Martin Lawrence
11 hours ago


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Kayla Smith 💰💰💰💲💲💲💲INBOX ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MAKING $5000-$9000 ASAP OR TEXT BLUE RAIN TO 6022477955💰💰💰💰💲💲💲💲
Nani Jimenez Naycel Lucia
Twinkle Prakash Ashnil Sharma
Ann Mari Jae Rose
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 13:36

A film doesn't have to be long to be powerful.

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Britt van Eden Echt leuk!!
Dora Palada Hana Horetzky
Jordyn Townsend Thomas Gracecool!!
Crisbel Veliz Love
Jt Seibert and then...
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 13:36

Congratulations Mark and Neal!

4.7k reactions 130 comments
Samantha Brooks Gay, unicorn, monster.... whatever love is love ❤️ congratulations
Jeff Bortoff i wonder what is the punishment for theses actions in any contry that uses islamic law called sharia
Stiliyan Stefanov here we go another 2 fags who have to show the entire world they got married cheez !
Jim Finamore Congratulations to you both!!! Here's to a lifetime of joy and beautiful memories. 🥂🍾
Molly Yolandi Mag Uidhir Y'all aren't very good at reading; they did not get married, they cant get married in northern Ireland, they staged a mock marriage
Zach Braff
2 hours ago

All day Scrubs marathon on Comedy Central tomorrow. 🕺🏻

24.6k reactions 906 comments
Heather Sexton Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow Dale Miller. (You think I'm kidding... )
Emily Kate Vikki Lumley this would be a great day! Let's scrubs marathon sometime
Michael Chadderton Can't believe you didn't tag me in this Hhannah Davis. You're slacking.
Brooke Armstrong Nelly Da dieses jahr hallooween bitte wieder zusammen 💜
Krissel Alcaraz Cam Maher "I will pimp slap you with my hoe-slapping hand"
Priyanka Chopra
Yesterday 10:48

Berlin bound but selfie first. #summertimefeels

69.6k reactions 1594 comments
K Sanjay Kumar Singh Your lips are fuller these days, compare to yesteryear's. Kya kha rahin hai aaj kal? :)
Utrakhandhi Rawat Priyanka jhi always look nice cute beautiful charming like my hometown utrakhand natural rawat
Jesus Diaz Ponce If U would come to California'...U would know what true friendship and true 💓...... would it be'...❤✌....
Mahadev Gouda Very nice take care always stay well and try your best to keep all you know we'll so sweet.
Kamal Kumr G Elton jons glass n preety face with many distractions...what can i say ...behind de sene still lv u....4sare....n ...ur care......😇😀😃
Leonardo DiCaprio
Yesterday 14:30

"It's unfortunate that there's anybody who may be qualified for the job but who’s unwilling to use the science at his disposal to make policy." - Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation CEO, Terry Tamminen

Scott Pruitt
Scott Pruitt's first 100 days at the EPA have shown he's unlike any former chief

Scott Pruitt's short tenure at the EPA already puts him way out of line with past administrators, Republican or Democratic.

3.7k reactions 145 comments
Jason Dunn Their are serious mental disorders amongst certain redneck societies it has to do with inbreeding and public education.. He probably doesnt know what science is so dont promote him too much on your page he wont be around long.we're having a volly ball ...
Sean Gaskill The thing that's truly "unfortunate" is people with as much exposure as you don't have balls enough to call it what it truly is- fucking criminal
Daisy Cardona (CONT'D) I noticed I cannot even add the screenshot so Bottom line he is psuedo qualified for the job, but his expertise will be to wing it until their term is over and they pretend to take precedence on other topics and who cares will be their motto, ...
Kenneth D Larsen Alarming Flexibility Betsy DeVos urges us to be flexible by funneling our taxes to church schools, and in adapting to their "principled" discriminatory practices. Scott Pruitt urges us to be flexible regarding mining waste in our rivers, and methane ...
Freda Jensen Do you really the the people in Washington care? As long as their pockets are lined . It's business!! Four months to make everyone hate us, So very sad!!
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 13:36

Now that's how you submit a thesis.

Harvard Student Submits His Thesis In The Form Of A Rap Album, And Will Now Graduate With Honors
Harvard Student Submits His Thesis In The Form Of A Rap Album, And Will Now Graduate With Honors

"Our people are known / For making history of the impossible."

