Pee-wee Herman
20:48 02/25/2017

Sushi Tacos! See more sushi disguised as something else here:

385 reactions 132 comments
Patty Dembkowski gross lol
Ric Andrew Ya Do not mess with perfection...
Atsushi Honda Q horror
Nicole Wizzer Rbert, this could happen...
Adam Quraishi Hahahahha
Martin Lawrence
23:24 02/24/2017

Ladies, how many of ya'll be doing this? Keep it real lmao

684 reactions 98 comments
Aaren Richardson 😂😂😂
Kymberly Missingmydeddy Mason all the time--
Tani JP Genie Monique lmfao 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 #weak
Love Hart I do it
J Breeze Coleman Trinidee Muzikk😂😂😂😂😂😂 THIS IS SOOO ME!!
Ricky Gervais
06:06 02/25/2017

Amazing to meet this giant of beautiful music. #RagNBoneMan

8.3k reactions 276 comments
Kim Moody Fab new young talent great song , looking forward to hearing more of him😊
Elaine Fletcher Chapman Great to listen to you ( as always ) but that man's voice just blew me away wow
Paul Mc Cullagh Sinéad Mc Cullagh How did james get meeting Ricky before us?
Didi Rolfe Think you are both great and both animals lovers so I hear 🙂 xx
Rob Brüring Love the voice of rag'n'bone man. I'm still searching for his first EP (bluestown) .
Martin Lawrence
23:24 02/24/2017

Now I ain't never seen no shit like this here. Mama and daughter, together? Hell naw!!! LMFAO

Crazy Mother And Daughter Busted For Prostitution When An Undercover Cop Answers Their Bizarre Ad Online
Crazy Mother And Daughter Busted For Prostitution When An Undercover Cop Answers Their Bizarre Ad Online

As usual, we have a bizarre news story…and as usual, it comes out of the wonderful sunshine state of Florida. This involves a mother daughter duo who were busted for the most shocking and unbelievable thing. I mean, this takes Florida news stories to a whole new level. The mother and daughter were a...

188 reactions 41 comments
Cashonda Thompson Out of
Cashonda Thompson Out to f control
Claude Bartlett Shittttt.....!!!!
Lee Lee McLean Ryans Hard times I guess
Michelle Roberts What the hell
Eva Longoria Baston
05:36 02/25/2017

Coming very soon! My Eva Longoria Collection is launching on! Sign up on to receive notifications about when we go live. You don't want to miss this! #EvaLongoriaCollection

9.1k reactions 124 comments
Lucy Matos Deutsch What happened to the limited collection?
Samuel LeCompte Cute dog
Cecilia Ruiz Can't wait to see the collection .
Joann Santos Nice!
Baptiste Amielh Woaaaa bébé <3
Ricky Gervais
06:06 02/25/2017

Ricky Gervais's cover photo

557 reactions 169 comments
Daniel Ingered Tickets to Stockholm scored, so gonna unfolw you now, Cunt!!!
Peter Bujňák "World" tour ... I guess the World now means GB, USA and a few EU cities. No CZ, no SK, no AUS, ... disappointed :(
Steve Whittaker I have 2 x tickets for Sheffield on the 4th April 17 !!! And like an idiot ! I have commitments ! Does anyone want to swap for tickets in the 3rd April at same venue !! This is genuine ! Can you let me know . Many thanks 👍
Annie Norton-Taylor World tour...where's Australia?!? We'd love you to come to OZ 😀
Omanshu Thapliyal Had to wait for a long time for the tickets, but finally got them! Looking forward to see the humanity in NYC :)
Martin Lawrence
23:24 02/24/2017

The most expensive joint is the one that leave you broke and high. Feels like this is a black jeopardy question. What is high people problems for 300 Alex?

Is This The Most Expensive Joint Ever Smoked?
Is This The Most Expensive Joint Ever Smoked?

