Melissa Joan Hart
Yesterday 02:36

Always love school posters... #backtoschoolnight

410 reactions 10 comments
Lisa McNease Dickens Becky Jones
Thomas Wells Take a creative risk..... --->> Will ya!!! ;) ;) ;)
Joe Iaquinto Love it
Gon Guirin I still think of the one that Sabrina made to Harvey with lipstick. XD
Michael William I think these rules can be applied to everyday life too
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Yesterday 03:54

Shooting some pool.

449 reactions 40 comments
Marietta Candezzano Nice color
Yang Jin Billard is better!
Miguel Ibarra Billiards 🎱
Dan Maguire Rackem.👍😁
Mayra Guim Wow😱 I Love billiards🎱
Eva Longoria Baston
Yesterday 00:00

This is a beautiful image of two places going through a lot right now. Please keep them in your prayers and your heart. 🙏🏻

1.5k reactions 20 comments
Christopher Jacquet Galb Ozor
Sonia Roy What about Barbuda and the Virgin Islands
George William Gockel Mexico and Puerto Rico need help.
Djémila Ah N'oublions pas les ROHINGYAS...✌🏽
Tye Merricks The truth in the booth.
Ricky Gervais
Yesterday 00:30

True story

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Maurits Verboven ......and how did Noah start humanity? Was this the origin of snogging? Or did he fuck a female weasel/antilope/toucan/elephant? And if so, what was the other half's reaction? Questions......
Peter Knapp So when the flood was done, Noah offered up a sacrifice unto his lord. A unicorn. The female, I think. Boy, was that male pissed! One miserable old git till the day he and his kind disappeared for good!
Tom Pogson Its also not the first use of the flood myth. Been reading Coast Salish mythology and there is also one but with canoes. Not that there would have been an easy connection of the two writers but these stories are pretty universal as many other early ...
Callum R. Macdonald "You will henceforth accept a weapon of mass destruction as a symbol of peace and friendship, following my use of it to extirpate your kind." Imagine the US playing this on Japan after WW2 with the nuke?
Clint Charrier Fuckin hilarious, Noah snuck the gay lions past God! Ricky Gervais you definitely have a way of making a jacked up story like that funny as hell. So funny I couldn't breath when he mentioned the poor raven losing its job to the white dove, what the fuck ...
Eva Mendes
Yesterday 00:36

Oh, September. How I love thee. Isabella top. Fiona skirt. ❤️ #evamendesnyc

4.5k reactions 64 comments
Wando Silva Simplesmente Linda!😍❤
Tomislav Milobara Mama Mia!!!que bella fantasia!!!♡♡♡♡
Rick Chan Y ou look marvelous darling
Peter Mashira Hi Eva. .
Lewis Williams Good morning sunshine 💋
Melissa Joan Hart
Yesterday 02:36

A little light humor, considering the devastation of recent natural events. God be with everyone affected by the storms, earthquakes, fires, droughts, etc. 🙏

1.6k reactions 100 comments
Hearon Ernest Thanks
Cintia Gutie Legumes.
Elias Simon Prepare and pray. More shelters needed
Gina Lozano God's not dead! He have a purpose 👆
Ben Lugo Headed you way Cali westward bound
Pee-wee Herman
2 hours ago

A Dadbag is a fanny pack that will give you a dad bod!! #dadbag #beerbelly

2.6k reactions 553 comments
Stacy O. W. Kettelson Herb Kettelson. Oh. Ewww, this is what you were talking about last week.
Kristy Love Alvarez Danny Tindall love this you can sneak stuff into places...hee hee
Herby Beam Is there a fanny pack that takes it away?
Anthony Phillips Yeah, already have one...Permanent apparently...
Carla Webster Michaela, the perfect gift for Ramee. 😂
Ashton Kutcher
14:18 09/20/2017

You're never too young to be an entrepreneur.

From A Single Sketch To A Full-Fledged Business, This Teen And Her Dad Are Helping People With Parkinson
From A Single Sketch To A Full-Fledged Business, This Teen And Her Dad Are Helping People With Parkinson's

"As I get older, I understand the sacrifices my family made for this project. That China trip cost more than my dad's car at the time."