762 reactions 39 comments
Heidi Mitchell Alex Thomas
Joshua Slinkard James Howard Hill Jr.
Jacqueline Quiroz Becky Marquez do it!
Synda Dridi Emilie Girard Jean Raffin Ishak Hocine Chekkal Amelle Generoso Naceulot Olongo Eileen Piccolo Cooke
Ayesha Marquis Malik Sarah Marquis Metzstein LMM would be proud of this
Martin Lawrence
11 hours ago


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Saintil Daniel Silence , silence!.
Robin Johnson Hello Jerome
Ersin Dersin Jerome! Loves Pam 😍
Ashley Smith Awesomeness
Bates Wells Lmbo. Them knees, Jerome was sharp.
Ricky Gervais
4 hours ago

Fresh from a win at the National Film Awards, Life On The Road is up for Emmys / Television Academy consideration. Watch it now on Netflix. Live Fast, Die Old.

722 reactions 60 comments
Jason Ancell Bring back Derek
David Nicholson-Hirst No offence, the films not funny, it's pretty dire
Dan Bailey Ricky you not coming to Wembely today?
Jake Feick All of your everything should be available on Netflix
Kirstin Bell It's not on Netflix anymore:(
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 13:36

You deserve this honor, Judy.

Mom, Who Helped Her Quadriplegic Son Graduate, Receives Honorary Degree
Mom, Who Helped Her Quadriplegic Son Graduate, Receives Honorary Degree

"It is impossible to not notice that kind of effort and dedication that she was showing in helping me prepare."

1.8k reactions 9 comments
Sheridan Audrey Smith Samantha Asarch
Jt Seibert and then...
Jorge Jose absolutely great absolutely awesome
Gabriella Mangano Lo meriti alla grande 👍👍👍
Elaine Sipos Always inspiring posts Ashton, thank you!
Ricky Gervais
4 hours ago

9.9k reactions 2785 comments
Nadine Declercq my husband is asking when the cat is going to slap you in the face
Murray Gent Say hello to me!!!!! lol.... nah, you are one of my favoutire pro active atheists man, Hey from Australia and keep up the good work :)
Carrie Webb I think you look just fine the way you are -- thanks for always making me laugh. Ollie is adorable. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend
Katie Taylor Mendez I'm coming to England, London.... next weekend.....where do you suggest to get a drink?..... I am an American, but live in ya and your fur baby!.....thanx
Jennifer Smith You have the best taste in cats by the way, Siamese cats rule!! I have two and they are such majestic awesome loving cats!!
Melissa Joan Hart
2 hour ago

This little sis of mine has been there through thick and thin for me. She's my best friend, partner in crime and shoulder to lean on. Love you sis @trishalhart!! HappyBirthday Day! 🌺🌸🌺🌸

5.1k reactions 109 comments
Perry Reed Two very gorgeous little ladies
Rodger Everritt great shot have fun
Ryan M Glassford Beautiful
Alphonso Dunbar HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIL' SIS, TRISH! :)!
Skip Ayers Happy Birthday Sis!
Ricky Gervais
4 hours ago

Run. Bike ride. Gym. Muesli. Salad. Protein shake. I'm in pain & fucking starving but I have 600 wine calories saved. Cheers! #NotADisease

12.7k reactions 341 comments
Lorrie Martin Diets suck. I'm trying to wean myself off of Pepsi and I would kill for one right now
John Gardiner Don't make yourself too bloody miserable! I'm coming to see you in a fortnight! 😂😂😂
Lovisa Larsson Amanda Hajney Det är väl så man gör och lever en hälsosam livsstil? 😊
Rob Muir Run two half marathons this weekend Ricky, beer o'clock 😀
Rando Kazcpu Doing your best Eddie Izzard, the running that is, that man is a machine.
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 13:36

There's still hope for the future.

