Pee-wee Herman
Yesterday 08:36

Hey everyone, it's National Tequila Day!! Dance with me! #TEQUILA

6.8k reactions 363 comments
Jennifer Springer Happy NTD to my favorite tequila partner Kara Wall! ❤️👯🍋🥃
Tara Rase Stu Rase I hope our old upstairs neighbors know about this holiday.
Renee Robbins Arlene C Pemberton we need some Palomas STAT!
Linda Keith Myers OMG!! The part when he dances on his toes is soooooo funny!! Probably have to watch this a couple more times!!!
Elizabeth Baur Annelise Baur watch the video. Laughed my ass off the 1st time I saw it!!
Ricky Gervais
17:54 07/24/2017

2.0k reactions 1382 comments
Daniela Trolio you are an Egyptian queen, you have every right to snap at the man who named you Fluffy.
Regina Seecamp Haha ... a little fighter :-) Ricky, can you please Support our fight against Greyhound cruelty? #NoWelfareNoExport, #greyhounds #Ireland
Beatrice Austen Miller What is the answer to life the universe and everything, Ollie?
Pat Frederickson Ollie's going to say STOP in about 30 seconds. Be careful, Ricky!
Oche BM Oh dear, you sound really worried about your fatness. Be proud. Your cat is gorgeous. She looked like she had enough energy when she was moving her tail and had to move to recycle it. So beautiful with her little white paws
Ricky Gervais
17:54 07/24/2017

I have put on another 2lbs. I blame America. Please fat shame me using words such as hog, clammy, lazy, greedy and blobulous.

792 reactions 1045 comments
Nicole Phillips I don't know. British food isn't much better. And this is coming from someone who lives in the country that created poutine. Fatty. 😁
Suzannah Collins Dude, I went to Ireland, ate more, and lost weight. American food kills.
Jonathan Barnett Nah mate! Looking great, better than usual! Keep it up! ...then again I'm an American expat of 22 years and may just be missing the homeland...🤔🍔
Gollub Pete Why don't you just have a medical team pump liquefied cheesecake nto you intravenously? That way you can add to your ominous girth while simultaneously moaning pathetically.
Pamela Tufnell You say you like animals your joy Not such a thin little boy You gaining pounds In metres I found So get off your ass Getting running on the grass And then we will see What your meant to be
Catherine Zeta-Jones
21:18 07/24/2017

Swimsuit, hat and parasol. Summer essentials. #MuseMonday

789 reactions 36 comments
Vicki Lominick Beautiful
Carol MacDonald HOT SUMMER🌞🌞🌞
Jarvis C Lehmann Well...if you say so.
Gabrielle Jacob Superb
Kiyoshi Nakazawa modern girl🎵
Ricky Gervais
17:54 07/24/2017

I was going to give my fortune to animal charities after I die. But I've decided to do it just before I die so I get to see all the whining.

11.8k reactions 825 comments
Margaretha Friman Great decision! Here in Sweden (yes I´m Swedish so exuse any spelling misstakes) the tv-channels are very keen on organizing gala-nights to rais money for a number of organisations helping humans around the world but I have´nt seen one focusing on ...
Mark Goff Please make your check out to... and these battle hardened U.S. Vets don't whine, they just kick ass for elephants and rhinos
John Barnaby At least we have a man of principles here,, well done Ricky,, I wish more celebrities would speak out against animal abuse,,, if they did maybe the government would listen more,,,
Patricia Thompson There will be no whining from any rescues who are lucky enough to benefit. Please seek out small non profits and don't give to the "glamour" outfits who live in swanky houses and drive top of the range cars. All provided by people's hard earned money ...
Rose Dianne Waterman Please do not give to the RSPCA. Theya re so over-funded and do not support us vets when we need it most.
Ricky Gervais
17:54 07/24/2017

If you don't criticise bigotry, such as homophobia & misogyny, in religion, for fear of being labelled a bigot, you're a bigot.