A lot of rappers in the game today constantly promote and flaunt their marijuana lifestyles on social media and everywhere they go. And with the recent legalization laws, that all just became a lot easier. A few weeks ago we thought we had seen the creme of the crop when we showed you a video

190 reactions 14 comments
Indar Rahmawan ↖( ❤😃-☔-🐸✋ )↗ Fifty Shades Darker full movie (20017) PLAY:
Dustin Gotham So weed is racist now? Dang!
Johnny Jr Michie Martin your funniest man in the world
Marcus Howard 😂 😅 smh....#Silly
Gina Kristin Lorentzen Wants to be "smoking hot" 😜
Pee-wee Herman
20:48 02/25/2017

TGIF!! It's World Bartender Day!

4.3k reactions 255 comments
Ben Chambers The pit with the eye patch! HA!
Adam Blitz There's patchy!!!
Mike Amentler
Marc Bourgeois Jr. I'm celebrating by not working
Kenneth Delabarre Bulldog put some English on that pint 🍻
Ashton Kutcher
19:54 02/24/2017

Stay informed. It's the best way to help our democracy

189 reactions 72 comments
Kyle Heberle I sure hope we never become a democracy. Being the Republic we are protects us from the decisions of the majority.
Julie Karsjens We're not a frickin democracy... does this info need beat into people because clearly too many people think we are..
Katarina Antipova Oh, and thank you very much for the image of Putin, - so handsome (on my taste)
Marina Volkova And labor and concentration camps are growing in Russia once again. People are disappearing in droves
Jeff Wiley Too bad the Democracy days are over huh Ashton.
Adam Sandler
2 hours ago

See you in Hawaii Honolulu: Maui:

2.5k reactions 213 comments
Lyndsey Bradford Jon Bradford Omg if only this was when we were there!!!
Meagan Mooney Wes, can't wait!! 😃
Sheri Murphy AWE sweety I would LOVE to see you in Hawaii, my favorite state,
Philipp Müller Leute ! :) Hört rein ! :) Pusht die Mukke :) ! Freuen uns über jeden Support, ob positiv oder nicht! Lasst uns die Feinde auf dem Laufendem halten ! :) Peace ! YouTube Channel: Ohrnfüllaz! Facebook: Ohrnfüllaz
Bep van Geel I wish i could be there , but i am living in a cold and wet Holland .
Melissa Leo - The Official Page
12:12 02/25/2017

Jef Delman's Deadtime Stories, one of Melissa's early films, is now available on Bluray and DVD: get your copy today on Watch her short interview here:

Deadtime Stories: Melissa Leo And Scott Valentine On Director Jeffrey Delman
Deadtime Stories: Melissa Leo And Scott Valentine On Director Jeffrey Delman

Deadtime Stories: Melissa Leo And Scott Valentine On Director Jeffrey Delman

19 reactions 1 comments
Rob Terpening I'd love to get Ms. Leo interested in The Cinderella Kid - Amateur Golf Great, Ray Billows. She's be great as Ray's mother-in-law.
Ricky Gervais
06:06 02/25/2017

Tickets for LA on sale now!

Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais

on Ticketmaster

192 reactions 79 comments
Kai Richards Flying over from Australia, just got our tickets
Kristie McCrary Kambourakis unable to process request:( being outdone by bots:(
Ricky Henson Why are you on the one show with those animal beaters and not saying anything?
José David Leal Tobar Ricky, please read about the Women on Waves ship seized by the navy on Guatemala. What my country's doing is wrong...
Mark Stephens You forgot blackpool this time, dissapointing, we have seen your last 2 live shows here and were looking forward to your next one
Martin Lawrence
23:24 02/24/2017

I'm just gone leave this here and mind my business

6.1k reactions 287 comments
Ari Davalos First off, you are asserting that because someone is poor they can't have nice things Secondly, you are asserting that Gucci knock-offs don't exist Third, you are asserting that rich people can't be poor later in life. Martin Lawrence, I hope you get ...
Tasha Veal What I don't understand why they feel people that receive Government assistance suppose to dress poor, look poor, and can't have some nice things lol stop it!
Kimberley Miller The only reason i appied for food assistance is because im 36 weeks pregnant my hours got cut at work yes im still working and yes we need a little extra help. I dont get the people who get them for nothing not working not trying to help themselves. The ...
Avin Blanco What ever happened to getting a job?! Its sad how citizens depend on government assistance yet immigrants can't get any but have more money from working. Americans should be ashamed.
Sharon Frazier Wow, I took that as a joke but I've read how it's serious to so many, uk ppl, l'm sure for someone hungry,,,they'd pawn that purse to buy food if they didn't have food stamps. For those who never need fs assistance, God bless u, for those who have, God ...
Ashton Kutcher
19:54 02/24/2017

This is one of the best uses we have for technology.