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Alexa Orton Andrea Orton
Stanley Wienholz Lisa
Kerrie Clarke Daniel Cummins-Hughes
Krisyn Odle Kar Odle
Mathilde Hübert Ullum Nina 😘
成龍 Jackie Chan
Yesterday 03:48

My first office :) .... looked a bit like this! :p

123.6k reactions 1586 comments
BornbeSieu Mickey Bird Love Yet sir how r you & family's 🙏🍑👍. Ya in my 🍑you always younger begin 1987 I'm came to HongKong watch ur movie 🎥 snake & cat 💘
Asiwaju Ayeola Ademola Omoowo Jackie, you are the only reason why I watch action movie. Love u like myself
Lei Montaño Sartin I really love you and your movies! You're the greatest! 😘💞
Catherine Lucas Rivera Oh my favorite actor..i see u again in pic ha..all your pic you aploaded i like it very much..and im very happy to see you even in pic only..
Nitu Ruhela SOoooo Nice👌👌👌 Sir, I Wish You All The Best This Sunday, Hope You Be Happy, Healthy And Prosperous On This Beautiful Day. May All Your Wishes Come True. Take care,Lot's of luv.God bless u.Keep smile always. You're Looking SOooo Charming😊👌👌👌
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 13:36

Everyone's got one of these stories.

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Ann Reins
Brenda Andrews Emily Andrews
Sabine Faigle Lorenz Laemmle
Sinead Brennan Niamh Nicell
Paul Keoghan Martinka Maruchničová
Melissa Joan Hart
2 hour ago

Timeline Photos

2.2k reactions 114 comments
Thomas Klominsky Lol..yep
Michele Mamone-Jeffs So true!
Adam Beales Courtney... this will be Riley one day 😂😂 xxx
Emily M Pierce Nope...
Trudi Metheny So true!!! Lol! 😂 Just like our house!
Ricky Gervais
4 hours ago

Thanks for the insults. They did the trick. Just had muesli for breakfast. Like chewing fucking sawdust. Now for a jog!

6.1k reactions 392 comments
Mark Barton You big fat ugly bastard. And yes, it does take one to know one.
Sharon Reid It might set that eye straight though 😉
David Jacobs Jog don't want your tits slapping you in the face!
Simon Day I just saw Richard Dawkins praying to God to erase the memory of this photo!
Mason Chelsea Cfc Wareing This is what I picture Jack the ripper looks like lol u look like ur gonna go look for ur next victim Ricky Gervais aka fat the ripper lol love ur humour Ricky Gervais is the man :)
Gwyneth Paltrow
2 hour ago

The brilliant Michele Bernhardt on the power of colors and finding your shade, based on your birthday (via goop)

Better Than a Horoscope: What Your Colorstrology Profile Says About You
Better Than a Horoscope: What Your Colorstrology Profile Says About You

Intuitive, astrologer, and numerologist Michele Bernhardt put her broad metaphysical wisdom together to develop a system that ascribes a different (Pantone) color to every day—and month—of the year. It takes into account your sun signs, …

205 reactions 13 comments
Gaby Ricketts Georgia Cait Ricketts
Alberto Palacios She's a quack.
Susie Heaton Dean Leslie Heaton. Interesting
Rishi Kumar Gwyneth Paltrow this is amazing!
Kala Martin I like this🔥
Priyanka Chopra
Yesterday 10:48

New York: Join me and #VeuveClicquot as I take part in the celebratory ball toss at the 10th Anniversary of #VCPoloClassic! #VCPC10

150.2k reactions 1050 comments
Ashoka Shinde Tu to wahi reh ja ab..india mat aana...yaha pr ab dusro ko bhi mouka do..bhuddhi ho rhi h ab tu..
Abhishek Bharadwaj Priyanka, I would like to request u that please raise your voice for crime against women. Have u seen the eve teasing video of girls at Rampur, Uttar Pradesh.
သူ ရိန္ Priyanka I get feeling sad. I can't see your face clearly.Why? I miss u so much😘
Sourav Maxwell ✔India's No. 1 Work From Home Job No Investment Required, 🕚Only 2-3 hours working and earn ⏩Rs 500 - 1000 per day. Totally Geniune. We need serious candidates,Type "JOB" and send on this WHATS APP number +918444867178
Anya Singh <3 :-) Looking ravishing as always. <3 :-) Good early morning dear Priyanka. <3 :-) Wishing you a very pleasant and peaceful day coming along. <3 :-) Take care, always stay well and try your best to keep all you know well. <3 :-) Sending you best wishes ...
Priyanka Chopra
Yesterday 10:48

