Pee-wee Herman
Yesterday 21:42

Hey, Going to try something here. I'm looking for someone who was at Rhode Island ComicCon last Saturday. You described yourself to me as "slow and really short" (Not kidding!). You left something at my table! I want to return it. Comment below with your occupation, so I know it's you! 🕵️

572 reactions 174 comments
Robert Verge I’m sorry that sounds like a bad Craigslist post lol
Derrick Yee That might be me! I am a loner....and a rebel.
Shane Morphis You're the man Pee-Wee. Kudos for having Twisted Sister in your movie!
Joshua Overstreet Great in Cheech & Chong too Paul.
Vicki Foster Is it my small glass shoe?
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017

This is hilarious! 😂

11 reactions 5 comments
Jeff Storey JP Harrison
Ree Amir Gre'Onna Sexton lmao
MissQuisha Monroe
Delicia V Butler Lederian J. Townsend, just knew you would love these
Zelig Northover But Oreos are also a copy brand?
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017

She's one tough cookie! 😮

41 reactions 9 comments
Stivert Pulk Kivil Mario
Andrew Spradbrow Mitch Wormald
Yazan Al-ali Yaman Al-ali
Miglena Petrova Venelin Zlostor Kanchev
Angelina Devlin Perijoc Luminita :-*
Melissa Joan Hart
09:06 11/18/2017

Thinking of all the babies, parents, nurses, doctors on this #WorldPrematurityDay! God bless all the tiny angels!! Thanks to @marchofdimes and the amazing work of so many people that help parents bring home their babies every day.

163 reactions 5 comments
Renee Gamble Hollie LeBoeuf Lapeyrouse
Katie Clark <3
Danny Etheridge God bless
Sam Coulter How will you be celebrating Bobunk tomorrow?
Kevin Lincoln Daddy of a 14 year old born at 23 2/7 weeks. Weighing in at 1 lb.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
10:24 11/18/2017

Here it is! The official trailer for my upcoming movie, Cocaine Godmother on Lifetime. Such a thrill playing Griselda Blanco. I can't wait for you all to see it on January 20!

‘Cocaine Godmother’: Lifetime Lines Up Trailer & Premiere Date For Catherine Zeta-Jones Telefilm; 2 Other Pics Dated
‘Cocaine Godmother’: Lifetime Lines Up Trailer & Premiere Date For Catherine Zeta-Jones Telefilm; 2 Other Pics Dated

Cocaine Godmother, the Lifetime pic starring Catherine Zeta-Jones as the drug queenpin Griselda Blanco, has scored a January 20 premiere date. The cable net also dispensed the first trailer for the…

1.5k reactions 104 comments
Alexander Correa Amazing story, greetings from Colombia
Danyy Lopes Apesar de a história do filme não ser inspiradora ,creio que o mérito ficará pelo seu talento e sempre brilhante atuação!
Madeline Haynes This looks really good Catherine.
Sandra Dubuc Always beautiful ! and such a good actress !! i can't wait to see that movie !!! je vous ADORE Catherine !!
Billy Francis That was one bad ass senora!
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017

Could watch this all day!

33 reactions 5 comments
Marquez Brown Skylar
Brayanna Delmas Garioud
Tonya Renee Maurisa
Tiffany Lee omg Nikki Jett 😱😱 its Science!!!!
Amber Scott I don't watch videos with adds
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017

So dangerous! 😯

51 reactions 2 comments
Boštjan Vidmajer people! not toys.
Mike Allen I had some of these toys and know about all of them
John Cusack
12:00 11/18/2017

Will be at Riverside Theater in Milwaukee on 2/3 for a screening of SAY ANYTHING and a LIVE conversation afterward. Tickets are on-sale Friday at noon but you can buy tickets now with code ANYTHING at Pabst / Riverside / Turner Hall

John Cusack with ‘Say Anything’ - Saturday, February 3 - The Riverside Theater
John Cusack with ‘Say Anything’ - Saturday, February 3 - The Riverside Theater

