50 Cent
10:00 07/16/2017

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Jones Abbey
Ma nigga!
Richard Morgan
It's going on soon as I get home mate
Sam Nketiah Boakye
As the truth unfolds.. #POWER best show EVER! 👌
Staci Bulle
Already watched it
Junior Barbosa
Esse e o cara vey
Tom Nzangi
Power 1 in a milli.... Thumbs_up
Bello Daudi
Dika Jean
U are the man 50.......kip rockin ya boat....
Gustavo Reyna
50, you say you are a men of power right? so, i challenge you to tell me the true of whats happening in the world, i am the guy from peru that everybody its watching, i heard that you are not afraid of jail or death right? so, please tell me whats going on in the press and the media in all the world
Damien DDot Omen
Watch #POWER Season 4 Episode 4 Here: http://ddotomen.co/2017/07/16/power-season-4-episode-4-full-episode/
Maxamill Tankgang Bme
I got too give a big S/O to 50 cent & thisis50 💯🔥🔥 4 putting me in the artist spotlight on this is 50 Come check me out comment & share 💯🍾🔥💥 http://www.thisis50.com/profiles/blogs/thisis50-artist-spotlight-maxamill-drops-best-of-maxamill-project
Keekee Bosses Johnson
💰Hey if you interested in making $2,500 Overnight call or text me 312-975-0750💰
Ben Holmes
you wanted to feed so many in Africa, try re-forestation & pipping water from the ocean for man made lakes all over the continent,
Portia Watt
Love the show dead uo on it
Mamadou Gassama
Ma nigga!

Other newsfeed from 50 Cent


1.1k reactions 112 comments
Luca Marcelo Beltrami 😮😮
Myster Adéwalé Jacques Tranquille..
Clément Mathieux Quentin Doré ca devrait te plaire ca 😜
Florian Viehmeier Vincent wäre was für dich :D
Baptiste Lepeu Salomé Engel tiens un bail artistique de thug maggle

Inventions predicted by the Simpsons

1.1k reactions 89 comments
Lars Sætervadet Ålee Sondre Iversen Mads Offergaard
Anthony Ruiz Jesus Gutierrez number 2
Mohit Sharma Navpreet Bhanot this is Simpsons
Ray Emmick Bryan Noble. 3D Systems!
Jeffrey Oliver Nathaniel Da Commet Bayly was only talking about this today

Check out the 2017 12 Most Memorable Moments in Boxing W/ The Sweet Scientists 🥊🥊

305 reactions 11 comments
Cudma Oniq Ring cracker
Lauren Cook Jr Hennessy
‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ Wow! :o
Mcnatt Stryker I guess this particular post isn’t too bad, but still. Would want to see much more fresh things, getting repetitive. 😆
Filix Ngobeni Hy 50

Ok now I️ didn’t think we were going to Win any awards. After being looked over for 5 years, but it feels good.#denofthieves Jan 19 🔥

4.2k reactions 137 comments
Crystal N Jay Durant Seen every episode at least 5 times LOVE DAT SHIT!!
Tara Wilder Congrats 50 well deserved I love the show.
Tresa Andrews Congratulations love the show and you as well

@omarihardwickofficial won Best actor, Now l feel good. l told Courtney & Omari this would happen, when we started this.#denofthieves Jan 19 we lit 🔥

6.0k reactions 231 comments
Dash Beya Congratulations James st Patrick,I miss power
Ojesanya Lukman Olatunji I'm fucking happy to see Ghost win this.
Niga George Looks like he could be bow wow's father
Salone Onwuhchi Congratulations ghost keep up the good works!!,
Stush Boss Always on point congrats hunn

This was kinda cool to watch haha

3.3k reactions 428 comments
Faceoff Samuel Ekpo Jst six brick spoiled d ashole machine oyinbo Na una gungun bi 419 with fake product Wey una dey produce for us to buy
Russell Kamwendo Our friends from the caucus mountains smh 🤦‍♂️
Lance Michael Instead of bricks how about cats?
Anthony Daniel Stovall So...instead of putting Tide pods in there you put bricks...why, so kids can put the Tide Pods in their mouth?
Romain LeNoeliste Adam Saâa Pierre Pazola Sacha Bunel Jules Garnier Bon les gars faut trouver une machine à laver pour vendredi soir mdr