Lol. That kinda weekend... 🙏🏼❤️💪🏽🌸🎉🦋

14.6k reactions 135 comments
Amit Shrimal Nice dear
Ashnee Dhondee Love that place too ❤️
Nitin Kumar Not a bad combo Pee Cee J- 🙏👍😍🎉✌️
Kshitiz Pandey yes 1 months 15 day coz im having jaundice frm lst 1 month ..
David Lalrosanga had mine .. 1 week it
Melissa Joan Hart
2 hour ago

Instagram Photos

394 reactions 18 comments
Jessica Coon Beth Coon
Wayne Smithwood What sad news to wake up to.
Bridget Tallent So sad
Barbara Matherly I'm no Angel! Love that song! R.I P. Gregg●
Lorey Henderson Spears 😔RIP
Vin Diesel
02:36 05/29/2017

Random footage, haha... I was inspired by the meetings I had this week regarding the next chapter as Xander Cage... Sometimes even the most random of vinbook videos yields some future truth. Blessed for the opportunity to make magic!

222.3k reactions 3138 comments
Mayrene Dimidio Hello, Mr. Vin Diesal. I'm writing to you today to let you know just how much I loved the "Fate of the Furious." I would like to ask you if you know of any more movies to come in this series? I had heard that there could be 2 or 3 more to come. ...
Daisy Muro Vargas Que tal con Fidel soy una de tus fan seguidora tuyo desde Zacatecas Zac. Un saludos a tu hijos y esposa que Dios los bendiga a todos tu equipo fantástico te llene de mucha armonía 😘😅
Clay Gunston OMG this guy's acting is shit plz people open ur eyes, in the new xxx he's floating down hills doing trick's, he looks funny ass fuck because off how big he is and old he is, doing the same kinda love seen like fast and furious were he puts his arm on ...
David L Adams Jr. Wait so we are getting another XXX movie?! Good The Return wasn't as good as the first not liking the team aspect I like him lone wolfing it!! Excited to see where they take it next!!
Jose Ramirez Vargas Que bueno Vin diesel soy fiel seguidor tuyo, desde costa rica un saludo, quisiera que me evacudes una duda de verdad Paul Walker está VIVO o es un truco de los medios.. Gracias que Dios te llene de bendiciones...
Vin Diesel
02:36 05/29/2017

Vin Diesel's cover photo

44.3k reactions 303 comments
Suzanne Ihrelius Sending Love to you and the family❤️❤️Have a great day Teddy😇😇Hugs from me.
Leticia Toretto If you talk so much about family, but what about the rest of the components of the fray ??? It was supposed to be a family, but what I see is the exarcebado protagonism of Vin, that I know Dom is not the only one in the family and by chance the family ...
Arminda Meza Eres increible, ennhorabuena que sigan los éxitos, besos y abrazos para tí y tu hermosa familia...!!!!!
Viviana Palacio Maravilloso siempre tus cosas son únicas, que aún podamos seguir deleitándonos con sus películas, ! Que lindo !
Sah Cahyono 🔝 Only here you can get the original link alternative, to Watch BOX OFFICE MOVIE (2017) 🔰 Full Movie HD ! 👍 Visit ➡ The Movies channel ⬅ 🗽========@======= 🗽
Taylor Lautner
Yesterday 08:12

How do YOU contemplate life? #staringonastaircase

29.5k reactions 201 comments
Walter Barnes ((( ☯ )))
Crystal MacNees How are doing this morning Taylor Launter pretty please answer me please and thank you. Crystal MacNees
Michael Bankhead Taylor, I sit, and I stair at you over the stares, and I think about what it takes to create life, and I look at you some more, and I think some more about what it takes to create life. I think about tailors and weddings, and commitments, and the Laud, ...
Rita Maskill Being myself and having thought for others taylor especially you lol
Sah Cahyono 🔝 Only here you can get the original link alternative, to Watch BOX OFFICE MOVIE (2017) 🔰 Full Movie HD ! 👍 Visit ➡ The Incredible Movies⬅ 🗽========@======= 🗽
Ashley Tisdale
Yesterday 11:24

Summer lovin' ☀️🌻

10.4k reactions 173 comments
Hưng Trần Ngọc Hậu sao giờ bạn
Justin McDuffie Great video Ashley.
Jahneal Partna'Dem Robinson When this happen 👀🍑
Neto Martins I CRY...
Samuel Melkowitsch Anet Petrosian da sommer is so geil ahh
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 13:36

No group should be blamed for an individual's actions.

