Nicole Kidman
08:54 04/24/2017

Happy Birthday to my Darling Dev Patel!! Nic xx

25.1k reactions 370 comments
Terry Duncan I hope you are celebrating this day w/family & friends.. Happy Birthday Dev !!
Sharon Spain I loved,the movie "Lion " wonderfully acted happy birthday
John Pat Shippert May you both enjoy his birthday and he have many more .
Theresa Michelle Hiatt Happy Birthday Dev Patel! He is so handsome and talented.
Vishal Kevadiya Happy Birthday Dev. You made India proud
Nicole Kidman
08:54 04/24/2017

Love this Earth!! Happy Earth Day. Photo credit: Jim Richardson, Photographer

10.6k reactions 281 comments
Thomas Leach Go away Kidman/fed up with you everywhere.Give it a rest will you.
Dan Sorrell Just some of the beau that God has put here for all to enjoy.Thank you Nicole.
Robert Chica Yes indeed. This is no Snowflake thing. It is our planet.
Angel Homero Olguìn a great truth good for you and go ahead!!!-an embrace cole.-good ilustration.thanks.-
Mark Ruffalo
00:36 04/22/2017

Shout it out loud. Let the world know. #westandunited #resist

2.0k reactions 183 comments
Dean Daniel Mark Ruffalo is an actual moron lol... when will you idiots start to get it? no one gives a fuck about your political views... you are a dancing monkey paid to read lines other people created... you are a joke lol.... a spectacle. and youre on the ...
Julie Shaw I'll make sure I resist the urge to watch any of your films again. This is ridiculous, weak virtue signalling. By all means keep alienating the people who populate your audience. Shut up, nobody cares what you self appointed elites think simply because ...
Jericho Wilkerson No future in it? Didn't this man your resisting so hard just win the Presidency? Seems like he made an okay future for himself...
Todd Phillips I'm with Andrew Blizzard. All the supporters of this bullshit resistance, just wanting to belong to something and especially getting some worldview opinions from a sheltered actor is backward as fuck it's like getting life advice from a three yr old,, ...
Jason Jaeckels No one cares what you say unless your green. How many immigrants live with you mark? Do you leave them alone with your wife and kids? No? Then shut the fuck up
Mark Ruffalo
00:36 04/22/2017

The March for Science in over 600 cities around the world is TOMORROW! Find out how you can participate:

16.1k reactions 349 comments
Carl J Creighton At least you're not driving separately to the March for Science
Rebecca Delgadillo Meet a woman in Michaels getting materials to make signs. She was excited and ready to march!
Lisa Seifert Ok we'll meet ya on the park strip. but you'll have to drive all through the night to make it.
Karen Walters Hang on I'll never get my bum in the back of that!!!!
Benjamin Wisenbaugh It's only a two-seater, Mark. I'll meet you there.
Mark Ruffalo
00:36 04/22/2017

Unregulated comparison of chemical-use between hydraulic fracturing, acidizing, and routine oil and gas development.

Comparison of chemical-use between hydraulic fracturing, acidizing, and routine oil and gas development
Comparison of chemical-use between hydraulic fracturing, acidizing, and routine oil and gas development

The potential hazards and risks associated with well-stimulation in unconventional oil and gas development (hydraulic fracturing, acid fracturing, and matrix acidizing) have been investigated and evaluated and federal and state regulations requiring chemical disclosure for well-stimulation have been...

160 reactions 9 comments
Rose Townsley Love it. With you in spirit.
Jake Bob Steve McGuire Oh no! Not chemical use!
Mary White Joyce A. Pollastro I thought you might like to see this.
Joey Português Lol what does that headline even mean? What is an unregulated comparison?!
Samia Selmi People should watch Cornell's videos from 2011 . They called it the most disgusting and dangerous industry to date . Even Total France people admitted they needed at least 15 years to come us with cleaner and safer extractive methods ....And they didn't ...
Mark Ruffalo
00:36 04/22/2017

Victory! So happy!

U.S. Rejects Exxon Mobil Bid for Waiver on Russia Sanctions
U.S. Rejects Exxon Mobil Bid for Waiver on Russia Sanctions

The Treasury Department said the decision was made in consultation with President Trump.