Here’s a pic of me showing the boys my sex tape. YOU SEE GUYS THIS IS WHY IM THE STAR OF THE MOVIE.LOL #denofthieves JAN 19 🔥

7.5k reactions 173 comments
Mcnatt Stryker I guess this particular post isn’t totally terrible Would want to see considerably more fresh stuff, getting stale, just a bit. 😛
Degaule Winston Mmagu Eloh Collins Ekolle I sight you. Wana watch my sex tape?
Kenny Edman Obiorah Emily Charlotte Lee 50 cent a fool for this one🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡
Johnson Carrie My pictures better not go nowhere @50cent 🔪
Jimmy James Mendoza Look people its gary coleman and friends...

Catch my new series THE OATH March 8, On SONY CRACKLE stream it FREE. #denofthieves Jan 19 🔥

3.0k reactions 108 comments
Wolff Brandon Naw way would I support a pos
Lisa Tayor Congrats Mr 50 cent alright now 😇😇😇😊😊
Bowna Okey'Niggiz Chukii Shiva il est trop loin ! Nouvelle série 💥💥
Sebastian Jones great
Motunde Adewale Waiting...

Lmaooo freaking out

813 reactions 74 comments
Julie Jewel Since when do rooks eat bananas ?
Ricky Thwaites Cute
Liana Jackson Rayane Montgomery Vc rindo kakakakkkakakakkaak
Lisa Tayor 😂😂
Hüseyin Özel Versene bütün muzu cimri kaltak

Australia, I’m coming to take over on February 9th & 10th. It’s going down. Come celebrate the 15 Year Anniversary of ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Tickets & Info at: MJRPresents.com #GUnit 🔥🔥

6.7k reactions 301 comments
Bryanna Richardson Andrew Kittoshry you going to this ? If not I need to try get ticket for dylan so he can come lol
Maxam Giraudon it's perfect as an idea. can we celebrate in France too? it's perfect as an idea. can we celebrate in France too?
Mike Vinnie Every day I talk to God but he ain't saying back!!!!!!
Chris Leedham Should of been called the bankrupt tour
Ramafale Mokoena When is you coming down to south Africa?

Odell Beckham Jr. @obj is still down wit me, Giants play in New York.#denofthieves Jan 19 we lit🔥

3.5k reactions 77 comments
Carlos Darosa #itsthefuckingunit #gunit
Alex Blair Odell wishes he was a blonde girl
Francisco Lizardi Nice video
MN Naylor Sean alright
Cheryl Harris Prepare

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! - http://www.denofthievestickets.com/

5.1k reactions 96 comments
Vusi Ncedo Mdunge POWER that's wat am talking about man
Adjafon Paul FOR a journey into music galaxy, i am coming over now with my 2018 series miltary color IZZU motor radoo power sterring
Ryan Simmons This is what I was talking about Chloe Andrews
Douglas Rivera Madrid Alejandro Paz recomendad antes de verla!! Is a must see!
Latonya Allen This has got to be one of the sexiest male casted movies 🤗😘😏😜

We are up early, I’d like to thank all these guys for coming to promote my movie. LOL #denofthieves Jan 19

12.5k reactions 160 comments
Mustapha Koroma Man u are more than a star. One times ten the answer is who you are.
Gift Sibanda NYWERRR...NYEWERRR... 50 is broke,that one of the hardest working G's in Hollywood, Legend.
Alan Da Silva 50Cent a foto muito boa tá de parabéns show de bola fundamental rap 50Cent tá de parabéns
Wallaki Gray Curtis why you not posting I will like to see you to day please!! I miss you boo boo
Wallaki Gray Let me see you boo boo you make my day.. Let me hear that voice hugs+ kisses

It was time to make up with Wendy Williams it’s 2018 a New Me. #denofthieves Jan 19

