Pee-wee Herman
04:06 01/16/2018

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! #martinlutherkingday

634 reactions 16 comments
Brianne Hammack And yet despite his fight we still ended up having to choose between the closet bigot and the open bigot because whether people like it or not Clintons actions over the years have showed her and her husband are big fat ones in this last election. ...
Natalie DeMartini Eric Kroessig
Mike Corrill Whoa! He's a nazi! Look at that nazi salute!
Eddie Hayes Todays secret word is dream
Elisa Hughes You're wonderful Pee-Wee Herman!
Ashton Kutcher
03:12 01/15/2018

Kids should always be off limits.

1.2k reactions 176 comments
Ashley Bruton I get strange looks all the time when I'm out with my kids. I'm Asian and my husband is white... Our daughter looks like me, tan skin, dark hair, and almond shaped brown eyes. Yet our son has very light skin with blonde hair and slanted blue eyes lol. ...
Sandra Bensalah Children should always be off limits! I can't believe it's 2018 and people still have issues with biracial families. Sad! You are a beautiful family! However, you don't need anyone to tell you that...<3
Kristine Converse It’s no ones business who another person falls in love with. That is one of the issues this country has. Telling a complete stranger what they should do with their lives. Mind your own and let love be love. Especially when it comes to kids.... ...
Theresa Lee Beautiful family... mix families break down barriers. Because they show love can exist without color or race.
Linda Allhiser Kids should be off limits! Our grandson is mixed blond hair & white !! An we should care why!! Get a life people!!
Ashley Tisdale
01:00 01/15/2018

If all else fails just....

47 reactions 19 comments
Faith Southard Dean Mathew Southard
Rhyan Holzer Sara Schultz
Elizabeth Stanton Nicole Knudson
Damon Mackenzie Steph Hulme
Davide Grado Katja Krappen 😎
Ashton Kutcher
03:12 01/15/2018

Congrats, Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins!

971 reactions 34 comments
Paat Davidson Lauren Hill Shelby Campbell Ehlers
Bud G Halsell Victor Jacoby Billy Gist they kno de wey.
Naka Marie Thanks Laurie
Ian Georgiev What a bs
Jennifer Zehr Such an amazing couple ❤️
David Henrie
12:42 01/15/2018

Amazing way to start 2018 going into business with @andreaiervolinoproducer. Can not wait for you guys to see this incredible movie I’ve been working on for years now :)

1.4k reactions 18 comments
Louise Clarke 🖤🖤xo
Bonnie Reynolds That's wonderful
Johanna Ramirez Guapos, que sea todo un exito.
Cristalainat Uc Que guapos. 😍😍
Sandhya Sharma That's Wonderful !!!!!! ✌✌✌👌🤘
Ashton Kutcher
03:12 01/15/2018

It isn't selfish to take care of yourself.

13 Self-Care Memes To Help You Breathe Easier
13 Self-Care Memes To Help You Breathe Easier

January is Mental Wellness Month.

267 reactions 7 comments
Renne Henry He is so cute
Chris Chipman First real lesson in life
Ryoichi Morita Is the picture for real?
Rhonda Vargas So important
Amy Marie Mother of 2 toddlers no time for myself lol it's been 5 years since we had a date night 😢
Ashton Kutcher
03:12 01/15/2018

I never get tired of Ellen's games.

1.0k reactions 23 comments
Ivett Gonzalez Brit Siragusa
Courtney Rose Lexi McMillan
Saakshi Muralidhar Ashim Joshi
Blanca Rosa Amador Joe Piervincenti
Erin Kinneen Cherokee Kim
Eva Longoria Baston
12:54 01/15/2018

Very much needed 🙌🏼 #SundayMotto

831 reactions 25 comments
Amy Bowles Lauren Adcock Rader Sabrina Hughes
Christopher Jacquet Galb Ozor
Lourdes Romero Yass!!
Evgenij Gorsanov Снимай трусы📽️📸💲👙
Maria Gazzaniga Me too... 🤒😔
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:54 01/15/2018

Hi friends! I’m happy to announce my new movie ‘The Bouncer’ starts shooting soon, which will be directed by the amazing talent of Julien Leclercq. My friend Dimitri 'Vegas' Thivaios will also have a guest roll in the movie, making this our second project together after I appeared in Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s music video ‘The Hum’! #JCVD #TheBouncer #DimitriVegas #JulienLeclercq

8.1k reactions 415 comments
Cheryl Bradley Congratulations on your new movie Jean-Claude Van Damme .
Lorraine Albino Congratulations JCVD much more success God bless you and your beautiful family
Tiina Leppänen New movie 😊 so awesome ☺ I am excited ❤ good luck Jean 💖
Mary Luz Zapata Espinosa Congrats, wish the very best for you & your team, JCVD 😉💙🎥🎬👏
Michelle Emery Can't wait to see it. Any movie that has JCVD in it, is must see 💜☺
Ashton Kutcher
03:12 01/15/2018

Enjoy your car, James!