1.9k reactions 47 comments
Michelles Garage F**k yes!
Sea Jai Youmans Deep breath...
Michael Griffin Trump tweets to follow...
Frank Shute Passion wins!!!!!!
Armando Nantanapibul Wow. That's a surprise
Nicole Kidman
20:06 04/21/2017

Love this album, love my friend.

1.6k reactions 165 comments
Bryan Lynch Were talking bout people done talked about a million dollars like it's dam lunch money
Bryan Lynch I never ? Him you cent when he told me told me to turn around ha then I wouldve
Bryan Lynch They ain't no men can do what I can do baby I am the hotdog
Bilo Graichi I Love You I Love Your Friend And I Love Evry Persson In Your Life .
Reinado Oliveyra Quê Deus abençoaseu amigo amiga
Mark Ruffalo
00:36 04/22/2017

Two South Korea visitors came all the way to NYC to see the The Price Broadway. They brought gifts and kindness. Thanks for coming... #peace

5.0k reactions 58 comments
Laura Valdez Medina Te amo 😍
Harjeet Kaur Mann You look SO happy!! I love it!!
Fãhïm Sj Far Mark love u❤️
Mw Audrey Esteban Because you're big in Korea Mark Ruffalo :-)
Divyarajsinh Ghelda Bfjd krndmd...
Mark Ruffalo
00:36 04/22/2017

Including but not limited to coworkers.

53.0k reactions 1307 comments
Eloisa Guerra Govanny Flores I look at you the way the Hulk looks at Thor cx
Frances Franco Rizzo The look on their faces is like they just got a promotion at work !! lol
Rohit Choudhary Harshita Jain When You will be angry at me, this is how I will react. 😂😂
Vikram Aditya Kenny Sebastian these two pictures are shown in different frames... Are you sure they're legit in the same room?
AC Fick Or someone who looks at you the way Mark Ruffalo looks at Adrian Grenier here? 😊👏🏾
Mark Ruffalo
00:36 04/22/2017

It's critical that we signal to lawmakers in Washington the urgency and importance of climate change.

1.9k reactions 57 comments
Angelina Angel 😊
Franco Ricciardone F U C K.. T R U M P!!!! 🔥💩🔥
Muriel YoungBear
Maryann Ferrigno-Casino Leonardo DiCaprio has been
Nancy Martin if they don't already know that then they aren't in possession of a functioning brain.
Nicole Kidman
07:18 04/19/2017

What an incredible story! Keep running, Kathrine! xx Nic

Boston Marathon
Boston Marathon's First Woman, Kathrine Switzer, Runs Again

In 1967, she was a "20-year-old girl who simply wanted to run"

3.7k reactions 83 comments
Andy Wenner I <3 U Nicole!
Barry Aptt They retired the number last night at a ceremony.
Davi Novaes Love you, Nicole!
Laurel Berggren Bell OMG, stop the race we can't run with A GIRL!!!!!🙄
Pastor Sylvia Awesome
Mark Ruffalo
11:48 04/19/2017

Join me in saying No to Trump's proposed $54 Billion increase in military spending!

Join Our #No54BillionforWar Campaign
Join Our #No54BillionforWar Campaign

Our environmental and human needs are desperate and urgent. We need to transform our economy, our politics, our policies and our priorities to reflect that reality.

1.6k reactions 53 comments
Cynthia Davis So sad, war begets war and love begets love. We have been in some kind of a war my entire lifetime and it is sad
Josh Fitts Wow really taken a dead black mans words out of text. Some would call that racist but that's not your style right?
Jeff Hm Fear drives military spending. And, the modern world has so much to be afraid of.
Nadia Noël I would but I'm Canadian. But I support you mark and all my neighbor down south.
Jeremy Collier Complaining about this post. Please explain why we need an increase when we spend more than the next 12 countries combined? How about we fix the wasteful spending before giving an increase.
Mark Ruffalo
11:48 04/19/2017

Come see #ThePrice. Our play has been extended through 5/14. So happy to get to work with such talented people.

Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller's The Price

Roundabout Theatre Company -- New York's leading not-for-profit theatre. Winner of 36 Tony Awards, 50 Drama Desk Awards and 68 Outer Critics Circle Awards.