Join John Cusack for a screening of “Say Anything” followed by a LIVE conversation regarding his career and the making of “Say Anything.” Fans will now get the opportunity to experience a moderated discussion, with John answering audience questions as well. A limited number of VIP gold circle seats…

5.9k reactions 639 comments
Monique Navarro Tried to buy a ticket and the captcha hates me. I guess I'll have to just keep seeing you in my dreams :/
Nikki Branch Attention people magazine!!! Here is the real!!! Sexiest man alive! COME TO TEXAS! I hold no one above another in this world but man if I ever saw you I might just be a little excited and I don't get excited for much 😍 I'm a true fan of your work !
Sue Stanic I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen.
María Laura Sosa Vives Grande John! Te admiro tanto, sos uno de mis actores de culto si hay una pelicula donde trabajas la miro sin dudarlo. Desde tus comienzos en Sixteen Candles y todo lo qe siguio despues. Una gran carrera!! Sos mi amor imposible ♡ haha mi pareja lo sabe ...
Missy Chatelaine Id LOVE to be there but without funds makes it impossible. I could die a happy woman. Hes my fave actor since Say Anything n I own most of his movies. Someone tell him hello n I wish I could have been there. Thanx.
Melissa Joan Hart
09:06 11/18/2017

When you suddenly realize someone created dozens of memes of your characters! #lovingthismorethanIShould

715 reactions 32 comments
Laura Hailey-Law Fleur Rodway
Lisa Ann Andrew Ben Andrew
Leah Canavan Tara Skipworth
Maik Eckhardt Andree Dunkel 😊👍🏻
Alex Bladimir Ady Vanessa :3
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017

This is cool! 😎

45 reactions 11 comments
Austin Gray Minecraft torch. Lul
Paka Likas Tadas
Bonnie Kaitlin Aspedon Derek Rodrigues
Antonia Phillips Harry Boothroyd
Sarah Rachelle Moy Zach Levesque
Hailee Steinfeld
10:00 11/18/2017

The #LetMeGoMusicVideo is all yours now, I hope you love it. 💋🌹🎥

6.1k reactions 98 comments
Peter Jackson Stunning..and so is the song😍😘
Lilly El Sidawi I have already listen on it and i can it!!!!!! Looooove iy
Gary Klier Stunningly beautiful. Like you. Such a great song. I was in LA yesterday. Just a day trip. Thought of you. Can't wait to see Pitch Perfect 3. 🎥 🎶 ❤
Bella Leon Already downloaded and everytime i get my phone and want here the music, The Let me Go, i cant stop to play it.😍
Brian Parker yeah you think right i really love it ...and as i say it is best because it sung by you ..#LETMEGO.😗
Ashton Kutcher
20:48 11/17/2017

I need to learn her moves.

Pink Turns Carpool Karaoke With James Corden Upside Down — Literally
Pink Turns Carpool Karaoke With James Corden Upside Down — Literally

I think sometimes I sound better upside down.

269 reactions 28 comments
Janine Quandt Caroline Vujanov
Alain Desbiens Adeline
Kimberly Parkhill Gillespie Jackie Day
Narelle Lehmann Natalie Dobinson Kylie Parker
Meg Smith Rick Roc
Eva Longoria Baston
06:30 11/18/2017

It's Friday y'all!!!! 🍷💋

1.9k reactions 64 comments
Michael Toovak Cheers Eva 🍷
Paolo Gattuso Previously .... Cheers
Sarish Shamprasadh Enjoy the weekend lovely
Timothy Moore TGIF 🎆
Kym Flood Have a happy friday, Namaste
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017

I never knew this!

92 reactions 15 comments
Vic Ferre Mark Deans
Malikh Box Karla Box
Austin King Keilah Kutska
Marivel Ramirez Eloy Fernandez
Alexandre Pereira Dos Santos Livia Rodrigues
Pee-wee Herman
Yesterday 21:42

TGIF! #haveagreatweekend #weekendvibes #lavalamp #TGIF via GIPHY

339 reactions 20 comments
Laura Valentina Here's music to go with this groovy zen lava lamp.. enjoy!
Melissa Pakebusch Ashley Coe
Matthew King Lolo Desrosiers-Guité
Kendra Smith Kiara
Crystal Chan Paloma Rousseau London Drugs! 😂
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017

This is hilarious! 😮

2.4k reactions 239 comments
Lisa Montgomery Lol 😂😂😂
Sarah Morris I thought it was funny
Felecia Swoope Must watch this video
MissTee Buari I'm tears laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ivan O. Renner Ohh my god wtf oh omy god wtf 😁😂😂😂😂😝😂😝😝😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ashton Kutcher
20:48 11/17/2017

What kind of leaders are we creating?