1.3k reactions 36 comments
Lynn Oleski that is beutiful
Mary Smethurst Can't beat kindness
Regina Futrell A blessing!
Erica Ash Kindness ❤️
Linda Kimball So awesome 👍🇺🇸
Catherine Zeta-Jones
16:48 01/15/2018

“Stepping out” to start promotion on “Cocaine Godmother” The LA sunshine feels good!

3.2k reactions 93 comments
Tyrell Grey Stunningly beautiful ❤
Manoj Tharayil Add little shy in body language of teen. Watch carys. ( Be natural of first love.)
Manoj Tharayil Half cover ear with some hair carelessly.thanks.
Lisa Marie Can't wait to see it! Already set the DVR
Larry Riley The LA Sunshine is lucky to have you...
Martin Lawrence
06:42 01/15/2018

Epic! 🙌

2.2k reactions 315 comments
Jean Philippe Petit Frere Daphné Veilleux thats like your dream bartender
Márcio Sequeira Verena Anna, check this out..!!! 😱
Francis Menezes Izler Thomas you need to sign up for this bro!😎
Trevor Burgess Another normal night being fucked up in nuremberg 😂
Emerson Vesma Iai Raul Felipe eu acho q consigo hem. Oq tu acha??
Ashton Kutcher
03:12 01/15/2018

This is a great idea.

Doctors Are Taking Sharpies To Their Scrub Caps — And It Could Save Lives
Doctors Are Taking Sharpies To Their Scrub Caps — And It Could Save Lives

“You look a little daft because not everyone is doing it.”

2.3k reactions 94 comments
Annabel Cardona Is the cap written with a Sharpie sterilized? I dont think so. Maybe I am wrong.
Danielle Cote Copying off greys anatomy this was on the very first season
Mark Baxter i think its a very good think to do they should all do it
Elissa Schirmer Erly Same should be done for isolation gowns!
ElizaBeth Clark Sarah Colkin we could do with bold clear badges PA, SHO, HO, dischrge team, surgical 👍
Pee-wee Herman
04:06 01/16/2018

For Sale: World's Largest Chest of Drawers!! $235K!

769 reactions 85 comments
Bob Kennedy Shorena Bader Bret Bader how about this one for the family room, lol!
John Larson Angie Calverthere is your next project.
Berry Basile Dawn Luebbe this made me think of you!! Miss you.
Jessica Salvo Melissa here's a dresser for you!
Mary N Daniel It's in high point I grew up in high point one of the markers for downtown and furniture market
Ricky Gervais
13:24 01/15/2018

I’ve put on about 6lbs recently, but I have a very good reason, which is, I’m a greedy pig who’s been consuming more calories than I burn off. Fucking science. Please fat-shame me to help me buck my ideas up. Thanks.

7.7k reactions 1672 comments
Tim Ball It's easier to go for that run than to make up some bullshit stories for the next week to make yourself feel better about your failure as a human being. Just do it. Hows that? Might make a good advert for Nike that.
Allan Moore Ricky, did you see that the show 'Modern Family' has jumped the shark and gone full 'When the Whistle Blows' in having Chris Martin from Coldplay randomly pop up then do a sing-song (Just having a little sing-song a la Stephen Merchant, but I digress) ...
Tina Norman-Howe What about cutting off that incredibly stretched ball sack? Gotta weigh in at 6 lbs I would wager (Bristol show was great) 🤔🤪
Graham Nelson If I fat-shame you I'll have to walk-the-talk myself. So, no - I won't! Besides, look at it this way - the extra fat may make death by cardiovascular disease more likely BUT .... ... if you fall off a trawler in the middle of the North Sea you will ...
Joseph Barnard For a few weeks last year, they were telling us that people overweight lived longer than thin people. So you had that going for you. They have changed their minds, though, which isn't so good if you read all the way to the end. I guess I wasn't that ...
Ashton Kutcher
03:12 01/15/2018

This sign is still relevant.

