Pee-wee Herman
17:36 03/25/2017

Happy International Waffle Day!! Mmmm... #waffles! #WaffleDay

211 reactions 64 comments
Michael Winn One of the choices in "How I'd like to die" list.
Todd David Sisunik Wafflemania Yeah ! too much Fun Peewee
Josh Wahl DeadPool as a waffle. Huh ...
Deandre Lewis Pipkin You let Deadpool go right this moment Pee-Wee!
Chuck Creasy Jr. sooooooo, pee wee....hangin' out with deadpool now, are we?
Adam Edge Copeland
Yesterday 01:18

Well you maniacs helped us do it again. I continue to be amazed at how loyal you folks are and humbled that you still support everything I, and Jay and I, do. Thank you.

577 reactions 26 comments
Jabbar Prince Rind <3 Adam Edge Copeland ❌ ADD ME CLOS ❌ <3 ——————————————————————————————————————————————— 🍁 ✔✔ ✔✔ 🍁
XtyLô Sùbhân ❌ ρσωєяєđ ву XtyLô Sùbhân ❌ ——————————————————————————————————————————————— 🍁 ADD CLOSE MERI JAN 🍁 Bot site ==> ✔✔ ✔✔ 🍁
Palwinder Singh Bhullar :o Just Osam ❤ Adam Edge Copeland :o 🍄 Add Close •» Adam Edge Copeland <3 Like Comment back <3 :o <3 EnglishBot.Tk <3 :o
Jeannie A. Drewry 😙
Ryan Rawstorne Such a great podcast can't wait to hear more 👍
Jeremy Renner
04:12 03/25/2017

Having a great weekend everyone!! ☀️🍷❄️ #fridaynight #feelinalright #

6.5k reactions 260 comments
Jennifer Myers Looking good Jeremy. Had a good appointment and a good hot chocolate. All is well
Loretta-Marie Hayes You're soooooo d*mn sexy for the love of God especially in Black & White UGH I'm soooo happy you're posting on WhoSay again I really missed your posts but you knew that already LOL I loved the photo of Miss Ava from earlier,& how you posted it on your ...
Amber Mckinney Good got down you're handsome! And being an amazing family man on top of is no fair 😁
黃淑貞 Wish you have a pleasant and happiness during you're lovely weekend!!💚💛❤
Lindsay Kelly It's Saturday, late afternoon here in New Zealand, have an awesome weekend x :-)
Queen Latifah
01:36 03/25/2017

❤️️ happy Friday fam!

21.6k reactions 1536 comments
Ruth Oliveira Lindaaa.....minha diva....adorooo vc....gata 💋❤💋❤ 💋❤💋❤...bjsss Tu es la plus belle...Je t'aime!!!! 💋❤💋❤
Carmen Quinones I wish I can lol so nice like u but you know taking care with my mom with elzimer I don't time for me that's me
Erica Wilson Been a fan forever! Just beautiful... inside and out. ❤
Cicely Miner She deadass did that "easy breezy beautiful covergirl" turn! Heeey queen!
Catherine Zeta-Jones
06:18 03/25/2017

My photography of China.

1.0k reactions 42 comments
Kimmo Kokko What, beatyfull foto. So fine
Mohamd Moneim Extremely Look Like . Fabulous .!
Gabriel Iuhas Stunning
Fernande Hamond Beautiful. ..
Jennifer Galloway Explore the states 🇺🇸
Ricky Gervais
02:54 03/25/2017

Strings to Rick's Bow...designer, model...

2.4k reactions 183 comments
Mark Wyb I thought you'd be out saving some Africans tonight..?
Yvonne Hooper Nooooo but your good at other things - you'll make it :-) maybe🤣🤔
Megan D Montague I have no idea what you're talking about. It's utter jibber jabber. You're hallucinating, go to bed.
Thomas Garner If im half the idiot ricky is ill be a happy man Stacey Atkins hahahaha
David Mccullough We love Ricky fan club thanks for the laughs good gut leave his teeth alone Claire
Eva Longoria Baston
02:24 03/25/2017

