Manchester.

9.9k reactions 90 comments
Michelle Howard My home town, so sad😥😥😥
Emilia Lavarello My condolences to the citys of the World who were attak by terrorist. 😥
Alicia Kan What a shame, all those young innocent people. May they RIP.
Charlie Williams We are Manchester and we are strong ❤️ thank you xxx
Vivian Malott Prayers of peace and support for our Relatives. <3 #RemainInPrayer #RemainInHope <3
Nicole Kidman
18:30 05/24/2017

My prayers are with the people of Manchester and all those affected by this devastating tragedy.

7.5k reactions 195 comments
Lisa Wicks My prayers and thoughts are with the people of Manchester and anyone else.😥💔
Gail Odonnell It is an awful thing and my thoughts are with all the people of Manchester as well.
Kathy Munro What has happened to this world that we all hate each other and want to hurt each other
Tammy Bowman-Bunning Devastating news .Thoughts and prayers are with those all affected xx
Maxwell Alex Briggs Though Sin Seems To Truimph And Wrong Conqires Right,Though Lies Can Put Justices To Flight,Gods Truth Is Eternal.His Words Shows His Might,And He Will Bring Justice To Light..---
Nicole Kidman
18:30 05/24/2017

What a blessing to have my family here ❤️ Many thanks to Harry Winston, Calvin Klein, John Nollet, Lisa Eldridge and Festival de Cannes.

27.8k reactions 410 comments
Brenda Comer Thank you for sharing precious family moments. Love watching you act and listening to your husband. God speed!
Janie Rogers Varela You both are so cute together! Beautiful family! God bless
Zina Grant True ,blessed to have your family all together with you 🙏🙏☺️
Anne-Catherine Fauville WoW! THATS the most beautiful picture of the Cannes film festival! ❤️
Fashion Gone Rogue What a cute photo! <3 Love the Calvin Klein dress, so elegant. Posted about it at Fashion Gone Rogue
Nicole Kidman
18:30 05/24/2017

Hanging in Cannes ✌🏼

75.7k reactions 1625 comments
Michel Gallegos I love this couple and have a new love and respect for Nicole. Keith your music has been so much better the last year. Not sure what changed, but keep it up.
Erika Gasparini Just to let u guys know that I'm still on Facebook because it's the only social media that Nicole Kidman is using 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you both ❤️❤️
Cassie Nankee Hi! Keith and Nicole, I love you both! Meeting Keith is still on my bucket list but I would love to meet Nicole too. Stay safe and God bless you!❤💞💝💟
Adrian Lucian Lupu You are so prity and adorable .My Life names Nicole and asomiladet on you. 15 years agou and se you from Street ay uouana invitade tu be maine and Mary uit My. ...😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😘😘😘
Mark Barton Now this is a great picture, innocent of tabloid manipulation or film promotion. A handsome couple simply having a great time and sharing it with us. Thank you guys.
Mark Ruffalo
10:12 05/22/2017

Happy Graduation #calstatela Congratulations! Love you nieces.

2.5k reactions 65 comments
Cheryl Andoscia-Fitzgerald Congratulations!
Cheryl Nault Awww, they are lovely! Congratulations!
Lucrecia Chaparro Salinas Muchas felicidades por la meta alcanzada tienen de quien salir súper
Mildred Sparks Douglass Congratulations to all graduates!
Rudy Cuellar Viruez Cuando toca las grabaciones de infinito war
Mark Ruffalo
10:12 05/22/2017

Momma LuLu at #italiaruffalo graduation! #calstatela Chilling.

459 reactions 12 comments
William R. Rodgers Tell her congratulations
Blanca Estela Arzola Cabrera Felicidades!!!!!!
Diane Adams Cute video!
Ani A. Barkhordarian Congratulations!
Richard Bustos I see you, LuLu! Congrats Mama! Proud of you, Italia! Congratulations!!
Mark Ruffalo
10:12 05/22/2017

Tell Governor Rick Snyder that there is no safe level of lead contamination- restore water credits to Flint now:

Tell Governor Rick Snyder to restore Flint
Tell Governor Rick Snyder to restore Flint's water relief credits now!

The water in Flint is still not safe to drink and Governor Rick Snyder just cut off water relief credits which cover the costs of running water in Flint, claiming that the lead in the water is at an acceptable level.

2.0k reactions 63 comments
A.H.M.A.D. But the emails.
Janet Prunier You all should come to Washington...we have the best water in the world ( except for a little town west of us )!
Jill Gleim What happened to this money?
Elle Mahony That is horrifying! Why can't Michigan get it fixed?!?! I cannot believe that is in the US. It's shameful.
Pam Schlehofer Ferris Wade Snyder, Devos and all the Michigan republicans are scumbags.
Nicole Kidman
05:42 05/22/2017

Moulin Rouge made it's debut at the Festival de Cannes 16 years ago! So lucky to have such wonderful memories and I'm excited to be heading back to Cannes!