1.3k reactions 127 comments
Theresa Spangler One of my fave movie scenes of all time. Holds up, that's for sure.
Jan Murowski Love this movie!! And the message behind it!
Alexis Bante Appropriate at all levels. Integrity and Character.
Alfred Rule Lying, cheating n laziness creates unintegrity, untruthfulness and disrespect no honor
Leslie Matos OMG, one of my favorite movies, " Scent of a Woman "
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017

Oh no!! 😮

1.8k reactions 287 comments
Teremoana Hamblin Jayden Gallagher nigga tried to square up 😂
Ioulia Valvi Vanessa Scheddies Re Ne bitch schmeißt Kinderwagen um und rennt weg oh mann
Sean Battle Chinere Bryant Man look! She knocked her baby over 😂😂😂
Mica Gwin Die...I would have just died Brandi Gwin
René Covarrubias Haro Joshua Glenn check this out though
Ashton Kutcher
20:48 11/17/2017

Kindness is always the right choice.

1.5k reactions 38 comments
Steve Cote Judge not Yee......................
Jordan Smith Acceptance too.
Katrin Cihan Be kind to people in general
Melissa Ann Garrett-Bowling Amen!!!
Stephen Speelman Always!!!!!
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017

This is so good! 😮

311 reactions 13 comments
Roger Miller Alex Breust
Thes Line Gorden Schulze
Aren Jorgensen Keith Green
Adon Abdi Abbe Abba Wayne
Khoder Ayoub Abdallah J Kendakji
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017

Whhaaaaaaaaat! 😮

999 reactions 57 comments
Sara Flemming Piper Flemming
Sarah Abo Elenin Bero Abo El-enien
Mamdungevich Chiliza Nombuso KamaNgcobo Chiliza
Fla Dos Santos Luis Hetson Gutierrez Cordova mira
Kayla Pelaez Elsa Gerardo
李连杰 Jet Li
18:06 11/17/2017

I was recently interviewed by ( regarding why I have decided to create GSD. Check it out to find out more. #GSD #Jetli #wushu #jetlicom

Jet Li: "My Dream is to Have GSD as Part of the Olympics"
Jet Li: "My Dream is to Have GSD as Part of the Olympics"

Recently many people are focusing on the new short video “Gong Shou Dao (GSD) ”. Jet Li talks about the vision of founding Gong Shou Dao (GSD).

13.2k reactions 230 comments
Jordan Lee Keep doin what you do man, thanks for your work!
Walter Pwisely YuFu Gou U need to do more than this can contact me for consultation
Sandra Vis Thanks you jet li love you the best of the best
Claudia Ramirez I just love watch yours movies with my daughter.
Yussif Bawah Jeeeeet Liiiiii forever the greatest
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017

This is quality! 😎

80 reactions 126 comments
Daniel Haidinger Sebastian Kirchberger da für dich😂
Nikolett Picaulima Dániel Montovay nezdd 😃😃😮
Andy Robinson Wayne Stapely Louise Stapely Lewis Brown Dirk Stevens Nick Sayer Paul Vella Josh North
JV Garnett Barbara Garnett I like this
Bartek Nawrocki Adam Domek Domański prołtiiiins! 💪
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017


2.2k reactions 135 comments
Joanna Alexander i would have finished off with to the cops saying you wanna a coke
Wilmer Bourn 4 Black guys could not have gotten away with this.
Nick Trullinger And if the queen had balls, she'd be king!
Nosaj Mentals Hey sir what are you doing? Said the cop. Hooking up this stolen deck in this stolen car from Frisco. Wanna chase me??? Said the man typing this comment. 😂😂
Geraldine A. Abrams If they were black they would have been dragged out the car and shot !
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:30 11/17/2017