Thinking about the weekend... #TGIF

23.7k reactions 338 comments
Octavio Barrera Bellisima✌
Danny Kinsella Absolutely gorgeous Eva !
Orville Baroya Whatcha gonna do?
Norman Martin BEAUTIFUL
Lincoln Williams And that you see the Lord's Glory around you
Adam Edge Copeland
Yesterday 01:18

So today we officially launched The E and C Pod of Awesomeness. It's ridiculous and stupid. You can subscribe and listen here: ITunes Stitcher Spotify Google Play Leave a rating and review on iTunes and let us know what ya think(but we already know we're idiots)

Google Play Music

Free radio for everything you do. Store 50,000 tracks from your personal collection. Subscribe for on-demand access to 35 million songs and offline listening.

398 reactions 18 comments
Tom Bertram Jr. Kyle O'Connor Drew Cat
Hany Khan 🍄 Adam Edge Copeland ✔ Super post So today we officially launched The E and C Pod of Awesomeness. It's ridiculous and stupid. You can subscribe and listen here: ITunes Stitcher Spotify Google Play bit....
Palwinder Singh Bhullar 🍄 Love You ❤ Adam Edge Copeland 🍄 Add Close •» Adam Edge Copeland <3 Like Comment back <3 :o <3 EnglishBot.Tk <3 :o
Diego Calderon Edge for Raw GM
Irfaan Mhamud Bhuiyan
Vin Diesel
4 hours ago

We Are Groot

180.9k reactions 2571 comments
Nikki Hill My daughter grace can't wait to see the movie god bless always love 😙
Fiataz Fiataz Make a small business with no investment earning money through android phone using champ cash ( refer ID :4141241 ) What up number for help: 9698813676
Armando Mosqueda Moisitoo and Nênë want to have your babies! Or at least try a few times!
Emily Blackburn Tiffany Hayward are you looking forward to this as much as I am🙊💜 xoxo
Zain X Hoosen Looks better than the first. I know we always get sequels and they usually disappoint, however the first never really set the bar too high.
Jeremy Renner
04:12 03/25/2017

Post breakfast workout! #waffles #arrows

7.8k reactions 131 comments
Jim Isom Nice bow! What's the draw weight?
Sara Boot Gorgeous! Bless her!
Sochivly Ou A cute little Archer!
Sara Blackmore McLeod Too cute!
Sergio Romano Parenting,you doing it good😉😂
Ashton Kutcher
16:42 03/24/2017

I think this is the best one yet.

1.2k reactions 429 comments
Brittany Morauski Jake Morcom this is pretty funny
Eléna Ray Aliénor Deslandres ashton Kutcher qui parle de Ryan Reynalds c'est trop beau pour être vrai
Christina Renee Lmao! I got lost in YouTube watching those 2. The chemistry between them is awesome to watch! It just instantly makes you happy.
Jordan Rae Jackson Nick Dominguez let's watch this when you get home :)
Jasmine Carrel Michelle Leath Ryan Reynolds is still top of my list 😂!! Still so hilarious
Martin Lawrence
20:12 03/24/2017

Timeline Photos

738 reactions 69 comments
Johnathon D. Lee Death at a funeral?
Kingsley Michael I love you so much bro
Azizul Haque This is from "Death at a funeral"
Joe Vaughn You smell something funky or what?
Thabang Mathabatha Real man
Pee-wee Herman
17:36 03/25/2017

World's tiniest violin!! #TGIF!

222 reactions 27 comments
Billy Bien
Brad Emmons And here's what you play on it, "Hearts & Flowers", the sad violin music used in several Looney Tunes shorts:
Brock Lee Bigsby Maybe later.
Debbie Berry I have one exactly like that
Joe Marcum I love that story
Ashton Kutcher
16:42 03/24/2017

Terror will never win.

498 reactions 43 comments
Melissa Gale McGrath You would win
Jasmine Chiang it may not win but canot stop
Katherine Stork It will never win and never end. It's sad :(
Paloma España Qué miedo , qué triste , Terror will never win .
Kay Zum Felde Of course not :-)
Catherine Zeta-Jones
06:18 03/25/2017

Spectacular. #China

1.1k reactions 38 comments
Mitchell D Jason This is a beautiful place and the people there are too
Jarvis C Lehmann Love it!
June Loos What a lovely place. Enjoy! ❤️
D Mark Price nice!
Antonio Oliva Fabulous!
Ricky Gervais
02:54 03/25/2017

Who says famine has to be depressing?