2.4k reactions 225 comments
Tyesha Smith Lmfaoooooo 50 is King of Petty
Joyce Jordan How long will this go on?
Keisha Walker Welp, I fell for it...
Bartlett Omar Still No Chill
Denice Whitte THATS my 50

I️ got a lot going on around me, but I’m still focused. #denofthieves Jan 19

9.2k reactions 206 comments
Okoro Pascha Am waiting for power,i don't like suspense
Tha Lita Can’t wait for the show in Melbourne!
Mathieu Creol I'm so proud of your Big 50Cent Street King
Chris Yahaya The general public and eyes man Allah bless you king 👑 meet soon
Star Chefchad Gulbranson Baller status but fresh to have it like that......I got the Food ...Holla at the chef.

Den of Thieves Jan 19 we on the move. It’s lit 🔥

9.9k reactions 113 comments
Keisha Robinson Looks like a great movie....
Elias Wayn I will See POWER Next Season
Jack McMillan Tony Wong gerr ard butler
Lynhh Nguyễn Have a nice day!!~
Oksana Worthington UK?

Whether you an #Outlaw or a #Regulator, you still need your crew. Find out who's in yours at RecruitYourCrew.com #DenOfThieves

3.6k reactions 49 comments
Kay Mosia #mabala noise
Ruben Flores Both..
Fils De Dieu Hilaire Gob bless you 50cent
Caroline Donovan Is it on Netflix or tv channels
Tochukwu Augustine Adimonye #OutLaw_Here

I️ would like to thank @gerardbutler for taking his time out of his life, to be here to promote my movie. LOL #denofthieves JAN 19

5.6k reactions 70 comments
Cathy Benjamin I love his acting...
Janice Dunbar Good Morning Baby 🌞😃☀️
D'Aisha Parks P
Siby Boune Siby salu CV bien
Luca Rozay Fazi Davide Passolungo tutto te-nero... ok dopo questa ciao

I️ don’t know, I’m starting to think @gerardbutler is angry I’m the ⭐️ of the movie. #denofthieves Jan 19th

10.5k reactions 184 comments
Priscilla Nicholas He's like how you get all the fame lol ffs hey 50 you know u the man right ?! Haha
Daniel Rowlands Give him a roll of toilet paper champ haha good onya lookin forward to watching this
Daniel Fitz-Gerald Red Storm Trooper sweater lol
Will Street Why he keep putting you in head locks all the time. That 300 dude is a weirdo
Michael Ross Are you getting a paycheck or is it going right to IRS?

Well there's that...

24 reactions 28 comments
Pops Tmz Dumb bitch!
Zena Nance Mad
El Capitan That's good
Hamza Polat Koç https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QUMc0Sf0CQ
Lebron Yuan Hao Xie Jennifer Tsui

Check out me and the cast of Den Of Thieves on Breakfast Club this morning... #DenofThieves

221 reactions 28 comments
Hamza Polat Koç https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QUMc0Sf0CQ
Jesse Lone https://youtu.be/FY50uDYpDLI
Mirza Tahirovic Mirsad Tahirovic
Dadti Lhbibe God man
Erica Sanches Ual

Million Dollar Selfie... Gerard Butler 💰#DenOfThieves 🔥🔥🔥 Photo by Jeremy Bettis

7.9k reactions 138 comments
Asvini Bummarsnohee now he dont want problem with me he lying tell him come out side man 50
Asvini Bummarsnohee want it send some who does . its not like that omg bro i need help bro now say fuk u . no we didnt do to u this u dont get it mans is on it mining bit coins is computer parts and they helping us to smash they tanks right they lying they here ...
Asvini Bummarsnohee nore calm down man now italian what after he only caused it
Asvini Bummarsnohee ok fine i wont see he has power too
Asvini Bummarsnohee want me to know this why . do i care u got pow tf u styill aint come outside btw and yaping and making 50 have to defend u and ur goof

We taking over NYC.... #DenOfThieves

8.6k reactions 127 comments
Daniel Andersen You ovned it👍
Janice Dunbar Someone Looks Satisfied 😎😍💗👄💥
Joe Jay 50 Cent look like a goddamn gorilla... and I say that respectfully
Musteey Attajiri Guy in the Guys (50 cent) i apreciate u.....!
Nut Busters Ever in Baltimore, let some of the Nut Nuster honeys show you what they can do with an automobile.

