Queen Latifah
1 hour ago

Please support my friend Michael Eric Dyson new book #TearsWeCannotStop, an important guide to our racial confusion, and a gift to those wondering where to go in 2017 and beyond! Order his book today! smarturl.it/dysonamz

Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America
Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America

"Elegantly written, Tears We Cannot Stop is powerful in several areas: moving personal recollections; profound cultural analysis; and guidance for moral redemption. A work to relish." ―Toni Morrison"Here’s a sermon that’s as fierce as it is lucid. It shook me up, but in a goo...

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Ronnie Reed yeah we need prayer's amen
Robin Williams Hi Dana/👑 Latifah great support
Jennifer Rosales 💖💖💖
Michael Eric Dyson Thank you for the support Queen Latifah. Much appreciated!
Martin Lawrence
7 hours ago

My mother named me Martin because of Martin Luther King, Jr. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have been able to come as far as we hae come, despite the ongoing racism that exists today. #IHaveADream #StillWeRise #YesWeCan #YesWeWill #MLK #MLKday

22.1k reactions 260 comments
Mustapha Muse it's only a mad person that will see color as a barrier to living in peace,who knows the color of GOD the creator like?Humanbeings are different from animals
Richard A Howard Then maybe you should stop posting bulshit and really post something that matters. Because you be posting some garbage.
Olga Christina He had the uncanny ability to bring out the best in all people. He was courageous, heroic and fearless. If he were today, I think he would be a little disappointed about race relations. We must do better. We stand to only benefit from that !!
Tam Guartuche Unfortunately isn't doesn't just affect black people. It affects every ' people". Blacks hate white. Mexicans hate blacks. Whites hate Muslims. It's sorry. But I'm tired of being judged by the color of my skin too! I'm white, and I love everyone ...
Mateo Šoljanin Shut your black-ass pie hole. You have your rights, stop making excusses to be victimised by other deranged people for what happened in the past.
Nina Dobrev
29 minutes ago

Look who I found at LAX .... @vindiesel !!!! Duh 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 @XXXmovie Looking sharp, as per usual 👊🏼😎 (Side note, the other customers were gawking at me as I had a solo selfie photo shoot and they were probably thinking "this weirdo girl must be a SUPER die hard Vin Diesel fan. What. A. Creeper.") And guess what, they were right. This girls name is Becky 🤓 Go see Becky and Xander in XXX The Return Of Xander Cage in theaters this Friday!!!

41.9k reactions 229 comments
Pawan Agrawal Becky I love your pep talk in xxx movie and your bubbly character💖💖💖💖💖💖
Cassandra Jackson La soyance dune elena...😂 Kenza Soukeïna
Anahita Gogia This is why I don't mind seeing the movie Utkarsh she's in it
Lincoln Williams Blessing to you ! my good friends and that you guys are great Vin Diesel and that you guys are cool for the Business Industry !
Chandan Dash i watched xxx 1st day 1st show in (bbsr india) not for deepika not for vin deisel but for u nina. u r very popular among young people in india.
Martin Lawrence
7 hours ago

Definitely look just like Angelina. Either thats her daughter or Jon Voight got some explaining to do, cause that ain't just no damn look alike.

15 Regular People Who Look EXACTLY Like Famous Celebrities
15 Regular People Who Look EXACTLY Like Famous Celebrities

I don't quite see the resemblance in all of these.

2.0k reactions 61 comments
Antony Tate She looks better then Angelina!!!
Yvonne Kollette Williams For real. That looks like herself
Shatica Matthews Yea the lady and her favor big time
Ulrich Smoky jolie fille
Ulrich Smoky Tu es célibataire quoi?
Ashton Kutcher
10 hours ago

Do you believe that humans are fundamentally selfish?

191 reactions 24 comments
Alyssa Agostino Anna Wilson Carmelina Iannello remember alturism!! 😂
Caitlin Emling Aria Vitale gtown psych
Cinthya Raquel Armoa Colman y si al menos un poco lo somos.. algunos en gran medida y otros en menor medida
Sharon De Jesus yes
Larry A Meeks yes and racist
Martin Lawrence
7 hours ago

Damn, no pun intended but this is definitely some real shit right here. Ladies, only one question, what would you do?