4.0k reactions 974 comments
Holly Tobin Clare Readman I know you'll have already seen it but ....😂😂😂😂
Stephen Tsang Nick Thomson haha finchy does the noises for so long
Jane Ryan Shaun Francis never gets old, or any less uncomfortable!
Julie Palmer Rhys Aldair Palmer watch Ricky face Squeal piggy squeal 😂😂😂 think I just wet myself
Aaron Broadwell Nathan Smith finchy larger, me larger, Gareth larger sometimes cider
Catherine Zeta-Jones
06:18 03/25/2017

My Beijing breakfast. Just to start..... Have now ordered an omelette, pain-au-chocolate and some noodles. Fuel for a fun day.

1.1k reactions 58 comments
Wendy DeBerry Looks delicious!
Katerina K. Hristovska Си уживаш Кетрин,на здравје нека ти е
Laura McComb Kalaf Very nice. Enjoy!😊
Nishant Neopani Looks delightful
Draghici Cristina Delicious! ^_^
Ricky Gervais
02:54 03/25/2017

Comic Relief

47.9k reactions 10953 comments
Janne Vibsig Hyldgaard Vibe Hyldgård - jeg har garenteret tagget dig i den her video mange gange før, men jeg ved at du, ligeså vel som jeg, ALDRIG kan få nok af disse fantastiske moves.... God fredag, søster <3
Zoe Phipps Angela Partner I always think of you when I see this 😜Remember when I got him to sign a napkin in that coffee shop? Still got it somewhere...
Tania Simons Samantha Simons here's a dance routine you absolutely must have in your repertoire, I would call it the "holy shit it's Friday" dance!!
Carly Jane Sophia Potipako Rosemary Reid wish this went on at our old staff meetings. This is what I in visioned most of the time, when everyone was so serious. 😂👌🏽
Elizabeth Davis Bob Biggerstaff remember when we watched this the other night? Please learn this now. We can do it alongside one another and end in a flying baby (dirty dancing style).
Ricky Gervais
02:54 03/25/2017

David Brent: The importance of Red Nose Day

11.5k reactions 3142 comments
Paul Harris Charlie Read - mate...even however many years it's been...always reminds me of you!
Jacob Ferris Adam Woods This clip just reminds me of you 😂 still cracks me up haha!
Daniel Kloekke this one is one of my favorites omg!!! Cas pik deze is zo lekker he
Steven Wayne Simpson Back in the day when Ricky was kind of funny before he thought he was murican
Tom Hicks Still living on that old crap. Irrelevance is a tough cookie to swallow...😬
Jeremy Renner
04:12 03/25/2017

ICYMI: "Wanna have lunch in Calgary April 29-30? Download my app in the link below and subscribe to become a superfan! You are going to be able to participate in exclusive contests and giveaways, behind the scenes live streams, and be able to get a first look when I’m on set of my new films. For this contest, I am excited to fly out a fan and guest, take care of their hotel and tickets to the convention and have lunch with you! Tell me why you’re my number 1 fan in the comments and the best post WINS!"

934 reactions 69 comments
Michael DiModica Ive been a fan of yours since dahmer and swat. And im the only person I know whos seen love comes to the executioner. I love all your movies. If they remade jaws and cast you as the shark id go see it.
Laurie Sabo You are a very versatile and talented actor. Finding each character unique with all the roles you play. Collecting all your moves and watching them repeatedly. I love seeing your humor. Sending love and hugs always!!
Amanda Bøgh Harder First of all, I'm ready, I'm waiting, and I'm hungry too! I may not have been a fan for many years, but I am truely a big fan. I really enjoy all of your acting that I've seen, and I really love how your able to nail different types of roles as if ...
Shanda Boyce Super fans? Hmmm...well, I am a big fan, but I'm not crazy (don't sleep with a pillow with your face etc) but I am a huge fan of your acting. I LOVE sassitude and almost every character you play has it. Hawkeye has been my favorite Avengers since I ...
Pip Barker Hogsbjerg Oh it would be dream come true to meet you JR. Love all your movies and you seem like a nice down to earth guy. Unfortunately I'm in the UK, and my boyfriend is will be here on 3 weeks leave from Iraq, his US Army and been out there many months. Hope ...
Catherine Zeta-Jones
06:18 03/25/2017