68 reactions 12 comments
Elif Yagmur Diricanli Burak Cem Öztarak
Perla Alondra Rubio very cool
Skylar Angela Love!!
Sherry Justice Such a warm story.😊
Sandy Podratz Way to go Lily!!
Eva Longoria Baston
Yesterday 00:00

Stay strong Puerto Rico! #PR 🙏🏻

1.1k reactions 20 comments
Deepak Gaur God Bless You Mexico city
Gran Armida yes and Stay strong Mexico!!!!
Fazal Zakir Nice
Luis Gonzalez 🙏🏻
Sofia Einecke Michelin 🇧🇷️🙏🙏
Martin Lawrence
Yesterday 17:48

This is hilarious 😂

448 reactions 1177 comments
Bill Brown Mark, I found this video of your brother, Cory. LOL
Michele AndGreg More hysterical when they have no leg muscles.
Manuel Gutierrez Every guy at the gym w beer bellies. Lol
Jon Morgan-Parker The Donald Trump ego !
Bearz Greene Funniest thing men do. It's always the guy that can't even spell gym.
Martin Lawrence
Yesterday 17:48

So cool 👏

1.3k reactions 125 comments
Emily Mary Ann Nora Woah
Ivan Kanchev Уникален талант
Martin Kopecky Lecker
I.r. Melanie Wow o.o
Tonio Figueiredo niiicceeee
Martin Lawrence
Yesterday 17:48

I could watch this all day 👌

3.7k reactions 146 comments
Kathy Chittum AWESOME
Roshan Duyu Keep it up
Carolyn Wilkerson I love to have one.
Micheal Arfmann Where would someone get these made
Frank Adetsu Is it real gold
Martin Lawrence
Yesterday 17:48

Incredible shot 👏

2.6k reactions 438 comments
Colin Divens Gary something for you to try! ! 😂
Zoran Adrijan Wie du und ich Miki priko Mitrovic
Sylvia Dean Class 101 of Minnesota fats
Lucien Steenkamp Nabuweya Fredericks what do you think of this Shot....
Anna Hurst Caitlin Thistoll this is how good we are
Martin Lawrence
Yesterday 17:48

This is savage! 😂 Via: Careyboy

6.2k reactions 806 comments
Solomona Fuimaono Did that happen to u b4 Leone Leota haha see u 2moro uce
Tama Tsinnie Krystle Grant The way she was slamming one of the drinks...I'm like yo that is my gurl right there!! 😁😂
Awhina Campbell Te Pania Jasmine Brooke 😂😂😂 it's called thank you 😂😂😂
Angel L Thornton I was laughing my ass off until the gun came out!!! Girl, man, kid etc. No one should be shot.
Atanga IvAn Annu IyAn ICarter this bitches need to know we ain't playin! Hahaha
Priyanka Chopra
11:30 09/20/2017

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi… “If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.” It was an honor to speak at the UN Global Goals Awards on the importance of empowering girls; addressing global leaders and influencers from the United Nations, philanthropy, media, non-profits and business. We all need to come together and work to empower, educate, create opportunities and impart skill sets so that we can be their catalysts for change and to help them build their brave new world. If possible, a safe one where they can live their dreams and laugh together as one. I had the opportunity to meet Muzoon Almellehan, UNICEF 's youngest goodwill ambassador, who is doing such amazing work advocating education for Syrian girls. All in all, this was a very inspiring and uplifting night. #GlobalGoals #UNGA #ForEveryChild

30.0k reactions 359 comments
Meet Kamal Kaur .keep it up..great respect always for u
Macedonia Dias We love you. Looking forward to seeing you soon
Salman Qamal Biggest thinking ,nice smiling
Bhagwan Prajapati Brahmandguru-adhishthata ॐ शान्ति >>आपने सही कहा है >पर इन बच्चों को गीत का गूढ ज्ञान बताना होगा तभी सही दिशा इन्हे मिलेगी >वर्तमान में गीता का ज्ञान बड़े से बड़े धुरंधरों को भी नहीं है >ये काम पहले भारत से शुरू करना होगा >भारत के लोग जिस दिन गीता का ज्ञान जान लेंगे संसार में ...
Chanda Gutam Priyanka Ji main aapka bahut bada fan hu Akshay Kumar ka bahut bada fan Hoon please bhai Mujhe like kariye maybe aap ko like kar raha hoon
Martin Lawrence
Yesterday 17:48