6.6k reactions 229 comments
Jayson Jensen Well said that man. This is exactly what is happening here in Australia with a certain religion that just happens to be involved in 99% of terrorist acts.....csn you guess which one?
John Maloney A 'wimp' perhaps, not necessarily a 'bigot'. The English vocabulary is actually more extensive and expressive than you seem to realise.
Cathy Davies I find that I have no sympathy for the paygap for women at BBC, instead of raising their pay bring the men and the women down to a more reasonable scale and invest in programmes and the other people all the work behind the actual programme. There are so ...
Robert Lyttle The world is run on bigotry and hatred fueled by religion. Sometimes saying nothing is the best bet in such circumstances to live a quiet life. The only truth we know is the one we dare to believe and that is not even more than a mere possibility.
Dalton Yoakum The fact that it's even an issue nowadays just makes me think we deserve to be wiped out. We're a horrible species and if there is a God, he is evil.
Melissa Joan Hart
20:00 07/24/2017

One of the saddest moments in movie history. "Artax PLEASE!" #traumatizedchildhood #NeverendingStory

5.0k reactions 283 comments
Adam Barrette I still cry when I watch this scene. It is up there with Bambi's mom.
Brittany Jessica Keeping Yup. This killed me as well. Hated seeing that happen.
Craig Sandy Atrayu
Stephanie Dorrough Taylor Cannot watch movies where they are the main character. Breaks my heart.
Rachel Reading Stephanie Washbourne every time I see this film I'll think of you! 🤣
Queen Latifah
16:36 07/24/2017

Thanks for watching and all the love this weekend 💗 #Repost @girlstripmovie ・・・ Make way for the queens. #GirlsTrip is now playing in theaters! Tag your squad and head to the theater today! Get tickets. #LinkInBio

6.7k reactions 795 comments
Ronny Petrillo This movies was EVERYTHING! I've met you a few times through the years and have to say aside from being so down to earth and sweet you have an amazing energy and it comes though in everything you do. Much love to you and keep doing your thing because ...
Carolyn Sue Spencer Queen! I haven't laughed so hard in so long. #GirlsTrip is the perfect mix of comedy, drama, action, and I love ❤️ the ending. There were so many "ladies night" groups dressed in matching t-shirts. Great 👍🏽 movie 🎥.
Liza Nich You ladies absolutely rocked it out in this movie!!! Thank you for bringing together so many issues to the table in such a realistic manner and showing us that yes many times your girls can truly bring you up, those that are true to you!! Always been a ...
Myra Grace One of the best comedy chick flicks I've seen 🙌🏽 the entire theatre was in laughter. The way a movie theatre should be with comedy films. Nothing but good laughs. And the end speech with Regina Hall 😭had to keep myself from ruining my mascara. I loved ...
Danita Brooks Queen Latifah this movie is now my all time favorite. You ladies killed it! Oh and Tiffany Haddish , 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼, guuurrrlllll, you are hella funny and super talented. Can't wait to see you in more movies and shows! Please please please... do a sequel to ...
Ashton Kutcher
07:42 07/24/2017

Everyone benefits from a little more empathy.

Journalist's Viral Post Calls Attention To An Underappreciated Industry — And Its Workers

"I don't know how they do it. It's backbreaking work. They make very little money. And in my opinion get very little recognition."

352 reactions 30 comments
Vanessa Pacheco Ilnaz
Kristen Ipsen Frank Somerville KTVU
Aline Ulstra Make $450 more income taking instant paid surveys ⟾ #QuickSurveyIncome
Jane Harman The dark side...
Joann Dichoso Thank you for your article
Ricky Gervais
17:54 07/24/2017

Off to London. Cheers!

5.3k reactions 305 comments
Diane Nicholls-Rhodes Look Rick, if you really want to do something good with your money how about treating yours truly here to a trip to New York in Business class a couple of nights in a top hotel and a ticket to see the Mets play at Citifield, you'll make an old woman ...
Marijke Nagtegaal Please keep it up until 9 September, your Amsterdam gig, and bring Jane to see her only friend
Laura Smith Did you bring your own peanuts ?
Sarah Elizabeth Weinand You always make me laugh..Actully you stop me from blowing my brains out from the bloody Holocaust!!And I THANK YOU!!!♡♡♡
Nicholas Clarke Pmsl your a twat Ricky x
Eva Longoria Baston
17:24 07/24/2017

#LBD #DamnShoesTookForever #Spain #Mallorca

22.3k reactions 256 comments
Sylvia Salazar Monkres Stunningly fabulous!
Adrian Iturrieta Cuevas Luces preciosa eva felicitaciones
Anderson Guevara I'm not president, but you can be my first lady.
Célia Saint-Martin Clara Saint Martin Cloé Pledran Laetitia Sarrosquy on a loupé éva a majorque...
Luis Enrique Guerrero Gómez Shit Gabby Im on the episode when Eddie finds out Carlos is cheating her with you! Run!!
Ashton Kutcher
07:42 07/24/2017

We can disagree with each other without attacking each other.