Guy Shares Disgusting Snapchat Of Woman Who Sh*t Herself After Passing Out
Guy Shares Disgusting Snapchat Of Woman Who Sh*t Herself After Passing Out

If you spend enough time on the internet, there is a 100% chance that you will witness something that will upset you. Both in terms of anger and just general trauma. You can find plenty of funny things too, but that darkness is always lurking just below the surface. Especially when it comes to socia...

438 reactions 82 comments
Gail Davis FrFr
Janniel Härfstrand Oh dear god.
Tonica SugaMacwilliams Daaaaayyyyyyum. That's bad. I didn't know what to expect
Dominique Dinish Mmmmmmmaaaaaaannnn, Martin.
Kirstyleigh Croydon Guys a wanker
Ashton Kutcher
10 hours ago

Would you wear one?

In The Future, These Health Trackers Will Know You’re Sick Before You Do
In The Future, These Health Trackers Will Know You’re Sick Before You Do

So you’ll know when to stock up on tissues and NyQuil.

495 reactions 29 comments
Meri Kiikka Nora Boijer
Sarah Elizabeth Shotts Cara Brewer
Emma Horňačeková Martin
Kristen Shania Sharda Doopan Brandon Sooknanan
Jacqueline Bell Jeremiah
Ashton Kutcher
10 hours ago

A new level of going green.

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The Law Of Attraction You cannot travel back in time to fix your mistakes, but you can learn from them and forgive yourself for not knowing better.
Martin Lawrence
7 hours ago

They wrong for this one... But so is she for putting that shit in her hair. Look like snake bangs

10.7k reactions 755 comments
Siwar Ben Helal Aymen Missaoui hey Mr forever alone, you're not alone anymore bro (w 9oul siwar khayba) xD
Idalisha Giles Candice Trigg this how I'm gonna do my side burns for your party 😂😂😂
Ajibulu Emmanuel Oluwole Can't do this to an exam hall.. She's got answers written on her hear
Truly Blessed Lol! "Snake bangs" I lol'd when I read it! I've never heard the term, toooo funny! Lol
Jordan Cauvi Rahim W. France tf she doing with sperm cells on her face... Smh
Ashley Tisdale
Yesterday 17:36

Add color to your cheeks & lips with #IlluminateByAshley Cream Cheek & Lip Tint at Ulta Beauty: http://bit.ly/2cwY2RR

2.1k reactions 21 comments
Rok Grnjak Luka Senekovič
Juli Frass Ilknur Sahin 😂😂
Adrianna Viger Cool
Min Min Minerva Webb HSM 2 is my favourite movie and lots of songs for ashley tisdale
Frank Wilson Jr. 4th strap
Ashton Kutcher
10 hours ago

"Never limit yourself because of others' limited imagination" — well said

1.2k reactions 22 comments
David King #NeverGiveUp RIP Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I'd perform at President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration. Barack Obama. Our time's Martin Luther King Jr. Https://youtu.be/2LBrM9bZE64
Grace Down Danika
Jade Chatman Amy Sepulveda
Veronica Gómez Adriana Gomez
Belen Granados Marin Hermosa película!!
Martin Lawrence
7 hours ago

All these rappers having boxing matches, I wouldn't mind seeing 50 take on Ja Rule. I know Ja probably been training SINCE "Wanksta" came out.

50 Cent Is Setting Up A Celebrity Boxing Match With Kodak Black and Lil Wayne
50 Cent Is Setting Up A Celebrity Boxing Match With Kodak Black and Lil Wayne

Beef has been a part of hip hop pretty much since it was first invented. Unfortunately that beef sometimes can get a bit out of hand (see Notorious, BIG and 2Pac, Shakur). Things have thankfully taken a much bigger step back in regards to the violence. However, rappers still need to get that aggress...

6.7k reactions 352 comments
Janell Newson Why don't we have a match on whose gonna help people get out of poverty? Bullshit at its finest.
Joseph Pardo Ja rule is a lot more bronco now. Just look at his arms lol
Scott Winnvave We both know 50 cent vs Ja Rule is a bad mis match haha.
Bekalu Leykun 50 Vs ja rule.......50 Vs the game he is gone be busy af
Boomer Ahl Come on now Marty Mar. 50 would destroy Ja Rule. Dude would still be a buck 10 soaking wet even after hitting the gym every day for a year.
Morgan Freeman
11 hours ago

“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?” –Martin Luther King Jr.