That's enough internet for today 😂

3.4k reactions 7684 comments
Debra Palmer one word "serpent ",snake,Devil, ur choice freedom of expression strikes again really cant say anything to each their own!
Kanmi Grateful-heart Last night I did something terrible to mosquitoes, they will never forget. I opened the windows and let them all inside then I closed the windows and slept's called confusing the enemy.
Tommy Pastrami Salami Her eyes are soooooo far away from each other, it's like the space between earth and Mars, the space between her eyes is exactly one CVS receipt long, her eye boogers die of thirst trying to cross that plain, she doesn't use tweezers to pluck her ...
Jane Ikin I'm sure when she's older and wiser she will regret that, attention seeking when your young is standard, but God help ya when you have to explain this post to your children, it's vile.
Connie Whitmire Wow, if that got near me and did that, I would have punched it. Something evil coming out of her face!
Martin Lawrence
Yesterday 17:48

Wait for it 😱

1.1k reactions 211 comments
Jack Dahl I would have swooshed that shot for sure! Ha ha poor kid!
Sean Chaney I can't even laugh at him that's sad! (SMH)
Anthony Kibathi K Wish i could get that chance, what!!!!
Shawn TaylorMade He put too much thought into it smh. Grab the dsmn ball and shoot
Kevin Fletcher I could fade dat shot and score with out all em rituals warm up
Martin Lawrence
Yesterday 17:48

This is crazy! 😱

174 reactions 29 comments
Anthony Arqueros Daniella Arqueros
Siphosam Esivelenkosini Kamwendo Sthembiso Tshabalala
Jonah Miller Joseph Cephus Winsett
Ebony Price Devan Quinones
Kerrie Louise Wythe Sean Mackay
Priyanka Chopra
11:30 09/20/2017

Hope you've been following my journey with UNICEF learning about their lifesaving work for children. Each one of us can make a difference to the lives of these children, and with technology it has never been easier to make a donation. Today, I’m excited to announce that if you donate to UNICEF USA by clicking the donate button below, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will match your donations, up to $125,000 as part of #Goalkeepers17. Let’s not miss this opportunity. It is on us to give children their chance for a brighter future.

33.2k reactions 327 comments
Himanshu Chhabra Mam you are doing work for mankind and humanity. All the best, rab rakkha
Dhawan Jain 👉earn money without investment. 👉Daily earn 400/800 rs 👉no qualifications required. 👉boys, girls, senior citizen can join. 👉 Work by your time 👉No pressure of work 👉 Only Android mobile required And Facebook and what's up knowledge. 👉 Interested people ...
Patrice Shabuwe Thank u priyakah chopra for help unicef.God bless u and protect u.Amen.K2 patrice.Frm zambia
Ashik Ihsan I will join your journey Priyanka inn helping children from Unicef. You are doing a good job and you're motivating me to do a good deed
Mõú Räd Zøhïr Great job and i looove you y're kiling me <3 i wana hug youuu
Martin Lawrence
Yesterday 17:48

I wanna play this game 😂

60 reactions 4 comments
Cassi Brochu Josh Moravec you would so win
MsTomi X Goodman Sign of a Victory RK!!
Andres Ramirez Vicente Lee this is why u need a ps4
Edward Mctear So he got his girl a boob job lol she not flat chested no more
Martin Lawrence
Yesterday 17:48

Had a good time with the fam at the #HipHopHonors @vh1 with my baby girls, missing one cause she's busy at college & @effacebyroberta

1.8k reactions 36 comments
Adrienne Jackson Congratulations Martin
Edonna Hill Congrats!! 🎊🎊🎊 Love the pic!!
Angeline Theresa Archie u are love
Brenda Smith Good look!
Ervin Sam Brooks Jr. Congrats
Ashton Kutcher
14:18 09/20/2017

How do you improve your posture?