1.3k reactions 52 comments
Angelina Angel 😘
Diana Lunn Please bring The Price to London next XX
Margaret Lindon I wish x
Maria Paula Lins Carrilho Andréa!!! Go watch it!
Paula Kelin Robinson My daughter will b seeing this play, Friday night.
Mark Ruffalo
11:48 04/19/2017

This is great Portland! Join us in the sunlight. EcoWatch

Portland Commits to 100% Renewables, Joins 25 Other Cities
Portland Commits to 100% Renewables, Joins 25 Other Cities

The city of Portland and Multnomah County in Oregon are joining the ...

6.8k reactions 102 comments
Amante Rettili Were I live is very windy and this energy could be a great choice, but the goverment wont spend in this 😡
Denman Powers Can someone give me a job and relocate my family there?
Joanne Kenyon Consider coming to Adelaide and have weeks and weeks on end without power due to windbine Just saying
Joseph Scaccia Jr Guess there won't be much bird watching in Portland.
Heather Stevenson I've been paying a little for my renewable, since moving to Portland. ♻️ It's worth it!
Mark Ruffalo
11:48 04/19/2017

Getting ready for the Sea Turtle Conservancy Ball with my lovely bride. You can still bid on the beautiful art here:

11.6k reactions 130 comments
Ivana Senić You two are so super cool ❤️
Alejandra Hernández Te amo más
Cintia Ferreira Always doing​ right thing! We look up to this!
Glenda Copeland Great pictures! You two make a lovely couple!
Leeandrea Dennison So sweet!
Mark Ruffalo
11:48 04/19/2017

Ask Gov. Andrew Cuomo to appoint "People's Commissioners” to the NY Public Service Commission to speed the transition to a clean energy economy.

Appoint a
Appoint a 'People's' Public Service Commissioner in NY

Achieving a "People's" Commissioner in the NY Public Service Commission will not only help achieve our renewable energy goals, but ensure that our transition away from a fossil fuel and nuclear based energy economy is a transition of justice to renewable and affordable power to serve all New Yorkers...

380 reactions 9 comments
Akash Parashar do you wanna be hulk in real life?
അജയരാജ് ആർ I support....
Joshua Hunt Preach mark!!!
Joe Meehan Any awesome movies coming?
Brandom Sotomayor DE-PA-CI-TO
Mark Ruffalo
11:48 04/19/2017

This is happening right now in Chechnya.

Close The Gay Torture Centres
Close The Gay Torture Centres

Chechnya is rounding up gay people and taking them to torture centres, and it's as horrific as it sounds.

12.0k reactions 280 comments
Nate Wadle Unbelievable what happens when Muslims are against a separation of church and state. And the gays thought America was intolerable to gays
Roxana CM What is going on with us... and I say us cause if we know these things and do nothing about it we are guilty too. We need to teach our children to be tolerants, to love and accept each living creature, human or not, for the miracle that it is..! She
Marion Deschaine I can never understand this,there human beings just like the rest of us,wy are you so afraid of people that are different?it makes no sense .
Michael Zack Is it, Mark? All the reporting I'm seeing is repeating the claims made by one Russian "independent" newspaper. Guardian claims to have their own sources, that however don't confirm the concentration camp" headlines. It could be a media disinformation ...
Jean Elek It is outraged , horrible barbaric way to treat humans like that ! There should stop torture those innocent people ! So cruel it is scary!
Mark Ruffalo
23:00 04/16/2017

Good morning everyone. Hope your day is off to a good start. What keeps you going?