British Body Builder Posts Heartfelt Plea Following Manchester Attack
British Body Builder Posts Heartfelt Plea Following Manchester Attack

"Let's try today to keep the words terrorists and Muslims out of the same sentence."

802 reactions 97 comments
Rene R. Diaz Has anyone realized that Ashton never replies to anyones comments? Why is that?
Jeff Tetreault When a group takes credit for the individual's actions, when other groups praise the individual's actions, I will blame the groups.
Johnny York Political Islam (and those that don't condemn it) has no place in the western world.
Kelly Berkey Except for maybe the group claiming responsibility for the bombing? I'm totally ok with blaming them. Cough cough ISIS...
Austin Sarwar Read the Quran then get back to. Me. 80 percent of Muslims in Islamic countries believe sharia law should be the law of the land.
Vin Diesel
02:36 05/29/2017

Sixth film to do a billion foreign... F8 is the second one of the six films, that has been One Race produced. Thank you all so much for the support... you make me proud and grateful. #leadwithlove #wearegroot

124.1k reactions 2011 comments
Luiz Felipe Britto .. You're the Shining star! The light of success, the most merits will follow that shine and then! Even bigger will be Vin Diesel.... the guy.
Daniel Bulman Enjoyed both FF8 and GGV2. Both where very fun movies to watch. It looked like Groot needed to use the sunglasses! Congratulations on the success of your movies.
Dawn Geiger I haven't got to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yet, really hoping to see it soon! Cute hat by the way!
Lisa Marie Van Gorkom When I come to visit my husbands family in the Netherlands, I hope to see you as well. Would make my husband and I happy. His fight with GBM has been very hard.
Patrick Miller Dude, your fans support your efforts but the sweat, blood and tears are all the adult of your hard work. The honor should be ours. Be proud of you.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Yesterday 14:30

As GOP Tarries On Health Bill, Funding For Children's Health Languishes

As GOP Tarries On Health Bill, Funding For Children
As GOP Tarries On Health Bill, Funding For Children's Health Languishes

The delay in coming up with a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act is making it hard for Congress to reauthorize funding for health care for 9 million children through the popular CHIP program.

2.5k reactions 130 comments
Giuseppina Iacono le Système et ses hypocrites a frics sur internautes la marchandise Humaine et ceci depuis des siècles la médecine est piéger de son piège car sont dans le visible donc manipulent le visible et se font piéger et le plutôt seras le mieux Car les ...
Giuseppina Iacono La Famille est l Épanouissement pour aussi Être plus Créatif et Humanitaire Cela pour cette raison que le Système s y opposée pour détruisent et faire la Créativité Naturelle donc l Amour du Coeur d en faire le mot travail donc esclavagisme ...
Lourdes Beatriz Escobar Al menos en su país la atención médica es mejor y por supuesto de calidad que en mi Honduras. Un enorme y caluroso abrazo mi estimado Leo, cuidese
Laina Jase There should be free health care for everyone (tax funded) how you can let a human being go without medical assistance? It should be a human right.
Brian Charles What has this country come to! Every single industrialized country in the world with the exception of China and Russia has universal healthcare.
Ashton Kutcher
Yesterday 13:36

Knowing your rights is so important.

3.7k reactions 152 comments
Aaron Taylor Ashton there was once when you spoke out against the elite what happened have you now given your soul back to them and there master Satan you and many other celebrities are helping them with there agenda of globalised islam invasion always saying open ...
Isidora Ilych errrr.... hello:} again, the police officer HAS the rights TO ASK! this has been taken from context to more so a .. attention seeking situation from this man Morales as the police needs proof of id, if it is not the state or country he must see ...
Christopher Flaherty If anyone asked me if I was in a country illegally, I would tell them to go to hell. Especially from a transit cop lol. I'm from Toronto, Canada. However, I travel outside the country on average, about 3 times per year. I wouldn't put up with someone ...
Kevin Heck You do not have constitutional rights if you are here illegally. U S Constitutional rights only apply to US citizens. I feel sorry for them but you have to come here legally to have rights afforded to Americans. You gave up any rights when you broke the ...
Wendy Farris I went to the beach this morning and some man accused a total stranger of being an illegal. Everyone in their group was related to each other and all born in the USA. He packed up and left.
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