This Incisive Sign Raises An Important Point About Guns On College Campuses
This Incisive Sign Raises An Important Point About Guns On College Campuses

Should you have the right to bear arms while studying?

415 reactions 41 comments
Annie Wicks Nuts! Glad I live in Oz!
Kate Wong Thank God I'm Canadian 😣
Estelle Bader This is certainly great, comedic gold actually. Haven’t jeered this hard for a long time. 🕶
Arianne Pennino Some say guns make them feel safer. Especially women I know.
Katarina Pfeiffer Ich wünschte mir , das es auf den ganzer Welt keine einzige Waffe geben würde.LEIDER !!!!!!!!!!
Ashton Kutcher
03:12 01/15/2018

This is why Thorn is such an important organization.

Teen Girls Feel Bombarded By Sexting Requests. Here
Teen Girls Feel Bombarded By Sexting Requests. Here's How To Fight Back.

“Preparing for that starts before the moment in time that they’re asked to send it."

296 reactions 18 comments
Scott Mathena Tell me about it
Adriane Grosch Blocking them all
Angela Robinson Nothing has changed.
Gabriella Mangano Grazie Ashton per quello che fai ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Barbara Rush Griffith Thank you Ashton. Great article.
Adam Sandler
18:42 01/14/2018

SportsMe App

1.2k reactions 120 comments
Michael Hamilton Jack and Jill 2. Guaranteed number 1.
Ricky Bethune GOOOO PATS!!!!
Kristy Capote That’s not Adam Sandler I’ve met him
Eric Gampu Love the porn star stache...😂😂
Nick Campbell Water Boy 2: The Legacy of Bobby Boucher Jr
Martin Lawrence
06:42 01/15/2018


469 reactions 16 comments
Jon Neyugn Damn yal advertising for that stupid site nonstop
Kehy Brown
Siara Robinson Jay Kemon
Salisha Brown Latoya Aneumi
Sabrina Heidrich Maria Nwankwo Bae Dana Akenuwa
Ashton Kutcher
03:12 01/15/2018

Dads are pretty wise, if I do say so myself.

13 People Share The Wisdom They
13 People Share The Wisdom They've Learned From Their Dad

"There's always something more to discover."

173 reactions 17 comments
Michelle Amézaga Carlos Romero
Jeanette Wedsworth What dad?
Autumn Zank Your wife is rolling her eyes... haha.
Elizabeth Campos ZILCH, NADA
Eden Shuck I know ur a great Dad 😍😍
Leonardo DiCaprio
04:06 01/15/2018

Habitat on the Edges: Making Room for Wildlife in an Urbanized World

Habitat on the Edges: Making Room for Wildlife in an Urbanized World
Habitat on the Edges: Making Room for Wildlife in an Urbanized World

Efforts to protect biodiversity are now focusing less on preserving pristine areas and more on finding room for wildlife on the margins of human development. As urban areas keep expanding, it is increasingly the only way to allow species to survive.

3.9k reactions 209 comments
Rajshekhar Sambha Coverting Agricultural land to Residential land and Forest land to agricultural/ commercial (Hotels & Resort) Must be stopped completely. Humans greed will never end, even another earth size land is given.
Jason Dunn this can be worked out in a positive way I mean we have to coexist and we have to make room for the wild life....
Atu Louaki Lasitani Especially where these animals are originally from I did not grow up with these animals as non of it existed where I'm from and its only in the zoo here where I live now, which it was brought here from oversees. I believe that there are animals that ...
Sam E Shumate Pretty soon, there won't be a such thing as "Wild life". They'll all be domesticated and eventually become extinct. Also, ontop of that, we have other resources to turn to other than wood to build houses...but instead we chop down the trees we have left ...
Rebecca Wesley Have to say it's great, comedy gold perhaps. Haven’t jeered this hard for decade at least. Is this critically analysed? 😛
Ricky Gervais
13:24 01/15/2018

When I get the 10 minute nuclear strike warning, I think I'll watch this...

1.6k reactions 149 comments
Dee Gazetta Derek reminds me that I'm sane enough, and happy to be old
Scott Peters Move on. 10 min nuke strike, you’ll be sobbing like the rest of us
Sean Markey Seen this about a hundred times, always worth a watch 😂
Sue Corrall Amos Brian Amos these are hilarious.
Stephen Murphy Can of special brew and a bowl of peanuts 🥜..
Pee-wee Herman
04:06 01/16/2018

Wait until you see how this photographer retouched this family’s portraits!! What a crazy story!