681 reactions 24 comments
Whatyou Talkinbout All religions should be ridiculed.
Marlee Hollett Julie Robbins
Nicole Powers We most certainly can.
Tina Ismajli Flaka
Patty Mazuca That's right
Moon Frye
Yesterday 23:12

Splashing around with my summer 💙

430 reactions 18 comments
Vincent Malhere In france?
Francesca Romana Mammarella Ciao from Italy. . .
Francisco Santiago I Love Moon
Glorivee Plaza you look like nice!
Thomas Moyer Beautiful love you! ❤
Ashton Kutcher
07:42 07/24/2017

We can change this.

For 2 Weeks, He Signed His Emails With A Female Colleague
For 2 Weeks, He Signed His Emails With A Female Colleague's Name. He Was Shocked At The Responses.

The editor described it as "hell." For women, it's a daily struggle.

3.9k reactions 161 comments
Peggy Griffith Can we? Will we? Do you honestly believe it will change? I don't. I believe men will continue to choose to act like it's not real and that women will continue to bury it away in order of self preservation. "Boys will be boys.", It's hard for men to take ...
Ann Anderson So glad to see this and can't believe even in these modern times once again it is difficult for women always that it also depends on the company and the hire of management if there is respect from the top down it will go through all the way to clients ...
Tara May This is so true. I've experienced similar condescension in a professional situation. Jerks do it because they get away with it, and weak men are afraid to challenge the jerks.
Marie Latimer I work in the automotive industry. Quite often, I am giving a reccomendation to a customer and they ask to speak to a "real expert"(man) who then tells them exactly what I just said. -_-
Catherine Malone Tech support specialist here, this does happen to me in my career. Usually it's pissed off older guys or IT personnel calling in for their clients. I've even been specifically asked within 2 minutes on a call to be transferred to a male tech. It sucks ...
Carmen Electra
18:36 07/24/2017

Hope u all have a lovely day 💋 #makeup @ash_kholm #hairstyle Creighton Bowman

5.9k reactions 222 comments
Emre Aslan #uuuuuu😍🍯👁🐝💦❤💦💋💦
Marcio Corsi Beautiful
Mike Fulper that's the face I saw at the gym, that look...
Anase Amar Carmen your name is beautiful,but your face more beautiful than your name.Your face Carmen beautiful like moon.
Jacek Krzystof Serwas pani Reżyser Carmen electra widzę że z missis.frau.pani.carmen electra też slucha męża i ładnie stoi do foto A co tak dużo trzeba stanąć foto i jest prawda Prawda jak nic bo widzę
Molly Ringwald
Yesterday 23:00

Molly Ringwald's cover photo

318 reactions 13 comments
Giovanni Chavez 👍😊
Jorge Gutierrez Hi Molly is beautiful
Shawn Donovan Hurlburt Are you there?
Liza Falwell Very pretty
Connor Bible Where in Greece is this? Athens?
Ashton Kutcher
07:42 07/24/2017

I'm blown away, Angelica.

2.6k reactions 69 comments
Monica Squeri Incredibly talented to say the least !! 😍
Gilda Barbara Bassas So cute I just loved her
Raechel Reiter Love this Beautiful Baby.....she is AMAZING!
Sören Pohlen She is the best .........Respect for what she live for🎼🎤✨👏
Sarah Gahm North Chipotle
David Hasselhoff
21:54 07/24/2017

My daughter Hayley Hasselhoff in Maastricht to see me and light a candle for my parents Mom mom and Joe!