5.1k reactions 1352 comments
Lyndsay Bishop Knowing that I was meant for more. That people need me. That my children need me. That I make a difference. That I bring light into this dark world... this keeps me going...
Taygle Wilson Hello two little girls keep me going..they are my smile...they keep me on my have a roof on our heads..they are the reason I wake up in hear them laugh and cherish every moment with them..that what keeps me ...
Tymora Freeman-Stannett The promise of free time in the evening and friends to chill out with! But right now, I ain't going anywhere. Chill time with family and snooker on the TV makes for a good Easter. Hope you're getting some time off too!
Linda Camellia Buona Pasqua Marco! Greetings from down under from an Italo-australian. What keeps us going .... Good food, good wine, good company, the birds, the bees, trees, the Sky, the simple act of kindness, empathy, oxygen, romance and family 💕❤️💕
Chagwang Garel What an awesome question. Joy I think which is really closely connected to love for me. Having special moments with people...the natural beauty of life...nature and a desire to do better and learn more. What about you?
Nicole Kidman
18:30 04/16/2017

To those who celebrate, happy Easter! Nic xx

5.3k reactions 612 comments
Elizabeth Leech Happy Easter 🐣 Nicole,Keith,Sunday And Faith!xoxo🐇
Rita Sisson Happy Easter Nicole to you,Keith, Sunday Rose, and Faith.
Florencia Rey Happy Easter sweetie!! I hope you have a beautiful family day 😘😘😘😘
Panos Mosxopoulos Happy Easter to your family.......many kisses from Greece
Margaret Stotten Happy Easter to you,Keith, Sunny & Fifi! Hope you have a great day together😘😘😘🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🐰🐰🐰🐰
Nicole Kidman
18:30 04/16/2017

Many have asked about the #BigLittleLies soundtrack. Our director, Jean-Marc Vallée, and the music supervisor, Sue Jacobsis, did an amazing job making song selections. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify. Hope you enjoy and let me know what your favorite song is! xx Nic

Big Little Lies (Music From The HBO Limited Series)
Big Little Lies (Music From The HBO Limited Series)

Big Little Lies (Music From The HBO Limited Series), an album by Various Artists on Spotify

4.5k reactions 192 comments
Paula Lagôa The whole soundtrack is amazing but cold little heart and river are my favorites!!
Ana Novosadva just watching The Hours..... 15 years old film now!! xx to you
Doreen Raimondi Saw queen of the desert. Loved it. Not sure why it did no do great. But loved it
Richard LePetri I have enjoyed watching this series. Nicole, you are one of my favorite actresses.
Satu Wiberg Loved the show. We watched seven episodes in a row with my friend😁👌
Mark Ruffalo
23:00 04/16/2017

Some really great pieces of art are up for auction in support of The Turtle Conservancy. Give it a look!

The Turtle Conservancy
The Turtle Conservancy

Bid on works by Dustin Yellin, Ross Bleckner, Kate Simon, and more to support this New York nonprofit working to conserve the natural habitats of turtles.

591 reactions 11 comments
Camila Sadi Ahoj Mark Ruffalo
Michelle Howard 😇
Eugene T Lavey This is a worthwhile cause!!
Ann Hill Honu, Hawaiian word for turtle, meaning long life!
Mimi Bowyer Bless..praying for you now. Indian brother
Mark Ruffalo
23:00 04/16/2017

Real life heroes! Teen investigative journalists give us hope for the future!

Teen journalists investigate shady school principal, weeks later the principal resigned
Teen journalists investigate shady school principal, weeks later the principal resigned

Going full 'All the President's Men' on what they found.

5.0k reactions 57 comments
Kerry Pooler-Payton Brilliant students
Antonio Montana Hernandez This is like two weeks old
Rebecca Doyle Great Job. Now investigate Trumputin!
Lynn Daly Please start on republicans
Joyce Lynne Fain Those kids will go far
Mark Ruffalo
23:00 04/16/2017

If that doesn’t work for you, you can join me as the Hulk…

8.6k reactions 419 comments
Wylie Douglas They're making it into a movie?! I've been waiting for this for years!!!
Chandra Calvert OMG! please tell me they are bringing SHE HULK into the mix!!! <3
Christina Breu You didn't commit fully so no. Should have done the pits. Lol jk
Kalei Ragavaloo Jack Roth still can't see anything wicked-related without thinking about you!
Laura Houston-Hunt Love it! I'd be torn between Elphaba and Glinda thought! X
Nicole Kidman
05:42 04/14/2017