1.0k reactions 186 comments
Derek Ferreira Bob Ferreira why do the kids look like us?
Michaele Caron John Caron read the first story. I looked up her FB account, pretty sure it's a joke but wow, lots of free publicity!
Dannie Herrera-Millard Marco Robles check out these doggies! They remind me of your babies 🐶🐕
Caryn Hirsch Pee Wee is ON IT, Rachel! #likeminds
Tom Czibovic They forgot that they were in the witness protection program...they missed the dogs...
Pee-wee Herman
04:06 01/16/2018

This is my pal Phil Rosenthal’s new show!! #SomebodyFeedPhil

171 reactions 20 comments
Tom Lemon Beverly Lucks Lemon, Heather Lemon
Shannon Staszak Liz Staszak
Dolores Gutierrez Selena Gutierrez of course Pee Wee has the coolest friends!
Scott Camps outstanding
Sally Frankel Looks great 👍🏻
Priyanka Chopra
00:24 01/15/2018

Infatuated...with Red. #Mood Sure shot quick fix for waking up tired eyes...yep...a red lip! Pucker up ladies! The shade is Infatuated Red by Narscosmetics 💋

34.4k reactions 749 comments
Jivan Singh You are best in the world 💖 priyanka 💖
Hashim Khan Banarasi Pan Toh ka karein hum batao.....hum bhi laga lein ka honth laali bolo
Nagaji Desai Oye hoye priyanka yor red lips sexy stunning
Pramod Shrivastava So nice to have feeling touched
Têjå Rôûgè EMI lips Ra .. jevitham loo elanti pellam ooka tii untey chal.. jevitham antha AA Lips chusukuntuu bratakachuuu
Ashton Kutcher
03:12 01/15/2018

This is the best video.

Man Surprises Brother With Kidney Donation After Finding Out They
Man Surprises Brother With Kidney Donation After Finding Out They're A Perfect Match

"Not only was it the right thing to do, but the only thing to do."

3.9k reactions 66 comments
Millz Mark Matthew If you needed one I’d donate my kidney to you. 😂
Jean Ham Hope all goes well with the transplant what a awesome gift and a awesome way to tell him
Sharon Heilemann Too late. I didn’t read your comment before the video ! You ruined my makeup !!!
Colleen Opaski Awesome, brotherly love
Carolyn Tozer This is so sweet! Best of luck to you both in your surgeries!
Megan Fox
18:54 01/14/2018

Frederick's of Hollywood

191.9k reactions 3033 comments
Mariano Cortez Azul es tu ropa, y azul son tus ojos, y soy capaz de cruzar el azul óceano, por un beso que deje azul mis labios....👌💦💙🌊🏊‍♂️😘🤗🙂 Saludos.
Gökhan Özcan 3000 years astrology knowledge! Megan Denise Fox Profi-Horoscope (time observer) 14.1.2018 1.Allgemein = Geistige Anstrengungen: Denkaufgaben spielen für Sie derzeit absolut keine Rolle. In Windeseile haben Sie die etwaigen Probleme auch schon gelöst. ...
Igor Vlaki Rakić It would be a big pleasure for me, if you invite me for a dinner megan, most beautiful woman on earth 😊😘
Ho Zi I think such pictures in common. Now I have to look at 100 pictures with ugly sluts to forget the picture here.🤔😏
Todd Page Looking good Megan..keep it up especially after 3 kids..which those kids are your most beautiful thing as you know👍
Ricky Gervais
13:24 01/15/2018

I have a date for my #Humanity special on Netflix! But I can't tell you yet until it's 100% confirmed. March, though. Soon!

1.7k reactions 103 comments
Grace Bell Get your fangs fixed you look like Dracula 😂
Andrew Howard Is that photo a howl of anger, or scream of fear, or both?
Ruth Ann Saw him in Chicago on a girls week, he was hilarious!
Tracy Victorino Great..Since you never do shows here in Portland, Oregon..LOL!
Cheryl Jenkins I like your comedy but geez you're a self promoting wanker
Eva Longoria Baston
12:54 01/15/2018

Saturday: comfy clothes, messy hair💆🏻‍♀️ 📸 James White

3.5k reactions 50 comments
Malcom Hayes beautiful
Adrian Perez Gorgeous
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes Divina la mamá 😍😍😍
Bro Ya Knew Saturday night fever dam hot!!!
Chris Barrett Your still Sexy my dear!!!
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