1.6k reactions 66 comments
Richard Shave David , your daughter is a credit to you.......
Sarah Lang-Heath Beautiful girl ❤️💋
Leana Sharp She is beautiful. You could be proud
Sara Corrales Andreu Beautiful like you... 😍😍😍😍
Estrella Rojano Miguez Es muy bonita tu hija .David .
Pee-wee Herman
Yesterday 08:36

See inside the International Space Station with Google Outer Space View!! Amazing! LOOK:

413 reactions 12 comments
Steven Thorne Thank you, Pee Wee.
Kevin McDonough Very cool Pee Wee!
Donna Harper Graeff Love this!👍
Jim Thompson I hear everything here in Pee Wee's voice! HA!
Joey Woodard That is the flattest Earth I have ever seen...... 🤣🤣
Ashton Kutcher
07:42 07/24/2017

Enjoy your honeymoon!

2.7k reactions 102 comments
Becky Perdew Isn't he incredible?!? He never fails to amaze me. ❤️
Laura Opitz I love Garth. One in a million.
Sharry Skinner So awesome!! Love Garth and Trisha!!💕💜
Patricia Guillen I just love Garth
Dave C Wilson Garth Brooks has always been a class act. Not surprised
Ashton Kutcher
07:42 07/24/2017

What do your weeknight dinners look like?

11 Portraits That Reveal The Various Ways We Eat Our Weeknight Dinner
11 Portraits That Reveal The Various Ways We Eat Our Weeknight Dinner

“I wanted to capture habits ... shaped by the weeknight time crunch."

326 reactions 38 comments
Michelle Green No phones & we sit at the kitchen table no matter what.
Brenda Quinn Depressing photos. No one looks too happy
Isra Montiel Normal,in a dinning room table wtih no TV and we talk about old experiences or funny moments
Kelli Dilsaver We eat in front of tv most nights. Gotta love family traditions!
Karen Nieman I grew up sitting at the dinner table.....still do with my family!
李连杰 Jet Li
05:00 07/24/2017

On July 20, 1973 a legend passed away. Bruce Lee was and still is an inspirational icon to me. #jetli #BruceLee

Bruce Lee: Empty Your Cup So That It May Be Filled —
Bruce Lee: Empty Your Cup So That It May Be Filled —

Many people know Bruce Lee as a great martial artist or a famous movie star, but not many people know that he was also a great teacher.

37.5k reactions 475 comments
Chris Lindsay His daughter, Shannon Lee has worked incredibly hard to keep his spirit alive. He inspires me daily with his intense workout philosophy. RIP Bruce.
Bobby Trinh "understanding scarcity will bring you prosperity" - Bobby Trinh ,,,, You can grow your own food, there is no shortage of land in Canada and America...
Andy Kent If all cups are empty, no one has any water. Empty your cup by drinking your fill, lest the water go stale. If stale the water in your cup has become, empty it that it may be filled anew so that you may be refreshed.
Ty Joubert Jet Li, I have much respect for you as a Man and "Martial Artist"... I've been around "martial arts" my whole life, and you definitely are one of the best..
Mohmd Amin Stay focus like a camera have zoom ajdust in everything situation apply same to yourself martial arts have all different tactics..both you guys are my idols
Ricky Gervais
17:54 07/24/2017

Whenever you're fed up & stressed about life, just remember that you'll be dead & forgotten soon & there's no afterlife. Hope that helps.

50.8k reactions 2314 comments
Jonathan Blutarsky Jr. While I'm not religious, No-one knows for sure what happens to our 'essence', our 'spark', the thing that makes us what we are. To assume that you know what happens after our body expires is naive, to say the least. I suspect the answer is too ...
Tom Walling there's been about 140,000 births today worldwide yet only 60,000 deaths. If we're all reincarnated from other people, there would be about 80,000 who somehow didn't come from someone else. The world population is ever-growing. Where are all the ...
Tom Wakley Never been one to say that there is no God or afterlife. There may not be solid evidence that proves such an existence, but I am not one to rule out possibilities either. Anything's possible...
Richard Underhill To quote the Monty Python; "remember when you're feeling rather down and insecure, how amazingly unlikely is your birth, and let's hope that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space 'cause there's bugger all down here on earth" 🤔
Luis Roberto Sepulveda Not a single human on this planet, has the slightest idea about why we are here and we got here. Not even scientists. Even a lot of the scientific discoveries are just speculation. None of us lived a thousand years ago or one million years ago. There's ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
07:24 07/24/2017