6.7k reactions 262 comments
Eden Liao this my fav film of yours. and Baz inspires me so much! :)
Melissa Joyce Just finished big little lies oh my it was awesome you were Great in it
Georgia Arvaniti My favorite movie <3 With this movie I fell in love with so many things. With ewan, obviously, with nicole, with singing, dancing. I fell in love with love <3
Andrew Hewitt Your best role- still watch it every month- So far ahead of its time
Jayde Pincham I'm getting married in 28 days and I'm walking down the aisle to 'Come What May'!! LOVE this movie 🎥💕
Mark Ruffalo
21:24 05/19/2017

“If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.” - Thank you, Malcolm X

2.9k reactions 75 comments
Damien McCown Stand for something or die for nothing!
Nikki Chan If you stand for nothing, what'll you fall for?
Shane Ruddy The Conservative mantra. Always doomed to fail.
Seth Kitzmiller Fuck the people that laughed at this status.
Amine Tayeb Thats true esspacially coming from a man who fighted for what he believe malcom X is one of a legend
Will Ferrell
18:06 05/19/2017

The House - Official Red Band Trailer

42.0k reactions 10909 comments
Dakota Oviatt Rush Walker get ur passport ready cause were goin to fuck town hahahahahahhahaha
Jennifer LaRose Brewster Cassie I hope they still do movies when we're old.
Thomas Courtney Rachel Burton and this is her if she doesn't go to college....selling her tiny little body for heroin 😂😂
Mac Mitch Any is a terrible actress. Will is awesome. Sorry but I'm not seeing amy in any movie
Jillian Hampston Cori Patterson I want to live in a world where Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell are married
Mark Ruffalo
21:24 05/19/2017

Hahaha! Thanks Melissa McCarthy

4.9k reactions 79 comments
Linda Geving Anderson LOL I can't stop laughing! 😂
Manon Lafon Sofmax Dav elle est juste ouf ! Hahahaha
Kary Lynn Ogle This makes me smile. I need more of this.
Tucker Mollers Kira Mollers! I told you I saw it!
Karen Pucci I have and I want one. Love MM's Spicer
Mark Ruffalo
21:24 05/19/2017

My friend Joss Whedon made this powerful short film. Take a look and consider standing with Planned Parenthood:

6.1k reactions 128 comments
Lynn Garrison-Buck PP provides so much more than what people get stuck on. BTW people, it is Pro Choice not pro abortion. It is a hard enough choice to face without people being judgemental. For all the 'pro lifers, you're not pro-life you are pro birth and after the baby ...
Angela Schnippel Uh, no thanks. do they provide prenatal care for women in need? do they provide adoption services for women looking to give their child up for adoption? do they offer ultrasounds to women without insurance? PLEASE. PP has one primary business, and ...
Daniela Baudoin PP was my saving grace. They literally saved my life with early cancer detection.
Laura Smiley Before I worked at a job that gave health insurance ( a "privilege" offered by so few employers,sad) I had Planned Parenthood! It was my only place for healthcare!!
Cam McComb Thanks for sharing Mark. Planned Parenthood also helps young women secure birth control when they feel that talking with parents or a family doctor simply isn't an option.
Nicole Kidman
04:06 05/17/2017

My husband about to sing the National anthem at the Preds game!

7.4k reactions 304 comments
Lisa Gates Robinson Go penguins go !! ( if the oilers are out that's all that's left to cheer for .) Cool gig !!!
Domenico Biasi Fortuna e tormento spesso intreccian percorso l'amor sovralza ed incassa. Un bacio Nicole.
John Tomkinson I'm a Ducks Fan, but I respect Nicole for her loyalties. 'H'
Cindy Wilson Nicole, your hubby did our national anthem proud!! Beautiful!!
Mike Warren Hockey...what a HORRIBLE sport. Legalized assault and bashing peoples faces in.
Mark Ruffalo
08:36 05/17/2017

New Yorkers, get your money out of banks that fund the Dakota Access Pipeline. Tell your friends! #DefundDAPL Divestment Day this Saturday May 20th:

312 reactions 9 comments
Vicki Woeltjen Dailey Done!🌎💦❤️💦🌎
Angela Denise Lots of pipe lots of leaks.
Heather Corbett-Gonzalez Is there a lost of banks that are funding ?
Dawn Stewart Petition to the 17 banks on the project loan for the Dakota Access Pipeline (Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, BayernLB, BBVA, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, Crédit Agricole, DNB ASA, ICBC, ING, Intesa Sanpaolo, Mizuho Bank, Natixis, SMBC, Société Générale, ...
Jamey Milner Mr. Ruffalo have you donated any money to clean up the area left by the protesters?
Mark Ruffalo
08:36 05/17/2017

In Italy just a few days ago, 1,500 people marched to raise concerns about PFOA in drinking water supplies there near a Mitini manufacturing plant. Watch!

514 reactions 15 comments
Dona Berti Bravi. Go Italy go!
Marian Cruz My fellow Italians get it!
Priscilla Cote It's happening!
Samella Oliveira Have to really protest👏👏
Nathalie Clement i invite every body to go see my facebook page ,,and leonardo dicaprios and scoot smith
Mark Ruffalo
08:36 05/17/2017

Bye bye. Gonna miss The Price folks! Until next time, Broadway.

3.6k reactions 47 comments
Ivna Laušić Very good funny..;-)..!! Mank i DeVito..
Enrique Roldán Bisharracos....
Joanne Altizer Saw it in March. You all were fantastic!!!
Lucrecia Chaparro Salinas Mark youre one my favorite people greetings
Judy Maloney Never goodbye!!
Mark Ruffalo
08:36 05/17/2017

This is what happens when you don’t keep it in the ground.

The Dakota Access Pipeline has already sprung a leak, and that
The Dakota Access Pipeline has already sprung a leak, and that's not all

Energy Transfer Partners is in trouble in another state, as well.

3.8k reactions 47 comments
Steve Caunce This just in:
Rita Devlin Zapko So how do we require oil companies to spend more on leak monitoring?
Eltrebor Artista Urbano Si alguien Leyera éste comentario😦 Soy un joven Dominicano con el sueño de ser reconocido por todos lados con mi música, pero no tengo el suficiente recurso para los anuncios, y me ayudarías Muchisisiimo siguiendome en mi página, para poder cumplirlo, ...
Ty Billy Broady Be sure to bike everywhere you go. No flying or driving since it should be in the ground.
Tony Jankowski The local gas station with gas in the ground loses more in a year than all the springs combined
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