1.5k reactions 74 comments
Melissa Hollins How nice to see something joyful 😁
Sharlana Rathbun Awe... so cute
Lisa Agosto I hope the volume was turn low. Great message.
Linda Runcie Delaney Beautiful 💕
Carisa Holmes Beautiful! 💙
Ashley Tisdale
17:42 02/24/2017

Daily routine.💋💋 Illuminate Cosmetics

9.7k reactions 93 comments
Tisdale Hair Linda
Tisdale Hair Poderosa
Tisdale Hair Love you Ashley TISDALE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tisdale Hair Escândalo
Tisdale Hair Ashley eu te amo
Catherine Zeta-Jones
09:30 02/25/2017

When I grow up, I want to be able to paint like Edward Hopper. #Love

532 reactions 45 comments
Hortensia Olmedo Muy Buenas. Tardes. HERMOSISIMAS. Actriz Mujer. Y CELEBRIDAD. Caterine. Zeta. Jones. GUAPISISIMO. Una Admiradora. De. Mi. M E X I C O. H E R M O S O
Joyce Swetland-deWeldon Don't grow up!!!!
Henry Windsor Rurikovich I do the same when I get toys
Hedi Blodig von Sternfeld A lot of exercise.... 💜💜💜
Pam Moore and when I grow up I want to paint like Van Gogh!
Ricky Gervais
06:06 02/25/2017

First Toronto gig sold out so I put another one on sale.

Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais

on Ticketmaster

943 reactions 225 comments
Joeddi Marshall-Mang F&@$ing scalpers. Both Toronto shows sold out in minutes.
Terrance Brown I was willing to drive to Toronto just to see you(22 hours) but I guess the asshole scalpers saved me that trip. If half the seats are empty it's because your fans weren't able to get theirs.
Alon Keren hmmm... what about Amsterdam!.. its also sold out here, and its in more than 6 months from now! maybe put another one on sale here as well? :)
Amy Alguire I have been online since before 9am. Singles just appeared for show 1 at 11:45am but I missed them. The second show when I try to find seats the page goes nowhere so it's stalled somewhere. I do really wish this show was at the Air Canada Centre, not ...
Bonnie Norwood Ricky check out the great work Toronto Pig Save is doing to bring attention to the horrors of slaughter. (You probably know all about them. But anything you could do to help/bring attention would be appreciated. TY.
Ricky Gervais
06:06 02/25/2017

Tickets for Chicago go on sale in 5 minutes.

Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais

on Ticketmaster

260 reactions 116 comments
Carolynn Phdubs Just got my tickets!!
Josh Simmons On a Wednesday? Great. Sell out the show, then add another on Friday or Saturday.
Julie Buck Wigstone Love Ricky but tickets are not affordable for the everyday person :(
Jeff Roddey-Price Sacramento! Not as many celebs as LA, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, eh?
Tracey Forge-Johnson Victoria BC please , you're in los angeles anyway, hop skip and a jump up the west coast to us
Ashton Kutcher
19:54 02/24/2017


6.4k reactions 232 comments
Fanii Portugal Te pareces Diego Eloy Gutierrez Cassio 😮 cuando pasé la foto juré q eras tu cuando estabas mas chiquillo🙈
Kataleeya E. Lima I get it the way you spelled flashback with your initials at the end Ashton Kutcher
Yokasta Tejada Yes, Today you are a warrior for the many children life.
Anneliese de Leon Daisha Zwick why does flashback Ashton Kutcher remind me of Tristan Higgerson???
Bonnie Smith Great way to keep those memories alive ...awww so adorable are you helping your dad ? If so that's priceless
Ricky Gervais
06:06 02/25/2017

Ricky Gervais review – ruthless, self-revealing show is his best yet

Ricky Gervais review – ruthless, self-revealing show is his best yet
Ricky Gervais review – ruthless, self-revealing show is his best yet

