Catherine Zeta-Jones
16:00 04/24/2017

Love a vintage tweed. #MuseMonday

56 reactions 33 comments
Mohamd Moneim So Beautiful Really good vintage performance Extremely look ••• ! Love ❤ .
Blaze Mark Szekeres Just Love it!!
Lacry Puravu Love it :-)
Gerhard Ure 70er ??? 😍😎
Louise Davies Love the colours
Molly Ringwald
17:42 04/24/2017

What about prom? Here's how I really felt about that dress...

2.5k reactions 289 comments
Janine Christmas It's 80's movie week for me and I just watched this movie again yesterday. So weird that you posted this today. I loved the halter neckline and off the shoulder look but that's about it. The rest of it was unflattering.
Gail Hardy I loved the dress. I even made my own version. I also loved Andie's style and must admit to wearing hats with floral scarfs a lot in the 80's. Still my favourite film.
Kimberly Wrobel-Borias As a young girl I honestly never understood the concept of the dress I was never a fan of it. I love the dress in its original form I thought it was absolutely beautiful. But as an adult I look at it and say wow classic 80s style I suppose.... uniquely ...
Michelle Rivera Johnson Go figure that you didn't like it. It was definitely NOT the style of the times. However, the cold-shoulder design is VERY popular right now, sooooo...ya know, fashion can be a fickle business. ;-)
Marie Ringwald Leeds I remember being just a few years younger than you Molly, I had mixed feelings at the time. I thought Andie should have had a different dress. No, matter what, a great movie and still is!
Pee-wee Herman
03:18 04/25/2017

CHOMP goes Lunchasaurus Rex, the dino head lunchbox! #HappyMonday

728 reactions 55 comments
Mo Motley-Blaylock Belinda -- Thought of Lucian when I saw this :)
Karina Machado Another movie please!!
Nelly Good Awesome
Laura Valentina Fabulous!
Rafael Ibarra Brittany Trent would love this!!
Ricky Gervais
12:36 04/24/2017


1.8k reactions 365 comments
Samia Selmi Inspiring .
Amy Lorensun Helen Cheesbrough my kinda motivational quote
Ethan Fletcher Kamila Skrzypek your favourite quote from the office.
Eloise Ogilvie Juxtaposition records
Shane Denning Danny Evans what more inspiration do you need on a monday
Jeremy Renner
13:54 04/24/2017

The BEST gift ever!!! From sweet Lizzie Olsen and her amazing artist friend Kimberly Corday #makemeweep #priceless #artofgiving

1.8k reactions 69 comments
Janina Frazer How lovely 💙
Roxanne Navarro So Sweet!!!
Angie Martin Beautiful!💕
Lynelle Smith Fowble Aww. This is beautiful. 💕
MJ Norbe Labadan So pretty
Will Smith
3 hours ago

First two shows are locked!! Y’all ready?!

97.2k reactions 4758 comments
Love Blackpool We're so excited to welcome Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff to our lovely town; made up that for a first ever UK show, they've picked Blackpool! Can't wait! :)
Angelinna De Luca Will smith has been my inspiration and favorite actor since I can remember I absolutely love him, I wrote him a letter once and sent it but he never wrote back I was sad but ik he's busy and all that so it didn't bother me I love will smith and wish and ...
Matthew Trey Murphy "Wahooooo ha ha.... I respect women when I'm on a date. I take um to the park or maybe a museum and only try to kiss um if they ready WAHOOO what what I say what what. Help out your mom and dad by gettin a job so you can help out with school supplies ...
Will Shuya My dream has come true finally after all these years and it's only in the U.K.? I'm all the way in Canada 😔 Please come to Canada or at least the U.S. so I can go!
Anna El Nombre Brown OH.DEAR.LORD we neeeeed to go to this!!!! Leanne Charlotte Laura Leanne Mew!! I don't even know who would do this with me but OMG!!!
Freida Pinto
16:30 04/24/2017

Perfecting the "Indian- Nod" ...Yes, No, Maybe!! @aartinair @kanidhawan

695 reactions 30 comments
Jubyer Islam Juwel wow #Freida Pinto
Jeremy-Paul Dádivas Rico Dadivas is that Lynn Dadivas Gutierrez in the middle? Lmaooo
Marcello Coelho Meus ovos para você Ferida Pinto
Peter Houston :)
Shenal KV 3 idiots
Ashton Kutcher
02:24 04/24/2017

Whatever diet you try, make sure to talk it over with a doctor first.