20.0k reactions 355 comments
Joyce Hales when not hen
Mars Wawrzyn today I turned a friend down by telling him that my forester wasn't up to pulling his sharan out of the snow. but I try to be good to the cats and dogs.
Ahmed Torky Mohamed Zaki استاذ مورجان
Charles Ankner Amen... www.saintbrandcannabis.com
Ahmed Mimen Hamiani Liked memes all day
Morgan Freeman
11 hours ago

Kenneth was imprisoned for two years in North Korea for leading people in Christian prayer and worship. He told me about how God’s Holy Spirit fell on him during his incarceration, and how that allowed him to continue his missionary work. You can see our conversation tonight on Story of God on National Geographic Channel 9/8c Revelations Entertainment Lori McCreary

11.5k reactions 235 comments
Jo Duncan Yet, as you say Mark, here we are. Still believing in some sort of higher force. Some call it God , some simply a higher force than ourselves. I can see why the fear of such energy can frighten you, and the continuing practice of searching for the ...
Bako Priceless When I grow up I wanna be like you dad and role model.
Judith Drake Hello Morgan finally your in my life had many dreams you giving personal prefictions got a more think your great tried to watch all your movies like you told me
Wilson Kuoba Lies.
Oswaldo Lopez I Will expect this program God Bless your life Máster Morgan Freeman
Martin Lawrence
7 hours ago

Legendary. Don't let this fall on deaf ears...

21.9k reactions 124 comments
Merilyn Mentoor Forward is forward no matter what the speed.☺
Shaun Swift Amen.
Patricia Calhoun God bless amen
Hutch Hutchinson Never go back
Tyleise Taylor In that order💯
Ashton Kutcher
10 hours ago

"We are obliged to build robots we are not obliged to.”

3 Fascinating Things I Learned About AI From This Reddit AMA
3 Fascinating Things I Learned About AI From This Reddit AMA

Like Westworld, only a lot more complex.

126 reactions 2 comments
Cham Reun TK Good
Mixalis Danihl If you stop reading this you're gonna die,My name is Teresa fidalgo if you don't post this on 29 photos I will sleep with you forever.This girl ignored and 29 days later her mom died.I am real you can search up on google....sorry....
Ashton Kutcher
10 hours ago

Today I am grateful for this great man.

9 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes From The 1960s That Are Still Relevant Today
9 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes From The 1960s That Are Still Relevant Today

It is amazing how his words have stood the test of time.

3.2k reactions 27 comments
Tomi Jones In honor of his legacy! Please watch! https://youtu.be/gm5L-sWxm8o
Deborah Compton Yes. An inspiration to a little heart.
Darlene Madson Only if we allow it Linda
Ruby Liz C Amen!!
Ivana Michele Me too such a awesome person
Jean-Claude Van Damme
10 hours ago

Hi friends! I'm on my way to the United States again to prepare myself for filming Black Water! #JCVD #BlackWater

49.0k reactions 1315 comments
Ruben Hernandez Torrent Eyyy !! Wanting to see your movie Surely with Dolph Lundgren will be a good movie. I still remember (I saw it recently) Universal soldier. The top JCVD ​​!!!!! Greetings from Catalonia (Spain)
Gonzalo Tejeda Hola JCVD un abrazo gigante,soy Gonzalo de Argentina.Una de mis películas preferidas es Corazón de León.Sos un gran actor,saludos!
Kassandra Xinita hola Jean-Claude Van Damme bueno t escribo desde Peru y me encanta tus peliculas son muy lindas y bueno t mando mis saludos y exitos muxos exitos y espero q me pueda responder mi gran deseo siempre fue conocerlo aunq creo q es imposible pero almenos ...
Patricia Christorapha Tsizafy OK das gut machen Film mir zu bereiten zum sehen danke schöne ich warte das Filmen JCVD super I m Happy das Good bleuisse you fammily JCVD
Juan Marco Lopez Jean Claude you have been my hero since I was a young boy! I wish one day I could have the pleasure of meeting you! Keep being you! Never change!
Will Smith
Yesterday 09:24