Gervais’s new set, Humanity, is pumped with scorn and provocation but the inclusion of more personal material gives a rare glimpse of a gentler man

3.8k reactions 464 comments
Mariza Izaac Gervais, genius!!! Love you so much, come to San Francisco, please!!!!
Ally Jefferson Yippee got tickets for Hanmersmith Apollo as soon as they went on sale this morning!!
Pj Fothergill I am so surprised the guardian didn't get massively triggered by it. I loved the warm ups!
Carly Marsh There's been a rape up there!
Paul Aylett Just the Guardian Newspaper telling you what a superb job you're doing.
李连杰 Jet Li
17:12 02/24/2017

Master Yi Chang is a great martial arts practitioner based in Shanghai, he teaches the concept of respecting your opponent to the students. #Jetli #Jetlihero

7.3k reactions 156 comments
Jo Suas Suasnabar Taichi y kung fu grandes artes
Arthur Nas Love to do martial arts in china
Toga Dwi Saputra tau ga sih? Siapa Yang Sering Banget Kepoin atau ngintipin Facebook Kamu? Caranya Buka www. siapakepo .com lihat apa yg akan terjadi hehe
Tan Desmond Hi, pls contact me asap, I am Desmond from S'pore, I got some supplement to recommend you, it may help you, e-mail me, [email protected]
MacJonas Kambe Thats was really inspiration n awesome video. Thanks super master jet Li
Ricky Gervais
06:06 02/25/2017

Join me in backing the Cruelty Free International UN campaign for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

Join the campaign for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics.
Join the campaign for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

Every company, every government, every person, for every animal. Sign up to join the movement and find out how you can help convince the United Nations to adopt an international convention to end animal testing for cosmetics around the world.

24.4k reactions 456 comments
Andrena Wilson Stop the Cull also shared this and yes I'm absolutely on board 💗 As a cruelty free consumer since age 15 (wasn't yesterday) I'd mention to folks to always recheck as some companies who went cruelty free are back testing again. Not that I bought it, ...
Paula Turner Found a brilliant app, recommended on the PETA site...the app is called Bunny Free and it uses the PETA database so you can check if brands test on animals. It's a little US-centric, but I've managed to replace my entire makeup bag contents with its ...
Deb Byczko Have rarely used makeup but I will not use anything that tests animals. i hope these companies can be stopped
Andrew Gilman Test them on violent criminals. Or better yet, have "cosmetic lab testing" as a punishment for violent offenders. You rape, beat, or kill someone and you're a human lab rat.
Laura Forbes So confused...does Urban Decay and Body Shop test on animals? Ive always thought they were cruelty free? 😩 I'll be annoyed if the staff in the stores have lied in order to get a sale 😡
Ricky Gervais
06:06 02/25/2017

I'm hearing that you keep crashing ticket websites. Next time I'm doing cash at the door :)

4.5k reactions 507 comments
David Aitken You have to keep trying even when it says it can't process. Took me 45 mins of going through the application but got them eventually!
David Hopwood Well that's 4 tickets bought, only wanted 2 initially bought through ticket master, where I was directed to by venue!! for £130 per tickets, cunts!!!!!!!! Then went into venue website and got them for £33 each.
Andy Brown After all my moaning about the lack of tickets on Ticketmaster suddenly ATG start selling tickets and there are loads of seats for the Edinburgh Playhouse. I checked there a few times between 1000-1030 and there were no tickets for Edinburgh. Just ...
Theresa Kearney We has tickets for last night's show.but was stuck on m4 for for hours and only moved 9 miles absolutely gutted we didn't get to see you.all the kids chipped in to get there dad these tickets for Xmas.
Elaine Taylor Thank fxxx for that! Tried for bath and Bristol and site crashed or sold out by 10.01 like many others on here. Definitely something weird going on with ticketing, never usually have this problem with other gigs
Ricky Gervais
06:06 02/25/2017

UK Tickets to #Humanity ON SALE NOW!!!!