Watching my husband play a surprise gig at 12th & Porter ❤️

1.3k reactions 151 comments
Jason Kay What time is it where you are . Just getting up here in Blighty xx
Paul Smith Eschaton Tao that's a good song Nicole it's drum and bass and finalfix fountain of youth,good luck with them songs because they are really really good,if you want anymore music artists let me know and I will let you knowxx
Ariane Guedes Lacerda I loved u in Big Little Lies. Always a fantastic actress. U are my favorite Nicole ❤️ love you. Xoxo from 🇧🇷
Michele Odonnell How awesome that is. Enjoy the Easter Holiday to u and Keith n girls😀
Carolyn Bradley Kerian You guys are the greatest.....always giving u Happy Easter !!
Nicole Kidman
05:42 04/14/2017

My girlfriend Cass is running the #bostonmarathon for an amazing charity Safe Haven Family Shelter. Love you girl xx Cass Runs Boston 2017

1.3k reactions 63 comments
Henry Windsor Rurikovich Lets run ;)
Barbara Obrien Go Cass!
Pat Bongiovanni Go Girl
Fatos Lika Good luck
Monique Prasad Wishing you all the best
Mark Ruffalo
10:12 04/14/2017

This is an important discussion! Watch the panel of movement leaders from the People’s Climate March happening 4/29.

Ready to March: Mass Call With Movement Leaders
Ready to March: Mass Call With Movement Leaders

The Peoples Climate March on April 29 will be a full-scale mobilization to defeat Trump’s fossil fueled agenda, push forward our own vision of a clean energy economy, and build real political power.

485 reactions 11 comments
Teresa Surroca As always...a great idea!!! 😍😘😉☺😊😀
Jeannette Poissant Good Luck with that with Trump around.
Lam Le Do those protests actually work?
Mahamad Elhofy One day we will be able to do the same in Egypt
Myrna Moran Also come out for the March for Science New York City on Earth Day, April 22.
Mark Ruffalo
10:12 04/14/2017

If you have a little to give, please support empathy & kids with #AllItTakes!

4.2k reactions 39 comments
Beto Oliveira essa garota parece com aquela do boquete bom
Pam Mc Ka great point!
Alex Strongwater Deep
Elena Oliva Carvajal Linda e inteligente que mas se le puede pedir
Catherine Davy Iris Davy
Mark Ruffalo
10:12 04/14/2017

Ragnaroking the Casbah!

Taika's Thor trailer breaks records - including the one held by Star Wars

Forget The Force Awakens, forget Captain America. The people have spoken: Thor is the God of Trailers.

36.9k reactions 326 comments
Nick Richardson If only my internet was so bad that I could watch this
Robyn Hunt Can't stop watching it..very cool, the music and visual f/x is fabulous and you The Hulk is spectacular
Crystal Najar OMG... this is happening. Yes... I am beyond Asgard excited for this. (Thor... you complete... hulk...okay me too)
Traci Gallagher Cannot wait to see the movie. Missed both of you in the Civil War movie!
Ketsy Jusino Loved it. Can't wait to see the whole movie. Now Hulk smash!!!!!
Mark Ruffalo
10:12 04/14/2017

How a Judge Scrapped Pennsylvania Families' $4.24M Water Pollution Verdict in Gas Drilling Lawsuit

402 reactions 12 comments
Clair Raabe UGH!
Diane Adams Yikes!
Kalle Kohlström The 3rd world
Augustine Auch This is despicable.
Priscilla Cote This will be prolonged until all victims are deceased, the rich men's way!
Mark Ruffalo
10:12 04/14/2017

Hey everyone, the Tax March to demand Trump's tax returns is just 3 days away! Share if you'll be there and tag your friends.

President Trump: Release Your Tax Returns
President Trump: Release Your Tax Returns

Without his returns, Americans are in the dark about Trump's conflicts of interest, his foreign entanglements, and whether he even pays any taxes at all.

1.1k reactions 46 comments
Stuart Draper Bring on the headlines and the fundraising. It's funny when you read all the posts from environmental groups you see all that is wrong with the world. When you approach them with solutions the fail to discuss but they sure love asking for money. What is ...
Richard Andreoli Who cares?
Janine Graham Got my sign ready!
Lisa Crist Lee Zapata are you going? if so want to go together???
Naomi Dier nope. Wont be there because I dont care.He is working for free now so I dont care if he ever pays.
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