What really happens to your body when you stop eating carbs
What really happens to your body when you stop eating carbs

Are low-carb diets safe? What happens to your body when you deprive it of carbs?

388 reactions 155 comments
Dean Douglas You wonder if your going to die. But don't and live on to drink that weekend 😂
Eric Thompson Vegan is the only sustainable way to go! Have fun not eating carbs, hahahaha
Lucya Fatima Almeida Doctors know little to nothing about diet....or nutrition ...they are educated to prescribe and that's about it
Lily Kate Whole foods plant based lifestyle. Stop eating processed foods especially meat and dairy
Whitney Adams Less simple carbs, more complex carbs. Whole grains, veggies, beans, lentils, etc. Hold the bread, soda, sugary cereal.
Ashton Kutcher
02:24 04/24/2017

How times have changed.

This Teen Used A Spotify Playlist To Tell Her Crush How She Felt
This Teen Used A Spotify Playlist To Tell Her Crush How She Felt

"I really wanted to tell him in a way were it wasn't too awkward if he didn't feel the same."

426 reactions 93 comments
Felicia Courtney Mix tape, recorded from live radio.
Scott Dierking Ashton, I guess her the right way of doing things, until five years lAter on a unsolved mysteries episode
Gillian Elizabeth Heritage Try mixed tapes and hours sitting in front of the radio
Jahwayne Adon Blake You think you're in with Hollywood? They have disowned you!
Jahwayne Adon Blake They are Godly! You do not pray ungrateful! thinking a Hilly & Billy are special!
David Henrie
11:54 04/24/2017

It was truly and honor to have my whole cast come to my big day! Could be more blessed and appreciative of all that we did together... Many memories I'll never forget and always cherish. @selenagomez @jaketaustin @comeagainjen14 @daviddeluise and Maria! @christineskariphotography

156.5k reactions 2483 comments
Estefania Alcántar I love to see all of you together ❤ I miss the show so much!.. anyways, congrats David! May God Bless you and your new family, can't wait for the baby 😉 lol
Morgan Rivers I really hope they did a comedy picture of the newly weds together and "Harper" in the background looking devastated. It really would have been picture perfect. 😩
Kimberly Martinez Murillo Congratulations may our Heavenly Father bless you both and member marriage is not easy so keep God in the middle of everything you two do !
Kelly Ann Emmett It's great to see a former Disney channel child star with his feet firmly on the ground and into his faith ... Loved Wizards of Waverley place.
Jaquelyn Nicole Mora I love how humble all these women are, with all their money and designer clothing, they still did not steal the show from the bride! 💕
Ashton Kutcher
02:24 04/24/2017

"We all think we should always be able to solve our problems all by ourselves and sometimes it's just bigger than we are.”

443 reactions 47 comments
Nevan Schatz This is important
Brandon Benally Is he coming out of the closet?
Patricia Kane Love ya richard
Marcie Hudson Right!
Ralph Mineo Glad you are well
Carmen Electra
13:18 04/24/2017

Shooting 4 2minutter mag 💞 MAKEUP @ash_kholm / HAIR @britbritbritbrit / STYLING @bhart #editorial #fashion #photoshoot

1.6k reactions 61 comments
John J Shake Stunning, simply gorgeous!
Vanessa Sanchez Girl you nailed it ♡♡♡♡♡ WOW!
Amitg Gupta Fublas looking
Roger Fulton Beautiful
Michael Dean stunning in the dress ,you look like a queen,carmen
Ashton Kutcher
02:24 04/24/2017

Which one is your favorite?