1.1k reactions 415 comments
David McAllister Micheal O'Neill apparently Belfast isn't worthy of this 😅😅
Mat Thalbourne Ricky are you doing any shows in Australia on this tour?
Lyn Krivohlavy Didn't see Melbourne on the list! Guess I have to wait for the DVD...
Gerard P Leahy It's not okay that all your tickets are going to scalpers. Ask CK how to get around that
Angela Bowie Performing in the US and a handful of European countries does not constitute a "world tour"!!!! Don't you do south of the equator??
Ricky Gervais
06:06 02/25/2017

Due to the time difference European dates already sold out. Extra dates added. #Humanity

578 reactions 130 comments
Tracey Fitzhenry Come to Sydney Ricky
Andrew Bishop Newcastle sold out in 2 mins, touts selling at £75 already :(
Aleksandra Baraniecka This is crazy...logged on at 10:00 and London is sold out😣
Salma Mumtaz Queens, NY is the most diverse city in the world. Just play Queens, NY, one and done, World Tour Over!
Kelly Schneider I got my tickets for msg!! I can't wait. Love you Ricky.
Taylor Lautner
14:30 02/24/2017

Was gonna wait til midnight but I'm too tired.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @sideofricepilaf !!! You may be really old but you make me feel young. ❤🤓❤ Goodnight Daniel son.

26.7k reactions 230 comments
Isha Gansen Hai Mr.Lautner .I am also you fan in INDIA'S TAMILNADU.We like you more and more and more .Always just be happy .That will make you more handsome
Susan Williamson Happy birthday
AnNy Liñan Happy birthday!... 😊😊😊🎈🎁🎉🎊🎂
Janna Taylor Hii... You look awesame really. Ones in life dream to meet you. I love you Taylor Lautner . We all love you. Plz came one time in india. Your fan
Paz Wuest Happy birthday to your friend, and good night :)sweet dream
Priyanka Chopra
17:06 02/24/2017

Books, a desk... and a view #workisplay

35.5k reactions 289 comments
Mukesh Agarwal ......ktbon mn pre the, now ab pta chal rha hy, wo baatein kitni sach hyn.....Mnmhniyn
Mukesh Agarwal ......U wnt t mk lv wth M...U wnt mk lv wth M...Gwra Mjh ko nhi, Pyr Ap ka, Pyr Ap ka...
Nusrat Khadiza Good morning priyanka mam...i m ur biggest always agree with u..
Imran Saleem Beauty with brains!! It is generally thought beautiful women are allergic to Books. But Great Pee Cee proving it wrong.
Dipakkumar Rathwa I WISH HAPPY MAHA SHIV RATRI.PRIYANKA JI. I LOVE YOU and your book's.
Ashley Tisdale
17:42 02/24/2017

Talking all things beauty with Health! Find out the one beauty product I don’t leave home without:

3.7k reactions 29 comments
Ibrahim Iqbal
Erma Ellis Hey! Nice picture <3
David Cole Who cares
James Dunlap Kiss me Ashley😘😘💦💝
Amr Marconi you're so delicious Ashley... <3
Ashton Kutcher
19:54 02/24/2017

Living in LA, I needed this.

392 reactions 37 comments
Mafer Lagos Jijiji pack amateur best nice
William Elabras Just take the subway if there's one
Allison Olin Matthew Parrish watch the video that's in the article
Kirsten Dauksch 😂😂
Mercedes Cantu I
Martin Lawrence
23:24 02/24/2017

Well damn, don't hate the player. Gotta hate the game. She winning. I know she ain't the only one with a sugar daddy out there. Am I lying?

20-Year-Old Sugar Baby Explains How It Works Even Though She’s In A Real Relationship Too
20-Year-Old Sugar Baby Explains How It Works Even Though She’s In A Real Relationship Too

The struggle is very real out there for some of us middle class income folk. Ways of making money nowaday just get more and more creative with time. The latest trend to come from college students in great amounts of debt per student loans, seems to be centered around a strange lifestyle of a career

728 reactions 59 comments
Elias Parda No se que dice pero la imagen esta muuuuu bien
Mathieu Legault Stupid girls doest the smartess things they could...🤔
Greg Johnson This chick can't even buy a beer. FOH!
Nicole Pagan U know she is licking some old balls
Patrick Peters A whore is a whore no matter how you put it
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