Hi friends! I did an interview for the December issue of @redbulletin, talking about @jcvanjohnson and more! Click this link ⏩ to read the full interview. The magazine will come out November 21. Enjoy! #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #TheRedBulletin

29.8k reactions 950 comments
Gardwn Ahmad Kak van Damme gyan brwa bka majalman nya agina mutaba3aman akrd axr kara gyan ema xoman bwmalarza ley dawin mashxwlin mashxwl
Omary Daba Jean cloude.the king of the jungle. Woyooooooooooo.
Madeleintje Krullebol Hello jcvd Have a great day Greatings from belgium
İlker Macun Some things never get old, best wishes.
Valeria Costa Isso sim é um amigo que estar aqui diante de mim que me defendendo de qualquer um que Bia no caminho e meter porrada em qualquer um isso que é um amigo de verdade que estende a mão para ajudar sua amiga distante que gosta muito dos filhos dele Obrigado ...
Ricky Gervais
07:00 11/18/2017

Tickets went fast again. Sorry about that. I'll do a 2nd date.

Ricky Gervais: Humanity
Ricky Gervais: Humanity

Buy tickets for Ricky Gervais: Humanity at Colston Hall on 10/01/2018 at Search for United Kingdom and international concert tickets, tour dates and venues in your area with the world's largest concert search engine.

483 reactions 102 comments
Chiné Bekker Please come to South Africa! You are such an inspiration ☀️
Jake Hodges “Worldwide Tour” - only does Northern Hemisphere.
Sam E. Pennypacker Coming to Australia anytime soon? Even Jerry Seinfeld managed to drop in this year and he hasn’t been funny since 1997!
Minnie Gray Ricky, have you seen the emaciated and starving lion in Comilla zoo in Bangladesh, we need to help him really badly 🙏
Emily April Somers I am so gutted not to get tickets :( Also sat in the queue, and already there are resale tickets going for £100+
Martin Lawrence
00:18 11/18/2017


6.8k reactions 2188 comments
Jessica Masson Cooper I would literally pay to see you do this.. The sounds that your body would make would be incredible lol 😂😂
Maŕissa Rendon Wow this just looks painful but they do this a lot on the reservations after smoking peyote where I'm from
Mahalia Hailey J Johnson I wanna be like snheeds but that outfit would prevent me from letting him crack my back lol I trust lab coats not jean jacket vests Marissa Ford
Chablis Stewart-Williams They are in Mexico and under a different name. If you pm their website it will lead you to there actual page. Good luck.
Kimberly Schneider It looks amazing but I bet my back couldn't take it!!! Have too many issues already, do that I won't be able to stand!!!
Ricky Gervais
07:00 11/18/2017

Bristol! Tickets for #Humanity go on sale at 10am. Good luck!

152 reactions 36 comments
David Selwyn Rhodri Martin
Elise Watson Australia - why are we not on the ‘world’ tour? 😔
Amanda Burke When are you coming to Australia?!
Joshua Wilkins James Evans
Nathan Packer Keep me in the loop Ricky Gervais 🙏
Catherine Zeta-Jones
10:24 11/18/2017

Coming in to land in London. I always get that warm and comfy feeling. Good old Blighty!

1.1k reactions 58 comments
Cameron Hopkins Great photo catherine!
Karla Standen It’s freezing ❄️❄️❄️❄️
Margaret R. Nicholls Safe journey home, xxx
Alex Billy Lol! Rather clear for London!
Margaret Olivieri Chaplynski have fun
Ashley Tisdale
18:36 11/17/2017

‪Can’t wait to see this lil pup tomorrow💕💕 Miss my Maui‬

898 reactions 14 comments
Henrique Steola Christopher Massone
Tim Boyle Ashley Tisdale Moshi Moshi Maui 🐕
Adbaru Tesfaye beautiful!!
Niko Nik Подарите что то и мне))
Peter Baker How old is ur pup?
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