2.5k reactions 191 comments
Leigh-Anne Currie Love the Peanuts ones!
Debbie Casto 4, 5, 6, 9, and 13. :)
Cheryl Thompson #4. or any of the Charlie Brown ones <3
Teresa Marzorati All the Peanuts ones !
Cathryn V. Donnelly Woodstock and Snoopy and Garfield and Odie. :)
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:06 04/24/2017

With my good friend Tsui Hark behind the scenes of Double Team! #JCVD #DoubleTeam #BehindTheScenes

13.7k reactions 379 comments
Wilson Wairimu U had to deal wid "starfroo" (Mickey Rourkey) responsibl y
Jorge Sandoval Por tu culpa me gustan las artes marciales animo de MEXICO
Jorge Luis Martinez #JCVD#DoubleTeam Denis Rodman and mr Rourke is a good movie of actions #BehindTheScenes hi jean claude!!!!!🏋🎬
Gideon David I love your doings, and believe me, am one of your faithful fans here in Nigeria
Maria Alexandra Palarie Hi! You are a great actor,is not gonna be another like you! A fan from Romania
Vin Diesel
4 hours ago

Vin Diesel's cover photo

252.0k reactions 1869 comments
Caroll Holliday All rught it is 22.16 hrs monday April 24 th. Watching nr 4 F&F series . Next week nr 5. When all seen, i ll tell you what i think ok. B/c i am not into car films. Usually it's all the same. I am sure you din't give a rats ass. 😂😂😂😂
Anja Bakker Today i see Fast and Furious 8, Nice movie again ♥️ i am big fan. I hope you make much more movie. Have a nice evening.
Christina D Thundathil You are so loved Vin Diesel!!! I took my beloved Tegan with me to see you, she was in my wallet well her hair was... she died a few weeks back and went everywhere with me.... Love you and your team. Rest in peace Tegan and Paul, you are loved.
Gary Chandler Hello vin well just say that my thoughts are with you all within the fast and furious franchise paul was a great actor and will be sadly missed but want you to know rhat wherever he is is looking over us all and will be everyones brother to one and all ...
Lesly Arguelles Stay as humble as you are,vin..a down to earth star☺..i really like you coz you always gives us time 2 communicate with you even through the internet😊😊..keep that killer smile,gorgeous look, and shiny head😄😄..and by the way,.congrats and success to f8 ...
Ashton Kutcher
02:24 04/24/2017

He'll make a great police officer.

6.8k reactions 582 comments
Caitlin Chandler Justine Chandler this will be your kid but as a fireman lmao
Jill A Dalton Too much! Can't handle the cuteness! Especially his k9 unit! ❤️
Amber Jones first off... ahhhhh 🚔🙈 second, check out :50 in... woof! BrBrittany MarquissyKymberly Courtney
Rose Nobel This is what u missed to do in ur childhood! Dennis Joseph Nobel
Alexia Liti Αρχισε τις σουζες ρε φιλε, μπηκε για τα καλα στον ρολο😂 Αλέξανδρος Τσίνγκας
Will Smith
16:00 04/23/2017

Now, all I need is DJ Jazzy Jeff on my other foot. Thanx, Stance. Fresh Prince socks are kinda Hot!

0 reactions 2384 comments
Funmilayo Stromme OMG I love you so much and your family . Happy Sunday to you . I'm your biggest fan.. And thanks I love you what you did with your boys hair. OMG he is looking like a real Gentleman now.. God bless you, great idea . Great father. Do say hello to your ...
Ahmed Latif I love u indeed... Ur FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR I still watching in house n car calling back the good memories with all of u... Plz keep it up EAST SOUTH PHILADELPHIA
Robert Leybourne Hi Will my sons downs loves fresh prince plus boom shake the room and you sons film karate kid plus all the old karate kid movies 😎🤘
Mohamed Tharwat Bad boy for life I just wanted to till you I wish some day I can watch your movie's live You are great actor My respect for you From Egypt
Cheryl Thornton I dont like you anymore for molesting your son!!!! May you find your way to Immanuel, the messiah. And may God have mercy on your soul
Ricky Gervais
12:36 04/24/2017

Dear Animals Asia, please thank my beautiful rescued bear, Derek, for the lovely photo he sent me.