Timeline Photos

65.9k reactions 427 comments
Jamie Shontz There are too many characters in the education departments, there needs to be more morals with those teaching to install morals in the learners
Lorinda Myers The true education is knowing what the powers that be and the Illuminati are doing and have planned. That will bring your world crumbling down around you. Our whole lives are lies if you believe anything they say. Read your Bible.
J.C. Emlund Lot of confusion about where people stand, or what they represent. I do appreciate your contribution. I can't imagine what it is like to be a model of society and have selfie's all the time as a requirement of that togetherness with someone. My ...
Tamara Lynn W Yes. Sadly, the medical system is flooded with those who are fixated on $ and have lost focus on directing toward healing.Politician focus on $. Now education coupled with privatization are becoming fixated on $ losing focus on the goal of true ...
Shrikant Jodave Gandhi is well understood abroad, people in India spends most of their time pointing out mistakes he (may or may not have) made. Unfortunately true.
Priyanka Chopra
Yesterday 17:00

Attention #PCManiacs! PC's Emmy cover has been nominated for best cover in the ASME awards. Hit like now! Last Date: Jan 26 - From Team Priyanka

43.3k reactions 372 comments
Richika Keshri Pee cee will win the title
George Mathen My My You sure are Photogenic Babe!
Rajat Kumar Beautiful
Iftu Being Click on the magazine and than click like the like is not for this post come on guys we can do it
Htet Htet Pyone Cho Don't worry Priyanka. I did . I am your manaic!
Vin Diesel
Yesterday 08:48

Excited for the Hollywood premiere this Thursday! #HappyCreativeSunday

132.2k reactions 1112 comments
Tamara Jackson I so wish i could be there.and bring my grandson . Were both huge fans.
Karen M Llanes Vin I watch every movie since Pitch Black when it first comes out in the theater. But this time I have to wait because I will be having minor surgery the day XXX premiers. Im sad. You are my #1 guy.
Rattanawadee Suebklang ขออนุญาติค่ะ 🌟ใครว่างงานตกงานทักด่วน🌟 🎋รับสมัครคนที่อยากมีรายได้เสริม 🙇เด็ก คนท้อง คนแก่ ทำได้ไม่จำกัดอายุ 👬👭👪 👉🏻รายได้ประมาน400-800฿💸💰 ❎ไม่ช่ายงานขาย ❎ไม่ต้องอบรม 🌹เงินออกทุกวัน2ทุ่ม⏰ สนใจทักเลย ID:deawaome
Mike Stodgie Stojanovic Thank you so much for releasing this on my birthday the 18th.of January!! I have something awsome to watch n enjoy =) Vin d! Much love!!
Michelle Santos I was excited and anxious to see the result of this beautiful job that you and the whole team of triple x did, deserve all this worldwide success, counting the minutes. I will love you forever, kisses and kisses. Your passionate fan of Brazil. Vin ...
Vin Diesel
Yesterday 08:48

Vin Diesel's cover photo

532.7k reactions 1983 comments
Susan Judith Thomson I am waiting impatiently for your movie. Not long now - getting excited xxxxxx
Rose Garza Love you Mr. V. You make my day with your smile. Thanks for always sharing with us.
Carlos Adan Meza Wat is he. Happy about. 45% of his royalties will all go to. Paul walkers daughter all of the fast ferious the crew made a. Note. To give half there royalties to. Paul's daughter
Ösman Dl Can't wait to see the new movies this yr. Love Vin Diesel he is such a great actor Gud luck with all the movies
Obadă Costel I had to choose between this and Assassin's Creed and it was my best decision. Sorry, Mr. Vin, but I had to go with assassin's creed, but I promise I will also see yours cause you are one of my favorites :D
Martin Lawrence
7 hours ago

Who walked up in the service like this today though? Keep it real

2.2k reactions 31 comments
Geena Smith Jamar Melargo 😂
Tj Platero Jalen Platero😂😁😂
Nate Manuel Jonathan
Dora Ann Candi Cane😂😂😂
Ashton Kutcher
10 hours ago

Technology has an impact in ways we never imagined it could.

How Google Street View Has Given One Non-Verbal Boy With Autism A Voice
How Google Street View Has Given One Non-Verbal Boy With Autism A Voice

"I was in awe of his ability to find such an ingenious way to communicate."