Without these wonderful people I wouldn't have been half the man I am today. I love you Mama and Papa! ❤️ #JCVD #NationalParentsDay

75.8k reactions 1542 comments
Pia Fotel Good you tell you mom and dad that😊❤ they are remember what you tall them😊 ❤ 😊 ❤ they love you and you love them 😊❤ I have so much respect for you because you do what you do😊❤ you will always be the best ❤❤❤
Baloga Maria Congratulation u are so fortunate to still have both ur parents God bless Look at you beauty smile of happy moment of your proud to be together.really you made my day Love my prefer actour JCVD Floress for you beauty.momm
Begoña Mato Rama Amalos todo lo que puedas y mas uno no sabe lo que tiene realmente sino cuando ya es demasiado tarde tu que los tienes con tigo dales mucho amor no desperdicies ni un momento con ellos ellos son lo mejor son unicos
Fabrice Traoré Right, these are the most important People in one person life after the Amighty God . Wonderful pic , may God protect you and them for long
Graciela Serrano HERMOSO....!! Tenerlos juntos es una gran bendición...!! Lindo poder disfrutar de la compañía de tus padres...!! DIOS los bendiga y proteja siempre de todo a tus bellos padres...!! DIOS bendiga a toda tu linda familia...!! Bendiciones para todos...!!
Ashley Tisdale
05:30 07/24/2017

Beach baby ☀️

19.2k reactions 92 comments
Raymond Ferrer Very Beautiful
Elona Kayo Gօ ɢɨʟ ʊ ʀօċҡ
Prakhar Choubey Go home Ashley.....u r tanned....
Lloyd Reed Jr. Jesus girl. If you only knew. 😍😘🌹
Soc Vu IloveU
Eva Longoria Baston
17:24 07/24/2017

Fun and Flirty! #Mallorca #Spain

31.2k reactions 371 comments
Maybelle Arevalo Salvador You always looking beautiful my dear eva that color ..
John Keetley Nice but some people look good in a bin liner! Jeans and T- shirt will never go out of fashion...
Ronald Smith With Some People Age Is Just A Number. You're Still Hot As Ever Sweetheart.
Gloria Lopezgonzalez Hermosa que eres. Que bieno que no les creiste que eras el patito feo de la.familia
Kuh Wan wow! a cowboy will kill thousands of outlaw for you :P beautiful :D
Ashton Kutcher
07:42 07/24/2017

Plan your next vacation now!

Top 10 Airbnbs in the US
Top 10 Airbnbs in the US

Feel as comfortable as you might at home in one of the best Airbnbs in the US.

270 reactions 17 comments
Julia Emmelanie Tia Kaztenie
Abreeanah Magdaleno Stop Clickbait
Meagan Goodfellow Jesse Goodfellow
Jennifer Frepane Sandy Parr
Tabatha Chan Erica Chan
Ashton Kutcher
07:42 07/24/2017

She proves her point very well.

Transgender Woman Takes Selfie With Texas Governor To Get An Important Point Across
Transgender Woman Takes Selfie With Texas Governor To Get An Important Point Across

"Transgender people have faced harassment just for being who they are."

2.4k reactions 64 comments
Amanda Nicole Traci ßunter I see two men
Ma Sabz Don't care bout who's who in bath, just be sure to flush and wipe if ya drip!!!
Harrison Lewis He proved that he could fake being a woman. Dude drop your pants and see who you fool?? Ashton as one of your biggest fans, I am disappointed with this post.
Vikram Aditya That Selfies are a trend that actually exist in the real world and this isn't just a bad dream?
Melanie Baker She looks like Kate Walsh from The Practice and Grey's Anatomy.
Carmen Electra
18:36 07/24/2017

TY Roberto Cavalli for giving me a part of your Coca Cola Light Cavalli collection 💋#sexy #designer #soda

436 reactions 21 comments
Desi Lee Amanda Arseneault
Robert Ankers Erica Ankers clean
Henry Dm 💚💚💚💚
Ruben Herrera Nice
Janina Janoschka Pia Montana 😊
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