GOLDEN GOLBES SHIT ON ME AGAIN, no POWER. SMH 🤷‍♂️ SO FUCK EM LOL #denofthieves Jan 19 we lit 🔥

3.3k reactions 183 comments
Christopher Kyle Stewart Man you don’t need that shit, you need your fans yo.
April Johnson What did you expect? They don't like that hood shit! 😅😅😅💋💯
Alecia Alexander Don't worry you fet and when you do its gonna. Be 3 at one time
Liam Ryan wow can i have that toilet seat are you wiping yo arse with gold leaf
Kerry Alan Cox All that bread and can't get a damn acting coach 😂😂😂😂 #fuckedpriorities

Good Luck tomorrow! #RollTide #DenOfThieves

3.8k reactions 73 comments
Keisha Robinson Yay!!!
Remo Eggenberger yes sir;) ready to fight;)
Omar Real G Deans Should be real bad
Alpha Abdoulaye Barry G-Unit!!!
Shae Tford-Fend I can't wait!

Level up, still grinding I get to the bag 💰every time, but you don’t hear me doe. #denofthieves Jan 19

39.5k reactions 874 comments
Delia Henry I dont care what it say 50 is toooooo fine!
Samuel Enabu If you want to become rich,just get started.#Dealers
Danny Issah Oh this is 50 cent am still to thinking am nothing
Jeffery Lee Man makes the money.. and money don't make the man!!#grownmangame#lead2thebank.

The fight’s not over until we say it is 👊🏽Get @Power_STARZ back on Optimum . #KeepSTARZ by calling Optimum at 844-71-STARZ and visit KeepSTARZ.com.

963 reactions 102 comments
Mosweu Walter #KeepSTARZ
Keisha Robinson Indeed...
Prince Caesar Kanan all the way.
Cooper Dena Okay now we talking ....
Paul Mason Can’t BET take it? Finished season four yesterday. Need 5 asap.

Outlaws Assemble! Choose a side by commenting with #Outlaws and show Gerard Butler and his #Regulators how deep we roll! #DenOfThieves

31.5k reactions 5745 comments
Ojay Nicholas Fuataha Cameron Palalangi when ever the girls bring home their boyfriends!!! 😂😂😂 bro I'm keen to 'meet and greet' just like this haha
Norris Lee II Jovan Joe, where are my tickets to your new movie 🎥?!?! I thought 💭 we was brothas... #coldgame lmao 😂
Lawanda Penn What channel or is this a Movie?....whats the white dude name i think he is great ever sense he did those SVU episodes
Brooke Hemopo Hyrum N Trisha this will be us with Kyla and the twins awwww 😂 then join them for shots later on in the clubs then we shall pony to shame them out hahahahaha
Zoltan-andrei Balog I stil got a few years butt i definitly would di that when the boy comes to take my daughter out...😂😂😂

Check me out on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

1.3k reactions 41 comments
Rhonda John 🙌🏼
Travis Bolt HE reminds me of chef from southpark
Malekah Williams I will definitely watch
Angelo Feliciano Thas a good interview
Jaki-Kuba Durlak Really funny guy 😎👍🏻

‪Make sure you tune in to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight on CBS at 11:35 PM ET/PT. You don’t want to miss this #DenofThieves‬

6.3k reactions 131 comments
Tintin Jayla Hahaha u made me laugh ....but wanna watch yo movie man hahaha u made my night yo
Mélanine FJ 50 Cent give me you suit please Sideski Hadi tell our man that I need some sample from him as that suit
Lise Guimond McKay Watched this and it was hilarious. Great interview
Wallaki Gray Boo boo are you reading this hey boo boo with the million-dollar smile what's up wit you!
Lucinda Clairvoyant I love the appearance, Handsome.
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