1.3k reactions 508 comments
Alizé Kristine Hickey Mario Garcia get me this so you can stop talking about my posture. 😂
Elizabeth Souza What stupid thing will they come up with next, wait I don't want to know
Emma Vargas How many people started watching this video and immediately sat straight up
Hailey Carson Clontz Kenlee, I need this at the office 😂😳
Hannah Hyde Jordan I might save up for this
Martin Lawrence
Yesterday 17:48


116 reactions 12 comments
James Hohn dead woman walkin
Ann Britt This is so sick to fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adnan Pradja Tarmizi so sad man..
Stefan Spencer His girlfriend wicked to him.
Genji Amido Break up prank her immediately
Leonardo DiCaprio
15:12 09/20/2017

Thank you John Kerry for hosting today's #YaleClimateConference. We must all work together to combat #climatechange. Watch our discussion on climate change here: Photo credit: John Hassett

6.2k reactions 264 comments
Sandra Dunne Nice show, nice showman but our supermarkets are being flooded with palm oil products, their even putting it in bread. Aspartame is being put in drinks. Other disgusting products pantolene, linolool in our conditioners. Milk is for calves not ...
Dayang Megawati-Putri S. Jaafar Keep it up Mr.Leo..prayers to all the victims n affected by natural calamities..God listen,God cares,hope n pray ul be safe n protected by d help and guidance of GOD THE ALMIGHTY 💚
Dennis Herron Follow the money. Do you really think Retardo Duhcaprio knows anything about this lie called "Climate Change"???? Really? He only knows that money is available to be made and political gains. There are scientists on both sides of the fence. Ask yourself ...
Tahda Alexandra Ahtone Great speech. JackRabbit Homes is taking action by developing a holistic solution through building sustainable homes that promote healthy lifestyles. We want to empower you to literally be part of the solution through our homes. Our homes are energy ...
Scott Dunn In terms of wind speed, Allen from 1980 was the strongest Atlantic tropical cyclone on record, with maximum sustained winds of 190 mph (310 km/h). For many years, it was thought that Hurricane Camille also attained this intensity, but this conclusion ...
Martin Lawrence
Yesterday 17:48

This is so funny 😂

847 reactions 61 comments
Jay Singh MJ Kaur.😂😂😂😂😉
Nonofo Mosime Checka reaction Oduetse Mosinyi
Thunder Batty Elle Samantha pree dis
Christian Schmidt Christian Baldauf 3:30 hahahahaha
Jazzmen Putnam Jenna May Noel her face
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Yesterday 03:54

Bringing glamour, luxury and comfort back to your home with Casa Zeta-Jones September 28th at 10AM EST on QVC.

2.8k reactions 109 comments
Patrick Connolly One Of The Top 5 Most Beautiful Woman On Earth !!!! Right Now I Can't Think Who The Others Are ......
Ken Sanford I wish my name was Michael Douglas
Kendra Updyke Lex Colletta tag yourself i'm the dog
Malik Jafer Hot and beautiful lady I love you so much
Rodrigo Altamirano Cat you are really beautiful I love you, you fascinate me Congratulations on your successful career.
Leonardo DiCaprio
15:12 09/20/2017

Proud to support the work of over 100 organizations at home and abroad. These grantees are active on the ground, protecting our oceans, forests and endangered species for future generations – and tackling the urgent, existential challenges of climate change.

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation awards $20 million in environmental grants
Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation awards $20 million in environmental grants

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation announced today its largest-ever portfolio of environmental grants, increasing the organization’s total direct financial impact to over $80 million since 1998.

5.6k reactions 193 comments
Tony Hall I have a lot of time for Leo because unlike an awful lot of people who are all talk and no action he cares enough to give up a huge amount of time and money to help. And he never stops either !
Antoinette Cumming I did comment here but after Yale Remarks, I was off on a point or two. My own info so not important. Never find it now.
Angela Esmeralda Proud Leonardo. But you must know there's a crisis in Mexico after another earthquake. Peace & love. Thanks.
Wendy Blackbird I bet these people could do something great with a grant
Russell Timothy Andrews I've always thought if, the rich and famous, the movie stars, the footballers, would all put just one million pounds/dollars each, into a fund to fix so many worldly issues, the world would be a better place. This dude is above and beyond.
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