15.1k reactions 215 comments
Steven Percival Loves a selfie does Derek, it's all he has on his instagram page.
Mary Lightfoot It's almost time for Sweet Mama Iris' first heart worm treatment and we are nowhere near our goal. If we can get 1000 people to see her pretty face and donate just $1 we can save her life. Please help me save my beautiful baby. She deserves this ...
Jennifer Duco Oh Ricky Gervais! You just tug at my heartstrings you awesome human!!
Scott Hellewell But... how did he take the picture? I mean, they don't have thumbs
Jay Baynham Ricky Gervais, you're a fucking legend. Thank you for sharing this.
Ashton Kutcher
02:24 04/24/2017

It takes courage to admit this.

Anne Hathaway Apologized For Not Trusting One Of Her Directors For A Very Surprising Reason
Anne Hathaway Apologized For Not Trusting One Of Her Directors For A Very Surprising Reason

"I focus on where he could go ... and I focus on where she failed to go."

1.6k reactions 33 comments
Жанна Жусупова Beatifulltshirtactresseveryniceprada
Muna Anum Soo sad 🙁🙁 self hatred runs deep.
Paloma España La honestidad es un valor muy importante en la vida .
Josh Bruton Patriarchy..... lol
Sören Pohlen Yes, indeed🎞👏
Pee-wee Herman
03:18 04/25/2017

When you're looking for a little pick-me-up... the World's Smallest Cup of Coffee! #JustOneBean #HappySunday

1.0k reactions 91 comments
Rebecca Morrison LOL, Nicole Manfredi isn't that cuuuuute?
Christopher Michael Ramirez #justonebean
Denver Hillard Shorter trips to the bathroom!
Valeree Jonsson The original demitasse.
Brigit Hurley Eva, want to have some coffee?😉
Vin Diesel
15:24 04/23/2017

Vin Diesel's cover photo

91.4k reactions 767 comments
Azíze Azhróu ،ياجماعة اقسم بالله انا ربحت سيارة من شركة كيا مجانا سيارة حميلة جدا , و 3 من اصدقائي ربحو , الموقع له مصداقية من جوجل لتربح سيارتك انت ايضا ادخل بسرعة إلى هدا الموقع و إربح سيارتك قبل إنتهاء العرض , السيارة تصلك مجانا ...
Jaqueline Santos Fans of Dom and Letty are extremely upset that Toretto has had a child with Elena. This was completely ridiculous and disgusting.
Lucky JC Happy creative Sunday. Congrats on F8. You need to expand the diversity on your family for F9. Bring back a 'Han' like character for the Asian market where you made the most most money in F 8. Good luck. Thanks for the inspiration
Glenda Gouchie What a team,family , ties and all! Such smiling face! Love this about all involved, keep up the smiles in future! 👏🏻👏🏻👍😘🤗😎😊
Lucky JC Happy Creative Sunday. Paul is always there for you. Thanks for the inspiration. They have "The Last Witch Hunter" on HBO and they gave it one star. I didn't think it was that bad - seen worse. i just laughed because i like the film. For F9 - the ...
Priyanka Chopra
23:36 04/23/2017

Good times with good people. Thank u Ritesh Sidhwani and dolly for hosting such a lovely evening for me. Much love Partner! Ranveer Singh #HomiAdajania #NityaMehra #karan #AbheetGidwani

45.5k reactions 347 comments
Sanj Sant this is all about being happy & excited with your near & dear 1s... 8 home lovely so simple . yet all of them seem 2 have a gala time 2 gether .........have a blast .........
Nura Shrestha hey sweetheart too much fun ! seeing you happy , I'm also happy for you.
Rishi Seth Digital India part time job. ✔ No investment 💯% free. ✔ Earn ₹ 15000-30000 per month. 🔘 Open play store on your Android Mobile phone. 🔘 Type champcash money free. 🔘 Install champcash app. 🔘 Signup and register it. 🔘 Put the Refer id of sponsor :- ...
Angel Ovi Love u pc
Krishwin Kumar Singh Wen are u allowing me to give u more than just a good time,in fact the best time of ur life
David Henrie
11:54 04/24/2017