Just gorgeous. #China

2.1k reactions 46 comments
Yorleny Solis Ro Bellísima
Ofelia Hernandez Mira Alex donde andaban bonito lugar
Fernande Hamond Beautiful. this...thank you Catherine..😊
Ofelia Nicholson Beautiful.
June Loos This is beautiful! Have fun! ❤️
Ashton Kutcher
16:42 03/24/2017

I hope things continue to go well for Bam.

2.2k reactions 44 comments
Cory Jones Leicht Ashley Vrancks
Jaymie Moncur Nick Stav
Regina Shumate Tanner Shumate
Mary Richard Katherine Ann Kelly Steve Conte
Casie Walters Morgan Hall Rachel Hansell Brian Angell Larry Ransom
Zach Braff
04:42 03/25/2017

Mad as hell/ not gonna take it anymore.

1.2k reactions 57 comments
Fazila Skrue Saber <3
Kimberley Heerding Jessica Sharon let's go!
Gail Davie 'network' doesnt seem like satire anymore......
Emre Avşar Tobias Simonis MIR ZWEI FIX IS KINO
Daniel Lausegger Florian Rieser hahahaha beste besetzung!
Ricky Gervais
02:54 03/25/2017

Another amazing audience at the Bournemouth International Centre. See you again some day. #Humanity

633 reactions 58 comments
Paula Chaplin An absolutely amazing night. Thank you Bobo.
Holly Griffin Thanks Ricky the show was awesome x
Jacqui Spearing You were amazing Ricky Gervais. Non stop laughter. Thank You
Kate Bath It was an amazing night! You are so funny!
Mary Osaer Pure genius!
David Henrie
02:12 03/25/2017

Great chair for meetings.

9.3k reactions 33 comments
Semih Sefa Kocas Hey David Henrie
Gabriel Netto Alves Afonso
Anna Scarinci bela
Fragoso Moreira Elza Cadeira de rei pro rei😊😊😍😍😙😙👏👏
Rosi Carla Hernandes Balderas Que lindo
Ashton Kutcher
16:42 03/24/2017

This is so creative, Taylor.

Dad Stages An Insane Domino-Effect Gender Reveal, And It
Dad Stages An Insane Domino-Effect Gender Reveal, And It's A Blast To Watch

"We are so excited to meet the little one, so we thought we'd start it off with a bang!"

792 reactions 50 comments
Jennifer Finally Mead Tiffany Mead i bet matt would do something like this
Ignas Vilkauskas But the baby didnt decide its gender yet
Kelly Locken Gender reveals are stupid.
Katlin Todey Melanie Johnson look at this gender reveal!
Sarah Cattermole Jay Finn watch this it's ace xx
Eva Longoria Baston
02:24 03/25/2017

Jinxy will always be a puppy to me! #NationalPuppyDay #TBT

8.7k reactions 99 comments
Anthony Cain II 😍😍😍😘
Rick Chan You look marvelous darling
Jessica Bove Cute! Have a nice day <3
Norman Martin BEAUTIFUL
Colin Cowley Just beautiful xxx
Morgan Freeman
15:42 03/24/2017

C Word Trailer

396 reactions 39 comments
Sadık Rıza Taşdemir
Sadık Rıza Taşdemir
Sadık Rıza Taşdemir
Sadık Rıza Taşdemir
Sadık Rıza Taşdemir
Catherine Zeta-Jones
06:18 03/25/2017

The Great Wall of China. Breathtaking.

5.6k reactions 108 comments
Madelyn Etkind So are you !! Enjoy
Susan Heaven You look twenty in this pic,beautiful,x
Patricia Burns Beautiful view......including the scenery! 😉😍
Miguel Ibarra Tell Trump it didn't work!
Stuart Treharne Nearly as breathtaking as a beautiful Welsh girl but not quite
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