739 reactions 70 comments
Macy Boortz Joy Acred Brown Anastasia H. Singleton
Desiree Simpson So amazing Anthony Crausen Kayla Ivy
Adriana Agüera Joshua David O'Brien ❤😭
Cintia Lamarche Valeria :)
Jimmy Thejet Vaccines destroyed this kids life... n yall want to make it a law
Martin Lawrence
7 hours ago

The gift of giving life is precious. Had to do a double take on the picture, thought she had just got done eating when I first saw her holding her stomach lmao. Lil jokey joke on a sunday

Couple gives birth to quadruplets, is shocked when they
Couple gives birth to quadruplets, is shocked when they're two sets of identical twins

For as much dedication as they take, newborn babies also bring a lot of joy to the world around them. That’s probably why Josh and Miranda Crawford, a couple living in Charlotte, North Carolina wanted another baby despite already having their two-year-old daughter Jocelyn. What they didn’t know is t...

2.9k reactions 74 comments
Damarrious Bishop That's just like them under hands u used to throw
Guerkim Sawasky Kimbembi Ozalaka Penza kiZengi
Albina Maria Joao ela comeu 1a melancia kkkkkkkkkkk,só kkkkkkkkkk
Jermaine Land Wow I thought I had it bad,
Matt Carson DeMar DeRozan #NBAVote
Ashton Kutcher
10 hours ago

We can all learn from Kobe, no matter what age we are.

282 reactions 5 comments
Dwight Jason Bain Ashton Kutcher please read this I can't give up on my wife's BRCA 2 CANCER GENE SURGERY gofundme because was could loose everything. please FEEL FREE TO ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT MY WIFE'S GOFUNDME . My beautiful wife mother of 2. Brain tumor ...
Pat Robinson Very urgent > My father is in need kind hearted > people to help him. > Hes has suffered from a heart attact and a stroke.Hes > haveing very deep financial hardship we are reaching out for > kind hearted people to.help .People who.live the elderly ...
The Law of Attraction - What we think we become. At the end of life, what really matters is not what we bought but what we built; not what we got but what we shared; not competence but our character; and not our success but our significance. Live a life that matters. Live a life of Love.
Mary L Torgusen He had a lot to atone for and I hope he did. I pray athletes coming up will avoid traps of horrible behaviors and serious illegal choices
Martin Lawrence
7 hours ago

I like this one better, what ya'll think?

4.0k reactions 69 comments
Tameka TMac McFarland Yeah cuz I've felt like slapping a few folks for real!
Kirill Ermisch Ich kann nicht mehr Hahahaha 😂😂JuJulian Ali
Adrianna Jerry Better
Neil Parker Now that's a tru pimp slap .. Pi yow"""
Ron Illingworth Good one, ha ha!
Ashton Kutcher
10 hours ago


3.4k reactions 39 comments
Diana Greenwood Forster Annmarie Maricich ❤❤❤
Clémence Manzone Grace Hae
Justin Guion Robert Joseph Hrabak III....this is awesome
Kristi Catt Michelle Quinones look how cute
Ronda Hall Ramon Salais watch it
David Henrie
35 minutes ago

This Sunday I wanna give you $50 bucks! Just download @Postmates app and enter my code, DHENRIE and cash in w/ bomb food right 2u w/ no fees!

174 reactions 11 comments
Emilhy Rojas Hola! quiero ver si puedo tener tu poyo dándole like a esta pagina!👐🏻 https://www.facebook.com/Una-Frase-Mas-419771291687571/ Son frases y consejos!💖💚💜👐 Espero y contar con tu apoyo!❤
Monica Castro Jeffrey Araiza
Adrian Prv Hey David!
Magui Romeo Oh
Duda Fragoso Tá meio sumido da página entra mais vezes David
Ashton Kutcher
10 hours ago

The world will always look different now.

15 Astonishing GIFs Showing How Things Really Work
15 Astonishing GIFs Showing How Things Really Work

Finally, an explanation for sewing machines.

4.4k reactions 103 comments
Aaron Donovan Gus Donovan number 14..
Goran Trivković Nikola Jokic #NBAVote
Jeff Iśstillalive Shut up Ashton Kutcher.. More Ranch please
Kristin Duaime Bill Duaime I think you'd like this
Γιάννης Κοντοπίδης Giannis Antetokounmpo #NBAVOTE
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