I couldn't be happier :) marriage is the most beautiful thing. DEO GRATIAS! Link in bio for the story via @people

186.3k reactions 1902 comments
Jessica Gonzales Wishing you many blessings! My daughter watched you on Disney. Thank you both for being outstanding Catholic role models. May God guide and protect you both. Congratulations!
Beatrice Iyare I wish u both a union that God will enrich daily and sustain till u go grey together in Jesus name, amen! Love u guys. Congratulations!!!
Tanya Jenine Congrats to the lovely couple!! Can't wait to see the baby photos soon! I know you were excited to start your family! God bless!
Karla Zavala Queeeeeeeeeee Valeria Sepulveda me ire a llorar, me pondre ebria en guanajuato, necesito olvidar que vi esto 😭😭😭😭😭 primero Enrique iglesias y ahora David Henrie 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Bruno De Almeida Lima Hi David Henrie, congratulations for the wedding, my name and bruno, and I'm from Brazil, I loved to see the cast of Warveley's Wizards put together, this new series of my very successful heart series.
Melissa Joan Hart
14:42 04/24/2017

Happiest of birthdays to my sweet nephew PT! Love you buddy and wish I could be there in Bama to celebrate.

324 reactions 9 comments
Eunice Rice I lost my belly i lost 22 pounds which has a super effective diet understanding that results super fast. My clothes are all wide. The dietary plan I made is on this site here TOP2DIET . COM
Becky Marx Happy birthday to your nephew PT!
Charley Pedro Happy birthday. God bless.
Heather Bunny Marie Awesome!
Jean Pierre Lombardi Passe bonne journée bisous et attention champagne biz
Vin Diesel
15:24 04/23/2017

Vin Diesel's cover photo

176.7k reactions 1200 comments
Blanca Martinez Eres el amor divida vin vin Diesel
Angel Livingston-Toth Beautiful
Sandy Ho Life is sometimes cruel but u show us it isnt.Sweet Pauline ..May u grow up in beauty and happyness.Let no tear break ure heart and if it does go to ure father because his love will heal youre pain...all love
April Leblanc I found out yesterday that I will probably be having sugary again but im glad to see that someone is smiling and love the way the picture was taken.
Lorraine Villarreal I love those kind of hugs from my niece''s and nephews its a beautiful feeling u never want to let them go , I hate that they have to grow up , cherish every moment , love this pic. A bond that no one can come between ....nothing but LOVE !!!
Queen Latifah
11:18 04/24/2017

Can't wait for the premiere of #WeAreTheJoneses tonight at 10pm on CentricTV!

Life Is Butt a Dream
Life Is Butt a Dream

“We Are the Joneses” power couple Dr. Jones and his wife Cathleen Trigg are making dreams come true for their patients all while working on expanding their empire!

1.0k reactions 19 comments
We Are The Joneses <3
Timicka Monique Curtis Lmaooooo
Dan Garcia Love to you Queen+++
Lia Garbutt But baby but not bootie butt baby,lol
Lawrence Fernandez Sounds interesting
Ashton Kutcher
02:24 04/24/2017

An important question is, where do we go from here?

364 reactions 25 comments
Benjamin Grenier Ashton Kutcher-E.T.-10 Avril 2017
Elizabeth Faraone And here is another problem:
Discounted Clothing 👍
Brandon Benally No no no no nope nada no huh nope nowhere now
Rosario Dawson
15:12 04/24/2017

Happy Earth Day! #TheCompostStory

201 reactions 11 comments
Bobby Herring It was a beautiful day here.🍌
George William Gockel Hello Rosario.
George William Gockel Hi Rosario.
Aldimar Santos vc é linda Rosário
Frédéric Garin super rosario!....;-) ))
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